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flowerofantiquity · 2 days ago
Idea: Drakengard and Nier sword and spear hair sticks.
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elysiumcalled · a year ago
You made my pussy wet now come clean up your mess
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immortal-velociraptor · a month ago
I’m a slut for the “Vintage Avon 1876 Cape Cod Collection”
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cyberglittter · 2 months ago
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madame-mongoose · 6 days ago
Okay yeah fuck it
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Bug au crumb. Y/n next to the boys when they're all normal height!!! I promise they're not always that small next to them tho teehee
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mack-samo · 8 days ago
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babydollblueeyes · 5 months ago
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modmad · 2 months ago
I have a feeling you will like the new keychain my gf just bought me at the... flea market ? bric-a-brac ? Is that how it's called in English ?
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(also lil bonus)
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natsxaddiction · a month ago
Bringing Them Home
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WLWD Verse
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!verse
w/c: 1.1k
Trigger Warning: mention of breastfeeding, underweight children,
Note: it's kind of sad but also fluffy - I almost scrapped this and sent it to the drafts lol
Lily is five months old and Olivia is almost two when you're allowed to bring them home from the hospital. They've both been deemed medically fit to go home. This means you've been running around like a chicken with its head off to get everything prepared for them. For the past two months, you have been living in Room 102. Eating hospital food until you couldn't anymore. You and Natasha would switch shifts in each of the girls' rooms. All of the doctor visits, therapy appointments, and informational sessions were worth it. The adoption has been finalized and you're ready to be parents.
When you place Lily in her car seat, she whimpers but never awakens, as you learn how to strap her into her seat correctly. She's still incredibly small for her age. A whopping ten pounds. Her tiny pink hat barely fits on her head, her onesie is for newborn to three-month-olds, and yet you can't find it in you to care. She's strong enough to come home and that's all that matters.
Natasha is carrying Olivia, the toddler's head lying on her shoulder, her eyes permanently glued on her baby sister as she watches you with an intense gaze. Olivia, though seemingly unharmed by their living conditions before, has her own issues that you've been going through. Her doctors didn't want to diagnose her with an attachment disorder just yet. She's shown signs of improvement every time you visit. She still doesn't cry when sad. Doesn't even look at a toy when waved in her face. She doesn't babble or show any signs of language. Every milestone a child of her age would have gone through she's missed. Yet, she still has made strides. She can hold a spoon on her own. She smiles whenever either of you talks to her. She lets you hold her now. She's the best cuddler.
Despite the challenges you're going to be facing raising them, you couldn't care about a single one. They're here and they're becoming healthier. All you've wanted is to take them home and you're finally getting to do it. You push down your anxiety, following Natasha out of room 102 and out to your car. She sits in the backseat with both girls, offering Olivia her hand to hold, as she put on the prescribed sunglasses for the toddler. Olivia's hands come up to touch and feel the new glasses on her head, fighting to take them off, as she's unfamiliar with them.
"No, baby, don't." Natasha gently grabs her hands. Home isn't too far away. The compound is a fifteen-minute drive. You're driving the speed limit, both hands on the wheel, and a little stiff in your stance. You'd be damned if anything happened to any one of you.
Olivia stops to pout at Natasha. Natasha simply grins. That pout was going to be the death of her.
When you arrive home, the team is waiting at the front doors of the compound. Tony opens the car door to help you out, you offer him a small smile before you move to the backseat to help out Natasha. You take Lily's carrier, leaving the base inside, before holding out a hand to help Natasha out.
"They're sleeping?" Steve questions. He has the tiniest teddy bear in his hands, unsure if he should pass it to you now, as they all wait patiently.
"Olivia's not," Natasha unbuckles her out of her chair, walking over to the rest of the team, where Olivia hides her face in her jacket.
"Hi," Steve greets in a low tone.
Olivia whines, not offering him anything more, as she practically crawls into Natasha's skin.
"Her therapist said she may be afraid of men for a while," Natasha explains. She holds her hand out, taking the bear from Steve to try and get Olivia to take it. Olivia lifts her head, peeking down at the bear in confusion before she grips the top of its fur with her tiny hand. She looks utterly adorable with her pacifier in her mouth as she tries to figure out what it is.
"I think we should go inside," You interrupt as your arm begins to ache from holding the carrier. "Maybe in a couple hours we'll let the girls come and see everyone."
"Thank you for this, Steve," Natasha notes how Olivia hasn't let it go yet.
"Right," Wanda grabs some of the bags from the trunk for you. "I'll come with you." She says as she leads you down to the living quarters.
Your suite fits two bedrooms comfortably, a kitchen, dining and living area. It's big enough for your family for the time being. Wanda sets down the bags cloer to the front door, opting to stay behind in case you need anything. You take note of the lack of boxes and packages that once covered the entire floor.
"We unpacked them for you," Wanda can tell what you're thinking. "I hope that's okay. We wanted to help in some way and we knew bringing the girls home would be a big thing. "
"We really appreciate you, Wanda." Natasha turns to her. Almost as if she understands what's being said, Olivia holds out the teddy bear for Wanda to take.
"Thank you, little one, but I think that is yours." Wanda declines. "You guys get some rest. I will be hanging out with Vision and the team for the afternoon." Wanda bids you a good day before exiting the suite and closing the door behind her.
"Moment of truth," You sigh. All of your nerves have increased tenfold knowing you both are alone with the girls for the first time.
It's a few nights later everything hits you. So far, you've managed to get a whopping six hours of sleep in the span of four days. You're exhausted and overworked. All things you can't complain about due to the nature of the job. Motherhood. It's rewarding and hard, but you feel like it's what you're meant to do in this chapter of your life. You can tell Natasha feels the same way as she's sound asleep beside you. You've been drifting in and out of sleep. Every hour or so you've woken up to check on the girls. You have to make sure they're still breathing. You don't know if any other parent has felt this way but you feel at any moment you could lose them.
You're cuddled into Natasha, spooning her from behind, your hands around her waist when you hear crying from the other room.
"Mrs. Romanoff, it appears baby Lily has awakened and is hungry," F.R.I.D.A.Y, Tony's AI, announces.
"Thank you, Friday," You groan. Natasha shifts in her sleep, taking deep breaths of air before she moves to remove your arms from her waist.
"I can get her," Natasha says sleepily. She fights a yawn and you know she's way too tired to move. She's been up almost more than you. With induced breastfeeding comes frequent feeding. She still doesn't make enough to feed Lily fully yet but it's enough to placate the little one until you make a bottle.
"I got it," You pat her back. You remove yourself from under the covers to find your slippers. You shuffle across the hall to the nursery, flicking on the lights, to see angry fists and feet kicking in the air. Olivia seems to still be sleeping and you're grateful for that. You approach Lily's crib, cradling her into your arms, as you shush her. "Mommy's here now." You whisper. It still feels so foreign to even utter those words. "Are you hungry? Is that it?" You wonder aloud as she fusses in your arms. You walk back to your bedroom to see Natasha sitting up against the headboard.
"Did you want to try feeding her again?" You ask as you rock Lily in your arms. You brush your hands over her back, pressing her to your chest to help her feel the vibrations of your voice.
Natasha bites her lip apprehensively. She's nervous about her supply not being enough for Lily. Though you're supplementing with formula she still feels inadequate.
"Yeah," Natasha nods. She rids herself of her sleep shirt. Her breasts bounce free, her lack of bra making this process so much easier, as she reaches for her nursing pillow. When she's ready, she holds out her hands, taking Lily in order to prop her up. Natasha takes one hand, using it to guide her erect nipple to Lily's face. The infant is much too fussy to notice but at the first swipe, her mouth falls open to allow Natasha to place it inside. She does it with steady hands, making sure Lily has a proper latch, before lying her head back against the headboard.
"It doesn't hurt anymore does it?" You come to sit next to them on the bed. Watching her feed your child was quickly becoming your favorite thing to witness.
"A little," Natasha says truthfully. "Not too bad. She's strong." Natasha rubs her fingers over Lily's hand. "I can't believe we're parents," Natasha whispers.
"Me too," You offer. This was the beginning of the best journey you've ever been on.
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kentamine · a month ago
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pink dilara findikoglu bikini
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marblescorner · 2 months ago
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I can’t blame him i’m staring too 👁
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pantoranprincess · a year ago
I need a fic that’s just Luke asking Din about various things in the Star Wars galaxy and Din giving weird as shit answers. Luke doesn’t correct him, he just sits there and listens.
Luke: do you know who Obi-Wan was?
Din: the name sounds familiar. Bo-Karan mentioned him once....said he was a sister-seducing-man-whore? Was he some kind of escort?
Luke: yes.
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emergencychange · 6 months ago
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hatchetmanlives · 3 months ago
cowboys... cowboys' tits. please.
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ironmariposa · 2 months ago
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You realize what this means right?!?!?!
There is Pepa/Félix and Julieta/Agustín porn out there that the ACTUAL creators have drawn!!!!!!!!
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originaldouble · 15 days ago
next chapter will be 366, wich is 100 chaps after Twice died, and now Toga has his blood
Kohei Horikoshi you know exactly what to do and you better fucking do it
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birf · 5 months ago
this is all I could find of it
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