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a-monthly-rumbelling · 2 months ago
Time for a change
Hello all, it’s your Monthly Rumbelling mod @worryinglyinnocent here. 
After just over three years of running the Monthly Rumbelling blog, I’ve decided to call time on my stay here. I’ve been slowly reducing my Tumblr presence over the last few months, and I’m no longer really involved in the rumbelle fandom very much. 
The time has come for me to move on to pastures new, and that means leaving A Monthly Rumbelling behind. 
I’m intending to get next quarter’s prompts up at the weekend and get all the reminder posts queued up, so whoever takes over from me has some breathing space to get to grips with the blog and decide what changes they want to make. 
If you’d like to take over running A Monthly Rumbelling, please ping me (@worryinglyinnocent), or send an ask, or pigeon post, semaphore, whatever your preferred communication method is. 
If there are no takers then the blog will simply lie dormant after next quarter, I have no plans to delete anything. :-)
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destinyandcoins · 2 months ago
lmao i know it’s 2 seasons later but it just occurred to me: what if, at the beginning of s1, instead of deciding his funeral was the best way to get everyone back in one place, reginald decided to have a wedding instead
not only do we get the entertaining side-plot of this poor person reginald has bribed/blackmailed/begged to marry him For The Con, but the only reason any of the kids show up is because they got a wedding invite and immediately went “oh now this i gotta see”
#the episode is titled ''we only see each other at WEDDINGS and FUNERALS''#i'm just saying it could have gone the other way#the umbrella academy#half the kids are there to check in with their new stepparent and make sure they're there of their own free will#''idk what he told you but you don't have to do this. say the word and i'll get you out of here''#''no i promise i. definitely....want to...be here :) :) ''#i can't decide if it's funnier if five knew because time travel and he's already had time to adjust to this concept#so is perfectly polite and accommodating if slightly confused because the personality he built for them in his head isn't accurate#while the rest of them are going through the 5 stages of grief over discovering their dad is capable of romance#or if through some time fuckery five came from a timeline where he saw the news that reginald is dead#and then drops into the timeline in the middle of a fucking wedding and is COMPLETELY blindsided by this#but doesn't have time to deal with this shit#somehow THIS is the timeline where they do manage to prevent the apocalypse#and at the end of everything the new stepparent divorces the fuck out of reginald ASAP because holy shit they were not paid enough for this#and yet they're like ''well i did what you asked (even if you didn't mention the LOOMING APOCALYPSE)#but holy shit i'm taking these kids in the divorce because what the fuck dude what the FUCK. idc if they're all adults#they need a better family and now i'm obligated to be that for them''#and reginald was playing fast and loose because of the LOOMING APOCALYPSE and didn't sign a prenup#so the new stepparent gets the academy (the property AND the actual kids) and reginald has to move out and live on the streets
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coolnonsenseworld · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
January in the calendar (pre-order until 23rd Sept)
My hobby is exposing Lance to the possibility of catching a cold. Keith can't be too mad though, because Olaf2 was kind of worth it and it was Keith who proposed the night walk (and he knew the risk).
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arinmoss · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Finished the hotel podcast, heres The Manager and The lobby boy for you lads :3
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viceravermillion · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
THE RANBOO ZONE (WANTED TO DRAW SOME RANBOO DESIGNS AND YEAH, I DREW A LOT EWLKNFÑEWNF, IF U HAVE A TWITTER GO FOLLOW THEM! @Redixis @/y_van_ @/SpaceCat222 @/tutt3rs @/miinxinq @/kokoa_garden @/strobelightsky @/Nopedog_ @/ishvalda @/pupafobe @/haijisknee @/Tealoofcore @/Koinko_Tori @/HIOBOWY @/isaacminecrafts @/urie_nium)
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ultimategirldad · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
🌷 quick noelle sketch yippee!! 🌷
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pallanophblargh · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
State of the Babs: there’s a ways to go still.
That mass of sticks will utterly kill my brain. I think I’ll move on to the flying adult next because that’s a productive way to procrastinate.
The background water is nowhere near finished, it’s lacking reflections/some ripples/other fun stuff. Also the cottonwood branch needs leaves!
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hychlorions · a year ago
Tumblr media
force quit
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ichayalovesyou · 2 months ago
Not to get all personal and sappy but
It’s so important to me that Spock has/had a good paternal figure in his life through Captain Pike. Not only that but the fact that they’re both like, the Most Character Ever.
Specifically the fact that Spock found one later in life, possibly after convincing himself good father figures might not even exist, at least not for him.
That the road never stopped being rocky with Sarek, his biological dad, because that is very Real.
The fact he gets to find a way to fill that need elsewhere is 🤌🏻💕 perfection! Because that happened to ME, I did that, I found some amazing paternal figures to help me recover from an extremely shit one.
Literally, one of them even used to be my boss at one point, so like, it’s even relatable on the level that Chris is technically Spock’s boss. Regardless, easily, they’re both some of the best people to ever happen to me. Referring to real humans and the Pike/Spock duo.
It’s also so clear that Pike needs Spock too in a lot of ways. Spock is very grounding for him I think, with all that good old fashioned Vulcan logic. Spock’s descretion, his “younger man” POV, his equally matched devotion to Pike’s wellbeing, Chris really obviously needs that.
Especially when you put the burden of Chris knowing his future into perspective and it’s like “if I can’t have good things for myself, at least I can want good things for him” which is relatable to me on both ends as being an older brother and as being a son.
Spock and Pike affect each other so goddamn profoundly, in their lives, in their deaths, in their rebirths. Never gonna get over how beautifully their stories fold out into each other.
It just gets me right in the heart it is SO important to me that it’s happened, and we get to watch it happening in real time. That we’re getting to see it play out through Strange New Worlds.
I know that Pike has a “sad” or at least bittersweet end to his story, but what’s a good tragedy without hope?
I’m never not gonna be grateful for that.
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quitetheketch · a month ago
Update Post
Hey guys, just a shorter update on this post with full context but I still do need some help with the move. I've knocked some items off the list - HUGE thank you to everyone who helped - but if I could get a reblog and help spread this further, I'd be so grateful. It hasn't gained much attention outside my mutuals and I really need more help.
Bills have been paid, and pet meds purchased, but I still need to go to the doctor asap as I'm out of meds now, including my heart and psych meds. ($130 for the visit and 90 day supply of meds). I also need food for the next couple of weeks before the move. ($70 for a larger grocery trip)
Paypal * Venmo * Cash * wishlist with food
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aueua · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
my wish is locked.
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why-is-it-always-autumn · 5 months ago
not to beat a dead horse but something I feel like gets ignored a lot in “Why doesn’t Batman kill the Joker?” arguments is the fact that Batman and Joker don’t live in the real world, they live in the DC Universe, where multiple afterlives canonically exist and coming back from the dead is extremely common.  Killing Joker isn’t permanently stopping him from hurting anyone else, it’s sending him off to guest star in Hellblazer or team up with Etrigan unsupervised or make a deal with Necron and now he’s alive again but he has superpowers, or he’s the new ruler of Hell, or he’s a malevolent ghost and now he’s Deadman’s problem.  At least if Batman sends him to Arkham he’ll get an alert when the guy breaks out and he can make reasonable assumptions about things like “how far could he have gotten?” or “What resources does he have?”  Batman sends the guy to Hell and he could be doing literally anything, no timeline on when he’ll turn up again, no way to keep tabs on him short of calling in favors from the magic crowd.  If Joker escapes and comes back he stays a basically human guy with a knack for chemistry and an immunity to his own concoctions.  If he dies and comes back his abilities could be anything from “ghost that appears in the corner of Bruce’s vision to gradually drive him mad” to “literally exactly the same” to “The new Spectre, for some reason”.  There is no way to know.  The only certainty is that at some point he will come back and hurt more people, and there’s no way Batman doesn’t know that.  It’s not mercy or naivety to keep the extremely dangerous mass murderer somewhere you can keep an eye on him instead of booting him into the unknown and hoping for the best.  This is something that needs to be taken into account.
#comics are wild man#like weve all seen the lego batman movie right?#batman sends the clown into the phantom zone and within the week gotham is overrun with flying monkeys and daleks#picture that but the place he broke out of is hell#gotham has enough problems it doesn't need emperor joker 2: this time theres hellfire#some potential storylines after joker dies just off the top of my head:#he takes over hell#he manages to kidnap the spirits of whatever heroes close to bruce are currently dead and maybe his parents and tortures them#he comes back as a ghost and makes bruce (or dick or jason or whoever) think theyre going insane#he comes back as a ghost and starts draining someones life force to resurrect himself#harley or duela or punchline resurrects him because bla bla obsession#lex luthor resurrects him as part of some master plan against the justice league#parallax or somebody possesses his body resurrecting him in the process and then he takes the body back#he becomes the new swamp thing#he becomes the new specter#brainiac turns him into a zombie cyborg because idk reasons#he somehow gets himself reincarnated and then regains his past life memories as an adult and becomes terrys problem#another blackest night/brightest day thing happens and he becomes a zombie/gets better#ivy brings him back as a plant creature so she can kill him again but then he escapes#he tricks some random magician into summoning/resurrecting him by impersonating a different spirit#these are all totally feasibly storylines and thats just off the top of my head#wanting joker unable to hurt anyone and wanting joker dead are not the same thing#batman
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linddzz · 3 months ago
My largest exposure to Dionysus comes from Hades and Percy Jackson but I'm kinda glad to know that even when he's contacting someone irl he still has the same energy lol
I only read the first Percy Jackson novel and I am sorry to admit that even reading it before my weird little Dionysian awakening I was...annoyed at his portrayal. Dionysus was the Olympian noted for coming down and hanging with people! If there was a party or you were drunk (or in any altered mental state tbh) it was and is believed to be direct possession! He had a human mother himself and you could make the argument that he was briefly a demigod! Him being pissy about watching the camp didn't make sense, he'd probably be more like Jack Black in School of Rock! There would need to be someone reminding him that he can't help a kid chill out with weed and/or alcohol while their brain is developing. Or that the answer to a 13 year old's dramatic break up is not "you want my girl gang to kill that guy for you?? They can totally kill that guy for you."
The Hawaiian shirts and constant whining about missing Ariadne fits though. Absolute Wife Guy. There's a description of a mini play at a symposium with actors playing Dionysus and Ariadne where Dionysus danced into the room, saw Ariadne on a throne and went "!!!" before dancing over and sitting on her lap. Adorable King Shit.
I haven't played Hades but everything I see for Dionysus in that is pretty spot on vibes wise. He looks like he gives great hugs and can chill and joke around. He looks like a leopard that would try to lay on your lap. He also looks like the guy who would go :3 as his Girl Gang dismembered a dude for disrespecting his mama. Also having Orphic myth come from a prank Dionysus plays on Orpheus??? Hilarious show of the research they did. Fuckin superb.
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popipoyan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
every week in my planner i draw a little picture in this space and every week this month has been koito :)
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kelpiemomma · a month ago
Tumblr media
mistake unlocked: hurting the scary warden’s daughter!
aka Akari’s initial return to Jubilife did not go as hoped
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redminibike1 · 6 months ago
Okay so I’ve been hearing people say that it looks like Obi-Wan is going to have, like, an actual job (read: not mystical space monk) in the beginning of the series, which I think is SO funny in terms of…mundaneness….But also I was REALLY enjoying my mental image of crazy wizard Ben, not a credit to his name, walking outside his house every morning as the Jawas roll by and going, ‘Hey guys, sorry to bother, but do you think you could get me some lunch?’ And the Jawas going, ‘Yeah sure Ben no problem.’* And then going to steal Bib Fortuna’s sandwich out of the employee fridge in Jabba’s palace. I think that had potential
*quotation translated from Jawaese
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ecto-stone · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Guy. i just have the best horrible idea after replay My lovely daughter.
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