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Enneagram Instinctual Stacking (4/6):
SP/SX (Self-Preservation/Sexual) The Spider/The Witch
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sugar-petals · 4 months ago
masterpost | instinct variants
Tumblr media
since there’s been a rennaissance of mbti in kpop, i’ll introduce you to a related personality typing tool that might interest you. instinct variants! 
the three instincts in this system are commonly combined with the mbti to further specify/subtype it (hence it’s called ‘variant’) and, maybe you’ve heard of it, one’s enneagram personality type. but you can also type yourself or others separately, it’s not 100% tied to it. this post will introduce the typology on its own so you can apply it however you want.
:: why “instincts”? because these archetypes indicate the person’s priority in life to secure their well-being, survival, and self-fulfillment. it’s about human instinct, orientation, what compels you. 
🍓if you like motivation psychology, this is a great basic way to find out and categorize what drives you/someone. it’s absolutely eye-opening.
so what are the three instincts?
let’s just jump right into it.
Tumblr media
we all use ‘em, just by different intensity:
↦ self-preservation (SP), sexual (SX), and social (SO).
that basically covers every area of life. they can be described and associated with the symbolic 6 elements (fire, water, earth, air, metal, wood) like this:
SP - being preoccupied with the body, immediate environment, daily life, food intake, state of health, housing/home, room temperature, mundane affairs, weather/climate, close-by nature, money, physicality, pleasure or harm of the senses, decor/interior, your things: ‘stuff’, stability, maintenance, economy, cleanliness, transport, property, errands, constancy, business, boundaries, stress, clothing, travel, any living foundations and resources. # PRIMARY FEAR: mortality, sickness, annihilation, poverty
🌳 ELEMENT: earth/wood/metal - solidity, lasting, groundwork
+ common misconception: “only sensing types = self-preservation!”. intuitives can also tap into SP, especially when they use logic. say, an ENTJ could use the self-pres instinct more than an ISFP in some cases.
🌹 SP EXAMPLE. bts’ min yoongi
Tumblr media
yoongi is most known for copious producing. he surrounds himself with work, being a calming presence in person. he’s reserved rather than an energizer bunny or a deliberate center of attention. yoongi handles living area repairs, keeping his body warm, cooking, material/financial security, music equipment, and his sleep to a fault. extremely domestic, grounded, and task-oriented. his personality is very ‘earth’.
SX - seeking stimulation, merging, passionate outlets, immersion, one’s impulses/urge, chemistry, aliveness, excitement, fusion with/taking in whole an abstract subject/person/activity, fiery thrill, desire, steaminess, arousal, turn-ons/offs, craving VS repulsion, one’s impact, showing the underbelly, risk, surrender, obsession-compulsion, bonding, taboo, attraction or disruption, mating strategy, rawness, grit, edge, being a peacock = flaunting yourself. # PRIMARY FEAR: incompleteness, attraction loss, non-desirability
🔥💧ELEMENT: fire/water - instability, energy, back and forth
+ common misconception: “only this instinct is responsible for relationship topics and sex”. SP also entails stable relations in the home, and reproduction. while SO is a major component in forming interpersonal bonds. 
🌹 SX EXAMPLE. shinee’s lee taemin
Tumblr media
taemin captivates with alluring stage displays focused on seduction, attractiveness, eroticism, dare. he toys with danger, darkness, S&M, and his work explores gender-nonconformity. taemin gets under the viewer’s skin. he’s characterized as a cheeky flirt, fashionable tease, and provocateur with interests and choreos that would make other people flinch. his personality is very ‘fire & water´.
SO - an interest in social surrounding, community, harmonious connection, social protocol, pecking order, looking to others, being a member of sth to derive identity, group safety, bigger causes, competitions, affiliations, broadcasting, self-display, social movements, good/bad people distinction, social graces, upbringing, acceptance, altruism, etiquette, herd mentality, cohesion, family orientation, politics, history/tradition, being ‘seen as ___’, language, articulation, social media, trends. # PRIMARY FEAR: loneliness, alienation, inferiority
💨ELEMENT: air/wind - mobility, communication, fluidity 
+ common misconceptions: “people who use SO a lot are extroverts/social butterflies/feelers with a high EQ”. while that is often true, you could be an ISTJ who very much values keeping up community-wise over SP and SX. 
🌹 SO EXAMPLE. nct’s mark lee
Tumblr media
mark is everywhere you look. he can fit into any subgroup that’s new on the scene. he’s equipped with the latest internet slang and memes - always following the pulse of time and its thousand people projects. mark is seen as a posterboy of his generation, everyone’s younger brother. he’s a guy who can strike conversation with anybody, juggling several fandoms in several languages. his personality is very ‘air´.
typing people is only the beginning, you can also apply the instincts to general phenomena! for instance.
- instinct examples from the kpop world:
🍒 SP: merch giveaways, ticketing process, designers/sponsors, advertisements, filming and setting equipment, stocks, pop-up stores, physical fanart, food as variety show competition prizes, idol’s dorms, concert logistics, dance studios, physical copies/photocards, organization and schedule, cooking shows, diets, sales, airport touchdowns, idols working out, staff and directors, companies
🍒 SX: music video concepts, fanfic and scenario writers, wake-up bubble messages, one-on-one fanmeets, shipping, youtube fancam compilations, relay cams, aegyo, high note battles, dating bans, things you write in the tags, banger music, choreography, delulus/sasaengs, controversies, group visuals, attractive makeup, niche content creators, romance drama acting, the group center, choosing your bias 
🍒 SO: huge scale fansigns, meme creators, multifandom, comebacks, halloween parties, fandom wars, variety shows, clout, viral moments, mascots, fanzines, censorship, music & award shows, kpop slang words, stan twitter, scandals, popular content creators, hierarchy roles (maknae etc), kpop blogs and news outlets/kpop journalism, photoshoots, a concert queue/audience, trainees, debuts and releases, fanchants
☞ see what you pay the most attention to and care the most, where you’re sort of up to date/care a little, and where you don’t keep up with/have no clue. it’ll say everything about which instinct is how strong in you.
how instincts come together
needless to say, these areas overlap and merge. mistyping can be common as this theory intersects three instincts /in relation/ to one another rather than assigning you only one and you’re ready to go.
↳ 🍉 everyone will use a combination of two (!) at once most of the time, one stronger, the other moderate, while disregarding the third. mark, for instance, uses extra SP with his SO, and SX less so. he is an idol that’s more of a cozy social butterfly (SO + SP) rather than having an enticing, intense sensual image like say skz’ hyunjin (SX + SP) that cuts to the chase.
Tumblr media
↳ 🍉 almost everyone will hyperfocus on a singular area. attention: SX being a sort of hyperfocus itself, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish. so remember that SX is about human chemistry. in any case — there’s always one strongest instinct contender. hence the other two diminish. the instinct of secondary priority to you will sort of operate in the background. for instance, bts’ jhope’s tidy SP works behind his upbeat SO instinct.
Tumblr media
↳ 🍉 in the rare case of someone using all three instincts equally well, they will still have a preference towards one or two and shrug off the third. two instincts always develop at the expense of another one. but are there such people who can do it all? nct’s taeyong strikes me as such: 
he looks after over 20 people to ensure inclusion (SO), projects an immense attractive effect on others (SX), cares about cooking/clothing/caring for himself, others and animals (SP). he might have been appointed as nct’s leader as he’s so capable in all instincts. nevertheless, his caregiving SP is his strongest drive, the major theme, added to his sensing function.
Tumblr media
...most people have a tendency and crucial order of priority anyway, which i’ll show you now:
instinct stackings
you have a primary instinct, secondary instinct, and blind spot. 
😱 the first is the burning focus that’s very set in its tracks: something you almost anxiously/desperately push for. you feel like this piece is missing in your life, so you follow a strong pull. this prevailing motivation is intrinstic, powerful, and on auto pilot. other people will immediately see it in you, while you take it for granted to such a degree you might be unaware. even if you’re not good at it, you want to handle it all by yourself. this area in life is constantly sought-out.
😊 the second is your successful and more laid-back way of going about the first. sort of like a carefree playground, a resource, the home base. it’s the somewhat stashed-away superpower, your area of supporting adjustment to satisfy your dominant 1st drive. the pressure is off here, it’s ‘not that deep’ to you. you ask for help but also can manage by yourself, always adequately so. the secondary instinct feels available and comfortable to the person. there is no extra effort needed. this instinct also keeps other people (!) who overuse or underuse it at bay.
😴 the last is the sacrifice or consequence. your dormant drive that’s blocked out, underdeveloped. it can exhaust you easily when tapped into. it’s an area of awkward insecurity; something you will not wanna talk about. you’re too unbothered, so it wreaks havoc, but you’re also rather ‘free’ from its chains until it suddenly becomes necessary in a situation. you dismiss this overwhelming area of life, compensate with the other instincts. you depend on other people to help you with it.
see how like with stacking together blocks of mbti functions, we slowly move into building individual types by putting instincts into positions of preference?
Tumblr media
in essence, the first aka dominant and last instinct positions take things to an extreme (too much VS lack). the middle instinct is usually in perfect tune rather than biting off more than it can chew, or underperforming and never minding the topic at all. you have an entire ‘scale’ right there. and so it follows:
🍓SP in the stacking
SP doms overemphasize dealing with material safety nets and their own body, tidying and organizing and preserving and hustling to survive, building things up to last. they chase their every personal need and self-protect at all costs. (e.g. kun, jennie, xiumin, bom, shownu)
SP 2nds take care of themselves/others as a means to an end checking off all basic survival boxes (e.g. healthy diet, stable income), but don’t take material safety and health to an extreme. they are adequately hands-on, bothering with climate, finance, and living structures in balance. (e.g. wonho, j-hope, chen)
SP blind spots neglect their physical wellbeing and would rather not self-monitor. they eschew topics of proper providing, long-term resources, their living situation/environment. they are anti-conservation with everything and prefer deep transformation, going all out and creating a spark. (e.g. jimin, felix, lisa)
🍓SX in the stacking
SX doms recklessly pursue the juice of a situation, dig deep, divide the masses, go buckwild, and come on very strong, explicit, and shocking. they’re the flame that burns too bright. they want to be polarizingly interesting and feel truly alive jumping from one high to the other: they want all the spice. (e.g. changkyun, yuta, ten, lay, hyuna, jessi)
SX 2nds regularly seek to be rather energized and refreshed, but don’t overdo the heated give and take of SX craving. they’re not obsessive or self-destructive. they control and tame the game of sex appeal and attraction rather than going haywire or fearing to tap into it. they can uphold chemistry. (e.g. chanyeol, minho, bangchan)
SX blind spots are understated, avoid being overly thrilled and immersed in something. they don’t let the guard down. they don’t go at something full throttle and would rather stay too grounded and sterile/bored than getting too much of an emotional, intimate high from something. they’re overcautious. they couldn’t rub the wrong way if they tried and are more subtle in social settings. (e.g. seokjin, johnny, onew, jisoo, suho, boa)
🍓SO in the stacking
SO doms are involved to exhaustion. they know the ropes and ranks, but to a fault, paying attention to influence, connection, status, or acclaim/leadership. they have lots of communication output-input. they screen others all the time. social cues and presentation skills are everything to them. their goal is popularity, display, fitting in, being the 200% team player. (e.g. haechan, baekhyun, s.coups, cl)
SO 2nds will mingle on the occasion. they’re decently community-driven and civil, however not compulsively social nor clout chasers. they are in the loop, but don’t crave ultra-attention. they accurately size up others and curate their friendship/family circle, firm yet flexible in their social identity and position. they join the big cause for its own sake. (e.g. yeonjun, taeyong)
SO blind spots can be out of touch and fall out of social activity, being a one-person island. they don’t want to enter a social order. they omit to ‘present’ themselves and are unaware how they relate to others; don’t maintain social bonds after an initial high. they don’t communicate a ‘brand’ off their identity and character being out there in the herd all the time. (e.g. xiaojun, kyungsoo, hyunjin)
🌹 EXAMPLE. exo’s kai
Tumblr media
widely known as passionately ardent to painful extremes with dancing, kai comes forth with intimate solo albums and sultry viral stage moments. he’s an all or nothing magnetic performer, unafraid of doing over-the-top racy concepts that drop jaws (primary SX = the overdrive).
in the meantime, he enjoys general popularity and a lively fandom connection, drawing people in wherever he goes and being the go-to ambassador. he can blend in well, he’s sweet, measured, and lovely with crowds. the will keep disruptive people who step out of line in check. (secondary SO = the adjustment).
“i’d have no regrets dying on stage” — the detriment of his fierce practice have been repetitve injuries to his spine and overwork. kai wants to go the extra mile rather than sparing and protecting himself. jongin also regularly blows up his kitchen 💀🙈 (SP last = the awkward area). 
Tumblr media
to sum things up:
dominant instinct - most untamed energy is directed and spent here.  secondary instinct - stakes are lower, the least problems occur. blind spot - a disregarded area, only ever indirectly or clumsily dealt with.
we use slashes to indicate that stacking order, relinquishing the blind spot.
primary/secondary(/blind spot).
so, kai’s stacking would be called:
meaning: the sexual instinct bleeds into the social one. an individual who will utilize their carnal, expressive display (SX) to entertain/galvanize crowds (SO). it’s a very common stacking among k-pop idols. they embody the sex symbol archetype surrounded by their people/the fandom the most believably, it holds the attention. kai has always gained traction by doing just that.
Tumblr media
the two flows.
there are two ways of “sorting” instinct stackings by the person’s priorities. as in all human history: one camp goes with the flow, the other swims against the stream. you have those instinct sequences that conform or rebel. synflow as in synergy (”with”), and contraflow as in contrary (”against”).
❤️ SYN-FLOW (oriented towards people): sp → so → sx → sp. aka the dominant culture. here, instincts all follow each other logically by evolution. first, humans would secure themselves and their home (SP). then, their tribe to belong somewhere (SO), and then find then intimate attractions and a joie de vivre, a zest for life (SX), only then to settle (SP), and then again orient themselves by their community (SO). and so on, as the arrows show: it’s a cycle. synflow is very “life > decay/downfall”. 
🌶 CONTRA-FLOW (compelled away from people):  sp → sx → so → sp. aka the counterculture. here, instincts become utopian. individuals of this flow would first secure their own safety elusively (SP), aim for metamorphosis looking for mates (SX), and only then become social animals meeting fellow outsiders (SO), only to settle down (SP), only to break it up again causing a spark not to become complacent (SX). synflow favors revolution over harmonious stability.
[- note: SX/SP can seem contraflow since their SO is so low, and SO/SP can feel synflow because their SO is so high, e.g. like j-hope.]
TIP: you can get a feeling where someone belongs by how against the grain they go or whether they nurture what they have. example:
taeyong is synflow SP/SO. wholesome, uniting everyone. he gains the respect of all he’s surrounded by, being the reliable pillar of his sphere. synflow creates community expansion (SP -> SO): nct centering around him is just that. taeyong takes care (SP) of literally everyone (SO).
Tumblr media
but, rather than relying on flow alone, it’s always better to type by what you think the preferred instinct is, their secondary drive, and the blind spot. the same goes for having an overview of the theory before taking frankly mediocre internet tests. look at the person’s vita, find the dominant instinct first. and then the blindspot, which is often easier to determine than the 2nd, simply by its sheer absence. 
6 overall types emerge. 
if you look at your friends or the people whose personality you crush on, you’ll usually either share your dominant instinct and/or come from the same flow. going by the idea that we use two instincts mostly, in a certain order, this results in 6 instinctual archetypes:
synflow: SP/SO, SO/SX, SX/SP contraflow: SP/SX, SX/SO, SO/SP
Tumblr media
so the motivations, topics, actions, and blind spots of the 6 types will look like the following. i love the idea of stepping this up a whole notch (beginner learners bear with me) using symbolic ‘realms’ matching the types in the advanced typology of instincts.
SP/SO (realm of animals) - handling resources/the body to manage people/affiliations. one does not chase a craving for chemistry.
SO/SX (realm of humans) - being out there to act out your desire/passion. one forgets to take care of body and home. 
SX/SP (realm of hungry ghosts) - exuding magnetic sexuality to establish stability. one does not consciously join a social cause. 
SP/SX (realm of the underworld) - assuring resources to bond with something/somebody. one will eschew other’s social game rules. 
SX/SO (realm of gods) - flaunting one’s attraction to socialize. one leaves health, safety, and material things to fate. 
SO/SP (realm of titans/demons) - navigating community to acquire material benefit. one does not dive into obsessive self-immersion. 
compare the tibetan buddhist wheel of life (called bhāvacakra; bhāva (भाव) = “becoming”, chakra (चक्र) = cycle). it explains our ever-revolving existence and root of striving/suffering like a giant populated rosetta stone of the instincts.
Tumblr media
the six inner compartments are meant, this is the wheel’s labelled overview to show what goes on in each section:
Tumblr media
the theory is not rooted in tibetan buddhism, this is just an example where instincts can be spotted in overarching concepts/archetypes worldwide. i found this analogy incredible and illustrative to remember an allegory for the stackings. since i learned it like this, it hasn’t left my mind. 
example. we talked about SX/SO being a common type of kpop idols. they’re found in the realm of gods/heaven so to speak, which is about creating ecstasy, beauty — makes some major sense to me.
Tumblr media
instinct health
why do we strive at all? the whole system depends on an imbalance. if neurosis happens, it will show up in an overly pursued primary instinct or a thoroughly discarded blind spot, which tends to coincide with one’s least implemented mbti function(s), but not always. rather, the idea of health goes like this:
the first instinct is often overused. (= ‘unhealthy’)
the second is mostly balanced, supporting the 1st. (= ‘healthy’)
the third is underused. (= ‘unhealthy’)
the term of health is used pretty loosely in this theory, all it means is: there’s either too much, just right, or not enough of an instinct at work. some people’s first instinct may be less intense than another’s, and we all have blind spots of different severity. some use the second instinct effortlessly, others still do baby steps and encounter some road blocks. no stacking is the same.
regardless, the overall tenet is: your instinct stacking is like a subconscious seesaw. 
one point high up doing the most (1st instinct), the other down low pushing against (3rd instinct), and everybody forgets what is going on in the middle (2nd instinct) to keep things running 😂
Tumblr media
- 🍓a primary instinct overdrive, your ‘demons���, can usually be dealt with by the mellowing secondary influence. it’s the natural consequence of the first instinct anyway. we all use our secondary to cool off the heat. we saw in the evolution history how these things move in circles. however! the dominant instinct will always be one’s #1 inevitable motivation. it is learned and ingrained. you can’t forcibly change your stacking, only focus differently with deliberation to develop yourself. the more you practice the 2nd instinct, the healthier the first will be: the weight is taken off.
- 🍓the 2nd instinct being almost always ‘healthy’ (= not extreme in either direction, too strong or too weak) can help you type someone. where in life have you or the person achieved an equilibrium? something that neither irks you all day and consumes your attention (first), or something you always forget or brush away (blind spot)? by the way: you might awkwardly clash with the stacking that has the same second instinct as you, but they are from the other flow. SX/SP and SO/SP, for instance. you will prioritize entirely different things (1st), and are excellent where the other lacks (3rd), but act the same way (2nd).
- 🍓with most people, one’s blind spot will remain the somewhat helpless enfant terrible. unless... there are other people of the same flow that take on that task for you. but! say you’re SO/SX, you meet an SP/SX who has your dormant instinct as their hyperfocus: it might solve your problems, but... they too unhealthily use self-preservation, and they’re contraflow, while you are synflow! rather, your best bet is an SO/SP. they use secondary self-pres in a balanced way to help your blindspot, and are 100% on board with your 1st instinct focus. and vice versa. hence:
instinct pairings: intertype relations!
yes, there are patterns, even if this aspect of the theory is less explored and not set in stone. as i see it, people of the same instinctual stack are usually besties by being birds of a feather, have you noticed? e.g., stray kids’ felix and chan are both SO/SX! they both bond (= secondary SX) over being aussies publically (= dominant SO).
Tumblr media
all stacks within their own flow are rather compatible, and any pairing can work under the right circumstances. don’t discard someone if they seemingly don’t fit your instinct; they could have same ideal love language, a matching mbti type (e.g. ESFJ + INTJ), instinct isn’t everything, et cetera. 
🍎 but there are still some (semi-)duals ([rather] ideal partners), activators (energizers), benefactors (helpers), supervisors (leaders), and conflictors (opposers) as type relations that have been theorized to rank like this. the dual is the most, the conflictor the least compatible.
if you want the whole shebang in one go:
- SX/SO: Sx/sp (dual) > Sx/So (activity) > So/sx (semi-dual) > So/sp (benefactor) > sp/sx (supervisor) > sp/so (conflict) - SX/SP: Sx/so(dual) > Sx/sp (activity) > Sp/sx (semi-dual) > Sp/so (benefactor) > So/sx (supervisor) > So/sp (conflict) - SO/SP: So/sz (dual) > So/Sp (activity) > Sp/so (semi-dual) > Sp/sx (benefactor) > sx/so (supervisor) > sx/sp (conflict) - SP/SO: Sp/sx (dual) > Sp/So (activity) > So/sp (semi-dual) > So/sx (benefactor) > sx/sp (supervisor) > sx/so (conflict) -SO/SX: So/sp (dual) > So/Sx (activity) > Sx/so(semi-dual) > Sx/sp (benefactor) > sp/so (supervisor) > sp/sx (conflict) - SP/SX: Sp/so (dual) > Sp/Sx (activity) > Sx/Sp (semi-dual) > Sx/so (benefactor) > so/sp (supervisor) > so/sx (conflict)
Tumblr media
you don’t have to memorize this. it’s just some extra theorizing and playing around with types. let’s break it down with one specific intertype relation:
🍒 synflow benefactors: 
SP/SO needs SO/SX
but SO/SX needs SX/SP
but SX/SP needs SP/SO (and repeat)
you can see how the supervisor’s own blind spot is the supervisee’s raging first intinct! so the story of this benefit chain goes on and on. 😅 back to the cycle! the less integrated the blind spot, the harder it is to transcend it.
ideally, you would ‘group’ humans as three in each flow: a perpetuum mobile. a family like that would be extremely functional, or a poly relationship. they all cover each other’s weak areas + balance another’s excess energy. meanwhile: love triangles can happen when a person from the opposing flow but the right secondary instinct, or the same dominant instinct enters the scene. 
... but let’s talk about which pairings are the most complementary and drama-free.
Tumblr media
the ideal dyad constellation is actually pairing instincts that are from different flows, but have the other’s blind spot as their second instinct: and the same first. 💡
shared values and concerns, they click immediately. their ‘home turf’ being the same sticks like glue. their occupied areas in life are synonymous so they will not drift apart. (primary instincts), 
and their way of acting healthily in the world (2nd instincts)... 
compensates for the other’s skeleton in the closet (=blind spots). 
and the fact that they are from opposing flows ironically creates another balance, but enough tension to keep things fresh and dynamic. so let’s announce ‘em!
🍒 instinct duals / ideal pairings / dream teams:
so far so good, but as mentioned, it’s not set in stone. you find healthy friendships, parenting, work relations, and lovers of the most random stacking combos. instinct isn’t all there is, it only explains motivation and general focus in life.
and that’s it for now. hope you enjoyed a little deep dive into this theory and got a feeling for why people act the way they do based on their variant. as always: happy typing of your favorites ✍️
Tumblr media
- related bonus article for the advanced readers: all enneagram variants described
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astrologygoodvibes · 4 months ago
All instinctual variants explained really well:
Really accurate and not at all unfounded.
Pre-occupied with own mortality
Funny in a sad way
Money = way to stay alive
“Special interest”
Thinks they ooze cool
Your anxious friend who never learned how to smile with their mouth open and not look like a milk carton kid/bitch
Ranges from “silly y un poquito stupid” to “makes bad dangerous choices” depending on how you view their sp-blindness
Burns out and crashes
Your friend who’s gonna fail out of college
Can make you feel comfortable
Dumb happy
Sometimes has parental lawful honors program energy
Can be a socialite monster for sure
Would structure personality around their friends
“I need everybody to like me or I’m gonna die”
Cult vibes
Your friend who joined a club and got really down for recruitment
Maybe emo or anti-mainstream culture
Might make something groundbreaking and innovative
People = tools that can help fuel the sx or sp
Your friend who hasn’t changed in like six years
I’m not so-blind I have no idea someone speak to this please
Has some vision or cause that they’re a huge asshole about
Good intuition
“We gotta follow the high!! We gotta go where the high is!!”
Let’s their emotions drive them forward
Addiction prone? Maybe?
Your friend who you’re afraid to say “hey fuckin chill man” because they’re so weird and intense about the high they’re on
Spends a lotta time thinking “who am I???”
Spends more time thinking “what do I want???”
The NPC of stability
You remember when Robert Pattinson was announced to play the Batman and we all said “oh no absolutely not what the fuck”
Your friend who doesn’t fuck
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anime-addictt · 4 months ago
What is the sp vs sx vs so stuff that I see you talking about with enneagram types, if you already talked about this could you link the post bc I’m not sure where to look
Ahh...yes, where do I start?
Tumblr media
So every human being in this world is motivated by the need to protect themselves. And they go about with it in three different ways:
save up resources for self
join community that would commit to saving resources
find a mate who can complete you, propagate reproduction, and help you save resources.
Now, these are just basic instincts that are we're stuck with, due to pre-historic reasons. And every human being will make use of the all these three traits to protect themselves. These traits (they're extremely simplified) are your instinctual variants. You have self-preservation (sp) , social (so), and sexual (sx).
Now, how does this come to play with our enneagram?
So enneagram is what we fear about ourselves, and how we try to cope up with it. Any form of coping == protecting, saving or conserving. Since our internalized fear forces us to protect something (ourselves), we are sort of pre-conditioned to use our instincts, which eventually adds a flair to your coping mechanism.
Which is why people belonging to the same enneagram tend to display different characteristics which are a subset of their core fears.
Self Preservation types primarily focus on protecting themselves by taking care of their immediate needs. These are the type of people who will be more concerned about materialistic issues like money, food, comfort, security.
Social types focus on establishing connections that would keep them safe. In other words, they focus on creating a community of like-minded people which would make them feel secure.
Sexual types are a bit more tricky. They have and constantly search for 'heat', since in early human era they were focused on finding a mate, and reproduction. However, in today's world, since they have a lot more options and places for them to expend that energy, these types are mainly focused on merging with an experience, passion, or a person. They love the feeling of being consumed in desire, have an all or nothing tendency.
Similar to cognitive functions in MBTI, all everyone uses all three of their instincts, just in varying degrees.
I feel like this post is a bit too long, so I shall stop here
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enfp7w6-jatniel · a month ago
Tumblr media
INTJ 5w4 Sx/Sp Phlegmatic/Melancholic
Ask for: @fullartisansoul
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counterphobes · 4 months ago
Sxsp real/fictional examples (part 1?)
Kendrick lamar
Tumblr media
Billie Eilish
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Joan Jett
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Megan Fox
Tumblr media
Playboi Carti
Tumblr media
They're cool, smooth, an untouchable aura to them and almost corpse-looking, as if undead. Their eyes are heavy, tired and glassy compared to their warmer smile. Mysterious, shrouded, intriguing
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istj-hedonist · 4 months ago
Can you explain what do you mean by instinct doesn't mean skill ?
exactly how i said it.
being sp-dom doesn't mean that someone has their life together and a clean flat and eats healthy
being soc-dom doesn't mean that someone has tons of friends and throws great parties
being sx-dom doesn't mean that someone is hot and passionate
and i don't mean that as "even messy sp-doms are valid uwu" or in a "don't worry you too can be sx-dom even if you don't fit any of the descriptions!"-sense, but those "skills" are not and never were what instincts are about.
instincts are just about prioritizing if and how you prioritize your own survival over others and groups. if you would voluntarily die for someone else or not.
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azenta · a month ago
recently i've been trying to discern what thought and action patterns i display that impact my relationships badly, but i have a hard time correlating them to an enneagram type, so wanted to ask you to help me out a bit.
i'm a secretive and rather lonely person, so i often feel like being surrounded by a membrane which doesn't allow the world and other people to affect me. consciously, i want to break my barriers down for specific people, and so i do, which is why i never were actually alone, but it never helped with the loneliness inside. most relationships seem very fragile and merely scratching the surface of my carcass, while i have always been longing for something deeper and eternal. since eternity isn't possible, and most people can't get through to me anyway, it's unlikely i'll ever be happy, so i may just stop trying. i got so used to the idea of myself being alone that i sometimes try to sabotage the relationships i have myself, so we part ways on my terms before i'm too attached for the farewell to crush me down (being uncharacteristically cruel just so the person leaves or disappearing from social media so the person can't contact me no matter how hard they try). i loathe myself deeply, so when i put my guard down and reveal something personal, i feel intensely humiliated and cannot accept that people would still want me around after knowing such things about me, which, in turn, makes me suddenly distanced after an intimate conversation or an act of vulnerability. sometimes it gets to the point i want to disappear from everyone's lives without a trace. i guess i hate myself too much to let people in, since you can't have a connection with someone without being, well, yourself.
what enneagram type does it sound like the most? sorry for the long read and thanks in advance.
Tbw, this pattern is beyond enneagram. It's about fear of intimacy and emotional immaturity. The need behind this is also shared by every human being, again intimacy. Arguably, every type can experience this difficulty and most types are likely to use those tactics. The reason why they will use those tactics will vary however.
Know that I relate to those issues and see myself in part of what you shared. I also have known a 3w2 core who also ended up isolating themselves and ghosting people because of fear of vulnerability, shame and self-loathing. And I know a 1w2 core who also fall into this same pit when revealing about themselves and tend toward self-loathing a lot.
I can still see some more likely options for you, but I cannot say for sure which core it is. Disintegration must be taken into account in this situation, since it's a pattern that err more on the unhealthy (difficulty to adapt) tactics.
There are withdrawal elements in what you say, so it's either you got a withdrawn core (4,5,9) or a disintegration into a withdrawn type (1,3,8). The fact you speak of being hard to access and don't want people to access you (unless on your terms) let me believe you are most likely an Sp variant, more likely Sp dom, and again, lead me more toward a withdrawn core, as it is not just when you open up or feel threatened that you retreat into yourself.
You speak about humiliation as a reason to withdraw and cut ties with your relationships, so there are image issues for sure, either as a core, wing or into your disintegration (1,3,4,5 - 2 and 8 less likely since explosive/unfiltered anger doesnt seem in the portrait).
You speak of relationship and seem to have a concern about people and opening up to them, but you feel threatened when actually being vulnerable and tend to cut out relationships anyway just to prove yourself right, so this seem less in line with 2 and 9.
There is no particular mention of anger/gut issues, nor head/fear issues, only one isolated mention of humiliation which doesn't bring much weigh to image core either. Feeling threatened when opening up could be related to head issues, but nothing in what you told forcibly prove that either.
From that ask alone, the few relevant parts to indicate enneagram aspects points toward withdrawn core with potential image issues and Sp variant. The best fit is therefore 4 core, and since there are maybe head issues, wing 5 might be a good guess as well.
To get a more nuanced view, here are your most likely options that I would suggest to investigate:
4s have issues with identity and everything revolve around finding ways to find themselves, their true unfiltered self. Be it through others or through projects, activities, name it, whatever means that makes them experience themselves and their reactions. They can tend to wallow in their feelings a lot, because it is their coping way to feel in touch with the notion of identity (reactive type). A wing 5 can make them even more shut ins, and will make them rely a lot on their own understanding/knowledge of things to determine their next move or approach. This can make them more anticipatory and more careful in their approach, out of fear, especially of not being enough. This is also why this wing creates a 4 much more potentially anxious, self focused and prone to more depressive tendencies or self-loathing. Wing 3 have the beauty to create a certain denial about self-worth and create a coping mechanism of "better-than-you" attitude, despite the 4 core that can take pride even as being the worst bitch in the neighborhood.
Sp 4 are also much less typically flashy. They are more careful in how to come off or how to reveal their color. They will be more picky with who they reveal those colors or try to explore those colors. Sp 4w5 will be the most shut in this core can be, very difficult to decipher and unlikely to open up unless they aim to grow out of their defense mechanism or their soc or sx instinct incline them toward that end.
Those are really abbreviated version of what a 4w5 is, if you already don't resonate much with that, it's a good sign to explore the other options I gave. I could be wrong, that's for sure.
On another regard, I know you didnt ask for advices toward this pattern, but I cannot not comment on it. You can at this point stop reading if you want, since those can come off as unsolicited advices. Tho, I will generalize those advices to rather fit solutions related to the issue itself and not you specifically. So, if you have the impression I am extrapolating on stuff, it's because I am and I am diving the pattern itself.
Loneliness is a feeling we experience when we crave connection, but more specifically intimacy. It is often described as feeling "loved" and "accepted", which is also true in some way. But to get that need met, it demands to be able to open up and be vulnerable. However people often forget that to meet that step you need before to feel secure and safe. However, those cannot be fulfilled thanks to other people. The feeling of security depends on the sentiment of capability, or in other words, how much I believe I have the resources to face unsafe/threatening situations or people. This means how much I can rely on myself to get myself out of shit. This is where the fear of intimacy usually builds up, because people have a poor sense of security. Mostly because they got shitty experiences that make them have a very specific set of "resources", that are usually about "how to protect myself from people", which becomes unproductive when you want intimacy.
This lack of security leads to this self sabotage loop of "I hang with people, open up a bit, feel threatened (fear of getting hurt), cut off the relationship and run" or the complementary variant of " I hang with people, I open up, I get scared of being abandoned/rejected/etc. and start clinging because now I feel a connection and don't want to loose it because aforementioned fear". This lead to that kind of weird place where we don't want to open up, but expect people to "get us", but when they don't, we see it as a confirmation that there is no intimacy so it is pointless to pursue. It makes us neglect our relationship or even the potential of a relationship, since we end up projecting on people the outcome we fear, provoking a feeling of threat even before anything happens. Or even we can project the futility and lack of depth on people also because we ourselves refuse to dive in our own vulnerable spots. Thus why choosing to not open up is an excellent plan to not be understood and entertain distance between "them and I". Futile tactic. Good at maintaining security, bad at creating meaningful connections.
The solution to this issue is to learn to secure ourselves properly by learning the basic necessities that makes us feel capable, useful or simply autonomous. So, when we encounter people we have a sense of ressourfulness in case we meet people that aren't worth our time or are potentially more threatening to our survival than helpful.
Last note, some people will not get us, but sometimes people don't get us because we don't understand ourselves either. So, it's important to question yourself and wonder if you are not being the reason why people can't get you. As I said, sometimes you really are just not compatible with some people, but some other times, you really are the author of your own tragedy.
Gonna end up on that. If you want to dig more your type, feel free to add up, or if you have any other questions. Anyone is welcome to ask about anything said here too.
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linollush · a month ago
I want someone whom I can discuss personality typology with. I feel like a creep observing and analyzing people everyday
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air-in-words · a year ago
Nature vs Nurture: MBTI, Enneagram, Instinctual Stacking, and SortingHatChats
Hello, again! :)
So, this mainly comes from my own experiences with my typing, and the things I have observed.
But, really, I'd live to start an EXPERIMENT.
To be clear, I am "professionally" typed (by multiple parties/opinions) in all of these except for SortingHatChats, unless you count the test. Lol. So, I'm a pretty good example mold to start this off with.
I have always been a person pulled in two directions by my "head" and my "heart." It's basically a defining factor of who I am, that I struggle between the things I want to do and the things I think I should. I lived in a great deal of turmoil, for a while, but found a bit of comfort in my personality typing.
I felt as though I'd found the source of my problems.
I am an ENFP 6w7 613 so/sx Badger Snake Bird Secondary Model.
If you know anything about all three of those systems, you can immediately see where the problem lies:
ENFP: Higher order focus on creativity/feelings, lower order problem-solving/inner equilibrium.
6w7: Fearful and careful, overly cautious and anxious, with a tendency to deflect or create "fun" to distract from the things that weigh on me.
613: Fearful, perfectionistic, worries what others think of them and puts on a face/performance to keep up appearances. Failure/looking like an idiot is terrifying, not an option, and doesn't look good on me. Practical and unfun.
So/Sx: Focuses on the social realm, on interpersonal relationships, on the hierarchy, and on deep, passionate, one to one connections both with people and ideas. Usually uses my passion and magnetic force to move myself up the social hierarchy. What's missing is Sp (self-preservation,) so I forget to take care of myself physically and tend to be a bit helpless practically. Focus on fun, not on self-maintenance or work.
Badger Snake: The Why behind all my actions is for "the group" as a concept. Focus on people and the social hierarchy. The How is through improvisation, creativity, and general resourcefulness.
Bird Secondary Model: Practical skills that were learned, organization, lots of collections of ideas and tools, originally as a way to overlay and replace my Snake Secondary, but hopefully eventually will work in tandem with it, allowing Snake to take the spotlight.
So, immediately, this paints a picture of a person of two minds. Some of these are highly practical, efficient, unimpassioned typing, while some are not only passionate but actively irresponsible, renowned for being unable to take care of themselves or keep things organized, at least in the physical realm.
But, beyond that, if you know enough about each system, you can begin to see where "You" ends and where "They" begins. Or, in other words, Nature vs Nurture.
MBTI is essentially about how your brain naturally processes things and how it works. There could be nothing more Nature-based than that. On the same level, your Instinctual Stacking (technically from the Enneagram) comes from the same area of simply explaining what you naturally, instinctually want/prioritize. And, your core typing in SortingHatChats comes from someplace deep within, perhaps the same well you Instinctual Stacking does. What you naturally prioritize, what you naturally discount.
Meanwhile, Enneagram refers to fear. It exposes our weaknesses, our flaws, and the wounds that caused them. This is something that can only really develop through experiences, by going through life, by being taught/told certain things. Very Nurture-based. And, SortingHatChats, at least in my opinion, is one of the most flexible/changeable personality typing systems ever. Although your core typing tends not to change, so many other elements within it can, such as performances or models. So, these extra, changeable elements also seem to come from a Nurture place, parts of our personality we pick up throughout life.
So, keeping these ideas in mind, an obvious pattern within myself emerges.
"Nature" Typings: ENFP so/sx Badger Snake
"Nurture" Typings: 6w7 613 Bird Secondary Model
If my theory is correct, "Naturally" I am a creative, people-focused person, with a penchant for using charm/resourcefulness to help myself. My weaknesses, though, are in self-management and forethought. The "Natural" me wants to have fun and not really think about the consequences (other than the social ones.) It's a bit of a mess and is unconcerned with the practical.
But, on the "Nurturing" side, I have learned to be fearful, to be cautious, and to work overtime to self-regulate. All of these elements seek to keep the natural parts of myself in check, and speak to how little I trust myself. These sides were formed because I had experiences that told me my "Natural" self would not make it in this world, that something about my "Natural" self is wrong and needs to be righted.
So, now you're thinking, "uh, that's cool, but what does that have to do with me?"
Good question!
I'd love to see if my theory is correct!
This idea makes sense and tracks for me, sure, but I'd love to see if there is evidence that these associations track for others!
So, please, reblog, comment, or whatever, if you know any combination of these typings and tell me your findings! Do you agree with my assessment about "Nature" typings vs "Nurture" typings? If so, tell me how it manifests for you? Do yours fight each other or work in tandem? If not, tell me why!
Thank ya!
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weaverofwiles · 25 days ago
completely off-topic but PLEASE I NEED SOMEONE SMARTER THAN ME TO TELL ME IF ITS POSSIBLE TO BE ENFP 4w5 sx/so 458 cause it just feels like a big dumb joke rn
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playsthetics · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Enneagram Instinctual Stacking (1/6):
SO/SP (Social/Self-Preservation) The Monument/The Activist
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araaael · a month ago
İçgüdüsel Alt Tip
Her insan kendini korumak için farklı yöntemler kullanır.
İnsanlar kaynakları kendine saklamak,
kaynakların çok olduğu ve kaynakları koruyabilecek bir topluluğa katılmak
ya da sizi tamamlayabilecek, neslinizi çoğaltabilecek ve kaynaklarınızın korunmasına yardımcı olabilecek bir eş bulmak arasında seçim yaparlar.
Bunlar, tarih öncesi sebeplerden dolayı sıkışıp kaldığımız temel içgüdülerdir ve her insan kendini korumak için bu üç özellikten birini kullanır. Bu özellikler (son derece basitleştirilmişlerdir) sizin içgüdüsel değişkenlerinizdir. Kendini koruma (sp), sosyal (so) ve cinsel (sx).
Şimdi, bu bizim enneagramımızı nasıl etkiler?
Enneagram kendi hakkımızda korktuğumuz şey ve bununla nasıl başa çıkmaya çalıştığımızdır. İçselleştirilmiş korkumuz bizi bir şeyi (genellikle kendimizi) korumaya zorladığından, bizi içgüdülerimizi kullanmaya iter. Aynı enneagrama ait insanlar, temel korkularının bir alt kümesi olan farklı özellikleri sergileme eğilimi gösterir. Bu nedenle enneagramın yanında içgüdüsel alt tipimiz de bizim kişiliğimizi etkiler.
Kendini Koruma SP türleri kendilerini bir şeyin parçası olarak görmeyi istemezler, başkalarının olma hissinden hazetmezler. Onlara göre en önce kendi ihtiyaçları gelir. Öncelikle acil ihtiyaçlarını gözeterek kendilerini korumaya odaklanır. Bunlar, para, yemek, rahatlık, güvenlik gibi materyalist konularla daha fazla ilgilenecek türden insanlardır.
Sosyal SO tipler, kendilerini bir topluluğa ait hissetmeyi, bir şeylerin parçası olmayı arzularlar. Kendilerini o toplulukta vazgeçilmez bir konuma getirmek için uğraşırlar. O topluluk ile uyumlu olmaya çalışırlar. Kendilerini güvende tutacak bağlantılar kurmak yani kendilerini güvende hissettirecek benzer düşünen insanlardan oluşan bir topluluk oluşturmaya odaklanırlar.
Cinsel SX tipler biraz daha karmaşıktır. İnsanlığın erken dönemlerinde eş bulmaya ve üremeye odaklandıkları için sürekli olarak 'ısı' ararlar. Ancak günümüz dünyasında bu türler, o enerjiyi harcamak için çok daha fazla seçeneğe ve yere sahip olduklarından, esas olarak bir deneyim, tutku veya bir kişi ile birleşmeye odaklanmaktadır. Arzu içinde tüketilme hissini severler, ya hep ya hiç eğilimi vardır.
MBTI'daki bilişsel işlevlere benzer şekilde, herkes içgüdülerinin üçünü de değişen derecelerde kullanır.
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tickeringtapes · 3 months ago
This will be kind of a weird post
But I was thinking about the instinctual variants recently and the Gorillaz art style is so aggressively sp/sx it's hilarious
I've seen jokes that all sp/sx look like this
Tumblr media
I'm pretty sure Jamie is sp/sx and it's funny because he draws all his characters looking like that
Tumblr media
It seems far-fetched but all of the instincts have certain aesthetics, and sp/sx is this dark grungy aesthetic that is really prominent in Gorillaz art
I was listening to a video where people were typing someone and they talking about how the eyes are the social instinct and social blinds often have them covered up. Half of the members aren't even drawn with normal pupils (3/4 if you count Noodle in phase 1), Noodle often has her hair covering one or both eyes and Russel is often shown wearing sunglasses
Also in the instincts correlated to the bhavachakra sp/sx corresponds to hell, and the Gorillaz lore has always had lots of hell, demons and Satan
Just something interesting I noticed
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anime-addictt · 4 months ago
Instinctual Variants-2
In the previous post, I did give a brief explanation on why we tag sp, sx, so to our enneagram and what they were, so let’s just go a bit more in depth in that. 
This is probably the most rudimentary of all the instincts- the need to protect yourself, your materialistic needs, your immediate relation and surroundings. People leading with this instinct are more likely to: 
Be extremely concerned about the quality of food they eat. They are the types who would most likely keep track of their calorie intake, solely due to the fact that not doing so would jeopardize their health.
Set up a financial plan/ be stingy so that they have enough money to avoid situations that would put their personal needs in trouble
Stay true to the comforts of their life. These people would focus more on their taste, their space, their comfort zone.
They have a very ‘self-interested’ view. ‘Secure yourself before helping others’ is one of their absolute motto.
From the above points provided, you will notice that a huge part of self-preservation is the self. It’s always about what they would get, what they would need, how they would attain something to make themselves secure. It’s not necessary for them to follow all these bullet points. An Sp type can be solely focused on earning money at the cost of their health. Or they could be extremely health conscious to the point that they lavishly spend on the most healthiest protein shake. No matter what they choose to focus on, all of it comes down to protecting themselves by hoarding the resource they believe they lack.
Sp doms can look very different from each other based on their enneagram and their auxiliary function. 
Sp/So usually function in a very business-like manner, due to the social instinct. They make use of their social instinct to secure their basic resources by connecting and interacting with the right people. However, unlike a social dom, they’ll be willing to let go of connections that no longer have a purpose. These types would usually prefer to operate alone, but at the same time wouldn’t really mind grouping up with like-minded people, if it helps them gather resources. 
Some of the most common traits that I have observed in them are: 
They like being with like-minded people who belong to a similar social background. A friend of mine once mentioned how comfortable she was in this group where all of them were the ‘nobodies’ of the class. (Notice that her bonding technique is very focused on finding comfort in people that have a lot in common)
They can easily fit in with a group but, unlike a so-dom, have trouble conforming to everything the group agrees on especially if it is really away from their comfort zone. 
Has weirdly accepted the fact that they’re boring (?) and that it’s okay not to have anything unique about oneself. 
Cannot handle intensity. They don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would run behind intensity. They also agree that many times, their main source of connection with another person is based on how secure they feel with someone, and not based on some random voodoo energy (that’s what they call sx). 
A friend of mine admitted that she was a bit hurt by my way of connecting with people by sx energy since she believes that true form of connection only occurs when people talk and share their like and dislikes. Just walking away from people purely based on intensity is wrong because you never really see them for who they are.  
They remind me of white noise. An ordinary noise in the beginning that grows onto you. Before you realize and understand what it is, you’re comfortably asleep to the softness that it brings. They are weirdly calming.   
Sp/Sx on the other hand, is a lone wolf. Being so-blind makes them the most independent instinctual stacking. Their sx helps them have a very intimate connection with others. However, never expect anything more from the energy that they give off. They can be very nice, but ultimately, if you don’t serve a self-preservative purpose to these people, you’ll be dropped. And not in the nice way like an sp/so would do. They do come off as heartless, self-centered and egocentric, due to being so-blind. 
Some of the most common traits that I have observed in them are:
Not really interested in the groups around them. Nor are they bothered if they can’t fit in. 
Always has an air of indifference around them that is either extremely off putting or excitingly mysterious. 
No matter how distant they are, there’ll be a clear distinction in the way they interact with people who they’re genuinely interested in, and in those they aren’t.
When they actually like someone, 1 out of the 10 wall that are built around them will open up.
They’re boundaries are stronger than the nuclear force attraction. 
The sp/sx in my life are actually pretty confident about their appeal, but at the same time never really go out of their way to display this appeal like an sx dom would, unless they’re extremely sure of it. 
Another interesting thing about my sp/sx friend is that he would never put anything or anyone above his basic needs. For example, if he has a homework due tonight, HE WILL walk out on every single person in that room, without bothering to explain how or why he’s doing it (even if he’s having the most sx-intense moment with someone). 
  He will never approach me or ask me for anything, till I offer to help him. 
They remind me of a pitch black cave. I can’t see anything, but I know there’s a waterfall somewhere deep inside cause I can sense this cool misty breeze. And I eagerly keep searching for it. 
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enfp7w6-jatniel · 6 months ago
Can I request a moodboard for an INFP 4w5 sp/sx 495 (f) grunge, please?
Tumblr media
INFP 4w5 sp/sx 495 (F)
Ask for :@mushtela
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counterphobes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
All spsx look like this, if you don't ur mistyped
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