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evilmario666 · 11 months ago
Have you ever been to the omegaverse
Can you guys just ask me how my day is or something
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sm64mario · 8 months ago
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dapper-lil-arts · a year ago
you walk into the librarby at study hours and you see this wyd (UNMUTE!)
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horriblydrawnomori · 4 months ago
do y'all like uhhhhhhhh super mario
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i was originally make them meet mario just simply bc omori is now on switch lol
it was a reference to this on twitter
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petitprincess1 · a month ago
Jack Black supported Autism Speaks in 2018. Best not to renlog stuff about him
....That was four years ago. I don't judge someone for what they did four years ago. Judging by the fact that I keep seeing the same images over and over again, it seems like he has not supported Autism Speaks since then. Everything that I've seen has been dated to that specific year.
Frankly, I'm going to judge him how he is currently rather than what he did years prior. Him no longer doing anything with that shitshow says TONS more than him supporting it four years ago. I understand for those that are neurodivergent might feel iffy, but it's not like it's anything current. However, I completely understand if you still feel uncomfortable. Just know that he is not an avid supporter like some are claiming.
Hell, we don't even know if HE is the one that learned about it or it was PR agent who told him about it, but left him uninformed. We don't know. At the end of the day, he has not shown support in 4 years.
I've said this before and I'll say it again: Funny that people on the internet love to say "do your own research", and yet fails to take their own advice.
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smashing-blog · a month ago
my takeaway from what we know about the mario movie already is that celebrities sometimes can genuinely be good voice actors sometimes. for example. jack black, an actor, singer, comedian, etc who also happens to be a very good voice actor. hes not just talking importantly, hes putting on a voice. he’s actually voice acting. i believe that the character he is portraying is bowser. but on the other hand. maybe we shouldnt cast celebrities that arent very good at voice acting in roles for voice actors. for example. chris ratt
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pseudonymjones · a month ago
Tumblr media
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dinainwater · 4 months ago
Videogame adaptations, what is preventing you from being like Arcane in terms of quality, writing and characterisation?
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smilesrobotlover · a month ago
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Fishing shenanigans
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reallybadblackoutpoems · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
memoir on the ruins of babylon (1818) - claudius james rich
“field trip to the tower of babybel”
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localpizza-bot · a month ago
I also think it’s funny seeing people trying to bully Pratt out of the role by force which again makes me laugh because A: oh boy do you not know how animation works. You animate to the voice, you don’t pick the voice after the animation. It wouldn’t look natural and you aren’t able to capture any subtle changes in the face or body language to match the lines. It’s generally why dubs feel a bit off to some, the actor may say a line one way but the animation tells a different story. And B: baby honey you’ve been trying to change the voice after it was probably long through production but also the voice cast announcement was so long ago that if it hadn’t changed by now then it’s not ever gonna change. The movie is basically done they said themselves they only need to do lighting and a bit of clean up and that’s a full feature film. Hate it or like it this is what the movie is and no ammount of “ratioing” can undo years of work. Unless you want the film to be remade from the ground up which is not only wasting countless hours of the people behind it but also a fucking insane request that would take another 5 years to release.
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evilmario666 · 11 months ago
Just so you know, any “reality shifters” who claimed to go to Harry Potter were either lucid dreaming or lying. 
In my prime form, Evil Mario, I destroyed every single reality related to Harry Potter that had ever existed, and what would exist in the future. It’s impossible for a Harry Potter reality to be shiftable as there hasn’t been one in existence since the Ice Age in this reality’s time. 
I fucking hate Harry Potter.
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professoraurabolt · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nothing to see here, just a collection of my favourite evil Marios’, I love evil Marios so so so so much it’s unreal, I’m crying over how evil they all are
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total--misplay · 3 months ago
my wife fucking left me </3 for count bleck or nastasia? :0
Tumblr media
BOTH OF THEM bc i love them both so much
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unlikely-course · 8 days ago
The thing about goncharov (1973) that a lot of people don’t seem to get is like…Goncharov is clearly an Italian man working for the Russians but he’s not just some rando the rest of the characters know him—he speaks like a local, Joe knows how he takes his coffee, Mario puts that hand on his neck as he’s dying because he’s reaching out to someone who used to be a friend. Andrey talks about him as a “faithless man” but how does he know that unless he’s already been betrayed by him (or at least feels like he has)? Everybody calls him Lo Straniero not because he’s literally a stranger to them but because he has made himself a stranger to them.
This puts the conversation between Goncharov and Mario in the restaurant in a whole different light like…home is only home while you are dutiful. You are only a man while you are loyal and obedient to “better men.” If the people who claim to be your family cast you aside then what does that mean for your very identity? You can cast that aside too and then you don’t owe anything to anybody. It’s about being pushed out of family and community until the self collapses and a new self must be born.
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sandbees · 4 months ago
We need a Mario MC. Italian magicless plumber that jumps really high.
Wonfemodenmdiejd oh my god
Yuu is just oddly good at fighting. And jumping. And parkouring.
Wait, just had a thought of Yuuken being Luigi- :00000
Ok but anyways, just imagine how people would react to Yuu’s really good platforming skills. You look away for ONE second and suddenly Yuu is on the trees or the roof just heading to their next class with Grim.
But you know what? The most baffling thing about Yuu is their ability to do things well. I mean that Yuu is oddly good at sports and driving even though they don’t look like it. The plumbing thing is also a surprise but c’mon, they’re basically the school’s janitor at this point, of course they’d learn how to do that.
Oh, also how they talk about their friends! Yuu likes to talk about a taller younger brother they love, a Princess (Prince?) that they’re best friends with, but then getting kidnapped is getting reaaallly annoying.
And the villain in their world!! Yuu gets annoyed, but they don’t bear too much ill will towards them. Like, what??? Don’t be shy Yuu, everyone of their friends will gladly sock your enemy in the face :)))))
(Also, I imagine the taller characters like Floyd or Leona to tease the heck out of Yuu’s shortness. Epel and Riddle feel their pain.)
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