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sushi and fun mugs- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, sam wilson, steve rogers, random ocs and duck variant quack warnings: people misjudging bucky, reader being upset about it, somewhat short about: request! bucky is super quiet and intimidating and everybody is parting like the red sea whenever he's around yet there's *this one agent* who does everything to make him feel included and loved. everybody thinks she's being delusional for trying but, is she? part two
“how do you think he takes his coffee?”
“black.” genevieve leans back in her chair, lips puckering as she thinks, eyes thinning. “pure black. no milk, no sugar—he probably just chews on the beans.”
you send her a look and ignore her reponse. “i think he’d take it with sugar. lots of it.”
genevieve’s nose wrinkles, meeting your eye in incredulity. “he doesn’t seem like the type to have a sweet tooth,” she tells you. “sugar fuckin’ turns to… like salt or something in his mouth.”
shrugging, you jut out your bottom lip thoughtfully, cocking your head to catch a glimpse of the man in question through the captain’s office window. bucky barnes sits silently at the table, listening to steve as he talks and ignoring the quips sam wilson seems to be making. you see him roll his eyes twice after sam manages a chuckle from steve, not reacting when he’s nudged with a playful elbow.
“i disagree,” you respond finally. “i think he’s plenty sweet.”
steve and sam finish up the conversation with a single word from bucky, beginning to get up and leave the conference room. a moment after they’ve opened the door, bucky parts his lips with a silent sigh and stands as well, turning in time to catch your stare.
you smile at stunning blue beneath tense eyebrows, lifting two fingers in an enthusiastic wave. bucky manages a rigid lilt of his lips back at you.
“see?” you say to genevieve, who sends you a grimace.
“he looks like it’s physically paining him to have to interact with you.”
with a final glare her way, you move away from her desk, spinning when you hear sam’s voice nearby.
“hey, sam! steve,” you greet. sam returns your grin and musses up your hair while steve settles with a controlled smile and a nod.
“how’s my favorite agent? still kicking ass?” sam asks.
“i just finished up that mission two days earlier than planned, so… yeah,” you brag with a wink. “how’re sarah and the kids?”
“good. she went on a date yesterday, still gotta see how that went. jim and jody start school again next week, so they call to complain about it whenever they can. somethin’ about superhero uncle privileges.”
you suck air in through your teeth and stare up at him guiltily. “they bring up good points.”
“that’s the problem!” sam exclaims, eyes flickering to something off to the side. “someone needs me. talk to you later.” he pats your shoulder before taking his leave.
you turn to steve, bouncing on your heels excitedly. “how’s your cat?”
steve laughs before replying, already slipping his phone out from his back pocket. “she’s doing great. already stealing my socks.” he shows you his phone’s screen, faint smile on pink lips as you eye the orange cat over pairs of mismatched socks, disappointed frown on its snout as it stares into the camera.
“oh, that’s love,” you praise with a clap. “and art class? monday, right?”
“yup. surprisingly relaxing.”
“i told you,” you pester before catching movement on bucky’s end. he steps out, and the agents that had gathered in front of the office to talk to the other avengers silence, beginning to dissipate. you frown, able to see bucky’s indifference but not having it in you to mimic it yourself.
you bend to grab a mug of coffee you’d prepared earlier, giving steve a friendly smile and a tilt of the drink. “be right back.”
you weave your way to bucky until you’re next to him, cheeks pulled as you offer him the large teal mug, index finger over the bump of the ceramic octopus’ eye, pinky grazing one of the tentacles at the bottom.
“hello,” you say.
bucky stares at you. “hi.”
“i made you coffee.” you shake the drink a little. “i hope you like it, it’s completely based on my assumptions.” you chuckle lightly at yourself. “if you don’t, it’s fine.”
bucky’s eyes continue to bore into you, but you don’t falter, continuing to smile with the octopus mug in hand. slowly, his fingers reach to hook around the handle, pulling it to his chest.
“thank you.” he’s gruff as always, but there’s a note of surprise sewn in that you find interesting.
“no problem,” you quip, beginning to head back toward your desk, but you stop yourself, pointer finger in the air as if you’d recalled something. “oh! some of the other agents and i are ordering in from this sushi place that’s supposed to be really good. would you like to join us?”
you can feel genevieve’s stare as you offer it, catch the confused part of bucky’s lips as he mulls it over in confusion.
“...really?” he says finally, shifting on his feet somewhat suspiciously.
you giggle. “of course! we’d love to have you there.”
there’s another brief pause of his intense staring and your intense beaming before he clears his throat. “sure. why not?”
“great! it’s at the conference room on the third floor, see you there!”
bucky isn’t left with much of a response as you turn and walk over to the incredulous look on genevieve’s face.
bucky’s grumbling in the elevator next to sam, shuffling his feet as he concentrates on the lowering numbers above the elevator doors, made out of bright white dots underneath smooth glass. sam stares at him, watching him clench his jaw, ocean irises stormy.
“you’re really gonna eat with ‘em?”
bucky grunts in response, rolling his shoulders.
“now, why the hell would you do that?”
he sniffs, tongue swiping at dry lips. sam brightens, dark, squinted eyes widening in annoying realization, mouth pulling into an understanding grin. bucky groans when he says your name.
“‘shoulda known,” sam says, a lilt to his words that makes bucky huff a little sigh.
“she asked.” is bucky’s explanation.
“i ask you for things all the time,” sam complains, stubbornly shoving his hands in his pockets, lips in a wobbly thin line.
bucky feels the wait between five is three is longer than it should be.
“s’what? i gotta be a pretty girl and make some coffee for your grumpy ass?” sam asks. the doors part and bucky exhales in relief, stepping through them but sam’s not finished. sam’s never fucking finished. “is that how i get you to stop eating my fuckin’ ice cream? do some paperwork?” he calls.
bucky flips him the bird, searching for the conference room and your bright smile.
he spots it a few paces away through the window, licking his lips again when he catches your eye. his opportunity to ditch this entire thing is out the window the moment you send him an excited wave with chopsticks between your fingers.
you’re the only one who’s seen him until he pushes open the door and all eyes turn to him, conversation dying on every tongue once soaked in teasing jests. bucky looks around the room, nose twitching. the tension is palpable and he thinks he should leave.
then you cheer his name, bouncing off your seat to wrap your fingers around his bicep, tugging him to the chair next to yours. he spies eyes widening and thinks the agents are being a little dramatic. “i didn’t think you were coming,” you admit.
“‘told you i would,” he reminds gruffly, scanning shocked features. “did they know i was?”
“what? oh.” you wave a hand dismissively at your coworkers. “the more the merrier. paula invited her yoga instructor once.”
it’s still tense, chopsticks frozen around sushi as if unsure what to do next, but you’re either oblivious to it or you don’t care, chattering on with explanations about the different types of sushi available.
“help yourself,” you finish, setting a plate down in front of him. “what were you saying, toby? about last night’s yoga?”
toby eyes bucky uneasily, biting down on his bottom lip uncertainly. “uh. just saying how much of a weirdo this instructor was.”
everyone nods stiffly.
“right! now i’m glad i didn’t take you up on your invitation,” you laugh. “my dog makes a great yoga buddy, though, so it worked out.”
“yeah,” patricia pipes up hesitantly, eyes still flickering from bucky to you. “how is quack?”
you beam so brightly you put down your food. “he confuses the sit and roll over commands, so if i tell him to sit, he’ll roll over, but if i tell him to roll over, he lays down. not sure why but i love him anyway.”
“what’ll make him sit?” bucky asks, all knitted brows and gruff voice.
“down,” you reply, then raise a finger. “but also, strangely enough, if i say the word ‘duck.’”
bucky grunts, shoving one of the pieces of sushi you recommended to him into his mouth.
the silence that follows is long and uneasy.
“my hamster died yesterday,” genevieve blurts suddenly. you send her a confused look as the other agents say their quiet apologies.
bucky chews slowly. “sorry for your loss.”
“thanks,” genevieve replies. she clears her throat. “i should go… train. for the… mission.”
“right,” patricia says, standing too. “yes. we’re very dedicated agents, sergeant.”
bucky wrinkles his nose and she shifts awkwardly. “...sir.”
toby packs up, too, sending your pout a quick smile. “i’ll see you later,” he offers, inhaling sharply before he ducks his chin at bucky. “um, it was… very nice eating with you, sergeant bucky barnes, sir.”
they scramble away, leaving only you and bucky in the conference room.
bucky tenses his jaw as you frown.
“think that was because of me, doll.”
“no!” you argue. “there really is a mission. at some point.” a sigh. “i’m sorry, bucky—”
“why? you didn’t do anything, sweetheart. i’m just saying that you should’ve probably expected that—”
“if they knew you—”
“they don’t like me, they’re not gonna know me.” bucky pops a pieve of sushi into his mouth as you look at the door disapprovingly.
“it’s not that they don’t like you,” you contest. “it’s just… you’re so angry all the time—”
“that’s just my face, sweets, i’m not angry.”
“maybe,” you pause. “smile a little.” at his grunt, you poke his side. “just sometimes. as a peace offering,” you tease, then grin brightly as if to show him what to do.
he glowers at you for a moment before sighing, swallowing his food. “fine.” he tries it, lips twitching up into a strained smile.
you wince, patting his cheek gently. “thank you for trying, baby.”
“what? you don’t like my award-winning smile?” bucky jests, beginning to eat again.
“i like it when it’s real,” you retort, tapping his nose with your finger. “you have a very pretty real smile, bucky.”
bucky’s features set again, but his cheeks pink. “thanks, sunshine.” he runs his tongue over his teeth. “sorry you’re stuck eatin’ with me.”
you humph disdainfully. “i love eating with you. and today’s gossip wasn’t even that good, bucky, don’t even worry about it.”
“really? nothing about joanie’s date?”
“what about genevieve’s email admirer? toby’s secret child?”
“hasn’t messaged in a week, is his cat, i think.”
“well then. i guess we’d be the best gossip today, huh?”
“we’d always be the best gossip, bucky, please,” you condemn. 
“we probably are. little sunshine eating with the big bad wolf. they’re probably sayin’ i’m taking your food or something.” bucky laughs.
you beam, cocking you head at him.
“what?” he asks.
“i told you your real smile was real pretty.”
bucky grunts, leaning over to press a kiss to your hair. “sunshine, you’re really ruining my reputation here.”
“you like it,” you badger.
“i do,” bucky hums, scanning your face with quick blue movements. you’re so bright and pretty, light in a way that makes him feel dirty for daring to kiss his shadows over your sunshine. he growls in frustration, catching the concerned knit of your brows before he dives to kiss you. “i really do.”
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Ink: Mikey
You're the unlucky one chosen to be Bonten's unoffical tattoo artist. More parts to follow. Characters: Mikey x gn Reader Warnings: None
Your boss was the one who usually dealt with what he liked to call the 'big clients'. It wasn't because he doubted your skill or wanted to hide who these people were, you were a very talented and capable artist who knew the less than savory occupations of the customers, it was just that he knew how difficult some of these people could be and his years of experince meant dealing with them was much easier.
The first time you met a member of the gang you later found out to be known as Bonten, they were indeed booked in to be seen by the boss, however the out of place looking blonde came in on a quiet evening and decided he'd much rather spend the hour with you.
There was nothing sinister about his request, nothing that suggested he chose you for any other reason than 'she seems nice'.
Any objections were short lived when it seemed this man who was only in the diary as 'Sano', could get what he wanted without even raising his voice.
You should have felt intimidated when you took a seat on the black leather couch opposite him, placing a sketchpad and pen on the coffee table seperating you both, but despite knowing he was powerful, something about him was oddly child-like and it was hard to be nervous when faced with that.
"So," you smiled. "What would you like?"
It was rare anything was pre-drawn with these clients. Confidentiality was a big deal and so was hiding any potential association with the world of organised crime. You just hoped it wasn't anything too extreme for the time of day.
'Sano' took a small piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to you.
You unfolded what turned out to be a convenience store receipt with an questionable amount of pastries on it, however on the back was a rushed, minimalistic pen drawing. It wasn't something you'd usually do but you had to admit it was a nice concept and atleast it would be easy.
"Just this?" You ask.
He nodded.
"Okay, I'll draw it up out the back. Just give me five minutes."
- The room where you tattooed was small and cosy, no windows but bright due to the light overhead, and the walls were scattered with designs you drew and art from some of your friends. Something about it seemed to appeal to your customer who told you to call him Mikey, as he stared at the figure collection by the door whilst you were half way through his tattoo.
"My sister liked that show." He said quietly, pointing to an enthusatic figure with blonde hair and a short green dress.
"Oh really?" You said glancing up. "To be honest I've never actually seen it.. I just thought it looked nice."
He hummed in reply. "She thought she looked a bit like her."
"She must be pretty then."
"She was."
You gathered by his response that his sister probably wasn't around anymore but his statement didn't create an awkward silence, infact you got the feeling that he had enjoyed talking about her. You'd gotten very good at reading people in this job although Mikey was more on the challenging side. He didn't really seem to speak unless spoken to but when you could engage him in conversation he'd participate fully, almost a little like he was desperate for it.
"Where did you get this design from by the way?" You asked, wiping some of the ink off of the back of his neck.
"..someone I knew when I was younger."
"I like it. It suits you."
"What do you mean?"
You stopped the machine for a moment, thinking of the best way to phrase your thoughts. "Well, ignoring the placement, I think it seems like a good representation of you. On the outside it looks quite simple but there's probably a deeper meaning or something more going on beneath the surface.." Mikey liked to think he had crafted a personality that was enough to scare people away, never getting close enough to find out the slightest bit of information about him, but there he was, being easily and perfectly analysed by you. He also liked to think that the reason you were putting him at ease and he found himself engaging and actually enjoying your company was because you genuinely liked him, and not because you were just good at your job.
He certainly (and unexpectedly) liked you.
Either way, the rest of the session went relatively quickly. He enjoyed listening to you talk about your life outside of work and strange tattoo requests you had, and in return you would get vague retellings of simpler times in Toman.
"So you're all done." You smiled at Mikey. He had seemed pleased with the tattoo when he finally saw it, not based on his expression which was unchanged from the moment he walked into the shop, but the way he spoke. He sounded a little lighter. "I need to clean up in here but my boss is the one that deals with the money anyway so you can just go back out and speak to him." Mikey hovered by the door, hesistant to leave your company because once he stepped outside the shop he wasn't your customer anymore, he was the head of Bonten.
"Thank you.." He said, two words that you didn't know rarely passed his lips.
"You're welcome, it was fun. It was nice to meet you Mikey!"
He bowed slightly, any earlier confidence in your presence quickly diminishing . "You too.."
Sanzu: Car's coming! :)
Mikey rolled his eyes as he put the phone back in his pocket. Despite the time the street was still fairly busy and he didn't really want to be waiting around any longer than necessary. He leant against the side of a cafe whilst he waited for the car in an attempt to avoid getting shoved in the crowds. He was tired. He'd actually found the process of the tattoo somewhat meditative and now it was over the fact he hadn't slept for the past three days was catching up with him. "Hey! Mikey!" He turned round to look down the street, surprised to see you running up to him. "Damn, I'm so unfit." You laughed, bending over slightly and trying to catch your breath. "Are you okay?" He asked, confused by your reapperance.
You nodded, blushing slightly. "Yea uhm.. now I think about it this might actually be a bad idea but uh.. do you want this?" You stood up and held out a small blue bag you'd been carrying.
Mikey hestinantly took the bag from you and opened it, the smiling face of the figure from your shelf staring up at him.
"I'm not particiularly attached to it and I dunno maybe she'll have a better home with you.. I'm sorry if it's inappropriate I didn't really think this through.."
That night Mikey finally slept well, watched over by the photo of Emma next to his bed and the toy he'd told her he was given by a new friend.
- It had been a couple of weeks since you had seen Mikey, the regular flow of customers keeping you too busy to really dwell on previous clients but a large box that had been left on the front desk was sent to make sure you wouldn't be forgetting him.
"What's this?" You called out to your boss as he walked into another room.
"Dunno, delivery driver dropped it off for ya~"
The dark blue box was from what you knew to be a high-end confectionary shop in Ginza, although you'd never been there and certainly hadn't placed any orders. When you opened it up you were greeted by a large assortment of dorayaki and a rather childish drawing of the sender on the message card inside. Sorry for what's to come. - Mikey You were a little confused by the statement and slightly concerned considering the business you guessed he was involved in but half an hour (and three dorayaki) later, the door opened and a tall man with short pink hair walked in and over to you at the counter.
"I believe you're the one I need to speak too, right?" He grinned, holding out a tatty recipt with a simple deisgn you had a strange feeling you would be seeing alot more of. "I'm Ran."
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hi hi ! i was wondering if you could do a rook x fem! reader ?? something kinda based on this thank you and have a nice day :))
I would love to do that absolutely yes anon please enjoy your rook hurt/comfort. It’s kinda short but I hope you enjoy regardless
ange tiré avec du vin rouge
Rook Hunt x Fem!reader
Tw// bullying, harassment, groping, violence, shooting (arrow), physical intimidation
Tumblr media
Being the beloved of Pomefiore’s vice housewarden isn’t a short order by any means. Rook Hunt requires a lot of attention for various reasons. He’s a cuddle bug, he’s an innovator, and a patron of all arts. He has duties to Vil, duties to his dorm, duties to himself, and duties to you. Somehow, in all of this, he still manages to ‘hunt’ the other students of Night Raven College.
But still, the way his face melts into pure, unfiltered adoration every time he sees you makes every difficulty worth it.
Today, however, it seems that it’s even more difficult than usual.
You haven’t seen him nearly all day, being caught up in school, being Vil’s go-for, his own work in the science club, tutoring Epel, and being stuck in a meeting of vice housewardens.
It wasn’t unusual for him to be busy, but he would normally at least have time to sit with you at lunch, or take a break together as he walks you to class. It was clear that his absence was unappreciated by you.
Thus, you are left alone to walk from the main building all the way back to Ramshackle, Grim groaning about his poor tired little paws rom not having Rook carry him everywhere, and your arms absolutely stuffed with both homework and paperwork Crowley passed off to you.
Dusk is painted with ashy pinks and golds across the sky, clouds darkening above as if it’s about to rain. You shift your papers to one side and rub at your tired eyes before taking a pause to check and make sure Grim was still near you.
“Nya? Henchman, we’ve got company!” Grim said, hackles raised as he looked behind you.
There stood two students - Savanaclaw student C and Octavinelle student B. Both were entirely too close for comfort, crowding you so close you almost fell over when you turned around, letting out a surprised yelp.
“Hey, looks like a little mouse lost it’s way,” Octavinelle student B crooned, “you look awfully shy. Your big, strong man gone for the day?”
You gulped, taking a step back as Grim scampered up your leg to ride on your shoulder, “I’m not lost, I’m just going back to my dorm.”
“Ah, right, I forgot you live all alone.” C leaned in, smiling in a way that showed all his teeth, “We can escort ya, if you like. Hate t’ see somethin happen to you. It’s getting dark, after all…” his voice dropped in pitched, eyes going lidded as he reached out and too your bicep.
“I’m fine by myself, thanks.” You tugged your arm back, eyes narrowing coldly, “I don’t need any help.”
“Oh? Then why don’t we take you for a drink? Mostro Lounge isn’t busy right now.” B replied, pulling your books from your grasp and tucking them under his arm, the other going to rest on your waist.
“No, thank you. Now give me back my books.” You hissed, pulling away again.
“Aww, you’re scaring her. She really does look like a little mouse like this.” C hummed, crowding your space once again, “It’s a shame that freaky Hunt guy isn’t around like usual. Now you don’t have anyone to protect you~”
You felt your phone buzz in your pocket as you stepped away from the students who seemed particularly inclined to harass the shit out of you, Rook’s ringtone going off with each little sound.
“Bubble pop electric~ Bubble pop electric~ Bubble pop electric~”
Student C snorted, leaning down to reach into your back pocket and pull out your phone, “Now, now, not as mousy as I thought. You surprise me, prefect.”
You suddenly had the feeling of someone’s eyes on you, of a breath against the back of your neck, mixed with the smell of perfume, plants, and a little bit of sweat. If you had turned around, you would find nothing. You knew this, and instead held perfectly still, expression blank and calm as you stared at the two students hassling you.
Zip. Zip.
Your phone dropped to the ground, luckily not breaking the screen. Octavinelle Student B jumped back as an arrow shot his stupid hat off and the other grazed his leg, tearing the fabric of his suit pants. Savanaclaw student C was clutching his nose as blood poured from between his fingers, eyes wide with surprise and a growl in his throat as he shouted obscenities.
You turned your attention to where you believed the arrows to have come from, to see a violet-colored figure wearing a hat, perched on the wall of the stone balcony on the third story of the main building. It was hard to shove down the bubbling, manic smile trying to break out of you, but instead you simply settled for a wave in his direction.
When you looked back, both students were staring at you in fear. Octavinelle student B carefully placed your papers down on the ground, before the two turned and scampered away, blood streaming down from the nose of student C.
You smiled as you walked forward and scooped up your homework and phone, before pulling out Rook’s arrows from the ground. You gave a little smile in Rooks direction - it was no concern for you he wouldn’t see it, you knew he would - before walking toward Ramshakle again.
As soon as you stepped inside and put your belongings down, you slipped off your shoes and called Rook.
“Hey angel, thanks for the save.”
“Ma Cherie, I would never leave you unprotected. All you need do is shout for me and I am at your whim.”
You giggled softly into the phone, then murmured, “When you’re done with your work, will you come over? I don’t wanna be alone right now.”
“My work can wait, ma amor, I’m on my way to you as we speak. Do you need me to bring anything?”
“Just yourself, sweetcakes. And…seriously, Rook. Thank you. I…was really scared.”
There was a pause and a moment of silence before he said quietly, “There will be none of that anymore. I will deal with them for you, ma petit biche. I swear on the fairest queen.”
You smiled earnestly, “I know, mon amor. I trust you.”
While you waited for Rook to arrive, you got to work by making dinner for the two of you. You weren’t positive if he’d eaten or not, but you were sure you were hungry at least.
When Rook finally arrived he was soaked in the rain that threatened to pour before. He wore a smile regardless as he mourned his wet clothes. He seemed to have no issue with the comfy ones you offered him, though, nor the cuddles to ‘warm up’.
The two of you spent the night eating a home cooked meal and listening to the rain outside come down, a window cracked to enjoy the petrichor scent. You cuddled and chatted away deep into the night, eventually falling asleep there.
Your duties to everyone else could wait. Tonight was more important.
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duskamethyst · a year ago
Tumblr media
a/n: totally for self indulgence... don’t know how is this gonna do though since i’m not sure if a lot of people has caught up with the manga but i’m pretty sure the fandom has seen him at least once and instantly thirst for him. so, idk what colour his eyes are (i can see blue but fanwiki says green so i stuck with that and in between). this comes with a package of me pointing out how big and buff he is and idc if you’ll get annoyed over it.
word count: 6.1k
genre: AU, nsfw, smut, angst if you squint
warnings: DARK – NONCON, coercion, corruption kink, daddy kink, size kink, choking, mind break, breeding, face fucking, slight dacryphilia, spitting, age gap, degradation, virgin reader, dilf toji manhandling reader
pairing: toji x f!reader
languages available: vietnamese.
summary: you want to surprise your bestie, megumi upon his arrival home from college but things take a terrible turn.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
heavy rain starts pouring as soon as you’ve reached the front doorstep of the fushiguro’s household. it was a dumb idea to not bring an umbrella with you despite the sky already starting to get dark when you left home earlier, but you were willing to push your luck and started sprinting once you felt prickles of droplets landing on your skin. with a stroke of luck, you managed to escape the heavy downpour from soaking your clothes.
drawing a deep and relieved sigh, you take a moment to regain control over your breathing before knocking the big front door. aware of the aftermath of the run, you fix your hair with your hands as you wait for megumi to come and greet you. 
college made you and the male to part ways until phones were the only thing that kept you both up to date with each other’s lives. ironically enough, that’s the thing you forgot to bring when you left home in a rush and excitement to surprise your dear friend since he’s coming home today. you can vividly remember the last text you read; he was at the train station and you had to estimate the time of his arrival and the time he would be at home instead of asking him.
however, you’re caught slightly off guard when a different man opens the door for you instead. nonetheless, your lips curl to a sweet smile and there’s a brief of awkward silence before he speaks. you know him, but he doesn’t seem to remember you at all.
“you’re..?” with a tilt of his head, he looks down at you with a curious brow. 
“it’s me, mr. fushiguro!” you offer your name, scrutinizing the expression on his face as his forehead crinkles while he jogs through his memories. then he glances at you and away in thought and back at you again with wide eyes when he finally recalls.
“oh, it’s you!” he ruffles your hair, a bit too enthusiastic in spite of his usual character that you were always familiar with. “i haven’t seen you in a while.”
you let out a little laugh, “yeah. i think i was fourteen the last time i saw you, mr. fushiguro. but it’s nice to see you again.”
“ah, yes. i had to go out of town and overseas for business a lot.” toji explains, rubbing the back of his neck, slightly bashful that he didn’t recognize the girl– no, woman before him even when you both have met plenty of times back when you often came to play with his son since you both were still little. 
but can anyone blame him? time works wonders and now the little girl he used to know has grown to be much more mature and gorgeous and so... demure.
“yeah, megumi told me. speaking of him, is he home?” you finally inquire, bringing up the reason why you’re here in the first place. 
“why don’t you come in first? it’s cold outside.” he says before immediately turning around without answering your question. you close the door behind you and follow him closely, also somewhat intimidated when you realize how tall and huge he is– the tight fitting shirt stretches over his wide back and accentuating his physique even more. his arms are toned and popping with veins, not the way you used to remember at least, but you’ve never cared to notice. you’re not certain of his age either, but you’re pretty sure you’d be surprised if you find out.
“do you want coffee or tea?” toji suddenly breaks the silence as you nervously stand in the middle of the room to take a glimpse around the kitchen like it’s your first time being there, completely heedless over his gaze lingering up and down your curves, observing the figure of a girl who just freshly went through her womanhood and your lascivious beauty before he quickly turns around to grab two mugs from the cabinet. 
“anything is fine.” you politely reply, fear of sounding somewhat demanding if you choose your preference despite being offered with choices. 
“come on, you’re giving a man a hard time.” he jokes. “and sit down.”
he’s trying to extend his invitation though intentionally sounding assertive, but when he sees that you are quick to comply and scramble to your seat, he finds it to be... stimulating. at least he knows that you’re docile and he wonders if he could put it to the test. well, doesn’t matter. he will.
“coffee is good.” you smile, interrupting his train of thoughts and he pours the coffee from the pot before walking over to hand you your mug. 
“unfortunately,” he sits down on the chair next to you. “megumi isn’t home right now.” toji puts his lips between the warm mug and softly blows before sipping his coffee. “he wanted to take a short trip to the store but i think he’s going to be stuck there for a while.” he looks out the window to only see pitch black staring back at him along with roaring thunder from the skies.
“oh.” you mutter, taking a careful sip of the hot brew. a little disappointed that you couldn’t see megumi yet, but his dad is right– it’s nearly a disaster outside but you find no point hanging around any longer either.
“is it too bitter? you don’t like it?” his voice laces with concern when he notices your face involuntarily scrunches up at the bitter taste. 
you quickly shake your head, “no, no. it’s fine!” you reassure, afraid that he’ll take offense from the coffee he personally made. “besides, if megumi isn’t here, i–”
“oh, it’s fine if you wait here for him.” he cuts you off. “unfortunately, we don’t have an extra umbrella.” the corners of his lips tug into a comforting smile and you are quick to relax into it. 
you’ve always found toji to be quite frightening when you were young. he seemed like someone who never smiled, always had a sombre and intense vibe to him that no child would be too fond of.  there was no exchange of words between you two, except for your constant brief hello and a smile that you did out of courtesy whenever you bump into him inside his house, even though he never replied anything back. not even a crack on the lips to return the smile. 
but today is different. probably because he finds it easier for him to talk to an adult than a child and you’re relieved that you’re able to humor him in some way.
“so, are you and megumi a thing?” he abruptly asks and glances at you as he sips his coffee.
“no, we’re not!” you titter, waving a hand in dismissal as you bring up the mug to hide your face from embarrassment.
“oh?” a glint of amusement and surprise shines in his green eyes. “are you sure?”
you blink at the question as heat warms your cheeks from the thought of dating your best friend. “yes, megumi and i are just friends. really.” 
“why? because you have a boyfriend?” toji pries, uncaring if he sounds intrusive to you and you only assume that he’s trying to strike up a conversation in some old fashioned way.
you just shake your head and laugh, “it’s not that, either.” 
“hmm,” he props his elbow on the table leisurely, head resting on his fist as he looks at you intently, as if in search of something. “you’re pretty hard to figure out.” 
“what do you mean? i don’t think so.” you smile, bringing up the mug to cover your face again so you can shy away from his intense gaze yet he thinks that it’s endearing and he finds himself grinning unwillingly. 
toji notices how you always try to look away when you get so shy over some simple questions. you’re just oozing with purity and innocence of a maiden and something dark and twisted inside him is craving to violate every part of it. 
“for a start, i can’t figure out why you don’t have one.” he says, tapping his fingertips on the table as his mind is running with sinful thoughts. 
“hmm, maybe because i haven’t found anyone interesting yet.” you finally lock your eyes with his as you answer, not wanting to come off as rude if you keep on talking without looking directly at the man.
“isn’t my son good for you?” he couldn’t care less to be honest; he only plans to test the waters and is even more aroused to learn that you’ve never been touched by a man before and he feels like a wolf that’s just ready to pounce on a lost, little lamb.
“oh, no, no!” why do you have to get so bashful? he’ll fuck you on this table if you don’t stop. “we just don’t see each other that way.”
he’s so lost in his thoughts and carnal desires that whatever you’re babbling seems to go in one ear and out the other.
“then, what do you think of me?” he asks nonchalantly with a smirk plastered across his face.
you blink at him once, twice. “uhh, what?” is he suddenly getting self-conscious? 
“you heard me. what do you think of me?” yet he doesn’t seem like it either.
“umm,” you ponder for a moment as you think of every adjective you can find in your head that wouldn’t come out offensive if you’re going to be honest with him. why would he even ask you such a thing anyways? and why would it matter to him? there’s nothing nice about him that you could exactly pinpoint from the past except for ‘scary’, ‘serious’ and some other things revolving around those.
“i thought that you were kinda... scary?” you blurt unsurely, mentally slapping yourself for even daring to say such a thing to him. unless it’s a vibe that he was going for, then you’d be relieved. 
it isn’t exactly what toji wants to hear but he laughs heartily, “really?” a shiver runs down your spine when he looks at you again, his eyes glimmering with daunt. “but are you still scared of me?”
“uh, no.” you laugh. “you’re actually really nice, mr. fushiguro.” 
“oh, that makes me feel better.” another grin etches on his scarred lips as he draws his gaze to your hands that are tensing and fiddling with your sleeves and your leg is bouncing; a perfect depiction of a trembling lamb cornered in his den– and he’s fucking starving. 
has he got you on edge? are you nervous? good. “but i think you should.”
a lump catches in your throat and your heart drops, “i- what?”
the chair emits a screeching sound and it stumbles backwards as toji abruptly stands up from his seat. sheer panic causes you to rise on your feet too, and your eyes dart to the chair, and the male, back and forth as your mind tries to get a grasp on the situation.
“mr. fushiguro..?” you whisper meekly, taking a step away and around the table as you notice him taking a careful yet threatening inch closer. 
“no, no. i’m not gonna hurt you.” toji (barely) reassures you as he continues creeping on his feet. but the sinister smile on his lips takes out every last bit of faith you had in him and the loud voice in your head keeps telling you to run for the door and never look back– fuck the rain.
 as if he can read through your thoughts, he warns. “but i will, if you run.” 
the smile on toji’s face turns smug when he sees you freeze in place upon his threat. being trapped under the unpleasant situation triggers your fight or flight responses and rapid heartbeat drums in your ears as you stand in trance and trepidation.
“that’s a good girl.” he coos, taking another step forward before you decide to throw a mug at him and dash towards the door as fast as you can. you assume that toji has pushed the table to the floor when you hear a loud thud, followed by his hasty footsteps as he catches up quickly behind you. 
the door that is finally within arm’s reach suddenly changes into a mirage when a strong pair of arms grabs you by the waist and your body floats as it lifts onto his shoulder. the huge contrast between the size of your body and his should let you know; no matter how much you try to resist, he will never budge. yet, your arms and legs still flail around in an attempt to punch and kick him and you’re screaming for him to let you down and just hope that anyone is able to hear your cries in spite of the thunderstorm. 
well, so much for luck.
“ah, ah. you don’t wanna do that.” there’s a mocking and amusing tone in his voice as he advises you. “you should save that energy later. juuust in a bit.” 
“mr. fushiguro– stop–!” you sob, watching your only escape slowly disappears out of sight when he turns to a corner and into a dark room. your body bounces onto a mattress before toji’s huge, ripped figure swiftly looms above yours and ties your hands together with a belt and onto the headboard. at this point, the illuminating lights through the windows are the only thing that aids your vision and you have to rely more on your senses.
“shh,” he shushes you with a finger against your trembling lips. “the neighbors will hear. and if they do, i want it to be because you’re getting fucked so good. so be a good little girl for daddy, okay?”
regardless of being terrified, you find yourself cringing over the nickname he refers to himself. hopefully, he won’t ask you to call him that either. “mr. fushiguro– i– please don’t do this. i- i won’t tell anyone.” 
toji tsks, taking his sweet time to admire your smaller body underneath his– the exposed, soft skin on your neck waiting to be bruised, chest heaving as your breath comes deep and short, and legs pressing together to secure your modesty; though will prove to be futile later. 
“i know you won’t.” his thumb grazes against your lips, mesmerized by its plushness as he imagines it wrapped prettily around his throbbing cock. “are you a virgin?”
you only nod your head, eyes wavering as you look at his darker ones before catching it shine with interest. 
“never had anything inside here?” he asks again, pressing your cunt against the fabric of your pants with his fingers. the dark room makes it hard to see, but your cheeks are turning red from humiliation and you look away before shaking your head no.
“are you sure?” toji’s thumb presses down on your clit and causes your body to shudder apprehensively.
“o-only my finger.” you audibly whisper through the white noise outside. 
oh, how exhilarating. guess the innocent looking ones can be lewd too. don’t you know that a cock would make you feel better? a big cock like his is definitely what you need. just a finger wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you! poor little thing. 
“then i got to teach you a few things, right? it’ll come handy later. boys love girls with experiences.” he promptly strips you off from your pants before carelessly throws it to the ground and kneels between your legs to keep you wide and open for him.
“you like to be touched here?” his finger reaches down to ghost over your clothed clit, observing you with lust filled eyes while you turn away from his gaze and remain unresponsive. “daddy is a very impatient person so i suggest you answer me.”
toji pinches your clit, and your body squirms with an elicited yelp. you can only guess (and hope) that he wasn’t referring to him touching you there but you answer anyway, “y-yes.”
he hums in satisfaction, moving down until his head stops between your thighs and in front of your sex. toji grabs your thigh and spreads them apart before flattening his warm tongue against your clothed bud, causing a shiver to run down your spine and it quickly draws your attention to him.
your face heats up in embarrassment when you see toji’s head dipped in front of your pussy, but he’s only calm and teasing as his jade eyes stare up to lock with yours to look for a reaction.
“you’ve never felt a tongue over here either, hm?” he sneers, rubbing circles on your clit with his thumb and you mentally curse yourself for feeling slightly aroused over his ministrations. 
“just let me go, please.” you try to close your legs, but to no avail when his rough hands push them away.
“you know, if you keep asking for ridiculous things,” toji tuts and grasps your supple thighs hard, nails digging painfully on your skin. “i might have to get rough on you. but you’re a smart girl and you wouldn’t like that, right?” 
“n-no.” you choke and fidget.
“good. because i only want you to feel good.” he offers a gentle smile and kisses the dented mark on your thigh. “so, let’s start over. you haven’t answered me.”
you nibble your lip hesitantly and look anywhere but him, “no.”
“see? all the more reason for me to show you what you’ve been missing out.” he chuckles, tugging your underwear to the side impatiently.
“fuck. such a pretty pussy.” he growls at the sight of your bare cunt. there isn’t a lot of slick yet, but it’s fine, he’ll make you get there. that’s the point of this whole ordeal, right?
your body quivers naturally once you feel the foreign sensation; wet, warm muscle prodding your puffy folds up to your clit and circling on it with the tip of his tongue teasingly as he observes you from below. 
your eyes are screwed shut and your lips are caught between your teeth as you try to restrict your whines from the undeniable pleasure rushing in your veins and he doesn’t stop– your pathetic attempt to deny him and your sentiments only drives him to push you over the edge even more. 
with a harsh suck on your clit, he manages to get you to squeal and you can feel him smirking underneath you. toji flattens his tongue and laps off your juices again before he takes you by surprise when he suddenly slides a finger inside your tight, wet cunt. 
“shh. it’ll feel good, baby girl.” he comforts when he hears you whimper at the pain inflicted and true enough, it soon begins to feel good. you’ve fingered yourself plenty of times before, but it feels different when he does it for you– his finger is thick and long that it reaches deeper than you’ve ever been able to.
toji notices you start to become quiet so he slides in another digit, eliciting yet another sob from you. the warm and moist cunny makes his cock twitch and he finds himself getting eager. your back arches from the bed when toji curls his fingers to stroke the bumpy tissues of your g-spot with every drag.
“feels good, yeah?” he grins arrogantly as your legs tremble under his hold. your breathing has turned erratic and your toes are curling as your mouth gapes in pitiful, broken cries that are just music to his ears. 
“answer me, sweetheart.” he presses down a thumb on your neglected clit, reminding you that he is not keen on being ignored and disputed. 
“y-yes.” you finally choke through pants and shame. though the answer comes out in hesitance, your body is more honest– pussy sopping and eliciting obscene squelches and it’s enough to satisfy him for now. 
your head thrashes side to side as you feel yourself about to tip over but you still refuse to beg toji for a release. 
“hah– fuck!” you whimper loudly when toji oh-so-generously sucks your clit again, fingers pumping faster inside your cunt, making your body feel even more tense with overbearing stimulation before finally pushing you over the edge and you break into a silent scream.
toji laps off your slick before he pulls out his finger into his mouth and licks them clean. 
“that’s a good girl. why don’t you taste yourself?” he climbs on top of you while you gasp for air from the intense orgasm and he easily pulls you into a fervour, sloppy kiss. you can feel the wet slick on his chin and you can taste yourself at the same time as he intertwines his tongue with yours. 
out of spite and vexation, you found courage to bite his tongue hard and toji instantly pushes himself from you, his dark eyes express astonishment and agitation.
“fucking bitch.” he curses as his eyes narrow at you displeasingly before he takes off his pants and briefs to release his cock from its confinements. his cock is throbbing and thick, and you can almost see a trickle of precum on its head. you crumple at the sight as regret and anxiety washes over you.
“don’t worry, it’ll fit.” he says cockily upon the worrisome look on your face. “but since you like it rough, i’m sure you want to choke on it first.” 
“no– i’m sorry!” you shake your head but toji only lets out a scornful laugh as he disregards your pleas and props himself on the knees and over your neck.
toji slaps the tip of his cock on your lips, gesturing you to open your mouth but you purse them into a flat, thin line and refuse to obey. 
“open up. it’s a part of your lesson after all.” he snaps before squeezing your cheeks together. “it’ll get worse if you don’t listen to me.” 
“d-don’t wa-ant to– flea-shh.” you whimper and toji emits a long, deep sigh as he releases his grip. 
“i don’t like repeating myself.” his voice is laced with malice and chills crawls up your spine as his eyes look down at you demeaningly before you slowly open your mouth trepidatiously and wait for his next order. 
“no teeth. i think you’d know that much.” he patronizes before sliding his cock inside your mouth and he hisses as the warmth engulfs his throbbing cock. “that’s it. now, suck.”
and you have no choice but to obey submissively. you slightly lift your head and struggle to take his length as much as you can before running your tongue around to feel each prominent vein.
“i said suck, whore.” he commands through gritted teeth. you hollow your cheeks, compressing his fat cock tight between them as you bop your head up and down. 
“fuuuck, just like that.” toji groans as his hand reaches the top of your head and caresses you softly. you start to pick up the pace, slobbering his dick with so much saliva that it begins to seep from the corners of your mouth and it’s so wet and obscene– just the way he likes it. 
“it almost makes me think that this isn’t your first time.” his head falls back and hips begin to jerk until the tip hits the back of your throat, forcing you to take more than you could. you choke as tears start to well up in your eyes and the bedhead shakes when you try to tug your wrists. 
“what’s wrong? can’t take my fat cock?” he scoffs arrogantly. “you gotta work on your gag reflex, sweetheart.”
the muffles from your throat vibrate against his dick and toji groans in pleasure that he subconsciously rocks his hips, slapping your chin with his balls. your vision has become blurry and breathing becomes harder as you let him abuse your throat and your jaws ache before he abruptly pulls out and you can finally gasp for precious air.
“look at you,” his cock twitches with excitement when he sees the tears rolling down your cheeks from your doe eyes and he wipes them away with his thumb, making you flinch slightly, “are you sorry for making daddy mad?” 
toji always tries to articulate each word with appease. it’s never soothing per se when you can sense the threat entwining in his voice and it’s fucking you psychologically.
and it deems to be successful when you’re already trembling in fear underneath him. 
you’re uncertain whether he prefers you to speak or not, but your throat is sore so you meekly nod your head in response. it’s better than nothing, to be honest.
“good. open your mouth.”
your mouth is already parted for air but you assume that he wants to put his cock in again. submissively, yet dreadfully, you open your mouth wider and await for him to shove his cock back in but you’re surprised when toji spits in your mouth instead. 
it’s warm and disgusting; you’re just left gaping and repelled, and you want to spit it out but toji squeezes your cheeks together.
“swallow.” he orders. you quickly brace yourself and close your eyes before cringing as you gulp down the mix of saliva in your mouth and toji releases his grip once he’s certain that you’ve ingested. 
“i could’ve made you swallow my cum but i’d feel bad,” he chuckles sardonically. “what do you have to say?” 
“t-thank you.” you whisper vaguely and he accustoms his face to a simper. 
“good girl.” toji smashes his lips onto yours, yet his eyes are locked with yours ominously for a brief second– a telltale that he expects you not to pull up another stunt before they close as he deepens the kiss. 
obviously, nothing would benefit you whether you comply or defy, not until you’ve catered for his insatiable lechery. but you’ve learned your lesson and although you’re compelled, you finally relent as every ounce of resistance begins to drift from you. 
toji breaks the kiss and shifts lower, peppering greedy kisses on your neck before he catches the soft, chaste skin between his teeth to suck and form purplish bruising marks. he lifts up your shirt over your head and hastily unclasps your bra, causing you to shudder once the cold air hits your exposed breasts. 
large, calloused hands press your mounds before his mouth latches on one perky tit, while the other is tweaked with his fingers. experienced tongue draws circles and sucks punishingly, alternating with the other nipple. the headboard rattles as you keen over the stimulation and your eyes open in dismay when you feel something hard prodding your clit. 
he moves lower and spits on your cunt before propping on his knees to take off his tight shirt– through subdued glow, you can make out the outline of his toned abs and broad chest as his large build towers menacingly in front of you; even when he’s not standing on his feet.
“listen. daddy is going to release the binds, but do you promise to be good?” he asks, smearing the saliva with his cockhead and against your slit.
“yes. i- i promise.” you murmur appallingly; as if you have a choice in the matter.
toji leans over to unrestrain you then he observes you, expecting you to put up a fight but instead, you just remain still underneath him. 
he grins in satisfaction, getting off to the fact that you’ve fallen into submission before he shifts back into his prior position and bends your knees up to line his cock with your hole. a feeling of triumph stirs inside him when he’s reminded that he’s the ‘chosen’ one to defile your innocence.
“stop! it hurts–!” you wail and your hands clench the sheets when you feel toji’s thick cock stretching your virgin cunt slowly, but he ignores you, groaning at the warmth that engulfs him and the tight walls that clenches him as he selfishly pushes through. 
it burns. so bad. your chest heaves rapidly and you screw your eyes shut as your face twists to express pain and uncomfort. “please, please–! i can’t–”
“yes, you can.” his tone is indifferent as he holds you down since your body keeps on wincing until he finally fills you to the brim and he can see a bulge poking on your tummy. 
“fuck. haven’t been inside a virgin cunt for a while.” he mutters under his breath. “now, i know it hurts but i promise you’ll enjoy it. it’s just too bad that you get to have a big cock as your first.” he snickers nonchalantly and leans down closer to your face, making you jolt when you feel it inching deeper.
“if it makes you feel better– you’re fucking tight. just the way daddy likes it.” toji whispers in your ear but you can only freeze in fear and agony.
toji hovers above you, his hands firmly grip the headboard in front of him and he begins to move his hips; thrusting in and out of your pussy. 
your fists clench the sheets harder as a loud cry rips from your throat, “no! it hurts! please!”
but toji doesn’t seem to mind, his cyan orbs stare down at you coldly yet in focus as he relishes over the plush walls clamping down on his cock. 
“stop! stop– i- i don’t want–!” you continuously wail as you writhe in anguish before he suddenly stops pounding and he wraps his hand around your neck instead, instantly drawing your attention to him as he applies pressure in his hold. 
“if you don’t stop whining like a bitch in heat, i will fucking breed you like one.” he warns through gritted teeth, clearly agitated over your act of defiance. 
“you want this. you’re going to love this.” his words are sick endeavours to coerce you into another round of complete submission. 
but what else can you do? toji’s hand is so large that his middle finger and thumb almost reach each other as it clasps around your frail neck and you know he can easily crush your windpipes if he wants to.
“say it. you. want. this.” he seethes.
“i. want. this.” you barely croak each word and they’re slowly influencing your cloudy mind. as soon as he releases you, you soothe the pain around your throat with your hand as you gasp for air.
“fuck. don’t think i didn’t feel you clenching around my cock just now.” he sneers and situates himself again before ruthlessly and steadily continuing where he left off. 
you only close your eyes and bite your lips hard to stop whimpering as you mentally comfort yourself and dissolve every inch of your sanity; i’m going to enjoy it, it’s going to feel good soon, i want this, i want this.
soon enough, toji notices that your muscles have relaxed– suggesting that you’ve finally caved in as pleasure overtakes you so he fucks you deeper and faster before he falls on his elbows and you can feel his bangs tickling your face.
“that’s it, baby. you make daddy feel so fucking good.” he praises between grunts. you can feel the veins on his cock dragging against your walls and he’s right, it feels so good and your lips open in breathless pants.
you find your arms to loosely wrap around his neck and your legs around his waist as if clinging onto him for dear life as toji ruts into your cunny like a feral beast. 
“you like it, yeah? this is what you want, isn’t it?” 
through hazy mind, you can only manage to whimper an audible ‘yes’ as you feel an odd, yet almost familiar knot twisting in your lower stomach begging to snap and your nails dig into the skin of his broad back upon the intense sensation shooting through your body. 
a low, deep guttural sound leaves his throat when he feels your nails sinking and scratching his back– it prompts him to quicken his pace and you can feel the tip of his cock kissing your cervix over and over, causing your back to arch simultaneously. 
“i’m– i’m gonna–!” you keen as your body trembles in anticipation and your sopping cunt is clenching on his throbbing cock like a vice. 
“fuck yeah. cum on daddy’s cock.” toji urges and nips on the sensitive skin of your neck to tip you over the edge and your pupils blow wide as you break into a scream. despite being your second orgasm for the night, an overwhelming euphoria washes over you for the first time of your life; is this what it feels like? you don’t know, you’ve never had one (at least not from a cock) and your pussy is just fluttering, pulsing and creaming around his cock. 
“hah– fuck. good girl.” 
toji remains to snap his hips, fucking you through your high as you’re left in daze from your orgasm. toji can feel his balls tensing and his thrusts are turning sporadic as he inches closer to his climax. your whines and nonsense babbles are drowned by the feeling of pleasure that’s enveloping him and he doesn’t even have the resolution to listen to you gibbering when your cunny is just milking him, sucking him in like it doesn’t want to let go and he just wants to give what your greedy pussy asks for; to fill it up with his thick load until it’s full and leaking out of you. 
and daddy knows best, after all.
“shit– i won’t be able to hold it any longer. say you want daddy’s cum.” he grunts.
you’ve partly snapped out of your daze when you hear his voice again, and though you can’t see his face that’s already buried next to your head, you’re petrified and it’s making you feel dizzy and suffocated. 
“i– n-no. please not–” you sob through your raw throat.
but toji doesn’t listen and you don’t know if you’re relieved or not because if he does, you know that it’ll tick him off and it’s going to do you more harm than good– but you’re scared and it hurts, that you unwillingly start to snivel again.
“shut up. you’re gonna take it like a good cumslut.” he shoves two long fingers in your mouth, causing you to choke on them.
“daddy’s gonna cum in this pretty pussy and you’re gonna fucking take it.” 
toji’s grunts ring in your ears and you’re able to feel his cock twitching inside you before he finally releases hot ropes of cum– filling up and defiling your womb.
“y-you came inside..” you mumble once he takes out his fingers as you’re left entirely devastated and stupefied. 
“fucking did.” he pants, lifting his body up from you and pulls out his cock to shove back the dribbling cum that’s leaking from your abused cunny with his finger. you would wince but your mind is already numb and your body is sore that you can do nothing but burn holes through the ceiling above.
“don’t look so sad.” the room resonates with his chuckles and he gets off the bed to put back on his pants. toji walks over to the nightstand where a pack of cigarettes await him and he puts one between his lips and you can hear the flicking sounds of a lighter as he tries to burn the tip. 
“i can promise you that other guys wouldn’t be rough as me but one thing’s for sure,” he inhales the tobacco and exhales in a gratifying manner, “that will stay as the best fuck of your life.”
fat tears stream down your cheeks and you curl on your side, protecting your now-ruined-body as you quietly sob and your mind takes you back from how the ordeal even started and causes you to end up where you are right now– and it only makes you cry harder.
toji only lets out an exasperated sigh. he grabs his shirt from the floor and throws it on his shoulder before reaching the door.
“megumi won’t be coming home ‘til tomorrow. he said something about the train and the weather, so you can leave when you’re done. you know your way out.”
you hear the door close shut behind him and you’re left in the dark with nothing but the smell of his tobacco and the sounds of the drizzling rain accompanying you as you drown in your thoughts and griefs. 
how many mistakes have you made today? four? five? or more? 
you’ve lost count and you question yourself over again until you’re no longer able to care.
what’s done is done.
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→ part one, heeseung + ni-ki version.
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🖇️ heeseung and you were returning from your afternoon walk, conversing playfully as the sun peacefully started to set behind the tall buildings, a pink and orange hue casting the sky in a pleasant glow, wisps of clouds floating mindlessly in the distant sky. you saw a little girl, no older than five, wandering back and forth in front of a small convenience store, eyes taking curious glances at the people passing by. you tapped your boyfriend's arm, gesturing at her, "look, isn't she so cute?".
as if on cue, she took notice of you, skipping her way closer as you approached her as well. you smiled at her, "hi! are you alone here? where are your parents?"
the little girl shook her head, muttering a small "no, i'm waiting for my mom. she went to do something." heesung nodded at her answer, frowning slightly to himself, "is she in there?" you pointed at the convenience store, to which the little girl nodded. turning towards heeseung, you made brief eye contact, coming to the same idea.
"it's not very safe out here, so i can wait with you here until your mom comes back. do you want some juice? this older brother here can buy you some!" you pointed a thumb at the man standing next to you. she fidgeted on her spot, giving you a shy nod. right away, heeseung entered the store, scanning through the aisles for something the little girl might like. satisfied with his choice, he fished out his wallet from his pocket to pay for it, politely smiling at the woman in front of him who was also waiting in the short line.
after having payed for the drink, he exitted through the automatic sliding doors, blinking at the sight before him. you waved a hand over to him, urging him to come closer. "that's my boyfriend coming. he just went quickly inside to get this beauty a small gift." you explained to the woman holding the little girl's hand, who could only smile at you, grateful.
"here you go, little one." he handed the small carton to the youngest presence. "hello," he turned to the woman with a sheepish smile, "i didn't realize you were her mother. i hope you don't mind us." the woman chuckled, "none at all. it was quite irresponsible of me to leave her alone, i don't know what i was thinking. thank you for taking care of her."
waving them mother-daughter duo a goodbye, you slid your hand in his once again, "she was so cute." heeseung replied with a fond smile, "yes, she was."
ni-ki version under the cut.
Tumblr media
🖇️ thinking that spending some time in the park would be fun in the nice and breezy weather, you'd planted a mini-picnic on a small field somewhere in the center of the large greenery. you were donned in simple clothing, hair moved out of your way as you pulled all of your concentration together to catch riki's next shoot. you were doing pretty well as a goalie so far, but if he scored this one, he'd win the bet and you were going to have to buy your boyfriend five scoops of ice cream— you just know he made a bet for that amount just to tick you and your wallet off, but you'd let him have it... actually, you wouldn't, because you were set on catching the ball.
cracking his neck just for the intimidation factor, riki pulled his sleeves up, rolling around his shoulder before taking position a little farther from the ball resting on the grass. "you're so gonna lose!" he yelled across the small field, earning a few amused looks from the family sitting somewhere just out of the clearing. unnoticed by both of you, their little son jumped out of the picnic bench and started to happily run towards right where you stood, anticipating riki's kick. your boyfriend dashed forward with a burst of energy, angling his foot slightly to the side to get a clean shoot and sent the ball soaring at the sky.
you yelped when all of a sudden the little boy jumped right in front of you, "oh my god, riki! be careful!" panicking , you wrapped your arms around the boy's tiny frame and jumped out of the ball's way with him in your arms. seeing that you were safe as the ball slammed right into the small, portable goal you'd brought with you, you let go of the kid with a sigh of relief, waving an 'ok' sign at his concerned family who'd all gone up with concernfor their boy.
"we're all good!" you assured them. the culprit of the attack ran to your side as fast as he could in a few large strides, sliding in front of the boy with his knees. "i am so sorry, are you okay?" riki asked while gasping for air, hands wrapped loosely around the boy's arm as he inspected for any injuries. you rolled your eyes, flicking at his forehead with an annoyed snort, "i think he's just fine. i told you to be careful!" you whined.
"hey! it was too late when you said that! it's not my fault." he retorted, rubbing the pinkish skin above his browsto ease the non-existent pain. you noticed the father approaching the three of you, no real sign of anger evident in his eyes. "that was some quick thinking there! thank you and i'm sorry that this brat jumped in the middle of your game."
the older man seemed apologetic, hoisting his son on his shoulder, "we'll keep him in check."
"no worries! he can stay, actually! we'd love playing with him if it's okay?" riki pitched in with a hopeful smile, eager to entertain the cute little boy. nodding along, you gave the little boy a thumbs up, bringing him along to play with you when his father happily allowed his son to stay with you while they continued having lunch by their table.
you never knew how much of a soft spot he had for children until that day.
Tumblr media
ngl kinda went a little too long with riki's bc it was just so cute ;-; i adore lidol kiddos they're so adorable ;-; gonna write the rest of the boys' version soon </3
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katsukisbimbo · a year ago
Then and Now | one
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✯pairing: ryōmen sukuna x reader x gojo satoru
✯summary: where gojo’s best friend is the reincarnation of sukuna’s former lover.
✯wordcount: 4.3k+
✯warning: fem! reader, she/her pronouns, swearing
✯note: omg i’ve literally been sitting on this for 3 weeks but here it is!!! i’ve fallen down a jjk hole and i don’t think i can ever get up
part two
Tumblr media
“Satoru! Where’s Megumi? You said he’d be here? Something about looking for a special grade?” you bounced around, grasping his arm and shaking it along with you. You loved annoying him. The two of you had always been close. As a child, Gojo was still as bright and cocky as he was today, he had many proclamations of being your protector. Though, as you two aged, you learned how to protect yourself, becoming a jujutsu sorcerer whilst staying by his side. Of course, you were nowhere as talented as Gojo, but you never let that stop you, and he never used that fact against you.
You were still high in the rankings, a grade 1 to be exact, and you worked hard to get there. Not because you wanted to catch up with Gojo, but because you wanted to make him proud. He was the only one who had supported you through it all. Your parents weren’t much help, but Gojo was there for you when your world was crashing down, when you had broken into pieces he would be the one to put you back together.
There had never been a time where you had doubted Gojo. Until, maybe now.
“I dunno, I got souvenirs!! Kikufuku Mochi! They’re really good! You gotta eat some with me!” his mouth quirked up into a boyish grin. Gojo never lost his childishness and that was something you had always admired, even if his personality constantly irked you during your tween years. Nonetheless, you both stay loyal to one another.
You couldn’t help but smile at him.
“Why’re ya smiling like a weirdo? You got a crush on me or somethin’? He teased, using his free hand to boop the fluff of your cheek with his pointer finger. He never failed to ruin the moment. Typical Gojo. You sighed, running a hand over your face. “Shut up Gojo, let's go find Megumi before something bad happens to the kid.” you huffed, earning a laugh from your companion.
“You didn’t tell me the cursed object was Ryomen Sukuna’s finger.”
“You never asked.”
“You little-”
“What’s the situation?” he suddenly spoke, cutting you off whilst catching the attention of both Megumi and the strawberry haired male. You knew in an instance that this male was the vessel of Ryomen Sukuna. He emitted the curse energy of Sukuna himself. You always felt a connection to Sukuna and had helped find several clues and his fingers, resulting in the higher-ups permanently putting you on this case. 
 “Gojo-sensei! Why are you here?” Megumi exclaimed, his eyes soon darted to your figure right beside Gojo. “Y/n-sensei too?” he gaped. It was obvious that both you and his mentor were close, though, lately, it felt like there was something deeper going on between both of you. 
“Hey! How are you Megumi?” you chimed, approaching his wounded figure. “I don’t think he’s good Y/n. He’s all beat up!” he responded, fishing his cell phone out of his pocket. “I should show the second-years!”. He laughed as he snapped a few embarrassing pictures to send to his other students, causing Megumi to turn and hide his shame, along with his injuries. 
 “The higher-ups wouldn't shut up with a special-grade cursed object missing, so I stopped by while doing some sightseeing.” he huffed, knowing Gojo, he rolled his eyes. You did understand his dislike for the higher-ups. They tended to be more traditional and strict with their ways, while Gojo was...not. Of course, you would always stand by Gojo, even if it meant going up against your superiors. It was all or nothing with him. 
“Then Y/n showed up! I don’t even know where she came from!” he loudly exclaimed, as if he wasn’t that skilled to the point where he could sense you the moment you step into the vicinity. You rolled your eyes, whilst the two boys sweatdropped. “So, did you find it?” he queried, staring directly at his student. 
“Um… Sorry, but I ate it” the strawberry-haired male awkwardly chimed in. 
A pause. 
“For real?”
“For real.” the two replied in unison.
Gojo moved to observe him, leaning in close to his face. His chin propped onto his right hand in contemplation, a little pout forming onto his lips. He leaned in close with a laugh before pulling away from the male. Sometimes Gojo forgot that boundaries existed. The thought made you sigh, your mind suddenly recalling the time Gojo had tried to convince you to take a bath with him while still being in the tub, the bubbles barely covering what they needed to cover. Of course, Gojo enjoyed teasing you, along with being able to see your cute flustered face. You were pulled out of your daydream as he suddenly spoke, not realizing that you had completely missed their conversation. 
“Then give us ten seconds. Once ten seconds are up, come back to us.” Gojo demanded as he stretched. You stretched your hand out towards him, taking his souvenir to protect it. You knew Gojo was craving to fight Sukuna. You could feel it. You were aware that he was stronger since he had only ingested one of twenty cursed fingers of Sukuna, but that still did not ease your anxiety. 
Megumi, knowing how much of an overthinker you are, gently grasped your hand hanging on your side, lightly squeezing it in reassurance, as if to say ‘He’ll be okay, he’s the strongest.” You proceeded to nod at him and return the gesture. You pulled out a clean handkerchief, moving to slowly wipe the blood away from his face, aware of the fact that it would take some time to get him the proper medical attention he needs. 
“Don’t worry, I’m the strongest.” he cheekily responded. That eased your anxiety even more. You rolled your eyes once more at his cockiness. A small part of you hoped that Gojo would be graced with the opportunity to get his ass kicked, but a bigger part of you was aware of how strong Gojo was, and knew how quickly he would be able to defeat Sukuna’s vessel. 
You slowly sat beside Megumi, straightening the short length of your skirt while stretching your legs. You had a love-hate relationship with your jujutsu uniform, love because you looked amazing in it, and hate because a certain someone made your skirt length a tad bit too short. Of course, you wore shorts underneath, but it was still irrational to force all of the females to wear something as revealing as a skirt. 
Technically, it wasn’t mandatory for you to wear the uniform but Gojo insisted as it would raise “morale”.
As Gojo continued to ramble on, a dark figure was already ascending, aiming for Gojo himself. 
“Behind you!” yelled Megumi, frantically reaching for your hand to pull you away but you just brushed him off, patting his knee to reassure him. “Don’t worry Megumi, I got you, just let Gojo have his fun.” he slowly nodded, still listening to his mentor ramble about mochi. 
In a split second, Gojo was sitting atop of Sukuna, whilst Sukuna was crouched between your thighs, his arms on either side of your legs, the skin of your thighs barely brushing against his forearms. You laughed at his incredulous expression before raising a hand to pat his cheek and mockingly pouting before blowing him a kiss. Leaving him stunned, he quickly snapped out of his daydream before continuing to attack Gojo. 
Your eyes fluttered open, the bed of flowers soft underneath your fingertips. You glanced around, hoping to find something, someone, anything familiar within the vicinity. Panic engulfed you, bile steadily rising in your throat. Tears began to gather in your eyes. Being in unfamiliar places had always given you a large amount of anxiety, especially since you’d just been sitting beside your pupil while watching your best friend fight the king of curses. 
“What are you doing just sitting there dumbass?” a gruff voice called from behind you. You whipped your head back, hoping to find someone you know, but no such luck. The person behind you was quite intimidating. They emitted straight power and confidence. Unable to say anything, you stood there gaping at the stranger.
“What? Why’re you staring at me Y/n? You like me that much?” he teased, stepping closer to your figure to brush the stray leaves that had fallen onto your head. Even if he was a stranger, you felt no need to flinch or run away from him. The air around him had a sense of familiarity. As if he were a warm blanket amidst a harsh winter. You wanted to wrap yourself in him, feel him and his warmth. His love.
“Come on, let’s go princess. I don’t need you getting sick ‘cuz you were being a dumbass.” he sighed, wrapping his arm around your waist before pressing a kiss on your forehead.
At that moment, everything had faded away, leaving you with nothing but butterflies and the tingling sensation left on your forehead from his loving kiss.
You glanced at your shocked pupil. His eyes are wide with his mouth agape. “Y/n-sensei… Have you finally lost it? Y-You just patted Sukuna’s cheek!” he loudly exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air. You laughed before avoiding his gaze, concealing the visible traces of shock etched on your face with a smile. 
That vision. You have never had something of that sort ever occur in your lifetime. Your mind was completely muddled. Barely registering the next words that leave Gojo’s mouth. 
“Both my student and my future girlfriend are watching, so I’m going to show off a little,” he smirked, leaning back onto Sukuna. They continued to fight, not that you were paying attention. You felt Gojo’s stare land on you a couple of times, yet your mind was still occupied with what you had seen. 
You suddenly shot up, carrying Megumi as Sukuna’s vessel came skidding towards the both of you. You ran behind Gojo, knowing that it would be safer for Megumi. You sighed once more before sitting Megumi down. Dusting your skirt, you dug into Gojo’s bag of treats before munching on a piece of mochi. 
“You jujutsu sorcerers are always trouble, no matter what era!” Sukuna growled, pointedly staring at you as he launched another attack at Gojo. “Though that doesn’t mean much to me.” he continued smugly before his eyes widened, seeing as the three of you had come out fully unscathed.
Megumi sighed as Gojo continued to count down, Sukuna’s vessel returning to his body once more after ten seconds, just as Gojo had instructed him to do so. You droned out for the rest of the conversation, lost in your thoughts on who the male could be. It couldn't be Gojo, the male's voice had a gruffness that Gojo didn’t have. 
“You can really control it.” Gojo mused, stepping towards him. 
“He’s kind of annoying though, I can hear his voice. He keeps mentioning this girl. Her name is Y/n I think? He keeps cursing her out! Saying things like ‘After almost a millennia she shows up!’ and ‘I’m never forgiving her, no matter how pretty she looks in that skirt.’ and--” he paused, scratching the back of his head. “He just swore at me for exposing him.” 
Both Gojo and Megumi turned to you, eyebrows raised in curiosity. You froze. You weren’t sure of what these two wanted to hear, as you are just as clueless to the situation as they are. Contemplating how to answer, you ended up shrugging your shoulders, stuffing your face with even more mochi, resulting in Gojo sighing before knocking out and carrying the male. 
You sighed, throwing yourself onto your bed before glancing at the cursed object currently on the palm of your hand. Sukuna’s severed finger was long while his nails were sharp. You traced the skin of the fingers, your curiosity getting the best of you. You studied his fingers from time to time but never got tired of looking at them, feeling the immense power it held. 
“Why are you still up?” 
“Fuck you Satoru. I hate it when you sneak up on me like that you bastard,” you grumbled, shoving your face even further into your pillows to avoid seeing his cheeky smile that you adored. “Aw. You’re so mean to me,” he fake pouted. “I just wanna be… appreciated,” he yelled in tiny, quoting that one lady. 
“Come here. Take off your jacket and go change into proper nightclothes, assuming you’re staying the night again.” rolling your eyes. Satoru had made a habit of sleeping in your room, leaving his quarters almost always vacant. He basically lived with you! Even when both of you would see each other almost every day! Excluding the days when you are both on missions. 
He smiled before rummaging through your drawers and silently made his way into the bathroom, shutting the door with a soft ‘click’”
When he came back, you were already fast asleep. Your fluffy sheets enveloping your whole figure, making you look so small in the mess of sheets you peacefully laid in. So beautifully peaceful. He smiled, leaning down to give your forehead a small peck, then situating himself beside your figure and pulling your body into his arms, knowing how well you slept when you were held. 
You inwardly groaned, feeling as if your head was about to be split into two. You looked around, stuck in an unfamiliar place once more. This time, it was real life. You could feel it. You were able to control all your actions unlike during the first occurrence. Meaning that the vision you experienced may have been a memory, maybe from your past life. 
This place had a menacing aura, a silent force pushing you to bend to its will. You knew better. Being an experienced sorcerer yourself. You grasped the holsters located under your skirt, silently clutching the pair of your guns before walking forward. You were able to enclose your cursed energy into your guns, shooting them out whenever and however you pleased. 
“Nice guns. I remember when you didn’t use any weapons at all. Only using your cursed energy to fight. You were a much better fighter back then.” a voice drawled, a shiver going up your spine. You whipped around, eyes widening at the King of Curses sitting on his rightful throne. “What are you talking about Ryomen Sukuna?” you growled, clicking the safety off of your weapons. 
“So formal. You used to call me Su-chan, you know?” he smirked, greedily enjoying your facial expressions. “That was then. Before you fucked me over,” he growled, his face contorting into anger. “You don’t remember what you did to me. Do you? You’re selfish. Then and now. You’re so fucking selfish. Get out before I lose my patience with you.” he growled, fists balling. 
Your jaw dropped in shock. You didn’t expect his personality to flip so quickly.
“Fuck you, man. I don’t even know you. You don’t even know me like that. Stop acting like you do! What do you mean ‘back then’? You’re swearing at me without even telling me what I did!” one step. “You’re a bitch!” two steps. “You’re a pussy!” three steps. “Fuck you!” you were running now. “You’re a fucking dick! Suck my dick!” you spat right in front of his face, leaving him stunned. Who was crazy enough to curse out the literal King of Curses?
One, in his domain. Two, when he’s no less than a foot away. And three, to his actual face. Only an absolute mad person. It was a fitting description. You angrily peeked at his expression. Waiting for him to obliterate you. His hooded expression is dark. You stilled, unsure of what to do. He… He wasn’t moving nor speaking. Could you just leave? You weren’t even aware of where you are or how you even got here. 
“Hey... Are you okay? You haven’t moved in a while. I’m sorry for swearing at you, but you kinda deserved it, not gonna lie.” scratching your head. You continued to stand awkwardly, hoping that he would just stop tormenting you with the silence.
“He-Ah!” you screeched as you were pulled into his lap. His arms wrapping around your waist to constrict you from moving, his hands entwining behind your back. You positioned one of your pistols beneath his chin, forcing him to meet your gaze. He smirked, placing a kiss on the barrel of your gun, further flustering you, warmth spreading to your cheeks. 
“You still don’t know how to listen. After a thousand years.” he chuckled. “You’re still the same. Disregarding my anger, even though you’re aware of what I’m capable of.” he softly smiled. An unfamiliar sight. “You never liked listening to me in the first place did you?” he queried, tilting his head up to face you. The grip on your gun faltering. You leaned into him, your weapons falling down your side, clattering down the floor. Sukuna licked his lips.
You moved to kiss him. Your arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him closer to you, your lips fully pressing against his. The feeling of his lips hot and familiar on yours. You moved to clutch his hair, wanting to pull him into you, only for your world to break apart, plunging you into darkness. 
You jolted awake, flying off of your bed and into the bathroom. Startling Gojo in the process. You splashed water onto your face in hopes of somehow calming your heart down. You remembered your dream vividly. Heavy footsteps made their way to you. You turned to face Satoru, tearing stinging your eyes as he automatically opened his arms and pulled you in.
“What’s wrong kiddo?” he cooed, pressing soft kisses onto your forehead. ‘Kiddo’ had been a childhood nickname bestowed upon you by your childhood friend himself. Seeing as you were younger than him. You clutched him tighter, wanting to feel him surround your whole body. 
“I don’t know bunny. I just don’t know anymore.” you continued to sob whilst Satoru continued to hold you, his concern evident through the crease of his eyebrows, his bright cerulean eyes piercing through you. You didn’t understand what you were going through. Were you upset because of your affiliation to Sukuna? Were you upset because of the kiss? How were you going to tell Satoru about the kiss?
“You don’t have to tell me what’s going on. Even though I might already know. But, just try to calm down okay? Can you take deep breaths for me kiddo? Come on, you got this. You’re a good girl. In. Out. Yeah, that’s it baby.” he continued to comfort you, the sound of his voice soothing all your negative feelings and thoughts. 
After another ten minutes of standing in the bathroom wrapped in his arms, your cries have finally ceased, your soft sniffles and puffy red eyes the only proof of your sadness. “Come on kiddo, wash your face for me. It’ll fix the puffiness.” rubbing your arms before making his way out of the bathroom, giving you time to gather yourself. 
 Your mind drifted back to Sukuna. Your fingertips unconsciously drifting to your lips, the kiss plaguing your mind. He had spoken quite a bit about how you never listened. Very accurate but how would he have known? It wasn’t as if he knew you. The possibility of knowing Sukuna in one of your past lives was close to impossible. He must be playing tricks with you, trying to bend you to his will. You may have had a moment of weakness last night, but it was going to be the first and the last time you let yourself go in front of him. 
“Eat my ass Satoru!”
“Well, I’ve been trying for years bu-” he yelped, clutching the arm that you mercilessly attacked. He had a nasty habit of making too many sexual jokes. Of course, you weren’t going to deny the fact that you’ve shared similar thoughts, but you would rather jump out of a moving car than admit it to your best friend. Knowing him, his ego would triple and nobody had the time or patience for that. 
“You are so mean!” he pouted. 
“I am not! You’re just a little piss baby.”
“I’m filing for a divorce. I can’t tolerate this slander anymore.” he huffed, walking away after absolutely destroying him in Mario Kart. His pride took a hit. He had taught you that game! You couldn't be that much better than him, the screen displaying fifth place while you came second. You giggled as you followed him, clinging onto his arm as you peeked at his sour expression. 
“Don’t be a sore loser Satoru. It’s not cute.” you chastised. Pointing your index finger at him, resulting in him playfully biting at you. “So what I’m hearing is, I’m cute the rest of the time.” he flirted, lowering his sunglasses to wink at your steadily heating face.
“Sure, but we both know who’s the cutest.”
“Of course you’re the cutest kiddo.”
“I was talking about Nanami, but sure. That’s good too.”
His jaw dropped. Did you find Nanami cuter than him? The Gojo Satoru? He was visibly stressing, running a hand through his soft snowy locks before letting out an exasperated sigh. “Fine. You’re not cute. You can go play with Nanami. I don’t like you anymore.” he pouted once more, shaking you off of him. “Noo-” you tightened your hold on him, pulling him to the exit of the arcade. “Let’s go get ramen. My treat since you’re so cute.” You teased.
You smiled at him before facing forward, missing the way Satoru’s lips parted in awe, a light blush dusting his soft pale cheeks. His wide eyes are full of love hidden behind the lens of his sunglasses. He turned away from you, placing his vacant hand on his chest, a futile attempt at calming down his racing heart. 
“Oh. You’re back.” he deadpanned, eyes boring into your figure. The setting was different today. Instead of being in what you had assumed what his domain looked like, you were sitting beside him on the engawa of a quaint traditional Japanese home. You scowled, furrowing your eyebrows as you scowled at the nonchalant male.
You lunged at him, hoping to pin him down to press for answers. Not realizing that your attire had also changed, tripping on the length of your floral patterned yukata, resulting in you landing on top of Sukuna himself. His eyebrows almost flying up to his hairline. 
You peeked at him. His hair dishevelled, a rosy blush adorning his cheeks. Your eyes trailed lower, unable to look him in the eyes. A mistake on your part. His white yukata had slightly unravelled, exposing his tan, golden chest to your wandering eyes. Your mouth is drying up at the sight. Unconsciously licking your lips. 
His shocked expression replaced with his usual smirks, his fangs making an appearance. “Didn’t know that you wanted it that bad, princess. What’s wrong? Your little friend isn't enough for you?” he sneered, gripping your waist with his hands, his razor-sharp nails slightly digging into your sides, causing you to squirm uncomfortably. 
“What is your problem you freak?” you growled, fisting the fabric of his clothes. 
“Me? I’m not doing shit babe. It’s you who has a problem.” he scoffed, sitting up, inching his face close to yours. Your noses lightly bump into each other as you felt your cheeks heat at the contact. 
“Why so shy princess? I remember when you used to make me eat my words. You were so cute back then. Thinking that you owned me, thinking that you were in charge of me. Learn where you stand. You are nothing to me” 
Lies continued to spew out of his mouth like vomit. He knew he was lying. He knew that you had him wrapped around your finger that moment he saw your face once more. The anger of the past dissipated. Only you left. It wasn’t his fault. You were his only love and you left him. Well, that's how he saw it. 
The pain of losing his love had left an ever-present scar on his nonexistent heart. You had been the only person to ever stay by his side, no matter how much he tried to push you away, to insult you, make you hate him. To no avail, you bulldozed your way into his life and his heart. 
“Stop lying to me. I know you’re lying. I can feel you lying Sukuna. I-I don’t know how to explain it...but I just know. I don’t know you, but you feel so familiar. Your habits, your personality. I keep getting flashbacks, or memories. I’m not sure. Though, I do know that they aren’t mine. At least… not in this life…” you trailed off, avoiding his piercing gaze. “But I know that the guy in those visions are you. It just… feels like you. Your warmth, your words, your voice…even your touch” you gently placed your forehead against his, closing your eyes for no sole reason. Only wanting to feel his energy. Feel him. 
He sighed. 
“Still the same as ever, princess. Always find your way into my heart” he heartily chuckled before continuing, placing the warm palm of his hand against your cheek. Your eyes flutter open at the contact. “I’ll explain since you asked so nicely” he winked, patting your cheek almost mockingly, reminding you of the time you once did the same. Heat rose to your cheeks. 
“So…” he started.
What was going on?
You saw his mouth moving though no words escaped. You tilted your head in confusion, causing him to pause before cupping your cheeks.
No words were heard. You were even unable to hear your cries.
“I’m sorry.”
Then black.
Tumblr media
© katsukisbimbo 2021 — all rights reserved. please refrain from modifying, translating, reposting of any kind. plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. please be kind and enjoy! ALL CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP!
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hopiiiie · a year ago
Oml, I read your other fics and- *chefs kiss* Would it be possible to make one w/ Sukuna? Just breaking the absolute brat--
what brats get
warnings: sugarbaby!sukuna, sub!sukuna, dom!reader, fem!reader, finger fucking in a bathroom, a lil bit of mommykink
word count: 4.5k
summary: Sukuna, your sugar baby, thought it’s a great idea to act like a brat but when he felt your fingers down his throat, he knew he shouldn’t have.
note: i think i have a thing with hands and fingers. i remember liking a person back in highschool just bc of their hands lmao
i don’t know how this reached 4.5k words. i had a hard time writing this. i did so many drafts, i kept getting stuck at the intro and at how this should go. also experienced writer’s block tf. did some editing for this but if something’s wrong, don’t hesitate to tell me!
෴♡෴ ෴♡෴
Sukuna is a whore.
No, he doesn't fuck for money. He fucks for your undivided attention, and yes, maybe for Gucci and Louis Vuitton too. Before becoming your sole sugar baby, both of you established limitations and boundaries written in a contract. He receives designer clothes, expensive automobiles, and every material need he had in exchange for his company. Sometimes, when you felt like it, for his sensual and intimate services too.
This time, however, he's your partner at a dinner party. As much as you like indulging yourself in suits and skintight dresses, you despise interacting with self-centered, obnoxious pieces of shit, also called rich people. Sure, you're loaded as well, but you don't shove it in other people's faces. In short, you don't brag about your hard work to intimidate and belittle people who actually work for their money.
"Remember what I said in the car?"
You gripped Sukuna's arm while you smiled and waved at your peers whenever you caught their eyes.
Sukuna rolled his eyes. "What? You think I'm stupid?"
You grit your teeth. You're already annoyed at being invited—no, summoned is the right word—at this superficial party. Everyone's kissing everyone's cheeks, but they're all probably thinking, I hate kissing this ass, go die. But appearances matter for them, and because you're there, it matters to you too.
"Don't give me that attitude. I don't want to hear you drowning in alcohol later and how I couldn't keep my boy away from a bitch's tongue, especially from these moneybags."
Sukuna merely smirked, arrogance evident in his face.
"Don't worry, mommy," he purred, putting emphasis on his chosen term of endearment. "I'll make sure not to let them see."
You stopped walking, causing him to bump into you. He glared, but you leaned into him and held his jaw in place. "No, darling." You kissed him hard in the mouth, uncaring if every rich people in the room watched you, uncaring if your teeth clashed against his, uncaring if that kind of kiss would elicit disapproving looks from some.
In that space, at that moment, you're already marking him, showing everybody who he belonged to. Sukuna opened his mouth to lick your lower lip, but you gripped his face harder, making him whine softly in your mouth. When you pushed him off your lips, Sukuna's eyes were clouded with lust. "You should make sure I don't see."
Moments later, you're with your friends, listening to them talk about their trivial accomplishments. You laughed and smiled, congratulating them, but inside you're rolling your eyes. Nobody gives a shit about your company deal built on unsolicited sex, Karen. Talk to me once you finally got an honest business of your own. Get on my level.
Your reverie was interrupted by a sudden chorus of laughter behind you.
The dread you felt started behind your neck. Curiosity demanded that you look back, but somehow, your instinct screamed that you shouldn't. But the former won, and you glanced behind your back to see the only thing you don't want to lay your eyes upon tonight.
Sukuna was standing within a cluster of people who were cheering him on as he downed a bottle of wine. He wasn't drunk, that's for sure. His face wasn't flushed. But he indeed was acting like one. He kept raising the bottle while thrusting his hips in a way that made the girls around him squeal.
As if that wasn't enough, when he caught you looking, he winked and grabbed the nearest girl, to her absolute delight. He leaned in to kiss her, but her escort dragged her away from him.
"Wow, your date for tonight really knows how to party. Can't say I've seen one act like that in this space, though."
Your friends clapped your shoulder in admiration while some snickered at the look of disbelief on your face.
You were barely holding on to your rationality. You wanted to drag Sukuna from those people encouraging his actions, bend him over the nearest table, and spank his ass red. It didn't matter if he got humiliated because that's what he deserved right now. It was how he should be punished for disobeying you. But you hated sharing.
You knew what he was like. He was spoiled and arrogant, but he constantly desired to be with you, which meant obeying you. But this...the scene in front of you was like a big slap to the face. It was like he's broadcasting to all of these rich assholes that you, the most cunning and ruthless CEO, couldn't handle one boy. He might as well say, "Look at me, mommy! Look at how you have absolutely no control over me!"
Instead of going over to stop Sukuna, you stood in your place, face devoid of any emotion. He wanted to behave like this in front of many people, including your competitors? Fine. Let him have a taste of what is about to come.
You went back to the table and sat comfortably, taking a sip of the alcohol in your hand, ignoring the exchanging glances of your friends. But that didn't mean that you weren't aware of their smirks. "Friend" was not the term for them. They were more like vultures that wait for a sign of weakness, and then they swoop in for the kill. And this meant that you couldn't afford to lose face here. Not to them and definitely not to anyone.
"You won't stop him from making a fool of himself, y/n?"
And a fool of you is the unsaid part of the question.
You sighed, making a show by flicking your hair back. Nonchalantly, you caressed the rim of your glass, feigning interest in the glassware.
"No, in this room, he isn't the most stupid boy," you said, pointing your glass to the side of the room. The vultures followed and saw a boy shoving his throat to an overwhelmed girl. One of your so-called friends squeaked and excused herself, running towards the boy, but the damage was already done. The whispering started like a buzz.
"Well, you're right, I guess, but aren't you worried about the rumors?"
Rumors? About you? You chuckled. "Sweetheart, bitches who'd talk behind my back know better than to let me hear them."
Sukuna arrived at the perfect moment. He was grinning wide, smug with sweat adorned his forehead.
Oh, how much you wanted to wipe that look from his face. To teach him a lesson by shoving him down to the floor with your fingers in his ass. To humiliate him to your heart's content. But you're fucking possessive, and that sight was only for you.
The vultures around you waited for your reaction. Waited for you to burst a vein and shout. Too bad for them.
You stood, a smile gracing your face.
"Well, we both enjoyed ourselves at this party, haven't we?" you said, stroking his cheeks with the lightest touch. Sukuna's eyes closed for a second, savoring your gentleness. When your fingers reached the back of his head, they curled on his soft locks.
"Now, accompany me while I do some retouching, hmm?"
Your patience came to an end the moment he walked inside the bathroom. Checking for anyone inside and finding none, you pushed the lock in place.
Sukuna knew what he did. He was aware of the mood he put you through, but his grin was relentless. You didn't waste another second and pushed him to the nearest sink.
"So rough, mommy," he sneered, mocking you. "Wh—"
Whatever he was about to say was cut off when you slipped two fingers inside his mouth, the pad settling on his tongue. He jolted at the rough intrusion, eyes widening.
"You must've had fun, huh? You think you're tough shit for disobeying me? You think making me look like a fool is hilarious?" you hissed your questions with every venom you could muster.
Still, his eyes reflected the same heat, the same defiance. Your upper lip raised to form a snarl when he showed more retaliation by running his tongue on your digits, coating them with his saliva. He puffed his chest, arrogance swelling in his eyes. This was nothing, he thought. He got his head in your "little game." Your "punishment" was superficial and lacked severe bite. He wasn't thrown off! You got nothing on him—
His eyes bulged when you shoved your fingers down his throat. You watched as he gagged, choking on your fingers. His hands gripped yours, eyes tearing up as his breath was lost somewhere in between. His nails dig their way on your wrist, creating little crescents, but you didn't let go.
He watched you, searching for any signs of humor, and when he found none, he knew he fucked up. Maybe his joke went too far.
You watched him in return. You observed as his sense of rebellion gradually disappeared. Something else was replaced in his eyes.
This was the moment where the thin line between fear and arousal was concretized.
Your anger was genuine, and the punishment he was about to receive wasn't all going to be about a pup barking. You'll bite, and when you do, you'll bite hard enough to leave marks, to remind him of this night and his disobedience. Tonight, he was a brat, and you're determined to make him say sorry for it, something he never did.
Tonight, you'll break him to his core until nothing else is left but his undying desire and adoration for you.
Losing the battle, Sukuna whimpered and slumped on the sink behind him. His face was turning red as his lungs became empty of oxygen.
"Pweaashh," he managed to babble; words nothing but unintelligible sounds.
You tilted your head, a patronizing look on your face. You pouted and pulled your fingers to let him breathe.
The moment your fingers left his mouth, Sukuna gasped and coughed violently, bending down to catch his breath. His body convulsed as his lungs desperately and hungrily took in air. Sukuna's coughing and heavy breathing echoed throughout the bathroom.
When his breathing became steady, you grasped the locks of his hair and pulled him up to you. Crimson eyes stared back at you.
"What was that, darling? I can't hear you over my fingers fucking your mouth stupid."
With that, you thrust your fingers back in. Sukuna pulled back, but you held the back of his head in place with your other hand.
You plunge your fingers in and out slowly, making steady eye contact with him. When Sukuna got used to the pace, he started bobbing his head, taking in your fingers and coating them in his drool.
"That's it, darling," you cooed. "You're already taking my fingers so well in your mouth."
You rewarded him by nuzzling your face to his neck, kissing your way up to his ear, feeling him shiver against your body. Your teeth grazed at his earlobes as you whispered, "You fucking pervert."
His breath hitched. Sukuna stopped sucking your fingers as the hand on the back of his neck slid down past his hard nipple to the bulge in his pants.
"This is supposed to be a punishment, Sukuna, but you're fucking hard."
Sukuna moaned, the sound muffled by the fingers in his mouth as you palmed him through his pants.
"I bet you could cum just from this, you brat," you snarled right at his ear, "make a mess of your favorite luxurious pants, dirty the Gucci fabric like you did yourself tonight, right? But do you think you deserve to? After the stunt you pulled?"
You were met with silence, heightening your anger.
"Answer me," you growled under your breath.
Sukuna cried out when you tightened your hold on his cock. His answer was incomprehensible, but by the shake of his head, you could guess he opted for no.
"That's right, you don't. So do not cum."
With that, you stroked him through his dress pants. As you felt him throb in your hands, Sukuna started to suck your fingers again. He stared into your eyes, reminding you of his antics earlier, and you gritted your teeth, forcing yourself to focus on what you're about to do.
You were going to break him, not hurt him, which was why your mind should be in its proper state.
You pulled your fingers off from his mouth, creating a string of drool to latch from his mouth to your digits.
He whined from the loss but quickly groaned when your lips replaced them. His eyes fluttered shut, followed by yours as he moaned into your mouth.
Sukuna took no time to play and went straight to work. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, which you took in, tasting him, feeling him, grounding him to place.
Your kiss was different. It wasn't gentle nor soft; it was demanding and hard. It was all tongue, teeth, and lips, and you let yourself get lost in the process.
For a minute, you kissed him without anger but with scorching desire.
The hand, wet with his saliva, found its way to his jaw, pulling him more to you.
He kissed you with the same ferocity, stimulating your tongue and mouth. Sukuna tilted his head more, taking you in, focusing on the pleasure that came from your kiss. All the while, your hand continued touching and groping his leaking cock.
Piercing moans traveled through the closed space, and when Sukuna broke off the kiss to breathe, you started kissing the corner of his lips, to his jaw and neck.
"Oh, y/n, you make me feel so good," he groaned as he bared his neck more to you.
The action sent heat between your thighs, and you want nothing more but to put him on his knees and grind against his mouth. And while showing more of his neck an innocent action, to you, it portrayed him yielding. Giving you space to work. Showing vulnerability. You stiffened the growl threatening to escape from your throat. The idea of ruining the boy before you was overwhelming, but when he sighed in pleasure, you were brought back to your aim—make him wish he didn't act like a brat.
You bit the one spot on his neck that you knew would send him over the edge and sucked hard. He gasped harshly, jerking his hips to your hand and grabbing your shoulder to prevent himself from falling on his knees.
You felt the crotch of his pants became wet.
Ah, he came, just like that, you thought.
As much as you found it endearing, he still disobeyed you. Again.
You clicked your tongue and, without a second thought, turned his whole body that his back was against your chest.
The both of you stared at the mirror on the sink.
Sukuna took in the desperate look in his eyes, his uneven breathing, his drooling mouth, and the wet spot on the crotch of his pants. He unashamedly groaned, holding himself steady by clutching the sink hard. Instinctively, he found himself grinding against your crotch.
You smirked, eyes flashing on the mirror's reflection.
Yeah, pegging him would usually cause that.
But you weren't graced with your strap-on. The thought of bringing it never occurred to you tonight, just like you never thought that you'd be fucking Sukuna in someone else's bathroom.
The lack of the toy wouldn't stop you, though.
"Darling, have you cleaned yourself today?"
It took a few seconds before your question reached his dazed state.
"H-huh? Uh, yeah, took a bath, if that's what you're asking."
You chuckled, kissing the back of his head.
"Not what I meant," you whispered, groping his ass.
His breath hitched. "Oh."
You waited for his answer, for his approval, for him to say—
"Yes," he whispered, staring at you in the mirror and watching as your smile widened into a full grin. You bared your teeth like a fucking animal ready to devour her prey.
With a sudden cry, you shoved Sukuna down to the sink. His chest hit the cold marble while his ass stuck out perfectly for you.
This was where he belonged, bending over for you, presenting himself while shyly looking back at you in the mirror.
Your chest heaved as you took careful breaths, humming as you stroked his shoulder down to his ass, groping it.
Sukuna's blood ventured south, feeling his cock harden again in his pants. Your innocent act of touching his ass felt possessive, and it made him breathless. He clenched his teeth when he remembered the way you bit his neck. So controlling, and yet he loved every second of it.
He shifted his hips again, pushing back against your hold, moaning as you gripped his cheek hard.
When you pat him, Sukuna moved to take off his pants without having the need to be told to. His belt came away first, followed by his pants, and his chosen underwear for the night came into view: red, lace panties.
A sudden loud laugh from you made him jump, and he turned back to glare at you.
"Fuck, Sukuna," you bit your lip to stop another laugh from erupting. "Your ass looks so fucking fine in those. That all for me?"
He scoffed, rolling his eyes as he bent over again to the sink, hands gripping the sides. The truth was, it is. He planned to rile you up at the end of the dinner party and wore his favorite underwear because it never fails to get you in the mood. And now, seeing you caught up at the sight of his ass, he knew he chose the right one. But he'll be damned if he quickly gave into your hands. He would be putty at his own volition.
So he said, "Fuck no. This is for the girl earlier." He grinned, flashing his arrogant smile. "You saw her earlier, right? If that fucker didn't stop us, we'd be...well, fucking," he chuckled.
"Really, now? Well, can we look at the mirror to see what got that bitch excited earlier?"
Sukuna turned his back on you, focusing on himself in the mirror.
The drool that lingered at the corner of his mouth had long been dried. But the flush of his cheeks was still evident, and so fuck you for making him look like that with so little effort. Damn you and your fingers and tongue and lips and—
Cold fingers traveled lower on his back, and Sukuna already knew where they were going when you asked him a question earlier. And fuck, he could barely contain his excitement. He bit his lip, his heavy breathing stifled.
When your finger touched his hole, Sukuna buckled, and he would've fallen to the dirty bathroom floor if it wasn't for the strong arm around his waist.
"That good, darling? I've barely started."
Sukuna gritted his teeth and hissed, "Just hurry up!"
Your eyebrows scrunched at his tone, so you raised a hand and slapped it on his ass, making it jiggle. You took great pleasure as Sukuna yelped. The sound felt so dirty that his ears reddened, embarrassed that he reacted to a simple thing.
"Your mouth is just begging to be stuffed, huh?" Too bad you don't have your strap-on.
You reached forward, and he parted his lips, letting two fingers in. He sucked your digits with great ferocity, not giving a fuck about the slurping sounds he was making, not caring as you smirked behind him because he just proved you right. His mouth really did need something.
Within minutes, he was lost in it, kissing the tips and licking the length of your fingers. You had to grasp his hair and pull out to stop his obscene act.
You wasted no time as you spread him and slipped a finger in, noting how loose he was. Yeah, he definitely planned this night and was definitely prepared for this.
Sukuna moaned, arching his back. You took it slow even if he was ready, and your consideration, your kindness, was rewarded with him snarling and glaring at you in the mirror.
"Are you gonna fuck me or what? What are you so slow for? Do I look like I need this kind of soft shit right now? You fucking—"
You cut him off by adding another finger in.
"You ungrateful little brat," you spat.
You threw your little sense of gentleness out of the window and started to thrust your fingers.
"You disobeyed me out there in front of those people. You showed them my inability to rein a mere boy in. You made me look weak among those shitty bastards."
You paused, letting the words settle in, and then growled, "And now you have the audacity to order me around?"
By the lack of answer except for his sharp gasping, it seemed that words were no longer enough to reach a brat like Sukuna, so while your hand fucked his ass, the other gripped the back of his head and pushed down.
He grunted and stuck his ass out.
Sukuna was burning. He could feel your fingers inside him, curling and finding that one spot that never fails to make him mewl like a cat. The stinging pain whenever you pull his hair, the squelching sound of your fingers fucking him, his constant moans and grunts, they all made him so dirty.
"Look at me."
Sukuna obeyed and turned his head to glance at you and what he saw made him clench his jaw.
Your eyes gleamed dangerously, dilated and deep, and he felt like drowning in that void. Your cheeks were flushed, and your lips red from your own biting.
Sukuna felt so dirty, like this was something that he shouldn't be doing, but, fuck, the pressure of your hand and eyes made him burn. And need. And ache. He'd prefer becoming prey in front of you, like a helpless deer before a starved lion. It was stupid of him to think that because when accompanied by the predatory look on your face, he let out a pathetic whimper.
"You're dripping on the floor, darling," you cooed, eyeing the precum pooling beneath him.
Dirty. Everything about this was dirty.
Sukuna deserved more than this. He deserved to be fucked in a room with romantic candles and flower petals. He deserved to be pressed against a soft mattress with multiple pillows.
Instead, he was being fingerfucked in someone else's bathroom. He was pressed against a cold, dirty sink, forced to look at himself in the mirror with eyes half-closed with desire. You were degrading him while people partied outside, unaware of what was happening inside an innocent-looking room.
It should've made him disgusted and humiliated, but he moaned loud, uncaring if he was heard outside because this was him being put back to place. Being fucked back in place.
And when your fingers finally found his prostrate, his toes curled, his eyes squeezed shut, and he mewled, arching his back. You continued prodding that bundle of nerves, and Sukuna felt the tightness in his abdomen. He forced his eyes open, stared into your eyes, and his panting began.
"You wanna come, darling?"
He wanted him to say yes, to plead for his release, to give up his small grasp on control, but he gritted his teeth. He will come when you see him fit to come. He wouldn't plead, wouldn't beg because he didn't deserve your mercy.
And he knew that. He knew it from the look in your eyes, from the fingers sliding in and out of him, pressing his prostrate repeatedly. This was his punishment.
But he could feel it in him, his impending orgasm, and he couldn't hold it in anymore, no matter how much he gritted his teeth, so he whimpered, "Yes, yes, 'm come."
It was his mistake. From the very beginning, his attitude and his actions from earlier were his faults. And when your fingers pulled out, he couldn't stop the sob escaping his lips. He couldn't demand you to thrust back in and fuck him regardless if he hurt if he slumped against the bathroom sink. All because it was his fault he was in this position in the first place.
The pleasure was gone, and he felt empty. No fingers, no touch, no burn.
Sukuna could feel himself shaking and panting. The high of his arousal slowly disappearing even though he's hard and leaking. He looked down to see his cock red and weeping with precum.
You sucked your teeth, appreciating the sight before you.
Sukuna slowly turned to face you. His demeanor completely changed. His eyes remained on the floor as he panted. So cute and so submissive.
You leaned in towards him and gently caressed his warm cheeks. Lovingly, as much as you can, pouring every bit of adoration you had for him.
"You've been a very bad boy, Sukuna," you mumbled close to his lips. "Aren't you supposed to say something to me?"
Sukuna closed his eyes. This was it. His chance to redeem the right to stand beside you. To go out there and get your pride back and to earn his release.
"I-I'm sorry," he whispered.
"Good," you snarled. "Once we go back in and you disrespect me again in front of everyone"—your eyes glinted, a promise unsaid—"I'll make sure to put you in your right place. And trust me, Sukuna, that would involve you being neglected for days."
Sukuna shakily exhaled, not noticing that he was holding back his breath. The thought of not cumming for days made him breathless.
With a huff, you let go of him.
"So behave, you brat."
Sukuna tucked his cock back into his pants, restraining the urge to just say fuck you and jerk in front of you. Instead, he fixed the collar of his shirt to hide the hickeys that started to form around his throat. After minutes of cleaning, the two of you went out without bothering to do so separately. And Sukuna thought it was your purpose because the moment the both of you walked under the blinding lights, people started staring and whispering.
He glanced at you, looking for signs that you're bothered but found none. In fact, you were smirking.
Ah, he thought. This was his punishment too. People knew what transpired inside the bathroom or something that came close to what really happened.
This party wasn't mandatory. You went here just for show. People need to see you walk among them, to be included in your prestige, which was why you could've ended the night and punished him at home. But where's the fun in that?
Everyone saw how he behaved in a place ruled by etiquette. And now, people also saw how you were able to secure the hand on his throat in just a few minutes of a bathroom voyage.
Sukuna bit his lip, barely stopping himself from moaning.
It took him making a fool of himself to receive fingerfucking. He should've done it a long time ago, especially if it included parading him like a pet, a boy, a sugar baby.
Yeah, along with designer clothes and costly wristwatches, he deserved this too.
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hoes4dylanobrien · 2 months ago
It’s Just A Cigarette | 3
WARNINGS: swearing, underage drinking, social pressure
wc. 1,982
tag list: @roxic93​
Tumblr media
"Low-key hang out, huh?” You mused, eying the packed apartment booming with music audible from the first floor when you and Colin made your way up to the third floor of the five story walk up of the old tenement building. Booze was visible far as the eye could see, with folks chatting, making out, and dancing uninhibited, among other things. 
Colin shot you a cheeky grin, winking as he herded you through the door, his arms braced on your shoulders and hot breath at your ear:
“So I lied a lil’. I know you would’a argued with me otherwise.”
“So you do it anyway without giving me a heads up?” 
“What’s the expression? Better to beg for forgiveness...?”  His gaze lowered to your mouth, which felt hot all of a sudden, and suddenly you forgot what you were annoyed about. Instinctually you licked your bottom lip, which he fixated on, brown eyes turning to darkened amber. 
“Ay, man, ‘bout time you showed up. Beginnin’ to think you got mugged or somethin’-” a darker skinned man yelled out, red cup in hand as he took sight of you. “And this must be... Melodie?” 
“Marnie,” you corrected, reaching out to shake his hand hesitantly with a cautious smile. He surprised you by taking you into his arms in a hug. “Oh,” you mumbled. “My bad, I’m a hugger. And you bein’ tight with my boy here, well, just felt right. I’m Andjy, by the way.” 
“Nice to meet you,” you replied. He leaned back, you doing the same as you rubbed your elbows somewhat awkwardly. 
Colin stepped forward, hand light on your waist as he pointed to the others. “And that’s Petra, Aria, and DeShaun.”
“Hi,” you greeted.
Petra, a small artsy chick with an intimidating stare, looked you up and down, frowning. She was the only one who seemed unhappy to meet you. “I didn’t catch where you know Colin from?” She asked snottily.
You glanced up at Colin, who now was preoccupied with his phone. 
“Oh, Colin didn’t tell you?” 
"Nope.” She said, seeming somewhat amused by it. As if you weren’t significant enough to know, or to remember. You swallowed hard. “We lived together for a short while a bit ago.” 
Nosy much, you thought.
“My parents took him in when he was about to age out of the foster system.” 
“Oh,” realization dawned on her face, now looking pleased. “He’s your brother?” 
“Well, not really-”
"Yo Colin,” a guy yelled, cutting short your explanation. “Got a bet goin’ here, need you to settle it.” 
Colin grinned, yelling over the cocaghany of noise. “Aight ima be right over.” He leaned in, mint breath and aftershave washing over me again: “You gonna be all right here?” 
You nodded enthusiastically, forcing a smile. “Sure. Take your time.” You didn’t want to make him feel obligated to stick by your side even if all you wanted to do was just that. Cooler, more mature and independent Marnie could handle herself.
“You sure sure?” He raised a thick brow, gaze searching yours for the truth. 
“I’ll be fine. Go on and have fun.” You smiled encouragingly. 
He brushed his knuckles against your upper arm, the one littered with all the rings. The cool press of the metal coupled with his presence had the hair on the back of your neck raising. “Back before you know it,” he promised, voice gravelly. 
 You kept rehearsing your new mantra about independence as you felt the immediate sense of loss (and slight panic) at seeing Colin walk away, also reminding yourself he would be back soon, and if not, you knew where to find him; it wasn’t as if the apartment was that large, although it was decently sized. 
You briefly wondered how he paid for it all. He had a large flat screen TV and accompanying video game sets, several pieces of nice-looking even if second-hand furniture, a tiki inspired half bar, a pool table with darts, and a slew of pieces of out-there, neon colored art and film mementos that was so quintessentially Colin littering the painted walls and exposed brick, Coupled with the awesome neighborhood, he was living a bachelor and indie college kid’s dream.  It had to cost a fortune, yet as far as you knew, Colin wasn’t working, and NYU was hardly cheap. 
I”ve never seen Colin like that,” one of the girl friends that Colin pointed out, said. You think you remember her name being Aria. She was much kinder, with a sweetheart face, and a really killer fashion sense. She looked like she knew a lot, but not the type to lord it over others. It endeared you to her. 
“I’m sorry?” You shook your head, trying to catch up. 
“Colin,” she said, glancing over where the blond was talking animatedly in a huddle of girls and guys, beer in one hand as he seemed to be regaling them with some story or other. 
“He’s kind of overbearing with you, isn’t he? Like an older brother, but not quite...” Her gaze fixed back on you, searchingly. Looking for something. You felt like a bug under a microscope. Being popular, intelligent, and intuitive on top of pretty just seemed unfair. 
“No, I don’t think so. He’s just looking out for me. This is my first party, and I’m sorta his responsibility for the weekend. He’d probably be less hands-on if we were back in Jersey.” 
Your mind flashed to distinct memories of him not acting dissimilar, however. Times where he’d hover when he invited his guy friends over to the house, or act just a little too interested in what you and Wyatt, your then boyfriend, were up to. 
“Right,” she said, taking a sip of her drink. 
“We’re not related, you know.” You blurted out, blushing at the sudden rise of her eyebrows. “Sorry, that was random. I was just wanting to clarify the conversation from earlier with Petra. Yeah, we lived together for a bit but we aren’t siblings and we aren’t related by blood. Just want to make that clear...” 
“Got it. To be honest, I wasn’t really listening, but since you brought it up,” she tilted her head to the side, “you don’t really look alike at all. I know Colin’s not a natural blond much as he tries to protest otherwise, but I’m fairly sure he doesn’t have curly hair hidden under that bleach blond Eminem look,” she giggled. 
You laughed with her, feeling more at ease in her presence. “Yeah, can verify that’s not the case.” 
As the night went on, you stuck close with Aria, who fortunately seemed content in your company, and even had a chance to get to know Luca and DeShaun more. Andjy, who had left to start the pool game, seemed to be killing it, taking people’s cash left and right, while Colin had yet to come back, now drinking and dancing with his shirt off which showed off all his tattoos, and a little dark happy trail that led into his sweats that you were definitely not looking at. 
“So ‘first party’ girl, you wanna drink?” Asked Aria. “I’m assuming this is also your first taste of alcohol, although the two aren’t mutually exclusive.”
You bit your lip. “Actually, I’ve had some wine at home with dinner.” 
“That doesn’t count,” she smirked. 
“I don’t know...” 
“Come on, try some. I promise to hold your hair back if you puke.” She laughed. 
“Okay,” you caved. “Not a lot, though. What’s that?” You pointed to hers. “Tequila. You’re not ready for that, though. Here, lemme get you some vodka and a chaser. That’s what my mom started me on, haven’t looked back since,” she winked, pouring and mixing the drinks. 
You watched her, wondering whether you were making a mistake. Then you remembered you were alone, probably for the first time in your 17 years, not including a short stint at camp several summers in a row in your tween years. You were supervised then. This time was completely different, and you were older. 
“Bottoms up,” she says, holding out the red cup to you. You take it, reluctantly, seeing her watchful gaze on you. You smile, tossing it back slowly at first, then quickly, as the awful acidic taste overwhelmed your taste buds. You coughed a little as you swallowed, earning some laughs around you. 
“Damn, Ari, you are a bad influence,” DeShaun teased, not disapprovingly. 
“What is this again?” You asked when you were more coherent. “It tastes like nail polish remover.” 
“Well la de da,” piped up Petra. 
Aria laughed. “Shut your mouth, it’s vodka and cranberry, top notch vodka at that.” 
“Girl’s got taste, don’t hate,” DeShaun retorted. 
They kept on talking, but as you listened it became less and less clear to you what they were saying. 
“Girl, you okay?” Aria rested her hand on your knee, trying to grab your attention.  “I'm good,” you mumbled, rising. You suddenly had to go to the bathroom. “Where’s the bathroom?” 
“Down the hall to the left,” she said, eying you. “You sure you’re good? Want me to come?” 
“She doesn’t need a damn babysitter,” snapped Petra. “Let her be. She’ll find her way.” 
You drifted off in the direction mentioned, which was easier said than done between navigating through the crowd, and your increasingly dizzy, forgetful state of mind. It had only been one drink, and yet you knew without a question you were definitely drunk. 
“Hey, you mind?” Said the guy inside the bathroom, whom you’d accidentally walked in on without knocking. “Sorry,” you said, quickly shutting the door. There was a woman inside with him on her knees; you may have been inexperienced, but even you understood what was clearly happening between the two. 
“Bathroom taken?” Said someone beside you. You hadn’t noticed him walk up behind you and you took a step back. “Yeah. Don’t think they’re coming out anytime soon, though...” 
He laughed, a sort of hoarse sound. “Shit, that’s rude as fuck.” 
“I wouldn’t normally do this, but I live next door and you’re welcome to use mine.” 
You looked at him skeptically. In your inebriated state, you were feeling abnormally distrustful. 
“Yeah, I get it. Strange guy inviting you into his apartment, I know how it looks but I promise I don’t mean anything by it, apart from wanting to help.”
“It’s just... I don’t even know who you are.” 
“Dominic,” he says, offering an outstretched hand. It felt calloused in yours. “And you are?” 
“Marnie,” you reply. 
“Well, Marnie, now we know each other,” he grinned ear to ear; it was dark, but you could just make it out. “Okay,” you said.
You flushed the toilet, washing your hands in the sink. For some stranger’s bathroom, it was pleasantly clean, which you appreciated. 
“Thanks for letting me use your bathroom,” you said shyly. 
“’Course. Couldn’t let a pretty girl suffer like that,” he winked. You blushed. He was fairly attractive, now that you could see him in decent lighting. He was clearly older, however, maybe even older than Colin by a few years. 
“So I haven’t seen you around before. How do you know Colin?” 
“I’m his...” You tried to think of a good descriptor. “Friend,” you settled on. You were, you supposed, weren’t you? It was less messy than the reality. 
“Interesting,” he responded, watching you curiously. 
He shook his head. “Just, from what I’ve seen of the guy, he doesn’t exactly do female friends, if you catch my drift.” 
“He’s got a few. I met them today,” you defended. 
“Just an observation.” 
A knock sounded at the door. It was pretty loud. With raised eyebrows, Dominic approached the door. “Coming.” He said.
The door opened to reveal Colin, looking pissed. “Oh, Colin! Hi, how are you-”
“You son of a bitch,” he growled, lunging at Dominic. 
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queenoftheworldisdead · a year ago
Could you maybe write something with dark dark Steve who has a huge size kink and crying kink and loves to humiliate?
School Days
Note: sorry it took so long. been kinda down. also hope i did OK with humiliation.
Summary: Co-worker makes you feel uncomfortable.
Warning: 18+Only, short reader, size kink, crying kink, humiliation kink, non consent, forced fingering and cock warming i think
Dark Coach Steve x Short Teacher Reader
You had always had a love of teaching. Growing up your friends would always groan when it was your turn to pick what to play, because you always chose to play school.
You knew exactly what you wanted to do when you got to college. You wanted to shape young minds. It was fascinating watching them grow and learn right before your very eyes.
Shelby elementary hired you two years after you received all of your certificates. Replacing their beloved Mrs.Pepper Potts after she moved out of town with her husband.
You taught first graders. You preferred teaching the lower grades. The higher grades were a bit difficult. Competing for attention when most of the students where dealing with raging hormones proved an exhausting endeavor. Your short stature became a reoccurring issue too. During your student teacher days you realized the taller they got the more they seemed to not take you seriously.
At least working with the lower grades you were less likely to be confused as a student. You had lost track of how many times you were stopped in the hall by a colleague. With the lower grades you towered over your class and commanded respect with little effort.
You felt exhausted. Your first parent teacher meeting was over. It was endearing and encouraging that so many parents had so many concerns about the development of their little ones. But their critiques on your credentials didn't fail to strike a nerve, an issue new teachers faced all the time. You smiled through it as you normally did. Letting them have their back handed remarks as you answered and waited out the clock.
When it was all over you needed a drink. You cleared up the mess they left for you, a preview of what to expect from their spawn.
When everything was in its place you tackled the blackboard. Taking out your stool you stood on tip toes erasing. You had the bright idea of outlining your curriculum on the board for all the parents to view. It was hard getting it all on the massive board, but with your step stool you got as high as you could go.
"Hey! Whoa you know that's dangerous." A voice rushed to your side as your stool tilted.
"Are you OK little one?" he asked helping you down.
God he's tall. You barely came eye to eye with his chest. You tensed in his arms and when he realized his mistake he released you.
"Oh sorry" he rubbed the back of his head slightly embarrassed. "I'm Steve Rogers." He reached out a hand for you to shake. You took it and introduced yourself. His firm grip swallowed your hand, when he squeezed you held in the hurt from the pressure.
Steve's presence was intimidating despite the smile he wore. When he released your hand, you took as step back, but he stepped forward.
He is just a close talker. Don't over analyze.
"Sorry again with your clothes I just assumed you were..." He motioned at your clothing.
Taking inspiration from Ms Frizz, your favorite animated teacher, you always wore colorful puffy skirts that depicted various things related to education or fairy tails. The look kept the attention of the youngsters, but it certainly didn't look childish.
"It's OK, but I am afraid you are a bit late for the meeting."
Spinning away you move to the other side of your desk to give yourself more space. "If you wouldn't mind filling in your information, encase of emergencies or special needs. I know you probably filled it out for the front office, but I like to have my own copy." You explained as you handed him a pen and the piece of construction paper with the other parents info.
He took it and filled it out. "I just erased the curriculum, but I can email you a copy."
"Did you also used to teach at Camdien?" Steve inquired, bending over your desk as he wrote. While you waited you packed up your belongings.
"Um yes I was a student teacher there. Did you have a child there too?"
"I coached there actually. Well was." He rose and approached you. Slipping your purse straps on your shoulder, you tried to remember if you seen his face before. You didn't recognize it. As striking as he was you doubted you would forget it.
But the athletic department lived in a world separate from the teachers. Their multiple championships brought in funding that went to their brand new athletic facility. The highly coveted building allowed them to live above the peasant class of the faculty. You had even heard a nonsensical rumor that they even had a Starbucks and onsite masseuse.
When he handed it back you reached out, but Steve pulled the paper just out of reach. Hovering it over your head like a bully playing keep away. You huff and frown after two attempts. You were not a child and would not be treated as such. Pursing your lips you made a move to leave. You would just go through the admin office to get the information.
"Aw don't pout, but I must say you do look adorable when you do." He smiled down at you as he blocked your retreat. His wholesome grin did not match the darkness in his eyes. There was a disconnect somewhere. You felt like a mouse before a lion. Were the other teachers like this? You were so eager to get started working you did little research in the school that so swiftly hired you. "Here you go."
Snatching the paper away you say, "thank you." It sounded slightly annoyed, but you did your best to choke down the edge.
Unhooking the lip of your bag you placed it with the others as his shadow clouded you. Ignoring it you side step him.
"Yeah I remember. I used to see you at Camdien." Steve recalled, blocking you once more. You stopped just short of bumping into him as you closed your bag. "Cute little thing, roaming the halls." Steve informed you, stepping closer once more, making you take a step back. The alarm bells blared in your head at that comment.
"Boy wasn't I relieved I wasn't crossing the line with all the thoughts I had." He chuckled as your back hit the chalkboard. You had to strain your neck to look him in the eye this close.
The principal was making his rounds soon. He wouldn't try anything right?
"Mr. Rogers-"
"Coach" he interrupted. He didn't touch you but that fact gave you very little relief. You felt your nails dig into your palm as you gripped the thin strap of your bag. Your arm the only barrier between you two. "Just call me Coach."
"Rogers!" Your saving grace, Principal Barnes, exclaimed from the door. Steve's body blocked you from James. "There you are. Nice to see your getting to know your colleagues."
"Yeah, just sharing stories from Camdien" Steve stepped aside to greet Principal James. His hand landed on the top of your head, messing your hair as he patted you playfully like a dog. You swallowed the discomfort as he moved to talk to James. You gathered the rest of your things as they focused their attention on each other.
"Oh yeah I forgot you both came from their."
You took that opportunity to make your exit. Walking fast mumbling a 'goodnight,' you bolted toward the door. They replied back, but you ignored it, allowing their chatter to fade the further down the hall you got.
The first week of school was hectic. Lost students, late students, little accidents here and there, it ran the gambit. But nothing worried you more than P.E. period.
Steve was listed as your classes gym teacher and made the drop-off a chore. It surprised you how increasingly inappropriate he was becoming. Always stretching out your name flirtatiously in front of the children causing them to taunt you with 'OOO's, and pepper you with questions about the nonexistent relationship until you departed.
They stayed in line as you approached the double doors that led to the gymnasium. He was there, dressed in his sweat pants, gym shirt and the whistle dangled from his lips.
As you ushered them inside he caught site of you as he wrangled another group and smirked. It was unnerving especially when your students egged him on by making kissy noises loudly when they noticed him too. On one occasion he sent a note with one of your students asking you out. You ignored it.
You should've reported him you know, but what would they say 'Oh he was just being friendly' or any number of things to justify his behavior. You'd been in enough situations to know without evidence that met their standards nothing would happen.
In the teachers lounge Steve made his presence known. You stared at your custom coffee mug as it sat high on the edge of the third shelf. You had half a mind to take and break his, as it taunted you from the first. You were growing more and more tired of his antics. This wasn't the first time and you knew it wouldn't be the last.
Two arms planted themselves on either side of you as something rested on your head.
It was him you knew it. Who else would it be?
"Need some help little one?" He hummed.
"God damn it Steve get off me" you barked You elbowed him, but the mountain of a man didn't budge.
"No need to be nasty."
You felt him push you into the counter, crushing you against it as he reached for your cup on the high shelf.
"Here you go" he said placing it daintily in front of you.
Calm down don't blow your lid he is doing this to fuck with you.
"Shouldn't you be watching my class?" You asked as you waited for him to move out of your way.
"Student teacher got me covered. You remember what that's like? Give them the work while we teachers kick back and relax."
He backed away allowing you to get the coffee, but stayed glued to your side. You ignored him, pulling out your phone and flopped on the couch, waiting for gym time to end.
Steve of course sat next to you crowding you into the corner. He boldly placed a hand on your thigh, you brushed it off, cursing at him to 'go away'. If you got up he would only follow so you crossed your legs and leaned into the arm of the couch. Don't let him get to you.
Steve stretched out his arm on the back of the couch. Even sitting next to you he towered over you. His arm wrapped around your shoulder, pulling you in snugly. Your head resting against his tone chest. "God your so adorable."
"Steve!" you almost shriek at him as his other hand slyly crept under your skirt. "Jesus Christ what the hell is wrong with you."
You try to stand suddenly, but get jerked back down. Landing in the same awkward situation as before.
"Fuck you let me go" you hissed at him. He only chuckled as you tried to stop his hand from advancing up your skirt again. You became panicked the further he got.
Clamping your thighs tightly together as he wedged between your crossed legs. Your eyes shifted to the door before you, the couch sat across from the only entrance. If anyone came in they surely would be under the wrong assumptions.
His arm refused to budge as you attempted to pry him away. Steve was nothing but muscle, struggling was getting you no where, each shift pressed him hard against your sensitive area.
"You know I've been nothing, but nice to you" Steve sounded disappointed.
"Stop please" you sounded panicked and desperate. Your nails dug into his arm as you tried to fight back an ache that taunted you as he teased.
"But you always give me attitude." He stated casually.
You slapped him. The sound loud in the empty room. Your eyes blurred with tears of frustration. Your hit did nothing, only leaving his cheek red, but from the smile on his face he liked it.
"And violent too. Hope you don't act that way around your class" he tsked while poking hard at the growing wet spot. You felt your spine curve and breath become heavier, your toes curled in your shoes as he increased his friction.
"Oh look at you. You like that don't you" he teased rubbing circles after noticing the tension in your legs relax. You cocked back to slap him again, but stopped when you felt his other hand at the back of your neck. It squeezed softly, but it was a warning nonetheless. You felt defeated. Not only was Steve bigger than you, he was stronger. Tears of frustration finally fell as you lowered your hand and let him do as he pleased.
"God your even cuter when you cry." He preened. "Tell you what. Since we don't have that much time....Kiss me and I will stop." You bristled as you felt him peel your panties to the side.
He didn't wait for your reply. Steve crashed his lips on to yours without warning. You flinched expecting pain, but it was soft. It was so tender that with anyone else they would given and close their eyes, accept it, but you couldn't.
"Stop..Steve.. Please" You panted over his lips, pushing at his chest as his fingers pushed into you. He didn't stop, the kiss only embolden him to go further. You whimpered and moaned as he took from you.
"Give me your panties" he asked pulling away from you, but his fingers still curled inside. "You promised you'd stop" you remind him, wiping away tears.
He wasn't going to relent, you could tell by the determination in his eyes. You felt exposed and embarrassed. Anyone could walk in at any moment and he knew it. He would probably get a slap on the wrist while you would need to find employment else where to escape the shame.
"I promise this time" he said lowly. "No tricks."
Swallowing your pride you lifted in your seat, he moved just enough to let the fabric pass. Rolling them down your knees quickly you hand them over. His hands slipped from you as you pass it. He held them up to the light and examined the wetness he created. Wiping away tears, you stood and bolted toward the door, but stopped when Steve whistled loudly.
"I think you forgot something."
You turned to find him pointing at your discarded mug.
"If you leave it, I leave this in it", he waved your shame in the air.
"Don't forget to wash it....don't want it to leave a stain" he ordered from the couch. You walked back on edge. Snatching the mug from the other side of the table. You rushed to the sink and rinsed your cup. More tears fell as you felt the wetness between your legs. The mirror mounted above the sink allowed you to examine yourself. Your mascara bled a bit and lipstick smeared, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a dab of a napkin.
You swore to never step foot in the lounge ever again. If you needed to eat you would do it in your car or at your desk. This was supposed to be a magical time for you, but with Steve it had turned into a nightmare.
You sniffed as you blinked away the tears, forcing yourself to stop crying. Gym time was almost over and you needed to pull yourself together and collect your class.
"You know how often I wonder about you" Steve said rising from the couch, you watched him carefully from the mirror. You fumbled your mug, the water splashing back at you.
"Steve you promised" you said meekly, utterly defeated. He stared at you through the mirror, you felt his eyes watch your discomfort as you picked up the cup.
"What would the parents think if they knew their kids teacher walks around the class with no panties on" he tutted. You hung your head low and noticed your panties balled up in his hand as he rested it on the counter.
"I also wonder" He said pressing you into the sink. You felt his resolve through his sweat pants. "Do you fit?"
Then it became clear. You felt his cock against your backside. You tried frantically to flea, but Steve caught you by the neck.
"I'm willing to bet you can't even fit half of me inside" he whispered in your ear as he bent you over the sink, crushing. "If I'm wrong I will let you go." Your eyes rounded as he hauled up your skirt. You whimpered as the cool air of the staff room tickled your exposed rear.
Steve was really going to fuck you in the staff room. These walls were paper thin and he knew it. Your head swirled in panic as you pleaded with him to stop. He only chuckled and shimmied down his sweat pants as you swatted back at him.
He angled and aligned himself as you sobbed. The tip slipped through your wet thighs, finding the target of its need.
You choked down a guttural moan as he breathed out 'good girl'. He watched your face as every inch stretched through your insides.
"Its is too much" you gasped out, trembling from the pressure, dancing on your tip toes as you adjusted around him.
"Its all inside" he praised the accomplishment. Forcing you to look at the mirror. "You fit me so good...see."
The mirror reflected your assault to your horror. "All cute holding me inside, taking everything I got" he said while stretching you.
Shooting pains radiated from your core as sharp breaths escaped you.
"Look at you" he taunted "coming apart just for me.... "
You heard the door to the room open and close quickly as you panted wildly. Steve didn't pull out, unabashed, letting whomever take in his pale ass as he continued to stuff you.
You didn't know who saw you, you only hoped his massive body hid you and your shame.
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therealvalkyrie · a year ago
exactly the spring
Pairing/setting: Ushijima Wakatoshi x Fem!Reader, college!AU
Summary: Reserved biology student Ushijima finds himself falling in love when you, an adorably disorganized art student, wander into the greenhouse.
Word Count: 3.4k
Warnings: fluff, kissing
AN: Hi!! So, the inspiration for this one sprang from the beautiful, sexi brain of Emme ( @doinmybesthere ) way back in MARCH ahem anyway, it's done! I hope it's just as soft and intimate as you envisioned<33 Also, big shoutout to my beautiful friends Arobi ( @daqueenobooty ) and Cee ( @spacelabrathor ) for being wonderful betas and giving me such kind comments:) I hope you enjoy, and as always don't be shy about leaving comments or coming to chat! Be kind to yourselves and others.  ~valkyrie
p.s. check out this amazing art that @/54prowl made of plant boy ushi!! :D
Plants don’t talk back, Ushijima learned as a toddler. He’d babble to them in nonsensical phrases as his mother worked in the garden, and they’d only sway in the wind and listen, waxy under his chubby fingers.
A volleyball doesn’t talk back, either, not even through its bounces and echoes on hands and hard surfaces. It doesn’t listen as easily as plants, but can be herded and shaped like putty into a winning thing if you touch it right. This, Ushijima learned at his father’s hand and carried with him through childhood and adolescence.
The joy and puzzlement of you is that you do both. You listen so intently and openly with your steady eyes and soft body as the words pour out of him. And then, you reply. With your clear voice and new perspective, you offer something new. You offer companionship.
It was the second week of spring semester that you wandered into the greenhouse, eyes lit by the sun and sketchbook under one arm. Ushijima was repotting a large fern, dirt up to his elbows as he kneeled on the floor. He barely gave you a second glance, preoccupied with nestling the plant’s root system comfortably.
You settled a short distance away, crossing your legs to sit on the tile floor in front of an orange tree to sketch its still-closed flower buds with charcoal pencils. He kept working as you did, the sun sliding across glass, shadows shifting into the early evening of winter. When the sun was threatening to set over the city skyline — even with the greenhouse where it sits on the roof of the biology building — he turned to tell you he was closing up, only to find you gone. In your place, sitting on the wooden table that held newly planted basil and sage, was a drawing.
It was a single branch, detailed in shades of charcoal down to the last dewdrop. At the bottom, looping handwriting scrawled, “thank you for the peace.”
That night, he tacked it up above his desk in his dorm next to the postcard from Tendō and hoped you’d come back.
And you do, a couple of days later, on a Saturday. He looks up from where he’s filling in the logbook, this time, catching your gaze and holding it for a moment before you break away to survey the room. Today, he thinks you looked breathtaking. You’re wearing a long, flowing skirt and a sweater that makes him want to feel how soft it is, and how soft you are in it, and by the time his brain catches up with his thoughts, he’s been staring too long and your eyes have wandered back to him. It’s raining, today — it never really snows in this city, he’s learned — and shadowy droplets play across your face as they drip down the greenhouse’s arched glass ceiling, highlighting the curve of your cheekbone and making your eyes glow softly.
He clears his throat and looks back to the thick spiral-bound book on the table before him. Sometimes, when he meets people for the first time, he knows he can come across as intimidating. That worked out for him in high school and on the volleyball court, but in his adulthood, it’s been more of a hindrance than a help. It makes it… difficult to make friends here, where he doesn’t already know anyone.
And the last thing he wants is to scare you away. The last thing he wants is to break the peace you’ve apparently found here.
Which is why he barely dares to breathe when he looks up to find you approaching him where he’s perched on a sturdy wooden stool.
“Hi,” you smile and lilt, and god if it isn’t the most beautiful word Ushijima’s ever heard, if it isn’t the prettiest smile he’s seen.
He doesn’t respond, doesn’t want to scare you away.
“Uhm,” you start again, when the silence makes it clear he’s waiting for you to speak, “I have an art assignment,” you start digging around in your shoulder bag as you speak, “to draw a, um, what’s it called?”
“I don’t know.”
You pause in your rifling and pin him with such a sunny smile it makes his knee start bouncing. And you laugh, too, which officially replaces your “hi” as the most beautiful sound in the world.
“Ha, you’re funny,” you resume digging, “it was um, pretty leafy and... tropical, I think? Oh! Here.” Triumphantly, you produce a wrinkled paper from your bag. It’s the first imperfect thing Ushijima’s found out about you, that you’re shit at keeping your belongings organized, and he files it away for later reference. You hold the paper in front of your face and squint slightly to read in the shifting light. “Canna indica.”
Canna indica, native to tropical climates, notable as a minor food crop for South American Native populations for thousands of years.
“And I was told that you have it, here, in the greenhouse.”
Ushijima nods and finds himself relieved that this is what you’re asking him. Plants, he can do.
“We do. Would you like me to show you?”
“Yes, please,” you also sound relieved, like he’s provided the solution to every problem you’ve ever had.
He unfolds himself from the stool, setting down his pen as he goes. You take a step back and look up at him mildly, as though you hadn’t realized quite how huge he is.
“This way,” he indicates, leading you deeper into the maze that is the biology department’s greenhouse. The winding path back to the tropical room gives him a moment to sink back into the earthy peace of being here, even if now there’s someone sharing that peace.
The temperature change from the warm main greenhouse to the balmy tropical room prompts Ushijima to shed his flannel outer layer, hanging it on the nail hammered by the door while you step in behind him.
“Whew,” you exhale, shrugging off your soft cardigan as well, “it’s hot in here.”
Ushijima hums in agreement and tries not to look too hard at the patch of skin revealed by your cropped tank top. Canna indica isn’t too far into the room, so he just gently moves past draping leaves and ceramic pots.
“Here,” he stops, holding back leaves for you. He stops breathing again when you duck under his arm and end up so close in the narrow aisle that he can smell your shampoo. The moment passes, and he can breathe again when you breeze past him and squat down to peer at the bright, waxy red leaves of your subject.
“Beautiful,” you murmur, and he silently agrees.
You’re leaning so close to the plant he’s afraid you might topple over when you make a noise of realization and sit back on your butt to rifle through your bag once again. Ushijima knows he should probably leave you to it, but he’s glad he waited just an extra minute when you pull out a pair of glasses and pop them on your face. Adorably.
“That’s better.” You’re looking back at canna indica, now, at a normal distance.
He’s figured you’ve forgotten he’s there when you start to pull out pastels from your seemingly bottomless bag, so he turns to leave you.
A soft, “hey,” calls him back to you, however, and he’s met by your face glowing eerily in the shifting rain-light. “Thank you for your help.”
“You’re welcome.”
When he locks up that afternoon, he finds another charcoal drawing waiting for him on the table near the door, this time of his favorite agapanthus africanus. No note, this time, but he attaches all the sounds he heard from you today in its place. He also finds your cardigan forgotten next to where you were sitting and carefully folds it for when you come back.
The drawing joins the orange branch on his wall-- an odd starter garden, he thinks, but all the more precious because it came from you.
The next time he sees you isn’t in the greenhouse, but instead at a cafe a couple of blocks away, two weeks later. He’s walking past, gym bag slung over his shoulder, when he hears your laugh ring out across the outdoor seating area. His eyes find you, head tipped back in sending peals of mirth into the lively spring air. It’s the first truly warm day of the season, though you and your companion are the only patrons sitting outside, and the sun catches on your glasses sat atop your head.
Your friend says something apparently hilarious, because your giggles redouble, and an honest-to-god snort pushes out of your nose. Ushijima catalogues it in his ever-growing list of sounds you make, and pauses at the crosswalk, halfway turned back to keep one eye on you and one on the light. If you were alone, he might’ve approached you and told you that he still has your sweater in the greenhouse, waiting on a shelf between succulents, but he doesn’t want to interrupt your— date?
He isn’t sure, but the person sat there with you seems like someone you might date. Clearly also an art student, judging by the carefully disheveled blue hair and combat boots. Are you the type to date someone with blue hair? Unlikely, he decides. You seem too… bright. Too floaty to be so concerned with looking like you don’t care how you look.
Ushijima’s still debating whether you find blue hair attractive when the crosswalk light begins its countdown and he starts across the street. And he almost makes it all the way across, too, when a voice calls—
“Wait! Hey!”
He turns partially because it sounds urgent enough that it might be an emergency, and his grandmother would roll in her grave if he remained a bystander to some horrific accident. But it’s you, standing up from your seat and waving him back over. He glances at the crosswalk countdown, which lights up red as it ticks from four to three, then turns and jogs back towards you, waving a hand apologetically to the cars waiting at the light. You meet him at the metal fence around the cafe seating area, and now that you’re standing, he can see you’re wearing a yellow sundress that cuts off at your calves and drapes over your hips like the fabric was spun from pure light.
“Hello.” Ushijima talks first this time because if he doesn’t refocus his brain on something else he knows he won’t be able to stop staring.
“Hi! Sorry about that, uh, and I’m sure you have places to be, but, um, did I leave my cardigan at the greenhouse? I can’t find it, and I know I have a tendency to forget things, so,” you finish with a laugh, one hand fiddling with the rings on the other.
“Yes, you did. I put it on a shelf in case you came back.”
“Oh! That’s great!” You sound relieved, and Ushijima’s suddenly very grateful he didn’t take it down to the bio department’s lost and found like they’re technically supposed to. “Is there maybe a time I can come pick it up? When you’ll be there?”
“I’ll be there all day tomorrow, opening at nine.” 
He can’t tell if he sounds a little too eager, and he’s about to soften his meaning by telling you that they’re open today, too, and anyone can hand you a sweater, but you’re already smiling big and sunny and telling him,
“I’ll see you at nine, then. Do you drink coffee?”
He doesn’t; his coaches have always told him that caffeine can only harm his athletic performance.
“Yes, I do.”
“Then I’ll see you at nine, with coffee.”
Ushijima says goodbye and turns to wait at the crosswalk again while you swirl your way back to your seat and pick up your conversation with your friend. He can feel two pairs of eyes on him as he crosses the street, red numbers blinking down from ten, and can’t help but turn to look back as he steps onto the opposite sidewalk. Where your friend tactfully looks down into their cup of tea, you catch his eye with yours and wave. He lifts his hand halfway in a goodbye before an eighteen-wheeler stops at the intersection and blocks you from him.
Ushijima’s normal work attire is typical of an average agricultural biology student accustomed to being up to their elbows in dirt every day: practical cargo shorts, dirt-stained but sturdy sneakers, a “plant dad” t-shirt (a gift from Tendō when they’d said their goodbyes and gone away to college), and a soft cotton flannel. He’s usually satisfied with this for his shift at the greenhouse, expecting to be mud-covered at least up to his wrists by the end of the day.
But today… Today, he pauses in the dorm bathroom to scrub his face raw, and he clips and shapes his nails like his mother used to do for him every Saturday. He normally only does it before tournaments, now, and it calms his nerves to feel prepared for a Big Event, even if that event is only handing you your gently pilled cashmere cardigan and receiving a coffee he won’t drink in return.
The air that morning is heady with spring, earthy and alive, reminding Ushijima of lying beneath the hedge along his mother’s garden to pass notes to the girl next door. He was seven and she was nine, so naturally she knew everything he didn’t. She knew about the planets and why worms live in dirt and how to spell the word “catastrophe,” and Ushijima would’ve bet his whole weekly allowance that she was the coolest person in the world, if he knew what betting was. (She did, and once bet him half an ice cream sandwich that he couldn’t climb the oak tree in his backyard all the way to the top. He did, and then twisted his ankle on the way down, and she brought him an ice cream sandwich every day for a week as an apology.) She was all shiny, long black hair and dark eyes and fast words, nothing like the spring blooming around him.
You, on the other hand, are exactly the spring.
He stops at his favorite pastry place on the way to work to pick up two fresh cream donuts. The line is just dwindling from the height of the morning rush, so he manages to make it to the biology building just five minutes before he normally does.
Morning sun sends rainbows through the automatic misting spray as Ushijima unlocks the greenhouse door, letting a burst of humidity out into the rest of the building. The spiral-bound log book is there on the desk, a thick parchment bookmark sticking out from where whoever closed last night marked the page. 
Ushijima places his backpack and pastry bag on the desk and reaches to hang his key on its hook just when there’s a knock on the door.
“I know I’m early,” you start, edging your way into the room with a paper coffee cup in each hand. “But I saw it was already open, so...”
Ushijima smiles despite himself. In their second year Oikawa Tooru had told him that his smiles can be unnerving, but he can’t help it right now. You look so lovely today, in jeans and a silky tank top, with a certain morning tenderness in the way you hold yourself.
“It’s okay, come in. I just need to check the temperature controls and I’ll be done opening.”
“Sounds good,” you reply, smiling back.
As he makes his way to the temp controls on the Southern wall, you perch on the wooden stool and set down the coffee.
With his back turned to you for a moment, you allow yourself to slouch, planting two hands on the table and stretching your shoulders with a sigh. It’s earlier than you normally get out of bed, let alone actually leave your apartment, and you can already feel a quiet exhaustion setting into your bones.
But this is worth it, you remind yourself. Worth it to talk to the beautiful boy with broad shoulders and gentle hands.
He’d been unexpected. That first day in the greenhouse, you’d sat down with the intention to calm down from a tedious school day and nothing more. Your hands had moved of their own volition on that second drawing of the orange branch, scribbling out a hasty message that made your cheeks burn. But he was so present that day, in the corner of your eye but staying respectfully out of your space. And you’re not blind -- you saw the muscles under his shirt as he lifted an entire small tree in its pot. You saw the startling shade of green his eyes took on in the sun. You saw it all, and it drew you back, and now you’re here.
When he joins you back at the table, leaning back against it to face you, you stick out your hand and offer your name.
He looks at it for a moment, then back at you.
“I just, uh, realized we never properly introduced ourselves,” you explain, with a hesitant smile.
He smiles again and your heart thuds, then his big hand engulfs yours and he shakes it firmly.
“Wakatoshi. It’s nice to meet you.”
You learn in the following weeks of coming to the greenhouse that Wakatoshi doesn’t like coffee. But he does like tea and donuts, so that’s what you bring him on the mornings you can find it in you to wake up before nine. You sit with him in the greenhouse, talking and listening as he records data and waters plants and sits next to you on the quilt you’ve fallen into the habit of bringing. The occasional professor or student comes through, and you get to watch Wakatoshi show off his brains when he leaves you to help them.
There are several things you learn about him over those weeks. Number one: he never minces words. Two: he prefers grapefruit chapstick over anything else. And three: he kisses like it’s his last day on Earth.
You discover number three late one night when you decide to drop by after class, shooting him a text to make sure he’s still there. Today he’s closing instead of opening, and you missed spending your morning with him.
The city lights cast a different kind of glow at this time of night. They add a distance to everything that’s palpable as you drop your bag by the door.
“Toshi, are you here-- oh, hi.” You turn the corner to find him closing the door to the supply closet.
His cheekbones are highlighted briefly by a billboard outside flashing red.
“You should get some sleep.”
“I’m not tired. And I wanted to see you.”
“You wanted to see me?”
He takes a step towards you and you have to tilt your head back slightly to keep your eyes on his. They’re leaf green and unreadable.
“Yeah, uh,” you wet your lips with your tongue, “is that okay?”
“Yes.” He pauses for a long time, then, watching you carefully in the neon glow of the exit sign. His hand shakes as it reaches up to push your glasses from your face onto your head.
Without them, he looks fuzzy and soft around the edges.
He says, “Can I kiss you?” and it feels like there’s a bird trapped in your ribcage.
“Yes. Kiss me.”
Wakatoshi kisses nothing like you expected, all tongues and teeth and heavy fingers in the dip of your waist. He growls when you gasp and mewl against him, sucking on your lower lip as your hands find purchase in his shirt. He kisses you so absolutely breathless that you think you might pass out. Your knees buckle and you pull away, gasping with your eyes closed for a moment until you come back to yourself.
“Are you alright, little one?”
The endearment makes your cheeks flush with heat and your eyes snap open.
“Yes, I’m alright. Please do it again.”
And so he does it again, and again, and again until you find yourself bringing him home with you on the last bus that goes towards your neighborhood. He’s standing in the aisle, one hand wrapped around a pole and the other wound around you, who’s standing in front of him. He keeps you steady as the bus rounds a corner.
That night, you bring the peace of the greenhouse into your home, and the only thing you find yourself wishing for is that it never leaves.
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · a year ago
Looking for a Place to Happen
Warnings: non-consent sex and rape (series), age gap, general stupidity.
This is dark!biker!Sam Wilson x reader and explicit. 18+ only.  Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Series Synopsis: There’s lots happening in Birch and you find it all too amusing.
Sister series to Smalltown Bringdown, When the Weight Comes Down, Little Bones, and Fully Completely
Note: We’re starting Sam’s installment but this weekend I’ll probably only be catching up on my headcanons and drabbles because I’ve been a lazy bitch and I’m sorry to those who have been waiting.
Thanks to everyone for their patience and feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 Let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: I've got a job, I explore
The sleepy town of Birch was awake. 
In those last weeks, the arrival of outsiders had roused the attention of many once passive residents of the timeless territory. Those brick buildings unchanged by the tick of the clock inlaid into the old tower above the library that chimed every hour on the hour. They still stood with only chips in the mortar but the air tasted different. The frost was more bitter and the sky more grim. An omen of something no one could predict.
It was the perfect setting for a screenplay. The isolated town with its unsavoury secrets and the visitors who threatened to bring them to the surface. It was inspiring to you, to imagine what was hidden behind the stern wrinkled faces of the town elders and under the jackets of those men who wore the cut of the local club. The bikers ruled the town covertly but everyone knew that Bucky Barnes’ palm was lined with the map of Birch.
As a bystander, an unnoticed observer, just another ant in the hill, you watched from the side and amused yourself with the drama of others. It was like a soap opera or another HBO hype machine. Those things you aspired to when you could be free of this ho-hum town.
The snows added to the natural gloom of the place. The deep heaps smothered the noise and harkened back to those days of colonial settlement. Forgotten, desolate, fearful. 
You ventured down in your heavy boots that stretched to your knees and pushed your chin down into your scarf. As a child, you ran and jumped in those piles, now you were out of breath just trying to walk past them.
You stopped in the bakery that doubled as the only café, a place where the owner, Babs, tried to to intimidate the last caffeinated trends. She was always a few seasons behind but you didn’t mind so much. 
You ordered the salted caramel mocha and waited patiently as the quiet woman fought with the steaming machines. She was older than you but you’d work with her for one summer during high school, only five years ago. She had the eyes of a child still, but there was something worn in her. As if she’d been exposed to far too much in her three or so decades in that place. She was a harbinger of what you didn’t want to become.
You thanked her for your drink and set out once more into the billowing winds. Birch winters were never kind but this one was crueler than most. Your teeth chattered as you blew the steam away from the lid and hugged it with your mittened hands.
You stopped short as you heard the familiar ding of the diner door across the street. You recognised the mechanic who kept to herself and once growled at you in the grocery store. She stormed across the street, followed closely and quickly by a black-haired man you’d only seen once before. He was one of those outsiders who came to deal with the club men.
You sped up as you sensed chaos brewing and pulled out your phone as you balanced your paper cup in your other hand. You flicked your camera on just as you got to the front of the shop and the man grabbed the mechanic. You let out an ‘oop’ as she turned on him and you aimed the lens at the couple as they fell into the snow, the man’s shoes giving little traction to his steps. 
You moved closer, stunned by the scene, and kept your cell phone rolling as you found a better angle around the snowy walks. As she choked him on the ground he elbowed her and she coughed as she rolled away. She snarled as he clamoured to his feet, slipping and sliding as he marched away.
You killed the recording and watched the man cross the street again, nearly wiping out as he did and when you looked back to the mechanic, she was gone behind the clattering door. You chuckled to yourself and tucked away your cell. It was prime footage for TikTok; with a bit of editing, it would be comedy gold.
You stomped up the steps of your grandmother’s house, this time through the front door as you heard her chair rocking in the front room. You usually took the stairs in the back as you paid her to live on the upper floor of the duplex. You checked in with her daily, she didn’t get out much more than the occasional trip to the grocery store when you couldn’t or you dragged her out to join you for a tea at Babs’.
“You’re late,” she grumbled as you set your cup down and unzipped your coat.
“For what?” you scoffed.
“It’s after noon and you don’t even come down to say hello? A ‘good morning, nan’,” she harrumphed.
You chuckled and hung your coat before shoving your boots over on the mat. You grabbed your mocha and leaned on the doorway as you watched her crocheting in her chair, reruns of some court show playing from the boxy television.
“I was working,” you said, “sent in some stuff for review. Hopefully not much work to be done.”
“I don’t know how you make money on that interweb,” she bemoaned, “I don’t trust it.”
“Maybe you’d trust it more if you used the Netflix subscription I got you,” you crossed your arms, “then you wouldn’t have to watch trash daytime TV.”
She shrugged and muttered under her breath. She could be crotchety but you liked her sense of humour. Your aunts and uncles never came around because they just took it as spite. You were the only one who knew how to handle the jaded old lady.
“Maybe you coulda looked out the window,” you snickered, “quite a show going on in town.”
“Hmm, what’s that?” she stilled her needles and reached for her tea stained cup.
“Just a fight. You wouldn’t believe it, that lady mechanic beat the shit--”
“Language,” she huffed.
“Anyway, she had this guy in a chokehold. It was awesome.”
“What guy?” she squinted at you over her glasses.
“I dunno. Some out of towner. Remember I told you about that burly dude hanging around the library?”
“There’s more?” she sucked on her teeth, “those bikers have never been good news and now they’re bringing in more.”
“Yeah, well, what’re you gonna do?” you sniffed as you took out your phone and rewatched the scuffle with the volume down. You shook your head and opened up your TikTok. 
“I don’t understand why you’re always on your dang phone,” your grandmother pestered.
“I’m not always on my phone,” you smiled at her smugly, “there are those time when I’m listening to you prattle on or you know, making you tea, oh, and cooking you dinner. What was it I did last week? Oh that’s right, I got Pippin out of the crawlspace.”
“I’m too old to be chasin’ that cat all around,” she huffed, “where is he anyway?”
“He’s your cat, I don’t know? Last time I saw him, I sent him back out the window for shredding my charger.”
“He knows you need to give it a rest,” she laughed to herself, “got your nose to that screen too much.”
“And what do you do, old lady? Crocheting doilies to put where exactly?”
She gave you that dry smile, the one that said watch it but carried a hint of humour still. You hit post and put your phone away as you waved off her irritation.
“Well, you know what, I sit all day at my computer, doing who knows what and you know what it got me?” you taunted, “a large mocha!” you sipped as you sat on the sofa and grabbed the remote, “and it’s paying my rent and putting bullet points on my resume.”
“Mhmm,” she scowled, “just remember, real life ain’t online. Those videos you’re always laughing at like hyena, that’s not reality. You forget it and it’ll come back and bit you. ‘Specially with those bikers.”
“Oh, nan, you know too well, don’t you? Didn’t you have a fling with one back in your hippie phase?”
“Two, actually,” she raised her brows, “I was young and stupid. Not like you, but still.”
“I love you too,” you chirped and sipped from your cup, flicking the station to Jerry Springer, “that’s more like it.”
Your usual TikToks were sarcastic and dull complaints about your small town life. The response was less than pleasing but it gave you an outlet to vent. You liked to goof around and document the very specific type of weirdos that resided in Birch. But the video of the fight in the snow blew up your phone and made it difficult to ignore the buzzing as you went back up to your room to eke out the last of your captions for the ad agency.
When at last you could call your day hard-earned, you logged off and sent in your hours to the agency. Social media promotion was easy enough but the working gigs for a thousand different companies was tedious. You hoped you could build your portfolio enough to manage a single corporate page as you continued to chip away at your creative outlets.
You picked up your phone as you waited for Netflix to load on your tiny smart tv and flopped onto your bed, not two feet from your desk. You hit the icon in the upper panel of your phone and scrolled through the notifications, pausing to turn on another episode of the cable sitcom from ten years before. You snorted as you read each comment but the number under the video made your eyes round. The thing was bound to go viral.
As usual, you went down to help with supper. Pippin, the orange tabby, returned to cry at his dish and you fed him too. Your nan peered through her glasses at a crossword as she tasted the tangy pasta sauce. 
“More basil,” she snipped.
“Well, I asked if you wanted to help,” you muttered, “I think it’s good.”
“Hmmp, I need milk,” she jutted her chin out, “for my after-dinner tea.”
“You couldn’t say something like three hours ago?” you blinked.
“I could have but I didn’t,” she snickered. You rolled your eyes and she took another forkful of penne and filled in another line on her puzzle, “ah, no hurry, girlie, you know I’m patient.”
“Patient? You?” you chuckled as you took your plate and shoved it in the microwave to keep it warm. The ancient thing had a dial and the door stuck, “I’ll just go get it over with.”
“Don’t forget your mitts,” she called after you as you tramped into the front room, “it’s cold.”
You pulled on your knitted cap and matching mitts. You zipped up your parka and shoved your feet into the deep boots. You grabbed your wallet and buried it in the spacious pocket. You bounced out the front door and down the steps as the sky sent down another coat of powder for the night.
You went up White Forge Street and through the short path behind the diner that led to the main road. You glanced over at The Asp, the beacon of the dull town, and turned towards the grocer. Like anywhere in Birch, the store was outdated and stuffy. It felt like stepping into another time with the paper bags and chunky tills.
You went down the center aisle and stopped at the fridge to search through the frosted glass. Your nan only drank whole milk and the last time you carelessly grabbed skim, she whined that even Pippin wouldn’t drink it. She was particular but that was just her nature. You couldn’t say you were any less fussy in some instances.
You grabbed a jug and the door slapped closed against the worn rubber seal. You headed up the candy aisle and brushed your woolly thumb over your chin as you considered gummy bears or Reeses’ Pieces.
“Hard choice?” The deep voice jolted you.
You snatched the box of chocolate and looked over at the man in leather, his chin tucked down behind the collar as snow dusted his shoulders.
“Sure,” you said as you brushed past him.
The cut of the leather told you he was better not entertained. While you thought the men amusing, you weren’t stupid enough to engage with them. You rarely listened to your grandmother but she was wise in her own way. 
You knew a girl in highschool, she was fucking around with one of the club men in her junior year, she ended up with a baby and no support. You didn’t think he was into you that way but he could hardly have innocent intentions.
“How’s the old lady?” Clayton asked as he rung in your order at the end of the belt, you moved along with the groceries and pulled out your wallet.
“The usual, you know? She’s tryna quit again. Don’t know how long it’ll last.”
“Oh yeah? I’ll keep a carton aside for her,” he kidded as you felt your phone vibing in your back pocket.
“Don’t encourage her,” you swiped your card and punched in your pin, “although I don’t know what’s worse; the smoke or her sucking on those mints all the time.”
“Oh, it’s not the bitchin’?” he laughed.
“That, too,” you scooped up the paper bag and put your wallet away, “have a good one.”
As you came to the end of the first counter, you were nearly cut off by the club member as he swept around from till two. His own purchase of a car magazine and jerky was tucked under his arm.
“Ah, sorry,” he smiled, a sparkling smile, almost charming.
“No worries,” you continued on and he followed close behind.
“Those mitts look real warm. ‘Specially in this weather,” he said as you pushed open the door.
“Uh huh,” you kept on as your boots crunched out into the snow.
“You know where I can get a pair. Leather isn’t exactly thermal, you know?”
“These? My nan made ‘em. I’m sure Clayton got some hung up back there,” you looked across the street as you stepped up onto the ledge of snow between the sidewalk and the road.
“Am I bothering you?” he asked.
You looked at him dumbly and almost laughed in his face. You glanced back across the street then down towards The Asp.
“Sorta,” you answered.
“Make you a deal. Leave ya alone for your name.”
You eyed him. He was older than you like many of the Commandos. At least a decade, likely more than that. You chewed on your hesitation and cradled the bag more firmly against your side. His eyes strayed as he tried to see through the thick layer of your coat.
“Nah, I’m not s’posed to talk to strangers,” you said and hopped off onto the road.
You heard him behind you as he struggled to follow and as you came up to the other side, he came parallel with you and kept stride with you easily.
“I know you’re young but you’re not a kid,” he intoned, “what’s the harm in a name?”
“It’s a small town,” you stopped short of the end of White Forge, “I think I know enough about you to avoid you.”
“Oh ho, is that it? Well, I’m Sam, I’m not a stranger now, am I?”
“Not interested, Sam. Sure there’s women your own age over at the bar,” you nodded behind him.
“You wanna come see? Maybe have a drink?” he gave a crooked grin.
“You don’t give up, do you?” you shook your head, put off by his forwardness.
“Not tonight, Sam,” you turned around and headed down White Forge.
“Then what night?” he asked but you didn’t answer and he didn’t follow.
You turned down onto your street and refused to look back in case. It would be best not to mention the run-in to your nan, she was paranoid enough as it was. Besides, you’d forget about it by the end of next week.
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randynova · a year ago
♡𝓜𝔂 𝓦𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷♡
𝓖𝓾𝓷 𝔁 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻
Tumblr media
𝑆𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦: 𝐴𝑙𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑦 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑟𝑡 𝑜𝑛 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒, 𝐺𝑢𝑛 𝑖𝑠 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑐𝑒𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑓𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑎𝑙 𝑡𝑜 𝐺𝑜𝑜 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛 ℎ𝑒 𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑦𝑠 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑖𝑓 𝑖𝑡 𝑚𝑒𝑎𝑛𝑠 ℎ𝑒 ℎ𝑎𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑦 𝑤𝑎𝑦 𝑜𝑓 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑡 𝑡𝑜 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑒 𝑜𝑛 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒.
✦✦✦ ✦✦✦
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔(𝑠):𝐹𝑒𝑚!𝑅𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟, 𝐹𝑙𝑢𝑓𝑓, 𝑠𝑜𝑓𝑡(𝑠𝑖𝑚𝑝)! 𝐺𝑢𝑛
✦✦✦ ✦✦✦
“Why couldn’t this have waited until another day?” Gun muttered, unbuttoning his shirt, letting it slide off his taut frame, and neatly folding it, placing it onto the roof of his car. He was glad he hadn't put his jacket on, having left it in his passenger seat. “I can’t dirty my clothes again, [Name] will be mad if I get blood on it.” He rolled his broad shoulders until they released a satisfying crack, his thick muscles bulging as he stretched his arms across his scarred chest. Gun peered at a nearby store, the digital clock displaying in big white numbers, ‘7:45 PM’. He groaned, his lips curling into a scowl whilst his arms fell to his side. He didn’t have enough time to deal with this.
“Hmm, and it’s almost time for our date. Fuck.” Gun whispered to himself. He clenched his fists, narrowing his eyes at the man across from him. He removed his shades and revealed his dark gaze, placing his favorite accessory to his side as well. “I’ll make this quick, Goo. I have more important places to be.”
Goo laughed, grinning in his spot as he balanced a pole in his hands. He rolled his eyes, arching a brow at his partner. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, Gun, maybe if you didn’t spend all your time by [Name]’s side, we could have dealt with this matter much earlier. That girl has you wrapped around her pretty little finger, huh?”
“Shut it,” Gun said, already racing towards the blonde and thrusting his fist, knuckles colliding with metal. Upon the cold sensation meeting his skin, he wanted to absolutely kill Goo and rip him to shreds. This would take longer than he wanted, wasting his already precious, short time. He backed off, having a considerable distance between the two, stretching his fingers a few times before clenching them again. He growled, spitting venomously,  “You just like picking fights.” 
“You did too. Before you met her, y’know,” Goo tutted, waving his finger in the air. He scoffed, voice low, “Who would’ve thought? Gun going soft for a girl. Psh, pathetic. Never thought I’d live to see the day...” The blonde trailed off, his face becoming stoic, his mind wandering. You truly had to be someone exceptional if you managed to have a guy like Gun to fall for you. He always wondered who you were, how you looked like, what you did, but Gun had kept you a secret from the world of crime. He hid almost every known trace abou you and tied every loose end that implicated you existed. No one knew who you were and no one could find you — unless Gun allowed them to. 
Goo found it so irritating how he was unable to know the girl who made such a notorious gangster go soft. 
He only met you once and that was by pure sheer luck; dropping by unexpectedly at one of Gun's apartments, only to be met with the sight of you. Seeing how Gun reacted, he knew you were supposed to be kept hush-hush. But boy, did he have a field day the next time he saw the man.
Goo had to meet you again. Or at least, know you more.
Only when Gun’s fist connected with Goo’s face did the man snap out of his thoughts, the impact of such force throwing him a few feet backwards. He dug his feet into the floor, a high-pitched screech coming from his shoes as the rubber burned against the pavement. With his sleeve, Goo wiped his cheek, seeing a speck of blood staining his clothes. Goo chuckled, standing up straight with a grin, “If I can remember right, you told me you got Eli Jang in trouble for basically the same thing. What was her name again? Heather?”
Goo blocked the upcoming attack, his pole raised and crossed above his face. He pushed Gun back with an effortless swing of the pole. He tilted his head and scratched the back of his head with his free hand. “How is [Name] any different from Heather? What does she have on you?”
Gun twisted his neck gently until he heard a crack, looking back at Goo as he hissed with venom, “Nothing.”
“Let me think, let me think….” Goo hummed, racking his mind for any possibility that someone like Gun would stay with a woman longer than one night. His face lit up and he broke out into a wide grin, pointing a finger at Gun. “Aha! You got the poor girl knocked up, right?! See, I always tell you to wear protection! Just couldn’t keep it in your pants, hm? Shaaame.” 
“Ugh, fuck no. I don’t want kids and neither does she. We made that clear at the beginning," Gun said with a sneer, annoyed beyond comprehension at Goo's antics. 
“Awe, I really thought she held something over you. How about this: I’ll stop fighting you if you tell me why you’re still with such a pretty girl like [Name]? Deal?" Goo offered, slinging the pole onto his shoulder. His eyes darkened as he spat maliciously, knowing each word would wind and rile Gun's emotions. "She deserves better than a perverted gangster, you both know that.”
Gun stayed silent, the corners of his lips tugging down into a frown. Goo’s last words struck a chord in him, sending a pang through his heart upon hearing an insecurity he’ll never admit to. Of course. Everyone told you to stay away from a man like Gun. People kept telling you you will only get hurt in the end, that a better man will come along and sweep you off your feet if you just waited, or you could always do better than him. But you never listened. You stayed by his side, even when the whole world looked down on you two. Even for months, he tried convincing himself he felt nothing for you, but after a while, he finally accepted that someone managed to tear down his walls and enter his hollow, cold heart — you. 
You were just a different kind of girl - no- a different kind of woman. A special woman he had the pleasure of meeting. One he wouldn’t dare let go of now that he has the privilege of calling you ‘mine’. And by any god out there, he won’t be a stupid fool to lose you.
Gun sighed. “I tell you and you’ll put this stupid fight behind us, right?”
Goo placed a hand over his chest, replying shortly, “You have my word.~”
“[Name] is just that special person you meet once in your life. One you know you can’t let go of because there isn’t another like her. Simple as that.”
“What?! Ugh, don’t be boring! Tell me more!”
“You asked why I  stayed with her and I told you.”
“Yeah, but I expected a story, not some sad attempt at an old man’s wise words.”
A low guttural sound rumbled in Gun’s throat, his eye twitching. “Maybe when I’m in a better mood I’ll tell you, but if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my woman.”
Goo groaned and tossed his pole to the side, rolling his eyes and grumbling, "Fiiine, but you owe me a story. "
"Whatever—damnit," Gun looked at the clock once again and his face contorted into one of pure irate. "I'm late."
'8:12 PM'
✦✦✦ ✦✦✦
Your head rested on your hand, balancing a glass of wine between your fingers, twirling the cup as the liquid swished around. Your eyes were looking down on the glory of Gangdong, the shimmering, blinding lights of the city mesmerizing you. The city always looked beautiful at this time of night. You just wished you could enjoy it with the person you cherished. A sigh leaves your lips and you look away, eyes trailing to the other tables over the balcony. 
The lingering eyes of many strange men didn't faze you anymore, the two burly boys surrounding your table always making them avert their gaze as fast as it landed. A courtesy of your boyfriend, who was at least thirteen minutes late, who insisted on you needing to be guarded at all times. You knew if he were here, no one would dare to even breathe in your direction, let alone glance. 
The cool air pricked your skin and a shiver passed through your body, reminding you of where you were. For a man as smart as him, Gun tended to neglect keeping the season in mind when planning your dates. Nonetheless, you were happy he went out of his way to take you out on such a busy schedule. 
You jumped in your seat, snapping out of your thoughts. A jacket was wrapped around your frame, warmth immediately enveloping you as the fabric made contact with your bare skin. You looked up and smiled. 
Gun stood behind you, towering over your sitting form as he made sure you were nice and covered. His coat basically swallowed you whole. A small stuffed animal was tucked under his arm, it’s fluffy fur peeking out. He walked over to take his seat, pulling the chair out, and wasting no time to slip in. He waved to the guards and they nodded, beginning to clear the scene of people.
“Sorry I’m late, [Name],” Gun started, taking the stuffie out from underneath his arm and presenting it to you. Oh, how adorable. "I brought you a gift as an apology."
A small brown otter sat in his palms, barely taking up Gun's hands. It’s beady, plastic eyes looked straight at you, a little smile stitched onto its snout. A snort left you. The sight of such a well-dressed, intimidating man carrying such an adorable toy was  amusing. "Really now? Just a cute toy, Gun?"
Gun sighed and sat up a bit from his chair, leaning over the table, and cupping your face as he planted a gentle kiss on your cheek. As quick as it started, Gun's lips left and he was seated once again. You pout. "Don't give me that look, [Name]. We can do more at home if you want but not here."
"It's not wrong to be disappointed in no kiss on the mouth after not seeing your boyfriend for such a long time. Don't you think I deserve it?"
Gun smirked, placing his shades on the table and taking your hand, intertwining your fingers together. He gave a light squeeze and you didn't miss a beat as you squeezed his coarse hand back. The way you pursed your lips and looked at him with such glossy, innocent eyes made his heart swell. With such a pretty, cute face, it was hard to say no to you. "Hmm, maybe. But Olly told me you crossed paths with Hostel A." Gun spoke, slipping his hands from yours and picking up his dinnerware, quickly cutting the savory meat into pieces. He didn't hesitate to put a piece up to your mouth, a hand underneath so as to not have the juice leak. "I was told you nearly broke the Uncles' bones and Big Daddy himself."
Your face scrunched up and you scoffed, shaking your head. You placed the stuffed animal to the side, petting it. "Figured those assholes wouldn’t tell you everything. The ‘uncles’ wouldn’t leave me alone and I thought Olly was another one of those bastards,” you snap, sitting back in your seat with a scowl. “How was I supposed to know he was trying to help when he dresses like that? I thought he was trying to assault me for God’s sake!”
Gun placed down his fork on his plate and his face twisted into one of fury, eyes turning cold and rigid as all the warmth disappeared whilst his lips curled back into a nasty frown. You almost thought his infamous scowl was directed towards you, but you knew better. You dear boyfriend wouldn't dare lay a single finger on you if it didn't bring you pleasure. "They what?" 
You smiled softly, placing your hand over his as it clenched into a fist. With your small attempt at trying to soothe him by rubbing small circles, you spoke with a bit of hesitation, "Ah, yeah. They kept trying to get my number and wouldn't let me leave the booth I was in. I had no other choice than to use the training you taught me. Since I never met Olly, I really thought he was just another one of them and I reacted before thinking, making me attack him too."
Gun scoffed, shaking his head as he listened to your explanation with disbelief, every word fueling his rage of someone daring to hit on his woman. Every fiber in Gun's body screamed, wanting to feel their skin underneath his fists as he pounded them into oblivion. But the only thing stopping him was his date with you. For now, he'll put his anger aside to be with you and keep you happy. Who knows how long he'll be gone and when he'll see you again. The man has to make every second count. 
Yet, he couldn’t let this go unpunished.
"Fuck." Gun leans closer to you and sits on the edge of his chair. Placing his hand over yours, he slips his fingers to grasp your palm, and lifts your hand to his lips, pressing tender kisses against your knuckles. His thumb grazing softly across your fingers and his eyes flutter shut. You couldn't help but stare in awe, never quite seeing him like this.
So careful with you, so gentle, you were surprised he wasn't seething in his seat and threatening to break their heads open. Gun opens his eyes and looks up at you, shaking in his seat. “I promise I’ll have those fuckers begging on their knees for your forgiveness. They should know better than to treat a woman with such rudeness and disrespect. Shit, I’ll go right now. I’ll beat them till-”
Your sweet laugh reaches his ears, cutting him off from his little speech. You lean in and pull in his hand to your lips, pressing a tender peck to his coarse knuckles. Gun felt his heart race and skip a beat at the sight, shock crossing his features. You look up, looking at your boyfriend with mirthful eyes. “As much fun as that sounds, I'd rather you stay here. Please? I want to spend as much time with you before you go back to work.”
The man stayed silent for a few seconds, taking in your words. He looked away, clicking his tongue before he broke out into a small smile, a blush blooming across his cheeks and the tip of his ears burning a bright red. “Of course, [Name]. Though, you could’ve just said you like spending time with me.”
Giggling, you lower your hands and shake your head. “Gun, of course I like spending time with you. You’re my favorite person and I love you after all.” Your voice said those three words with such fondness, it’s as if the man was in a dream. 
If your words from before didn’t send Gun over the edge, your proclamation of love surely did now. He looked down, grinning like an idiot, showing a soft, bashful side he’s never revealed to anyone before. He swore his heart would jump out of his throat from how fast it was pounding against his ribcage. Gun grasped your hand tightly and sighed blissfully, Gently, he spoke, gazing at you with loving eyes, “I love you too.”
You smiled.
The tension in the air grew to be too much and both of you found it unbearable, wanting to do what both of you have been waiting for for weeks.
Both of you sat up and leaned over the table, closing the gap between you two as your lips interlocked, slipping together like if you were made for eachother. The kiss sparked and fed the fire both of you held in your hearts, burning brighter with every moment you spent at one another’s side. Gun couldn’t help but smile against your mouth.
As much as he hated being apart from you for so long, moments like these made the long hours worth it. If working so much meant he could provide for you, then he wouldn't mind doing it for the rest of his life if you had a roof over your head and a nice, warm meal at night.
Afterall, you were his woman.
And he loved you.
©𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚢𝚗𝚘𝚟𝚊 || 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚎𝚍 || 𝚗𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚜𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜, 𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚜, 𝚌𝚘𝚙𝚢𝚒𝚗𝚐, 𝚛𝚎𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐, 𝚎𝚝𝚌. 𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚌𝚒𝚛𝚌𝚞𝚖𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚜 .
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magicchai · 10 months ago
Falling for You
Draco Malfoy x Female!Reader
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request? Yes 
Summary: Draco teaches Y/n how to ride a broom, leading to the discussion of going on a date.
Reader Info: Female!Reader
Set: Any Year
Warnings: None
Words: 1k
Tumblr media
"Remind me why I have to teach you, and you can't just share my broom?" asks Draco, hands levelling the broom Y/n had mounted and is now awaiting further instructions, faces close to one another while she teases him. "Well, because I want to finally learn, from an expert may I add," and with a cocky grin covering Draco's face, Y/n continues, "but- Harry was busy, so you'll have to do for now".
Draco had asked Y/n to come on a short ride on the brooms, her head filled with stressed thoughts of studying and with her being his best friend, however also the girl he was wholly infatuated with, Draco suggested some fresh air would help take her mind to a more eased space from the lack of breaks she gave herself.
"Watch your mouth-", "I'm kidding, I'm trying to tease you since you have no patience", she interjects, hand lightly slapping Draco's arm as his eyes bore into Y/n's at the mention of his enemy's name. "Keep going that way, and you can walk back to the castle and forget today" however, his intimidation may scare a bunch of first years, but it only caused Y/n to lean her forehead on his shoulder to contain her laughter.
"I know you won't let me leave", and you're right. I never will. Draco thinks with a soft smile, so in love that if someone sat at the very last row of the empty quidditch pitch, they stood in, they could easily figure out the feelings he held for her solely based on his captivated expression. Y/n lifts her head once again as Draco starts, "okay, so place your dominant hand at the top of the broom about here".
The feeling of Y/n's soft hand under his much larger and rough-skinned hand was enough to make the blonde blush as he guides her hand to the spot he normally held. "How do you know that's my dominant hand?" Y/n continues to taunt Draco. He gives her a light side-eye before replying, "because I have seen you write with this hand, is that a good enough answer?".
Draco looks to her, expecting a sarcastic retaliation. Instead, his eye catches the small strand she missed from tucking behind her ear, and Draco can't help himself. Leaning over, he eases the loose strand back over and begins to take in her clearer features, her eyes shimmering back as his hand rests delicately against her head.
However, Draco is pulled out of his reverie when she furrows her eyebrows, a confused expression filling hers, "what's wrong?" she suddenly asked based on his appearance. His lips tug downwards as he shrugs, "you had a hair over your eye, just thought it might be annoying" he stands back to continue his instructions, helping Y/n have her footing and grip of the broom in the right position.
He grew more and more proud of how well Y/n was doing as the hour went on and couldn't help but envy himself for not being able to admit his feelings toward his best friend whenever her face brightened when she did something right. Draco feared losing his best friend, but the pain of having her near but yet so far from what he dreamed of, it was slowly getting harder for him to deal with.
"Okay, do you think I could go to the other side and back by myself?" she asks Draco, who was more than positive she could do it even with her eyes closed but decided to tease her, the root of their friendship. "I don't know. The new first years are already so much more advanced than you. You might want to get some extra tips from them before you attempt to", her elbow nudges Draco's side as she replies, "fine. I'll show you I can".
Raising his eyebrows teasingly, Draco sends an expression of retaliation to boil her blood. "You don't think I can?" he chuckles darkly before responding, "what do you want in reward if you do?" he asks.
Without a second thought, "I can slap you across the face" Y/n loudly laughs at her own comment, and he gives her nod, "fine. If you don't make it, I have to take you on a date", the boy answers, Draco closing in on her face to mimic her now-shocked expression.
"But you think I'm going to lose-", "less talking, guess we'll just have to see, won't we?" Draco taps her broom before stepping back. Y/n's eyes hesitantly leave his stance, smug smile with his hands stuffed into his trousers as he awaits her to start.
Draco's nerves can't help but attack his stomach once she speeds away ahead, his gaze never leaving her figure as she quickly reaches the end of the pitch. He can't help but rethink his approach. She may see this as an opportunity to immediately shut down the hope he had to be with her.
However, his struggling thoughts are interrupted when Y/n's broom stops halfway from her returning to Draco's side. His signature smirk reaches his face once again when he sees her foot slyly reaching for the grass before lightly stepping off her broom and not-so-convincingly falling onto the grass with a dramatic gasp, "Draco, I'm falling!" she shouts.
Maybe she does feel the same way.
He jogs over to see her, his hand reaching out to hold Y/n's as he tugs her to sit up before he bends his knees to squat to her level. "Well, you did your best", the sarcasm rolling off Draco's tongue as Y/n scrunches her face in reply. "Shame, I guess I can't slap you after all", faux disappoint as her hands grip his forearms while they both stand up straight, "shame, I guess I have to take you out on a date on Saturday?".
Both wearing goofy smiles upon his words, "what's the plan then?". Draco leans in to press a firm but a quick kiss to her cheek, "oh, I don't know. Probably another quidditch lesson after that performance", and before she can nudge him again, Draco's arm slings over her shoulder to tuck her into his side before retreating to the castle, discussing their plans for their upcoming date.
General Harry Potter Fandom
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syntheticavenger · 6 months ago
revenant anon here! i also just thought i’d ask if we could get a blurb about the readers life nowadays:) if not don’t stress have a nice day!
Tumblr media
No Good Deed
Word Count: 500
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, language, implied non-con/dub-con, intimidation.
This little blurb is from a fic of mine on AO3, called Revenant. It features a Dark Bucky Barnes and a Dark Biker Steve.
The mop swirls around the kitchen, tiny bubbles rising into the air. Music blares loudly somewhere in the den, the sound of laugher getting louder when you feel him behind you.
“Mm,” he hums behind you, pulling your hips against him while you grip the mop tight. “Housework suits you well.”
You know better than to argue. Bucky has been in a mood since Steve had up and left to find his girl after she had disappeared when the video of you and Steve had surfaced. Bucky had been smug about it, not saying a single word, holding her back when she wanted to confront you.
“Steve’ll come back,” Bucky murmurs against you, inhaling your scent. “Almost let her rip you to pieces but she’ll be in the same predicament as you for leavin’ him.”
Good, you think, not hiding your pleased smile at the thought. She deserves whatever is coming, even if you feel a sense of guilt that it was Bucky’s order to have you serve Steve.
“Little hellion thinks she can up and walk away from Steve? Not a chance in hell,” Bucky mutters, delivering a hard slap to your ass that pitches you forward. “Hurry up and finish. The boys are gonna need a refill in a bit.”
You’re careful when you place the beers down, fingers gripping the hem of your too short dress as Bucky eyes you across the pool table. The stares never fail to make you uneasy, the way that Dugan gives you a wink before you hear your name being called.
“You forget about me?” Bucky asks, blue eyes locked in on yours before you realize you forgot his beer.
“I-I’ll go get it,” you reply quickly, rushing past before he grabs your arm.
“Already forgetting your manners,” he mocks, shoving you face down onto the pool table. “Who do you serve first?”
“You,” you answer softly, dread creeping into your gut. “Please, I’ll go get it.”
“You go when I say you go.”
“Bucky, please,” you whimper, feeling your legs nudged part. “Please not here…”
Cool air sends goosebumps down your back when your dress is raised, his name tattooed proudly at the small of your back.
“You forget your place, don’t you?”
“No,” you answer him quickly, eyes squeezing shut at Morita’s laugh. “No, I don’t. I don’t forget it, I swear.”
“Let’s see about that.”
The clink of his belt makes you tense, his hand between your shoulder blades to keep you from moving before you hear his voice near your ear.
“Tell me where she went and I won’t turn you into a mess in front of the guys.”
“Parker’s Ridge,” you blurt out, the men silent as you brace yourself for the feel of him.
“Hmm,” Bucky says after a pause. “That’s a fuckin’ drive. Morita, let Steve know where to find his girl.”
Morita shuffles away, giving you a look before Bucky hauls you to your feet.
“Good job,” he muses, pulling you toward the bedroom. “Now let’s make sure you scream louder than the TV.”
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cherios · a year ago
secret babies and unofficial dates !
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ 𝗣𝗔𝗜𝗥𝗜𝗡𝗚 > cc!wilbur x gn!reader x tommyinit x philza / sbi (- techno) x gn!reader
ʚ♡ɞ 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦 > idek tbh
ʚ♡ɞ 𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬 > You have a kid and Tommy doesn’t know
ʚ♡ɞ 𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗 𝗖𝗢𝗨𝗡𝗧 > 0.7k
… big sigh tbh
Tumblr media
“Yn my cooler older sibling!” Tommy yelled excitedly as he ran over to where you stood close by on your phone about to text the group chat and ask where everyone was. His large smile began to fade as it morphed into one of confusion when he saw the child behind you poke her head out to look and see who had called you.
“Oh, and who is this?” The blonde knelt in front of the two of you trying to get a good look at the little girl behind your legs. “Tommy, this is Alena, but we call her Lena for short. I totally forgot you’ve never met my daughter before.” Your daughter turned her head slightly to the left giving the boy an uneasy look.
Lena has always been a shy kid, she didn’t like talking to anyone she didn’t trust or know and hated being picked up by anyone other than you and your mother. When she was a baby if you left her alone for more than five seconds or if you weren’t in her line of sight it was the end of the world.
Except now instead of crying or throwing the biggest temper tantrum that she could she’d just follow quietly after you. Like a baby duck. “Len, say hi to Uncle Tommy.”
“so you’ve had a kid since.. forever!?” Tommy’s voice raised slightly as he got up hands out in disbelief as Phil and Wilbur followed after the boy at a slower pace.
“Uncle Willy!” Lena exclaimed as her little legs carried her over to the tall brunette who was smiling from ear to ear as he crouched down with open arms for her to run into.
You shrugged at Tommy putting your phone in your back pocket as your arms wrapped around his body, whilst his stayed at his side still in disbelief.
“You- I-.. What the.”
“Tommy!” Phil hushed him pointing towards the child on Wilburs hip who was babbling about something that made no sense while Wil just nodded and replied as if he could understand anything she was saying.
“But they have an entire child I didn't know about!”
“Well nobody else knows, and knowing you you’d bring it up accidentally on social media.”
And that was exactly why you hadn’t told your “little bother” about the little girl. Because he’d want to talk to her twenty four seven and when you were streaming he’d forget and being her up
Privacy was important to you and knowing your daughter could be safe without people saying things about her on the internet was in your best interest. You wanted her to have a normal life. Well normal to an extent.
“Oh.. well that does kinda make a lot of sense.”
“Come on, let's get on some rides, love bug.” Wilbur whispered to len’. She smiled, kicking her legs in excitement. Wil laughed rubbing the side of her head softly as the rest of the group followed.
“Why are they acting like that?” Tom questioned stuffing his face with cotton candy as he looked over at the three standing outside the gift shop looking at the stuffed animals that were on display.
“Acting like what?” The younger boy rolled his eyes, closing his sugary treat. “Like a couple spending the day with their kid.”
You rolled your eyes playfully at an awful joke Wilbur had told you about octopuses.
“Y/n is acting like they’re on a date and not out as a.” His hands went up in quotation marks, “family”
“Why do you care so much?” Philza laughed, bumping his shoulder with Tommy’s, waving at Alena who had made eye contact with him. “I don’t care.. well maybe i do. I don't know!”
He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “Wil is like a brother to me and Yns’ like an older sibling so-.” He trailed off ending his sentence abruptly when the three of you made your way back.
“Are you and Wilbur dating?”
The question had caught you by surprise coming from Tommy. As he was someone to be so blunt he never was with you. Maybe it was because he found you intimidating or for another reason but he always found a way to beat around the bush. But not this time.
Tom was a smart kid and you were a bad liar so he knew he’d get the answer he was expecting from you.
'Not officially dating but we’ve been on a few dates.’
“Well if you get married i want to be the ring bear.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @spacenova @heyskeppyalt @inniterhq @basilly @yamturds @dysfunctionalcrab @sleepysoupi @siriushxney @slutshies @tinyegg @ttakinou @charnease @w1lbursu1t
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gacchan · a month ago
She enters the file room. She is dead tired from doing the paperwork. She hates it.
She knows the village is nothing but a milliterian hazard, the system it has come to work on, nothing but brainwashing people to be loyal. They are born killers, instincts honed to survive and kill, perhaps brainwashing people does seem to be the perfect way to contain murderers and child soldiers.
Perfect little puppets to throw into war. Pathetic little souls born from love and who die of hatered. She knows because she is one of them. But is she alone strong enough to oppose them? The answer was clear.
Suddenly she is hit with his presence. So enchanting, so strong, so intimidating, cold. But she knows it is all the war hardened exterior, on the inside though, he is kind, selfless, warm (miserable). Since when had he been there? Was she so tired that she couldn't even notice his presence?
She feels him staring at her from his seat. She can't help the sweat in her palms. His stare, so intense. She can't help but get shy around him. All the confidence she has, immediately vanishes when she sees him.
A wave of sluggishness hits her entire body. She ignores him, and comes back to her thoughts. Who is she to decide where the system takes the village? She's already sacrificed her childhood, became a tool for her clan, a selfless devotion she gave to her clan. What has that devotion brought to her life? Nothing but misery.
She hates everyone. Hates herself, hates her bloodied hands, cruel hands, that has murdered so many, but she can't bring herself to hate him. She doesn't know why, its not lust, she's sure of it. She loves this inexplicable feeling his presence brings.
The paperwork is almost finished, should she ignore him or go talk to him, should she go back? Almost panics.
'Ok' she thinks, 'what's the worst that could happen.'
The paperwork done, she turns towards him, when she gets a good look at his appearance, she almost cries. He looks so miserable, so sad, so vulnerable, almost as if someone betrayed him, left him in shambles to collect his heart.
All she wants to do now is hug him. Tell him that he is loved, so deeply, by her. She would give him anything he's ever wanted. To kiss him and tell him everything is going to be fine, that it is ok to be sad, it is ok to be vulnerable around her. To cherish him.
She wants to tell him he is safe with her. She will support his back for the rest of their life if he allows her to.
She walks toward him unconsciously, her feet taking her to her destination. She gives him a smile, she can't help the shyness seeping out of her. His eyes a solid black. Beautiful is too short of a word to describe him. His eyes hold something she cannot explain, she wonders if her eyes hold the same something he holds.
Why does he look at her like that? As if she is the most beautiful woman in the world, his world. He looks at her as if she'll vanish in thin air if he doesn't catch her.
But as soon as that look crosses his face, it vanishes completely. That cold exterior taking over again. That's not a good sign, is it?
A shy 'good afternoon' is all she can utter. A very curt greeting she gets. She tries small talk with him, 'how have you been?', again the same curt tone is the reply.
Suddenly he tries to leave. She mumbles something about needing helping hand, its a sad excuse, just to stop him for a second, just to be in his presence for a little longer. But he has to be in his desk apparently. She utters a small 'please stay, I love you.'
He didn't hear it.
Just as fast, he vanishes from the room, a good Shinobi he is, sacrifice all he'd known. She wonders if he'd heard her confession, would he have stayed?
She is sad, but what else can she do, how else can she tell him how much he means to her, how much she wants to cherish him, how deeply she loves him.
Perhaps, their life is never with them, their fate never written together. Perhaps they were destined to be broken lovers, can she even call them lovers?
She knows this world is too big, too big for little humans like them to comprehend, so she wants him to stop trying to save it. Stop trying to be the hero this world would never let him be. She wants him to be selfish with her.
Her world completely stopped when she heard of his death. Silent tears out of her blank face, the only indication she heard the news. The tears didn't stop. She didn't dare utter a syllable of his name, she didn't deserve his love, nor does she deserve to call out his name. She doesn't deserve to mourn him.
Silent tears from her eyes and a weeping heart, she continued as if nothing is wrong, for all she knew the traitor was killed. The traitor stole her heart and died with it.
Although, she accepted that he was no longer there, that adoration she held for him remained. That adoration remined when she met a man a year later, that adoration remained when he said he loved her, it didn't leave when they were wed, it didn't leave when they made love, it didn't leave when she bared children.
(A bitter thought also never left, it should've been him. She wanted that life with him.)
That adoration didn't leave when she was old and at death's door. That love came out as a puff of air, a sigh of his name, as her last breath.
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maizumis · a year ago
Tumblr media
ft. bokuto koutarou, rintaro suna, iwaizumi hajime, sawamura daichi, tsukkishima kei
note: female reader❗ first post!! enjoy babies<33
Tumblr media
❦ BOKUTO you were actually tutoring him with akaashi, an hour in, and akaashi had a family emergency so now it was just you and him. "so you're telling me I can solve an equation with a letter in it? damn that's so crazy!", "We actually saw this the past year, that's why we are tutoring you, so you don't fail", "no need to be so harsh" he tells you while his hair deflates, so you replied with a lazy smile on your face "sorry bo, why don't you solve the equations while I see how you make them?", "yeah! that sounds good!", he practically yells at you with the happiest smile on his face as if he wasn't studying for a subject he was failing. third equation and you were finding comfort on koutaro's neck, so much comfort that you end up falling asleep on him. "hey, how am I doing? you didn't tell m- oh you're sleeping, I should call akaashi to ask him what to do" he tried to look for his phone in the quietest way so you wouldn't wake up, and once he finds it, he called his friend, "akaaaaashii", "bokuto-san, why are you whispering?", "she just fell asleep on me and I don't know what to do", he tells akaashi with a little desperation on his voice, "oh, okay, carefully put her on your bed and please make some snacks or tea for the girl when she wakes up", after a little more of small talk, he hangs up the phone and brings you to bed in the gentlest way he can, quietly making his way to the kitchen to make some tea for you.
❦ SUNA lazy afternoons were actually something pretty common with suna, today after school you two went to his house and now you're lying on top of his naked chest, one of your hands on it while the other one is brushing his brown looks, at the same time, suna has his arm wrapped securely around your waist, watching some shitty movies on his laptop. "listen pretty thing, if you fall asleep first you're gonna have to make me dinner", "as if I would fall asleep right now sunarin... we both now I'm gonna make dinner anyways, you should really ask 'samu for some help in the kitchen", "don't you dare bring up another mans name while your literally on top of me". forty-five minutes into the movie and he started feeling something wet on his upper body, "baby the movie isn't even that sa– oh, you're drooling", he chuckled to himself, carefully cuddling you the rest of the movie, thinking how lucky he is for having you, and once the film is ending, he decided he would make dinner this time around; "Rin, are you in here?"', "in the kitchen, doll", he tells you a little loud so you could hear him, "I'm sorry I fell asleep", you yawn while wrapping your arms around his torso, "don't be, look at me now I'm making dinner but, this" he gestures to himself "is husband material, you shouldn't waste it", and damn he is right, who on his right state of mind would let him go?
❦ IWAIZUMI his unconditional love for you was noticed for everyone, except you, of course. as his and the other boys childhood friends, you were always invited to hangouts, except the ones that were just for "the boys" as they claimed. today's reunion was at issei's house, tooru and you begged for a Disney movie night, makki was saying that it was for children just so his friends couldn't see the excitement in his eye that wasn't unnoticed to your eyes. making your way to the couch, hajime signed for you to come to sit on his lap for the rest of the movie night, a thing you kindly accepted. "single lives matter, you know", issei says with a fake pout, "just shut up and let me enjoy, caterpillar brows" you told him while iwaizumi's arm tightens around your waist. your favorite part of the movie was coming so tooru said with an excited tone, "look cutie-chan, Megara is about to sing with the muses!... cutie-chan? you're ignoring me?", Hajime looked at you because tooru was right, that was indeed your favorite part of the movie, only to find you crushed on his neck slightly snoring; "shut up shittykawa, she's tired, let her sleep", he whispered, wishing his teammates didn't see the blush on his cheeks, "you know iwa, your cheeks are kinda matching my hair right now", makki told him trying to hide his laugh, "what happened iwa-chan? cat got your tongue?", tooru's remark was what send him over the edge, so he replied with "I will not hesitate to throw a ball to all of you next practice", he thought he could handle the teasing if that means you would be by his side like this more often.
❦ DAICHI you were exhausted from today's activities, not only you were on your basketball school team but exams were just around the corner so you were studying a lot and sleeping less these past days, exhausted would be the least you could call it. happy thing, today is friday and that means sleepover with your boyfriend, daichi; you were already waiting for him at the gate of the gym by the end of practice. "baby, you're okay? something seems off", he told you with a worried look on his face, "all cool, I'm just happy we have some time to spend together after this week" you told him with a quick kiss in the corner of his lip, making his cheeks a little pinkish. after you two arrived to your house, he went to the kitchen to make some snacks and you went to the living room to choose a movie; "Barbie and the diamond castle? again?", "yes, again daichi, deal with it, thank you for the snacks tho bub" literally fifteen minutes into the movie and you were already drooling on his bicep, he noticed and moved your head to his lap "you're lucky I love you, I don't watch Barbie movie's for everyone, sleep well, you deserve it love" a few more minutes and his head was hanging out of the couch snoring just a little, he went to sleep happy with the feeling of being beside you, can't wait for the future, he thinks before dozing off.
❦ TSUKKISHIMA your really tall and pretty boyfriend made his way inside the school, mentally hoping to see you, what he doesn't expect is not even a single tray of you in your classroom, a thing that leaves him to ask yachi where are you, "umh yachi, do you know where is she?" he asked with an unbothered expression, slowly dying on the inside, "she? OH, yes, she told me she is with a high fever so she could make it today, would you give to her my notes please?" she asked, a little intimidated by the tall boy, "yeah sure, tell daichi and ukai that I'm not going to practice today" after yachi giving him the okay he left, a little more relieved but still worried. the school day is over and after his younger manager lend him the notes you needed, he started making his way to your house, greeting your mother once he is in, going directly to your room where he doesn't even greet you, "why you didn't tell me you were sick? I could have skip class and take care of you", he tells you, annoyed but still caring, "I didn't tell you beacuse of that exact reason Kei, now come inside the bed and cuddle me" tsukkishima got inside the bed hesitating a little bit but once he found comfort on your warm, he was gone, "you know, you worried me, I couldn't stop thinking about you all day and you were here with a high fever and I could do nothing, i— you know is rude not to answer when someone is talking to you?", actually you were dead asleep the moment he touched the bed, his warm and company was all you needed and craved for the entire day; sighing he whispers to you, before going to sleep "I love you, please don't worry me again like that, short stuff"
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