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In Front of Your Face (Hong Sang-soo, 2021)
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Introduction & In Front of Your Face - Hong Sang-soo (2021)
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I’m here because of Hye Yeong. You made me install the shield, but Hye Yeong makes me want to remove it.
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Reply 1988
Vintage! So adorable.
There is so much going on in this drama and I cannot even remember each scene. Not to mention that each episode is 1.5 hours long so it's not just long, but lengthy. But still, I love it and there is so much that I want to write about life. It is a drama that is relatable on my part because I am a young adult and some points in the drama have talked about how scared they are for their future.
Aside from that, I am from an Asian family.
Tumblr media
The main characters, we have five of them. First, is the ever-lovely Sung Deok-sun played by Lee Hyeri (former Girl's Day Member) is the only girl in the group. As for the rest of them, we have Kim Junghwan (played by Ryu Junyeol), Sung Sunwoo (played by Go Kyungpyo), Choi Taek (played by Park Bogum), and Ryu Dongryong (played by Lee Donghwi.
Each of them has different personalities and different hobbies in life. Probably the most obvious one among them is Choi Taek who is a professional player of Go Game or Baduk in Korean. Their friendship is actually amazing and it's amazing how they kept it until they have become an adult. Some of us grew apart from our childhood neighbors, but it's different with them. That is why it is amusing on my part.
There are so many things that I am excited about in this drama. I don't want to overshare because I hate spoilers, but honestly, I love the chemistry of both characters when they are starting to build a special relationship. It makes me so happy that I cannot help but smile every time their scene comes up. If you are curious, try to watch it now.
Tumblr media
Seriously speaking though, the drama is nostalgic and it makes you realize that growing old is really inevitable in life. Although I hate to admit that I am scared for my future, it is important to take some steps to grow progressively. While it is not necessary to be always productive and progressive, one must still make a decision.
Furthermore, I am also afraid that my parents will grow old. I have realized that they have sacrificed too much in this lifetime. As the eldest sister just like Sung Bora (played by Ryu Hyeyoung), I can relate to her struggles. Every eldest daughter can relate and I am sure of it. Everything that she does is for her family and I love how strong she is. She may be emotionally detached, but she cares and that is something that I can relate to as well.
Another point is that we grow out of things as we get older. There are people that touched our lives but sometimes, we have to leave them to make our own journey. It's nice to revisit them, but it's better to keep them in our happiest memories where we find comfort if some days are getting dark. The past is always a beautiful reminder of the blossoming days that taught us what is really in there for us. Reply 1988 is a subtle reminder that the beautiful days are there for us to cherish.
To the friendship that was created in Ssangmun-dong, I hope it will last forever.
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the silenced (2015) dir. lee hyeyoung / chiharu shiota' living inside, 2021
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Enhypen Little Angels Series: When they find out their s/o is pregnant
warnings: cursing, mentions of miscarriage and hospitals, collapsing, vomiting and couvade syndrome (for Sunghoon and Sunoo)
this happens before the og enha little angels
taglist: @skyaura-koo @serendipityclick @en-sun @envirae @exulansis-eun @gamezzzz
Pls tell me if I forgot anyone from the taglist and I'll fix it immediately.
I'll try to fix any grammar mistakes. Sorry for the delay
word count: 1,523 words
Lee Heeseung:
“Heeseung... What if i'm really pregnant?” Mina said bouncing on her feet.
Being nervous wasn't the words that she would use to describe how she feeling at the moment.
“If you are pregnant, then that means that our child will have the most amazing mother and the most amazing father.” He set his hands around Mina's waist, then accommodated his head on her shoulder.
“I'm not talking about that.” She sighed, looking at the ring on her finger.
“You mean... the loss?” Mina nodded, her gaze was sad and her eyes were glossy.
“It wasn't your fault jagi, and I know that you fear that the same thing will happen again, but I promise you that everything will turn out for good.” Heeseung placed a soft kiss on his wife's lips, then unified his forehead with hers.
“I think... I'll go check the test.” Mina said before placing a kiss in Heeseung's cheek and going to the bathroom to see the results.
He waited a few seconds and then...
“Heeseung, I'm actually pregnant!”
Tumblr media
Park Jongseong
“How many times do I have to tell you that I'm fine?” Bella said looking at IV hooked on her hand.
Jay kept walking around the hospital room, he was a little bit mad, he thought that Bella hadn't taken care of herself as he told her to.
“As many times as you want, because it's not gonna work for me, or make me feel better.” He kept pacing around back and forth, trying to keep himself calm.
“If you keep rambling nothing will be solved.” Jay huffed, as he pinched the skin of his left arm.
“And if you keep dismissing your health nothing will get solved!”
Bella groaned, sometimes Jay could be way to stubborn.
“How many times do I have to tell you that I've been taking care of myself.” She pouted.
“It doesn't seem like that to me.”
Just in time the doctor appeared on the room.
“What is it doctor? Is she healthy?” She smiled at Jay and then at Bella.
“Well, there isn't any problem... Except that you have high levels of HCG.”
They both looked at the doctor completely confused.
“This high level of HCG only appears on pregnancy. Congratulations, you are pregnant.”
If they were confused before then, I don't know how to describe how they felt by the moment.
Tumblr media
Shim Jaeyun
“Do you think is something bad?”
Jake shook his head, while looking around the doctor's office. He was way more anxious than what he showed, but he tried his best to stay calm for Teagan.
It had been days since Teagan started vomiting and having nausea, to the point that she spent most days locked in the bathroom and nearly fell down the stairs because of how dizzy she felt.
“I'm done! I'm taking you to the doctors!”
Teagan looked at him dumbfounded. Why did he wanted to take her to the doctors so suddenly.
“But I feel fine.”
“Being fine is not nearly falling down the stairs because of dizziness.”
Teagan hated hospitals with all her might, and always tried everything to avoid them, but guess who still drag her to the hospital? Jake!
The doctor finally entered the office, making the couple turn their gaze to him.
He gave them a small smile, before saying:
“I already have your lab results...”
Jake grabbed his wife's hand, trying to calm himself down a little and also reassuring her that everything will be okay.
In the best case he thought you had a stomach bug. In the worst case you could some kind of terminal illness.
... But gladly those weren't the cases.
“It seems like you have high levels of human chorionic gonadotropin.” Teagan looked at the doctor with a dumbfounded gaze.
“What those that mean?” Teagan looked at the doctor and then looked at Jake who was in shock, but then spoke.
“It means... that you are pregnant.”
Tumblr media
Park Sunghoon
... It started when Sunghoon started having symptoms. Hyeyoung noticed how tired Sunghoon was does days and how he started having cravings... A lot of cravings.
“And can you please add an extra order of fries please?” “Thank you.”
He hanged up on the call while Hyeyoung looked at him weirded out.
“You sure you are okay?” She walked up to him, seating beside him on the sofa.
“Yeah, why wouldn't I be?”
“Well... because you are acting like a pregnant woman.”
Sunghoon giggled a little, before he realised that...
“Hyeyoung? When was the last time that you had your period?” The girl looked down for moment, and then she finally realised what was going on.
Now they were both looking at the positive pregnancy on their hands.
“Oh shit!”
Tumblr media
Kim Sunoo
Another case of couvade syndrome...
“Ah! Noona! Sunoo-Hyung just fainted!” Aera ran to the studio and saw the boys fanning Sunoo to make him feel better.
Sunno saw Aera's worried expression and then smiled at her to ease her up.
“I'm fine jagiya. I'm just tired.” He stood up with the help of his oldest members.
He walked up to Aera, who changed her expression suddenly, she started feeling way to dizzy and all off the sudden she lost her balance and collapse on Sunoo's.
The rest of the members started shouting worriedly and asked the staff to call medical help.
“I guess we have the same condition or something.” Sunoo spoke when they where both in the doctors office waiting for both of their results.
“It's probably the flu, or a cold is kicking our butts.” Aera chucked and Sunoo giggled a little.
The doctor entered the room, with the results on his hands.
“Well it seems like Sunoo is pretty healthy and there is no reason for your collapse, except that you have couvade syndrome.” He frowned at the doctors words wanting a clear explanation.
“It's when a partner presents the same symptoms as their pregnant partner.” Aera was the one frowning at that moment. Was the doctor saying what she thought he was saying?
“I'm sorry, but my wife is not...”
“The fuck?! She's pregnant?!”
Tumblr media
Yang Jungwon
This boy rushed to the hospital the moment that he got a call from her mom, saying that Mirae had fallen down the stairs.
He freaked out, but when he got there Mirae explained him that she had blacked out and that made her fall down three steps of stairs.
“Are you sure you don't feel pain or anything?” Jungwon played with her hair, while he sat on her hospital bed.
“Wonie, I'm fine, it's just a small bruise”
“And a concussion.” Mirae's mother blurted that out of nowhere. Which made the girl murmured a "Mom" angrily.
“Ah! I guess I'll stay up with you all night.” He said rubbing her shoulders.
“I also have something else to tell you...” She grabbed a strand of hair and started playing with it.
“Hmm?” Jungwon payed all his attention ontu her.
“The doctor did a few tests... Everything's okay, but...” She passed and stayed quiet for while.
“What's wrong Rae, you can tell me anything, remember?” Jungwon smiled showing his cute dimples.
Mirae sighed, inhaled... Then exhaled.
“I'm pregnant.”
Jungwon seemed in shock by what she had just blurted out, but then started laughing immediately.
He was happy, obviously he was... But then he paused.
“When did I made you a baby?”
Tumblr media
Nishimura Riki
They where both visiting Niki's parents in Japan, they where on vacations so they used that to pay a visit to them.
Mei Lin wasn't feeling that good throughout the whole way to her in laws house, she felt like throwing up the ride in the plane, but she thought it was just motion sickness.
“You sure you are okay? If you don't feel well enough, we can stay at the hotel and go tomorrow.” Niki wasn't that sure of what to do at the moment, but he thought it would pass in a few hours.
“No, I think I still feel bad because of the flight, but it'll pass in a few minutes, I promise.” She said patting Niki's head before calling over a taxi.
They got home pretty fast and had dinner. They were both enjoying their time, but something about the food just made Mei feel nauseated. So she covered her mouth and nose with her left hand.
The family noticed pretty fast and Niki's sister was already looking for a pill to calm Mei's stomach down.
While Niki was rubbing her back, his mother commented.
“You know, this reminds me of the symptoms I had when I had a few weeks of pregnancy with Riki.” She laughed it off, but something about just made the rest of the family including Mei freeze.
“I think... I'll just go get a pregnancy test.”
Everybody's eyes widened and the thought of their daughter in law being pregnant was kinda shocking.
An hour later, a positive pregnacy test was on the couple's hands.
Niki and Mei were both in complete shock, they were happy of course... But still shocked.
“I wasn't expecting you guys to take me seriously when I said «I want grandchildren as soon as possible.»”
Tumblr media
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VOGUEKOREA art + design Art Director @/voguekorea via instagram publicó fotos y entrevista,diseño (de la revista) de Jimin
yeyevoguedesign uekorea January 2022 No 306
Editorial / Jimin Photographer SONGYI YOON Fashion Editor HYEYOUNG HWANG Writer SUKMYONG LEE 3D DESIGN 장명식 HAIR 박내주, 한솜(빗앤붓) MAKEUP 김다름 SET 다락(Da;rak), 황인아 옷과 액세서리는 루이 비통(Louis Vuitton). STYLIST 이하정
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“A clandestine sexual preference, will a movie based on BDSM work?”
Netflix will release its original Korean movie ‘Love and Leashes’ (Korean title: Moral Sense) on February 11th. It has been nearly a year since it was announced as part of the strengthening of Korean content and film production last February. At the moment, viewers around the world look forward to Korean content due to the synergy between its completeness and the framework of Netflix’s platform.
In the domestic film industry, it has become difficult to find romance movies due to a situation where genre films and blockbusters are the main box office hits. In addition, even if a romance film is released, it is difficult to cross the break-even point. Although romance is still strong in dramas, it is said a run time of just under two hours is not enough to convey a romance, in which the story is focused on emotions and relationships, so romance and melodramas have long been pushed out of the film industry’s mainstream.
In this situation, Netflix is drawing attention with the release of ‘Love and Leashes’, a romance genre film with sexual preferences in the shadow as the subject matter. ‘Love and Leashes’ portrays a headspinning romance between Jihoo, a man who is perfect in everything but has unconventional sexual tastes, and Jiwoo, a competent marketing team employee who accidentally learns his secret. It is based on a popular webtoon of the same name (‘Moral Sense’).
Actress Seohyun plays the role of Jiwoo, a marketing team member who can speak her mind and live by it, while actor Lee Jun Young plays Jihoo, a middle manager from the same team who attracts attention from all the female employees. The acting transformation of Seohyun and Lee Jun Young, who both started as idols and gained popularity as actors, is also something to look forward to.
In particular, the key is whether the webtoon ‘Moral Sense’, which explores a man and woman becoming partners dealing with diversity of taste, desires, and responsibilities in a BDSM relationship, can translate into a movie. Although there are some concerned with shining light on the provocative subject matter of secret sexual tastes, there is many with the higher opinion that this will be an opportunity that can correct misconceptions of this topic and create healthy consumption.
Above everything, the megaphone for ‘Love and Leashes’ to be a realistic and sympathetic romance that creates more weight toward anticipation than concern is director Park Hyun Jin, who directed ‘Lovers of 6 Years’ and ‘Likes for Likes’. Director Park Hyun Jin, together with Kim Seon-ah, the head of the Women’s Film Association, and film critic Kim Hyeyoung, serves as the chair for the Korean Film Gender Equality Committee. She participated in the Korean Film Gender Equality Forum hosted by the Korean Film Gender Equality Trust and advocated for policy motions to improve awareness, prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence, and realize gender equality in the Korean film industry.
‘Love and Leashes’ was rated as not allowed for youth to watch (*R-18/19). Although the rating was somewhat expected to be high, expectations are higher that director Park Hyun Jin, who reacts swiftly to sex issues and approaches romance from a warm perspective, will have handled a dark (adult) story in a balanced manner. It is even rumored the movie was adapted aiming toward healthy play and relationships. The webtoon itself is more focused on relationships than the provocative subject matter that comes to mind with BDSM, so it is not a situation causing much worry.
Indeed, will Netflix’s first secret taste movie ‘Love and Leashes’ be able to snipe the taste of audiences? It appears it has been successful in drawing attention for its fresh approach in many ways.
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Have you seen Law School Commentary? When there was a question about Joon Hwi's loveline, Kim Bum said that Joon Hwi's feelings towards Sol A and Sol B was quite different, so he didn't know who Joon Hwi was going to end up with. Wdyt? Tbh as a Solhwi shipper, I'm a bit scared. Haha.
P.s. I recommend you to watch the Commentary to know the whole conversation.
hi! yes, i did watch the commentary episode tonight! i was just about to ask this same question to everyone because i'm conflicted as well — and yet, deep in my heart, something tells me that the actor was just making a joke? or being considerate of the other actors who were present, particularly sol B? or at least that's how i perceived it, since the main point of showing the sol A vs. sol B scenes was to tease the viewers about the "love triangle". truthfully, i could make an entire analysis about why this falls apart because of the way kang sol B is written — let me know if this is something you guys are interested in. but long story short, i believe that the love triangle does not exist because sol B's crush on joonhwi is more of a way to humanize her and not necessarily a plot worth materializing.. or at least that's how it is to me since there was no particular development between the pair whatsoever.
but anyway, i'm guessing he doesn't choose a particular bias for either sol A or B, because it would take the fun out of the banter and the jokes in the mood that they've set. maybe they want to keep the audiences at the edge of their seats! you wouldn't expect the actor to come right out and spoil the plot – it would ruin the fun.
i say this because watching other interviews (primarily the one with just ryu hyeyoung and kim bum, but i guess the commentary videos with kim myungmin and lee jungeun as well), kim bum has a tendency to tease the viewers or entice them to watch the show by not actually answering the question properly. it's always a "will they-won't they" tease, and i can respect that. how else would you keep the viewers wanting more? kb is a master at that.
from rhy and kb's interview alone, the way he described solhwi as 'soulmates' already made me feel confident. and rhy confirming that they were directed to have romantic undertones when filming their scenes just crystallizes that fact to me even more.
and besides, we got so many crumbs from the actors tonight! apparently, the hallway scene from episode 8, where sol A carries joonhwi's bag, had many different versions! (there was one where she piggybacks him – poor rhy's legs – and another where he puts books on her head.) that and a whole lot more banter from rhy and kb that i wish a lot of people got to witness tonight.
so in short, i still believe in solhwi. i have the evidence to back it up. jtbc would be delusional if they built all of that character development only to have it fall flat in the end. but what about you guys? what do you think? i know i'm confident, but i'd love to know if you guys feel the same about this or not. i don't wanna be alone on this boat hahaha.
as a sidenote, i love sol B. but before she gets a boyfriend (or girlfriend, who knows, you'd be surprised), i'd love to see her actually gain a real friend first.
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In Front of Your Face (Hong Sang-soo, 2021)
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Tumblr media
Sunghee Kim for Dazed & Confused Korea November 2019 ''Wired Dreams'' Photographer Yeongjun Kim Fashion Editor/Stylist Ga Eun Joo Hair Stylist Lee Hyeyoung  IG
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I deleted Love Alarm a long time ago. It scared me. I thought it would complicate things if I kept ringing your Love Alarm. I should have just let it ring though.
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 law school: love and goodbye letters
notes: i would like to give out love letters to the amazing cast, our 8 students from hankuk law school. like what the director said, i’ll support them in their journeys as they take a step into their new chapter, wherever they go. their stories continue and live on. it’s been an amazing journey, although I was initially hesitant on starting it. while i will definitely be suffering withdrawals and probably think about it too much, i’m thankful i started watching.
the finale has left me with so many thoughts, I want to send them off right. also, writing these letters have helped my process my feelings towards the show and stop me from getting so withdrawn. so, shall we begin this court hearing?
over the next couple of days, my inbox will be open to requests! i may not write the fastest, but I’m willing to fulfil any of your desires about law school now that it has ended.
(skip please, if you don’t want to see my personal reflections.)
you have been a pleasure to watch, a seasoned actor indeed. you brought life to joon hwi, depicting the student that is smart, aloof, but is actually caring for their friends alike.
joon hwi, when you entered law school, you wanted to be a prosecutor. now, you finally got your dream. you were broken, sad, betrayed by your uncle. you remind yourself that you cannot be your uncle. but at the end, you’re happy, aren’t you? you’ve been through hell, yet somehow you told yourself to hang on. believe it, samchoon is proud he raised a noble nephew to fight and correct the flaws in the law. 
you have taught us the black and whites, yet seeing the greys of law. and with that, as you continue your journey as a prosecutor, remember to judge fairly and make sure no one suffers unjustly. 
you’ve done well, kim beom. thank you.
hyeyoung, you’ve brought so many emotions across the screen. as kang dan and sol, you had the challenge to play polar opposites, the moon and sun. you were feisty, you were soft. yet, you brought the humane qualities out of sol, conveying it to us.
kang sol a, you represent that majority of students, or even adults alike. you’re single parented. you come from a broken family. you have an estranged sibling, one you try so hard to find. you are barely making enough to live by. on top of that, you are on a scholarship, yet scoring grades that skim the pass. you represent so many students in the world. yet, you didn’t let these weights hold you from feeling your passion into law. you fought tirelessly for your friends and family, and stayed grounded in your morals and values.
this is why you are my personal favourite. that you love and strive for something so much, you work on it endlessly and still rigorously put in hard work. your passion for law inspires me to be equally passionate for my future degree as well. the fact that you went to law school seeking an apology, I hope you have gotten your apology. your zeal for justice will live on.
as a lawyer now, i hope you will remember your endless nights. i hope you know your worth. i hope that everyday, you trust yourself and be bold and courageous, like how you are when defending for your professor. you will excel, and you will be a good lawyer. 
so thank you, for speaking up for the students who find it tough to get through school. for telling us and giving us faith that we can survive. 
sookyung, you are far from your character of solb. yet, you were a perfect representation. you were elegant, classy and held that prestige whenever you acted.
solb, you represent that group of us that are pressured. when the society pressures us, it is nothing compared to our family’s pressures. you held your mom’s pressure to heart, studying endlessly, trapped in a cage that you couldn’t get out of. you isolated yourself to break free, acting cold.
you finally broke free, with your consultations with your therapist. and i hope you know just how proud i am of you for standing up for yourself. your unnies and oppas will always be supporting you, and wherever you are now, whether you are training to be a judge or not, i hope you never forget that you are supported. you are a free bird, and you should do things for yourself. 
thank you, for being the solb we have learnt to love, the student we aspire to be. solb, you are forever an A+ in our eyes. 
david, you are the man backstage always goofing off. your character hates goofing. yet, your simple eyes and acting brought so many emotions. you didn’t have many emotional scenes, but your expressions were so well done.
jiho, you started law to fight for your dad, for justice to be served. but over your journey, aren’t you glad you have made so many friends? your 3 years there have proved that you have earned justice, but you earned friendships that you will never experience anywhere else. 
wherever you are, if you are at a law firm working and earning lots of money, cherish the friendships. justice is served. learn and let go, and maybe you will enjoy your life a bit more.
youn jung, where can i start? your acting was phenomenal. you played the cheery girl so well, yet at the same time you empathised with the victim of a domestic abuse. your scenes blew me away.
yeseul, I hope you carry this on your heart. you are loved, you are right. you are not wrong. you speak up for those abused, because you were once them. with the power of the law, I know you will go on to defend for them and fight for them. you will bring justice, and you will be the woman of power in the courtroom.
leave your immature self behind. you have matured to be a woman of confidence, boldness and most importantly, knowing you are not wrong.
you will be the woman of the courtroom. your kindness is your strength. wherever you are, defending abuse victims, thank you for speaking out for the millions of women who victimise themselves, still. you have inspired the generation of women to provide support for them.
kangji, your goofiness on set and in the show plays out especially well. you were lively, yet at the same time the right support we needed.
bokgi, you will forever be remembered as the boy who comes to classes with a head band. you were casual, easy going and the extroverted one in the study group. you brought life to them, taught them to live and take things easy. you supported yeseul regardless, and always stop by her side. you are unafraid to be defensive over your friends.
for that, we thank you for being the character that is loyal. that regardless of what happened, you stayed with your group even though you could easily walk away.
minseok, you were fun to watch on set, yet a more fun character to watch grow with your actor friends. yebeom had many iconic lines, yet you did well in them.
yebeom, I will not understand why you were a spy. i however, will empathise your situation. what could you do? regardless, all that is useless now. you were sidekicks with your bestie bokgi, and together, you were both the life of the group that reminded them to breathe.
you made a good choice to be honest when sol a confronted you. and you should be thankful that the group still kept you even after all that. I hope that in your law career, you will remember the codes of law, and remember what is right. you stand for truth, you stand for justice.
hyunwoo, you had lesser scenes, yet each scene you had was a turmoil of emotions each time. you conveyed your emotions so well, and I’m so impressed.
seungjae, you are the oldest of the study group. you’ve been through a lot, haven’t you? you’re permanently suspended from law school, and with a kid now. I hope things are going well for you, whether you are a doctor or a computer guy now.
thank you for being the bigger man, to admit to his mistakes and asking for a bigger punishment. you have deep regrets, but I know you will grow and learn from them. you deserve your happiness.
to my law school fam,
thank you for this beautiful journey. you have taught me to be righteous, to be bold and to be confident. you taught me the results of tenacity. you taught me how to upload my values. you taught me the reasons to be lawful and that I should stand by my morals. you taught me confidence and courage.
truth and justice, only by the law.
it’s been a journey, my graduates. I close the hearing as make my final decision. i will close my case.
thank you, directors, pds, writers, staff, editors, musicians, make up and stylists. I hope you will meet again on another shoot.
goodbye, thank you. we’ll see each other again.
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ircnix · a year ago
would the pain always win you gain?
world is gonna change.
❏. actor: kim myungmin, kim beom, ryoo hyeyoung, lee jungeun, lee sookyung, david lee, go yoonjung, hyun woo
❏. drama: law school
❏. song: change by rm (BTS) & wale
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