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Herb Mullin – Bolts
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kirttrik · 8 months ago
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Here is a page from my 10 page submission to Last Comic Book on the Left contest. I’m a bit worried I’m not gonna complete it by Feb 1st so I guess this page works as a one page illustration. Anyways, I will do my best to getting it done. I’m doing a tiny comic about big Herb Mullin, earthquake killer of Santa Cruz. #Z2comics #lastpodcastontheleft #lastcomicfanartcontest #lastcomicontheleft #comicart #horrorart #horror #fantasyart https://www.instagram.com/p/CZIL9V-PjeQ/?utm_medium=tumblr
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piraticalarchive · a year ago
listen. I’m doing a write up for all of these guys because I’ve since lost the old ones I did but I’m done drowning the dash in headcanons and its gonna take a bit, so for now have this really simplistic list of Hook’s crew. (* this is taken straight from the wiki and in my write ups certain nicknames will be changed due to circumstances)
Mr. Smee: the Irish bo'sun, the only non-conformist in Hook's crew. One of two pirates to survive the final battle, and "henceforth wandered around the world in his spectacles, making a precarious living by saying he was the only man that Jas. Hook had feared." Gentleman Starkey: once an usher in a public school "and still dainty in his ways of killing". He and Smee are the sole survivors of the final battle, although he got captured by the Piccaninnies, "who made him nurse for all their papooses". Bill Jukes: used to be on the Walrus under Captain Flint, and is heavily tattooed. Cecco: a very handsome Italian fellow who was said to have his name in letters of blood on the back of the governor of the prison at Gao". Cookson: he is said to be the brother of real-life pirate Black Murphy this was never proved"). Noodler: not much is known about him, except for the fact that his hands are fixed on backwards, and he is superstitious, like all sailors. Skylights (Morgan's Skylights): he is killed off early on the novel "to show Hook's method". Black Pirate: it is only stated that he is gigantic and has had many names that still terrify children on the banks of the Guadjo-mo. Alf Mason: one of the pirates killed in mortal combat with Lean Wolf early on in the battle between the pirates and Tiger Lily's braves. Robert Mullins: he is killed by Peter in the final battle with the pirates. George Scourie: another casualty in the battle. Chas. Turley ("Chay Turley" in the play): he is said "to laugh with the wrong side of his mouth (having no other)"; another casualty in battle by the Piccaninnies. Foggerty: an Alsatian who also died in the above battle. Whibbles: he wears an eye patch and is the first casualty in the final battle. Ed Teynte: the quartermaster in the novel (but not mentioned in the play), was the first killed in the last battle (instead of Whibbles). Black Gilmour (only in play): killed in battle by the Piccaninnies. Alan Herb (only in play): "still remembered at Manaos for playing skittles with the mate of Switch for each other's heads"; killed in battle by the Piccaninnies. Canary Robb (only in play): killed in the above battle.
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luniceity · a year ago
get to know me tag
tagged by Dove & Zao
Rules: Answer 21 questions and tag 21 people you wanna get to know better.
1. Nickname: Ice, Icey, Iceu 
2. Zodiac sign: 
3. Height: 5′7″
4. Hogwarts house: 
5. Last thing I googled: youtube
6: Favorite artist(s): 
Adam Young
the oh hellos 
Montell Fish/Lords Child 
Johnathan Ogden 
and many many more...
7. Song stuck in my head: Nothing rn but give it a minute- Ohkay, Thirty Pieces of Silver by Theocracy 
8. Favorite time(s) of day: night, early morning, gentle feeling midday hours
9. Favorite color(s): light and rich purples, periwinkle, gentle greens, lovely blues (especially mint and cyan), black, greys, and white. 
I must note, some friends tagged me in some cool colors, and I’m a fan of “Nerolac Meadow Phlox” (#ACA3D4) and Celadon (#ACE1AF)
10. Following: to many
11. Followers: many
12. Do I get asks: yeah
13. Amount of sleep: mixed but i need about 7-8
14. Favorite number(s): 13
15. Wearing: clothes
16. Dream job: Osteologist, something with bones. Or a job caring for plants? Or maybe a job where I can work from home. Or maybe a mortician/funeral director. Something art related? Librarian? So many options...
I don’t know. Something that I’m happy to do I guess.
17. Instrument: I use to play piano. I miss it. I hope to get a keyboard someday
18. Language: english
19. Favorite song(s): 
Home - Resonance
I Am Oak - On Trees and Birds and Fire 
half•alive - BREAKFAST 
twenty one pilots - my blood  
andy shand - Spacestation Melody
SOVATE & Glitch - Stars In Her Eyes
憂鬱 - Sun
Color Theory -  In Motion 
Color Theory - Glory Days 
The Oh Hellos - Soldier, Poet, King
Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around
Rich Mullins -  The Color Green 
RUDE - Eternal Youth 
Theocracy - Theocracy 
Theocracy - Alter to the Unknown God 
Theocracy - 30 Pieces of Silver
20. Random fact: cats have scent glands on their paws and that both fascinates and bothers me  
21. Aesthetic: 
space/stars/the moon
the ocean/sharks
minimalism/simple, but also cozy small spaces....
cozy autumn vibes 
black & calico cats, koi & goldfish, bats, vultures, many odd (and occasionally less liked) creatures 
pencil (plus pen and marker added) sketch art 
liminal spaces/dead malls/cemeteries 
I consider my aesthetics like the Biome maps in Minecraft: Many elements and things mixed together, to make me. 
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miep-knipperdolling · 2 years ago
When he was dragged into municipal court, demanding the judge legalize marijuana and LSD, he was committed as an emergency case to the county hospital psychiatric ward.
In his admittance report, a physician noted, “The patient states that he has been hospitalized... with a diagnosis of chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia, which the patient describes as: 'Don't know if I want to make love with a man, don't know if I want to make love with a woman, don't know if I want to make love with myself...’” 
The doctor agreed with the earlier diagnoses. 
(Excerpt from "The Die Song" by Donald Lunde)
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noiseotaku · 4 years ago
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This weekend's listening: Lasse Marhaug's The Great Silence.
Sounds straight up out of the 1990's. Love it.
Marhaug used to record as Herb Mullin. I have two of his cassettes. The name, "Herb Mullin", comes from a Santa Cruz serial killer, who, coincidentally, murdered one of my father's best friends. Small world.
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thekillinggame · 4 years ago
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Herb Mullin “ Cloud Storm” painting framed.
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mellamame · 2 years ago
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miep-knipperdolling · 3 years ago
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(July 1, 1981)
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