#June Prompts
creativepromptsforwriting a year ago
June Prompts 馃尲
Word prompts to use for doodling or writing
garden hose
fruit stand
block party
ice cream
night walks
flower crown
cocktail umbrellas
playing cards
neon sign
birch tree
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curlyy-hair-dont-care 3 months ago
Still into you
"Ok, action." "Bad timing darling, Draco's on his phone watching Tiktoks. You might as well be talking to a wall." Harry laughs, poking his husband's ribs. "Stop it Potty, be nice to me," Draco mumbles, eyes glued to the screen. "Nice," Harry mutters, messing Draco's hair, pressing a kiss to his neck and resting his chin atop his head. Bickering and teasing ensue. "Yep, people. Those are my grandparents. Almost touching 90 but still behave like teenage sweethearts," I sign off the live session as my followers coo over these two in the comments.
@drarrymicrofic June Prompt #3 - Still into you
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writersdelusion 4 months ago
The truth about us is written on the walls of every chamber of my heart, page after page of endless scribbles and proclamations She is screaming but she is shamed to silence. You know, I might have loved you in another life. I am ready to love me in this one, though. My hands now replace yours, no jaded lover necessary, only me I am ready to sing, God, can't you hear it? It sounds something of harmonies like the wind through the trees. not songs of solace, but contempt. The truth about us is about as fragile as the words you spoke Once written in mirrors, Now clouded by smoke
鈥淒ay 2: The Truth About Us.鈥 (via @writersdelusion)
prompt via @nosebleedclub
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sorry-sucker 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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tippenfunkaport 4 months ago
Has anyone seen a good list of prompts for pride month? I only seem to be able to find ones from past years.
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aestronautics 3 months ago
[8] you're heart at dawn, take it down to the lake, fold it in tissue paper and bury it in a sandpit along the shore, eventually the water will come and unearth it, polish it like a stone, while you walk around an empty horror, sunlight shining through the gaping window where love once burned. it does nothing to warm you, golden rays no fire. you are severed and spliced and stitched back together, the head of a monster the softness of a honeybee. it doesn't hurt, you say. you are beyond destruction, flickering like a haunting at the 7/11, dead on your feet in the lobby of the hotel. everyone stops and stares at the heartless. and they don't understand what you had to do to cut it out. what it cost you, that crime you committed against yourself on the cape. 聽
<< JUNE PROMPTS @nosebleedclub
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idaofinfinity 2 months ago
Pont des Amours
Tumblr media
Midnight, we don鈥檛 leave
this bridge, alight for us, for
what we have become.
Original photo, edited. Pont des Amours, Annecy, France
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mclavellan 3 months ago
June Prompts
[Written on the back of a small painting of the Tevinter coast]
My Darling Harold,
What do you think of this? I'm told it's all the rage in Rivain to write your messages on the back of tiny prints. So of course Tevinter had to go one extra and create small one-of-a-kind canvases instead.
We had a holiday home along this particular stretch of coast. Actually, we probably still do. I shall make inquiries before your next visit, which I hope is very soon.
You may have noticed that this is not sealed and so I can share no secrets, such as how very much I love you and miss you.
Also there is not much space.
Please write back to me in a more private manner with the plans for your next visit.
All my very secretive love,
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spoke9 4 months ago
June Prompts #1
It doesn't take this glitter and makeup to recognize me
Nor this waving flag
See me as you
Heart beating
Flesh and muscle
Veins and blood
See as human
Because I am
Not other
I'm just simply relevant
You cant put a label on something so refine
Nor can you hide my divining shine
So let me be what I came to be
And let my pride be my namesake
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naruto-smut-monday 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Teamwork is certainly one of the more esteemed values of shinobi service, and nothing lends our favorite characters more creative possibilities than six or more hands at work instead of four. Will it be a three-man cell working in harmony, or a squad of rivals with opposing objectives? Age old adversaries or lifetime lovers? The choice is yours <3
Join us June 27th and help make the worst day of the week a whole lot smuttier.
Please be advised that we will be accepting June submissions through July 11th :D
Guidelines (Updated for 2022) 鈾 Ask Us 鈾 Prompts
Accessible view below the cut.
Smut Monday
June Prompts: Teamwork / Threesome/Moresome
Post on June 27th EST
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pagsys-writings 3 months ago
Prompt for day 7: ice cream
Sweat slid down Umemiya鈥檚 neck and back as he fumbled with the keys to his apartment. The moment he stepped inside, he felt immediately better鈥攅ven without air conditioning. He wiped the sweat from his brow and heard a fan running further inside.
鈥淚鈥檓 home,鈥 he called wearily into the apartment, dragging his feet toward the kitchen.
鈥淲elcome home,鈥 Nao answered once Umemiya turned the corner. He sat in front of a fan that was definitely set to the highest setting. Nao鈥檚 face looked flushed from the temperature in the apartment. His bangs fluttered in the fan鈥檚 breeze.
Umemiya smiled at him. Nao wasn鈥檛 so scary when he looked like this鈥攁ll soft and gentle. Manager Nao, though, that was another story. Umemiya held up the plastic bag in his hand. 鈥淚 got some ice cream to cool us off, but I think it melted.鈥
That made Nao laugh. How can someone be so cute, Umemiya wondered. 鈥淛ust put it in the freezer,鈥 Nao said. 鈥淲e can eat it later.鈥
Umemiya noticed how Nao leaned a little closer to the fan. He also noticed the black pants Nao wore in the middle of summer. Umemiya had hoped that two years of dating would make Nao feel more comfortable showing his legs, but he also understood that it was a source of anxiety for him.
He placed the ice cream in the freezer and had to convince himself not to shove his whole head in there to cool off. Dragging his feet into their common area, he fell unceremoniously onto the couch next to Nao, who smiled tiredly at him. 鈥淵a know,鈥 Umemiya whispered, brushing Nao鈥檚 hair off his forehead鈥攈e tried not to frown at the dampness against his skin鈥斺淚 don鈥檛 care what your legs look like.鈥
The statement surprised Nao. His eyebrows rose as his eyes widened, but then he sighed and smiled sadly at Umemiya. 鈥淚 know you don鈥檛, but I do.鈥 Nao took Umemiya鈥檚 hand and held it. Both of their palms were sweaty, but Umemiya knew it was because of the heat.
鈥淐an we at least turn on the air until it gets cooler out?鈥 He grumbled and squeezed Nao鈥檚 hand. 鈥淚 just want ya to be comfortable.鈥
鈥淵eah, okay,鈥 Nao relented. 鈥淛ust until the heatwave is over.鈥 He let go of Umemiya and gave him a shove. 鈥淚 think there are still some popsicles in the back of the freezer. Go get them before I sweat to death.鈥
Umemiya stood and bowed with a flourish. 鈥淎s you wish, Yer Majesty.鈥 He laughed, disappearing into the kitchen before Nao could throw a pillow at him. He heard Nao鈥檚 laughter behind him.
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curlyy-hair-dont-care a year ago
Baby Wolf
"We're back," Draco called as Teddy zoomed to the kitchen and into Harry's arms.
"How was the costume party? Oh! Who is this?" Harry fake gasped making Teddy giggle.
"What a cute puppy!"
"Noooo," Teddy growled, nuzzling Harry's neck.
"Potter, can't you see, that's a majestic and ferocious little wolf," Draco chided as he fixed Teddy's wolf ears.
Harry chuckled, "I'm sorry, Mr. Wolf, will you forgive me?"
Teddy tilted his head in contemplation looking like an adorable pup, then yelled "no!" and pretended to snap at Harry's hands who grabbed him and began a tickle fight.
June Prompt #4 - @drarrymicrofic | Prompt - Wolf
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seaside-writings a year ago
Tumblr media
I hope these prompts help at least a few people create this month!
I tried to make prompts that will work well for whatever anyone wants to create.
If anyone does use this list please tag me or link this post!
I hope you all stay Blessed and please stay safe!!!
Love You All: Celica 馃挋
Prompt List:
Beach Day
Backyard Camping
Road Trip
Outdoor Movies
Hot Weather
Water Parks
Summer Storms
Cold Drinks
Pool Party
Summer Fair
Night Swimming
Summer Wardrobe
Ice Cream Parlor
Lazy River
Hammock Nap
Sleeping In
Water Fight
Diner Food
Friendship Bracelets
Riding Around
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sorry-sucker 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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hetalia-writers-monthly a year ago
Tumblr media
Hello, and happy Pride Month! To celebrate all things LGBTQ+, we're super proud to announce this month's prompts:
Concrete: Rainbow
Abstract: Discovery and/or Love
Quote: "Don't ever be afraid to show your true colours."
You can post your works from the 25th until the 28th of June! Please remember to both tag your posts as #hetaliawritersmonthly and @us, so we can reblog it here for people to appreciate!聽
When it comes to the quote prompt, the quote doesn鈥檛 have to be used word for word. If you鈥檇 rather use it as loose inspiration instead, feel free!聽
As always, we ask that you specify which prompt you鈥檝e used along with the word count, main characters, ships if there are any, and eventual trigger warnings! We鈥檇 also like to remind everyone that this event does not reblog works portraying sensitive events, as we feel that this isn鈥檛 the place to explore such heavy themes.聽
We look forward to reading your works, and wish everyone a happy Pride! 馃寛
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arlome a year ago
June Prompts, #4 for Phrack please! 鉂わ笍
Anything for you, my sweet! (no' 4, radio)
"You know," she says as the last notes of music die down with the graceful lift of his fingers, "I'm going to miss Archie Jones."
The familiar twist at the corner of his mouth assures her of his fond amusement.
"Will you now?"
"Oh yes," she sighs playfully and bumps his shoulder, her chin almost impossibly close to his sharp jawline. She can see the faint goosebumps that rise on the delicate skin of his neck at her proximity, and dares to hope. "He had such a wonderful radio presence. "
Another twist, a roll of the lips, followed by the tip of a tongue. "Radio presence, you say?"
"Mhmm," she hums and leans into his left side, all on the pretext of fixing his tie. "Not to mention his outstanding taste in women."
"And how would you know of his taste in women, Miss Fisher?"
She shrugs and runs her fingers over the beads on her thigh. His breath hitches softly at the slow caress, and she smiles.
"Well, he did take me out for a night on the town."
The deep sound of his chuckle twists her belly into pleasant little ribbons.
"Nice date, was it?" he asks, his voice low and intimate.
Her smile is positively wolfish. "Oh, we were practically on fire."
This time she receives a full scrunch of the nose at her wit before he schools his features into a more subtle expression.
She almost crows gleefully at her success.
"So," he asks conversationally, his head slightly tilted in that way she can't help but adore, "radio presence, good taste in women - anything else to recommend Mr Jones?"
She makes a show of considering the question.
"Well, he did have the most impressive - "
" - gold tie. Why, Inspector, what did you think I was going to say?" she asks triumphantly at his look of fond exasperation.
Oh, but she's missed this - this... thing between them. She longed for it in the weeks following Gertie's case; the banter, the friendship, the tension that just won't snap.
And she wants it to snap. Wants it to break, and tear, and crack wide open.
He clears his throat, moves to stand.
"It's late," he explains at her questioning look. "I should go. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Miss Fisher. "
Her hand on his thigh roots him to the piano bench. She can feel the strong muscles tense beneath her touch.
"You could stay, Jack..." she offers, her fingers slipping softly from his leg.
There's no mistaking the clear intent in her offer, but Jack is stubbornly resilient.
"And keep you from Archie Jones?" the familiar downward twist to his lips is back in place. "My ties are not nearly as impressive. "
She touches his silk maroon tie with the crisscrossing little golden rectangles with the back of her fingers, brushing the underside of his jaw with her thumb.
Another sharp intake of air, a bob of his Adam's apple; she bites her lip at the possibilities.
"Seems impressive enough to me," the rasp of her voice rumbles in her chest in the pleasantest of ways.
And when she lifts her eyes to see his reaction, the heat in his is enough to fill her belly with fire.
But he shakes his head and blinks slowly, despite her impressive seduction skills.
"Not night, Phryne," he rumbles.
"Too lethal?"
Another slow blink, another tilt of the head, another twist of the lips.
"Positively deadly."
Well. Whoever called Jack Robinson 'dour' was clearly never on the receiving end of his well executed, intense flirtation.
He leans over, brushes her cheek with his soft lips. Briefly, she entertains the thought of turning her face, of meeting his lips, but decides against it.
There's something to be said for slow anticipation.
And she can wait.
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mclavellan 4 months ago
June Prompts
"Hey! Hands off, drivers choice. You know the rules."
"The rules don't stand when it's a kidnapping."
Trevor looks at him, his stare is unnerving enough but the amount of time his attention is off the road is god damn terrifying.
Michael won't rise to it, won't let it show.
"Kidnap victims don't get a say."
Finally, Trevor looks back at the road in time to swerve a deer, throwing Michael against the door a little with an annoyed grunt.
"Come on, man. This isn't music," he shouts over the radio, "it's just.....noise."
"All music is noise or how would you hear it?" Trevor growls.
"You sound like a Meth Mystic. So wise."
"Its not wisdom, it's science."
"It's bullshit, this music is bullshit, this station is bullshit. This kidnapping is bullshit."
The truck comes to a sudden stop, the pair of them almost headbutting the dashboard.
"Fuck off then."
"What?" Michael asks, his face towards Trevor, though his eyes try to work out where he is and his chances of getting a taxi.
"I tried to give to a nice break, but you're being an ungrateful piece of shit."
"A nice break? You stalked me and knocked me out."
He'd woken up all of twenty minutes ago as they sped down the highway away from the bright lights of the city.
"I only did that to stop you complaining..... Drink this."
Trevor fishes a bottle out from under his seat and Michael doesn't need to smell it to know it's not going to be good for him.
"Hell no."
"Then get out, or shut up."
Michael thinks for a moment. It's a long way back and it's pretty late. Besides, there's that lake by Sandy Shores....
He cautiously leans forward to turn the dial.
Other than the angry sound and the slamming down of his foot on the accelerator, Trevor seems to relent.
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