#Jojo's bizzare adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable
cyphyree · 2 days
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just your local Guy and his two Very Normal Cats
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and these weirdos
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 was just Araki flexing the fact he can draw hands
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mizukkay · 6 months
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study - reference
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canchuonsstuff · 7 months
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Dumb and dumber 🤲🏻✨
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risquefanfics457 · 1 month
"Why won't you say it?" Prank // Josuke edition
Tumblr media
“Gonna go ace this test!” Josuke got out of the passenger seat and got out of the car, “I love you, babe!”
“Hell yeah, go ace it, show all of them who’s boss!”
“Yeah!” He started closing the door, but then he opened it back up, “I love you.”
You nearly giggled then, “I know.”
It was then he started looking suspicious, “I mean it. I love you.”
You tried your best to look serious, “I know you do.”
His face scrunched up. He closed the door and went to your window. You rolled it down for him and he peaked his head in, “I said I love you.”
“I heard you.”
“What’s going on here?”
“Nothing!” You pulled his face forward and kissed him good luck, “You’re going to be late for the test.”
He nodded, “Okay, I’ll go.” He leaned against the car, “When you tell me what I want to hear.”
“What?? You’re going to miss it!” You laughed
“I’m afraid there are more pressing matters.”
You guffawed, “Like what??”
“You know what.”
“What are you talking about?” You lied
“I love you.”
“I know!”
“I love you!”
“I know you do!” “I LOVE YOU!”
You held onto your sides, “Why are you screaming?”
“I can go louder.”
“Why aren’t you leaving?”
“Babe, what if I was writing that test, and a meteor came down from space and killed me?”
“Then I’d be sad.”
He leaned into the car, “Why? Why would you be sad?”
“Because I love you.” You grinned. He smiled from ear to ear, “That’s more like it.”
Has this place become a Josuke simping heaven? Yes. Yes it has.
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fictional-wish · 6 months
reeeeaaaaaaallllyyyyy short jotaro + sp drabble
this was requested by the “🍃” anon. i accidentally deleted the ask, but i remember what it said, so no worries! <3 also, it isn't actually stated, but reader is a stand user + the timeline is DiU/pt4
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it was honestly so hard to pretend you don't see it.
the large purple man that would linger behind your boyfriend like a shadow. you knew that a stand is a manifestation of the user's mind, so maybe that's why it'd often show emotion that jotaro never would.
“oh, i didn't think you'd be back so soon.” you say, drying your hand on the towel around your neck. “i figured you'd be tired from fighting stand users, so i ran a bath for you.” as you stood up, you felt a pair of muscular arms embrace you, despite jotaro still being in the doorway—halfway across the room. the purple arms wrapped around you didn't loosen, but instead tightened as you approached your lover with a smile.
jotaro smiled back, and patted you on the head. “thanks, you're a real peach.”
Tumblr media
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soupbabe · 4 months
can i get platonic duwang gang with a reader who’s like a walking encyclopedia. they always know the most random things, and will rattle off about things from weather facts to geology to obscure mythology and music. how does duwang gang react to them going off on a tanjent about something like “oh speaking of ____ did you know that-“
Telling the Duwang Gang Fun Facts (Platonic! Headcanons)
Fair warning that there's Okuyasu and Koichi favoritism </3
Josuke Higashikata
- I think it's something Josuke looks forward to everyday
- He's "If you don't say anything I will think something is wrong" level invested
- He likes where the conversations goes whenever you mention a fact to him
- I think he'd try to keep up with you and give you tidbits himself, but they're definitely more based around pop culture
- Like he may not know anything about niche mythological gods, but he sure will give you a detailed analysis of every Prince album
- Only if you ask though
- He knows he can get carried away and bore people with it
Okuyasu Nijimura
- He's both amazed and suspicious about how much you know about anything
- Like !! He thinks it's cool, but also how did you know that 🤨
- You definitely help him on his homework!
- Literally ever since you've tutored him, his grades improved and he's very emotional about it
- You actually break stuff down easier for him ( + extra material the teachers haven't even mentioned yet) and it definitely makes him feel more confident
- Every time he gets a test back he immediately calls you up, very excited and thankful <3
Koichi Hirose
- Koichi's the reason you're the way you are
- He definitely gave you one of those tear away "fact of the day" calendars and it only spiraled from there
- You two are the dorkiest pair Morioh's ever seen /pos
- And Koichi is always there if you ever want to ramble on with a fact!
- He's such a great listener <3
- But you can't say everything though
- Even a topic as vague as decomposition or garbage can make him squeamish
- May his silence be not by choice, but by not wanting to hurt your feelings
Rohan Kishibe
- He wants to dissect your brain (but like in a good way)
- Rohan probably has tried to use Heaven's Door at some point tbh
- Sometimes he lets you in to see his writing process, but more so for occasional fact checks
- You essentially get a Koichi treatment where you just sit around, but Rohan thinks it's quality time <3
- It's not bad though, during breaks or when Rohan retires for the day, there's a better chance he'll offer you a meal for your help
- He's not the best with friends, but he's trying I promise
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kyoufroggo · 1 year
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Punk Rohan 
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zzziptie · 4 months
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imagine disappearing for almost the entirety of July 💀💀 uhmmm anyway I started hyperfixating on Jojo again especially DiU sooo yeah have some Josuke doodle lol
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honeye · 6 months
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Don't ask why I did this
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uzumaki-kiyomi · 7 months
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Josuke Higashikata | Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak
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mishkinis · 1 year
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shine on you crazy diamond
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sarahedmontons · 8 months
Here's a gayass comic to celebrate the fact that I'm on my way back home yay
Nothing much to be happy about though. Check out Bucha Massacre if you haven't.
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canchuonsstuff · 8 months
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Some creepy kid: tries to stab Jotaro to death with a pen
Josuke immediately:
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risquefanfics457 · 3 months
Josuke quote headcanons
“I like the idea of maternity bras, it's easy to access boobs.”
“Is there a limit to how much sex one person can have?”
“Is fish meat?”
“I don’t see what the problem here is. A guy can wear his girl/boyfriend’s makeup.”
“Shit, your foundation is not my colour.”
“First of all, that’s my shirt.”
“Second of all, it looks adorable on you.”
“What’s the point of hats anyway?”
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fictional-wish · 6 months
I just read your jobro requests, van we have a Jojo version as well? :3
yes yes yes yes. ngl i kinda procrastinated, cuz i wanted to sleep. i didn't wanna keep you waiting though, so i did rest after i woke up. joot's part was my sad attempt at being funny. :’)
Tumblr media
so we're just gonna pretend erina doesn't exist? okay then.
he's a little shy about it, but he's in if you are.
he wants to make sure you really want to—and that almost killed the mood once
jonathan thinks it's a necessity to kiss you at least three times before bed, so you can have a good dream. <3
wake up kisses too
he's just a very affectionate giant
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
literally has zero chill
he will kiss you any chance he gets, and will even go as far as to sing his own praises afterward, boasting about how good of a kisser he is-
he's not wrong, but it's still annoying
the only reason he why he'd complain about caesar and y/n (from the jobro ver.) ‘eating each other's faces’, was because he couldn't do it. in other words, he was jealous.
be on your guard when you're eating food with this man. he will kiss you, taking whatever you just took a bite of out of your mouth, and then be like
“ooh, that tastes good.”
never again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he doesn't really strike me as the kissing type, tbh
maybe a few cheek or forehead kisses here and there, but nothing major
he has probably kissed you while you were sleeping, though
jotaro lets you kiss him on the cheek when he's going off somewhere for a little while, and responds to it like how he responds to his mother-
so you respond how his mother would have—and it makes him cringe so hard lol
“you bitch—stop bein' so clingy. you're acting like my mom.”
“don't do that ever again.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
doesn't matter who starts it, josuke is definitely going to finish it
he gets a little touchy sometimes, but doesn't go too far if you don't want to
josuke takes the ‘shut up or i'll kiss you’ seriously by the way-
he has kissed you in front of rohan, just to flex—rohan just slowly clapped and was like-
“when's the wedding?”
moving on
when josuke kisses you, he always says something about you tasting good—and he makes direct eye contact while he does that
like father like son
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he's so sweet, he'll give you cavities
i'm willing to bet $100 that he's said some shit like-
“your lips are so sweet, my love. they may have just become my new favorite treat.”
whenever you two are busy with work, he gives you butterfly kisses. (butterfly kisses – the act or an instance of fluttering one's eyelashes against another person's skin)
when you two were making out for the first time, he kept one eye open because he wanted to see your reaction-
mista walked in, saw you two, and walked right back out.
“bad timing.”
Tumblr media
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