#Halfway Point
leveluponabuck · 3 months ago
My goals for the rest of the year
- starting my business - I’m about to sell some thing I make.
- lose 63.5 lbs - I’ve already lost 4.5 lbs this month
- get my degree - I have 5 classes to go
-pay off my student loans/fix my credit it’s about $17k
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sweeneytodddemonbarber · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
We are halfway through Lent, my sweets! Don’t give up! Keep praying, fasting and giving out alms! Because in two weeks time, is the most important of weeks leading up to Easter; Holy Week!
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a-monthly-rumbelling · 19 days ago
Halfway Point
We’re halfway through the month now, and I hope you’re having fun with the prompts!
As a reminder, the prompts for September are:
Tumblr media
Non-Smut: Meeting in a waiting room
Smut: Outdoor sex
Random: “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” (Quote: Ernest Hemingway)
Please remember to tag your works #A Monthly Rumbelling, and @a-monthly-rumbelling​. :-)
Questions, comments, concerns? The askbox is always open.
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fontainebleau22 · a year ago
Tumblr media
100 Days of Writing: Day 50
What fic/story made you?
I came late to writing fanfic - I read quite a lot in the Buffy fandom, back in the day, but I never considered writing my own: I always said that I was a reader, not a writer. So what happened?
Tumblr media
These guys. I saw The Magnificent Seven in 2016 and loved it; and when I went to AO3 I found the most impressive, well-written and imaginative fanfic for the movie. I wasn’t quite at the start of the fandom, but almost, and there was just a flood of amazing fics and an incredibly enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere. I read everything that was posted, and soon enough I began to think that it would be great to add my own ideas to the collective project, so I wrote a fic and posted it. And that was the beginning.
In particular, I should mention a fic by @thrillingdetectivetales​, which was a soulmate fic called By a Thread, By A String, By a Rope; as well as being a great fic it has an original song in it, set to the tune of Oh, Susanna, and when I read the fic I was so taken with the song that I wrote some extra verses for it to carry through the theme of the fic - I guess it was a kind of remix before I even knew the term. That was the thing that opened my eyes to the possibilities of fanfic and the way that one writer or artist’s world could be a place for other fans to interact.
[Writing update: Chapter 2.2 of Reunion is now done and posted, and I have set sail on Chapter 3, which is not quite as terrible as I remembered. I have a hunch it will turn into chapters 3.1 and 3.2, but all in good time.]
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autumnleaves1991-blog · a year ago
Day 15: Just Walk Away- Ezra (Prospect)
Day 15: Just Walk Away - Ezra (Prospect) 
Pairing: Ezra (Prospect) x OC 
I was intimidated as heck to write for Ezra. This is my first time writing for him and I hope I did it justice. :) 
As always requests are still open. Thank you for reading! 
November Writing Challenge Masterlist 
Day 14: The Test Results- Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia 
Tumblr media
Life is made up of moments little and big, each one blurring together to make one complete novel. When you die, your life flashes before your eyes like the pages of a beloved book. Each moment playing one after another until the lights fade and the book closes, getting lost amongst the shelves. 
Ezra stood in one of those moments. His left hand poised before the door.  He was unsure what awaited him on the other side. He longed for the moment when his eyes would peer amongst the evergreen splendor of her eyes, more beautiful than any moon; His heart hammered in his chest threatening to burst forth from its cavern. He had no worldly possessions to his name except the clothing on his back. He lowers his hand and turns. It would be easier for her if he were to turn and just walk away. But, he couldn’t. 
“Ezra?” He closed his eyes and lowered his chin to his chest. Her voice was a siren's call and if she so desired, he would happily drown in her waters. “Is that you?” He opens his eyes and watches her take a few hesitant steps toward him. “Keeva…” She whispers, gazing upon his missing right appendage. “What happened to you?” 
The man who never runs out of words is rendered speechless. His eyes transfixed on her. She is more beautiful than he recalls. Her brown curls bounce lightly as she walks, framing bronzed skin kissed by the sun. Emerald eyes that shone brighter than any gem, and a smile that rivaled the sunshine. 
When she is close enough to unlock the door he inhales her familiar scent of lavender, one that had haunted his pillow for months after she had left. “Come inside.” She gestures him forward and he takes into her humble abode. 
The compact space is perfect for her small stature, filled with warm earthy tones. A few gems of various shapes and sizes line the mantle and a framed painting hangs on the wall. A depiction of a prospector working on the surface of a Delta Moon, the sun setting against a kaleidoscope of colors. 
“Please sit,” she gestures toward the couch. “Tea?” He can only nod before settling himself upon the worn, cracked leather. 
He hears her shuffling around the small kitchenette and takes a moment to imagine this is his life. Carving out a small existence with the woman he spent years only dreaming of When she returns, he is ripped from his fantasy and shakily reaches for her hand, engulfing it within his own. She says nothing but does not pull away, taking the seat closest to him. He stares at her enamoured by her beauty.  
“I…” he shudders, taking a deep breath. “I have been without the use of my right arm for several months now. I befriended a young birdie who was my downfall and also my savior. I’d been stranded on the Green. For...for a long while. I believed I would breathe my last breath there.” His thumb rubs lightly onto her hand, and she places her other atop it. 
“But you're here,” she whispers. “...Why are you here Ezra?” 
“As I stood before the gates of hell and awaited my fate, I saw my life flash before me like the pages of a book. I saw the atrocities I had committed, the acquaintances I had met along the way, but of all the images the only one I remembered when I awoke was that of you…” his lips tremble. 
“The day I first gazed upon your radiance, when our lips waltzed beneath the sunset, the night I first worshipped at the temple of your body, and when you shattered what was left of the fragments of my heart….” his eyes are glassy and he struggles with the question he has been left to ponder for many years. 
“Why did you leave me? Why did you just walk away?” Her eyes fill with unshed tears, and she lets out a quiet whimper. 
 “I didn’t want to leave you…” Her voice trembles on the last word and the tears freely flow down her cheeks, “I loved- no love you, Ezra. I asked you- no I begged you to come with me but you weren’t ready yet…” She takes a deep breath to calm her racing thoughts. 
“But, my choice had been made for me...I had to leave... it was no longer safe.” 
“I would have protected you!” His voice shakes, moving to stand and pacing before the window. “I would have killed anyone that dared to even look at you.” 
She quickly moves to stand before him, placing her hands on his cheeks, “I know!... I know that, but it wasn’t about me anymore...” 
“My sweet songbird, what do you mean?” She opens her mouth when a knock shatters the stillness of the moment. 
“Keeva…” she whispers. “Hold on one minute okay? Please don’t leave…” 
She steps toward the door. He has to resist the urge to pull her back to him, his skin already missing the warmth of her touch. 
Speaking softly to someone on the other side of the door she takes a small knapsack and slides the door closed. Kneeling to the ground before a small child. Ezra moves; possessed, eyes transfixed on the tiny human. When the boy looks up at him, his lungs constrict and he feels himself getting lightheaded. 
Standing before him is a boy no older than four, with evergreen forest eyes, black hair, a small patch of blonde in the front, a perfect combination of his songbird and...him. 
“Jasper,” her hushed voice says, “this is your daddy.” 
Ezra looks between the child and his songbird before he collapses to the floor, sobs overtaking his body. Her arms are around him in a second and she is pushing him to his knees and holding him tight to her chest. Small hands find their way around his waist and he pulls the child close with his left arm, placing his lips on his head. 
“Daddy, why are you sad?” his tiny voice trembles. 
Ezra straightens up looking his son in the eyes before gazing at his songbird, “I’m not despondent my son, these are tears of joy.” His watery smile lifts slowly and he pulls them tighter to him, lowering his head to feel the warmth of her lips against his own. 
The boulder in his chest finally rolls off, and he can breath again. He pulls back, resting his forehead against hers before gazing upon his son. “I’m home. Finally home.”
Day 16: Just Another Day - Din Djarin 
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takariweek · a year ago
Wow, how about that! We’re already halfway through the week!
Thank you to everyone who has participated so far, whether or not you’ve done something for every day! I’ve had a blast reading through all the fics and fangirling over the gifs and fanart. You’re all so amazing for what you do, and I appreciate you all taking the time to create so much Takari content!
As a reminder, please remember to put #takari week within the first five tags of your post, or mention this blog so that I can catch everything! Thankfully, I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to get everything thanks to some of y’all reblogging things Tumblr decides not to show me, so I think we’re doing okay!
Here’s a wonderful last three days!
Love, Mod Gen
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myyellowhuman · a year ago
750 words down and I'm finished with Milgram and his Obedience Theory BS. Now onto a shorter section Friendship psychology with Bigelow and La Gaipa. But first a quick coffee with Bill...
Tumblr media
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erodaficfest · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Attention Participants!
We’ve reached the halfway point! Hooray! Emails are being sent out today to check-in with you regarding your progress. Authors should have a completed rough draft. Any artists should have a design rough draft as well. By now, any collaborating participants should be in regular contact with each other regarding your ideas.
We are so excited for all of these ideas to take shape and cannot wait to see what you all have in store! Please check your emails and complete the attached Google form by July 24th. Thank you!
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devonellington · 3 months ago
Mon. June 27, 2022: Mid-Year Check-in
Mon. June 27, 2022: Mid-Year Check-in
image courtesy of Peter H. via pixabay.com We are almost at the halfway point of the year. How are you doing? In general, and in terms of your goals? Overall, I am in a much better place this year than I was at this point a year ago, both mentally and physically. For that, I am grateful. I feel like I’m healing the tears in my creativity, and I can creatively function again, which had become a…
Tumblr media
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realmofsollus · 6 months ago
TW: Injury, Pain, Manipulation, Stockholm Syndrome
The days passed in a blur, Juno didn't do any more alterations while Farrens eye healed. Eventually the only tell that it wasn't his was a small scar under his eyelid and the fact that the pupil was split from the trauma. Farren had worried that Juno might retry the procedure with a new eye but to his relief she simply commented that the broken pupil added character.
Farren quickly learned of Juno’s fascination with oddities and mutations, even learning that his own split fur was a unique condition that made him something called a chimera. He didn't fully understand all of what Juno talked about, but he started to look forward to her rants. It was one of the few times she seemed softer.
In the afternoons Juno left to go hunting in the forest, she often brought home deer, boars and turkeys. Farren took the opportunity of being left in the house alone to search for any potential weaknesses where he might escape. Much to his disappointment though, every corner and nook seemed tightly sealed, not even a mouse could sneak its way inside the cottage. Juno was clever, she had made sure her lair was perfect for keeping her prizes trapped.
If he could transform into his elven form, Farren might have been able to find a way to unlock the door or break a window, but even as the pain faded Juno continued to slip iron into his tea and food. He couldn't avoid it without causing suspicion and making Juno angry.
Farren decided to attempt to break one of the windows. He pulled together a collection of items from around the house. A wooden spoon, a carving tool and an amethyst crystal almost the same size as him. He started to pull the materials together and create a makeshift catapult. As he primed to drop down on it from the air, the door swung open. Juno stepped inside just as the amethyst launched itself at the window. It bounced off the glass with a *thunk* and rolled across the floor.
Farren froze as Juno walked casually over to the counter, the door slamming shut behind her. The edge of her mouth twitched as she leaned down and grabbed the crystal off the floor. There was the slight sound of crackling as she straightened, her figure taking on a boney taunt look as all eight of her eyes opened across her face. Each one glaring at Farren with a consuming anger. “Now,” she said, voice still laced with the honeyed tone she liked to use, “what’s this”. She set the amethyst next to Farren. “Surely, you're not making some attempt to leave are you”?
Farren took a breath, puffing his chest slightly as he tried to muster up courage he didn't feel. “Why shouldn't I? You can't really believe I want to be trapped here”.
Juno tapped her claws, now far longer than normal against the dark wood of the counter. Her hands seemed as if her skin had been dipped in a nebulous void, dark and veiny. “I thought we were in an understanding,” she growled, “that you belong to me, and haven't I taken good care of you? You have food, warmth, a bed”.
“You're mutilating me!” Farren said, lifting a hand to his eye.
“Mutilating? I’m making you beautiful, perfect”.
“No, no you're not, you're just going to tear me apart”.
“Oh, is that so?” Juno said her voice losing any touch of sugar or honey. She lifted her claws away from the table and moved to grab Farren. He stumbled back and off the edge of the table, opening his wings and taking flight, or, at least he would have if Juno’s webbing hadn't sent him simply crashing to the floor. He breathed hard as he pushed himself up. His wings stuck together and as he tried pulling at the webbing he only entangled himself further.
Juno strolled casually around the kitchen island and placed her foot atop Farrens' back, crushing him to the floor. She leaned down and pinched his wings between her claws piercing the soft membrane before tearing her hand upwards. Farren screamed out as electricity seemingly ripped through his spine. Juno pulled her foot away and picked Farren up by his scruff. He could feel blood trickling down his back.
Juno smiled, bearing a mouth full of needle sharp teeth, in her other hand between her fingers she grasped Farrens wings ripped from his back. “We were going to replace these boring old things anyway,” she said. “But it could have been so much easier than this”.
Farren choked as Juno squeezed him between her fingers. She brought him down the hall and into the workroom where she set about cleaning him up. “Such an avoidable mess,” she muttered, swabbing the already drying blood from Farren's back. He trembled at every little touch and movement, too shocked to cry out. He felt detached, like this was all some horrible nightmare he might wake up from any moment. But as Juno bandaged the damage she had caused, Farren realized he wasn't ever waking up, this was all real and while he might live a while longer, he was really going to die.
Farrens doomy thoughts were interrupted as he was lifted once more into the air. He didn't speak, didn't struggle, just limply gave in. “I think it would be best,” Juno said, opening a door Farren had yet to see behind, “that you rest with me for now, so I can keep an eye on you”. The bedroom, if you could call it that because there wasn't any actual bed, just a mess of large cobwebs. Juno sat down in one of the structures, laying back like she was reclining in a hammock. She set Farren down her chest, cupping her hands over him. Her form had softened again, but her eyes were no less predatory as she watched him.
Farren shifted subtly to tuck his arms under his head, giving him a place to hide his face from those dark, cold eyes. He breathed in shivers and shakes, which were in contrast to the gentle rhythmic rise and fall of Juno’s own chest. “Don't you want to be better?” She broke the silence. When Farren did not respond she continued, “If somebody came along offering to make me perfect, I'd jump at it”.
“Even if it meant dying,” Farren said through gritted teeth.
“Of course, to be immortalized and admired! What more could an artist want”.
“I don't want to die, I want to go home, I want to take care of my charges again”.
“How sweet, if not boring. In that hive of yours you're just a nameless, faceless, nobody worker bee”.
“That's not true! We’re a family”.
“Then why were you all alone”?
“I was studying to be a healer,” Farren hissed, “to help my court further”.
“Interesting, and is that what you really wanted or, is it what you were told you should do”?
“I.” Farren paused thinking back to all the scrolls and books and paper he had dreaded reading. His mouth went dry, “I… wanted it”.
“You don't seem sure”.
Farren growled, pushing himself up into a sitting position and gritting his teeth against the pain. “I don't know what sort of head games you're playing, but I'm not biting! Nothing will make this seem ok”!
“Things don't have to hurt.” Juno brushed a finger against Farrens face and he shrunk away. She followed, pulling his chin up so their eyes met. “Tell me,” her voice dripped with sweetness “what does Farren really want”?
“I want to go ho-”.
“No,” Juno interrupted, eyes narrowing. “What you really want, your most private desire, and there’s no need to be shy”.
Farren lay down again, “I don't know, I just want to be useful. I don't want to be trapped in this nightmare house. I don't want to be idle while I'm ripped to shreds. I don't.” He sobbed before he realized that tears were streaming down his face. “I don't want to be stuck, I want to make my own choices”.
Juno smiled, “That can be arranged”.
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greenfirefly7 · 10 months ago
Nanowrimo Progress Report: Nov 10th
1792 words /1600 daily goal
12,956 overall /25k total goal
7 mental health days left
I spent the morning making a spotify playlist to help me focus, and then busted out my words by noon. I hit the halfway mark!! I also got Caille to the point that at least some of the Farrisons trust her now.
I had to resist the urge to draw a map today. I might do that anyway now that I've reached my goal for today. I'm feeling weirdly inspired by the floorplan of the Farrisons' farmhouse.
I'll post a picture if I do, though I know no one is following or listening, lol.
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psycho-mocha · a year ago
we are more than halfway through 2021 and I have no fucking idea what I've done all year
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a-monthly-rumbelling · 5 months ago
Halfway Point
We’re halfway through the month now, and I hope you’re having fun with the prompts!
As a reminder, the prompts for April are:
Tumblr media
Non-Smut: “I just love….working with you.”
Smut: “Can I watch?”
Random: Adventurers AU
Please remember to tag your works #A Monthly Rumbelling, and @a-monthly-rumbelling​. :-)
Questions, comments, concerns? The askbox is always open.
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freakadr0id · a month ago
Someone had a bit too much fun animating this.
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totalmotorcycle · a year ago
Tumblr media
2021 AMA Pro Motocross Championship reaches halfway point http://dlvr.it/S458lP
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dwuerch-blog · a year ago
The Back Nine
Yesterday was Father’s Day and I was caught up in reminiscing. Time has a way of moving so quickly and catching us unaware of the passing years. It seems just like yesterday that my husband, the “fore father” and our young son were playing golf together. And a few years later, when our son had sons that every Father’s Day they would play golf together. I remember in later years when my husband…
Tumblr media
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chandralia · 28 days ago
absolutely obsessed with the class being set up in a VR simulation that temporarily erases their memory, and watching bkdk fall for each other in every scenario…
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