#Mixed Boxing
emfarrow · 5 months
Tumblr media
Available now! A special mixed boxing issue! gumroad.com/emfarrow
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hardknockout2018 · 6 months
Check out Faith the Jobber tries to fight the sexy and muscular asian powerhouse, Tiny Tank in a boxing match available now on Onlyfans.
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notpikaman · 17 hours
Tumblr media
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yuli-ban · 1 year
Tumblr media
Drawn by Salvamakoto
Sol Yulaan vs. Godless
Sol Yulaan fights Wushenshashou (无神杀手, lit. "Godless Killing Hand") in a bloody, brutal martial arts showdown. Classic macho shirtless fistfight, only notable because one fighter is female. It's also one of those cases of warriors doing what warriors do best. The whole world can burn; all that matters is the thrill of combat.
But enough beating around the bush: we're all thinking it. Besides fanservice (if a battle-scarred body and half-torn tit counts as "fanservice"), the reason why she goes full-out is because bollois do not have the same puritanical restriction on bare breasts we do on Earth in the West. Couple that with the general machismo of bolloi culture, their societal roles as heavy laborers and warriors, and the general sexlessness of Yaban life preventing them from seeing breasts as something overtly sexual, and you have the reason why one would fly 'em free. If a man can tear off his shirt for a fight, so will a bolloi. Women aren't afforded the same privilege in fights, so they rarely do so. The Yabanverse is basically one big excuse to get topless female fighters, if even just from one particular race, after I noticed the excess of homoerotic male vs. male fights that had sweaty, glistening, beautiful muscles and pecs for days and yet couldn't think of any where a female character in a similar situation had anything less than a torn tanktop (unless the fight was supposed to be sexy/foxy/porn, but that's different from a macho warrior battle on principle). Thank goodness for bolloi machismo!
  Takes place during Strongest Under Heaven
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sdfightds · 1 year
历史记录.The historical record.
TLBC-FB60 Aoxin vs Bing&Ting:https://terabox.com/s/1zMIDGjRJ-IX__Vcw71FTTQ Password:pm2t
Chuan-FB13 Xli VS Wie&Hy:https://terabox.com/s/1wfrudEr64jdgzQ9YliB-LA Password:tdb4
TLBC-FB61-Jiao VS Ting:https://terabox.com/s/1nuLKQ-h04corGj7BoPfuWw Password:y8dm
TLBC-FF05-Xi VS Ting:https://terabox.com/s/1_53Okdpv5NnfXReKCV-3sA Password:e5k6
TLBC-FB59-Juan VS Ting:https://terabox.com/s/1WgbILEbDQU6WeabYH883OQ Password:5jwg
Chuan-FB12-Yyue VS Zhou:https://terabox.com/s/1UkyWRooGYMU4CR3et7_JtA Password:erws
BW-FB10-Qiqi VS Siya:https://terabox.com/s/1rOKIF4me5z8d797Guy9UwA Password:rdjv
Chuan-MB05-Yyue VS C:https://dubox.com/s/1ljKjJE_R6XGnRhoIRmvtEA Password:bhmg
TLBC-BR37-Ting VS M:https://dubox.com/s/1lUyKisdIe2Q_Jp0pV-jdww Password:g8w3
BW-FB09-Ha VS Siya:https://dubox.com/s/1YOBP84WhX7Pzw6TrSw4N1g Password:1xs7
TLBC-FF04-Jiao VS Ting:https://dubox.com/s/1z3OTNUlh1iWfDl9wSMojUw Password:a7he
TLBC-FF03-Juan VS Xi:https://dubox.com/s/1POYQ3P3u0MwgpyUUQYqNnw Password:uxa3
Chuan-MB04-Zhou VS C-KOs(custom):https://dubox.com/s/1V-jPjyqcbVG2Cy3RPSZqgw Password:ba4c
TAB-MF01-Yue VS M(Custom):https://dubox.com/s/1tte5fr9N1yCNLSIPmD5Zbw Password:w5nj
TAB-FB01-Juan VS Feiyang:https://dubox.com/s/1EoSns5qGpkKmquW_Plz60w Password:yr6w
TLBC-FB55-Yezi VS Ting:https://dubox.com/s/1KJdM1tKDZ5aBjOH8i0xHPg Password:jk1t
Chuan-MB03-Yyue VS C:https://dubox.com/s/1wkqIAnZmwRNfA-U-KT3fzQ Password:pjrh
TLBC-BR36-Jiao VS M:https://dubox.com/s/1ESl77JrQHRXu9SrXJoQuhw Password:nc1x
Chuan-FB11-Yyue VS Mmu:https://dubox.com/s/1u7vzlaOOHsPbxqviQ_WkFw Password:5urs
TLBC-FF02-Juan VS Ting(Custom):https://dubox.com/s/1E46OuEQL2X4u1sw45nlE5g Password:vz6y
TLBC-FF01-Juan VS Jiao(Custom):https://dubox.com/s/1VO6Gu5yP_A1UMblisyjo6w Password:8mgw
Chuan-FB10-Zhou VS Mmu:https://dubox.com/s/1fz6T5D6nFYx5xgnB0j6Xlg Password:tjnf
TLBC-BR35-Ting VS M(custom):https://dubox.com/s/1Nc6i2AFpPMAg_4MgcyPSwA Password:q4er
BW-FB08-Feiyang VS Yuejie:https://dubox.com/s/127fi8yeuUG2xdxnqhXua-A Password:87jw
BW-FB07-Tasib VS Yangza:https://dubox.com/s/1CzlM9dKIFGe4WpK8WBKqtQ Password:vaqr
TLBC-FB57-Bing VS Meme:https://dubox.com/s/1PJCx5uBnMWB_qkJSpK2gGA Password:xu7h
Chuan-FB06-Ming VS Ting:https://dubox.com/s/15cvTnsS9PvzVhxE2ubfizA Password:mtk8
Chuan-FB04-Xi VS Jiao:https://terabox.com/s/1W62MVslIy_xgIPfM6xlo_w Password:6xde
BW-FB02-Yuru VS Zhizhi:https://dubox.com/s/1W8Gy25W2SpUlXPAF_0A0ew Password:sj5s
TLBC-FB54-Aoxin VS Ting:https://dubox.com/s/1woB1aCOmkH6tcVImG_xg2Q Password:swmu
TLBC-BR32-Jiao VS C:https://dubox.com/s/1W7JOLNks8qHj8FTRePTTbA Password:685s
TLBC-FB53-Aoxin VS Xi:https://dubox.com/s/1eCk4_sea1RFu_VO-J6VoDQ Password:jbft
TLBC-FB52-Ting VS Xing:https://dubox.com/s/1fUaeNBQn2WAlSb08hA9jig Password:f5x8
TLBC-FB51-Jiao VS Xian:https://dubox.com/s/1aQc-vmDXQUXZOe6azqXO9g Password:s297
TLBC-FB50-Alei VS Yang:https://dubox.com/s/158Z5kX0LqcjSkjsJxvtKYw Password:h82q
TLBC-FB49-Yezi VS Mawei:https://dubox.com/s/1tKJ-7XkCP5TTFDarhqepow Password:wkzt
TLBC-FB48-Jiao VS Linzi:https://dubox.com/s/1Um-QoEV-GAQuhmWO8Rr84A Password:qeiv
TLBC-FB47-Juan VS Coco:https://dubox.com/s/1rJ_-sfKJoZ2MtbNB8Fz4MA Password:eggm
TLBC-BR31-Xiaole VS M(Customized):https://dubox.com/s/1O2Yvicuwj1rNXiPThDVi5g Password:zxsw
TLBC-FB46-Xiaoele VS Xiaoxi(Customized):https://dubox.com/s/1EEYEyHBbPZL3PDjX3n_VEw Password:xvdh
TLBC-FB45-Xin VS Coco:Link:https://dubox.com/s/11trFJ3OKMobuJrW4XtULQQ Password:kp8v
TLBC-FB44-Xiaole VS Bing:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1gQK95eJ4SysQbuBLghn-bg Password:h9kf
TLBC-FB43-Yuan VS Lihan:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1JmGYI7yaLcxCcZH1TjmOrQ Password:u7nn
TLBC-FB42-Xixi VS Yan:https://dubox.com/s/1apb5ROCHchjfkuTzsUfzPw Password:hi7q
TLBC-FB41-Wu VS Xiaoxi(Customized)(Gloves off):https://dubox.com/s/1Y7FGfgfNL988H2rypKzScA Password:m28s
TLBC-FB40-Yanzi VS Xiaole:https://dubox.com/s/1u5woqBLvkvGR0UBy4vt_tQ Password:m87z
TLBC-FB39-Susu VS Wu:https://dubox.com/s/1dZlUB2eYTxbvOacBMY5Y2Q Password:gbja
TLBC-FB38-Mou VS Xin:https://dubox.com/s/1hyhrBUgu28_ZMC8Xr6Fpew Password:sy9k
TLBC-FB37-Jia VS Juan Ting:https://dubox.com/s/1RK6UdsiSQ3kd5rGIUytMTQ Password:9rd2
TLBC-FB36-Xiaole VS Juan:https://dubox.com/s/1OJQrbe2auQR6FVXWK1bVvA Password:r3cx
TLBC-FB35-Axia VS Coco:https://dubox.com/s/1MNqhN03CfLlpKv9Cp7MC4w Password:5qs8
TLBC-FB34-Mou VS Wu:https://dubox.com/s/1nHfuc5Pe6M82jiG2DkfL6Q Password:48pu
TLBC-FB33-Niu VS Xixi:https://dubox.com/s/1nMw7hgDjUa57ZU6UOSJgiw Password:bieg
TLBC-FB32-Xia VS Juan:https://dubox.com/s/1PSsm_WRGOLcvS38krEyMIQ Password:a2dn
TLBC-FB31-Xiaoxi VS Coco:https://dubox.com/s/1rJooN36W2cUwgWL1sBXpqg Password:qcgy
TLBC-FB30-Xixi VS Lixin:https://dubox.com/s/1Dc04_FAkGy3M5ABHwhvi3A Password:pnf1
TLBC-FB29-Xixi VS Coco:https://dubox.com/s/1_sVEKBlJQto8LDOrG-BtdA Password:m6ff
TLBC-FB28-Yuan VS Xixi:https://dubox.com/s/1cF_9X_-yFaonRxp2UJzXow Password:u5md
TLBC-FB27-Nancy VS Juan:https://dubox.com/s/1Fp6mkCQBE9uEi67QRpf-Xg Password:c6ij
TLBC-FB26-Rui VS Yuan:https://dubox.com/s/1j61e-9Fbj6f4okCQBbo6kg Password:2hrg
TLBC-BR24-Bing VS M:https://dubox.com/s/1tKhIHn3H0LQ8I94Bwv-yxw Password:1jh8
TLBC-FB25-Juan VS Yuan:https://dubox.com/s/1m799hFqQuEv-1T9bo52pLQ Password:uxn3
TLBC-FB24-Xixi VS Shuai:https://dubox.com/s/1r7HU90N850x3iN3KN6AU8w Password:q4hr
TLBC-FB23-Yang VS Fan:https://dubox.com/s/19OpFkSwKGY9KM4relmMJfA Password:n57w
TLBC-FB22-Juan VS Yaxie:https://dubox.com/s/1U2R-70XFJdFiE78Lsh_aGA Password:aafy
TLBC-FB21-Xixi VS Rui:https://dubox.com/s/1nS9O2xJsMz1T4wfpcWXYaA Password:bmme
TLBC-FB20-Susu VS Mou:https://dubox.com/s/1mu4xgQV6tiyyMz3CfM2KvQ Password:bsqf
TLBC-FB19-Juan VS Bing:https://dubox.com/s/1bvW7zVOoPcq8aOy_Rk9kLA Password:r5qi
TLBC-FB18-Yuyu VS Xixi:https://dubox.com/s/1oHFyFAgo9ElTUumzzQv3Vg Password:uf7m
TLBC-FB17-Christmas Special:https://dubox.com/s/1Nygqn30Ay3Uui5qnNWEBVQ Password:8uy9
TLBC-BR21-Christmas Dress:https://dubox.com/s/1jcVt0QffjQKSgcWs1__mlg Password:i6j8
TLBC-BR19-TT VS M:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1uklqmdI1xvljRNL24kei_Q Password:8ycw
TLBC-FB15-Qiu VS Juan:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1iHG5k46x8sYMoCQbjRxJ3A Password:wyvt
TLBC-FW01:Link:https://dubox.com/s/14YHXRv3PrppYeSSBHDY9UA Password:3tug
TLBC-FB14-Xixi VS Yanzi:https://dubox.com/s/1x_1XAFL5AQlHOu91wcslNw Password:9v34
TLBC-FB13-Juan VS Xixi:https://dubox.com/s/129LdnMRWNYRgVzoI19Yp2w Password:89s7
TLBC-FB12-Qiu VS Xia:https://dubox.com/s/1sE2gjPknbAl8pZU4AF_YHw Password:ysua
TLBC-FB11-Xixi VS CC:https://dubox.com/s/1rRjrKASKEMTbUC6JrHyv6g Password:4rr8
TLBC-FB10-Susu VS Xin:https://dubox.com/s/1ywlKzHb0lWa1Vidj8_dQhA Password:6i3k
TLBC-FB09-Xixi VS Jie:https://dubox.com/s/1pgNumqryiQAdUFNGAmIW2g Password:x8vq
TLBC-BR17-Qiu VS M:https://dubox.com/s/1wWaOTkJOLLBtS69I8ID0gQ Password:6fnv
TLBC-BR16-Qiqi VS M:https://dubox.com/s/1xPnNxbNXehTW-X4KS87C2A Password:fupw
TLBC-BR15-Yanzi VS M:https://dubox.com/s/1eRre54DhWuWr0HiH3KxiUw Password:fec2
TLBC-FB08-Juan VS Yanzi:https://dubox.com/s/18Xs95ahNZP23irxqylcr4Q Password:af7e
TLBC-FB07-Xuan VS Xixi:https://dubox.com/s/1TyD1GX5_afn3t2028GZ0aQ Password:3478
TLBC-FB06-Juan VS Bing:https://dubox.com/s/1aiiUqLXkM4_O2aLxtJU2Qg Password:je77
TLBC-FB05-Lei VS Xixi:https://dubox.com/s/11yWVQW3YEPU1dg_p0rNqEw Password:mtst
TLBC-FB04-CC VS Susu:https://dubox.com/s/1Ax55cM8UkcYRFbEmim6ZMQ Password:9k9g
TLBC-FB03-Susu VS Xixi:https://dubox.com/s/1aKKgh8acvKvHXK-u8Y7k-Q Password:jsmn
TLBC-FB02-Xixi VS Juan:Link:https://dubox.com/s/16i59V2orbabNQlMUX2ClDA Password:mvwy
TLBC-FB01-Xixi VS Xue:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1s1Tok10ZIYUcZ4BpMvWw5g Password:7h5k
TLBC-BR14-Bing VS M:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1oMQ76Zg7d_JDCE2buOndYw Password:k7kq
TLBC-BR13-Xue VS M:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1nIrGPgAZ-DfjGxn5U-BU1g Password:7fmp
TLBC-BR12-Lei VS M:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1PEij_CPVkdZrM2kktDDNCg Password:8w7x
TLBC-BR11-Amber VS M:Link:https://dubox.com/s/1-95TyPcSWrCtVMvn3i5x1g Password:qnfi
TLBC-BR09-Yanzi VS M:https://dubox.com/s/10O-ZBRL0nSrAbRacdFa_DA Password:6q5i
TLBC-BR06-Ying VS M:https://dubox.com/s/1flVxSCGnK-VdtJgJKH4aMw Password:b6cw
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blondebrute · 1 year
Tumblr media
New video! Knockout Date now available at
#manyvids http://blondebrute.manyvids.com
#clips4sale http://clips4sale.com/167469
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hunterkurokami · 1 year
Tumblr media
Comic com for @tigerwriter93 and @GazzyBunBun both sides but up a good fight. too bad its not a fight unless there is a winner and a loser
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fullcravings · 6 months
Tumblr media
Strawberry Brownies Recipe
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pinkhair-smoothbrain · 5 months
I think in his attempt to keep baby colin robinson alive, guillermo should join one of those mom friend/support groups where he gets to drink wine and bitch about his "roommates" while giving increasingly vague & conflicting answers to the other moms questions
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palaeosinensis · 23 days
Box Tiger Is Out 2021
Tumblr media
Pyrography, watercolor, gouache, and watercolor pencil on wood.
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sundewa · 1 month
Tumblr media
brush tests
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emfarrow · 5 months
Tumblr media
I have never done a mixed series. This is a series I've started to toy with over the past day or so. The mixed fight crowd seems very passionate and I'm sure I won't please everyone, but just decided to do it and see how it sells. gumroad.com/emfarrow
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hardknockout2018 · 1 year
NOW AVAILABLE ON ONLYFANS!!! Faith the Jobber @JobberFaith vs Tiny Destroyer with the association of Sleeperkids Production.
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snackugaki · 15 days
Tumblr media
tryptophan induced tmnt au bullshit: leo as the unofficial worldwide beat saber champion
EDIT: it’s fucking... 「側にいるから」. かかかかかかか I missed the dakuten marks in 「がんこ 」from another comic, I swear I know how to write I’m not tired this time but I am filled with 2 kinds of meat, 4 types vegetables, 5 kinds of fruits in varying stages of its original form, and more starchy complex carbohydrates than god pls i try
but frankly it’s what my dumbass gets for thinking it can hold more than one language at a time
EDIT 2: .... 直しまた I fixed it, it was getting on my nerves tanginang pisting yawa... yo cansada
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sordayciega · 24 days
Sometimes I like a Whumpee who is immediately obedient to Whumper.
Whumpee is so submissive that they hardly fight back at all.
They may try to suggest Whumper not hurt them, but they never directly defy him. They may squirm if they’re touched, but never move from the spot they were told to stay in.
A Whumpee who puts actual effort into obeying Whumper right off the bat because it feels unnatural to do anything else.
After all, isn’t it obvious who is in charge here?
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blondebrute · 1 year
Tumblr media
New video! Brute Boxing now available at
#manyvids http://blondebrute.manyvids.com
#clips4sale http://clips4sale.com/167469
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obsob · 3 months
Tumblr media
im like tamftgebka (thinking about maia from ‘the goblin emperor’ by katherine addison)
#mine#original#the goblin emperor#maia i would die for u i would kill for u#u would not BELIEVE this problems this drawing gave me. outstanding#i actually did a whole other drawing. maia and th little people are taken from that drawing i had to frankenstein them#the like. idea is the same kinda but the other comp was bad. like if i draw and i dont have a colour palette in mind i just draw for that#comp to work in black and white. and then if i try to put colour on top it like always looks awful. why do i do that.#anyway. here he is. im pretty happy w it th colours arent exactly what i wanted but thats fine svbkdbgvd#my mum is away this week im playing house and having a good time#i got!!!! more isopods!!! ik i said i would post pics n of my magic potions and didnt but thats bc theyre very small and shy rn skjlf  bless#i got more armadillium vulgare but a gem mix theyre so pretty!!! n one of them is like absolutely huge. enormous.#however th seller was very stupid th packaging for their postage was rlly bad n th ventilation holes were too big n they didnt pack th#tupperware tight enough so loads of babies fell out n died :(((((((((( i sent her a message like. maybe dont do this n she was like oh sorry#n was like this has never happened before but im like. ur stupid. why did u use such a big box all u had 2 do was put more moss in.#they were rlly dry as well theyve spent all day hanging out in th damp moss. poor babies. theyre absolutely destroying some cuttlefish rn#so i think theyre fine <3
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