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theoriginalsupermodels · 26 days ago
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L'Officiel France, 1992
By: Kim Knott
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fyeahusheraymond · 9 months ago
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2021 Year in Review: Usher
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nhlovesadri3 · a year ago
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Adriana Lima for L'Officiel 822 France january 1998.
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chicinsilk · a year ago
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Model in red wool coat with interesting shawl collar that extend to the sleeves, worn over yellow shantung dress by Jean Patou, photo by Pottier aboard the ocean liner Ile de France, L`Officiel 363-364, June 1952
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chi-likes-fashion · 7 months ago
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Olivier
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Can’t wait to catch up!
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fashiontimeless · 26 days ago
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un éte saharien, Irina Pantaeva by Francesco Scavullo for L'OFFICIEL FRANCE, 1996
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awelldressedhousewife · a month ago
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L'Officiel France 1989: Tasha De Vasconcelos photographed by Philip Fuss
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forcedfemme-me · 6 months ago
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Debbie Deitering by Grey Zisser for L'OFFICIEL FRANCE, no 807 1996
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zomdaya3vraftr · 2 months ago
Sooo, I don't know if this is Crack or not, but I just noticed on Law's most recent post someone named Victoria commented that she can't wait for their meeting. Of course I went to Victoria's page and lo and behold, she's the creative director for L'Officiel France.
Aka, the originator of the Pistachio rumors.( I know the France edition and US edition have different editors, but still.) So, now I'm starting to think it could maybe be true? Like, it's so specific that the outlet knew the name and breed of the dog, and if Law is meeting with their editor...I don't know, maybe there's something there, there.
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quenteu · a year ago
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Style Kingsman aujourd'hui... (Possibilité de commande pour cette cravate chez Howard's...l'officiel est sold out depuis des années 👎) #kingsman #kingsmanstyle #howardsparis #howards #parisianstyle #sartorialist #sartorial #elegance #elegant #menfashion #fashion #chic #classy #dandy #gentleman #gentlemen #gentlemanstyle #gentlemenstyle #menwithstyle #style #suit #classicstyle #stylish #menswear #menswardrobe #mensweardaily #outfitoftheday #ootd #doublebreasted (à Paris, France) https://www.instagram.com/p/CPsOr7-LUf3/?utm_medium=tumblr
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theoriginalsupermodels · a month ago
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L’Officiel France, 1996
By: Francesco Scavullo
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florentboisard · 3 months ago
Biography FLORENT BOISARD aerographic acrylic painter on canvas.
Grandson of the famous architect and decorator Gustave Gautier.
Florent Boisard was born in Montreuil on 28/10/1973. He lived and grew up in Paris with DINA VIERNY, MAILLOL's muse, surrounded by the sculptures of this great artist.
Later her family moved to Brittany.
From childhood his passion for drawing and his talent are perceptible... Florent studied successively in great art schools: Les Ateliers de l'Arc in Lorient then Écoles Pivaut and Sépia.
Represented throughout France by art galleries, the most important are in Paris: H Art, and the Teodora gallery, and in the south of France Continental art gallery in Beaulieu sur mer.
Present in the media :
Press articles:
L'officiel Galeries &musées
[email protected], Monaco Madame, Ouest France, Nice matin, Artexpo New-York newspaper, TopGir magazine...
Guest on TV shows :
TV show with Faustine Bolleart, "Ça dit quoi chez Léa" Amel tv and Jacky's show on IDF1.
Guest of radio top side. of the radio show Art Mada.
Florent is also present on the great contemporary art shows and competitions:
In Monaco, competition l'open des artistes galerie l'entrepôt, 2nd of the internet votes in 2017
FLORENT BOISARD won in 2018 the prize of the Business Art Fair during the FIAC week in Paris.
Gemluc art monaco in September 2019
June 2019 prize awarded: diploma revealing talent at the end of the Art Shopping fair at the Carrousel du Louvre.
Florent's successful solo exhibition at the Teodora art gallery on rue de Penthieve, Paris 8e.
2020 presentation of a large format painting at the Grand Palais Paris for Art Capital
He is present in the INTERNATIONAL ANNUAIRE OF FINE ARTS expert's selection tome 2 in 2021 page 12.
An exhibition Florent Boisard was planned at the Museum of Art and History of Bormes les Mimosas in April 2021 but cancelled at the third confinement it took place only virtually on the site of the museum.
January 2022 launch of its first collection NFTs bottles Art is the ANTIDOTE
Purchase of the first NFT by the digital art museum: Musée du sourire in Paris. (first digital art museum in the world created in 1996).
April 2022 The famous art critic Alexia Guggemos signs an article on the NFTs collection ART is the ANTIDOTE by Florent BOISARD in the magazine femme actuelle délice spring edition.
FLORENT BOISARD was the guest of the NFT Movie festival Cannes 2022 where he was interviewed by three journalists about his collection NFT bottles ART is the ANTIDOTE.
One NFT bottle Art is the ANTIDOTE was in Los Angeles Convention Center | July 29-31, 2022
And in the web gallery where Florent is the first artist. https://nftexpoverse.com/nft-gallery/
Link metaverse exhibition :
Link Open Sea :
Link smile Museum:
Link Instagram Florent BOISARD:
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chicinsilk · 7 months ago
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L'Officiel France, March 1987 ❤️💙️️❤️💙❤️️
Louis Féraud
Model Brynja Sverris wears a basque dress with pleated ruffles in taffeta by Guillaud, worn à l'Espagnol with a fashioned silk bolero by Moreau. Brilliant color, yellow, green, or fuschia, underlined by Hurel embroidery.
Makeup Edith Remy/Avon
Hairstyle Victoire for Any d'Avray
Photo Hervé Nabon
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fashiontimeless · a year ago
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un éte saharien, Irina Pantaeva by Francesco Scavullo for L'OFFICIEL France, 1996
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forcedfemme-me · 9 months ago
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Kasia Szwan for L'Officiel France - Christian Louboutin thigh high boots
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