#I leaned pretty heavily into 2 things when I was getting a lot of my tattoos & it was space & Shakespeare lmao
geryone · a month ago
you don’t have to answer but which line did you get tattooed?? been really loving louise glück lately and i’m curious
I got “You exist as the stars exist” tattooed! It’s from the poem Telescope in her collection Averno!! That poem has a special place in my heart ❤️
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kalims · 5 months ago
<- parts: 1 2 3
basically. "you're losing a lot of blood! what's your type?"
includes: riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, azul ashengrotto, kalim al asim, vil schoenheit, idia shroud, malleus draconia.
warnings: head injury, blood, I really like malleus' part for some reason.
I'm also having a day where I literally can't feel anything so why not entertain my followers.
Tumblr media
summary: when a magical shift practice goes incredibly wrong you're asked a question you didn't quite process at first.
✦ riddle rosehearts.
this is very embarrassing admittedly to him, not to mention extremely unprofessional! there's some unrational piece of him trying to convince himself that you're obviously not in the right mind and all you're saying is pointless gibberish. 😡 *in denial
cater would beg to differ because you've made it very clear, emphasizing the 'handsome' part. he tells riddle that whole thing wasn't a lucid dream and if using phones wasn't banned during magical shift practice he definitely would've had the whole thing saved on his phone.
probably uploaded after he'd recorded the whole thing but the thought of a rageful riddle, red faced and ready to collar him makes him laugh nervously and tuck his device in his pockets. 😅🙌
riddle would absolutely love to scold you right now but the amount of blood you're losing is concerning and if the fact that you can't even process questions anymore is already a red flag in itself.
so he prioritizes you! riddle will help you the best he can, trying his best to keep his mind off the whole shenanigans (admittedly bursting red faced and fuming which scared the heartslabyul students and made them shit their pants.)
✦ leona kingscholar.
after you said that the whole stadium just falls into silence. save for a few, ruggie is the only one whose face contorts into laughter before he straightens up at the piercing gaze of leona. "oops."
leona just sighs and shakes his head, leaning his face onto his palm and groaning. the residents note that he probably wasn't aware of the uncontrollable twitching of his ears and sped up swaying of his tail.
when he notices everyone is staring he just goes like. "what are you fools looking at? didn't i tell someone to fetch me a healer?" and then the whole place just resumes into a bundle of chaos you just so happened to be in the middle of.
in the meanwhile he just surrenders himself, feeling awfully exhausted by the whole thing so leona drags you up the stand and sits you down the chair while wetting the piece of fabric he previously tore out with cold water he stole from someone and handing it to you.
if you're too woozy to take care of it yourself he'll reluctantly press it against your wound. if you're doing just fine then great, can he sleep now. 😁👍
✦ azul ashengrotto.
azul: 😃😧😳 jade: 😏🤭😊 floyd: 🤨😇😁
as much as jade likes to see azul in visible distress and panic, more so. seeing azul malfunction when he's typically so cautious and reserved was definitely a treat but alas.. the man himself wouldn't be too happy if he let you bleed out in the dorm.
so he just pulls you inside monstro lounge, disappearing in a spare room thankfully stocked with items in case of a medical emergency and reappearing with various stuff in his arms. azul who probably reorganized himself had quickly took ahold of the situation, insisting to be the one to treat you.
out of general possessiveness, and the bright idea of his that eventually made him to conclude that treating you will get you trust him more aaaaandd spending time with you. ☺ he's weighing his options pretty heavily since he's not sure you'd remember his oh so generous action but ends up going along since spending time with you is a good deal alone.
you're confused when you wake up next to an awfully pleased looking azul.
✦ kalim al asim.
oh no!! 😱 the whole thing you just recited goes over his head since he's so empathic, which then lead to him getting all worked up over a small injury. I say small injury as i point at reader on the verge of passing out.
kalim starts yelling incoherent things with tears in his eyes because he thinks you're dying so the whole dorm collectively starts screaming and falling into chaos at the fact that the usually happy-go-lucky kalim is having a crisis.
jamil standing in the middle of the chaos thinking that he's done with life: 🧍🏾‍♂️
in a somewhat miracle, some scarabia student just happened to wield a unique magic which relates to medicine! so you end up in a bed way too grand to be a hospital room. jamil had tried to convince kalim to move you to a more simpler room because wtf???
anyways if kalim just remembered what you said he'd beam brightly as if the dorm wasn't in chaos three minutes ago. 😊
✦ vil schoenheit.
stares at your form falling to the ground blankly since he's rooted to his spot and is taking a minute to process everything. who in the hell just stained your face!! 🤬👊
he's flattered prefect, really. it seems you really are telling the truth since you're looking out of it, probably not aware of the things you're spewing.
so he calms himself down and immediately starts speed walking to you, rook already being beside you trying to control the flow from the wound. epel on the other hand has this suprised, horrified look on his face. like... it's like he's stuck in time.
vil makes sure your injury isn't too serious and wastes no time whipping out some sort of.. wet napkin out of his robes and dabbing your face gently, cleaning off the dirt that made its way after your collision with the floor.
there's no filter. he's looking very worried and actually let his robes touch the fucking dirt as he half kneels to reach your face. both to check any other bruises or injury as well as clean you up cause he'd definitely want to wake up gorgeous even he got hit. beauty is everything ♡♡ 😍😍😍
✦ idia shroud.
bold of you to assume he attends magical shift practices for his dorm! ^^ and bold of you to assume his dorm holds magical shift practices. 😁😁
so in this scenario. let's just pretend he's watching you through some camera (to put it simply you're in attendance of a magical shift practice of another dorm while he watches.) disclaimer: totally not creepy btw.
idia releases this short, scream when the disc collides with your head and sends it flying to the wall. to put it more worse, the impact to the wall actually made it crack and worsened your injury. omg what kind of ultimate move was that because it KO'd you!
whichever dorm leader was present came running to you and idia could make out them asking you what you're type is. in bated breath, he listens to your answer and blinks rapidly.
"w-w-wha-what!?" then he nearly falls out of his chair and grips his desk violently.
ortho arrives concerned at the several crashing he could hear and puts it all together, idia is just now in his chair biting his nails and muttering something all over again like hes in a trance.
✦ malleus draconia.
thunder flashing in the backround* first of all, how did you even get injured when malleus considers himself to be quite guarded of danger even more when you're involved.
whoever hit you should start praying because malleus has this murderous aura surrounding him, until you started groaning which led to the dragon immediately appearing by your side. phew saved!
some guy asks for your type and you answer with. "a tall guy with horns.. pretty green eyes.. and umm.." malleus actually pauses to consider your words wracking his mind for any student that matches your description when it's literally him?? 😭💀
pieces it all together like a few seconds later and has this content smile on his face, then literally lifts you up and disappears in a flash. most probably bringing you to a nurse that can tend to your injury. lilia is versed with healing magic, as does he. but he'd be more comfortable with a professional treating you.
malleus is impossibly more harder to get rid of (how dare you want to get rid of him!!) because he acts like a body guard 24/7 to which sebek takes it as a lesson very seriously. go sebek!!!
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mukagentropy · 10 months ago
Wane | Yandere Hawks x Reader
Tumblr media
A/n: Thank you to everyone who gave me ideas about the whole Yandere Hawks ordeal. I'm pretty soft when it comes to the bird, I'm pretty sure I softened here as well. Ugh, I just can't help it lol. Besides, I think this is one of the longest fics I've written until now. I word vomited a lot so bear with that.
Summary: You finally got the chance to escape Hawks, after planning & plotting for months. But the SWAT-trained hero is trained for everything. Even this.
Warnings: Yandere themes, Guilty Keigo, MDNI, drugging, threatening, mentions of non-con, victim-blaming, emotional manipulation, swearing, use of quirk(feathers) as a weapon, blood, cuts, delusionality, hallucinations.
Tumblr media
Keigo was asleep, to be more precise... You carefully put 6 sleeping pills on yesterday's dinner for him. You couldn't look very nervous or on edge. Keigo had promised to trust you once he broke you with his insecurity that you'd leave. You could see he was trying his best, considering you weren't very good at cooking & he ate it and called it 'immaculate'. You didn't feel bad though, more like you didn't let yourself feel bad for doing that to him. You were a person of sane mind, unlike his twisted one. You were doing this because you needed to live free, not caged.
Keigo could feel the haziness of the downers, yawning and his wings droopy. They dragged against the floor carelessly as he stretched his arms. He was wearing his joggers, just his grey joggers. If he was someone you truly loved? You could've drooled for his toned & sculpted abs easily. His lean, powerful well-built physique & beautiful carved back muscles because of his excellent swordsmanship. You knew how dangerously strong he was. Being the #2 hero wasn't a feat any wonted individual could achieve. Especially when you were one of the ill-fated ones that were quirkless. The world of quirks and powers seemed all the more gleaming. "All the more reason that you stay under my wing, am I right babe?" Keigo's words echoed in your head. No, NOT all the more reason to stay under his wing. Fucking bastard— He would do anything to get you to obey him. To crush you under the weight of being quirkless.
You leaned against the headboard, looking at him with your eyes filled with love and admiration just as he wants to see it. He wants you to look at him like he's the only one for you. Like he's carved perfection and you're grateful for him. Someone ordinary like you is bestowed with the love of a hero. Not just any hero... Pro hero Hawks! He feeds you, clothes you, gets you all your favorite little trinkets... It should be the least you can do. Keigo made it pretty clear several times when he's had you against the wall with your wrists pinned to the sides. Predatory pupils slit and widen as he says every word with an eerie pause and smile. "Don't push, my, limits. Sweetie." You won't. Not when his freely falling feathers roam around your body in circles as he clicks his tongue when you've done something wrong. Not when his huge, crimson wings cover your line of sight when he's talking. Never. You are better than that. Your survival instincts are better than that.
He walked over to you, smiling softly and towering over your form. You could almost cut his fingers off if you could, the way they brushed against the sides of your body, slid under your cami, and touched everything he shouldn't be touching. Everything he had no right to even look at. He gently kissed your clothed nipple, heavily sleepy lashes fluttering at you. "I love you, you fucking sexy thing" Normally, this indicated that you are to be folded in the nearest counter, or his study, or over the couch and fucked until you couldn't take it. Until your body would give out. You can't really complain because the after-care almost makes you delude yourself into thinking that Keigo actually loves you. Pathetic, you are truly pathetic at times. But not now, now you had a plan, an escape plan.
You tried not to flinch, not to overreact, and not to be too good as well. He was a genius after all. Little differences like these always reminded you of his Hawk gaze towards your actions. You gulped and leaned in to kiss his cheek. There, soft and easy. Not too much so he thinks you're plotting something. You need to be perfectly balanced between reluctance and love.
The rest of the night followed you like a dream come true. There was no shoving of his member, girthy member tearing you apart. There was no sign of his voice that hurt your ears like molten glass.
You laid your head against his chest, not minding being cocooned by his wings. If you did love him, you'd find them warm, soft & comfortable. Soothing even— but they make you claustrophobic. You despise him & his quirk. Every single cell in your body detests his quirk 'Fierce Wings'. For they were truly fierce, truly merciless and ruthless. They gave him powers you'd never want a monster like him to have. He knows enough from a single feather. A red little soft thing lying around. Enough to even know the slightest difference in your breathing. No amount of surveillance cameras could ever beat that.
You couldn't be hasty at all, it was weirdly torturing... Laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, all wide-eyed & waiting for him to fall deep into his slumber. It was truly said... Time turns the slowest when you want the unbearable to pass. Hawks was unbearable, truly insufferable. If he isn't fully asleep, the slightest difference in your movements would disrupt him. All thanks to Fierce Wings, his pathetic god-forsaken quirk.
You couldn't track the time, a lot of thoughts hovered in your mind. How will you escape, when should you escape, where will you run off to? The most feasible solution seemed like a Pro Hero's agency. You could run off to one of the top heroes— no, what if they don't help you. What if they call Hawks & tell him everything! Honestly, after witnessing the #2 hero be such a fatal jerk, your belief system was shaken. Maybe you should go for the heroes who have lower ranks. Maybe in the thirties or forties. No, what if they tell Hawks because of the popularity he can get them... It could boost their rank easily. Should it be something you're willing to play with? God— it was so difficult. Too many options to play with, too many cons. Just a single pro, freedom. You were willing to bet everything on it either way.
Your eyes wandered off to his face, his lovely neutral, peacefully asleep face. He definitely looked like he was sculpted by the gods. The eye markings, the blonde fluffy hair, the stubble that made him look just a tad older. He was just 23 after all. Part of you was in awe of him when you first met because of it. Because of how fast he climbed up the hero ladders and was now the #2 hero. Granted he didn't talk much about his quirk, he thought you were snooping around. He was slow to trust. You wished you didn't meet him at all, you wished you weren't swayed by his unending charisma. Earlier, before he kidnapped you and kept you hostage after hearing you wanted to go on a date with some guy... He used to chuckle and pat your head, "Don't be so nosey birdie. It's just a quirk." Whenever you asked anything. His laugh almost felt believable, his friendship felt believable.
Finally, after what felt like ages, you sneakily got up. Twirling and twisting very carefully to get yourself out of the pro's grip. It was like walking on eggshells, your heart was racing dramatically. If he wasn't sedated, it was enough for him to ask you about it. "What's got your heart all racy, babe? Do you love daddy that much huh?" No, bastard. I don't- I don't love you. I will never love you. I will kill you-
After successfully landing on your feet, your shivery palm patted your chest. How pitiful, you were doing one of the tactics he taught you when you couldn't stop crying. To gently pat your chest and breathe. Completely ignoring what made you lose it in the first place, completely ignoring what made you sob with ragged breaths. It was him, he had just sent your best friend to jail. Wrongly accusing him of murder. The league had a part in this, now that you live with him. You think his villainy contacts had a part in that shattering, traumatic experience. Of course, he still won't accept that your friend; who was also about to be your boyfriend after you'd ask him out... Was in fact, innocent. "I'm so sorry, little bird. Part of me is kinda glad in a way you know? I took you under my wing before that leech of a bastard could have his hands on you."
You needed to calm yourself down. Breathe— you need to breathe. Now is not the time to torment yourself with haunting memories of the past. Maybe you can get out of this hell-hole forever. Yes! Look on the bright side y/n. The bright side where his talons can't reach you.
You stared at him with utter disgust, some of it was also for your own self. You won't accept it ever, won't accept that his monstrous, manipulative self was able to earn a soft spot in your heart sometimes. Whenever he came home injured, saving people. You could almost feel pity for him. Whenever he took a leave from his work to religiously take care of you when you were down with a fever, you could almost say you were flattered and in awe. Fuck that, you'd choose your freedom over anything else. Even hell must have its perks on some days. Keigo was attentive to you, made you feel heard & seen more than anyone else, you'd give him that. But he also broke you, shattered your body and mind like no one else could. You'd never forgive him for that.
You tiptoed away from the California king-sized bed, the master bedroom that you were forced to share, and towards the outer segment of the house. The first thing you needed was to drink some water. Bubbling anxiety had made you parched. Stop turning back and checking up on him again and again y/n! He is not awake. Stop wasting time!
After downing the whole glass of water, you sighed in relief. you did feel better. Just a bit. But it was enough to keep your mind sane, & that's all you needed to escape. You've been planning it for months, making mental notes of everything you need to take with you to leave, notes of how sometimes Keigo drugged you when you became a little over bearable and kept it on the highest shelf that was locked. How the key went back to one of his pockets as you lost consciousness. It was hard to steal the key, it usually was in his khaki pants. Starting to do the laundry for him seemed like the perfect option. Every single day, you lost hope. Every single day the key wasn't in there... But you waited diligently like one waits for their prayers to be answered... Waited for Keigo to be careless. And one day, he was...
Keigo wasn't big on cash. Never... You couldn't possibly steal his card either. That would be the epitome of dumbness. You could sell the jewelry he bought you. But with all of them having his initials, feathery design; it was safe to say that they were all designers. Maybe some low-class peddler would give you the not-so-right amount for them. Worth it!
You took all the necessary things you could, the jewels gifted by him that you hated were being put to good use now. You can't bother to change clothes when the question is of life and death after all. You rushed out of the house, the lock needed to have meddled with just right. You didn't know the passcode, even after months of being with Keigo. He wasn't dumb enough to keep it something like your birthday, or the day you met. They changed frequently as soon as he saw you eyeing him as he returned from work. The next day, it was a different code. You can't even put to words, the defeat that coursed through your veins all these months when you tried the previous night codes the next morning after he was gone for work. That fucking pathetic sly fucking- Bastard... Suits him to be flaked out like that. Suits him to be left alone like that.
You opened the door, closed it, and changed the code from outside. A funny parlor trick for that piece of shit. Even though you knew that the reason he likes his nest sky high is the windows. You walked, one step, two steps, three steps... And then you ran. Covering your face up, even though you knew he could recognize you instantly from the cameras, you ran.
You reached outside, panting and supporting yourself with your palms on your knees. It felt, good. Momentarily though, because you had a lot to do, but it felt good. You were thankful that Hawks kept you hidden. No one truly recognized you. You were as normal as any other person.
What you didn't and couldn't expect that the SWAT-trained hero woke up minutes after you left. He had an achingly dry mouth, side effects of sleeping with 6 of the sleeping pills. Everything around him felt dizzy, he couldn't focus on anything. He was hazy, drowsy- Wait! Where were you?
His pupils pinned in sheer panic and rage, mighty wings stretching and puffing up and hundreds of feathers leaving at once, scattering throughout the house and shattering the window glass, flying outside. "Fucking hell- you fucking pathetic slut." Keigo's rage was knowing no bounds. You betrayed him, he trusted you. He thought you were making progress, you betrayed him. You betrayed him, you betray-
You kept walking, looking around everywhere suspiciously & trying to ignore the burning anxiety in your chest. You'd soon find a cab y/n. Don't fret about it, you'll find a cab & it'll be over. You'll be far, far away from this place. Maybe today was the last time you saw his face.
Keigo on the other hand, was going feral. Impatient and feral and desperate for your presence. The rage inside him was soaring by each passing moment. "Wait until I find you y/n. Just wait." He growled under his breath, feathers picking up inhumane speed to scan the whole vicinity of the neighborhood.
His jaw slacked when he found you, teeth grinding against each other aggressively enough to seem it would unhinge his jaw. His heart was racing too, not in a good way. The panic he felt was like nothing else. He hasn't felt this vulnerable, this defeated, this betrayed. He had no time for playing games, he wanted to fly there himself and bring you back. Not when all his feathers are out, hunting for his prey.
Maybe a little prey and predators game won't hurt. He needs to remind you that he's here. He's always going to be here. A single red plume found its way around the nape of your neck. God— His rage was overriding his logic. He wants to slit your throat for betraying him. He wants to slit the driver's throat for trying to take you away. No, a civilian. He's a hero, he can't do that to a civilian who's doing his job. His job of taking you away! Damn it! No- still his job. No-
The feather skimmed across your neck, caressing your skin softly. That was it, that was the moment. You froze in place, the driver looking at you awkwardly for instructions as to where you'd go. "Listen, girl, it's late. Do you want to go or not?" He was getting testy. Of course, you had no words of your own, they fell deep into despair and darkness. The crippling fear of what's going to happen to you now was enough to veto everything else. Even your breathing. It grew ragged, shallow, and hoarse. Only this time Keigo won't feel pity for your so-called fearful panic attacks.
He smirked, having you realize how frail & pathetic you are was step number one. Getting the driver to leave in confusion was done by your fear. Good, at least you saved him an impulsive kill. "But— but— the dose—" you whimpered, shivering and watching the red plume dance in front of your eyes. It revolved around you, having turned pointy & knife-like. It reminded you of how powerful Hawks really was. A single feather was enough to kill your worthless, quirkless self. It was also enough to destroy any confidence you had in yourself as well.
Soon, other feathers joined, they all rotated around you as if it was Hawks himself sizing you up. They acted on his will after all. You didn't move an inch, your feet went cold, your spine went cold. You knew there was no running from this. Suddenly, one of them sliced your forearm with a cut. "AH-" your hand reflexively touched the area of impact, witnessing horrifying red. Then came another just below the apple of your cheek. You flinched and whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut. Your shaky legs began to move. You needed to run. Keigo wanted you to run, he already has begun with his ways.
Your panic had already made your legs heavy to lift, but you ran. Ran back towards the penthouse with the feathers chasing you, slashing through your supple skin at every contact they could find. Part of wanted to scream & shout for help, but you knew Keigo would kill both you and whoever stepped up for it. Your lungs were burning, your feet were cramping from the sudden, unprepared run. Your body was crying from the tormenting cuts of the feathers on your chest, shoulder, waist, forearm, back, calves.
You were reduced to a pathetic mess, a panting, crying mess & yet you knew that he was just getting started. His rage was cold, brutal even. You wanted this to be over, you kept going back until you reached the elevator. Bloodied, shivery fingers staining the button you hastily pressed for the top floor. "Shit- shit- Keigo, please—" you kept begging throughout your way as the elevator went up. You knew he could hear you, the false hope of him feeling pity for you was all you clutched onto. Until you saw him sitting on the couch of the drawing-room...
"Welcome home, sweetie." He never looked so terrifying. You thought you have seen the worst of him, this was something else. His pupils were almost shinny at the lamplight beside him. The golden rings mirrored his rage so well. You were cowering in fear. Almost enough to feel like throwing up. "Please, I'm sor—"
"Ah ah ah, not a word." The icy tone of his voice racked through your veins. All the odds were against you. Everything was against you. He got up, spreading his wide wings in front of you with one flap. The sound of it and him taking a step near you made you impulsively step back.
"You're a very good runner I must say." He walked towards you, thumb inching closer and wiping the blood off the cut on your face. You flinched at his touch but didn't dare lean away from him. You don't need any more trouble than you're already in. "What if... We give those pretty legs a looooonnng rest." His cold smirk met your blanched face. "Yeah?" He licked a strip of your blood, enjoying the loud sound of your heart racing at his every action.
"Listen, Keigo, please. Please I'm sorry I'm just- I'm really sorry I won't ever- I won't ever I promise I swear on"
He rolled his eyes, quite irritated with how swiftly you spitted out your defenses. His hand positioned in your head gently, ironic with his behavior as he leaned in and subtly brushed his lips against yours. It was sickly twisted, it was giving you hopes to latch onto again. Maybe if he's kissed me this softly, I can vouch for forgiveness. I can—
The rest happened too quick for you to decipher. The gentle hold on your head turned into a clasping, ruthless pull onto your hair, tugging your head back as his kisses rose in fervor, muffling your painful whimpers against his tongue. Two of his versatile feathers slit your Achilles tendon, rendering you off balance with a scream that tore apart from the depths of your throat, lavishly, hungrily eaten by him.
You'd fall down, if not for Keigo's sudden grip onto your waist. The kiss made you bleed now, his canines dug into the soft flesh of your inner lips. The moment Keigo left you, you fell down like a used rag on the bloodied floor. To say that the cuts that Keigo gifted you weren't deep would be an understatement. You were bleeding too much, way too much. Maybe he wanted you to be weaker, to not be able to walk & to be pale, weak, and dependent.
He sat down on the couch, raising a brow. "What? Told ya your pretty legs need some rest didn't I?" Your heels were also bleeding, it was messy, painful & humiliating to look at him. "I think maybe, we should play a little game. It would be called, Y/N is stupid..." he deadpanned, unforgiving towards your broken body. You've had enough, you were bleeding enough. Enough for everything to turn hazy, enough for you to see black spots in your vision, enough to make whatever Keigo's saying echo as you lost your mind to nothing-ness.
"It'll consist of me punishing you for breaking my trust, cheating on me like that. And we'll play this game again & again until I get bored." Keigo daunted, furrowing brows when he couldn't see the desired fear into his eyes with his statement. His rage was clouding his vision as well, clouding it enough for him to not notice the damaging slashes onto your body.
You fell onto the floor with a thud, limp, almost lifeless. "Tch, weakling." He cursed under his breath, finally the fog of his rage lifting at the sudden thought of your health. He got up, scooping you in his arms & calling a doctor. Of course, it was an HPSC hired physician, he needs to keep his mouth shut about Hawks' new torture shenanigan. He patched you up, gave him a warning about too much blood being lost and the impending weakness of your body after, chances of you being Anemic & left. Keigo would've turned a blind eye to it thinking you deserve it, if not for the sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was guilt. He hasn't done much to you, he should've done more. He's not satisfied, he's not sure you've learned your lesson. Besides, you'd recover, right? Why is he feeling guilty for doing that to you when you trampled upon him always. Rejected him always!
He sat on the edge of the bed, wings that held so much power faltering at the vulnerability. His hand reached to cup your face, thumb trailing over the band-aid on your cut. "Why can't you just love me?" His voice was low, barely even a whisper. It felt as if his little self came back to him, staring at what he did, staring at Keigo, judging him.
She's just like mom, isn't she? She hates us. Is that why you did that? Little Keigo spoke to him, causing the 23-year-old pro to look at his younger self, holding the Endeavor plushie. "Nah, she loves us. She will... Love us."
Yeah, you think she won't tell you to die? Like mom did to me so many times?
"No, she doesn't mean it. Even mom didn't mean it."
Keigo went to sleep beside you, staring at your face, thanking himself for being awake at the right time. Thanking fate for making you quirkless, the sleep inhibitors he gives you don't work for him with the same intensity either. Of course, you don't need to know that. He didn't let someone like recovery girl come and heal you, you needed to feel the pain of the wounds given to you. You need to see how nice he is going to be even when you put him through that. You'll see how supportive he'll be in helping you walk, bathe, everything. Yeah, that's how things should be... You, in awe of him. You, loving him. He's willing to try any means necessary. From tomorrow...
From tomorrow, as soon as you wake up...
Tumblr media
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thegreencanary · 24 days ago
How did this happen (2)
Tumblr media
Okay here is Part 2 of this request! Part 1 is linked. I don’t know how to write short stories apparently 😅😅
Summary: Your secret is finally out, and Billy knows you more than you ever thought you’d let him
Paring: Billy Hargrove x Female reader
TW: mentions of abuse, smoking, cursing
This is my work and I don’t give anyone permission to post it on other sites or claim it as their own
“Get in the DAMN CAR Y/N.”
Billy had pulled out in-front of you. He got out and slammed his fist on the hood of his car, enough that Max flinched in the car. Your body reacted by raising your hands to protect yourself.
“Okay. Okay. I’m sorry.”
You rushed into the back seat and you could feel Billy’s eyes on you. The hurt expression on his face was only visible to Max as he got in. You hunkered down in the backseat, softly crying.
“Y/N…Why are you fucking hiding from me? Why did you run away? What the hell is wrong with you??”
“Because you’re scaring the SHIT out of me Billy!”
Max touched his arm softly trying to tell him now was not the time to have this conversation. She didn’t want to be here for this. He sighed and drove back towards your house, but you spoke up. Tears thick in your throat.
“Please don’t take me home. I’ll go anywhere else.”
Billy knew that plea, hell Max even knew it. Without a word he drove towards the Byers house, knowing he could drop off Max there. The two of you needed to talk. Eventually the red haired girl jumped out of the car and whispered a soft goodbye to you. You’d warmed up significantly and felt almost back to normal. A simple nod at her made Max smile. Billy just started driving, and you had no idea where he was going. You ended up passing out in the backseat, a much more calm rest taking you over.
When you woke, it was dusk, and you were still in Billy’s car. He was outside smoking when you called to him.
“Billy? Where are we?”
He put out the cigarette and hopped in the back with you.
“Dunno. I just drove until there was nothing but field.”
The air was extremely awkward between you two.
“…I stopped at a pay phone. Let Hopper know you’re safe and with me. He called off the search so…ya know. You’re good or whatever.”
“…am I safe with you?”
You flashed back to him slamming the door in your face, to him yelling at you to get in the car and the way he brushed you off. Your voice was so so small when you asked but you needed to know. Billy sighed heavily. He reached for your hands and you pulled back. He deflated.
“I’m sorry about the other day. Neil was drunk as fuck and he was behind the door. I didn’t want you to come in but I couldn’t leave Max at home while he was like that. I…I didn’t know what to do so I just yelled at you.”
That made sense, but you wish he would’ve been nice; but you got it. Still, you remained silent.
“Baby… I’m sorry. I promise you’re safe with me. I’d never hurt you. Please…I said a lot of things I didn’t mean. I just…I didn’t want Neil to come out.”
The Billy you fell for showed up, the honest, vulnerable and scared kid that trusted you. He sat in the back of the car begging for your forgiveness.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be gone for so long. I just…I can’t go home sometimes and I didn’t know where else to go.”
You shifted and leaned on Billy. You felt him relax as he wrapped his arms around you.
“How long?”
“How long have you been beaten?”
The question hung in the air, it felt like a funeral. You took a deep breath.
“Pretty much my whole life. I know how to hide it and he knows how to hit where it doesn’t show. I’ve just got one more year and then I’m out of here. I just…he’s going to be so mad after tonight.”
Billy gently pet your head.
“You should have told me.”
“Billy…I couldn’t. Why do you think no one knows anything about me? When we first started dating you couldn’t get any information on me. Why do you think we never go to my house or why I never let you pick me up? If anyone knew…”
“What? People would try to help you? Is that so bad?”
“Why don’t you tell anyone about Neil? It’s the same thing!”
“No it’s not! I can help you!”
“How?? You can’t save me from him!”
“You haven’t given me the option to fucking try!”
The silence hung in the air. He admitted he was in love with you and you finally said the words you’ve fought back for years. You didn’t deserve love, you weren’t good enough. He sat against the passenger side window and you sat against the drivers side. The space between you two felt like the Grand Canyon. You were crying again and Billy was staring at you wide eyed. You knew what was coming, he didn’t know how to handle this so he was going to just leave you.
“Stop that.”
You tilted your head, confused at what he was telling you to stop.
“I can see you shutting down. I do it every damn day, I know what it looks like.”
Shit. He was right. You were turning everything off, but you needed to. He wasn’t gonna be around for much longer so you needed to prep—
Your thoughts were quieted with a desperate kiss. Billy’s hands on your cheeks, gently pulling your face into his as he locked his lips with yours.
“Never around me. Don’t shut off with me. I can take it. You take my shit, I’ll take yours. Don’t. Shut. Me. Out.”
You rested your forehead against his.
“I don’t know how to let you in Billy.”
“We will figure it out together. I know you want me around. You know I love you. We will get there. God damn it I’ll figure something out.”
He said it again. This time you adjusted your body so you were looking directly at him.
“Fuck if I know Babe. You give me headaches and sometimes I wanna punch a wall, but I know I can’t be without you. When shit goes down I always want you. When I’m on top of the world, I want you. Nothing feels…I don’t know, right I guess? Nothing feels right unless it’s with you. For fucks sake I’m trying to be emotional with you. Six months ago I would have kicked the shit out of a kid at school who acted how I am right now. You just, fuck I don’t know man. You just get me and I love you for it Princess.”
He wasn’t expecting you to say it back, and that was a relief. You didn’t know what love really was, but you wanted Billy to show you.
“Thank you.”
“Stop it. Don’t be weird. Let’s get you back, we need to deal with your dad.”
You chuckled and inhaled deeply.
“Stay with me?”
“Always Y/N….you’ve got me whipped like a bitch.”
He smiled and climbed into the front seat as you laughed. Maybe everything was going to be okay, and if it wasn’t; at least you weren’t alone.
That’s the End! As always, constructive criticism is welcome!! Like, comment, reblog! ❤️🖤❤️
Part 1
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goalieprotectionsquad · 2 months ago
✧・゚: * July 2022 Harringrove Starter Pack PART TWO! *:・゚✧
Tumblr media
I’m BACK. with starter pack part 2. don’t cream your pants. I still haven’t finished my paper and I definitely haven’t gotten any work tasks done today. 
this list features only one fic per author so we can celebrate even more creators  ♡ ♡ ♡ (thank you @hecatescrossroads for the idea!!)
◢ Billy Hargrove Needs a Nap - lilpeas [74,312; E]
It’s one thing to be a light sleeper in this shitty town that won’t shut up at night, but it’s another thing entirely to fall asleep on Steve Harrington’s shoulder during last period English.
◢ break (like waves) - @witchsickness [93,187; E]
‘We’re good together,’ Harrington says to the darkness above. Not a question. Matter of fact. He turns to Billy, a smile sweet enough to make Billy want to do something reckless. Something stupid. ‘I’m telling you, heartbreaker. We’re gonna be unstoppable.’
Billy wants to ask. If he means tomorrow. If he means just for the game.
Wants to ask if he means forever.
He’s never wanted anyone to mean forever before.
or; falling (in love), the hard way
◢ break up with your girlfriend (’cause i’m bored) - @the-copperkid [15,604; E]
@umissedconnections: Bambi eyes. m4m. i was rippin cigs in the sae p-lot. u made urself puke 2 make room 4 more beer. incredible? ur my hero PLS say ur into guys
* Steve finds he has a secret admirer who's continuously hitting on him via his university's Missed Connections Twitter account. // Tommy and Billy are the worst roommates ever.
◢ Cabbage Patch Kids - @callieb [15,026; NR]
Billy doesn't eat vegetables. He doesn't eat the limp disgusting cabbage they hand out in the school cafeteria, won't touch the merest hint of green in Susan's cooking even when his dad is glaring at him across the table. He won't eat vegetables to keep himself healthy, in spite of all the warnings they give him in health class.
He won't even eat vegetables when Steve Harrington cooks him dinner. Right?
◢ cherry pie - @brawlite and @toast-ranger-to-a-stranger [133,828; E]
Billy Hargrove lives for summer. Endless sunshine, heavily chlorinated pools, roaming ice cream trucks, and unencumbered freedom? There’s nothing better.
Even being stuck in Hawkins can’t ruin the summer for him. He eats it up, devouring every day whole.
◢ dried up, half full - @lymricks [60,016; E]
Steve’s been coming out here searching for a monster in the woods. He’s finally found one.
“What do you want, Hargrove?”
◢ falling for you in hawkins, indi-fucking-ana (series) - @lazybakerart [294,822+; E]
Billy gets his shit together. Steve figures some stuff out. They fall in love.
◢ i hear the secrets that you keep (when you’re talking in your sleep)  - @oepheliawrites​ [45,095; M]
Billy’s there the way that he’s a lot of places nowadays, sort of absent-mindedly, like he’s not sure how it happened or why and is going somewhere else in his mind anyway.
Steve watches him more than ever now, and Billy rarely watches back.
(or five times billy really needed some sleep, and one time he needed something else entirely)
◢ Incident at Castle Byers - @flippyspoon [3,639; G]
Will learns something about Billy Hargrove and feels a little less alone.
◢ if i fall asleep with my hands held tight - @elysiumwaits [28,796; M]
Billy keeps sneaking in Steve's window as the months go on: a story in ten parts.
◢ lover with a radar phone (series) - @bewires [86,717; E]
Steve is sure Billy won’t be back for more after the first time. Why would he? Steve’s pretty aware, at this point, that beyond his epic babysitting game and his hair, he has fairly little to offer in life. Billy’s gorgeous, and he’s smart, and he’s got better things to do than nail Nancy Wheeler’s dumbass ex-boyfriend.
(Spoilers: Billy absolutely does not.)
◢ Take Me Home Tonight - @heckinahandbasket​ [81,998; E]
The ghost of Billy Hargrove leaned in the open window of Steve’s car with that trademark smirk and, honestly, Steve was kind of impressed by how detailed his own hallucination could be. “Wanna fuc-What the shit? HARRINGTON?” They blinked at one another for about ten seconds before Steve’s brain finally managed to fire off a thought. “You’re real?” Steve couldn’t stop the words from spilling out of his mouth, his own stupidity a constant echo in his empty head. Billy’s face reflected his thoughts as he yanked on the door handle until Steve reached over to hit the lock with shock-numb fingers. “Real fucking freezing. Let me in, pencil dick.”
Or: The Pretty Woman AU literally nobody asked for.
◢ Under the Covers - @toast-ranger-to-a-stranger [87,788; M]
Steve is (maybe) a little bit still in love with Nancy Wheeler and (maybe) trying to figure himself out-- between the night terrors and the babysitting and the general weirdness that is Hawkins, Indiana-- before he graduates.
Billy Hargrove fits in there somewhere (probably).
◢ when the bones are good - @un-buttoned [28,411; E]
‘So,’ Tommy says around a mouthful of fries, ‘what the fuck is the deal with you and Hargrove?’
And that’s really the goddamn question, isn’t it?
He wants to know Billy. Wants to know why he is the way he is. Wants to be able to figure out what the fuck he’s thinking when he looks at Steve like that, when he touches him like it doesn’t mean shit and like it means everything all at once. Wants to know why he talks so much shit, why he needs to fight, where all that fire comes from. Why he’s so volatile, why he’s such an asshole, how he can be so fucking mean and so fucking sweet in the span of seconds, at the same time, even.
◢ you’re cold (and i burn) - @keroujack [55,919; E]
Move on. Let it heal.
Maybe that’s why Steve said yes when Max asked him to help move boxes out of Billy’s room after the dust settled. He could hear her voice. Too many. Too heavy.
Just like his wounds. His grief. Too many. Too heavy.
(Or, Steve steals the glass ashtray from Billy's bedside table and things start to go bump in the night.)
◢ Yourself or Someone Like You (series) - halfempty [792,802; E]
Maxine looked happy as they parted from Steve and walked down Main Street away from the theater. She slid into the passenger seat of Billy’s car. 'That was really fun,' she said. She looked at him like a gremlin and then smiled real cutesy. 'Did you and Steve hold hands in the popcorn?'
'I hope you had a real good time, I’m going to kill you in your sleep tonight,' Billy told her.
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ssplague · 8 months ago
Just thinking about 💭
Bully Bakugou! Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1
(This ISN’T the finale)
Trigger warnings: Bullying, Yandere, mentions of violence, abuse, manipulation, forced relationship, NONCON, harassment,
“Please just be good for me now Princess, I promise to make this night so amazing you won’t ever be capable of forgetting it”
🤐 🎎 👁 🥇
He was right, you couldn’t forget.
That night and what took place during it would forever be labeled as;
“The Incident”
“It’s for the best” you told yourself this the morning after. Repeating the words continuously, all the while staring into the bathroom mirror, and seeing someone you didn’t recognize staring back.
The following Monday came and went, you didn’t report what had happened.
Life was starting to go back to how it had been in the past.
“Hey Y/N, we’re going to go see a movie! Do you-“
“No I can’t, sorry! I know Katsuki will want me to be here when he gets back from Endeavor’s, maybe next time”
There was no “next time”.
Eventually they’d stop asking you all together.
“It’s for the best”
You hadn’t been given the name of whichever friend had reported your relationship originally. So it was only natural for you to be wary of everyone you were friends with.
The day after “The incident” was Saturday, which was always Movie night for 1-A’s dorm residents.
Safe to say the whole lot of them were shocked to see you and Bakugou curled up in the usual arm chair you two had always shared in the past.
When he had extracted himself from you to go get something to drink, you answered the question being relayed in many curious stares;
“Last night while you guys had all went out for Karaoke, I decided that I needed to talk to Katsuki; I couldn’t handle being without him…I knew I had to apologize to him for the horrible things I’d said and I was lucky that he not only forgave me, but took me back as well”.
No one had time to question your explanation as your boyfriend returned a second after it concluded. You didn’t hesitate to match the passion he’d put into the kisses he gave you, didn’t flinch when his arm came to rest heavily around your shoulders. You even made sure that both of you were properly covered with the cute pink blanket you’d brought downstairs, keeping you both nice and warm while enjoying the movie with the rest of your classmates.
No one had to know that you’d only done that last part out of fear driven anxiety; The blanket served as an adorable pink shield to keep the others blissfully unaware of you being violated while they sat right there. A majority of the group smiled at you and Bakugou’s repaired relationship, some even considered it picturesque.
“Such a good girl, my good girl” he whispered as his fingers slid inside of you again and again. You’d merely smiled and kept your watery eyes trained on the screen in-front of you.
“You’re coming home with me over the three day weekend…to fuckin’ meet my parents, the old hag has been bugging me to bring ya around for ages” Katsuki says while the two of you are getting ready for class one Friday morning.
Although you’d made the plans half heartedly, it still hurt now knowing you had to cancel on your friends. You didn’t bother crying to Katsuki about this; There’d have been no point, you knew better than to have made plans with anyone other than him.
So instead you finished buttoning your blazer, leaned forward mumbling “Looking forward to it” against his lips, before proceeding to kiss them.
You held hands with Katsuki while the two of you approached the door of his home. It swung open before he’d even had to yell to be let in.
“How could you have managed to get someone as pretty as this girl is?”
Mitsuki Bakugou says this in lieu of greeting her son like the average parent would have done. Taking advantage of Katsuki dropping your hand to clench his fists, the blonde woman grabs hold of your arm and pulls you inside.
“It’s so nice to finally be meeting you! When the brat accidentally mentioned having a girlfriend, I wasn’t entirely convinced!” His mother looked like a female version of him, and that made you nervous for some reason…
“I’m Y/N L/N, it’s nice to meet you Mrs.Bakugou I-“
“No, no, none of that Mrs.Bullshit, you can call Mitsuki or MOM if you’d prefer it…and this here’s Masaru” she’s wearing a chesire grin while gesturing towards the man currently attempting to reign their furious son in.
The aforementioned man turns to face you and waves, letting go of Katsuki in the process. You barely have time to greet his father before Katsuki greedily pulls you into his arms again.
“M’gonna put our stuff up and show her my room, then we’ll come back downstairs…Oh and pops, when we do please make sure the old woman keeps her hands off MY girl and doesn’t traumatize her again!” he yells this over his shoulder while dragging you up the staircase.
Stumbling into a room furthest on the right, you hear Mitsuki’s shout of “Oh fuck off you little-“ before Katsuki aggressively slams the door shut.
Masaru hugged his wife in attempts to calm her ire towards their son before it got out of hand and scared their important guest.
“I can tell she’s a sweet girl….hopefully she’ll make him forget all about the one he was so hung up on awhile back…That was a fuckin’ nightmare and a half to deal with, going down to the damn school so many times” the older woman sighed, rubbing her husband’s back as he continued holding her.
“You certainly aren’t wrong about that…” agreeing with his wife seemed easier than voicing his own suspicions regarding situations best left in the past.
“Sorry about them, mom’s a nightmare and pop’s well he’s….” Katsuki doesn’t finish the thought as his eyes settle on you curiously examining his room.
The first time he’d brought you home with him, he didn’t bring you into HIS bed room, you’d spent the week with him <s>chained up </s> in the guest room.
Seeing you here looking around his childhood bedroom, after watching you meet his parents for the first time…It made his heart swell.
He’d laid in the same bed you just sat down on, thinking of nothing but you for so many nights. He’d always fantasized about you “properly” coming home with him one day (among other things), and now you had.
The most important person in his life was finally becoming apart of his family.
Everything had been so LOUD and nerve wracking during your first day in the Bakugou household. So when Masaru asked if you’d like to get some fresh air? You happily joined him on the patio out back.
“This breeze tonight sure feels nice, thank you for inviting me to join you out here Mr.Ba-I mean Masaru!” You stammer nervously, cursing yourself for attempting to start small talk.
“Don’t worry about it, you’re fine” he chuckled while trying to reassure you. This man was so much different than the two blonde’s inside, it wasn’t difficult for you to let your guard down as you sat talking with him.
“So how long did you say you have been dating Katsuki? Did you two start out as friends? Forgive me, I must have forgotten” he had to ask, hopefully the foreboding feelings he’d had were wrong and the past could be forgotten.
<s>Hopefully another innocent person wasn’t forcibly being molded into the ideal partner of another.</S>
Hopefully his son wasn’t as much like his mother as he seemed.
“No need to apologize! I actually hadn’t mentioned that, he probably did at some point…but anyway, I knew him as well as Kirishima did back then, but I’m unsure if he considered me a friend…no one has ever been given that esteemed title out loud” you pause and smile, momentarily considering your next words before speaking.
“Not quite two years but almost…”.
Oh no.
It only took a second for him to piece the time lines together….It was just as he’d feared.
How could you help Katsuki forget the girl he was obsessed with….
When you were her.
A sudden chill invaded the once pleasant breeze that swept through the back yard. It was almost like it brought the drastic shift of mood along with it as the once lighthearted atmosphere turned heavy and nervous.
“Y/N….” Masaru’s eyes flitted quickly toward the back door, as if he was ensuring you two weren’t being watched, you weren’t. The poor man was always a person of weak disposition, he may not be able to save himself but he might be able to help you.
You waited for him to continue, looking at him curiously when he didn’t. One thing you did notice when you met him earlier, was that his eyes lacked the intensity found in both Katsuki and Mitsuki’s. His eyes held an immense kindness and something else you hadn’t been able to place earlier today.
Right now as you sat looking at him in the calm and quiet backyard, you easily identified it; It was understanding.
You were both victims.
You were both prizes.
You both had no say in this situation.
“I’m sorry” he whispered.
The light shining onto the patio from inside the house was suddenly blocked out by shadow.
“Me too” your reply was barely audible.
“It’s fucking freezing out here!”
“Get inside before you two get sick, neither one of you are even wearing a damn jacket!”
Both voices belonging to a blonde with their intense red eyes locked on each of their individual “prize”.
Both of you stood up and immediately complied.
“It’s for the best”
A/N: I couldn’t fucking help myself, it’s going to be longer! I like stories that give you insight into a characters life so you can in a sense get a feel for why they turned out the way that they did. So that’s why you had to meet his parents, I had to force myself not to make this as detailed as I’d wanted since it’s supposed to be a short story 🙄 (So was the late bloomer and it’s still not completely finished) Anyway; I love all of you leaving comments with your thoughts and opinions on how the story should end, it really makes me feel amazing to read them 🥰
If you want to be on the TAG LIST, leave a ❤️‍🔥 in the comments, or just ask.
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dreamgrlarchive · a year ago
2021 Fabulosity Reset
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy New Year favs!!! The New Year is a time of awakening, evolving, and improving and this post is to help you all get a reset on your life. 2020 was a rough year in general but this year can be a turn around for you personally if you start designing your dream life and stay committed.
Create Your 2021 Vision Board
Take the time out to map out everything you want in the upcoming months. EVERYTHING! Make it as pretty as possible. This can include things like a dream car, a new job at your favorite store, closer relationships with loved ones, and a polished cohesive appearance. Start with a positive, attracting thought process. Doubtful thinking will not aid in whatever it is you’re trying to attract. Take magazine clippings and print out inspo photos. Write out affirmations and speak as if. Write in future tense as if you’ve already obtained everything you’re asking the universe for. Take a picture of your new pretty vision board and look at it everyday, on your phone and in person.
Dream Girl Journey by Me
Law Of Attraction Tips by Isabel Palacios
Leveled Up Mindset by The Luxe Feminine
LOA by @babyphat05
Return To Self by @thevirgodoll
My Process
Scripting Affirmations
Clipping Photos
Make Board
Take Picture of Board
Daily Reminders/Affirmations
Tumblr media
Diet and Health
What are your health concerns? Go to the doctor and find out where you stand physically. Do your research on nutrition and vitamins (and their purposes). Doctors are very helpful in this regard because the ready to go vitamins may not be anything that serves you and as humans we all need different properties (different demographics, genders, races, weight, height, conditions, etc.) Create a strict vitamin regimen and get any shots/treatments that are necessary. Drink more water/non-processed beverages. Eat more clean food and meat. It’s unrealistic to say “I’m not drinking any pop, or eating any fast food.” These are pleasures to some, and living in luxury means enjoying all life’s pleasures. However, too much of a good thing is *say it with me* a bad thing! Moderate moderate moderate!!! Let moderation be your best friend this year and your health will thank you!
What I Eat in a Day by Briana Monique
Work Towards Your Goal Physique
Stop telling yourself the body you want is unrealistic!!! Chances are it’s attainable, but by working for it. Having a beautiful figure aides in pretty privilege and getting more out of life. When you wake up confident in your skin, life is much easier and opulence is more plausible. Having a nice body also sends the signal you have your life together. You have goals, you’re active and healthy, you care about your appearance, etc. You don’t even have to get a gym membership. Invest in supplies that will help your individual goals. I have a waist sweat band, a stretch band, and ankle weights because my main goals were toned legs, small waist, and flat stomach. Everyone’s journey will be different but it’s good to incorporate multiple facets of life into your body image goals. For example, not only do I do yoga, but I do cardio, and I drink protein shakes and have a weekly carb goal. (ps. if you want more noticeable curves, FOCUS ON PROTEIN. if being leaner is the goal, focus on reduced carbs and lean meats)
Burn Belly Fat by Chloe Ting
Ultimate Workout by Love Your Natural
Workouts by @angeldiscovery
Pretty Girl Smarts
A smart girl is a beautiful girl. Read books on self help, finances, nutrition. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be the one people ask about everything, because they know you’ll know something. Take a class, any class that suits you. I took a fashion class last year and learned a lot. I loved the experience. If you’re in traditional school, set high goals and accomplish them. Once you do, reward yourself. Take immaculate notes and study hard to retain all the info you’re learning. If you’re in high school and know what you want to be your career, start educating yourself on it NOW! Keep a career notebook and research on the field and topic. Find out more about international events and cultures. This will help keep you well versed. Teach yourself another language. Start reading your dictionary and thesaurus. A leveled up woman is intelligent and comes off as such. Learning is enriching. Education is a privilege that we all should be taking advantage of.
TED Talks
Khan Academy
Asap Science
Psych 2 Go
Stay Organized
GET A NEW PLANNER! Plan out your weeks and months regularly. Being overbooked is mentally taxing and avoidable by organizing every commitment you make. I recommend The Happy Planner, or Erin Condren. You could even create your own using a pretty journal, a calendar, and planner stickers. I recommend this regardless of your lifestyle. You can plan out time for pampering and you time. No matter how busy you are you can block schedule your days to keep from overworking yourself. Clean your phone out. Delete any unused apps, clutter contacts and useless screenshots. Organize your photos by category if you have too many. Make physical notes of any important texts and delete your text threads. Deep clean your home/room and throw away everything causing clutter. Sort out your clothes. I personally sort by season, then goodwill, sell, and throw away.
My Planner and Accessories
@angeldiscovery’s Angel Planner
Planner Set Up by Belinda Selene
Tumblr media
Dream Girl Mentality
Find your confidence. Tell yourself regularly how beautiful, kind, intelligent, and fashionable you are. Never ever let your crown slip. Stay unfazed by the opinions of others. People are gonna look at you crazy for having the audacity to love yourself and want a beautiful life and to them; say nothing. Embrace your individuality. Be charismatic and like able but never sway from your true personality. People will be enamored with your social skills. Maintain yourself frequently, pamper yourself, spoil yourself and love yourself. Set goals and be ambitious this year! Keep said goals to yourself. Not only because of the evil eye, but when you talk to people about what you want, their opinions can sway your mindset. This destroys the law of attraction. Start whatever you’ve been wanting to start, but have made excuses for this far. The world is at your fingertips, literally so get what you want out of it.
Confidence Tips
Charisma Tips by @thevirgodoll
Applying Pressure by @thescorpiosfinest
What Makes a Muse
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Maintaining Yourself
Keep everything highly maintained. No matter your financial situation, this is possible. Invest in cute loungewear, activewear, ensembles, and nightwear. You deserve to look great at all times. Get your nails done every 2-3 weeks. Mani and pedi. Maintain it at home with a mani kit. You’ll need a file, cuticle pusher and oil. Keep your body soft and smooth. Develop a strict self care regimen. Create a skin care routine tailored to your concerns and stick with it, twice daily. Get your brows and lashes done and keep them up at home by handling your lashes carefully. Get full body waxes once or twice a month. The smallest details make the hugest difference in a woman’s looks. These include things like white teeth, groomed brows, shaped nails, clean clothing, moisturized skin and posture. Get those six together and watch how different you feel.
My Self Care Routine
Loving Your Appearance by @angeldiscovery
Quarantine Self Care by Maya Galore
0-100 Glow Up by Ashley Devonna
Summer Glow by Ashley Devonna
Establish Your Style
A woman with a sense of self has a distinctive look. She’s recognizable by a particular set of aesthetics. Reevaluate your closet. Are you happy in these pieces? Do they make you feel powerful and confident? Do the clothes wear you? If so, get rid. Will it be extra and glitzy? Or preppy? Or minimalistic? What’s your dream lifestyle? Are you a real life supermodel or CEO? Any style you like most is attainable at any budget. Once you’ve developed your style create a signature color scheme. This doesn’t mean you can never wear anything outside of it, but what colors are you going to want to be instantly recognizable in? What textures and patterns are you into? These are the questions costume designers ask themselves to develop an assigned character sense of style and their personality too. For example, when you look at Samantha from SATC, you can tell what her personality is without watching the show. Very alpha, sexy, mature and bougie. Often times style is executed through accessories and supporting pieces. You can make two totally different look with the same shirt and pants with different jewelry, belts, handbags, etc. You can create scrapbooks, mood boards, Pinterest boards, etc. to help you along your way.
Example Aesthetic Board
Example Style Outline
Dionne’s Outfits in Clueless by ModernGurlz
Monica Colby Style Analysis by Clever & Chic
Rebuilding My Wardrobe by Coco Chinelo
Tumblr media Tumblr media
New Signature Look
Finally let’s develop your signature touches on your look. Every woman I know who has life figured out has trademark factors in her appearance. This often coincides heavily with your aesthetic. These include handbags, scent, jewelry, hair, nails, a color scheme and makeup. My signature is medium length pink/nude gel nails, white toes, a silk pressed blowout, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, hoop earrings, long lashes and glossy pink lips. I’m consistent with it. I’ve had a manager tell me “wow, you always have those hoops on, that’s so cute!” This is the goal. You want to be instantly recognizable by these attributes. Women often have a piece of jewelry they never take off that serves as their signature piece. Your signature look can be anything you want as long as you can be consistent with it.
My Aesthetic
My Style Breakdown by Anaya Ivy
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I know last year was difficult, but we honestly are all so blessed to be here and able to continue our journeys. Every day is an opportunity to craft the life you want. Use this post and all the resources linked to get closer to your inner dream girl. My asks are always open if you need anything from me personally, it’s my pleasure!
-xoxo, DreamGrlArchive
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eregyrn-falls-art · a year ago
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Recently, my best friend convinced me to start getting up “early” on Sunday mornings and “join” her for yoga, via a livestream from the studio she and her husband used to go to before the pandemic.  I was... dubious.  But I was feeling guilty about not keeping up any kind of exercise routine.  And her argument was, “We’re not getting any younger, Hol, and if we want to be able to keep moving as we get older, we’re going to need to stay flexible.”
It kept occurring to me that Ford (the man who canonically took up meditation in college and who we see doing a yoga pose in the show) would use this argument on Stan; with the additional point that if they’re going to keep investigating anomalies (i.e. fighting monsters), some flexibility and strength training is probably a good idea.
So like, I want to be VERY clear here -- Stan is me, in this scenario, in every dubious expression, and inability to do the forms correctly yet, and everything. Despite that, I don’t hate it.  With a couple of exceptions, I’ve been doing it every weekend for the past two and a half months, and kind of looking forward to it each week.  It’s actually pretty low-key, which is nice.  But what’s even nicer is that since it’s through zoom, nobody is in the room with me and nobody can SEE me, so I don’t feel so self-conscious.  (Some of Stan’s poses above are what it FEELS to me like I’m doing; I can’t really see myself, either.)
Anyway, here’s hoping it does Stan some good, too.  He seems to be putting up with Ford being Mr. Perfect, so that’s a start.
Some notes below the cut, including what they’re doing.
1. Bound angle seated stretch.  Yeah, I can’t get my legs flat, either.
2. Seated side bend stretch. This tends to feel pretty good, although I suspect I don’t look graceful doing it.
3. Seated side twist stretch.  Crossing the upraised leg over to the other side is the more advanced way to do it.  I can’t get my arm that far around my leg yet.
4. Forward bend stretch.  Either with one leg tucked in, or both legs straight out, I can’t actually lean forward very far at all.
5. Child’s pose.  I can actually do this!  Stan needs a little more hip flexibility here.  But resting your forehead on your hands or arms is an acceptable variant.
6. Downward dog.  When I do it I FEEL like I look the way Stan looks here -- like I’m trying to make the sharp angle but not really succeeding.
7. Low lunge.  Surprisingly hard to balance, and my knees hate it.  Using a block to help is perfectly acceptable.
8. Warrior 2.   This one is easy (I don’t think only because I did fencing for so long), but our yoga instructor LOVES Warrior 2, and after a while, it also gets hard to hold the position.
9. Trikonasana (triangle pose).  I WANT to make a nice-looking triangle, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet.
10. Tree pose.  It’s all about the balance.  Even doing the very beginner form (with the ball of the foot on the ground and just the heel resting against the other ankle) is surprisingly unstable, and my arms tend to swing around trying to help me balance.
11. Savansana (literally, corpse pose).  The last part of every session, everyone’s favorite part, an attempt to relax completely; using some supports can help.  While you aren’t *supposed* to fall asleep, hey, sometimes it happens.
Hilariously, I started this thinking “oh, this will just be a quick thing where I do very simple pics of Stan and Ford in some basic yoga poses!  It won’t take long!”  Reader, it took way longer than I expected.  I thought I’d have this done LAST weekend.  It was unrealistic to expect to do 22 figure drawings in anything like a “short” amount of time.
Almost needless to say, I based these poses HEAVILY on reference photos.  I mean, having done all of them myself helped, too.  And in a lot of cases it was a matter of adapting the poses to the angles I wanted, because most photos of yoga forms online like to show them in profile, which I mostly didn’t want?  Anyway I collected almost 70 ref pics, multiples for each pose, so that I could look at angles.  But the biggest challenge wasn’t doing the proper pose (for Ford), but figuring out how to depict Stan *trying* to do the poses but not quite succeeding yet, because he’s new at it.
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dmwrites · 27 days ago
Chapter 3- Meeting
ch 1  ch 2
“Yeah, that’s a big fucking moon, alright.”
By coincidence, it seemed, Michael arrived at the spawn of Hermitcraft at night, greeted by Joe and a heavily armored dude who looked like a pink axolotl. Oh, and the moon, which took up about half of the sky.
“My goodness, such naughty words!” The axolotl said, putting one hand to his chest and the other on the handle of his sword.
“Oh, sorry my dude. Just, you know, moon big and all. I’m Michael.” Michael extended a hand.
“Well, it is nice to meet you. I am Xisuma, I do the admin stuff around here.” Xisuma shook his hand. “I don’t usually let random people on the server, but I trust Joe’s judgement… I think.”
Joe, who had been staring aimlessly up at the moon, started at his name and walked forward to stand next to Michael. “Michael was an invaluable friend when I went missing for many months, and plus he runs a radio station, which is super cool!”
“Hold on, when did you go missing?” Xisuma sputtered. Joe opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by a communicator going off. Xisuma took it out of a pocket and looked down at the screen. “Aw geez. Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but, as Mike here pointed out, moon big. Plus evil X needs me.” Xisuma took off in an anxious flurry of rockets.
Michael watched him fly away and then looked at Joe with his mouth open. “Y’all can fly here?”
“We have the option to, yes.” Joe smiled. “Welcome to Hermitcraft, Michael. Seems like I owe you twice now. Once for letting me lodge in your home, and now this.”
“Don’t worry about it, Joe.” Michael clapped him on the back. “Not gonna lie, I was a bit suspicious about this whole thing, considering we’ve only met once, but that fuckin’ moon, man. What the fuck?”
“That’s what I say every evening, minus the expletives.” Joe replied. “And things just keep getting weirder.” He lead Michael to a nether portal and they went through it and down the hall inside. Michael looked around as they walked, mouth open in surprise. “Since I called you, there’s been an update to the new normal. So the moon is big, and getting bigger still. There’s also intermittent earthquakes. And now, we’re pretty sure gravity sometimes just kinda… stops working?” Michael was quickly developing a headache.
They arrived at another portal labeled “Joe and Cleo” and stepped through. Michael found himself looking out towards a huge, sprawling castle.
“Dude! Is this your fucking house?” Michael staggered backwards. It looked exceptionally beautiful with the giant moon beginning to set behind it. It was all bright sandstone that seemed to absorb the moonlight, with glittering windows all over.
“What, you don’t live in a castle?” A dark figure came around the portal.
“Ahh! A zombie!” Michael hid behind Joe.
“Well, you are partially correct! This is ZombieCleo, my best friend and castle-mate.” Joe said, and the figure stepped into the light of a torch, revealing herself to be a redhead woman in what seemed to be colorful eighties workout attire.
Cleo stuck out her hand and and Michael took it. “Nice to meet you. I’m rotting.” True to her statement, her hand felt slimy and looked rather grey.
“Uh, great.” Michael pulled his hand back quickly and wiped the slime onto his shirt. Cleo cackled.
“Don’t mind her. She likes to bully people. It means she likes you.” Joe said, gazing out towards the castle. “So, Michael, I’m thinking we can start by looking at the moon measurements I have, and then maybe a few-hour briefing- I have like a stack of notes on the moon and all that. Then maybe we can-”
“Joe, for goodness sake, poor Michael is completely overwhelmed. Not that I care, I try not to, but he literally looks like he’s about to pass out.”
Michael, true to Cleo’s observations, had gone to lean against a nearby tree, a hand pressed to his face.
“Yeah, Joe, sorry, but I just traveled a lot, just saw some of the most breathtaking buildings I’ve ever seen, and uh, moon, big.” Michael gestured vaguely around at the open air. “We don’t have shit like this where I come from. It’s mostly like… craters from explosions and empty houses. Normal moons. It’s a lot to take in at once.”
“Oh, if you think this is breathtaking, lemmie show you the rest of the server!” Joe said, clapping his hands. “But maybe later.” He added after a pointed look from Cleo. “Yeah, okay, fair, we’ll pick this back up tomorrow. The moon isn’t gonna, like, crash into the server before then. Probably.”
All three of them laughed uncomfortably, and then Joe lead the way across the river to a cozy little tavern, where there was a room available. The sun was just beginning to shine through the cracks in the shades when Michael entered his room and put his backpack down on the bed.
“Well, we have some walls to move. See you tomorrow, alright?” Joe bounced on his feet awkwardly.
Michael looked at him, and Cleo standing behind him in the doorway. The small man with the weird glasses and the beefy zombie fitness instructor woman. Michael laughed in spite of it all. Everything was just too weird.
“Yeah, tomorrow.”
Joe and Cleo bade him good night (“or should I say good morning? Like, the sun is rising.”) and closed the door behind them. Michael could hear their conversation as they walked back down the stairs.
“Do you really think some conspiracy theorist is the key to figuring all of this out? It’s a bit of a crazy idea, Joe.”
“The whole world’s gone crazy, it seems. And I don’t think we have much time left before it devours us all whole.”
“Well, that’s comforting.”
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dylansmelody · a year ago
Tumblr media
all the things I did I Stiles Stilinski
summary: you do almost everything to get Stiles to love you the way you love him, but it feels like it won’t ever work out.
word count: 1782
notes: this is my first story and I am so nervous about posting this. I really hope you enjoy it and I’m so excited to start this journey on here. english is not my mothertongue so please excuse any mistakes since I’m still learning english. As I said I hope you enjoy this story and remember: always spread love and positivity :)
warnings: it’s sad :(
Frustrated, you slam your locker door shut and lean your aching head against it. You’ve been awake the whole night trying to find new clues for the supernatural cases that have been happening in Beacon Hills recently. Normally, that’s something you would do with Stiles and Scott, but yesterday you told them to get some sleep, which they desperatly needed, and leave those things to you for one night. 
Well, you got yourself into something, because now you’re in school, exhausted and with a headache that feels like your head is about to explode. 
“Hey, what got you looking so down?” A voice sounds from your left. 
You barely lift your head to look into the whiskey brown eyes of your best friend. “Was up all night to collect new clues.”, you say in between a yawn. With one hand you grab your bag and get some papersheets out that you printed out. 
“Here, it’s everything I could find. I hope it helps.” You hand them over to Stiles. “I really worked my ass of to get all of this. I had no sleep at all and I even got into detention because I fell asleep during chemistry, so I really hope you appre-” You stop talking as you notice Stiles is not even listening to you, instead he is looking at someone behind you. 
One look over your shoulder and what you predicted in your head is true. Stiles is looking, no more like staring desprately, at Lydia Martin. You like her, you really do. I mean, she is part of the pack and you two are actually really good friends, but the crush that Stiles has on her is more and more getting on your nerves. 
“You think she actually likes Aiden? I mean, yeah, he is pretty good looking, but don’t you think I could be better for her?” You sigh, taking the papersheets from him and putting them into your bag again. “Hm, yeah.” 
You don’t even really listen to him, instead just busying you with organizing things inside of your bag. You will just give everything to Scott, at leat he will actually appreciate your hard work. 
“I just really don’t like this guy. Cosidering everything he did, Lydia still seems to like him, but why? I don’t get it. I guess girls really are just into bad boys.” 
Stiles continues his rambling, not even noticing that you aren’t even listening. “Yeah, yeah. Well, I gotta go to class now. See you later Stiles.” You walk away from him without even turning back again. 
Stiles seems to snap out now and turns around to look after you. “But wait, what about the clues that you were-” But it was too late, you already walked into your classroom.
Studying, how you hate that. It  takes so much time and it only turns into you being exhausted and sleepy, then waking up the next day having almost forgotten half of the things you studied the day before. 
Stiles promised to studying with you, since you can always study better as soon as you have some company. But of course, you are not unprepared. 
Stiles mentioned the other day that he is still confused about how and when you use some of the physical quantities and so you sat down for a weeks straight just so that you could teach it yourself and then explain it to him. 
Now the both of you are sitting on his bed, going through the notes you made him while eating a pizza you ordered. 
You have been explaining the theme to him for half an hour now, being really proud of yourself since you almost struggeled yourself with the physical quantities. 
“So and that’s actually all. It seems a lot and pretty hard, but once you got it, it’s actually pretty easy.” You look up to him, just to see that he is zoned out. 
Sighing heavily, you snap your finger right in front of his face, snapping him out of his haze. 
“Shit, sorry, I was zoning out. Can you explain it again?”
Another say escapes your lips as you as you sit up more straighter, leaning down to grab your bag and packing in all your stuff. “Just go over the notes I made you and you will hopefully get it. It’s getting late and I should go home.” Standing up, you made an attempt to leave, but Stiles grabs your wrist.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I- I’ve just been so stressed about everything. The whole supernatural thing, school, all the tests and my dad. I can’t figure out this case and normally I am the one that figures stuff out and has a plan, but it feels like this time I am just useless and you know how mad that thought makes me? I don’t want to be useless, I can’t be useless.”
You put your hand on his cheek. “It’s okay Stiles, you don’t have to be sorry. We are all pretty stressed right now, but we will get through this together, okay? After the physic test I will help you, okay? We will go through every detail of this case again and analyse every single thing.”
“Really? You would really do that?” You nod with a small smile. “Oh god, thank you, Y/N. You are the best.” After those words your sink your head, trying not to show how much they hurt. 
You wished. You wished he really meant those words. 
Scott sighs, standing up from where he was stitting and starting to walk around the room. “He will come, he won’t leave us hanging, right?”
You don’t even answer that question, instead you just stay quiet and pick at your nail. “Y/N?”
Slowly, you look up to him, seeing that he is already looking at you. “What do you want me to say? Yes, oh yes, Scott, dear true alfa, your oh so best friend will definetly show up after letting us wait for alomst 2 hours, because he is the hero and so wonderful.” Sarcasm is tripping from your voice and all Scott respond with is a scoff. 
“I don’t like this sarcasm, Y/N. What is wrong with you lately?” Now it’s your turn to scoff. “What is wrong with me? You are asking me, what is wrong with me? Scott, Stiles has been such a shitty friend these past weeks and I can’t be the only one noticing that. And I’m so done with it. I’m just done.  I have been doing everything, every single thing for him for years. I tried to get him to notice how deeply in love I am with him, but all he sees is Lydia. I stay up late night to do research for him, I work my ass of just to understand a theme he doesn’t and to then to teach him and guess what, I don’t even get a thank you. Not even a little thanks for all the stupid work I am doing.” You breath heavily, letting all the words out that are in your mind. “Who was there for him when his panic attacks got worse? Who was there for him every time he got turned down or ignored by Lydia? Who came over so many nights at 3 am when he had a nightmare just because he can’t sleep alone after them anymore? Who stayed at his place for a week, since his das wasn’t there and he has no idea how to cook or even take care of a whole house? And who is it that always showers him with love and appreciation, even if he doesn’t need it. Me. It’s me, Scott. I do all that and he never seems to notice it. God, it’s so frustrating.”
“Y/N, I-”
“No, no, Scott. Please, I just want to go home now.” You grab everything your brought with you and turn around, gasping as you see Stiles standing there. Tears line up in his eyes and a frown on his face, but before he can say anything, you walk past him and out of the door. 
You can’t stand talking to him right now, because as soon as you do, you will break down in tears and that’s the last thing you want right now. It would not be the first time you cry over him, but it would be the one that hurts the most.
“Y/N, come on, stop walking away and let’s talk about it.” 
“But I don’t want to talk about it.
“But I do.”
And with that you stop, turning to him. The tears in your eyes visible, even through the rain, that you didn’t even notice pouring down on your. “Then talk.” You try your hardest to make your voice sound strong, completely the opposite of what is happening inside of you. 
He sighs, letting one hand glide through his soaking wet hair. “I... I don’t know what to say.” You turn around again, walking off for the second time. 
“Y/N.” Stiles runs up to you and takes your wrist in his hand, stopping you from walking any further. “I am sorry, okay? I am sorry for not noticing all of that. I’m an idiot.” 
“You are.”
He chuckles a little and looks at you with a sad smile. “Are we good again?”
“No.” “No?”
“No, Stiles. We are not good again. I’ve keeping all of this to myself for so long, my feelings, just everything. You hurt me and a simple sorry is not going to fix all this hurt.” He looks at you with pleading eyes. “Please, Y/N, I will do anything.”
“Stiles, you are just not in love with me, that’s the problem.”
“But I could be!”
You sigh, removing your wrist from his hand. “You are not. You love Lydia. Someday I will be over it and then it’s all going to be okay again between us. But someday is not now, not tomorrow and maybe not even in a year. Sorry Stiles, but I can’t keep doing this anymore.”
You give him one last look, seeing the tears running down his cheeks, his nose starting to get red by the coldness of the rain drops and his lips sligthly shaking, before walking away completely this time and letting him stand there in the rain.
This is not how you thought your friendship would end, but it’s the way it probably was ought to be. Someday you will accept it though, because when an old chapter closes, a new chapter begins. 
Maybe this is your start of a new chapter, just with the difference that the scars of the old one are still precisely there.
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theothin · 2 months ago
MTG Math: Dealing massive finite damage with 10 cards on turn 1
MTG can hit some pretty big numbers. There are a lot of ways to create infinite loops, as well as ways to hit strikingly large non-infinite numbers.
Perhaps the best-known example of the latter is the Turn 1 megacombo posted in 2015. Using 60 carefully chosen cards, it sets up a complicated chain of token generation that spirals out into unimaginably huge numbers, while avoiding unbounded loops to keep the achievable damage finite.
Following some recent discussions about it, I decided to try my hand at something a bit more compact, to see what we could accomplish with a smaller number of cards. In particular, I wanted to try avoiding some elements I've seen objections to: the inclusion of Omniscience, and the use of "nearly infinite" loops that only fall short of infinite due to unusual downsides some of the cards were specifically selected for. Personally, I've never been bothered by those things, but it got me thinking about ways to deal massive damage on turn 1 that wouldn't use them.
This strategy uses 10 cards, the smallest number I've found that can reach the scale I'm looking for. 10 in the starting hand, plus a 3 card library - or the top three cards of our library, if we assume there's a full deck under it. Both Omniscience and the "nearly infinite" loops are absent - with such a small number of cards, I'm not even sure how viable it would be to use those effectively in the first place. Here, our cards go from library to hand, hand to battlefield, hand to graveyard, battlefield to graveyard, and graveyard to exile, never reversing direction. But they'll be doing some pretty wild things as they go.
The overall goals are still the same: we're working with a Vintage-legal card pool (updated with another 7 years' worth of cards), and assuming that we draw our perfect hand, aiming to have the maximum possible turn 1 damage be huge but finite. We're not going to get numbers quite as high as the 2015 megacombo, but it should be a bit easier to follow and still deal some pretty enormous amounts of damage. In particular, we'll be taking some inspiration from this recent "3 cards + unlimited mana" strategy, but going a bit bigger.
That all said, let's begin!
Tumblr media
Step 1: Black Lotus + Channel + Chromatic Orrey
We play Black Lotus for free, sacrifice it for three green mana, and spend two of it to play Channel. A classic start for doing ridiculous stuff. We'll be leaning heavily on Channel to convert life to mana, but it's all colorless, so we use our remaining mana and 6 life to play Chromatic Orrey and allow us to use the colorless mana to pay any mana costs.
This puts us at 14 life, 4 cards in hand, and 3 cards in our library.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Step 2: Devilish Valet + Verdant Sun's Avatar + Djinn Illuminatus + Cackling Counterpart
Now we use that life to cast the remaining cards in our hand. Devilish Valet doubles its power every time another creature enters the battlefield, which will be key for racking up our numbers. Verdant Sun's Avatar, meanwhile, gives us life equal to the toughness of each creature that enters, which we'll be feeding into Channel. Casting those two costs 10 life, then the Avatar immediately gives us 5 back, putting us at 9. We spend 7 on Djinn Illuminatus and gain 5, putting us at 7.
We're getting low on life, but Cackling Counterpart can increase our lifegain rate by copying the Avatar. Meanwhile, since it's an instant, Djinn Illuminatus gives it replicate, letting us duplicate it by paying its cost repeatedly. It costs 3, so we can afford to cast it twice, getting two more Avatars. Each one triggers all of our Avatars, so the first gives us 10 life and the second gives 15. (The replication window is at the point when we cast the original spell, so we can't just turn that additional life into more duplicates.)
We now have creatures of three colors (red, green, and blue), so with our hand empty, we can now use the Orrey to draw our last three cards. This costs 5 life, putting us at 21.
Tumblr media
Step 3: Elemental Mastery + Coercive Recruiter
We pay 4 life to put Elemental Mastery on Devilish Valet, allowing it to tap to make Elemental tokens equal to its power. Then we pay another 5 to play Coercive Recruiter, which lets us untap a creature every time it or another pirate enters the battlefield. We'll point the Recruiter's trigger at the Valet, but while it's on the stack, we've got something else to take care of.
Since playing the Valet, five more creatures have entered the battlefield: three Avatars, a Djinn, and a Recruiter. This lets us double its power five times, to 32. We'll have the doubling trigger resolve first, then tap the Valet to make 32 tokens. This causes the Valet's power to double another 32 times, to 137,438,953,472.
At this point, the Recruiter's trigger resolves, untapping the Valet. We could attack for 137 billion damage and win the game instantly, but we're aiming higher than that. Instead, we tap the Valet a second time, making 137 billion more tokens and doubling its power another 137 billion times. This takes us out of the territory of numbers Wolfram Alpha will let me calculate, but what I can say is that the Valet's power is now billions of digits long. (For comparison, the number of elementary particles in the universe is less than 100 digits long.)
Meanwhile, between those two rounds of tokens and the Recruiter, our trio of Avatars has gained us a ton of life, putting us currently over 412 billion. Which is good, because we're just getting started.
Tumblr media
Step 4: Djinn Illuminatus and Cackling Counterpart (again)
These two first showed up in step 2, but now it's time to see what they're really capable of.
Cackling Counterpart has flashback, so we can play it one more time from our graveyard. Djinn Illuminatus's replicate effect stacks with flashback, and while the flashback costs 7, the copies go by Counterpart's base cost of 3. So by sinking as much of our 412 billion life as possible into Counterpart, we can copy Counterpart 137 billion times, and use them all to clone Coercive Recruiter.
Every time we get a new Recruiter, all of our Recruiters trigger, letting us untap and re-tap Devilish Valet that many times. Considering that we got this far by tapping the Valet just twice, even describing the numbers in terms of how many digits they have isn't going to keep working. Like with the 2015 megacombo, we'll turn to Knuth arrows.
Tapping a Valet with power N doubles its power N times, which means multiplying it by 2^N. Multiplication is getting insignificant at this scale, so we can pretty much represent the Valet's current power as 2^2^32. 32 is a bit more than 2^2^2, so we can approximate this as 2^2^2^2^2. Repeated exponentiation is also known as tetration or superexponentiation, which Knuth arrows let us show by increasing the number of arrows. So five 2s stacked like this become 2^^5. Which is a bit of an underestimate, since 2^^5 only has 19,729 digits. But 2^^6 has 10^19,727 digits, and we're not there yet. That is, not until we tap the Valet for the third time.
Making 137 billion Recruiters gives us about 0.5*(137 billion)^2 untap triggers, which works out to a bit over 9 sextillion. Tapping the Valet 9 sextillion times puts our (lowball) estimate for its power at 2^^(9 sextillion). This also means that we've created about 2^^(9 sextillion) Elemental tokens, and gained about 2^^(9 sextillion) life from our Avatars.
This sets us up perfectly for our final card.
Tumblr media
Step 5: Parallel Evolution
Parallel Evolution doubles all of our tokens - the 137 billion Recruiters we just made, the two Avatars from the first time we used Cackling Counterpart, and also the absurd number of basic elementals our Valet has made. And it's a sorcery, so like with Counterpart, we can replicate it. To double our tokens 2^^(9 sextillion) times.
To be honest, I don't actually know enough about numbers this large to have a good idea of how to represent them. I think it might involve further increasing the number of Knuth arrows, but I'm not even certain of that much.
Once the last of the copies resolve, we have about 2^2^^(9 sextillion) Avatars, about 137 billion times that many Recruiters (like all multiplication, pretty much insignificant at this scale), and the Valet has untapped an unfathomable number of times to raise its power to even more unfathomable numbers and spitting out that many elementals each time. Also, each of our tokens trigger all of our Avatars, raising our life to absurd heights.
The enormous amount of lifegain has one more chance to be significant, because Parallel Evolution also has flashback.
Our initial volley of 2^^(9 sextillion) copies of Parallel Evolution is nothing compared to the number of times we can copy it now. Again, I literally don't know enough math to even know which notation to use to keep describing this. (If you do know, please tell me.)
Whatever the numbers are, eventually the dust settles. We're left with a ridiculously huge Valet and its enormous army of elementals to swing with, far beyond any conventional definition of overkill.
As enormous as these numbers are, they're still nowhere near the ones achieved in the 2015 megacombo, let alone the more recent revisions. The 2015 megacombo's final damage count has 408 Knuth arrows compared to the handful here, and even after several attempts, I still can't fully wrap my head around half the things it does. In comparison, this is more of a tame, straightforward counterpart - but still plenty ridiculous in its own right!
I don't know if anyone has posted better strategies for this or similar conditions, but if you've seen any, let me know. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!
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bangtangalicious · a year ago
death valley (m) | part 8
summary: welcome to death valley. once you’re in, there’s no telling whether you’ll make it out alive. a summer internship turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x f.reader smut ft: jin x reader, jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader
genre: smut. yandere. mystery. thriller. gang!au rockstar!au fightclub!au
wordcount: 9.0k
warnings: reader discretion advised. rough sex, physical roughness, sadism kink, pain kink, breast play, fingering, elevator sex (semipublic), praise kink, dirty talk, unrealistic endurance (this is one day LMAO), attempted fire play, bondage, guns, attempted shootings, knife play if you squint, spanking, degradation (name calling, slut shaming, being really mean lolol thanks jin), crying kink? lot of crying, toxic and manipulative behaviors, jin steps on you so there’s that, character death, heavy drug use, paranoia/fear, voyeurism, sex while intoxicated, me trying to put some humor where i can, sweet dom!jungkook, wild dom!jin, and a sprinkle of dom!taehyung ;) ALSO eyebrowpiercing!jungkook. very important. 
a/n: s/o soowoozoo!bts for being my inspo. 
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F L A S H F O R W A R D--
Goosebumps spread across your skin as the silence set in. The room was chilly, air conditioner buzzing in contrast to the slick humidity of the summer night waiting for you outside. The white light made your eyes ache, the walls were plain, dry, empty.
You stared blankly at the table in front of you. The sound of the pen scratching paper made you ache, remembering kinder days when you and Hobi would be goofing around and writing songs. How did you get here? How did you let this happen?
The previous night, you had dreamt of being at a concert, somewhere far from Death Valley. Losing yourself to music and molly, a soft pair of hands on your hips as you danced the night away, singing at the top of your lungs. Those same hands wrapping around your waist, nose tracing behind your ear to whisper to you how pretty you were. How hot you looked and how badly he wanted to tear your clothes off with his teeth. 
You allowing him to pick you up so easily, take you back to his car where you scrambled into the back seat. Like children. The first kiss was magic, you were glued to him and could barely move on. He wouldn’t leave you for a second, he wouldn’t let you breathe. Your lips were hot on each other, soft moans and giggles. Swallowed smiles as you drank one another in, bodies like waves crashing against each other.
Hands wandering until he had you where he wanted. Where you wanted. He loved you down so incredibly good. How he was able to tear you apart while still being so sweet, you could barely even fathom. His teeth dug into the flesh of your breasts, fingers hooking around your panties. 
His tongue ravished your figure. There was no part of you left untouched, no part of you that wasn’t completely ablaze with arousal. You would arch your neck back as he lapped away at the sweetness dripping between your legs, your hands combing through his wavy black hair.
His tongue knew where to go, he knew how you liked it, and your fist clenched as he fucked you with his mouth through and through. He always made sure you came first. Always. Every single time.
Whether you had mere minutes or long hours, he loved the way you tasted, making sure you knew that at every chance he got. Sloppy wet kisses traveled up your stomach to your chest, up your neck, hands caressing your ass, scratching your back, holding you close for a moment. 
You were whisked away into heaven, just briefly, as his thick cock would push into you. Your pussy pulling him in, wanting to feel the familiar but oh so incredible stretch that only he gave you. 
Taehyung. You sobbed as he fucked you, allowing him to kiss the glossy tears off of your cheeks as he rolled his hips, angling so perfectly to nudge deep within you. His sinister grin, his giggles, his chaos. You were in the hands of disaster but you never felt more safe. 
Why are you crying dumbass? He would find your state amusing, continuing to fuck you, thrusts long and smooth. Quick, but slow enough for you to savor each second. Your whining lost behind the wet sound of your bodies colliding.
Where are you? Are you watching this right now? You’re not really dead are you?
Stroking your cheek, he leaned down to whisper against your mouth. The words he would keep on saying, echoing back to you. Play along. I won’t hurt you.
What exactly you were playing, you were unsure. 
“Look at me” Your eyes darted up to meet Jin’s deceivingly innocent eyes. “I’m gonna ask you again, did you kill Kim Taehyung?” 
You gulped, sweat collecting onto the cold handcuffs around your wrists. Jin glanced at the mirrored wall, before letting out a heavy sigh. 
“It appears that Kim Taehyung was murdered about two hours before the party. We found your gun near the body.” Jin holds up the custom weapon Yoongi had given that was unmistakably yours. “Where were you at that time?” You felt your eyes getting heavy.
“I was” You lips were chapped, mouth clammy with a bitter taste. You looked him dead in the eye, stomach sickened by the amusement glistening within them as you struggled with your response. You knew he was getting a kick out of it. You wanted to spit on his face. You wanted to slap him, to scream, to flip the table and break out of the windowless room that caged you.
“I was with...y..” Jin smirked, leaning back. You cleared your throat, mind running a mile a minute.
“With who Y/n?”
You glared at him. He was treating this as some sort of role play. You felt queasy at the thought. Someone was dead. Dead. 
“You. I was with you”
F L A S H B A C K--
The morning rays slid through the expansive glass wall of the hotel room, causing Yoongi’s eyes to flinch, squinting as they opened and took in the day that presented itself. He sighed heavily, the weight of the previous night still on his mind. You were still asleep, but he could see through the chaffing beneath your wrists that you were not comfortable. He took the leash and fastened it to the headboard, ensuring you had no escape. 
Grabbing his keys, Yoongi quickly got dressed in a white hoodie and left the room. He needed to find out the truth for himself. He couldn’t afford to have you lying to him already. 
It was so frustrating to him that you couldn’t just be honest with him. He had been immensely open with you even if he was not proud of what he had to share. Why would you hide things? Hadn’t he proven himself to you? Hadn’t he done everything to win your heart?
Yoongi sighed. His anger issues were core to his being. It was part of his true self, but he had spent years trying to become someone you would fall in love with. All he wanted to do was make home in your heart, but no matter how many of your suitors he ended up threatening, beating to a pulp, and forcing them to bail on you, there was nothing in his power that could tear down that goddamn Park Jimin poster on your bedroom wall.
There was nothing he could do to stop you from writing small fantasies in your journal that you kept stashed in your bedside drawer. 
Yoongi would be lying if he said he didn’t come close to killing Jimin multiple times before. But he realized that would not have delivered him a solution. If Jimin died, you would mourn. You would still harbor that love for him and never have an opportunity to see what he really was. It was because of this Yoongi, with Taehyung’s helpful insight, had orchestrated a way to destroy Jimin in your eyes. 
Jimin was then introduced to Yoongi’s two weapons of destruction, Taehyung and cocaine. Yoongi worked hard to build himself up as a successful music producer. He had to be better than Jimin, had to make sure he could offer you everything Jimin could and more. 
To his surprise, you did move on from Jimin, at least the reality of him. But this fantasy of who he used to be remained pinned to your heart. After Jimin quit music, the mention of his name would still cause you to blush and smile. It made Yoongi want to throw up.
You had to see for yourself. Yoongi learned what it was that attracted you to Jimin and embodied just that. You liked that you had to chase him, you liked that he didn’t give a shit about you. You liked that he never noticed you and you had to pine for his attention. You liked that he was dedicated to his music, you liked the lifestyle he was associated with. You liked his lack of emotion and fantasized of him showing his true colors to you and only you, a sensitive, sweet, charming guy. Anger was not a part of this persona at all. 
When he felt like he had driven Jimin crazy enough with the drugs, he decided to plant rumors on stan twitter that Jimin would be signing with his label. Using his personal relationship with the singer, he was able to sign him on. He conveniently then offered you a summer internship, knowing full well you would be coming for one reason alone. Park Jimin.
Yoongi wanted you to fall straight into his arms. He rented out every available apartment for the months you were searching for a place to live, forcing you to reside in his building. He wanted to win you over naturally. He wanted you to work with Jimin, hook up with Jimin, and end up loathing him. Loving Yoongi instead. 
Jimin’s gang activity was getting on Yoongi’s nerves. Taehyung told him Jimin was in Death Valley, that you saw Jimin at Death Valley. When Yoongi heard from you, not Taehyung, that you had been kidnapped, along with Namjoon nonetheless, Yoongi had enough. He was used to giving Taehyung plenty of unsupervised jurisdiction, so Jimin’s accident was not a surprise to him. 
But you sympathized with Jimin, which was not what he wanted. He then decided to take things into his own hands, threatening Seokjin into throwing the fight to leech Jimin of every cent he had. He broke into your apartment, fucking everything up so that you had no choice but to come to him. To need him. 
And when Jin didn’t lose, he had no choice but to reveal to you who he was. Even after all his honestly, all his trust, you still lied to him. 
Yoongi was furious. He arrived at Death Valley, using the front entrance. Pulling a mask over his face, he barged in, surveying the silence as a sign that the bar was empty. Through the kitchen he arrive at the back storage room, accessible only by key, where all of the surveillance had been set up years ago. 
Monitors were spread across the wall, but Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in at one that was coming up with no feed. Your apartment. Someone had fucked with the cameras. Yoongi types away at the main monitor, enlarging your apartment footage and reeling back to find the moment the device was destroyed.
He sees Taehyung, whispering something to you. Next thing he knows the stream is blank. He grits his teeth, as all the pieces fall into place. He was a fool. How could he have been so blind? Taehyung must be in love with you. He must have, after watching you for so many years. Yoongi scowled at the thought of the ways Taehyung may have seen you, naked, vulnerable, ways that only he should. 
He had trusted Taehyung. Taehyung had only ever shown interest in money and Yoongi thought that was enough. Taehyung must have fucked you over and over again once the cameras were dead. What a whore. It made sense then that he had cut the line through his branding on you. He was the only one who could have. He had access to you and he was psychotic! He must have forced you to lie. You wouldn’t ever hide anything from Yoongi, no, Yoongi was the man of your dreams. You felt grateful that you had him, didn’t you?
He tilted his head, cracking his knuckles before he punched the glass screen, causing the feed to go haywire and sparks to erupt. Kim Taehyung. You are dead to me.
Yoongi growled lowly before picking up his phone. “It’s me. I need to see you. Now” 
Hobi kept his hand on the small of your back as he led you down to the hotel bar. The two of you nodded politely at the staff members who were busily preparing for the big event. The bar was empty aside for a few guests enjoying their brunch-time mimosas.
Hobi couldn’t really revel in the fact that the two of you were getting drinks together, almost like a date. His mind was too caught up in the initial shock he felt when he saw you tied up in his boss’ bedroom. He felt upset, but moreso he felt violated. He wondered if you were getting taken advantage of. Did he promise you a promotion? Was he manipulating you?
Punishing someone like that, Hobi was never one to kink shame, but it seemed a bit much. The name burned into your skin did nothing to ease his concern. Someone who was possessive, violent, impulsive. It reminded him of...
Hobi didn’t know. He didn’t know who gave him orders. He really didn’t care once the cash rolled in, but it began hitting too close to home. He wasn’t thrilled about hurting Namjoon, but two duffel bags of cash were enough for him to momentarily set aside his morals. 
“What should I get?” You surveyed the small menu of cocktails. “What’s gonna fuck me up the fastest?”
Hobi snorted, “Tequila” He twirled your hair as your gaze remained glued to the menu. The thought of you being in danger upset him greatly “Y/n...when did Yoongi brand you?" You called the bartender ordering a line of shots to which the they glanced at the clock before giving you a weird look.
“The night of the rematch” You told him, reacting before you realized what you had said. Your lip tucked between your teeth as you tried to conjure an excuse. A row of shot glasses was placed in front of you. You took one, gulping it down before letting out a heavy sigh. The bitterness burned down your throat. You basked as the liquid hit your mind, easing you slightly.
“Yoongi was at the fight?” Hobi recalled the wild night that the three of you had been at Death Valley. It was the first time he ever saw the man giving him orders. The man was tall, broad, had dark hair and wore dark clothes, face covered in a mask. Could it have been...Yoongi?
“Y/n!” The two of you turned to see Jungkook approaching the bar. He had changed his hair, the blue swapped for a short black cut, and you couldn’t help but double take at his new eyebrow piercing. 
You downed another shot, glancing at Hobi who had raised his eyebrows seeing the drug dealer. Jungkook gave you a light hug, waving timidly to Hobi. You smirked, another shot down the hatch. “Easyyyy Y/n” He placed a hand on your back as he slid into the seat next to you.
“The fuck are you doing here?” Hobi sneered. Jungkook rolled his eyes, used to the condescending treatment of gang members. "Didn’t you get stabbed or something?”
“I did!” Jungkook grinned, “In fact, that’s exactly why I’m here. I think I figured out who Mr. Bossman is, and I wanna fucking kill him”
Hobi rolled his eyes, “Oh really”
“Kim Seok-motherfucking-Jin baby. He stabbed me. He’s the one who showed up and threatened me to move out of Y/n’s apartment, so he’s probably also the one who called for the kidnapping. And he might have called for Jimin’s accident. It makes so much fucking sense”
Jin did what? There was not enough alcohol in your veins to act like you didn’t fully understand what he had just said. Jin had Jungkook move out? It wasn’t impossible. And that’s what scared you. You blinked at Jungkook incredulously, “But he’s literally a police officer”
Jungkook’s grin widened, “Exactly! It’s fucking brilliant. He’s a cop, he fights for the other side. He wins no matter what and can never get caught. No one would ever suspect him. Winning despite being threatened? Who threatened him huh? It’s a fucking ploy. You’re not dead and neither is he I bet. Kingpin. Boom”
You felt sick, knowing that Yoongi was not the only person you needed to be worried about. It was almost funny how blatantly misinformed Jungkook was. “Wow you guys are idiots.” You muttered under your breath, taking another shot before coughing roughly. Should I tell them? Why did Jin lie? Is this even the truth? Jin always tried to pin things on Jungkook, but you defended him. Hearing his words now made your head spin. He’s lying. Jungkook is lying. You wanted to scream, frustration flooding through your veins as you clenched your fists.
“I’m gonna tell Jimin and Taehyung what I know. They will give me so much money dude.” Jungkook chuckled, “And then they’d kill him, oh God finally”
Hobi pursed his lips, mouth feeling dry as he reflected on Jin’s eerie words before he shot him in the leg. He didn’t know where Jin was anymore, handing him off to be taken somewhere. It didn’t make sense. His orders were to seize Jin if Jin won the fight. Why place an order like that all? Why do any of this?
“Y/n, come with me.” Jungkook tugged at the sleeve of the oversized Nirvana shirt you had thrown on after your shower session with Hobi. You giggled, the thought of Taehyung coming into your slowed thoughts like a hurricane, tearing up any understanding you thought you had of the situation. There was only one thing you believed. Only one thing you knew with full certainty and it was all you could hold onto.
“Oh my goodness it’s Yoongi. It’s Yoongi. It’s always been Yoongi” The words spilled from your lips like the tequila that dripped down the side of your lips as you took yet another shot, giggling like a ditz. Jungkook and Hobi exchanged confused looks with each other, only making you laugh more. “I would fucking know okay!” Your laughs grew loud, “I was locked up in his fucking apartment and where the hell were all of you huh? Dumb fucking idiots!” You buckled over, laughing into Jungkook’s chest.
“Jungkook” Hobi sighed, “I gotta get back to work. Can you get her sober please?” Jungkook nodded. He held your waist tightly helping you stand, walking with you carefully to the hotel elevator.
The laughter wouldn’t stop. Passerbys shot the two of you dirty looks as Jungkook pulled you into the elevator easily. Through it’s glass walls you could see the midday skyline, where outside people hustled through life as if everything were normal. Must be fucking nice. “Y/n” Your laughs began to choke in your throat, turning instead to the sobs you tried to suppress with whatever will you had left. 
Jungkook placed his soft lips on your shoulder. Hands sliding onto your waist as he peered at you curiously, “Y/n, is everything okay?”
You shook your head, the elevator door closed as tears began forming in your eyes. Your voice croaked, “I’m dead. He’s gonna kill me. T..taehyung is gonna kill me. I...I know he will. He’s everywhere. Everywhere.” You looked around frantically, suddenly feeling hyperaware of the security cameras littered throughout the public space. “I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone...I” You hiccuped. Jungkook pulled you into a tight hug.
“It’s okay ssh” He stroked his thumbs them across your cheeks, cupping your face affectionately. “I’m here aren’t I?” You sniffled, nodding lightly. “I got you okay. No one is gonna hurt you”
You stared into his kind brown eyes. You did not trust him, your entire body was screaming at you not to trust him. His fingers danced down your figure, freely gliding over your heaving chest, desperately trying to breathe with the fear that choked you from within.
You blinked at him, eyes glancing down at his pouty lips before finding his eyes again. “Y/n” Jungkook whispered, barely inches from your lips. “I won’t let anyone hurt you okay. I promise”
Fat tears rolled down your face at his words. Jungkook clicked his tongue, cooing at you as he continued to wipe away your hears. “Oh you poor thing” He held you to his chest, kissing the top of your head, before tilting your face up to his. 
He leaned in, eyes fluttering shut as his lips landed on yours, swallowing you into him. The taste of tequila was evident on your lips as he kissed you softly, and you allowed yourself to surrender to his warm touch.
You felt heat pooling in your chest as his fingers trailed up your legs. He traced circles into the inside of your thighs, letting his fingers tease the edge of your shorts. 
“Jungkook” You inhaled sharply, his hot breath tickling your neck as you tilted your head back. He licked his lips before sloppily latching onto your collarbone, sucking down to litter your skin with wet kisses as his fingers slid down your shorts, just barely so that he could roll his hips into you.
He pushed you back against the glass, fingers trailing across your bare thighs before sliding beneath your panties. Jungkook ran a finger over your clothed folds, making you clench down. 
“Y/n” His voice sounded equally as desperate as yours, barely audible over the sound of his heavy breathing. “Fuck I missed you” You gasped as his fingers slid under the fabric. He pushed a finger in, allowing your tight cunt to accustom to it before adding another finger not long after. 
His other hand slid beneath your shirt, pushing your bra up so he could run his thumb over your nipples, his touch featherlight, leaving you breathless. You rolled your eyes back in pleasure, bucking your hips up as he slowly pumped you with his fingers.
“That’s it baby, just like that” He whispered, lips pressing into your neck. You let out a shaky moan as his fingers quickened, pumping in and out of you as you latched onto his shoulders. “Look at me. Look right at me baby”
He brought his lips over yours, just brushing them across your skin so he could gaze deep into your eyes as you fucked yourself onto his fingers. You cried out his name as the friction began to overwhelm you. His fingers easing you right where you needed them, pleasure searing through you as he watched your every move.
"So good for me” He pulled his fingers out, doused in your sticky arousal before he placed them into his own mouth. Your eyes widen as he licked of every last bit of you and smiles. “You taste so fucking good baby”
He kisses you again, harsher this time as his hips roll against you. Your fingers grip his hair as he pulls down his sweats, allowing his cock to spring out. 
“You want my cock?” He ran his tongue over your lips, tugging at them slightly as he stroked his cock. You could feel his hand moving between your legs. “You want my big cock in your little pussy?”
You gulped, nodding as Jungkook looked down, lining his tip against your folds, pushing in only slightly before meeting your eyes again. “So warm and wet for me, fuck” He pushed in further, groaning as you spread your thighs wider, allowing him to thrust as deep as he could. He stilled briefly, kissing you again “You take me so well baby fuck. So fucking tight for me. My pretty baby” He stroked your face, thumb pushing into your mouth slightly.
“Does it feel good?” He mumbled, pulling out just slightly before rolling his hips back into you. He picked up a rhythm, fucking you deep and slow, hands clawing at your breasts.
“Yeah...feels really good” Your eyes fell shut, enjoying the fulfilling pleasure of his movements. He pulled your shirt up, burying his face between your breasts as he continued to fuck up into you. 
“Mmm yeah I bet” He pushed your bra up, allowing his fingers to pinch you nipples. He took one into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around the small bud as he began to suckle you, looking up to your face and enjoying your reactions. “You’re so fucking pretty you know that right?” He sucked on your breast harshly before leaving it with a soft kiss and moving onto the other. “So perfect for me”
His thrusts quickened, driving you up the wall as his hands fell to your hips. You burying your face in the crook of his neck as you felt your high approaching. “Jungkook...I’m...”
“Yeah?” Jungkook’s voice was raspy with lust, “You wanna cum baby? Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock, wanna hear you make those pretty little moans when you cum”
You cried out with every thrust as he pushed you over the edge, and you felt your pussy burst with pleasure as you came, the sloppy sounds of your arousal echoing through the small space. Jungkook groaned as the hot liquid covered his cock, allowing him to slide in and out of you with ease. 
“There you go. Good girl. Good fucking girl, just like that” He gasped, feeling his cock twitch slightly, buried deep in your cunt, “Want me to cum inside you baby?” You nodded, whining slightly, “Yeah? You want it baby? Huh?” Jungkook’s hips thrust furiously at you, and he cupped your face, bringing his forehead against yours so he could look into your eyes as he came. “Want my cum? Want me to fill you up baby?”
“Yeah. I want it. Jungkook please,” Your whiny voice was enough to have him spurting through you.
“Holy fuck” Jungkook buckled over, holding you tight as cum shot out of him, filling you up and leaking out onto the floor.
He pulled out of you quickly, pulling up his sweats while you fixed your own clothes. Sweat painted his forehead as he looked at you, panting with a big smile on his cute face.
“I missed that” He confessed, pulling you back into him by the waist. He knelt down and pressed his lips on yours, letting his hands slide to your ass and squeeze them softly. 
You heard a familiar ring as the elevator door reached it’s destination. You jumped away from Jungkook, unable to get far as the strong boy’s hold on you remained steady. 
"I see stabbing you once didn’t really drive home the message huh Mr. Jeon Jungkook” 
You felt goosebumps spread as you heard the sinister tone of Jin’s voice. He stood leaning against the elevator as if he had been waiting for you, twirling his knife around aimlessly between his fingers. “Too bad, I unfortunately can’t kill you yet” He turned to you and winked, “Both of you come with me”
Sweat trickled down from Namjoon’s neck, his eyes glued to the tattered punching bag in front of him. His muscles were still sore, bruises still spattered across his bare chest. He didn’t care. He was sick of feeling helpless. Under the dim lights of the boxing gym, he pushed himself, another hit, more force, ignoring the pain shooting through his limbs with every strike.
“Don’t overdo it” Namjoon rolled his eyes at the sound of the familiar voice. “Last thing you want is to get injured again” He turned to the sound of loafers echoing across the concrete floor.
“What do you want Yoongi?” Namjoon sneered. The producer smirked slightly, patting the punching bag playfully before pacing around Namjoon.
“I’m gonna kill Taehyung, and I know Jimin is gonna break hell. I need you to protect Y/n for me. Can I trust you, Namjoon?” His voice was stern.
“Man, fuck you Yoongi” Namjoon groaned, “I put my life on the line for you constantly and you still have to fucking ask? Promise me. I want out after this. Promise me a record deal”
Yoongi shrugged, “Okay fine. I’ll sign you. Don’t let her out of your sight.” Yoongi inhaled sharply, “And I swear to God Namjoon if you even think about touching her, you’re dead to me. And I will know if you do.”
Namjoon rolled his eyes, lips parted, desperately trying to catch his breath. “Yeah okay. Just get me my fucking record deal”
Yoongi pursed his lips, pulling out his phone and handing it to Namjoon. “Paperwork is ready. You have one job. Don’t fuck up again” Namjoon clenched his fist as Yoongi chuckled in amusement. “I have some business I need to deal with personally. Keep her safe Namjoon, please”
You gagged, a puke-ish feeling clogging your throat as you coughed out. Your head was throbbing with pain as you squinted against the gleaming lights from the chandelier above your head. Glancing around, you realized you were back at Jungkook’s place, large dark wooden floors adding to the ambiance that just screamed rich in your face. The plushness of his large bed evident beneath you. 
You get up slightly, peering across the room where you see Jin handing a large duffel bag to Jungkook, whispering something into his ear. Jungkook nods eagerly, shaking Jin’s hand before exiting. He turns back to you, smiling as he realizes you are awake.
“Hey party girl. Recovered from our little day drinking session have we?” Jin chuckled. You scowl, searching around you as your throat desperately demanded water. Jin handed you a glass. “I just got Jungkook caught up, but you and I need to have a little talk” 
You exhaled before emptying the entire glass down your throat. “I know everything” You scoffed in spite, “I know everything you did, you fucking maniac”
Jin smiled wide at the term, “I know. Jungkook told me you think I was behind all of the stuff that’s been going on, stabbing him and kidnapping you. I mean,” Jin laughed, a tinge of condescendence in his voice, “You don’t actually believe that do you? Like, seriously how dumb are these guys. At least you’re smart”
You frowned at his tone, unsure of how to respond. Jin raised his eyebrows at your silence before continuing, “Oh come on Y/n. Use that little brain of yours hm? What the hell would I be gaining from all this? It was Taehyung.”
He extended you a hand, helping you out of the bed and pulling you up to stand before him, “What did he tell you huh? That he’s Yoongi’s friend or some shit? Taehyung doesn’t give a fuck about Yoongi. And I know you know about him screwing over Jimin. He’s trying to take over both gangs, not just Jimin’s, and he’s been lying to you this whole time.”
The bargaining chip. “What do you mean?” You followed the flat echoes of his footsteps down the hallway into the same office that you had Jimin tied up only a few days ago. You suppressed a smile as you noticed the curtains were still torn.
“He’s distracting Jimin and Yoongi with you. He wants them to get up against each other so that he can sway the gang loyalties towards him by showing that their leaders priorities are off. Look here” Jin motioned towards a laptop on the large desk, playing security footage of what appeared to be Death Valley’s parking lot, where people were loading bags of cash into what could have been Taehyung’s car. “He’s robbing them. And you know what else Y/n? When he’s done with all of this, he’s gonna kill them both.” 
No. No way. Betrayal stung you as you process Jin’s words, “You’re just a pawn in his game. You were bait. He just needed to you get Jimin and Yoongi to fight amongst each other. And you let him, didn’t you?” Jin chuckled, patting your cheek. “I know he kept telling you that you could trust him. That he wouldn’t hurt you. It was bullshit Y/n. This man only cares about one thing. Himself”
You thought back to the first night you laid your eyes on him, back when his hair was a faded green, his sweaty tan skin contrasting his dark leather jacket. The look of familiarity in his eyes and the gleam from his diamond studded watch. You were a fool. He strung you along.
“Where is he?” You growled, “I wanna hear it from him. I wanna ask him myself”
“Absolutely. In fact, if you’re up for it, I was wondering if you would be down to do another little mission for me” Jin winked at you. You scowled, folding your arms over your chest, “If we don’t kill him first, he’s planning on killing Yoongi tonight before the party. I know because I got him to let me in on his little coup” Your heart dropped, “You don’t want that do you?”
"No” You blurted. 
“So let’s kill him first. Come on, let’s go get you dolled up for this party”
As you left the office, you couldn’t help but notice a familiar figure standing at the other end of the hallway.
Namjoon? Your eyes locked with his. He pressed a finger to his lips before pointing at Jin and shaking his head. What is he trying to say. Namjoon seemed to have a warning look in his eyes. You simply shrugged at him, before running down the hall to catch up with Jin.
Namjoon exhaled, watching from a window as Jin and you drove off, likely heading to the hotel. Looking at his palm he saw the way his nails left imprints in his skin from how hard he was clenching his fists. Namjoon wasn’t necessarily a fan of Taehyung, but he knew a thing or two about him from Yoongi. Taehyung would never kill people. He was averse to it for some reason, Namjoon always thought it was ironic for him to be a gangster given that quality. Taehyung could torture anyone, threaten anyone, but he didn’t have it in him to take a life. 
Which meant that Jin was lying to you. Namjoon never liked Jin. Even aside from all the hits he had taken from the strong man, he always felt something was off about the guy. He feels uneasy about what he had just seen transpire, and decided to go find Yoongi. 
“Do you want some coke?” You were in the middle of washing your face when Jin walked in with a bag of powder. “I could use a hit, I don’t know about you”
“Oh hell yes. Thank you” He poured out a line on the bathroom counter using a quarter, watching with a small chuckle as you inhaled the drug, nose pressed against the cool marble. You sighed, wiping your nose and flashing a big grin in the mirror “Damn. I needed that. I didn’t know that you use”
Jin bit back a smirk, “I do.” He poured another line on the same place, this time taking a hit himself. “A lot”
“Oh. Officer Jin is a druggie like the rest of us huh” You teased. Jin poured himself a gin martini, taking a sip, eyes alight with amusement. “Does that turn you on ever? Do you ever have a hottie cuffed up and they’re like please Officer does that..you know..turn you on?”
Jin’s eyes widened at you “Not any hottie, no. Now if I had you cuffed up saying that” He chuckled, pulling you to him by the waist “That’s a whole other story” You pushed him away playfully.
“What?” Jin said mockingly, “Don’t remember that night where I gave you the best orgasm of your life?” His traced his lips up your jaw, and you could feel his smile against you.
“Wow. Cocky are we?” You raised your eyebrows. “I’ve had some pretty good sex in my life. Hard to say if that was the best”
Suddenly, Jin pulled his knife from his back pocket, glancing in the mirror as he traced the blade across your neck just enough for you to feel the sharp cold metal glide on your skin, pinching without actually making you bleed. “Don’t even lie. You loved fucking me. Don’t you remember? How fucking wet you were?” His breath was hot against your lips, but it was the look in his eyes that had you weak in the knees. 
Taking his knife, he slit clean down your shirt, tearing it off of you to reveal your bare chest. “On the floor slut” His whispered, flirty demeanor now shifted into something dark. Something feral.
You gulped, taking care to slide your bottoms off, not wanting him to slice them up before lowering yourself down onto the tiled bathroom floor. 
Jin set the knife aside, pulling out his lighter and setting in on the counter before shedding his own clothes, even he kicking off his shoes. He lifted his foot, and you watched with a curious gaze as he placed his foot on your chest. He kept the weight off of you, much to your relief, and you couldn’t help but feel absolutely filthy as he rolled your breasts under the sole of his foot. You had never done anything like this. It seemed so dirty, but felt so good. 
“Oh my god Jin” You gasped as he switched onto his other leg, taking his foot and shoving it into your mouth, watching in amusement as you gagged over his toes.
“Look at you. On the fucking floor. Naked little whore. Letting me do whatever I fucking want.” He removed his foot from your mouth, letting you catch your breath before you looked up at him with quivering eyes.
He felt blood rush to his cock at your expression. Licking his lips, knelt down, climbing over you to gently trail his fingers where his foot had been moments ago.
“And you love it” He sneered, letting his nails dig into your breast, “You love the pain don’t you you fucking slut?” When you didn’t answer he grabbed your jaw, pushing his fingers into the edge of your mouth. “I asked you a fucking question”
“Y...yes” You exhaled. You felt his fingers tease your clit, teeth tugging on your lobe as he laughed darkly.
Jin reached for the martini glass “Turn over” He growled. You found yourself with your breasts pressed flat against the floor, Jin’s cock pressing into your ass. You gasped as he poured the drink onto your back. “This is gonna burn. And you’re gonna take it like a good girl. I know you are, you let Yoongi do it so I can too”
“Wait what” Jin pressed your face down with one hand while the other grabbed his lighter, “Jin. Hold on.” Your voice rose in fear, which only turned Jin on more. He watched as you writhed under him, trying desperately to get away. “Jin seriously. That’s not funny”
“Shhh. You can take it” He cooed, flicking the flame on he slowly lowered it to your skin, bringing it nearer and nearer to the doused skin. You yelped as you began to feel the concentrated heat. Your entire body was petrified. “Enjoy it baby. You like it. You love it. You let Yoongi do it so why can’t I?”
“Jin. It’s not you, I'm just not ready for something like this please” Jin cocked his head aside in irritation, stopping the lighter before it actually touched you and tossing it aside. “I didn’t let Yoongi brand me he just did.”
Jin stilled momentarily. “And you still love him? Even though he did that?”
You didn’t answer. That alone was enough for Jin to rage. He slammed your face back down, the blow giving you a dizzying sensation that hat you getting wetter by the second. 
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He growled, “How can you love someone like that?” He pulled your face up, bending you back until you were flush against his chest. “I don’t want any of them touching you again. You understand me?” He let go, giving you whiplash as you fell back to the floor. “Ass up. Now” He spanked your ass hard, causing you to yelp. The stinging pain vibrated to your core. You couldn’t help but love every second of it. 
Jin knew that you were scared of him, he could feel it. He could also see the way your thighs would clench whenever he did anything to you. You were his favorite drug. He was going to ruin you.
He grabbed his belt from the pile of clothes on the side, “Hands under” He demanded, rolling his lip through his teeth as you obeyed him right away. He took the belt tying your wrists to your knees under you.
He took a moment to admire his work, your shivering body all his for the taking. You had no where to run. He had you now. “Who gives it to you the best him?” Pulling you towards him by your thighs, he didn’t care that your knees would burn against the smooth tile as he lined his cock up with your folds. He spat down, a glob of saliva landing on your ass before he used his cock head to rub it all over you. He could hear your shaky breath, your whiny moans that made him want to fuck you even more. 
He slapped his palm  onto the curve of your ass, bending over your to growl into your ear “Filthy whore. You disgust me. You let them all just do whatever they want to you, don’t you have any fucking self respect?” He could see his words were hitting close to home. You pursed your trembling lips as Jin smacked you again in the same place. 
“When will you fucking learn huh? This pussy” He reached his hand to harshly cup your cunt, shoving two fingers inside you without warning. “This pussy belongs to me. You’re mine. My cockslut whore” Taking his fingers out, he shoved them into your mouth “You taste that? That how desperate your needy little cunt is for me”
Your legs were strung together, making it all the more painful when he finally began to push his cock inside you, using his fingers to scissor you open so that he could get deep inside you. His length pushed against your tight walls, your cries and curses only motivating Jin to push further. 
“Who owns this cunt huh?” Jin pulled your hips back, burning your knees each time as he pulled you on and off his cock. Your ass slammed into him with each blow. 
“You do. Holy fuck, you do” You gasped, practically screaming as your whole body ached with pain and pleasure. 
“That’s right baby” He pinched your clit, making you yelp as he flicked at it, pounding into your relentlessly. 
“J..Jin” You mumbled, lips still half pressed on the floor, “Jin please. Feels good” Jin scoffed, “Gonna cum...gonna cum” You inhaled loudly as you felt your high approaching. Your eyes clenched shut as he edged you closer and closer, fingers furiously attacking your clit until he stopped.
You let out a loud sob as Jin yanked you up by your neck “You really thought I would let you cum whore?” His grip tightened, cock twitching at the way your voice sounded choking, the water streaming from your eyes and the drool at the edge of your lips. He kissed you, licking it all up in the process.  
“Look in the mirror. Look at how pathetic you are. I want you to remember the only person who’s ever gonna let you feel this good” You looked at your reflection, seeing only your faces and the way Jin’s nails dug into your neck. He pushed you forward so that your chin was on the countertop. You coughed out, watching as he resumed his thrusts, punishing your clit with the jarring movements of his fingers. 
You screamed, pleasure crashing over you in a wave of tantalizing heat. You gushed onto his cock, tears falling from your eyes due to how overwhelming the sensation was. Jin continued to whisper filth right into your ears but you could no longer hear anything. Your vision became hazy, not minding the blow when Jin shoved you back onto the floor and pounded you to his own release.
On the other side of the wall, Namjoon leaned his head back and sighed, glancing down to see his cock in his hands, now completely covered in cum.
Taehyung chewed on his gum nonchalantly as he paced around the luxurious hotel, checking out all the fun features. The pool deck was nice, the lobby exquisite, and his favorite part, the cafe, smelt delicious. 
Yoongi had asked to meet him in his suite. On his way there he ran into you, and you knocked his breath away. He always thought you were beautiful, but tonight you looked elegant. It was such a surprising contrast to your usual getup, but you looked amazing. He was about to tell you just that when he finally registered the hurt look in your eyes.
“You liar” You slapped him with everything you had. Taehyung backed away in surprise. “How could you use me like that? Over and over again. I trusted you. You were really the only one I thought had my back. Without a fucking doubt” You lunged towards him for another hit but Taehyung held your wrist firmly.
“What are you talking about? When did I use you?” Taehyung looked around frantically, “Calm down okay, let’s go somewhere and talk this through.” Your eyes flared in anger. 
“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down! You’re gonna kill them!” You screamed. Taehyung squinted, noticing the slight redness in your eyes. He sighed in understanding, pulling you by the wrist into a corridor. 
“Y/n. Breathe. Tell me what’s going on” Taehyung attempted to calm you down but you were enraged. “And what the fuck are you on?”
Admittedly, you and Jin had ended up doing many more lines of coke, perhaps even molly, you were no longer sure, but you washed it down with the bottle of gin, finding it unprecedentedly hilarious that Jin liked to drink gin martinis. 
“You used me! To fuck with Jimin! And Yoongi! You lied to me! Everything you said was a fucking lie, everything you did, every stupid word that came out of your stupid mouth was a lie! You just want power. You’re selfish, and...and...you’re gonna KILL them” A dramatic gasp left your lips, Taehyung almost laughed, “You’re gonna kill Yoongi. I...I can’t let you do that”
You pulled out your gun, cocking it and pressing it against Taehyung’s chest. He instantly put his hands up. “Y/n. Y/n stop. That’s not true okay you’re not thinking straight. Don’t do something you’ll regret”
Your hands trembled around the gun “You’ll kill them. You’ll kill them both...I can’t let you do that”
“Hold on!”
Too late. You pulled the trigger.
Hobi wandered through the parking lot looking for his car. His eyes narrowed on a familiar vehicle, thinking back to when he had loaded the drug money from the last fight. 
So. Is that guy Yoongi then? The one I kept seeing? Hobi wandered over to the car. Peering inside the passenger window, his eyes locked on a small item on the floor of the car. He squinted to read it, it appeared to be some sort of credit card.
He stepped back, realizing what the name on the card was. He glanced around before taking the end of his gun and ramming it into the door handle. The door creaked open, allowing Hobi to swipe the card up. He slid it into his pocket, before hurriedly returning to the hotel. 
Namjoon’s eyes widened as he watched you pull a gun out on Taehyung. He had been thoroughly entertained as you yelled and slapped him, knowing full well that you were high out of your mind. 
Namjoon couldn’t understand Jin’s plan at all. He had eavesdropped on everything so far, as per Yoongi’s orders. Why would Jin ask you to kill Taehyung, why wouldn’t he just do it himself? He knew you would hate yourself if you actually killed him. 
He had also been thoroughly disappointed at how easily Jungkook had bought into Jin’s agenda as well. The things people do for money. Namjoon sighed, realizing that he was pretty much acting on similar motivations. 
You were ready to pull the trigger, and Namjoon was almost certain you wouldn’t do it, until he saw your finger begin to curl. He ran towards the corridor as fast as he could.
“Hold on!” He yelled, but it was too late. Taehyung’s eyes flew shut.
Namjoon blinked, not hearing the familiar gunshot sound. You looked equally confused, glancing down the barrel of your gun. Taehyung let out a shaky sigh of relief, sliding down the wall.
“It...was a blank” You mumbled. Namjoon rushed to your side, pulling you away from Taehyung. “What the...what was I just about to do?” His heart clenched as your lips parted in shock.
“Taehyung are you okay?” Namjoon asked. Taehyung nodded, clearly shaken up but managing to get a hold of himself. 
“What the fuck is going on?” He growled, “Who gave her a gun? And who gave her drugs while she had a gun? Fucking hell”
Namjoon stroked your back as you let the gun drop to the floor, the weight of your actions finally hitting you. 
“I’m so sorry. Taehyung I...” You looked into his eyes. Those eyes that always left you questioning what was really going on in that pretty head of his. 
“Yeah. Jin fucking fed her some interesting stories about how you’re using her. At least I hope they’re just stories” Namjoon peered at him. “I’m Namjoon by the way, we haven’t officially met”
Taehyung shook his hand “Hi Namjoon. I heard you make pretty decent music” He chuckled ironically, “Y/n, I need you to tell me everything Jin said. There’s been some sort of misunderstanding, I promise you I wasn’t taking advantage of you.”
Namjoon made a face, exchanging a glance with you as you nodded slowly. Namjoon was not entirely sure he should believe Taehyung. He supposed it wouldn’t matter, when he knew that Yoongi was planning to kill Taehyung anyways. The more information he had, the better he could at least keep you out of trouble. 
P R E S E N T  D A Y--
Security escorted you and Jimin out immediately as the media broke into a frenzy trying to figure out what had happened. You had hoped your acting skills had convinced him. 
After Taehyung sobered you up slightly, the three of you had sat and schemed. Using everything the three of you knew, you were able to figure out that it really was Jin behind Jimin’s accident, your and Namjoon’s kidnapping, as well as Jungkook’s attempted murder. He was able to do all of this using Hobi’s help, but Hobi seemed not to know that he was receiving orders from Jin.
The question remained how and why. 
“I know you’re not going to believe me. So I have proof” Taehyung pulled his phone out, pulling up a recording of Jin tied up somewhere.
All I ask, is that when the dust settles, Y/n is mine. And I get to kill them. My way
You felt queasy seeing his earnest expression through the film. Namjoon’s jaw clenched, recognizing crazy when he saw it, wishing he could have knocked the guy’s brains out beforehand.
“Listen to me. This guy is dangerous. I don’t really understand why he’s doing all of this. He said he wanted to help me, but clearly there’s some other motive here. Otherwise he wouldn’t go behind my back.” Taehyung muttered.
“The only way to know what he wants is to see what he does next” Namjoon pitched in. 
You glanced between the two men, feeling weirdly relieved that you finally had some solid answers. Having Namjoon by your side after so long was the best thing you could ask for at the moment, and you clung to him, hands wrapped around his arm tightly. He thought it was cute.
“Let me fake my death. Let’s see what he does.”
The drivers took you and Jimin to the precinct. You looked around for Namjoon but he was nowhere to be seen. Your eyes met Jin’s briefly as he signed some paperwork. He winked at you.
“Can I have the body taken to get an autopsy report please?” You weren’t phased by this. Taehyung had said he had enough contacts to make it truly believable that he had died. Jimin’s face was void of emotion as he watched the stretcher go past with the body on it.
You left the hold on his hand, your blood running cold as the body nears you. It was loosely covered with a white sheet, but the arm hung out limply from the sight.
That watch. That’s his watch.
Jimin pressed his lips to the top of your head, sliding his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer to him “You okay babe?” 
“I...no yeah, I’m just shocked” You stammered. You looked up at him, allowing him to place a loving kiss on your lips.
Jimin felt for you, he really did. He himself was generally an emotional person, it was not something he ever tried to hide. But he always felt like his emotional energy was valuable. He didn’t feel the need to cry. Not for Taehyung.
Jimin stroked your back softly, “It’s scary, I know. I know baby, but don’t worry” He licked his lips, eyes briefly meeting Hobi’s from across the room. Hobi gave him a knowing look.
“Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon”
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daechwitatamic · a month ago
Complete Faith: POV Drabble #5 || KTH
Tumblr media
(banner by @itaeewon)
Complete Faith
POV Drabble #5
WC: 1.8k (is anyone even surprised at this point)
Warnings: mild language?
The request:
Tumblr media
@kookstempo - I finally finished this one!!! Here you go, mi amor, it's the recital scene!
Note: this one heavily references multiple scenes from Chapter 2!
Tumblr media
Taehyung has always thought obituaries were kind of interesting. How often other people were described by their relation to others. A loving wife, friend, and mother…
How would Taehyung be described if the worst were to come prematurely to him? 
He’s not a father yet - and thank god, frankly - so scratch that one.
He’s never been a husband, and he knows as well as anyone that he wouldn’t be described as a loving boyfriend to anyone; his last few girlfriends were probably burning his tshirts and cursing his name after the way things had ended.
He probably wouldn't be described as a great friend either. Jimin would say nice things at his funeral, sure, because Jimin’s a good guy. But Taehyung knows his side of the friendship is lacking - it’s hard to stay on equal footing with someone as naturally giving as Jimin, and Taehyung has a tendency to be a little self-centered. He knows it; he’s been working on it.
Jungkook would probably say that Taehyung was both a great friend and a fucking asshole, and Taehyung thought that was pretty fair.
Yoongi probably wouldn’t say anything, just silently pour out a cold one. And you know what? Taehyung would take what he could get.
So, not a loving husband, friend, or father. 
But Taehyung knows what he has been good at, the role he has done right. If nothing else, Taehyung has always been a good son.
That’s why he’s here, now, sitting amongst a crowd of strangers on a pleasant, Sunday afternoon, waiting for his little cousin’s cello recital to start. His mom asked if he’d come, so he did.
He’s a good son. 
He’s not a very good cousin, though, because even as his cousin’s string quartet sets up in the front, Taehyung is busy thinking about you.
It’s not his fault. It’s Jimin’s fault for texting him right as he was getting dressed to leave -
[9:54 AM] Jimin: so my sources say Y/N dumped the jerk on friday
[9:55 AM] Jimin: i know you wondered 🙃
[9:56 AM] Taehyung: “sources” 🙄 we all know u mean nikki
[9:58 AM] Jimin: pls how dare you??? y/n told me that herself
[9:59 AM] Jimin: bc we are FRIENDS 😤
So here Taehyung is, eyes scanning the paper program in his hand, but retaining nothing. Instead, he’s thinking about you, thinking about the fact that you’re single for the first time since he met you, thinking about how he could try to talk to you more at work tomorrow, thinking about how the woman six rows up has a neck that looks a lot like yours -
Actually, he thinks, as the woman turns slightly and he gets a glimpse of profile, that just might actually be you. At the front of the room, his cousin’s string quartet starts their first piece, the tempo dragging. He leans forward a little in his seat, peering closely.
Good god. It is you. 
He’s startled by a crash at the front of the room. His cousin is covering her bright red face with both hands; her music stand is sideways on the ground, her music strewn across the floor in front of them. Two of the girls gather the music and straighten the stand while the violinist pats her shoulder comfortingly. 
Taehyung is barely watching this circus. Instead, he’s taken his phone out of his pocket and pulled up your contact information. You’d exchanged numbers back when you had first started working together, but had never texted. 
What could he possibly say to you, now? His mind is a blank - he’s half-tempted to turn to the stranger in the seat next to him and ask for advice. Could he just send "hey”? How about “are you enjoying the fiasco”? 
As he watches his cousin try to regroup, shuffling her music sheets to get them back in the correct order, he gets an idea.
[11:37 AM] Taehyung: do you think it would make them less nervous if I sang along really off-key?
He can barely contain his grin as he watches you receive the text. You glance at your phone, unbothered, and then do a quick double-take. He presses his lips together to fight back a giggle as he watches you swing your head around to scan the crowd for his face.
He wonders somewhat absently what you’re even doing here. 
He texts you again - “other side :)” and your eyes meet his within seconds. You look - aside from beautiful, just like always - completely bewildered to see him there. When your face breaks into an uncertain smile, Taehyung feels like he could spring off of his feet and fly through the ceiling. Without thinking, he nods down at the empty seat to his left. You’re up and moving in seconds, and Taehyung feels his chest somehow swell with happiness and constrict with nerves at the same time. 
He tries his best to play it cool when you drop into the chair next to him, your dress settling over your knees, your heel-clad feet tucked under the folding chair. You smell great - like lilac, he thinks.
“Hi,” he whispers, knowing he’s smiling like a dope but unable to do anything about it. Luckily, you seem to be in a similar state.
“Hello,” you whisper back to him. “What on earth are you doing here?”
Taehyung cuts his eyes at his little cousin, who has nearly finished her piece without knocking anything over this time, and points at her accusingly.
“The very stylish tomato is my little cousin,” he whispers, referencing how her face is still beet-red. 
“Wow,” you say, eyes adorably wide. “I don’t think I love any of my cousins enough to sit through something like this.”
A laugh escapes him, and a few heads turn. His aunt leans forward to whack him generously with her rolled up paper program. Taehyung raises his hands to protect his head, shooting her an apologetic look. Of course he’d end up looking like a scolded child in front of you. How embarrassing…
He notices you watching this, the same bewildered look on your face that you’ve had since he texted you. 
“My aunt,” he explains, his voice as quiet as he can possibly make it. He doesn’t want to get smacked in front of a pretty girl again. 
His cousin’s quartet finishes a second piece without incident, and a piano student goes next. Taehyung is barely aware of anything except the warmth radiating from where your hip almost touches his from the seat next to him, the smell of lilac clinging to his jacket, the way you sway gently to the beat of the badly played music. 
When the tiny pianist is done, you lean over towards Taehyung and he fights to keep his hands in his lap, to resist the urge to wrap his arm around your shoulders and close the space between you under the guise of hearing you better.
“I’m going to tell you two things,” you whisper, your face and tone extremely serious. “One: I love this little human more than anyone on this Earth. Two: this is going to hurt your ears, and I am sorry.”
Taehyung fights another laugh - he finds your sense of humor so charming he can barely stand it - and nods to show he understands.
He recognizes the little girl with the violin from the many times he’s seen her join you at work. You’re undeniably sisters, he thinks, noticing how she’s practically a mini version of you.
When she tucks the violin under her chin and starts her piece, it becomes extremely clear that you hadn’t been lying. Taehyung fights a grimace as the high ceiling’s acclaimed acoustics echo the ungodly screeches back down to the crowd in full stereo.
Still, he thinks. To sit next to you for another hour? Worth it.
Taehyung spends the little refreshment hour after the recital trying to act engaged and impressed so his aunt won’t call him out for spending the whole day flirting with you, and he thinks he does it successfully. He can’t help but watch you across the room, though, can’t help but think about everything that had happened on Friday night.
He’s not usually an over-thinker, but that night had been so full of events that now Taehyung can’t help but wonder if it had been one of those cosmically damning nights, one where things just shift, where the universe makes major changes whether you’re ready or not. 
It had honestly started with that guy bugging you at the bar. Taehyung’s pretty convinced that if he hadn’t interfered, if he had stayed in his seat, then you wouldn’t have come to sit next to him at the table. Then, you might not have fought with your boyfriend, might not have gone outside and apparently dumped him. Nikki might not have come inside just in time to hear Taehyung get completely called out by Jimin about his interest in you. 
But instead, he’d stood up as soon as he’d seen your shoulders tense at the bar across the room, his steps speeding up as he saw you take a step away from the stranger and the stranger fill the space. Instead, he’d broken the invisible barrier and been the first one to touch you, wrapping a protective arm over your shoulders, his eyes cutting sideways at the guy. Taehyung’s still not sure if he had imagined the way you’d melted into the touch, pressed yourself more solidly against his side. Probably he’d imagined it. 
It had been nice when you’d come back to the table with him, he’d really enjoyed talking and laughing with you and Jimin.
Until your boyfriend showed up.
Honestly, that wasn’t even the problem - Taehyung could tell with one glance that if things got ugly, he’d be fine. He’d been completely prepared to stand up and tell that guy to fuck right off, that you hadn’t done anything wrong, not to talk to you like that. But then he’d caught sight of your face. 
You’d looked stricken… caught… guilty. And Taehyung had felt instantly terrible for playing a part in that. So, when you’d stood up and followed the guy outside, he’d let it go, let you handle your own shit. 
But here, two days later, he still felt guilty. He’s thinking about this as he helps his little cousin load her cello case into the back of his aunt’s minivan. The sky above threatens rain - the clouds hang low, heavy, and such a dark grey that they’re very nearly purple. As he closes the mini-van’s trunk securely and heads back inside the hall, he feels a few drops of rain land on his arms.
Inside, he sees you in the hall. You stop when you see him, smiling just a little.
“It’s getting ready to pour out there,” he tells you, because it seems like you were heading that way.
“Oh,” you say. You peek around him, clearly trying to get a glimpse of the sky so you can decide if you agree with this assessment or not. “I guess I better get her inside.”
Taehyung looks at his feet. He has to say something. He doesn’t want to continue on wondering if he messed things up for you.
“Hey, Y/N,” he says hesitantly, to get your attention. You look at him openly, and he’s struck again by how damn pretty you are. “Listen… about Friday night…”
“Oh,” you say, mouth dropping into a frown. Taehyung’s stomach twists. You don’t say anything else, and Taehyung knows he has to push forward, adrenaline be damned.
“I wanted to apologize,” he admits, “if I… accidentally…” He doesn’t know where the sentence wants to go. If I accidentally broke up your relationship? That seems so dramatic. If I accidentally made problems for you? What if you think he’s blowing things out of proportion? 
“Taehyung,” you say, taking pity on him, “it’s really sweet of you to feel like you need to say sorry, but you have nothing to apologize for.”
Taehyung’s not sure he agrees with that, but you don’t give him the chance to object, continuing with, “Beyond nothing, seeing as you helped me out with that asshole at the bar. You didn’t do anything wrong. We were just talking, there’s nothing going on here.”
Taehyung knew that - of course he did - but the words still sting, just a little. 
“I know that,” he says, “but I think it looked bad. I just can’t help wondering if you had been at the other end of the table with Nikki…” He trails off again. 
You shake your head, stopping his spiral in place. “Ben and I broke up last night - which I assume you know because Jimin has a big mouth - but I promise it had nothing to do with you. It was… a long time coming. To say the least.”
Taehyung twists his mouth. There’s a lot he could address - yes, he knew, yes, Jimin can’t keep gossip to himself to save his life, yes, he still thinks that it had a little to do with him. Those last words hit him, though. A long time coming. He’d overheard enough around the office to know that your relationship hadn’t been a fairy tale by any means, that you had been unhappy for a while. He’d always wondered what it was that made you stay as long as you did. 
Maybe the best thing to do right now, he thinks, is just be happy that you did it - you got out, you broke the cycle. Maybe that’s enough, for now.
“I’m still really sorry,” he tells you, even though he thinks maybe he’s apologizing for things you don’t even know about. Like how he’s happy the breakup happened. “I hope you’re okay.” That part’s true.
You nod, eyes leaving his as you watch the still-darkening sky behind him. 
“I will be,” you say.
He knows you will. And he knows he’ll be ready for you, when the time comes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading!
Please feel free to make your own POV request for Complete Faith!
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kiribakuhappiness · a year ago
Do you have any long kiribaku fic requests? Like, 100k, 200k, 300k etc
Something I can sit with for a bit? I’ve been burning through so many that are under 50k and I love that but I have a weekend free to do nothing for the first time in forever and want to settle in
I'm actually glad that someone has asked for this rec because I've been feeling really bad lately that my account has been so inactive while I recover.
So, to try and make up for it, I've put together this rec list of some longer kiribaku fics (maybe not 300k but still pretty long) that have had such a profound impact on me since I've joined the fandom, some of which have really helped with and improved my writing!
I hope you find something of interest among these choices, Anon, as I've enjoyed them all so much! <3
1. In the Roaring Autumn by thegrimzuera. (94k) I'm in the process of re-reading this fic at the moment! A College AU with Katsuki as the main POV (which I love) and his characterization is so well done. I actually picked up and adapted a lot of my current Katsuki writing from this fic when I was first figuring out how to write his character! Highly recommend, Kirishima is a lovely jock who ends up teaching a scorned Katsuki about friendship and how being manly means taking responsibility for your actions. A slow burn that is very well done, all around just a really fun read and so I am reading it again (and again and again and again and...)
2. Tomorrow, Today by timetoboldlygo. (87k) It's been a while since I've read this fic but I've been meaning to come back to it for some time now (HAH, that's like a pun without the set up because -) It's a Time-Travel AU! Love love love that. Future Husbands Bakugou and Kirishima get sent back into their old junior high bodies (to before they met at Yuuei, if I'm remembering correctly). Lots of feelings and working through marital conflicts. I think the story did a good job of taking the usual time-travel trope and giving it an interesting spin from a new perspective that I hadn't seen before!
It's where my love for analyzing Bakugou's younger behaviors came from and probably what eventually spawned the creation of my OC fic later! 😁
3. Broken Bridges by DeathBelle. (68k) Have you ever, uh... have you ever, um, pining?? Yeah. That's this fic. Future Pro-Hero's Red Riot and Ground Zero haven't spoken since their graduation from Yuuei High, and it's a wild ride once they bump into each other again at an active villain site (so bad at trying not to spoil things, ahaha). Another really fun read, a bit on the shorter side compared to the others on this list but it's longer than A Secret Admirer (which might be my longest fic on this account) so I thought it was worth mentioning!
4. Opposed to the Typical by heronfem. (178k) I've talked about this one before (quite recently maybe) and while I was only ever able to read through this once so far, it has stayed in my head for so much longer afterwards, and I think that's a true testament of a great story! Super immersive, really pulls you in for the long haul. If you enjoy lots of world building and fun imagery, fashion labels and plenty of artsy drama, I highly recommend this fic. You can tell a lot of time and attention to detail went into this one, and for that it has gained a ton of my respect!
5. Crown of Thornes | Book 1 by WonderBoyz. (111k) I'm still in the process of reading this one so I don't know all of what happens but as far as Fantasy AUs go, this has really captured my attention. It's gritty, it's got action, lots of conflict and plot twists, I just imagine the fic author must have had so much fun writing this and that gets me really excited to read more! And it's part of a series so there's even more to read after!
6. Moment of Truth by Fanficismything. (104k) This is going to be a really bold claim for me to make, alright? But. This might be my favorite fic on ao3. I have read this fic numerous times because it's a great adaption of one of my favorite tropes and I had so much fun reading it that it literally can't be anything other than my favorite fic. A kiribaku rom-com based on the 2009 movie The Proposal (AKA the greatest fucking movie of all time). I would cradle this fic in a blanket because it just hits all of my comfort feels and makes me so happy. I implore you that if you think you don't need this fic in your life well, then, you are simply wrong. 😂
7. An Abundance of Penguin Shit by Vixensheart. (214k) An Animal Handler AU Y'ALL THIS IS THE SHIT I LIVE FOR! I really enjoyed this fic for so many different reasons, and this is another piece of work that heavily influenced my own portrayal of Katsuki in my writing; I thought his characterization in this was really interesting and leaned on a lot of certain traits of his that I hadn't really considered much before reading this one. There's also (similar to: Opposed to the Typical) so much great detailing and world building and character analysis, ugh I love it sooo much you don't even know. BAKUGOU PLAYS WITH A MF PENGUIN AHXBHAXBA. It's so damn cute and I honestly can't get enough of it. Always recommending. Always always.
8. Metallic Bonds by Kaustikha. (106k) This is another new fic for me that I've just recently gotten my hands on; a Fullmetal Alchemist AU! I've never really dabbled in Fullmetal Alchemist before (yet) but this AU is written so well that honestly, I almost feel like I don't even need to know much at all to enjoy it. It's already so entertaining on its own, the dynamics are really interesting and I'm just all-in-all super hooked on this one right now! I'm really excited to see where it goes!
9. Chitchat and Pencil Pushers by beebuzz. (92k) Of course, I literally could not have made this list without mentioning this fic. A Job Office AU that I find myself coming back to time and time again. Lots of pining and really I don't know what it is about Insert-Regular-Job-Here AU's that I enjoy so much when it comes to kiribaku, but it has my entire soul.
I enjoyed each of these fics for their various own reasons, but mostly I enjoyed all of them and felt the need to add them all into this list because I can tell just how much effort and energy has gone into these works. The characterization is always really well done, the character's conversations feel authentic and engaging, the struggles that they all face vary so drastically (while somehow all being the same exact characters) that it is honestly so fascinating to me to read through these works and know that, inherently, they are all the same story rewritten with a new skin but, outwardly, they're so unique and show so much personality and range between them all.
Isn't that so amazing?? I feel like that's so amazing... maybe I'm just going insane after quarantine, ahaha :,D
Both are viable options, but whichever way that it is, a huge shout-out to these writers and to the others who I have been binging on this hellsite (affectionate) since I got here. Some of these stories bring so many people comfort and entertainment, myself included, and it's nice to be able to share them with you as well!
I hope you find something fun to read! ❤️🧡
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sapphicrpc · 24 days ago
do you have any tips on how to stop doing the same character in a different font or even like different characters but same font? i feel like i keep coming up with characters like this and it’s making me feel so uncreative and dumb :(
FIRST OF ALL!! you are not uncreative at all, rp is a hobby and as long as you enjoy playing your characters and you're not doing anything explicitly harmful, then keep living your best life! revamp old muses and change the font a little to your hearts content if that's what makes you happy.
with that said, if you want to try following my creative process, here's what i do when creating a character:
pick archetype(s) that you'd like to try writing (you can find inspo from tv tropes, labels/archetype masterlists, etc.)
develop a story for your character that relates to that archetype
pick a fc from a background that you haven't tried before (ie. a different ethnicity to what you usually play!)
develop their traits and personality to fit around the archetype, but don't lean too heavily into the archetype thing as you don't want them to be one dimensional
start playing them and remember to have fun with it!
beneath the cut i'll explain a little more on these points.
Tumblr media
1 - pick an archetype that you'd like to try writing (you can find inspo from tv tropes, labels/archetype masterlists, etc.)
choosing archetypes/labels really helps me when creating a character that's different to the ones i usually play. i like to go through the tv tropes websites, or even just fandom wiki's to search for character types. labels masterlists can also be really helpful or if you love musings try looking through the character type tags from your favourite musing blog for inspo! this also helps because you can look through inspo on the blog. some of my favourite musing blogs here on tumblr are @uncommonmusing @museinspo @musepirations @muserhq @musefluence @musingco @musinghq
i normally try to start with one line about my character rather than like, just a single label. this adds depth in my opinion! some examples for where i started for some of my fave muses is below:
the bad boy who wants to be loved but doesn't know how
the disheartened muse who just lost it all
the reformed gangster who's trying their best
the softie skater muse that lives and breathes art
2 - develop a story for your character that relates to that archetype
okay so now you've chosen an end goal for your character, how did they get there? were they always like this? did something happen in their past to make them this way? were they born into a life they didn't choose or did they pick this for themselves? make their current scenario/archetype make sense for the muse by answering these questions as a backstory. here's an example in some bullet points for that bad boy muse who just wants to be loved.
his parents only ever paid attention to him when he got in trouble so he started acting out for that attention
had bad examples of love while growing up (parents were in a toxic relationship)
their relationships often end up toxic and hurting more than it helps
they got famous and get a lot of attention now from fans but never know when something is real or if people are just using them for money/fame
3 - pick a fc from a background that you haven't tried before (ie. a different ethnicity to what you usually play!)
check out my recommended fcs tag! (it's linked on my pinned post) this one is pretty self explanatory but it really helps take you out of your comfort zone and you should try it, for diversity reasons if nothing else.
4 - develop their traits and personality to fit around the archetype, but don't lean too heavily into the archetype thing as you don't want them to be one dimensional
pick a few key traits that correspond to their archetype but don't stick to this too much. let yourself get inspired! if you need inspiration try looking at things like zodiacs, mbti's, enneagrams, moral alignments, and using those as building blocks to give your character a bit more depth and personality. i also love doing aesthetics at this point, "isms", personality blurbs, etc. all of this really helps me get to know my muse. something i find especially helpful is thinking about what motivates my muse to get out of bed every day, this helps me give them direction!
start playing them <3
enjoy - and remember, this is all just for fun, don't be hard on yourself if your new character isn't the most unique one ever. they're still amazing and so are you
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ludi-ling · 7 months ago
Patch Up
Romy Appreciation Week 2022
Day 2 - Monday, February 21st -  Injury/Illness | Amnesia
So guys, I'm still in creative limbo at the moment, so while I'm still trying to push out something for Rogue & Gambit Week, I'm gonna share something unpublished with you.
There were many scenes for the original version of 52 Pickup that ended up not being used or completely rewritten, and this little scene here is one of them. It got axed because the dynamic between Remy and Anna changed a lot, and it no longer fit the overall tone or style of either the fic or their relationship. Yeah, you might recognise which scene(s) actually ended up replacing it.
I hope you enjoy it anyway, for all its flaws 😉
He made no reply and when she looked back over her shoulder she saw him in the doorway, still leaning on the frame.
“Anna,” he said in a thin voice. “I think I’m cut up pretty bad.”
It took her a few seconds to realise he was bleeding. There was a large and growing bloodstain on his right thigh, which she’d been unable to see due to the black fabric of his pants.
Her first instinct was to get the first-aid kit, but she knew it was pointless to try patching him up right now. Not in her current state.
“My right shoulder’s dislocated,” she told him. “Can’t do much for you in this state.”
He exhaled a shallow, heavy breath. She could tell from the sound of it that he wasn’t in good shape.
“Get on the bed,” he said.
She did so, getting onto the mattress and onto her knees as he walked slowly, unevenly towards her. Only when she felt the weight of him settle in next to her did she lean over and rest her cheek on sheets – the crisp scent of the cotton couldn’t quite mask the metallic stench of his blood.
“Dis gon’ hurt,” he warned her in a low monotone.
“Yeah,” she murmured.
He took her right arm, gently, almost wearily, and she prayed he was up to this. She didn’t have to worry for long. Despite his wound he was nothing but efficient and professional, manipulating her arm with all the care and attentiveness she’d received from the all the best physicians she’d ever worked with.
He didn’t say anything and she concentrated instead on dealing with the pain. It was the perfect distraction from the silence, from the unexpected intimacy of the moment. It reminded her of the strange place their relationship seemed to be in right now. Of course neither of them owed one another a thing, but she didn’t like the way things were right now. At the very least she liked and respected him, and this… it didn’t feel right. She didn’t want it to be like this between them.
The grinding unease of her thoughts, of their silence, was abruptly cut short by the ball of her arm clicking heavily back into place; she let out a low cry of pain that she only managed to curb by biting down into the sheets. For a few seconds her vision went white and her ears rang, and then she felt the pressure of his hand between her shoulders blades, heard him say, “Anna.”
There was a soft urgency to his voice and she forced herself to blink back the stars she was seeing. She got up off the bed slowly, her sore shoulder jarring with every step she took across the room to her bag. She unzipped it and took out the medi-kit as quick as she could. What she did first was inject herself with a painkiller-stimulant cocktail. What she needed right now was to focus.
When she turned back to him he had already stripped off his pants and was sitting on the edge of the bed, pressing both hands down over his wound; she walked on over and knelt down between his legs, moved his hands gently, feeling the drugs kick in as she did so. Her head cleared, her senses sharpened. As soon as she removed the pressure of his hands the blood began to flow freely and she saw that there was a long gash in his side, about an inch deep. She placed his hands back over the wound and went to wash her hands. When she got back he looked pretty bad, but it was the stertorous sound of his breathing that worried her most.
“Hey.” She put a hand on his calf. “Y’still with me?”
“Yeah,” he answered in a slur, though he still managed a smile. “I’m still wit’ y’, chere.”
She figured the best thing she could do for him right now was give him some painkillers, and she injected the highest dosage she felt comfortable giving him. Whilst she unpacked the stuff she needed from the kit she heard his breathing normalise, saw his body relax a bit.
“Damn, dat feels good,” he murmured a minute or so later, when she was busy cleaning the wound. He eased himself onto his back and said to the ceiling: “You got anymore?”
She almost smiled to hear him back to his regular self, even if his voice was weaker than usual.
“I gave you a huge fuckin’ dose, Cajun,” she told him primly, though not without a suggestion of a smile on her lips. “Any more of that and your heart will fuckin’ stop.”
“Hmmmm,” he murmured happily. He seemed pretty much blissed out, which was a very good thing. She finished cleaning out the wound, sprayed it, and began the delicate business of stitching him up.
The silence grew and lengthened. After a few minutes his breathing became so deep and regular that she knew he was asleep.
She paused.
“Remy,” she murmured.
There was no reply.
It was as if the silence had given her permission to switch off her defences, tear down her walls, and let herself breathe. Let herself feel.
Thinking didn’t come into it. Before she knew it she was running her palm up along the inside of his thigh, halting only when she’d got as high as she could go. She stared at her hand, breathing deeply, self-consciously. God, he was so warm. So alive. So damn human. She held her breath and ran her hand up and over his thigh, back down again. Lord, she wanted him. So damn much. In about a thousand more ways than she’d ever believed or experienced before. The depth of that need was so horribly painful that it cancelled out all the other pain she’d felt that night. It seemed an age before she realised she was almost bursting for breath.
She let the oxygen in her lungs out loudly, almost explosively, but she still couldn’t move her palm away from him.
“Mmmm, you have amazin’ hands,” he said suddenly, without even a hint of being under the influence.
She was so shocked to hear him that she drew her hand away fast, blushing furiously. Within a few seconds she’d regained her composure and was busying herself stitching him up again, her heart racing.
Fuck. Shit-fuckety-fuck. I didn’t just do that. That didn’t just happen.
She’d been so sure that he’d make some further dig or comment that she was almost surprised when another couple of minutes had passed by in complete silence. It was almost as torturous as the fact that she’d been caught out at all, and maybe it was that or the adrenaline still pumping in her, but she couldn’t help but speak.
“Remy,” she said again.
She hesitated. She wasn’t 100% sure how she wanted to approach this, but she knew she did, and that was a start.
“Are you… I mean, do you, uh… … Fuck. Can we just be honest with each other?”
There was a short pause.
“Sure,” he said at last.
She tried not to concentrate on the words, but on the rhythmic ebb and flow of the stitches.
“Look, I know I really fucked up with something. I’m not just talking about the Trask thing here. I’m talking about… Well, I guess I’m talking about all this. Things have gotten… They’ve gotten weird between us. You know? Ever since… …”
She faltered, not knowing how to put it. Luckily for her he seemed to have an unnerving knack for reading her mind.
“Ever since we slept with each other?”
She pressed her lips together.
“Yeah,” she said after a moment.
He didn’t reply for what seemed like a long time. She didn’t know what to make of the silence and she lifted her eyes to glance over at him, just as he decided to sit up. It would’ve been too obvious to move her gaze away now and so she met his with a conscious attempt not to look embarrassed. Or rather, not to look anxious to know his answer. He held her eyes without any sense of interrogation. If anything he looked thoughtful.
“You ain’t fucked anythin’ up, chere,” he spoke at last.
“Then why does this feel weird?” she asked him.
He didn’t say anything.
She drew her eyes away from his and finished up the stitches.
“Look. I know this is awkward. I know it’s not ideal when we’re stuck workin’ together on this… I dunno… ‘project’. I’ve turned this into a whole big complicated distraction and I apologise for that. But hopefully, by this time tomorrow… this whole thing will be over and we can both walk away and forget about it.”
She thought how strangely business-like her words sounded, and she was almost glad to find she’d finally finished up the sutures and didn’t have to be so close to him anymore.
“There. All done.”
She turned aside, pulled out the liquid bandage spray and handed it to him.
“Here. You sort this out. I’ll go clean up.”
She took away all the dirty towels and tools and went into the bathroom. While she washed up she tried hard not to think about everything she’d just said. She’d always been good at lying but these lies made her feel bad. They made her feel like she’d just sold her soul to the devil.
She felt another bout of tremors coming on and so she took her meds and waited a couple of minutes for them to kick in. When she walked back into the room he was packing away the medi-kit neatly. She was glad to see the colour had returned to his face.
“All good now?” she asked him.
“As I can be. Thanks.”
She waved a hand that said you’re welcomeand threw the kit back into her bag.
“Thanks too. For the shoulder.”
“How is it?”
“Ah.” She moved it a bit, wincing slightly at the twinge of pain that shot through her nerves. “Still a bit sore. Will take some time to heal properly, I guess.”
“Here. Lemme take a look.”
She joined him on the bed and he touched the injured area firmly but gently.
“Hm. Yeah, the joint’s definitely back in place,” he stated decidedly. “But yeah… Feels like there could be some tissue damage in there. Damn. You should probably get that seen to.”
“Ha. Yeah, right.”
He ignored her sarcastic tone, and she was surprised when he linked his right hand with her own – a surprise that only receded when he pressed his left palm against the back of her injured shoulder and began to gently move her arm in small, concentric circles.
“How’s that feel?”
“Hmmm… Not so good.”
He switched up the movement completely.
“How ‘bout this?”
“Oh. Yeah. That feels better.”
She didn’t know what the hell he was doing, but it was certainly easing the ache in her bruised muscles some and she let herself relax into the impromptu physio session. Yet again she felt just how intimate this treat-and-triage thing appeared to have become and it both thrilled and troubled her.
“You know somethin’, Anna?” he began quietly, conversationally.
“No. What?”
“You don’t need t’ apologise. For bein’ a distraction. As distractions go, you ain’t a bad one.”
She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to respond to that, so she gave a non-committal grunt of a reply instead.
“And you know,” he continued in a lower tone, “when we do get t’the point where we walk away from all this… I don’t think I’ll forget ya. Pretty sure I won’t wanna neither.”
She closed her eyes and laughed throatily, lulled into a false sense of security by the comfortable cadence of his movements.
“Ha. I’m pretty sure you’re one of those guys who enjoys remembering the first time you nearly got killed.”
He was quiet for nearly a whole minute before he spoke again.
“So what d’ya wanna do?” he asked softly. “When all this is over?”
“I dunno. Sit on a desert island somewhere and drink pina coladas, I guess. You?”
“I dunno.”
He stopped. For a few heartbeats his hand remained clasped in her own and for some reason both the silence and the stillness brought her heart crashing like a drum against her chest.
“I dunno what I’ll do,” he finally said, quietly. “But I know what I want. I want more of you. I want more of us.”
He let go of her hand and it was like the world had been pulled away from underneath her. A thousand thoughts and feelings heaved up from the pit of her and threatened to self-combust. Before she could even collect a single one of them, let alone herself, he’d stood up and headed for his bag, began rooting around for what she guessed was his pack of smokes.
There was a heaviness to his movements that told her that this wasn’t a joke.
“Wait,” she finally blurted out breathlessly. “What— Shit. You’re not joking, are you. You’re serious.”
He turned back round to face her with his cigarettes in his hands, his eyebrows moving like he didn’t know whether to laugh or to frown or what.
“Why would I joke about dis? Damn, woman. I don’t get you at all. First you start touchin’ me up and then you tell me you’ll walk away and jes’ forget me. Then I tell you I… … And then you act like you’re surprised it ain’t a fuckin’ joke.” His expression tipped over from helpless frustration into resentment. “Fuck. I need a smoke.”
He walked towards the balcony, but as he passed the bed she caught the hem of his shirt and stopped him.
“Remy,” she said, still half-stunned. “Why… Why didn’t you tell me?”
He looked down on her, resentment teetering over into anger.
“Hey. Don’t make this my fuckin’ problem. You were the one who said it, Anna. I’m not askin’ for anythin’ deep or meaningful. You wanted me for fuckin’ sex. I get it. I’m fuckin’ cool with it. Jesus.”
He headed over to the French windows but just as he’d got there she said in a low voice:
“I only said those things because they’re what I thought you wanted to hear.”
He stopped as if shot.
He swung round and walked right back, sitting heavily down on the bed beside her.
“Tell me you’re not shittin’ me,” he asked her fiercely.
“I’m not,” she answered slowly. “At least… I don’t know what I meant back then. I didn’t know what I wanted, I just… …” She looked aside, feeling stupid. “I’m not very good at this. At being with someone. At playing those kinda games. At negotiating…” She paused, struggling for the right word, finally settling on, “feelings.”
He let out a breath. Then another. His entire demeanour, whilst still tense, relaxed somewhat.
“Neither am I,” he told her softly.
She darted a look at him only to see he was entirely serious.
“But I thought…”
“Anna,” he interrupted her soberly, “I’m the kind of guy who messes around just so’s I can avoid all those things you seem t’ think I’m good at.” He hitched a self-deprecating smile. “Hell. Maybe I was good at all this relationship stuff once. Before Belle…”
He halted, inhaled and exhaled deeply. He looked down at his hands and she found she couldn’t say anything.
When he looked up at her again she was surprised to see real trepidation in his eyes.
“Can I… Can I touch you?” he asked.
It was the oddest, tenderest, most beautiful question anyone had ever asked her.
“Gawd,” she breathed. “Yes.”
He raised his left hand and ran his fingers along her collarbone, smoothed them up over the dip of her shoulder, pushed back her hair, caressed the side of her neck. It was so unlike the way he or anyone else had touched her before that it took her breath away. She closed her eyes and tried hard not to whimper, not to cry.
“Fuck,” she heard him murmur almost to himself. “I think I… God. I don’t even know anymore.”
There was something in his voice – surprise, wonder, something. He dropped his hand and it was only then that she opened her eyes again. He was looking right at her like he wasn’t sure where to go next with this.
“I need a smoke,” he muttered after a few awkward seconds; but before he could get up again she’d grabbed the cigarette packet from his hand and thrown it over her shoulder.
“Forget the fucking smokes,” she murmured, clutching onto the front of his shirt with both hands. “We’re going to make love. We’re going to make love, Remy LeBeau.”
She said the words like she’d never said them before. He cocked his head to one side and regarded her with the smallest intimation of a smile on his lips.
“Sure. If you say so, cherie…”
“I do say so. Stop teasing me. God, I want you so bad it hurts…”
“Merde. The last time you got like this it didn’t end so well…”
“Shut up,” she murmured and pulled him into her kiss.
For a few sublime moments she forgot about everything except for the fact that he wanted her on more than just a physical level, and she revelled in the triumph of it all as much as she revelled in the physical connection with him. She didn’t want to guess at his perfunctory hesitance to take advantage of the moment with her, but she guessed this was as new to him as much as it was to her. He’d been a player for so long it was hard for him to know how to deal with genuine emotion, just as it was hard for someone like her – a lonely, fucked up woman who’d spent most of her life disconnecting herself from real feelings – to do the same.
It was easier to switch them all off, and in the heat of the moment that was exactly what both of them did – drowning their senses in one another, in the tastes and the textures and the sounds of one another, snatching at one another’s clothes in a scramble to be finally, gloriously naked.
It was only when he pushed her back against the sheets that she was brought unceremoniously back to reality, her aching shoulder jarring with pain.
“Ow ow ow!” she gasped, and he stopped short, hovering over her in dismay.
“Aw, shit. Christ. Sorry. I forgot…”
She put out a hand and placed it on his abdomen, catching her breath painfully.
“It’s okay… I’m… I’m fine.” She looked up at him and steadied her breathing gradually as he smiled apologetically back down at her.
“Guess we’re gonna haveta take this slow, huh.”
“Uh… yeah.” She nudged him gently on the shoulder and he took the hint. He lay down on his back and she moved to straddle him, pausing when she clocked his wound.
“Aw, heck.” She glanced at him. “Are you in pain?”
“Are you sure?”
“Anna, I dunno what was in that shot you gave me, but no, I’m not in pain. I’m as high as a fuckin’ kite.”
She almost laughed out loud.
“Fuck, your tolerance for that stuff must be low. I hit myself up with it every time I get injured. Must be why this shoulder’s still so darn painful.”
“Yeah.” His expression was sarcastic. “We gonna carry on talkin’ about painkillers, chere? When we’re both butt naked and I’m about this close t’ gettin’ laid?”
She couldn’t help but laugh then.
“The last thing you’ll be getting is laid if I get frisky enough to pop your sutures.”
She’d thought he’d shoot back some quick-fire banter but instead he just lay there and stared up at her with this small little smile on his lips.
“What?” she asked.
“You do realise this is the first time I’ve heard you laugh?” he told her half-playfully, half-seriously. “I mean, for real. From right here.” He touched her abdomen, making her gasp and tense involuntarily.
“Agh, that tickles!”
He ignored her statement.
“I think I’m in love,” he said instead.
“Ohmigod, shut up.”
“I’m not even jokin’.”
“Shut up!”
The only way to get him to was to lean in and kiss him, and while he was distracted with that she manoeuvred herself into the best position she could without rubbing up against his stitches. Only when she was comfortably settled did she break the kiss.
“Fuck, this is a bad, bad idea…” she murmured.
“Non, it’s a good, good idea…” he murmured back blissfully, his hands sliding in over her butt. She looked into his eyes and saw that he really was as high as a kite. It both irked and amused her.
“It’s a bad idea,” she concluded with a smirk. “That also happens to be the best one.”
Heaven be damned if I’m gonna back out now.
“Oh Jesus, stop talkin’, woman. I wanna be inside you right now and—”
The words were blasted right out of him on a sharp exhale as she shimmied right up against his erection.
“Shhhh,” she whispered.
Slowly she inched herself over him and fuck, fuck, fuck it was so so so damn good… And when he was in as far as he could go, she blinked and set her teeth firmly into her bottom lip, holding back a strangled moan of pleasure.
She looked down at him.
He was looking up at her like this was the first time they’d had sex.
He reached up and ran his thumb against her bottom lip, making her release it from the clench of her teeth and that was when the moan she’d been trying to hold back came out.
“I take it all back,” he murmured. “Don’t shut up. Make that sound all you want.”
He moved inside her, and she moved back against him, and it wasn’t so hard then to accept the thing that she’d spent all her strength repelling, the simple fact that for all this time she’d been falling deeply, hopelessly in love with him.
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timextoxhajima · a year ago
Nevertheless: Wishful Thinking [5] [final]
Tumblr media
[completed] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
synopsis: why would the college flirt want anything to do with the innocent heartbreaker? a [somewhat] nevertheless au featuring tbz's eric son young jae
genre [per chapter]: suggestive material, filthy fucking smut, angst *this series is a smut series so* please don't read if you're uncomfy. if you're underaged and you still wanna read, i'm not stopping you. i don't care because that's your responsibility to know what's fiction and what's not.
word count: 4.8k words lmao i updated it and it got longer rip
taglist: @from-xero @taeyongandfree @ten-gift @louvyves @sweetutopia @yyyereum @jung-breadshop @sunwoowuvbot @mashedpotittiess @miingxuxi @nycol-ie @sunlightwoo @stopitvpls
{this is a work of fiction}
Tumblr media
it's the last day here at lake white.
and it's the last fucking time you were going to ever touch eric sohn young jae.
you don't care if he was the captain. your troupe was split into two genres for a reason, and now it's working in your fucking favour.
you get miyoung and the rest of the seniors to help gather the kids in the field, giving them detailed instructions on what games to play and what to do if it rains.
none of the plan has the location: summer house listed in it.
but of course, miyoung and hyuk don't question it.
not when it's a beautiful schedule with no visible loopholes.
"you and eric have something to discuss? your names aren't on the schedule."
"yeah, we have some stuff to discuss for the briefing tonight. event schedule for the rest of the year etcetera."
"ah," hyuk takes one sheet of the schedule from miyoung and glances through it. "it's a fun schedule though, pity you can't join us."
pity eric probably wouldn't be able to walk after.
"it's fine," you wave it off, handing them a few more sheets for the senior group leaders. "thanks for taking care of them for us, it really means alot."
"no problem," miyoung grins widely, pretty eyes halving into pretty crescents.
you turn on your heels and return to the house after hyuk and miyoung reach the crowd on the field, beckoning the kids over. pulling the heavy main door shut, the creak interests eric downstairs, who was just on the second floor leaving gifts for the newbies by their bags.
his light footsteps tap down the steps, then comes to an abrupt halt when he sees you locking the door. the click is so loud, it kind of echoes through the main hall.
you remain still, eyes on the gap between the window and the curtain. the newbies are running around and the seniors are busy chasing after them, wide smiles broad across their lips.
then his familiar arms snake around your waist, his nose dipping into your neck behind your ear.
"you took care of the kids for me, princess?"
with a pretty smile you paint over your lips, you turn and grin at him, sliding your palms up his pectorals and wrapping them around his shoulders.
"ooh," he exhales through his mouth, pleased with the warmth from your palms on his chest. returning you a smile, he wraps his hands around your waist, dropping them to your waist.
but you take his right hand and press your cheek into his palm, playing your wide, doe eyes at him.
"aw," he coos, lifting his free hand to cup your jaw.
then you catch him by surprise, pulling out the handcuffs from your back pocket and clipping it around his right hand.
eric's eyes widen with haste, and before he can remove his other hand from your jaw, you clip the other cuff onto his wrist.
he chuckles, fists clenched as he pulls them away from you.
"princess," he scoffs, exhaling heavily and raising a brow at his connected wrists.
he's panicking, and you're offering him the tiniest, most minuscule smile you can offer him.
"if you wanted to play, all you had to do was ask."
"oh," you pout, placing a finger on his chest and dragging them down to his joggers. "i thought that'd be too dull, no?"
eric smirks, lips breaking out into a smile before he sucks his lips between his teeth.
"come on," you hum lightly, tugging on the drawstrings of his joggers. it comes undone, but then his hips are yanked forward when you pull him along like a dog, heading for the stairs.
eric's having the time of his life like the idiot he is, but all you're thinking about is how to ruin him the way he was paid to ruin you.
he's chuckling and giggling like a boy when you shove him onto the bed, and his eyes automatically inherit a blanket of lust and mischief when you climb over him.
hooking your finger through the chains of the cuffs, you pull it up to the head bars, and eric's too occupied with wanting to kiss you before he hears the click of a carabiner attaching to the cuff links.
your bed jerks when he tries the restraint.
graveness sets into his face and the lust dissipates, realising that he's not only bound to the bed but also at a complete lack of mobility.
"we have two hours to get this over with, eric."
then you sit your groin onto his, legs apart and his thighs flexing under the pressure.
his adam's apple bobs up and down his throat when he gulps, vision flying to the ceiling for a second before looking back down at you again.
"so," you begin by pulling the little strings off the top of your shirt, loosening the rim. "tell me about the call last night."
eric's frown deepens but furrows back when you offer him a gentle grind. a vein shoots up his neck and his face is turning slightly pink from his arms being held up above his head.
"and don't even bother about telling me you didn't get a call," you lift yourself off him and pull off your underwear from under your skirt, the high socks around your calves making him all the more feral.
eric now knows why you dressed up like a stupid school girl in one of those porn videos.
and it's working very, very well.
"i know it was yujeong."
scooping your hair up, you pull the hair tie off your wrist and comb it up into a ponytail, deliberately tilting your head to flaunt your jaw.
there's a growl in the back of eric's throat when he turns away, shutting his eyes and gulping away the huffs in his chest.
"no, no," singing to him, you crawl forward to tilt his chin towards you, lowering your lips dangerously close to his. "close your eyes and you're not gonna come today. at all."
now, eric's pissed off.
you can see it in the frown and the clenched jaw and the closed fists and the fire in his eyes.
you lean back on his crotch, dragging a low groan from him when the pressure of your bare core presses into him.
"start from the top," you slide yourself off him, gripping the ends of his joggers while your feet meet the ground. "why is yujeong paying you?"
with some effort, the rim of his joggers come over the arch of his pelvic bone and slides down his thighs and legs too easily, and you're amused when you can see the bulge under his boxers.
eric's breath is shaky when his eyes connect with yours, but his lips are sealed shut for some strange reason, you'll probably find out very soon.
"okay," you lick your lips and nod, turning around and digging your hand into your bag by the bed. "you want to play difficult?"
the bottle of aloe vera gel looks harmless off-hand.
but eric gulps again when you squeeze a whole lot of it onto your palm.
"i can play difficult."
pressing your palms flat into his knees, you slide them up his thighs and grip onto the muscle. the curl of your lips feels satisfactory when you feel his thighs flex and contract under your touch, the cold gel driving him up against a wall in his own head of desires.
"you're very quiet today, sir," you press a kiss into his bulge, fingers trailing along the rim where his pelvis disappears under his boxers.
his gasp rings through the room and his hips buckle upwards subtly, his neck strained and his head tilted back in a bid to hide his eyes from you.
"like i said," you trail a single finger across his bulge and dig under the rim of his boxers. "close your eyes and you won't fucking come today, eric."
then you pull his boxers down to expose his length, the stiffened thing standing straight up before your very eyes.
the veins drawn on the sides with a glistening tip bring a smirk to your face as you side-eye him, his pupils looking at you through bare slits of his lids.
you sit back up and pull his boxers off his ankles, wondering for a split second why he hasn't tried to struggle or fight back.
then you remember, he probably does want to come.
"oh, eric," you whine, leaning forward and pushing his shirt up to reveal his abs, the tip of his length brushing across the material of your top.
the friction drives a hiss out of him, and he curses under his breath with a frown on his forehead.
"the things i would do to let you see how desperate you look right now."
lightly kissing his abs, your fingers trail back down to his pelvis and draw feathery circles into his skin, the aloe vera gel long dried and making his skin much softer than before.
looking up, his knuckles have whitened completely from how tight he's clenching his fists.
you laugh under your breath, eyes trickling down his skin to his length again.
pressing your tongue flat against the tip, it forces him to suck in a deep breath to contain the moan that's threatening to escape.
then your lips come around him to pressure him, now forcing a harsh jolt of his hips upwards.
a loud moan deliberately thrums through your mouth and through him, the vibrations sending goosebumps from his thighs all the way up to his arms when he seethes in frustration.
with a soft 'pop', you pull away, sliding your tongue across your lips and wiping the corner of your mouth with your tongue.
"oh, my prince," you pout again and whine empathetically, crawling back up to his face and stroking his cheek. "why have you gone all silent?"
eric's jaw trembles when he looks at you in the eye, a streak of anger mixed with a streak of fear embedded in his pupils.
"all you need to do is tell me what happened."
with your thighs by his hips, you lower yourself just enough to have his tip brush over your entrance.
eric hisses and curses again under his breath, lips hung apart in his annoyance while you moan and whimper over him.
"oh, doesn't this piss you off?" you reach up and unbutton your top, allowing your cleavage to come into view right under his nose. "having all of me right under your nose, but-"
you reach behind your back and unbuckle your bra, pulling it from under your sleeves before tossing it aside.
eric frowns and attempts to blink away the eye contact without closing his eyes, but you grab his jaw and turn him back to face you.
"-but you can't fuck me."
"i swear to fucking god, y/n-" eric hisses, temples tightened and eyes hardened.
"oh, no, don't swear!" you gasp in childish gesture, bringing your hand up to your lips and leaning over him again. now, your breasts are visible through the undone buttons and eric squirms under your thighs when he sees them.
"then you'll be a naughty boy and then you still won't come today."
eric groans when you sit back on his length again, the wetness collecting on your core enough to let you slide up and down him.
you lean back on your arms, exposing your core to him with his length between your folds. using your fingers to press his length against you, you slide yourself up and down his manhood.
his eyes are slightly bloodshot, and he's gritting his teeth so hard, you can see the clench in his jaw.
throwing your head back, you let out the loudest whimper you can afford.
sliding your fingers into your mouth and coating them with your own saliva, you push his length away to replace him.
eric growls, throwing his hips up when you cut off the contact point. he watches with wide, greedy eyes as you slide your fingers into yourself, the intrusion rolling your eyes back in your head.
"eric," you whine, pumping your fingers more.
"jesus christ-" the sight pulls a low groan from him, and he struggles against the restraint.
hissing and pulling your lips apart, you remove your fingers to offer them to him.
so you slide your fingers into his mouth, and he's licking and sucking on them like a lollipop.
"still not talking?" you remove your fingers, drawing a trail of his saliva from his lips.
reaching behind you, his length comes into your hold as you align it with yourself, and you sink yourself over him with ease. parting your lips to sigh from the stretch, eric looks like he's being possessed when he feels your walls clenching around him.
but you stay still after you take all of him.
no grinding. no moving.
you remove yourself completely again and lean over to kiss him like you haven't eaten in days. so eric cannot help the whine that he lets out when you pull away to hold his tip to your entrance again.
the soft squelching makes your insides squirm, for your body has already attuned itself to enjoy his.
but this is his punishment and-
he gulps.
and you stop, his tip right at your entrance.
"yujeong- she- she paid me to tame you."
you squint at him, processing the new information.
"after you- you rejected wooseok- she asked me to-" he falters, shutting his eyes tightly in a bid to collect the vocabulary. "she paid me to tame you."
"why the fuck would she want to do that?"
eric looks at you with wide, painful eyes.
"because she liked wooseok, and she- she thought that he liked her back- but all he did was use her to invite you to his party-"
the truth will set you free, you remember.
"someone found cum stains outside wooseok's garage, you should've seen it."
"why are you so on edge?"
"yujeong gave it to me; captain to captain!"
your world falls apart in your head but your eyes are fixated on eric and his pumped muscles from the restraint.
"she didn't like that you were the 'innocent heartbreaker' when she knew you weren't. she didn't like that wooseok was one of them."
sitting in silence for a few moments, the revelation has brought you down from your high.
you lick your lips, adjusting yourself so you wouldn't be directly over him when you reach over to the nightstand by your bed. you pull the drawer open and fumble around in it, the metallic clacking of the key against the wood sounds like death bells.
eric watches quietly as you slide the key into the groove of the cuffs, the redness around his wrists bright and glaring as he winces away from the bondage.
"get out."
eric slowly sits up, fingers rubbing and massaging the marks in his skin.
"don't fucking call me that."
the shirt topples over his abdomen again, and your eyes are hard-fixated on the wall by your bed.
"y/n, i-"
"if you're going to apologise, don't."
eric swallows, and you hear it.
"i guess i had it coming," you mumble under your breath. "everything you said was right, anyway."
you turn to eric and his eyes have gone completely soft.
nothing like you recognise.
turning back to face the wall, you push yourself to your feet. "I'm a big, red, fucking flag that acts like a green flag."
you suck in a deep breath and turn, hands numb like learning the truth was so painful and cursed a physical reaction on you.
but eric rushes to grab your wrist and pulls you back to the bed, wrapping his arms around you in your vulnerability.
he knows you don't care about your reputation, or that you've slept with him.
it was yujeong that you cared about.
the one person who you felt comfortable around with to show your true colours and it backfired.
but the truth is lodged in the pathway where you're supposed to be feeling sad and you're supposed to cry.
all you're feeling is emptiness and guilt.
eric pulls away and scans your eyes and face for any sign of breaking down, but he finds nothing.
"y/n, i-"
"eric," you breathe quietly without looking at him.
"what is it?" he frowns, brushing a small lock of hair out of your face.
"did you mean any of the times you called me 'princess'?"
eric goes silent, and you could almost hear the gears churning in his head.
"at the beginning, no."
"but just like you, i'm a walking red flag too, and... you're a fun equivalent."
he pauses.
then you turn to him with a twisted idea of comfort, parting your lips to ask, "will you fuck all the pain away?"
your gazes finally align.
and for once, he sees the vulnerability in your eyes where you have let the betrayal set in.
for once, you see the mercy in his.
"anything for you, my princess."
so, eric takes no hesitation in crashing his lips onto yours as he pulls you over him, using his knees to keep your knees apart by his hips as he sinks back into the mattress.
his fingers hastily undo the rest of your buttons before he tosses it off the bed, and your hands are pulling his shirt up to his neck with the idea of removing it off him.
the kiss breaks just for him to take off his shirt, then his arms come around your waist to unzip your skirt and pull it off your hips.
the weight of the material thuds gently to the ground, leaving your hot bodies writhing and slotted into each other.
his hands grip the flesh of your rear with your hands pressed flat into his chest, and you can't get enough of the moaning he's humming into you.
his hand leaves your hip to find his length, and after sliding himself back and forth a few times, he prods at your entrance before you lower yourself onto him.
he grabs your thighs and flips you around onto your back, crouching over you like a follower worshipping his god.
he keeps your legs locked around his hips as he drives himself into you, ruthless with the thrusts and jerking the entire bed.
your nails finally dig into his back, clawing into his skin as your toes curl and his lips fight with yours for silent domination.
he breaks the kiss to breathe, letting you huff and cry the frustration out that's built up inside you. dipping his nose into your chest, he takes one of your breasts into your mouth, leaving hickeys all over the tender flesh and sucking on the tip like he hadn't seen your body in forever.
by now, you can see the red lines drawn into him under his shoulder blades, and the scratching ignites little groans from him as his pelvis meets yours with every thrust.
"good girl," he breaths into your chest. pressing kisses into your other breast. "let it all out. i want to hear it."
and with that, he picks up his pace while pressing a finger to your nub, drawing in harsh circles and abusing you more than he's done before.
the wails and cries and whimpers you let out in a combination of his drilling into you and the heartbreak that's ironically caused not by the other heartbreaker in the room.
the sensation buckles your entire body and your back arches off the bed, stomach meeting his as he starts to leave hickeys on your neck.
"fuck, eric- we can't let them-"
"fuck that," he groans into your skin, shaking his head while he rails into you. "i want everybody to know the 'innocent heartbreaker' is mine."
the claim of possession successfully drives you over your edge, and your hip buckles upwards into his again. his panting by your ear tells you he's close, so there he was, chasing your high before he hits his own.
"fuck, eric- i'm- fuck- theretherethere-"
"I'm the only heart you're gonna break from now on, you hear me?"
with a sharp thrust and a harsh suck on your neck, your entire body spasms as you hit your climax.
eric pulls out, hand already wrapping around his length to finish himself off-
but you take it in your own hands to wrap your lips around him, knees sinking into the mattress as he groans upon the contact.
a few pumps were enough to set him off - thighs flexing and his body trembling before yours as he releases into your throat, the warm fluid dribbling down your insides.
"oh... fuck-" he hisses, looking down and watching you drink the rest of him and pull away, a string of saliva trailing from your tongue to his swollen tip.
eric leans down to kiss you, pushing you back into the bed as he cups your face. then he stops to breathe, resting his forehead against yours as he whispers, "you're so pretty."
Tumblr media
[1 month later]
eric's tie is crumpled and yanked on as if you didn't just gift it to him for christmas.
but his lips are on yours and he's walking you backwards down the hallway towards his room, his palms running the surface of his walls before you're pushed up against his door.
with a soft chuckle, he buries his nose into your neck, hands coming around the cotton of his shirt and your fingers twisting his tie in your palm as you keep him close to you.
through your flurried vision and rumbling bass in the walls, you can see his visitors peeking down the hallway, drinks in hand.
"eric," you whisper into his ear. "are you gonna fuck me out here or do we still have some kind of privacy?"
you raise a brow at one of the girls standing at the end of the hallway, biting your lower lip when eric finds the soft spot on your neck and begins nipping at it.
deliberately letting out a prolonged groan, your chin tilts to the ceiling as he gets his door open, and the last of that girl's traumatised face is finally wiped away when kicks his door closed.
"i would fuck you out there, princess," he huffs into your neck, taking your hands to pull apart his tie. "but i don't want anybody's eyes on what's mine."
your back bounces a little as he throws you into the bed, and then his weight comes down on you when he buries his lips between yours. the Christmas music was blasting like nuts throughout the house, the bass vibrating the walls of his room and people yelling from outside.
"god, you're so pretty. my pretty, pretty princess."
he pecks your cheeks, then your nose and your forehead and you're laughing to yourself as it tickles you.
"how hard do you want me to go tonight?"
"hm," a devious grin spreads across your face when he pushes himself off you, fingers going under your red, fluffy skirt to pull your underwear off. "fuck my brains out."
eric bites his lip, trying to hide his smile as he yanks the tie off his neck and unbuttons his top (though keeping his dress shirt on). with a gentle clink, he undoes his belt, pulling the buckle apart and unzipping himself.
the sight of you in a skimpy, red, Christmas, mean-girl costume is enough to make him want to ruin you.
"i've got a better idea, princess," he flips you around and hugs your waist upwards, pushing your skirt off your rear as his tip slides across your wet folds.
the contact shivers a giggle through you, fingers already gripping onto his bedsheets.
"let's see how loud you can go."
he easily pushes himself into you, squeezing a strained gasp mixed with a giggle out of you.
cursing into his bedsheets, he wraps his hand around your ponytail and tilts your head upwards, ramming himself into you without a second thought.
"oh- my- fucking- god-"
"i want everybody in my house to know who you belong to."
"fuck- eric- that- feels so- fucking- good-"
the animalistic noises start to flood the room atop the sound of skin slapping, and eric releases your hair to hold your hips instead.
"oh, fuck! eric!" your fingers grip tightly onto his bedsheets, face almost buried in his blanket as he rams into you from behind.
"that's it, princess," he chuckles and digs his fingers into the flesh of your hips, holding your ass high up enough for him to maintain his angle.
you turn and bury your face into his bed, the prolonged wail muffled into the material.
every thrust pushes out a grunt and your ponytail is messy from his tugging, the notion of your entire body jerking along with the bed brings tears to your eyes and a blissful smile to your face.
"oh, fuck-" eric breaks into a chuckle, feeling himself reach his high. "princess, I'm gonna come."
"fuck, harder," you lift your head and gasp with a strained breath, turning around and holding your ass cheeks apart.
but he grabs both your wrists and flips you around by the hip, back bouncing into the cushion as he pulls you closer to him.
he crouches over you and moans into your neck whilst littering marks all over you, his incessant ramming starting to shove your mind into static oblivion.
your fingers come up to his back and draw bright pink lines down his shoulder blades, as eric continues pulling out farther to give himself more length to push back into you.
your mouth is wide open with every spillage of vulgarity and lewd noise you make, but the smile never leaves your face.
"jesus- christ-" his hips snap and falter and you quickly slip out of his hold to shove his length into your mouth, tasting the mixture of yourself and his along his length.
the low groans he provides as he releases down your throat is awfully erotic, as if you hadn't already done the very thing that would be deemed erotic on its own.
eric pulls himself out from your mouth and watches you stick your tongue out to show the little puddle of himself on the pink surface, and he tilts your chin up to kiss you.
when the door flies open on his pull, your head is tilted innocently to the side, hand in eric's as he pulls you out of his room.
the crowd in the hallway immediately attempts to disperse, but it's not like you gave a shit anymore.
it's not like the boys didn't know it was eric's marks on your neck.
it's not like the girls didn't know the claw marks on his back were yours.
eric pulls you through the crowd as he greets his visitors, interlacing his fingers with yours as you bow and smile to his friends as well.
then you run into yujeong, drink in hand and hair grown out past her shoulders.
eric notices your slowdown when you meet her, so he reaches over to press a kiss to your forehead and deliberately pushes your let-down hair aside to show the purple marks.
"I'll come check on you in ten, princess."
"okay," you nod, letting him slide out between your fingers as he walks off to entertain his friends.
"so," yujeong raises both brows, crossing her arms over her chest. "i guess the two of you are a match for one another."
"hmm," you suck your lips between your teeth and shove your hands into your back pockets. "still working on some issues though."
she scoffs. "like what, how to be louder?"
"oh, please, that's the least of our problems," you wave it off, chuckling under your breath.
yujeong sighs, watching you turn to glue your eyes on eric like he was a bar of gold you've never seen before.
"it was wishful thinking on my part-" she calls out to your attention, so you turn back to her with wide eyes. "for assuming that eric would solve anything."
you part your lips to say something, but the words don't come together.
"i'm sorry."
you look at her in the eyes, glimmering with genuine guilt.
"well," you offer her a tiny smile. "nevertheless, you gave me a heart for me to break over and over again anyway, so."
you look up and catch eric staring at you.
"nothing to apologise for."
Tumblr media
a/n: WELL THAT WAS FUN now imma go bathe in some of that holy water and continue writing my enhypen fluff <3 thanks for reading!
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