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paper-storm · 22 days ago
Violence indeed this morning!! But now it's making me curious and I have a potentially difficult question. You've done a little of fantastic metas on various Tarlos scenes, but what are your top 3 scenes and if course why?
I did four because I couldn't narrow it down to three lol (god I hope people have blocked my character meta tag because a bitch really doesn't know how to be quiet)
the proposal, because obviously. TK's nasally, thick little voice, like he's been sitting there crying a little while he worked up the nerve to ask. Maybe remembering how badly it went the last time he asked someone to marry him, maybe grieving just a little bit for that version of himself who believed in fairy tales and then had his heart hardened, and being so happy that he met someone who made him believe again. the way he wakes Carlos up by petting his hair. His little GIGGLE when he says "there's no lizard" why is TK Strand the cutest boy on the entire planet of earth. The way Carlos has a little 404 error for a moment when TK says marry me. The hand holding. TK's beautiful speech. The tears on Carlos's face. TYLER. the way they fold into each other as they lay back down. Idk it's just perfect. It's the most perfect proposal scene of all time.
The scene on the tarmac after the almost plane crash. That hug. That fucking hug, the way Carlos just crashes into him. He's so terrified, he almost lost TK yet again and he was going to have to stand there and watch it happen, watch the plane go down. I can't imagine the trauma of that. His "I'm the one who put him on the plane", Carlos just lives to blame himself for things that aren't his fault. He really doesn't think he's worth much if he can't keep TK safe and it breaks my heart. TK assuring him that he's okay. Also if you listen closely, they are whispering "I love you" back and forth as they hug the second time. It's FAINT, you have to turn it way up and really listen, but it's there. They breathe "I love you" about three times to each other, and I am just so undone but this little detail because Ronen and Rafa definitely just added that themselves, you can barely hear it so it wasn't even for the camera it was just for them, just what they were feeling as their characters in that moment. I love the details they put into these scenes.
The scene after the fire. The way Tk sighs and looks away when Carlos says he's fine, and that that's the thing that breaks him. Stoic Carlos with all his locked up pain really doesn't even realize that he's hurting until he sees how refusing to admit it upsets the man he loves, and then he just crumbles. TK instantly pulling him in. Kissing his face, rubbing his back, assuring him that they're okay. Because they're not okay, of course they aren't, but his man is hurting so much and all TK can do is hold him. And Carlos letting himself be held is everything to me. Also everything to me? At the end when it's panning out and Judd gives TK a little cuddle. We know how I feel about Judd. We don't need to open that can of worms. But I live for that moment.
The scene where Carlos calls Cooper. This might actually be my most rewatched scene. I can't get enough of it, I just love it so much. "I'm not saying I did a background check, but I did a background check" yes we love a protective boyfriend abusing his power just a little bit for the purposes of keeping his boy safe. The softness of TK's whispered "Thank you. I love you." Carlos responding "I know" which is so much better in that moment than "I love you too" because it's not possessive and it's not about him. Carlos is saying "I trust you. I believe you when you say you love me. I was insecure about our relationship but I'm not anymore." The growth of their partnership in that episode that all culminates in that beautiful scene. The sound that cheek kiss makes. Idk I'm obsessed with it. That little smooch. It's the cutest cheek kiss of all time. Carlos's SMILE as he closes the door. He's so proud of himself. He was so hurt, earlier in the episode, to learn that he wasn't enough to take care of TK, because he wasn't understanding. And he gets it now. TK was brave enough to tell Carlos what he needed instead of getting mad and running away, and Carlos learns to give TK what he needs even if that thing isn't Carlos, and he's so proud of himself at the end for learning it and I just love him.
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phantom-of-the-ruckus · 2 months ago
Final part of my long Analysis of the Hello Puppets midnight show trailer!
I copy and paste from the 2nd part because I'm very tired and I still need to add the tags, but also this is important info
First and foremost, please check the prior parts for congruency and seeing other interesting details and stupid jokes I added to this:
Part 1
Part 2
Here's a quick important note that you need to read first before diving into this long messy post:
TW: Scary imagery, demonic character, blood, saws, bear traps, gore
If you see this TW this will signify a trigger warning. I'll try to give some space to avoid individuals who do not which to see it time to skip it. SAFE means that you can read this part ^^
SPOILERS!!! is a new addition to those who do not want to be spoiled over certain puzzles presented in the BETA. END!!! means they are done
Majority of pictures are from the trailer, others will be credited to the sources along with a link)
Heavily suggest that you watch the trailer first because we're gonna get spoilers
Without further ado let's continue!
Tumblr media
Nick....why you look as if you ate at Taco Bell?!/j
I actually told this joke to @official-crucified-mortimer (I'm just tagging my friends because I love them)
A very creeping painting of your puppet staring at you?
Tumblr media
Put a spiderweb on it :D
Ok, jokes aside. I speculate that this is a strategy to deal with the puppets. Put party string on the posters so they cannot jump and attack you. I actually never thought it could be used that way.
Also, it looks like this is a new poster type. Looks pretty darn weird but Daisy has a similar pose
Tumblr media
I also forgot party string would be an item in this game so....
Tumblr media
I also noticed that in the trailer (spiderweb string thingy moment) we are carrying a poster for the game. I can't tell if it's the Mountain episode or Mike Masters. Maybe is a new one, but I find it curious that we have to carry one. Maybe it's for a puzzle in Nick's level or something.
Here's a far glance of Riley's map
Tumblr media
I wonder if we're going to a different part of the studio or a floor. I never really got how the studio was built. Also, what is up with the blue and red light?
Tumblr media
Stop it and got it by accident. I love it
TW: For saws and bear trap
Tumblr media
Two things I want to mention.
I think we got to see this on the BETA (not sure) it is in fact a Riley's level
The task we got
So this room actually gives me anxiety because it looks like the closing walls type of puzzle. I actually wonder how the hell did Riley got so many saws
but more importantly this:
Tumblr media
It looks like we are going to have to solve dangerous puzzles to unlock secret rooms. This is quite cool tbh
Quick side joke!
Tumblr media
I honestly love how pretty darn weird Daisy's traps are.
Also the fact that she placed a cupcake-
@sarilolla did mention, if I remember correctly, that perhaps we could get some audio logs
I found this icon while checking for things I missed
Tumblr media
This is going to be interesting!
TW: Gore, Scary imagery, demonic looking character, implied murder
I did see it on the trailer, and this was actually the first thing I stopped to look at see at.
Tumblr media
First things first, I love the drawing! Wonder who the artist is and I wonder if we are going to get more pictures like this from the other characters
Secondly, if you look up you will see that the battery task is also here
I have a small speculation about this:
I believe that the battery task may be for the final levels of each of the characters. My best guess is that each time we play the gallery, we are going to see the handeemen look more and more demonic as the game becomes harder.
This actually scared me a bit and it is well done!
Tumblr media
My best guess, is that this is going to be a scene short for the game. Based on the pose and the fact that we can see the puppet's doors. I can assume this may be a jumpscare
Tumblr media
Aperantly someone broke the collectable we got! I blame Owen >:[
Also, we get back the Mort-in-the-box for the first game! Cool reuse of assets and it's a bit weird seeing Mortimer's later design in the prequel game
Tumblr media
The good boi
Quick glimpse of a very important escene
Tumblr media
I am not sure if this is a glance at the final level of the game (my speculation you maybe play against all the puppets (including Mortimer) or Mortimer is the final boss or this was teaching you the mechanics of the game
I also just wanted to show how one of the items suppose to work
Tumblr media
Poor Daisy :[
The safety ABC!
Tumblr media
This is quite hilarious. I applaud them.
Tumblr media
Another cutscene revealed in the Trailer it's just Mortimer with the girl as his hosts.
Tumblr media
There is nothing particularly scary about this place
Plz visit any time soon :D
Alright, those were all the details I could find in the trailer. Jokes aside, I'm going to be a lil serious in this ending conclusion.
I thought it would be great to address a quick cool observation I found when listening to the dialogue of the game. I like how there's a hit of a demonic voice when the characters are upset (excluding Mortimer)
I just thought it was a nice simple detail added
I do find curious Daisy and Nick's lines in the trailer.
Daisy demanding Owen to hug her seems strange to me, but also makes me think that perhaps she is one of the least evil characters. She is still the sweetest towards you as well as Nick. Makes me wonder if they actually do have a conscience or reflect their "in-show personality"
Regarding, Nick Nack's lines, outside the jokes of Daddy Issues
I do find interesting his desperation to get his father love. He appears alongside Mortimer to call Owen their father, it is a very curious fact about why Daisy doesn't
Riley is quite proud to admit Owen, out all people, is her father.
We did see a glimpse of Nick fighting over his instincts of hurting Owen in the game over scenes of the demo, so we do know that he appears to be the most emotional and the lesser evil of the four.
However, I found that his line
It appears that Nick doesn't receive too much attention or wishes to be seen more. He did sound like a little toddler during that scene, but it did make me wondered why would he want that attention and why did the devs chose that line over.
I went back and decided to listen to each introduction Mortimer gave to each of the Handeemen, just curious to see if he happened to hint favoritism. I noticed this.
Out of the three, the longest time Mortimer talks about a Handeemen appears to be Riley's introduction, and she was the first
The shortest time he takes to introduce one of the members appears to be Nick, and he was the last.
His descriptions go to a bit detailed to just a basic overview.
Riley is the only one that Mortimer mentions what she can actually do. He just mentions that you can help Daisy bake a pie, and that Nick is a Thespian and an artist
He describes Nick in the vaguest way possible. He doesn't really mention his personality (although Mortimer says Daisy is the sweetest and harmless)
My best guess, this is either just a coincidence or another clue to get to know how Mortimer may have some preference over the Handeemen.
It appears that Riley is the favorite, my best guess is that she's the most cruel and evil in comparison to Nick and Daisy
Since Nick appears to be the lesser evil, Mortimer may favor him the least.
I also wanted to add a small speculation regarding Owen's character. Wondering more about some of the stuff he has seen on the trailer, I was thinking he's more of a morally gray character .He has done both good and bad but appears to be acting more for selfish reasons rather than heroic which I find interesting to see.
Overall, I'm eager to see how the midnight show will be and what facts will be given
Hope you all enjoy this long analysis ^^
Feel free to add to this.
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luxeavenger · 13 days ago
hi evie! i hope that life is treating you well and that you’re having a great November, I have a few questions about blog organization in general, do you think maybe you have the time/energy to help me out? (If not it’s totally okay)
I’m trying to make a masterlist and organize my blog better, do you have any tips on how to do that?
so far I’m going through all of my posts and tagging them in a more organized way (gonna be very time consuming, do you know if there’s a better way of doing that?)
after that I was gonna try and make a masterlist with all those tags, plus a few others, as well as maybe a separate masterlist and/or sideblog for my poems. i think the most confusing thing for me is links and adding those, do you have any advice or tips about that?
I’m kinda going with the guess and check method here because I have basically zero clue how tumblr works, I was just hoping maybe you could help me out 😭
(again if you don’t have the time/energy thats totally okay, and if not, I’m sending you lots of love and wishing you a great holiday season 🫶🏼)
hey sweetie! i hope you're feeling well! i'm sending tons of love right back your way!
i don't know if i'll be a HUGE help with this, but i'll give it a shot. maybe something will help?
as far as tagging posts go, there are only 2 things that i try to be consistent with my # tags: my fics, and (to a point) my inbox
i find i do much better if things are the same every time. which is why i organize my tags the way i do (my neurodivergent ass can't handle that kind of chaos)
i try to do - PAIRING x reader (if more than one character), CHARACTER x reader, CHARACTER, CHARACTER smut, OTHER CHARACTER x reader, OTHER CHARACTER, OTHER CHARACTER smut, etc
i use three different "reader" tags, and do a set for each of these: "x reader", "x you", and "x female!reader"
on the word doc i have my @ taglist on, i have a list of all the # tags I use most commonly, so i don't have to pull them out of the ether every single time i post a fic. i have a list of backstage pass tags, then a list of stucky only tags, and bucky only, steve only, etc
i believe tumblr maxes you out at around 30 tags (although that may have changed), so use ALL of those. tag characters, tag parings, tag reader, tag reader gender, tag fic theme. anything you can thinks of - TAG IT. it helps you show up in the tag search, which helps readers find your fics. don't obsess over checking that your work shows up under each tag though. tumblr is famous for screwing the pooch with the tag searches (my kinktober fics from this year have done universally poorly because not a single tag i used during the entire month of october showed up in the tag search)
i have an inbox tag, so if i ever need to go back and find something i can
i'll tag things with series as well
people that inbox frequently get their own special tag because i love them the mostest, and it's the closest thing i can do to giving them hot chocolate and boops through the internet
i have seen some BEAUTIFUL masterlists here. i highly recommend cruising through and looking at masterlists. it will help you get an idea of what you think looks nice, and what you think might work for you. i did mine the easiest way possible when i set it up, because it seemed confusing with separate masterlists for separate characters, but i'm getting closer and closer to the point where i'm going to HAVE to do separate masterlists, because tumblr only allows 100 links in a post, and both my main and backstage pass masterlists are getting up there. just find what works for you, but expect to have to modify it as your masterlist grows
I'm not 100% sure what you mean about "links and adding those"? adding links is super easy. just type out the text you want to use to lead people to your linked content. (ex: "backstage pass masterlist", or "here there be kittens", or "bat huggers anonymous", or "zaphod beeblebrox"). then copy your link, highlight the text, find the little chain symbol in the pop-up menu, click it, paste your link, click done, and you've made a link!
if you're one of those people who changes their username frequently, once you go through all the work of creating your beautiful masterlist, you are going to want to give very very thoughtful consideration to changing your username. because if you do, you've gotta go through and change every single one of those links. ones in your masterlist, ones in your bio, basically if it links to any of YOUR tumblr content, you'll have to change it. otherwise, they'll just lead... nowhere. so just... yanno, be aware of that
and a cautionary tale when it comes to tumblr. they do not give a single fuck about you, or your links, or your content, or your carefully curated posts. i've seen writers devastated when tumblr just unceremoniously deletes all their fics. if you don't already have an archive of our own account, i recommend getting one. it will help you find new readers, which is great, but it will also serve as an archive of your fics, should something catastrophic happen to your blog. it'll make things MUCH easier to repost everything again. you have to be invited in order to join, but it's super easy to request an invite, and it doesn't take very long to get the invite once it's requested
this is probably way more than you wanted, so i apologize if you've been sitting here reading all this, just wishing i'd shut up like 3 minutes ago
i hope something here was helpful. ily babe! take care of yourself, especially with the holidays coming up
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theravenclawlover · a year ago
Welcome to the Industry of Porn
Paring: Avengers X Female!Reader
Warnings: +18, heavy smut, drinking, slight angst in later chapters, fluff if you squint, and my English as usual.
Word Count: 3,451.
Summary: AU where the Avengers are Pornstars. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
Chapter: 4.
Chapter Title: A new kind of family
A/N: I finally graduated yall! So long college life! Sorry, this part took so long to post, but I had finals and graduation, and now I have to look for a job lmao. Nothing scandalous on this part, and won't until maybe the next one. which won't be you but two of my favorite characters. If you want to be tagged for this work or others please let me know by either commenting or sending me an ask.
Tumblr media
The month after the glorious evening you and Cassie had in Las Vegas, life became full of surprises. If you were being completely honest with yourself, you hadn't expected to keep in touch with anyone you met at the party, but it seemed you had made a good impression because you were now friends with Bucky and Steve. Well, more like texting buddies as that was the only way the four—Cassie was also in the group chat Bucky had insisted on making as he found it annoying to send the same funny videos three times—could keep contact. It had started with funny videos Bucky would text you, and then Steve would send important news he found on the internet. You, of course, were confused but didn't say anything until Cassie had brought it up as she commented about a topic Steve had sent the both of you. You found it funny, really, almost ironic that you had seen those two fuck for porn and now they were trying to come up with a catchy nickname that they could bug you with. Again, ironic.
But that wasn't the only thing that had been a surprise, you had been seeing more of Tony as well. You knew that Stark was friends with the Russo's but something they had failed to mention during the party was that they were the directors behind most of the high-ranking adult movies the Avengers had. You had found out about it one week and a half after the party when you were shooting three different shorts for the Russo's, and Tony had paid a visit along with Jason. Cassie and you were confused to see both men there and had asked Joe after the day was over why they were there. He had opted to grin and say, 'he has new projects, and has been talking with Jason and us about 'em'. That had been enough for the both of you until he kept coming to every other shoot you had.
One morning, after having shot the first couple of scenes of the day, Jason knocked on the door of the room Cassie was waiting for you to finish taking a quick shower.
"Hey, what's up?" said Cassie as she opened the door to let the man in.
"Morning, I was looking for Y/n? is she still in the shower?" he asked as he looked around the bare room of the rented house where the scenes were being shot.
"Yup, she got some of it on her hair," said Cassie as she scrunched her nose. Jason huffed a laugh.
"I guess I would spend as much time in the shower if I had sperm all over my hair," he added as he took a seat on the bed, "I hope you don't mind if I wait here with ya?"
"Nah, it's fine." Cassie sat next to him as they heard your voice carry as you sang one of your favorite songs.
"So, why do you need to talk to Y/n?"
"I'm sure you and Y/n have seen Stark and I come in a couple of times," she nodded her head, "well, a couple of months ago he had to cut some people from his company and team, and he's been looking for new people and you and Y/n seem to have made an impression on him. And trust me, he rarely comes out to scout people, he has Maria Hill and Nick Fury for that."
"Wait, so you're saying that Stark wants Y/n?"
"Who wants me?" you asked as you opened the door of the bathroom, a bathrobe covering you as you used a towel to dry your hair.
"I was about to tell Cassie how Stark has personally made the time to speak with me, Joe, and Anthony so he can make a contract for you and Cassie," said Jason as he got up from the bed to face both of you and Cassie.
"What?!" you and Cassie shrieked at the same time.
"Stark has been talking to Joe and Anthony because you—" he pointed at you, "—are under contract with them, and he's been talking to me about you Cassie because he wanted to see the pictures you took of Y/n. He wants you to be part of his photography and video department."
It was silent.
Cassie sat still on the bed as she gaped at the man while you had stopped your movements with the towel still drying your wet hair. It seemed like a whole five minutes before you or Cassie moved or said anything.
"Are you pulling our legs?" you asked as you approached Cassie and sat next to her.
"I know, it sounds crazy, the man himself has been at our necks trying to make sure nothing can stop him from hiring you both," he said with a smile.
"Fuck," exclaimed Cassie as she finally looked at you. You looked at her with the same wide eyes.
"Excuse me?" said Jason as he looked at you. You had whispered your answer.
"Tell Stark we're in, we'll sign."
Jason smiled wider as he took his phone out of his pocket to call Tony.
Tony Stark had set up a meeting the next morning as soon as Jason had said the words 'they're in' to him. And so, the next morning, you and Cassie drove to the once 'Stark Enterprises' building which was now called 'Avengers Tower' which was the name Bucky had said the building was called. The building was tall, with numerous amount of floors that you both could only guess what they were for. Down on the first floor was only a front desk with a young woman.
"Good morning, how can I help you?" said the woman with an Irish accent.
"Morning, we're here for a meeting with Tony Stark," said Cassie with a smile. The woman asked for your last name as well as Cassie's before she let you take the elevator indicating to press 93 to arrive at Tony's office floor.
"I still can't believe we're here to sign a deal with Tony Stark so we both can work here. Like, my brain can process it still," you said as you shifted on your spot as your anxiety rose.
"You can't process it? Imagine me! I'm not even graduated and I'm about to have a job that is willing to take me even before I receive my damn diploma. Stark seems to be in a hurry if you ask me," said Cassie as she glanced at the changing numbers on the panel.
"I know, I mean Jason did tell you that he had lost some people, so maybe he's one of those people that can't be at peace if things are not to their liking, kinda like you," you said as you chuckled at the last part. As you conversed with Cassie, your nerves calmed. The doors opened announcing your arrival on the last floor of the building.
The floor was as spacious as the first floor, but this time the floor was part lobby—which was ridiculously fancy—and part Stark's office. The doors to his office were open, so he raised his head when you and Cassie came out of the elevator.
"The ladies of the hour," he said as he stood from his chair and walked around his desk as he approached you both while you two walked into his office. Which was fancy as well, full of weird tech gadgets.
"I'm glad the two of you decided to make a deal with me," he said as he signaled to the chairs in front of his desk.
You both took your seats as Tony walked over a small cabinet that to no one's surprised ended up being a wine cabinet.
"I know it's early, but would you two like a glass of wine? It's not every day I hire people," he said as he took out a wine bottle.
"Sure, why not," you said, and Cassie nodded. Soon, you three were sitting down and with a glass of wine in hand.
"Alright, so I know a lot about you Y/n which is why I know I want you to work for me. But you, Cassie, I don't know much about you aside from your work with photography. Do you know anything else aside from photography?"
Cassie cleared her throat as she felt all eyes on her.
"I know video editing, but my main focus has always been photography. I did take two semesters where I focused on digital design, but that was before I decided to just double major on photography and creative writing," she said.
"Creative writing?" he asked as he sipped his wine.
"Yeah, but that was because of the number of writing courses I had to take as GEN-ED courses and was recommended to just double major so I wouldn't have random credits," she said while she shrugged.
"So, you're good at writing?"
"Not as good as Miss almost-a-journalism-major over here," she said as she pointed at you, which made you groan. She knew how it annoyed you to be reminded of your failed attempts to make it through college.
You expected Tony to laugh along with Cassie who let out a chuckle at your reaction, but Tony looked at you with raised eyebrows but before you could ask anything, he smiled and pulled out two contracts along with two fountain pens.
"Well, I guess that's good to know because the position I want you to have involves a little of everything of what you do," he sat back on his chair, "I want you to be head of the department. The last person was fired because it turned out I was trusting the wrong kind of people, so this time I wanted something fresh to erase the mark they left and teach new things to those who stayed here. Your job, if you take it, will involve taking pictures of my starts when they work. I will have to work on the schedule that way you know who you'll be working with, sometimes you'll have another person with you because there are never too many pictures when they're good. You will also be asked to keep up with the video vlogs some of my starts have, you just gotta make sure they're submitting good things. You will have a team for that, you want a good video done, they'll do it, but you can always do it yourself if you want. And lastly, every year two of my departments come together for the yearly special issue but that is still months away, so no need to worry about it right now. So, Cassie, can I trust that you will be able to do this?"
You and Cassie were speechless at the number of things she would have to do. Your job was easy: act, fuck, and repeat. Hers? There's a reason why you dropped out of college, and she didn't. She could do it.
"I'll admit, it is scary the number of things I would be doing, but Mr. Stark, I can assure you that I will give my one-thousand-percent for this opportunity. I will not break that trust, sir."
She understood that it was serious, therefore you did try to hold a chuckle at how formal she sounded with him contrary to what she had sounded back at the party.
Tony took a minute to analyze Cassie's face before he gave a chuckle and grinned.
"Cassie, you have me convinced that I am making the right choice by adding you to my team," he pushed the contracts toward you both, one for you and one for Cassie, "Now, you Y/n, I already know I want you here and if I'm being honest, I have some people that were quick to tell me that you are one of the few that actually take this job seriously. It's hard to find that professionalism these days. So, here are the contracts. I know this was super last minute, so you can get comfortable outside and read them over. If you have any questions or want to go over any section of the contract, just walk right in."
With that, you both grabbed the contract. Cassie made herself comfortable on the big couch, she held a groan as the comfy couch could make her fall asleep within seconds, you opted for the lone sofa.
Neither of you could believe it was really happening, you were minutes away from signing with the brand that introduced you to this world, and Cassie was also minutes away from signing with the same brand she never thought she would be working for, and she was sure no other job would offer her an important position like the one Tony was trusting her with. It was all too surreal, yet it felt right. It felt like this was the right path and life had finally been kind enough to shed some light toward it.
While you were almost done with the contract, the last couple of pages talked about one of the offers/benefits if you worked for the company: living accommodations. You read over it carefully as it seemed like it was too good to be true. The building was not only the headquarters, but it also housed all the stars and the majority of the staff that work at the company. It was not mandatory, but each of the house-floors offered up to ten rooms, one full kitchen, one spacious common area, and each bedroom offered a personal full bathroom, and a spacious room with a queen-sized bed—which could be changed if you opted to buy a different one—and you could decorate the room however you wanted. Everything was paid for, there was no rent, but you would be in charge of your own groceries, necessities, and room furniture. The pay was good, the deal was great, the decision was made.
You showed Cassie what you had finished reading, and she had to read it from her contract to believe it. It was no surprise when she said that she would have to rent her apartment to the other college students because there was no way in hell she was going to pass out on living here along with you. Besides, the drive to the university was long from here.
Soon after that you both took a deep breath and signed the contract. Now, Tony needed to sign, and it would be a sealed deal.
You both, with grins on your face, walked in and Tony, upon seeing you both, clapped his hands and grabbed the contracts you both had set on the desk for him. He scanned it over and smiled when he saw that you both had signed for the living arrangements as well. He looked up with a bright smile.
"Well, only one thing left to do," he grabbed his pen and signed where he needed it. "Welcome to the family, you two are officially Avengers."
Before Tony could get up and serve some drinks to celebrate, the elevator announced the arrival of a new person. You all turned your heads to see Pepper walk toward where all of you were.
"Did they sign?" said Pepper as soon as she saw both of you, a smile plastered on her face.
Tony stepped around his desk and walked toward her.
"Yes, Pepper, they are officially part of the team," said Tony with a grin as he looked proud about landing a deal with you both.
"Those are great news because I already made a reservation at the new forties-themed restaurant down a couple of streets," she said as she looked happy about her actions, and she typed on her phone, and two dings were heard. You and Cassie pulled out your phones to see that Pepper had sent the address to the place.
"Nothing fancy, it's just going to be a small dinner, I'll have Jarvis pick you up at seven at your place—"she clasped her hands together and smiled, "—this is so exciting!"
By six-forty-five, the man named Jarvis—a man with a British accent and looks that had Cassie practically drooling—knocked on your door to take you both to the restaurant Pepper had made the reservations at.
The drive was quiet and quick, and soon enough you had arrived. Pepper stood outside as she waited for the car to park in front of her. Cassie opened her door before anyone could do it for her because she had an inkling that a minute too long and she would have Jarvis or Pepper open it for you and her.
She greeted both of you and guided you in as you three thanked Jarvis. The ambiance of the restaurant was beautiful and captivating that you couldn't but gape at the place. It wasn't fancy but it definitely gave that presence. Tony was waiting as he conversed with some of the people that had already arrived. You didn't recognize the people at first but soon your mind showed you where you knew them from. Some of them were definitely future co-stars while others were definitely people Cassie was going to work with as you had never seen them before.
He walked toward you when he spotted you, Cassie, and Pepper. He got up from his chair as he walked next to Pepper.
"Glad you're here, ladies," he said as he looked at the people who were now getting up from their chairs, "these are Y/n and Cassie."
A man named Bruce shook both of your hands with a shy smile, he said that he worked for the tech and art department. He was the one who helped create the sets for the movies as well as for the short films. Then another man introduced himself as Nick Fury who was the man in charge of casting—he was director—and then his second in command introduced herself as Maria Hill. Next came a woman who you knew as Captain Marvel, but her name was Carol. You couldn't help but blush at how pretty she was and not to mention the fact that you had a big crush on her. Lastly, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch introduced themselves as Pietro and Wanda. They were nice, and you couldn't help but feel that Pietro was being extra nice to you and Cassie.
The conversations started flowing as soon as Tony had said for everybody to take a seat as he announced that the others were soon to arrive. And within ten minutes everyone that had been invited came, which to you and Cassie was definitely not a small number of people to make Pepper's "small dinner" feel like one.
When everybody was seated, and Pepper had told Tony that no one else was arriving, he had the waiter serve a glass of champagne to everyone. Once the waiters had gone and served everyone, Tony stood from his chair and called for everyone's attention.
"Thank you, all of you, for canceling plans last minute as Pepper decided to do this impromptu dinner, but at the same time, this is a dinner that is important for all of us. As some of you know, a couple of months ago we hit a rough patch, some people got fired, and it left us in a hard spot. We had enemies amongst us, and they had been selling our ideas to those channels. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't want to hire anyone else that would cause more damage to this company, so I went out of my way and scouted people. It turned out, there's not a lot of people that impress me, but some weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies who managed to get me hooked—" he motioned with his hand to you and Cassie, "—Miss Y/n and Miss Cassie here, just today, signed their contracts and will be working with us pretty soon. Y/n will be joining my precious collection of starts while Cassie will be joining the post-production team as well with the photography department which she will hold the role of head of the department. I'm not big on adding new people to my company but I refuse to pass out on people I know will succeed here, so I want all of you to help them make themselves feel at home as they will be housed with us. So, if you could raise your glasses, I want to welcome you officially and warmly, Y/n Y/l/n and Cassie Ayers, to this one big dysfunctional family!"
Along with laughs and cheers, Cassie and you could hear the quick 'welcome' some people directed at the both of you. You two thanked Tony as he motioned his glass toward the both of you before gulping it down.
You both looked at each other before looking around at the people who tried to introduced themselves and or wanted to congratulate you both on being part of the company.
It all felt great, it felt right, and you were ready to live a life you felt good about.
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druiigg · a year ago
Instinct (Bucky Barnes Oneshot)
Character/s: Bucky
Word Count: 1,110
Tag List: @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt @myriadimagines @lilyswritings @encounterthepast @writerdream22 @brithedemonspawn @megnotfound @ladyeliot @locke-writes @thedarkqueenofavalon @fangirlsarah16 @randomfandomimagine @amirahiddleston @diana-westmoon @valkyrie-2312
A/N: I haven't written in over a month and I'm scared it shows 💔 I'm really unsure with writing lately, I thought about not posting this, but I feel like I owe it big time. This was supposed to be something different, but I can't say I hate the direction it took. There aren't any major spoilers, it just follows the general plot, but I figured better to be safe than sorry. I hope you like it, and that I'm not too "out of the game" or bad at this lol. Feedback is always appreciated.Thank you for being so patient with my break my loves, it means the world 💜💖💜
Summary: He wants to move on, you don't 💕
Gif Credit: @captain-james / link :)
Tumblr media
There is a static between you. One that is ruthless, hostile, sharp. It makes your gums bleed to describe it, tasting nothing but iron, bitterness, a resentment that is otherwise untouchable by any other creature. A hatred towards the mirror, towards your own skin and bone, your entire fucking existence. Catching his eyes, even for a second, is staring into the sun. Blinding. Aggressive. Burning, until every inch of you is set aflame, itching to turn and run, to tear apart, to scream. Scream until there is nothing of you left. A reminder of what was, what is, and what will never be. What neither of you can go back to, as fitting as the mold may seem, as secure as that title may be, as comforting as that role used to be, he refuses, and you follow along. Bury the body, he thinks that will make him someone new, someone worth everyone else's time. Do not flinch when they say your name, when they whisper every awful thing you did, when they tease you, leaving the door open, enough so for the light to peak through. An escape plan, you think. You hope. A way back to the life before, where your mind was someone else's, when the world was cruel and you were allowed to be cruel back. He does not see it that way, slamming that door shut, locking it from the outside, and swallowing the key.
One word, an invitation, that's all you need. The risk is great, but the urge is greater. Split yourself open. Self destruct. Skip the steps, skip what they insist is healing when all they do is rip open old wounds. Skip the apologies, the sob story, the introduction. The look in their eyes never flinches, no matter how many times you beg. Why bother? Return to what they wanted, needed, feel a certain belonging you could never get back walking into the civilian world.
Your footprints made of blood, a sticky red trail left wherever you go. That's what they see, and they don't bother hiding it. The disgust. The references you don't understand, too old to laugh, to sigh, to roll your eyes. The world moved on without you, spinning faster than you remember, and you are left to catch up. They have their lists, their paper and pencil, all the recommendations one could offer. It would be endearing, maybe, but you have nothing to offer. None of the energy to play catch up. None of the want. Time slips through your fingers, wasted, growing spoiled, mocking you. You have better things to do than watch a movie, more important things, things that filled you with purpose, no matter how sick.
You would have been disgusted. Horrified. Speechless. You would have hated yourself more than you already do. But you are older now, far more experienced, hardened by a life you never could have expected. Learned to want it, though. An animal secured by captivity does not know how to survive in the wild. You were never equipped to live like this: free. The knives, the guns, the special ways in which you read even the smallest of actions, turning people into pages, an open book for you to skim, before placing back on the shelf.
You adapted, grew to fit what they wanted, who they wanted, until you too loved what you were. Dangerous, powerful, unfeeling. The numb became a high to chase, unsatisfied by anything else. Where he mirrored a version of yourself you left in the past, you embraced this role. The damage was done. The bodies put to rest. None of which you could take back, nor make up for. He sought redemption. You wouldn't dare. It wasn't by your choice, that much you could admit, but you could feel it, from the fits bullet to the last, you were never meant to be anything else. As gruesome as you had been, uncaring, quick, but painful, you would be nothing else. Assassin. Killer. Murderer.
They say it like it's a bad thing.
The guilt eats you alive, chews you up and spits you out, shattering your very being as you wake, each night, from another nightmare. The aggression, the shame, all of it you share as fairly as you can, and yet, you wear it so differently, making you more distinct than you could ever explain. The only other person in the world who has seen you at your lowest, your highest, faced what you have, seen what you've seen, and you can't stand to look at him. Not for the wounds he sewed up, his eyes falling on your broken body, nor is the sobs, the pleas, the prayers he heard escape you in moments of desperation. Not because he knows the way you scream, your body used for their own gain, enveloped in a pain only the Devil can inflict, or because he has seen you shoot without a second of hesitation, moving forward before their body hits the ground. None of it, not even the things you care not to mention, to think about, nit even now. It's that he has become resistant, soft even.
He fights a fight he knows he cannot win. He draws the line between good and bad, hero and villain, as if there even is one, as if they are not the same in moments of desperation, of selfishness, or of great selflessness. That he thinks he can stop being what they made him, resisting the instincts they worked so hard to ingrain. You feel it, too. Turning off everything around you, picking apart the situation before it plays out. Footsteps, whispers, how many there are, where, how quickly they can get to you. A dance you know each step to, the two of you in sync. This time, no leader, no follower, but two soldiers taking orders. Without them, he thinks himself above who he used to be, who you used to be, what you were, but you know better.
You want nothing more than to slip back into old habits. That look, that stare, the wince he hides when they bring up his crimes, he wants the same. Step back, fall into old ways, let go until there is no one left to scorn you for what they put into your head.
Where they see Bucky, a man escaped, in remorse, righting his wrongs, you see The Winter Soldier, a friend, a weapon, an old accomplice. One of them, you respect, trusting with your life. The other, nothing more than a facade, a mask, a weakness, an act even he has tricked himself into believing.
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chicoriii · a year ago
Season 4, Episode 4 - Mr Pigeon 72
Tumblr media
I have no idea where to start. This episode has some good things and some extremely stupid.
Marinette isn't still completely fine, but I prefer when she deals with it through being hyperactive than being a whining crybaby.
Tumblr media
I know people don't agree with me, but personally I don't buy the whole revealing identity to Alya. It's not a problem with Alya herself, I would say the same about every single character who is not named Alix Kubdel at this point of the story. I haven't written anything in my post about Gang of Secrets, because I thought it would be undone in some way at the start of the next episode. The creators did nothing to explain why revealing identity of Ladybug to anyone was super dangerous and would result in a catastrophe in seasons 1-3 and the first two episodes of S4, but it's magically fine in episode 3. Only Alix made sense to me, as she will be the rabbit Miraculous holder, so she is destined to discover identities of everyone sooner or later and Marinette is aware of that. While it's not necessary to learn identity of anyone to other temporary Miraculous wielders, including Alya. Also that reveal hasn't been foreshadowed in season 3, while the show usually does it, especially if it's about something as important as that! More, in late S3, it's been shown that Alya still can't resist to not talking about Marinette's love life with Nino, despite she asked her to not do it. Now the girl, who is overly excited about superhero stuff, has no problems with even accidental revealing anything to Nino or someone else. She's even "stealing" Bunnix line that she's great at keeping secrets (sorry but you, the creators, haven't shown us that she's indeed is before!). This is why I think that reveal hasn't been planned before they started writing season 4.
But okay, I can deal with it, even if I don't buy it, but things these happened in Mr. Pigeon 72 are even more inconsistent with previous seasons. I have been worried about it, so it doesn't surprised me. For some reason Guardian related-things that have been kept in a secret before from everyone minus current Guardian and the future Guardian, are now fine being done in front of Kwamis (remember, they haven't been allowed to learn about making potions before!) and a civilian who is just a temporal Miraculous holder, not someone who is supposed to be trained to be a new Guardian. You can say - new Guardian, new rules, but why? Marinette has been portrayed as someone who respect authorities, she has never questioned any Fu's rules. It wasn't even said in the episode that she's going to change the rules. I hate that the writers don't even bother to explain us what's going on. Probably they don't bother about consistency, they think the audience is going to be too excited about Alya knowing Ladybug's identity and helping Marinette to question anything about it? How Alya could be allowed to learn the Guardian secrets? She is just best friend of the protagonist, she is not one of the main characters to get that special treatment. I makes zero sense to me. Especially since Su-Han will be introduced in episode 6 and he should help Marinette with understanding the Grimoire, Alya isn't necessary here for any other reason than fanservice.
Tumblr media
In my opinion the way how they discovering how to make charms that protects from akumasitation was the most stupid thing that happened this season and one of the most in the whole show. Marinette who is the new Guardiand and portrayed as someone extreme intelligent and creative couldn't find the solution for days, but Alya with zero training magically discovered it in a few hours at worst. And when she told her the solution in not even very clear way, Ladybug did it immediately with no effort. That was so anticlimactic. At least the animation was fine, but other aspects of it was just a big disappointment, and I was looking forward for it. Thank goodness it's just the beginning of the season, I hope later important events of the season will be better written and portrayed.
Tumblr media
Also I find it absurd that Rena Rough is walking with a page from the Grimoire like it's just an ordinary book and she's talking about it in front of a random civilian, like things that are written there are nothing special. She or Ladybug are not careful about Miraculous lore anymore. Not to mention that they are giving hints that Rena is very close to Ladybug in public, suspiciously close. And now with them being too careless, that's not hard to suspect that Rena Rouge is someone very close to Ladybug, maybe even as a civilian. Shadow Moth knows Rena Rouge's identity, and it's easy to him to learn who is Alya Cesaire's best friend if he doesn't know it yet, after all his son is in the class with her. Marinette has always been super careful and serious about her duties before, why that sudden change with zero explanation? It's just very out of character to her in my opinion.
Tumblr media
I didn't like the akuma battle either, it's now the worst fight of the season in my opinion. It was so short and felt very lazy. I only liked that Plagg got some action and interaction with Ladybug (though it should be suspicious for her that he managed to reach to her that fast). He should be aware now that Alya knows Ladybug's identity but he acts like nothing happened. Not a word about it being unfair towards his kid or something, weird.
Tumblr media
Thankfully the rest of the episode is generally more or less fun to me. It was nice to see Marinette and Kagami interacting again. I loved Kagami in the episode, although it was a bit weird to me that she isn't seemed to be affected by her breaking up with Adrien. Like her crush was very shallow, so she managed to recover herself from it very quickly. While it's been shown that Luka is hurt, despite Lukanette always seemed to be much more shallow than Adrigami in my opinion. But maybe it's because she's so down to earth, so being less emotional makes sense for her character. I liked how her attitude was opposite to Marinette's hyperactive: "No, I don't want to be in a relationship with Adrien again, he disappointed me, just let me live!!!". And she's another character who said that Marinette and Adrien are made for each other. I'm not surprised that Kagami sees it now when she tried to be with him and that didn't work. She's observant, sees more than many other characters. It seems she's an Adrienette shipper now. It's also good that her issue with Adrien wasn't resolved that easily and too fast. They need more time, but I'm sure they will be friends again.
Tumblr media
So, we've gotten shirtless Adrien. I remember seeing a tweet of Thomas in which he answered to a question if there will be a beach episode and he said we will get something similar. I wonder if he meant this episode. Oh, they just remembered that Adrien is supposed to be allergic to feathers. It seems Adrien has allergic reactions only when it's somewhat related to the plot. When it's not, he's completely fine.
Tumblr media
The reference to the famous Umbrella Scene™ out of nowhere in a random episode? It probably means something. I can see "reverse crush" supporters interpreting it as a proof to their theory, especially since this time Adrien did something clumsy and Marinette is laughing because of it (actually both of them). Or maybe because it's the first episode of season 4 with Marinette and Adrien interactions, they decided to be that much gracious for Adrienette fans, to compensate lack of it in the first three episodes. Oh wow, Marinette managed to propose spending more time together to Adrien without stuttering. Probably because she has done it spontaneously. Marinette is the most nervous when she's planning and thinking what could go wrong too much. This time she had no time to it, so it went more smoothly. It's like they building development of their relationship, but it didn't seem in Guiltrip (that's episode 11 chronologically) that something changed.
Tumblr media
Seeing screenshot above, you can easily imagine how great friends they could be, being very comfortable around each other and laughing together, if not Marinette's anxiety. We need Adrienette development so much to get more moments like this.
Oh and I just realized that it's also one of the veeeeery few episodes with no real Ladynoir at all (the only other one I remember is Style Queen). So if there was no Adrienette it would be an episode without interactions of two main characters at all (although we almost got Ladrien). It could be another reason why this episode is that nice for Adrien and Marinette ship.
Tumblr media
After seeing overly excited Marinette dancing in the rain, I can't believe she can manage completely give up on Adrien. It doesn't look like this at all.
Also we've seen three photos of Adrien wearing THAT scarf. It could not mean nothing different that foreshadowing that he's going to discover the truth about it somewhere this season. But I have no idea what Ladybug's mask with shining eyes could mean.
I don't know what to think about the episode. Despite absurd Guardian-related things, I still liked it much more than Gang of Secrets, but I have no idea if I generally enjoyed it more than other episodes of this season or not. At least it's an episode without stupid drama, which is amazing.
I'm currently less active on social media, because my internet connection is very unstable, it often works very slowly to the point I'm not patient enough to visit Tumblr. Also I block spoiler tags again, because I don't want to see spoilers from the episodes those are going to be released very soon, as I feel that they reveal too much to me once more. We're currently in a marathon of the new episodes and since watching them is the more more enjoyable, the less I know about them, I decided to try avoid spoilers as much as I can. The only bad thing is that I can't be read discussions about the new episodes, reblog them and adding something from me until Optigami will be aired.
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My Top Posts in 2021
Since I'm being forced to run this blog in the first place, lemme ask the others a question!
How similar are we to our parents? You all seem to know them enough so... let us know what you think!
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Welcome back
Tumblr media
Amazing art by @panyum
That was what was heard as a Phantom version of Rex's servant, Coyolxauhqui deals the finishing blow to Ivan the Terrible. The mighty Tsar could not withstand the lethal blow, and falls to the ground, before succumbing to his wounds.
Ivan: heh, you've done well in defeating me, boy. It takes a lot of strength to stand firm against a mighty enemy such as I. And you've better keep up that strength, if you plan to continue with this journey of your's. Because the other lostbelts will have people like me, fighting hard to keep their world alive. So keep that in mind, as you go on.
Rex stood there, tired from the fight. He breathed heavily as he listened to his fallen enemy's words.
Rex: ....I will. I'll make sure to keep those words in mind.
Ivan: good... that's all I ask of the man who defeated me.
As he says this, he fades away, into dust. Now the Tsar was gone.
Now it was time for Rex to do something very important!
Many of the demonic beasts of this wintery Lostbelt had come, surrounding Rex.
Rex: perfect.... they'll work just fine.
Rex then summoned a Phantom version of Lancelot Berserker, guns at the ready.
It was over quickly, all the beasts gunned down by the Phantom servant. Rex had what he needed.
Grabbing a nearby stick, Rex dipped it in the blood of the beasts and used it to draw what seemed to be a large summoning circle. Then all of a sudden, his communicator started up.
Da Vinci: Rex! There you are! What's happening on your end? How's thing been?
Rex spoke, with clear signs that he was tired from his previous combat.
Rex: I just defeated Ivan the Terrible. He's gone now.
Gordy: you managed to defeat that monstrosity? I guess it's true that you were able to save human history.
Rex: oh now you believe me!
Holmes: well with no proof, it is a tough claim to back up.
Rex: quiet Holmes!
Rex continued on with his summoning circle.
Da Vinci: what're you doing now?
Gordy: shouldn't you be joining the other two to destroy the tree?!
Rex: not yet.... I have one more thing I need to do
It didn't take long for Da Vinci to piece together what Rex was doing
Da Vinci: are you sure about this? Without the briefcase she may not remember you.
Gordy: huh? What are you talking about?
Rex: can't take that kind of risk. The others are in direct combat with Kadoc, risking summoning in the middle of combat is not good.
Gordy: you're going to summon a servant?!
Holmes: not just any servant, likely it's his first: Quetzalcoatl.
Rex: there, finished up.
Rex was looking before him. A large summoning circle made of the dark red blood of the slain demonic beasts.
Gordy: I still have genuine trouble believing that you managed to summon a divine spirit, even if they weren't a full divinity, that's a tall ask for any magus.
Rex: well you're gonna have to believe it, Gordy.
As Rex said this, he was looking into his pockets for the catalyst that allowed him to summon Quetzalcoatl in the first place. But no luck.
Rex: fuck! Where'd it go?!
Da Vinci: what is it? What happened?
Rex: my catalyst, I can't find it!
Da Vinci: oh no....
Rex: now what do I do....?
Gordy: so you're giving up? How sad.
Da Vinci: director!
Gordy: I mean it! After claiming to save human history, he's going to give up now?
Rex: I'm not giving up!
Gordy: then what're you waiting for?!
Rex: fine! I don't need a damn feather anyways!
Rex stood in front of the summoning circle, closed his eyes and started the summoning chant.
Rex: My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the grail's call, and abide by this will and reason, then answer me. I hereby swear. I embody all that is good in the world. I shall defeat all that is evil in the world. Seventh heaven clad in the three words of power! Come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of the Scales!
The circle pulses with intense magical energy, so much so that the very earth shakes and the communicator loses connection to Rex. The familiar pillar of light erupts once again, but much more chaotically then before, followed by dramatic shaking and bursting of energy!
Before it finally releases it's energy, then fading to see a very familiar face.
Quetz: Hola! The goddess Quetzalcoa-
Quetz: ...Mi amor?
Rex: it's been a very long time... Mi corazon.
Quetz: *gasp!* MI AMOR!
Then Quetzalcoatl leaps towards Rex in a grapple to hug him, causing the two to fall into the snow. The two were then giggling with joy at being together again, after what felt like an eternity apart.
Rex: it's so amazing to see you again, Mi corazon!
Quetz: si! I was so very lonely without you mi amor!
After a bit of time, the two stopped and stood back up in the snow and Quetz finally processed their location.
Quetz: why all the snow? Is it winter time?
That's when Rex realized Quetz wasn't aware of the situation they were in. Wasn't aware that the world was in danger once again, only far far worse now then before.
Rex: well... mi corazon. I have some... troubling news...
He said as he lowered his head.
Quetz's happiness turned to concern after she heard that.
Quetz: what's wrong? What happened?
Rex: unfortunately.... we have to save humanity once again. This time from a much larger threat then before.
When Quetzalcoatl heard this, she was devastated.
Quetz: eh? Wh-what?! N-no! How could this happen?! You had already defeated Goetia with the others! The world should be safe again!
Tears then started to form on Quetz's face.
Quetz: we-we were supposed to reunite happily... a-and peacefully.... wh-why do we only find each other when the world is in danger....
Rex then hugged Quetz tightly, to comfort her.
Rex: I'm so very sorry mi corazon. I hate that we only seem to find each other in the most terrible of circumstances. But the world is in danger again, and we need to save it.... we cannot let the humanity you love fade away....
Solemnly, Quetz returned the hug.
Quetz: you're right.... it's painful but you're right.
Then Rex slowly broke the hug, held Quetz's hands in his, then started to speak to her.
Rex: but let me promise you one thing.
Quetz: ...eh? What would that be?
Rex: I promise that once this is all over, once the world is well and truly safe. Let's stay together, go somewhere nice and live together, we can even get married!
Quetz's eyes beamed when she heard that.
Quetz: m-m-married! Ar-are you serious mi amor?! You want us to get married?!
Rex: si... I already know you'd make the perfect wife.... so once we finally save this planet for good, let's get married.
Quetz: yes! Yes yes yes! Once this is over, we'll get married! Oh mi amor, you've made me the happiest goddess in existence!
Rex: and you've made me the happiest person alive! I'm so very happy to have met you! Te amo mucho, mi corazon!
Quetz: te amo mucho, mi amor!
Finally the comms started to work again.
Da Vinci: what happened?! Rex, did it work?!
Quetz: Hola Da Vinci! You look younger...
Da Vinci: HOLY SHIT! Rex, you did it!!!!
Rex: of course I did! Nothing can keep us apart for long.
Gordy: well I'll be damned.... you summoned a divine spirit....
Holmes: and he didn't even need the briefcase.
The two were then filled with determination, for the battle up ahead.
Quetz: well don't we have enemies to take care of?
Rex: right! Let's get to it then!
A/N: so there's a remake of the reunion story from way back in the day. I've been meaning to remake for ages, and now here it is! And with extremely lovely art by Pan too! So lovely I'd say it's their best yet! (Or maybe that's just bias speaking since it's my self-ship) but anyways hope you enjoyed the story and the art!
@hasereshdoneanythingwrong @hasishtardoneanythingwrong @hasjalterdoneanythingwrong @hasbbdoneanythingwrong @havetheavengersdoneanythingwrong @haskamadoneanythingwrong @grievouslyxorvia @writer-and-artist27 @chaldeamage-neo @hasspartacusdoneanythingwrong @witch-of-chaldea @exmeowstic @renmeo
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Summer Commission!!!!
Tumblr media
Finally got a RexCoatl summer pic!
By Clinik on Twitter
If FGO isn't gonna give me my summer Quetz I'll do it myself!
(By paying someone else to do it)
Me and Quetz look so amazing together on the beach! This would also be the final ascension for my fan version of Super Summer Quetz! Along with the actual hero Quetz for second and @the-astralalchemist design for the first (thank you again for that design!)
(Also if I had to pick a specific beach, I'd make it Cancun. It's probably perfect for us! 🥰)
Hope you guys like it!
@hasbbdoneanythingwrong @haskamadoneanythingwrong @hasspartacusdoneanythingwrong @havetheavengersdoneanythingwrong @exmeowstic @grievouslyxorvia @panyum @chaldeamage-neo @witch-of-chaldea @writer-and-artist27 @renmeo @vanillachaldea
(Sorry if I've overwhelmed any of you with the tags, but I couldn't have predicted when this was completed)
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Incoming NP5 Wife!!!!!
Tumblr media
They're both on mah days off too! The timing is perfecto!
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Okay, with all the talk of hot servants and shit I wanna see your guys' top 5 hottest servants!
Me first, obviously!
5. Ibuki Doji
Tumblr media
4. Gorgon
Tumblr media
3. Vritra
Tumblr media
2. Kijyo Koyo
Tumblr media
1. Quetzalcoatl!
Tumblr media
Also honorable mention: Tiamat
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My Top Posts in 2021
@the-wip-project day 23:
Have you ever read a thing in a book or seen in a show/movie where you thought: "Oh, this is bad, I can do this so much better!" What was it?
YEAH it's called Thane's Death in Mass Effect 3.
The most fucking ruthless thing about Thane's Death is that no one acknowledges it. Like if you're going to kill a character, at least let the people close to them mourn. It's profoundly fucked up.
I've posted about this before but I can't express how betrayed I felt to see Garrus' standing by the memorial wall afterwards, fully expecting to hear him say anything at all about Thane. And then he says nothing. He talks about your Virmire survivor and whatever else. Idk what popular fanon of Garrus is like but I really don't believe he would be that oblivious. Garrus has endured enough loss to understand how exhausting it is. But all you get is a name on a wall.
It's bad, folks.
Like what the fuck. I wasn't expecting some mushy scene of heartfelt condolences, but since he's staring at the fucking memorial after a character dies, I expected some form of acknowledgement.
When Mordin dies, it's all anyone talks about. When Legion dies, everyone acknowledges his sacrifice. When Thane dies it's just silence. It hurts. Maybe they swept him under the rug because we already knew he was going to bite it, which is a piss poor excuse.
All it would have taken is for someone to stay, "I'm sorry about Thane, Commander."
The citadel memorial service is a nice touch but it's abundantly clear it's a reactionary addition, after the backlash from fans. I don't need to elaborate on why locking grief behind paid DLC is a problem. And when you choose the "I loved him" dialogue, your character actually says nothing of the fucking sort. Although I will admit it was a nice touch that the salarian counselor showed up. There's a lot to unpack there.
It's not Thane's fault that Kai Leng is a poorly written villain. The writers gave enough of a shit to give him a dignified death, saving the life of another, even if he absolutely kicked Leng's ass six ways to Sunday and then jumped on his sword like an idiot. The prayer by his bedside was beautiful even if I wish Shepard had the option of holding his hand.
Let me stop myself before I take this tangent off the fucking rails. ME3 is breathtaking in it's scope and care despite it's shortcomings, and now that I'm older and know more about how games are made I can better appreciate how much time and money went into it. I mean it when I say I fully believe the developers were not lazy when they made this game. They made some bad choices, but that's not the same as being lazy.
But if I had to ask for one thing to be done over, it would be the crew's reaction when Thane dies. Even if all that amounts to is "I heard Krios didn't make it."
EDIT: I'm actually shocked you don't get to keep Thane's memorial picture. For years I assumed you did. I was gutted when I learned it's only for the memorial ಠ_ಠ
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Tumblr media
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cool things to say in the bedroom:
“Assuming direct control.”
“I am the Harbinger of your ascendance.”
“The flesh is a machine.”
“I will direct this personally.”
“We are limitless.”
“The forces of the universe bend to me.”
“I know you feel this.”
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If you wanna, reblog and share some mass effect headcanon about any character or anything. For no reason. Headcanon is just great.
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Tumblr media
Did I ever fucking mention how much I love krogan lmfao
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chromelikezblacknpink · 6 months ago
OKAY time to make a Bio
Name: Chrome, but you can call me Penn, Penni, or Rommy.
Age: will not specify, but I am a minor so keep in mind for that!
Pronouns: mainly they/them and it/its for now.
I'm generally queer in general. My gender is the girlest boyman you've ever seen and Im also a lesbian. (It will change depending on. Life methinks!)
I only ever use tumblr for reblogging.
* I use emoticons alot! (there may be more!)
:-3 = im probably smirking or just smiling and being friendly.
>:-/ = im disapproving.
<:-( or <:- = im worried, sad, or pretty much fearful
<3 = im sending hearts to you! (not romantic unless specified.)
=I will try to describe the emoticons as much as possible!
Media favs: (the bolded ones are the strongest ones)
-Sgt Frog
-Doll Eye
-Sgt Frog Abridged
-Snapcube Fandubs (Until Dawn 2 basically)
Favorite characters: (the bolded ones are the strongest ones)
-Giroro (screw canon btw)
-Kururu (adding on to that point, screw canon)
-Mystery Burns (again, screw canon. I can't tell you enough how a lot of the writing in Mystery stems from... lots of.... icky stuff. I'll link it when I find the post)
-I have ocs too that spin in my head Im Not Ready To Show Them Yet until im done cooking them! (creating their personalities and worlds that they live in)
((NOTE: I can become extremely critical of the things I like. Especially if the creators have done pretty sucky things, and especially if they have pretty racist, transphobic, homophobic, or any problematic contents inside of the work itself!))
*I may gush about the actions or send information about WHY it has problematic. You can ask me to tag about it if makes you uncomfy! I'd still suggest to be pretty critical, but still enjoy the work regardless!
*otherwise if im wrong about certain types of information please do inform me! i don't want to spread misinformation.
*If I do something sucky, please do tell me! I want to improve on my behavior further.
= Im also very new to Tumblr.. Again. Cuz I used to have a previous one. But if I do screw up please tell me immediately! I'll try to fix it.
*You can tell me to tag things that I forgot about!
*I might block your blog account if I am having bad vibes/or if im nervous from it. No, you didn't do anything wrong its just that I am sorta a paranoid person I guess X-c (this emotion displays nervous, unsure, or frustration. but right now its just nervous.)
*I say words a lot.
*I also draw and write!
*I reblog things that I think fits!
*I have blogs for specific things!
= My reblogging blog account that has important information, donation posts and etc. Please do carefully tread as it may contain triggering elements. However yes please also do reblog to spread the important information!
*I am uncomfortable with partaking on discourse or anything of the sort. It makes me stressed or nervous and it's more likely if I do I might screw up or something!
DNI (Do not interact):
Bigoted- homophobic, transphobic, terfs/swerfs/tehms, queerphobic, lgbtqa+ -phobic, islamophobic, racist, believe in white supremacy, ableist, fascist, exclusionist, and etc.
Nsfw/kink blogs
Promote: Purity culture, rape culture, pedophilia/zoophilia/beastiality/necrophilia, abuse of all kinds, all kinds of harassment, bullying, police brutality, cringe culture, incest, etc.
Proshipper (I actually do not want to partake on this discourse. However, I also do not want to hear about ships that have pedophilia, incest, and all that sorts of nasty stuff! And its more than likely that people (in general) also do not wnat to hear about that stuff for various reasons! so if you're gonna fight with me on it im just gonna ignore or block your stuff just like anything else on this list.)
*UNLESS i need to interact, no you cannot contact me with your hands on your computer, mobile phone, etc. Why? because I blocked it. >:-3 (mischievous)
anyways thanks for reading the bio! I will change it gradually though. But if there's any criticisms/suggestions I will make changes for the bio itself!
*addition of image ids on all the reblogs and posts that I made on both blogs is still in progress. (sorry if its taking long Im Kinda Slow /nm /lh)
=will not reblog posts with images or pictures till all image ids are made.
=I can't reblog any photo without photo ids, especially those that haven't been described yet.
*Sometimes I will if necessary
*Im very sorry that I am inconsistent I not only have school but also lack thereof of motivation
*I say that I draw but. I don't post art that much online lol
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mychampagne-mybubbles · a year ago
Sustainability is sexy such as including saliva into our beauty routine
I am still trying to understand the purpose of this article further than to put there the stunt names including the brands (clicks? damn! guilty! but just for scientific matters) and how a written interview with the known "official" stunt media cover: Vogue can be so... weirdly done.
I am gonna break down some of the doubts that left me with that look on my face: 🤨 Maybe... as a therapeutic process for my own sanity.
Tumblr media
So the first surprise came in when I discovered she is a "brand activist". A term that I have never listened linked to her before, maybe that's why I don’t really understand the principles this article stands for; since for me that should involve social change, and believe me not in nor out the article she appears as these type of leader. Makes me wonder on which grounds is she making "the change" other than applying these products on her skin.
Oh yeah... and using saliva in her beauty routine... ofc, that's very sustainable oriented sexy
Tumblr media
The market & the target:
Tumblr media
What is it with the "indulgent" feeling? Why is she SO concerned about it? I get how the message is to encourage people to use skincare but... is this really the reason that is holding consumers back? Is this a general feeling? Maybe in California (land of the brand's origin?)
Not gonna go into the brand mission or the nuances she uses to sink support it, since I guess they are satisfied with the interview. But there are A LOT of brands out there that are concerned and working on protecting the environment…and standing as an eco friendly brand to the affirmation of "being good for" the ecosystem (let me doubt it, and if it's so… give me some for my plants! 🌿) I find clear distanced points. but OK!
The Stunt: Main characters
"...Wilde, who has become increasingly under the microscope following her separation from longtime fiancé Jason Sudeikis and new relationship with Harry Styles, to decide how she wants to present herself as a woman and mother."
She has become what?! Is more likely to picture it as if she has thrown herself under the train... of the camera's lens.
Tumblr media
This wedge is irrelevant and makes me even miss Jeff my brain must have created that union instinctively out of seeing them so much together to keep on some coherency with reality.
Tumblr media
Avoiding what???
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HELP!!!! What does this mean? Who thinks sustainability is that? Seriously who is driving her polls??
It is or it isn't indulgent??? Your perception or a general?
Tumblr media
Again the "indulgent" feeling... She links the connection with our bodies, being grateful for them, interacting with them through skincare... it tries to make it too deep & complicated for a cream with as much sensory characteristics tbh... or maybe I'm short on 🍄
Sharing the personal experience
Tumblr media
I mean... she did not... I can't even say a word about this.
"It’s really funny because it’s the Nalgene water bottle. The most simple, old-school one is the size that I don’t mind having with me everywhere. It’s a step in the right direction. It’s still, you know, made of plastic, so it’s not the best thing in the world. I also have the titanium ones. But I’ve moved fully away from plastic, like the Fiji water bottles that I used to have everywhere. And I was like, This has to stop. I can’t participate in that. And it is, again, baby steps. I’m finally driving a car. I feel really good about it. I usually was in New York and not needing a car,"
Then she ends up talking about plastic water bottles and driving electric cars. I get the feeling that she wants to present herself as that brand activist, but she cannot deny what we have seen so many times despite she is avoiding the social media trap... right?
Tumblr media
Even though the article is complicated, I think I have got down to this point where she is simply adding more tags to her "owned" long list of versatile, honorable and valuable titles if they were true: The woman, the feminist, the fighter, the representative to a generation, the mother, the single mother, the worker, the attractive, the committed, the businesswoman, the expertise, the eco-friend(ly), the spiritual, the sensitive, the family-oriented, the mature... and a long etcetera.
Everything tore down before even reading the first word, knowing where she is standing. Witnessing her performances.
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husbandomail · 3 months ago
Hi there! How many of the Obscure Character asks do you still have waiting to be published/written? I know I had submitted one in and still haven't seen it but I know you probably have a lot so take your time, I'm just really excited for when it comes out! Thanks! :)
oh man I thought I was further along through them, but I just counted and there's about 15 left rip
Tumblr media
I'm sorry it's taken so long!! I can't believe it's already been a couple of months since I took all those, I need to buckle down again nfgdhlk
ofc like you said, there is a chance I've posted your particular request already; they're all in this tag so far, and I hope that link works bc I'm adding it on mobile lmao. I will tell you that I haven't deleted any of the event requests, so there's also a chance it was eaten, and we won't know that unless you ask me about a specific one or I hit the end and you still haven't found yours.
I've been trying to get at least one up each week, and I've done different requests when I hit writers block, but maybe I can handwrite some notes at work or something,, since I made this promise I intend to fulfill it, I just wish it wouldn't take me so long lmao, I know y'all are waiting
Tumblr media
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xmrsxwoodvalex · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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Longest Tag: 51 characters
#but really i was choking abd coughing just days ago
My Top Posts in 2021
You being a Domly Dom McDom Dom is not more important than your subs safety. I cannot believe the amount of McDoms who think their domance is more important than safety.
Collar too tight? Take it off!
Rope too tight? Untie it!
Waste trainer causing belly pain? Remove it!
You are not a real Dom if you don't care about your Sub's safety
You are just a piece of shit😘
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Last night Master put his fingers in my mouth. Not enough to gag me (because I wouldn't have liked that) but enough to control my head and face. I understand the hype now it was amazing
24 notes • Posted 2021-10-20 13:09:47 GMT
Ideal night?
Slow but rough love making followed by cuddles and a snack. Maybe a warm bath.
114 notes • Posted 2021-10-25 15:39:17 GMT
Submission isn't just "yes Daddy" and being told what to do other times its
Making sure they have everything they need for the day
Taking extra care to notice when they've had a bad day
Encouraging them to relax and practice self-care
Respecting it when they say "no, not tonight"
Cooking for them
Cleaning for them
Being a sub isn't always sexual. Everyone loves to talk about the sexual parts and how Doms should take care of their subs but this goes both ways.
Take care of your Dom too. Break the stereotype that Doms have to be tough, hard asses who can't be pampered.
Submission is more than sex, it's everything
310 notes • Posted 2021-11-15 16:00:03 GMT
We talk alot about roughness and degrading here and that's fantastic but can we talk about romantic Doms?
I'm talking Doms that slow burn you and fine a way to be both rough and gentle at the same time. You won't have bruises but a there firm touch us enough to melt you. Doms that kiss softly and deeply and say "I love you" in the middle of scene. Doms who energy smells like roses with eyes like a candle flame.
You won't feel used when they are done with you but your mind will be a deep fog and after you clean up they'll light Insense and cuddle under a thick blanket.
We need to talk more about these Doms
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verobatto · a year ago
Destiel Chronicles
It was a love story from the very beginning.
The Destiel Reunion and the Cowboys Date
Hello my dears! We are finally here, in TOMBSTONE fanfiction 🤣
And of course, a whole unique volume for this delicious episode.
Dean is happy now
The reunion between Cas and Dean was really very beautiful. First of all we have Dean incredulous face, he can't believe what his eyes are seeing, he can't believe Cas is alive and in front of him.
DEAN: Cas, is that really you?
SAM: No. You're – you're dead.
CASTIEL: Yeah, I was. But then I… annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back.
Dean is hopes, Sam reality in this dialogue. Every inch of Dean wished Cas to come back. Now that he has him there, his eyes can't believe, but he really wants. And Sam brings back the fact that Cas was definitely dead.
SAM: I don't even know what to say.
DEAN: I do. Welcome home, pal.
(Gif set credit @gabrielokun )
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This hug is beautiful, Sam is still surprised, but Dean react with a hug, he missed his angel so much, he is the one "running towards him" at first. The emotion in his eyes, and the relieved and happiness to have him back. The love of his life is back, after so much suffering.
CASTIEL: How long was I gone?
DEAN: Too damn long.
(Gif set credit @shirtlesssammy )
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And here we have the difference between Family Love and Romantic Love:
When Mary Winchester comes back in 12x01, she makes the same question Castiel did. But Dean's answer is different. He can calculate the exacting days and years his mother had been dead. But with Cas is different, Cas represents the love of his life, his hopes, he was suicidale after he was gone, so... That time Cas wasn't there with him, it felt like eternal. That's why he didn't calculated, Because it was TOO DAMN LONG.
And he says it with the painful remembrance in his eyes, red because he wasn't sleeping well, and because he maybe had crying so many times.
After this angsty scene, we have a huge change in Dean. He is happy now, so happy, that he can't hide it. He is shinning again. Smiling. Hopeful. And in addition, he has a cowboy adventure, even when the data they have from Dodge City isn't that clear, he drags the whole team to it.
And just like in season 5, he rewrites TFW now 2.0, describing each member enthusiastically.
DEAN: Yeah, but we should probably check it out.
CASTIEL: Wait. Really?
DEAN: Yeah, we've done more on less. Besides Dodge City's kind of, uh, kind of awesome. All right, well… two salty hunters, one half-angel kid, and a dude who just came back from the dead. Again. Team Free Will 2.0. Here we go.
Before continuing with this happy Dean, let's check a mystery, that had been solved in season 15. Why Jack had power on the Empty or how is that Cas woke up. Of course it was Jack's power over the Empty, because he will be new god, but also, it was the Profound Bond, the deep love these men feels for each other the path Jack used to find Castiel. Is so freaking romantic I just can't...
Okay, coming back now with happy Dean...
And how Sam was trying to make him confess... Something else. Noticing the change in his brother, knowing what was the cause of it, it was so blatant, that the smart little brother confirms here Dean's true feelings for the angel...
SAM: Still can't believe you brought your own hat.
DEAN: Well, I can't believe you didn't.
SAM: You're in a good mood, huh?
DEAN: Yeah. And?
Sam was waiting some time alone to ask this to him. Imagine you saw your brother in so bad shape a day ago, suicidal, not having faith or hopes in life... An now, he's happy, shining. Smiling. Laughing. What could happen? Of course, CAS is back... But is Dean ready to confess what he feels for him to his brother? Or even, to recognize his own feelings for the angel?
(Gif set credit @deansplushy )
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dean recognize Castiel is not just the win he needed, but the BIG WIN he wanted in his heart. And he stops there. He can't say more, but is not necessary to say it. Sam is an insightful person, and he gets it. He understands and confirms Dean loves Castiel in that special way. But he is not ready to "come out from the closet" . And the scene that comes after this one, is Sammy, smiling crookedly and tilting his head, Because he knows the message behind those words. He turns back and closes a closet. Pure Symbolism.
Cowboys Adventures
Let's jump now to the "angry bear" scene.
What it means? Simply and perfectly, that scene means CASTIEL WATCHING DEAN SLEEPING OR EVEN TRYING TO WAKE HIM UP. Both of it reveals CASTIEL IN DEAN'S ROOM. INTIMACY. First hint of scene we've never seen. But indirectly pointing at a canon fact. And we love it.
Also, bossy, grumpy Dean that needs his coffee to function. And Castiel just submissively obeying his angry bear and sitting back in the coach... Damm these two... Their dynamic had always been like that, but we didn't have enough of it. We didn't have enough of domestic destiel.
Then, once in the car, Castiel is wearing a cowboy hat. So, it means they had to go to buy it somewhere. Just Imagine Dean looking for a cowboy hat to fit in Cas' head.
He fixes his boyfriend, because he wants him to look even more good.
DEAN: All right, listen, these Dodge City cops aren't likely to trust big city folks, so we're gonna have to blend.
CASTIEL: Which is why you're making me wear this absurd hat.
DEAN: It's not that bad. Well, actually, yeah, it kind of is. Hang on. [Dean reaches over and removes the hat band and tosses it in the back seat] All right. That's better.
(Gif credit @grumpycas )
Tumblr media
This scene shows us again their intimacy and how Castiel just accepts to be part of his fantasies. He is willing to play Dean's cowboys game. Because he loves him. And this means to share a good time with him. But, CAS worries about how he looks. And he peeks into the rear viewer mirror, and if you look at Dean's facial expressions, I think he's having a heart attack for Cas' proximity. Hahahahss. Oh, Dean you're so in love in this date.
DEAN: [sighs] Yeah. Look, just act like you're from Tombstone, okay?
CASTIEL: The city?
DEAN: The movie. With Kurt Russell? I made you watch it.
CASTIEL: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The one with the guns and tuberculosis. [in a deep cowboy voice] "I'm your Huckleberry."
DEAN: Yeah, exactly. Well, it's good to have you back, Cas. All right, follow my lead. We'll fit right in.
Gif credit @agusvedder
Tumblr media
Okay i really think here is when Dean had a heart attack, an stroke and a bonner, at the same time, I will elaborate hahahaha
Another hint of their INTIMACY, is the fact that they watch movies together! Not just that, but Dean made CAS watch Tombstone, and who know how many other movies! (More domestic Destiel)
And then... Cas goes for it, because he knows how Dean loves cowboys, and because he is a sexy, hot, angel that knows how to seduce him, not just with eye fucking... But... Using the link over Dean.
And it works... Because the hunter closes his eyes, swallows and tries not to faint right there of arousal. And then, shamelessly, he just says IT'S GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK, CAS.
And then, is so funny to watch Cas trying to follow Dean's lead. Oh gosh... Hilarious. Rom com.
Symbolism of the rest of the episode
Dean's bisexuality
Dave and Athena were a representation of Dean's bisexuality, just as in the Rocky's bar in 14x10.
In this episode we have Toxic!Dean mirrored by the monster, Dave and Innocent/Healing!Dean mirrored by Athena.
The dynamics between them was similar to te dynamics in the Rocky's bar, in which Dean's toxicity and AU!Michael, the monster, tried to keep Dean locked inside his emotional toxic prison.
DAVE: Athena, don't you think we have a good thing here? Why do you wanna go mess it up?
ATHENA: Whatever. I have to work.
Athena wanted to improve his life, to go to school and move to a bigger city. To be better. She had dreams. Innocent, is the best part of Dean.
Another important fact is Dave wearing another's man face, a very known bandit, adding to one of the topics of this season: masks, fake identity, as a foreshadow of Dean's possession.
So Dave is Toxic!Dean, his own monsters, trying to keep him in the darkness.
The visual narrative adds to this symbolism the red ascot I'm both characters, Dave and Athena, to point out again at Dean.
Jack and Dean
We will have Jack killing an innocent man because he couldn't control his powers. As a foreshadow of when he will kill Mary not controlling his powers again.
Jack carries with a green backpack, green is Dean's color, and the backpacks means guilts.
Here is when Jack starts feeling guilt for killing a man. TFW will connect with him trying to explain that's part of the job.
All the dead people and killing the monster
When Dave comes back with Athena, she discovers he is a monster, and rejects him. Because he killed someone. This is very symbolic because in Dean's head, he sees himself as a monster, a murderer, and he hates that part of him.
So, at the end of the episode, Dean says alone, helps the sheriff, the righteous man, saves him and saves the girl, his innocence, killing the monster, his toxicity.
This episode showed us the future inner battle Dean will have to win. And it will be successful.
To Conclude:
This was a very Destiel episode, they showed us hints of how intimate Dean and CAS are with each other. And how much Dean is in love with CAS.
The happiness after Castiel's returning alive, gives Sam almost a confirmation of Dean's true feeling for Castiel, assuming he is not ready yet to get out from the closet.
There was a foreshadow of AUMichael possessing Dean, and the inner battle of 14x10.
Dave and Athena represented Dean's bisexuality and part of his personality. Keeping in mind Athena is the greek goddess of wisdom, war strategy, is the good part of Dean and innocence.
Hope you like this meta, see you in the next one!
Tagging @magnificent-winged-beast @emblue-sparks @weird-dorky-little-d @michyribeiro @whyjm @legendary-destiel @a-bit-of-influence @thatwitchydestielfan @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover @lykanyouko @evvvissticante @savannadarkbaby @dea-stiel @poorreputation @bre95611 @thewolfathedoor @charlottemanchmal @neii3n @deathswaywardson @followyourenergy @dean-is-bi-till-i-die @hekatelilith-blog @avidbkwrm @anarchiana @dickpuncher365 @vampyrosa @authorsararayne @mybonsai1976 @love-neve-dies @dustythewind @wayward-winchester67 @angelwithashotgunandtrenchcoat @trashblackrainbow @deeutdutdutdoh @destiel-shipper-11 @larrem88 @charmedbycastiel @ran-savant @little-crazy-misha-minion @samoosetheshipper
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If you want to be added or removed from this list just let me know.
If you wanna read the previous metas from this season here you have the links:
Buenos Aires January 17 2021 02:31 PM
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clawsout83 · 11 months ago
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My Top Posts in 2021
Tumblr media
Tom&Sabine Bakery Idiots
Learn more about it under the cut.
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So, once upon a time, I was working in retail and started a series of short comics about retail store idiots (Right here - it’s still online, but pretty much dead (or let’s say, on infinite hiatus)). After a short, but effective depression, I never found the motivation to continue even though I had plenty of ideas to share and characters to present. My job had become a nightmare and I didn’t want to rub salt in the wound, so I stopped, even if I liked that project.
Nowadays, I’m much more into the Miraculous fandom and I wanted to create something to bring smiles to people, even just a smirk, but to make something no one had done before (that I am aware of), but also, something I would be comfortable doing on a regular basis. So, I was talking to my sis @melyxan​ about my previous project, as to what I should do with it, if I should publish it on my second account where I barely have 10 followers, or here where my main account is dedicated to ML content only. So Mel, in her infinite wisdom (*cough*), told me “Why not make a RSI, T&S Bakery edition?”
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MariChat incorrect quotes compilation
So I found this incorrect quote generator and had too much fun with it. I own nothing about it. I’m just posting this for the lols and to give you a smile. MariChat has the best chaotic energy potential.
Marinette: Why are you drinking? Chat Noir: I drink when I'm depressed. Marinette: But you're always drinking? Chat Noir: *smug grin*
Marinette: *running towards Chat Noir with open arms* Chat Noir: *moves out of the way* Marinette: Hey, why'd you move?! Chat Noir: I thought you were going to attack me. Marinette: I was going to hug you! Chat Noir: Why would you hug me? Marinette: WHY WOULD I ATTACK YOU!?
Chat Noir: So you like cats? Marinette: Yeah. Chat Noir: *tries to impress them by slowly pushing a glass off the table*
Marinette: Where did you get that tomato soup? Chat Noir: It’s actually a bowl of ketchup I just microwaved. (aka my headcanon about Adrien’s cooking skills)
Chat Noir: Do you want some tea? Marinette: What are the options? Chat Noir: Yes or no.
Chat Noir: *coughs blood* Marinette: Don't die, Chat Noir! Chat Noir: Don't tell me what to do!
Chat Noir: Tomorrow's garbage day. Marinette: I can't believe they made a whole day dedicated to you.
Marinette: I assume you realize that this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in this house. Chat Noir: Is there any kind of idiocy you would be more comfortable with?
Marinette: Hey, what’s the name of the guy who lives down the hall? Chat Noir: His cats' names are Walter and Rose. Marinette: That's not what I asked. Chat Noir: That is all the information I have.
Chat Noir: No, this is not a mess. You know what I consider a mess? Marinette: Your life? Chat Noir: I- well yes, but-
Marinette: Smart is attractive. Educate me on something I don't know! Chat Noir: The mouth of a jellyfish is also an anus. Marinette: Stop.
Marinette: Wow, that was quick thinking on that phony sacrifice stuff. Chat Noir: Oh, that was all real. Marinette: Wait, you were trying to help them kill us?!  Chat Noir: If I’m gonna be sacrificed, I’m gonna do it right.
Chat Noir: *Kicks the door open, looking panicked* Marinette: What did you do?! Chat Noir: NOBODY DIED! Marinette: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?!
Chat Noir: *is visibly upset* Marinette: Chat Noir, what happened? I haven't seen you like this since you found out candyland wasn't an actual country.
Marinette: Chat Noir, what is the ONE thing I asked you NOT to do tonight? Chat Noir: Raise the dead. Marinette: And what did you do? Chat Noir: Raise the dead.
Chat Noir, very tired: Can I sleep in your bed? Marinette: *half asleep* Chat Noir, this is a queen-sized bed. That means it’s for *gestures vaguely to herself* the Queen.
Chat Noir: Everybody shut up, I'm thinking. Marinette, patting him on the back: Well, don’t think too hard. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.
Chat Noir: *on the phone* Hey Marinette, do you know my blood type? Marinette: Of course, it's B-. Chat Noir: Oh, I guessed wrong. Excuse me, nurse-!
Chat Noir: I know one person who finds me funny! Marinette: Okay, who?... and you can't say yourself! Chat Noir: Okay then I'm out.
Chat Noir: Are you an ‘arr’ pirate or a ‘yo ho ho’ pirate? Marinette: I’m a ‘I’m not paying $600 for photoshop’ pirate.
Chat Noir: Marinette, I screwed up, big time. Marinette: Chat Noir, given your daily life experiences, you’re gonna have to be more specific.
Chat Noir: Ah, Hello again. We really need to stop meeting like this. Marinette: Maybe we would, if you would sTOP BREAKING INTO MY F-ING HOUSE!!!
Marinette: I’ve invited you here because I crave the deadliest game... Chat Noir, nodding: Knife Monopoly. Marinette: I was actually going to play Russian roulette, but now I'm really interested in whatever knife Monopoly is.
Marinette: Isn’t a bit dangerous? Chat Noir: Marinette, please. We’ve in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and we always escape unhurt. Marinette: ... Chat Noir: Okay, we sometimes escape unhurt. Marinette: ... Chat Noir: Alright, we escaped unhurt once... Then we hurt ourselves in the way home.
Marinette: Sleep is the body’s best safety mechanism. Chat Noir: How so? Marinette: It keeps you from screwing up for 8 hours.
Chat Noir: Which is correct, seven and five IS thirteen, or seven and five ARE thirteen? Marinette: Neither. Because it’s twelve.
Marinette: What? I’m not aggressive! Chat Noir: Last Tuesday, you wacked me with a pair of crocs and stole my chocolate chips? Marinette: Survival of the fittest, b-tch
Chat Noir: Are you this rude to everyone? Marinette: Yup. Don’t think you’re special.
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do u have any marionette and chatt fic recs? i want a sweet and playful read💛
Hey anon!
I rarely pay attention to the ships present in the fics I read, since they are the same people. From the top of my head, I can suggest you:
Double Jeu by kurohaha
My all time favorite. @tresity is also drawing a comic version of this fic, and there's a dub of this comic on Youtube (I could only find the first part though). The fic is on hiatus.
Were-Chat Noir by myself (because why not?)
Tbh, each chapter is more or less of a different side of the ship, but I like to think it's mostly Marichat. It's based on a dream I had where Adrien is a were-black lion, and were-creatures are a pretty much common thing.
Movie Night by @lyradaisical
Sweet one shot where Marinette and Chat Noir bond upon movie nights at the Dupain-Cheng's. Podfic version here.
Stress Relief by @galahadwilder
It’s purely marichat, for MATURE READERS, with smut and BDSM, but still a WIP
There's another one I'm currently reading that happens to be marichat, but I'm barely at the beginning. Keep this post around, Anon, since I'll probably update it.
Thanks for the ask!
Ask me anything, my inbox is empty
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Tumblr media
Some aged-up training session I suck at backgrounds. Sorry.
Tumblr media
Thanks for 500 followers, guys! You don’t know how much this means to me.
If you like, REBLOG, don’t repost!
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Tumblr media
@ladyblargh ! I made a thing! I hope you like the thing :)
I may work a little more on the thing if I feel confident enough to do so
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airlock · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I posted 1.188 times in 2021
19 posts created (2%)
1169 posts reblogged (98%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 61.5 posts.
I added 1.733 tags in 2021
#reblog - 1167 posts
#fire emblem - 141 posts
#fódlan fe - 66 posts
#. - 64 posts
#fucking incredible - 62 posts
#pokémon - 52 posts
#long post - 52 posts
#ace attorney - 50 posts
#perfect - 43 posts
#beautiful - 36 posts
Longest Tag: 139 characters
#when you end up on the silver snow route because you talked to edelgard too early on the wrong day and did not want to compromise fish time
My Top Posts in 2021
and now for the other half of our internal top 25 placements for CYL5 -- this post spanning Tellius to Fódlan!
(there was a readmore on this post for a REASON tumblr lmao. I'm trimming it here myself)
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wide awake at 3 AM thinking about everything and nothing, figured I might as well turn one of those trains of thought into a late night ass long post
so here are some reflections on purity culture and what I strongly dislike about it that doesn't seem to be quite the same thing that usually motivates other people I know to be against it
(this one ALSO had a readmore!)
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y’know, tho, whenever I see folks on here talk about catholicism and how it compares to US protestantism... I find that the catholicism I’m familiar with much sooner resembles US protestantism. and I do come from the most catholic country in the world, by headcount!
so what I’m thinking is that maybe, these differences people see have less to do with the splitting of denominatory hairs, than with which varieties of christianism are directly immersed in a colonial culture
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making my own post so as to not hijack the previous one but like, I feel like the message "I want more m/f relationships in media that drum to a different beat than the gender-conforming, very ostensibly straight type" is one that lands very similarly to what a lot of people mean when they talk about wanting more friendships and platonic relationships in media
lately I've been seeing a lot of posts on my dash attacking the idea that people could want for more friendships and platonic relationships in media, when indeed we do have lots of works that fit that bill; buddy comedies, anime about The Power Of Friendship, and what have you. I also even do agree that sometimes, people who raise this matter are really just concern trolling people who want to see more gay relationships in media.
however, I also can't help feeling like a lot of people who jump on those posts are sticking their hands in the sand and pretending they didn't understand what others were saying. because the pervasive feeling is that these kinds of relationship are not given the right type of attention in media.
a lot of the time, those relationships are still cast in a way that paints them as inherently inferior and less meaningful compared to that gold-standard heterosexual romance. a lot of media ostensibly focused on friendship still tries to get its core appeal from Will He Get The Girl Or What??. and a lot of shows also bark and make a lot of noise about friendship without ever displaying an ounce of real intimacy between the ostensible friends in question. and pushing back against tendencies like those is, too, a function of transformative fandom!
being snarky and dismissive at that matter is not the affirmative pro-gay thing some of y'all seem to think it is. and quite frankly, Will He Get The Guy Or What?? is not less boring to me than the version of it with straight people. I believe that even romance needs to be done better in media, and not just in the direction of making it gayer. and I believe this is what transfomative fandom exists for. it's not, in fact, just to suck the Roaming Slash Fandom Ghost's dick, and settling for that means that all you're really turning your art into is a pale sequel of the shit straight people have already been doing to death for decades.
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Fire Emblem Series, Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Jamke & Dew, Jamke & Edain, Edain & Dew Characters: Jamke (Fire Emblem), Dew (Fire Emblem), Adean | Aideen | Edain Additional Tags: Nagamas, Nagamas 2020, heads-up jic animals get hunted and eaten in this (with minimal description), here's to writing characters of the same archetype back-to-back without mixing them up, plus this is possibly the fastest I've ever written besides maybe last year's nagamas, at least I got to write 'this is what zero pussy does to a mf' in the first draft Summary:
@nagamas 2020 gift. A brief bonding moment on the way through the forest as Jamke escorts Dew and Edain out of Marpha.
in under the wire! happy holsetydays, @yosjiefo
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