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finnikin69 · a day ago
I bring you
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My entry for papercut doodles dtiys on Instagram!!
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bitchfitch · a month ago
my cousin gave the family less than a 24 hr heads-up that he was getting married today. sent via text message.
Which to be fair to him, that was about 12 hrs more heads-up than we got when his sister married and apparently 20 hrs more than my parents gave, and 24 more than I plan to give.
But. i am going to murder him for this.
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zahroreadsthings · 4 months ago
Todays update raises the question: we know quincey, arthur, and john are lucy's boyfriends - but are they also each others' boyfriends?
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effallya · 9 days ago
CW: food/eating; suggestions of disordered eating
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Taste of Life - Zagreus seems off; Achilles is suspicious.
this took 1.5 years and it’s finally done omg!! onto the next one hahaha
PDF available for free on Kofi, link in pinned post (u can find me on Twt/IG @lianabnana)
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candycatstuffs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
happy 31st to the blue bastard 💙
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rorys-regular-blog · a month ago
Fuck HBOMax.
Fuck Cartoon Network.
Disney and Nickelodeon aren’t even apart of this at all, but fuck them, too.
I am so utterly sick and tired of getting invested in animated content that gets canceled, despite having good reception, for literally no reason.
The Owl House. Infinity Train. Ok Ko! let’s Be Hero’s. Ducktales 2017. Wander Over Wonder. Rise Of The TMNT (granted I’m unfamiliar with how this last one ended up since I haven’t seen the movie yet. No spoilers please).
The futures of shows like Mao Mao, Hero’s of Pure Heart and Summer Camp Island are in jeopardy too now.
I’m scared for the future of animation. I’m especially scared for the futures of shows like Tuca And Bertie and the unannounced / unreleased Learning With Pibby.
I’m just.. so fucking tired
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kaaliyahrogers · 8 months ago
Fexi stans after tonight’s episode
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system-of-a-dumbass · 6 months ago
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I have been feeling some feelings so heres a meme ENDOS/TULPAS DNI
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keepcalmandcarriefischer · 2 months ago
Did you hear the one about the pirate who had a steering wheel in his pants? So this pirate had a steering wheel sticking out of his pants and I says to him, I says "hey! You got a steering wheel in your pants!" and he says "arrrr I know! It's drivin me nuts!"
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ghjjkkljgdxc · 13 days ago
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ana05sposts · 8 months ago
I feel like this pain is slowly consuming me, making it hard to physically breathe or normally function at all! I just can't fucking move and do the daily normal work I used to do and it's aching and hurting everything in me but I'm not able to fucking do anything about it.
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silcosentropy · a month ago
Tumblr media
And finished.
A few redraws I made by eyeing some of my favorite screenshots. I didn’t get him completely correct every single time but I think I understand how his facial proportions work much better now and I hope to apply it when I free draw him.
Some of these are more in ‘my style’, simply because I freehanded those more, some are more in the canon style.
I’ll be honest, I’m relatively satisfied with these.
For my next Silco challenge, I would like to try some motion, which I will freehand, applying his proportions and, hopefully, mannerism. I’m hoping to use some art memes for these.
IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR REQUESTS FOR POSES, please leave me DM or ask. I will be delighted with some fun inspiration and you can get a free request art with Silco from me (if you want) ((please, do want))
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tokaritoo · 15 days ago
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take this unfinshed thing
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koolaidkitten · 2 months ago
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Me too, grumpy toad. Me too...
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idiosyncrasy763 · 3 months ago
unus annus
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no i will not be elaborating
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giornosrightboob · 4 months ago
Comfort with the Shabana siblings
feeling misrable, time so make myself feel better by writing about fictional characters that i wish would just love me<3 (this is platonic)
Tumblr media
"Eh?! what are you doing in the corner?" Daki said exaggerated. You where in the corner with your knees to your chest. You stayed quiet for a second before looking up at the girl. Your makeup was all smudged and clear black lines fall from your eyes. Its obvious youve been crying. Daki was accompanied with Gyutaro who was silent. He understood from the mess of your room and with you in the corner that something bad must have happend. "Just leave me alone." you groaned, you loved Daki, you truely did but right now wasnt the time to hear her whining. "Fine, since your acting like a baby!" she said, exiting the room. But Gyutaro didnt leave. He just looked around the room, Drawers where pushed down, papers and books on the floor but what caught his eye where the messy letters and drawings that where around you. He walked closer to you and picked one of the papers up and read it. "Distgusting Demon. Die, Die,Die!" he read to himself the little drawing that was on the same paper was a stick figure with a arrow saying "me". "You regret becoming a demon?" he says, slouched before you. You didnt say anything. It took you a minute just to give him a nod. He felt kind of bad, its true Daki kind of forced you to become a demon but you did agree. He sat beside you and pulled you onto his shoulder as he patted your head. Gyutaro knew he wasnt the best at comforting but he did truely care about you, he wanted you to feel better. "I killed a man, Gyutaro. He was supposed to be my fiancée." you cried. Your tear fell onto Gyutaro's chest. How he wished that he was the one who killed your asshole fiancée. You kept on rambling on how you just wated to go back to a normal life, how you didnt want to kill him but you where so hungry. The door that was shut by Daki was quickly opened by her once again. Now she sees her brother hugging you while your crying. She felt a bit bad that she left but shes not going to tell you that. She just silently sits next to you and hugs you. Maybe a demon is bad but being with Gyutaro and Daki makes it a bit better.
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snovyda · 16 days ago
Fellas, is it fascist to want to live without being bombed, mass raped, tortured, murdered and dumped into a mass grave, after your ancestors survived a man-made famine that killed millions.
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