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Quick little doodle of Fleet, from Dungeons of Aether 馃馃崕
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Navy wrestlers on deck
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Lancer Battlegroup Carriers
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Stake out
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meme for @shiliria (nothing ever changes)
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J.T.K - liquor store on mars
Tumblr media
2.3k words. based on Liquor Store On Mars - Kelsey Karter
WARNINGS: using alcohol to cope, unprotected sex, lots of cursing, a little wlw action.
it didn't kill me, but something inside me died that day. the day you packed all your belongings from the house we've shared for oh so long. the day you slammed the front door and didn't come back inside with tears that had the urge to fall out of your eyes. the day my messages wouldn't go through anymore. i had the endless nightmares of your voice ringing through my dreams. nothing has felt the same since you left. the halls where we once danced around, your arms around me, pulling me into what felt like heaven on earth, eternal happiness it seemed like. you said you'd never leave, you'd never yell at me.
but now, I'm alone, without you. i told myself i could live without you but it seems almost impossible. everyday i fight the need to touch you, hug you, kiss you. i've learned to drown my thoughts in endless liquor bottles that always find a way to scatter across the floor of the apartment that was once filled with light and love. i try to distract myself with different dating apps, letting someone into our home every other night. just to get you out of my mind. although, all i can think of in these situations are you. the way you smelled, the way you warmed me up whenever the snow was falling onto the frozen ground.
you yet again found yourself in the liquor store that had one too many memories of him. you grabbed two bottles of jim beam whiskey, seeing as you ran out of alcohol at home. you caught yourself staring down the aisle, replaying your memories in your head. you snapped out of it hearing the cashier ask if you were okay.
"ma'am? are you okay?" you turned around, seeing the cashier sharing a look of concern.
"oh- um..yeah no i'm okay.."
"just these two?" he asked.
you nodded and handed him the crumbled bills that were stuffed into your pockets.
"here's your chan-"
"keep it." you said, grabbing the bottles and walking out.
you took in the cold nights air. it filled your lungs, giving you a sense of where you were and what you were doing. your eyes were pricked with tears that you had been fighting all fucking night.
you tried your best to hold them in until you could at least cry in peace. the second the driver's door closed, you gave the steering wheel a good beating.
"fuck fuck fuck! fuck you!" who were you talking to? jake of course. you'd broken up recently and you were in pieces. he was your whole world and he broke up with you. he broke up with you to be with her. he cheated on you and left you.
as your tears dried, you turned your car on and you hadn't realized the radio was left on. you looked down at the radio and saw what song was playing.
sunshine on my shoulders.
you weren't a john denver fan but jake had introduced you to this song and had declared it your guys' song. you were quick to turn it off.
"i fucking hate this song鈥" you said while sniffing, your voice was raspy due to the state of your nose, now runny from crying.
even the drive home was painful. you couldn't count how many times you drove down this road with jake.
when you reached your humble abode, you thought about moving. sitting in your car with nothing but silence surrounding you.
"new york? london? paris?" you mumbled to yourself. no, you couldn't. thatd still be too fucking close to him. you'd have to move to mars to be far enough away from him. you looked down at the liquor bottles in your passenger seat and grabbed them.
"there better be a fucking liquor store on mars."
as you headed into your apartment, you scooted past the already empty glass bottles on the floor and plopped down onto the couch. you opened the new bottle of whiskey and drank it as if it was replaced with water.
you tightened your jaw and looked at the door. the same one he slammed and walked out of.
"fuck you jacob! go! go be with whatever whore you felt the need to sleep with!"
"it wasnt fucking like that and you know it!"
you wiped the tears as you drown your sorrows with the whiskey you had bought. by the time the bottle had finished, you were drifting in and out of sleep. your body was hot and you felt like it was your last day on earth. you didn't care, you wouldn't remember this when you woke up anyways.
the next morning you woke up and felt the pounding headache. you hate you did this to yourself but you didn't know how else to cope. you opened your phone and found texts from your best friend.
bestie<3: party at mine, starts at 10
you groaned to yourself before replying.
y/n: i don't think i'm going鈥
bestie<3: stop feeling sorry for yourself and get in a slutty dress and get the fuck over here!
y/n: you're a bitch..I'll be there.
you cursed at yourself once again before checking the time. it was already 5pm, you decided now would be an appropriate time to get ready as you didn't have anything else to do. you got up and took aspirin for the hangover and hoped it would help in the slightest.
you looked through your dress selection and a particular red dress caught your eye. it was a red stain dress with a deep v cut, down just to below your tits. it has 2 slits going up to below your tits, having a red string going in a criss cross pattern. you put it on and it hugged every curve of your body and made your boobs look like heaven.
you did feel like doing much makeup but you decided to do it either way. after putting on foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc. you tried to decide what makeup look to do today. you decided to put shimmery red eye shadow up into a smokey eye. you threw on some winged eyeliner and some tart false eyelashes. they would always throw together a makeup look.
you went to pick out some black stiletto heels. these were possibly your favorite ever. they even had red bottoms which went perfect for your outfit. once you put on the shoes it was already close enough to 10, it was around 8:30 and you decided to just leave.
you grabbed your handbag and loaded it with essentials. lash glue, more mascara, eyeliner if it needed a touch up and more lipstick.
you were soon at your best friends party and you were very much doubting if you even wanted to be here.
"rubi鈥 don't know if i should even-"
your words caught in your throat when you saw a man walk into the kitchen. he had hair just like jake. same facial structure as him too. for a split second you were sure it was him.
"y/n??? hello??? should even what??" rubi said, clapping her hands in your face.
"um- i-..." you shook your head and disregarded what you were going to say.
"nothing鈥m gunna go find someone to talk to."
you found yourself grinding against some random girl, swaying to the music. your bodies were flush against each other and your faces were undeniably close. you said "fuck it" under your breath and went in to kiss her. the second the kiss got heated, all you could see beneath your closed eyes was jake. she kissed exactly like him. you pulled away, the girl asking if you were okay. you nodded and pulled your body away. you stumbled outside, cursing at yourself, asking why you wore these dumb shoes instead of something more comfortable. your feet were aching and you could barely walk anymore. as you got out of the front door, you fell onto the porch, taking a seat.
you tried your best not to ruin the makeup you had put on by crying. you took deep breaths as you took those stupid shoes off.
"stupid fucking shoes. there's no room at this party for me." you said. as your eyes started to swell with tears again you heard an all too familiar voice.
"y/n?" the voice said.
when you looked up, you turned around, there he was.
"jake?? what are you doing here?" you said, sniffling and wiping away the tears that had fallen.
"partying..just like you i assume?"
"i didnt even wanna come to a stupid party. i got pressured into coming." you complained, fighting the burning urge in your throat to scream at him and ask him why he did what he did.
"y/n鈥et's get out of here.."
you stayed where you were, looking down at the knees, debating whether you should listen to your gut or if you should go with the man you still loved.
"y/n..?" he asked again, in a softer voice.
"okay鈥et's go." you picked your shoes up off the concrete and walked to his car.
you didn't know how you went hours without seeing him at this party. it wasn't a big house and you had been in every room. you were sure that you were bound to see him.
"uhh..lets go to mine." you said, not wanting to see his house, too many memories would make the night even worse for you. you mentally thanked yourself for picking up those liquor bottles before you left.
once you locked the door to your apartment, jake was all over your body. his scent was engulfing you. one that you might have missed just a little bit too much.
he went down to kiss your neck, leave wet splotches all around. you couldn't help but let out whines. as he felt up your dress, you were praying to whoever was listening that this wouldn't be a one time thing and that it would all be okay.
he picked you up like a bride on her wedding day and took you both to your bedroom.
as he set you on your bed, he took a sniff around.
"it still smells like me in here.." he said, looking down at you.
"i know it does.." you said back, a bit embarrassed.
within no time you were both unclothed and your skin was rubbing up against each other.
"jake please..fuck me already"
you didn't have to tell him twice. within seconds jake was gliding the tip of his cock into your folds before plunging into your cunt.
you let out a loud gasp, you hadnt been fucked since you and jake last did it.
it felt so good to be this close to him again. for a second you didn't worry about anything, you knew it'd be okay if you had him close.
jake stood up on his knees on his spot on the bed and used it to hit new spots he hasn't hit yet.
"oh fuck鈥ou feel just as good as you did before."
you moaned as your response. there weren't words coming to mind, you were in pure bliss.
"pretty little cunt fits my cock. fucking. perfect." his words were timed with his thrusts.
"jake- oh my god jake!" you cried out
"go ahead, let me see how good i make you feel."
seconds after his words, you were squirming underneath him, feeling for him. wanting to touch any part of him that this position allowed.
when you came back down from your high, you felt him pull out and finish on your stomach. you were both out of breath, needing a moment to regain any energy whatsoever.
once you had enough energy, you went to the bathroom to clean up. once you were done with that, you saw jake laying on his side of the bed. his arms wide open as an invitation to lay in them. you put on underwear and a baggy shirt before laying down, cuddling into his chest. everything felt right.
maybe you could forgive him? maybe he really meant it when he didn't mean it? or you could even work it out with him.
you fell asleep in his arms once again. for once you felt sane, you felt grounded. you felt okay.
as you awoke you noticed jake wasn't in bed with you. you shot up. you noticed everything was gone. his phone, his keys, his clothes. you ran into the kitchen, praying some miracle had happened and he'd be cooking a good breakfast for you.
of course he wasn't there. you ran back to your room, your heart about to beat out of your chest. you picked your phone up and went to text him.
"what..?" your words were broken at what you found.
imessage? blocked.
instagram? blocked.
snapchat? blocked.
everything you tried, he had blocked you on. rage took over your body and you threw your phone against the wall, watching the screen shatter.
"fuck you! you gave me hope you sick bastard!" you fell on the floor, crying like no tomorrow. you beat the floor with your hands, your feet, your arms. whatever you felt would relieve the anger and the sadness. you even resorted to beating on your bed, at least it would cushion the incoming bruises.
you ran into the kitchen, finding that second bottle you bought a couple days back. you took enormous gulps of it. you drank however much your mouth could fit.
you took the bottle away from your lips and gave a dead stare.
"i would move to mars to get away from you." you knew he wasn't listening but what else could you do?
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astiinfotech 2 months ago
This way office admins, family or friends can easily track employees when they leave for office and when they are back on their way home. Since the app's interface is really easy to use, I can track her anytime I want, and this gives me immense relief. Follow @astifleetmanagement
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Tumblr media
lend a hand!
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bikerlovertexas 4 months ago
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kalopsiadaemon a month ago
Tumblr media
鈾ヰ煄 饾捁饾憭饾搨饾憸饾搩饾搱 饾搩饾捑饾憯饾捊饾搲 饾憸饾搳饾搲 馃巰鈾
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feruslands 22 days ago
Tumblr media
You're dead, buddy.
I used 3d models and the 鈥淕rease pencil鈥 in Blender.
I dream that someday I will draw such SW anime cartoon
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beezii a year ago
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Today, the Rivals of Aether team, Aether Studios, had their annual April Fools joke, with Lovers of Aether returning in the form of an interactive sequel.
Here's some concepts I did for the Lovers version of Fleet! 馃馃挅
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kagulyhan 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have 1000 follows on Twitter! ~ 鈾 Here's little funny thingy for ya'll to celebrate with me >\\w\\<
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lmaowhat-trin 23 days ago
D.R.W - ex's and texts
Tumblr media
2.2k words minors DNI
danny x fem!reader
WARNINGS: cheating, unprotected sex, descriptive dirty talk, breeding kink, sending nude pics/vids, over all very much 18+!!
jake cheats on y/n and she goes to her ex for some love
"babe..can you sit down? i need to talk to you." your husband said. you felt your body tell you whatever was to come wouldn't be good.聽
"okay..what's wrong?" you said, sitting next to him on a stool in the kitchen.
"mommy, mommy! look at this!" your daughter cecilia said, showing you a doll she had put new clothes on.聽
"very pretty, sweetheart! can you go into your room? mommy and daddy need to talk." you said, giving her a soft kiss to her forehead. she nodded and giggled as she ran back to her array of toys you knew you'd have to clean later.聽
"you aren't going to like what im going to say but i need you to hear me out."
"whatever it is, we can work this out. i know we can."
"i had an affair with jordan.."
you felt your stomach drop and you felt like you were about to throw up the dinner you just ate.聽
"it was a long time ago and it was right after i had that injury. my knee. and i couldn't do any shows and i was depressed and i was angry-"
you looked away from him. you didn't know how long you could hold yourself together if you were looking at him.聽
"and one night-..well you and i, we just got into this huge argument and i found myself in my hometown."聽
you couldn't believe your ears. you wanted to believe this was all a bad dream and that you'd wake up with everything being okay. that it wouldn't be real.
"and i found myself back in our neighborhood..my old neighborhood with my old girlfriend. it felt like my old self. a rockstar."
you felt your eyes start to water.聽
"the rockstar everyone cheered for and im sorry. i'm so sorry. it only happened one time and-and i'm sorry i didn't tell you sooner."聽
you barely registered his words.
"look鈥 know this is a lot and i realize that..um- the only way i could fix this, the only way i can fix this is if i- if i was completely honest with you." he finally finished his talk with you. it took you a moment but you decided to speak up.聽
"youre such a fucking coward. do you know that? the only reason you're telling me this now is because danny's back in town. isn't that it, jacob?"聽
he lowered his head, trying to avoid eye contact with you the best he could.聽
"hooking up with her brought up feelings from the past and you couldn't handle it. you know what? screw you! because our perfect family ended the day you betrayed us."
you saw a new look of guilt wash over his face.聽
"i-i havent been with her or even seen her the day since. i promise."
"up until today that might've meant something." you said quietly, not trusting your voice with how close the tears were to falling down your face. you walked out of the kitchen. to do what? you weren't sure.聽
"y/n wait. please y/n-" he said, starting to walk towards you.聽
"you know what, jake? the worst part isn't even that you had an affair, it's that you had to go to jordan to feel whole again?" your body finally gave in and the tears started flowing down your face.聽
"not me? your wife? the mother of your child?" you shook your head.聽
"god! who else loved you more than anything in the world?"
"i dont- i don't know鈥'm going to fix this. i promise. i can talk to cecilia-"
"you know what? you have done more than enough, jacob. I'LL talk to our daughter." you walked away, trying to rid your tears before you entered your daughters room.聽
you took a deep breath before opening the door.聽
"hi mommy!!"聽
"hi baby!" you said, flashing her a smile. you took a seat on the floor, pulling her into your lap.
"mommy is going to stay at grandma's for a couple of days, okay, love?"聽
"how come?" she looked up at you with confusion.聽
"grandma isn't feeling too good right now and mommy needs to go help her."聽
your daughter nodded with a gasp.聽
"go mommy! grandma needs to get better!"
you laughed at her little voice and her bright eyes.聽
"I'll be back in a few days, be good for daddy, yeah?"聽
she nodded and agreed to be good for her father.聽
you left her room after giving her a big hug and a couple kisses to her little cheeks before going into your room to pack a bag for your clothes.聽
after you grabbed about a week's worth of clothes you passed jake, who was still sitting in the kitchen.聽
"I'm going to a friends. i told cecilia i'd be at my moms. i'll be back in a couple days."
"y/n please!"聽
"i don't have time for this jacob." was the last thing you said before walking out and taking a seat in your car. you silently scrolled through your phone, looking for anyone who would console and hug you in the moment.聽
your motions stopped when you hit a certain contact.聽
"danny." you contemplated for a second before tapping on it, calling the number.聽
"hi danny.."
"y/n? you sound sad鈥re you okay?"
"i-um鈥an i come over?"聽
"yeah! yeah come on over" his voice was always full of love, no matter who you were to him.
you thanked him endlessly before driving the 25 minutes to his house. as you pulled into his driveway, your tears were replaced with fiery anger. you knocked on daniels door, hoping it wouldn't be awkward when you saw each other.聽
the last time you saw daniel was at a party joshua threw, jacobs twin. it was a couple of weeks ago but there was nothing more exchanged other than a little "hi" and a brief "how are you?"聽
he was your ex and you prayed to god this was the right decision to do. you got snapped out of your thoughts as danny opened the door.聽
"hi, y/n..come in, please" his voice sounded concerned, taking no time to invite you inside his home.
you walked in, taking the warm smell that hit you.聽
"jake and i broke up..he told uh- he told me he cheated and i had nowhere else to go-" he didn't give you time to speak the rest of your story, taking you into a tight hug. he embraced your body in his, one of his arms around your head, caressing your hair.聽
"it's okay, you don't have to tell me just yet. i have the space for you. anytime."
you didn't know how he did it but he always read your mind. often times you wondered if you married the wrong man. you looked up at him, watching his warm brown eyes scan your face while he softly wiped your tears.聽
"don't cry, pretty thing." his voice was so calming, so reassuring. something you hadn't felt with jake in god knows how long.聽
you didn't know what came over you but you stood on your tippy toes and gave his lips a soft kiss. his eyes fluttered closed as did yours. his arms fell around to your waist, pulling you in closer.聽
when you pulled away, you both left your mouths open, silently gasping. you started racking your brain for a reaction in his face, your eyes flickering against one anothers.聽
"danny, i-" before you knew it, his lips were against yours once more. what started as a small peck turned into more, your hands were around his neck and he was pushing your pelvic bones into his.聽
he started to walk you to his bedroom, bodies still connected, trying his best not to shove you into a wall or corner of an entrance way.
he pulled away, opening the door to his bedroom.
"i've wanted. this. for so. fucking long." he said between breaths you backed up against his bed until your calves hit up against it.聽
he pulled away from your lips one more time before asking you
"are you sure? are you sure you want this?"
"yes, please danny." you nodded as you sat down on the bed. he slowly laid you back and climbed on top of you, slowly whispering in your ear.聽
"then why don't we show him what he messed up, hm?"
you nodded as he spoke the idea. he kissed down your neck, to your stomach, slowly down to the hem of your pants. he toyed with your pants, biting the waist of it, barely lifting them up. after enough messing around, you pushed your hips up, them hitting his chin.
"danny please"聽
you guessed your whines did enough for him as he slowly pulled down your pants, leaving you in your panties.聽
he slowly brought a thumb over your clothed clit and drew little circles around it. your face became red with a blush.
he pulled your panties off, showing off how wet you had gotten within the little time you had been with each other.
"you're so pretty, love." he said as he softly licked along your pussy, getting it ready for what he was about to do.聽
"take my phone baby, send him a video." he said, taking his phone out of his back pocket and handing it to you.聽
you gushed at the thought of it. showing jake what he would be missing.聽
as you unlocked his phone, slowly opening danny's camera, selecting the video option. you hadn't noticed he lost his shirt while in process. his tan shoulders that were littered with sun kissed freckles looked so beautiful in the light the room was providing. he slowly started licking against your clit, licking it every couple moments.聽
you started to record, putting your hand in his dark brown curls, pushing them away from his face. it showed off his eyes, staring up at you as he worked hard on your cunt.聽
you finished the 30 second clip before your shaky hands sent the clip to jake. you threw the phone down on the bed and let danny do his thing, not needing it to be pretty for a video.
your moans instantly got louder, using both your hands now to push danny's face into your pussy.
"fuck danny you're so much better." you cried out.聽
he moaned in agreement as he started to fuck you with his tongue. his nose hitting your clit as you got closer to falling off the edge and into an orgasm.
your thighs started to shake as he grabbed your waist, pulling you back in closer.
you gripped his hair harder than before, riding out the white pleasure bursting within you onto his face.
he pulled away, taking a couple deep breaths. when he stood up, his hard on wasn't hidden very well through his sweatpants. your mouth almost dropped when you saw him pull his cock out.聽
did it get bigger? no.聽
did it? is that possible? no fucking way.聽
"don't be surprised baby, i fucked you plenty of times."
he looked down and slowly spit on his dick, rubbing it on his cock. he rubbed the tip of it in between your folds, collecting the wetness on the very top of his dick.
he slowly slid his cock into you, grabbing his phone once again. the moment you were stretched enough, he started to thrust into your cunt. as you were gripping the sheets, he grabbed his phone once more for the night, he sped up his hips, making your moans closer together and make them louder. he turned the flash on and recorded a video, you couldn't tell how long it was, but you could only guess to who he was sending it to.聽
he threw his phone on the bed next to you, placing his hands on either side of your head. he grunted as he snapped his hips against yours. he placed rough kisses aside your neck, down to your shoulders then finally your tits.聽
he licked around the bud, softly sucking it as you both inched closer to finishing.
"gunna fill your pretty womb with my cum." he mumbled out against your skin.聽
"god- fuck! danny please keep going" you at this point were fucking against his cock, helping with the oncoming orgasms.聽
"my cock fits your cunt so. fucking. well."聽
as he got closer to your ear, his words got quieter and became more of a growl.
"should've been me fucking my kids into your stomach. watching them spill out the second my cock leaves your tight pussy"聽
his words toppled over you and pushed you into a crazing orgasm. thank god danny didn't have any roommates, they no doubt would've heard your desperate crying for danny's cock.
when you both came down, you ran your hand through his curls, feeling his heart beat against your chest.
"let me take one more picture, babydoll." you nodded, whining when he pulled out after grabbing his phone.聽
he snapped a picture of his cum dripping out of you, sending it to your ex husband.聽
he collected his cum that was dripping onto the bed and slowly placing them into your mouth. you gladly sucked the cum off his fingers.
after you cleaned up in his bathroom, you laid on his bare chest, watching him check jacobs texts.聽
jake: bro??? you fucked my wife???
danny: does it matter? and ex wife btw
jake: yes it fucking does, daniel
danny: i fucked the girls heart you broke.
jake: fuck you daniel.聽
read at 8:28pm
you slowly fell asleep in dannys arms, trying your best to forget just for a day what your ex husband did.聽
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astiinfotech 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Fleet managers were already using #GPS monitoring to find their vehicles in real-time. Geofencing provides fleet managers with a wealth of #data and information about their vehicles.
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drgnbnd 6 months ago
Tumblr media
elinini . . .
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