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210628 ☆ a.d.t.o.y ending fairies.
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why did key say that 😭
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2PM ▸ 해야 해
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When You Call Him Oppa ~ 2PM Reaction
“What’s wrong?” You asked Minjun, hating the sight of him frowning sat in front of you.
“Nothing for you to worry about,” he replied, his voice not the same as he lacked his usual cheery tones, “I’ll be alright.”
Your head shook as Minjun tried his best not to worry you. “Oppa, talk to me,” you hummed, resting your hand against his cheek.
Minjun’s eyes flickered in your direction, resting his cheek against the palm of your hand. “Work is just a bit busy, that’s all,” he replied, but you knew that there was more.
“Oppa, you know that I know when you’re lying.”
“How come you’re suddenly calling me oppa?” He asked.
Your smile widened as Minjun looked to you in confusion. “If I keep doing, I know eventually you’ll spill and talk to me.”
“Maybe,” Minjun sniggered, using his hands to wipe underneath his eyes, “I just don’t want you to worry about me Y/N.”
“I always worry about you Minjun.”
“Hey,” you smiled, finding Nichkhun in the kitchen as you finally arrived home from work.
“I was beginning to wonder where you were,” Nichkhun replied, his smile widening as he felt you hug him from behind.
A hum came from you as you rested your chin against his shoulder, “oppa, I had a pretty long day,” you whispered closely to his ear.
You could feel Nichkhun’s frame tense up as soon as you spoke. “You must have had a pretty long day for you to call me oppa, and that you probably want something too.”
“I wouldn’t say no to a hug right now from you.”
“You don’t have to call me oppa for a hug,” he chuckled.
Your head shook as Nichkhun turned around to face you, “I know, but I like seeing your smile when I call you oppa.”
“It’s cute,” Nichkhun admitted, finding himself struggling to control his smile as he pulled you tightly against his chest to hug you.
“So are you whenever I say it to you.”
“Taecyeon,” you spoke, trying to get his attention as he continued to ignore you coldly.
You were running out of options as he continued to give you the silent treatment after your argument, not really knowing where you went wrong.
As he went to walk away, you knew that you just couldn’t let him go. “Oppa, how long are you going to keep this game up for?”
Taecyeon stopped in his tracks, turning around to face you as you fell silent. “Excuse me, what did you just call me?” He quizzed, raising his eyebrows in your direction.
“I called you oppa, because that’s what you are.”
“You’re just saying it to make me cave,” he quickly stated.
The corners of your mouth quickly turned up, “it seems that the trick worked too seeing as you’re speaking to me again.”
“You’re a fool,” he sighed, walking back into the room, “how did you know that calling me oppa would be my weakness like that?”
“I guess I just know you too well.”
“Look at you,” you grinned as you walked into the bedroom to see Junho stood in his suit.
“What do you reckon?” He asked, pulling his suit jacket further around his frame. “Will this do for the ceremony; do I look like I fit the part.”
Your head nodded as you took several steps towards Junho. “Who ever knew that you were as handsome as this oppa?”
Junho grabbed onto your waist and pulled you close, closing the distance between the two of you. “Did you just call me oppa?” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“When you look as good as this, it’s hard not to.”
“I might have to wear a suit more often,” he teased.
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “you always look great, but there’s something about you in a suit that just works.”
“I can tell by your smile,” he replied to you, “it’s a shame that you can’t come tonight, I’d have loved to have had you on my arm.”
“It’s alright, I’m supporting from afar.”
“Are you done yet?” You asked Wooyoung as he looked up from his laptop for just a moment.
“Almost,” he replied, typing away once again, “I’ve just got a couple more clips to review and edit and then I think I’ll be done for the night.”
Your head shook at the response that you got from Wooyoung. “Oppa, you’ve worked all night, what about paying attention to me?”
Your words had Wooyoung quickly looking back at you with a wide smile. “You must really be desperate for my attention for you to start calling me oppa like that.”
“I’m bored sitting here and waiting for you.”
“Call me oppa again,” Wooyoung told you with a chuckle.
Your head shook at how excited he seemed, “I will only agree to calling you oppa if you promise to stop working for the night.”
“I promise,” Wooyoung quickly caved, keen to hear you say it once again. “My laptop will go away in a matter of seconds Y/N.”
“Alright, oppa pay attention to me.”
“Stop being so mean,” you sighed across to Chansung as he continued to hold your phone in the air.
“I’m not being mean, you’re just too short,” Chansung grinned, going up onto his tiptoes every time you did to stop you from getting it.
Eventually you stepped back, folding your arms across your chest. “Please oppa let me have my phone back,” you pleaded with him.
Chansung’s eyes widened as you spoke, unable to hide the smirk that was on his face. “You never call me oppa, you only ever do that when you want something from me.”
“That’s because I want my phone from you, idiot.”
“If you call me an idiot, it’ll go up higher,” he warned you.
Your head shook as he threatened to lift it up into the air again. “Oppa, I’ll do whatever you want, just give me my phone back.”
“Whatever I want?” Chansung asked, making sure that he heard you right, “there’s a few things that I reckon I could get you to do.”
“I have a feeling I might regret this.”
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they’re out of order.
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No Really, Not That Innocent (aka part two)
Summary: In which Reader’s attempt to get back at her boyfriend for secretly feeling her up in front of the guys (and clueing her in to the fact she has an exhibitionism kink) backfires in the best way.
Word Count: 4.1k of smutty smut shenanigans
Pairing: Junho x f!Reader x Nichkhun
Warnings: Adult content. It’s threesome smut, y’all: oral (m. and f. receiving), handjobs, fingering, dirty talk, teasing, so many petnames, unprotected!sex, cream pie, somehow both possessiveness and sharing, praise kink, exhibitionism, does it count as spitroasting if you're sitting down? idk but let's go with that.
A/N: This is my first time writing a threesome, so uhh, please do feel free to let me know if it worked for you.
For @biaswreckingfics because she enables me and I love her for it. Hope you like this one, habibi!
Previous Part
Tumblr media
He absolutely had this coming. And really, you had warned him after the whole handsiness business at lunch the other week. Which, yes, was followed up by the best sex you’d ever had and there was no way you were going back to using condoms, but that was a whole other story! The point was – well, it was just the principle of the matter.
Now that the perfect opportunity had presented itself, it would be stupid and wasteful to, uh, waste it. Right?
The lack of actual planning ahead of time combined with a little soju-inspired impulsivity thanks to those after dinner drinks with your friends, like two weeks of blushing constantly in front of the guys (and you just knew they knew, if not that Junho’s hand was between your legs right there at the table in front of them, then definitely that you immediately got railed after leaving the restaurant) and wanting to get back at your boyfriend… it was only a matter of time.
And it was hindsight that was 20/20.
In that moment, though, you didn’t care about stupid things like the likelihood of getting caught. Or okay, maybe you did, but not in the way that you should care. As you backed up toward his trailer, you crooked your fingers at Junho and flashed him an oh-so-innocent smile, then let your back rest against the metal while you waited for him to close the distance.
Junho’s expression, meanwhile, was curious. He wasn’t sure what you were up to – and you were definitely up to something – but he was game for whatever it was. He glanced over his shoulder at the crew packing up for the day, at the staff on their way out after having received assurances from the guys that they’d make their own ways home, and at his groupmates, who were talking and laughing amongst themselves on the other side of the trailer. Not one of them paying attention to either of you, and not one of them able to see you from around the corner of the trailer.
Wanting to see where you were going with this, Junho allowed himself to be beckoned, following until he stood in front of you. He pressed a palm into the trailer above you, fingers of his other hand coming up to trace across your lips, the mischief in your eyes contradicting that still innocent smile. “What are you up to, sweetheart, hmm?”
Your own fingers found the belt loops of his pants and you tugged his hips into yours. “Can’t a woman just come pay a visit to her boyfriend on set? Maybe I missed you,” you said sweetly, biting at your bottom lip to really play it up.
Junho chuckled, leaning his head down toward yours, and letting his gaze drop to your mouth before finding yours again. “Oh, I know you missed me. I missed you too,” he admitted, lips pressing against yours for a quick, soft kiss. “But we’re done for the day and I would’ve been by your place in a bit anyway.”
“Maybe I couldn’t wait that long,” you said on a soft sigh, a hand shifting from his belt loop to cup him through his pants and gently squeeze.
So it was like that, he thought to himself, biting back a groan, very aware of the fact that his friends were not twenty feet from where this was happening. His eyes flashed with heat as they found yours, his voice deepening, making your breath catch. “You really do wanna be caught, don’t you baby?”
You felt the flush bloom in your cheeks and spread down your chest, shaking your head, but the way you moved to unfasten his belt certainly suggested otherwise. “Just – just wanna touch you. Wanna feel you.” Which wasn’t a lie.
Playing sexy chicken with your boyfriend turned out to be unfairly hot and the look he sent you as you got the belt open, finger popping the button open next, then finding the zipper, nearly made you combust on the spot.
His next breath was a hiss and his hand covered yours, sliding it down to cover his cock, guiding your hand along the length of him, letting you feel how hard he was. “Get. In. The. Fucking. Trailer,” he rasped, tearing your hand away and opening the door to said trailer, gesturing toward the opening with his chin. “Unless you want me to take you right here.”
For half a heartbeat, you considered it – really, you had so much self-reflection to do about your sudden exhibition kink – before you were rushing into the open door and Junho was following you, yanking the door shut behind him.
Neither of you noticed that it didn’t quite latch shut, too busy eyeing each other from across the small space.
You started to feel dizzy before you realized you somehow forgot to breathe, which was something only he could bring about in you. Sucking in a deep breath, you watched his hands as they returned to his belt, slipping it out of the loops and letting it drop to the floor at his feet. Watched his fingers slide the zipper down. Watched him part his pants and palm himself through the thin fabric of his boxers.
“Drives me crazy when you look at me like that, you know,” he said. A cocky smile curving his lips, he moved past you to sit on the small sofa, glancing at the floor in front of him then back up at you. “Why don’t you come over here and show me how much you missed me, Princess?
Oh. Fuck. You wanted him so much it hurt. You felt your cunt clench around nothing and couldn’t tear your eyes away. Utterly captivated.
It didn’t require conscious thought for you to move. One moment, you were standing in the middle of the small space. The next, you were lowering yourself to your knees in front of him, hands coming to rest on his thighs and squeezing, looking up at him through veiled lashes.
“Missed you so much,” you admitted. “Kept thinking about you all day and couldn’t focus on work at all.” Your hands slid further up his legs, finding purchase on the open fabric of his pants and pulling at it, letting your fingers brush against his cock.
Junho lifted his hips for you and you were too impatient to worry about taking them all the way off. Just needed them off enough so they were out of the way.
Off enough that you could press kisses up his bare thighs, little kitten licks and soft nips as you made your way up one thigh – a mischievous grin as you skipped right over the tent in his boxers to kiss and lick and nip your way down the other thigh.
The hand that fisted in your hair was not a surprise; instead, it elicited a whimper and sent a wave of want rolling through you. You felt your head being tilted back and let your gaze find Junho’s, saw the embers burning within those dark eyes, and squeezed your thighs together, swallowing hard.
“That wasn’t very nice,” he said with a shake of his head. His free hand cupped your jaw and his thumb traced across your lips before pressing gently between them, and he let out a groan when you sucked the digit into your mouth. “Mm, there’s my good girl.”
The praise went straight to your head, then right down to your pussy, and you could feel the way the fabric of your panties started to soak through. “Mmhmm,” you hummed, pulling your lips off of his thumb long enough to say, “Always your good girl, Junho.”
“Are you?”
You nodded, wrapping your lips back around his thumb and drawing a line up it with your tongue as you sucked.
“Show. Me,” he rasped, hand on your jaw moving to push his boxers down his hips, cock hard, demanding, already leaking in his need. With the fingers still fisted in your hair, Junho pulled your face toward his lap, guiding your mouth to him.
With a needy whimper, you let yourself be guided and, mirroring your actions on his thumb, you traced a line up the length of his dick with your tongue. Looked up at him while you slipped the tip between your lips, while you let your tongue circle and taste him. You watched him as you took him deeper into your mouth, licking and sucking, bringing up a hand to stroke him, determined to make him feel good, so good.
“Fuck, I love you. So fucking pretty when you suck me off.”
And oh, did you feel that in your cunt, so empty, so aching for him to fill you. But he would, he so would, you knew that. Right now, though, you could not get enough of how he looked, how he sounded as he fought the urge to thrust deeper and to fuck into your throat.
Feeling his body tense beneath the hand you had resting on his thigh wasn’t unexpected – nor was the curse.
What was unexpected, though, was the curse coming from behind you as well.
Eyes widening, you tore your mouth from Junho and twisted your head in the direction of the very-much-not-Junho’s voice.
There, standing just inside the doorway, was Nichkhun. “I – shit, I am so sorry you guys. The others left but I volunteered to get you two. The door was open, so I didn’t think – shit,” he rambled, looking mortified and as though he was trying desperately not to look at you.
Trying being the operative word. You definitely noticed how his gaze darkened and kept dropping toward where you still kneeled, bent over Junho’s lap, before he forced it back up to his friend’s face.
Despite yourself, your breath caught in your throat every time he did it. You bit down hard on your lip to stop from whimpering when your own gaze dropped from his face to his groin and you saw the bulging fabric there.
“I’ll – I should go. Leave you two to, um, leave you to it.”
“Wait.” That was from Junho, startling both you and Nichkhun.
“Wait?” Nichkhun asked, confused, eyes finally meeting yours before tearing them away again to meet Junho’s.
“Unless you really want to leave?”
Nichkhun shook his head and Junho hummed. “I don’t think my princess minds you being here, does she?” you heard Junho tell the other man, the question at the end toward you. Inhaling sharply, you squeezed your eyes shut. In embarrassment? To hide the truth of his words and your reaction to them? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This was why having an actual plan was important.
Junho brought his fingers to your jaw, slipping under your chin and tilting it up and waiting for you to open your eyes, to look at him. “It’s up to you, sweetheart,” he said softly. “Should we invite him to stay?”
You searched your boyfriend’s gaze for any sign of this being not okay with him, swallowing hard and nodding when you saw none. “I,” you start, wildly turned on by the idea of Nichkhun being there. Glancing over your shoulder at the man in question, you let your gaze sweep over his face – noticing the clenched jaw, the banked heat in his eyes as they met yours – before letting yourself take in the rest of him, looking for all the world like a snake coiled up and ready to spring if given the word.
Holy hell, you wanted him to touch you, too.
Turning your attention back to Junho, you saw the flash of something dark and hungry cross his features. “Use your words, baby,” he said firmly. “You want him to watch?”
You shivered, “Y-yes.”
The fingers in your hair tightened and you could hear two audible intakes of breath. “Is that all you want?”
Oh, fuck him and his stupid perceptiveness. You were pouting as you admitted, “No.”
“Fuck,” you heard Nichkhun curse from behind you, voice having dropped an octave.
Junho pulled you closer, drawing your face to his and capturing your lower lip between his teeth before gently sucking and letting his tongue brush against the sensitive skin. His voice was practically a growl when he spoke, although it wasn’t to you. “Close the door, Nichkhun. Make sure it’s locked this time.”
You heard rather than saw the door latch shut and the turn of the lock, unable to look away from your boyfriend. “Are – Are you sure you’re okay with this?” you asked. Horny, you might be, but no fantasy fulfillment was worth hurting him or ruining your relationship.
“Mm,” he confirmed, hand guiding yours to wrap around his still very hard cock, slowly pumping the length and swiping at the pre-come gathered at the tip, then letting go of your hand to bring that finger up to your lips and rubbing the fluid into them. The needy whine you emitted as you instinctively licked your lips, your hand around him squeezing and stroking, earned you a groan so low and deep you felt it in your core. “Nichkhun knows you’re mine, doesn’t he?”
Nichkhun, who was a whole lot closer than he had been, so close you could feel the heat from his body, nodded. “Yeah, it’s - your rules,” he agreed and you felt his fingertips gently brush against the side of your cheek, encouraging you to turn your head toward him, where he stood behind you. “Whatever you’re comfortable with,” he said to you.
Lashes fluttering shut, you rubbed your thighs together, then let yourself look from one man to the other. “Please,” you pleaded, not entirely sure whether you were talking to Junho or Nichkhun.
“Look at me,” your boyfriend commanded and you obeyed. “What do you need, Princess?”
“I just,” you said on a soft gasp, noticing the way Nichkhun was now kneeling behind you, feeling the hand he trailed down your spine. Your body achingly aware of the grip of his other hand on your hip, squeezing. “I don’t even know.”
“You don’t? My poor baby,” Junho cooed. “I think we’re gonna need to help her out, Nichkhun,” he told his friend, watching the play of emotions over your face before letting his gaze take in the other man and his hands on you. “Why don’t you finish what you started earlier and show him how well you take me in your mouth, huh?” The smile that curled his lips when you immediately moved to do so was lupine.
Fingers still wrapped around his cock, you took the head into your mouth and twirled your tongue around the tip, tasting skin and pre-come, and moaning softly. “Shit, that’s it.” He thrust himself deeper, unable to fight the urge to show Nichkhun that while the other man may be playing with you tonight, you were still his. The way you didn’t even fight it, instead swallowing around him, was heady.
“Such a good girl for me,” he praised, then looked up at his friend, whose grip on your hip tightened, and whose gaze was locked on the way you were bobbing your head on his dick. “Touch her, Nichkhun.” The man in question sucked in a sharp breath, tearing his eyes from where you were slobbering all over his friend’s cock and making the most erotic sounds.
“Fuck, can I? She’s,” he hissed when you bucked your own hips back toward him, both hands on your hips now, pulling you into him while he pushed forward and ground against your cunt through your skirt and his pants. Practically panting, himself, when he asked, “What am I allowed to do here? Because, fuck, I can feel how wet she is. So needy, aren’t you, Beautiful?”
You hummed in confirmation, rubbing yourself back against where you could feel Nichkhun, already deliciously hard. Sucked harder at Junho, taking him deeper on your next downward pass, whimpering at the force of your need, caged between the two men.
“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” Understatement. Of. The. Goddamned Century. Junho groaned down at you, watching you squirm. “The only thing you’re not allowed to do is fuck her. The only cock she takes is mine - shit,” he hissed as you let him slip out of your mouth so you could tease the tip with your tongue, stroking him with your hand. You were trying to kill him, he thought. “Isn’t that right, baby?”
You nodded, looking up at him, then back at Nichkhun. “Y-Yeah, but - you can touch me. Please touch me, Nichkhun,” you asked with another roll of your hips against him, earning you a moan and him flipping your skirt over your hips to expose your panties to him. Your panties that were uncomfortably soaked through at this point, leaving very little to the imagination.
Nichkhun traced his fingers along the edges of the lace, fingertips slipping just beneath the fabric, and having to fight hard not to lose it the second he felt your wetness, the puffiness of your lips, separated from him by a tiny scrap of lace. He rubbed against the length of your slit with his thumb, unable to not feel that in his cock. “Fuck, yeah, okay, Beautiful. I’ve got you,” he assured you then slid your panties off, baring your naked pussy to him for the first time.
Sliding a finger through the swollen, wet flesh, and cursing when you tilted your hips into his touch, when his finger slipped into you. Licking his lips as he slid another one in with the first, thumb finding your clit and starting to circle around it. He managed to tear his gaze away from the sight long enough to watch you whimper into Junho’s lap, the other man’s hand guiding your mouth back to and over his cock.
The little mewl you let out when his fingers hit the right spot inside you nearly undid him, and Nichkhun replaced his fingers with his own mouth. Needing to fucking taste you on his tongue.
Oh. My. God.
You were going to die. You were going to spontaneously combust.
Junho’s fingers fisted in your hair, head tilted back and his smoldering gaze boring into your own through lowered lashes, watching you take his dick into your mouth again and again…and Nichkhun, tongue swirling around your clit, fucking into you.
No, really. This was the story of how you died.
Between one heartbeat and the next, you were coming apart, orgasm crashing into you with all the force of a tsunami. Shivering and gasping, hips jerking back into Nichkhun while you pressed your face into Junho’s thigh, fingers catching the other thigh in a vice grip as you rode the sensations.
Junho gentled his hold in your hair, sucking in a sharp breath while he watched your orgasm overtake you, feeling you cling to him in that moment, and forcing himself to wait, to just take it in. You were so damned beautiful.
Nichkhun. Well, he lapped at your entrance, careful to avoid your clit and overstimulating you, fingers softly squeezing your thighs. Fighting desperately not to come in his pants like a fucking teenager with his first woman.
After a few moments, you were able to lift your head and pull your boyfriend down for a kiss. Were able to reach behind you and cradle the back of Nichkhun’s head in your other hand, pulling him in for a kiss after you drew back from Junho.
“Okay,” you said more than a little breathlessly. “Okay, I’m - oof!” Your words were cut off by a harsh, demanding kiss from Junho, who yanked you down into his lap, grinding his cock against the length of your slit, coating himself in your come and sliding between your lips. “Oh fuck,” you gasped.
“Fucking right, Princess. Came for us so prettily,” he rasped. “Gonna let me fuck my cock into you now and fill you up?”
The noise you made was fully a whine and you clawed at his shoulders, at his shirt, rolling your hips and grinding your pussy along the length of his cock, teasing your clit with the tip, wanting nothing more than to be filled.
“That’s right,” Junho said on a grunt, reaching down to guide his dick to your entrance, then trusting up while he pulled your hips down onto him. “My good girl, always ready for me,” he cooed, another sharp snap of his hips and a grind of your pelvises together. “You gonna suck poor Nichkhun off and put the guy out of his misery or should we make him,” - thrust - “jerk himself while he watches me fuck you,” - a tilt of his hips and his cock hit the front wall of your cunt on his next upward thrust - “fill you up with come?”
The man in question turned out to be kneeling on the sofa next to you, shirt already off and who even knew where it had landed, pants open, and his hand stroking along his own dick. Eyes dark as coal and you could feel the heat from them like a caress, remembering the flick of his tongue against your clit and the sensation of him fucking you with it like Junho was fucking you with his cock.
He was just waiting to see what you would do. Willing to just - that he would - it was wrong. You let yourself take in every inch of him that was bare to your gaze, every dip of muscle and play of the light. Every sharp breath he took. The grip he had on his cock and the pre-come gathering at the tip, leaking down the length of him.
You whimpered, pouting, and smacking his hand away, replacing it with your own. “Let me?” you asked on a gasp, Junho’s hands on your hips moving them in a slow circle against his, rubbing your clit against his pubic bone. “Please,” you begged.
“Yeah? You gonna let me come in your mouth while your boyfriend comes in that pretty pussy?” Nichkhun all but growled, now that he was given permission, fingers fisting in your hair while your mouth found him. “Shit, Beautiful,” he cursed at the first lick of your tongue along his cock, gaze locked onto the sight of you sliding his dick between your lips and taking him into your mouth, suction enough to twist him into knots and nearly make his vision black out.
“So fucking lucky, Junho,” he told the other man.
The other man who was covering your neck with kisses, sucking marks into the skin, hands holding tightly to your hips to steady you for his sharp, deep, fast thrusts. Torn between watching you suck his friend off and watching the way you took his cock, cunt squeezing so tightly around him, as if desperate to keep him inside of you. “Fuck, I know,” Junho admitted. “Fucking perfect, fucking mine, aren’t you, Princess?”
“Mm - mmhmm,” you moaned around Nichkhun, fingernails digging into his thigh, as you licked and sucked and squeezed and stroked him, doing your best to memorize every sound and every movement in this moment.
Something that was pretty damned impossible given the way Junho continued to thrust into you - fucking marking you - a fact which was both profoundly hot and exasperating, his thumb coming to your clit and rubbing you in just the way you liked, you needed.
If your life depended on it, you could not say who came first, but those moments - Nichkhun’s fingers in your hair, the low, deep groan he let out as he spilled himself into your mouth and jerked in your grip - Junho’s teeth catching on the curve where your neck met shoulder, his own fingers likely leaving bruises on your hips as he thrust as deep as he could, pulled you onto him as hard as you could, filling you up with his come as promised - every muscle in your body tensing, then the ecstasy of relief and release as your own orgasm hit, your pussy clenching and contracting around Junho, pulling every drop…
By the time you came to your senses, you were being held gently in Junho’s embrace and he was pressing soft kisses into the spots he’d marked, while Nichkhun sat beside you and rubbed a comforting hand up and down your back.
You hummed happily, completely spent, but fully content.
And you let yourself drift off.
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2PM | 7th studio album MUST Tracklist
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It's 2021 and 2pm are still the biggest heartthrobs in kpop
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2PM MTL: To Have A Breeding Kink (NSFW)
This contains NSFW content. Do not engage in my works if you are underage. Read to your own discretion.
Pairing: 2PM x fem!reader Warnings: fem!reader, descriptions of sexual activities, discussion of breeding/claiming, mentions of possessiveness, mentions of pregnancy Genre: Smut WC: 312
Chansung-Okay, it’s very obvious why he’s at the top of this list. The man’s a dad, which means they either intended for it to happen or they didn’t take extra steps to prevent it. Regardless, it means he likes to cum inside. It gives him a sense of pride and masculinity.
Taecyeon-Very dirty about it. It’s a claim thing. Don’t worry, he’s very much his gentlemanly self. But he’s got a bit of a possessive thing going for him. Like the whole idea of painting your insides white with his essence is the most primal way he can call you his.
Junho-He’ll occasionally have thoughts of you being the mother of his future children. It’s not his biggest turn on, but it does give him drive to make sure none of his seed goes to waste with you. Let’s just say if he doesn’t cum inside you, then he probably cums on your breasts.
Jun.K-He’s just here for the romantic love making, ya know? Not that he’s against it, but it’s more of an afterthought. The only time he might be feral with filling you with his cum is if you guys have talked about the possibility of children. Otherwise, it’s not super imperative.
Nichkhun-Would love for you to be the mother to his children,but doesn’t aim for it. He doesn’t particularly get turned on with the idea. In fact, he most likely wears a condom any time you guys have sex and he’s fully aware of it. But he does sometimes entertain the thought of a future family with you.
Wooyoung-Not really something he thinks about. He prefers to have fun with you and satisfy you. And he prefers cumming on you rather than in you. Something about seeing you covered in his seed just gets him going for another round, and this time he’s more of a fiend than before.
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hello?? 😭
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2PM - Must Trailer
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listen to MY heartbeat ending fairies ♡ » make it @ inkigayo 210711
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When Another Idol Fancies You ~ 2PM Reaction
“Don’t leave my side again,” Minjun instructed closely into your ear as he walked past you, sliding his hand into yours, “people should mind their business.”
“What’s happened?” You questioned, not a surprising sound of frustration in Minjun’s voice, catching his eyes looking around the room carefully.
With a deep breath, he finally looked to you. “Minho was asking if we’d broken up because we weren’t stood together, why does something like that mean a breakup?”
“He was probably just trying to be nosey,” you tried to suggest, but Minjun’s head shook with his suspicions rising as to what was going on with the figure across the room.
“He was asking to make a move,” Minjun groaned, “I know that he fancies you.”
“That’s ridiculous, there’s others that I bet he fancies.”
Minjun’s head shook, picking up on the signs from Minho. “No one in this room is better looking than you, I can’t blame the guy.”
“He might fancy me, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to go anywhere near him,” you assured Minjun, “trust try and ignore it.”
“You promise me that if he comes near you that you’ll come back to me.”
“I promise, but you’ve got nothing to fret over.”
Tumblr media
“Why’s Nichkhun leaving you all alone?” BamBam enquired, coming up alongside you and throwing his arm over your shoulders, “that’s not fair of him.”
“He’s just going to be a moment,” you tried to tell BamBam, only to feel him pull you even closer towards him, “he’s not really left me alone like you think.”
BamBam’s head shook, offering you a confident smile. “I’m just saying, in a place like this with so many idols around you’ve really got to be careful about who you spend time with.”
Your heart settled as Nichkhun returned a few moments later, looking between the two of you. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I? You two look rather comfortable there.”
“Why are you smiling about this?” You challenged, “he’s acting strange Khun.”
“I know, he’s doing exactly what I asked him to do to you.”
Your eyes shot across to BamBam who was laughing to himself too, “why are you two pranking me like this? Bam I thought I could trust you.”
“I’m sorry,” he sniggered, holding his hands up innocently, “Khun told me to prank you into thinking that I fancied you, so I did.”
“You’re constantly pulling pranks on me, it’s about time that I got revenge.”
“I’m definitely going to get you back for this.”
Tumblr media
“You know, there’s loads of other people that he could stare at, it doesn’t have to be you,” Taecyeon murmured through gritted teeth, “I should go over there.”
“Don’t do that,” you frowned, reaching across to take a hold of Taecyeon’s hand, “I’m sure soon enough he’ll get bored, just don’t give him any reaction.”
A sigh came from Taecyeon as he tried to keep composed, “Sungjae knows that we’re together any happy, so why is he trying to get under my skin like this, cause some drama?”
“Just let him stare, and let’s rub in the fact that you get to be with me, and he doesn’t,” you tried your best to suggest, “play him at his own game if you want to Taec.”
“That’s a good idea,” he mused, “it might finally make him look away from you.”
“I’m sure no one in this room wants to see you kiss me.”
Taecyeon’s shoulders shrugged as he leaned forwards and pressed a kiss to your forehead, “if he carries on staring, I’ll keep going.”
“Relax,” you grinned, resting your hands against his arms, “there’s a difference between fancying me and getting to be with me.”
“I’m never taking you for granted again knowing people like him are around.”
“I’ve never felt like you’ve done that anyway.”
Tumblr media
“Is Junho not supposed to be looking after you?” A surprising voice asked you as they came up alongside you, keeping you company.
“He’s gone to the toilet,” you responded, spinning around to notice Yoseob walking towards you, resting rather closely to where you were sat at the table.
You tried your best to ignore him until at last Junho came back across to you. “Everything alright?” He asked, noticing the look of panic that was on your face, “can we help?”
“Don’t worry,” you told Junho as Yoseob quickly left the two of you alone as he realised that Junho was there, “nothing happened whilst you were gone, I just ignored him.”
“But if I had been any longer,” Junho sighed, “he could have tried something.”
“You can’t think about things like that though Junho.”
His shoulders dropped as you squeezed his hand, “I knew that he fancied you, he’s a smart guy waiting until I wasn’t around.”
“It’s a good job that you came when you did,” you encouraged, “and I’m sure that he knows now not to try again too with you around.”
“I barely even got the chance to say anything before he scampered.”
“That was probably for the best knowing you.”
Tumblr media
“Y/N’s beautiful, right?” Wooyoung spoke up, glancing across to Donghae as he noticed him staring in your direction across the busy room.
“I can’t say that I noticed,” Donghae dismissed, faltering as he spoke and quickly looking in any other direction but yours, “but you seem to think so.”
Wooyoung’s eyes rolled, seeing straight through Donghae, moving past him and straight across to you. “What’s wrong?” You asked, feeling Wooyoung grab you.
“Why do people feel like they can stare at other people’s partners,” he muttered to himself, “I knew Donghae was watching you, but he pretends like he’s innocent.”
“Was he innocent?” You asked, “although your face is telling me the answer.”
“It’s so obvious that he fancies you Y/N, it’s stupid.”
You smiled back at him, taking a hold of his hand, “he knows that you’re with me though, there’s no way that he would try anything.”
“You never know,” he murmured, glancing briefly across in Donghae’s direction, “it’s better to be safe at these sorts of events.”
“Does that mean that you’re not letting me out of your sight tonight?”
“Spot on, I’m not letting any guy near you.”
Tumblr media
“Is this seat taken?” A voice asked, placing their hand on the back of the chair beside you before either you or Chansung had managed to answer.
“It is,” Chansung bluntly replied as he looked up to see Yunho trying to sit down beside you, “haven’t you got other people that you can sit with?”
As Yunho quickly excused himself, your wide eyes looked back to Chansung with a chuckle. “I have never seen you be that serious around anyone, what was that all about?”
“I’ve heard rumours that he fancies you, there was no way that I was going to let him sit there,” Chansung sighed with a shake of his head, “he can try, but he won’t succeed.”
“He could have just wanted to sit,” you argued, “and say hi to us both.”
“No way, he had that look in his eyes of love Y/N.”
Your eyes rolled at how serious Chansung was, “there’s no way that that’s possible, he was probably just being friendly, that’s it.”
“Stop pretending as if someone can’t fancy you,” Chansung warned, “you could do a whole lot better than Yunho anyway.”
“Isn’t that something that I should get to decide rather than you?”
“Just trust me for once, I’m your best friend remember.”
Tumblr media
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kpop---scenarios · a year ago
Revenge Is A Bitch (1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nichkhun x Reader | Jaehyun x Reader
Warning: Eventual smut, cheating, angst
Word Count: 1.7k
A/N: Surprise! It's now a series. Let me know if you wanna be tagged!
Summary: You're life with Nichkhun was amazing, until you went to visit him on a business trip, where you meet Jaehyun, a friend and coworker of your boyfriend. Things escalate quickly from a little flirting in a club, but things get even worse when Nichkhun finds out. "
Y/N." Nichkhun growls. "Give it back." He says, trying his best not to smile. You stand on the other side of the couch, his phone in your hand as you stick your tongue out at him. 
"You want it back?" You ask.
He nods his head. 
"Then come get it." You yell, laughing as he charges for you, bursting out into laughter as well. Sometimes you were needy, especially when you felt like he was paying more attention to his phone than you. You giggle and scream as you run around the couch, Wooyoung sitting on the couch watching the two of you in disgust. Nichkhun grabs you, pulling you into him, peppering your face in kisses. You stop fighting him and he sets you down as you both continue laughing. You give him back his phone and he slides it into his pocket before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. 
"I love you, beautiful." He whispers. 
"And I love you." You grin, placing a kiss on his lips. 
"And I'm gonna be sick." Wooyoung groans, leaving the living room as the two of you laugh at his annoyance and disgust of your love. It had been two years of just pure bliss and happiness with Nichkhun, something you never thought you'd ever find, until you found him. 
A few hours later, you were sitting on the edge of the bed with your arms crossed as you watched Nichkhun pack a bag. As usual, a last minute business meeting came up, and he was taking off for a week. 
"Babe, where's my blue suit? The one with the stripes.. yanno?" He yells from inside the closet. As much as you didn't want to help him, you begrudgingly stood up, shuffling towards the closet to help him find the suit he needed. You roll your eyes as you walk in, and Nichkhun is on one knee, holding a ring pop, making you laugh. "I'm sorry I have to leave my love, but with this ring, I hope you remember that I love you, and I can't wait to come back to you and marry you one day." He grins. 
He always knew how to make you feel better and put a smile on your face. Some days you swore he knew you better than you knew yourself. You take the ring and stick it on your finger as he stands up. 
"Now, I actually do need my suit." He laughs. 
"You mean the one that's hanging right in front of you?" You giggle, taking it off the rack and handing it to him. 
"My savior." He grins, putting it carefully in his bag. 
"Toothbrush?" You ask him, beginning to list off the items he needs. 
"Yes!" He exclaims. 
"Underwear? Socks? Passport? Wallet? Casual clothes?" You ask. 
"Check, check, check.. where's my passport?" He asks worriedly. Despite only going to a different city, he still needed it. 
"Nightstand, left hand side." You sigh. He quickly leaves the closet, going to his nightstand as you zip up his bag, bringing it into the bedroom. 
"Like I said, my savior." He grins. 
"I'll call you when I land." He says before answering his ringing phone. "I'll be right down." 
He gives you a quick peck before heading through your lavish apartment, with you following behind him, watching him walk out the front door, leaving you alone. 
It had been a few days and you still hadn't heard from Nichkhun. This really wasn't unusual for him, considering he got very busy with work but he hadn't even sent you a goodnight text in the last 3 days, and that made you really sad. So you decided to do something about it. With a plan in your head you went to sleep, knowing you had an early morning ahead of you. 
When you woke up, you booked your last minute ticket, and began packing your bags. You felt a frisson of excitement skate across your nerve endings as you zipped up your bags and waited for your ride to the airport. You very rarely, well actually never had surprised Nichkhun, but this time it felt right. It felt like it was going to be a wonderful surprise. 
After a smooth flight, you caught a cab, and told him to go to the hotel Nichkhun was at. You felt like nothing could go wrong, this was the perfect plan, with a perfect execution. You paid the nice cab driver, who also took your bags from his car for you and you went into the lobby to wait for Nichkhun. You called his phone a few times, but he didn't pick up. You look around the fancy hotel and observe a couple who seemed to not be able to keep their hands off each other. You loved that for them. You smiled to yourself, imagining you and Nichkhun being that publicly annoying. You wished you could show your love and passion the way they were. The way they touched each other, it spoke of passion and need and familiarity. 
You looked at your phone that has now gone to voicemail six times, you glance up once more and see the faces of the couple that enter the elevator with tears in your eyes. 
“Welcome to Club Arriba! What can I get you to drink?”
"6 shots of your strongest liquor." You yell, slapping the credit card that Nichkhun had given you for emergencies. Clearly this was one, and so was the lavish hotel room, and the room service you had ordered before coming to the club. 
"You got it." The bartender smiles, sliding the cars off the bar. You stand there waiting for your shots when three girls approach you. 
"I love your dress." One giggles. You hold up your finger, asking for a moment before you quickly, and quite professionally down four of the six shots you had bought. 
"Thank you." You grin. You turn to the bartender and wave him over. "Four more shots for me and my new friends." You yell, taking the last two shots on the counter. 
And like that, you had made friends with some really nice girls, who bought you drinks too. The four of you were dancing, laughing and having a great time when you feel a pair of hands land on your hips. You look behind him and see an extremely handsome man smiling down at you. You don't mind, you enjoy the attention, besides it wasn't like you were getting much these days anyways. You move your body closer to his, swaying your hips to the beat of the music, while smiling at your new friends, who were also dancing with others. As you were getting more into it, you felt a hand wrap around your wrist. You look up and see a man that you absolutely recognize trying to pull you away from the other man that had begun groping you. 
"What are you doing?" You ask. Glaring at the man. You know him.. from.. Nickhun's office. "Jaehyun?" You ask. He looks at you surprised that you remembered his name. He pulls you away from the man, through the crowd to a secluded hallway. He swings you around, pushing you against the wall as he crosses his arms. 
"What the hell are you doing?" He asks. "You're in a relationship with my good friend and my boss." He hisses. 
"Mhm, are you sure you're as good of a friend as you think you are?" You ask, tilting your head to the side. 
"I don't understand what you mean." He sighs. 
Of course he doesn't. No one knows, you didn't even know until this morning. 
"What do you want, Jae? Should I blow you so you don't tell my precious Nichkhun?" You ask, pouting. 
"I would never do that to Nichkhun." He deepens. "I'm going to have to tell him about this." He finishes. 
You shrug your shoulders, pushing yourself off the wall. "Do what you gotta do." You say. “You know what I’ll help you tell him." You say, taking out your phone. Jaehyun stands there, watching you, unsure of what you're doing.  You turn around with snapchat open, and kiss him on the cheek before snapping a picture before he moves away from you.  
"What the fuck are you doing? Do you realize that this looks fucking bad?" He yells.  
"I've seen the way you look at me when I come into the office. Do you want a taste Jae? Would you like to feel me gripping you while inside me? How about how wet and warm it would feel to cum inside me? So good."  You whisper into his ear. 
Jaehyun moves back from you, looking partially offended, and partially turned on from what you said. He doesn't say anything to you, he just walks away, and you watch him disappear into the crowd. You adjust your dress and throw your shoulders back and walk back to your new friends. 
As you continue to dance, you can feel eyes on you, raking your body up and down. You look around and see Jaehyun leaning against the bar, his arms crossed as he watches you. The way your hands roam your body, the way you lick your lips as you watch him. You can feel his guard being let down as he begins to inch closer to you. The rush of victory flows through your body as he walks towards you. 
"Let me take you home." He says, offering his hand to you. He slides Nichkhun's credit card back in your purse and he weaves the two of you out of the club. 
"Are you trying to get in my panties, Jaehyun?" You ask, looking at the handsome man. 
"I'm just taking you home." He says. 
The two of you are standing outside your hotel room as you put your key in and open the door to your large suite. 
"Don't tell Nichkhun I'm here." You say, walking inside, Jaehyun following you. 
"Let's just get you to bed." He sighs. 
You stand in front of him, pulling your dress off, dropping it on the floor. You're almost naked, in front of your boyfriend's good friend, feeling nothing but lust and attraction for this man. 
Jaehyun takes a deep breath. "Fuck it." He whispers, crashing his lips onto yours, pushing you onto the bed. Your fun starts now, and soon Nichkhun will know that revenge is a bitch. 
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MUST - 210628
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