crunchyspicysalmon · 6 months ago
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transzeldas · 4 months ago
Time hcs
Time’s best dish is oatcakes.
Slightly pudgy but still strong
East London Accent
Likes hard cider over most beers.
Told a scary story about the hand in the toilet
Actually thought the flat woods monster type aliens that visited Termina were kinda cute
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blondephobicpercy · 3 months ago
Bede x Locke and Zinnia
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ohtobealady · a year ago
I hope I'm not too late for this 😬 She & room for the WIP game, love your work <33!
No!! Not too late!! More! Hurray! Xoxoxo
“Oh.” He watched her grin her crooked grin, and she shrugged one shoulder. “I took your advice, is all.”
He watched her, and the bustle of the room around her blurred, quieted, faded and fell away from her.
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witchyangela · a year ago
Okay okay BUT Lauren, Leah, and Jess would totally bitch about Sam and Mike behind their backs (or, in Leah’s case, literally in their faces) and I bet that Sam and Emily, Angela and Ben, and Kim and Jared would be the lovey-doves couples they all third-wheel and mock
Ooh they would, my gals deserve to be friends!!! And yeah can see the gang roasting each other to their faces but in a light hearted way! Cos they all love each other really!!
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wakeupflawless · a year ago
5. What’s your favorite headcanon you use in fics?
12. What’s the hardest thing to write for you?
5. Another favorite headcannon of mine? Rio has multiple homes. The loft might have been his more permanent place (for Marcus) but it was so damn pristine. Like NO ONE lived there. But I think he’s lush with properties tbh.
12. Hardest thing is description. Like I have to slow down and remind myself all the time to let the reader see what I see instead of overwhelming a fic with dialogue.
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My incredible stickers from @lovelaceisntdead arrived today!!! They look incredible, I can't wait to put them on my laptop, you should all go buy stuff from her because she's amazing! Find all her cool stuff here
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sujaayyyyy · 22 days ago
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“Love is a sacrament that should be taken kneeling”
—Oscar Wilde
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riosnecktattoo · 24 days ago
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somebody get Chris Pine outta there lmao
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writingwife-83 · a month ago
I’m know I’m not the first person to say this, but any newbies on tumblr really need to understand how different this is from a lot of other social media. Particularly tiktok.
I just saw a creator on tiktok reminding followers that it’s actually a problem when someone goes back to the earliest post and watches all the posts chronologically, liking and commenting along the way. The stupid app recognizes it as spam or something and then kinda puts a halt on their account? Literally punishing people for positive engagement?? 🥴🤦‍♀️
I’ve already heard people saying years back how they don’t want to be “creepy” and go through a persons blog, liking and reblogging tons of stuff. But think how many more people are going to be worried about it now, thinking they might do actual damage! Most people, especially younger people, are so used to the way tiktok works now. So please, do not ever worry about this on here. Just remember-
You will never do any harm if you go on a like and reblog fest through someone’s tumblr blog! The only risk you’re taking is to make the blog owner weep for joy!! 😭🤣
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heavyrain-dc · 2 months ago
Promise me not to hide yourself when you're in pain, it's unfair that we laughed together but you cried alone
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pointnclick · a month ago
if i was a bug i would find you every lifetime just to die in your drink
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you-worth-it · 3 months ago
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Aww look at this cutie
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iskeletoncloset · 2 months ago
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(click better for quality)
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magentagalaxies · 2 months ago
i love you singers whose vocals sound desperate i love you musicians who sound like if you don’t get this song out you’re going to explode i love you songs that sound like they’re dragging the vocalist with them 80 miles per hour down the highway tied to the back of a truck i love you voice cracks in emotional songs i love you unique voices i love you music that disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed
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inkskinned · 4 months ago
fucking hate it when the stuff everybody says "actually works" does actually work.
hate exercising and realizing i've let go of a lot of anxiety and anger because i've overturned my fight-or-flight response.
hate eating right and eating enough and eating 3 times a day and realizing i'm less anxious and i have more energy
hate journaling in my stupid notebook with my stupid bic ballpoint and realizing that i've actually started healing about something once i'm able to externalize it
hate forgiving myself hate complimenting myself more often hate treating myself with kindness hate taking a gratitude inventory hate having patience hate talking to myself gently
hate turning my little face up to the sun and taking deep breaths and looking at nature and grounding myself and realizing that i feel less burdened and more hopeful, more actually-here, that i am able to see the good sides of myself more clearly, that i am able to see not only how far i have to grow - but also how much growth i have already done & how much of my life i truly fill with light and laughter and love
horrible horrible horrible. hate it but i'm gonna do it tho
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laloslayamanca · a month ago
jesse don't touch that that's the growth potion i've been synthesi-no jesse DON'T
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