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Please write something about ironpanther. Anything at all. Right now, I'll even be fine with a 100 word drabble. There are not enough ironpanther fics
I tried and therefore no one should judge me.
“Anthony -”
“Don’t fucking touch me!” Tony flinched away from T’Challa’s outstretched arm and the comfort it tried to give. Fury and betrayal burned in his eyes. “Don’t ever touch me again. I can’t believe this. Right under my nose the entire damn time and I didn’t even see it. I’m suppose to be a genius, for fuck’s sake.”
“Anthony,” T’Challa tried again only for Tony to take two steps back. His heart chipped away at the obvious rejection.
“Fuck, I thought you were different. I thought you cared. So fucking stupid of me to believe that.”
“I do care, Anthony! My feelings were not lies.”
“Yeah? You’re standing there and telling me you care, even after I told you all the hell I’ve been going through thanks to my fucking ex-teammates that you’ve been hiding this entire fucking time? You’re telling me you care after you took off with Rogers and his buddy after they left me beaten in an abandoned Hydra bunker?”
“Rogers said you were well…”
“Oh, fucking Rogers told you that did he? Newsflash, king, don’t believe everything that Rogers says. He tends to not tell anyone jack shit.” Tony took a deep, shattered breath, arms and legs shaking. “I can’t deal with this right now. Do whatever you want. I don’t give a damn anymore. Burn them, babysit them, throw them to the wolves, just leave me out of this.”
T’Challa tried one more time to reach out. Again, Tony stepped back.
“I need to get out of here.” Completely void of emotion, but eyes showing everything, Tony mocked bowed. “Good day, your majesty.”
With nothing left in him Tony walked out the room and never looked back. T’Challa was left to stare at the spot he had stood on. The two droplets of tears the only evidence of Tony having been present.
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louuee replied to your post “You guys know the drill. Some spoilers for Chapter 20 in TWiFFON,...”
After reading this, I almost wish Ultron succeeded
Friend, while I was writing it I almost wished the same. It wouldn’t be too hard to tweak things a littl—brain, no.
...you can tell I’m debating about whether or not I should make this a oneshot AU sometime in the future, even if I’ve got another idea with similar themes in mind.
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