the-gayest-sky-kid · 7 months ago
every other member of the Fatui: normal, mask on face or ACCESSABLE so it can be put on
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
scara fuckin mouche: mask on his fUCKING HAT completely unreachable and unable to be put on
Tumblr media
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whentheynameyoujoy · 2 months ago
See, the mistake Homelander made was having daddy issues. If he bothered to get the objectively superior brother issues Kripke would have given him the Soldier Boy power couple in no time.
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blazevillains · 5 months ago
some people talk nonsense about how much they love their friends while theyre drunk. varis well varis does something a little different.
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georgcfan · 9 months ago
I hate you. I hate you for making me love you. bitch. BITCH.
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percabeth4life · 9 months ago
I ship Daddy Ares/Herakles so hard
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writhingcreature · a year ago
I’m sorry but I will literally NEVER be over how fucking gay Descendants 2 is. Not only with Literally Love Song “Space Between” being PEAK Malevie, but also “Chilling Like a Villain” being PEAK Benlos and all the ex tension between Mal and Uma?
I’m sorry this movie is gay now you literally cannot get more same sex attraction than this shit. Genuinely homophobic as fuck that this movie wasn’t about Mal realizing she’s a lesbian and sweeping Evie off of her feet. Platonic Evie and Doug - because while their relationship is cute they have next to no chemistry compared to Malevie and also Evie’s entire storyline was about finding worth in herself while also not dating a guy and that ending with her dating Doug always say wrong with me.
Then when Uma puts a spell on Ben and true loves kiss is required to break the spell? CARLOS MAKES AN ENTRAAAAANCE!!! (That was a reference to a different fandom I am so sorry)
I’m just saying it would have been 29384885929392848484 time superior to what actually happened. That movie is a hella cop out I’m so fucking salty
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torisprjngs · 10 months ago
just dawned on me that we’re probably gonna see ismail apologise to corndog before either of them properly apologise to ava
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meova101 · 7 months ago
“The livery is a bit darker red, I love it”
Charles it’s okay you can say it makes you think of a better time*
*when Seb was his teammate
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imblocking-you · a year ago
i want to kill that fucker and his mistress
Sovieshu 🤝 capitalism
Being the root of all evil
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allicekitty13 · a year ago
Hey it’s me your girl back again to talk about Riley Biers. So I spent some time on the Twilight wiki doing research on Riley for an AU I’m working on. 
Did you KNOW Riley is 6′3 and blonde. You might be saying to yourself, hmm that sounds really familiar. Almost like there is another character in the Twilight universe who is 6′3 and blonde. Someone like maybe JASPER. 
Smeyer really made two characters who look the same and have the same tragic storyline. SHE REALLY JUST COPY PASTED OUR BOY WHEN SHE WROTE RILEY. 
Tumblr media
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isabellaofparma · a year ago
found the perfect gif for when there’s discourse going on and everyone is being weird about it <3
Tumblr media
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temilyrights · a year ago
i did that shapeshifting trend that’s going around on tiktok and got elle!! i’ve officially peaked in life😌
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dauphinordinaire · a year ago
Update: @madamemooncat and I have crossed to a new level!!
We are now.... super friends
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afriendlyblackhottie · a year ago
Oh now they’re playing one gotta go on Twitter again. I hope RDJ doesn’t write another scatching Instagram post about not being mean to some rich white man because idk Christianity? Maybe this time it can be about Justin Bieber idk.
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spectral-honey · 14 days ago
AU where Jason gets his revenge by becoming a lawyer and getting joker sentenced to the death penalty
Bruce is conflicted about it but any time he tries to say anything on the subject Alfred just talks over him like "oh we're so proud of you master Jason you finished college and you didn't even use your father's extensive resources that could've easily gotten someone in this family a degree aren't we so proud master Bruce that Jason got himself a respectable profession--"
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mrspider · a year ago
whoever invented stuffed animals really just understood whats important in life. sometimes you just wanna hold a guy
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metamorphesque · a month ago
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never let me go, anne magill
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