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sheisnotalone · 5 months ago
𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 | 𝐰. 𝐦𝐚𝐱𝐢𝐦𝐨𝐟𝐟
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
prompt: strawberries + picnic | prompt list
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader (no pronouns used)
category: fluff~
"Hey stop tickling me" Wanda giggled trying to get out of your lap where she had been sitting in comfortably for the last few hours.
You had driven the two of you out in the fields to have a picnic. The past few weeks had been really stressful and both of you needed a break. The scenery around you was beautiful. Trees shaking slightly in the light breeze, the humming of bees in the air between the beautiful flowers and fluffy little clouds in the sky. The cozy blanket you had put on the ground protecting your clothes from getting grass stains.
While you had prepared some sandwiches and snacks to bring, Wanda had handpicked strawberries from her little garden.
Wanda rolled out of your grasp laying down next to you on the blanked. She pulled you down so she can rest her head on your belly. "It looks like an elephant" she said excitedly. "What?" you chuckled confused. "Look" she raised her hand and pointed to the sky. You followed her movement with your eyes then raising your gaze to the clouds. "That one right there" Wanda remarked excitedly. Then you saw the cloud she was referring to. "It actually does" a smile formed on your lips "and that one over there looks like an alpaca".
This went on for a while each of you pointing out funny little clouds that travelled above you. Both of you enjoyed the calmness of the moment.
After some time you felt Wanda shuffle, but before you could say something, she was pushing a strawberry into your mouth. "Wha-" you got out as you swallowed the fruit after having chewed it a bit, but were quickly interrupted by her lips meeting yours. You started kissing her back and she smiled when she tasted the strawberry on your lips. "I love you my little strawberry" she whispered to you before deepening the kiss.
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curlyy-hair-dont-care · 3 months ago
Draco pushes the door open throwing his keys in the bowl, Harry hot on his heels. "Why are you being so irrational. I don't care that Flint is an international Quidditch player. I don't want him. I want you! I love you!" he finishes with a huff and is met with stunned silence.
Harry's face goes through a gamut of emotions before he whispers, "That's the first time you've said it."
"I love you; it's the first time you've said that to me."
Draco's heart stops for a second before he pulls Harry into a tight embrace. "Oh sweetheart, of course I love you," he whispers wetly, peppering kisses on Harry's face as he proceeds to tell him how much he loves him.
@drarrymicrofic May Prompt #6 - Heartstopping
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May Prompts 🌺
Word prompts to use for doodling or writing
golden hour
lake house
juice box
farmer’s market
morning light
drive-in theater
tree house
animal shelter
potted plant
memory lane
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literary-nymph · 5 months ago
may poetry prompts
1. leave the light on
2. void-shaped
3. plasma
4. untouched
5. ghost eyes
6. ladybird
7. opalise
8. make me feel better
9. buried in ____
10. sour mouth
11. orchard
12. spineless
13. people are small
14. latte skies
15. anatomy
16. phoenix
17. we are the monsters
18. blue bottles
19. sensationalised
20. what will become of me?
21. birdhouse
22. (n)ever-changing
23. covered in gold
24. you don’t want to know
25. love love love
26. headless
27. collage pieces
28. strawberries and cream
29. plume
30. to be a wild animal
31. sweet dreams
i primarily run my prompts on instagram under #promptsbyjasmine but i thought i should bring them to other platforms, in case people here want to use them :)
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queenxxxsupreme · 5 months ago
May Prompt - Day 1
Strawberries - Geralt
A/N: I had full intentions of doing this list of May prompts.... But everything has been just so chaotic and I can’t even :) so I think I’ll just do the prompts at my own pace and work on whatever I can whenever I can while trying not to combust <3
Warning: none, pure fluff
“Come on, Geralt!” You turned to look back at the witcher, beckoning him with a motion of your hand. 
“I am coming, dove.” He assured you.
Geralt kept a good distance behind you, ears perked and listening carefully for any disturbances in the forest that surrounded you. 
“But you are taking forever! I swear, you’re slower than Vesemir.”
The White Wolf hummed disapprovingly. 
“Why is it you’re in such a rush? The strawberries will be there no matter how fast we are to get to them.”
“Not if an animal gets there first!” You frowned, crossing your arms as you waited for him to catch up to you. 
As he approached you, he slipped one large hand around your waist. A little smile came to his lips as he looked down at you. 
“You’re very adorable when you’re antsy.” He brushed his nose against yours. 
“And you are stupidly handsome when you’re lagging behind like an old man.” You kissed his lips briefly before turning and making your way down the path. “Come on! It’ll be winter before we get there!”
A gentle breeze blew through the woods. The tall trees surrounding you creaked. 
Birds chirped rather loudly, annoying the witcher. The sound of a herd of deer moving to the left of the path had Geralt’s attention for a few moments. 
You continued down the path, fingers brushing along the leaves of every bush you passed. Your eyes were fixed on where you could see a break in the path just ahead. It was brighter there. The canopy opened up, allowing the sun warm and bright to shine down on a small meadow. 
You were finally there. Excitement was practically eating at your bones!
Just as you were about to step into the clearing, a large hand clasped around your arm. Geralt was stopping you.
You turned your head, brows furrowed as you prepared yourself to question his actions. But he brought his opposite hand to his mouth, signaling you to stay silent. Then the witcher pointed ahead. 
You followed his gesture, eyes flickering across the meadow. There on the other side rested the patch of beautiful wild strawberries, bright red and perfect. 
And chewing on the greenery surrounding the strawberries was a doe and two fawns. 
As you visibly softened at the sight of the family, you found yourself forgetting about the strawberries. Those two fawns were the absolute cutest things you had ever seen!
After a few moments of observing, you turned your head to look at Geralt. You wanted to leave and let the animals be in peace. 
The witcher placed his hand on the small of your back and began to guide you back home.
Taglist: @samuraigrl89 @burningcoffeetimetravel @open--till--midnight @beautifulsweetschaos @gm_abbo @thefirelordm @here4thespice @many-fandoms-lover @one-eyed-captain-kinky @sparrowsparadise @bluscryn @blushingskywalker @buckysxgal @lady-of-glass-and-bone @super-calithehamm @invelda @eddyofthetruth @hc-geralt-23 @bitquirkydoe
If your name is in italics, it wouldn’t let me tag you :(
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frownatic · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Since I couldn't find someone else who did this I made my own >:3
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fanfic-collection · 4 months ago
May Prompts: Loki x Reader - 2, 14, 16 – Adventure, Island, Riptide
This is probably nothing at all like anon was picturing so I'm sorry, but hopefully you enjoy it anyways!
The boat heaved and lurched, tossing people about like ragdolls.
You clung to the side of the ship, holding onto one of the rails and begged for your life.
With a loud, ear shattering crack, the ship heaved high into the air. The bow leaving the water, and then, it snapped!
You were flung from the ship unceremoniously and tossed into the water.
Beneath the water, you managed to open your eyes, forcing yourself to hold your breath. Debris from the ship, and things you didn’t want to think about, fell into the water around you. They sank deeper and deeper into the ocean.
Kicking with all your might, you broke the surface and gasped for air.
You only inhaled a short amount before you saw something flying at you. Ducking once more under the water, you barely managed to avoid more fiery debris.
This Adventure Cruise was not supposed to end like this.
Once more you surfaced, gasping for air as the waves and rain pelted you. It tossed you around, desperate to drag you beneath the surface.
Kicking and paddling, you made your way to a bit of wreckage, floating on the water. Up and down, up and down, with each wave it rose and fell twenty feet.
Your grip began to slip, you felt yourself being pulled under the water. Down into the dark abyss.
A hand grabbed your wrist and tugged you onto the wreckage.
You gasped for air, once more breaking the surface and allowed yourself to be tugged up onto the small bit of wood, a table perhaps?
Whoever gripped your hand had a vicelike strength. You forced your head up, looking away from the table and trying to see the stranger’s face. His face was mostly obscured, covered by black matted hair. In a flash of lightning, you could see his pale face and then it was dark once more.
“Thank you!” You screamed over the roar of the storm.
The man tightened his grip, squeezing your arm in response, and then time lost its meaning to you.
You blinked awake, gazing around wildly as you realized your body had succumbed to exhaustion.
The man on the opposite side of the table still held your hand loosely in his grasp, but his face was pressed against it and he appeared to be dozing.
“Hey!” You croaked, shaking your arm.
The man started upright, finally releasing you and brushing his matted hair from his face.
“You saved my life.” You shook your head appreciatively. “I wish I could repay you in some way.”
The man chuckled, his voice deep and velvety normally but now hoarse from swallowed saltwater. “Well, if we get out of this predicament, I’m sure you can manage something.” He offered you a tired smile.
You laughed weakly then introduced yourself.
“I’m Loki.” He replied, holding his hand out once more for you to shake.
You let out an exhausted laugh, more of a breath than anything. For someone to be so formal in the middle of the sea, stranded and miles away from land…
Loki grinned, shrugging as he realized what he had done.
Thankfully the water was tropical, warm. Though less thankfully, the blazing sun beat down on you and your exposed upper half felt warm. Uncomfortably so.
Loki looked around, though his strength seemed to be fading. He was pink from the burn of the sun.
You realized abruptly, that you were moving, quite quickly. You had drifted from the shipwreck in the night and squinted into the distance. Barely, you could distinguish land in the distance.
“Loki!” You indicated behind him and he looked over his shoulder. Motioning for him to join you on your side, you stopped when he shook his head.
“We have to ride the current, we’re caught in a riptide. Can’t you feel it?”
You held still for a moment and felt yourself being tugged to the side. Letting out a soft groan, you lowered your head to the table. Once more Loki grabbed your arm and squeezed it reassuringly.
Slowly you and Loki kicked towards the shore, landing in the shallows until your feet hit the ground and you could stumble walk onto the beach.
Trees and fauna greeted you, the sound of birdlife and strange animals calling from further within the island.
“That’s funny.” Loki muttered. “I don’t remember there being an island marked out here.”
“Lucky for us, it has fresh water.”
He nodded and once more took your hand.
It was only when you were a ways into the dark forest that you realized it was unnecessary for him to hold your hand. Smiling, you glanced shyly over at him, though he was a few steps ahead of you and he couldn’t see.
In the distance, there was the sound of running water. The two of you picked up your pace and rushed towards. Stopping at the clearing around you, you scrambled on your knees to the water and drank heavily. Nothing had ever tasted better.
When you and Loki had drank your fill, the two of you moved back a ways and leaned against each other, backs to a tree.
Loki leaned his head back and you found yourself resting your head against his shoulder.
“You know, all things considered, I think there could be worse people to be stranded with.” You looked up at him and smiled.
“Sorry, that came out wrong. I just meant, it’s nice being here with you. Whoever you are.”
Loki laughed and nodded. “Yes, you’re not such bad company yourself.”
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frenchmarshmalloww · a year ago
Written for the song prompt "Hold it against me" @drarrymicrofic WC: 450
Draco stumbles onto the dance floor in a heep of uncoordinated limbs. He's drunk on the noise, the smell, the bodies around him. The club is nothing like he imagined before Pansy dragged him there. It's even better. Muggles may know a thing or two after all.
He tries moving to the music, how hard can it be? Hasn't he learnt from an early age how to be graceful? Apparently, fencing and valsing have close to nothing to do with what's happening here, because Draco feels ridiculous. He's almost about to give up and join the bar when he feels a pair of hands wrapping around his waist from behind.
"Just follow me." Says the voice in his ear. It's awfully familiar but too husky for Draco to recognize its owner. He tries to comply. At first, it's hard not to struggle against the movement of the stranger's hips. Soon, though, Draco is shamelessly moving in sync with his dance partner, grinding his ass into the other man's crotch.
Perhaps it's the setting, the adrenaline rush or the maddening smell of the stranger, but Draco is incredibly turned on. He has a brief thought for his father, a regular occurence in this sort of situation. Lucius would be appalled, disgusted even. Somehow that thought arouses Draco even more. He's fucked up like that.
The next song begins, with it a new rhythm to navigate. The man behind him tightens his hold on Draco's hips and whispers in his ear again.
"You're so bloody hot, Draco." Before Draco can react to the use of his name, the stranger is mouthing along the back of his neck. A shot of arousal zings through Draco's body and he has to take a deep breath to grab a hold of himself.
He attempts to turn around on the man's arms, ready to demand an identity. His dance partner wont' allow it, he forces Draco back into position and leans into his ear again. "Don't. If you look at me, you'll … Just please, a little longer?"
To say Draco's intrigued would be the understatement of the year. Who would he reject on sight? Who does he hate enough that they would fear his reaction? Fuck. Of course that's him, because why wouldn't it be? When has Draco ever been able to be free of him?
At the feeling of Draco tensing in his arms, the man - Potter? - sighs painfully. "Right." He says. His arms are slowly dropping at Draco's sides, his hips no longer in contact with his back.
Draco only has half a second to make up his mind. Without realizing it, he's already moving his hands to Harry's forearms.
"Come here, stay."
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lemony-snickers · a year ago
oh, hello.  i am back with a humble submission for @naruto-smut-monday.  may prompts are petals/intoxicated.  it’s long and a lil’ different for me, but i hope you enjoy it all the same. (fun fact: the original post on ao3 had a big ol' timeline mistake in it. it's fixed, now. sorry i'm a dummy, lol.)  <3
Title:  When Love Blooms
Summary:   Browallia speciosa: a tropical perennial mostly grown as a warm-weather annual. Plants may boast bright blue, purple, or white blooms; purple varietals are also sometimes called amethyst flowers. Admiration. Coreopsis: long-stemmed plants that grow in upright clumps and feature masses of bright yellow flowers throughout the summer. Also called tickseed, bees and butterflies are drawn to the colorful blooms. Always cheerful.
Word Count:  6,932 (yikes)
Warnings:  18+ only, NSFW, fem!reader, hanahaki disease, cunnilingus, vaginal sex
It was the same every morning, now.  Had been for some time.
You opened your eyes, stretching your exhausted muscles briefly as you adjusted to the early morning light.
And then it started.
You imagined it was a lot like drowning.  Only, instead of water pouring into your lungs and stealing your breath, it was the cloying green leaves and purple petals you’d become intimately familiar with over the preceding months.
According to the Yamanaka girl behind the counter of her clan’s flower shop, it went by many names. Lovely browallia.  Bush violet.  Amethyst flower.  Browallia speciosa.
“It means ‘admiration’ when used in floral arrangements,” she told you brightly as she wrapped your bouquet.
And that made sense, of course, but the information did nothing to lessen the flower’s hold on your health and sanity.
Because of course you admired him.  Who didn’t?
(Read More on AO3)
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sheisnotalone · 4 months ago
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐞 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭? | 𝐰. 𝐦𝐚𝐱𝐢𝐦𝐨𝐟𝐟
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
prompt: golden hour | prompt list
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader (no pronouns used)
category: angst but ends in fluff
۞,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞
"Can you just shut up for one minute? I am going insane if you keep talking" Wanda turned her head back to focus on the road again. The two of you had been arguing for the last few hours and at this point you don't even remember what started it. One minute you had been entering the car after a lovely weekend together, the next you yelled at each other. You hated fighting with your girlfriend, but who doesn't? It just seemed like this fight would take no end.
"Fine then I will shut up, I won't say another word to you today" and with that you crossed your arms in front of your chest and looked out of the window, head tuned so the woman next to you was not in your line of sight. You had been so worked up that you even considered asking her to stop so you can take an uber. But that's ridiculous. The anger was brodling inside of you and you could have snapped at any minute yelling even more at the redhead than you had before. You chewed on your lower lip to stay quiet and not say something you would regret immediately. You were so focused on yourself that you missed the single tear that rolled down Wanda's face.
The car was silent, the only sounds you could hear were coming from the engine. You didn't know how long you would have to sit in the car until you arrived, but you knew you wouldn't be the one breaking the silence. You wouldn't let her win this. An hour passed, then two and neither of spoke a word.
Then suddenly Wanda let out a gasp "it's beautiful". You turned your head around to figure out what she was talking about. When you didn't respond she raised her hand and pointed to the horizon in front of you. "Look, it's the golden hour" she whispered. You let out a small gasp as well when you saw what she is pointing at. A few minutes passed as you both stared at the beautiful sunset in front of you. Then Wanda broke the silence again "I'm sorry". "For what?" you replied, turning your head so you could face her. "I don't know actually. What were we even fighting about? I don't want to be mad at you anymore" she confessed. "I'm sorry as well. We are probably just exhausted from the weekend, that's all" you concluded "let's get home and just have a relaxing evening, just you me and a sitcom, you choose". "I love you" she whispered, shortly meeting your eyes with hers before looking back to the road again, she was still driving after all. "I love you too" you mumbled back before leananing over and pressing a soft kiss against her cheek.
۞,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞
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curlyy-hair-dont-care · 3 months ago
"Draco darling, it's way too hot to be sitting out here, even with these tall glasses of lemonade." Pansy fusses, adjusting her sunglasses and slathering more sunscreen on her legs. "A little sun won't kill you. Vitamin D is extremely important for the human body, Pans," Draco replies, artfully adjusting his open shirt and crossing his long, shorts-clad legs. "Oh," Pansy lifts her sunglasses and smiles wickedly as a tall, dark-haired man in joggers and a bare torso approaches them. "Hey Draco," he smiles jogging on the spot. "Vitamin D, I see," Pansy drawls as Draco swats her and approaches his neighbour.
@drarrymicrofic May Prompt #8 - Bared
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naruto-smut-monday · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
May marks a time when nature itself starts to turn up the heat, and this month brings us canon-flavored prompts certain to satisfy!
Join us May 30th for another way to make the worst day of the week a whole lot smuttier.
Also, thank you for your patience and participation - we will be accepting May submissions through June 13th :D
Guidelines (Updated for 2022) ♡ Ask Us ♡ Prompts
Accessible view below the cut.
Smut Monday
May Prompts: Kage / ‘Is that a Kunai?’
Post on May 30th EST
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ficsandgiggles · 4 months ago
I had a dream about this last night and I feel like it would be a really cute fic! My idea is reader is maybe like 8 or 9 years old (any age is fine, this is just how old I was in my dream) and she is playing Lizzie and Paul’s daughter in a movie. They spend some time bonding and a huge tickle fight breaks out. Maybe Lizzie and Paul can get tickled too! I dreamed lizzie helped hold Paul so reader could tickle him then Paul retaliated and tickled both of them.
I may write for just Lizzie if that’s okay? I’m not too confident about Paul and his personality so I don’t want to get it wrong 😫
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zazuprompts · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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Picture ID under the cut:
[ID: A list of prompts in three columns. The background is a desaturated photograph of branches of dark pink and bright green leaves over a bright blue background. The bottom corners have credits on them. The right corner is the credit for the background, which is to Alexander-Schimmeck @ unspalsh.com. The left corner is the credit/signature of the blog, Zazu Prompts. The title and prompts are as follows:
May 2022 Prompts List:
End ID]
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chquine · a year ago
At this point I have given up on being on time, at least in my time zone. (ʘᴗʘ✿)
Day 27 can be found here.
The usual disclaimer applies.
Warning: Probably OoC cause we know little of this character. (ʘᴗʘ✿) But I just want to let you all know that I HAD TO. (ʘᴗʘ✿)
While eternally grateful to Beidou and the crew of the Crux for assisting him, Kazuha still could not help but miss the green fields of his home. If not for Raiden's order, he would still be seeing the maple leaves turn red this year.
Despite the perpetual hiding, Kazuha found that he enjoyed the life of an outlaw - outside Inazuma, that is. He had come to think of many things while gazing at the endless ocean, none of which felt urgent, but crucial nontheless. There were times that they had been caught in a raging tempest that he was sure he would lose his life, but then he turned his eyes to Beidou, and her cocksure smile and her gleaming Electro Vision.
Perhaps it was fate that brought him at the mercy of his Archon's element; either way, Kazuha was no child to associate Beidou with Raiden on the account of her Vision. The Captain of the Crux was a fine woman; her Vision was a mere addition.
Inevitably, his thoughts drifted to you. Sure as the sun set in the west and rose in the east, Kazuha thinks of you. He saw you in the billowing wind as a taunting memory. He saw you in the moon and the stars and the way your eyes twinkled as they do. He heard you in the waves; your back growing ever smaller as he sets off to unknown lands. He tastes you in the wine: a bittersweet memory that he can only drown in.
Beneath the maple trees and in a field of wildflowers, Kazuha wished to see you again, touch your hands, and wrap his arms around you.
Perhaps when the winds beckon him back home then he could indulge himself. But for now, he would wait.
Edit: So it's been a long while since Kazuha came out and yes, Kazuha's actual full name is just Kaedehara Kazuha. I changed it to kinda adhere to canon.
Also Kazuha came home and he's really fun to use. ⊂((・▽・))⊃
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fanfic-collection · 4 months ago
Loki x Reader: May Prompts - 3 Golden Hour
It’s hard to pinpoint the golden hour exactly. Is it a feeling, something mystical that just makes the hour seem right? Is it perhaps the hour before sunset when the world is bathed in gold and the moon is beginning to crest?
For you, it felt like the golden hour was that before dawn. The sun peeked over the horizon, pink hues in the sky, burning away the night time condensation.
And as you lay here, looking over at your lover, your man, you could see beyond him and out to the open balcony. The sun bathed him in a golden light, not the type that had taken Odin, the type that set your heart racing. No, this was soft and gentle. It eased the worried creases on his face, made his pallid skin glow just a trace, how alive he looked laying next to you.
You moved closer, scooting against him and rest your hand on his chest. Swirling your finger in a circle, you idly felt at the few hairs that adorned his otherwise smooth skin.
Loki’s eyes drifted open, squinted ever so slightly at the sun peering into his eyes. He turned his head and looked over at you, feeling your ministrations. Taking your hand, he pressed a kiss to the palm and held it to his face.
Maybe the golden hour wasn’t dawn either.
Maybe it was every hour you spent with him.
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frenchmarshmalloww · a year ago
May 21st prompt "First Time" @drarrymicrofic
"I love you, Harry."
For a second, Harry sees blond hair instead of red, pointy nose and chin instead of freckles and soft smile. His hands are no longer on round hips but pressed against a hard chest.
He squeezes Ginny harder, to ground himself, to return to the moment and leave the fantasy behind.
"I love you too, Gin."
And this right there, is the first time he ever lies to her. It won't be the last.
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