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guadalupemountain · 11 months ago
Fence Contractors in Carlsbad, NM
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Welcome to Guadalupe Mountain Fencing LLC! Since 2010, we’ve been proud to be your trusted name in top-quality fencing contractors serving Southern New Mexico and Western Texas. To learn more about fencing company’s services and affordable prices, give us a call today. Carlsbad Fencing Contractor
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andy-clutterbuck · a month ago
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6x07 | Heads Up
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I fucking Adore c!philza characterization So Much
Mans really saw a curtain of darkness fall outside the fence, ignored it, saw it lifted and a Whole ass forest appeared, checked on the forest, noticed it was enchanted and his first thought was 'hope it doesn't get in the fence'
And then when questioned called it 'oh that' SHRUGGED and then told ranboo he'd fucking seen it before, said 'nah it can't be her' and then Went to bed.
Absolute Chad
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gummytea · 7 months ago
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Could we try this one more day?  -(♡´౪`♡)
in seiji’s mind:
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theslowesthnery · 4 months ago
got a “oh so anyone who disagrees with you is an anti?? :/// well i disagree with you and i’m not an anti so :////” and like
disagree on what? what is the discussion and/or argument that we’re disagreeing on? because as far as i can tell there isn’t an actual two-sided discussion here, there’s literally just me thirstposting about mohg and talking about wanting to kiss his cute nose and one or two anons going “how DARE you, a complete stranger, not vehemently hate content that WE say is BAD and not tailor your entire blog and online presence to OUR very specific preferences??? don’t you understand how traumatizing and harmful that is for us??? how DARE you just joke with your followers at us for being creepily obsessed with you and imply that we could just leave if we hate you so much???? you’re a teenager btw so let me tell you my thoughts on incest”
like. what
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kagamitsu · a year ago
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@adrigamiweek (day six): power couple / texting
ok. while drawing this, i was thinking about how the Tsurugi's are in the business of making electronics (their self driving car, Gabriel's computer, etc). so, i drew kagami and adrien modeling for the Tsurugi brand... but i just skimmed through the wiki pages and i can't find any information about the Tsurugi family working in tech?? did i just make something up? anyways uh
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bonepriests · 12 months ago
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just wanna say congrats to whoever the artist for this stuff is or has successfully pushed their Sexy Behorned Apparel agenda
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clocknchain · a year ago
Making this its own post.
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Sword selfie. En guarde! Featuring a pretty Byzantine chainmail necklace I made for myself too.
This is a real rapier blade, made of blunt spring steel suitable for practicing without harming my sparring partner. I can stab myself in my gut and be fine, but it's still strong enough to withstand blows from bigger swords. The hand guard is designed for versatility, it is quite protective but also can be used offensively to grab an opponent's blade. (Yes I have disarmed people with it.)
The dagger on the other hand is lethally sharp. Made with a scavenged antler handle. I love fighting rapier + dagger but don't worry, I never use the sharp one in sparring.
Both rapier and dagger were made by a local smith I know.
PS please check out my store! And tell your friends!
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darkwood-sleddog · 4 months ago
I have discovered which dog camp is running all over my elderly neighbors property not under control and not with permission and I’m fucking livid.
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hedgehog-moss · a year ago
I was cutting a tree today when in the distance I saw a deer taking a leisurely Sunday stroll in the middle of the road. It was far away but it looked like a kind of deer I’d never seen before, so I climbed on a rock and tried to get a better look and
ah. It’s Pampe.
I ran to my car, which seemed to be the only way to catch up with her when she was already this far, and soon enough she was happily trotting on the road, followed by a frustrated car, a situation she is familiar with and apparently enjoys. At one point I got out of the car and tried to lure her with muesli but a llama on the run trusts no muesli. She all but scoffed at me and walked away and I had to get back in the car and continue stalking her with mounting exasperation.
The closest neighbours I know in this direction are the florist and her husband, the guy who breeds swans; they are nice and I was hoping Pampe would head towards their farm and they’d help me catch her. Or their swans would. I was wondering if a gang of swans could corner a llama when we reached the crossroads, and Pampe unexpectedly turned back towards my house, following the first good idea she’s ever had in her life. I gladly escorted her in this direction but when we got to the crossroads to my house she didn’t turn. She was determined to stay on the main road. Maybe she was hoping we’d run into other drivers who would stop and admire her, which has happened before but had zero chance of happening today. Pampe doesn’t know about the lockdown.
We reached a place where the road was large enough for me to overtake her and block the road with my car. I had spent the past 2km grimly strategising with that place in mind and I successfully forced her to turn back. But I thought I would go insane if we just went right back to where we’d come from and continued doing laps for the next hour so my new, ice-cold strategy was to freak Pampe out until all she wanted was to run to mama and cry. I started driving faster and turned on the fog lights and opened the windows and put the radio on at max volume even though there’s no reception so it was just very loud white noise. Pampe went from fun escapade on a quiet country road to running for her life, chased by a metal monster with glowing eyes that roared SCHRHRCHHFHRHCHH.
We quickly reached my dirt road and she did what any scared animal in possession of a brain would do and chose the safety of home. I left my car in the middle of the road with the lights on & doors akimbo, a glowering Cerberus blocking the way in case she fancied turning back again, and followed her to the pasture’s gate. She calmed down when she saw her mum and started investigating my house, immediately noticing an open window through which she could slither her long neck to look for a new crime to commit. I ignored her and went to fetch a hay net and gave her mum & Pirlouit a surprise snack, and Pampe decided interesting things sometimes happened in her pasture, and walked in to have some hay. Her mother looked at her like :l Pirlouit marvelled at the unexpected hay. Pandolf was jumping for joy all over the kitchen because his llama friend paid him a visit through the window.
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She is hiding behind the tree but make no mistake, she is very proud of herself for adding yet another chapter to The Great and Mutinous Adventures of Pampérigouste.
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theradioghost · 4 months ago
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I’ve been playing the Prehistoric Kingdom beta because of course I have (shoutout to @inficetegodwottery for helping a broke woman out) and please look at this picture of my T. rex Kalani sleeping
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guadalupemountain · 11 months ago
Fence Contractors in Carlsbad, NM
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Welcome to Guadalupe Mountain Fencing LLC! Since 2010, we’ve been proud to be your trusted name in top-quality fencing contractors serving Southern New Mexico and Western Texas. To learn more about fencing company’s services and affordable prices, give us a call today. Fencing Business Carlsbad NM
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yougivemebutterfliessss · a month ago
“I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me”
“I should have known all along I was only the next one to take your love songs as a promise”
Olivia and Sabrina busted ASS making two killer pop albums out of this whole love triangle bullshit and what has Mr Basset given us??? A few songs here and there which I love, don’t get me wrong, Crisis is one of my faves but I want a whole ALBUM SIR. I want to hear his side of the story, is sorry about all of it? Does he miss either of them? Was he hurt by the breakups? I want the tea and I want another fire album!!!
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flutterbyhime · 6 months ago
How much if an Urianger stan am I?
I've started an ita wall just for him in my game/work space.
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This is honestly the first time I've ever really done this and I am happy with my progress.
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miles-edgyworth · 2 months ago
of COURSE i'll watch midnight mass. look at my icon smh
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loverboyromanroy · 6 months ago
big bonus of gerri having to babysit tom is that greg will also be there. i want gerri to take greg under her wing and manipulate him into betraying tom. bonus if Roman is aware that this is happening and is absolutely vibrating with rage. kendall suggests maybe gerri wanted a “larger model” and Roman bursts into tears and punches him in the face
unfortunately i'm inclined to believe that gerri trying to mentor greg would be this spongebob bit on a loop
no matter what though i do need roman to go full chihuahua mode (vibrating, yipping, snapping, snarling) every time someone points out that he and gerri are no longer allowed to communicate with each other without adult supervision
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cultivating-wildflowers · 4 months ago
“Is your dog not friendly?”
Ma’am if my dog was friendly do you think I’d have a death grip on her harness while circling to keep myself between her and your absurdly small terrier? While shouting embarrassingly loudly at your dog to back off? Not only is she not friendly, to her your dog’s face is a chew toy.
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