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Five Days of Ghouls: I Burn For You
Hello hello! I would like to officially welcome you all to my take on a little October fic prompt: Five Days of Ghouls! I made my own prompts for each Ghoul and I'll post them for anyone else who would like to participate! As of today, October 1st, through October 5th a new fic with one of the Ghouls will be posted with a separate fic being posted on the 31st, aka Halloween! With each new fic the tags will be updated. And now, for today's fic, we have Dewdrop! I hope you all enjoy this little series! ------------------- Prompts: Dew- "I Burn For You." Mountain- "You are my earth." Rain- "My love for you is like an ocean… It's endless and deep." Aether- "I can feel my energy thrum when you are present." Swiss- "I feel every element thrive when with you."
Pairing: Dewdrop x GN!Reader Warnings: None Title: I Burn For You -------- Oh, how Dewdrop loved you. Whether he was staring down at you during a concert or spending quality time with you, he always felt a smile creep onto his face and a gentle purr rumble from him. He loved you so much, more than he could verbalize or show with actions. Dewdrop was zoning out again and you waved a hand in front of his masked face, snapping him out and bringing him back to reality with a small shake of his head. “Dewdrop? Are you listening to me?” You asked with a small smile. The fire Ghoul’s tail flicked behind him steadily and he nodded a bit. “Yes, sorry, I must’ve zoned out…” He sighed before sitting up straight. “What were we talking about again, my love?” You chuckled a bit and shook your head before looking back at him. “We were talking about Halloween and what the plans were! Or I was at least until you zoned out on me you silly Ghoul,” You teased him, causing his tail to shiver with delight. He quickly moved his hand behind him and smacked his tail in hopes to stop its shivering. When it didn’t he fully turned around and latched onto his tail, cursing under his breath and falling over as he struggled with his tail. The sight before you was certainly something to see and you couldn’t help but start to laugh. The big tough Dewdrop was fighting with his tail because it shivered and it was the most hilarious thing you’ve ever seen. This even beat the time you two went roller skating with the others and he wiped out and took down Swiss, Mountain, and Aether with him. Dewdrop, now fully wrestling with his tail, paused to look at you when he heard your laughter and his tail only shivered more. In one quick movement, his head snapped toward his tail and he chomped down on it hard. You watched him do this and doubled over onto the bed with laughter as tears streamed down your face. The fire Ghoul looked at you with a mouthful of his tail and you started to wheeze. Unbeknownst to Dewdrop, he looked ridiculously cute and funny and it just made you die laughing. Your arms wrapped around your stomach as you cried out in laughter. “I-I can-can’t breathe! Hahaha!” You managed to get out and it wasn’t long until the lights were covered by Dewdrop’s form hovering above you. A small chitter left him as he peered down at you and he grabbed you, holding you to his chest as purrs rumbled from him. Feeling the purrs you started to calm down before completely stopping your laughter, leaving you gasping for breath. “Satanas almighty… I thought you were going to die for a second with how hard you were laughing,” Dewdrop chuckled. “I thought so too, you were fucking hilarious! Fighting and wrestling with your own tail and then biting it? That’s top-tier funny, Dew!” You shot back with a playful smack to his shoulder. You felt something curl around your waist and looked down to see his tail had made a home there, for the time being, still shivering with delight. You looked back at Dewdrop and smiled. “Did you give up on your shivering tail?” You teased and he let out a small growl. “Yeah, Yeah… Save it for your comedy hour why don’t you?” He huffed as he nuzzled you gently, the purr growing louder and his body heating up slightly. These were moments you always enjoyed with him and you gladly returned the nuzzle. You leaned back into him and smiled gently, noticing the change in his body heat. You chuckled softly and pressed a kiss to his jawline. “You’re heating up, my darling,” You said. Dewdrop nodded. “Yes, I know,” He answered. “Why is that?” The fire Ghoul smiled a bit and rested his head on yours. “It’s simple. I burn for you, sweetheart.”
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𝔢𝔡𝔡𝔦𝔢 𝔪𝔲𝔫𝔰𝔬𝔫 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔠𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔫𝔰
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i know we all love eddie, but !! i love eddie because i know trailer park boys. i know the silly mischief they get into and somehow weasel out of. so for those of you who are lucky enough to not know these greasy creatures so well, i made a little list of headcanons for you <3
Tumblr media
when eddie was a kid, he and the other little boys from the trailer park would get together to watch WWE. they’d take turns spreading across each other’s living room floors, sharing off brand cheetos and mountain dew, and yelling joyfully at the tv. even though they switched places each week, (they were too loud to stay at one consistently hehe) they always came to eddie’s trailer for the big name fights because his uncle paid for the pay-per-views in exchange for the boys not rough-housing indoors. as much as he played it cool, eddie secretly prided himself at being the cool trailer in the park.
and every year around when the Summerslam event airs, the boys got extra rowdy, and would drag old mattresses out into the yard and DIY their own ring, wrestling each other in whatever silly little outfits they could find. Eddie wasn’t the strongest of the group, but he was the slipperiest and rowdiest of his feral little pack, and his “fights” always had the loudest cheers.
absolutely played with the water hose. honestly probably still does.
none of eddie’s tattoos are professionally done! they’re all from either friends, or friends of friends, or apprentices, or from his clients. that’s not to say they’re bad- some of them are really well done! he just feels more comfortable getting inked in a kitchen than a studio <3
the DIRTIEST of rooms, good god! it’s literally canon, but just, man he’s so messy! his car too, theres trash everywhere and it reeks of weed. eddie’s got a bad case of hot-girl-car for sure. surprisingly, as messy as it is, his room doesn’t smell that bad. it kinda smells good, even- like tobacco and vanilla, and weed, and his cheap bourbon body spray. he’s got that good man smell that makes you wanna borrow all his clothes and bury your face into his neck. he lets you too <3
eddie paints his nails in 74 cent black nail polish cause he likes the way it chips off easily and gives him that punk rock grunge-y look.
i feel like eddie is that ADHD kid who’s always getting hurt but never seriously injured? like he’s somehow indestructible; falling out of trees and jumping off bridges into rivers- his knees are always bruised but never broken.
eddie helps out the older men in the trailer park fix up their ever-broken cars in exchange for beer, and he’s actually pretty good at it!
eddie had a really hard time growing up. he wasn’t always so proud to be so different than everyone else. wasn’t always so confident in being himself. he used to have a lot of shame in his lifestyle- always going to friends houses and not allowing anyone over to his. though he’s grown much more comfortable and confident in himself, even though rarely, he still sometimes feels embarrassed of his upbringing. he doesn’t talk about where his mom and dad are, or why he lives with his uncle.
eddie traded an ounce of weed for a dick piercing, a pretty prince albert shining at the top of his thick tip <3 it’s his favorite accessory. it’s so metal, so sexy, just so, so eddie~
eddie is absolutely the trailer park’s resident laundry line panty theif. mostly just to get back at mean old grannies who yell at the kids that remind him too much of himself when he was younger. but if you live in the same park, you never really have to wonder how your missing pair somehow made its way into eddie’s room.
and god, give him a pussyjob with your panties soaked and still on- he is putty in your hands, he is yours forever <3
eddie doesn’t hold back when he’s home alone with you. the whole trailer shakes, moaning so loud and shameless, egging you on to do the same, until there’s a huge stack of noise complaints on his doorstep the next morning.
eddie keeps his pubes the perfect length <3 perfect little brown hairs that look best coated in your cum <3
he’ll get a little brave, kissing you hungrily after hot boxing in the back of his van, desperate for more. he eats you out like you’re his last meal, shoves his ringed fingers into your mouth to keep you quiet. but when you wrap your tongue around them and sucked, eyeing him and letting your spit drip down his wrist, his eyes visibly dilate, and really, who could blame him for how hard the van rocked back and forth that day. needless to say, the two of you were called “the trailer park rockers” in more way than one.
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Hey can I request a Theseus x reader a fluff one in the scene where he’s holding the Qilin?
Little Guy
Tumblr media
(Theseus Scamander x reader)
Word Count: 818
A/N: Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you enjoy this, it was really fun to write. :)
Spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore under the cut!
Tumblr media
Grindelwald was gone, at least, for the time being. Dumbledore, Newt, and the group had scared him off and you felt safe for the first time in forever. You had joined in the fight against Grindelwald early, since you were a good friend of Tina. Ever since that day, you had lived in fear of being kidnapped, hurt, killed, or a combination of the latter.
One good thing that came out of your association with Newt and his group of heroes was that you met Theseus, your wonderful boyfriend. You had gotten together after Leta died. For the first couple of months you felt like only a shoulder to cry on, but over time, your relationship had grown into so much more.
It was peaceful now on top of the hill. The mountains of Bhutan extended for miles and, when mixed with the endless clouds, it provided a serene backdrop for the events of the day.
“Newt?” you heard Theseus ask his brother, who was now talking to Dumbledore, “May I take him?”
You turned around to find your boyfriend, Theseus, with his back turned to you. He was wrestling with something in his arms. Whatever it was, he seemed to have it under control. Seeing this, you returned to your conversation with Bunty.
“As I was saying, I always knew Newt would rid the world of Grindelwald. I’m just happy I could help,” Bunty smiled, looking over to the shorter of the two Scamander brothers. It was painfully obvious how much she loved Newt- too bad he would likely never notice.
“You did much more than help,” you told her, “You’re the reason we were able to stop him! You brought the Qilin to him.”
Bunty nodded, then spied something over your shoulder.
“Speak of the devil,” she said. You turned around. Theseus was approaching, the small Qilin baby snuggled tight against his chest. Bunty went towards them first. She cooed at it like it was a newborn baby while patting its head and scratching its stomach. Theseus laughed at her amusement.
“Would you like to pet it, Y/N?” he asked, walking towards you. Bunty excused herself from the conversation and walked over to Newt and Dumbledore.
“Of course!” you exclaimed, immediately reaching out to pet the Qilin. The animal nuzzled up against your arm when you reached behind its neck. It was warm and loving, exactly like a puppy. Well, exactly like a puppy, minus the fluffiness and arguably better looks.
“The little guy likes you,” Theseus chuckled as the Qilin licked the back of your hand.
“It’s adorable,” you said. The small animal was slowly starting to fall asleep. Its head rested on Theseus’s arm.
“Too bad we can’t keep him.”
“Who’s to say we can’t?” you asked. You had always wanted a big pet of some sort, but Theseus never relented. He didn’t want an animal roaming around your apartment. That being said, with Theseus happy about the successful effort in stopping Grindelwald, now was the perfect opportunity to convince him.
“Well, Dumbledore and Newt probably want to keep it. You know, so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”
“Sure, but Grindelwald isn’t going to be a problem for a while,” you quickly looked for something wood to knock on so as to not jinx it, “in the meantime, I think we could give it a good home.”
Theseus raised an eyebrow and smiled, “You know I don’t want a pet.”
“But, as you said, it won’t be ours! Dumbledore and Newt will technically own it, but it’ll stay with us in the meantime,” you pleaded, “And, besides, I don’t think a Qilin counts as a ‘pet,’ so your argument doesn’t work.”
“He does seem to like me..” Theseus mumbled. He grabbed the Qilin and held it upwards, so they looked into the animal’s eyes. After a moment, he hugged the Qilin and it returned to its comfy spot in his arms.
“I suppose we can keep him.”
A wide grin became plastered on your face. You reached your hand around to the back of Theseus’s head and pulled him gently into a kiss. It was soft, perfect: all of the tensions of the day were finally washed away. Of course someone had to interrupt it.
“Hey, you two lovebirds,” Jacob shouted, drawing your attention away from Theseus and towards the rest of the group. They had collected their things and looked antsy to leave, “Dumbledore’s ready to head out. I know you guys can, like, teleport home on your own but.. just wanted to let you know.”
Theseus thanked him and slipped the Qilin into your arms. It found a nice spot in the crook of your arm to rest its head and fell asleep.
“Thank you, Jacob. I’ll be right back, dear,” Theseus said. He and Jacob began walking back towards the others.
“Dumbledore, Newt! I have something to ask of you!”
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How about a headcanon of nezha,redson, macaque,wukong and mk (if it's too many for you you can choose who to pick from) having to deal with an over active reader (gender neutral for all the lovelies out there)
Like the reader just can't sit down and has to do something! So what are their methods? Do they keep the reader entertained or give tasks for the reader to do and stay busy
I love this request so much! Especially since I can be too hyperactive aswell so thank you so much for the ask ^^!!
💗,🔥,💜,🍑,🌻;; Nezha, Redson, Macaque, Sun wukong, Mk (separated) x hyperactive!Reader
‼️;; None, I use any pronouns for Redson and he/they for Mk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's been going around doing his daily chores for a few hours now and you just trailed behind him, a little jump to your step as you do
He knows how hyper active you can get so after chores are done he entertains you
Man's needs a fun little break too, this could also count as training so..
He likes to race with you around the area , spar if you know how to if you don't then he'll teach you, do some chores together
If he needs to go alone on a mission or do something alone he'll send you to help one of the other servants if you want to help them
He was a pretty active kid when he was growing up so he has a few notes on how to deal with you
Sometimes he even gives you your own little missions to go on (with him if you need him ofc)
Doesn't mind how hyperactive you can be in general though he thinks it's fun
Tumblr media
He would probably be busy with working on something robot related for her family so she would send you to grab stuff for her
Or if she needs to do something she would trust you to work on the robot or continue what he was doing while they go work on whatever they were called for
She teaches you some things about robotics so you can assist her in working and help keep you busy
If they aren't busy doing anything they'll entertain you with training or walks around town maybe even messing with the main gang
Or anything you suggest really, he would suggest the things he did as a kid but
You don't have fire powers do you?
Tumblr media
He isn't that hyper active so he doesn't know much things to help you
He entertains you by taking you on missions with him
Or having you help him with stuff like cooking or cleaning
Or of course doing whatever you think of doing, he'll take any suggestions
He'll also teach you how to spar if you don't know how to cause that can take alot of energy
If you don't know what to do either then he'll try competitive stuff like racing, arm wrestling all that stuff
Tumblr media
Completely understands, as lazy as he might appear he has tons of energy in store
If you're both bored and bouncy he'll suggest some competitive stuff like racing, sparing, wrestling ECT ect
Or going to different places on his cloud or just exploring in general
Even something simple like walking to the pigsy noodle shop
He'll even suggest chores for you to do / help with, his mountain is pretty dirty and loaded with stuff that he hasn't organized
Maybe even pull some pranks on people..
Anything fun and active he's on board
Tumblr media
He is almost hyper all the time
He'll gladly take you on his drives to deliver noodles to help him
Or you both race to see who can deliver the most noodles
If you don't want to do that he takes you to clubs or walks around town to look around and have fun!!
Or have you spar with him there's a lot of sparing
He'll probably ask you what you want to do though he wants to make sure you're well entertained
Will invite Mei (if you don't mind ofc) to hang out with you too cause she's just always full of energy and almost always has ideas
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Ok so! Creator reader who is heavily associated with a polar bear(it’s their favorite animal) and they get isekai’d and become a polar bear. So they just end up living their best bear life in either Dragonspine or Snezhnaya. Then they get found in 1 of 3 ways
1: they’re in Dragonspine chilling out 😎 and they happen to come across Sucrose or Klee freezing so they decide to carry whoever up to Albedo’s lab and drop them off there. If he’s not there then they stay and keep them warm until he gets there
2: also in Dragonspine they encounter fatui (fun fact polar bears can smell things from at least a mile away so if one comes across you it meant to) and they tear apart their camp( they don’t even want to take anything they just make a huge mess) because they can or because they were genuinely upset or because they want to meet a harbinger.
3: in Snezhnaya they just exist there and actively seek out Childe or Scaramouche when they get back because A) they want to fight or cuddle Child and B) they want to take Scara’s hat (which they totally will if they get the chance)
Just think of it
Harbinger: *looking at reader who completely destroyed a fatui camp* 👁👄👁
Reader: 👁👄👁💢
This is long I’m sorry
OOOH gosh this one made laugh for five minute. Ok so:
1 : There is a polar bear in Dragonspine, and that's OK. It's actually a chill one too; it doesn't try to attack, it stays on its side of the mountain. That's fine, perfect. No one wants a hungry bear around their house, I suppose.
The fact that, technically, a polar bear is actually a human, or better yet, their creator, it's just a thing that... they'll never know! I mean, it's just a bear! How is it possible? By the way, creator aside, Albedo will find some strange traits of intelligence in that animal. He's amazed at the day he found Sucrose and Klee nestled near a potential treat. And he'll be far more amazed when he finds that the animal likes him too, and that it can even understand what everybody is saying and can communicate using writing. He'll consider the idea of keeping the bear at the laboratory, in case something happens... what? No, he's not using the bear like a plushie!
2: It's like a legend among the fatui that operate in the area: a fucking bear that has only the intent to destroy every fatui property. They don't even know what to do! It's like that animal knows when they're armed and attacks at the right time! It doesn't even hurt or kill anybody; it's just like love destroying stuff!They even try to summon a harbinger, and that bear has that expression that simply says, "DO IT YU COWARDS," but every time they just laugh it off because they don't have time for a bear. So the bear's going to cause more mess.
3:In Snezhnaya, there is a rumor that the bear belonged to the former Cryo Archon, but that was denied by the Tsaritsa ("No Tartaglia, I'm absolutely certain that they didn't have any bear, I would have known after all.").
They're just so confused. Does that animal love those two, or is it just a way to know if they're edible? 
Well, Childe loves that big, fluffy thing. He loves the fact that it can kill you with a single bite and still treats him like a pup and takes him somewhere. It reminds him somehow of his mum. He wrestles with it a lot, and every time he just laughs so much that it's forced to sit on his stupid face to let him just shut up.
Scaramouche... it's like Entitled Goose, but with a bear. It's a new stole this, take that every day, and every time that little man tries to put his foot down, there it goes, engulfing his entire face in its mauth. It's scary, but they have that face...
ʕ ㅇ ᴥ ㅇʔ
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Another LU thought:
Time, Twilight and Wild are Honorary Gorons
Let’s start with the ace of the chain: Wild. He got to prove himself to the Gorons numerous times, by calming Vah Rudania, doing side quests and shrine quests (like the gut check challenge). Not to mention he was already an honorary member of the tribe 100 years ago through his friendship with Darunia. He definitely visits Yunobo and the boys at Death Mountain to vibe and eat rock roasts.
[Training at Death mountain in Twi’s era]
Darbus: I think we should take a break for lunch.
Wild: [excitedly] Are we having rock roast?
Dangoro: What’s that? 
Wild: [running off] A really good dish made from rocks. Sit tight you two, I’ll make some!
Darbus: ...Can Hylians eat rocks?
Twilight: We can’t, but that doesn’t stop him. 
Twilight’s approach to making friends with the sentient rocks was unconventional in a traditional sense. Typically when trying to get on someone’s good side you don’t go on a rampage through their home fighting and throwing around all their friends. But the Gorons are tough so in this case that worked, and after Twilight beat one of the Goron’s most respected members he earned their trust and was permitted entrance into their sacred mines. 
[After Twilight told the story of how he climbed Death mountain]
Warriors: Is there a Goron in your era you haven’t assaulted? 
Twilight: They were fair fights.
Wind: Like hell they were, you used iron boots that’s cheating!
Twilight: ...
Twilight: Well, I haven’t fought any of the kids or elderly. 
The chain: ( ಠ_ಠ)
After saving their patriarch and helping them reconnect with the people at Kakariko they would’ve definitely considered Twi as one of them. I can imagine him taking trips to Death Mountain post TP to train with the Gorons, chuck rocks around, rock climb and of course sumo wrestle.
Ooh what if Twi teaches Wild sumo so that they could pass it to the Gorons in his era. The sport must have died out by that time since I don’t think it comes up in BotW. I imagine that Time already knows it. Since it was stated to be something of a tradition for them and his era is less than 200 years behind Twi’s. 
Speaking of Time, during his adventure he got really close with the Gorons, although he didn’t do any official challenges like Wild (I think) or brute force his way through their territory like Twi. He just kind of showed up as a kid, solved their problems and then did it again 7 years later. 
In the child timeline the adult part of OoT means diddly squat, but I’m pretty sure a little kid strolling in and doing what grown ass members of your tribe couldn’t would be enough for you to respect him. Plus Time has Biggoron’s sword in LU, meaning he did that side quest for the master craftsman. If that isn’t one brother helping another then I don’t know what to tell you.
Going over now to LU, the three of them would spearhead the shenaniganery that would ensue if the chain were ever let loose in the Eldin region (in any era). Wild would be climbing around all over the place making friends and Twilight wouldn’t resist a few friendly sporting matches and yeeting half the population off the mountain. 
Also I’m thinking that the chain would meet up after an afternoon of doing their own thing only to walk in on Time winning an arm wrestling match with a really strong Goron. Whether he’s using the golden gauntlets or not doesn’t affect how hyped the group are seeing their leader kicking ass with the biggest grin on his face. 
Thanks for reading.
9th place in the LU character design ranking
Character analysis posts:
Hero of the Sky, Hero of Time, Hero of Twilight, Hero of the Wild, Hero of Warriors
Parkour team - LU drabble
How each member of the chain laughs - LU headcanon
Remember that Wild eats rocks. Never forget this vital information. 
I’d like to include Wars but I don’t think he connected much with Darunia during the war and he’s too busy being a high ranking soldier to take trips to Death Mountain. 
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eustasssimp · 3 months ago
Love your writing style! Please, I’ve had kid stuck in my head and I just can’t stop imagining him with a sunshine s/o that’s super nice to everyone but like actually just as feral as him. The way they wouldn’t blink an eye at him causing a mess or yelling and no one really gets why they’re together, but they work. Gn reader, doesn’t really matter! If you decide to write this, thank you so much! If not, now worries! Hope you have a wonderful day/ night either way 😄
srry anon u literally described me so i wrote this incredibly selfishly bc husband
Tumblr media
Eustass Kid x GN reader
SFW Prompt: "Sweet" S/O wc: 0.5k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
People look at your dynamic, the shining sunny partner who isn't afraid to offer a helping hand, to point people in the right direction if they ask, to thank sales workers and the Big Scary Angry Man. They don't understand how it works, how someone who is so cheerfully outgoing can be so happy with someone who seemingly festers pure, unadulterated rage inside himself at all times.
When they see Kid, drunk in the bar picking fights with some asshole who cut him off from where he was walking, they expect to see you wide eyed and terrified, rushing in to stop your boyfriend from beating the stranger to a pulp.
What they don't expect, is you, swinging your mug of ale high in the air, cheering him on louder than anyone else in the bar.
Killer is the only thing keeping you from going in and joining the scuffle, the blonde knowing all too well that his red headed captain has little mind to his surroundings. The masked man would be the one picking up Kid's heartbroken pieces if he whaps you in the face with his arm, so he keeps you out of it.
But, not even his strength can keep you from cheering, almost dancing in your spot for Kid. When the tulip inevitably wins, you're finally released from Killer's grasp to go hurdling towards the devil fruit user, whooping and cheering in your drunken haze. That was the first time the townspeople got a hint that you, although kind face to face, were not the innocent person they thought you were.
No, kind hearted and gracious you may be, you still were a member of the Kid Pirates. Yes, you would help pick that child up when they fell in front of you and yes you would cover the rest of that person's bill when they were just a few berry's short for them. But, you would also start a raging crowd in the taverns, or a way too big bonfire on the beach, howling and laughing with the rest of your crew.
Hardly anything makes Kid prouder than seeing stranger's jaws drop at the sight of you in an arm wrestling match, winning piles and piles of money off of poor farmers and workers who think they can beat little old you in a competition of strength, or when you come back to town, one of the massive beasts known for terrorizing people in the mountains tossed over your shoulder with a proud smile on your face as you ask Killer if he can cook it up for dinner.
You show them that kindness does not mean weakness, and that generosity does not mean you're not also a pirate. Kid gets up to more trouble than you by far, and it never ceases to shock people when you don't step in to stop them, or when you have to be stopped (by Killer, the only one with real responsibility) from joining in on the chaos.
Kid loves it when all sights are on him after doing something destructive or violent, and how gentle the smile you give him is as he strides up to you, swagger in his step, to plant a lip-bruising kiss on your lips for the whole town to see. You have eyes only for him, and him for you, and though they may never understand it- it works.
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r0-boat · a month ago
Wild man! Ingo
(Tarzan Au)
Prof. Laventon as your fatherly figure
With slight kamado slander
( time period is all over the place don't think too hard dkdnd.)
I imagine two ways how this could go: Ingo and emmet were separated at Birth.
You are Laventon's assistant( and pretty much his adoptive child) you've heard from the locals to stay away from the tall mountains of Coronet, sneasles and Sneaslers make their nests there.
Laventon and you are ecstatic. Two of you make great haste to the mountains before listening to the Clan's warnings of something else that lurks.
Laventon gets cold feet upon near the steeper parts of Coronet. You will not be defeated as you start climbing the frigid walls. You make your way onto solid ground higher than your professor. " I'm sorry! I can't go further!" He calles out the wind howling drowning out most of him. "I'll wait for you at camp! Please! please! be careful"
The wind starts to pick up whipping up the fresh snow on the ground and in the air. The wind snatches your scarf blowing it to Sinnoh knows where as you press on.
The cold doesn't bother you but... you can't help but feel like your being watched.
You've been walking around for a while and still no sign of a single Sneasle... maybe you need to get higher... You rub your freezing cold hands together trying to gain what little warmth they have before grabbing on the rocks that stick out the jagged ledge. You grit your teeth trying your hardest but your hands give out on you slipping down and falling a far height. The last thing you see was a figure approaching you as you black out
Your eyes slowly open as you regain consciousness. You realize that you are covered with furs and in some sort of nest?. Your whole body still hurts from that fall. That's what you saw it.
Silver Eyes growing from the entrance of the cave it's Long Claws and thick fur. A Sneasler?! But upon closer inspection it was a man
The man Pokémon?? Beast? Doesn't take his eyes off you slowly calling closer his metallic claws scratching on the ground. He reaches for your face you brace yourself but instead of the cold metal of the claws, you feel soft yet rough hands gently touch your cheek.
You lay there completely still as he holds your chin and inspected your face occasionally tilting your head from left to right. He tilts your head to the far right inspecting your neck feeling cold callused figures gently graze across the Skin. He licks his lips going in for a taste before-
The echoing call of a Pokemon catches his attention. He lets out and annoyed growl before getting up looking back at you one more time before leaving.
He is curious about you as much as you are of him. Mother Sneasler always told him to stay away from the foothills of the mountain but why? You don't look dangerous in fact... You look like him! Mother would never approve of him housing a stranger in his own Den. So he'll keep you as a secret for now.
You're like him but smaller, softer. You are so cold when he found you. Is this why he feels so protective...over you?
He gets weird feelings in his chest when he gets closer to you the way you try not to meet his eyes and squirm away honestly makes him want to do it more.
His callused cold hands gently hold your wrist his thumb traveling up before rubbing your palm. You are so cold before but now you're so warm, warm a different feeling of warmth than his kin's fur.
A man with ugly facial fur have a weird plated scales try to take you away he spoke in words he didn't quite understand. He looked angry. Ingo reveals himself pulling you towards him, he snarls when the man draws his weapon. He has wrestled Pokemon bigger than this fool. He will not let he touch you.
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kithtaehyung · 6 months ago
teaser: hush, yeah? 4 (m) pairing: taehyung x reader(f) rating/genre: m (18+) ; brother’s best friend au, music festival au ; smut summary: “never guessed you would be like this.” warnings: gagging (with fingers), hair pulling, tae being a tease lol word count: 686 | date: march 16th, 7:20pm est note: okay, y’all... here you go lol
When Taehyung slid his fingers out, you felt your own hot saliva coat your face in lines before his voice slithered right behind them,
“I know you can take one more. Or am I wrong?”
“I can take it,” you rasped, yelping in surprise when he jammed his digits inside your mouth quicker than before. They went in further than you anticipated, and his eyes flashed three shades darker at your gag - one for each finger he lodged inside your mouth.
“Never guessed you would be like this.”
You could only cock an eyebrow at him. Because while you weren’t as big of a flirt as he was, you still had a mountain of experience under your belt. And he was about to learn just how much.
That was what you wanted to show him all along. It didn’t matter how paranoid you were, or how reluctant you were in certain situations--you had experience, too. You had game, too. 
And you were going to let him know now because you were not going to get another chance. Sure, your arms were deftly pinned above your head, and yeah, you couldn’t exactly move your legs. 
But you could still control your mouth, and that was enough.
Spurning into action, your tongue worked around him, a spark igniting in your core when Taehyung couldn’t keep in his groan. Or his second. Or his third. 
“Fuck, baby...” 
Growing hot under his stare alone, you tilted your head side to side, lapping at his skin and teasing him with what you could do with something else. 
Knowing he would feel it, you moaned around his fingers while throwing your head back, sucking him in with all the frustration you had been harboring because of his damn games. 
A growl preceded the quick removal of his fingers before he gripped your chin in his drenched hand. 
“You want that throat fucked, don’t you?” 
“Not as much as you want that dick sucked.” Soreness reignited in your wrists as you tried to wrestle out of his grip, wanting to launch yourself at him before he could tease you again. The way his shirt was only holding up by one button was causing you enough suffering already. “Let me go.”
“So cute,” was all Taehyung cooed as he witnessed your struggle, watching as your naked chest jiggled with your thrashing. Damn him for flicking both of your pasties into far corners of the bathroom. “I think you actually like this.”
You didn’t want to tell him he was right. 
So you settled for a big huff in his face.
Taehyung’s look was incredibly predatory when he tilted his head, leaning in with lidded eyes and fire in his mouth. “You want out?”
His smirk only widened. “Why?”
“Let me go and you’ll find out.”
A puff of disbelief left him before he chided, “If you say so.”
Power that had been building inside of you condensed into a dark ball, bursting into pure energy as you wasted no time in pushing Taehyung back with freed arms.
The look on his face was priceless, transitioning from shock to an absolutely fiendish smile. You knew he was keeping in a laugh based on the teeth biting his lip, but when you shoved him into the back wall of the bathroom, he couldn’t keep it in anymore.
“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung,” you seethed as you pounced on him, going straight for his neck and pulling at his ridiculously soft hair.
Undeterred by your attack, he simply shot out dark mirth and responded with a jovial, “Is that a promise?”
“Shut up.” You swiped at his throat before giving a tiny nip, and your hands hastily tore his shirt so hard that the last button skipped and rolled along tile. “Or I’m leaving.” 
Immediately, your head was tugged back with a force that had your thighs quaking. Fuck. Gasping, you whined before a mouth pressed right against your ear, but instead of shying away from what came out of it, you could only smirk.
“You’re not leaving until I’m done with you.”
tbc. :) 
a/n: ahhhh so. there’s that. lmaoooooo hope all you hush yeah peeps are okay with the teaser ! idk when HY4 will drop but the 18+ taglist is here !!  other links: hush, yeah masterlist ; hush, yeah feedback box ; masterlist
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bluiebear · a month ago
Hello idk if your allowing requests at this time but if i can make one that would be great.
Could you so a wukong x mk's sister reader sonario?
Like how they ment or what its like to date wukong with a over protective brother? If not its okay but thx
☀️"My little sister?!" Sun Wukong ☀️
Tw: Wholesome
Tumblr media
🍑- You were somewhat of Mk's adoptive little sister. But, when he first told you about being the Monkie Kid you thought he was lying. Until he took you to flower fruit mountain. The whole walk he was telling you how great and cool the Monkey king was. You of course, just listened to him ramble on and on about the king.
🍑- Now, you new that he was a major fanatic of monkey king, but now you were somewhat excited. As you walked up the mountain you both reached the Monkey king's home and went in. You looked around at the inside of his "Shame" temple. It needed some work, but, other than that it seemed to be ok.
🍑- You stayed close with Mk so you wouldn't get lost. Eventually, you got to the center where Mk called out, "Hay Monkey king! I want you to meet someone!" Almost like he appeared out of thin air, you heard his voice from behind you, "Ooo who's this, kid? And why didn't you bring her sooner?~" he asked in an flirtatious tone.
🍑- This caught you by surprise and before you could say anything, Mk wrapped his arm around your neck and pulled you closer too him, "This is (Y/n)! She like my little sister. Except she's adopted." You blinked and rose a brow, 'isn't he adopted too?' you were brought back to reality when Wukong spoke again. He was asking more about you. And you answered best you could, or at least what you wanted to answer.
🍑- Strange. Why was he so interested in you? You had just met him and he was already pretty flirty. You weren't used to all this sudden attention from the king, or from anyone at that matter. This flirting went on for a while since you first met. Occasionally, you'll clap back with your own flirts and clapbacks at him. And you always managed to fluster the king or make him blush in some way.
🍑- Needless to say, he grew fond of you quick. And eventually, this man was fully in love with you. He'd make it clear to some of his enemies that if they touched you, they might as well pray to whoever they serve. In his words, Everyday he learns something new about you, he only falls deeper. He wanted to be close with you. And always be there for you.
🍑- Now, I can't lie and say you hated the attention, because you didn't. You thought it was sweet that he cared for you that much. But, at the same time, it seemed like you were genuinely falling for the great sage yourself. He was funny, goofy, strong, and well prideful. Other than being prideful and stubborn, you liked Wukong's personality.
🍑- He has other good qualities but we'd be here all day if I listed them. But back on track. He was fairly touchy with you. Hugs, Nuzzles, cuddles, once he snuck a quick kiss on your cheek. At first, you didn't take him and his crush on you seriously. Until that exact moment.
🍑- Then you looked at him, This man had the smuggest look on his face while he continued talking Mk. Mk was going into overprotective Big bother mode. Even though you were a year younger than him. He knew you were strong enough to defend yourself. But, still he was your big brother and he was going to protect you. After all, as far as he was concerned, no guys was worthy of you.
🍑- "HEY! I THOUGHT I SAID NO DATING UNTIL YOUR 50, YOUNG LADY!" He yelled while shaking you, "WHAT?! THAT'S LIKE HALF OF MY LIFE SPAN!" You yelled back in shock. Wukong just watched and began laughing. He smiled and watched you both. Who knew humans could be so entertaining.
🍑- He enjoyed watching you both bicker and wrestle around. It became one of his favorite past times. He seemed to enjoy flirting with you and annoying Mk by doing so. Mk would groan and glare at Wukong sometimes when he flirted with you during training sessions. And eventually, he stopped while taking you back home and said, "I'm not bringing you here on training day, you keep distracting my mentor." You just giggled at his annoyance.
🍑- Eventually, you decided to accept his feelings for you. Never in your life did you think the monkey king would be your boyfriend. You could tell he thought the same, he was much more calm and gentle with you. He made sure you were comfortable and you were genuinely enjoying your stay at flower fruit mountain.
🍑- Now, during the time where Mk wasn't training, you'd visit Wukong with Marshmallows. He loves marshmallows, just like he loves you. So when you brought them his tail wagged like crazy.
🍑- So, you'd spend your time talking with him and eating marshmallows with him. You both talked for a bit before he offered you a marshmallow. you took it and ate it. You both talked the entire time before he took you home.
🍑- let's be clear. Never ride on a cloud with this man. Because he be speeding like he in a hurry. And you, poor little you, be fightin' for yo life holding on to him. you did fall once. When you did, he was almost too late catching you. So you both agreed you'd only take the cloud home if it was necessary.
🍑- Even when you tell him you don't need to be walked home, he still goes with you. You don't get a choice. Now his reasons for going with you is bacause... Well. He knew Macaque was lurking in the city. He knew that Macaque knew who you were. And maybe he'd try and use you against him. He wasn't willing to take that risk.
🍑- So, he'd walk you home and you guys would talk on the way back. As soon as you got to the apartment you shared with Mk, you hugged Wukong for bringing you home and walked inside.
🍑- you then turned around to see Mk with his arms crossed and tapping one foot on the ground, "do you know what time it is?!" So yeah, it turned into an argument and ended with Mk saying, "That's it young lady YOUR GROUNDED!"
🍑- Him being older than you. According to Tang and Pigsy meant that you had to listen too him. So yes you were grounded for a week.
🍑- He's only doing it because he loves you, your his baby sis, he wants to protect you at all costs. Even if it means grounding you. He will do it. Trust me.
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writingcore · 8 months ago
Reader!without a vision — super strength.
summary: diluc, zhongli, childe, & thoma with an s/o who has no vision; however, is super strong.
warnings: none
pairings: diluc, zhongli, childe, & reader x gn!reader
a/u: 100% inspired by sakura haruno + trying some headcanons format so it’ll probably change later on. && REQUESTS ARE OPEN !!
Tumblr media
— he really wouldn’t mind at all if you were visionless, it just means it gets to safe you from danger
— until … he finds out how stronger you are
— stronger than him, holy mother of god.
— he scratches his head so much cause he’s terrified to get on your bad side OR he doesn’t want anyone on your bad side
— when you two spare, you would often get scary and end up destroying the poor ground && he just stands there 🧍🏻.
— maybe or maybe not he’ll call you to help him with his darknight hero stuff or whatever …
— 100% he’ll causally ask you to break current things when he can’t do it.
— he’s probably the guy who gets turned on by it tbh
— diluc would also would like to know where how you got such monstrous strength & can control it good
“You may want to take it easy, love. i don’t want you getting hurt now.”
“Shut up, you know I’m stronger than you.”
Tumblr media
— throughout his whole MILLIONS of years living, this is the first time he ever seen such a thing especially coming from his s/o
— he’s fascinated, lure him into your story / training skills
— he’ll also stand there … awkwardly but also proudly if you causes a scene + breaking something
— he’s not paying for that. you are.
— However as an ex-archon, he’s definitely and most likely stronger than you
— but since nobody knows; he has to play the Princess. He secretly likes it
— Also definitely talks about you without even knowing and by that , he’ll describe you without saying ur name
— also will ask for help
— sparing is also much more a thing, you’ll definitely teach him 
— hot && powerful couple ‼️
— he’s enchanted whenever he sees you
— helps you with heavy objects even when you can do it yourself
“Now how are you able to control it, dear?”
“Lots of … practice. Many.”
Tumblr media
— WILL NOT go easy on you what’s so ever
— at first he thought you were some regular person til you help him with one of the hoarders
— being the “bad boy” he is, he managed to fail at his cool tricked til you kicked one of the guys into the mountain … or something
— sparring all. the. time. even with his form
— are you still stronger than him? Yes.
— literally so amazed. he’ll try to get you into the harbingers
— gets turned on very much.
— he likes your muscles whenever you flex + without trying too
— tbh just hit him. he’ll enjoy it.
— flirts with you. ALL THE TIME.
— he laughs nervously sometimes that just means he scared of you … tbh
— talks about you to his friends. brags.
— you’re kinda like his bodyguard too. but mainly him , he ain’t gonna let anyone touch you.
— power couple ‼️‼️
“come on comrade! hit me!”
“I’m not gonna hit you-“
“I said DO IT!”
Tumblr media
— do. not. put yourself in danger.
— he doesn’t care if you have super strength, he’s still going to protect you.
— praises you.
— watches you help others people w/puppy eyes
— workouts. he’s lowkey tryna be like you
— he kinda gets embarrassed when u angry sometimes.
— will help you with your injuries.
— but you can heal yourself and him.
— ALSO flex for him
— playful arm wrestles
— just like childe, he will also nervously laugh definitely more constantly
— scared for his life and the people.
“Please be careful!”
“Hey, it’s okay I got it. No need to worry!”
“Okay and?”
You: 😟
ok! thank you for reading!
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subpar-ghoulfriend · a year ago
A Family Affair
Slasher AU CannibalFamily!EraserMicxReader
We’re going with the “strange family that lives outside of a small town” trope. After a few deliveries to the Aizawa household you get pulled in to an affair you never wanted to be a part of. 
Spooky season is upon us and I’ve already begun watching too many horror movies.  This fic will definitely be a two parter
Super Dark Content Warning!!! Literally do not read if you have any reservation and definitely no minors!
TW: cannibal themes, mentions of murder, mentions of corpse mutilation, kidnapping, unhealthy relationships
Part 2 is gonna include more of this and the smut
Growing up you were grateful for living in a small town. You didn't really relate to the coming-of-age stories told in the movies where the small town girl runs off to the big city for a whirlwind romance and a chance at some "big break." To you, small town life was more picturesque than any overcrowded city. You knew your neighbors, and watched a lot of their families grow and change throughout the years. A small town allows you to become a regular at several businesses, including the coffee shop and your favorite diner downtown. Going away to college was tough even though you didn't go far. The nearest city - a little over 40 miles away - had a great college with a program you were really interested in pursuing.
You went home every break and picked up delivery jobs at one of the local restaurants. It was winter break of your last year in college when you first delivered to the Aizawa residence. In all your years at the restaurant they never ordered delivery, one of the two men would always place an order for pick up. The thing about small town stereotypes is that small towns tend to self-impose said stereotypes. The Aizawa's were that family. The one that everyone whispered when they came to town and children would tell horror stories about during Halloween. They were the weird family that lived just past the outskirts of town.
You weren't entirely sure what either of the two men did. Everyone speculated that Mr. Aizawa was some sort of mountain-man-feral type and maybe did some mechanic work for the folks that tend to live in between towns. His husband, Mr. Yamada seemed like the stay at home trophy husband but you heard he did some sort of conspiracy podcast. They had children - reportedly, but no one has really met them - and other family members that live similarly further out into the middle of nowhere. The drive was absurdly long but they were loyal customers and the owners didn't want to turn their request down. Your boss handed you a chunk of bills to fill up your tank before heading out. That's no place you'd want to get stranded, he told you.
The paved road got worse the further you got from town. Forty-five minutes later you were pulling down the dirt road that led to the illuminated Aizawa home. A wall of cold air slammed in to you when you opened your car door and you grumbled about leaving your gloves at home. There was no doorbell, so knocked and did that awkward please-don't-let-me-freeze dance while you waited. Two unfamiliar faces opened the door, an apathetic looking teen and an adorable little girl. Must be their children. The older one called out for his dad before taking one of the bags you held and disappearing into the home. You looked down awkwardly and wave at the girl. She smiled shyly and reached out for the other bag.
"Are you sure?" You asked her, "It's a little heavy."
She nodded.
"Okay, but use two hands," You passed her the bag. "Oh jeez, you're strong. Don't tell your brother, but I think this is the heavier bag."
You smiled when she giggled and ran off.
Mr. Aizawa appeared in the door, "How much do we owe?"
He was just as terrifying up close and for a split second your mind went blank while your basic instincts were begging you go back to the car. He raised an eyebrow at you, looking irritated at your falter.
"Uh - forty-two."
He pulled counted out a chunk of bills and then you were off. You didn't even count the amount until you parked. Forty-two with a forty-dollar tip. They may be odd but apparently they're loaded. You didn't think much of it until the following week when you were heading back to their house with another delivery. You wished that they would order earlier but at least you could hope for another generous tip. You were taken aback when the little girl answered the door by herself, jumping up and down with excitement.
Was she old enough to answer the door by herself?
"Papa," She yelled. "The lady is here!"
She turned her attention back to you with a huge grin, "Shinsou got sore that you told me I'm the stronger one."
Before you could respond to her the other man, Mr. Yamada, bounced around the corner, "Eri, what have we told you about the door? Oh no, you must be freezing come stand inside while I go get your payment. Forty-two right?"
You wanted to protest, feeling uneasy in their entryway but the little girl tugged you by the delivery bags. So you stood there quietly while she ran back in forth so she could unload the delivery for you. Shinsou peered around the corner so you gave a small wave. Then it was just you and Eri once again. In the background you could hear Yamada asking his husband where the wallet went.
"I like your shirt," You smiled, trying to fill the silence.
"I wanted a Pegasus shirt but this was the only one my daddy could find."
"Well I think unicorns are pretty cool too."
You use to babysit for some of the families in town, no part of you could imagine doing that all the way out here.
The blonde rejoined you, giving you another lush payment. You heard the little girl whine about you leaving so quickly until her father appeased her by saying you'd be back.
Something about that rubbed you the wrong way; but you were back like clockwork the next week with their usual delivery. Once again you were brought inside while they went to get your payment. But on your fourth and what should have been your final delivery of the winter break you noticed something was off when you parked. Their truck was missing from its usual spot. Strange but they probably just moved it somewhere else on the property. You had become accustom Eri running to answer the door and telling you wait for her parents in the entrance of the house. You became suspicious after she had run back and forth to take the food to the kitchen.
"Eri, where are your parents? Or Shinsou?"
The little girl's response was nonchalant, "They had to go out, one of our cattle got out. But they gave me the money."
You stuffed the money into your jacket; payment was the issue here. In the back of your mind you though about how you never saw any cattle on your deliveries. A child her age shouldn’t be left alone.
"Oh, well, can I hang out with you while we wait for them to come back?"
The little girl lit up as she pulled you to the living room. There was a kid's movie playing on the TV and she had a coloring book out. Eri divide up her crayons and tore out a page for you to join her. You kept looking to the window, waiting for the truck to pull up.
Suddenly there was banging at the door, which elicited a cry from Eri. You reached into your pocket only finding the crumpled bills. Shit, your stomach dropped. You left your phone in your car. After all, this was just supposed to be a quick delivery. The noise stopped, only for a moment, before resuming.
"Eri, sweetie," You whispered to the stunned little girl. "Do your parents have a phone here?"
She shook her head.
A man’s voice tore through the door, "Let me in dammit, you have to let me in before they come back."
You held your finger to your lip, and Eri nodded, repeating the gesture. The living room light was on and you realized that if he came to the side of the house you'd be seen through the window, but turning out the light would draw attention. Maybe he was bluffing, maybe he didn't know if anyone was inside and turning off the light would signal your presence. You pointed to the kitchen, where the lights were off and the two of you tip toed to the safety of darkness.
"Eri, honey, can you go sit in the pantry for me and be really, really quiet? I'll be right out here and don't come out until I come to get you okay?"
She looked hesitant and tearful but you were surprised at her level of composure for a kid. Finally she complied. Once the pantry door was closed you began rummaging through the drawers, looking for something that could inflict the most damage. A meat tenderizer could work. The banging continued and you swore you hear wood beginning to splinter. Your grip tightened with every bang. Finally the door gave way and a man stumbled through the splintered wood. He stopped when he saw you holding the cleaver.
He was dirty, without shoes or a shirt and his skin was red from the cold.
You hoped your voice wouldn’t crack, "You need to leave-"
"Monsters, monsters," he blabbed. "They're gonna come back and we gotta go."
You decided to bluff, "Get out of here, I already called the cops."
"Good, good, good," He mumbled, “but we still gotta go. NOW."
There was one step forward from him, one step back from you.
"If you come near me, I'll make sure you don't get up," You warned. At the very least you had to keep him away from Eri. Even if that was all you could do.
There was a desperate look in his eyes; they darted from you to the keys hooked to your jeans, then back to the keys. Finally he smiled, "You have a car, man that's perfect. Listen I won't hurt you but we need to get in your damn car, now."
Sounds like something someone who wants to hurt me would say, you thought. Apparently you took too long to respond, the man lunged toward you and you tried to swing the meat tenderizer. The tool connected with his shoulder and he howled out in pain but still managed to wrestle you to the ground. The two of you struggled with each other and the man was yelling that you'd die if you didn't listen to him. You landed a weak hit to his jaw, splitting his lip. You even tried biting at him but he was persistent and struggling to get your keys. You were telling him he could have them that he just needed to let you go but he wasn't listening to you. Managing to grab his ear you had a flashback to the self-defense seminar you had to take in college, it should be easy to rip a human ear. So you pulled. Blood began to flow from the wound down his face and on to you. He got you off him before you got the whole ear by delivering a blow to your stomach. The air rushed from your body, is this what it means to get the wind knocked out of you?
There was a loud noise and fog lights flooded through the broken door. Then saw Shinsou and Aizawa pulling the man off you. You pushed yourself and back, clutching at your stomach. Your cheeks were wet. Were you crying or was that blood on your face? Probably both.
The trio wrangled the man outside where you heard more struggling, fighting, and groaning.
Eri.  You managed your way to the kitchen but realized you were covered in blood. Not wanting to traumatize the little girl any further you spoke through the door.
"Eri, can you stay there a little bit longer?"
"Can't I come out? I heard my daddies," She cried, tugging at your heartstrings.
"Not yet, okay? They're here and everything's okay, I'm gonna have them come get you okay?"
Thankfully, the door didn't open. As you shuffled toward the front door Mr. Yamada entered, wiping specks of blood off him.
You were shocked when he pulled you into a hug, "You're okay. Sho and Shinsou got everything under control. Where is Eri?"
You told him about her hiding spot and he sighed in relief and rushed to her.
The other two returned with bloodied knuckles that made your stomach churn.
"Yamada," The mountain man called, with his eyes scanning the home.
"Don't worry, Sho, I got Eri. She's fine. Our delivery girl is okay, she's got some bumps and bruises but she made the other guy look worse."
Aizawa ushered you to the couch, expecting your legs to give out at any moment.
"We need to call the police," You finally spoke.
Aizawa assured you he did. They were 45 minutes out but they'd work on getting here faster. Yamada brewed you a cup of tea, “for while we wait.” They finally calmed Eri down and Shinsou took her upstairs to get ready for bed. It felt weird for them to return to mundane evening routines so quickly after all that chaos, but maybe you were just the odd one out. Close to an hour later you were still waiting for the police to show up. Your tea was finished long ago and your nerves had calmed. You were even having trouble keeping your eyes open.
"You think they're almost here, babe" The blonde wondered, draping a throw blanket around your shoulders. "I'm sure she wants to this day to be over with."
It was still dark when you woke up. The blonde was fast asleep on the recliner next to you. The police must have come by now but there was no way you slept through the visit. Anxiety from earlier made it’s way back in to your chest. The clock read 4am; had they even called the police. All of the childhood rumors you heard came flooding back and you exited the house as quietly as you could, not realizing your keys were no longer with you.
When you made it outside you noticed dried blood on the ground, trailing toward what you assumed was their barn or storage shed. You were entranced. Looking back to the house, no one was awake; there was no movement, no light, just quiet. You shouldn’t follow the bloody trail, you shouldn't go near the shed; but your body moved on it's own accord and before you realized it you were at the doors. You gave a tug, expecting it to be locked, but the door swung open and inside you noticed the lock lay on the ground.
You should have turned around, got in your car, and drove away. Instead you stepped inside and found the bloody, broken body of the man who attacked you. There was a slight sway to the corpse that was hanging from a reinforced pillar. Nearly screaming your hand shot to cover your mouth.
You should've left.
You should've left.
You should've left.
Aizawa was watching you from the kitchen, cursing Hizashi for leaving the shed unlocked. His hand hovered over the secured cabinet drawer that stored a pistol. He wouldn't shoot you only scare you a bit. But you weren't running out in a panic. He didn't even hear you scream. Interesting. He went to join you, moving like any predator concealing it presence and leaving the gun safe untouched.
You should've left.
You should've left.
You finally came to your sense and whirled around only to run into your late night admirer. A terrified squeak escaped you as you jumped further into the confined space.
"Mr Aizawa! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have - I'm sorry."
He didn't look angry, although you wished he did. It would be better than the unsettling smile on his face.
"That's alright, I was heading out here anyway," He closed the door behind him and flicked on a dim light that lit up the room with shadows. "Can't leave it hanging for too long."
Your throat tightened, he stood between you and the only exit. If he noticed your terror there was no indication that he cared. He turned his back to you momentarily, rummaging through the clutter on the workbench. Now was the best chance you may get and you made a dash for the door. It was a futile attempt and part of you knew it but your nerves were ablaze with adrenaline and you were running on instinct not reason. There was a foreign tightness around your throat that kept you fighting to inhale. Struggling to breathe you didn’t even register the sharp pinch of a needle piercing your deltoid.
Aizawa pressed his nose to your hair, "Behave. Even if you get out of here, your tire has a flat, pesky nails tend to find their way on to the roads out here. A real shame."
He dragged you over to a chair across from the lifeless body cuffing both your wrists to the armrests. Stupid, stupid, he was grabbing out cuffs and I ran straight into him, you scolded yourself. You went to open your mouth and beg to be let go, but you were silenced.
"Keep it down or I'll have to find a way to keep you quiet."
Your heart was beating so hard it hurt. Once a friend said it was possible to die by fright, if that was true you wouldn't last much longer. Now that you were safely out of the way, Aizawa could make quick work dismembering the carcass. He donned his usual rubber apron and pulled back his hair. With his experience he could finish the job in less than two hours. Now was as good a time as ever for you to learn.
With a sigh he began his explanation and craft:
"Cannibalism has been around as long as we've existed: sacrificially, ceremonially, culturally, especially during times of plague, war, and famine. You can find documented accounts from pretty much every part of the world. And there's no one reason. Our family keeps it simple. We eat meat, animals are meat, and humans are animals. In times of famine and other hardships, this was a reliable food source. Of course now, there's not much of a risk for severe famine to effect people like us but it's tradition. This is how it's been for our family for years. And not just those of us around these parts but our relatives everywhere. It's important to keep old trades alive."
He paused, now splattered with blood, to take note of your dry heaving.
"Please," You gasped. "I just want to go -"
With narrowed eyes he continued:
"It's important for you to listen to our family history. Typically we don't reap a harvest until three weeks after the winter solstice and 3 weeks before the summer solstice. Twice a year is enough to get us by. Zashi and I are impressed that you managed to wrangle him in. Poetic in a way, don’t ’cha think? Consuming the flesh of someone who tried to overpower you. First reap of the harvest. Nice that it's a family affair."  
The room was spinning and you were fighting the sedative as hard as you could. There was no way any of this was real, maybe you were dreaming? Maybe you'd been knocked unconscious when that man rushed you. Or better yet, maybe you were asleep at home still. It was possible that this whole delivery fiasco was just a nightmare. Your stomach churned at the speech. There was sun peaking through the cracks in the wall by the time he finished separating the ... different sections. There was no more body, just pieces. You nodded off for a few minutes before being jolted awake by the door opening and letting in the bright morning light .
"Good morning, you two night owls," Hizashi beamed. Walking to his husband handing over a tall mug of coffee. He was completely unfazed by the scene he walked in on. In fact the only frown he made was when Aizawa said he put too much sweetener in the coffee.  "Anyways, grumpy pants, I called your sister. She's on her way to pick up Eri and Shinsou for a few days. To give us some time to focus on our little muse. Speaking of, I should go get her some water. Oh, plus we need to fix our door."
After you refused to drink anything they tried to give you they left you alone in the shed. The handcuffs were too tight for you to slip through and in your struggle you managed to topple the chair over, hitting the floor with painful slap. It was hard to ignore the buzzing of the flies swarming the space where the body once hung. You closed your eyes, your mind wandering to your family and what they would think when they realized you were missing.
Outside you heard a car pull up and were tempted to scream for someone to help you. Maybe it was the police; maybe someone realized you didn't go home last night and found out where your last delivery was. Your captors came out to greet whoever it was and you were glad you didn't yell, they sounded friendly. They were coming toward the shed but you were too defeated to react.
"Sho," Hizashi gasped, "She fell."
The response was sharp and sarcastic, "I hadn't noticed." He yanked you up with ease and the world was no longer side ways but the jolt paired with the exhaustion and drugs left the world spinning.
The woman must've been the sister they mentioned earlier. She squealed with delight, "Oh isn't she the cutest, lemme get a good look."
She resembled neither of the men and gave off cool-soccer-mom vibes. With a gentle grip on your chin she bore into your eyes.
"Please,” You begged, “I just want go home."
The sister didn't waiver, "Don't worry sweet thing, these two are gonna take such good care of you. Just relax and let them help you."
Help? You don't need help from them. You needed to get out of this hell.
"Okay," She bounced toward the exit, "Bring out my niece and nephew, we're gonna have a fun weekend. And take care of your girl, she looks like a keeper."
Finally you screamed in frustration. Brief, loud, and full of anger but it deflated just as quickly when the two men shot you a menacing look. How could all three of them show no display of empathy? You were again convinced this was an alternate reality when both children peaked their heads in to wave goodbye before they peeled away from the home, leaving you alone with Hizashi and Aizawa.
There was a hatch toward the back of the room where the two disappeared until they came back with a third body. They were dragging a woman up like a ragdoll and acidic bile burned your throat. If you had to guess you would say she was late middle age. It felt like they were setting a stage, Hizashi pulled you closer to where they stood while Aizawa managed to tie the woman down to the stained table.
"Why are you doing this," you cried. But they ignored you.
"Did you know there are people who pay for certain oddities and they’re willing to spend big bucks to get what they want? We keep whatever makes sense to eat and sell the rest. Ideally nothing goes to waste.”
The next hour and forty-seven minutes were excruciating. There were several “items” – as they referred to her body parts – that they removed while she was still alive; but finally Aizawa made the perfect incision along her thigh and a pomegranate wave gushed out. There was no way she would suffer much longer with this amount of blood loss.
"Please just let her die," You begged the universe. "Please let it end."
For the first time since starting they stepped back from the body, leaving it on the table to come over to you. Aizawa knelt before you and his bloody hand brushed hair from your face; his thumb rested on your lip and you couldn't even physically respond. Hizashi was behind him, rubbing his partner's shoulders.
"You're going to kill me?”  
Both men finally softened, coming down their endorphin high. There was something so satisfying about your question. Arousing, even. They made it clear that your life was up to them, which meant they had you where they needed you.
"Am I having a blonde moment? I don't recall saying we'd kill her."
Aizawa threw an incredulous look his way before addressing you, "We aren't going to kill you. We wouldn't've saved you from that terrible animal if that were the plan. We don't kill just anyone. We wanted to introduce you to our lifestyle and now’s the best chance. Eri’s wanted to keep you since day one, but if you can't behave that'll be an issue. Can you prove to us that you’re going to behave or do we have to get you down into the cellar?”
There was no other choice than to nod. Picking up a piece of the dissected woman Hizashi muttered something about starting dinner before telling his husband that you really need to get more rest. Aizawa agreed, and since it seemed like you were having trouble getting rest he decided to give you another little dose of medicine.
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the-blind-assassin-12 · 4 months ago
Survivor Blues
Part Four: Creatures of Habit 
A/N: I am sorry that this is getting posted so late! Things have been a little wild in my world lately, and I’m wrestling to find the balance between writing and everything else. But I hope that you find this part worth the wait - it’s still sort of a set up chapter... but it’s also not. And if you look really close you might be able to guess who the next outside POV will come from. As always, I want to shout out a thank you to everyone who has read, commented on, reblogged and supported this story. It is honestly one that I am loving every second of writing, so knowing that you’re enjoying it too is giving me such a BOOST of encouragement and inspiration... you are all the best frickin gems in the world. 
Warnings: language, weapons, discussion of illness, death and loss, general canon-typical apocolyptic hell - as always, feel free to ask me about details before reading if that would make you more comfortable 
Word Count: 6,490
Summary: You have always been one to adapt to your situation no matter what has been required of you. Why would now be any different? It isn’t - but the things you need to adjust to now are things that you never thought you would need to confront again... things like normalcy and sincerity. Do you still have the capacity for that after everything you’ve been through? 
Tumblr media
May - 2037
As the last of the snow melted - one final storm had come down from the mountains during the first week of May, leaving a heavy, wet covering of white that vanished under the Spring sunshine only a few days later - you began to feel some of your initial doubt and trepidation about settling in Jackson disappear as well. 
It started slowly, and you took it in small doses so you wouldn’t choke on the guilt or the grief that you knew would take much longer to swallow. Believing too fully in the safety that the town offered still seemed somewhat dangerous to you, and though you’d warmed slightly to some of the people that you met - waving or nodding to them in greeting as you walked through town, remembering names and repeat orders when they came into the bakery - you were in no rush to develop relationships beyond anything more than neighborly acquaintances. Anything more than that would hurt too much to lose. Anything more and you might cause them pain, let them down. 
I can’t do that… Not to these people. Not to myself. 
So you kept your profile low, kept your head down and your interactions to a minimum. In the kitchen you kept the topics of conversations with Todd and Evelyn to quotas, ingredients and recipes. On patrols you spoke only to communicate things you saw or heard, to alert your partner to possible threats or confirm when things were clear. So far you’d only had one trail sweep with Tommy, the man using the trip to teach you how to log events, what to expect at the checkpoint houses, and what your responsibilities would be, another one with a woman named Fran who seemed just as content to keep things short as you were, and two wall patrols, both with an amicably quiet man named Eugene whose scarf - you were amused to realize - smelled like it had been steeped in majiuana despite the fact that he always seemed sharp and sober. You had yet to attend one of the Friday night gatherings where there were drinks, music and laughter. That was something that you knew you weren’t ready for - weren’t ready to let yourself have. 
You did, however, allow yourself to find scraps of solace in the small tasks of daily life. There was a bed to be made in the morning - fold and tuck the sheets, smooth out the comforter, check that your spare pocket knife was still hidden in the pillowcase - and that meant focusing your mind on a task instead of the thought that you had no one to share it with. There were loaves of bread to bake - measure out the flour, let the dough rise, punch it down with your knuckles and form it with your fingers- and that gave you something to do with your hands that didn’t involve bloodying them. There were schedules and shifts to follow, which meant keeping track of the day of the week and the month of the year and not only thinking of how long it had been since you lost - the people you loved, the things that mattered to you, your own sense of self. 
You’d fold sheets for hours, bake bread all day, show up early for every commitment, volunteer for double shifts when possible if it meant distracting your mind long enough to secure a modicum of peace within your own heart.
Aside from clinging to the mundane things that used as anchors though, there’d been another noticeable change in your day to day life since you’d decided to rejoin civilization. As you walked from your apartment to the heart of town, or even on the trips you took beyond the gates that surrounded it, you began to widen your sights, unfilter your vision. You noticed things that you hadn’t been able to in years, things that you couldn’t afford to focus on in years - the beauty in the natural mosaics of moss and stone, the hum of green that hung around the twiggy brush, the way the crowns of the trees softened with new growth, their points swaying with the changing breeze instead of trying to pierce the sky like they did in winter. You listened to the melodies of birdsong instead of only paying attention to the absence of it. Where you used to let the cardinals and sparrows be your canary in the mine to tell you clickers were near, honing in only on the eerie silence  and ignoring the sounds of life, you found yourself smiling thoughtlessly up at the branches where they were perched. 
Of course nothing had made the nightmares disappear completely. There was no distraction in the world that would be enough to erase some of the things that had been imprinted in your memory, no small wonder beautiful enough to make you forget the ugliness that you’d seen. That you’d done. But the name of the game was surviving, and all that really boiled down to was adaptation. If you could adapt to life after the collapse of civilization, you could surely organize yourself enough to fit back into it now that it had materialized again. 
If humans had anything in common as a species, it was the habit of adaptation. 
Anything could become normal if there was routine in it, even if it hurt. Even if it was hard or seemed impossible, even if it made you feel nothing but fear and uncertainty at first. You’d found your way in the culinary world when all you’d known before it was academia. You’d fallen in love with Gavin despite only ever falling in lust and longing and broken promises with others before him. You’d adapted to the things that loving him meant - days spent in doctors’ offices, arguments with insurance companies over the cost of medications, one sleepless night in an OR waiting room, but also his deep appreciation for laughter, the passion he poured into everything that he did, the way he made it his mission in life to make sure that the people he cared for most knew how he felt about them. He had changed the shape and size of your heart and you had simply waited for him to make his renovations, and then you’d adjusted to the reconfigurations. 
And then the whole world came to a grinding halt, and unlike so many others who floundered and flailed at the beginning, who drowned in the flood of chaos, you sputtered and spat and swam for your life, refusing to go down with the first wave. There were catalytic moments left and right, and you adapted to each one as they sparked new challenges and obstacles. You transitioned from law abiding citizen to thief of necessity seamlessly. You went from honesty to deceit without flinching. When the Philadelphia QZ became too unstable, you were the one to make the arrangements to leave. Gavin’s doctor - maybe because she was just as adaptive as you were, maybe because she was just as caring as he was - had warned you that the supply of the medication he needed was running short, that you’d be better off sourcing it on your own outside of the government controlled areas. She’d pressed three bottles of it into your hand despite the ration card you’d given her that called for only one, and she’d fixed you with a serious glare that begged you not to wait for things to get worse, and you took what she was giving you, took her advice, and took Gavin, his sister and her husband - the latter not making it past the guarded gates without catching a spray of bullets in his back - and you left the city, dragging your weak finance and his pregnant sister along with you.
Those three bottles of pills had lasted almost three times as long as they were meant to, Gavin making them stretch as much as he could, and then you’d adapted to the things you’d had to do to find his medication on raids and runs. When Laura gave birth you took on the role of sole protector for your little family, and you did so without a second thought. It had to be done, those shoes needed to be filled, and though they weren’t your size, you stepped into them. 
What else was I supposed to do? 
There were no other options then, and you continued down the narrow path of necessity no matter what your old self would have said about the things you did. You made the shift to killer when you saw no other way to get your hands on food and medicine, when it meant protecting the ones you would lay down your life for, and though you lay awake at night struggling with the lines you blurred and crossed on the regular, you knew that you’d make every decision the same way again. For all your fighting and for all the parts of yourself that you’d sharpened into something else entirely, you were given a few years of relief at the farm. A few years to relapse into normalcy and light. A few years to deepen the wound that would eventually form when you lost Gavin. 
Kyle was born and Ryan and Brayden joined your little family and you danced through the kitchen and the dining room with the love of your life at the end of the world on a little slice of land that existed beneath a bell jar. You grew vegetables in a garden, you rocked your nephew on the porch swing, you laughed with your sister in law when the two of you discovered stashed jars of moonshine in the cellar, you made love in the upstairs bedroom with a breeze fluttering through the curtains and Gavin’s lips whispering against your ear and you made the change back to who you wanted to be in lieu of who you needed to be. Adjustments weren’t only made in one direction, after all, they fluctuated, and you owed it to yourself then to loosen the reins and slip into the light when it was called for as much as the darkness. 
Even though it would have been easier in the long run not to backslide. 
But even though at the time of his loss you were certain that you’d never be able to lift yourself out of the heaviness, you had adapted to life after Gavin, and with each step you took you found a way to be thankful for those glory days that you’d been given instead of regretting the softness you’d allowed yourself. 
After that though, the moments of levity had been fewer and farther between. After that, you’d made your adjustments and you’d left softness behind the way a snake sheds its skin - something dead that wouldn’t do you any favors anymore. After that it was just a series of moves and countermoves, stakes raised and called, and you were unwilling to adapt in any way other than forward. 
No settling, no attachments. 
Then why did you stay, sugar? 
When your hands weren’t in the dough, when you weren’t sharpening the blade you kept on you at all times, when you weren’t occupied with scouring the scenery for threats, you heard the question in the only voice that could reach that old, dead, forgotten part of you. 
It made you think of the conversations that you used to have with him - when his arms were wrapped around you, both of you heeding the I.V. inserted into the back of his hand, when you traced the vertical scar left between his pectoral muscles, cutting his chest in half, when the tiredness in his eyes was due to more than a long shift at the restaurant, when it was bone deep - about what would happen once he was gone. 
You have to live. You have to live big and you have to keep living and you have to find reasons to keep fighting. And you have to find somewhere to put your love, because you’ve got so much of it and you’re so good at it. 
You’d told him to shove that kind of talk up his ass then. But when that grace period at the  farmhouse was drawing to a close, he’d begged those things of you again. 
Please, sugar. Keep fighting. I need to know you’ll keep fighting. 
Gavin knew that to you, fighting and loving, loving and living, living and adapting were one and the same. 
Goddamn human habits. 
–  –  –  –  
You’d been doing your best to toe the line between what Gavin wanted for you and what you thought you were capable of, what your new role as a citizen of Jackson was and what you were willing to give of yourself. But you started to feel that pull again, the itch of routine, the softness of security. Evelyn and Todd seemed satisfied to keep you as a co-worker. Fran and Eugene seemed content to fall into mutual silence with you, sharing space and nothing more. But every time you saw Ellie since she dropped off that box she smiled and waved and felt your walls start to crumble. She reminded you of Kyle, so you smiled and waved back. When you interacted with Tommy or Maria, you couldn’t help but think of Laura and how much she loved Kyle’s father, or Ryan and Brayden and how they’d gambled everything on each other, and so you gave in and gave them more than just a few rushed words as you hurried from home to work or work to home. 
And then there was Joel. 
Then there was the man who had quite literally found you on death’s doorstep and given you another chance to live - to fulfill what you’d promised Gavin that you would do. You had only a handful of interactions with the man in your first month and half in town. Just the few moments each week as he picked up his allotted ration of bread, and the wednesday night patrol meetings where he and you and all the others assigned to various watches and routes convened with Maria to go over schedules and discuss strategies for sweeps and supply runs, and they had all been innocent enough despite the fact that he always left you thinking for longer than you wanted to admit. He never pushed you for more than a few seconds of levity, and in his eyes, even though you only ever looked into them for a few seconds at a time, you saw something that told you he knew what it was to adapt to things you thought you couldn’t fathom. 
With him it wasn’t as simple as a smile and a wave. It wasn’t as nostalgic as recognizing love between two people. With him it was something more, something else, something that scared the shit out of you but that you couldn’t seem to distance yourself from. 
And when one of the others assigned to trail sweeps and supply runs had been taken out of commission with a broken leg, Maria had asked you to step in to fill his place. 
“I can’t move Ellie over because she’s due a week off, and normally I’d just put Tommy on it because he and Joel work well together, but there’s maintenance scheduled at the dam this week and he needs to be there for that. I know you’re still getting your feet under you here, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about you from the others, and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind-” 
“Of course, Maria.” You’d broken your own rule and placed your hand on her shoulder to ease the stress you saw her carry in the set of her shoulders. “Whatever you need, I’m happy to do it.” 
Distractions were good. Extra shifts were good. Whatever she needed you to do would be a good way to keep your mind busy, keep your hands doing instead of idling. 
You hadn’t thought that what she needed you to do was go on a three day supply run with Joel. But since the season had officially turned the corner from winter to spring and the trails were clear and safe for the first time in half a year, it was necessary for people to head out in pursuit of things that the town needed - parts for machinery, medicinal items, things that the town depended on. You understood. You accepted. You adapted. 
So during the final week of May, you saddled up and followed Joel out onto the trail he and Tommy had brought you back to town on. You made your way out to the first checkpoint in near silence, the two of you only breaking it to point out things to avoid like low hanging branches or divots in the muddy ground. You made it to the house that you’d be staying the night in - the farthest safehouse from town - just as the sun was starting to set. Joel stepped down from his horse and waited for you to do the same, then handed you the leather straps attached to his mount’s gear. 
“Tie ‘em up in the garage,” he instructed with a nod to the weathered roll up door in the face of the split-level house. “I’m just gonna check that it’s safe and I’ll give you my signal.” 
For years - decades - you had been the one to check. You had been the one to give the signal. You had been the one to take the brunt of the danger if there was any to take. “Yeah,” was all you could manage, nodding back to him him as he pulled his gun from his back, finger hovering near the trigger and feet carrying him towards the front door. 
You didn’t know if you would be able to get used to someone else stepping into the role you occupied for so long, but you started by leading the horses into the garage, waiting for Joel’s whistle before pulling the rolling door back down and following him inside. 
The silence that you had traveled in wouldn’t do for three whole days, and both of you seemed to understand that. You let it stretch as long as it could - through your dinner, the two of you eating the sandwiches you’d been sent out with without comment. But eventually there was a need for conversation, and in an attempt to keep it from turning to how you were doing with everything as he took the time to clean his gun, you decided to steer it towards something that used to be sterile enough - the “so what do you do for a living?” type of questions that people used to ask one another to fill the time. Quite literally, you’d asked Joel what he had done before the outbreak. 
And as though the outbreak had never happened, as though he had been waiting for someone to ask such a simple, relaxed, half-assed yet also fully interested question too, he answered without hesitation. “I was a carpenter. In the union and all.” He said it as he crossed one boot over the other, both propped on a dilapidated coffee table. 
“A carpenter?” You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand and stretched your legs out on the dusty couch your sat on. He nodded, grunting out a uh huh to go along with it. Licking your lips, you watched him slide the cloth down the barrel of his rifle, and imagined a tool belt hanging heavily from his waist. Shit. Stop. But you didn’t. “What, like… construction? Houses? Were you a contractor?” 
His whole chest moved as he huffed out a derisive breath. “No, I was not a contractor.” He gave a small shake of his head and scrunched his nose, never taking his eyes off the task he was performing. “Just… you know, swung a hammer, raised beams, did framework mostly.” 
“Well that’s… at least you were doing something then that’s still useful now.” You stood up and crossed the room, stopping to look down at the shattered glass crunching beneath your boot before stepping up to the empty window. A chilly snap of air came through the smashed out pane, and you ran your hands up and down your biceps. Gonna be cold tonight.  “I’m sure that came in handy plenty of times. Knowing how to build things? Fix ‘em.” You shrugged, turning so that your chin was parallel to your shoulder and his profile was in your eyeline. “It’s helpful.” 
He sniffed and stared for a few seconds at the now shiny barrel of his rifle, dark eyes focused on it like a soothsayer with a crystal ball, and you wondered what it was he saw reflected back at him. “Yeah,” he finally said, snapping out of his gaze and laying the rifle down across his knees. 
He cleared his throat in a way that told you he was done talking about how helpful his skills were, and you assumed that meant he was done with the conversation in general. Joel wasn’t much of a talker - it was one of the things you found so agreeable about spending time with him - and he’d already said more in the last hour or so than you’d heard from him in the month since your arrival in Jackson. In the quiet, you returned your attention to the white capped mountains in the distance, the deep green points of trees that were turning black in the dwindling light of the setting sun. 
He doesn’t owe you his story. And you don’t need to hear it. That’s not what this trip is about. Don’t pry, its-    
“So how ‘bout you?”  His gruff voice asked your back. The question surprised you, and you knew that you couldn’t hide the shock in your body language when you spun around to face him. “What did you do before all this?” He rested his forearms atop the stock of his gun and tilted his head, waiting for your response. 
“I uh,” you scoffed, reaching for the armrest of the dilapidated chair across from his before sinking back down into it. “I was a baker, same as I am now.” You shrugged and headed back for the couch. “I started in a cafe and eventually opened my own bakery.” With Gavin. It was both of ours. I wouldn’t have done it without him…couldn’t have. You left those things unsaid though. Those things belonged to parts of your life that you had only unpacked in the dark of your bedroom, alone in your apartment. They weren’t for sharing. Yet. But Joel was still looking at you with interest, so you cleared your throat and waved one hand in mock grandeur, you raised your eyebrows. “Fancy decorated cookies and all that jazz.” 
“Well that’s still useful too, yeah?” He rotated one shoulder and even though there was plenty of space between you, you heard a grinding sound coming from his joints as he moved. That can’t feel great. You knew from experience, from age and wear and tear that it didn’t. “People need to eat, I’m sure you’re-” 
“Yeah,” you rolled your eyes and laughed, cursing the fact that you had softened to the point of jokes in this man’s presence. “I mean, the wedding industry has gone to shit, so I’m out of practice when it comes to buttercream flowers but…” You paused to appreciate a rare sound- an actual snort of laughter from the seemingly stoic but secretly sensitive man sharing the room with you, the way it rumbled in his chest making yours feel warmer if only for a second before it tightened with warning.  “But yeah, the sourdough bread is what’s keeping the lights on these days.”   
“That so? The sourdough, huh? An’ here I was thinkin’ it was the turbines in the power plant. ” There was still some residual lightness in his tone from the laugh you’d squeezed out of him, and you marveled at how far such a small amount of levity could take him. You wondered if it was like a drug that he had a severely low tolerance for, one simple smile staying in his bloodstream for far longer than it would for someone who indulged in larger doses of happiness. 
Someone like I used to be. 
The reminder came with a flash from your former life, a memory of Gavin’s tattooed knuckles curved around your hand, the feel of elation leaping and twirling like a ribbon dancer through your rib cage. You saw him raise your arm high over both of your heads to spin you before pulling you close to his chest as laughter left your lips, floating like bubbles in the air. Surrounded by metallic surfaces in the clean, never-used, sparkling kitchen of your brand new bakery, you caught the reflection of the two of you as you wound your arms around Gavin’s middle. You saw your own face, cheeks fuller, eyes brighter, plush lips forming a smile you’d never be able to replicate now because it was built on things that no longer existed. 
Stop. Stop it.
You blinked, forcing the broken parts of your past back into the boxes you kept them in. There were no more ribbons, no more bubbles, and it didn’t do anyone any favors to dwell on your days as an addict of ignorant bliss. All it did was dull your senses, soften the things that you needed to keep sharp in order to survive what the world had become, survive what you had become. Manufacturing a little laugh that you hoped sounded less flat to him than it did to your own ears, you returned to the moment at hand instead of one from 22 years prior. 
“Alright so maybe the electricity comes from the turbines.” You narrowed your eyes and scrunched your mouth to one side. “But really, what is civilization without bread?” 
He chuckled again as he pulled his pack into his lap, opening one of the pouches to pull out his canteen. “You know, I believe you got a point there. Especially when the bread in question is as good as yours.” 
You noticed the twitch of his beard as he brought the bottle to his lips to take a drink, the hesitant, cautious, half-hidden grin on the face of a man you barely knew feeling somehow comforting beyond words. It startled you, the baseless trust that you seemed to have in him, the way that after only a few encounters you were dropping your guard enough to make jokes and trade smiles. It startled you, too, how it seemed to be the same for him. 
What does that mean?  
Instead of trying to dissect your thoughts, you cleared your throat and changed topics - another force of habit. “Hey, so is there a uh,” you combed your hair back behind your ears and tossed the hat you’d been wearing onto the couch cushion. Standing and taking a few steps, you moved toward what was left of the kitchen, splintered pieces of glass and other debris crunching underfoot as you looked around the space. “There a camp stove here or anything like that?” You crouched down to open a cabinet, a few mice squealing at you before darting further into the dark corners and out of sight. Oops, sorry guys. The soft, spongy, rotten wood of the cabinet door made no sound as you shut it, your knees creaking loudly as you stood. “I know the other safe house near the ridge does. Used it when I stayed there with Tommy on a sweep.” 
You glanced over your shoulder as he rose from his chair, the old piece of furniture groaning right along with the man. “Yeah. Think so. But it ain’t,” he walked in the opposite direction of the fully gutted kitchen towards a coat closet. “S’not gonna be in there, it’d be in here. Less out in the open for anyone who passes through this place that isn’t us.” He waved one hand dismissively and opened the door. “From Jackson I mean.” 
That makes sense. If it was the first place I’d look for something useful, it’s probably the first place other people would. You sniffed and watched as he rummaged through the closet to pull out the Coleman stove. “That happen a lot? People traveling through here?” 
“Every so often. Scavengers, people lookin’ for things they can use or trade.” Setting the metal device down and leaning it against the wall with a clunk, he shut the closet and turned back around. “Or a safe place to sleep. I mean, that’s how you got here, right?” You hummed. “So I didn’t know you’d been goin’ on runs with Tommy.” 
You clicked your tongue as he picked up the stove and brought it over to the sitting area near the window. “Not runs, plural. I’ve only done that one with him since I’ve gotten here.” You ticked them off on your fingers. “One each with Tommy and Fran, two guard patrols with Eugene, and now this trip with you.” 
“You’ve only been in town, what, a month? Month and a half?” He set the clunky, dented unit on the table with a metallic thud and raised his eyes to meet yours as he began to open and unfold the stove. 
Licking your lips, you nodded and cleared your throat. “Uh, yeah. Seven and a half weeks so…” you shrugged. “So almost two months I guess.” You knelt down and unbuckled the front flap of your backpack, reaching in to pull out the chipped enamel camp mug that you’d carried with you for years. Placing it on the arm of the chair that you had been sitting in, you went back into your bag and pushed more of the contents aside to find the two packets that you’d stashed just before leaving the apartment that morning. Bingo. 
You heard the hiss of the propane tank as he turned the knob to open the valve, then the click of the starter. By the time you closed your bag the single burner was lit, a small blue flame flickering up through the grate. “Keepin’ busy. Between the bread and all these runs?” He rubbed his hands together to warm them over the small fire and tilted his head to the side. 
You stood and grabbed the items that you’d taken out, striding over to the table. “Well,” you shrugged again, letting out a sigh. “Maria told me about Simon’s injury. He’s gonna be out for a while. And Tommy needs to handle whatever’s going on at the plant. And I… ” You shook your head and shrugged, looking up at him.  “I don’t have anyone depending on me.” You swallowed. Not anymore. “No kids, I don’t scare easily and I can shoot. I’m more than willing to step up. I’m not a doctor or an engineer so I don’t mind taking risks. I’m more… disposable, I guess.” You pressed your lips together as his eyebrows gathered. 
“Hey, now, don’t… don’t say that. You’re not-” 
You rolled your eyes and cut him off. “Relax, Joel. I’m not trying to be melodramatic. I’m just… stating a fact. It’s better for me to go out and take risks than someone who’s injured or recovering, or someone who might... look, just forget it, okay? I didn’t mean anything, just explaining why I… why I’m alright with going out so often, that’s all.”
Nodding, he dropped his hands along with the subject. “Yeah, alright.” He stuck his chin out toward the items in your hand. “What’s that? That what you wanted the stove for?” Lifting your mug and the two packets up, you grinned. “Well, shit, is that..?” 
What was it about coffee that broke down barriers between people? 
“It sure is.” You set the instant coffee pouches out on the table with the same smug flourish that a gambler would use to lay down a royal flush, and when you looked back up at him you saw a noticeable brightness in his eyes. It was your turn to jut your chin out, indicating his bag. “You got a mug?” 
If not, I have another. 
Your eyes widened as the thought crossed your mind. You did have another; one that you’d kept in your backpack more out of habit than anything else, one that hadn’t been used by anyone since you’d come to Jackson. It had been Gavin’s, and then Laura and Kyle had used it, and you had kept it with you all this time not knowing whether or not you wanted someone else to ever curl their fingers through the handle. 
“I do,” he answered, and you were grateful not only that it meant that you wouldn’t need to find out how you felt about someone else using such a personal item, but also that he immediately started digging through his bag and couldn’t see the emotion flicker in your eyes as your heart and mind fought behind the scenes.   
“Good.” You cleared your throat and swallowed. “I’d uh,” you let out a dry laugh and hoped that he wouldn’t notice the forced lightness in your tone. “I’d ask how you take your coffee but unfortunately black and bitter is all I’ve got on the menu.”
He chuckled at that, the sound lifting your lips in a small smile. “S’alright.” He straightened up, one large hand grasping a squat metal mug. “By now I’ve pretty much convinced myself that’s how I like it anyway.” 
“These days I find myself severely regretting all the coffee I didn’t drink when I could have, you know?” You wrinkled your nose. “At the bank or the mechanic when there’d be that table of complimentary refreshments in the waiting area?” Tearing open the first packet, you turned it over to empty the powdered beans into your cup. “But...as long as it sorta smells roasted and has caffeine, right?” 
“Yes ma’am.” Joel nodded, stepping up next to you to reach for the second packet. He flicked the package to send its contents down to the bottom before pinching the corner and ripping it open. “Beggars can’t be choosers.”  
It was as close as you’d been to the man since you met him, and you inhaled the clean scent of his soap under the musky smell of cold air and tree bark that his clothes were steeped in. Even if he had showered just before the two of you left town that morning, it had been several hours of riding followed by a few hours picking through some of the empty buildings enroute to your current location. But I can still… he still smells good. You shivered, imagining how strong the scent would be directly on his skin if you could still notice while he was so heavily dressed. Stop. This isn’t… this is a damn sweep and supply run. It’s not the time for... 
You turned away from him and walked back over to your backpack, bending down to pull out one of the three water bottles you’d filled and stuffed in there for your trip. Opening your pack had also wafted the familiar scent of your own belongings- the worn leather of the bag itself, the sachet of mint and lavender that you kept in there to cut down on any unpleasant odors, the astringent antiseptic from the tube in your sparse medical kit- up at you, clearing your head of stray thoughts about Joel’s soap and his skin. 
Your fingers brushed the old concert T-shirt folded at the bottom that, like the extra mug, had become a constant in your bag after losing Gavin. The sensation of the soft, nearly threadbare cotton on the toughened pads of your fingers sent a current through your bloodstream and flooded your mind with images of all the times you’d seen him wear it. All the times you’d pressed your cheek to his chest with that shirt in between. All the times you’d stolen it from his drawer to wear it to sleep before he got home from work. You smelled onions and cumin and shrimp shells from when he’d beaten you to it and worn it under his chef coat. You smelled laundry detergent and dryer sheets, deodorant and the minty toothpaste that would sometimes end up smudged into it. A brownish splotch from a soy sauce drip. A faded red streak from your drugstore lipstick. You and him and your other life.  
You unfurled your fingers to grasp the shirt, squeezing gently before letting go and tucking it back in place as the flood of flashes subsided. It was sometimes painful, all of that rushing to the surface, but it was more of a comfort than it was a source of heartache. It reminded you of how much good you’d had, how much laughter and love. It connected you to the past… and in some ways it gave you hope for a future where good things might not be so few and far between. In some ways, it reminded you that you were human and that you were capable of adapting to the things that you needed to do and be in order to survive. You knew that every single living person had their own version of this shirt, whether it was a keychain or a stuffed animal or a baseball cap. You had your rings and you had a few photos. But the shirt was different, so heavily imbued with who you’d been and where you’d been. 
“You know this is actually my shirt,” you could hear him smirking as his tired body curved around yours late at night after a long shift at the restaurant. 
I know, Gav. It’ll always be yours, no matter how many times I wear it.
You smiled to yourself, tucking it back in its place as you removed the water bottle and fastened your bag, turning back to Joel and handing him the bottle of water so he could pour some into his mug to mix with the instant coffee grounds before setting it on the burner to boil. 
You had two more days to spend with the man in front of you, and there were plenty of topics that you hadn’t explored in years that you feared might come up in that span of time. But for now you had the comfort of a cup of coffee and the reminder from Gavin that you were built to survive and adapt - you weren’t sure that you were ready to adapt to love again, or even to caring deeply for anyone else… 
But a cup of coffee shared with another human being who had been through the same hell that you had trudged through? Who were you to break the age old tradition of sharing a cup of joe with a kindred soul? Who were you to break that habit?
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kkodzvken · a year ago
suit up - hawks x f. reader
Tumblr media
the one where keigo marries the girl of his dreams, and then takes her home and shows her just how loved she is. title cred/inspo: suit up by jonghyun
notes/warnings: smut and fluff (your teeth may rot and fall out, you’ve been warned), soft dom!keigo, praise kink, slight size kink, oral (f. receiving), unprotected sex + creampie. reader and kei use the traffic light safe word system and they review it beforehand, and he checks in with her at one point but she’s green, so everything is 100% consensual. they flirt + kei says explicit things at the reception but nothing /actually/ happens in public. mentions of alcohol
wc: 5.3k
a/n: this idea’s been bouncing around my head for a while bc i wanna marry this dumbass so bad :’) my first full hawks fic!! im so happy hehe
You’re so beautiful.
Keigo’s always known, of course. He’s found you beautiful since the very first moment that he laid his eyes on you, all those years ago. He tells you that you’re beautiful every single day, no matter how much you roll your eyes or jokingly tell him to shut up.
You’re beautiful all the time, but there are certain moments that leave him especially breathless. The day that you foolishly challenged Rumi to an arm-wrestling match. The determined look in your eye as you clenched your fist, sweat dripping down your brow and arm muscles straining (you lost, of course – the rabbit hero was ridiculously jacked). The brilliant smile that graces your face whenever he brings you flowers or little souvenirs from his work trips. The very first morning after you moved into his penthouse, when he woke up next to your peaceful sleeping form, and realized that he’d have mornings like this for the rest of his life.
The day that he flew you up to the mountains for a starlit picnic. The smile on your face as you polished off your meal, and the way that your hand flew up to your mouth when he got down on one knee. Your teary-eyed look of pure love as he slipped the ring onto your finger, the diamond gleaming like one of the stars that shone down on you. The way that your eyes rolled back and your legs wrapped around his waist when he took you home and fucked you for hours.
And right now. Keigo swore that his heart damn near burst at the sight of you. The organist was playing, but he couldn’t hear the notes, couldn’t hear anything besides the blood rushing in his ears. Your hands clasped an elegant flower bouquet, and Keigo was sure that the blossoms were pretty, but he couldn’t spare even a second to glance at them. No, his entire focus was trained on you. You, with your beautiful dress that perfectly accentuated the body that he loved so much. When your eyes raised to meet his, and that perfect smile worked its way across your face… he had to bite his inner cheek to try and hold the tears back.
In a simultaneous eternity and heartbeat, you were handing off your bouquet to a bridesmaid and clasping Keigo’s large hands with your much smaller ones. The officiant was speaking, but Keigo didn’t process any of it. The sight of your eyes shining up at him, more beautiful than any of the stars in the night sky, was the only thing anchoring him to the world. He felt like he was floating through a dreamscape with only you, the happiness in his chest powerful and all-encompassing.
You’re talking to a group of your old friends from high school when a tap against your shoulder grabs your attention, and you turn to see your fiancé – no, your husband – smirking down at you. He wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you close. “Excuse me, ladies,” he says to your friends. “Mind if I steal her for a moment?” His amber eyes glint mischievously, and you swear that a whole swarm of butterflies take flight in your stomach.
Your friends giggle and nod, and then Keigo’s spinning you around so that you’re face-to-face. He’s stunning, in his black suit and red dress shirt, the shade of crimson matching his wings perfectly. “Dance with me, dove,” he says, before leaning down to press a quick kiss against your lips. You nod, and he leads you towards the center of the venue, where most of your guests are dancing to some cheesy pop song. Keigo nods at the DJ, who nods back and switches to the music. Soft synth notes travel through the speakers, before the singer’s dreamy voice floods your ears.
Your hands find their way to his broad shoulders. His wings move to wrap around you protectively. You’re not sure if he even realizes that he does it – it’s such a normal thing, now, for him to shield you, to create a little cocoon for the two of you. You frown as you feel his muscles moving underneath your fingers. “You’re too tense,” you say, fingers gently kneading at the parts of his back that you can reach. “Let me give you a massage once we get home.”
He chuckles, one of his own hands coming up to capture yours. He laces your fingers together before bringing your hand up to his lips and pressing a gentle kiss against your skin. The look he gives you is so tender, the love radiating off his body so palpable, that it makes your knees feel week. “Sweet, but I’m the one who’s going to be taking care of you tonight.” You open your mouth to protest, but he tuts, and a feather flies up to shush at your lips. “No, listen. You’re driving me crazy. Every time I turn my head, I see you looking so damn beautiful that my heart stops. Makes me wanna just pull you away and rip that pretty dress off.”
You gasp at his words, a pretty blush dusting your cheeks. “Kei! People are gonna hear you!”
He shrugs, pulling you even closer and swaying your bodies lightly to the music. “Let them,” he says nonchalantly, but the glint in his eye is pure sin. He leans down so that his lips brush against the shell of your ear. You can’t help the shudder that wracks through your body as his warm breath hits your skin. “You’re so cute when you’re blushing like that. Did I make you flustered, baby?” His fingers release yours, instead gripping your chin and forcing you to meet his eyes. “Answer me, love.”
You nod, feeling small. Only Keigo can affect you like this, can reduce you to a trembling mess with just a few words.
You love it.
He smirks at your confession, pressing a kiss against your cheek before leaning his forehead against yours. “What do you say we jump ship, babe?” Your confusion must show on your face, because he continues. “I think I might die if I have to wait much longer to get my hands on you. And judging by the way you’re acting… I’d bet good money that you’re already dripping for me.”
“Kei!” You swat at his chest before burying your face in it. He laughs, one of his real, genuine laughs that makes your heart soar, before kissing the crown of your head.
“I don’t see you denying it.”
“Shut up.”
“Aw, is my cute little wife flustered?”
Wife. The word sounds so pretty rolling off his lips that you can’t resist retreating from the safety of his chest to press your lips against his. He cups your face with one of his large, rough hands and kisses you back. His wings shift to cover you up before the hand on your waist moves down to pinch at your ass – or, at least, it tries. The layers of your dress obstruct him, and he growls in frustration.
You can’t help but whine as well. You want him all the time, of course. Years of being together haven’t changed how fucking badly you want him all the time. You’d used up all your willpower behaving for the ceremony and the reception so far. You’d been good, had kept your hands to yourself throughout dinner and the toasts. But now, the mix of his body against yours, the dirty words that he’d whispered into your ear, and the cocktails running through your bloodstream were making it very hard for you to ignore the pooling heat between your legs.
You wanted him. You wanted your husband.
“Please,” you whisper. Under normal circumstances, you’d hate how whiny and pathetic you sound, but you’re too far gone to care. “Please, let’s go, Kei. Need you.”
A few whispered words to Rumi, and a knowing smirk from her, and you were gone. It was surprisingly easy to slip out the venue. You’d expected to be stopped by some nosy family member, but it seemed that everyone was too tipsy and having too much fun to care. Nevertheless, you had to be careful once you stepped out into the fresh night air. The number two hero’s wedding was perfect paparazzi bait. You didn’t even want to think about the feeding frenzy that the media would go into if they caught sight of you now.
The night sky was like a shield, though, and it protected you from prying eyes. You’d been discreet when picking the wedding and reception venues, and even more discreet in choosing your honeymoon destination. Tomorrow morning, you and Keigo would fly up to the mountains, where he’d rented a little cabin for the two of you. By some miracle, he’d managed to get a whole week off work – a whole week where you’d have him, entirely to yourself.
But right now, you aren’t thinking about tomorrow morning, or the lovely, peaceful honeymoon that you were about to embark on. Right now, the only thing you can think about is Keigo. Keigo, with his beautifully messy hair that moved like ocean waves as you soared through the air. There’s nothing in this world that you love more than flying with him, pressed against his sturdy body with his strong arms wrapped around you. Light pollution makes it hard to see the sky from the ground, but up here, the moon and stars are breathtaking.
Almost as breathtaking as your husband, who’s eyes are prettier than any stars could ever hope to be.
He looks down and catches you staring, taking him in with your wide, wondrous eyes. You can barely hear anything through the noise-cancelling headphones that he makes you wear whenever you fly, but his words reach you, clear as day – “I love you.”
“And I love you.” Your voice comes out small, stolen away by the rushing wind. You try again, louder this time. “I love you!”
He chuckles, chest shaking as he tries to keep his laughs contained. “You trying to one-up me? I can be loud too.” He takes a deep breath, before tipping his head back and shouting an I love you up into the heavens.
His lips are soft and sweet as candy when they dip down to meet yours. “I’m just so happy,” he whispers against you. “You make me so happy.”
The moment that you set foot into the penthouse, you gasp.
“Oh, Kei,” you breathe, hand flying over your mouth.
He bounces nervously as he locks up the balcony door, not meeting your eye. “Do…do you not like it?”
You march up to him and grab his face in your hands, before standing up onto your tip-toes and planting a kiss on his forehead. “I love it, baby. Really, you’ve outdone yourself.”
He perks up at the praise, kissing your lips once before his hands move down and he picks you up, clean off the ground. You can’t hold your shrieking laugh back as he spins you around, a smile lighting up his face like a god damn Christmas tree.
The house is beautiful. Really, he did outdo himself. Back when you’d first started dating, he’d had to call off your six-month-anniversary date because of a mission. You’d assured him that it was fine, that you understood, but you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t upset. He promised that he would be back in a week at the latest. You’d spent the night with your friends, eating ice cream and watching shitty movies, and left for work the next morning. You weren’t expecting him back for a few days at least, but when you opened your door after an exhausting day at work, he was there, waiting for you. Scratches on his face and bandages on his arms, but he was there. And he’d decorated your apartment with flowers and fairy lights, centered around a haphazardly made blanket fort in the center of the living room. Little candles were placed across the room, each with a red feather standing guard, making sure that the flames didn’t accidentally get knocked over and grow. After you’d gotten over your initial shock – how the hell did you get in here, Kei – you ran into his arms and squeezed him, tight. He didn’t let go of you for the entire night – his body always pressed against yours, fingers constantly entwined, even as he made you cum so many times that you forgot your own name.
It was one of your fondest memories, one that always brought a smile to your face. You’d mentioned it offhandedly last week, while you were in the weeds with wedding planning. Honestly, you didn’t think that he’d even heard what you said, with how stressed and busy the two of you were. He was picking up extra patrols to make up for his honeymoon vacation time, and you were working your ass off to get your overbearing boss off your back.
But he had heard. He heard, and he listened, because that’s just the kind of lover – the kind of husband – that Keigo is. Attentive, sweet, and intuitive. You swear, he spoils you beyond belief. You don’t even know when he got the time to decorate the apartment today, but it’s beautiful. Even more beautiful than the decorations from your six-month-anniversary, because this time, the sight is sweetened by the knowledge that this is your shared home. This isn’t just your apartment, that your friends helped sneak him into so he could fancy it up. This is your shared space, where you’ll spend the rest of your lives together. Where you’ll wake up in his arms every morning, his wings wrapped around you protectively, fragmenting the morning light into shards of red. Where you’ll make meals together and laugh at his bad cooking, where you’ll take sanctuary from the harshness of the world. This place is your home. Keigo is your home.
He finally stops spinning, but refuses to set you down. Instead, he readjusts you so that he’s carrying you bridal style. You almost laugh at how cliché it is. It feels like something out of a cheesy rom-com, but you’re so happy that you feel like you’re in one of those rom-coms.
You do laugh out loud when you see the trail of petals leading to your bedroom. Keigo feigns disappointment, dramatically sighing. “Don’t laugh, princess, you wound me.” That just makes you laugh even more, and soon, he’s joining in, burying his face in your hair as he walks the two of you towards the bed. “C’mon, I’m trying to be romantic! Quit making me laugh!”
“I can’t help it,” you giggle as he gently places you onto the bed. Thankfully, he had the common sense to not put any petals on the actual bed, but the floor is absolutely covered. Blossoms line the walls as well, along with candles that bathe the room in their gentle glow. You take a second to admire how beautiful your husband looks in the soft light. The shadows make his wings seem that much bigger as they unfurl to their full size. He looms over you, looking like the most delicious mix of devil and angel that you’ve ever seen. There’s still a playful smile on his face, but something mischievous simmers beneath it.
“Hope you didn’t forget what you said at the reception hall, baby,” he says, eyes glinting. “What was it? Hmm, something like, need you, Kei, need you to take me home and fuck me, I’m already so wet for you.”
You groan and try to bury your face in your hands, but he’s too fast. He grabs your wrists and pins them above your head, easily wrapping them with just one of his large hands. “You’re making shit up,” you pout. “I only said the first part.”
“So you admit you said it? That you need me?”
“Shut up.”
“Mm, no thanks.”
You groan again, trying to suppress your smile. There are plenty of times that you and Keigo have had “serious” sex, but you mostly find yourself like this, devolving into giggles and teasing. There’s something about him that makes you feel so safe and at ease, and you can’t help yourself from giggling at his stupid remarks. He laughs, and releases your wrists to cradle your face with both his hands. He shifts so that he’s properly on top of you, his thighs on either side of your hips, and bends down to press kisses all over your face.
“My wife,” he breathes, in between kisses. “My sweet, beautiful, amazing wife. This dress is so pretty, but let’s take it off, my love. You don’t need it anymore.”
It takes a few minutes of awkward wriggling and tugging to finally remove the lace monstrosity, but at long last, the dress ends up on the floor. Keigo’s hands are on your body in an instant, fingers trailing over the curve of your waist and snapping the waistband of your panties. “God, you’ve got such pretty little lingerie on.”
“Wanted to dress up for you,” you say, pawing at his tie and trying to loosen the knot. It makes you feel small, to be so exposed while he’s still fully dressed. Normally you love to savor in that feeling, but right now, you need to feel his bare skin against yours. “Now take your clothes off, please.”
You finally manage to loosen his tie enough to pull it over his head. After stopping for another deep kiss, your hands continue their path over his body. His suit jacket comes off next, although he has to help you gently maneuver it off his wings. His cuff links clatter to the ground as you almost viciously rip off his dress shirt, and you moan when you finally feel his warm muscles.
You’re practically grinding into each other by now. Little whines leave your lips as you shamelessly roll your hips, seeking any friction you can get. You can feel his hardness, even through his thick pants, and you chase it with vigor. He’s not much better, a light blush dusting his face as he meets your rolls with shallow thrusts of his own. “Off, off, Kei, need to feel you,” you babble, fingers desperately trying to undo this belt buckle. Breathlessly, he pushes your fingers aside and pulls his belt off, unceremoniously throwing it across the room. You half expect it to collide with a candle and set the entire building on fire, but a few feathers fly out to catch it and gently set it down.
You don’t waste a second in pulling his pants down and throwing them as well, trusting that a feather will keep it from crashing into anything. Your fingers try to pull down the waistband of his boxers, but he tuts and grabs your hand.
You look up at him with pleading eyes. “Please,” you whine.
The smile on his face is gentle beyond belief as he answers. “I told you that I was going to take care of you tonight, baby. Let me make you feel good, okay? Can I make you feel good?”
You want to protest, want to beg him to stuff your face or your cunt and fuck into you until you’re lightheaded, but Keigo’s insistent about making you cum at least twice before even thinking about his own pleasure. And you can’t deny that you’re aching for him. You’re certain that you’ve soaked through your flimsy panties by now, and your mind is hazy with want.
You nod. Keigo takes your face in his hand, gently stroking your cheek with his thumb. “Can you give me your colors too?”
You force your mind to push through the fog, force your heavy lips to move and form words. “G-green for good, yellow for slow down, red for stop.”
“Good girl.” The praise goes straight to your core, and you whine. “Oh, baby, I know I just vowed to give you everything you could ever want, but you’re so damn needy. Be patient for me, okay? Let me touch you.”
You nod obediently, but you can’t fight the urge roll your hips and feel him again. With a soft, scolding noise, he presses one of his hands into your hipbone, effectively pinning you to the mattress. Try as you might, you can’t squirm away. He’s so ridiculously strong, his muscles toned from years of training and hero work, that you’re no match for him. But it’s not so bad. You love the dominance that oozes off his body as he moves down, his hands and tongue exploring every inch of skin that they can find. His teeth nip at the sensitive spot on your neck, the spot that always makes you melt for him. You shamelessly sigh and tilt your head to give him more access.
His right hand, the one that isn’t currently pinning you to the mattress, plays with the lacy edges of your bra. He palms you through the thin fabric, making you groan and arch your back into his touch. It’s not enough, you need more, need to feel more of him before you lose your mind. He seems to read your mind, because he doesn’t even bother to unclasp the bra, electing instead to rip it clean off your body. The snap of the straps breaking makes you gasp, but you revel in the sting of the elastic bouncing back against your skin.
“Couldn’t wait,” he says, not a hint of shame on his face. “You know how much I love to tease, but fuck, I need you now.”
He’s a bit more ceremonious when he removes your panties, choosing to use a hardened feather to slice through the fabric instead of just ripping with brute force. He fucking moans at the sight of you, wet and needy for him. It sounds like absolute heaven, but you don’t have even a second to revel in it before he’s diving into you. The sudden rush of pleasure is electrifying, and you go to instinctively slam your legs shut, but Keigo’s hand is too fast again. His tongue doesn’t falter for even a second as his fingers dig into your thighs and push you open. His lips wrap around your clit and suck, and he’s outrageously loud as he moans into your sex. It’s all so much – he’s licking at you like a man on death row, coaxing little whines and gasps from your lips.
His beautiful eyes are trained on yours, pupils blow out with love and lust. He memorizes every little expression that flits across your beautiful face as he eases a finger into you, eyes only leaving your face to admire the way that your little cunt sucks him in. But he can’t tear his gaze away from you, and the way your mouth falls open, or the way that your eyes flutter and roll back. The way that your hands ball up into fists, alternating between grabbing the bedsheets and lacing through his hair. Fuck, he loves how you pull at his hair when his fingers curl up against that spongy spot inside of you that makes you see stars. Loves the little curses and gasps of his name that spill past your lips as he scissors and thrusts his digits deeper and deeper into your perfect pussy.
“Cum for me, princess,” he groans. “Please, cum for me, need you to be a good girl and cum for me.”
And, well, you did just vow to give him everything that he could ever want.
You throw your head back and almost sob as you gush all over his face and fingers. He’s insatiable, licking and fingering you all through it, desperately trying to lap up every single drop of your juices. Your body is shaking, and you whimper, the overstimulation building until it’s too much, until you’re crying out too much, Kei, ‘s too much!
“Give me your color, baby,” he says, slowing his assault against your body.
“G-green,” you stutter out, the words as shaky as your legs. “Green, don’t stop, it’s just – ah! Kei!”
Your verbal confirmation was all he needed to dive back in, sucking at you with even more vigor than before. His fingers twist and curl against your spot, and his tongue lashes at your clit. He doesn’t stop for even a second, burying himself in your heat. It’s all you can do to maintain your grip on his hair, tugging at it just the way that he loves. You’re thrust headfirst into your second orgasm of the night, crying out his name and positively sobbing at the onslaught of sensations.
When he finally pulls away, the lower part of his face is soaked with your cum. He makes a show of licking his lips clean, not breaking eye contact with you, no matter how much you blush and squirm. He saves his fingers for you, though. A gentle tap at your lips is all it takes for you to obediently open your mouth and take in his digits. You swirl your tongue around, eyes lidded with the afterglow of your pleasure.
But you’re not finished, are nowhere near finished. You suppose that you are being needy, but how could you not, when your husband looks like an absolute fucking god? The candlelight makes your cum on his face glisten beautifully. You whine and pull him in for a kiss, mashing your lips against his and greedily swiping your tongues together. It’s sinful. You can taste yourself on him, and it makes you shudder, makes you need him that much more.
“Please, please fuck me,” you beg, wrapping your legs around his slim waist and trying to pull him closer, closer, closer. “Please, Kei, need you inside me, need my husband inside me.”
“Fuck,” he breathes, so quietly that you would’ve missed it if you didn’t feel the word formed against your lips. “Fuck, baby, okay.” His hand slides between your bodies and quickly pushes his boxers down. He uses a feather to pull them all the way off, because he can’t be bothered to focus on that, not when you’re practically drooling at the sight of his cock.
Your fingers twitch, and you aren’t able to hold back any longer. Your hand finds his cock, marveling at how heavy and perfect he feels as you wrap your fingers around him and guide him towards your sopping cunt. You pause before you slide him in, though, looking up at him with wide eyes. “Can I ride you? Please?”
He curses again under his breath, practically shivering at your words. His strong hands reposition the both of you, until you’re sitting on his thigh and he’s leaning back against the headboard. He cocks an eyebrow and smirks. “Well, then? Get to work, princess.”
You roll your eyes, trying not to laugh at his antics. “What happened to Mr. Let-Me-Take-Care-Of-You?”
“He’ll come out later. If my pretty wife wants to ride me, she gets to ride me.”
You laugh for real this time, but it quickly turns into a moan as you sink yourself down on his length. No matter how many times you take him, he always overwhelms your senses, always stretches you so deliciously. You lean your forehead against his and give yourself a second to adjust, and then you’re rolling your hips, little whines leaving your lips.
“Feels so good, Kei.” You throw your head back, your fingers digging into the strong muscles of his back to anchor yourself. “You always feel so good.”
His eyes are half-lidded and dark as he takes you in. He’s memorizing every inch of your body, every detail and movement that he absolutely fucking adores. “You’re the most beautiful thing in the world,” he whispers, seemingly more to himself than you. “So beautiful. I’m so lucky.”
Your thighs burn, but you force yourself to ignore the pain. You’d rather die than stop right now. His strong arms encircle your waist, and his wings surround your bodies, ruffling with every one of your movements.
You want to ignore your exhaustion, but your husband is perceptive as ever. His hips raise up to meet you, and it sends a fresh wave of pleasure through your body. You’re shaky, though, and you’re getting sloppy.
Before you can even process what’s happening, you’re being spun over and pinned to the mattress. A gasp leaves your lips, and you whine as his cock slips out of you. Your hand reaches out and paws around wildly, searching for him through your haze. Keigo’s quick to kiss you and shush your protests, entwining his rough fingers in your searching hand and stroking his thumb against your palm.
“Relax, angel. Let me take care of it.”
He slides into you again, making you both moan. Your pussy sucks him in greedily, clenching and fluttering around him. He pauses once he bottoms out. His face buries into the crook of your neck, and he presses sweet kisses all over your skin.
You wrap your legs around his waist and squeeze, trying desperately to make him move. “Keigo, baby, please,” you whine, fingers digging into the strong muscles of his back.
He coos, cupping your face and kissing you before he readjusts himself. “Of course, pretty girl.”
His thrusts are deep and hard, so hard that they make the entire bed shake. Your eyes flutter shut, but he grips your jaw and begs you to keep them open – please, baby, look at me, need to see my pretty wife fall apart.
“You’re so fucking perfect,” he moans, teeth nipping at your lips. “So perfect, and all mine.”
“All yours,” you agree. You’re practically babbling by this point, unable to stop the noises slipping past your lips. You’re floating on a cloud, soaring through the sky, anchored only by his body against yours. “You’re so deep in me, Kei, can feel you so deep in me. Please, ‘m so close, just a lil’ bit more, Kei.”
He coos again, hand slipping down to toy with your clit. You wail, sinking your teeth into his shoulder as the coil in your stomach snaps and you gush uncontrollably. You can’t do anything but cry out for him, can’t do anything but cling onto him and shake and twitch. The feeling of you clenching around him is too much, and with a broken fuck and a cry of your name, he spills inside of you. He fucks you through it, the obscene sounds of your combined release making you feel lightheaded and weak.
He holds you for a few minutes, just like that, bodies entwined. You both pant and try to catch your breath. The weight of his body on top of yours is comforting, so you protest when he finally pulls out and sits back to admire the way that his seed drips out of you.
“Come back,” you complain. “What kind of husband doesn’t give cuddles to his wife?”
“The kind of husband who needs to clean her up,” he says with a chuckle. “C’mon, let’s go take a bath.
Your body feels boneless with exhaustion and the hazy afterglow of your three orgasms, so you’re grateful when he scoops you into his arms. You tuck your face into his neck and hum contentedly, unable to stop the giddy smile that blooms across your face.
“I love you, Kei,” you say, planting little kisses over his neck and jaw.
“I love you too, princess,” he says, grinning and poking your nose. He laughs when you scrunch it up and scowl at him. But, with how cute he looks, you just can’t hold the scowl for long. Soon, you’re giggling too.
You look up at him with so much love that it makes his heart ache. His eyes grow a bit more serious, and he dips his head to kiss at your swollen lips. “I mean it, baby. I’m so happy to spend the rest of my life with you.”
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jenomark · a year ago
hi😊😊 could I request nct dream + sungchan being clingy towards their s/o? like in a day where they want to cuddle and snuggle and be all soft :((
Mark: He made it clear that he was running late for work, that he had to go. Mark pecked you on your cheek before turning back and pecking you on the cheek once more. "I'll see you later?" he asked, grabbing his bag. He was moving fast, strolling towards the front door with quick strides. As if he had forgotten something, he turned back and came back to you. You stood up and got swept away in his arms. Mark picked you up and kissed you fully on your mouth. Three kisses later, he set you down and hiked his bag over his shoulder. "I have to go." he said. You didn't have time to respond before Mark landed another kiss on your mouth, causing you to giggle as he parted. "I'm going to be late." he said. But Mark had dropped his bag and pulled you into his arms. Between the breathy kisses and not wanting to let you go, you wished you could stay where you were for just a tiny bit longer.
Renjun: You sat next to him at breakfast, completely oblivious to the way he was looking at you. "What plans do you have today?" he asked. You locked eyes with him and told him it would be a busy day. Renjun looked down at his breakfast thoughtfully before reaching out and taking your hand. He kept it on his lap, pulling you just a fraction closer to him in your chair. You didn't ask why he was wanting contact with you, just let him have your hand. He wasn't always into doing things like this, which is why you were scared of ruining it. After awhile, Renjun spoke softly and said, "I hate not seeing you for so long. Spending whole days without each other is hurting my heart." His grip around your hand tightened at the same time his eyes looked a little watery. You pulled your chair closer to him and nuzzled your face into his neck. "Well, I don't have to leave yet. Let's make the most of it."
Jeno: Sleepily, Jeno rolled over to face you. His body was covered by mountainous white, fluffy blankets. All you could see was his eye smile from behind them. "Good morning." he said. You were regretting that it was morning, because morning meant leaving the bed. You prodded and pushed the blankets down so that you could reach him. You kissed him gently on the mouth before sighing. "I don't want to leave the bed," you said. "but I have to." Jeno pouted, so you kissed him again. As you went to get out of bed, he grabbed your arm and pulled you back to him. So you couldn't move, he draped his leg over your waist and clung to you. "Tell them you're sick." he whispered. "Tell them there is an emergency at home. Tell them...tell them your boyfriend needs you here with him." You didn't struggled against him, just let the weight of his leg sink into you.
Haechan: Whenever he was sick, he needed you right by his side. You let him rest in your lap while you played with his soft pink hair, stroking it back from his sweaty forehead. You liked when he was needy, because it felt good to be needed by him. Haechan opened his eyes and tilted his head up so that he could look at you. Though he wasn't feeling his best, he could still smile. "Thank you for taking care of me." he said. "I just love you so much." You didn't know how to deal with his emotions, especially when he buried his face between your legs and stifled a whine. You rubbed his skin gently and got comfortable where you were. You weren't going to leave him when he needed you, even if he was going to cling to you the entire night and sleep.
Jaemin: He gave you the hoodie off his back when the temperature dropped. You could tell that he was cold, that the chilly night air was biting at his exposed skin. Jaemin would never complain, especially not when you were warm and cozy and taken care of. You both strolled along the river in silence, hand-in-hand, faces serene. "Beautiful." Jaemin said, watching lights twinkling in the distance. He turned back to you, looked around to make sure no one was watching, and unzipped his hoodie down your body. Before you could ask what he was doing, Jaemin stuck his arms inside of the hoodie arms, so that you were both wearing it. Your body was pressed against his, warming it up. It gave new meaning to the word clingy, something with which you didn't mind at all. You stood still with him, looking up into his eyes and hoping he would bend down to plant a sweet kiss on your mouth.
Sungchan: "I have the snacks!" Sungchan said, smiling from his seat on the couch. Before him, was more food than the two of you could eat in a night. His eyes were looking at you, waiting for approval of his date night setup. You sat down a cushion away from him, smiled, and told him he was cute. Feeling pleased with himself, Sungchan started the movie. "I have three movies lined up." he said. "I was going to do a fourth, but I didn't want to push my luck." Sungchan took a bowl of popcorn from the table and moved to close the gap between you. He took your leg and draped it over his, and he touched his shoulder to yours so that it felt like every part of you was fused together. You liked the way it felt for him to be close to you, even though it was hard to focus on the movie and not the warmth of his body. Sungchan kissed your cheek and rested his head on your shoulder.
Chenle: It was unlike Chenle to be clingy. Usually, you were the one wrestling to hold his arm and pull it towards you. Yet, there was something magical about the first time he pulled you down onto his lap and rested his cheek against your back. His arms snaked around your middle and came to a clasp in the front of your stomach. "This is nice." he said. "I should do this more often." After awhile, Chenle opened his legs because they were numb, and you sank down onto the seat you shared with him. You reclined against him until your head was relaxing on his shoulder and his chin was resting on the other side of yours. He still kept his arms tightly around you, unwilling to let you go for even a moment. "I could fall asleep like this." he said, yawning. "You're so comfortable. Let's stay here for a long time, okay? The world doesn't need us just yet."
Jisung: Jisung woke with a start, causing you to open your eyes. He was sweating when you looked at him, and his eyes were darting all around the room. "I had a bad nightmare." he said. "You were gone." You moved next to him and held his hand. He brought your hand and held it against his cheek, as if to make sure he was no longer dreaming and you were real. "It was just a dream." you said. Jisung laid back down on the bed, so you did, too. When he had calmed, he breathed a sigh of relief and moved close enough to you so that he could hold you. "I didn't like that." he said. "It made me really sad." Jisung dug his face into your neck and kissed you. You held open your arms for him to move on top of you and kiss you wherever he wanted. He laid on top of you for awhile, clinging to you. "I'm not going anywhere." you said. "And even if I were, you would be coming with me."
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missredherring · 6 months ago
Dieter Does Dorne
Tumblr media
Dieter Bravo x Female Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: mentions of sex, mentions of pornography, one money shot.
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary:  This really took “curiosity killed the cat” to a whole new level.
A/N: The idea of Dieter in a Game of Thrones porn parody was just so delightful that I made it work with this week’s @writer-wednesday​ prompt. Thanks to @oonajaeadira​ for the encouragement. 
The parody isn't featured because I can't get away from soft Dieter. 🤷🏼‍♀️
"That is not a great angle for the dangle." You said as you turned your head, trying to better understand what you were seeing. Granted, your phone screen wasn’t the biggest, but you weren’t sure a bigger picture would help untangle the knot of limbs you were looking at.
The Mountain and the Red Viper had tossed away their weapons a little too eagerly and were now wrestling together on the floor, oiled-up bodies thrusting against each other. The camera had switched to an angle that caught both men between the legs, showing off their hardened cocks. 
“Yield and taste your defeat!” The Mountain roared and with a few quick jerks of his hand, he came all over the Red Viper’s face. 
The doorknob rattled and, with reflexes you didn’t know you had, you tossed your phone away from you at what you hoped was a natural distance and studied your nails. Shit. You should’ve just swiped away from the video. 
“You could at least knock.” You croaked out. Your heartbeat was thudding painfully in your chest. Dieter closed the door and rolled his eyes.
“Why? We’re sharing a room.”
“I could’ve been changing or something.”
“Then I’m glad I came back early.”
You couldn’t help the scoff and shifted on the bed. Your phone chose that moment to showcase the quality of its speakers and let out a loud, dramatic moan that defied the muffling of the comforter. 
You both look at it and Dieter grinned. There’s only one logical conclusion to make from a sound like that.
“Are you watching porn?”
Opening and closing your mouth like an embarrassed fish, you quickly weighed your options. There’s nothing wrong with watching porn, but usually you didn’t do it while rooming with someone else, or at least someone who hadn’t wanted to.
You’d made it through the day, resisting the siren call of the link that’d been posted in the costar sub group chat. The responses so far had been a handful of emojis, gifs, and a loud yell from the makeup trailer. 
When you finally got a moment alone you’d given in and opened the link. You weren’t expecting a porn parody of “Game of Thrones” with Dieter himself, or the horrified fascination that urged you to keep watching it.
At least you hadn’t been caught with your hands in your pants. 
“Yes.” You sighed and rubbed your hands over your face. His laugh was pure mischievous glee, and before you could blink Dieter “what are boundaries” Bravo was sprawled on the bed next to you, scooping your phone up in his big hands. Hands you’d just seen wrapped around an impressive cock. 
“Oh,” He breathed. “I didn’t know this was still up.” 
“Everything lives forever on the internet.” You offer, unsure of how to handle this situation. 
Working with Dieter so far hadn’t been a hardship. He was an easy-going guy, as long as it was going his way, so there’d been an easy camaraderie built between you. It was one of the reasons you hadn’t complained when the managers had paired you up to share this hotel room during a last minute press event.
Dieter had made himself comfortable, resting his head on your thigh and holding the phone up so you both could see it. He could only keep quiet for a minute more before starting a running commentary. With a flick of his finger, he restarted the video. So you could get all the juicy behind the scenes information, he said. You could see him waggling his eyebrows in the screen’s reflection.
His blasé attitude allowed you to relax and soon you were adding your own comments to his. 
The scene had changed to an orgy organized by Tyrion to console his champion after the defeat, and subsequent revenge fuck, by his enemy. There were many moving parts and you couldn’t help but be impressed by the diversity of the people involved.
“Where are you?”
“I’m fucking Oberyn Martell!” 
“Oh, is that who he is?” You gestured to the guy on screen Dieter was thrusting into with a smirk. Predictably, Dieter gasped in mock outrage and you laughed in his face. It was too easy to rile him up. 
Dieter grumbled and made a show of resettling to get comfortable. You almost pushed him off of you, but the warmth was nice. 
“How’d you get involved with this?” You asked during an exposition scene. You had to hand it to the writers: at least they were trying to hold up a plot.
“A friend asked if I wanted to and I said hell yes.” He shrugged, the movement awkward since his shoulder was wedged between your thigh and the mattress. “I was desperate for work, and even more desperate for money. You know: the usual story.”
You did know. The early years of your career were much the same, although you hadn’t thought about turning to adult entertainment. The period of your life where you’d gone from job to job, surviving on grilled cheese and root vegetables, was dark. 
A younger Dieter came into the scene, swaggering and puffed up like a peacock on display. He was giving some speech about honor and you studied his face while the camera ate him up. You could see the signs; how his cheekbones and jawline cut up the rolling planes of his face, giving him a familiar hungry look. You’d seen it enough times in your own mirror. 
Looking down at the Dieter in your lap, you move the hand that had started absent-mindedly playing with his hair down to trace the laugh lines that radiated from his eye. His face had filled out, even giving up the barest hint of a double chin. The salt and pepper of his hair seasoned him well. 
Dieter broke your reverie and turned in your lap so he could see your face. Maybe your fingers lingered too long, or you were too quiet, but you had broken the easy atmosphere that had grown between you. You met his dark eyes.
“It was a great experience and actually helped me feel more comfortable in front of the camera.” His tone was light and had a playful curve at the end. “How about you? Wanna practice your camerawork? I’d be more than happy to share my expertise with you.” 
While you’d been distracted he’d opened the camera app and angled it so both of you were in frame. His smile was easy and you didn’t like how much you liked the image of you together like this, comfortable with each other.
You picked up the pillow behind you and smashed it into his face, smothering his grin and laughter.
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merakiui · a year ago
(im sorry if this is too dark)
but i always wondered how the immortal characters (venti, zhongli, xiao if thats okay) would be with an s/o whose suicidal or has attempted suicide.
Venti, Zhongli, and Xiao with a Suicidal S/O
cw: mentions of suicide and depression
🍎 Venti 🍎
He doesn’t like it at all. He’s stopped you from committing suicide before and it tore his heart to pieces when he witnessed the broken look on your face, tears freely falling like a waterfall.
Venti doesn’t like seeing you in pain. Sure, he’s seen thousands of pained expressions over the course of his existence, but yours is by far the worst. He can’t stand seeing you fall into such an inescapable depression.
He does his very best to keep you happy, always offering to sing and play for you when you’re having a tough time.
Venti has a lot of time on his hands and so he dedicates it to cheering you up when you’re feeling down. He makes you promise him to never attempt suicide again.
If he lost you to your depression, he’d be absolutely devastated. He wouldn’t be able to go on if you weren’t in the world to grace him with your lovely smile and amazing personality.
After your attempt, he’ll be a lot more clingy than before. He’ll follow you around everywhere, promising to never let you out of his sight. He even stops his excessive drinking to make sure he pays attention to you.
An underlying fear of his is losing you as a result of his own mistakes. If he were to get drunk and you wandered off to end yourself... Venti just hates thinking about it.
In order to keep your mind off of depression and suicide, he’ll encourage you to go outside and get some fresh air with him. The two of you can take long walks around Mondstadt or you can come with him to the tavern.
Anything you want, he’ll get it for you. Whatever makes you happy! Venti will be at your beck and call to help you, and if you’d prefer to lounge around inside he’s okay with that too!
Every morning when the two of you wake up, cuddled up together under the duvet, he’ll shower you in affection, assuring you that the day will be great. Even if it seems cloudy and sad, he’ll be your eternal sunshine during those occasional rainy days. 
So for his sake, please keep living! 
🔶 Zhongli 🔶
Zhongli becomes quite concerned after he prevented your first suicide attempt.
Since then, he’s gotten extra protective of you in an endearing way. He’ll linger around you when you’re doing something, refusing to look away in case you happen to hurt yourself again.
He seems a little awkward at first as he struggles to find a way to broach the topic without bringing up unpleasant memories for you.
Zhongli will sit down with you, wanting to know exactly what brought you to such a low point. He hopes it wasn’t his fault and if it was he’s willing to do whatever he can to correct it.
You’ll assure him that it could never be his fault. When he hears about your depression and how it’s started getting difficult to deal with, he promises he’ll do what he can to help you out of that dark hole.
He can’t bear the thought of losing you to something as heartbreaking as suicide. He would feel so lost without you.
Zhongli helps you through these rough patches as best as he can. He’ll soothe you with his presence and talk to you about random things to take your mind off of the depressing stuff.
No matter what happens, you can always confide in him. Even if it seems like no one will listen, he’ll always be there. He’s got all the time in the world to hear you out and he’ll always be ready to console you.
Zhongli makes sure you won’t attempt suicide again in the future by removing all sorts of harmful objects from your grasp. He may not be able to get rid of all of them, but he wants you to know that life is worth living—even if it becomes difficult and tedious.
Zhongli will always love you and he can’t imagine going on without you by his side, so he’ll do everything he can to prevent you from slipping into a suicidal mindset.
☁️ Xiao ☁️
Surprisingly enough, when he catches you trying to jump from the highest point of Wangshu Inn, he feels so many emotions at once. It’s strange. His heart tightens and he feels suffocated, absolutely crushed under the weight of this dreadful sight.
He jumps into action at once, seizing your wrist just as you’re about to jump. Xiao practically wrestles with you once you’re on solid ground, wrapping his arms around you to keep you locked in place.
There’s so much he wants to say, but words escape him in that moment and he ends up holding you in his arms, just silently hoping you’ll get the message.
He’s not usually this emotional, but when he saw you teetering on the edge he felt so incredibly panicked and worried. If he had been a second too late, you would’ve fallen.
Ever since he saved you, he refuses to let you do anything by yourself. It’s a little patronizing, considering Xiao practically looms over you like an overprotective parent.
You’ll have to continuously promise you won’t try to kill yourself like that again. And until he believes you won’t, you’ll have to keep repeating it.
You’re Xiao’s entire world; he loves you so much. So to ever think about losing you to suicide—it’s the most painful thing.
Xiao will do everything he can to protect you. If you want to go into town to shop with a few friends, he’ll come with you, albeit at a covert distance. And if you want to wander near mountains or high areas, he will practically crush your hand as he directs you to an area that’s the safest.
For a while, he doesn’t like seeing you anywhere near heights. You’ll be under his watchful eye whether you like it or not. And even though it’s suffocating you know he's just looking out for you.
Xiao may be more action than word, but he does suggest taking up new hobbies to clear your mind. He’s heard similar advice from Zhongli and he offers all sorts of fun alternatives: painting, stargazing, and even writing.
Whatever it is, he wants you to stay alive and continue living despite the hardships you’ll face. He’ll be right there to help you through it, so it’s okay if you depend on him every now and then. 
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