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Tumblr media
[EnriqueS4] Gold Hairstyle
New Mesh
Comes with 3 Swatches
Shadow Map
Base Game Compatible
All Lods
Teen to Elder
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If you have any question or an issues, please let me know, i will try to fix it as soon as posible!!
Release date: 09/23
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synopsis. you start talking before you can stop your snap. “if i’m so bad, then let me go. you’re the one forcing me to do this.” he doesn’t get mad at your response. instead, the corners of his mouth lift in amusement. “no, that’s no fun.” he brings your face back to his length, chuckling when you try to pull back with knit brows. “i just need to teach you.”
Tumblr media
pairing. yandere!jeongguk x f!reader, yandere!taehyung x f!reader x yandere!jimin
genre. high school au! (legal ages)
word count. 3k
warnings. EXPLICITLY NONCON SMUT!!! oral smut (m receiving). mouth fucking. heavy degradation. force. hair pulling, lots of it. threatening. blackmail. oc gets bullied. fighting. taehyung isn’t as annoying partially because he’s beginning to regret everything but also partially cause i don’t know how the hell i managed to make him so annoying in the past few parts like god can he pls shut up. also i wanted jimin to kick jk’s ass using his taekwondo skills but then again we all want everyone to kick jk’s ass he’s so mean. currently unedited!!! if u wanna read the unedited version then pls come back tomorrow lol and i’ll add to the smut
part (8) of SCHOOL F*CKING SUCKS! series.
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Tumblr media
the gritty floor of the locker room bites the skin of your knees, but it’s not as painful as the guilt and disgust gnawing at your heart. jeongguk sits on the bench before you and his eyes, once innocent and shy behind thick lenses, now shine with his true sadistic nature. how much you wish for him to revert back to his past self, back to the transfer student with a tiny voice and a tinier ego, but you remind yourself that the persona was never real to begin with; it was all just an act to get you here, shamefully kneeling in front of him, and you lower your head with a sob at the thought.
jeongguk grabs your hair, hard. you cry out when he forces you to look up at him. “stop your fucking crying,” he says, though he secretly enjoys watching the tears stream down your cheeks, “is that all you know how to do? huh?”
he releases. your hands come up to your face and wipe your damp eyes. they stay there, as if blocking your sight will make this all go away, but you should know better. a gasp releases from you when they’re ripped away from your control and placed on his crotch. you try to pull free, but his strong grip makes you wince and cease your struggle. 
“unzip me.”
you do what he orders, not because you’re willing, but because the haunting image of the security video flashes every second in your mind, sending panicked signals through your nerves and making you the obedient dog jeongguk now paints you to be. your fingers shakily reach for the silver zipper of his uniform pants and carefully pull it down. the soft sound of the fly freeing is followed by silence.
his brow raises. “well?”
“don’t tell me i have to order every single action,” he sighs with a scoff, “i thought you were smart, since you seem to know everything about school, but it turns out that you’re more stupid than i thought.”
his words hurt more than anyone else’s. taehyung can be mean, but never as mean as this. jimin can make you feel guilty at times, but he would never make you feel inferior. the comparison makes you stare at the ground and wonder: are you stupid to think about them now? to wish that it was one of them here instead of jeongguk? to the transfer student, you are stupid no matter what you think.
your fingers fumble against the cloth of his pants, reaching into the tent in his boxers, but then your hand wavers at the feeling of his semi-hard on. with a gulp, you slowly pull his cock out.
he only says one word when you stare: “suck.”
“i-i.. i don’t know if i can…” it’s the truth. despite your experience with taehyung and jimin, you’ve never learned how to do this kind of thing. you doubt you can even fit him in your mouth.
you feel a sharp tug at your locks. “you can,” he tightens his hold and makes you look him dead in the eyes, into those dark irises that glisten with threat, “and you will.” he roughly releases his grip and your head swings a little at the throw. you steady yourself once more and grimace at his size. where do you even start? how do you even do this? you know nothing but one condition: suck or else the video is leaked.
you glance up to see jeongguk leaning back before inching forward. he's curious to see your first move, and it’s taking a lot in him to keep patient and prevent himself from just fucking your throat. after all, messing you up was his intention ever since he saw the footage, but he didn’t want to scare you right away. instead, he desired to see your reaction when he betrayed you. each time he saw your smiling face, he fantasized how it would look up close, covered in cum and tears.
a sigh slips through his lips when you lick the tip, followed by a little laugh  when you frown hard at the weird taste. you wrap your lips around the head before trying to stuff him in your mouth. the lump at your cheek is cute, so are your glossy eyes looking at him for guidance, but you’re too messy, inexperienced, accidentally grazing him with your teeth. jeongguk clicks his tongue and shakes his head. “you’re no good,” he pulls you off by your hair, ignoring the sharp breath you take in, “actually, you’re shit. i’m not getting turned on at all.”
you cough to the side, glaring at him through your peripheral vision. you start talking before you can stop your snap. “if i’m so bad, then let me go. you’re the one forcing me to do this.”
he doesn’t get mad at your response. instead, the corners of his mouth lift in amusement. “no, that’s no fun.” he brings your face back to his length, chuckling when you try to pull back with knit brows. “i just need to teach you.”
grabbing your wrist and making you hold his cock, he guides you. “slide your fist up and down.” you pump him with his hands wrapped around yours, giving a steady pace. after a few jerks, he gives the next step. “lick the underside. all the way from the base to the tip.” your tongue inches to the skin as he helps lift his dick. he sighs at the first stroke of saliva. “again,” he says, letting the hand in your hair leave. you follow his command on your own. “yeah, like that. now open all the way.”
you think you open your mouth big enough, but his fingers reach and pry your mouth wider. “bigger,” he incidentally flattens your tongue with his thumb, “and keep your tongue there.” when jeongguk holds his cock and gives a squeeze, he leads it through your lips. it tastes weird, makes you scrunch your watery eyes. you try to keep still as he keeps pushing, pushing all the way until the tip tickles your throat uncomfortably. you’re unable to stop your head from unconsciously pulling back. his hand at the back of your head makes you jerk.
“don’t you dare move on your own. slack you jaw and don’t make me mad, okay?”
a strong gust of air blows from your nostrils in defeat, but the breath isn’t enough of a confirmation from him. the fingers at your hair tighten to make you whimper out with a small “mhm!” you hear him chuckle at small sound. “you know, you’re not that annoying when your mouth is full of cock.”
his length is heavy, keeping you from frowning. but your expression manages to take on a rebellious face. your brows scrunch down and you puff out your cheeks while looking up at him. jeongguk doesn’t tell you that the twitch in his cock means that he likes what he sees.
slowly at first, he pulls you off and lifts his hips, thrusting shallowly into your throat that vibrates in surprise at each movement. it’s like that for a few seconds until you get used to the feeling, and when you swallow around him, his head leans back and his eyes close in pleasure. “fuck…”
you hate the way your face feels hot at the sounds he makes. the sighs, the soft curses.
his lids lift a little, catching sight of your drool dribbling down to your shifting thighs. he sees you shamelessly creating friction between your heel and your core. something between a scoff and a laugh escapes from him. “such a fucking slut,” he says with an open smirk, “you like getting treated like this?”
you can’t respond with your mouth occupied, but you don’t want to anyways; not when you would have to lie. you out of all people know that lying is bad, so very bad.
“i’m sure you love it. that’s why you let them fuck you whenever they want, yeah?”
even though you know how bad it is to lie, you still do so when he pulls you off. “n-no!” you choke out, shaking your head and denying his words, “no, no- hng!” you cry out when the fingers in your hair grip you hard and force your head to obey.
“then why the hell are you touching yourself?”
your back hits the lockers when he flings you away, and you try to stop him as he gets up to push you on the floor. he’s on top of you now, hand snaking under your skirt to grab your sensitive area. “s-stop!” you cry out when he tears your panties, leaving you bare as he spreads your legs. your gut drops when you feel him line up. “j-jeongguk,” your hands frantically punch at his chest, “condom, you don’t have a–!”
he doesn’t care. instead, he’s enjoying the way you look so pathetic, so frenzied. the tip of his cock begins pushing in and you scream in agony. bile piles in your throat. this can’t be happening, this can’t be happening–!
before an inch of him can be inside of you, his face jerks to the side at the impact of the punch.
taehyung tackles him down, throwing his fists down with pure hatred. jeongguk doesn’t fight the rain of hits, grunting at every punch. you prop yourself on your elbows and watch how taehyung doesn’t hold back.
“s.. stop.. taehyung.. taehyung, stop!” ” he doesn't hear you, deaf to everything but the blood in his veins. “taehyung, he has the video!”
taehyung breathes heavily, looking back at you with his brows stitched together, confusion tracing his irises behind a wall of rage.
jeongguk laughs, loudly. “you fucking idiots,” he muses and spits out blood to the side, “tell jimin to come meet us in the office. i’ve got something you might wanna see~”
Tumblr media
jimin opens the door to the principal’s office. his eyes first land on taehyung, who sits on one of the sofa chairs. he’s leaned over with his head down and expression hidden. jimin’s gaze then meets the sight of you at the principal’s desk and it immediately brightens his mood. he was waiting at your front door, knowing that you wouldn’t let him walk you home from school. but his smile drops when he notices the way you tremble with terrified eyes glued to the fluorescent screen of the laptop in front of you. the transfer student smiling and standing behind you sends all sorts of emotions coursing through his veins; rage, confusion, annoyance. he tries to keep his face at bay, tries to keep his lips in a line and his eyes unreadable.
but he can’t. he can’t when the shameful sounds of sex blasts from computer.
“n-no, please, jimin— ah! please, don’t make m-me—”
“look at him, tell him how good it feels.”
“ng… t-taehyung, it— it feels so— good—”
jimin storms to the desk and slams the laptop closed. his face is red and his teeth are clenched, unlike jeongguk, who only smiles mischievously with a tilt of his head. “how convenient it was that my dad installed cameras in classrooms, right?” he asks jimin and doesn’t receive a response. “you have no idea how surprised i was when i found the student council’s president doing…” the laptop is slowly opened again. “this.”
it’s then when jimin realizes jeongguk’s hold on your nape. he’s been forcing you to watch the video over and over again, drilling it into your mind until you see flashbacks of your torment at every blink. jimin’s whole body shakes in anger. he contemplates on whether or not he ought to snatch the device and slam it to the ground.
“oh, and don’t bother trying to delete the video,” jeongguk continues, “i have this saved on multiple files and onto my personal account.”
“reporting it to the school won’t do anything, jeon.” taehyung has his head leaned back. his eyes, narrowed and threatening. “i won’t let the school do shit. northing will happen, got that?” he glances at your direction, feeling worried at the sight of you staring down and biting nervously at your chapped lip. he knows you would never want anyone to see the video, even if his parents could keep them quiet. although his word is a warning, it seems like a futile one. how long has it been since taehyung was so unconfident in himself?
a snicker comes out of jeongguk. “you think i’ll do something small like that? make a little anonymous report that the school will ignore?”
taehyung’s jaw tightens.
“face it, we all know that they don’t care about what we do. hell, my own dad doesn’t bat an eye as long as the school’s reputation is fine. but you know who does care?” he lowers down to your ear. “i would love to share this on the internet.”
you whip your head to stare at him with horror and the two other boys widen their eyes. “no…” you whisper, “you wouldn’t…”
the sinister smile on jeongguk’s face says otherwise. you slump in your chair in defeat, feeling your breath pick up speed and your heart start to race. you can’t think with all the thoughts filling your brain. the other students, the colleges, your parents, they will all see you for what you are.
you stop when jimin embraces you from your side, putting your head on his chest and stroking your hair. “why,” he asks jeongguk, “why are you doing this to her?”
jeongguk doesn’t say anything for a few seconds. then, he shrugs with a smile. “i’m bored. and i’m so fucking bored right now.”
you try to calm your breath to the scent of jimin’s cologne, but you’re snatched away by the hair. jeongguk pulls you close to his side with a sinister smile. “wanna show them what i taught you?”
Tumblr media
you enter the classroom with jimin and your folders clutched to your chest, but you don’t stand tall and proud like you used to. instead, you nervously look to the back of the classroom, meeting eyes with jeongguk. he lazily leans back at the seat of his desk, crowded with new friends around him. he’s completely different, dropping the shy persona and showing his true colors to everyone; careless, delinquent-like, mean. a smirk grows on his lips when you cower.
jimin calls your name and you jolt before looking at his concerned expression. he’s never had to be anxious about you being bullied before, as you always seemed confident and strong in front of others. but after jeongguk’s personality revealed to others in the past week and he wasn’t afraid to act for his own entertainment, you’ve grown careful. it hurts jimin’s heart to see you like this. “don’t let him bother you, okay?”
you nod as you bid him a soft goodbye without looking into his eyes, and he watches you head to your seat. he can’t do anything but swallow his words and walk out the room.
your backpack is heavier than usual, making you wobble a little. instead of stopping at your table, you head to jeongguk and halt before him. setting your bag down and unzipping the biggest compartment, you take out numerous big bottles of tasty drinks and set them on his desk. “here,” you murmur without meeting his face, “what you asked for yesterday.”
he tilts his head and feigns surprise. “wowww, so nice of you to go get these for me! but you know… i forgot to bring cash. that’s okay, right?” he puts his phone down and reaches for one of the drinks, giving you a glimpse at the large following he has on social media. “and you’re gonna do my homework tonight, right?”
you nod to both questions, quickly turning and grabbing your backpack to walk away, but a wet splash hits your back and makes you stumble to the ground. you watch the opened, half-empty bottle roll in front of you.
jeongguk massages his wrist from the throw. “i don’t like that flavor. get me another one”
his friends laugh at the pathetic sight of you while other students in the class whisper with pitiful gazes. you bite your lip, keeping it from trembling too much. before you can wipe your now sticky clothes and get up on your own, a strong hand hoists you up on your feet. at the same time, another bottle is thrown on jeongguk’s desk. cheap, disgusting cinnamon flavored soda. diet.
“mornin’, class president,” taehyung says to you with a bright smile, “i’ve got a spare shirt i could get for you. you could also borrow my jacket.” his expression turns sour when he looks at jeongguk. “before i do that, i gotta spray him down with this coke-”
“no,” you interrupt him, “please, don’t.”
taehyung stares jeongguk down, who only raises his brows with a grin and goes back to chatting with his friends. the rest of the students stop staring because of jeongguk’s change in attention. “he can’t keep treating you like this,” taehyung tells you as you go to your desk, “i swear i’ll keep him from doing anything. he has nothing over you.” but he knows you’re just going to shake your head. he knows he himself has to be careful, because your risks also depend on him.
“taehyung… we can’t do anything but endure it. besides…”
you don’t look at him during the next few words. “i deserve this.”
Tumblr media
i deserve this.
taehyung slams his locker shut and sits down at the bench behind him in the locker room. bending over to tie his baseball cleats. your sentence echoes in his head. you deserve this? you deserve this? if anything, taehyung deserves whatever hell you’re being put through. taehyung deserves to be laughed at, picked at, everything that comes your way because its nothing compared to what he did to you. taehyung–
taehyung accidentally pulls too hard, undoing the bow and making it fall apart.
“how sad. you can’t even tie your shoes.” jeongguk stands with a shoulder leaning on one of the lockers, in uniform and ready for practice. “you’re incompetent. bet your parents paid for you to be on the team, too.”
“shut the hell up.” taehyung does both his shoes and gets up, preparing to walk past the other without another word.
“so fucking incompetent that you can’t even help _____.”
taehyung whirls around at grabs the student by the collar, hating the way jeongguk’s grin widens at his actions. it’s just the two of them in the room, and taehyung’s angry breath fills the air. “shut the fuck up,” taehyung grits out, “you’re just projecting, that’s what you’re doing, because you’ll never be enough to push her over the edge.” the smile on jeongguk’s face loosens. “no matter what you do, or what you say, you’ll never be enough.”
jeongguk’s eye twitches and he slaps taehyung’s fists away. he almost sneers, but doesn’t. instead, “she’s coming over to my place this weekend.”
there’s a pause, long and quiet, until taehyung scoffs. “why are you telling me? trying to make me jealous or some shit?” it’s working, but he doesn’t admit it.
jeongguk shrugs as he walks to the exit. “you can take it how you want, kim. personally,” he looks back at taehyung over his shoulder with a smile, one akin to a devil’s smirk, “i’d take it as an invitation.”
Tumblr media
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part (8) of SCHOOL F*CKING SUCKS! series.
note. hngggg i need to edit this so bad i’m so sorryyyyyyy but hey i’m glad u still read this!! thank u for sticking by ☺️
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Meanwhile, I’ll go alone to my bed, with your gracious leave.
Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)
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john seed gifs 16/?
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Ukraine news LATEST - Hellbent Vladimir Putin 'planning deadly new assault' as Russian forces gather in south
Ukraine news LATEST – Hellbent Vladimir Putin ‘planning deadly new assault’ as Russian forces gather in south
Ukraine news LATEST – Hellbent Vladimir Putin ‘planning deadly new assault’ as Russian forces gather in south #Ukraine #news #LATEST #Hellbent #Vladimir #Putin #planning #deadly #assault #Russian #forces #gather #south Welcome to thewtcho Blog, here is the new story we have for you today: BRITISH Defence Intelligence claims Putin has brutally sacked “at least six” top commanders, with Russian…
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
[EnriqueS4] Hailey Hairstyle
New Mesh
Comes with 36 EA Swatches (Include Ombres)
Shadow Map
Hat Compatible
Base Game Compatible
All Lods
Teen to Elder
If you use my cc don’t forget to tag me as well like #enriques4 or @enriques4, for see your sims using my cc.
If you have any question or an issues, please let me know, i will try to fix it as soon as posible!!
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sluttyandere · 7 months ago
how to disappear
pairing. yandere!seokjin x reader
genre. drabble.
word count. 1k
warnings. dubcon. kidnapping. obsession.
note. it’s been so long since i came here! been dealing with a lot of things, but i wanted to give a little something i wrote lately before answering asks!
Tumblr media
the water splurts out the shower head and hits your outstretched fingers. you wait until it’s piping hot before your pajama shirt comes off. your shorts follow and so does your baby pink underwear. despite being naked in front of an incoming cleanse, you have nothing to wash off but shitty feelings of solitude. your boyfriend doesn’t let you leave the apartment without his permission, claiming that you’re far better off with just him. just him, just seokjin, no one else. 
you step in the spacious shower and face the direction of the water, wondering if this is what acid rain feels like on flowers. the burn hits your head, soothes the ache in your temples, and makes you forget about everything for just a little bit. 
with eyes closed, you hear the bathroom door open without a struggle, as all the locks were removed before you moved in. there’s the faint whisper of clothing dropping onto the ground, footsteps that sound familiar, and the adjustments of the shower curtain. when your vision opens, his hand reaches from behind you to turn down the heat of the shower. 
“didn’t i tell you not to turn it too hot?” your boyfriend says in your ear, “your skin’s too precious for that.” a small kiss lands on your cheek as his hand retracts to place itself on your waist. it slides against your stomach to caress you gently, hug you tight as if you’ll slip away. the feeling of his lips on your shoulder don’t send heat waves in your systems like they used to. there’s only a twist in your gut when his free hand reaches down to play with your sensitivity. you don’t even bother reaching for the soap, for you could never get rid of his sinful touch on your skin. 
“p-please,” you rasp out when his finger runs over a certain spot, “not here.” not anywhere, not any place at all. “i want to shower.”
his mouth, now detached from your neck, remains still. even though you don’t crane your head to peek, you know he’s frowning hard. that’s how he is; wanting you, needing you, every minute, every second. the suffocation is like the condensing heat around, fogging up both the glass and your mind. 
if it weren’t for the sound of the water, it would be silent. as you feel his cock rub against your ass, you wonder if you should give in like you always do, but you’re grateful that you waited a second longer. “ be quick,” he says, “you know i’ll be waiting for you.”
then, he leaves without another word and you can finally breathe. you can finally bury your face in your hands, keep them there for long enough to gather a puddle of tears. your chest is heaving and your lips are trembling, but nothing comes out of you except for a shaky sigh that’s lengthy enough to be considered concerning. after what feels like a minute of dread, you grab the soap and start cleaning. he told you to be quick, after all, and seokjin is not a patient man. 
he wants you with him, where he can see you, where he can feel you and hear the beat of your heart. you know this because the moment you exit the bathroom that leads to the dark bedroom, you meet his darker gaze. he watches you as he sits on the edge of the mattress towards your direction. he wears nothing, unlike you who bears a towel wrapping you tight. he doesn’t like that, and you know this because the moment you walk up to his figure, he pulls you into his grasp and tugs the cover down like it’s the most hideous thing in the world and your body is the most beautiful. 
soon, he’s looming over you, fucking you missionary with such a burning passion that no boiling water could ever compare. your hair is still half dried, laying under your head and wetting the sheets as you’re writhing under him, feeling his cock bulging inside you. he’s too close to you, breathing against the crook of your neck and pressing himself onto you as if his life depended on it.
“fuck, i love you,” he confesses like he always does, “i love you, i love you so much—” he says he loves you, though he bends and breaks you, traps and deceives you for his own selfishness. what he truly loves is the way you can never leave, the way you crumble underneath him, trying so hard to stay strong but never succeeding. 
“s-seokjin,” his name comes from your mouth as a gasp. it doesn’t leave your throat willingly, for his fast-paced hits force all the words out of you. your hands push against his chest on instinct when the sensation gets too much, but he’s quick to hold your wrists down and cage you in, shifting your legs wider and his thrusts to fuck you deeper. you shut your eyes, wishing for the bed sheets to swallow you whole, unlike how your boyfriend kisses you deep and consumes the noise out of you. how you wish to turn to dust, let the apartment air conditioning blow you away from his touch. little did you know, he wouldn’t mind if you became the air around him. that way, he could breathe you in like nicotine, keep you in his lungs and never exhale again. he’d have you within his chest forever, let you burn his cruel heart, even if it meant that he would die. 
maybe you secretly knew that, and you hated it. you hated him, for he took everything from you and disguised it as though he handed the entire universe to your palms. those hands of his, those hands that grip and grope you, hold you still as he pretends that the both of you consider this as love-making. but even when you try to send the meanest glare up to his gaze, your expression never comes through because of the shudder of pleasure that resonates in your bones. you wish that he didn’t make you feel the way you do right now, that you never applied for that job under his company, that you never fell for a dream that wasn’t worth living. you wish to disappear forever, and never come back as anything but water escaping away into the drain of a lonely shower. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Before you go, perhaps you should hear one thing.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
john seed gifs 17/?
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Korean girl gif ❤️
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why does he look so good? Oh my god!
“Hollywood actor Martin Freeman told ITV News The Beatles are still "the biggest and the best" band in the world, at a preview screening of a new documentary about the band.”
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