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twst Incorrect quote #280
Idia: *texting to MC*: Hello my love. I mean my rival.
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Today in Hip Hop History:
Tupac Shakur was shot 5 times and robbed in the lobby of Quad Studios November 30, 1994
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This has to be one of my fav 3/4 pics ever! Michael looks like a three year old wearing the bucket hat he made his mom buy him proudly, Cal looks like a teenager who’s ready for soccer practice and Luke looks like their mom waiting to drop them off so he can finally get a manicure 💅🏻
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Memes The Obey Me Brothers Send MC:
Lucifer: (he's old and doesn't understand gen z humor)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Dan: I need you to punch me.
MC, pushing up their sleeves: Okay.
Dan: You're not gonna ask any questions? Like, 'why do you need me to punch you, Dan?' or 'are you crazy?'
MC: *cracks fingers* How hard do you need me to punch?
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youxie · 3 days
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a little peek of the minecraft server my boyfriend made for him and me <3
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bibuska · 2 days
Yandere brothers exist, Yet Yandere MC doesn't.
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mooshrooms acquired 🍄🍄
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giraffeditor onesie !!!
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Today in Hip Hop History:
Nas released his seventh album Street’s Disciple November 30, 2004
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lyzokowashere · 3 days
the "replaced mc au" but w/ my mc
context : I'm the type of person to not really care that much + I have short term memory loss
"sorry mc but I'm busy, I'm going to hang out with the new exchange student"
mc : ok but wait what was I asking again?
"So how does it feel to be replaced by the demon brothers? *insert the replacement smirking or a smth*"
mc : who?
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nirawrite-holab-if · 2 days
What does Agathon, our grandfather and mother, think about what the existence of MC means to the world? Is Agathon not afraid of becoming an enemy of MC?
Well, Agathon doesn't think much about it.
He doesn't see the Mc's existence as something threatening to the world. He thinks their existence is something strange but he doesn't think the Mc is that powerful... he's more afraid of Mc's father. In his head, he's ready to face the Mc.
Áedh, the grandfather, he feared the Mc and the destructive power they could have. He saw it as inevitable. Mc was the forerunner of dark and hard times.
But, as time went by, he became fond of the Mc and saw that they were just a baby.. That they could be taught to control their abilities, to be good (if that were the case) now, they still worry about what the Mc can do in the world, but they trust the teachings they gave to the Mc.
Asta refuses to believe that Mc's existence means anything to the world. Mainly in rumors about Mc being destructive to the world. For her, the Mc is special and powerful but that doesn't have to mean something bad. Mc is not a risk.
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emberwood-if · 19 hours
So about the age for Mc will it ever come up? I imagine at least someone asking for Mc age out of curiosity.
Early 20’s (20-23)
Mid 20’s (24-26)
Late 20’s (27-29)
Yes, it will come up! Quite a few times, actually. There’s going to be moments that are based on that (example: one moment (that’s not super important) MC will be asked if they want alcohol and MC can reject it on the basis of them not being legal yet, which puts them at 20 years old…stuff like that)
F’s story in particular has a lot to do with age, and the direction it takes changes significantly based on how old your MC is (namely if they’re in their late twenties).
Perry and E will also mention it, especially on a romance route, as they are the eldest of the ROs… might serve as an obstacle, even.
Hope that answers your question!
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