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happyheidi · 2 months ago
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msimperfecto · 8 months ago
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lilmisslovesbooks · a month ago
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positivelypositive · 7 months ago
it's important to know...
...the difference between feeling things/emotions and acting on them.
while feeling any way that you do is okay, even if it's a negative emotion, acting on those feelings is a whole different thing.
be free with your emotions and careful with your actions. don't feel guilty over your feelings ✨
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littlemoonwellness · a month ago
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Labeling someone as toxic is toxic.
Compassion, empathy, understanding.
When we act from a toxic place, it’s our subconscious begging for a need to be met. 
Love, attention, affection, acceptance.
When we act out, it’s typically out of fear. 
To be forgotten, left behind, abandoned, rejected. 
They’re all just wounds. 
Even narcissists, that we tend to villainize, are just desperately wanting to be loved and accepted. 
No one is toxic.
Their actions may be painful. 
They may deeply hurt or trigger you.
The way they treat people may feel like drinking poison. 
But to understand 
That under it all
Is someone just as wounded
Just as hurt
Send them love, even if you need them out of your life
Release them with love
Let go
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alxraaa · 6 months ago
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dailyquotes4719 · a month ago
Life and death are always so mixed up together, in the same way some beginnings are endings and some endings become beginnings.
Capheus Onyango, Sense8
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sensitivepen · a month ago
Sometimes, your heart became so soft for someone you love. Even if they have hurt you, at the end of the day they will still have a soft spot in your heart. Love is magical. It is not blind. We experience small things with them but those were already incredible and so magical to you, right? Love is amazingly powerful. You'll simply feel good with just their presence.
— Fynsie
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chuckakot · a year ago
Sometimes, you have to leave people, just there, in that vacancy of space, to give yourself peace, to embrace your own version of life without them. What is yours will be yours.
— Chuck Akot
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bylrlvr · a month ago
in a way, in a spiritual sense, we are all in the duffer brothers' basement. perhaps... after all, this whole time... the real basement is... ourselves.
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10-813-08 · 2 months ago
“We determine our destiny by the actions we take today.”
— Catherine Pulsifer
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happyheidi · 6 months ago
Having a soft heart in a cruel world is strength, not weakness ♡
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msimperfecto · a year ago
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lilmisslovesbooks · 25 days ago
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sadhguru · a month ago
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thepoeticbook · 9 months ago
“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”
— Sonia Ricotti
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alxraaa · 7 months ago
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