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crispyliza · a year ago
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For all you 🤡
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avvus · 3 months ago
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❝ And when ℝ𝔼𝕄𝕌𝕊 dropped his sword, the Gods decided his 𝔽𝔸𝕋𝔼. For Romulus was the one to grow old and die 𝕄𝕆ℝ𝕋𝔸𝕃, while his brother watched the birth of an 𝔼𝕄ℙ𝕀ℝ𝔼 in his name. To this day, he does not know which Son of Mars they truly favoured.❞
ᴀᴠᴠᴜs. ᴀɴᴄɪᴇɴᴛ ʀᴏᴍᴇ.
Mun is 21+
10+ years rp experience. 
Indie, semi-selective.
Historical and Headcanon based. 
【 art credit 】
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ask-hws-philippines · a year ago
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[ A big welcome to @ask-hws-malaysia for becoming canon!! ]
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cartoonaesthetic99 · 17 days ago
public promo to reveal chaos lol
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“We can live like Jack and Sally if we want” - Blink 182
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Ladies and gentlemen, nonbinaries and other genders in the SELF SHIP COMMUNITY- My name is Cosvin I had been a selfshipper on this hellsite since 2016 but Ive been on this hellsite beginning from 2015... BEFORE some of yall anti h3talians splash anon hate on me; GO WALK IN THE PARK PLS <3 it s HEALTHY- its GOOD FOR YOU IDC IF you’re gonna anon shit on me, ok boomer fine, but I will NEVER HIDE over my pasts. just know I already know my mistakes, and yet I moved on...even if i felt bad abt it- also haha hey give yourself the ENERGY to block me because... its not hard!! just 2 clicks/taps on your phone okay?
im just gonna give familiarity over my art excuse me
As half of maybe you all know, me for some specific art that i made, and as well my selfships... if you want to know through my art... well. half of f yall are familiar with these old drawings
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Theres more if you look into my tag of #cosvin’s art
but yeah
ive been maybe halfly known through art, and if from qoutev, thats also me there too... if I can explain further, (ill edit this anyway so yeah)
I am 23 years old who works on a catering... studies culinary arts.. but i love to draw, and write sometimes- but yeah... this time on this acc itll be filled with half of funny suggestive- I’ll tag it as #tw funny suggestive a s a warning for yall okay?
but yea this acc will be mostly SFW- i only have a private nsfw tumblr acc thats only for adult mutuals... 
Tumblr media
Stranger Things
Star Wars
Anything in gen- Theres more of my past interests in here if you wanna see
My main f/os
(and f/os i consider the same soul itself excuse me i have the multiverse theory hahahha yeah
Gilbert Bielschmidt 
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson
Tumblr media
Atsuhiro Sako
Tumblr media
Tordsen Lark
Tumblr media
here’s my list of f/os for more though... in here for Familiaral f/os mostly its my adopted fam : D 
an d yea thats all i have heres my dni... ig this is now a public acc for yall but i may not be too in there? but ill try to check every now and then- you dont have to follow the DNI i know there’s the important notes on the DNI but yeah. 
thats all ig what i have here... unless i update idk- 
again now im not afraid to show my love for my f.os- if anyone has a problem with it, i m so sorry with my impulse but thats your diddley darn problem just get yourself a walk in the park for fuckles sake and find whats comfortable for you- if you’re not comfortable with me just dni- thats all there is to it! as I said-
also hi fanbase? <3 fuck you (maybe) 
hi anti h3talians to give hate? <3 fuck you 
if you read this far and accepted this uh hi have a cookie! idk 🍪🍪🍪 I want to say thank you for reading an d i hope you have a good day-
im NOT AFRAID to show my love for Gilbert and Eddie anymore... and will fight my love for them idk (im not the TYPE to bash other ships i stg i wont send hate I just block too, no hard feelings hun 💖✌) and yeah if yall are lucky enough to be my mutual i can show you my most active b l o g i just gonna say yeah... im selective. still- 
as for final part... heres my selfship art with eddie or gil- hahah these are so far im prou d of 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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syrupyyyart · a year ago
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this promo art is absolutely hilarious
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shimaguni · 7 months ago
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Hello there. This is an RP blog for Japan and Nyo!Japan from Hetalia. Please like or reblog if you are interested in interacting. 「よろしくお願いします。」
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osterreich · a year ago
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Mortal fingers, gently bent Over the piano board, Reach up to the firmament With the challenge of a chord.
➥ Indie. Selective. Hetalia-based / Headcanon-heavy Austria.
➥ Penned with love, by Ozzie.
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cvlrymjor · 10 months ago
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you know what they say about him...
indie 18+ private selective prussia, loved by bree.
about // rules
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winterballad · 2 months ago
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indie multimuse blog with muses from scooby-doo, history, mythology, hetalia, and more 
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whiskyscots · 12 months ago
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Clear shining after the rain,      The sun bursts the clouds asunder,      And the hollow-rumbling thunder Groans like a loaded wain      As, deep in the Grampians yonder, He grumbles now and again.
↳ Indie. Selective. Hetalia-based /  Headcanon-heavy Scotland.
↳ Penned with love, by Ozzie.
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islandiis · 9 months ago
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there we will be, like an old enemy — like the salt and the sea.
independent & selective rp blog for the personification of iceland. loved by nísa. — rules — navigation — ask — about — personality — appearance — headcanons
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brassandblue · 9 months ago
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♔ a personification of the nation of england ♔
♔ hetalia-based, semi-canon divergent, historical & modern ♔
♔ HOME ♔
♔ Semi-private, indie, very selective, multishipping. 
♔ Open to AUs and cross-canon interactions.
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musedysfunctixn-m · a year ago
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❝ All smiles, I know what it takes to fool this town  I'll do it 'til the sun goes down and all through the night time Oh yeah Oh yeah, I'll tell you what you wanna hear Leave my sunglasses on while I shed a tear It's never the right time Yeah, yeah
I put my armor on, show you how strong how I am I put my armor on, I'll show you that I am ❞
Featuring Ochako Uraraka from Kohei Horikoshi’s Boku No Hero Academia
Indie Semi Selective Multimuse Multifandom Private RP Blog Cherished by Del
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codexandcompendium · a year ago
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@einigkeit-recht @forntidafriheter @koningin @eisfrendin​ @signatus-iberia​
                                    21+ historically based multimuse, loved by Bree.​
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seborga · a year ago
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❝ That is just wonderful to hear!
                                                                   benvegnûo a cà-! a Seborga-! ❞
{ ✿ indie RP blog for Seborga written by Alexa. feeding on flowers since 2011 }  
                                 bio | ask | ooc | history | headcanon
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crownandcountry · 9 months ago
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Hello there. This is an RP blog for England from Hetalia. Please like or reblog if you are interested in interacting. "Pleased to meet you.”
About | Rules
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