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Luminary Charter by Urza and Industry is up for pre-orders. The skincent is priced at 850g and will retire on September 30th. Click here to view the thread.
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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Yasmin & Celeste
Industry s02e06
part 2
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store-brand baking soda packaging: NON-GMO
for sure i stared at the wall for a couple of minutes, trying to construct a scenario in which baking soda--a chemically processed form of the more ancient 'washing soda' aka soda ash, produced commercially in a couple of different ways but all of them based on mining--would ever be derived from a genetically modified organism.
like, i get it, it's free positivity, it's like seizing the opportunity to be like 'gluten free apples! :DDDD' like there's any other kind but. just.
the sci-fi industrial scenarios implied by the assurance that no genetic modification was involved in the production of this mineral from out of the ground. i'm
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The Time Machine | photos of Portuguese hydro-electric power plants by Edgar Martins
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patgavin · 8 months ago
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Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnaces
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unbossed · 7 months ago
The Luddites were a secret organisation of workers who smashed machines in the textile factories of England in the early 1800s, a period of increasing industrialisation, economic hardship due to expensive conflicts with France and the United States, and widespread unrest among the working class. They took their name from the apocryphal tale of Ned Ludd, a weaver’s apprentice who supposedly smashed two knitting machines in a fit of rage.
The contemporary usage of Luddite has the machine-smashing part correct — but that’s about all it gets right.
First, the Luddites were not indiscriminate. They were intentional and purposeful about which machines they smashed. They targeted those owned by manufacturers who were known to pay low wages, disregard workers’ safety, and/or speed up the pace of work. Even within a single factory — which would contain machines owned by different capitalists — some machines were destroyed and others pardoned depending on the business practices of their owners.
Second, the Luddites were not ignorant. Smashing machines was not a kneejerk reaction to new technology, but a tactical response by workers based on their understanding of how owners were using those machines to make labour conditions more exploitative. As historian David Noble puts it, they understood “technology in the present tense”, by analysing its immediate, material impacts and acting accordingly.
Luddism was a working-class movement opposed to the political consequences of industrial capitalism. The Luddites wanted technology to be deployed in ways that made work more humane and gave workers more autonomy. The bosses, on the other hand, wanted to drive down costs and increase productivity.
Third, the Luddites were not against innovation. Many of the technologies they destroyed weren’t even new inventions. As historian Adrian Randall points out, one machine they targeted, the gig mill, had been used for more than a century in textile manufacturing. Similarly, the power loom had been used for decades before the Luddite uprisings.
It wasn’t the invention of these machines that provoked the Luddites to action. They only banded together once factory owners began using these machines to displace and disempower workers.
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There are these huge industrial sites you couldn't possibly 'deal' with in one visit. This is one of those sites. This power plant, which is located on a still active steel plant, was built in the 1940s. At that time there was already a gas plant on the site, but it could no longer generate enough energy for the increasing production. Therefore, this coal-fired power station was built to support the gas-fired power station. The turbine hall has since been emptied, but in the boiler room with the impressive Stein & Roubaix boilers and their control cabins are still present and the entire installation - although very dilapidated - still appears to be intact.
During this first visit to this location we were able to visit this power station and the pump house of the adjacent gas station. On a next visit we hope to be able to visit the gas plant itself. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful boiler room. 
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sovietpostcards · 9 months ago
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Komsomol young man at the wheel of a paper making machine. Photo by Arkady Shaikhet (1929).
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The port of Rotterdam.
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career astrology part 2
check your industria asteroid and what house it’s in as well as the aspects to it. this asteroid gives insight on what industry your career will be involved with in the future as well as careers you may be most talented in!
Tumblr media
social media influencer
a job with transportation
real estate agent
home designer
fitness trainer
fashion designer
wedding planner
911 operator
crime investigator
movie director
company ceo
any type of manager
movie producer/editor
video editor
song writer
remember that these are just some examples! there can be way more interpretations of each house
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© factsrological 2022 all rights reserved
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IBUSZ Hungarian Tourist Information Office travel poster for Hungary intended for the French-speaking market (c. 1950). Artwork by Gonczi.
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Campaign: Iron and Brine
Since the beginning, mortal artifice has only had one aim: to stand against the storms and calamities of our world and say “no more”. Sure we get distracted trying to build a better mousetrap, your clockwork armies, your time controlling clocks and the like, but all if it is rooted in the desire to shield those we love from reality’s next ruinous blow.
... and in some cases, to hit back
-Cosimo, chief artificer in service to the Duke of Alanath
Looking for a subtly steampunk maritime adventure? One that begins with a little mystery and a rather daring con, moves on to dungeon delving, subterfuge, pirate raids and ends with a Pacific Rim style clash between a seamonster and a giant robot piloted by the party? You might not have been looking when you started reading but I bet you are now.
Campaign Start: The Duchy of Alanath is a beacon of progress towards the coming age, airships carrying cargo between most major settlements, advanced naval batteries defending the shore from pirates and worse, secret projects up in hidden mountain foundries that will forever tip the balance of power. , but the root of all this industry threatens to come to a grinding halt when the goods exchange in the Harbour of Breeker’s Bay threatens to turn into a riot.
 Dispatched by benefactors with concerns about the market, or merely in town and caught up in all the chaos, the party will either have to get to the bottom of what’s caused this gridlock, or figure out a way to turn the crisis to their benefit, without getting taken advantage of by more shady characters looking to do the same.  Regardless of where the party end up, they’ll eventually come into the service of a shadowy schemer with unintentionally heroic goals, who will set the party towards all manner of inadvertent good deeds before having them get to the bottom of the conspiracy at the heart of the duchy’s problems.  
Early Game:
Preparations to sail out on the evening tide have been completely derailed when the party realizes the crew of the ship they were attempting to board have been slaughtered, and they’ve stumbled upon the killers in the midst of deposing of the bodies. These killers are no mere pirates, but a cult of cuthroats from the deep who’re looking to intimidate local smugglers and pirates into obedience.
Follow a trail of on-land drownings to discover a merfolk priestess cutting her way through the duchy’s exotic animal dealers. Her niece has been kidnapped for a noble’s menagerie, but does rescuing a child really condone such savage methods?
The party’s patron sees a means of getting close to their target, a fretful and oft distracted duke, by hunting a great beast that’s marauding around the borders of his territory. This hunt goes a bit awry when the beast crashes into an ancient ruin hidden beneath the surface of a lake, which the party will need to explore if they want to deliver a killing blow to their target.
Mid Game
A ship of famed treasure hunters has beached itself miles up the coast, the crew scattering to the winds. After delving the wreck and tracking down some of the sailors aboard, the party discover that they defiled an altar to an ancient sea goddess, and now a monster from the depths is due to hit the nearby port any day now. 
Break up a fight between two of the Duke’s most trusted advisors, an arcanist and an artificer, and then escort the artificer on an expedition to some far off ruin under mysterious pretenses. This is the party’s best chance to discover what the Duke’s secret project really is.
Foil an assassination attempt against their patron, Racing against time to save his life and track down the source of the attack. Even if the party manage to pull him back from death, they’ll need to seek out a great act of healing or alchemy to permanently undo the damage. 
Throughout their adventure, the party will be hounded by the Duke’s all seeing spymaster, a woman with strange powers and an undying loyalty to her liege.  Do the party take her out to fulfill their objectives, or can they convince her that their actions are innocent, and earn a powerful ally in the process?
Late Game
Infiltrate a massive, hidden foundry high in the mountains where a titan sized construct is being assembled piece by piece. A kingdom destroying weapon in the wrong hands, the party will face a difficult choice in joining with the duke’s forces to see the construct completed, halting its progress through sabotage, or finding a means of triggering a meltdown in the robot’s arcane engines. 
Hitting the self-destruct button on the giant robot might be a bad idea, as the arcane energies that gave the thing both power and defence, once destabilized, will tare a hole through the fabric of reality and give the party many more problems to deal with than just a petty duke and his tin soldier.
Surprise Surprise! That cult that was chopping up sailors back at the start? Turns out they’ve managed to lure a kaiju into working with them, a terrifying beast that’s capable of summoning tsunami-level tidal waves, meaning it’s capable of levelling coastal ports but attacking any settlement connected to the duchy’s central waterways. If the party has been paying attention to the signs of this cult’s escalating threat, they may be able to convince the power players of the campaign to work together to defeat this beast... if not, the party might’ve just sabotaged their primary means of fighting back against it.
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Yasmin & Celeste
Industry s02e06
part 1
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Cities level two by Alexander Tsaruk
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Lukens Steel (Part 3)
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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Landschaftspark Duisburg, Germany - 2020
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