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femmefatalevibe · 2 days ago
Never apologize for becoming the woman you're destined to be. Welcome to your dream girl era. It's time to live in your queen energy.
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chaotic-archaeologist · 2 hours ago
So, I’m in my senior year of college getting my bachelors in aerospace engineering, and I accepted a job offer for after I graduate. The job is a few states away from home, and I’ve never done a ‘permanent’ move before, so do you have any advice? I would really appreciate it cause I’m pretty anxious about it even though the job starts next July
I think that it's a really good thing that you want to start planning this now. That gives you the time to manage things in small chunks rather than having to do everything at once. Here's the advice that I have after completing a big move several states away:
Find a place to live. Depending on where you're going, housing can be very competitive and places will fill up quickly. Starting the looking process early gives you the most options.
Look up the cost of living in that area. If you already have a budget, that's great, but you'll probably need to adjust it for your new income/cost of living. Some of this can't always be done before you have boots on the ground, but you can probably anticipate a lot of what's to come with some thoughtful research and planning.
Record all of your information. I'm a big spreadsheet guy, but you can use whatever format works best for you. Include the address you'll be moving to, the website for the place/a tenant portal if they have one, resources that you might end up needing, etc.
Try to anticipate your needs in advance. Are you someone who goes to the doctor a lot? Find a primary care physician in the area. Do you take medication? Make sure to get enough so that you don't have to worry about running out after you move in. Do you have a pet? Look up vets.
Have a plan for transportation. Will you have a car? What's the public transportation situation like? What's within walking distance of your new home?
Pay attention to what you're using/doing now. What are the objects in your home that you interact with on a regular basis that you'll need to take with you? What can you choose to leave behind? (these two things are important for estimating what kind of equipment you'll need to move your stuff) Are there regular activities that you'll want to start up again after the move?
Deliberately seek out social activities. The trick to making friends is being with the same people over and over again. Look up gaming stores, religious institutions, community centers, libraries, gyms, etc and visit them once you get there.
Finally, I want to congratulate you! Getting a job after graduation is a big deal, and you've already cleared the first hurdle! Remember that you've gotten this far for a reason, and that you are capable of handling what the universe throws at you. This will be stressful and maybe even a little bit scary, but you can do it.
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consult-sherlockholmes · 2 days ago
Sherlock, I want your opinion for my classes next semester. Chemistry or biology? I enjoy them both, so I don’t mind either one.
I personally prefer chemistry. Chemistry is the basic science of life, because everything biological depends on chemistry. All of the cells functions are chemical, enzymes, cellular respiration, neurotransmitters. Even the movements of muscles in the end depend on chemistry. But I suppose your chemistry course most likely would focus on anorganic chemistry, more on elements, molecules and chemical reactions in the laboratory. However, if you prefer the more general functions of the body on the level of organs or medicine, biology would be your better choice. But both subject often intertwine, one can not exist without the other. And both disciplines are important in forensic science.
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fred-the-stingray · 2 days ago
Fish… are good Blublublublublub
-Fred The Stingray
(Fred said they has a poem to share… -owner)
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naryrising · 2 months ago
If you find a style of pants/shoes/bra/whatever clothing item that you really, really like, that's your absolute favourite, that you could happily wear every day, and your finances and storage capacity in your living space do allow for it, go immediately (do not delay!) and buy anywhere from 2-5 more of them - maybe in different colours, but just get several of the exact same thing, and either stash away the extras for when the first one wears out, or wear them in rotation so that each one lasts longer than if you were wearing it every day.
(If you do not have the financial ability to buy multiples of a clothing item at a time, at the very least write down the brand, size, store you got it at, and any other relevant info as soon as you determine that it's your favourite/best you've ever had of whatever item. When you need to replace a favourite bra after 3-4 years and are trying to read the completely faded/worn away label to discern what size and type it was, or when you want to figure out what brand those super-awesome shoes were and where you got them but there's no label to tell you, you'll have some hope of finding them again.)
Even if you think 'this is a basic item of clothing, they'll always have it in stock!', I'm here to tell you you're wrong. At 43, I have lived through multiple instances of a type/brand of clothing I like going out of style and becoming much harder to find, stopping being made entirely (store going out of business, or clothing line changing completely, such as 'we don't make dress pants anymore'), or the quality declining drastically so that it's no longer any good. Take this lesson to heart and stock up on something good while you can!
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honeyymistt · 6 months ago
an alumni from my school told me something that really stuck with me so i thought i would share it with any of my followers who are also students. she said “try to get good grades, but make it the least impressive thing about you.” soft skills are just as important! practice empathy, leadership, and communication! have hobbies and find new things that you’re good at!! know what your values are and how you act on them!! these things are so important 🌱
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I actually, seriously, think this “quiet quitting” thing is capitalist propaganda, to make you think that working to your contract is akin to “quitting” or some big lifestyle change you need to make.
It’s nothing like “quitting” and it’s what everyone should be doing.
It’s mad that we’ve reached the point as a society where “only working your contracted hours and doing the things you were employed to do” can be seen as akin to quitting.
That should be the norm.
Fair enough if you are chasing promotion or whatever, you might take on some additional duties, maybe occasionally you’d work longer hours in a crisis. But the idea that it’s normal/expected to do these things (which is the message of a lot of this quiet quitting nonsense, really). Yeah. Fuck off.
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huckleberrycomics · 5 months ago
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femmefatalevibe · 2 days ago
Femme Fatale Guide: How To Master Public Speaking Anxiety & Communicate Like A Boss
Take It Slow: The key to seeming secure and displaying confidence when you speak is to slow down your speech. Anxiety makes your mind run a mile a minute and often translates into rushed, jumbled speech and an overall frazzled demeanor. Your mind and your speech often match up in terms of pace. So, when you’re making a conscious effort to stretch out your words and conversational cadence, you naturally have to slow down your thoughts and calm your mind, which helps you think more clearly and comes off as more engaging to your audience. You come off as more self-assured and, by taking your time, you’re subconsciously informing your audience that you're sharing something worthwhile. You know there’s no reason to rush when you have something valuable to say. 
Prepare Like You’re Writing An Essay: As someone who struggled with public speaking in my teens, I found that preparing my points like an essay outline was super helpful to organize my thoughts in a concise/logical way. In practice, the best way I’ve found to do this is to write my “thesis” or general argument/ takeaway down first and then create a list of all of the supporting details/facts/stories that I want to use to support this overarching point as they come to me. This is your “rough draft” for your speech. After, organize your points to create a logical flow that’s easy and engaging to follow. Study this before your public speaking arrangement – whether it’s a presentation for work/school or a speech at a conference or a dinner party. Knowing that you already know and have nearly everything you want to say outlined and prepared ahead of time allows the words to flow more easily if you get a bit nervous (don’t we all?). Combine it with the tip to take it slow, and watch your public speaking skills drastically improve. 
Create An Elevator Pitch: You can complete this exercise for professional, academic, or social purposes (e.g. a birthday, cocktail, or dinner party). Essentially, this practice is similar to the ‘essay’ format above, but in short form. Think of it as a mini "personal essay" if you will. While most of the components of this short monologue are highly versatile, how you craft your elevator pitch will depend on its use purpose. For every context, start with your name and share that you’re excited to be there. When it comes to professional settings, you can share your job title, industry, and why attending this event fits what excites you most about your job/career goals. You can use this same format for academic situations, just swap out the classes you’re taking/your major and how being in this room connects to your academic/career goals. In a social setting, share how you know the host (and sometimes others attending) and have a few “fun facts” about yourself ready to use depending on who you’re speaking to – they could be about what you do for work, your favorite hobbies/leisure activity, the last trip you took or book you read, or some knowledge about something related to the venue (the knowledge of a historic building if you’re attending a wedding or dinner party, for example). Being prepared is the easiest way to calm your mind, so you don’t have to worry about your words, and allows you to just worry about how you’re communicating what you’re trying to say. 
Demeanor Is Everything: At the end of the day, people care less about what you say and more about how you make them feel. So, remember to hold yourself in a confident, relaxed way - even if you’re worried about fumbling over your words at times or not always saying the perfect thing in a speech or as a response in a conversation (as long it’s appropriate, of course). Roll your shoulders back. Smile. Maintain good posture and eye contact. This physicality will make you subconsciously feel more confident, so your speech comes out more calmly and intelligently. 
When in doubt, smile and remember to take deep breaths. Everyone is thinking about how they’re presenting themselves, so just try your best to feel confident. This makes you appear more open and allows the other person (or people) to feel more comfortable.
If needed, here are some more tips on how to manage social anxiety, build self-esteem, and a playbook on how to always communicate with confident Femme Fatale energy.
You got this! x 
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need-somethin-wholesome · 5 months ago
Please remember that every small step you take each day counts for something, and running several miles in one day won't help you reach your destination any faster. It will only make you too exhausted and aching to walk for the following days.
You're doing alright despite whatever you're going through. Living is enough.
Edit: Thank you guys so much for making this post have the most hearts I've ever gotten on this blog. Keep spreading positivity. I love you.
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masha4ever · a month ago
block him
delete all datings apps
go to church
kiII yourself
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selfhealingmoments · 2 months ago
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chaos-and-academia · a month ago
If we meet again I hope we are not too proud to admit walking away was a mistake.
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hrhthebirthdayprincess · 5 months ago
Don’t forget to reset a smart TV before you get rid of it.
Just did some tech support at a distance for my aging parents. Today mom was concerned she could not watch Netflix because it said the account was already in use. We are not a family who shares passwords so she was worried. I walked them through the account to change the password and while in there had dad look to see what devices had been accessing the account. Two were theirs but another was in a different state but the same brand of TV they have bought for years so I asked if they had taken an old one to the dump and they had a few months back. 
Nothing had been signed out of before disposal so that is how somebody was happily enjoying the cartoons mom said she had been seeing for the past few weeks as “in progress” on her account. She just kept thinking it was a glitch. This also explained how they got charged for a kids’ movie rental on their Amazon account a few weeks back before I had them change that password. 
I am glad the TV got another life if it still could be of use to someone but you can not count on them to sign out for you. Please remember to reset the TV to default factory settings before passing on a smart television and offer to help others in your life do that, especially if they needed your help to set the TV up in the first place.
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partasah · 6 months ago
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happyheidi · 10 months ago
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“The main thing in life is to know your own mind.” - Snufkin
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theunaestheticstudyblr · 3 months ago
We talk a lot about productivity on studyblr. And seeing what some people accomplish in a single day is absolutely stunning. Like damn you cooked 3 meals, cleaned, studied for 3 hours, worked for 8 hours, took a walk, made espresso, read 3 chapters, AND made a whole painting? Seeing these lists can make you feel lazy or underachieving. I promise you're not. A lot of times you just don't have small "habits" (I can't form habits for some reason so they're more like small, structured items I make a conscious effort to complete daily) that structure your day and mindset. But even if you do, remember that not everyone is 100% every day and some days, you don't do anything and that's ok! Listen to your body!
Firstly, realize that lists like the one I listed are probably exaggerated. I doubt someone can cook themselves a meal while at work and unless they're getting up at 5am, they probably don't have time to get all of that done. This is the first thing you gotta realize. Social media is full of exaggerations and lies. This includes the studyblr community. So don't fall for the expectations that you see here.
Secondly, get a schedule for yourself. Get up at a certain time, make your bed after you get up, go and wash your face. This gets your mind to transition from being asleep to doing things. Wash dishes after you use them. Hang your laundry after you finish it. Put things away after use them. Keep your shoes in the same spot and get a shower schedule going. These small things are hard at first, but get easier as they become more routine.
By doing things immediately, you don't create much clutter and your cleaning time is cut down drastically. It helps so much. Trust me.
Find easy snacks and meals! Look at pinterest or Instagram for ideas! Egg and cheese wraps, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, salmon and mashed potatoes, etc. Especially if you work a lot like I do. The majority of my diet is "easy meals" at this point.
Make time for healthy habits. Meditation, yoga, a jog, the gym, running, swimming, reading by the creek, dancing to weird music, just get up and move and give your mind a break. You charge your phone. You need to charge yourself too.
Sleep. Please. Get a full 6-8 hours of sleep. Don't glorify sleeping small amounts. It's not a competition. I hate seeing people compare how little sleep they got, like bro that's like bragging about eating nothing but bacon and potato chips or something. Get sleep. Have a night time routine. Make sleep a sacred night time ritual even. Please. It's good for your body, your mind, your immune system, your skin, your future brain, etc. It can reduce your chances of getting in a car crash even.
Realize that life isn't a race or a competition. Life is something so short and it's meant to be enjoyed and savored. Please do something every day that makes you smile. Do something every day that makes you laugh. Do something every day that makes someone else smile. Live each day like it's the one you'll be remembered for. Spread love and kindness, especially to yourself and make sure you remind those you love that you do every chance you get. At the end of the day, you're living life, not racing in a societal race to be the most accomplished and you need a reminder about that.
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