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I brought my younger brother to the ER after he broke his arm from getting hit by a car. I then proceeded to start reading a 1808 page long FallOut Boy hospital AU fanfiction.
I do not have a younger brother nor do I listen to fallout boy.
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camp funtime
in honor of spooky season i offer you an 18+ blurb about camp counselor!steve fucking camp counselor!fem!reader in a broom closet.
© msgorillagripcoochie , do not steal, post on third party sites or translate my work
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Shh Shh sweetheart they're gonna hear us"
Steve brushed the hair sticking to your face away, his hand covering your mouth, his cock still deep inside you. You could hear the other camp counselors talking from outside the broom closet.
"Are you gonna be a good girl for me?" He whispered staring into your glossy eyes, you slowly nodded.
"I need you to be quiet for me, okay? We don't want anyone finding out what a slut you are, right?" He smirked as you hesitantly shook your head. "Good, good" he nodded.
"I know you wanna kiss me but I'm just gonna keep my hand here for good measure" he waited for you to nod back before he began to roughly thrust into you, your back hitting the wall.
"God you feel fucking amazing." He groaned leaning his mouth against his hand that was over yours. Your eyes squeezed shut as he hit spots in your that you never even knew could feel this way.
"You like this huh? You like being fucked like a whore in a broom closet." You responded with a muffled moan too consumed with him to form actual words. "I know, I know baby."
"You probably have no thoughts in your pretty little head huh? Just thinking about my cock. I bet that's all you think about." You could hardly focus on his voice as you felt yourself coming closer to the edge.
"I see you looking at me all the time, think you're so fucking secretive- Fuck" He groaned at the end leaning back to watch where the two of you connected as he thrusted in and out of you.
"Hottest fucking thing I've ever seen." He breathed out, your eyes rolled back as you felt a wave of pleasure wash through you. You were sure you would've fallen over if it wasn't for him holding you up.
"Prettiest thing in the whole world." He hummed brushing some hair in your face "Gonna cum in those pink little panties so you have to walk around with my cum all fucking day."
Tumblr media
help idk what this is but camp counselor steve in those cute little shorts that you see the men wear in all those old school horror movies would be so hot. this was a bit trashy but i hope you enjoyed my sluttiness and feel free to request! also i thought the title was funny hehe
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I know I’m old in fandom culture now because I’ve been on tumblr long enough to see us go from loving Anne Rice, to hating Anne Rice, back to loving Anne Rice.
Kids these days don’t remember why us old fanfiction writers say “I don’t own the characters” at the top of every fic. They’ve forgotten how Anne Rice tried to sue all of us out of existence.
They have only known summer and peace and Ao3. They know nothing of the dark days and the war and fanfiction.net and cease-and-desist letters.
We let fanfiction.net lapse and with it our heritage, and now Anne Rice adaptations are trending on tumblr again.
… 2012 tumblr would be ashamed… not of the gay vampires though. That was kind of our jam.
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the pain of letting you go- e.m (pt 9)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ex!Eddie Munson x Ex!AFAB!Reader
Summary: you get a troubling call from christopher’s school and rush over to see what has happened
Warnings: angst, mentions of physical violence/fighting, brief mention of past abuse(do not read if the topic is sensitive for you), sad!eddie, headstrong!reader, crying, poor christopher tbh
Word Count: 3.4k
A/N: part nine of the series is here! thank you to everyone for the continued support! reminder: if the topic is sensitive for you, please do not read. enjoy! :) -sava
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Tumblr media
Slamming the car door shut, you carefully cross the parking lot and speed walk towards the double doors of Hawkins Elementary. Navigating your way into the front office, you see your son and Eddie sitting on the couch in the designated waiting area, an ice pack situated on his cheek as Eddie held it there for him. You rush over to Christopher, crouching down to get on eye level with him and pull him into a big hug. You give Eddie a side eye, not having really interacted with him since almost a week ago and the resentment you have towards him still residing in your belly. You weren’t expecting him to be here at all, so you know it must be bad to have both parents getting a call to come in.
You were just about to go on your lunch break at work when the phone at your desk rang, the assistant at the front desk of the school telling you there’s been a situation involving Christopher and that you were needed right away. You decided to take the rest of the day off in preparation that something major had happened, rushing out the door and forgetting about the lunch you had in the fridge all together, not knowing the full context of what happened. 
“Sweetheart what happened? Are you hurt? Let me take a look real quick,” you rush out, your hands flying to cradle his head as Eddie moves the ice pack briefly, noticing his swollen cheek that would definitely would be bruised by tomorrow. You frown, brushing his hair out of his face and looking at his big brown eyes. He keeps his eyes focused in front of him, his face emotionless as he crosses his arms and lets out a huff.
Before he is able to answer your questions, you watch your son’s teacher, Mrs. Benson, walk out, talking with another set of parents and one of the boys who came to your house a couple months ago for his birthday party. His lip was busted and cheeks were bright pink and swollen as well, making your heart drop into your stomach as you put the pieces together in your head.
Your son just got into his first fight.
Your head is running wild as you think about how it could have happened. He was only six years old, so what could possibly happen for your son to feel the need to use violence instead of his words to communicate his distressing feelings? You both taught him to express himself through words when he felt uncomfortable and never showed any kind of physical violence towards him except scenarios shown on television, and even that was on rare occasion. He couldn’t have possibly seen you smack Eddie all those weeks ago could he? You didn’t see him when storming off to your bedroom, so that points towards no…right?
“If you both will follow me,” the teacher tells you, walking towards the back of the office into a small conference room. Christopher hops off the couch and you put your hand on his back, guiding him to follow his teacher as Eddie follows closely behind you. Taking a seat across from her, Christopher plops in the chair beside you as Eddie scoots into the seat next to him.
“Mr. and Mrs. Munson, thank you both for getting here on such short notice," Chirstopher's teacher begins, clasping her hands in front of her as she speaks.
"I'm actually going by my maiden name for the time being. It's L/N," you correct her. After the incident of having one of Christopher's classmates calling you 'Mrs. Munson' at his birthday party, you've been using your maiden name more often and getting used to the idea of having that be your name once again. Eddie's face falls briefly at your words, a pang residing in his chest as his mind spirals for a moment, thinking about how the name change is only a set further in the opposite direction he wanted the two of you to more in.
"My apologies Ms. L/N. Anyways, I’m not sure how much the assistant told you over the phone, but there was an incident involving Christopher and his classmate, Robbie, during recess today,” she tells you. Your hand reaches out for your son’s, seeing the guilty look on his face as he makes eye contact with his teacher momentarily, before she looks at both you and Eddie once more. “They were both involved in a fight.”
“Do you know what caused it? This has never happened to Christopher before, so we want to know what could’ve happened for him to react this way,” you ask, worry embedded within you as you look at the young teacher. She lets out a long sigh, making your pulse quicken.
“I’m sure the both of you are familiar with how fast word around this town can spread, given you both are from here, so it’s no surprise that the parents have been talking about your…situation. This, plus how impressionable kids are, led to some unsavory name calling coming from Robbie,” she explains. Your heart drops a little, thinking about your son getting bullied because of the situation between you and Eddie. He was just a kid caught between two adults facing their own problems, he didn’t deserve to be roped into the mess too, even if you were his parents.
“What did he say about Chris? Like what kinds of names?” Eddie questions, his own hand reaching down to hold your son’s as well. You can tell just how aggravated and concerned he is by how he speaks, knowing it must hit close to home from him due to his own upbringing and the bullying that happened while you both attended school, having spent many nights talking him down and reassuring him of the malicious words.
“That’s the thing, Robbie was directly calling Christopher names…he was talking about the two of you,” she reveals.
You pause, staring blankly at her as your mind tries to make sense of it all. Why would some kid feel the need to talk to your son about the situation going on between you and your ex, and call you both names on top of that? Christopher not knowing the full context of the situation was not by accident, you both wanted to preserve some kind of family dynamic and try to be the best you both could within your given spaces. So why did the gossiping moms of Hawkins think it was okay to talk about you behind your back, in front of the children your son goes to school with?
“What?” You ask, your hand covering your mouth a little as your body is still in a state of shock.
“I wasn’t present for the entirety of the conversation, but the terms ‘deadbeat’ and ‘pathetic’ were tossed around, and a couple of more inappropriate ones I’m not sure I should repeat in front of your son,” she explains.
Eddie feels his heart sink, looking over at his young son with a frown plastered on his face. He felt horrible that his own son felt the need to defend him when he was the one who fucked everything up. He didn’t deserve to defended either, he was the one who started it all and made things bad between you and him. Eddie could only imagine what was said about him, it wasn't the first time he's had to deal with the assholes of Hawkins. But the way Christopher’s teacher talked about it, the boy was calling you names as well. He felt for you, having your reputation dragged in the mud because of his ego getting the best of him, and questioning the stability of the relationship you two shared.
You sigh, shaking your head and looking over at Christopher. Part of you wanted to be upset, but in reality, you were proud of him defending his loved ones and sticking up to bullies. But you also felt a little like a failure as a parent, having to be called in to talk with the teacher for violence breaking out. You hated the conflicting feelings swirling around inside you, but you needed to just keep going on with the conversation and put on a front for your son.
“So what happens now?” Eddie asks, clasping his hands on the conference room table and looking at the teacher. You direct your attention back to Mrs. Benson, watching her readjust her sitting figure for a moment and look between the two of you.
“Well, seeing as how it was ultimately Robbie who started the aggression, Christopher isn’t in the wrong. But due to him throwing the first punch, we are going to send him home. I was able to talk the principal out of a three day suspension because of the school break that starts tomorrow, so just take him home for the rest of the day,” she tells you, sending a smile towards Christopher. You appreciate the kindness she’s granted you, not knowing how you’d manage to keep him home for three consecutive days if it were a regular school week. 
“Thank you so much Mrs. Benson, we appreciate that,” Eddie tells her, and it takes every fiber in your being not to scoff at his words. The three of you stand, walking out of the conference room and out of the front office, Eddie pushing the double doors of the entrance open and holding one of the doors open for the both of you. 
You grab Christopher by the shoulder lightly, tugging him to stop as you crouch back down in front of him. His face continues to lack any kind of emotion, unsure of what to do or say in front of you. You move his hair out of his face as the cool November wind whips around you.
“Sweetheart? Can you please tell Mommy and Daddy what exactly happened today? We want to hear it come from you,” you question, flashing him a soft smile and nodding at him that it was okay to tell you. He looks to Eddie who is crouching beside you as well, with a good amount of distance which you were thankful for, before looking you back in the eyes.
“Robbie and his friend…they were saying mean things about you and Daddy and what’s been happening for a while. They said you were pathetic mommy, a-and a jealous bitch. And they called daddy a deadbeat, and a-a manwhore, whatever that means. I just couldn’t let them be mean to you guys and I got so a-angry and just needed to let it out!” he screams out, stomping his little foot and throwing his arms around as he spoke with all the air that was in his tiny lungs. 
“So I pushed him down on the playground and hit him, and then he hit me back. I was just really upset, I didn’t mean to hurt him but he was just being so mean-“
You watch his bottom lip jut out, quivering as he tries to calm himself down, not wanting to get so emotional. Eddie rubs his back, sending him a reassuring look and nodding his head. You try your best not to show how upset you are by the words he tells you, feeling so badly that your son has to be in the middle of the mess that’s been created.
“It’ll be okay Christopher, it’s okay,” you say, attempting to pull him in for a hug, only to be met with resistance as he pushes back, trying to get away. A stabbing feeling spreads throughout your chest, seeing how quickly his sad expression turns into a mixture of anger as well as he stomps his foot.
“No! It’s not okay! I thought you two were going to be together again, but now it’s worse than before! You don’t even talk, a-and you’re both so sad all the time and I hate it! I hate that you aren’t together anymore! I don’t like going to Daddy’s every weekend, I just wanna be with my friends and go to the park and the movies with both you guys, like we used to. I miss how it was, this sucks!” He wails, tears streaming down his cheeks. You’re unable to keep a tear from escaping, your heart breaking at your son’s confession, hanging your head low for a moment.
The fear of your son’s feelings getting mixed in with the mess and him bottling it all up had become true. The neglected therapy idea now seemed to be more important than ever, that way your son had a better way to express himself rather than getting sent home and getting into fights. You were happy he was expressing himself in some form, even if it was breaking you in the process. 
Eddie feels as though he’s truly failed. Hearing how distraught his son is, his upset figure standing in front of him as he stares at his father, the wide eyes begging and pleading for change to come between the two of you, just breaks Eddie's cynical heart. His mind brings him back to his own childhood, looking at how his own parents fought and the sadness he felt when he’d see his father lose his temper and hurt not only him, but his mother as well. He knows exactly how his son is feeling right now, and it makes him sick to his stomach.
The past week has sent him spiraling, feeling like an idiot for telling you about his stupid reasoning behind the separation. Your feelings weren’t taken into consideration when he let it spill, his spaced-out brain not thinking clearly before the words came tumbling out. On one hand, he had you in his grasp, ready to do whatever it takes for you to really forgive him and let him back into your life for good, and saying those words might’ve been just the thing that sends this relationship off the cliff into a forgotten wasteland, so he should've kept his mouth shut. On the other hand, you deserved to know the truth. Keeping that from you was eating Eddie away, especially during the weeks where things were getting better. Regardless, his actions were costing you and your son a happy life, and he wouldn’t put it past you if you decided to be mad at him for the rest of your life. He sure as hell will hold it against himself, because how could he let go of something so precious over a silly comment? How could he abandon some of the only happy memories he’s ever known?
“Sweetheart, can you please look at me?” You say, tilting your son’s chin towards you. His face was still contorted in sadness and eyebrows pinched in anger. “I am so sorry that you’ve been feeling this way. I know adjusting to how things have been recently is hard, and looking back on the happier moments can make it seem worse. But…the stuff that’s been happening between Mommy and Daddy is difficult, and we didn’t mean for you to get upset. It’s just…hard sometimes to continue on with things that um…don’t really work anymore.”
Christopher blinks, a few fresh tears falling from his eyes in the process. You take your thumb and rub the salty pools off his cheek, brushing his hair back and giving him a half-assed smile, continuing to mask your true emotions. “So you and Daddy don’t work anymore? Do…do you not love each other anymore? Is that why Daddy is with Shirley?”
“I’m not with Shirley anymore buddy. She’s not coming back ever again,” Eddie says, dodging the rest of the questions. He shares a look with you for a moment. He sees your own lip beginning to tremble, the emotions you were locking inside trying to break through the tough wall you built up for the sake of your son. He lowers his head momentarily, a silent sob coming out of his mouth as his own emotions begin to get the best of him. The love he had for you was still very real, and part of him doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to come back from it. He turns back to his son, composing himself before opening his mouth once again. “I still love Mommy, so so much buddy. It’s just-I messed up and I hurt Mommy’s feelings, because I wasn’t using my head and let some stupid stuff happen. But I still love her, and I want to make things work with her, okay? And I know going to my apartment can be boring, I think that too. How about you stay with Mommy this weekend, how does that sound? You can spend time with Grandma and Grandpa, maybe even Uncle Steve too, and have a great holiday weekend.” 
This would be the first Thanksgiving Eddie would be spending alone in years. He would’ve given anything to come over and enjoy the family time with you and your family, but his actions led him down the wrong path, and he didn’t need to cause any more harm for you. So maybe keeping his distance for the weekend would help. Maybe he needed some time to himself to think how can move on from here and be better going forward, even if that meant truly being alone with nothing but his thoughts and a microwave meal for Thanksgiving dinner. 
“But I want you there too! I want us to be together again and be happy! Why can’t you just say sorry? Why can’t you just fix things?!”
“It isn’t that simple buddy,” Eddie tells him, trying to remain calm. You let out a sigh, standing up from your spot and dig in your purse for your keys.
“Christopher, we can’t do this right now, okay buddy? Let’s get you home,” You say, putting your hand on his back and guiding him to your car. He’s stomping as you both journey towards the car, you turning back briefly to see Eddie still crouching on the ground with his hands covering his face. You thought about his words for a moment, hearing him tell you through your son that he still loves you and wanted to make things work. The pain in your chest was still present, the thoughts about the actions of last week still very real and replaying in your mind, even after your night with Steve and Robin and their efforts to cheer you up. Part of you wanted to give Eddie a chance, hear him out and let him explain himself one last time, because who knows how many more times you could bare to hear it all again. But could you handle any more heartache that he might throw your way? How would you be able to trust him and not feel insecure every time you look at one another?
Opening the back door behind the driver’s seat, you help Christopher get into his car seat and buckle him up. Pressing a kiss to his forehead, you flash him a tight lipped smile before closing the door. Eddie’s figure has since moved from his spot on the ground and was walking closer to your car. You dig your hands into the pocket of your blazer, looking at him with an emotionless face.
“Do you really want to try and fix things?” You ask him.
“Yeah, more than anything.”
“Put in the work then. Go to therapy and get your shit figured out. I’m going to make an appointment for the three of us to have a family session, because I cannot handle my son acting like this any longer. It’ll be good for all of us, but him especially,” you demand, your courage building up and standing up straight. “If you really meant what you said back there, you’ll do that much.”
“I’ll make an appointment for their first available as soon as I get home,” he says, his hands moving towards the pockets of his leather jacket. You nod, turning on your heel and walking towards the driver’s seat. You open the door and look at him one last time before you get inside, seeing his big sad eyes following your movements.
“I hope you get the help you need Eddie. Have a good holiday.”
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Holding You
Mason Mount x Reader Fluff
This is just a short imagine and definitely not my best work, my apologies, but I wanted to post sth before leaving for a business trip on Saturday. So here you go, I hope you still like it! <3 
“No, that’s it, thank you.”, you smiled before you paid for your and Lewis’ coffees and walked back over to where he was sitting next to his younger brother. From what it looked like Lewis was trying to show Mason something on his phone, but the latter wasn’t having any of it. It was 4:19 am and your boyfriend still more asleep than awake and somewhat grumpy, while Lewis was being the ray of sunshine he just about always was.  
You weren’t a morning person either. In fact, endless cuddling with Mason during the early hours of a day was your favourite way to spend time, but the prospect of finally getting some time off in Portugal had lifted your spirits. Even at this ungodly hour. “Here you go.” You passed Lewis his cup before you sat down next to Mason. His hand found yours automatically as he slipped his fingers in between yours. “How can you get him a coffee, y/n?”, he whined, his head falling back against the headrest of the little sofa. “He’s annoying enough as it is right now.” Lewis rolled his eyes and reached out to jab his brother in the ribs, but you were quick in stopping him. Knowing very well that he shouldn’t take it too far with Mason at this time.
And the one thing you wanted to avoid at all costs was a seriously annoyed and stressed Mason. He had been through enough at Chelsea and he deserved some peaceful time away from all bothers the world had to offer.
“Just ignore him, Mase.”, you whispered before you pressed a kiss to his stubbly jaw. “Want a sip?” Mason scrunched his nose at your offer, not being a big fan of coffee and especially not this early in the morning. “No.”, he mumbled when he leaned his head against yours carefully. “Thank you, though.”
A couple of minutes later the others turned up. Summer rested on her dad’s hip, rather sleepy too, but the second she noticed you, she wiggled out of Sam’s arms and ran over to you and Mase. “Well, if this isn’t my favourite person in the world.”, you grinned when you picked her up to press kisses against her cheeks, making her giggle loudly. “You’re excited Summer? We’re going on holidays!” You kept her on your lap for a little while, playing with her hands and trying to distract her from the boring act of waiting for boarding until Tony and the toys he brought from the duty free became way more interesting than you.
Turning towards Mason to ask if he wanted something to eat, now that some time had passed, you found his big brown eyes already settled on you. “I thought I was your favourite.”, he pouted with a little crease between his brows. He looked way too adorable for his own good. “Oh, my big baby.”, you cooed, slightly squishing his pouty face between your hands. “Are we jealous of a three-years-old?” Mason pulled his face away, embarrassment flickering through his eyes. “No, I just meant that-“, he stopped himself, realising how stupid he sounded. “Never mind.”
You watched a blush creeping up on his cheeks and covering the bridge of his nose, highlighting his pretty freckles even more. He averted his eyes to his shoes, not daring to look at you because despite having been with you for a while, he was still easily embarrassed in fear of scaring you away. Mason pulled the sleeves of his hoodie down to cover his hands, but you made quick work of reaching for one, not wanting to be without the physical contact you cherished so much.
“Want to hold my hand?”, you enquired quietly after the pilot had announced you’d be taking off soon. You knew flying was his least favourite way of travelling, with him not being in control over everything high up in the air, so you hoped holing his hand would make him feel a bit better. Mason opened his eyes at that, surprised you remembered the conversation the two of you’d had some weeks ago when he had asked you to join him and his family for their summer holidays and he couldn’t help his heart stumbling over itself. He had mentioned it in a joking way, saying you’d probably have to hold his hand like Chilly does all the time. Chilly obviously didn’t and never had he thought you’d realise how serious he had been in his hidden request.
“Yes please.”, he whispered and immediately grabbed your hand when you held it out for him and when his engulfed your so much smaller one, he slipped his fingers between yours and squeezed it in appreciation.   You leaned back in the comfy cushions of your shared seat and settled your attention on your boyfriend, who had turned his head towards you and closed his eyes. A small smile ever present on his face and you couldn’t help but bring your joined hands up to your lips to press a single kiss to the back of his hand.
Once the plane had eventually reached the final altitude, Mason felt somewhat at ease again. He leaned his head against your shoulder, hoping you didn’t mind too much as you were engrossed in your newly discovered favourite Netflix series. At first, he tried to pay attention too, reading the subtitles you had left on, but eventually he fell into a peaceful slumber against you shortly after, his hand still in yours and his heart settled in his chest.
You didn’t notice he had fallen asleep on your shoulder until his head slid down your arm a little, making the position he was in more than uncomfortable. You waited, hoping he would wake up to reposition, but when he didn’t, you made the heart-breaking decision of waking him up yourself, knowing he’d suffer from a stiff neck the next day if you didn’t.  
Pausing your series, you reached out to cup his cheek. “Mase, I’m sorry, but you have to wake up.” He mumbled something you didn’t quite catch under his breath, subconsciously snuggling closer to your body without improving his position. “Mase, love.” You pressed a kiss on top of his head before lifting it up carefully. “Wake up, love.” Mason groaned in disapproval, hating the fact you just woke him from what felt like a peaceful nap.
“Why d’you wake me?”, he opened his tired eyes, squinting at the light that was way too bright in that moment. You recognised the sleepiness in them and felt even worse for doing it.   “I’m sorry, but you weren’t comfy.”, you explained, your hand coming up to cup his cheek. Your thumb brushing right beneath his eye. “Your neck would’ve hurt by the time we arrive.” Mason shook his head. “Was nice. You’re comfortable.” You sent him a sweet smile, your heart warming at him feeling so comfortable around you.
“You’re cute when you are half-asleep like this.” You removed your hand from his cheek and reached out to ruffle his slightly messy hair. The soft strands slipping through your fingers proving your happiness that he was finally growing it out a little bit again. Mason’s cheeks were covered by a gentle blush by the time you were done admiring him. “Am not.”, he argued, although he secretly loved your compliment. It was genuine. Not one you’d give out to just anyone. It was one specifically for him because you were the only one seeing him in this state. Sleepy, with tired eyes, messy hair and his thoughts all over the place.
“Are too.” You tapped the side of his nose in jest and leaned in to kiss his forehead, before you finally changed your position on the seats so that he could cuddle back into you. Only this time in a more comfortable position. When you opened your arms, Mason practically buried his body in your own. His arms wrapping around your middle, keeping you close to him, while yours came up around his shoulders. “Comfy.”, he mumbled, closing his eyes, ready to go back to sleep and you turned your attention back to your series, but before you could even press the play-button, Mason wiggled in your arms and leaned his chin against your chest. He looked up at you, his warm, brown eyes gazed into yours and for a second he wondered what he had done to deserve to be with you.
You looked at him questioningly, wondering what he could want, but before you could ask, Mason already gave you the answer. “Kiss please?”, he breathed, his eyes pleading with you wordlessly.
As if anyone could ever say no to him and those eyes.  
Fulfilling his wish, you leaned down and placed your lips against his already puckered pair. Mason hummed against your mouth, his fingers tightening just that little bit against your back when you brought your hand up to cup the back of his head. You loved kissing him as much as he loved kissing you.
One hour later and Mason was still fast asleep against your chest. His wrists dug uncomfortably into your back, but you didn’t dare to move. He deserved some peace and quiet and if it meant you being uncomfortable for a while, you would take it in a heartbeat. You had abandoned your series some minutes ago with the storyline not taking the direction you wanted it too, so all you did was holding your sleeping boyfriend in your arms and brushing your hand over his back from time to time, while you stared out of the small window.
“I’ve never seen him like this with anyone before.”
Jaz sat down opposite of you. Summer had finally fallen asleep too, giving her the time to talk to you about something she had wanted to address for some time. “I have never seen him this happy and free, this in love with anyone before you. He has been through some crazy stuff, I think he’s told you already and he was terrified to let anyone in again, but then you came along and all of sudden he was back to the Mason we’d all missed. There hasn’t been a day ever since he's met you that he hasn’t spoken about you. You mean everything to him, y/n.”
You couldn’t help but tear up at her kind words and how much they meant to you. It was something you had heard from Ben already, but hearing it from Mason’s family was another thing.
“I just love him.”, you admitted. “He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
You leaned down to press a kiss on top of Mason’s head and when he snuggled closer to you in his sleep, you felt like your heart would burst with how much love for him it held. He was yours. This beautiful, precious and kind-hearted soul your boyfriend was made of was yours and yours alone. And you would protect him and your relationship at all costs.
“I’m happy he met you, y/n. And I’m happy he made you part of our family.” Jaz stood up again, walking past you with a smile on her face.
Halfway through the flight Mason woke up again. You noticed him shifting against you as he let out a little yawn. “I love sleeping like this.”, he admitted, cheeks turning slightly rosy again, causing you to reach out and trace the small constellation of freckles on his cheekbone. “You’re so comfy and always keep me close.” You moved your hands to brush through his soft hair. “It’s because I love you.”, you replied.
Mason’s heart skipped a beat or two, still not used to hearing you say it. He lifted his head up, wanting to give you something in return. “I love you.”, he breathed against your jaw before kissing you there, making his way over your cheeks and nose until he finally brushed his lips against yours. “So much.”
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iammyowncryptid · a day ago
Imagine the batkids accidentally kidnapping Danny. Like they see some black haired kid passed out by the bat mobile after patrol and they just stick him in the car without checking bc hey that’s probably one of the batkids and they’re in a hurry. They do a headcount and just completely gloss over him bc one of them is out doing something else (probably red hood) and they completely forgot. Literally no one realizes until Danny wakes up in the batcave and is like whaaaaaat the actual fuck. Just completely ridiculous hijinks
Or if you want to make it angsty, you can set it after Jason died but before Tim became Robin. Bruce, in a rush, hasn’t gotten used to one less number and Dick, who regularly hallucinates his brother (that’s a thing in the comics) doesn’t question it
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jungwnies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
synopsis . hyung line reacting to drunk horny s/o !
genre . romance, fluff, smutty ! wc . ~0.5k !
requested by anon ! 🖤
Tumblr media
이희승 . lee heeseung
heeseung would be like wtf
like how did you even get drunk under his supervision
but he takes care of you like no other
he lays you down in bed and gets you a glass or water
even if you’re trying to flirt with him or something i think that he would kind of play along while still taking care of you
if you’re wearing makeup or anything then he’ll take it off for you
he just does everything to make sure you’re comfortable
he wouldn’t get frustrated unless you were uncooperative
if you were really horny…
then i think as long as you’ve talked about it he wouldn’t mind fucking you
he just doesn’t want to do anything without consent
but if you’ve consented to it and talked about it seriously
then he would definitely be down
hell he’s getting drunk with you and that night is going to be one interesting ride ;)
박종성 . park jongseong (jay)
guys i will never not say this but …
jay is husband material !!!!!!
he would literally run you a bath get you sobered up by making you a soup and having you drink lots of water
gets you hangover stuff for the morning
he would never take advantage of you
i don’t think any of the members would but jay especially
this man is focused on caring for you and loving up on you
once you’re all cleaned up he just lays with you in bed and cuddles
regardless of your drunken attempts to flirt with him
i do not think he would make any moves on you at all if you’re drunk
he just isn’t that kind of guy
he wants you to be sober because he wants you to remember everything he’s going to do to your body
so if you’re super horny he doesn’t really tolerate it and just takes care of you
심재윤 . sim jaeyun (jake)
he would be a little confused on what to do
like why are you trying to get into his pants while you’re drunk
i think he would prob ask jay for help but jay is like idk man even though he does know
jake would just get you water and cuddle with you makes sure you don’t feel like throwing up or something
i don’t think he would make a move on you either because you guys haven’t had that conversation
plus he really wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it even if you consented to it because drunk consent is not consent to him
he would want you to consent with full sobriety
so the first time he wouldn’t make any moves
if there’s another time and you’ve consented to it then i think you’d be so horny to the point it makes him horny
and surprise you’re being pressed up against the wall
박성훈 . park sunghoon
i don’t think he would give in to your dirty talk
i think he would be so confused and dumbstruck
like wtf
i don’t think he would be the one to fuck you if you’re drunk simply because he feels like it’s wrong
i think the only time he would fuck you if you’re drunk is if he’s drunk too
but he would’ve made you guys have the conversation about it before
probably wonders half way through the fuck if he actually asked you if you’re okay with this
and remembered that you did
Tumblr media
2022 © jungwnies
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could you do a tommy x reader where they take a walk with charlie and he’s having fun running about, but it’s in autumn and the leaves crunch under there feet. just pure fluff x
This was such a sweet idea!! Thanks so much for sending it in!! 🥰
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Autumn Walks
Tommy Shelby
Tumblr media
Warnings: smoking
After many attempts, (Y/N) is finally able to get her husband to come along on one of her and Charlie’s many autumn walks.
She’d lost track of how many times she’d bothered him in his office. When she felt that her attempts weren’t working, she sent Charlie in. Tommy was never able to resist the four year old’s ways, so she hoped that his magic would work this time as well.
A smile formed on her face when Charlie emerged from his father’s office with Tommy in tow. “Charlie said you wanted to go for a walk,” he stated, a smile playing on his lips as he looked at his wife.
“I do,” (Y/N) nodded as her smile grew, “and since you ignored my attempts, I figured I’d let our son see if he can get you out of your cave.”
“Playing on my weaknesses, eh?” he jokingly asked as he raised his eyebrows.
“Always,” she grinned, sending him a wink before Charlie tugged on both of their hands, his way of telling them that he wanted to get going.
Tommy and (Y/N) walked out of the house and onto the grounds of the estate with Charlie a few steps ahead of them. “Mum, listen to this!” he exclaimed as soon as they were on the gravel walkway.
“I’m listening, Charlie,” (Y/N) answered with a smile as she intertwined her fingers with Tommy’s.
Charlie looked back at his parents with a large grin before he went forward and began dramatically jumping on each of the fallen leaves on the walking path. “Doesn’t that sound so cool?!” he asked after he’d gotten a few steps ahead of his parents.
“It does, son,” Tommy nodded with a smile as he brought the cigarette he was smoking up to his lips.
“You should try it!” the boy exclaimed then as he went back to crunching the leaves.
“Maybe later,” Tommy responded, deciding to keep on walking normally. (Y/N), on the other hand, was now extending his arm as far as it could go, still holding onto his hand as she tried her best to step on the leaves that Charlie hadn’t already broken. Tommy only shook his head and smiled at his wife’s antics.
“This is really soothing, Tom,” (Y/N) said after she’d been crunching the leaves for a few minutes, “maybe you should try it…could serve as a way to get your anger out,” she added as she looked over at him.
“Oh no, I prefer to get the anger out at the person who causes it,” Tommy turned her down.
“Sure…” she trailed off, a raised eyebrow look on her face as she got ready to remind him of all of the times when he’d come to bed fuming about the different things that had happened and got him upset throughout the day.
“Are you cold, love?” he asked her before she could unleash her rebuttal, swiftly changing the topic so that he wouldn’t get a talking to.
“Nope,” she answered him before eyeing him over. She decided that he could be spared today, but only because they were outside and having a lovely walk.
“You sure?” he checked, looking over her house dress. In her excitement, she’d forgotten to put on a coat of any sort.
“Yes, now let’s walk and enjoy the scenery,” she told him, brushing off his concern as she tugged on his hand so that they’d keep walking forward.
They stayed outside for a good amount of time, watching as Charlie went about gathering and picking up piles of leaves so he could throw them up and let them fall around him. As the sun started to sink, the autumn winds started taking a toll on (Y/N).
“You ok, love?” Tommy asked once he saw her shivering.
“I may be a little cold,” she answered him with a sheepish smile, knowing that it’d be better to admit to the problem rather than dance around it.
“Here,” he said as he shrugged his suit jacket off of his shoulders so that he could drape it over hers.
“Thanks, Tommy,” she sent him a smile as she immediately started to be warmed by the thick fabric and his residual body heat.
“You’re welcome,” he sent her a smile back before looking out at his son, who was now gathering a pile of leaves to jump in. “I don’t think we’ll be getting him in until the sun’s down,” he commented with a slight chuckle. It warmed his heart to see his boy bring so carefree and enjoying himself.
“That’s fine with me,” (Y/N) answered him while wrapping her arms around his torso. Tommy draped his arm over her shoulders and held her tight to his body as they both watched Charlie frolic around in the leaves.
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The Third Widow || Wanda Maximoff
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff X Fem! Belova! Reader.
Summary: Y/n Belova is the younger biological sister of Yelena Belova and the adoptive sister of Natasha Romanoff. Saved from Red Room by Melina & Alexei she now must adjust to a new normal. Going to school, recovering, and finding love in the eyes of another troubled teen, Wanda Maximoff. All while General Dreykov has his eyes set on claiming back what he calls his most powerful ‘widow’.
Angst| Mentions of murder | Language warning| 4.6K
Notes: Flashbacks are bold, italic and start with ‘~’ | Written in second person. | Technically Wanda and Yelena are the same age via MCU but for this, Yelena is older by a year. 
Translations: сестра (sister), убей ее (kill her), Мэри (Mary), 
AC: just a tiny time jump. 
The Third Widow Masterlist
Tumblr media
Wanda watched for a month across the hall as you took Asya’s torment, knocking your books out your hand, slamming your locker door on you as you tried to put things away, pouring soda down your socks as she walked past, putting her foot out to trip you, whispering horrible things when in passing. Wanda didn’t understand why you took Asya’s crap. But you didn’t mention anything about it to anybody, especially Yelena. You wanted little attention as possible and if this was all Asya could throw at you, you could handle it. 
“Had enough yet?” Asya smirked before slamming your locker door on your hand. You bit your bottom lip harshly at the burning and tingling pain. “What’s wrong? Did you hurt your hand?” she chuckled before continuing to walk by you. Looking at your hand you were sure it would bruise, the purple and blue marks faintly appearing through the redness. “Why do you take her shit?” Wanda’s thick Sokovian accent spoke as she lent on the lockers next to yours. 
Since meeting Wanda you’ve grown slightly to reasoning with her, understanding there is more to her than the hard ass she shows to the world around her. She intrigued you in a way you’ve never experienced. You wished to know more about her, why she was in the states, how long did she live in Sokovia, why she broke the rules and did as she pleased, why did she feel the need to smoke and ignore the warnings on the box, why she would stare at you longer than you’ve known anybody to stare. 
“I don’t” you mumbled before grabbing the textbooks for your next class. Wanda chuckled in a huff, “I’ve watched for weeks and not once have you mentioned it to Yelena or Kate. What’s Asya got against you?” Wanda asked with confidence. Your brows frowned, zipping up your backpack, “Nothing” you muttered before closing your locker, “it’s fine” you added. 
“Fine? If it’s so fine, why haven’t you told Yelena?” She started to follow you. “Wanda…please, just leave it. It’s fine, I’m fine. It’s nothing, just forget it… please” you turned to face her. Your eyes begging for her to drop the conversation. Wanda, without your knowledge, read your thoughts and nodded softly. “Whatever you say” she shrugs. Not sure what to say you just smiled lightly before making your way to class. 
Wanda made note to keep an eye on the two of you, given your thoughts told her a different story then what your lips did she felt if you wouldn’t tell Yelena about the issue than she’d keep an eye out for you, to make sure you were okay. 
Then by Thursday, Wanda had seen more than enough, and she wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. You excused yourself at lunch from the group of Kate, Yelena, and Wanda to use the toilet, Wanda watched you walk away before her eyes caught Asya following closely behind you, she wanted to tell Yelena that something was going on, but she didn’t want to ruin the little trust you had in her. From the day she met you, there was something about you that caught her attention, she felt oddly close to you in a way she’s never felt about anybody. Did that scare her? Maybe so but she was good a hiding it and treated you the same as she treats Kate and Yelena. 
Your head was pounding with a headache from the extra noise from those around you, all the small talk, loud laughter and the jocks being extra loud just to have people pay them attend was driving you insane. The bathroom was oddly the only place at school where you were able to have a moment to yourself, refresh your face with cold water and escape from the noise. Even if it was of for a few short minutes, you’d take it for what it was worth. 
Splashing the cold water on your face was bliss for the shortly lived seconds it lasted before you grabbed some paper towel to pat dry your face, sighing to yourself as you looked deeply into your own eyes in the mirror. The flashbacks of Grace have haunted you more times than you wanted to admit and seeing Asya 5 days a week wasn’t helping at all. “How does it feel to look into the eyes of a murder?” Asya’s voice spoke, your eyes shifted to her figure standing behind your with her arms across her chest. 
“Asya…please” you sighed, dropping your head from the mirror. “You know I di- “
“What? That you didn’t have a choice? That you were made to do it?” she stepped closer causing you to turn around, leaning your lower back against the sink watching her footsteps getting closer. “You had a choice” she muttered, “you didn’t have to do it. But you did and you didn’t even think twice about it” she adds. “You did it!” you snapped, “if you didn’t try to leave that night then Grace would probably still be here!”
Asya grabbed your jaw in a tight grip with her right hand, her top lip twitching with anger. “I asked you for help and you turned me in” her grip tightening, you didn’t break the eye contact that was burning through you, “Let her go!” another voice spoke, a familiar voice. “Mind your own business Red” Asya spoke, her eyes never leaving yours and her grip only tightening even more. “I said, let her go!” Wanda spoke more sternly. “Or what huh?” Asya replied. 
Wanda’s eyes turned red, and balls of red glow came from her fingers, you’d never seen this before, the red outline glowing strong from behind Asya. You desperately wanted to shift your eyes from Asya’s, but you were trained to never take your eyes off a threat. Her grip was sure to leave a bruise now, tiny droplets of sweat formed on her forehead as she ignored Wanda’s requests. “Go away Maximoff, this doesn’t involve you” Asya spoke clearly. 
“I asked nicely, now you’re just pissing me off” Wanda spoke before Asya was throw to the floor half away across the girl’s bathroom. You watched as Asya gathered herself back to her feet, “what the fuck?!” she spat, looking at Wanda. “I said to let her go” Wanda tilted her head. 
“And I said this doesn’t involve you” Asya glared. “Oh, cry me a damn river, come near her again and we’ll have bigger problems”. Asya huffed shaking her head before she stormed out of the bathroom. “Are you okay?” Wanda asked when the door was closed. “I didn’t need you to do that” you turned your back to her, “I can handle her” you added. 
“A simple thank you would’ve been fine” 
“Well, I’m not thanking you!” you turned back to face her, “I told you everything was fine! I don’t need you to fight my battles for me, now you’ve just made things worse!” you grabbed your backpack and pushed by her ignoring her call of your name as you left the bathroom. 
After school Wanda pulled you back into the girl’s bathroom as you were trying to make your way through the hall to meet Yelena out the front. 
“Please, let me explain” she said before you could speak. “About today and what you saw…from me” she added in a concerned tone. “Y…you don’t have too” you replied. “No, I do… can we hang out for a bit? Now?” she asked. You were unsure what to say, you were mad with her and forgot about what you’d truthly seen but when she mentioned it, it came back to you. 
“I… I have to meet Yelena”
“I know” she let go of her grip on your arm, “it would only be for an hour, and I’ll make sure to have you home” she added. The look in her eyes were begging you, you saw she was worried about what you saw, and she wondered if you had questions, but truth be told, you didn’t. “Just leave me and Asya, alone…that’s all there is to say” you replied, letting her down. “Y/n please” she begged; her tone different from any other time you’ve spoken to her but still you shook your head and wanted nothing more than to go home. 
“Ready?” Yelena looked at you as you walked out of the building, Wanda following behind with a defeated look. “What’s wrong with you?” Yelena asked Wanda who shook her head, “just homework shit” she muttered, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow” she added before walking off to meet her twin, Pietro. “Can we go now, please?” you asked Yelena who nodded. 
The drive home with Natasha and Yelena was once again silent from your end like it had been since Asya came into the picture. Your mind would process the day with a million thoughts as your eyes followed the passing trees and houses out the window. 
Saturday you found yourself sat up on your bed with your back resting on the head rest as you continued to read the book you started after school on Friday. Last night wasn’t much fun, another sleepless night to add to the books and more flashbacks of Red Room to drain your energy. Melina came into the room to put your clean laundry on your dresser without disturbing you, a light smile formed on her lips when she saw you head in yet another book. You could read for hours and not notice how much time would slip by it was peaceful and it was the perfect distraction from the things going on in your mind. 
“Don’t read them too quickly now” Melina chuckled making you lose your place on the page. “I’ll try not too” you replied with a light smile before she left your room. It didn’t take you long to get back to where you were up too and once again, you were lost in the fictional world of your book. 
“So, this is your room, it’s cute” a familiar voice tore you away from your book, only a few more chapters in this time. “W-Wanda, what are you doing here?” you closed your book and watched as she entered your room. She started by your bookcase and ran her index finger along the spines before slowly walking over to your desk where your homework and thick textbooks sat waiting to be completed. “Yelena invited Kate and I over, is that okay?” she spun on her keels to face you, smiling lightly. You didn’t say anything but kept your eyes on her as she peeked around the rest of your room, “So, what do you do for fun?” she asked to break the silence. 
“I like to read” you answered softly, looking down at your book as Wanda made herself comfortable on the edge of your bed, “anything else?” she asked. You shrugged without saying another word. Wanda’s eyes burned into you making you slightly uncomfortable as you shifted away from her a bit hoping she wouldn’t notice. “You have questions, don’t you” she spoke again, this time causing you to frown in confusion. “I don’t” you mumbled, “it’s okay, I also have questions” she replied, “look, Y/n, about Thursday in the girl’s bathroom – “
“Please, keep your voice down” you quickly shuffled off the bed to close your door, “I don’t want them to know” you replied after the click of the door closing. “But why? Asya is an entitled little bitch!” Wanda huffed. “Because it will just worry them and I” you paused, eyes dropping to your feet, “I’ve done enough of that” 
Wanda watched as you slowly stepped towards your desk, avoiding to look at her. “Well, if you’re not going to tell them, you have to tell me”.
“N-no I don’t” you looked up at her with another frown. “Then I’ll have to tell Yelena” Wanda replied with a slight head tilt. “Why do you care? You barely care about anything, you skip school when you’re not allowed, you smoke when the box clearly states it could kill you and you don’t do your homework because you think it’s ridiculous and not to mention you barely speak to me and now suddenly you can’t leave me alone” you snapped without control. Wanda smirked, “feel better?” she asked with a huff like chuckle. “What? No! you’re…you…you’re frustrating me!” you stuttered as you tried to find the word of feeling. 
“Good, I like that” 
Her words only made you more mad and confused, “You haven’t really expressed your feelings before, have you?” she asked and suddenly you felt small, tiny like an ant to her. “Will you let me explain now?” she added feeling your thoughts. You looked at her with another frown and nodded slowly. “Good, now how about we do this fairly. I’ll say something about myself and then you can do that same, deal?” 
You nodded once more. Wanda smiled softly, “ask me the question” she said. “W-what question?” you asked before sit on the chair at your desk, swinging it to face her. “The one you’re thinking about right now” she added.  Her eye contact with you was strong, like she was truly reading your mind, “H…h-how did you do that…on Thursday…to Asya?” you stuttered with a shaky voice. 
“My brother, Pietro and I were experiments of HYDRA when we were younger. They took us from our beds late one night without making a sound. We spent years with them, it was all we knew. They did things to us, tests, isolated us, muted us almost” she starts to explain, “then we were free, it was not easy, but we managed. Pietro, my twin, he has superhuman speed, stamina, reaction, and reflexes which is why he is so good at sport. And me, well, I have telekinesis, I can mentally and emotionally manipulate people, I have telepathy powers and some other things, but they are the main ones” she continues.
“You can read minds?” 
“Yes, I can also experience the memories and thoughts of others” she explains, “now it’s your turn” she adds. 
“Why don’t you just read my mind?” 
“Oh, you have jokes now?” she chuckled, “come on, a deal is a deal. What’s the story with Asya?” she asked. Your eyes dropped to your feet once again. 
~ “убей ее” he said coldly before taking a step back. His words ringing in your ear, “NO Y/N PLEASE DON’T!” Asya screamed, “PLEASE Y/N STOP!!” she screamed once more to hide the cracking sound of bones breaking. ~
“I- “you took another moment, swallowing the lump in your throat, “I m-murdered her sister” you admitted, your eyes slowly tracing back to Wanda’s. She didn’t have a reaction on her face, probably because she already knew what happened but just wanted to hear you say it. “Asya tried to escape R-Red Room but Dre-…he found out and as punishment he made me murder her sister in front of the rest of us Widows” you explained, tears filling your eyes once more at the flashback. Wanda stood from your bed and gently placed a hand on your shoulder, “it’s okay” she said giving your shoulder a gently squeeze. 
“No” you shook your head, “it’s not okay. I should be punished, I should be put away or killed for what I have done, for all the things I have done” the tears falling from your eyes. Wanda gently brushed the lose lock of hair behind your ear, “you shouldn’t be punished for things that were out of your control. Yelena told me some things about Red Room and I’m sorry you had to go through that, you didn’t deserve that” she says in a comforting tone, “we didn’t deserve that” she adds. Slowly you looked up at Wanda, cheeks wet from your tears, “but that’s not what is right. I should be punished like everybody else for what I have done” you spoke, your brows frowning. 
Wanda couldn’t help but feel for you, “you’ll learn soon that it wasn’t your fault, none of it. Whatever you did, it wasn’t a fault of your own” she says leaving the two of you in a moment of silence. Wiping your tears, you looked at her once more, “why do you smoke? It’s really not good for you, have you read the box?” you asked simply to change the conversation.
“Oh, Мэри, you’re too cute” she smirked. “That’s not my name” you said in a confused tone, “I know” 
“Wanda let’s go!” Yelena called from downstairs. “You should come with us” Wanda suggested, you shook your head, “I have homework I need to get done” you replied. Wanda chuckled, “Alright, Мэри, I’ll see you Monday I guess” she turned and left your room just as quietly as she arrived.  
After listening to her story with little detail your book didn’t seem to interest you at the moment, the name ‘Hydra’ ran through your mind, a name you’d heard before. 
~ “This way gentlemen” Dreykov led the men in suits to the room you were held in. “I assure you, the experiments are working” he adds. “Very well, General” one man spoke sternly. You were trained not to look too long so you kept your eyes forward as the men examined you and looked over your charts. 
“She seems completely at your control, General” another man’s voice spoke. “Oh yes, she’s my best Widow since that disappointment, Black Widow. I raised Y/n since she was barely a year old. She’s a daughter to me, my most successful Widow” Dreykov explain with a proudness in his voice. His words were comforting for you, who only knew him. He is your father. The only person who’s protected you and kept you safe.
“I see. Our latest projects, the Maximoff twins are being experimented as we speak. We have high hopes for what will come of that” the man replies. ~
Monday morning was a drag to get out of bed, since talking to Wanda your mind has been non-stop racing with flashbacks and Dreykov’s voice running around like it lived in your mind. Sleeping only brought back the nightmares and trauma from Red Room. 
“She won’t get up” Yelena said to Melina before sitting down for breakfast. You laid on the bed staring at the ceiling unaware of Melina’s presences until you felt the dip on the bed where she sat. “What’s going on?” she asked, snapping you out thought. “Nothing” you mumbled like any normal teenager would say. 
“Did you sleep last night?” 
You shook your head, the dark circles under your eyes to confirm the lack of sleep recently. “When did you last sleep?” she asked another question, “I had little sleep Friday night” you admitted. “You haven’t slept properly since Friday?” Melina’s brows frown as you nodded to confirm your answer. “Y/n, you have to tell me when you can’t sleep or eat, it’s important”. 
“I don’t want to worry you and Alexei anymore…I’m sorry” you looked at her with sorry eyes. “We are going to worry about you whether you like it or not. I’m going to call Dr Banner and we’ll try and get something to help you sleep, no buts” she spoke. You didn’t give her any buts about it, too tired and drained to truly care. “Do you think you could get up and dressed? If you don’t feel like going to school today, I’ll call them and explain you’ll have the day off” she added. 
You wanted to see Wanda, you weren’t too sure why that was, but you nodded and managed to get yourself up, showered and dressed for school just as Yelena and Natasha were about to walk out the door. 
“I’ll call Dr Banner when his office opens and if he can see you today, I’ll come and get you from school, okay?” Melina said. “Okay. Thanks” you smiled softly before following the two out the door. 
Walking to your Art class you passed Asya who shot you the dirties look you’d seen so far from her, no doubt she was pissed about Thursday. Her stare didn’t intimidate you by any means, by now you were used to her always looking at you or you’d catch her already watching you from across the hall while you were at your locker. “You’re dead Belova” she muttered under her breath before giving you a hard shove into the cold lockers, chuckling as she walked away. 
You had Mr Rogers for Art and History, he excused your lateness and continued on with the class as you found your seat at the back of the room, hard to say if you remember anything that he was talking about as your attention was distracted by the outside world by the window. The dark storm cloud rolling in, only a matter of hours until it breaks you thought to yourself. 
“Y/n” Mr Rogers voice snapped you back to reality. “Huh? Sorry Mr Rogers” you felt embarrassed and as if all eyes were on you, “Do you have your project ready to hand in?” he asked. Shit! The plans of getting through the homework over the weekend completely slipped your mind after Saturday’s conversation with Wanda. “N-no, I’m sorry. I left it at home” you mumbled, “Mhm” he sighed, “Not a good enough excuse but I’ll let you off easy this time. I’m still taking a few points off your grade though” he replied with a stern look, you nodded just to get him to return to the class. 
When the bell went for the next class, you waited behind to allow the rest of the rushing class mates out the door, you were greeted by Wanda as she leant against the lockers with a smirk like smile. “How was class?” she asked. “Fine, I need to talk to you” you said, slightly looking around you. “What about?” she wondered. “Not here” you replied when your eyes locked onto Asya walking towards you. 
“Okay” Wanda picked up on your worry, “come with me” she added, pushing herself off the lockers. “What? No not now, I have class” you turned to her. Wanda chuckled, “Oh, Мэри, it’s okay” she smiled with a slight head gesture to follow her. You did so with a sigh and drag of your feet, worried about what Melina and Alexei might think of you skipping class. You followed Wanda out to the bike shed where students locked their bike cycles up while in class, away from any of sight of teachers. “What’s up” she smiled and leant against the shed. 
Frowning, you looked around for any signs of life. “Don’t worry Мэри, nobody can see us, I come here all the time” Wanda pulled the packet of cigarettes from her jacket pocket. “Really?” you shook your head, “yes” she chuckled putting the cigarette to her lips and lighting it, making sure to blow the smoke away from your direction. “So, what did you want to talk about?” she asked once more. For a moment you watched her huff and puff on the very thing that could kill her if she kept doing so, she licked her lips after each puff before sticking it back onto her lips. “He met with them” you started. 
“Who?” she frowned confused. “Dre…he met with the Hyda people you told me about. They gave him things t-to use… on me. Tests, experiments…I need to know if you remember what they used on you and Pietro” you stuttered but manged to explain, talking about Dreykov became harder as the time away from him went. Wanda pushed herself off the shed and paced around for a moment. “It was some stone, I don’t remember the name” she finally spoke, “What did they do to you?” she asked, “What powers do you have?” 
“No powers. Just harsh training in karate, judo, kung fu, wrestling, gymnastics, acrobatics, and weapon training” you replied. 
Wanda tilted her head slightly, “what else?” she asked. “I have enhanced hearing and vision” you replied with a sigh. “Neither Pietro nor I have that…it must’ve been something else” Wanda said, “tell me more about it” she adds. 
“Well…I guess for you, you read minds but for me I can hear conversations and noise from a good distant away and my vision, that’s more of a night issue. I can see heatwaves and longer distances than most” you explained your eyes falling to your feet. “I just want to understand why we are like this” you spoke softly. 
“Because we were in the hands of people who didn’t care about us or what would happen to us. You were taken, right? like Yelena and Natasha. Do you think Dreykov cared about that? Taking you from your parents, your sister? To train you the way he did? Do you think Hydra gave a crap about Pietro and me? We were built to be weapons for their own fucking use” Wanda snapped in frustration towards the end of her words, startling you just enough for you to take a step back from her. Her chest rising and falling quicker than before as she threw her half-smoked cigarette on the ground and squishing it with her foot. 
“We have to live with the effects of that. It’s not fair, and I ever saw any of those men again I’d tear them apart with my own hands. The things they did to Pietro and I, treating us like animals, doing whatever the fuck they wanted to us like we meant nothing if it failed. I saw people come and go; people being pushed by my cell in a fucking body bag!” Wanda went on, it was clear she’d kept her anger built up, her eyes flashing red every few words. You weren’t sure what to do or what to say but a new feeling was unlocked, and you found yourself stepping towards her, stopping her from pacing by gently placing your hand on her shoulder and behind you knew it you had your arms wrapped around her in a tight hug. Something you’d never done before but it felt right, like Wanda was screaming for the warmth of a hug. She melted in your arms and gripped you tightly, letting her tears soak your shirt.
It was then that you discovered you’d found somebody you could talk too, somebody who understood how you felt and the fear it gave you deep down. That’s not to say that Wanda and Natasha didn’t understand you, they did but they also weren’t treated the way you were, but Wanda was, she understood, the words she spoke about feeling like an animal, a weapon, being used for their own will was exactly how you felt. 
“Don’t you tell anybody about this” Wanda pulled away slightly after letting her tears out, “I can trust you not to say anything, right, Мэри?” she added as she looked into your eyes. “Only if you stop calling me that, my name is not Mary” you replied earning a chuckle from her, “I know” she spoke softly, wiping her wet cheeks on her sleeves, “I know, Мэри” she added causing you to roll your eyes. 
“Maximoff and Belova, you should be in class!” a voice startled you both, turning around and seeing the Principle, Mr Strange standing sternly with his arms across his chest. “It’s my fault Mr, I dragged Y/n out here” Wanda spoke. “I don’t want to hear it Wanda, you’re already on thin ice as it is. Now get to class!” he frowned, “And you Y/n, Melina is waiting for you in the general office. Best you get your things and make your way there” he added. You nodded and followed Wanda back to school building. 
“I can hear your heart racing Мэри” Wanda chuckled just to annoy you once more. “Please, my name is Y/n!” you muttered, “and like I said, I know” she smiled to you before you both parted ways. 
Tumblr media
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Eye For An Eye
Tumblr media
*Gif not mine credits to the owner*
• Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader.
• Requested by anon: Hi. I dont know if you have seen Greys Anatomy, but my request is if you could write Jay and the reader in the season 6 finale of Greys. With the reader being in Dereks place(she can be a surgeon) and Jay in Merediths. He doesnt have a gun on him when it happens, so he cant protect them. And instead of Christina, Its Will who does the surgery on Y/N. So I dont know if you have seen it, or if you are completly confused, but if you have, it would mean alot😊
• Warnings: blood, curse words, gunshots
• Word count: 7138.
• A/N: I think this is the longest piece I've ever written and as always it's shitty 💀 I'm sorry for how this turned out but I hope you'll like it. Let me know what do you think, like, comment and reblog if you want 💞 Love you all and thank you for your support.
Tumblr media
Each person has a different way of doing, of thinking, of acting. Each situation is different from another and for each one there is a different way of reacting. When you’re happy there are those people who jump of joy, there are those who cry, those who cannot stop laughing or clapping their hands. When you are sad there are people who withdraw into themselves, those who prefer the company of some friends or their partner, those who don’t let themselves be discouraged.
But when you lose a loved one, this is a very broad discourse, difficult to enclose in just few lines, but even in this case each person has their own reaction, their own way of dealing with pain. There are those who cry desperately, those who scream since the pain of the loss is so strong because this is a kind of pain that tears inside you, tears your heart out; there are those who seem impassive, just because they need to metabolize, they don’t cry, they don’t scream, don’t despair, they remain there sitting in a corner to mull over what happened, what was going on.
During your career as a surgeon you had – unfortunately you'd dare to say – the opportunity to witness all kinds of reactions from a family member to the loss of their loved one. You were always understanding, ready to do anything to try and ease the pain those people were feeling even though you knew they hated you at the time since you were the person who gave them the worst news of their life. You thought you had seen everything but, damn it, how wrong you were, how wrong you were in having taken the arrogance of being able to think you knew the human being in its complicated and absurd interest. As already mentioned, every person has his own type of reaction in relation to a certain situation but never in your life, not even for a second, you would’ve thought the death of a patient could also have been the cause of yours.
“Doctor Y/LN, the patient is in atrial fibrillation,” a nurse had warned. You were in the midst of a brain operation on a woman, Ellen Hopkins, a 50-year-old lady who had a meningioma, a benign brain tumor but which, given its location and size, was quite dangerous to remove and carried high risks.
“The patient has her skull open, a wrong movement and I could make her paralyzed for life” you replied, the forceps and the electric scalpel in your hands while you were concentrating on the patient’s brain. “Two milligrams of Amiodarone, fast!”.
“The fibrillation persists,” you commented, lifting your eyes for a moment and placing them on the monitor the patient was connected to. “Damn it!” you exclaimed, putting down the surgical instruments and approaching the patient’s chest “Let’s carry out a cardioversion!”
“Charge at 200!”
Still nothing, the fibrillation persisted as the patient’s values plummeted dramatically.
“350! And call cardiology!”
Not being able to use defibrillation again, you continued with the cardiac massage while waiting for a cardiothoracic surgeon to arrive in the operating room.
But Mrs. Ellen died on that operating table before someone even arrived.
“Damn it,” you cursed, taking a deep sigh and looking at the clock “Time of death, 16:33.”
Informing relatives was never an easy thing to do, you never got used to it, and that didn’t change even when you had to inform Mrs. Ellen Hopkins’ husband, Bill. You explained to him how the surgery had gone, you answered his questions, you told him you did everything possible to save his wife but that, unfortunately, she hadn’t made it.
Bill was petrified, speechless. Not a single sound came out of his mouth, not a single word, not a single tear came out of his eyes. He remained impassive, unable to process the information he had just been given. He just looked at you, straight in the eye, for a few moments before turning his gaze and walking away.
You watched him go and it was in vain to try to call his name and speak to him. You sighed deeply, running your hands over your face in frustration, blaming yourself for just ruining that man’s life. You couldn’t even imagine how he must feel at that moment, so you didn’t blame his reaction, as already mentioned, everyone had their own way of reacting to such devastating news.
As you used to do after surgery, you holed up in the doctors’ ward, ignoring everything and everyone and continuing to reflect on that surgery and what you could’ve done differently to save that woman.
And you stayed there all afternoon, until the evening, until your shift was over. They all tried to cheer you up, Connor, Will, April, to tell you it wasn’t your fault but right now you didn’t even want to hear those words, at least not from them. You just wanted Jay and one of his hugs.
Jay had been your boyfriend for almost four and a half years now and given your hectic lifestyles, being you a surgeon and him a cop, it was sometimes difficult for you to even see each other even if you were living together.
That evening it was enough for him to see you come out of the hospital doors to understand there was something wrong with you. He understood it from the way you walked at a slow pace, from the way you had your head down and your eyes on the ground.
“My love,” he began, getting up from his car on which he was leaning and walking towards you. When he finished his shift early, he always used to pick you up at the hospital or wait there until your shift ended too.
A small smile rose on your lips when you saw him, beautiful as the sun. The instant relief you felt when you saw him was something magnificent, it was amazing how even just that was enough to make you feel better.
“Hi baby,” you greeted him, immediately wrapping your arms around his chest and hugging him tightly. His arms encircled your shoulders and he too squeezed you tightly, knowing right away that you needed it right now.
“Baby are you okay? What happened?” he immediately asked in a worried tone as his hand gently stroked your head.
“Can we talk about this later? I just want to go home and forget about this day.”
Jay understood but didn't insist any further, leaving your space and knowing that when you were ready you’d tell him everything.
He slightly broke away from that embrace and with his hands he cupped your face, stroking your cheeks with his thumbs. Without saying anything he kissed you, a chaste, sweet and delicate kiss you didn't even realize you needed until then.
“Has anyone dared to bother my princess? Do I have to beat the shit out of someone?” Jay asked in a menacing tone and expression, in an attempt to cheer you up. He smiled when you giggled, knowing he had succeeded and that, in reality, he was serious about this, as he wouldn’t hesitate even for a second to punch anyone who really dared to hurt you.
“No baby, no one has dares to do this wickedness,” you replied with a joking tone.
“It'll be better for them,” Jay joked, stamping a sweet kiss on your forehead that made your stomach lightly explode like fireworks. God, how much you loved that little gesture. “What do you say to go home and forget about this bad day? We can order something and watch a movie if you like.”
You nodded enthusiastically, looking forward to taking a shower and throwing yourself on the bed.
You and Jay were lying on the sofa, having dinner and watching a movie in the background that neither of you was really following. Your head was resting on his chest, your arm instead encircling his chest as he hugged you tightly, stroking your hair and kissing your forehead from time to time.
“I missed you so much today,” Jay said, making you smile even though he couldn't even see you right now.
“I missed you so much too baby, I really needed this.”
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, almost in a whisper. You let out a sigh, almost involuntarily, “You don't have to tough if you don't want to, I don't want to put pressure on you.”
“No sorry it’s just…” you started talking, putting yourself in a sitting position so that you could look at Jay “It's just... Surgery gone wrong, a woman died on the operating table.”
“Oh. I'm so sorry my love,” Jay replied, taking your hand and squeezing it tightly. “You don't think it's your fault, do you?”
“And who else could it be? I was the surgeon,” you blurted out “It was an operation that presented complications but it had 95% of possibilities to be a success, I promised her, her husband...”
“Baby, baby, stop,” Jay stopped you, letting go of your hand and grabbing your face with his hands and making you stop talking. “It’s. Not. Your. Fault. I wasn't there and I don't know how things went but I'm 100% sure you did everything in your power to save her and if there was a chance to do anything to keep her alive you’d do it. Complications happen, they happen, the surgery had a 95% chance of success but unfortunately that 5% is always there, it's hard, but it's always there and it's nobody's fault, much less yours. Don’t blame yourself for this baby, you are one of the most talented surgeons in the entire hospital…”
“Why can't I help but feel like shit then? Maybe I didn't consider some variables, I was too sure and a patient died,” you said, your voice almost broken by trying to hold back the tears. But from the way Jay wiped one, you could tell the attempt was completely in vain.
“Because we are human, it's in our nature to blame ourselves when something doesn’t go as planned and we always need to have an answer to the things that happen but the truth is that not everything has an answer, the universe operates in a mysterious way and I know for sure, I’d bet on it, there was nothing you could’ve done that you haven't already done.”
You sighed, then resting your head on his chest as he hugged you in an attempt to console you.
“I'm here for you baby, cry and let it go as long as you want, I won't let you go,” he continued to whisper, occasionally leaving sweet and delicate kisses on your forehead. He continued to hug you indefinitely, whispering words of comfort to you until you calmed down and stopped crying. You didn't know how to express your gratitude for having such a fantastic man like Jay by your side, you’d never have known how to do it without him. He was your rock, your backbone, what put you back together when your world fell apart.
In the next two days nothing special happened, you and Jay went on normally with your jobs, you operated, he arrested criminals.
It was Friday and it was now late morning while you were in the operating room after finishing an operation on a man with spinal problems. As usual, you washed your hands and left the operating room before going to write everything down on the patient's medical record.
Everything seemed to go on normally, lunchtime came quickly and as usual, Jay came to the hospital to pick you up and go eat something together. You were still busy in the last morning visits and Jay took the opportunity to exchange a few words with his brother Will, who was at the reception.
“Look who’s bere, I thought you died,” Will commented, jokingly.
“Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't show up but work has been killing me lately, it's like the criminals have all woken up at the same time,”Jay explained “How is everything going?”.
“It's okay. I’m fine, Maya is back in town tomorrow and I can't wait to see her again, work is going pretty well, in short, I have nothing to complain about and I can finally exchange few words with my little brother.”
Jay chuckled and was about to answer when a man's voice interrupted him.
“Excuse me,” the man said, getting attention “I'm looking for doctor Y/N Y/LN, where can I find her?”.
Jay immediately turned to the man after hearing your name being mentioned and looked him up and down, studying his appearance and making sure he wasn't some ex or, worse, a shady guy. He was a man who couldn’t exceed fifty-five, tall, slender physique, balding. He had his hands tucked into the pocket of his visibly ruined pants and his gaze totally absent.
“She’s finishing her last visits, you can wait in the waiting room and I will call you,” Will replied cordially.
“No, it's pretty urgent. I'm here for my wife and the doctor made an appointment for me today and at this time,” said the man, so calmly, a behavior that was not expected of someone who had a loved one hospitalized.
“I’m sure you can wait here too, the doctor will come down immediately and see you,” Jay continued, but the man insisted that the matter was urgent and he needed to see her right away.
“If the doctor told you that, you can go now,” Will said, going on to explain where to find you.
The man thanked him and started walking towards the elevator. By now he had memorized the way to your ward, which was only on the first floor.
Slowly, the man approached the ward where, however, a nurse stopped him.
“Sir, visiting hours are over, you can't stay here.”
“I'm looking for Doctor Y/LN,” he replied, completely ignoring the nurse's words.
“You can come back here at three in the afternoon, when visiting hours start again.”
Soon the situation plunged completely into the abyss, in a whirlwind of chaos and despair.
The man pulled a gun out of his jacket pocket and without any sign of remorse or hesitation, shot that nurse, making his body fall to the ground, lifeless.
The sound of the shot echoed throughout the entire floor and the terrified screams of doctors, nurses and the patients themselves began to spread. They all started running away at the speed of light fearing for their lives. There were, however, those who couldn’t even get out of bed, asleep patients who were unable to save themselves.
When suddenly Jay saw a wave of people running from the elevator, terrified, he knew immediately that something was wrong. He and Will quickly exchanged a worried look and Jay immediately tried to stop someone to ask for an explanation.
“Hey! Hey! What the hell is going on?!” he exclaimed aloud, but everyone ignored him, continuing to run away. He stopped a man, who in terror stammered a few words.
“A… A man… He has a… He shot… He has a gun.”
Jay’s heart stopped beating for a moment as he heard those words. His mind immediately understood what was happening, who was the aggressor and his first thought was you. That man had targeted you, he wanted you.
A feeling of panic took over him and his brain went completely blackout. His first instinct was to run to the elevator and try to find you before that man found you but Will stopped him.
“Where the hell are you going?!”
“What do you mean where the hell am I going? That man is looking for Y/N I have to find her!”
“Jay you need backup!”
“You get as many people out as possible, I call the rest of the team and look for Y/N,” Jay had replied and before Will could even answer, he run for the elevators. After quickly making the call and making sure the team and SWAT were coming soon, he put his cell phone in his pocket and reached for his gun.
At that precise moment a shiver went through his body as he realized he didn’t have his gun with him and that he had left it in the dashboard of his car.
“Fuck!” he whispered angrily to himself. That didn’t stop Jay, however, determined to find you before the madman did. He began to wander the corridors of that floor, constantly looking around. He felt the sweat tinge his forehead and his heartbeat greatly accelerated, not so much because of the situation but because he knew your life was in danger. He kept praying with every fiber of his being you were okay, that you were able to hide somewhere.
The anxiety and worry he was feeling at that moment were feelings he had felt a few times in his life and knowing that you, the love of his life, were in danger and, above all, he couldn’t do anything to help you, it destroyed him. Deep down he couldn’t even formulate a single coherent and rational thought.
The last thing you expected that day – and to be honest, you didn’t expect at all – was to find yourself face to face with an armed man pointing his gun at you.
“Mr. Hopkins…” you whispered, short of breath and heart pounding. Mrs. Ellen Hopkins’s husband, the lady who had passed away on your operating table a few days earlier, stood in front of you, with an absent look, and with the gun pointing straight at you.
“You killed my wife,” he said, his voice cold, aloof, as if a robot had taken possession of him.
“I… Mr. Hopkins I don’t…” you stammered, having no idea how to get out of that situation.
“You killed my wife!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, showing some emotion for the first time. His sudden change of tone made you jump with fear, and in pure instinct you raised your hands up, visibly trembling.
“Mr. Hopkins, please… Lower that gun, there is no need, I promise you I will answer any of your question.”
“Shut up!” he yelled again “There is no question you can answer! You killed my wife! The love of my life! You took her away from me and today you will die like her!”.
Your eyes filled with tears, but you tried in vain not to cry.
Fuck no, you didn’t want to die, not that day, not like that.
“Mr. Hopkins… I ask you please, let me explain how things went, I’m sure you will want to know why. I know this won’t bring your wife back and I’m terribly sorry about that, I know how much you loved her and how much she loved you, but I can help you find answers if you wants.”
“And what could fix this? She died!” he exclaimed, waving his gun at you and making you jump again.
Oh God please.
“Nothing, I know it won’t bring her back to life, but it might help you find some peace, I’m sure, in fact, I’m 100% sure Ellen would like you to be at peace, she doesn’t want you pining for her death.”
“I don’t want to hear you talk!” Bill continued, now taken by anger and resentment “I hate you! I hate you so much! You were the one who had to heal my wife, make her feel better and not kill her! ”.
Your heart tightened in a vise and you couldn’t not feel guilty. You rationally knew it wasn’t your fault but, subconsciously, you couldn’t help but think so.
“Okay, okay, but please Mr. Hopkins, this thing is just between me and you alright? No one else has to suffer from this tragedy, no family has to mourn their loved one, if you want to blame me that’s fine but leave the other innocent people alone.”
“I don’t care a damn about the others, they were just accidents along the way. I wanted you Dr. Y/LN, you ended my wife’s life and I will end yours.”
Your blood froze in your veins, your brain working hard to try to invent a way to escape from that situation.
At that moment your thought was only one, only Jay, and how much you wished him to appear through that door and take you away from there. You couldn’t stop thinking how that morning could’ve been the last time you saw him, how you wanted nothing more than to take refuge in his arms.
Bill clicked the safety of his gun and a feeling of panic took hold of you completely, fearing that these would be your last moments in life.
“Bill… Please listen to me,” you begged him “I know you aren’t a bad person, I know you are grieving terribly for the loss of your wife and I am so sorry, there has not been a moment when I have not thought of her and I don’t even dare imagine your suffering, damn it, I don’t even know how I would’ve reacted in such a situation. I know it’s just the sadness and anger that are talking now, and you are right to be angry with me, with the world, with whoever is up there who took Ellen away from you and I don’t blame you for that. I know I was the person you trusted most to save her life and I betrayed this trust and I will forever apologize for that, because I wanted Ellen to recover as much as you did. I am not a perfect being, I am human too and as such I can make mistakes but I am ready to pay the consequences,” you spoke, and noticing that he was listening to you you continued “I did my best and believe me when I tell you that if there was a single minimal thing I could’ve done to save her, I would’ve done it but I know you don’t see it that way now. Bill... I… I have a family too, I’m somebody’s daughter, sister, niece, girlfriend and like I said I know you’re not a bad person, I know you never want any family to go through what you are going through right now.”
“You’re wrong Dr. Y/LN,” he replied, suddenly calm, as if all the anger he felt until recently had magically vanished. “I want everyone to feel exactly what I’m feeling.”
The sound of a gunshot boomed throughout your office room as it kept repeating in your mind. Suddenly the whole world around you fell into total silence, there was only a subspecies of hum that you could clearly hear with your ears.
You didn’t realize it right away. It took you a few moments to do it.
You didn’t realize right away he actually shot you. It was only when you looked down and watched the blood splatter spread across your uniform that you really realized he had shot you.
Your body fell into a trance state and you didn’t immediately feel pain, due to the adrenaline flowing through your veins.
You fell to the ground, without strength, the blood expanding rapidly under your body and soiling all your clothes. You had no idea what was going on, you didn’t know if you were dead, if you were still alive, if your attacker was still there, if it was all a terrible nightmare.
Your mouth was completely dry, your jaws so dehydrated as if you had just run a marathon. Your heart was beating madly as your chest rose and fell quickly even though each breath was like receiving a stab, one was more painful than the other.
At that point the pain slowly began to be excruciating, so persistent as to be almost paralyzing. It felt as if millions of needles were penetrating your skin with extreme and devastating agony.
Jay was right there, he had witnessed that frightening and horrible scene from afar, given the open door of your office. He had seen how that man shot you in cold blood and without the slightest doubt or hesitation.
It was Will who literally held him back by force, or he would’ve come to you, or he would’ve tried to save you. He would’ve even taken that bullet for you, he would’ve fought to try to save you, but he couldn’t have done it and now you were probably even dead.
It didn’t do any good to wriggle with all the strength he had in his body, try to escape Will’s grip, yell at him to let him go.
“Fuck Will, let me go!” Jay kept screaming, trying to run away, in despair he had never been in his life. His stomach was in a vise and a lump in his throat had formed.
But when that shot rang out within the walls of that hospital, Jay was completely paralyzed for a few seconds, as if for a moment he had feared he had an auditory hallucination.
He stood still as his mind processed what was really going on.
“No!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, freeing himself from Will and running at lightning speed to your office. He didn't have anything else in mind but you at that moment and he didn't even care that bastard had vanished, he just wanted to see you.
Seeing you poured into a pool of your own blood was an image that would never leave his mind again.
“Baby! Baby! Please wake up, don't leave me!” Jay exclaimed, immediately leaning over your body, not caring in the least he was soiled with blood. He took your face in his hands, breathing a sigh of relief when he noticed you were still alive, trying to mumble something.
“Shhh my love, don't talk, keep your strength okay? I'm here now, I won't let you go, please hold on tight” Jay begged, “Will!” his eyes blurred with tears and only then he realized he was crying “Please don't play tricks on me, you have to stay with your eyes open okay?”.
“J-Jay…” you muttered, struggling to keep your eyes open “It hurts so much...”
Jay cried even more to hear those words, knowing you were in terribly much pain and there was nothing he could do to end that pain. He continued to caress your face, your hair, noticing the paleness of your skin. He knew very well how you felt, he knew how a shot could be terribly painful.
“I'm so sorry I didn't come earlier baby, please don't leave me okay? I love you so much, I can't live without you…” he cried “Try to hold on for me, you'll be fine I promise...”
“I... I want to sleep Jay...”
“No, no, no, no,” he replied, panic in his voice. “Don't fall asleep, okay? You have to keep these beautiful eyes of yours open, can you do this for me my love? I know it's difficult but you are so strong, you are the strongest person I know... Don't do this to me, don't leave me baby…”
But at that moment you weren't strong at all, you weren't a fighter and you didn't have the energy and strength to fight. You just wanted to let yourself go and get some sleep, just for a little while.
The room slowly began to fade as black splotches appeared before your eyes and at that point you could no longer fight to keep your eyes open and found yourself sucked into a whirlwind of darkness.
“Will!” Jay yelled in utter despair again.
Will immediately walked into your office after rushing to get a stretcher and an emergency kit, and seeing the blood and you unconscious in Jay's arms he knew immediately that the situation was dire.
“I’m sorry I was finding these. We need to get her to the OR immediately. Jay help me put her on the stretcher,” Will ordered, trying to stay as cool and lucid as possible even though it was hard for him to see you like that too. You weren't just his brother's girlfriend, you were also his colleague and a very dear friend.
“Take her by the shoulders, I’ll take her by the legs. At three we raise her, okay?”.
Jay nodded, trying to wipe away his tears quickly and did what Will said.
“One. Two. Three.”
They placed you on the stretcher and all three of you immediately left the office, trying to go as quickly as possible to the operating room. It was a race against time, and both Will and Jay knew it, there was no room for mistakes, there was no room for hesitation.
“Will,” Jay called his brother, before seeing him enter the OR.
Will turned and immediately understood the words Jay was about to say.
“I can't be without her, save her please.”
Will's heart squeezed in a vise and never as in that moment he felt a huge weight on his shoulders because he knew if things went wrong he wouldn’t only lose you, a friend, a colleague, an exceptional doctor, but he would also lose his little brother.
He nodded before turning and walking into the operating room.
Jay didn't know what to do with himself. He never felt so helpless and at the same time cutting out from the world.
He didn't know the rest of his team had arrived there in the hospital, that the man was immediately found and arrested after killing that nurse and seriously injuring you and two other people but Jay didn't even care.
He didn't care where he was, he didn't care if he suddenly appeared behind him or even if he went around the hospital. He knew this wasn’t correct, his motto was to protect and serve but he didn’t give a fuck, he wanted nothing more than to know you were alive, safe and sound, that you were okay.
When it came to you, there was no criminal, job or any other matter that had a priority over you, there was nothing he wouldn’t have abandoned just to know that you were happy, that you were well and healthy. You had always been the center of his world since he met you and he didn’t even care how absurd it seemed, but it was the truth, you were his everything, all that was most important to him and knowing he had done nothing to avoid hurting you was killing him, devouring him inside.
The thought there was only a wall to divide you physically but an abyss mentally, was something that Jay just couldn’t understand and in the hours when Will operated on you, he thought he literally died a thousand times.
For the first time in his life he had understood the real meaning of fear and it was a feeling he never wanted to try again. It was horrible, devastating, debilitating, feeling that damned fear, that paralyzing and visceral feeling of anxiety that twisted his stomach in a tight grip. He was afraid of losing you, of never seeing you again.
How could he live without you?
How could he only think of living in a world where you were not there?
He wasn’t ready. He would never be.
This option had never even touched his head since you became a part of his world. He wanted to be with you forever, until his last breath and that was not even enough, because he knew that even in the afterlife your souls would be reunited and you would be together again.
What would he do if he never saw you again? What if he could no longer talk to you, hear you laugh at his sleazy jokes, hear you romp when you were happy, see you smile, hug you when you were sad and wipe your tears when you lost some patient on the operating table? What would he have done without your immense clumsiness, so much that he didn’t even know how you were a surgeon sometimes, without your disastrous cooking, without your hair ties thrown all over the place, without your obsessive way of disinfecting everything? What would he have done without your kisses, your hugs, your way of making him feel so pampered and loved, always, every day and every second?
“Fuck no, no, no, no,” Jay muttered to himself, as if to banish those horrible thoughts from his mind, “God please, please, save her, let her come back to me…”
After about an hour in which you were in the operating room, the rest of the intelligence reached Jay and in vain his friends tried to calm him down.
It was only when he saw Will come out the door of that damned operating room that he came back to breathe a bit and at the same time die of heartbreak and anxiety.
“So? How did it go? Is she fine? Please tell me she’s okay,” Jay spat out, immediately approaching his brother. He studied the expression on his face in the smallest details and a modicum of hope lit up when he didn’t see that typical expression you had when you had to communicate the death of a loved one, he didn’t seem sad, on the contrary.
“The surgery was a succes, I am 99% sure she will recover completely. The bullet had pierced the stomach but fortunately there was no major damage. Now I’m taking her to ICU and we’ll have to wait for her to wake up,” Will explained and couldn’t even explain the transformation Jay underwent. He noticed the precise moment when that veil of anxiety and worry finally disappeared, replaced instead by joy and happiness.
In a rush of happiness Jay hugged his brother, squeezing him like he had never done before. “Thank you Will, thank you so much.”
Will returned that hug, smiling. “You don’t have to thank me, she is very strong.”
“Yeah, she really is,” Jay replied through tears, only then realizing he was crying. “When can I see her?”.
“In a while don’t worry.”
Seeing you lying on that hospital bed was an image Jay would never have thought of seeing in his life, it was literally a blow to his heart. You had oxygen goggles inserted in your nostrils, your face was terribly pale but despite that you were still the most beautiful creature Jay had ever seen.
He stood next to you and he never took his eyes off you for not even for a second. His hand gently stroked your hair, as he used to do when you slept. It had now become a habit, stroking your hair and watching you sleep. Sometimes it happened that you smiled even in your sleep, snuggling closer to him, but this time it didn’t happen.
Your skin was cold under his fingers, as he stroked your cheeks and, God, he would’ve given anything to be in your place, so as not to see you hurt even for a minute.
Jay leaned over and gave a kiss on your forehead, as he kept caressing your face and hair.
“Do you have any idea how much I fucking love you? How do you make me feel? How important you are to me?” Jay began to speak, remembering the words you said to him once and that talking to patients asleep can have a positive effect on their awakening. He left another kiss on your forehead. “Do you have any idea how much you scared me today my baby? God, I've never felt so scared as I did today, not even while I was overseas. Seeing that son of a bitch...” Jay stopped, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat as he remembered the moment you were shot “I'm so sorry I couldn't stop him, I don't want to imagine how scared you were, I’ll never be able to forgive myself, I was there, a few meters from you, I have always sworn to protect you and keep you safe but I have failed and I am so sorry.”
“Please wake up baby, don't you dare leave me here alone okay? I can't be in this fucking world without you. I swear to you, I'll never leave you alone again, but now you just have to open your beautiful eyes alright? Can you do it for me? Show me those beautiful eyes that made me madly fall in love with you?”.
Jay stood there at your bedside indefinitely, watching you sleep and hoping that sooner or later you would finally open your eyes. Will spent nearly every twenty minutes visiting you and it was in vain for him to try to get Jay to go and rest.
It was when he felt your fingers move slightly, after almost twelve years, that he feared he was truly hallucinating.
“Oh my god, oh my god,” he literally jumped up from his chair, holding your hands as he looked at you “Baby, can you hear me? Please answer me, give me a sign. Please, please, please.”
He felt your fingers move slowly again and at that point he made sure it really happened, it wasn't a joke his mind was playing on him.
It took you some time to understand what was happening, where you were.
Your head was pounding terribly as if you were being hammered, your vision was blurred and you had to blink several times to focus.
The first thing you saw were the artificial lights coming from the ceiling, which at the time were terribly annoying.
“Where am I?” you grumbled with difficulty, feeling weak and completely without strength.
“You're in the hospital, love,” replied a voice you recognized immediately. It was Jay, your Jay. “No, no, stay still, don't get up.”
Your eyes met Jay's and the joy he felt at seeing you awake was something that was minimally comparable.
“You finally woke up,” he said, almost in a whisper, as if he hardly believed it. He stroked your hair, leaving a kiss on your forehead.
Suddenly images of what had happened flooded your mind, the exact scene in which you were shot seemed to repeat itself in a loop in your head.
“Has... Has any other person been hurt?" you asked.
Jay nodded his head, sadly. “But they’re all fine. He was caught soon after, he surrendered without opposition.”
“And you? How are you?”.
He chuckled, taking your hand with his and letting a kiss on it. “You're the one on a hospital bed.”
You let out a faint laugh but it results in a painful twinge. “I guess I deserved it.”
Jay's face immediately turned serious and his heart tightened in his chest as he heard these words. “You can't really believe such thing. You don't deserve to be here baby, it's not your fault what happened, please, get it out of your pretty little head.”
“His wife is dead and I had to save her,” you whispered, your gaze fixed on the ceiling as you tried in vain to hold back the tears.
“His wife died of a complication, every surgery has it, you always tell me, and you did everything possible to save her. You don't have to pay for something you are not to blame for, please stop thinking this okay?”.
You were silent for a moment and you then returned your eyes to Jay.
“Baby... Are you crying?” you asked, alarmed. He shook his head slightly, wiping away his tears quickly and avoiding looking at you.
“No, I'm not,” he muttered but let go when you started stroking his face. He lowered his head and let himself go in a liberating cry, venting the frustration, the anger, the sadness but above all, the relief.
“Oh baby, it's okay, it's okay,” you tried to console him as best you could given your position.
“I was so fucking scared to lose you Y/N…” he whispered.
“I know, love, I know, I'm sorry.”
“You don't have to apologize, on the contrary, I’m sorry, I should be the one to console you,” he said, wiping his tears and then looking at you. Your heart skipped a beat to see his beautiful green eyes shine so bright, still shiny from crying.
“You don't have to apologize Jay, there was nothing you could’ve done to stop it and you don’t have to blame yourself for not being able to stop this from happening,” you spoke up, realizing you were crying too.
“What about we both stop to blame ourselves?”.
“We have a deal,” you faintly smiled “Do you have any idea how much I fucking love you too?”.
Jay let out a laugh, knowing you had actually heard his words as he spoke to you. He stood up again and leaned towards you before grabbing your face and pressing his lips against yours. There were no words to describe what he felt, what that contact caused within him, the relief to know he still had another chance to be with you, he still had he chance to kiss and hug you forever.
“Can you get close to me?” you asked.
“But I don’t want to hurt you.”
“You won’t hurt me, please baby, I need you now.”
“God, how can I say no to this beautiful face?” he said and you giggled, trying to ignore the pain that this entailed. Slowly and carefully, you tried to move in the bed, so you could make room for Jay and not make the stitches fit.
“Be careful baby,” Jay warned, helping you.
Jay positioned himself beside you, trying to be careful not to make any sudden movements, and he put his arm under your head. He printed so many kisses on your face and forehead, still unable to believe the luck of still having you there with him.
“I swear to god I’ll never let you leave the house again, I can’t risk someone taking you away from me.”
You giggled again. “Don’t make me laugh please, it hurts.”
“It’s not my fault you have such a funny boyfriend, it’s something you’ll have to live with.”
You hit him with that bit of strength you had, aching from the wound. “Can you stop it?”.
“Sure my love,” he kissed you on the forehead again. “Now try to rest, okay? You need to regain strength so I’ll get you home as soon as possible. I will always be here beside you, I won’t let you go.”
And with those words of comfort, you slowly slipped into a deep sleep, into the arms of the man you loved and with the hope, sooner or later, everything would be fine, everything would return back to normality.
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One: It Has Always Been Her
Peter Parker x reader series
Summary: Everybody forgot who Peter Parker was. All his world tunerd grey until he met you and you started dating. It could have been perfect if it wasn't for the fact that MJ comes back and, surprise! She remembers EVERYTHING.
Warnings: Pure Angst!, some descriptions of sex (+18), swearing, mentions of death.
w/c: 4.2k +
a/n: First chapter of this series. I hope you enjoy it and by "enjoyt it" I mean, cry with me, lol. Likes, reblogs and comments are much appreciate it as always. If you want to be added to my permanent tags there's a link on my masterlist and if you just want to be added for this series tag list you can leave a comment. Gif not mine
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Can I come in?" he asks with his hands in his pockets.
"I don't think that's a good idea" you deny. Your voice comes out in what is little more than a whisper.
"Y/n... please, I just want to talk" he pleads. His gaze is as pleading as a puppy's when he sees that you only have one bite left and you haven't given him any yet.
"I think I need time" you say without looking at him.
~How did I get to this place?~, you wonder. ~How did it all end up so fucked up?~
Maybe we should rewind it so we can understand.
- 8 months earlier -
Second semester of college. You're a nervous wreck, how will your classes be this semester, will you be able to understand everything you need to?
Anxiety invading your body like thousands of electric currents flowing through you. You can calm them, but you can't get rid of them. They are part of you, your anxiety is just trying to keep you safe after all.
You look at the small piece of paper in your hands, it's the only thing you had on hand at the time to write down the room number of your classes after asking the secretary. Of course it was more of a scribble than anything else. The lady was in a hurry, after all.
"Excuse me" you walk up to what appears to be your classroom and there is nothing but a boy sitting in the back. "Sorry, sorry to bother you" you bite your lip, the boy looks up somewhat sheepishly and watches you. "Is this Mr. Anderson's class?" you ask at last.
"You're in the right place" he nods with the warmest, friendliest smile you've ever seen.
Slowly the room begins to fill up, you try to make your way through but fail miserably. It's a buffalo onslaught and you're just a little bunny. The chairs fill up, there aren't many empty seats.
Your eyes meet his again, he's watching you. He tries to tell you something and that's when you see him point to his backpack on the chair next to him. He's saving you a seat.
Your heart slows down, all means you already have a place to sit.
You walk over to him and carefully sit down as he removes his backpack.
"I appreciate it very much, you saved my education" you try to break the ice the only way you know how, by making a little joke.
Luckily his sense of humor is just as strange and you manage to get a chuckle out of him.
"I'm glad I did..." he pauses, waiting for you to tell him your name.
"Y/n, I'm Y/n Y/l/n" you extend your hand in greeting and he takes it without hesitation.
"Peter Parker" The smile never leaves his mouth.
Deep down inside you know you should have met him.... You were never one to believe in coincidences, but you did believe in fate.
Even if this could be your place of peace and your downfall at the same time.
- 7 months earlier -
"You can't tell me you've never seen the star wars movies" Peter denies, a rebellious curl decides down his forehead and distracts you for a second.
That thing he told you about him not being popular at school was hard to believe. Peter was the most interesting, kind, simple, honest and tender person you've ever met. Not to mention that his little freckles, deep-set eyes, chocolate hair and Greek God body made it even more difficult to believe.
You knew he'd had a girlfriend. However, Peter always avoided the subject. He would say that he had broken up with her because they would go to different colleges but only that. You knew it wasn't a subject you should bring up, not if you didn't want Peter's mood to change at the drop of a hat. Not in a bad way, just like his energy would suddenly go out.
"Well you can show them to me now, can't you?" you bite the end of your pen. You were supposed to be 'studying'. To be honest, it was hard for you to concentrate when he was looking at you with that cute smile.
"I think so..." He nods slightly. "Surely you don't want to keep studying?"
"Pretty sure, that's not the only reason I invited you over" You avoid his gaze and a pink tint covers your cheeks. You're embarrassed and Peter knows it. He can hear your heartbeat racing. That would matter to him if it weren't for the fact that his is the same.
"Then let's watch the first movie" He nods. "I like spending time with you."
Your heart melted... Oh, if only you'd left it in the freezer.
- 6 months earlier -
You found out Peter was spiderman by accident, you didn't mean to and neither did he.
You were in his apartment because you had decided you had had enough of hiding your feelings. You liked Peter, a lot. You couldn't go on with the uncertainty anymore, you really hoped he would like you back.
You had the keys to his apartment, you lived in the dorms and your roommate wasn't very quiet, let alone calm, so Peter offered you his apartment to study in during exam season. However, you decided to use the small advantage to prepare something nice for him, something you could confess to.
You prepared a dinner for both of you and put on that skirt that Peter once said he liked because it brought out the color of your eyes.
Everything was ready and would have been perfect had it not been for Peter aka Spiderman. He decided to go out patrolling the neighborhood that night and found himself engaged in a battle that left him breathless. He came out victorious, but more tired than usual, his senses were not very sharp and he allowed himself to enter through the window of his room and remove his mask without realizing that you were already there. Sitting on his bed waiting for him.
"Peter?" you murmur petrified. You definitely weren't expecting this, let alone him.
"Y-Yn? W-What are you doing h-here?" he looks you up and down and stutters. You don't know how to explain it but you still try "I can explain" You look at the mask in his hand.
"You're spiderman" Your gaze is lost. You try to get back to the here and now.
"No!" He exclaims but denies right after. "I mean, yes but-" He's even more nervous than you are.
He didn't want you to know. Having the important people in his life know that he was spiderman brought him nothing but trouble.
More importantly, he didn't want to put you in danger. You, the only good thing he had achieved after all the bad things that had happened exactly 8 months ago.
"Oh wow..." You stand up and your eyes search his. "That explains why you were disappearing without saying where you were going" you sigh in relief "I thought you had a girlfriend I didn't know about or something... this is totally a relief."
"A relief?" now he's the one who's confused. "So bad it was that I had a girlfriend"
"Maybe... a little" you shrug. You came here to be honest and that's what you're trying. Even after the bombshell of information you just got, that doesn't change anything, the reason you came is the same.
"It's good that you're not scared but what are you doing here? As far as I know we didn't arrange to meet, did we?"
"Now the surprise was for both of us" You joke to lighten the mood.
"You're not wrong there" he laughs lightly. "What kind of surprise?" He looks at the pair of candles around you.
"One where I tell you I like you, Peter" you say bravely. You feel proud that you could do it even though your palms are shaking.
"And after this?" His eyes don't leave yours. His heart is beating a mile a minute, he couldn't believe you felt the same way he did even though he was worried about what might happen after you discovered his other side.
"You being Spiderman doesn't change my feelings for you, Peter. I like you and spiderman won't make it any different" You smile at how crazy that sounded. The guy you like is spiderman.
"I like you too" his smile widens and he takes a step towards you.
"Really?" you ask incredulously.
"Totally" he nods and you place your arms around his neck.
You don't know what to say so you choose to do. You move your face and kiss his lips. You really hope he reciprocates and, apparently, your pleas have been heard because he does reciprocate.
Your first kiss, the first of many punishments.
- 5 months earlier -
You know Peter is not someone who opens up easily, actually. You think you're his only friend (now more than friend) at this university.
When he's not with you, he's on patrol, attending his classes or doing homework in the library, which he usually does with you as well.
You are both excellent study partners. Peter, besides being your boyfriend, is your best friend and teacher. He is your person and you are sure that you are his.
However, you were surprised when you asked him why he never talked to you about his past friends or family.
"My parents died years ago. My aunt was my only family member and she died recently and my friends went to college in another state so we lost touch." Was the only thing he answered.
You were dying to know more. You were too curious. You weren't insensitive though and you didn't want to push him to tell you things you knew he wasn't ready to say.
Maybe you should have asked a little more. Maybe about why he ended his last relationship, because you knew he'd had one.
Or why he never talked about it. All of this was an unknown to you.
- 4 months earlier -
You had been dating for two months as an official couple when you both decided to move to the next level in your relationship.
Peter knew you were a virgin and had never done anything with anyone beyond a steamy make out session and you were surprised (and somewhat relieved) to learn that he hadn't either even though he had a girlfriend.
Peter commented that he and MJ had never gone any further, however, he was open to going as fast or as slow as you thought best.
And so it was, when in one of your hectic make out sessions in his small apartment, you ended up with your lips around his cock and the tip of it hitting the back of your throat.
Clearly you both agreed and that wasn't the only thing that happened that night. A few minutes after his cum ran down your throat, your boyfriend knelt on the bed and spread your legs and positioned himself between them.
More than returning the favor, Peter was going crazy over the soaking wetness of your hormones in the big wet patch that inhabited your panties. His arachnid senses were driving him to a point where he found himself drooling to taste you, to devour you as if he hadn't eaten in years.
And, with your consent. Peter wasn't going to stop until the last drop of your fluids was tasted by his tongue.
- 3 months earlier -
And then came your first fight. You were upset with Peter aka spiderman, because he hadn't answered your messages all day after going out on patrol the night before without telling you he had returned home safely.
His excuse was "my phone ran out of battery" but you knew it was a lie because every time you sent him a message, the word "received" appeared and two little popcorns reinforced it.
The messages did arrive. Peter just didn't want to answer them or was too busy to do so. Either way, he was lying to you and that's what bothered you the most.
You already knew he was Spiderman, what else could he be hiding from you? you asked yourself.
What you didn't know was that Peter made a trip to MIT every week to check on Ned and his ex-girlfriend MJ.
It was probably best that you didn't know. Parker wouldn't know how to explain it to you and he didn't want to have to.
You were his girlfriend now, you were practically all he had. But it wasn't easy for him to let go of what he had lost with such regret and he wondered how things would have been if everything hadn't gotten out of control.
And that was the reason why the brown-haired man didn't answer the phone. He couldn't answer it to the present, which was you. As he watched MJ, who was his past, study through the window of one of the libraries.
You were finally able to settle your argument. Peter apologized and said it wouldn't happen again. However, he never gave you a real explanation of what had happened and, since it was the first time, you preferred not to argue and let it go.
You didn't want to pressure him, although perhaps you were being too understanding.
- 2 Months before -
And you finally had your first time. The first time for both of you, together and as individuals.
It was a bit awkward due to your mutual inexperience but once you got the hang of it, you couldn't stop and it became a magical night that neither of you would ever forget.
"I'm glad you were my first time" you heard him murmur in your ear as he moved his index and ring fingers over your arm in a caressing manner.
"I'm glad you were mine" you smiled and left a kiss on his lips. All you wanted was to freeze this moment in time and treasure it forever.
You had had your first time with someone you loved and you knew he wouldn't leave you just because you had already had sex with him.
Peter was a kind and sweet man. He was everything you had always dreamed of in a perfect boyfriend and nothing could ruin the bubble of happiness you both had gotten into.
That night, the hazel-eyed boy couldn't sleep. His thoughts wandered as he watched you sleep and, for the first time since the incident. He allowed himself to be completely happy without feeling guilty about what he had left behind.
For the first time in a long time he allowed himself to feel complete and loved. In addition, he made the decision not to check back on the people of his past. He had to move forward just as they had done and because he had you.
You were now his world and all he wanted was to make you happy and protect you from all evil and danger.
That night. Peter understood that all the love and peace he had lost. Now he had regained them with only one person and that person was you.
It was time to make new friends, enjoy his present and look to the future.
- 1 month earlier -
One night, Peter was kissing your neck while you were sitting on his lap. You slid your hands under his shirt and heard him moan as your fingers brushed against something you didn't know was there.
"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" you asked in a sweet but concerned tone.
"It's okay, I'm fine" He tried to affirm you with one of his smiles but you knew it wasn't right.
"Can I?" You looked him straight in the eye as your hands traced the edge of his shirt. As soon as he nodded, you lifted it up and saw a cut that wasn't there yesterday. "Peter, what happened here?" your voice sounded sad. It was the first time you had seen a cut that size on his abdomen.
"I slipped and fell on a glass. I'm fine, it's not serious, darling" He ran his hand across your cheek and tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear.
"It's serious to me" you sighed and looked him in the eyes "Can I help you clean it and bandage it?" You mumbled. The brown-haired man nodded with a slight smile and watched you walk into the bathroom.
Unbeknownst to you, that was the first of many times you helped Peter with his bumps and bruises. Plus, you became his accomplice and his chair girl at the same time.
Now Peter Parker understood that he was not alone, he had you.
- Two weeks before -
You and Peter were at the fair. You had gone through most of the rides, especially the ones that make you throw up, and thought it was time to get something to eat.
"Hot dogs?" you asked as you held his hands in front of you.
"I'm dying for a hot dog" he nodded with a smile and tried to go for them but you stopped him.
"Wait here" you laughed. "Can't a girlfriend treat her boyfriend to a hot dog?" You raised one of your eyebrows.
"Sure she can" the brown guy laughed, grabbed your waist and kissed your lips "don't be too long."
"I won't" you smiled and kissed his lips one last time before walking towards the stall that wasn't too far from there.
Peter smiled as he watched you walk away until a voice called out to him. A voice he hadn't heard in a while.
"Peter?" said MJ behind him. Peter turned and froze not knowing what to say. "Peter it's me, MJ" Michelle took a step towards him. "I remember everything."
Peter's mind began to spin and his heart began to race.
"How?" your boyfriend asked in just a whisper.
"Maybe you were erased from my memory but your stuff wasn't" MJ smiled slightly "the necklace, your pictures and among other things were still in my room at my parents' house" she sighed. "It took me longer than I expected but I told you. I figured it out once, I'll do it again" her eyes were watery.
"You were always so smart" Peter smiled and took another step forward. He knew he shouldn't. You'd be back any minute but the shock and excitement was too strong. "You remember..." peter took her face in his hands.
"I do" she nodded smiling and wiped a tear from Peter's cheek.
Before either of them realized it, their lips were already pressed against each other. MJ remembered. That was all Peter was thinking at that moment and it would have been perfect except you were a few steps away from them, two hot dogs in hand and a completely broken heart as you watched Peter, YOUR Peter, kissing someone else.
- Present day -
"Y/n... please, I just want to talk" he pleads. His gaze is as pleading as a puppy's when he sees that you only have one bite left and you haven't given him any yet.
"I think I need time" you say without looking at him.
"Time? Y/n, please. Let me explain," says the chestnut while holding the door so you don't close it.
"What are you going to explain to me? Why you had your tongue in someone else's mouth while I was watching you?" You stop trying to close the door and look him in the eye.
"It wasn't just anyone" he walks past you and enters your apartment without your permission. "It's MJ."
"Your ex-girlfriend? That's supposed to make me feel better?" your head hurt. You hadn't eaten or slept well for two weeks.
"No, y/n. It's not that" he denies. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, just let me explain." He tries to take your hands but you take a step back.
"You said you were over because she was in another university" you cross your arms.
"That's partly true" he sighs. "A year and a few months ago Mystery revealed my identity to everyone. MJ was my girlfriend at the time and my best friend's name was Ned-" he takes a breath and continues. "I went to doctor strange and asked him to cast a spell but it all went terribly wrong and I-"
"What does this have to do with you kissing your ex?" you frown.
"The point is. Villains from many multiverses showed up and to right my wrong Dr. Strange had to cast a spell making everyone forget who Peter Parker is" he continued.
"Including MJ?" you ask.
"Including MJ" He nods.
"So you broke up because she didn't remember you. Not because you wanted to break up with her" you deduce.
"Yeah and, the night of the fair. MJ showed up and said she remembered everything. I don't know how but I got carried away with my emotions and did something stupid without thinking about anything else-"
"Or anyone else" you interrupt him and dry your tears with the sleeves of your sweater.
"You don't know how sorry I am. I never meant to hurt you. I love you more than anything, Y/n" his eyes crystallize.
"But you love her too" your voice cracks. "What do you plan to do now? What's your plan, Peter?"
"I... I don't know" he dries his nose with his arm.
"You love her. You didn't want to leave her." You sob. "Why don't you go back to her then? You can tell you're not over her" you were trying to stay strong but it was practically impossible.
You didn't even understand how you believed his crazy story, but this was Peter we were talking about. Spider-Man in a world where people disappeared for 5 years because a purple alien had snapped his fingers using the infinity gems. It wasn't too crazy to believe that everyone forgot who Peter Parker was.
"I am over her. I decided to stop watching her the first time we- we slept together" he whispers in a sigh.
"When?" you frown. "What?" you analyze word for word what he said "You decided to stop watching her? What the fuck does that mean?" Now more than hurt, you were confused and annoyed.
"I-. I used to go to her college and watch her and Ned just to see how they were doing and to make sure nothing bad happened to them." He tries to explain. "One of those times I forgot to text you and told you my phone was out of battery." He swallows.
"I knew you lied to me, Peter. You were never good at lying," you sob. "But I never believed you were watching your ex all this time" you sit back on the couch. You are weak, as weak as someone famished. "I thought we were both 100% in this relationship but you kept clinging to the past" your vision is blurry, you don't know if from tears or lack of sleep.
"I know I should have been honest. I shouldn't have lied to you. I should have trusted you with my thoughts and feelings... it's just not easy for me" he sits down next to you and his hand rests on your knee.
"So what are you doing here then, Parker?" you use his last name. You're being serious and he knows it. Although, if he's bothered by your name calling, he doesn't say so. "It's more than clear that you've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Why don't you go with her? I can't compete with that, I never could." Your eyes watch the tile and you just hope you don't faint. It all feels so overwhelming.
"It's not about competing. It's not a competition, love." The endearing nickname leaves his lips but doesn't give you butterflies this time.
"Of course it's about competing! What was me? Your consolation prize?" You look him in the eye. He can't hold your gaze, he knows he did too much damage. "You settled for me just because you couldn't have her? Well congratulations, your pleas have been heard. Now get the hell out of my apartment!" You raise your voice and get up from the couch. You are upset with him but with you more than anyone else for allowing yourself to love him without first asking more questions and pressing for an answer.
"Y/n please...don't say those things. You know I love you. I fell in love with you the moment I met you" his gaze is pleading. He doesn't want to leave, he doesn't want to leave you but he doesn't know how to stay either.
"I don't know if you love me, I don't know if it's true" you sniff. "What I do know is that I love you and you hurt me like I never thought you would. Don't get me wrong, besides your girlfriend, I was your best friend and as a friend I understand how happy you must be that your first love remembers who you are. But I also understand that that "first love" is not me. Pick her, Peter. Go to her. You were always more hers than mine. Even when we were together you were looking for her."
"---I don't want to be your second choice, it hurts too much." You squeeze your eyes shut to still your sobs. "Pick her, it was always her."
It has always been her.
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01| Generous Heart
Tumblr media
summary || ❝It’s not luck, My Queen. I was always meant to be here. ❞
pairing || Rhaenyra Targaryen x Female! Reader
word count || 4,461
warnings || Violence, Birth, Grief
notes || This series is very self-indulgent as I have a growing love for Rhaenyra Targaryen and her storyline on HOTD. It will follow the plot of the show but with some added scenes here and there for characterization. High Valyrian will also be in italics. So, I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
As the first century of the Targaryen dynasty came to a close the health of the Old King, Jaehaerys, was failing. In those days, House Targaryen stood at the height of its strength with ten adult dragons under its yoke. No power in the world could stand against it. King Jaehaerys reigned over nearly 60 years of peace and prosperity, but tragedy had claimed both his sons leaving his succession in doubt. So, in the year 101 the Old King called a Great Council to choose an heir. Over a thousand lords made the journey to Harrenhal. Fourteen succession claims were heard but only two were truly considered. Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, the King’s eldest descendant and her younger cousin, Prince Viserys Targaryen the King’s eldest male descendant. 
“It is declared by all lords paramount and lords vassal of the Seven Kingdoms that Prince Viserys Targaryen be made Prince of Dragonstone!”
Rhaenys, a woman, would not inherit the Iron Throne. The lords instead chose Viserys, my father. Jaehaerys called the Great Council to prevent a war being fought over his succession. For he knew the cold truth. The only thing that could tear down the House of the Dragon was itself.
Soaring above the clouds, with the wind in her silver-born locks, Rhaenyra Targaryen was on cloud-nine; her stubborn thoughts leaving her as she flew gracefully through the sky with skill. She knew she’d have to land eventually, diving and dodging buildings with ease until she finally arrived to hand off her dragon to the Keepers. The dust kicked up with the gust of Syrax’s wings, her claws catching the ground, but her noises of displeasure caused the keepers to look unimpressed, clutching their sticks.
“Dohaeras, Syrax!”
“Umbas. Rybas!”
The realm's delight jumped from her saddle, boots hitting the ground but her attention came quickly to her beloved dragon, her gloved hand now rubbing across Syrax’s scales. A smile graced her face as she observed her friend, the dragon muttering to itself.
“Welcome back, Princess. I trust your ride was pleasant.”
She swiftly removed her glove and playfully smiled, “Try not to look too relieved, Ser.”
“I am relieved. Every time that golden beast brings you back unspoiled it saves my head from a spike.” Their banter was playful and full of care, but Rhaenyra was on her way to greet Alicent, her best friend in all of the nine realms, except for Syrax of course.
“Syrax is growing quickly. She’ll soon be as large as Caraxes.”
“That’s almost large enough to saddle two.”
“I believe I’m quite content as a spectator, thank you.”
Disappointment washed over Rhaenyra’s face, but she followed Alicent into the carriage none-the-less to head home and greet her very pregnant mother.
“Ah! Rhaenyra.”
You had a wet towelette pressed against the queens head, a comforting hand within hers as she laid upon her couch, looking horribly pregnant with a bulging stomach to show it all. The Princess walked in rather slowly, your eyes scanning over her before returning to the object of your duties. As the lead handmaiden of the queen, you were charged with taking care of her through thick and thin. This leads to a manner of respect between yourself and every Targaryen living within the castle.
“You know I don’t like you to go flying while I’m in this condition.”
“You don’t like me to go flying while you’re in any condition.”
Alicent was trailed behind Rhaenyra, picking at her nails as she usually did in a situation that she herself could not control. A nasty habit, but a relatable one at that.
The queen sat up, face stern and serious.
“Your Grace.”
“Good morrow, Alicent.”
“Did you sleep?”
“I slept.”
“How long?”
“I don’t need mothering, Rhaenyra.”
The girl sat parallel to yourself, folding her hands to her lap with grace, her eyes locked with yours and you gave her a nod of acknowledgement.
“Well, here you are, surrounded by attendants all focused on the babe. The only one here focused on you is Y/N. Someone has to attend to you if Y/N is ever preoccupied.”
“You will lie in this bed soon enough, Rhaenyra. This discomfort is how we serve the realm.”
She shakes her head, “I’d rather serve as a knight and ride to battle and glory.”
You and the queen let out laughs, “We have royal wombs, you and I. The childbed is our battlefield. We must learn to face it with a stiff lip. Now take a bath. You stink of dragon.”
Rhaenyra smiled a bit at the joking matter, and the queen smiled back. A beautiful moment between mother and daughter, fleeting but meaningful.
“Dearest Y/N, would you please escort Rhaenyra to the Great Council meeting? I’m sure one of the attendants could hold this measly rag on my head.”
“Of course, My Queen.” You arose from your seat, handing the rag to one of the attendants around before following Rhaenyra out of the room and into the halls, Alicent going her own way somewhere.
“Forgive me, I do not know where the Council room is…”
“It’s alright, just keep up with me.”
Her light-colored dress flowed with her, a ghost in the halls of this very busy castle. Though she was unlike anyone you could ever meet, respectful, kind, and just a tad bit sarcastic.
“How is my mother? Is she doing well?”
“Ah! She’s doing quite well. I’ve been monitoring her temperature and pain, she seems to be coming up on finally giving birth.”
She looked pleased at the news, her lips curling up in a kind fashion.
“Are you going to come to the tourney?”
You perked up, “There's going to be a tournament?”
“Mhm… You should make time to come, I’m sure my mother would allow you some free time, considering you are at her beck and call twenty-four seven.”
The roused a laugh from you, “I’ll try convincing her. I erm-...”
She stops her determined stride to stop with you, whom has pulled out a small ring. You held it out for her, herself slipping her index finger in the hole to wear the ring.
“What is this?”
“I made it, from leaves and string and a singular gold piece I found while wandering… I wanted to gift it to you.”
The sentiment laid plainly as a smile across her face, the freckles across her pale face never looking more bright. 
“Thank you, Y/N, I’ll cherish it always.”
Truth is, you made the ring for her in a fit of adoration for the princess. She was always downtrodden due to her thoughts about being shunned to the side by a male heir. Being seen as insignificant because she was not sporting a cock in-between her legs. The small things were important, so perhaps a ring would give her a dash of happiness. And you suppose it worked.
The gigantic doors of the Council room loomed over the two of you, and she laid a small and subtle kiss to your cheek, making your eyes widen in surprise. She however just laughed and waved goodbye, the knights opening the door for her immediately. She was gone as soon as she was just here, and the tingling on your cheek was getting ever more real. The brief affection was daunting, and confusing.
You went to ask the Queen if you could attend the Tournament and she agreed with a very motherly smile, wishing you great fun for the very next day. You made sure however that the attendants would run the Queen her bath and make her favorite dish, which she was thankful for.
You held a sinking feeling however in your stomach that something would go horribly wrong during the tourney, and finally arriving, you climbed the stairs to the plush seating. Alicent was already seated but Rhaenyra was nowhere to be found.
“Has Rhaenyra not arrived yet?”
“No, I’m sure she’s just getting ready though. Come! Sit!” She ushered you into a seat next to her, and firmly patted your shoulder. The ladies in the same area as yourself were all dressed in fantastical clothes, which you were in your most basic dress with your usual apron. Your hair was a bit wild due to the subtle wind but otherwise, you looked most plain of anyone in the royal seating. The King, Viserys, finally arose from his seat to begin the tournament, stepping up to announce to the audience.
“Be welcome! I know many of you have traveled long leagues to be at these games, but I promise, you will not be disappointed. When I look at the fine knights in these lists, I see a group without equal in our histories. And this great day has been made more auspicious by the news that I am happy to share.”
Rhaenyra’s shifty figure ran across the area to take a firm seat next to you, breathing a bit heavily but looking absolutely radiant. 
“Queen Aemma has begun her labors!”
Everyone in the crowd clapped and cheered with enthusiasm, Rhaenyra and Alicent doing the same and yourself following in tandem.
“May the luck of the Seven shine upon all combatants!”
A rise of cheers before the tournament began, the horses being commanded to do as the rider likes. One thing led to another and one of the knights fell from their horse with a painful THUD! The knight who knocked his fellow knight off of the horse promptly bowed to the royals, causing Rhaenyra to lean over and begin to speak to you and Alicent.
“A mystery knight?”
“No, A Cole, of the Stormlands.”
“I’ve never heard of House Cole.”
“PRINCESS RHAENYS TARGARYEN! I would humbly ask for the favor of The Queen Who Never Was.”
There was a bitter look shared between Rhaenys and The King before she went to the knight’s jousting stick, tossing it onto it.
“Good fortune to you, Cousin.”
“I would gladly take it if I thought I needed it.”
The crowd was still bolstering, high and low pitches of cheers. The royal drums began, adding tension to the oncoming jousting.
“Lord Stokeworth’s daughter is promised to that young Tarly squire.”
“Lord Massey’s son?”
“Mhm! They’re to be married as soon as he wins his knighthood.”
“Best get on with it.”
Rhaenyra’s hand was lingering on a necklace adorned on her pale skin, your eyes drifting to the shine that bounced off of it; it was beautiful. The same hand was adorned with the ring you had made her, and a warmness spread in your chest at the thought that she really treasured such a measly present.
“Where did you get that necklace, My Lady?”
“Oh? This? Prince Daemon gave it to me. Valyrian Steel, can you believe it?”
“It’s quite beautiful… a wonderful piece from your Uncle, M’lady.”
“Doesn’t quite amount to your lovely ring, though…”
You perked up, “You really like my ring more than Valyrian Steel?”
“Well, your ring is a gift that I consider from a trusted friend, so of course I value it.”
She turned her gaze back to the audience and the tourney below, a smile rising on her face and the skin around her mouth morphing with it. 
“I heard that Lady Elinor is hiding a swollen belly beneath her dress.”
Rhaenyra and you both looked at Alicent with eyes opened in amusement, and she smiled.
The horses on either side began to charge, jousting rods out in front of them with their shields in position. And, after a stress filled second, a knight fell from his horse, rolling over in pain and with groans of anguish. The violence was utterly painful to look at, yet it was entertainment for Royals and Townsfolk alike. The King clapped in amusement, and you couldn’t help but contort yourself in pain at the Knight’s pain. 
Ser Harrold came in between you and Rhaenyra, turning to her with great interest. 
“What do you know about this Ser Criston Cole, Ser Harrold?”
“I’m told Ser Criston is common-born, son of Lord Dondarrion’s steward. But other than that, and the fact that he’s just unhorsed both of the Baratheon lads, I really couldn’t say.”
The drums started up once again and I leaned over to talk to Rhaenyra once again, “Have you taken a liking to Ser Criston?”
She visibly tensed up, “No! I’m just intrigued about his origins. He seems to be a strong knight…”
A fairly lengthy line of men on horses came up, the Targaryen house banner being put up, it was Prince Daemon’s turn, and the crowd couldn’t be any more excited. 
“PRINCE DAEMON OF HOUSE TARGARYEN! Prince of the City will now choose his first opponent!”
Daemon was adorned in his showy armor, the red feather sticking out like a sore thumb against his dark black horse. He was a sight to behold in all of his “Princely Glory''. He grasped his jousting rod and went down the line of knights, seemingly choosing very carefully. Eventually, he circled back and pointed the rod at the Knight representing House Hightower, Alicent’s house.
“For his first challenge, Prince Daemon Targaryen chooses Ser Gwayne Hightower of Oldtown, eldest son of the Hand of the King.”
You reached over and grabbed Alicent’s hand, the other noticeably close to her mouth partaking in her habit of biting them. Likely a sign that she is nervous about what was about to occur. The drums thrummed and the two respective horses of Daemon and Gwayne reered. With a look up at Otto Hightower, Daemon smirked to himself before charging full speed as previously done. Gwayne’s jousting stick made contact with Daemon, but he quickly recovered, grabbing a new rod and charging again. This time, Daemon shifted his rod to the ground in front of the horse, making it trip up and sending Gwayne tumbling to the cold, hard, ground. Alicent gasped and you quickly squeezed her hand, trying to give her a sense of comfort. The horse recovered and Gwayne was dragged away from the small arena, Daemon now coming over to the royal’s seating area, Rhaenyra getting up along with yourself and Alicent.
“Nicely done, Uncle.”
“Thank you, Princess. Now, I’m fairly certain I can win these games, Lady Alicent. Having your favor would all but assure it.”
The girl smiled a bit, going to grab her favor, before dropping it onto his jousting rod.
“Good luck, my Prince.”
His gaze carried to you suddenly, nodding his head with a smile, “My Lady…”
“I am no Lady, my Prince.”
“And if you are no Lady, then I do not deserve my title.” His tone was slightly flirtatious, but you brushed him off, taking Rhaenyra’s hand to go sit back down. However, you noticed a maester leaning down to whisper into Otto Hightower’s ear, and the feeling that something was going to go wrong suddenly sunk in. Otto leaned over to Viserys’s ear, and he visibly paled, getting up and grabbing your shoulder, leaning down to relay the information he had just heard.
“Aemma is having birthing issues, we must go see her now.”
Rhaenyra gave you a look of worry, but you quickly got up to assume your duty as Aemma’s lead handmaiden.
You trailed behind Viserys, eyes scanning the attendants whispering to themselves. It didn’t sound good from the sounds that the queen was making, her screeches making you even fill a bit of anguish. 
“What’s happening?”
“The infant is in breach, Your Grace. All attempts to turn the babe have failed.”
You quickly rushed to Aemma’s side, “Do something for her!”
“We’ve given her as much milk of the poppy as we can without risking the child. Your Queen is a strong woman. She’s fighting with all her might, but it may not be enough.”
The king joined you at Aemma’s side, grabbing her other hand while you held a wet cloth against her forehead, face downturned. 
“Aemma, I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. It’s alright. It’s all right.”
“I don’t wanna do this.” She was babbling in all of the searing pain she was going through, whole body covered in a thick sheen of sweat and her cheeks coated with salty tears. Her white birthing gown was soaked, and her face was contorted in misery.  Eventually, however, she settled down again, gripping Viserys’s hand tightly, eyes closed, as you still repeated your action of patting her head down with a wet towel.
“Your Grace. If you would.” He gestured to the side. Viserys kissed Aemma’s hand with a certain gentleness, before setting it down onto the plush bed leaving you to her side. 
“My handmaiden…My dearest friend…”
Her eyes were open only slightly, but you knew she was talking to you, and you listened ever closely.
“Yes, Your Grace?”
She took a deep breath before continuing on, “If I… If I were to not make it..-”
“You will-”
“Listen. If I… were to not make it, I need you to… to watch over Rhaenyra. Take care of her, help her, do things for her. She is a smart girl but she will need someone to watch out for her. So please, do…do it for me? For old times sake, my friend.”
Her pale fingers slid a ring from her middle finger, the black and gold contrasting her skin tone. She grabbed your free hand, opening your fingers slowly before setting the ring in your palm and closing your fingers around it; bringing your conjoined hands to her blue and shaky lips for a small, subtle kiss.
“Promise me, Y/N.”
“I…” Her gaze was sad, and you knew then and there, she knew she was going to die, she must have always known that this child was going to be her last, forever. And, with an open heart and eyes welling up with tears, you gave her a big smile and nodded.
“I promise, My Queen.”
Her lips curved up, “How did I ever get so lucky to have a handmaiden like you?”
“It’s not luck, My Queen. I was always meant to be here.”
You smoothed out her white locks, and Viserys finally returned to take place by her side, and you got up, moving to the side of the room and sliding the ring onto your own middle finger. They spoke for a fleeting moment before he gave the attendants a look and they sprung into action, moving pillows aside. The Maester and an attendant kneeling onto the bed. What were they doing?
“I love you.” He muttered it to her like a goodbye, and you realized immediately what was about to happen.
“My king, what are you doing?!”
“Get her out of here.”
“My king, please!” You felt hands grab at your arms, pulling you toward the exit as the laid Aemma down to cut her open, fear evident on her face.
“Viserys, what…”
“Spare her! MY KING!”
“No, I’m scared… please… Oh no… No… No!”
“Let me back in! PLEASE! I’m her handmaiden, I HAVE A DUTY TO FULFILL! PLEASE!”
No response, but the screams of the woman you were meant to take care of, until they went quiet. But now, all that occupied the stagnant, silent, air, was the choked sobs from your heart and soul.
When Rhaenyra found you, you were sitting upon the stairs nearest to the room they had killed Aemma in. Your fingers clutched the ring she had given you, the crimson red of her blood still lingering on your dress, and the tears of hearing her screams still sliding down your cheeks. You looked horrible, but Rhaenyra didn’t look any better, tears cascading down her eyes also.
You looked up and felt your heart drop to your stomach, opening your arms immediately to hug the girl in mourning. She took the notion and wrapped her arms around you also, sobbing ever so gently into your shoulder.
You were here for her, and you would have to do as Aemma asked. Watch over Rhaenyra, take care of her, help her, and do things for her. The ring in your very clutches was the sign of that promise, and you would not break it for anything.
The sun pelted down like an annoying sibling, pestering the eyes of everyone standing within the grassy field. The breeze was at least pleasant, making the grass shift side to side in a hypnotic pattern. Nature was truly beautiful even on a day of death and grief. 
You stood next to Rhaenyra, adorned in a black dress that Alicent had let you borrow for the funeral. Viserys had insisted you be able to attend the funeral, as you were very close to your lady in waiting. And, seeing her on the burning pyre had struck a dark void in your stomach, giving you a feeling of being sick while not actually being ill. Not to mention the once small bundle of joy now wrapped and placed to the side of its mother.
As Daemon came up to speak to Rhaenyra, you let your hand find hers, letting your thumb caress the tender and soft skin of her hand, and she sent a small but sad smile your way.
“They’re waiting for you.”
Everyone was endlessly still, the only sound being the wind blowing and howling at the sky.
“I wonder if, during those few hours my brother lived, my father finally found happiness.”
“Your father needs you, more now than he ever has.”
“I will never be a son.”
Their collective gazes went towards Viserys and Rhaenyra finally stepped up, Syrax looking at her with curiosity.
She was visibly shaken, taking a gulp of her own spit, before looking upon her father. Her bottom lip quivered, her eyes teary but her expression suddenly hardening as she twisted her head to look upon Syrax, “Dracarys.”
The she- dragon snarled, making its way down the hill it was stationed upon, before sending out a hefty flame towards the corpse of a queen and her still-born son. The composure that you once had was now gone and you let out a sob, twisting your own head to the side to avoid looking at the burning of the woman you once knew and helped. The ring on your finger weighed tons upon tons, just about dragging you into the grassy knoll, to swallow you into the earth and spit you out. But instead of letting it consume you, you set a hand on Rhaenyra’s shoulder and pulled her into a hug, not noticing Viserys and Daemon’s curious gaze.
“Handmaiden Y/N, The council has requested for you.”
It was no shock that you would eventually have to leave the castle due to the object of your very job being dead. You’d hope that Viserys wouldn't let you be thrown to the side like that, but the worries were gently shushed when the gaze of the council members were on you. They all looked fairly calm, open-minded, and not at all upset.
“Y/N, I wished for you to be here to directly receive your new orders as of late. You were the lead handmaiden to my wife, Aemma, and excelled at your job. You were at her very side until the end, so I wish to tell you this… You are to be my daughter's lead handmaiden.”
It was silent, enough to hear a pin drop, yet Viserys still smiled.
“You will assume the same duties you had with my wife, except with Rhaenyra. Is that clear?”
You let yourself nod frantically, twisting the ring on your finger with haste.
“Yes, Your Grace. I will go right away.”
You bowed at the group of extremely powerful men, before turning hastily to leave.
“And Y/N…?”
“Cherish that ring.”
The smile that creeped onto your face was untimely but felt good, and you nodded, leaving immediately to leave the council to continue their affairs. Little did you know however, the very next day you would be helping Rhaenyra get dressed with Alicent, tying the strings on the back of her dress and tying her hair up into a royal up-do. She looked like her mother, and there was no doubt in your mind that she would be a fantastic ruler of the Seven Realms. Alicent put the headpiece onto her head, and all felt natural with the world, even for the fleeting moment.
“Corlys of House Velaryon. Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark.”
“I, Corlys Velaryon. Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark, promise to be faithful to King Viserys and his named heir, the Princess Rhaenyra. I pledge fealty to them and shall defend them against all enemies in good faith and without deceit. I swear this by the old gods and the new.”
“I, Lord Hobert Hightower. Beacon of the South, Defender of the Citadel and Voice of Oldtown, promise to be faithful to King Viserys and his named heir, the Princess Rhaenyra. I pledge fealty to them and shall defend them against all enemies in good faith and without deceit. I swear this by the old gods and the new.”
“I, Boremund Baratheon. Promise to be faithful to King Viserys and his named heir, the Princess Rhaenyra. I pledge fealty to them and shall defend them against all enemies in good faith and without deceit. I swear this by the old gods and the new.”
“I, Rickon Stark, Lord of Winterfell…promise to be faithful to King Viserys and his named heir, the Princess Rhaenyra. I pledge fealty to them and shall defend them against all enemies in good faith and without deceit. I swear this by the old gods and the new.”
The maester adorned Rhaenyra with the royal jewels, adjusting it slightly so it was centered with her chest, before backing away. She turned towards the Iron Throne which her father, Viserys, laid seated, and bowed her head. He rose from his rather sharp throne, and began to speak, “I, Viserys Targaryen, first of his name. King of the Andals, and the Rhoynar, and the First Men. Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm do hereby name, Rhaenyra Targaryen, Princess of Dragonstone, and heir to the Iron Throne.”
She visibly smiled, yourself doing so also before everyone in the room bowed their heads. And she turned towards the room, breathing in and out and observing every single person, before her eyes landed on you, and her smile grew tenfold. Maybe there is hope in this kingdom of dragons and fire.
Tumblr media
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authorbubba · a day ago
New Roommate, Lee Heeseung
Tumblr media
“I said beg, you know what beg means right?”
Paring: Heeseung x Fem Reader
Warning: 18+, pet names, oral sex, tit sucking, clit sucking, fingering, edging, denial for orgasm, sizes, swear words, dark humour, mention of smoking, idek what else, help
Words: 1.5k
A/N: I used to write smut a year ago before I lost interest in writing, even though all my past stories were deleted I'm back. Hopefully this is ok, it’s just a 2am drabble and I haven’t written one in a long time.
After a tortuous year with my last roommate the school promised that this year I was allowed a new one, finally I'd be free of the risk of lung cancer. My last roommate couldn’t be seen without a cigarette in his mouth, I felt like I was dying constantly as he always smoked them inside.
This year was a new year and a new start with fresh air to finally fill the room.
*knock knock* with a slight bounce in my step I ran over to the door and my face dropped the moment I saw who it was.
The school's biggest man whore, I wanted to die then and there. Sadly there were no balconies in the dorm building.
Looking him up and down he had black ripped jeans on with rips in his white tee as well. He liked to wear eyeshadow but today's look seemed to be black eyeshadow creating a ‘I didn’t sleep look.’
“Can I come in or are you going to keep staring at me?” He looked at me with a blank face while playing with his rings
“Shit- sorry,”
“You better be” I moved out of the way for him but he still shoved my shoulder while walking in.
How could anyone like this guy? “Give me your room”
“What?” I nearly screamed
“I said give me your room, I need a big room for my gaming desk.”
“No, take the small room and get a life instead of gaming” While he was giving a blank stare I challenged him with my eyes.
“What did you just say?” He growled
“I said get a life.” He immediately dropped his bags and started pacing towards me before pinning his hands either side of me. As much as I was trying to be tough I began to think it was a bad idea.
“Say that one more time, but right to my face” His blank stare turned piercing
“I-I” He began taunting me by bringing his ear closer to my mouth to hear me. With a deep breath I said “Get a life, you don’t make the decisions around here.”
“I don’t?”
“Yeah” I breathed out
“Get on your knees” He says in a strict tone
 “You heard me” Trying to act strong was wearing off “GET ON YOUR KNEES!” And with that I dropped down, I felt helpless. “From now on I will make the decisions around here, got that doll?” I nodded my head and suddenly my helplessness turned into… lust? No one had ever called me a doll before, it turned me on and I hate that it came out of Heeseung’s mouth.
He squatted down lifting my chin up to look at him then walked away.
“That’s it?” I quickly covered my mouth as I said my thoughts out loud and the minute he turned around I held my breath for a decent moment.
“Was there supposed to be more?”
“Uh no-, I just” Messed up is what I did, how dare I let myself speak out loud
“You?” He slowly walked back over to me. “You thought I was going to punish you? Is that it?” 
I barely knew him but he read me like a book. “You want to be punished do you?” 
What have I done? “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll take great care of you while you’re my roommate” He then walks away into my room and I slowly follow behind, my legs trembling.
He throws his shirt and then lies on the bed giving me a smirk. “Come here dolly, let's play” No wonder he’s fucked nearly every girl in the school. He knew what he was doing, he knew everyone's weaknesses without even knowing them well.
I walked over to him and he patted his legs as if I was a dog. “Now, what would you like?” I looked away from him embarrassed, I couldn’t just tell him I wanted him to fuck me after the all tough show I had just put on. 
“I-” I whimper, I couldn’t
“Does it have to do with this?” He then tucked onto my panties that were starting to get soaked in wet juices. I nodded my head, I felt embarrassed. I’ve had sex before but with Heeseung… “Talk baby, tell me what you need. You won’t get what you want unless you speak.”
“P-please… fuck me” 
“Good baby” He then leans in and starts slowly kissing my lips. I did so back but tried picking up the speed, it wasn’t enough, I needed more, I wanted hot messy kisses. “Desperate are we? Did the baby forget this is a punishment?” After those words I knew I was in for a long ride. He again kissed me, slowly. Something that’s supposed to be sweet felt like a nightmare.
I began adjusting myself on Heeseung lap to where my clothed clit would be on his leg. Slowly I began to thrust on his leg before he grabbed my hips and held me still. I moaned into his mouth then he pulled away.
“Use your words slut, if you want something then you beg me for it.”
“Please I want your tongue, on m’tit’s and m-” Desperation was leaving me breathless
“I said beg, you know what beg means right?” I needed him, I couldn’t hold on.
“Please Hee, please give me your tongue, I want your fingers and your dick. Please I want it all” He smiled then got straight to work. Vigorously kissing me, our tongues swirling around each other. 
He slowly put his hands up my shirt to play with my tits and flipped me over to where he was on top of me. 
“Is this what you wanted?”
“Yes, yes please” After detaching his lips from mine he lifted my shirt up and started at my tits, licking circles around my nipples while pinching the other with his hand. He started softly biting at my breasts too, I was in paradise and we had barely gotten started. “Hee-” I take a breath “Please, eat me out”
“Aw you’re little cunt still needs attention?” I nodded my head. “Good job on using your words” In such a dirty scene I felt like a five year old receiving a sticker in class.
He pulled down my panties and threw them to the side then spread my legs open. “What a beauty” I was about to whine in shyness but without a second to spare he attached his lips straight onto my clit, he swirled his tongue around roughly not giving me time to breathe causing me to finally let out loud moans of pleasure. This definitely turned him on because he went faster and forced 2 fingers into my dripping pussy.
“OMG, HEESEUNG, UHHH MM, FUCK” My head was dizzy as I could feel myself reaching an orgasm already “FUCK, I’M CLOSE” then he pulled his fingers out. I breathed and whined out.
“Suck my fingers clean” He pushed his fingers into my mouth, I was dazed and frustrated from the lack of contact.
“Hee-” I moaned out
“You don’t get your high until you give me something.” He got up lying in the position he was first in. I instantly started undoing this belt and pulled his pants down. “Good dolly, you know so well”
My eyes widened and the size of his length, I gulped while wrapping my two small hands around it. It was big, really big. I spread his precum and slowly started pumping not knowing if it was actually pleasurable because of the size of my hands.
I picked up my pace and began to suck at his tip.
“Fuck” He let out a groan that turned me on so bad it hurt, my pussy was so empty but I pumped even faster at his cock. He let out moan after groan and it made me so high. “Uh, get your mouth-” Without letting him finish his sentence I began to lick strips up the sides of his dick before my first attempt at getting it into my mouth.
Lowering my mouth down only half his length was covered when his tip hit my throat, I gagged and pulled away.
“Is dolly having trouble? You can do it” With words of encouragement I lowered my mouth back down on his cock then started bouncing my head up and down. His groans filled the room, it was like music to my ears.
 “Look at me while you do that.” When I looked up at him his dick started to twitch in my mouth. I bopped my head faster than before looking him dead in the eyes as a bead of sweat dripped down his face and his mouth was open.
“I’m going to cum, fuck, you’re so good” I went faster and faster, deeper and deeper letting his dick hit my throat, with saliva dripping down his cock and tears filling my eyes with one loud groan he released into my mouth. I swallowed his cum then took a moment to breathe. 
“You are such a good slut for me… too bad you’re not getting my dick inside your throbbing cunt until this room is mine”
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thepinlgbtqa · 2 days ago
Hanahaki Disease is The angst trope
Soulmate AU is The fluff trope
Omegaverse | A/B/O is The smut trope
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lordhalbrand · 14 hours ago
Trick For A Treat
Summary: When Steve has a date on Halloween night, you and Eddie are put in charge of driving the party around for trick-or-treating.
Characters: Eddie Munson x Reader
Word Count: 2.7k
Trigger Warning: Fluff
Author’s Note: Happy October! Enjoy this little spooky-themed fic. I wrote this for @felteppsters who not only gave me the idea for this but has been the most supportive friend and I love her. Can be read as gender neutral, I believe. I didn't really put any gender-defining slang in here.
Tumblr media
There were whispers of a party at Tina's house tonight. Roxanne mouthed the words, "are you going?" to which you shook your head; eyes glancing up at the clock, leg bouncing anxiously, waiting for that last bell to ring. It was Halloween, and it was Halloween on a Friday, which made it even better. Either you could party all night and not have to worry about coming to school with a hangover, or you could stay up all night, watching scary movies and eating all of the candy you could get your hands on.
You had already made plans for the latter.
When the bell rang, some of your classmates cheered at the sound. You all but fell out of your desk as you hurried towards your locker, grabbing your History textbook and your notebooks so that you could study for your test on Monday. Though, you weren't exactly sure how much studying would get done on Halloween weekend, yet, you still shoved them into your messenger bag and headed towards the double doors.
As you walked out to the parking lot, you could see a familiar white van parked towards the back and a familiar mess of shaggy, brown hair head-banging in the driver's seat. You smiled to yourself and shook your head- his music played so loud that you could hear it over the commotion of kids running to their busses, the hollering, and laughing.
Eddie smiled up at you as you stepped up to the passenger side and wiggled the door handle. "This is my favorite part!" He yelled through the closed door as an aggressive guitar riff began to blare through the tiny speakers, the whole van was vibrating.
"Unlock the door!" You called over the music as he played the entire guitar solo; his fingers flying through the air, strumming imaginary strings. His tongue stuck out between his lips as he concentrated on the notes, all you could do was laugh as you watched him. "Eddie!"
As the song came to an end, Eddie reached up to dial back the volume. Your eyebrows were raised as you gestured to the door, jiggling the handle a few more times before you heard the click of it unlocking. You tossed your bag in the floorboard and climbed up into the passenger seat, giving him a look.
"What?" He asked, completely oblivious.
"You couldn't have done that earlier?" You asked. "It's cold outside!"
He rolled his eyes with a smirk, "Sweetheart, did you not see that I was shredding?"
"Let's go, doofus!" You rolled your eyes with a smile as you buckled the seatbelt.
Eddie had asked weeks ago if you wanted to have a horror movie marathon with him this weekend. Three whole nights of scary movies, snacks, candy, and getting to hang out with your best friend- who could say no to that? You already had most of the supplies, but you had to make one last stop at Family Video to pick up the movies. There was a five-movie minimum per customer, so you thought it smart to go together in order to get ten different VHS tapes- which should last the whole weekend, but Eddie was sure that you were going to have to stop in for more movies before it was over.
"I can't not go, Robin, and you can't drive them." You heard Steve's voice as you pulled open the door to the video store, and gave him a head nod upon seeing him standing behind the counter, propped on his elbows as he wrapped the phone cord around his finger. "Actually," Steve continued. "Let me call you back."
"I hope they have a good selection," Eddie muttered as he stepped in behind you and made a bee-line to the horror section. Moments later he sighed heavily and you saw why when you joined him at his side; the shelves were almost empty, save for some pretty bad titles. "Why did we wait til the last minute again?"
"Because you were working," you reminded him.
"Right," Eddie sighed, picking up a couple of tapes, some you had never heard of before.
"You guys having a movie marathon tonight or something?" Steve asked as you made your way over to the children's section hoping to find something.
"We were hoping to," you said as your eyes glossed over a hundred different movie titles. "Ah! Ghostbusters!"
"Sweet!" You heard Eddie from across the store. "I found Poltergeist and Poltergeist 2!" You met Eddie at the checkout counter moments later with a couple of tapes, compared to the six or seven that he was able to find. "I also found Little Shop of Horrors!"
You grabbed the tape out of his hands and smiled before making a face, "Feed me Seymour! Feed me!" Eddie laughed.
Steve stood staring at the two of you for a moment. "You two are so weird." He commented. "Anyways, I have a favor to ask."
"Weird he says," Eddie looked over at you with a smirk playing on his lips. "Yet, favor he wants."
"I know that you guys have plans to watch whatever this is," Steve said as he picked up one of the tapes with a very bloody cover on it. "But what if you didn't do that?"
"What would we do, then?" You asked, your interest genuinely peaked.
"Take the kids trick or treating?" The look on his face was pleading. Both you and Eddie's faces fell. Not that taking the kids, who were almost too grown to go trick or treating anyways, but blood and gore sounded like a much more fun evening. "Look, I've got no one else to ask-" Steve added.
"You want to go pick out some more candy?" Eddie asked you.
"Duh," you replied.
"Please, guys, I'm all but on my hands and knees here." You heard Steve beg as you made your way over to the snack stand to pick up a few more items for your already giant collection of goodies.
Their voices became hushed and you knew that your movie marathon was about to be postponed, at least for a few hours, in order for you and Eddie to take the kids trick or treating. Eddie could never say no when it came to doing something for the party, he was just too kind and cared about those kids too much.
"Just make sure that you take them to Loch Nora," Steve added and you rolled your eyes as you walked back up to the counter. "They give out the full-size candy bars at that one house on the corner with the green door."
"Yeah yeah," Eddie replied. "Add these on there," he motioned to the candy. "Don't forget the friends and family discount, big boy."
"Don't drive like a maniac either, Munson, okay? Does your van even have seatbelts?" Steve asked.
"Yes, my van has seatbelts," Eddie replied. "Do you want me to take them or not, Harrington?"
Steve sighed, "Sorry, I just worry about them, you know? Dustin expects to be picked up at 7:00, don't be late. He'll give you shit about it for an entire week."
"Yes, mom." You laughed. "No late fees if these aren't back in time!"
"Ooh! Yeah!" Eddie exclaimed as he held the door open for you. You turned one last time to wave at your friend stuck behind the counter. "Add that to the list, too! No late fees til the end of the year!"
You climbed back up into Eddie's van and buckled yourself in. Eddie tossed the bag of VHS tapes in the back.
"So," you prodded. "What did we get in return for this venture?"
"Friends and family discount and, of course, thanks to your genius, no late fees until the end of the year. There was something else, but it's a surprise!"
"You know I love surprises!"
"Yeah, I know." He smiled.
At 7:00 you and Eddie pulled up outside of Dustin's house and honked the horn twice. Judging by the look on Dustin's face, Steve did not tell him about the change in plans and Dustin argued about it all the way to The Wheelers. To which Eddie mentioned that he was happy to take him back home.
He shut up then.
"Hell yeah!" Max beamed as she walked up to the van. "This is much better than Mr. Mom driving us!" You noticed Eddie's proud smile and couldn't help but smirk.
"You're okay with this?" Dustin asked with shock.
"Uh, yeah!" Mike replied. "Y/N and Eddie are so much cooler than Steve 'I'll-have-them-home-by-nine' Harrington."
The kids piled up in the back of Eddie's van and you were off to Loch Nora for full sized-candy bars. You and Eddie trailed behind as they ran up to every house with a porch light on, making your way through the vast neighborhood. Street after street, you walked, chewing on the candy that you had picked up at the video store; laughing at some of the more obscure costumes that you saw, Eddie jumping out from behind trees to scare the younger kids- he got Lucas really good after Max mentioned how easy he was to scare.
"Alright, I think we've bled this place dry!" Eddie mentioned as he got back into his van.
"Yeah, I think it's time to get you kiddos home!" You joked, but the kids thought you were being serious and whined.
"Come on!" Mike pleaded. "Don't be a lame douche!"
You raised your eyebrows and looked over at Eddie who was smirking. "Alright, alright!" He caved. "There's a real hoity-toity place over in Culver, but if I take you there, you cannot tell Harrington, alright? I don't want him gettin' any ideas, okay? You tell him you like hanging with us more and he'll be pushing you guys off on us every chance he gets. You assholes are cool and all, but-"
"Just shut up and drive, already!" Max yelled.
The Highlands, it was called. The houses were twice the size of the ones in Loch Nora, and every single porch light was on. There were cars lined up on each side of the street, and the decorations were insane. One person had a whole haunted maze in their yard. There was a man grilling hot dogs in his driveway- and he had a line.
"This place is amazing!" Dustin stammered, and he, Will, Mike, and Lucas took off through the sea of trick-or-treaters.
"Hey guys, can you try and stay close?" Eddie yelled, following behind them.
Max stayed back with you, rolling her eyes at the boys.
"How come you and Eddie aren't dating?" She asked out of nowhere. You stopped for a moment, taken off-guard, then turned to look at her. "I mean, you guys are always together and it's obvious he's like in love with you or something."
You laughed, almost snorting through your nose. "Eddie is not in love with me."
It was Max's turn to return the laugh, "Whatever you say," she mentioned as she ran off towards the other party members.
You stood still for a moment in the middle of the street. Was it really that obvious? So obvious, in fact, that you didn't even notice? Yeah, the kids always made little remarks, and you had heard Dustin and Mike teasing Eddie before about it, but you always shrugged it off. Eddie was your best and closest friend. He didn't love you as anything more than that.
"What's on your mind?" A voice pulled you out of your thoughts as you walked in almost a trance, weaving in and out of costumed children and teenagers.
"Hm? Oh, nothing." You shrugged, looking down at your feet.
"Oh, nothing, my ass." He quipped. "Something's got you thinking."
You shrugged your shoulders again, kicking a small pebble around with your foot with each step. "It's just something that Max said."
Eddie stopped and then you stopped, turning to him and looking up into his deep brown eyes. "What did she say?" He asked, squinting.
"It's nothing, really."
"Tell me."
"Fine," you sighed. "She asked why we weren't dating and-"
"She said that you were in love with me."
He sighed, "god damnit., Max."
"But you're not, though, right?"
"I was going to tell you tonight, actually." Eddie sighed again. "Then Harrington kind of delayed my plans." He was staring into your eyes so intently it felt as if he was trying to drown you with them. "You're the happiest part of my life, Y/N. When I'm not around you, it's like I'm being starved. All I want is to hang out with you, talk to you, talk about you. I don't even remember when it happened, it's just sort of always been that way." He had grabbed your hand, his thumb ran over your knuckles. "I understand if you don't feel the same way."
"You do?" You asked.
"Yeah!" He dropped your hand and waved his through the air.
"Well, I do." You said just as fast. "Feel the same way, I mean."
"You do?"
"I think it's always sort of been that way for me, too." You replied with a small smile.
Eddie stood towering over you, his fingers intertwining with yours. All you could focus on was the fact that his lips were inching closer and closer to yours until you felt the warmth of his breath; and when he placed his lips upon yours, all you could do was laugh. You felt Eddie smile against your lips before he pulled away.
"Sorry!" You were still smiling.
"No, it was definitely weird." He laughed.
"Let's try again?" You asked.
Eddie nodded before inching back towards your lips. His lips were warm against yours, soft, and gentle, and tasted like candy. He pulled you closer to him as his arms snaked around your waist.
"Ew, God!" You heard from behind you. It was Dustin.
"Get a room, that is so gross!" Mike chided.
"Finally," Lucas added.
"You owe me five dollars, Dustin." Max chimed.
"I think it's time to get you little shits home," you stated and Eddie nodded. "You've gotten enough candy to last you a year."
You dropped everyone off at The Wheeler's for their slumber party and left a couple of the D-list horror movies with them, as well, on the promise they wouldn't tell their parents- or Steve. Eddie drove you back to his trailer with his hand on your knee the entire time, and you chewed on your lip to keep yourself from smiling so hard that your cheeks cramped up.
Eddie made a bowl of popcorn and tossed you a king-sized Kit-Kat from the bag of candy you had been collecting. He snuggled in at your side and placed the popcorn on your lap.
"One more thing," he muttered as he dug into the Family Video bag. "I told you that I had a surprise for you. I saw it behind the counter being held for someone else, so I told Steve that we'd take the kids if he'd let me rent it." He placed your favorite horror movie in your hands and you smiled.
"You want to put it on now?" You asked.
"Yeah, we can, but I'll be honest I don't know how much of it we're actually going to watch."
He set the popcorn to the side and pulled you closer to him, placing a finger underneath your chin and bringing you to look up into his chocolate brown eyes, once more, before placing his lips on yours.
"Is it way too early for me to tell you that I love you?" He asked, his lips still within centimeters of yours. "Because I totally fucking love you."
"It's not too early when we've been wanting to say it for years," you suggested.
"Good," he smiled. "I love you."
"I love you, too." You replied. "Now shut up and kiss me."
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blackfoxsposts · a day ago
"I am darkness. I am menace." Danny's voice reverberated throughout the room. 
"Thats enough," Sam called out. 
As a deep chuckle rang out and Danny's monstrous eldritch form began to move -tenicals lifting and batting furniture- across the floor, Sam realized that Danny was having too much fun impersonating a malevolent force 
She did not have the time or the patience to deal with his antics.
"That's it," She spun on her heel and marched out of the room, "I'm getting the thermos."
And suddenly, as if someone flipped a lightswitch, the room was back to normal as a white hair boy chased after Sam. 
"Sam! Stop! I don't want to be soup."
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yagirlwrites · 2 days ago
(Not) My Baby (1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rafe Cameron x Reader
Synopsis: Rafe and Y/N can't stand each other. A fact. And yet he approaches her with an unusal request.
Warnings: none
A/N: A College!AU Rafe Cameron. Enemies to lovers trope. A wedding date needed and a desperate Rafe willing to do whatever it takes to get his way. A fake dating trope. What more can we want, right? If you'd like to see more of these two nemesis let me know! I'd love to know what you thought of this part :)
My work is my own; it's not to be copied, transferred or translated (but reblogs are welcome).
Happy reading! 🥰
(Not) My Baby (Part 1)
The morning wasn't particularly foreboding. The wind was crisp, the birds were still chirping in the trees and the smell of coffee coming from the local cafe was still potent and inviting. There was no storm cloud or shiver up her spine, nothing that might indicate an approaching disaster. Y/N's morning started off like any other. A routine cup of coffee to wake herself up before her classes was what she was aiming for in that particular moment. The moment that came crashing down when a familiar voice hit her ear.
She had just placed her order, after exchanging pleasantries with the barista who she knew from one of her classes. She hadn't heard or felt him approach. It was as if he snuck up on her like a predator with a purpose and there were no alarm bells to warn her.
"Hey, Y/N/N." His low rasp, courtesy of the still early hour, felt almost whispered into her ear even though it wasn't. He was close. Too close. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and she was finally on high alert.
She turned slowly, acting nonchalant, and met his eyes. He looked good, as he always did. Eyes a little tired but still bright, hair messy on his forehead - though his lips lacked his usual smirk. It took her by surprise, but she didn't show it. She blinked at him, seeming unaffected by his presence even though she was anything but.
"What do you want?" Her voice betrayed nothing; no emotion, no attitude. She could see him swallow and internally cursed her eyes for following the movement - so sure he would tease her for it but surprised when he didn't. He seemed somber for some reason and this made her uneasiness grow. It didn't last long, however, because the familiar playful smirk she despised finally made an appearance.
"Do I have to want something? Can't I just say hey to a friend?" She had to physically restrain the eye roll that so desperately wanted to escape. The serious expression was gone from his face, as was the growing uneasiness inside her - replaced instead by her well practiced annoyance at his existence.
"Are you having a stroke? Do I need to call 911?" Her usual attitude, seemingly reserved just for him, finally cracked her facade and it made him want to sigh in relief. Finding comfort in their familiar dynamic, knowing this conversation was anything but.
The barista seemed reluctant to interrupt the standoff, but ultimately decided to do her job by sliding Y/N's drink to her. She thanked her, welcoming the distraction and the opportunity to finally end this odd exhange.
"Look, can we put the whole "hating each other" thing on pause for five minutes?" His voice was exasperated and she might have been amused at that, had his words not sunk in then. She grabbed her coffee, turning to face him.
"I don't hate you." She was looking him right in the eye, the conviction in her voice taking him by surprise.
"What?" He seemed confused, trying to process her words, while also keeping track of what he was trying to say before she shook him.
"You might hate me, Rafe. But I don't hate you." A step closer from her, a gulp from him. "I just don't like you."
And with that, she brushed past him walking out the door. Leaving him standing there, a million things running through his head.
She unhinged him. Every time he thought he was in control she ripped the rug from under him and left him spiraling. He had no idea how she always managed to leave him frustrated and confused, but this time was worse. He had something important to talk to her about and she managed to weasel out of a conversation so effortlessly he thought maybe he'd imagined the whole interaction. But the barista staring at him and the impatient patrons in line behind him made it all very real. So he hurried out the door, embarrassed and annoyed, trying to figure out how the hell he was going to get what he needed from her when she wanted nothing to do with him.
The morning classes had gone as expected; boring and a waste of her time. But attendance was mandatory so she endured. She had a wonderful afternoon of absolutely nothing to do to look forward to. She was thinking about what she wanted to cook tonight when he caught her walking across the campus yard.
"Hey! Wait up." She could not stop the eye roll this time, nor did she try. Twice in one day? Hell, no. He didn't get to do this. She had plans with her couch and a dreamy Duke of Hastings she planned to ogle while devouring a pint of chocolate ice cream. She was not letting him ruin her mood.
She tried to ignore him. Tried to act as if she didn't hear him, even quickened her steps in hopes of losing him. But of course it was futile. He was taller, legs longer, fitter than her - as expected - he caught up in no time. What she didn't expect was his hand wrapping around her arm to halt her steps. He did not just grab her.
She whipped around quickly, the surprise knocking him back a step. The look on her face showed him just how pissed she was and he didn't quite understand the reason until she looked down at his hand that was still grasping her bicep and he immediately let go. He didn't even realize he was touching her, too focused on just getting her to stop moving. He wasn't sure why it bothered her as much as it did, it was an innocent touch after all.
"What is it?" The indiference from this morning long gone, her annoyance was showing through in every syllable. He needed to correct course.
"I was going to grab lunch at the sandwich place. Wanna come with?" His cool, calm, collected facade was holding on by a thread, the nerves making his palms sweat. He wasn't sure how she was going to react but he knew it wouldn't be good.
"Excuse me?" Now it was her turn to be confused. What the hell was he playing at? They didn't hang out, they didn't 'come with' to have lunches together. The only time they were in each other's presence, although reluctantly, was when they were with their friend group.
It started about 6 months ago. One of her friends started hooking up with one of his and all of a sudden they were all hanging out together every time they went out. She hated the entire thing, but her friend was happy and there was no way she could be angry about that. She hoped it might be a short lived inconveniece but the couple was still going strong and somehow she was stuck in the same friend group as Rafe Cameron.
She had always been an introvert but her roomates freshman year vowed to drag her out of her room and into the world. She was grateful if a bit exhausted from all the outings - the two party girls absolutely never missing a good time. But Y/N's idea of a good time was usually a chill night in - not a loud, sweaty frat party or a club with flashing lights that often gave her headaches. Though she did come to enjoy going out with her friends sometimes, she definitely needed breaks to recharge her social batteries.
However, when Lena started dating Kelce, and the friend groups merged - forcing her into the orbit of the one person on campus she couldn't stand - she started to withdraw. She didn't go out as much anymore, preferring to stay in and enjoy her own space and peace. In a way he gave her the excuse she had been looking for; making her friends less often inclined to force her out since they knew the two didn't get along. She missed them though and they missed her - sometimes enough for her to bite the bullet and endure his bullshit. Suffice to say it was a rare occasion and she ended up resenting him for taking her freedom to be around her friends away from her.
So him ambushing her with an invitation to lunch was not only extremely confusing but deeply unsettling too.
"I said: do you wanna come with me to grab lunch?" He repeated himself, as if she had hearing problems.
"Yeah, I heard you. Why?" He was playing with his hands, a nervous tick she had clocked long ago but didn't see often.
"I just thought we could talk..." he trailed off awkwardly and she almost cringed at the uncomfortable tension engulfing them.
"I don't see what we'd have to talk about?" It came out as a question even though she considered it to be a fact. They didn't have anything to talk about.
He sighed, as if he was dealing with a stubborn child. As if she was inconveniencing him instead of the other way around.
"God, can you just chill with the hostility and pretend to be a normal person for one lunch?" There it was. The attitude. The patronizing tone. The look of annoyance. All things he usually reserved for her, now finally making their appearance.
"Well since you asked so nicely..." her tone was as sarcastic as ever. "Nope." She turned around, no longer interested in hearing what he wanted from her. Just wanting to get as far away from this asshole as fast as possible. Her mood had dwindled rapidly and she was left exhausted after the encounter.
An encounter she'd hoped to God was over but clearly wasn't. He grabbed her by the arm again and this time she whipped around, snatching her arm away from him, ready to slap him if he tried touching her one more time.
"What do you want?!" Her voice raised significantly, drawing looks from a few passers by.
"I want to have a conversation." His tone was curt, as if he was holding back from yelling at her. Before she could open her mouth he continued, "in private."
"I'm not having lunch with you. Just say whatever it is you need, so I can leave." Her patience for him was dangerously low and he was pushing it with each passing second.
"What, got a hot date with your bed and Netflix?" It was as if he was incapable of not antagonzing her. He knew he shouldn't have said that by the look on her face.
"Sorry." He didn't sound it. "Look I've just got something that I need to run by you. It won't take long. Just - let's sit down, have a drink and you can hear me out?" He was trying on the easygoing Cameron charm that seemed to work on literally everyone but the woman standing in front of him.
"I'll give you ten minutes to say what you need to say. After that I'm leaving and you're not stopping me." He wanted to roll his eyes but refrained, choosing to nod his head instead.
They fell into step next to each other. An uncomfortable and stress filled silence dragged with them, all the way to the sandwich bar around the block where they took their seats by the window.
After the waiter took their orders - a sandwich and sweet tea for him and a simple glass of water for her - they were left in an awkward silence once again.
He was dreading the conversation they were about to have while she was getting impatient, wanting nothing more than for this to be over.
"So..." he wasn't meeting her eyes, suddenly looking nervous again. She waited for him to continue. "There's-"
He was interrupted by the waiter bringing them their drinks, leaving both of them repressing a sigh.
"There's this wedding, that I have to go to. Well it's a friend of mine's wedding. She's more like a cousin, really. My dad's goddaughter. Known each other forever..."
He was rambling. Really and truly rambling. If it had been anyone else, in any other scenario, Y/N might have found it endearing. But all she felt was impatience.
"Get to the point." Harsh. He let out an exasperated sigh at her rude interruption.
"If you'd let me finish." He was looking in her eyes now, irritation clear on his face. She rolled her eyes and nodded.
"So it's a big deal. The wedding. Both families are influential." She barely managed to stop the eye roll that begged to be let out at his use of the word, knowing full well he meant they were filthy rich. "Everyone who's anyone is gonna be there." He looked at her pointedly, as if that was supposed to mean something to her. It didn't.
"I need a date. Well not just a date - a perfect date. My dad, he uh - he has certain expectations..." his voice got quieter towards the end of his sentence. If it was anyone else she might have felt a twinge of sympathy right about now, but she didn't.
"That's great and all. But what's any of this got do with me?"
His face was slowly turning more and more red. She wasn't getting it. How was she not getting it?
"That's where you come in." "Where?" He wanted to curse at her ignorance.
"The date part..." She looked more confused than ever before.
"You want me to... what? Help you find a date to your cousin's wedding?" It made no sense. "Why me? I mean I don't know you like that and I don't know your dad or whatever he expects and I'm not exactly a matchmaker - Also I think you're more than capable of getting a date by yourself. Or at least you have in the past..." Now she was rambling. Why couldn't she stop talking?
"What? No! I don't want you to-" his face was in his hands, completely bewildered at her conclusion and outburst. He sighed dragging his hand down his face and looking at her again. She was quiet, watching him expectantly. Did he really need to spell it out?
"I want you to come with me." There. He said it. It was out there.
"Where?" Now she had to be fucking with him. Right?
"To the wedding? As my date."
One. Two. Three. Four. Five seconds.
And then she broke into a fit of laughter like he'd never seen from her before. Not like he even saw her smile often, let alone laugh.
The laughter lasted about a minute. He swore he could see tears in her eyes at one point. She was clutching her stomach trying to catch her breath. He was getting more and more ashamed and pissed off with each passing moment.
When it finally died down, she was left calming her breath, face flushed and a small smile still on it. He had to admit, she looked really cute. But she was laughing at him.
"That was a good one. I have to give it to you." She took a drink of her water right as the waiter placed his sandwich in front of him. He said nothing. He didn't move, didn't touch his food. He just sat there, staring at her, looking both annoyed and... constipated? Or wait... embarrassed. He looked embarrassed.
Suddenly her smile fell and reality hit her full force. He was embarrassed. Which could only mean...
"You weren't joking."
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