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telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ atsumu, sakusa, and oikawa
part 1!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i have a couple asks to post but i just wanted to post this one prompt today!!
anyways i feel like if i were in a relationship (PLS i’ve never been in one before *cries in commitment issues*) i’d definitely be too clingy so i wanted to write for this one. anyways it’s a lil angsty but there’s happy endings for each of the characters😌
um. also. these are literally SO CHEESY like you won’t even understand until you read it so feel free to click off if it’s too much😀)
Tumblr media
atsumu had woken up on the wrong side of the bed for some reason
he barely said anything to you in the morning and was ignoring your texts all day
when he finally got home, he was the same
you figured that maybe he needed some cuddles or positive affirmations
so you climbed into bed next to him and put your head on his chest
“‘tsumu, are you okay?”
he just rolled over on his side, pushing you off him
“why can’t you tell when i want to be alone? god, you’re always so clingy.”
after that, he said nothing to you, leaving the two of you in silence
you realized you were always this way, and you felt insecure, as touch was one of your love languages and you hadn’t realized how annoying that must have been
the two of you slept with your backs against each other that night
it’s the next day, and atsumu seems to have forgotten the things he said to you while he was in a bad mood last night.
when he wakes up, the bed is cold. it’s a saturday, and he’s looking forward to just staying in for the day and spending some time with you. he gets up to find you in the kitchen, making some sort of food. he walks up behind you, about to put his arms around you and wrap you in a hug, but you dodge him, moving to the side swiftly. he figures it’s nothing (this dumb bitch i swear)
“hey babe, we should go to the store today and pick up something for dinner,” he notes, checking the refrigerator.
“‘kay,” you reply, plating both of your breakfasts.
when you get to the grocery store, he expects you to tug on his sweatshirt like always, steering him into the aisles you want to go into, but instead you walk in front of him. the behavior is strange, but he shrugs it off.
after dinner, you suggest a movie, and you let him pick for the two of you.
you settle in, situating yourself on the left side of the couch and pulling the blanket over yourself. atsumu sits in the middle, expecting you to join him with your head on his shoulder like usual.
he waits.
and waits.
but you stay on your side of the couch, resting against a pillow instead of your boyfriend. now atsumu is picking up on your behavior, but he’s not sure why you’re acting this way. he decides he’ll ask you after the movie.
when you’re in bed later, he joins you, sighing contentedly. you look over at him and smile sleepily. now he figures you’ll give in and crawl over into his lap, since you’re stupidly affectionate when you’re sleepy. but you roll over on your side, scrolling lazily through your phone. now he knows something is up.
he’s about to ask you why you’re being this way, but then he suddenly remembers the things he said to you last night before you went to sleep. he feels terrible.
he pokes at your side miserably. you turn to see him staring at you with wide, guilty eyes, and you sit up.
“what is it, baby?” you whisper, gentle. he pushes his face into your chest, and sighs.
“‘m sorry,” he mumbles quietly. “i didn’t mean what i said last night. please be affectionate with me again, okay?”
the thought that he wants you close to him makes your heart swell, and you can’t imagine a time where you weren’t in love with this man.
you sigh, threading your fingers through his hair soothingly.
“‘s okay. i love you.”
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
you’ve always been the more affectionate one in your relationship
kiyoomi is not one for physical contact, nor people in general, but for you he might make an exception
but the differences between your personalities often lead to disagreements and furthermore, arguments
a couple days ago, you had fought because he hadn’t texted you to tell you where he’d been for hours and you were worried sick
he wasn’t in the mood to talk and you were making it worse
“kiyoomi, you can’t just—”
“y/n, i’m tired of you being this way all the time. you’re so fucking clingy. it’s like every time i try to do literally anything, you HAVE to be overbearing. it’s exhausting.”
you were hurt that he’d called you that, as you cared deeply for him but he’d only interpreted that as annoying :(
you continued to fight until neither of you had the energy and called it quits, half-assed apologies forced out of each other
now the two of you are okay, but what he said stuck with you, and you’ve decided that maybe he’s right
today was not sakusa’s day at all. people were getting on his nerves left and right, and he was just tired out of his mind. he was just looking forward to coming home to you and snuggling in bed after such a long day.
he gets home and walks into the kitchen to see you making dinner and sighs tiredly. you can tell something is up with him.
“you doing okay, omi?” you ask gently. he shakes his head no, and you realize he must’ve had a bad day.
“‘m sorry, baby. can i do anything to make you feel better?” you ask, tossing something into the pot your stirring.
he sighs again, knowing he’s absolutely terrible at asking for things like this.
“could we— could you just—” he stutters, muttering. you stare at him patiently; expectantly. he stares back at you.
usually here, you’d end his suffering and ask him if he wanted to cuddle, but apparently you’re not picking up on his cues or something, because you stay silent, waiting for him to say something.
at some point, sakusa just gives up, mumbling under his breath and sulking over to the couch. on most days, you would walk over to him and ask him to talk to you, but for some reason it seems like you’re really not paying any attention to him. he knows he’s being dramatic, but he feels neglected and just a bit touch-starved. he would never say it, though.
after dinner, when both of you have showered and you’re waiting in bed for him, he looks over at you. you just look so warm and soft and he wants more than anything to cuddle with you. trying to be subtle, he asks, “is something up with you?”
you shake your head. “no, i’m doing okay. how are you feeling?” he shrugs, not wanting to talk. but you interpret this as him wanting distance from you, so you decide not to prod any further.
now he’s getting impatient, fingers itching to just grab you and hold you close, but you’re not giving him anything.
then he remembers how he hurt you last time, calling you clingy and saying the way you cared for him was annoying. his shoulders droop, and now he realizes he can’t blame you for giving him space. but space isn’t what he wants right now.
so he wraps his arms around your waist and rolls you over, ending up with you lying flush on top of him, and you look up at his face in surprise.
“please don’t be away from me right now,” he mumbles quietly. “i want you here, okay?”
your eyes fill up with tears at his honesty, kiyoomi in such a vulnerable state you’ve never seen before. you bury your face in his chest and sniffle.
Tumblr media
oikawa has always had a problem with his personal boundaries
he’s never known when to stop; when enough is enough
so when you found out that he was still overworking himself a few days ago, your own frustration bubbled over
“tooru, this HAS to stop!”
both of you knew it was true
but in oikawa’s head..
“god, of course you wouldn’t get it. you’ve never wanted something so badly in your entire life that you’d do anything—”
“I WANT YOU, TOORU. how many times do i have to tell you this to make you understand?”
he’d scoffed at you, sneering
“you know what? fuck you. i don’t need you. all you do is hover over me. GOD, you’re so fucking clingy! no matter how hard i try to get rid of you, you just won’t leave!”
you were crying at that point, and while normally you would’ve stayed and tried to calm him down, this time was different
you were too hurt to stay, so you grabbed some of your things and left, slamming the door
he had regretted the words the second they left his mouth, but it was too late anyway
he’d called you 14 times and left too many messages to count, and when you came home he got up and ran to you, wrapping his arms around you tightly, scared to let go
and while you knew he didn’t mean the things he said to you, you also knew he wasn’t all that wrong either
so from that day on, you decided you would be better
today was terrible.
honestly, everything was going wrong. you were getting into arguments with people at work, the traffic was terrible, and it seemed like the entire world was against you.
and while all you want is to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him, the very last thing you need right now is another argument about how clingy you’re being.
oikawa is already home when you open the door, and he stands up to greet you. he notices something is off about you today, and you look even more tired than usual.
he walks over to you and tilts your chin up with his hand. you look like you’re about to cry.
“oh, baby. what’s wrong?” he asks, his voice soft and sweet. but you’re just so overwhelmed, so you start to sob. his eyes widen in alarm and then droop with sympathy, and he tries to wrap his arms around you.
no matter how much you want to succumb to his embrace, you know you’ll only regret it in the long run, so you push him away and walk towards your bedroom, closing the door behind you.
outside the door, oikawa stands there dumbfounded. it’s so unlike you to refuse his comfort, especially through touch. he knocks on the door softly before opening it.
you’re laying in bed, pillow clutched to your chest, sobbing on your side. the sight breaks his heart, and he wants to make you feel better, but he doesn’t know how.
he sits on the bed beside you and puts his hand in your hair, but you shrink away from him. his heart sinks.
“baby, please let me be here for you,” he says soothingly. you shake your head. “why?” he asks, soft and sad.
“y-you’ll think i’m be-being clingy again,” you sniffle, clutching the pillow tighter.
tooru thinks back to the argument the two of you had, the way he called you annoying and clingy and desperate when really he can’t think of anything he’s ever needed more in his life than you.
he gets into bed beside you and puts his arms around you, holding you tight against him. you fight him for a second, but then relax, giving in and turning towards him. you cry harder, sobbing into his chest and gripping his shirt.
“hey, hey. you’re alright, baby, i’ve got you,” he whispers. “i love you so much, okay? i love how affectionate you are with me and i love everything about you.”
you’ve calmed down a little bit, hiccuping and sniffling against his chest.
“i’m sorry for making you feel like i wasn’t a safe space for you to come home to. i didn’t mean a single thing i said to you that day. and then you left and it scared me and i was exhausted and insecure and i just—” he cuts himself off. “i need you, y/n. that will never change. okay?”
you look up at him, smiling softly. you really, really love him, don’t you?
“okay,” you whisper, falling asleep in his arms.
Tumblr media
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*playing with fire//spencer reid*
summary: Spencer and Reader don’t get along at work, but when they have to pick up a book from Spencer’s apartment for a case and Reader won’t leave his trinkets alone, things get messy.
pairing: Fem!Reader x Spencer Reid
category: smut and some angst!
content warnings/includes: unprotected penetrative sex (wrap it before you tap it, please!), fingering, dirty talk, argument, praise, discussion of murder/description of a dead body, choking (not really; more like hand lightly around the throat), use of pet names (sweetheart, baby); Spencer is kind of dominant in this and there’s some conflict but nothing serious. let me know if there’s anything else to add!
prompt: “why don’t you make me?”
word count: 5.1k
A/N: hi everyone! this is for the @spenciebabie fic contest and i’m super excited eek! i've been meaning to write this for a while but i've just felt so blocked recently that i haven't been able to really commit to it until now. did i make some shit up that isn't factual at all for the story? yeah lmao. anyway, this is my first time actually writing for a specific phrase prompt so i'm sorry if it sucks-- ok sorry happy reading!
UPDATE: it won the contest!! 🥺 yay! thank you everyone for reading.
masterlist / part two!
Tumblr media
I flip through the open file at my desk, waiting for Penelope to get back from her lair. it's strange being first in the conference room. Hotch is finishing something in his office, JJ had to make a call, and the others are on their way into work. I'm all alone, and I don't mind.
my eyes scan over the details of the case while I wait and snack on my apple. it's a case in DC, so at least we don't need to use the jet. I hear the door open and, without looking up, start talking to Penelope.
"did you bring me a coffee?" I joke.
"why would I bring you a coffee?" the sound of Spencer's voice makes me jolt so hard, I drop the papers. he's standing in the threshold of the conference room with a mug, stirring his drink.
the moderately bubbly feeling from before disappears at the sight of him.
Spencer and I don't like each other very much. ever since I joined the team a while back, he's been nothing short of a snob. I don't know what his problem is, but he avoids me at every turn and ignores my input during case briefings-- or he corrects me with some of the useless information he's got stored in that pretentious brain of his.
"I thought you were Pen." I shrug and turn my eyes back to the papers. there's an awkward silence as he pulls out a chair across from me and sits down. he doesn't have anything to look at because Garcia has all the folders with her, so his eyes move about the room before settling on me.
"can I see?" he asks.
I glance up cautiously. Reid's hair is messier than usual today, all curls and stubble. his eyes are tired, swimming with an irritation that only makes me want to frustrate him more with my sing-song voice. "no."
I crunch into my apple. "just wait until Pen gets here."
Spencer rolls his eyes and leans back in the chair, scoffing. I can feel the hostility radiating off of him as he mutters under his breath. he’s incredulous.
"what's wrong with you?" I ask. it’s hard to keep from smirking at the way it gets under his skin. I’m only playing, but he gets riled up.
"me? what's wrong with you?" his voice goes to a slightly higher pitch, like he can't believe me. and admittedly, I'm acting a little juvenile-- but only because he's usually pretty rude and I would like to inconvenience him.
"nothing's wrong with me,” I shrug, flipping the thing shut and leaning my elbows on the table with a pleasant smile. “I'm a delight."
Spencer suddenly reaches over to snag it, but I'm quicker and slap my hand down on top.
"you're done reading!" he complains like a child. I'm about to protest when Penelope wanders into the room with a stack of files. Spencer's fingers are still pressed to the folder while he tries to slide it over to himself. I glare back. now that he wants it, I do, too.
"hey, stop that!" Garcia slaps Reid's hand. he flinches and moves, which causes me to send a victorious smirk his way. the tech analyst points a neon-painted finger at me. "don't you get all cocky, either, Y/N."
I cross my arms over my chest and take another bite of my apple, Reid and I staring each other down. he’s much more irritated than I am, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. sometimes a vein in his forehead will pop out when he’s really mad, and that’s a marker for me to back down. it’s not there now, though.
"you're immature." he says quietly while he opens up the file that the blonde just handed him. I roll my eyes and start a conversation with the other person in the room. as team members start to filter in, Penelope keeps looking between the two of us as if she's still bothered by our interaction. she's tried several times now to get us to be friends-- forcing us to sit beside each other during drinking games, making us each other's Secret Santa last Christmas-- everything she can think of, but it just won't work.
some people aren't meant to be friends.
she starts to detail the case for us-- which includes the murders of several prostitutes-- and I focus on her presentation. but Spencer's eyes are digging into my face from across the table and it's taking everything in me not to engage. if he has an issue, he can take it up with me when we're not working. it would be a hell of a lot easier, however, if he would stop.
by the end of the briefing, I'm clenching my fists beneath the table and hoping that Hotch pairs me off with Prentiss so that I can just get out of here to focus on something that actually matters.
but of course, that doesn't work out as planned, either.
"Rossi, JJ, I want you two to head to Janet Kingsley's apartment-- try to find out if you can find anything about where she found her clients," Hotch glances around the table. "Y/L/N, Reid, talk to the ME--"
"uh--" Spencer opens his mouth to protest, but one warning glance from JJ makes it clamp shut in defeat. Hotch finishes delegating and everyone gets up to leave, the genius still seething. I raise an eyebrows as I stand.
"who's being immature, now?" I whisper as I brush past.
the lengthwise slash marks down Janet's forearms are deep, red, unnerving. like something out of a horror movie.
"I'm guessing the cause of death was exsanguination?" I ask the ME. he's studying at his clipboard, but lifts his eyes to mine when he responds.
"yes. it was quick, too."
Spencer straightens up from examining the deep gashes in her skin. his hands are stuffed into his slacks, exposing the holstered gun at his side.
"it actually seems like the work of a livestock farmer," he walks around the table, never taking his gaze from the corpse as he uses a gloved finger to point out the wounds. "he sliced open major arteries for maximum efficiency."
"clinical." I observe. Spencer nods and crosses his arms over his chest.
"y'know, despite the victimology, our unsub is likely from out of town."
"not many livestock farmers in DC." the ME makes a dry joke that nobody laughs at. my brow furrows.
"well, that messes with our profile. how are we supposed to find out where this guy's from, then?"
for a moment, the insufferable genius goes completely silent. his irises move rapidly over the ceiling as he thinks to himself, gears in his brain turning almost visibly before us. the ME watches him with a veiled confusion.
this is another thing I despise about spending time with Reid: whenever we meet new people for cases, all they do is coo and gush about how smart he is. they're just feeding his ego when they ask about his stupid PhDs and the innumerable other degrees he's working on. as if he's some sort of intellectual god and they're ready to worship at his altar.
he acts like it's no big deal, but the impression of their admiration is evident from the way he behaves toward everyone else: doesn't listen to anyone about anything. he lives in his head.
when he starts to examine Kingsley's corpse with a focused expression, I wait for him to voice his thoughts.
"there can be some distinct regional differences sometimes in the way that the process is completed, though. especially in the South, depending on the livestock." he's checking for markers on her body.
"like?" the fact that her body has been treated like butcher meat makes my skin crawl.
"well I don't know. I just got a book about it but I haven't had the time to read." his tone is quick, biting, and I scowl at the unnecessary reaction. who reads about that kind of thing, anyway? the ME glances between us; even he can feel the tension. I want to say something back, but it would be unprofessional and this really isn't the place to start bickering about his manners.
"we can ask Garcia to search it up, then--" I pull out my phone.
"there's no need. my apartment is a seven minute drive from here and the book will have more detailed information," he interrupts me, snapping the gloves off of his hands and turning his attention to the ME. "thanks for your time."
"no problem,” the balding white guy still seems wary of us. “let me know if you need anything else."
Spencer struts hurriedly out of the room. all I can do is give an apologetic smile before following. our footsteps echo in the hallway.
"what the hell was that?" I snap the second we're out of earshot. Reid swings open the door of the building, holding it for me. his gait is already pretty fast, given his long legs, but he's going even faster right now. I have to practically jog to catch up.
"what." it comes out as a statement.
"the snippiness?" I jab my thumb backwards toward the place. he doesn't seem fazed.
"sorry. I don't like not knowing things."
"so?" I scoff. "you made us look like idiots, Reid. we're in the fucking FBI. you can't walk around pitching fits like a child."
Spencer stops in his tracks, right before the car, turns to me. there’s something else there, although I don’t know what it is.
"we don't have time for this."
I make a series of shocked noises. where to begin? I want to punch him for that, turning this on me like I'm the one wasting precious hours. he gestures to the vehicle in front of us. his lips are pursed. "let's just get this done, shall we?"
I'm pretty sure every muscle in my face is taut with frustration. as much as I want to march over and slap him, he's right: we don't have time to argue about anything. I'll need to tuck away my anger for later.
we get in the car and head to his place, the silence deafening as I stare out the window. something is happening and I don’t know what it is; he would never confide in me for any reason, especially because he barely confides in the other members of the team. thank god it's a short drive, because I'm about five seconds from losing my grip on reality and yelling.
Spencer's knuckles are white around the steering wheel and I can feel his anger. if it’s only directed at me, I don't know; I'm assuming he's partly upset about not knowing the answer to the butchering techniques. but even then, it's irrational and childish. if he can't get over the fact that sometimes he's just not going to know things, then he needs to grow up. that's the way the world works.
I follow Spencer up the stairs of his building. the only sounds are the creaking of the steps as I look around, along with the rattle of old pipes. I've never been here, obviously. it’s pretty, and I’m even more surprised when he slips the key into the lock to let us in. his living space fits him perfectly: green walls laden with works of art, books shoved into every possible nook and cranny, antique lamps. a teacup rests precariously on a stack of newspapers.
"of course you read the paper." I mutter to myself as I shut the door behind me. Spencer turns his head to glare at me.
"what was that?"
"nothing." he heard me.
"it should be around here somewhere." Reid starts to sift through the countless titles that litter his apartment. it takes everything in me not to point out that he should make a system for all of it.
while he pokes around, I start to explore. afternoon light slips through the curtains, illuminating floating dust particles and casting the wood floors in a soft glow. it's something out of a movie, a Victorian air that makes me feel strangely comforted.
of course, I won't ever admit that. my eyes flit over to his crouching form as he goes through a leaning tower of books beside the desk.
I sigh and tap the glass surface of a ship in a bottle. the plinking sound catches his attention, but he doesn't say anything, so I continue on. a couple pictures are framed on the wall of him with his mother, some of the team (which I'm shockingly included in), but not much more photographic memorabilia. everything seems encased in literature.
I spin to see him opening a volume to its table of contents. he flips through a couple pages while I observe the velvety soft cushions of his leather couch. everything about this place screams warmth in a way that I didn’t anticipate. there are threads of insanity throughout, too-- stray papers and uncapped pens-- but for the most part, I find myself charmed.
"find what you need?" I wonder aloud.
"yeah. there's a picture here that's similar to the markings on Janet's body. I'm gonna call Garcia and see what she can find." he doesn't even look up to say it, getting on the phone quickly while I continue my deep dive into his belongings. half of me expects him to correct my behavior, although he doesn’t seem to mind enough.
after about five minutes, I make my way to the desk. he's still talking to her, arms crossed over his chest while she lists some results.
"--I'm assuming rural Virginia." he says. I can't hear the other side of the conversation, but I don't need to. I twirl a fountain pen between my fingers and run my eyes over the scribbled notes written in the margins of academic journal papers. Spencer glances at me once, warning me to stop with his eyes.
I don't stop. there's a particularly interesting globe on his desk. it's topographic, lovely. my fingertips brush over the shape of Asia and Reid clenches his jaw. despite the garble of Penelope's voice on the phone, he speaks directly to me.
"don't touch that."
I smirk and push on the globe, spin the  world on its brass axis with the tip of my finger. he watches it intently, then refocuses on my face. there's a flame there that makes my spine tingle. he's angry with me, and I sort of like it.
"he would likely have no mother, maybe a cheating father-- his hatred of women probably stems from the lack of a consistent maternal figure." he doesn't take his eyes off of me while he talks. I pull my bottom lip between my teeth and lean over the desk to grab a couple of his pens. every movement draws his hazel irises. I can see him getting increasingly annoyed.
there's an abrupt sound of triumph from Penny's end, followed by her cheerful voice, and Spencer nods.
"perfect. if Hotch and the rest of them head over there, we can wait," he dares me to keep playing around. I don't disappoint: both hands on the sphere, I spin it and wait for him to get off the phone. the expression on his face is murderous as he signs off. "thanks, Garcia."
the click of the button seals my fate. Spencer doesn't say anything to me at first.
"any progress?" as if I didn't just hear the whole conversation.
"I told you not to touch my things." he ignores the question.
"I was bored."
"do you know how old that globe is, Y/N?” a rhetorical question that he doesn’t wait for me to answer. “it's worth at least a thousand dollars." he's trying to maintain his composure. I don't want him to.
"a thousand dollars for something you already know so well?" I push. the muscles in his jaw jump for a millisecond. he swallows.
"take your hands off it." he orders. I release my bottom lip from my teeth and feel my heart hammering in my chest. he's so pretty when he gets like this, so angry. like he's ready to teach me a lesson.
Spencer and I argue often, but the arguments never amount to much. they usually dissipate quickly and leave us with an unresolved tension that follows us around the office. we avoid each other because if we don't, we both know what's going to happen. and maybe I'm a little bit afraid of how much I want him to let loose on me, how much I want to feel those vengeful fingers around my throat. sometimes I add fuel to the fire because it excites me.
which is why the next words are charged: "why don't you make me?"
Reid walks over silently, suddenly wraps his hands around both of my wrists with an iron grip. I don't deign to breathe as he moves forward, pushing me into the wall. a shiver runs down my spine at our position. blocked in.
"like this?" Spencer looks down at me, pupils enormous. his face is so close to mine-- closer than it's ever been. full, pink lips forming every word and begging to be kissed. I nod, unable to respond coherently. he's so beautiful.
"no attitude now, huh." his smirk makes my stomach flip with excitement. I stare into his eyes and pray that he does something about it. my ensuing silence causes him to release one of my wrists to gently wrap around my throat. he doesn't press, only tests the waters. "good girl."
I feel myself grin eagerly, the low register of his voice and the way he takes in my features causing me to squeeze my thighs together. he hasn't even kissed me and I'm soaking wet.
"wh-- what about the case?" through the fog in my mind, I recall our obligations. we can't be more irresponsible than we already have been.
"they don't need us right now, baby," the pet name sends goosebumps over my skin. "we'd just be sitting in the station, anyway."
relief. because all I want right now is to break the rules, to make him mine right here in his own apartment. and I want him to claim me, too. Spencer sees my doe eyes, the playful taunts that have vanished from my lips.
"what am I gonna do with you?" he lowers his mouth to my jaw, dragging his teeth across my jawline before scattering my throat with love bites. my free hand tangles in his hair. I wonder, as he starts to suck at my jugular and moves his grip to my waist, if he can feel the rapidity of my pulse. how it beats for him, even when it shouldn't.
I try to speak through the gentle waves of pleasure he's causing with his mouth right now.
"kiss me." dripping with need. Spencer stops his thorough work on my neck to face me again. his gaze bores holes into me, a pink excitement evident in his cheeks before he cups my cheek and dives in to press his mouth voraciously to mine. it's messy at first, both of us already too hungry for each other to care much about grace, but we find a perfect balance. he tastes like mint gum and when his tongue dances over mine, I moan.
so many small arguments, coarse words, hateful glances. as if that would be enough to deter everything else within us, including the general attraction I've always felt towards him. and it seems he's been attracted to me, too, with the way he groans into my mouth and rolls his torso into mine.
"Spencer." I breathe. he lets my other wrist go, losing control of his need to touch my body and yanking my hips to his. I squeal at the force.
"such a pretty girl," he murmurs affectionately. my heart flutters at both the compliment and the genuine meaning when he says it. I lift my leg to wrap around him and get the friction that I crave, and Reid pushes further. "you'd be even prettier with my cock inside you."
my heart palpitates at the thought. I don't know how much longer I can take the waiting, my hips rutting up against his in any pathetic attempt to stimulate myself. he takes my earlobe between his teeth and tugs.
"please." I beg for more. he's trying not to give in, but the way my fingertips tug on the ends of his hair drives him wild. it's in the way he seeks any way to grab and hold me. he quickly undoes the buttons of my shirt and licks over my bottom lip.
feverish. he parts my shirt, presses our foreheads together when he peers down at my chest. reaches up to cup my tits over my bra while he pants. I watch and secretly pray for him to put his mouth back over mine. all I can feel is the weight of his body and the delicious atmosphere we've created together.
one of his hands slides between our bodies, under my skirt, rubbing over my panties. part of me is embarrassed by the inevitable wet spot awaiting him, but he bites his lip and moans while beginning to circle over the lacy fabric.
my mouth drops open at the pleasure, bucking against his hand. he smiles.
"so cute."
"Spence, I need more." I choke out between whimpers. I'm going to go insane from the desire swirling in my stomach. he raises his eyebrows.
"Spence?" repeats the nickname back to me. I've never used it before.
"mhmm." I whine. he increases the pressure on my clit.
"I like that," his voice is dangerously low. "you're a little brat, but you know you're mine."
my jaw clenches to withhold the sinful noises that I want to release. it would be so easy to give in immediately, to let him know just how much he's right; but I like the way we function together. although my IQ isn't as high, I can certainly hold my own-- and he knows it.
"not yet." I taunt. his movements hesitate for a moment.
and then he slides his index beneath my panties and dips into my wet center. I yelp and feel my hips jump at the sensation, then start to roll enthusiastically against him. I can't help myself.
"you sure about that?" he smirks into my cheek.
I mumble something mindless, likely an unconvincing denial, without halting my own actions. he chuckles and kisses my neck. "speak up. I wanna hear you say it."
"fuck me." I whine. Reid grunts as he rocks himself into me at the sound of my begging. his finger curls inside, brushing against my walls, and I gasp. the heel of his palm works my clit, keeps me going. I'm going to lose my mind if he doesn't put it in, soon.
"be patient, baby." he ruts and my hands move from his curls to the waistband of his pants, unbuttoning them with all the concentration I can muster. he adds another finger to my pussy. I'm fumbling, but I don't care at all once I tug them down.
his cock hits his stomach and I see him for the first time. Spencer kisses my neck and sinks his teeth in when I wrap my fingers around it, his quiet sounds of pleasure muffled. I pump him a few times, swipe my thumb over the tip to gather his precum. he starts to buck into my hand.
"so greedy." I giggle. Spencer nips at my skin before pushing me harder against the wall.
"watch your mouth."
"or what?" I taunt him again, knowing there's nowhere else for him to go. he wants the same thing-- desperately, it seems. we lock eyes; regardless of how we act together after this, something will inevitably be different. a tension broken. all I want is to cross that line. and when he takes hold of himself, I pull my panties to the side. even though he teases my entrance to torture me, I let him sink inside without hesitation.
at first, the intrusion makes me tighten. there's no air in my lungs from the way he stretches me out, my head gently falling back against the wall. Spencer groans deeply as he grabs my hips and keeps pushing. my eyes squeeze shut.
"Spence-- fuck--" my stomach muscles tense.
"so tight." he moans, finally to the hilt. neither of us moves for a moment, our breaths the only sound. there aren't enough words to describe how full he makes me feel. all I can do is admire his flushed skin and the vein in his forehead that sticks out from restraining himself. I never thought it would make an appearance for this reason.
"keep going." I grip onto his shoulders and move a little to urge him. he responds quickly, pulls out and thrusts back in. my body struggles to accommodate at first, but soon I settle into it.
he's trying to keep from absolutely shoving into me, stuttering his movements and biting his lip while gripping my waist with a stifled passion. we're pressed together.
"I've wanted this for so fucking long." he admits through gritted teeth, finally giving into his desires and slamming into it. the thrust sends me up the wall a bit and I squirm with pleasure.
"me too." I pant through the sounds he's eliciting from me, his lips finding their place against my collarbone. I feel like I'm in heaven with the way he digs his fingernails into my flesh to pull me down onto his cock.
"all that attitude--" he's rough. "just because you wanted me to fuck you."
I let out a low, lecherous moan. his voice is so fucking sexy in my ear, each word dripping with a pent-up craving. I want to give him everything, hand it over, get on my knees and submit. he's got his flaws, but so do I. "mhmm."
"I knew it..." he presses his lips to mine, swallowing my sounds and showing a fondness that I didn't expect. "acting so innocent when all you really want is to be fucked."
I grab the back of his neck and use the leverage to roll myself down on him, his dick hitting different angles. there's a pressure on my clit from the position, and it's perfect.
we came here to find a book and now he's fucking me against a wall. I don't want to be anywhere else.
"it feels s-so good." I whimper. Spencer grabs my other leg and lifts me up so both are wrapped around his waist. it's a whole different feeling, deep enough to brush over my cervix, and I cry out.
"I bet it does," he squeezes my skin and picks up the pace until he's relentlessly thrusting into me, every second another opportunity to make me scream. his name tumbles from my mouth over and over, a repetition that only brings me closer to the edge. he's loud, too. "taking my cock so well."
"I'm close." I tell him, the quick pulsations of my walls helping him along. he goes harder.
"I can feel it--" he drops his head onto my shoulder. "right there, baby, that's right. take it like a good girl."
my entire frame tightens as I cling for dear life to him, each push sending me up the wall before I sink back onto his length. the wave comes, crashes over me and wraps around my lungs until there's only the pressure in my stomach, building-- snapping.
"Spencer, oh my-- fuck, fuck, fuck!" I lose control, jaw dropping wide before he kisses me to silence the sound. his tongue meets mine hungrily. he groans and pulls away reluctantly.
"where should I cum?" the words are raspy. my eyes roll back into my head while I pull him against me.
Spencer nods, reunites our lips and cups my jaw with one hand. it's gentle compared to how hard he's railing me, but a slow grin spreads over my face through the kiss. ecstasy when he shudders and tenses, stills himself to release.
the sensation makes me close my eyes. Spencer's breath hitches while he watches my reaction. the flutter of kisses over my cheekbone, my temple, makes me relax. I feel the tension in my limbs melt away. I want it again. god, I want it every day.
he gives a few more thrusts to keep his cum inside me, the helpless noises that pour from my mouth only further incentive. I'm floating, letting his hands run over my form with the kind of appetite that only comes with months of yearning.
neither of us tries to move away at first. part of me doesn't want to leave this perfect place. where we don't fight, where things are easier. like a spell. if we disentangle, I'm scared that we won't be able to return.
our heart rates slow. Spencer won't take his eyes off of me.
"we should get back to the station." it comes out hoarse, probably because I just spent my voice screaming his name. I can sense him deflate a little, and part of that knowledge comforts me. at least I'm not the only one.
"I know."
silence as we try to figure out how we're going to handle this. he pulls out and I take a second to regain my composure before I move. he looks me up and down again as if to memorize the details of my figure. my fingertips work at the buttons of my shirt. I need to go clean up.
"we... we can leave this alone, right?" I clarify. my eyes cut to his. Spencer swallows as he tucks himself back into his pants. nervousness floods my chest as I notice his hesitation.
“honestly,” he purses his lips. “I don’t wanna leave it alone.”
my stomach drops. “what?”
“I think we could work around it.” he says, more confidently this time. it hits me a moment later.
“like... friends with benefits?” the idea almost makes me laugh, lips turning up slightly at the implication. he smirks.
“we were never really friends, but yeah, that’s the idea.”
I turn over the idea in my head. it doesn’t need to be a big deal, no dating or actual emotions. just pure fun when we feel like it. it won’t affect our jobs.
“okay.” I agree. he raises his eyebrows, semi-surprised.
“sure. as long as there’s nothing else involved.” I narrow my eyes a bit, baiting him to play along with our usual dynamic. he bites his lip slightly.
“trust me, that’s not a concern.” it’s a joke and I punch his shoulder playfully. he lets out a slightly boyish giggle, ducking out of the way.
“rude.” I pout.
“go get cleaned up so we can leave!” his voice hits that higher register again and I throw my hands up. he points to the bathroom. I pause before I go in, hand on the door jamb while I turn my face just slightly to peek at Spencer. he’s toying with the book from earlier, distracted and too beautiful.
what did I just get myself into?
part 2 here!
taglist (lmk if you wanna be added!)-- @voidsfilm @reidsconverse
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bozowrites · a year ago
i just saw your requests are open and i decided to give it a shot!🥰 maybe the reader is a streamer that’s close friends w/ wilbur (lowkey pining for each other) & the subject of dating comes up and she’s basically says she broke up with her boyfriend recently bc he didn’t like that she streamed with male streamers?
I Feel the Same Way
↳ One conversation leads to another and feelings get expressed.
Pairing: CC!Wilbur Soot x F!Reader
TW: swears, slight anxious feelings
WC: 1.1k
note: i finally did a imagine with over 1k words!! very proud of myself :D
Tumblr media
My stream had just ended, just having raided Quackity. I sigh as I feel relieved. I love streaming, but sometimes it’s stressful and, frankly, a little awkward. Unmuting myself from the call I was in with George, Wilbur and Clay, I say a small hello. We were playing Geoguessr. Only Goerge and I streamed, both on our alts.
“Y/n, you’re back!” Wilbur shouts excitedly. I giggle. Cute. “I am. That was a fun stream.”
“Agreed, but George and I are exhausted, we’re gonna head to bed.”
“Of course, both of you are tired at the same time. Maybe DNF is real.” I roll my eyes light heartedly. Their friendship is seriously the sweetest and I’m immensely jealous. “Like you and Wil aren’t the same,” George scoffs. “You two are always flirting, almost more than Dream and me.”
“Like that’s possible.” Wilbur laughs. I grin. His laugh is so perfect. “It isn’t.” I chime in. I just know George is rolling his eyes.
“Whatever. Goodnight, you lovebirds.” Clay and George leave the call after we all say our goodnights. Just Wilbur and me now. I clear my throat and fiddle with my fingers. Sometimes being around the one you’re falling for is nerve wracking—as in it’s always nerve wracking. Having other people around can be a ton helpful. It’s why I try to avoid streaming one on one with him.
“Y/n?” I hum, proving I’m listening to him. His voice has gone down an octave and it makes me blush. How effective a voice could be is crazy to me. “What are you doing right now?”
“Talking to you.”
“Fuck you,” he laughs. “Are you going to sleep or anything?” I shrug, then remember he can’t see me. “Ah, no. Not really tired at the moment. Might play some Valorant for a bit.” Wilbur hums, clicking keys on his keyboard. “Wanna chat for a bit more?” he asks. “Sure.” I’m not overly nervous, only a tad. Yeah, a tad.
“So, whatcha wanna chat about?” I ask, leaning back into my chair. My head rests against the back and I wiggle in my spot to change the position of my butt. I was starting to get sore. “I don’t know. Just…anything.” Only a few seconds later his camera turns on. He’s wearing a sweatshirt with a white button up underneath, my favourite style on a man. Specifically him. And Karl, but Karl looks amazing in everything. I turn on my camera too, giving him a grin. He smiles back, showing his teeth and chuckling quietly. “You look beautiful.”
He always compliments me. So sweet, so perfect. Much unlike the last person I was in love with. Tsk. I glance around, trying to ease the blush that came with his compliment. “Thank you, Wilbur. You look beautiful too.” he chuckles and smiles brighter. I wish I could reach through the screen and graze his cheek with my fingers, feel the softness of his skin and tuck all those stubborn hairs behind his ear. Gosh love makes people sickly sweet.
Tumblr media
We’ve been chatting for the last hour now. It was a little awkward at first, but we found our way around it and now we were laughing together. We kept up the pace and found one thing to talk about after the other. Sometimes the change in subject wouldn’t make sense, but those are the best conversations if you ask me.
“I swear to you, he’s the prettiest man on this earth!” I fangirl. “What about me?” he asks, faking a heartbreak. I giggle. “I love you, Wilbur, but you hold no place against Gogy. No one does.” he nods, pursing his lips. “Sadly, that’s true. He’s precious.” he pauses, moving his pursed lips to the side. He’s contemplating something. He has his elbow on the armrest of his chair, index finger tapping his lips while the others held his chin up.
“Would you ever date George?” I’m taken aback. How do I answer this? He looks too serious for this to be a silly little question. Is there more meaning behind this question? Nah. I’m getting ahead of myself. “No, I don't think so. I have my eyes on someone else at the moment.”
Wilbur’s eyes go from looking through the screen to his side. He takes a deep breath. Something is bothering him. Could it be my answer?
“Mind if I ask who? I do remember you mentioning you were in a relationship a few months ago, right?” I sigh, turning my eyes away from him. I was in a relationship a few months ago, but it ended. The guy was an immature adult with raging jealousy issues.
“Yeah, we broke up awhile ago. Dude couldn't handle me streaming with other men.” I roll my eyes, crossing my arms. Wilbur’s eyes widen for a fraction of a second and he expresses disgust. “What the fuck? I get being jealous, but that’s ridiculous.” I nod, agreeing.
“I know, it’s so stupid. He threw a fit after one of my streams with you,” Wilbur’s eyebrows rise and he leans forward, clearly interested in the rest of the story. “He hated you especially because we’re so close. Said, “me or him” and, well, I chose you.” he stares for a moment before grinning wide and giggling. He leans back and tries to hide the redness I see forming on his cheeks.
“Really?” The smile on his face is unreal. He looks so genuinely happy by my words “Why?”
“‘Cause you’re my best friend,” I debate if I should say what’s on my mind. At least I can end the call and throw myself under the covers of my bed if it goes horribly wrong. Now or never, you know? “I’ll never love any significant other as much as I love you.” My voice went so quiet near the end, but based on his expression I think he heard me. My heart is racing against my ribcage. It almost hurts. I have my mouse hovering over the end call button, I’m so nervous of his coming answer.
“I feel the same way.” What? I’m sorry, what? What? I feel the major blush forming on my cheeks. The tingling in my fingers. Could it mean the thing I want it to mean? I lick my lips, trying to salivate. My mouth is going dry, but in a good way. My heart is beating in more excitement than it was earlier in nerves.
“Wilbur? I…” I take a deep breath, hesitant to tell him straightforwardly that I do in fact love him. This feels like some silly romance movie. Is that a good or bad thing? “I love you more than as a friend.” He says before I can let anything out. I gape, mouth open wide and eyes not blinking. He said it so confidently. “Y/n?”
“I love you too.” he runs his hands down his face and groans. “You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now.” I grin, covering my cheeks and gazing down. Is this really happening? “I feel the same way.”
Tumblr media
@lmfaosoph @b3l0v3ds @sabinanotfound @youngstarfishdinosaur @acidtabletz
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strangelysamantha · a year ago
bittersweet ☆
possessive!rafe x plus!sized reader.
warnings: crazy rafe, possessive and obsessive behavior, swearing, underage drinking, reader gets hurt, physical fight, ect.
words: 2,167.
summary: you went to a local party by the beach when rafes unstable side peeked out. jj maybank finds you alone, and decides to talk to you. rafe gets possessive and upset, thinking that jj was hitting on you.
request?: no :)
a/n: i’m working on requests but since my computer is down it’s taking longer because i hate typing on my phone especially because tumblr always deletes what i’ve written. i’m hopeful that my computer will be fixed by tomorrow, until then i’ll try and produce a few stories since i’ve been MIA for a few days. remember to like and comment if you enjoy this! <3
my masterlist
“please just come with me.” rafe frowned as he sat on your porch pleading to you, telling you why you should go to a beach party with him. “why rafe?” you frown, not in a partying mood. instead, you would much rather stay home and do a movie marathon. “please baby, i swear i’ll make it up to you.” you roll your eyes at his begging. “fine, but only because you are so cute.” his eyes sparkle as a smile lifts on his lips, you pull him into a quick kiss.
you walk back inside to get dressed for the bonfire. rafe was wearing blue and orange, and you wanted to match him. so, you grabbed a pair of dark blue ripped jean shorts, and an orange v-neck. you apply some perfume and jewelry before putting on some shoes. just as you were finishing up, rafe walked into your room smirking. “awh, you wanted to match with me.” he smiled. despite you knowing his look was filled with adoration you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable under his long glance. “obviously, don’t you want people to know i’m yours?” you question him, waiting for his response. “well, matching clothes won’t change anything. everyone already knows.” you nod smiling before pulling him into a kiss.
once you pull away from the kiss, he grabs your hand and leads you to the car as he drives to the beach. his hand finding its way on your thigh; gripping it tightly. while he drove to the beach, you paid close attention to your phone, checking social media for any major updates. rafes grasp on your thigh loosened as the car came to a halt. you were parked on the beach, the sun was already setting.
you both exit the car, rafe swiftly moving from his side of the car to yours. “thank you for coming with me.” his hand finds yours, pulling them together. “of course, i love hanging out with you.” he lets go of your hand, and moves his arm to hold closely around your waist. the two of you begin to walk towards the already drunken teen filled beach.
you frown at the amount of trash that litters the sand. you stay close to rafe, as he approaches topper and kelce. “hey guys.” you say to them to make conversation. they nod in your direction, acknowledging you before their attention turns towards rafe again. you don’t pay any mind to what the boys are discussing. after a while you become bored, so you slowly slip out of rafes arm to go get a drink. “i’m going to go get a drink, do you want one?” you ask rafe, and he glances at you smiling. “yes please, thanks baby.” you lean in for a quick kiss before leaving to go get drinks. you weren’t a heavy drinker, always scared of what you would say or do under the influence, so you grab yourself a water and grab a beer for rafe.
you return to the spot you were in earlier, but it’s now vacant. rafe, topper, and kelce all leaving you behind. you frown, looking around for them but coming up short. you had no idea where they could be since this beach was huge. you don’t bother wasting your time looking for them, instead you start to head for the bonfire.
you weren’t surprised that rafe had left you all alone. this always happened. he would beg you to go to something, just to abandon you half way through it. it didn’t bother you, it just worried you, scared of what he was doing without you.
once you arrived at the bonfire, you decided to down the drink once made for rafe, the beer stinging your throat. you drank three more chugs before drinking water as well. it doesn’t take long for the alcohol to come into effect. you knew it had clouded your judgement when you were laughing at jj maybanks jokes of all people. “i’m telling you, these people were fucking crazy.” you giggled as he made exaggerated reactions. “you’re telling me! that sounds scary as fuck. i wouldn’t have survived.” he shook his head looking down at you, “i’m sure you would have figured something out.” you nod at him.
“have you seen those dudes since?” you ask, intrigued by his story. “actually, yeah. their story isn’t the brightest… sheriff told me that they-” his voice cut off as he made a slicing noise above his throat. your eyes widened in shock. “oh my god! really??” you grab his arm, “what if they came back for you! bro no way…” your heart rate quickens at the thought of evil men chasing random kids. “no, i know right, scary as shit. i guess it’s bittersweet because they died, but now they aren’t after us anymore.” he shrugs, sipping his red solo cup. “i guess. it’s still scary. so many people are unexpectedly dying nowadays, i definitely-” you were interrupted as rafe put an arm around you, eyeing jj up and down.
“continue baby, what were you saying?” rafe asked, smiling at you for a split second before it disappeared when his eyes focused on jj again. “oh we were just talking about bad men, and how this town is scarier than it used to be.” he nods at you. “jj what are you doing talking to my girl?” jj stands up straighter, “why do you care? do you own her or something?” rafe scoffed, “yes.” the confusion on your face was evident and jj was quick on acknowledging it. “oh really? by the look on her face, she doesn’t agree.” he glances at you, but you have quickly recovered. “what are you talking about maybank?” you interrupted the two immediately not wanting a fight to break out. “i was just talking to jj because he had a funny story. it wasn’t anything like that, i swear babe.” you words slurred together and it was evident you weren’t in the right headspace.
rafes eyes widened as he fully realized that you were so intoxicated that you had no idea what was going on, “what the fuck maybank? you got her drunk for what? you trying to fuck her?” jj couldn’t believe rafes nerve. “one, she was drunk when she came up to me, and two, i don’t need to fuck her, i already have.” your heart dropped at jj's confession.
“maybank, do you want to take that back?” you could tell rafe was trying to give jj a chance to redeem himself before all hell breaks loose. your hand tightened on rafes bicep trying to get him to move on, but he wouldn’t budge. “can't take back what’s already happened.” jj shrugged again, smirking.
rafe was the first one to throw a punch, you stumbled back as he had pushed you away. with your luck, your head had landed right against the beverage table, scratching the side of your face from your temple to the side of your cheek. you hiss in pain, moving your fingers to feel it. when you retreat your hand you see it covered in blood. you groan in pain, hissing as the cool air makes it sting.
you clumsy stand up, looking ahead to see rafe and jj were still fighting. “rafe!” you weakly call out, but he was stuck in his own little bubble as he pounded his fists against jjs face. you stumble away, walking far from the beach. you were too tired to even try to process what was going on. the yelling behind you quietly faded as you made your way farther along the beach.
not even a minute later you hear rafe running after you. “what rafe?” you ask, but your back is still turned to him. “baby, please just- i’m sorry okay. i, i don’t know. i was just scared he’d take you from me. i don’t want to lose you, you are all i have. you mean too much to me for some pogue to take.” his rambling only pissed you off more. “rafe, please. i have a headache, all i want is to go home.” you frown.
his eyes moved from the sand up to your face, surprised by the huge gash on your face that was oozing blood. “baby?! who did this to you?” you couldn’t contain your anger any longer. you used all your strength, pushing his shoulders back. “you did! you fucking asshole.” the fact that he didn’t even budge from the push you sent his way, pissed you off even more. “baby, i, you know i would never do anything to intentionally hurt you?” your silence only scared him even more.
“baby, i wouldn’t- i didn’t mean to hurt you.” his breathing was heavy as the realization hit him. he had undeniably hurt you, and he had undoubtedly lost you. “no, because this can’t be happening. i can't lose you. baby, i- it was an accident. please, you gotta understand i didn’t want to hurt you, it was just jj fucking all over you, and the way he tried to claim you, saying he already had you, it just- the anger i couldn’t even hold myself back.” you nod at his words. “rafe i understand that. i, just. i don’t want this. do you think i want you to assault every guy who even looks at me? it makes me feel like shit. do you know how shitty it makes me feel? that you think i would chose anyone else when i have you. it hurts to know that you think i’m not loyal enough.” you frown, tears easily falling out of your eyes.
“baby- it’s not you i’m worried about.” you nod, “i know… it just doesn’t feel that way.” he goes to speak again but you quickly interrupt him. “can we please continue this at your house? my head seriously hurts.” his eyes soften, his hand cupping your cheek. he hesitated before he pulled you into a kiss, when you kissed him back he could feel his smile come back. “rafe.” you say again, before pointing to your head. “right baby, i’m sorry. let's go.” you nod.
he walks you to his car, opening the door for you before you hop in. he puts your seatbelt on for you. his protective side shining through once again. he walks around, before hopping in himself. he starts the car. “seatbelt…?.” you question. he laughs quietly. “of course, baby.” you nod as he puts his seatbelt on. his hand reached for your thigh again, before he drove the two of you to his house.
when you arrived, your head was pounding. you could feel it throbbing, the blood dripping onto your orange v neck. you frown at the sight. the two of you walk inside, and he immediately pulls you into his room, placing you on the edge of his bed. he runs to his bathroom grabbing a table cloth and the first aid kit.
he opens the first aid kit, placing it beside you. he takes the wet washcloth, wiping away the blood. after cleaning it, he added antibacterial cream, and then covered it in gauze. he kissed the bandage covering it before walking to his closet.
“here. wear this, and i’ll wash your t-shirt.” you nod, “thank you rafe.” he turns around and you swiftly change your t-shirt. he turns around, his heart hammering inside his chest, still scared about where you stood.
“rafe. i don’t want to lose you. i love you a lot, but i don’t want to continue this if every time a guy looks at me funny, you beat him up. i appreciate you protecting me, but they aren’t worth it.” he nods, soaking up every word. “if you can promise me that you won’t fight random people anymore, then i think we can work this out, and work through this.” he smiles softly, “is that a deal?” you ask. “of course baby. i promise i won’t fight anyone unless they really deserve it.” you roll your eyes, “fine. that’s good enough; but please, let’s hope it doesn’t get too bad.” he laughs, “let’s hope.” you grab his hands, realizing they were quite bruised. “let’s ice these.” he follows you to the kitchen, as you prepare an ice pack.
once the ice pack is ready, you place it on one hand, the other is intently grabbing your thigh. “baby you don’t have to do all this.” he reached for the ice and you lightly pushed his hand away. “you fixed me up, let me fix you up.” he sat back and watched as you cared for his bruises. rafe was glad he didn’t lose you, and he was glad you were still there with him. having you so close to him made him realize he couldn’t sacrifice anything to lose you. he kissed your bandages once more before you two prepared for bed and started to comfortably cuddle together.
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miyagihawk · a year ago
“best friend” | eli “hawk” moskowitz x reader
Tumblr media
a/n: his hair is blue in the gif but red in the story :) also this is a bit long but i love it this is one of my favs
warnings: mentions of violence and cheating, swearing
summary: your boyfriend cheated on you and your best friend hawk is there for you
word count: 4207
You should’ve known. It couldn’t have been more obvious.
The way that he doesn’t let you see what’s on his phone. How he never takes you out anymore. The emotional distance you feel when he kisses you. It’s like he’s not even in the same room when you’re together.
Even with all the signs and evidence, your heart still broke like glass when you saw them together. Your boyfriend Danny and the girl that he always assured you was only his “best friend”, locking lips on his bed.
You had come to Danny’s house because he cancelled plans with you, claiming that he was sick. So you decided to surprise him with cookies that you baked, but he ended up having quite a surprise for you too.
The window of his room gave you a perfect view of the scene, and it was almost like you were meant to see it. Like he wanted you to see it. You stood in front of his house for what seemed like forever, trying to figure it out if it was real.
You tried d to rack your brain for excuses as to why he would do it. But there weren’t any. He was simply cheating on you.
Your heart physically hurt as your brain settled on that fact and you threw the plate of cookies on his lawn in defeat. Not caring if the noise made him look out the window, you began the walk back to your house with blurry vision from your tears.
But on the way there, you passed the house of your best friend Hawk. Seeking comfort from your heartbreak, you made your way to his window that you’ve always used as an entrance when you two hang out.
His light was on and you could hear his music, so you knocked on the glass with the rhythm you both made up to let him know that’s it’s you.
You waited as the music stopped and Hawk pulled back the curtains to reveal you. His red hair was down and framing his face in the way you like it. You’re the only person he allows to see him like that, and that fact always warms your heart.
Hawk looked happy to see you, but his smile dropped when he saw your tear stained cheeks and he quickly opened up the window. Helping you get in, he asked, “Y/N, what happened? Are you okay?”
You stood awkwardly in front of him, playing with your fingers. You weren’t sure if you even wanted to tell Hawk. He’s always hated Danny, and Hawk isn’t the most peaceful of creatures.
You didn’t say anything and just buried your face into his chest. You started to cry again, feeling safe in his arms as he held you tightly.
He led you to the bed to sit you down and let you cry it out in his warm embrace. He was worried about you, he’s never seen you like this; but he wouldn’t force you to talk. So for 15 minutes, Hawk ran his fingers through your hair comfortingly as you calmed down from your sobs.
“I’m sorry,” you spoke for the first time, smoothing down your hair. His shirt was filled with your tear stains, but he really couldn’t care less. He just wanted you to be okay.
“Don’t be sorry. Do you want to talk about it?” he said softly. He had a feeling about why you were crying, and he felt anger starting to bubble in his stomach.
You contemplated for a moment, not knowing if you should tell him. You knew Hawk. He would seek revenge on your behalf and it would end in blood.
But he would also find out anyways. If not from seeing Danny at school with the other girl, then he would probably put the pieces together if you told him that you broke up.
The only difference in the outcomes would be that right now you’re in control of how he finds out and you could possibly convince him to leave the situation alone.
“I-It’s Danny,” you breathed, feeling queasy about your decision.
You saw something flash in Hawk’s eyes and his fist tightened at the mention of your (ex) boyfriend’s name. “What did that fucker do,” he said, with a frightening, calm anger.
“Just... Don’t get mad, okay?” you stuttered. You could almost feel the change in the air just from the two words you spoke. Hawk unclenched his jaw and nodded, trying to be calm for you.
“I went to his house, and that was before I came here. And... I saw him with...,” your voice quavered as tears started blurring your vision again. It hurt to say it out loud and you couldn’t even finish your sentence.
Hawk abruptly stood up from beside you, and through your tear filled eyes, you could see the rage on his face. “I’m killing him,” was all he said, as he moved around the room to get his keys and jacket.
You stood up when he got to the door, and you pulled on his arm to make him stop. “Hawk, please. Stop,” you cried, but he was determined to make Danny hurt the way you were hurt. He wanted to hurt him more.
“That asshole was lucky to even have you look at him, Y/N. He’s fucking dead,” Hawk spit, taking his arm from you and making his way to the front door.
“Hawk! Just- stop. Stop! He isn’t worth it. Can you just stay here with me?” you whimpered, and at that moment his face fell. “Just stay, please. I need you.”
You saw the conflict on his face; the pity for you and his hatred for the boy who broke you. But with you in front of him, with puffy eyes and a cute red nose, he knows there’s no way he can leave.
The rest of the night, Hawk took care of you. He ordered in pizza from your favorite place and watched your favorite Disney movie with you, even though he always called it lame. His jokes made you laugh uncontrollably as if you hadn’t just gotten cheated on hours earlier. As always, your best friend was there to save the day.
“I’m sorry Y/N,” he said quietly as he played with your hair. It was already 1 am and you were both laying on his bed. You were exhausted from the day’s events; the thought of school the next day, especially seeing Danny, made you want to throw up.
“You were right,” you whispered, closing your eyes. Hawk had always been wary of Danny, and he often let you know it.
“Well, you see the best in everyone,” you felt the vibration of his voice from his chest, where you rested your head.
“What do you mean?” you looked up at him, struggling to read his face in the dark. His face was turned towards the ceiling in deep thought.
Hawk cleared his throat. “You see the good in people... and that’s my favorite thing about you. But sometimes you’re just so blind to the bad,” he explained.
You stayed quiet, thinking about his words and not really knowing how to interpret them. He continued, “I guess I’m trying to say that you’re different from normal people; you see through rose colored glasses. You dated that scumbag because you’re so loving that you saw the good in him, even if there’s fucking barely any.”
You laughed at the remark, then let him go on. “Even with me. I do shit that make people hate me. I throw punches that I regret and start fights that make me a horrible person in other people’s eyes. But you don’t really think of me like that, no matter how much I mess up. You’re the only person in my life who doesn’t see me as my fuck ups,” Hawk poured his heart out. “But I promise, I would never take advantage of you like him. Just keep living in your little world, alright? Don’t let him ruin that.”
You were left speechless. He had never said something so heartfelt to you and you wanted to cry at how sweet it was. You’ve never really thought about his view of you, but you guess it’s true. Sometimes your blind optimism gets you hurt, but you’re thankful that it helped you find your best friend. Yes, he’s not an angel, but if you listened to what everyone was saying about him, then you two would be strangers.
“I love you Hawk,” was all you said, and you kissed his cheek before cuddling into his side. He returned a kiss into your hair before the both of you drifted off into peaceful sleep.
The brightness of the sun woke you up from your dreams, and it took you a minute to adjust your eyes. Memories of yesterday flooded back, but you didn’t really feel sad.
The new day gave you a new perspective. You were grateful that you caught Danny, because if you didn’t, you might’ve never known. It still hurt that he betrayed you; you did love him. But wallowing in sadness would give him too much credit. He was a shit boyfriend and you vowed to cry no more tears over him.
The bed was empty, with no trace of your red haired best friend. In his place was a piece of paper with what you recognized as Hawk’s terrible handwriting.
‘Good morning you terrible snorer. Just kidding you didn’t snore. That loud. I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up for school, you looked really tired and I think you should just have the day for yourself. I have karate later so you don’t have to wait for me, but you can stay if you want. There’s more ice cream in the freezer. Love you. -H’
You smiled as you read it, feeling thankful for how caring Hawk was. You were dreading going to school and facing Danny, but you would’ve forced yourself to go anyways. Hawk probably knew that, so he gave you no choice.
The first part of the day you did some therapeutic cleaning, picking up the pizza boxes and trash from last night.
Then you explored around his room, even though you’ve been in it a thousand times. You went through the comics he used to read and you tried playing his video games, but you didn’t know how to turn it on.
You were already bored by the second hour of being alone, so you decided to head to your own house to freshen up.
‘I went home, I’ll see you tomorrow? Thank you for everything, I don’t know what I would do without you. Also I’ll buy you more ice cream lol I finished it’ you typed a text to Hawk as you walked home, smiling to yourself. 
After a relaxing day alone of face masks and dancing to Lizzo, you were prepared to go to school the next day. You really appreciated that Hawk made you stay home; you needed this time to reflect on everything. You don’t need some boy who doesn’t give you the time of day, when you have Hawk.
As you got ready to go to school, you felt like a bad bitch, and you looked like one. No one would ever guess that you’ve just been through a breakup. The heartbreak didn’t last long; you just felt like you’ve dropped some unneeded weight.
You got to school, but Hawk wasn’t waiting at the front for you as usual. It was weird, because he never said anything about missing class. You figured he was just running late. 
But when he never showed up to your shared first period class, it made you worry.
‘Hey, did you not go to school today? Everything good?’ you sent him a quick text as you walked through the halls to your next class.
You were feeling anxious, a contrast from your earlier confidence. You didn’t think you’d be alone today and now you really didn’t want to see Danny without Hawk by your side.
But as if you summoned him and the universe hated you, your cheating ex boyfriend was coming from the other end of the hall. Your eyes met at the exact same moment and you wanted to look away, but you couldn’t.
A black eye adorned his face, matched with a bruised jaw and a wounded lip.
His eyes frantically searched around you as if he was looking for someone. He looked scared.
Suddenly, your brain put all of the puzzle pieces together and you came to a realization. Hawk did this, and he wasn’t at school because he probably got suspended.
Danny tried to move past you, but you grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side of the hallway. He didn’t meet your eyes as you stood in front of him.
“Danny... what happened?” you asked, even though you already knew the answer.
You didn’t know how to feel. You know you should be angry that Hawk didn’t listen to you, but you felt no pity towards the boy in front of you.
Danny scoffed. “You know what happened. Your little boyfriend started the fight, saying shit about how I don’t deserve you and I’m a cheating asshole.”
You rolled your eyes. “One, he’s not my boyfriend. Two, he’s right, you don’t deserve me. And three, you are a cheating asshole. You said Emily was just your friend, but I should’ve known. I saw you,” you snapped, but he shook his head and laughed.
“You don’t see it, do you? That you’re just as guilty as me?” Danny sneers.
“What?” you blink in confusion.
“Oh come on Y/N. You were always his. It was him first, and then me. But he was just your “best friend”, right? Don’t act all innocent, when anyone can see that you have feelings for him.”
Your mouth falls open slightly at his words, and he continues, “Look I’m sorry that it went down like this, but you should be with him. We’re just not meant for each other and it’s obvious that you love him more than you’ve ever loved me. And he loves you too. Otherwise I wouldn’t be looking like this. We’re fine, alright? Goodbye Y/N.”
Danny gives you a tight lipped smile before leaving, but you’re left staring into space, speechless. You didn’t expect anything he just told you and you don’t even know if you believe it.
Is he right? Do you love Hawk, like that? You’ve felt like the victim the whole time, but you never would’ve thought that Danny felt like one too.
You began to feel guilty, looking back on the relationship at times when you would leave dates with Danny to pick up Hawk when he’s in trouble. When you would choose to sleepover at Hawk’s house instead of Danny’s because he had a breakdown. And when sometimes you’re a little bit too affectionate with your best friend, but you’ve always excused it as platonic even though his forehead kisses gave you butterflies.
Maybe you really weren’t all that innocent.
Maybe you did love Hawk more than Danny, and maybe you’re only just now realizing it.
The pattern of the knocking at your window made your stomach turn.
You’re not sure if you’re ready to face Hawk after your revelation, because after thinking on it for the rest of the day, all signs pointed to him. Every single thing Danny said was right.
You love Hawk.
The only thing you aren’t sure of is how Danny said he loves you too. You’ve always thought that Hawk sees you as a little sister and strictly as a best friend, which is why he’s so protective. The possibility that confessing your feelings could ruin your relationship created a conflict within you.
You opened your window and there he was. He had a gash right above his brow, presumably from Danny, but he didn’t look half as bad as the boy he beat up.
You saw Hawk in a different light as he stood like Romeo before you. It was as if the realization of your feelings for him made his eyes look more beautiful and his lips look softer, and you no longer had to faithfully push those thoughts away.
“Hey,” was all he said, as he stumbled in through the sill into your room. His hair was down again, because he knew you liked it like that and he hoped it would help you not be too mad at him.
“Hi,” you said awkwardly, walking back to sit on your bed where he followed. He sat close to you so that your shoulders were touching, and even though he’s been closer, it made you feel lightheaded.
“Look, Y/N, I’m sorry, I know you said to leave it alone, but he hurt you, and I needed to-”
“I’m not mad,” you interrupted his nervous rambling.
“Oh,” his shoulders relaxed, but his fingers were still nervously tapping on his knees.
There’s a weird silence between you two, and it was out of the ordinary that you didn’t have something to talk about.
“Are you alright?” you finally looked at him for the first time since you both sat down.
You don’t know what compelled you to do it, but you lifted up your hand to lightly trace your fingers along his brow where the cut was. His ocean eyes were on you as you did it, but you felt nervous to meet them.
“I’m fine. Did you see him?” Hawk said in a light tone, smiling as you touched his skin.
You let out a quiet laugh. “Yes. Nice work,” you mused.
You pulled your hand away from his face, but he grabbed it before you could put it down. He moved your hand back to his skin, releasing millions of butterflies in your stomach. “I like it,” he said, and you only nodded.
“So how long are you out for?” you questioned, referring to his suspension.
“Three days,” he mumbled, eyes closing in relaxation as you started touching his hair. You sighed in response. “It was worth it though.”
He still had his eyes shut when you put down your hand and wrapped your arms around him. He blinked in surprise, then held you closer. “Thank you. You’re the only one who would take a punch for me,” you said, pouring gratitude into the embrace.
“I don’t think that’s true, but you’re welcome,” he rested his head in the crook of your shoulder and you felt his hair tickle your ear. “It was for me too, you know? I hated his guts.”
You responded with a hum of understanding, still grasping onto him like he could leave any moment.
He pulled back from you enough to see your face, and he looked concerned while he tried to read you. “What’s wrong?”
You really underestimated how much he knows you, because he sensed your anxiety even though you tried to mask it.
“Nothing’s wrong,” you offered a smile, but he wasn’t convinced.
“Did you talk to him?” he asked, rubbing soft circles on your hand. He knew you were thinking about something and he wanted you to open up, but he was always delicate with it.
You just nodded, feeling your palms getting sweaty. Talking about your conversation with Danny would bring up what he said about you and Hawk, and you weren’t even sure if you wanted to spill your heart yet. You internally cursed at yourself for not hiding your emotions well enough.
“Did he say shit to you? I swear if-”
“No. We just... talked,” you cut him off. You prayed that he would leave the topic, but he didn’t.
“What about?” he pressed, making you feel hot from nerves.
“Uh... I just asked him about what happened,” you answered, but there was no way he couldn’t hear the shake in your voice.
“Then what’s bothering you? You can talk to me Y/N,” he said softly, a worried look in his eyes. You felt bad keeping secrets from him, because that’s something you never did.
“Promise me we’ll always be best friends,” your voice shook, making his face twist up in confusion.
“What? Of course. Hey, nothing could change that alright?” he looked at you with his soft eyes.
You swallowed, feeling a bit better by his reassurance.
“He- He just said some things that made me think about... us. And I was blind to it, but- he’s right. Well he’s right about me, I don’t really know how you feel, but now I’m just so confused- and for some reason him cheating on me felt justified in a way? I-” you rambled anxiously, until Hawk stopped your frenzy of word vomit.
“Woah, woah, slow down Y/N... just... what? What is he right about? And how could that be justified? There’s no excuse for what he did Y/N,” his voice raised at the mere thought of Danny gaslighting you into thinking that somehow you deserved to be cheated on.
“No- I- I know it was shitty but... Hawk,” you took a deep breath to prepare yourself for your confession. “I think I cheated too. But not like him. I- I cheated emotionally,” you spit the words out, not only admitting it to him, but also to yourself.
The red haired boy’s face was blank in confusion as he processed what you had just said. “Y/N what the fuck are you talking about?”
You struggled to reach his eyes while you carefully tried to think through your answer. You felt like if you looked at him you would simply melt, but maybe in this case it would be a good thing.
He put his hand gently under your chin to tilt your face towards his, forcing you to meet his blue, puzzled eyes. You wanted to burst into tears under his gaze, because you had no idea what to do.
Hiding your feelings could ruin your friendship. Confessing has the same chance. So which are you supposed to choose?
“Hey, hey, it’s alright. I love you. I love you so fucking much Y/N and that’s forever. Nothing you say or do could change that,” Hawk said, rubbing your hand comfortingly. He thought you were hesitating in telling him because you were afraid of his judgment.
Those three words. They felt different this time. They made you more dizzy. More fluttery. The way he said it was the same as all the other times, but the way it made you feel was just so different.
It gave you such a high that you decided to take a leap of faith before you could fully think it through. A leap that you know deep down was always going to happen, even if it looked like there were two choices. You could regret it, but you just jumped.
“I love you. I mean, I’m in love with you, Eli. I’ve always been in love with you.”
You felt like you needed to run away right as you said it, as if the words were a bomb that you didn’t want to see the aftermath of. You didn’t want to see the outcome because you were afraid it would just leave you devastated.
His mouth slightly fell open at the use of his old name, next to your piercing confession.
For some reason it slipped out of your mouth, but it felt right. You’ve probably said it five times ever since “Hawk” was born, but it was only used in serious conversations. Like when you comforted him after his dad died. Or when you were so worried about him when he ran away from home for a week.
“I’m so sorry, Eli,” you said, after hearing the news.
“I missed you so much, Eli, never fucking do that again,” you cried into his shoulder when he showed up at your door.
It was like a code between the two of you that you were being nothing but genuine.
Hawk sat in shock in front of you, and you swore you could actually see the escalation of thoughts running through his head.
“Maybe it took an asshole like Danny to make me realize it, but he was right. I’ve never loved anyone more than I love you... and I knew that, but it’s just how it’s always been. I thought we would go through life together but be with other people, even though I would always put you first. I thought that it was just an us thing, you know? Best friends. But I just- I realized that I don’t even need anyone else. I only need you,” you scanned his eyes for a moment before continuing. “I know I won’t love anyone else like I love you. And- and god, I’m just pouring my heart out and I don’t even know how you feel... I’m sorry if this is too much.”
He stared at you, stunned, and you heard your heart pounding in your chest violently as you waited for him to say something.
But instead of speaking, you felt the softness of his lips on yours before you could think another thought.
a/n: wow i think that was the longest thing i have ever written and i wasn’t sure if i was going to end it like that :0 anyways hope u enjoyed love u all!
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allyouneedisbuck · a year ago
teary eyed and beautiful
18+!! minors do not interact with this fic. if you do, you will be blocked.
summary -> steve feels awful about it, he does, but it’s something he just can’t help. 
words -> 2.0k
warnings -> dacryphilia (being turned on by someone’s crying/tears), sub!steve, use of nicknames (honey, stevie baby/baby) handjob, unprotected penetrative sex, graphic wording (c*ck, c*nt, p*ssy, etc.)
notes -> i’m still new to nsfw, i’m exploring what i can write pls be gentle in your judgement of those scenes! also i am a sucker for sub!steve just something about that six foot man begging for you makes me 🥵
»»————- ☾ ————-««
It makes him feel guilty. 
The way your eyes turn glassy and the whites of them grow a little red. Your makeup running down your cheeks and the heat he feels on your them when his hand comes up to wipe stray tears away. 
So incredibly guilty for the rush of butterflies that flies through him and the want he feels for you when you look like this. 
“What a joke.” You cry out as the screen fades to black. “Why are you making me watch this show still?” 
The answer to that makes Steve feel worse. You’re pretty when you cry. “It was the first show I watched out of the ice, I thought you would like it.” It wasn’t a lie. That was why he had originally put the first episode of Game of Thrones on a couple weeks ago. 
Then when he had first turned to see your reaction to one particularly emotional episode, he had decided he just had to watch the entire series with you.
Steve had initially been shocked and ashamed by the effect your teary eyes had on his body. Now while he still felt incredibly guilty, he let himself enjoy the reaction in realization it was the only way he would get it. He would never intentionally make you cry with harsh words or anything mean, but television shows and movies allowed him to relish this feeling. 
“Well I can’t do this anymore!” You sniffle again. You rub harshly at your eyes as the credits play on the screen. “Steve, so many people die!” You look over at him with pretty, glassy eyes and Steve almost moans. 
He had tried. He swears to whatever God was out there that he had tried to get over this weird affinity he had for your tears. “Well you have to see how it ends.” Steve smiles kindly at you and his hand comes up to rest on your cheek. “I promise, it gets better.” 
You scoff, but lean into his palm. “I find that hard to believe.” Then you let out a resigned sigh. “But I can’t just not finish this show. You’re lucky I love you, Steve Rogers, or else I would call it quits on this binge watch.” 
The opening credits begin to play, the strong instrumental blasting through the television speakers and you curl into Steve’s side again. His arm wraps around your shoulders as the scene begins to play, but his eyes find their way to you every few minutes and he relishes in the remnants of your tears. 
So focused on your eyes, he doesn’t see your smirk. 
“One more episode! Then we can go to bed!” You plead with Steve. He shakes his head and tries his best to hide how painstakingly hard he is. “Come on, old man,” you shove gently at his shoulder, “it’s not even past your bedtime.” 
The last episode had left you with choked breaths and tears quickly streaming down your cheeks and dripping onto your collarbones. Steve could barely look at you without thinking of how badly he wanted to be inside of you.
“I’m tired, honey. I want to shower before bed.” He groans before placing a kiss on the top of your head. He hates to do it, but he wants so desperately to get you into bed so he can take a shower and finally relieve himself. “And I know that episode was rough on you.” 
You turn to face Steve on the couch, bringing your knees up under you. “Why not, Stevie baby?” You grin at Steve and if he wasn’t already achingly hard those words would have sent blood straight to his dick.
“Honey, I’ve got to-”
“Is it because you’re hard?” You hand comes to rest on his thigh. Steve had taken to wearing loose sweatpants and covering himself with blankets as you two watched the show in an attempt to hide his hard-on.
He had assumed, or hoped, that it had worked and you never noticed. “W-what are you talking about?” He stutters out as your hand moves further and further up his leg. 
“I’m talking about hard you get when we watch the show, baby.” You explain, slipping your hand into his pants. Steve lets out a moan as your hand wraps around his cock. “At first I thought it was because of the sex scenes, then I realized it really only happened during the gory ones.” 
You smirk. “I was a little worried, baby, I’m not gonna lie.” You’re moving at an agonizingly slow pace as you speak. Steve’s hips buck up involuntarily as you pull your hand away. “Then I caught you staring. I realized it was me. What does it for you? The tears?” 
“Honey, please.” Steve’s head falls back against the couch cushion. “Please. Please.” He’s learned he’s not above begging, not when it comes to you. He’s so far past being guilty for what your tears do to him and all he wants is you. 
You smile cockily down at him before spitting into the palm of your hand. “I know.” When your hand wraps around him again, Steve lets out a relieved moan. “What is it? Want you to tell me.” 
You move slowly again. Steve looks at you pleadingly, but you still hold the same cocky smile. “Tell me, baby. I promise I’ll go faster. Get you closer.” 
“It’s all of it.” Steve admits. Your hand moves just a little faster and the words come tumbling out of his mouth. “The way your eyes look, all glassy and wet. Fuck-” he inhales sharply, “-how hot your cheeks get, I love how they feel against my fingers. Please, honey.” He reaches his hand out towards you, wanting to feel you. 
You let out a soft moan. “That’s... fuck.” You crawl towards him, your hand still pumping him, and his own hands land on your hips. “You like it when I cry? You think I look pretty, Steve?” You bring your non-dominant hand up to lift his chin so he’s looking at your face.
There are still signs of tears there. Dried tears and eyes still a little glassy. It almost sends Steve into orbit, you kneeling over him, tear stained cheeks and commanding tone of voice. “So pretty.” He whispers as his eyes trail over your face. 
You move quickly, your hands moving to pull his sweatpants off. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You lean back to pull off your own shirt, leaving you in nothing but a bra and underwear. 
Steve’s fingers trail up your stomach towards your breasts and leave goosebumps in their wake. “Didn’t want you to think I was weird.” He admits quietly as one finger trails over the curve of your breast. 
Your mouth opens in a soft breath as Steve leans towards you. His mouth follows the same path his fingers did and your hand tangles in his hair. 
It’s grown out since his retirement, long enough for you to yank on and pull him back to look up at you. “You could’ve told me.” You smile down at him sweetly. “You should’ve. I hate when you keep things from me.”  
“I’m sorry.” Steve says immediately. You giggle at him and he feels his cheeks turn red in embarrassment. “Won’t happen again, baby.” 
“Good.” You move to straddle his hips. Both of you moan at the newfound friction you can feel as you covered pussy rubs against his cock. “Keep being good for me and I might let you cum inside me, baby.” 
Steve’s head falls so his forehead rests against your shoulder as a groan escapes him. “Please. Oh my god, please.” He pleads into your skin. You move to pull his boxers down until his dick is on display for you. 
“You want me to ride you, honey?” You ask softly as you continue to rub over his hard length. Steve’s hips buck up in desperation as you grind against him. 
“Yes.” He moans loudly as you press your hips down against him harder. “Want to feel you. Want to be inside you, please baby.” He bucks his hips up again. 
You smirk down at him. “Since you asked so nicely. Need your help though.” Steve watches as you push your panties aside and his hand wraps around the base of his cock. 
He watches in awe as you push yourself down on his cock. The both of you moan out in relief as Steve pushes his hips up until he’s all the way inside of you. “You feel so good inside me, honey.” Your hands land on his shoulders and you use them as stability to push yourself up and down on him. 
“Fuck.” Steve can barely contain himself as his arms wrap around your waist. Your wet heat wraps around him so perfectly that it’s hard for him to hold himself back, especially after being so hard for hours. “You feel so good, fuck. Please.” He begs. 
Steve doesn’t know where to focus as you ride him. His eyes move over your face twisted up in pleasure as you moan, your breasts moving as your body does and where your cunt meets his pelvis bone every time you slide down. It’s all too much and you seem to know it as you pull his hair so he’s looking into your eyes. 
“You can’t cum. Not yet, honey.” Steve whimpers as you finish your sentence. You smile at him. “I know, I’ve got to cum first though. You want me to feel good too, don’t you?” 
Steve nods quickly before moving his hand so it’s between your bodies. “Want to make you cum.” His body meets yours in messy thrusts as he focuses on rubbing your clit. 
“So good for me.” You murmur breathily as you slow your own movements, letting Steve do more of the work. “You always make me feel so good.” You moan again. 
Steve can feel you tighten around him and lets his head fall back against the couch as he moans loudly, “oh, fuck. Fuck. Please I’m-″ His hand falls away from your clit and moves to grip your hip as he bucks up harder. 
“-I know.” You cut him off with a moan. “I can you feel you.” He can’t see you, his eyes screwed shut in pleasure, but he knows there’s a smirk on your face from the cocky tone of voice. 
It turns him on even more, how well you know each other’s bodies. “You can come, Stevie baby. I want you to, please.” You lean towards him in a whisper. “Want you to look at me though.” Steve’s eyes open slowly as you grind down against him. “Come for me.” You order gently. 
You kiss him, your lips pressing against his harshly as Steve’s hips stutter into his orgasm. He moans into your mouth when he feels you orgasm around him, your own hips faltering. 
The two of you stay connected as you both heave out heavy breaths. “You really don’t think it’s weird?” Steve asks after a moment of silence. 
You lean back to look at him with a reassuring smile. “Not at all. I just wish you had told me instead of making me watch this godforsaken show.” You tease before moving to lift yourself off of him. 
Steve lets out an embarrassed laugh and his cheeks turn a light shade of red as he pulls his underwear back up. “We don’t have to watch it anymore if you don’t want to.” He says quietly. 
“I want to.” You press a kiss to his shoulder.  “I’ve got to finish it now. You’re with me for at least five more seasons, baby.” 
Steve presses a kiss to the top of your head. “I guess you’re lucky I love you then.” He murmurs as you move around to press play on the television again. The instrumental blares through the television speakers again as you curl into Steve’s side and his arm wraps around you.
It’s like there’s a weight lifted from his shoulders as the episode begins to play. He knows this one, it’s a bad one and you’ll definitely get upset again, but now he knows his reaction isn’t something to be ashamed of. 
Not with you. 
»»————- ☾ ————-««
notes -> hey! i know it’s taking a little longer to get pieces out, august is pretty busy with me doing most of my pre-school errands and appointments before classes start again at the end of the month. 
i hope you enjoyed this pieced though! definitely something new for me, but i’m pretty proud of it?? as far as how my nsfw writing is coming along
if you did enjoy, reblogs/replies are so greatly appreciated. 
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mypoisonedvine · a year ago
Consolation || Bucky Barnes x reader
summary: you know it’s probably not great that you always turn to your best friend Bucky whenever you’re especially hurt by your husband.  you know your husband should probably care that you spend so much time with him, but he doesn’t.  which is good, in the end, because you two really are just friends… until you’re not.
word count: 4k
warnings: smut!, infidelity (see summary, reader is married), descriptions of failing/sexless marriage, angst, fluff, ~feelings~
Tumblr media
You were good at hiding it— the real reason why you showed up at Bucky's apartment unexpectedly, that is.  
It wasn’t entirely unexpected: you sent a text first, asking if he was down for a movie night, telling him you missed when you used to hang out more.  He did, too, but he had always been afraid your husband would be an issue.  Nice enough guy, but he didn’t seem to trust Bucky entirely… certainly didn’t seem to love that you two were so close.
And who could blame him?  A beautiful, sweet, smart girl like you… he understood why your husband didn’t want you hanging out with other guys when avoidable.  I’ve told him a thousand times, you’re just a friend— you’re just Bucky, you would tell him when you were recounting arguments, explaining why it had been a while since you two had had a chance to catch up.  But Bucky never told you that your husband was right to worry, that he had dreamed since he met you of being more than ‘just a friend,’ that he himself was the reason you two didn’t spend more time together: because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from confessing his feelings.
Because of course he would never make a move on his best friend— on a married woman.  It would be so overwhelmingly inappropriate, such a colossal waste of time; and it wasn’t like he couldn’t handle just being your friend.  Sure, it killed him a little bit sometimes, but it was worth it a million times over to be near you at all.  He would take what he could get… and if that meant platonic movie night because you’d had another argument with your husband, then so be it.
“I stopped by the store on my way; heard your ice cream reserve was depleted,” you explained as you brandished the Ben & Jerry’s before slipping past him to put them in his freezer.  
He watched you walk there, silently hating how comfortable you were in his apartment.  He loved it, but he hated it, too.  
“What are we watching?” you asked, snapping him back to reality.
“Uh, I dunno…”
“You were supposed to pick while I was driving over, genius,” you grumbled sarcastically.
“I narrowed it down to The Ring or You’ve Got Mail,” he decided suddenly.
You chuckled lightly and the sound lifted his spirits. “Okay, so, two drastically different evenings."
“I mean, if you think about it, they’re both about meeting new people through technology,” he corrected.
“Do VHS tapes count as technology?” you raised an eyebrow incredulously.
“They do to me,” he shrugged.
With the ice cream supply exhausted and Bucky’s largest plastic bowl now containing only the unpopped kernels and little broken pieces of popcorn that didn’t make the cut, the third act of The Ring was beginning and you were spending more time covering your eyes than not.
“Let me know when the scary part is over,” you requested weakly from between the hands on your face.
“It’s a horror movie; the whole thing is one long scary part!” he laughed.
You peeked out through your fingers only to see another terrifying moment, yelping and hiding yourself in his chest.
He froze, not sure at all what to do with your face pressed against him; he held his breath in case the inflation of his chest would disturb you.  
“I can’t look!” you whimpered, voice muffled by his shirt.
He lifted his hand in consideration of stroking your hair comfortingly, but ultimately decided against it and set it back down.
Thankfully, the movie was almost over and you wouldn’t stay cuddled up to him after it ended— meaning he’d finally be free from the glorious torture of your nearness.
But then the credits were rolling and you still didn’t budge, holding him tight.  At first he thought you were just still scared, but then you took a slow, shaky breath… and he realized something was wrong with you, way beyond just a spooky movie.
“Are you okay?” he asked quietly, preparing to hear you explain what really happened with you and your husband that made you come here.
You just shook your head a little against his chest, making him sigh.
“Do you wanna talk about it?” he continued, and you hesitated before pulling back and sitting up straight again.  As painful as it had been, he missed your touch already.
“Yes,” you answered, “but I shouldn’t.”
“Okay,” he nodded.
“But I need to.”
“But I can’t.”
You groaned and hid your face in your hands— not from fear this time, but exasperation.  “I told myself that if it ever got to this point, I’d tell someone.  But now I… I don’t know.”
“It’s okay,” he soothed.
"He doesn't… we don't…” you started and stopped a few times.  “God, Buck, I can't even say it…"
"You don't have to—" he began to tell you, but you said it anyway, tearing your hands away from your face and looking back at him sternly.
"He hasn't touched me in months.  And today marks an entire year since the last time I had sex."
He tried not to choke when he heard that.  He figured you were just going to say that he was texting a female coworker too much or flip-flopping about if he wanted kids or not.  This was something else entirely.  "Oh… um, wow."
He wasn’t sure where to start.  In spite of all his obliviousness, he was pretty sure he should say something, he just didn’t know what.  “And he… he knows that you… want that?  I mean, you’ve like… tried to, you know… initiate things, right?”  He cringed at his own voice, and stupid question.
You laughed a little, in a sad way.  "I've begged him for it, fuck, it's so humiliating.  It doesn't even work.  He's always too tired, not in the mood, busy with something.  And of course I want to respect him and not pressure him into anything but at the same time, I feel so fucking unlovable— so hideous."
"You're not hideous,” he said firmly, more sure of that than anything else he’d said so far.
“I try to believe that, really,” you mitigated, “I try not to take it personally— but fuck, it feels personal.  Do you know how often people talk about sex?  It’s like society has this idea that men just wanna bang twenty-four hours a day and the only thing stopping them is women being prudes.  Do you know what it’s like to hear people talk like that when your husband rejects you every night?  Do you know how it feels to hear your girlfriends complaining about how their boyfriends are pestering them for sex too often, and you’re just sitting there screaming inside your head ‘at least he wants you’?  Bucky, you can’t even imagine…”
“I can’t,” he agreed.  
"It's been so long…” you sighed shakily, collecting yourself before you started again.  “It's been so long since somebody touched me.  I wondered if I would forget what it felt like."
His hand shook a little as he reached out with his flesh hand and brushed it against your arm, staring into your watery eyes and finding less fear there than he expected, thankfully.
"Did you forget?" he asked softly.
"I must have," you mumbled, "it feels better than I remembered."
The heartbreak in your voice made anger bubble up in his chest, amazed at how your husband ever allowed this to happen; ever allowed you to become so touch-starved that even just a brush on your arm made you emotional.  "I can't imagine being with you every day and not wanting to touch you whenever I could get the chance,” he admitted.  “I can't imagine being your husband and not making love to you every day, every hour, whenever you wanted; whenever you'd let me.  I can't imagine having you beg me for something and not giving it to you— I'd give you everything."
He had to fight a gasp as you suddenly grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss, a bit sudden at first but melting into something gentle and patient and soft.  
“Then do it,” you whispered as you finally pulled back; he could barely think straight to even process what you were saying.  “Give me everything.”
He nodded a little before he kissed you again, rough but deep and slow.  His hands roamed your body like he'd wished to for so long; his tongue slid against yours and the taste of you drove him wild.
As hard as it was to break from your lips, he moved his kisses down your jaw to your neck, sucking at your pulse as you groaned and clutched at his shoulders through his shirt.
"Fuck," you whispered under your breath, and he must've heard you swear a million times but this time it sounded so different.  
His cock was straining against his jeans already, just from this— it was like he was a fucking teenager again, but to be fair, you'd always had that effect on him: sweaty palms, stammering, sudden boners.  It was like lifelong puberty with you around.
When his fingers toyed with the hem of your shirt, just barely brushing over the skin right above your sweats, you pulled back briefly to pull your shirt off over your head.  He thought it might be awkward if he just stood there gawking at your chest, so he only allowed himself a moment of it before he got back to work holding you tight and kissing your collarbones.
He pulled you closer and you must've felt his cock pressed against you because you gasped a little.  And you must've liked it, because your hand slipped down and rubbed him through the front of his jeans, making him choke on nothing.
“S’big,” you mumbled, and he grinned a little.  
“Feel what you do to me?” he asked softly, and you nodded a little before grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand down your body and into the waistband of your pants.  He shuddered when he felt how warm your skin was, the lacy fabric of your panties, the slick folds you guided his fingers through.
“Feel what you do to me?” you shot back, but your cockiness faded when he circled his middle finger over your swollen bud.  He loved the way your body reacted so easily, subtle little gasps and shivers, your hips jolting forward for more stimulation.  You both moaned when he pushed a finger into your channel, your walls already pulsing around him.
“Is this okay?” he asked.
You whispered your approval and he twisted the finger inside you.  Even just that made you let out a heavy breath, your hands reaching down to grip his wrist— they didn’t push him away, thankfully, just reminded him to be gentle with you as he added the second finger, pushing a bit deeper than before.
“More,” you whimpered your plea, “I want more.”
For a second he thought you meant more fingers, but then you opened your eyes and gave him a look… that look.  
It made it abundantly clear that fingers weren’t going to be enough.  After all, you had asked him to give you everything.  So he gladly obliged when you started to tug at his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it aside.  You lifted your hips to let him pull down your sweats, not giving him much time to drink in the sight of you before you started opening his fly for him.
Being undressed by you made his heart race; the way you rushed, like you couldn’t wait a moment longer to have him, was flattering yet relatable.
You sighed when you got his cock out, instantly wrapping your hand around his shaft and stroking.  He shuddered at the softness of your hands, at your gentle but persistent exploration.  Clearly it had been a while since you’d gotten the chance to interact with a dick, but it didn’t show in any lack of skill— if anything it just made you more eager, your grip firm but your touches gentle.  He kissed you again, holding your face in one hand and leaning you back with the other until you were laid on the couch and he was hovering over you.
He guided your hand away from his cock, replacing it with his own as he guided the weeping head over your slick folds, smiling at your gasp when he bumped against your clit.
“Do you want this?” he asked, fully prepared for you to back out now before you did something you really couldn’t take back.
“Yes.”  Your answer was more confident than he was expecting, but he still couldn’t really believe it.  It was just too good to be true.  So he had to check again.
“...are you sure?”
"Don't make me beg, Bucky," you whimpered, "I've done it enough, I can't do it again.  Just make love to me— I need you inside me, please…"
Your head fell back as he pushed into you, your nails digging into his shoulders until he stopped from fear of hurting you (even though it took more willpower than he knew he had).
"Don't stop," you whined, "need to feel all of you, Bucky, please please don't stop—"
He definitely didn't have enough willpower to resist that.  Slamming into you all at once, he hissed as you cried out, baring his teeth at the sight of you quivering and moaning beneath him.
"I— I need a second," you explained, voice tight with ill-concealed pain, "it's been a while.”
"I can wait," he nodded, "I won't move until you're ready."
He could tell you were struggling, because how could you not be when you felt so fucking tight around him?  He guided you to breathe slowly with him, feeling your body relax slightly and noticing the way your face untwisted as you became more comfortable.
You nodded a little, but he needed to hear you say it.  "Fuck me," you whispered.
And he did.  
He still kept his pace measured and relaxed, savoring every inch of you— savoring your reactions to every inch of him.
But watching your face was going to push him towards the edge too fast, and he wanted to make this last if possible, so he leaned down to suck on your neck, thoroughly tasting your skin as you moaned and writhed beneath him.  It felt incredible to surround your body with his, to cage you in and pin you down with his weight— it made him feel like he could protect you, keep you safe, even though he knew he couldn’t save you from heartache as much as he wanted to.
If you wanted someone to touch you, to give you affection, to make love to you and make you feel loved, then you’d come to the right place.  That came to him naturally; the hard part was going to be letting you go, letting this be the one-time favor for a friend that he already knew it was.
“You feel so good,” he found himself whispering against your skin, just beside your ear, “so good for me.”
The praise must have had a strong effect on you, because your walls tightened around him suddenly.
“So perfect,” he continued, wanting to feel it again, “my perfect girl.”  And you weren’t his girl, but maybe he could pretend you were; you certainly seemed to enjoy pretending, with the way your moans egged him on.  “God, baby, your pussy feels so fucking good around my cock.”
“Bucky,” you whined, arching your back, and he grinned because it was obvious that you responded even better to dirty talk than praise.
“You like that, huh?  You like makin’ me feel good?” he pressed, laughing a little when you nodded feverishly.  “Fuck, such a good girl… takin’ me so good, so fuckin’ deep…”
You grabbed him by his hair to make him kiss you again, hungry lips smashing against his.
Inspired by your passion but afraid of what he’d do with all of this control, he wrapped his arms around you and hoisted you up until he was sitting while you straddled him, looking up at you with a grin.  "Ride me, pretty girl, show me how bad you want it," he instructed lowly.  The way you rocked your hips and threw your head back was everything he'd dreamed it would be, increased exponentially.  Of course, he'd never told anyone that he dreamed about that, but he'd also never thought it could ever come true.  He ran his hands over every part of you he could reach, just to make sure it was real; just to make sure he memorized the feel of you while he could.
He leaned forward and wrapped his lips around a hardened nipple, sucking gently and smirking a little when you moaned loudly.  “You’re sensitive here,” he noted aloud, kissing his way to the other nipple but still teasing the first with his metal fingers.
Your moans came faster and louder, your fingers combing through his hair and pulling seemingly unintentionally.  He noticed that you let your eyes fall shut, your head crane back, and although he was glad that it was a sign of pleasure, he wanted to see you; he wanted you to see him, know that it was him making you feel this way.  so, he reached up and cupped your face in his hand, cradling your cheek, pulling you closer to look at him, staring into your eyes— and he knew it wasn't a subtle move, wasn't believable as a guy just helping out a friend, but he didn't care anymore.  When he kissed you again, it almost felt like you meant it, too; like you wanted him first, and not just as a consolation prize.
But you pulled back a little too soon, a reminder to both of you that this couldn’t be anything more than what it was.
Your hips gyrated faster and more vigorously, his hands gripping you tight and guiding your movements while you sighed and bit your lip.  You looked so indescribably good when you were immersed in pleasure like this, your hands gripping his shoulders tightly for balance, your chest swelling and deflating with quick breaths.
“So fucking beautiful,” he whispered below his breath as his hand softly trailed from your collarbone down to your thigh.  The sounds you made were constantly changing, a little more high-pitched and needy now as you rode him faster.  He was already picking up on the little signs that you were getting closer: your thighs flexing where they were straddled beside his own, how your body jolted and shivered in his grasp, your eyes wrenched shut and your skin breaking out into goosebumps.
Already he knew your body so well, but he knew there was so much more he would never get the chance to discover.  For now, he’d just have to settle for a preview of all the perfect little ways you fell apart.
And, in the interest of speeding that process up a bit, he reached down to where your bodies were joined and circled a thumb over your clit.
“Fuck!” you yelped, your inner muscles bearing down on him out of nowhere until he was forced to groan from your tightness.
“You close?” he stammered out, way less confident than he meant it to be.  He should’ve said something cool like ‘I know you’re close’ or ‘aw, baby, does that feel good?’ but no, he was too far gone and gave his own desperation away.
"Yes, baby, I'm so close," you sighed, "I'm gonna come— you're gonna make me come."
You said it with a hint of shock in your voice, like you could barely believe it.  He couldn't believe it, either, because it was surely too good to be true.
"Come for me," he instructed firmly, pulling you closer until his nose brushed against yours, "say my name when I make you come."
It was unfair, but he needed to pretend you were his for just a moment.  Only his.
"Bucky," you whimpered shakily.  Your walls tightened around him so perfectly, over and over, until it took everything in him not to bust right then.  "Bucky, I'm coming, fuck, I'm coming—"
"I know," he whispered, "I know, pretty girl, keep going."
Your nails dug into his skin, but he couldn’t even notice the pain when he was watching your face as you came— it was tight and twisted at first, before falling into a gasp and a moan that made his heart swell along with his cock that painted your walls the absolute second he knew you’d come.  It was intense, not just from holding back for so long, but from knowing he was coming inside you.
He sighed and started to catch his breath as you slumped forward and buried your face in the crook of his neck.  His arms wrapped around you and pulled you closer, the warmth of your body nearly overwhelming now as he felt little aftershocks ripple through your channel around where he was still within you.
"Thank you," you whispered, so quiet he could barely hear it.  But he did, and he nodded a little as he rested his face against yours, stroking your hair gently.  You held each other in silence for a long time, so long that when your breathing slowed down significantly and he could feel your body relax entirely, he realized you had fallen asleep.  
Carefully, he held you tighter so he could stand up and carry you to his bedroom, your body instinctively wrapping around him like a koala… like even in your sleep, you could act all adorable and break his heart just that much more.  
He did his best to tread quietly and gently, laying you down onto the bed and only then pulling his softened cock out of you, finding his discarded boxers to put back on before joining you between the sheets.  
He knew you would be gone in the morning but he indulged himself in holding you tonight, breathing your scent and pressing your back against his chest.  He didn't want to fall asleep because he didn't want to miss a second of your body wrapped in his, but it was impossible not to with the soft pace of your breathing almost rocking him to sleep like a beautiful lullaby.
Where there was warmth and peace before, he awoke to cold and emptiness— both between his sheets and in himself.
It’s not like he really expected you to stay, and even if you had it wouldn’t mean that you would leave your husband for your best friend, that this would have ever been anything more than a glimpse of what could’ve been in another life or another universe.
He could still smell you, barely, and he buried his face in the sheets to take it all in before it faded away.  When it was gone, he pulled back only to find a wet patch of his tears there instead.
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falcqns · a year ago
Hey, hey it’s your loyal fan! ❤ I thought of this, maybe you’ll like to write about it. Angry sex with Henry, because the girl and he hated each other because their families are close and practically they grew up together. 😄
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Actress!Reader
Warnings: Infinity War spoilers, Bratty!Henry, swearing, smut, fluff, angst.
A/N: Thank you for the request! I absolutely love this idea, I hope you enjoy! I also *definitely* did not base the smut part off of a recent hook up ;)
Tumblr media
You were really dreading going to your neighbors cook out with your parents. When they had told you about it, you almost said no, knowing Henry would be there. You didn’t hate his family, you just hated him.
The two of you actually used to be the best of friends. Up until the age of 18, the two of you were inseparable. Then, he started acting, and never had time for you anymore. While you understood that he was busy, it still hurt. The moment your friendship ended didn’t come until you were 24, when he had a break in filming and came back to Jersey for Christmas, and treated you like you didn’t even exist. All he did for two weeks straight was talk about his experience acting, and brag about how hot his new girlfriend was. Not a word to you about anything, and you knew that was it. 
It was after that Christmas, that you decided if he could make it as an actor, you could as well. You auditioned for an agent the next week, and once you made it through that step, you started acting. 
One of your more notable roles was in the Marvel series, playing the character Mockingbird. It was one of your first acting gigs, and everyone was surprised you got such a huge role right away, but you had more than proved yourself to everyone after the first Avengers movie. You had always wondered what Henry thought, but you never asked. Although you had started acting to get back at Henry, you found that you absolutely loved acting.
It was only a week ago that you had finished filming Infinity War, and had 2 weeks off before you started filming Endgame, so when your mom asked if you wanted to come home and visit for a little, you had said yes. You didn’t know at the time that that would entail you going to the Cavill’s house for a cookout. You were going to say no, but your mom insisted, and you agreed.
As you looked yourself in the mirror in your bedroom, you knew you weren’t prepared to see him. You had seen him a few times over the years, at award shows and such, and he had never taken a second look at you. If he did, he would instantly roll his eyes.  You tried to ignore it, but it still stung a little. 
You took a deep breath, and looked at your outfit for the cookout. It wasn’t anything special, just a yellow sundress with white flowers on it. It accentuated your body in the best way possible, and you weren’t complaining. You paired it with a pair of white Vans, and you were ready.
As you walked down the stairs, you felt the dread swirling in your stomach, but you pushed it out of your mind. If you made it through at least 3 hours, you could say you were tired, and head home. You grabbed the fruit platter your mom had prepared, and followed your family out of the house and over to the Cavill’s. 
You instantly heard Henry laughing loudly, and had to mentally prepare yourself to face him. He was never verbally rude, it was only side glances and eye rolls, but it still took a toll on you. 
You walked in, and greeted Marianne and Colin, while Henry played football with his nephews further down the yard. You spared him a glance at his back, but turned to help your mom set up the three lawn chairs she had brought. 
As you got yourself a drink, you felt Henry’s eyes burning into your back, and moments later, his scent surrounded you. You rolled you eyes, before turning to face him. He rolled his eyes, and stepped to the side to allow you to get out of his way, which you gladly did. Your mom smirked at you as you rolled your eyes and walked away. 
“Still not getting along?” She asked as you sat next to her. You scoffed. “Nope. I don’t even know what I did for him to hate me so much.” You said, and your mom brushed a piece of hair out of your eyes. 
“I don’t know honey. Maybe you should ask him,” She suggested, and you almost scoffed again. 
A few minutes later, you made your way into the house to use the bathroom, and your mom took that opportunity to brag about you. As you exited the house, you almost laughed at Henry. He was glaring at the grass in front of him, in a way that almost made you believe he had laser vision, while your mom talked about your career. 
“She actually just booked a role in this new film coming out, called Knives Out! it had Chris Evans and Daniel Craig. It doesn’t start filming until next year, but it sounds exciting!” Your mom said, and everyone smiled, other than Henry. 
“How was filming for Infinity War, Y/N?” Marianne asked, as you sat down. 
“It was great. We filmed in Atlanta and Scotland, which was pretty cool. I can’t say a whole lot about it, but it was fun. Especially getting to work with every one again. A fair amount of the cast dies in this one, so I’m excited to see how Endgame is going to end,” You said, and everyone smiled. Henry scoffed quietly, but you chose to ignore it. 
You continued talking to the people at the cookout, mainly your mom, until Marianne asked if you and Henry could go to the store and pick up a few things that she was out of. You said yes, and Henry rolled his eyes again, before reluctantly agreeing.
You grabbed your car keys and waited for him at the gate to the backyard. You noticed he pulled his car keys out of his pocket, and scoffed. “We’re taking my car,” He said, unlocking his Aston Martin. 
You hit the start button of your Dodge Ram 1500, before turning to him. “No. We’re taking my truck. I refuse to be on of those ‘girls’ in your car that I see all over the news.” You said, and Henry sighed before locking his car and walking over to your truck. You got in the car and put your keys in the ignition. Your phone connected to the bluetooth, and just to annoy him even more, you decided to play ‘F-150′ by Robyn Ottolini. 
“I can drive by your street and not feel a thing Play all of those songs you used to play me Get drunk with my friends and not think to call Could think of you a little, but I don’t think of you at all I’ve been growing up, getting strong, moving on…”
Henry groaned as you pulled out of the driveway. “Really? Country music?” He said. You chuckled. 
“I thought you liked country music?” You asked, and he rolled his eyes once more. “Yeah, actual country music. Not whatever girly shit this is that you think it country music.” 
You felt your frustration growing but attempted to push it back down. “Well, it’s my truck, and I want to listen to this.” You spat at him as you turned the corner.
“I’m just saying I hate it. I thought you’d have better taste in music considering who your friends are.” He muttered, looking out the window. You furrowed your brows.
“Whats that supposed to mean?” You demanded, and Henry laughed sarcastically before turning to you. 
“It means that you can sit there all high and mighty thinking you’re better than everyone just because you’re a Marvel actor. You can brag about being friends with Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan all you want, but it doesn’t make you any better than me.” He grumbled, and you had had enough.
You slowed the car down at the red light before you spoke. “What the fuck did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much? We used to be best friends, and now you treat me like shit for no apparent reason. Why?” You demanded. Henry turned his body to face yours.
“You didn’t even congratulate me on my first acting job. You didn’t even pick up the phone, and at Christmas, you didn’t even talk to me. You shut me out for no reason, so I have a right to be mad about it,” He said, as the light turned green and the car began moving again. You scoffed. 
“I wasn’t the one who shut you out. You came home and all you talked about was filming, and how ‘hot’ your girlfriend at the time was. Of course I didn’t want to sit there and listen to you brag, when you walked right by me, and didn’t even say hi.” “You didn’t even come to the airport with Mum and Dad to pick me up! You were clearly mad and jealous, and I didn’t want to cause a blowout!” 
“I wasn’t at the airport because I had finals you dumb ass. If you’d have noticed, I arrived the same time you did. I waved at you, and you rolled your eyes at me, and started blabbering on and on about your life, without even asking me for an explanation. If you had asked, I would have explained and apologized.”
Henry turned to face you again, and the car turned down the road that would lead into town. “You didn’t even call me. You had my number.”
Your brow furrowed. “We were already filming Captain America The Winter Soldier then, and I asked him because he is like a big brother to me, and I could call you because you hated my guts. Chris had a girlfriend, and everyone else was busy, so Seb came with me. And if you’re going to sit here and just ‘assume’ Seb and I are dating because we went to an awards show together, you’re fucking insane. He has a girlfriend, so don’t even go there. For the record, if you had asked me to go with you. I would have said yes.” You said. Henry laughed again, and you wanted to hit him.
“Yeah sure you would have. Why did you even get into acting in the first place? Because I did, and you were jealous?” He questioned, crossing his arms over his chest.
You looked out the windshield. “That was a part of it, but mainly I did it because I was head over heels in love with you, and you abandoned me. Do you even know how much it hurt me to hear you talking about your girlfriend that year at Christmas? Do -” You started to say, before you were cut off by Henry undoing your seat belt, and attempting to pull you over the middle console. 
It took a few tries, but he eventually got it, and you were straddling his waist. He looked at you angrily, before slamming his lips to yours. You yelped into the kiss, but melted into it seconds later. Henry ran his hands over your hips and under your dress. His fingers grazed over your covered mound, and moaned at the feeling of the soaked fabric. His hands traveled back up to your hips, and pressed you down onto his growing hard on. 
His lips traveled from your mouth and down your neck. He sucked a hickey into where your neck connects with your shoulder. You gripped the back of his head, and moaned at the feeling of his stubble ticking your skin. His right hand traveled in between your legs, and pushed your underwear to the side.
His fingers traveled through your wetness, before he pulled his hand away. You whimpered at the loss of contact, but you swallowed it as you glanced down and saw him undoing his pants. He pulled his hard cock out seconds later. You barely got a glance at it, before he was pushing inside of you, slowly. 
Once you were fully seated on his cock again, he tilted the seat all the way back before placing his hands behind your knees. You went to move, but squeaked when you felt a slap land on your right butt cheek.
 “Don’t you fucking move,” Henry growled, and all you could do was nod. Henry adjusted slightly, before he started pounding into you right off the bat. He let go of your left knee, and pulled your shoulder until your shoulder crashed into his. He took both of your hips into his hands, as he quickened his pace. You let out a moan, but that earned you another swat on the butt.
“Shut the fuck up,” He grunted out, his hands moving from your hips to take two full handfuls of your ass. “Been pissing me off for years, and it seems the only way you’ll shut the fuck up is when a dick is in your fucking pussy. If you make a fucking sound, I'm going to stop, and leave you all wet and dripping for the rest of the day.” He threatened, and all you could do again was nod.
He slapped your ass again, and grunted, his hips snapping against yours quicker. Henry trailed his right hand over your hip, and in between your open legs. He traced his fingers over the skin of his cock that was quickly disappearing and reappearing inside of you, before trailing up and over your soaked pussy, his thumb finding your clit instantly. he rubbed quick circles, and you felt the pressure of your orgasm quickly approaching. 
“You better fucking cum before I do or you’re not coming at all.” Henry spat, yet another slap landing on your butt cheek. You bit back a whimper, and nodded. He gripped your hips and pushed you up before his thumb returned to your clit. “I wanna see your face when you fucking cum. When you fall apart on my cock, ‘cuz I’m the only one who can fuck you this fucking good, right? Do Chris and Seb fuck you this good? Have you drunk off just my cock in less than 5 minutes? Bet they can't,” He grumbled, and your back arched and the pressure grew even more. You clawed at his chest to alert him about your orgasm, but that earned you a slap on the thigh.
“I’m about to cum, so you better hurry the fuck up and finish,” He growled, and you nodded pathetically. You felt your legs start to shake, you and you bit down on your lip as it washed over you, and you squeezed Henry’s cock in between your walls. He gripped your hips, and pulled you down on his cock as he came, and filled you with spurt after spurt of his cum. 
You collapsed onto him moments later, and teared up when you felt him brushing hair out of your eyes and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. His thumb brushed away a stray tear that fell out of you eye, before tilting your chin up to look up at him. He gave you the sweet smile that you hadn't seen in over 10 years, before mending all the broken pieces of your heart with 4 words. 
“I love you too,” He whispered, a tear falling from his eye, as he pressed a sweet and soft kiss to your lips. “I love you so much. I’m so sorry that I made you think that I hated you. I was conflicted. I was so in love with you and I didn't know how to handle it, so I went out of my way to hurt you, which is pathetic. I promise you I will never hurt you again,” he said, and smiled when you rested your hand on his jaw.
“I know. I think our issue was that we were so horny for each other but we didn't know it. I’m just glad we sorted it out,” You whispered and pressed a kiss to his jaw and he tightened his arms around you and smiled. 
“Yeah, me too.”
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We're Just Friends! (Omega!bakugo x alpha!reader x omega!Izuku) pt. 4/5
Pt 1 // 2 // 3 // (to b linked)
Lore: Once an Alpha reaches 21 they get their first rut, they’d either already have their mates or the rut will act as a push for them to get together and bond.
Summary: Reader and Katsuki have been friends for years, and everyone expects them to get together, until reader rescues an omega that lives in their building, and things get a touch more... complicated
“I think we should move in together, as a trial ya know! See how things go?”
“There’s no way I’m moving into your shitty fucking apartment, Deku.”
The three of you were on the couch in your apartment, you were stuck in the middle, literally, with Katsuki’s head on your shoulder and Izuku’s legs thrown over your lap. It was uh… interesting! That was for sure! You’d kissed Katsuki without thinking after he’d agreed, and tripped over yourself apologising once you’d realised what you’d done. He’d told you to shut the fuck up and had then pulled you back in, and everything seemed to fall into place. Then you’d texted Izuku saying Katsuki had agreed, and told him to come over so the three of you could talk. It… could be going better, truth be told.
“Izuku, would you be open to staying here? The three of us can stay in my room, I think that’s more of a neutral ground?”
“Oh I would love to-!” Izuku grinned, leaning forward and gently grabbing your face to pull you into a kiss. You had to pull away when Katsuki growled, although it turned into a purr when you quickly pressed your lips to his. This wasn’t going to be easy, was it?
Moving Izuku’s stuff in had taken most of the afternoon, and Katsuki had insisted on moving some of his clothes and blankets into your room too. You didn’t really get it, but you were just trying to make this go as smoothly as possible. For the moment, however, it was peaceful. Katsuki was cooking dinner, he’d threatened to only do it if you were in there with him, so you were standing behind him with your arms wrapped around his waist and your head on his shoulder. Izuku was in the shower, and Katsuki was using every ounce of willpower to not completely melt under your touch, especially when you’d let your nose brush against his scent gland. You had no idea what you were doing to the omega, the content feeling that filled your being emptied your mind of anything except Katsuki’s warmth and how perfectly he fit against you and you really should have done this sooner, shouldn’t you?
“Wow Kacchan, that smells great!” Izuku entered the kitchen, and Katsuki was too calm to do anything but let out a half assed growl.
“How was your shower? Did you work out the water okay?” You tilted your head to look at him, he was wearing your shirt that fell to mid thigh, and you felt yourself blush as you reached out an arm.
“Yeah it was like a dream!” He chirped, wasting no time cuddling up to you, one arm going around you and the other resting on Katsuki’s waist. The blonde tensed for a moment, but it was still so comforting, he couldn’t bring himself to complain or tell Deku to fuck off.
“No, the right side has always been my side, you can sleep on the fucking left!” Katsuki hissed, trying not to wake you up. The three of you had watched a movie after dinner, (getting into a position on the couch everyone was happy with had been a struggle) and you’d fallen asleep halfway through, so Katsuki had carried you to the room, managing to not wake you up, although his attempts were futile as you stirred in his arms.
“Guys- m’tired can we just… sort it out tomorrow? Please?” You were still half asleep, too tired to even open your eyes when you spoke.
“There you go, Deku, you get to sleep on the left.” Katsuki was far too smug, and Izuku had to push down a growl. You needed to sleep, and what kind of a mate would he be if he got in the way of that.
“Fine… but Y/n goes in the middle.”
“Obviously! Like I would want your clingy ass all over me while I tried to sleep.” Katsuki snapped back, although the it lacked any real venom as he was pulling back the covers and gently setting you in the middle. You shuffled around a bit to get comfortable, letting out a purr when your mates got into bed and turning to the right on instinct. Katsuki smirked at Izuku, you were facing him! But Izuku only rolled his eyes, pressing his entire body up against yours and tangling your legs together before he threw an arm over your waist. Then it was his turn to smirk when you moved your hand down to meet his, sleepily doing your best to intertwine your fingers , and Katsuki could only huff. Still, he snuggled close to your front, gently lifting your head so his arm could go underneath it and then putting his head as close to your scent gland as he could get. Then he threw his leg over yours, and Deku’s -who was already out like a light-, and closed his eyes, feeling far more comfortable than he’d expected.
“Thank you, Katsuki, I know this isn’t easy for you.” He barely made out what you mumbled, to be honest he wasn’t even sure if you’d remember, but it had him blushing nonetheless.
You woke up to rather insistent nipping at your scent gland, so much to the point that it was slightly swollen, and Izuku was so drenched in your scent you couldn’t even tell that he was an omega.
“’Zuku what’re you… ‘s sensitive…” you couldn’t bring yourself to push him off, it felt… good- but with one last kiss Izuku was pulling away and you couldn’t help but pout.
“C’mon Y/n! We’ve got class, I don’t wanna find out what Mr. Aizawa is like when he’s mad!” How was Izuku this awake in the morning?
“Five more minutes- please…” You whined, burying your face in Katsuki’s shoulder to try and block out the light.
“Nope, we gotta get breakfast on the way, and I need to scent you before we go, plus you need to get dressed!” God he was persistent, and you were surprised how easily the omega hauled you out of bed, seriously- he has to work out, right?
“Alpha, c’mon, please!” That had you wide awake, and judging from the way Izuku grinned at you the omega knew exactly what he was doing.
“Fine, but you owe me.” You groaned, although you went over to your closet to pick out an outfit even as you grumbled, glancing back at Katsuki occasionally. How the fuck was he still fast asleep? You’d have to leave him a note.
“Okay, you ready to go?” You zipped up your backpack, hefting it over your shoulder before you turned to Izuku.
“Almost, I want to scent you before we go, so people know we’re together.” He mumbled, eyes fixed on the ground and you almost dropped your backpack as a flush spread over your face. You didn’t think you’d be hearing that today, and it wasn’t a question, the way he stated it made a shiver run through you. It made sense, though, you were still unmarked, and your scent drenched him so heavily he smelled like an alpha, it was only fair you let him repay the favour.
“O-okay- do you want me to sit on the couch-“
“Yes please.” Izuku finally had the courage to meet your eyes, he was so scared you were going to say no, but you just nodded, placing your bag on the table before you took a seat on the couch. He almost fainted when you bared your neck, although your eyes were fixed on the ground he couldn’t help the power he felt, you already trusted him enough to submit like this? He was on cloud nine.
“Thank you.” He sat right on your lap and you squeaked, your face on fire as the omega only giggled.
“That’s my good alpha, don’t worry, I’ll make it quick so we can still grab something to eat.” Izuku grabbed your wrists, and you had to bite the inside of your cheek to stay pliable for him, especially when he brought your wrists up to his neck, humming quietly as he rubbed them over his scent glands. Soon your scent was completely mingled with his, but that wasn’t enough, and Izuku leaned forward, pressing a kiss to your scent gland before he rubbed his scent gland directly over yours. Your vision blacked out for a second, and you couldn’t hold back a whimper as he pulled back, finally satisfied and pressing a kiss to your lips before he got up, offering a hand to you.
“There! Now everyone will know who you belong to!”
“Congratulations bro! Bakugo told us everything that happened!”
“So when’re you gonna like- you know- your birthday is less than a week away!”
“Oi! I told you to shut the fuck up with that bullshit!" Your friends bombarded you with questions the second they saw you, and Katsuki was already fed up with their enthusiasm, especially after they’d grilled him about it all through class.
“Oh hey guys! What happened to asking how I’m going before you bombard me and my mates with questions?” You clicked your tongue at your friends, who didn’t even look guilty, truth be told.
“Did you find the note I left?” That was directed at Katsuki, who only nodded as you pulled him into a hug, his nose wrinkling when all he could smell was Deku. Izuku was making conversation with Kiri, the only one of the group not asking inappropriate questions, and Katsuki grumbled to himself as he pulled you closer to rub his scent gland against yours, letting out a low growl when Mina and Denki cooed.
“Wake me up so I can scent you too next time, okay dumbass?” Katsuki snarled when he was finally satisfied and sure you smelt more like him than Deku.
“You’re impossible to wake up, but I’ll try!” You beamed at your mate, pressing a kiss to his forehead before you turned to your friends.
“They wanna throw us a party.” Izuku slid under your arm, his hands resting on your waist like you’d been together for years.
“No. Absolutely not.” Katsuki shook his head, and Denki let out a disappointed whine at the refusal, turning his puppy eyes to you instead, with Mina joining him.
“C’mon man, this has been in the making for years, please let us throw you guys a mating party! Please!”
“Never leave the house without me scenting you, okay? Or people are gonna think you’re just with him.” Katsuki wasn’t one for PDA, so he rushed you and Izuku home as soon as he could, pushing you down on the couch and yelling for Izuku to close and lock the door behind him.
“I want you to promise, promise me, Alpha?” Katsuki never cooed, or used your title like that, he must’ve been more upset then you thought.
“I promise, I’ll wake you up next time.” You nodded, brain completely short circuiting when Katsuki sat himself on your lap and went right to kissing your neck. Your head tilted back and your eyes fluttered closed of their own accord, your hands resting on the omegas hips and squeezing when he nipped a bit too hard.
“What about me, Kacchan?” Izuku piped up from beside you, when had he gotten there? Katsuki let out a growl at him, but ultimately just clenched his jaw and rested his head on your shoulder, taking deep breath’s until he was calm enough to talk.
“Fine, shitty deku, I’ll scent you too-“
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No Contact
Tumblr media
+another repost! i did not make any changes to this work.
summary; mark as your secret boyfriend.. but the both of you aren’t very discreet..
i was inspired by this drabble… so cute
5.1k words..
i swear i tried not to make it too long but it was so hard… also the ending is kinda funny lmfao!!!! im so funny
anw i hope you guys enjoyed this…? bc this was so so so fun to make although it’s lowkey kinda empty bc i didn’t want to make it too long!!! but yes hopefully you like it!! okkk bye!! njoy hehehehehe <3
+Day 18 3:32PM
You were holding Mark’s hands tightly, talking happily about anything and everything. 
That was why you loved Mark; he made you feel so comfortable, you could talk to him for hours and never get tired. He’s someone who you would need in a friend group to make everything less awkward. 
“And so, Yeri fell and we all laughed!” you told him, laughing at the old memory. 
You used to work as a choreographer for Red Velvet, but after a while, you decided to stop since it was affecting your studies a lot. While working with SM, you met the boys, and that was how you met the rest of NCT. 
When you didn’t get a response from Mark, you turned to look at Mark, only to find him frozen, staring ahead. 
“Mark?” you call, turning to see what he was staring at. Your eyes widened when you saw Jaehyun and Doyoung crossing the traffic light. “Oh, fuck.”
“Shit,” your boyfriend cursed, “we need to go,” he tells you, tightening his grip on your hand. 
The both of you speed walk to the opposite direction, hoping his members wouldn’t walk the same path as the both of you. Mark let out another string of curses when he saw his members walking behind them. 
Mark suddenly pulled you into a random store, trying to lose his friends. He pulled you deeper in the store, hiding the both of you from the main entrance. 
Your boyfriend was standing so close to you, the proximity making you nervous. You could feel your heart beating quickly as your cheeks flush red. Your hands going up to press them against Mark’s chest, pushing him back slightly. 
Mark didn’t notice, too distracted on finding his friends. When he noticed that he has lost his friends, he pulled away from a breathless you. His hands smoothly pull yours away from his chest. 
“I think they’re gone— wait, why are you so red?”
+Day 24 11:22PM
You were laying on the couch, playing with your phone while your boyfriend worked on some music that he has been writing for the past few days. 
“Mark~” you whine, your eyes were still stuck on your phone. You just wanted to disturb him for fun. 
Suddenly the door of the studio opened, Taeyong stumbling in as he stared at you and Mark in shock. 
“What are you doing here?” Taeyong asks you. 
“Uh…” you drag out, turning to look at your boyfriend for help. He looked at you then he quickly looked back at Taeyong. 
“I was making a new song for our Japan stage and had y/n help me with the choreography and all,” Mark explained, letting out an embarrassed chuckle. 
That was a lie. Well, not really. Mark did need help with the choreography, but at the same time he wanted you to be there to accompany him. Your presence calms him.
Taeyong remained silent as his eyes went back and forth between you and Mark.
“Should I leave?” you ask awkwardly, looking at your boyfriend then back at Taeyong. When you didn’t get a response, you stood up ready to grab your things.
The older man shook his head, “no, no, stay,” he tells you, walking further in, “I just didn’t know the both of you were so close,” he says while taking a seat next to your boyfriend. 
You let out a chuckle, “we’re close, you guys just didn’t know,”
+Day 33 9:02PM
After Taeyong found out how close Mark was with you, he wouldn’t stop inviting you to the dorm to hang out with the rest of the boys. 
“So, what movie are we watching today?” asks Taeyong as he took a seat next to Doyoung. 
You and Mark were seating next to each other. Mark was sitting at the very end while Jaehyun was sitting on the other side of you. Mark and you was sharing a blanket, your hands placed on your lap. 
“Parasite?” suggests Taeil. 
Loud whines filled the room, “we’ve all watched it, Taeil-ah,” whined Johnny. 
“Y/n, have you watched it?” asks Taeyong, turning to look at you. 
You shook your head. You were told it was pretty graphic and scary and you hated anything that has got to do with blood. 
And Mark knew that, so he would always avoid watching scary movies with you. 
“Should we watch it again? Since y/n hasn’t watched it?” suggests Taeyong, looking at the members for confirmation. The rest of the boys nod their head in agreement.
“Hyung,” your boyfriend voices out, “I don’t think—”
“No,” you quickly deny with a smile, “let’s watch it,”
Taeyong shrugs and plays the movie. 
Mark bit his lip.
A few minutes later, you felt your phone vibrate, you noticed it was Mark who has texted you. You turn to look at Jaehyun, making sure he wasn’t looking. You lowered the brightness of your phone before opening Mark’s text message. 
Markie Pooh: will you be okay?
You turn to look at Mark, but he was staring at the TV screen with a straight face. 
You bit back a smile as you typed a reply. 
You: yes, don’t worry abt me :) 
Mark quickly looked down at his phone to see your reply before keeping his phone away again. Your boyfriend let out a cough before shifting nearer to you until your shoulders were touching. 
You tried to hide your smile by looking down before looking back up, trying to keep a straight face. 
Mark had already watched the movie with the boys when it first came out. He knew when there was going to be a bloody scene. 
So, before the scene started, he had secretly reached for your hand under the blanket. 
You felt his fingers slowly reaching for yours, letting his fingers lace with yours. You tightly grip his hands, not wanting to let go. When you saw the bloody scene, your grip on your boyfriend’s hands tightened as he soothingly strokes the back of your hand with his thumb, hoping it would calm you. 
His fingers on yours distracted you from the graphic show that was playing. You were smiling like a crazy woman as Mark continued to stroke your hand with his thumb. 
“Are you… smiling?” asks Jaehyun as he turned to look at you weirdly. His question made everyone in the room to stare at you. 
Your eyes widen, shaking your head profusely. “No, I wasn’t,”
Johnny nodded, “you did, I saw you,”
At this point, Mark had already pulled his hand away from yours as he stares at you with amusement.
“I wasn’t smiling! It was a scary scene, why would I be smiling?” you ask them, crossing your arms defensively. 
Donghyuck lets out a sigh, “I think we all know y/n just loves horror,”
Taeil nodded, “yeah, she feeds of dead people,”
“Excuse me?!” you screech, throwing a pillow at Taeil, “what does that— no I don’t!”
The boys let out a roar of laughter, amused at how defensive you were acting.
Markie Pooh: you like that, huh? ;)
You looked down at your phone, letting out a soft scowl before reaching under the blanket to pinch Mark’s thigh. 
Mark let out a quiet squeal as he pushed your hand away. 
+Day 49 10:01PM
You were listening to Mark talk about his day. You couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he was; his pouty lips and chubby cheeks which you so desperately want to pinch. 
“Babe, are you listening?” Mark asks with a frown, noticing how you haven’t moved for the past few minutes. 
You nodded, “yes I am, baby,” you replied. 
Mark grins, “okay,” and he went back to talking about his best friend, Donghyuck. 
After hanging out with the boys for a couple of time, you and Donghyuck became close as well. Maybe because he was your boyfriend’s best friend, but you and him just got along so well that the both of you even started texting almost every day.
“So, what did you do today, babe?” asks Mark, snapping you out of your thoughts. 
“Huh? Oh, well I didn’t do anything today,” you tell him, “I cleaned my house a little bit then I took a nap,”
He puffs his cheeks out, “it’s a good thing you didn’t go out today, the air quality is really bad.”
He was always taking care of you; it always made your heart flutter. Mark was always looking out for you despite him being busy himself. Sometimes he would forget to take care of himself which always resulted in you lecturing him. 
Mark was in the middle of saying something when someone barged in his room, screaming. 
“MARK LEE!” you recognised it was Taeil’s voice. 
Mark quickly hid his phone, resting it on his chest. 
“Ah, Hyung, what are you doing here? What do you want?” you heard him ask.
You decided to mute your mic, just to be safe. 
“Why? Can’t I come in and talk to you?” asks Taeil. 
You suddenly heard a loud huff from Mark, as his phone fell off his chest and onto his white sheets. You assumed Taeil was laying on him. 
“Ah~ get out,” whined Mark, pushing the elder off him. 
You heard Taeil click his tongue. “who are you talking to? Your girlfriend?” he asks, “MARK HAS A GIRLFRIEND!” yell Taeil as you laugh out loud. 
Luckily your mic was on mute.
“I don’t have a girlfriend!” groans Mark as he stood up to push his member out of his room. He quickly locked the door before jumping back to bed, grabbing his phone. 
You unmute your mic. 
“Hi,” you giggle. 
He let out a huff, but letting out a shy smile, “Hi, so, where were we?”
+Day 57 7:57PM
Mark entered your house after taking off his shoes. He quietly took a seat at the very end couch. 
It was hard for the both of you to visit each other especially with the boys around, so you decided to have dates at your place instead. It was a good idea since no one could come over and interrupt the both of you. 
“Are you okay?” you ask Mark, noticing how he was so stiff. 
He nodded hesitantly, “it’s just…”
You waited for him to finish his sentence. 
“-awkward,” he finishes, looking up at you. 
You laugh at his words, “why?”
He shrugs, “I don’t know! I’ve never been to your place.”
Amused, you scoot closer to your boyfriend, wrapping your arms around his, leaning up to whisper in his ear. 
“There’s no one else here, Mark.”
You liked teasing him. You enjoyed how he would freeze up at your words. Or when his cheeks would turn a bright red colour. Or how his palms would turn a little sweaty. 
Pulling away from you, he quickly stood up, shaking his head. “No, no, that’s not what we’re going to do.” He tells you, stepping further away from you as you looked up at him in enjoyment. 
“We’re here to watch a movie,” he says, “that’s all.”
He was convincing himself. 
+Day 69 4:13PM
Marker: babe ):
You: what
Marker: I miss you ):
Marker: )))))):
You chuckled at his texts. 
Marker: what are you doingggggg
You: I’m watching a drama
You: what are you doing?
Marker: practice ):
Marker: so bored wo u here
Marker: miss your pretty face ):
You: stop it with the sad emojis!! >:(
Marker: ):
Marker: ):
Marker: ):
Marker: ))):
You: bye
You: I’m going to put my phone on dnd
Marker: nooo don’t leave me baby
Marker: okokokokok I’ll behave
You: good
Annoying boy: hehe
Annoying boy: wht are u up to babyyyy
Annoying boy: wait I already asked that
You: yes u did, u loser
Annoying boy: can I come over later?
You: y 
Annoying boy: causeee I miss u 
You: fine but not too long
You: I don’t want the boys to be all suspicious
Annoying boy: ok bb!!! I won’t hehehe ok
Annoying boy: I have to go now!!
Annoying boy: ily!! Bye bye 
You: see you later
+Day 74 2:36AM
You had one of your leg bent on Mark’s thigh, your hand resting on his chest. He has one arm around your neck for comfort. 
“Mark,” you sigh. 
Mark’s eyes were glued on his phone but let out a hum at the mention of his name. His fingers stroke your shoulder as a sign to assure you that he was listening. 
“We haven’t gone on a date in so long,” you say sadly, drawing hearts on his chest with your finger.
Mark put his phone down, “you wanna go on a date?”
You look up at him and nodded. 
When he made eye contact with you, he couldn’t help but press his lips on your forehead, “okay, but we can’t get caught,”
You nodded, wrapping your arms around your boyfriend’s neck, pulling yourself up so you could press kisses all over his face. Mark’s face scrunch at the ticklish feeling of your lips.
“tickles,” he giggles, pulling his face away from you. 
You pout when he pulls away from you. Your eyes slowly trail off his face to his hair; your fingers automatically going up to play with the black strands. 
Fuck, Mark literally just fell in love with you. 
He enjoyed the position that the both of you were in. You- laying on top of him while he had both hands resting on your waist, staring up at you lovingly. 
“I love your black hair, Mark,” you mumble, eyes stuck on the boy’s hair. 
“Mhm,” you nod, “never dye it any other colour,” you look down at him, “or I’ll get mad,” you joke. 
He laughs, “Anything for my girl,”
Your boyfriend’s hands that was resting on your waist, went up to stroke your back softly. He put a little pressure on your back, pushing you down to capture your lips in his. 
+Day 80 11:22PM
It was another movie night with the boys.
This time it was Donghyuck who had invited you over since promotions are over. 
You walked over to sit next to Mark, but you heard Donghyuck whine your name. 
“Sit with me~”
You let out a smile, sitting next to Haechan. The boy immediately grabs your arm, wrapping it around his shoulders before cuddling against you. 
Your met Mark’s gaze from across the room. You could tell he was pissed from the way he was nibbling on his lip and clenching his fist. He looked away, typing into his phone. 
You felt your phone vibrate, knowing it was from Mark. You didn’t bother checking the message because it was too risky, especially with Haechan cuddled to your side. 
✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯
A few hours and lots of movies of later, the boys finally grew tired and decided to call it a night.
Since it was too late for you to head back home, the boys offered you to sleep over. You told them you would take the couch. They were a little hesitant to let a girl sleep on the couch, but you managed to convince them. 
It wasn’t like you would be sleeping on the couch anyway. 
Once you were sure that everyone was in their respective rooms, you quietly sneaked into your boyfriend’s bedroom. 
“Mark?” you whisper, opening the door quietly. 
When you saw the mop of black hair laying on the pillow, you smile, closing the door quietly, your feet padding towards the bed. 
You pull the blanket down so you could lay next to your lover. You rest your arm on his waist as you snuggle closer to him. 
“Hi handsome,” you whisper, letting out a giggle as you stare at his pretty face. A frown replaced your smile when he didn’t reply to you. “Are you okay, baby?”
Mark could only pout. You pout along with him, the hand resting on his waist going up to push away the stray hair from his face. 
“Why are you pouting?” you ask quietly, pressing a kiss to his pouty lips. 
He pouts even more, “why did you sit with Haechan just now? Why didn’t you sit with me?”
You bit back a grin that was forming, “why? Were you jealous?”
He frowns and shook his head, “no! why would I be jealous of Haechan?”
“Really?” you ask, “if you’re not jealous then I’ll sit with Haechan from now on,” you tease, your fingers now caressing his exposed chest. 
He shrugs, “fine by me,”
You suddenly stood up, letting his arm fall on your lap, “actually, I’ll even go sleep with him,” you continued to pester Mark, enjoying the way it was bothering him. 
“Hey!” he whisper-shout, his hands wrapped on your wrist, stopping you from getting out of bed, “You can’t do that!”
You chuckle, laying back down with your boyfriend, “I won’t, dummy,” you flick his forehead.
He lets out a satisfied sigh, pulling you closer until his cheeks were resting on the top of your head. 
“You’re mine. Mine only.”
+Day 89 12:35AM
The both of you were on facetime again. 
Despite being only 30 minutes apart, the both of you couldn’t meet; not wanting anyone to catch the both of you. Furthermore, you felt bad, since Mark had just finished practice, it would be tiring for him to come over your place. 
There was a sudden knock on Mark’s door. Your boyfriend hastily hid his phone and you naturally mute your mic. 
“You busy?” you heard someone ask, from the voice, you assumed it was Taeyong. 
“No,” Mark reply. 
“Were you talking to someone? Is it y/n?” asks Taeyong. 
Mark pretend to grimace at your name, “why would I be calling y/n?”
Taeyong shrugs, “we all kinda assumed you had a crush on y/n,”
“Ew,” Mark shook his head, “I’ll never like y/n,” he says, “she’s not even my type.”
You knew he was just saying that to stop the suspicions of the both of you dating but what he said actually hurts. 
“Really?” Taeyong questions, “we were so sure you would like y/n,”
“I swear, Hyung. Y/N isn’t even my type, her personality isn’t even my type,” Mark tries to persuade the older boy. 
Now that actually really hurts. 
You weren’t sure if he was just lying or saying the truth. 
You couldn’t bare to listen another second of their conversation, so you immediately hung up. 
Markie: baby
Markie: whyd u end the call haha
Markie: Taeyong’s gone call me back hehe
2 missed calls
Markie: why are you not picking up??
1 missed call
Markie: call me baaackkkk babe
Markie: did u fall asleep?? Haha
Markie: but it’s so early tho :(
Markie: I guess you’re asleep~
Markie: ok goodnight baby sleep tight dream of me :3
Markie: I love youuuuuuuu
+Day 90 12:46PM
Markie: good morning my love
Markie: can we call??
Markie: I kinda miss you haha 
1 missed call
Markie: heeyyyyy
Markie: are you ignoring me?
Markie: I didn’t want to think you were ignoring me, but I feel like you r
Markie: did I do something wrong? :/
Markie: can you tell me what it is at least?
Markie: at least we can talk it out or at least I can apologize?
Markie: babe
You: why did you say that
Markie: say what?
You: yesterday
You: what you said about me
You: tht I wasn’t your type nd all 
Markie: call me
Few seconds later, you received a call from your boyfriend. You answered the call, placing your phone on your ear. 
“I didn’t mean what I said,” he quickly says, “I just wanted to convince him that we weren’t dating,”
You were quiet for a while; you could hear Mark’s heavy breathing. You knew he was stressed with work and all, and you being sulky definitely wasn’t helping him. 
You let out a sigh, “I know.”
“Was it too much?” he asks you. 
“No,” you answer, “I just, I was just overthinking it and—”
“I get it,” he cuts you off, “don’t worry about it,”
“I’m sorry,” you blurted out, “I know you’re really busy and stressed over work and I’m just making you feel worse by overthinking and all—”
“Hey,” he cuts you off again, “Don’t worry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
You couldn’t help but feel sorry.
“Sorry,” you apologised again. 
“Apologize one more time and I’ll end the call,” he jokes. 
+Day 100 8:35PM
Mark hid his hands behind his back, holding the small box in his hand tightly as he faced you with a cheeky smile. 
“What do you have behind your back, Mark Lee?” you ask, squinting your eyes at him suspiciously. 
It was your 100th day together, and since the both of you couldn’t go out to celebrate, the both of you agreed to celebrate at your place instead. 
Since Mark couldn’t make it special for you, he decided to get you a present, just to make-up for all the secret dates. 
“It’s a present,” he answers cheekily. “I got you something to make up for all the secret dates,”
You pout at his words, “I’m okay with all the sneaking around, Mark,”
Your hands going up to his jaw, your thumb caressing his cheek softly. Mark loves your touches; he couldn’t help but lean into your touch. 
Tilting his head a little, he pressed a small kiss against your palm, one of his hands reaching to grab your hands in his. 
“I bought it because I think you’ll look good in it,” he tells you, pulling out the box from behind. 
You gasp when you saw the Tiffany & Co. box. 
“Mark,” you exclaim, looking up at him, “that’s expensive!”
“You haven’t even seen it yet!” he laughs. 
He slowly opens the box, showing off the elegant 18k diamond necklace. 
Your hands went up to your mouth, gasping. 
“Mark Lee,” you shook your head, “you’re fucking crazy,”
He smiles, satisfied with your reaction, “do you like it?”
“Are you crazy? It’s beautiful!” you tell him. “But all I bought for you were $15 chocolates but here you are— gifting me an 18k diamond necklace!”
Mark giggles, pulling out the necklace from it’s box. 
“Turn around,” he murmurs. You automatically turn around, pulling your hair to one side so he could easily put the necklace on you. 
He swiftly place the pretty necklace around your neck, pinning it. You turn around to face him. 
“Pretty?” you ask him, tilting your head a little. 
“Gorgeous,” he responds, a smirk playing on his lips.
Just as you were about to reply, you heard a knock on your door. Your eyebrows scrunch in confusion, who would come over at this timing?
Mark frowns, “did you invite someone?”
You shook your head, “No, stay here, I’ll go see who it is.”
You stood up, walking to your door, checking the peephole, finding out who is on the other side of the door. You let out a soft gasp when you saw Donghyuck standing behind the door. 
You quickly kick Mark’s shoes under the cabinet at the front door then running over to your boyfriend. 
You grabbed Mark’s arms, pulling him up. “Fuck, it’s Haechan,”
He let you pull him into your bedroom with furrowed eyebrows, “why is he here?”
You shake your head, pushing Mark into your walk-in wardrobe, “I have no idea. Stay here, I’ll try to distract him, okay?”
You didn’t even let him answer, already rushing out, making sure to close your bedroom door. 
When you opened the door, Haechan immediately walked in, whining on how you were taking forever to answer the door. 
It has been 15 minutes and Haechan still hasn’t left and Mark was growing tired and sweaty in your wardrobe.
Baby Mark: is he still there
You: yeah
Baby Mark: fuuuck
Baby Mark: tell him to leave
Baby Mark: it’s so hot in here :(
You: I’m trying!! He just won’t leave
You: are you okay in there
Baby Mark: no
You: fine just get out of the wardrobe and stay in my room
You: sorry
You: make sure u lock the door and don’t make too much noise
Baby Mark: okay
+Day 101 2:34AM
You let out a heavy sigh when Donghyuck finally left. Closing your eyes tightly, you let out another heavy breath. You could finally sit down and rest. 
Oh shit— Mark!
You ambled towards your bedroom, twisting it open, realising it wasn’t locked. 
This little shit. 
When you walked in your bedroom, you were met with your boyfriend laying on your bed, hugging one of your pillows, asleep. Your heart warmed at the sight, you felt bad making him wait for hours when it was your 100th day as a couple. 
Walking closer, you climbed in next to him. Your hands caressed his hair and his pretty face. 
“I’m sorry for making you wait for so long,” you whisper. 
You didn’t know what made you so emotional, but you couldn’t help but tear up. 
You really didn’t know why. Maybe because he had gone out of his way just to see you. And maybe because he had to wait for hours just for you and in the end both of you couldn’t celebrate the special day. 
“You’re the best boyfriend I could ever ask for—” you choked a sob, a hand going up to cover your mouth. 
Taking a deep breath, you continue, “You do so much for me and I’m always messing up.”
For once, you were thankful that your boyfriend was a heavy sleeper. 
“I love you, Mark,” you mumble, your eyes scanning his face, appreciating everything about him. “Remember that.”
After wiping your dried tears, you slide next to him, removing the pillow that was between you two. Snuggling right into his arms, your head resting on his chest while his cheek was pressed on the crown of your head. 
“I love you,” you whisper one last time before falling into a deep slumber. 
+Day 124 7:28PM
The dome was filled with loud voices, everyone was holding their green NCT lightsticks. You felt out of place, especially when you didn’t have any kind of lightstick or poster on you. 
You nervously took a seat on your assigned seat, waiting for your boyfriend to come out. 
NCT was holding a concert after a while and Taeyong had given you free tickets to support them. 
Mark had actually gotten hold of an extra ticket for you and was about to surprise you but found out that his members had already invited you. He was a little bummed out about it but shrugged it off. 
The light dimmed and the crowd started cheering. The girls around you started squealing in excitement. 
Soon, the boys started performing. When your boyfriend’s face was on the screen, you couldn’t help but grin at his cute face. 
The fans next to you would squeal and gush at how adorable your boyfriend is. You were proud that he was your boyfriend, sadly you couldn’t show him off. 
At the end of the concert, the boys lined up in the middle of the huge stage. They started thanking the fans for coming and supporting them. 
“But I think Mark is really happy today,” Jaehyun suddenly blurted out, turning to face Mark. 
The camera started zooming in to your boyfriend’s face. 
Mark’s eyes widen , confused, “what, why? Why?”
“Because his girlfriend is here!” Jaehyun screams into the mic as the boys let out a string of weird noises. 
Mark froze on the spot as everyone went crazy over the statement. 
“Okay, we will end this concert here! Thank you everyone for coming!”
Before everyone was even ready to leave, you had already run to meet your boyfriend back stage. 
Fuck, did Jaehyun actually say that?
You’re met with the sweaty boys laughing in the dressing room. 
“What the fuck was that?” you ask breathlessly as you scan each of the boys facial expression. 
“Uh oh, his girlfriend is here,” joked Johnny, staring at you with amusement. 
Mark turned to stare at the boys, “you guys knew?!”
“You guys weren’t very discreet.”
You were already standing next to your boyfriend, “how did you guys know?”
“You really think we won’t see the both of you holding hands in a public place?” scoffs Doyoung. 
Taeyong shrugs, “Mark never brings girls to the recording room.”
Your face turned red at Taeyong’s comment as Mark groans at his words. 
“And you think I wouldn’t see you guys holding hands under the blanket? Jesus,” sighs Jaehyun, rolling his eyes. 
“Fuck you,” Mark replies while Jaehyun flashes the middle finger to his friend. 
“Also, you talk way too loud y/n,” Taeil says, Taeyong immediately agreeing with him. 
“Or maybe the walls are too thin?” Taeyong questions. 
“Oh my god,” you whisper, embarrassed. “So, you guys heard everything?”
“Wish we didn’t,” shrugs Johnny. 
Mark had quietly reached for your hand, a habit he had whenever he’s nervous. 
“Also, I knew Mark was at your place, that’s why I came over,” laughs Haechan. 
You had let go of Mark’s hands to stomp over to the boy, hitting his back. “Lee Donhyuck! Did you know how long he had to wait in my wardrobe?!”
Haechan rolls his eyes, “oh please, you let him out because he was sweating.”
You let out a loud gasp, “you knew that too?!”
“Which idiot would put their password as 0000?”
“You went through my phone?!” you raised your voice, hitting the boy on the back once more. 
With furrowed eyebrows you frown and let out a sigh, “now what? Everyone knows Mark has a girlfriend,”
“I checked Twitter,” Jungwoo says, “some weren’t very happy but there are many who are supportive,”
Your frown deepens. You knew this would happen. It would affect Mark’s career badly; that was the main reason the both of you kept your relationship a secret. 
You turn to look at your boyfriend who was looking incredibly stressed right now. 
“Don’t worry y/n,” assures Johnny, you turn to look at him. “Mark is one of the most experienced and hardworking people in SM, I’m sure they’ll let you both off,”
You had your arms crossed defensively, “are you okay with this, Mark?”
You were worried for your boyfriend. 
You knew how much being on stage meant to him. He would do anything to continue performing. 
“I…I think so?” he says after a minute of pure silence. 
You pout slightly at his words. 
“I just wanna rest right now, I’m tired.”
The boys quickly agree with the younger. Everyone started standing up, grabbing their bags, leaving the room. 
You stayed with your boyfriend, accompanying him.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” you ask him again. 
He kept letting out sad sighs and it was concerning you. 
“Honestly,” he started, “I don’t know,” he turns to look at you. 
The palm of your hands automatically going up to stroke his back, attempting to comfort him. 
“I just… I just wanna be with you right now,”
You lean closer to him. “Okay.”
“Whatever it is,” he says, “we will go through it together.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: Request from @wrenstrange! Put up the decorations, it’s finally time again! Enjoy, everyone!
Words: 1957 Warnings: pure fluff, blood sample/needle/syringe, soft!Loki, fatique, fainting
You dropped like a piece of wood right about when you were making yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen. Knees ceasing to support you any longer, vision darkening, stars dancing around you making you dizzy. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and before you knew it, your body finally won and shut down.
Although if you could have chosen, you would not have fallen straight into Loki’s arms whose reflexes caught you, preventing you from hitting the hard floor beneath you. He cradled you with his brows furrowed, his blue gaze almost helpless as he looked at Thor and Stark for support.
Then, everything went black.
“Welcome back.” You blinked, the artificial lights above your head blinding you. A hand held you down when you attempted to sit up drowsily. Bruce was leaning against a metal table in Tony’s lab, hands crossed before his chest and with a concerned expression on his face. “You blacked out,” he explained, “out of the blue.”
“How are you feeling?” Tony added.
You only realised then that it was Loki who had held you down. He was sitting on a chair right next to the makeshift bed they had carried into Tony’s lab and he was observing you with Argus eyes. Your heart sped up when you noticed. You usually tended to avoid the God of Mischief at all cost. There was a part of you that was afraid of him after watching him making an entire crowd kneel in Stuttgart, the other was hands down swooning over him. It had all started when he had rescued a cat from a tree, honouring a cliché he had not even been aware of. But someone who helped defenceless little kittens had to have a soft heart deep down, no?
Thor had brought him to Earth along with him after Asgard had been destroyed. He could not exactly be considered an Avenger but he had long surpassed the villain image… at least, to some extent. Well, you were no Avenger either. You used to be a SHIELD intern and then somehow ended up with the superheroes themselves. Apart from some basic fighting skills and the ability to use a gun, you had been trained to spend most of your time in front of a computer, often working twelve hours or even more a day. What did they say? Evil never sleeps.
“Any idea what might have caused this?” Bruce continued.
You shook your head. “No. But I’ve been having migraines and a persistent fatigue that just won’t go away.”
“I see… anything else?”
“You can talk to us, (Y/N).”
“Well, I… I’ve been dizzy a lot lately but that sometimes happens during my special week of the month so I didn’t think anything of it.” You took a deep breath but hesitated.
“I’ve been sweating way more when working out. Like, a lot more. Instead of making progress… I feel like I’m getting weaker every day. It’s frustrating.”
“Uh-huh. I’m taking a blood sample. FRIDAY will run a couple of tests on you to figure out what’s wrong.”
“What? No! Nothing’s wrong! We don’t need a b-blood sample.”
“No one faints for no reason, (Y/N), especially not on Loki.” Loki rolled his eyes but did not leave your side, even when Bruce started fiddling around with some gear and apparently, a first-aid kit and then approached you with a syringe and a small clear vial.
“I’ve done this a million times before, I’ll be gentle.”
“No! No, no blood test, Bruce, please!” Almost hysterically, you moved back on the bed, your heart in your mouth.
“(Y/N),” Loki suddenly said calmly. You shivered when he spoke your name, his head tilted slightly. “Are you afraid of needles?”
“N-n-no…” You lied. Loki raised an eyebrow.
“Look at me.” He said. Hesitating only a little, you did as you were told. It wasn’t like his tone allowed any contradiction anyway. In fact, it reminded you a lot of his strict and bossy tone when he had caused chaos in Germany. “It has to be done. Hold my hand and do not take your eyes off of me.”
“Who are you and what you have done to Reindeer Games?” Tony tossed in, throwing the Trickster a suspicious glance. Loki rolled his eyes once more. As if he had any obligation to explain himself to Stark of all people.
In the meantime, you were panicking even more. Loki was being nice and considerate with you and Bruce was about to pierce your skin with a needle. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… your breathing sped up.
“Look. At. Me.” Loki repeated. You obeyed this time, allowing him to take your hand and press it gently. Much to your surprise, it immediately calmed you down a little. You gaped at him unbelievingly. You didn’t even feel the needle going into your skin and drawing blood. Wait… was he casting a spell on you?
“There. All done.” You could not bring yourself to look where Bruce brought your blood sample but when both Tony and he stepped away and turned their backs on you, you swallowed.
“T-thank you…” You had to ask—not because you did not think he was not capable of offering his help without seeking a personal advantage and not because you didn’t think he was too evil to even think about being selfless… but because you were genuinely curious about his motivation. Loki did nothing without a reason, he was always one step ahead. “You put a spell on me, didn’t you?”
He nodded. “Why… why did you do that for me?”
“We are all afraid of something.” It was the only response he gave you. For a few moments, you merely sat there quietly, neither of you uttering a single word. Only when Bruce and Tony returned did you realise that Loki was still holding your hand.
“Okay… I’ve got the results from your blood test and FRIDAY couldn’t find anything suspicious.” Tony announced, scrolling on his tablet. Bruce adjusted his glasses to take a peek.
“You said you’ve been feeling tired? You sweat a lot, you get dizzy, and I’m presuming you barely have an appetite?”
“I don’t have time to eat a lot to be honest…” You confirmed.
“Any concentration problems?”
Pressing your lips together to a thin line, you thought about it for a moment. Now that he mentioned it… it had gotten obnoxiously hard to focus on your work lately. Eventually, you nodded.
“Sounds like severe exhaustion to me.” Bruce said. “Do you have issues with low blood pressure or diabetes or any other medical condition? No, FRIDAY would have found something like that. You know what I think? You overworked yourself.”
“Like… a burnout?” You probed.
“Most definitely.”
You grunted. Oh, that was just great. There you were, attempting to squeeze in regular workouts in this awesome training hall the Avengers called the HARM room after work to get stronger and hence, eventually gather up the courage to speak to Loki and now you looked exactly like what you did not want him to see you as—a weak and meagre human.
“The best medicine would be for you to quit work for a while and stop physical exercise altogether.”
“Banner is right,” Tony added. “Take a few weeks off and rest, sleep in, eat more and healthy… the whole program. I officially give you a holiday.”
“You’re not my boss, Tony, you can’t give me a holiday.” Your smile was weak. “But I don’t have time for this anyway! I can’t believe this is happening so soon before Christmas!” You whined. “I can’t stay in bed, I’ve got so much to do! I have to buy presents and decorate and bake biscuits and make gingerbread… Besides, I’m gonna fall behind on all the data.”
He shrugged. “I’ll take care of that. Let me talk to Fury. You let us know if you need anything. Can you take her to her room, Reindeer Games? And please, no funny business.” Beside you, Loki was just frowning, utterly ignoring the billionaire’s request.
“Why were you pushing yourself so hard?” He finally spoke when the two Avengers had left—whether it was genuine confusion or mere curiosity in his voice, you were not sure. “Why were you training for battle in the first place? I have never seen you out on a mission.”
You sighed. Time to let the cat out of the bag, it wasn’t like you were still going to make a good impression on him anymore now.
“I wanted to impress you, I guess…”
“Impress me?” Loki repeated incredulously.
“Yeah… catch your attention… in a way. I mean, part of me is still terrified of you, of course but… you have a good heart, Loki. I knew when I saw you rescuing that cat from the tree.”
The God of Mischief rolled his eyes. “I knew this was going to damage my reputation.” He responded with a sly smirk, making you grin. “It was an innocent kitten, what was I supposed to do?”
Your heart skipped a beat when his blue eyes locked with yours. He appeared… uncertain; not used to dealing with affection. Loki swallowed.
“Can you walk?”
“I’m not sure…”
The God of Mischief sighed, his lips pressed together to a thin line. Without any hesitation, he snuck one of his arms under your knees and wrapped the other around your waist. He lifted you off the makeshift bed as if you weighed nothing—and to him, you probably didn’t.
Loki carried you to your room in utter silence and eventually lay you down in your bed. Your heart jumped when he sat down on the edge of the bed himself, with a peculiar interest in his hands so he would not have to look you in the eye.
“There is no need to impress me.” He suddenly said. Your head shot up. “I did not think anyone would even… never mind.”
Oh. It almost felt like you were finally getting to know each other, for real this time.
“Do you want to stay for a while? I was going to watch some Christmas movies if I’m not allowed to get out of bed.” You sighed. “I can’t even decorate. You have no idea how many decorations I have to put up. None of the others care to make it a little more festive here, especially not Fury.”
“Yes, I have seen the boxes.” Loki replied. “It’s a little… corny, wouldn’t you say?”
“Honestly, when living among superheroes who risk their lives every single day, you could use a little corny.”
“I see.” Loki simply waved his hand and before you knew it, your entire room was decorated. Green and red tinsel shimmered on your window sill, holiday lights were blinking above your door and fake—but incredibly real-looking—snowflakes hung from the ceiling. Many of your favourite decoration items were now sitting on your nightstand and your desk, including your tiny little Christmas tree. The rest of the decorations, so it seemed, Loki must have spread all over the Tower.
“Oh my Goodness… Loki, this is amazing!” The God of Mischief winked and when you looked down on yourself, you noticed you too were wearing a green and gold Christmas sweater. Heavens, you could kiss him. “Thank you so much! What did you… is the entire Tower…”
“Yes.” He confirmed. He didn’t have to. Tony did only a fraction of a second later.
“Thor! Can you tell me why my Ironman helmet just grew metal antlers? I swear to God, if Reindeer Games has something to do with this…” It was then you exploded with laughter despite your exhaustion.
A/N: If you enjoyed this story, I would appreciate it so much if you considered supporting me on Kofi! It’s either for caffeine or red wine, I’ll take both. ko-fi.com/sserpente ♥
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oppa-agust-d · a year ago
hi if you’re still taking requests, can you please write yandere! tae as reader’s roommate? reader thinks he’s a fck boy, so she doesn’t take his advances seriously (and she also doesn’t know he’s a yandere 🤭) one day reader brings a guy over and tae catches them hooking up, so he gets jealous and punishes her. can you make it non con also please, thank you so much i love your writing!!
Call me general
Please consider helping me out - ko-fi
Not spell checked
Tumblr media
You stretched your aching muscles, after just waking up from a restless night.
It was a long night especially with the noise going on in the room next door.
You were going to kill whoever came up with the idea to have mixed dorm rooms. Your college was a beacon that was trying to prove that males and females could be placed in the same rooms without any promiscuous activities. You suspected it had to do with the schools huge lack of funding though.
“Morning soldier how are you” you rolled your eyes disgusted he would even try and talk to you after what he pulled last night.
“ don't you ever good morning soldier me! Do you know how much sleep I lost because of you and your bitch” bitch may have been harsh but your sleep was important for your education.
Taehyung just rolled his eyes, annoyed that you had began insulting him so early in the morning.
You strutted to the coffee machine ready to give yourself a little boost, you were so tired. Every part of your body felt as if it was going to fall off.
“Make one for me too, doll face” you turned around, furious at what he was doing especially after last night.
“Go and fuck yourself”
“Eh why would i do that when people are practacaly lining up to suck my cock” he stated smugly as if you didn't already know that. Everyone knows what a player he is but it dosent stop the girls and even some guys from going after him.
“Ew gross don’t talk to me about your sex life you perve” you sneered hoping he’d catch on about your hatred for him at that moment.
“Your just jealous you aren’t getting any” the bastard smirked.
You raised your eyebrows “oh I’m getting plenty, not that you’d know because i actually try to be a decent roommate and keep the noise down” you noticed a weird look pass over Taehyung’s face but it was gone in seconds.
“Keep telling yourself that, Virgin Mary” he smirked and you wanted to punch it off his stupid face.
“Whatever. Go away so I can study in peace” he puts his arms up in mock surrender before doing a little bow “it was a pleasure to be in your presence your majesty” “out!” You pointed to the front door.
“You can’t be serious” he chuckles but stops when he sees the annoyed look on your face. “Alright I’m gone”
“With any luck you won’t come back” you muttered quietly but he somehow heard you and it sent a spear right through his heart.
You sighed, it had been another stressful day. Classes and then one of your three jobs to try to build up enough money to pay off your college dept. It was exhausting and all you wanted to do now was curl up with a movie and maybe a glass of vintage red wine.
But as fate does, it destroys plans.
You felt your phone vibrating and soon as you pulled it out you saw that Hana she had texted you and now she was trying to call.
You declined the call, to tired to deal with your best friends drama but just then another text came in that attracted your attention.
Y/n something amazing happened, i did it with Taehyung last night
Ew that was her moaning like a motorised speed engine? You didn’t blame Hana for giving into her urges. That girl has had a crush on Taehyung since she accidentally ran into him on the first day of college.
You wondered what she’d think of him if she’d lived with him? She always complained how you were so lucky to share a student accommodation with the man himself.
Yeah lucky…
The phone suddenly rang again, you answered this time. “Hello do you need anything?”
“Yeah I actually got invited to a party and you also got an invite, feel like coming?” Hana asked.
“Umm- n-” before you could decline you heard heated moaning and what you assumed was the bed post hitting the wall, your wall. You grimace, wanting to get out of the place before you hear anymore of their little show.
“Actually yeah I will come, meet me here in five”
The party was buzzing, everyone was either drunk or high.
It was like a strip club, the women were grinding up against random strangers and the men would grind right back. Even the nerds were getting it, it seemed as you looked over and noticed school nerd Kim Namjoon’s neck being sucked.
It was a little embarrassing to say the least, you were sure you were going to die a virgin.
You gripped the red solo cup, but so so much that it would crumple, you needed release and you were going to get it tonight.
You got up throwing the red solo cup in the trash. Ready to find yourself someone to get off with.
You looked around before turning away accidentally bumping into someone. You looked up as the air leaves your lungs. Standing there above you is Jeon Jungkook. The schools notorious popular boy.
“Sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going”
“No it’s ok can I treat a little lovely like you to a drink”
Things escalated quick
“I think we should go back to my apartment, what do you think?”
“I say let’s go”
That’s what lead you here, watching as Jungkook took his shirt off.
There was a knock at your door but you ignored it. Focusing in on the rock hard abs in front of you an arms length away.
“Listen soldier I need to borrow your-” both you and Jungkook look at the door to see your roommate bad for some reason he did not look impressed.
Taehyung leaves without another word. Letting a sigh escape from your throat “I guess the mood is ruined now then huh?” Jungkook merely chuckles before tackling you to the bed.
You had the best night of your life with that man.
The weekend was over and you felt so refreshed. It felt good to take out all your frustrations.
You feet padded against the dark oak as you set up your laptop, thank god you didn’t have any classes or lectures today it would be nice to just curl up and do some work and then maybe watch some dramas.
You hadn’t heard or seen Taehyung since he had walked in on you and Jungkook. It felt good knowing you didn’t have to deal with his sarcasm, it would ruin your buzz.
But you knew it would have to as soon as you saw the dorm door opening.
In came Taehyung who was covered in, what smelt like sweat.
He was looking at the ground until he met your gaze. A smirk on his face. “You’ll never see him again soldier” he pokes his tongue into his cheek. You were confused. “What ar-” “Jungkook, you’ll never see him again”.
You were beyond confused, why wouldn’t you see Jungkook again?
Before you could question him more he shhhed you.
“Since your such a little whore how about you come and suck my cock? No biting!” You shot up from where you were on the sofa as an amused chuckles leaves your body, assuming he was joking.
“I’m not joking, you have no idea how hurt I was when I walked in on you and that prick so it only makes sense if you and it up to me” he walks closer to you. The whole scenario was deathly eerie. As he walked closer you walked further away, cursing silently when you backed into a wall.
You felt his breath on your face before you felt his lips on yours, trying desperately to get you to open your mouth.
You tried hopelessly to pry him off of you but to no avail.
As his tongue kept begging for entrance his hands traced down your body gripping at every chance he touched.
Tears started falling down you face as you felt you’d never be able to get free from his superior grasp.
He gropped your ass, picking you up and carrying you into what you could only assume was his room.
You were ruthlessly thrown into his mattress causing a slight oof to leave your lips. Giving him the perfect moment to stick his tongue in your mouth. His hands travel up your body before capturing your chin in his grip.
“Be a good little soldier for me now, won’t you?” He whispered his husky voice sending shivers down your spine, not in a good way.
You shoved him off of you, “I am not yours to command” you spat trying to get away from him the best you could. But unfortunately it was all in vain as he somehow restrained you. You were sure you could get away.
He chuckles but there was no humour in his vocals, “oh but I can command you to do something and you will do it, you may be my little soldier but I am your general” wow was this some kinky role play crap he was into.
Taehyung’s grip on your wrists tighten as he starts leaving delicate kisses down your visible neck.
“I think it’s time for this to come off, don’t you?” Taehyung said smiling like he was the devil.
He rips your shirt and snaps your bra, ripping off your jeans leaving you feeling self-conscious in only your panties.
But soon they were gone as well, leaving you bare for the monster above you.
Taehyung leans back, hastily pulling his clothes off.
“Remember little soldier this is your punishment for not following direct orders of the general”
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lxvislxdy · a year ago
Shotgun Kisses pt.2 | Bakugou K.
Links: Bakugou x stoner!reader au & Shotgun Kisses (Read these first!!)
Notes: Firstly, I want to thank you all for the positive feedback my work has been receiving! I’m extremely thankful for ya’ll!! I also want to apologize for the delay in my posting; I’ve been traveling this week, and on top of that, dealing with the gas shortage on the east coast (it’s been HELL). But hopefully things will start picking up again soon! As always, my requests are open, so feel free to send in your requests or questions!
Summary: After apologizing to you, Bakugou is still struggling to get over his mistrust of your coworker, Shinsou. When you invite Shinsou to hang with everyone, Bakugou thinks it will be his final straw. That is, until Shinsou makes a move on someone unexpected. And suddenly, everything makes much more sense, and Bakugou looks completely oblivious. 
Pairing: Bakugou x reader
Warning(s): 18+!! drug use, language (if you are underage, this fic is not for you!)
Tumblr media
Bakugou was trying. 
He really, really was. 
He trusted you, and he hated fighting with you (especially when it was his fault, and he had to apologize), but damnit, that purple haired bastard wasn’t making it easy on him. Still, Bakugou was making an effort, and that meant he was visiting you at work, even though Shinsou was there, too. 
“Hello,” Shinsou drawled, a lazy, but definitely teasing, grin spread across his lips. He was leaned up against the counter, half of his purple hair tied back in a knot at the back of his head. “How can I help you?”
Bakugou narrowed his eyes, taking a deep breath in like Kirishima had taught him. His hands were wound into fists, shoved into his jacket pockets. “Just my regular.”
Shinsou hummed in response, turning to shout over his shoulder, “Y/n! Your loverboy is here!”
Bakugou grit his teeth, willing himself not to snap back at him. Technically, he wasn’t wrong. But he hated the teasing lilt to the other man’s voice. 
As per usual, his anger melted away - mostly - when you popped your head around the corner, from the storage room, smiling brightly. “’Suki!”
As much as Bakugou hated your job, you did look cute in your apron, and he was admittedly fond of the free coffee. 
You bounced over to him, definitely hyped up on too much caffeine, and wrapped your arms around him. “Hi.” You said, looking up at him. 
He squeezed you against him, pulling you in for a kiss, to your surprise. Normally, Bakugou was hesitant when it came to PDA. Of course, the cafe was almost empty, and it wasn’t much of a secret that Bakugou was turning up the heat in front of Shinsou. 
“You want your usual?” You ask sweetly, when he pulls away, dopey grin on your face. 
Shinsou, who had slipped away during the kiss, calls over his shoulder, “Already on it!”
“Try not to spit in it.” Bakugou says, lowly. 
Shinsou lets out a low chuckle, “I’ll try to contain myself.”
Apparently, this banter is friendly enough, because you laugh along with him. 
“You mind if I take my break now, ‘Toshi?”
Bakugou swallows down the burst of jealousy at the nickname, fists tightening in his pocket. 
“Yeah, no problem,” Shinsou tells you, as he sets the coffee down on the counter. “There you go. One coffee, hazelnut cream, no sugar. Extra bitter, just like you.”
Bakugou sneers at him, snatching the coffee from the counter and grabbing your hand to pull you along behind him. The two of you end up in the alleyway behind the shop, sneaking through the ‘employees only’ door. Bakugou sips the coffee, wishing it wasn’t so good. But damn, if Shinsou didn’t know his coffee. As far as Bakugou was concerned, that was the only thing the guy was good at. (Of course, he didn’t really know him that well, at all).
“You’re very broody today.” You say softly, looking over at him from where you leaned against the brick wall. “Something on your mind?”
Bakugou rolls his eyes, sipping his coffee again. “M’fine. Just... tired, that’s all.”
You hum, fumbling with one of your bracelets. You gaze up at him, grinning, “Do I need to call Kirishima to get it out of you?”
“Tch,” He scoffed, marching over to where you stood and leaning down over you. “Smartass.”
He leans down, capturing your lips in a soft kiss. You both taste like coffee, and Bakugou recognizes the faint, bitter taste of marijuana on your tongue too. He pulls away, raising a brow. 
“What, rolling up before work, you delinquent?”
You giggled, shoving his shoulder playfully, though it’s not enough to move him away from you. “Maybe. Gonna rat me out?”
“Hm,” His lips barely brush against yours, bumping his nose against yours. “I’m sure you could convince me not to.”
“Yeah? That easy, hm?” You say, leaning forward to kiss him again, but he pulls just out of your reach. You pout, and he laughs lowly. 
“I never said it would be easy.” He answers, smirking. 
You feel your breath hitch again, and his lips are back on yours. 
“Mm, Kats, love you, but I need to get back to work.” You mumble in between kisses.
Bakugou nips your bottom lip, but concedes, pulling away with a sigh. “Sure I can’t keep you occupied just a little while longer?”
“And people say I’m the bad influence.” You tease, laughing. “Sorry, babe. Can’t. Besides, I know you’re supposed to be getting lunch with the guys, and I’m not gonna be responsible for making you late.”
“Screw ‘em.” He says, planting another kiss on the corner of your mouth. 
You smile up at him, shaking your head. “What am I gonna do with you, Bakgou Katsuki?”
“Keep me, I hope.”
He’d meant it as a joke, but it came out much more serious than he’d meant. Thankfully, you don’t press him on it.
“Yeah, and what’s in it for me?” You tease, poking his stomach. You stretch up on your tiptoes to place another kiss on his jaw, voice softer than before, “I’m here till you don’t want me, Katsuki.”
Bakugou kisses the top of your head, “That’ll never happen.”
You turn to go back inside, stopping in the doorway to look back at him. “You coming to Sero and Denki’s tonight?”
“We’ll see.” Bakugou grunts.
“Mhm,” You grin. “I’ll see you there, then. Bye, Kats!”
By the time Bakugou shows up, he’s the last one there. Even Jirou, infamous for showing up fashionably late to their hangouts, was already inside, sitting with you and Mina on the floor. The three of you were deep in conversation, clearly already more than buzzed - your giggles and half-lidded eyes gave you away.
Bakugou felt the tug of a smile on his lips, watching you. He was glad the day was over. Finally, he could just relax.
And thats when he saw him.
Shinsou Hitoshi was sitting on the couch, leaning over a wide-eyed Denki to get the lighter off the table. 
Bakugou tried. He was trying. But even still, his hands shook with anger. 
Kirishima met his gaze, shaking his head, and he didn’t have to speak out loud for Bakugou to hear his usual, ‘Breathe, man. Everything’s fine. Deep breaths. It’s not worth it.’
“Bakugou!” Mina shrieked, “You made it! I told you he’d be here, Sero, you owe me $5!”
Bakugou scowled. “You bet against me?”
Sero shrugs sheepishly. 
You grin up at him from your spot by the girls, and Bakugou quickly crossed the room to sit by your side, ignoring the intruder on the couch. As he took a seat, he pulled you close to lean against his shoulder, and you instinctively reached for his hand without stopping your conversation.
“C’mon, Jirou, you should invite Yoamomo next time!” You were saying, “How will you ever get to know her if you don’t talk to her?”
Jirou, uncharacteristically flustered, shook her head. “No way. Absolutely not. Momo doesn’t seem the type to... ya know, any of this. We aren’t really her crowd.”
“So? She likes you doesn’t she?” Mina offers, puffing smoke.
Jirou’s cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink, and she slouches down more. “I dunno... Pass it here, Min.”
“I’m sure we could behave ourselves enough for a night.” You tease, grinning, “We could have a movie night! Totally sober, if that’s what you’re worried about, Kyo.”
A loud groan cuts into their conversation, from across the room, “Yeah, speak for yourself.” Denki says.
“As if you could get through a movie night totally sober, y/n.” Sero snickers. 
“Hey!” You shout back, sticking your tongue out at him. 
“He might have a point, man,” Shinsou cuts in. He’d been so quiet, Bakugou had almost forgotten he was there. Of course, his luck ran out. “Y/n can’t even make it through a shift sober.”
The room erupts into laughter, though Bakugou stays quiet, rolling his eyes. 
“Not true!” You say, blushing as you lower your voice, “You weren’t supposed to know about that.”
Shinsou’s laugh is apparently contagious, as he says, “Are you kidding?!” He breaks into an eerily accurate impression of you, “Hey, man, what can I get for ya? Aw, totally, nice choice! Have you tried the muffins, man, they’re sooo good.”
You burry your head in your hands as everyone joins in on the joke, leaning back into Bakugou to hide. “Fuck you, dude! Fuck you!”
“Holy shit!” Denki and Sero are gasping for breath, “How are you so good at that, man?” 
Shinsou grins slyly, reminding Bakugou of the cheshire cat (another reason he doesn’t trust the asshole). “Hey, a man can’t give away all his secrets, huh?”
Bakugou tightens his hold around your waist, mouth downturned into an unhappy scowl. 
“I think a movie night would be nice,” Kirishima changes the subject, and Bakugou sends him a small smile in thanks. “I’m sure we’d all like to meet Momo, and if she’s as sweet as you say she is, she’ll totally go for it!”
“Yeah,” Mina says, wrapping an arm lazily around Jirou, “Besides, you’re a total catch, babe! She’ll love you!”
“Thanks guys,” Jirou responds quietly, passing the joint to you. “I’ll think about it.”
You take a few drags, offering to Bakugou, who shakes his head. You don’t push it, blowing the smoke away from the two of you. 
“Man, and here I was, thinking you might finally relax some, Bakugou.” Shinsou comments.
Across the room, Denki has slouched against the other man’s shoulder, his feet propped up in Sero’s lap. 
“The fuck did you say?” Bakugou snaps, glaring. 
Shinsou chuckles, “Relax, dude, I’m kidding.”
“Yeah?” Bakugou growls, snatching the joint from between your fingers. “Fucking whatever.”
He takes a long drag, face red as he resists the urge to cough out of spite. Shinsou raises a brow, mouth twitching into a smirk. His fingers are in Denki’s hair, scratching lightly at his head, and the blonde looks like he could fall asleep any minute, a sleepy smile on his face. Bakugou feels an odd surge of jealousy, and frustration. These are his friends. You’re his girl. What the fuck is this guy playing at?
As Bakugou goes quiet, eyebrows furrowed and face drawn into a fierce scowl, and shoot Shinsou a look. He sighs, rolling his eyes, but silently agrees to lay off. 
“You okay?” You ask, leaning back and placing a light kiss on Bakugou’s jaw.
He yanks you into his lap with a huff, pouting. 
It takes everything in you not to giggle at him when he’s like this (it’s cute, okay?) but you knew that would only irritate him more. 
“’Suki.” You coo, quiet so no one else can hear you, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” He mutters, frown deepening. 
“I said it’s nothing, y/n.”
You sigh, giving up and leaning back against his chest. Why did he have to be so stubborn? 
Besides, you aren’t stupid. You know he’s unhappy because Shinsou is here. And, by all means, Shinsou is being an asshole. But he’s your friend, and a really good friend (only a friend). You just want the two to get along, and you want to show your boyfriend that he has nothing to worry about! But, as per usual, both boys are being... difficult, to say the least.
After a few minutes it becomes clear that Bakugou’s mood isn’t going to improve, so you go back to your conversation with Mina and Jirou, absentmindedly rubbing your thumb over his knuckles. Eventually, he starts to relax, but remains quiet. He’s too stubborn to admit that you know how to calm him down, after all. And, besides, he can’t risk the guys telling him he’s going ‘soft’ (his words, not yours).
As your high reaches its peak, you forget about the exchange almost completely. You’ve moved to lay your head in Bakugou’s lap, staring up at him. You reach for his hand, bringing it to rest on your head and he rolls his eyes, fingers gently scratching your scalp. You smile up at him lazily, blowing him a kiss. 
With his hands in your hair, you feel yourself begin to drift off, the conversations around you fading into a low buzz in the background. 
Suddenly, Bakugou’s hands stop.
“Kats,” You whine, one eye cracking open to see what was wrong.
Bakugou’s mouth is agape, brows raised, and face red.
“Kats? You okay?” 
He doesn’t answer, and you follow his gaze to the couch, where Denki has climbed into Shinsou’s lap. The blonde’s fingers are threaded into his hair, Shinsou’s firmly gripping his waist, and they’re kissing. You sit up, a laugh bubbling in your throat.
“See, bubs?” You plant a small, teasing kiss to his lips. “Told ya you have nothing to worry about.”
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exhaustedpotat0 · a year ago
Hi bb!!
Could I request these boys: Bakugou, Todoroki and Shinso are with their twin toddler sons? And if you could also add like the softest sweetest thing they do for them? 🥺
I love your writing sm! 😭💞
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! thank you so much for requesting this. I will try my absolute best so I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou’s kids are rarely angels but when they had their moments, they were absolutely fucking adorable just like bakugou
You had remembered when they were first born, Bakugou was by your side while the doctors were performing a C-section. He had watched with a sparkle in his eye as the doctors carefully wiped away the goop from the two little boys and you swear that you had saw some tears in his eyes as they hand you guys your little ones.
When you were stitched back up and in your hospital room, being wheeling in you saw Bakugou crouching right next to the beds admiring their features as he tries to implant that imagine in his brain so it could last forever
Bakugou was given the green light to do skin to skin contact with the little boys. You watched him protectively have his hands on their small backs as he supports them to make sure that they don’t fall out of his arms. He would being staring at the two trying to figure out whose features they had gotten. As he turns to you, he tells you that the oldest one had gotten a lot of your features while the youngest one had gotten a lot of his features. You giggled at his findings as he glares at you for laughing at him.
You had told him that he was already becoming an amazing father and that you couldn’t have asked for a better person to have children with and he had a blush on his face as he hides his face so you can’t see his blush
The oldest quiet one was definitely a daddy’s boy, it didn’t matter if Bakugou was trying to use the bathroom his son would be right by the door or if not in the bathroom as Bakugou is trying to get him to leave so he could take a dump in peace
The young loud one was a mama’s boy. He would be following you around as he was stuck at your hip. He was a sensitive boy and he found comfort to be around you 
Don’t get me wrong, both of the boys love you guys equally
You were looking in the fridge to see what you could make for your twin boys for breakfast when you spot a familiar lunch box relaxing on the shelf of the fridge. Immediately recognizing it as Bakugou’s lunch box, you feared that your husband would be too busy to remember to eat something for lunch so you decided to take it to him as a surprise. You quickly made your three year old little twin boys breakfast as you ate breakfast with them. Dressing the twin boys up in Dynamight hero costume sweatshirts, as it was a little chilly outside, and you getting dressed as well. You guys headed off to give Bakugou his lunch.
Arriving at his agency, you greet Bakugou’s receptionist as you guys have a good relationship since you have come to the agency a lot. She allows you to enter his office as she waves to the little boys. The twins knocked on the door as they hear their father say come in, opening for the short ones they run to him as he smiles at his little family in his office.
“You had forgotten your lunch, so we decided since we don’t have a lot to do today that we go drop it off for you to make sure that you eat something,” you say as you place his lunch on his desk and give him a kiss on his lips. He smiles at you as he looks at his boys behind your legs. Trying to engrave this moment in his mind forever Bakugou scoops his little boys into his arms as he tells you to hug them as well. One big happy family group hug. 
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shoto 
Shoto had never thought that he would have children in his future. He was scared that he would become like his father but since you were there, he was always reassured that he would never become like his father when you were by his side
When you guys were at the doctor to get an ultrasound and you found that there was two babies and not one, you saw Shoto have so much emotions in his eyes as you saw a single tear roll down his check
Shoto had always been at your side throughout your pregnancy and sometimes was a little over protective
Seeing Shoto show these much emotions was something that you thought you would never experience throughout the times you were dating, sure he would show a bit but it wasn’t a lot as the time that you gave birth to your two little ones
He would help you with the twins when they were crying through the night because he had saw how tired you have become when you would be with them throughout the day while he was at work. You were very happy that he would help you
The boys both had Shoto’s personality as they both were quite quiet and didn’t cry that much. They would also be protective of you around people that they didn’t know especially around Enji after you had talked to him about how he was changing and that he should know his grandchildren and after you promised him that if he does anything to your children then you will have hell to pay 
Shoto had the day off from hero work from his fathers agency, seeing as you had the day off as well he wanted to spend the day with his family and your two little ones couldn’t be more excited to spend the day with their dad. You saw the opportunity to make Shoto breakfast in bed since he had been working so much that you wanted him to relax and not worry about anything.
You and the twins were in the kitchen as you were manning the stove cooking up some eggs and your twins were making cute drawings for your hero husband. Finished with cooking the eggs and the rest of the food, you grabbed a tray and made the presentation look nice before heading up the stairs to your shared bedroom. 
The twins were taking a while to get up the stairs but you didn’t mind as you were trying to make sure that you wouldn’t spill the food all over the stairs. Slowly opening the door to the shared room and heading over to Shoto’s side of the bed. The twins gently patting their father to get him to wake up but not to startle him awake. Shoto feels the gentle pats and peeks an eye open to see his beautiful wife and two amazing boys in front of him.
Sitting up as you give him a kiss on the cheek and set the tray down on his lap as you go over to the other side of the bed and sit right next to him. Shoto wishes that he could be here every morning but sometimes his hero work has made him leave early in the morning.
As he watched his wife nurture their children, he is burning the image into his memory so he can think of the beautiful moment in his mind forever.
Tumblr media
Shinsou Hitoshi
Shinsou was shocked to hear that you were pregnant because you guys had never talked about having kids ever since you had gotten married
it was because you guys were new heros and wanted to get further into your careers before you guys had started to talk about kids 
but things happened and Shinsou was excited to start this new chapter with you in your guys life
During the first appointment, you guys could only see one baby as you were not that far along to see if there were more than one, but as you got farther along and you had went to your next appointment the doctor had noticed that the little one wasn’t the only one in there which had you two really shocked 
Shinsou was a big help throughout your whole pregnancy as he wanted to be right by your side the 24/7 but sometimes you would push him to go do something so you can breath a little bit
He would help you when they were constantly moving in your belly to get more room, rubbing your belly or talking to them would be his go to move to helping them settle down so you can get some sleep through the night
When the two were born, they both had their dad’s lavender hair and eye color
They looked like exact copies of Shinsou 
Also getting his quiet personality 
Shinsou had just gotten off from hero duty and was now heading home to his beautiful wife and children. He had texted you that he was on his way home but he never got an answer back so he was a little worried if something had happened to you and the twins.
Walking into the front door of his home, he doesn’t hear the pitter patter of feet running towards the door or you talking so he started to become more worried. Until he walked further into the house and landing in the living room to see a movie quietly playing in the background with you on the couch as the twins were on either side of you.
Smiling to himself as he sees the beautiful sight, he walks up to the pile of cuteness to lean down to give you a kiss on the forehead as well as kissing the little ones foreheads. He picked up the boys and took them to their bedrooms before coming back to find you slowly waking up. Shinsou picks you up bridal style and brings you to your bedroom.
He believes that coming home to the sight of his beautiful wife and children snuggling on the couch waiting for him is the best thing that could happen in his life.
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boredfanwrites · a year ago
Buddie #1
There is not a bone in my body that can accept that in any other universe they wouldn't be perfect together. Post 4x14 so SPOILERS for that. This got so much longer than I thought it would be. Sorry in advance, there's much more under the cut.
· Eddie tells him about the will. Chris goes to Buck if anything happens to Eddie. Which it very nearly did.
· It causes Buck to actually stop and think things through before rushing into danger.
· The rest of the team question it while Eddie's recovering but he just says there's someone relying on him now.
· They take it to mean Taylor - well Chimney and Albert do, Hen and Bobby are more clued in.
· Buck talks about Eddie and Chris like he did when they quarantined together - like they're living together again.
· They are.
· Buck moved in to help Eddie and his recovery, with Ana stepping in when he was on shifts - even if she tended to undo everything Buck had done.
· He tells himself it's because she's not used to the way he and Eddie do things - yes that one singular bowl and plate live in the lower cupboard, it's so Eddie can reach them easily. Chris always picks the movie on movie nights, Eddie and Buck alternate when he's gone to bed.
· Eddie is stubborn as always, but has managed to allow Buck to help him dress and shower - Ana is very much not allowed, despite her protests they're barely in a relationship.
· Eddie explains to Buck that yes, they've been together for six months but they've not really been togetherand he quietly admits that he regrets telling Chris so soon.
· Buck calms him and says that it was right to introduce Chris to the idea of Eddie dating, but yeah, maybe it wasn't smart to spring Ana on him so early - especially because she decided she had to be a bigger part of his life now he was aware.
· Chris manages to get to the station once while Buck is on shift.
· Buck comes back to Albert making him pancakes and Chris scribbling with the things they keep for the school trips.
· 'What are you doing here, bud? Does your dad know?'
· 'Kinda.'
· 'What does kinda mean here?'
· 'He knows I wanted to see you. I don't think he knows that I came here.'
· Albert quickly jumps in saying he's texted Eddie and he and Carla are on their way, it just happens that the rig got back before they got there.
· Buck sits down with Chris, leaning his head on his arms and looks at the picture. It's him, Eddie and Buck with Carla and her husband in the background.
· 'What's wrong, Chris?'
· 'Ana.'
· 'Ok, what did she do?'
· 'Tried to get me to bath before I ate and then said I had to do my homework before TV time.'
· 'Buddy, you always have to do your homework before TV time.'
· 'But she tried to help me.'
· 'Your dad and I try our best to help you. She's a teacher, she's better use than us.'
· 'No that's not it.'
· Chris has tears in his eyes and a death grip on his crayon.
· 'She told the poor boy his handwriting was ineligible and took his pencil, tried to get him to tell her the answers and that she would write them for him.' Carla sighs.
· She stands with her arms open and Chris runs into them. Eddie looms behind them, looking sad.
· Well, neutral really, but Buck knows his micro expressions well enough.
· After that Ana is banned from the house in the afternoons/evenings and Carla steps back in. The new problem is Ana turning up when Buck has days off - their schedule was she was here when Buck wasn't, for multiple reasons.
· Ana's great, there's just something about her that Buck doesn't like and she definitely doesn't like Buck. Maybe it's because they're just opposites.
· Eddie tries to gently tell her that he barely gets to see Buck anymore and he needs it for his mental health. Ana starts pestering about the fact that he should want to see his girlfriend more than his best friend.
· It's one of their biggest fights and turns into a screaming match one night (Chris is at Hen's with Denny but Buck is hiding away in the guest room) where Eddie shouts that she had decided that she was his girlfriend without asking Eddie if that was what he wanted and she was suffocating.
· She leaves pretty quickly after that and Buck is incredibly happy as their paths never cross again.
· There's an emptiness settling in his chest when he finds out that the two are still together and are treating the relationship as though they're just dating again. He hates that he really doesn't like the idea that it's working out now that they're on even footing.
· He decides to push it away and starts getting reckless again. Taylor's hanging around the station more like she wants more from Buck, but he'd given up. She liked being chased and now that he's tired of it, she wants him. He knows she'll get bored if he shows interest again.
· It's interest he doesn't have. Eddie had called him Evan and told him he deserved more. How was he supposed to go back to normal after that?
· Why doesn't Eddie see how life changing that was?
· Eddie does. But in typical Eddie fashion, he pushes it deep down and replaces it with his content being with Ana. She makes his parents happy, which makes him happy. She gets along with Pepa and Isabel and his sisters, but they act a lot more familial with Buck.
· It makes sense, he tells himself - they've had years with Buck.
· Nothing really changes for Buck until TK and Judd find themselves in LA. Buck hastily explains to TK that he wasn't asking him out back in Austin, he just wanted a friend and really he wasn't attracted to guys.
· TK just straight up laughs at Buck.
· 'Buckley, you checked me, Carlos, and the barista out in the span of like five minutes. You're a little attracted to guys.'
· 'Wait, you mean you and Diaz ain't datin'?'
· Judd's question throws Buck through a loop.
· 'What? No...we're just...we're friends. Best friends.'
· TK laughs again, patting Buck on the shoulder.
· Once they're on their last day, TK takes Buck out for a drink like he'd promised. Buck tries to ignore the fact he's brought him to a gay bar.
· He gets hit on at least three times in an hour, not to mention the building collection of beers for both him and TK and he decides he doesn't actually mind it.
· 'Ok, I want you to do something for me. Scan the crowd and pick a guy, any guy, and tell me what you find attractive about him.'
· Buck picks out a shorter man, tanned skin and dark hair.
· 'He's got a cute smile.'
· 'Oh boy, you have a type.'
· 'Huh?'
· 'He looks like Eddie.'
· And he does. Like a Walmart version of Eddie though. He didn't laugh like Eddie, didn't have the same laugh lines. Or frown lines. His eyes weren't as warm when he met Buck's nor did he smile as fondly. And...
· 'Fuck.'
· 'You just now realizing your feelings for him?'
· 'Yeah. How did I not know?'
· 'Honestly, it was probably such a subtle shift. From what you've told me you've basically been a couple for a year and a half, so you didn't realize anything had changed for you.'
· 'I've never denied it.'
· 'I mean you clearly must have.'
· 'No. I meant that there have been so many times people assumed Eddie and I were a couple and I never denied it, I went along with it all.'
· 'Shit man, you had it bad before you even realized.'
· Buck groans as TK throws an arm around him, leaning against his shoulder.
· Things change after that. Buck is hesitant with physical touch with Eddie - it's his main love language and he needs to make sure he's not overdoing it and making Eddie uncomfortable.
· Eddie notices because of course, he does. Buck has pulled away from him for seemingly no reason. The second Eddie can dress, shower, and reach the high cabinets himself Buck is talking about going home.
· He is home.
· Eddie doesn't say it, he just hums, not really agreeing. He's gotten used to Buck being around and so has Chris. They'd easily fallen back into their quarantine routine and now Buck would be leaving again.
· A quick thought of getting shot again fills Eddie's head. Though this time it's nothing to do with his PTSD and more so that he doesn't want Buck to leave. So he exaggerates just a little.
· 'You know, my PTSD is still acting up. Maybe, you could stay until it balances out a little?'
· 'You'd want me to?'
· 'Yeah, you're great at getting me out and calming me and Christopher down.'
· 'You don't think Ana should start taking up some night shifts?'
· 'I don't really want her to deal with that side of me yet.'
· 'Okay.'
· 'Okay?'
· 'Yeah, I'll stay.'
· Eddie keeps an eye on Buck just as much as he keeps an eye on Eddie. He quickly realizes that Buck is holding in his own troubles. He knows from experience that Buck does not think his problems are anywhere near as bad as everyone else's. He has a lot of unlearning to do.
· Subtly, Eddie starts talking to him about his mental state, his worries, trying to let Buck know it's ok to do the same.
· When he and Ana inevitably break up not even a month later, it's Buck that he tells first.
· Buck, who has his back.
· Buck, who loves Christopher as his own.
· Buck, who is insecure about everything he does except saving people.
· Buck, who thinks he is unworthy and undeserving of love.
· Buck, who shows his love through acts of kindness and physical affection.
· Buck, who Eddie is so unapologetically in love with and probably has been for years.
· The revelation doesn't shock him like he thought it would. More so, it was a natural progression of their relationship.
· Friends. Best friends. Co-parents. Co-habiting. Partners. Partners.
· Eddie sees a future with Buck, a future he'd only ever seen with Shannon but it's so much brighter.
· He comes home from his first shift back - Buck wasn't working and offered to look after Christopher so Eddie knew he was safe - to find Buck on the couch, staring into an empty beer bottle.
· 'Hey?' it's broken and Eddie drops his things to rush over to him.
· 'You good?'
· 'No. I'm not.'
· Buck looks up, tears in his eyes, cheeks red and puffy.
· 'What's going on, Evan?'
· That's all it takes. He breaks. He babbles about watching Eddie die over and over in his dreams. How sometimes the shower will splash his face just so and he's thrown back with Eddie's blood on his face. How he was trying to get through it with Dr. Copeland but it wasn't helping.
· Nothing was helping.
· 'It's ok. I'm here, I'm okay.'
· 'You weren't. You died, Eds. You died on me.'
· 'You saved me.'
· 'What if I hadn't? I don't know a life without you anymore. I can't lose another person I love.'
· 'You love me?'
· 'Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?'
· Buck registers his words, quickly backing away from Eddie and tries to make a break for the open door. Eddie isn't letting him run away anymore. His wrist snakes around Buck's.
· 'Evan. I told you there wasn't anyone else I'd want to look after Christ. I told you you weren't expendable. I said that because I love you and you needed to hear it. You had to learn you deserved love. Love that Chris shows you. Love that I can show you. I love you so much, Evan Buckley.'
· Buck crumples in Eddie's arms, Eddie rocks him gently until the sobs subside.
· It's not an immediate or obvious change. There are still things the two need to work through.
· It's different but the same. There's more contact now; hugs, tactile hands on waists, and backs at work. Kisses in the bunk, soft and slow.
· It's new and exciting. Especially when they finally get together, officially and exclusively.
· Chris loves telling everyone about his two dads.
· Eddie and Buck are happier, closer.
· Buck had always been a Diaz. He'd always had a family who loved him. The big change was he got to love them both endlessly in return.
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anxiousgaypanicking · a year ago
What You Need (Intrulogical)
Two days without eating and three without sleeping sounded like the normal schedule for college student Logan Berry. He's in class all day and works all night just to barely pay off his rent every month. Constant bills leave little room for bare necessities, and it's clear that his current lifestyle is very damaging. While looking for solutions, he comes across one that seems... mediocre at best, but he's desperate. What is this solution? A sugar daddy.
Taglist: @witchesgetstitchesblog @book-limerence @romans-dull-creativity
This is part four.
"What foods do you like to eat?"
Logan shrugs, responding with "I don't have much of an opinion on food," as he lets Remus search the expanse of his living room. They had moved out there with the promise they'd be undisturbed and could watch a movie or something, and Remus was currently looking for the remote to his giant, flat-screen television.
To Logan, it was no surprise that Remus couldn't find it, considering the overly decorated, and incredibly large room; it was stocked with art, an absurd amount of furniture, and weird décor that ranged from vases to marble statues.
Although, Logan's opinion on the hoard of decoration may be biased, considering he was raised in a minimalist household.
And now lived a literal minimalist life, considering the fact he only had about twenty-ish possessions to his name; his clothes included.
"Well, what do you eat?" Remus then rephrases, hoping to at least get something valuable out of Logan. Something that'd give him more insight as to what foods Logan liked.
"Uh... there's this burger joint about ten minutes from my house," Logan answers. "If I have the money I'll buy a burger from there. Sometimes two, but that's only on special occasions."
Remus frowns as he listens to his answer, before sighing dramatically. "Now, that simply won't do!" Remus picks up his phone - Logan's eye was caught by the sparkly green case and high quality screen, and realizes the type of phone was similar to the one Janus owned - and clicks on an app, before handing the phone to Logan.
"Here's a variety of high quality take out places!" Remus exclaims. "It'll be delivered here quickly, mostly because I tip well and they all know me." He winks, and nudges Logan's arm, who's staring wide-eyed at all the choices presented to him, before he goes back to searching the expanse of the room for the remote.
He's never been offered such a variety, and he gulps as he inspects the prices of each individual meal, and even the sides.
No, he couldn't. This was all way too expensive! He wouldn't be able to afford any of this-
"Hey, Logan, you're looking a bit worried," Remus says, with a raised eyebrow, although there's a grin plastered to his face. "No need to fret, my newfound prince of panic-" Logan's brows furrow at the nickname. He didn't panic anywhere near enough to be dubbed such a thing, but he supposes he'll let Remus do what he wants. "-I'll pay for everything on the menu!"
"We've discussed that I can pay you in other ways," Remus says, shutting Logan up before he can say anything about this ordeal. "And you deserve to be paid for sucking me off. Especially because you did it so well." He winks, and Logan rolls his eyes, although his face is flushed.
He quits complaining, for now, though, and instead looks through everything on the menu. He lands on the cheapest thing - a bowl of chili - and hands the phone back to Remus.
"That looks good," he says, and Remus hums, raising an eyebrow.
"You know, chili always seemed to remind me of human stew," Remus comments. "Like... stew made from human parts. Just the colour and the variety of texture."
Logan doesn't seem fazed at all, as he responds "absurd. Human's would have a wildly different taste and texture. Resources state that human meat tastes more reminiscent of pork, instead of beef, therefore comparing it to chili would be inaccurate."
Remus stares at him, a mixture of surprise and adoration on his face. "Huh," is all that he says, as if in minor disbelief. Logan raises an eyebrow, confused as to what he was so stunned by, before Remus finally says "not many people know that. Although, I wasn't referring to the taste. The colour is what really reminds me of it. That deep red, you know?"
"Human blood would be darker when gathered into a bowl," Logan states, matter-of-factly. He then changes the subject, deciding he was more curious as to what Remus would eat from such a place. "What are you going to order?" he inquires, watching as Remus stops his search momentarily in order to scan the menu.
"Probably some steak..." Remus says, after a moment, continuing with "although, they have good filet mignon, too. Maybe I'll spoil myself a bit and get both."
Logan couldn't imagine doing such a thing; would Remus even eat both? Logan knew that if he happened to be presented with two meals, he'd try to make the food stretch over a week, or maybe even two, so that he could save some of his money to pay rent, and maybe even spoil himself and order a ride to school or something.
Logan doesn't respond, and Remus doesn't seem to be expecting a response, as he places the order with a hum, and then tosses his phone to the side. He moves his search to the couch, and upon pulling up a throw pillow, he finds the remote and his face lights up in a pleased smile.
He collapses on the couch himself moments later, and then without hesitation he turns to Logan. His hands grab Logan's waist and hoist the man into his lap. Remus's chest presses against his back, and an arm is wrapped securely around Logan's hips, keeping him pressed tight against Remus.
Remus's breath fans against his neck as the man obliviously clicks on the television, scrolling through the multitude of apps he'd subscribed to in order to find one that would carry a decent amount of movies for the two of them to watch.
"What movies do you like?" Remus asks, his chin coming to rest on Logan's shoulder. "Any particular genre? Horror, comedy, romance?" His face scrunches up when he says 'romance,' and noticing it out of the corner of his eye, Logan quietly snickers.
"Documentaries, preferably," he then answers, honestly. "I haven't watched any in a while, though." He hasn't had the time to do so, considering he lived on a strict schedule that required sticking to, but even if he had more free time, he didn't have the money to pay for something else to run up his electricity bill, or the channels that he'd have to pay for in order for some menial entertainment regardless.
It just wasn't worth it.
Remus hums as he sifts through documentaries, before finding one about a certain serial killer. "What about this?" he asks, hoping it'd be something that could interest them both. "It talks in detail about his murders, and pays genuine respect to the victims, too."
"You've seen it before?"
Remus shrugs, stating "I have a lot of free time. It's not like there's much to do around here, anyway."
Logan turns his head to stare at Remus for a moment. His expression is somewhat puzzled, and somewhat cold, as he's reminded that Remus is absurdly rich (although it's not necessarily easy to forget). It's almost as if he's evaluating Remus, and Remus is oblivious to it, just looking between the television and Logan with a happy smile.
Must be nice to not have to work, or go through school, or to spend all of your time doing something. He couldn't imagine not being busy, and he shifts his position slightly on Remus's lap as he's reminded that right now he isn't busy. He knows he will be in an hour or so, and that thought tires him more than he remembered it doing in the past, but Remus didn't have to do anything for himself.
Born into money, had people to clean for him; he didn't even have to make his own food. He was either out of school or didn't continue into college, so he didn't have the stress of achieving things academically weighing him down either...
"Hellooooo," Remus sings, bringing the remote up in order to lightly tap it against Logan's head, effectively drawing Logan out of his head. "You never answered me. What are you thinking about, huh? Is it... sex?"
"It's not sex," Logan replies, with a roll of his eyes. "And it's not important, either. In regards to your question, it looks fine. We can watch this."
"Shame," Remus comments, as he clicks play on the documentary. "I'm always thinking about sex, especially because you look pathetically hot when you're being fucked by me. The amount of things I've thought about doing to you in the short time I've known you is nearly enough to drive to drive me mad-"
A rattle at the door is what cuts Remus off, much to Logan's relief. Blood had begun to rush to his face at Remus's words, and he couldn't help wondering what Remus had imagined doing to him, but he dares not ask out of fear of figuratively dying of embarrassment.
Remus himself looks confused, pausing the documentary despite the fact nothing important had really started to play, and turns to the door with a raised eyebrow. After a moment, though, the door swings open revealing a man in a red jacket holding multiple bags. There's another man with him, this one dressed up formally, also carrying bags, as if they were some sort of servant.
"Take those up to my room for me," the man in red orders, before dumping all the bags he was currently holding onto the other, stretching moments after. "Those too, please. Thanks!"
Oh, so he was a servant.
Logan watches the formally dressed man walk off, before he hears Remus state "I thought you weren't supposed to be home until around ten." At most, Remus sounds a bit annoyed, but otherwise it's a genuine question.
As the man in red walks closer, Logan gets a better look at his face.
He looked... identical to Remus. It was the exact same face, without a mustache, and as Logan's eyes trailed down the figure, he could see that the two had near matching body types as well, although this one definitely had a bit more muscle to him.
He ends up staring right back at Logan, before he answers "my baby cancelled on me, so I took a shopping trip instead. I was still out for a few hours." He scans Logan the same way Logan did to him, before clearing his throat. "Who's this?" he asks, approaching the couch and sitting near Logan moments later, leaning closer to him. The man's curious green eyes seemed to be studying Logan in less of a logical manner, and more of a romantic one.
"This is Logan," Remus says, smiling from where his chin is resting on Logan's shoulder. "He's my sugar baby."
Remus then shifts his position slightly and holds Logan a tad tighter, as Roman grabs Logan's chin without a second thought and effortlessly tilts Logan's head side to side.
"Logan, this is Roman. He's my brother, as I assume you've already figured out," Remus then says, eyeing Roman closely as he looks over Logan's face.
Finding his voice, Logan clears his throat and states "I didn't know he was your twin," before he gently tugs his face away from Roman's hand. Roman very clearly pouts at the action, seemingly enjoying being able to move and stare at Logan's face as he pleased. The expression radiated a feeling of entitlement that made Logan both curious and spiteful.
"Unfortunately," Roman utters, but Remus hears and snickers as he shifts his position on the couch in order to kick Roman's thigh, which earns a pout in response.
He scoots closer regardless, though, almost as curious about Logan as Logan was about him. Remus doesn't keep Roman from trailing his pinky and middle finger over Logan's neck, and ends up pulling down the turtleneck to reveal a bunch of clear hickeys.
"Looks like you get enough use out of him," Roman comments, playfully. Despite the sexual meaning of his words, he sounds surprisingly lighthearted.
Remus, on the other hand, drops his voice low, as he states "it's hard to resist using someone as pretty as him," which flusters Logan more than it should. He glances away, but Roman's fingers find his chin again, and move Logan's face back towards his, seemingly wanting to stare into Logan's eyes.
"I can see that," Roman hums, leaning a bit closer, before his eyes flicker towards his brothers. "I'm having trouble resisting him too. The plight I'm currently in is nothing less than heart-wrenching." His words are spoken dramatically, as if Roman was reciting them from a play, but Logan feels Remus's nails dig into his sides, awfully reminiscent of the hold Remus would have on him during sex.
"Back off, Roman," Remus grits, glaring at his brother. "You didn't let me play with your baby; you don't get to play with mine."
"But that was different!"
Remus rolls his eyes. "If anything, this situation is different. Logan's never even met you before! Besides, I don't want to scare him away just yet. I still have a lot to introduce him to."
Logan hardly has the time to ponder what implications that statement has, before Roman juts in with "really? Knowing you I would have figured you would have gotten..." Roman's face flushes, much to Logan's surprise, as he continues "interesting with him by now." Interesting? All the descriptive words to choose from, and somehow Logan felt as if that described the least.
'Interesting' had a plethora of meanings. It had both good and bad connotations. The amount of things that could fall under the category of 'interesting' is almost overwhelming.
Remus scoffs. "Do you really think that lowly of me? Honestly, Roman, I may suck, but it's primarily dick." His joke makes Roman roll his eyes, but it surprisingly makes Logan's shoulders relax. He didn't know what to think of this situation; the attention from Roman was making him blush, but Remus's hold on him was primarily overtaking his mind, but the two brothers seemed to be engaged in a conversation that Logan couldn't determine as lighthearted or serious.
Curse his lack of social skills; he should really learn how to read situations better.
"I wouldn't start him off with things that are so rough. I got to train his pretty body first..." Remus's flirtatious tone is back in a matter of seconds, and the hands that were previously holding tight to Logan's waist now ease up considerably, and instead Logan feels them slip just barely under his shirt.
His fingertips tease the skin above the waist of Logan's jeans, and Logan semi-wishes he'd tucked his shirt in after getting dressed.
He's not uncomfortable with the touch, though. More so.... embarrassed that Remus is still doing such a thing, even in front of his brother. Even if the action wasn't inherently sexual in itself, Logan still wasn't touched like this normally, and it felt amplified to him. Intimate, in the sense that it was supposed to be personal, but a part of him liked the fact Remus was so casual with touching him whenever.
Admittedly, he quite liked the affection he'd received during their few meetups, and now wasn't any different.
"You should let me help," Roman says, with a pout. "After all, I was left alone today. It's a nice act of kindness."
"You forget who I am," Remus replies, with a shrug. "Now go choke on the makeup you bought and leave us be. We're in the middle of something." Remus is intent on kicking Roman out, clearly wanting his alone time with Logan. After promising him such, Logan assumed Remus was just trying to hold true to his words, but it's not like Remus could have anticipated Roman's meetup would be cancelled.
Roman pouts, but sighs regardless. "Fine, just don't have sex in here, please. I don't want to smell sweat while trying to enjoy my shows." His face is scrunched up at the thought, and Logan realizes that both of the twins are quite animated with their expressions.
It's a clear sign about their inner feelings; Logan couldn't imagine being so expressive; The amount of vulnerability that comes with expressing was scary.
Roman stands up, and blows a kiss towards Logan that Logan can't help but blush and look away at, before he walks off, pulling out his phone as he does so. Logan can hear his loud voice echoing as he presumably calls someone, before it eventually fades away, leaving him and Remus alone again.
"I'd say sorry for him, but I'm pretty sure he was getting me back for flirting with his client," Remus states, completely serious with his words. "He usually leaves me be, mostly because he doesn't like to be seen with me. Especially out in public."
Logan stays silent, but internally he tries to picture Roman and Remus side by side. Roman was in the red, sleeveless turtleneck he'd walked in with, and the tight white jeans that showed off his leg muscles, and Logan couldn't help picturing Remus in the attire he'd first met the man in. Side by side, Roman did, in fact, look rich. On the other hand, Remus looked basically homeless. There was clear juxtaposition between the two, and Logan happened to like that a lot as well.
To each their own type of style, though, and Logan honestly liked the way Remus dressed.
Remus then turns back to the television, unpausing the show and diverting all of his attention back to that. He shifts their position once more, laying back on the couch and bringing Logan to lay against his chest; their legs were entwined, while Remus's arms wrapped around Logan fully. One rested casually on his ass, while the other slipped up the back of his shirt, gently rubbing the skin and occasionally dragging his nails ever-so-lightly down Logan's spine, earning shudders from the man that Remus would smile at.
However, the predictability of his actions and the surprisingly gentle nature of them seemed to relax Logan, and before he could stop himself, his eyes were drooping.
The documentary was interesting, but he couldn't focus on it. He was reminded of how tired he was once his eyes stayed closed for a few seconds, because when he tried to re-open them, it took a lot of effort. The slight ache in his eyes almost seemed to be them begging to be closed again - begging for Logan to get some much needed rest.
He closes them again, with a relaxed sigh, head pressed to Remus's chest. He hears Remus's steady heartbeat, and it only serves to lull him further into sleep.
He doesn't realize he actually passed out until he's gently being shaken awake about a half an hour or so later. The smell of food wafts through the air, and Logan almost starts drooling at how delicious it smelled.
He blearily blinks opens his eyes, wanting to search for the source of said smells, only to find that everything's blurry. He goes to question as to why he can't see, before Remus is helping him sit up and then carefully sliding Logan's glasses back onto his face.
"I took them off when I realized you were asleep," Remus explains, noticing Logan's confused look. "I didn't want you to be uncomfortable, or accidentally break them by moving. Roman did that once and he was blinded for like two weeks because he refused to admit to our parents that he'd broken them, even though they could have ordered him a new pair that would have arrived in a matter of hours."
Huh, rich privilege must be nice.
"Our food just got here," Remus then states, motioning to the bags filled with cheap Styrofoam containers. "I had one of the butlers bring it in for us so I didn't have to move you."
"Thanks," Logan mumbles, covering his mouth as he yawns before he maneuvers himself off of Remus's lap. He notices Remus's bottom lip jut out in a pout, but the man doesn't say anything.
Remus moves to grab the bag of food, carefully pulling out containers and setting them on the table. He sets Logan's cylindrical container, presumably full of chili, in front of him, and moments later tosses a plastic spoon and a couple napkins near it too. While he pulls everything out, he jokingly says "If the documentary was boring you, you could have just said so." He's grinning, and he shoots Logan a playful smirk.
Logan can tell by the tone of his voice that Remus is teasing him, but he still feels the need to correct him. "I didn't find the documentary boring," Logan says, staring at the objects Remus pulls out of the bag. He wants to grab his chili, but he doesn't want to seem... ill-mannered.
He's also still trying to wake himself up fully, despite the overwhelming urge to lay back against Remus and fall asleep once again, and doesn't want to risk accidentally making a mess over Remus's furniture. "I was just tired. I enjoyed the parts I watched, though," Logan then continues, watching as Remus grabs one of the other to-go boxes, and opens it, revealing a steak, fries, and even a side of cooked vegetables.
Logan's stomach grumbles at the mere sight, and he flushes in embarrassment as he looks away.
He didn't watch much of the show, truth be told, but he always enjoyed a good documentary. He momentarily considers asking Remus if they could watch it again sometime, so he can fully watch and process everything that was happening in it, but he doesn't want to bore Remus by having him watch the same thing yet again, or practically invite himself over to Remus's house.
However, Remus appears to be reading his mind. As he cuts up his steak, he says "you didn't sleep through that much of it. Just a lot of the exposition. We can always watch it some other time, preferably when you're a bit more awake." Remus is snickering quietly to himself as he stabs a piece of his steak with his fork.
He finally glances back at Logan, and his smile temporarily falls from his face, as he instead raises an eyebrow and glances between Logan and his food on the table.
Admittedly, Remus didn't think the chili would be enough to completely fill Logan up, but Logan hadn't even reached for it yet. Surely he must be hungry; even if he'd eaten this morning, which Remus should have probably asked about, it's been hours since then.
"Logan?" Remus asks, and Logan, who was previously resting his head in his hands, snaps up, almost as if he was jolting awake.
Remus quickly takes a bite of his steak, before setting the fork down and turning to face Logan entirely. "Are you still tired?" he asks, mouth still full. At least he resumes chewing with his mouth closed after speaking.
Logan shakes his head, although he covers another yawn.
"You haven't started eating yet," Remus points out, and Logan narrows his eyes as he stares ahead at the table, before shaking his head slightly. He then scoots forward, until he's sliding off the couch.
Once seated on the floor, he grabs the container of chili and pops open the lid, grabbing the plastic spoon moments later. The smell of that makes his stomach grumble again, so he hardly hesitates before digging his spoon into the food and wolfing down a few bites in a matter of seconds.
He's momentarily distracted, though, as he watches Remus slide off the couch and next to him out of the corner of his eye.
Logan quickly wipes his mouth before glancing over at Remus. "What are you doing?" he asks, curious as to why Remus had seated himself on the floor when he could have instead had the entire couch to himself.
"What are you doing," Remus counters, in a playful tone. "You're allowed to eat on the couch, you know."
"I didn't want to risk spilling any food on it," Logan responds, stirring his spoon around in his chili. "Especially since I'm still in the process of waking myself up."
Remus hums in response, before Logan continues, saying "you could have stayed on the couch, though." He would say that he's sure Remus would be more responsible with his food than Logan would, but glancing over at Remus's face made quite the opposite statement.
Juice from the steak was practically dripping down his chin, and he had already managed to stain the shirt he wore.
At least he didn't have to worry about buying a new one; Logan could only imagine how many sets of clothes Remus already had strung up in his closet.
"I'd rather sit next to you," Remus sings, before taking another bite of his steak. He's smiling as he chews, and Logan doesn't respond, not quite knowing how to match the excited energy.
Logan doesn't see what difference it makes whether Remus sits on the couch or next to him, but Remus seems happy, and Logan decides he's too hungry to really care about Remus's reasoning for doing the things he does. Instead, Logan turns his attention back to his chili, eating rather fast out of habit.
The container of chili is quite small, but that was sort of the point. Logan wanted something cheap, as that's just what he was used to getting, but by the time he finishes it, he's still hungry for more.
As he sets the now-empty container down on the table, he sets his other arm over his stomach, hoping to suppress any other crude noises that his stomach might make that would give away the fact he isn't entirely satisfied.
He's still in the mindset to not ask for more, automatically assuming he doesn't have the ability to pay for more, even though Remus paid for everything.
A couple minutes go by, the silence only being cut through by Remus's occasional chewing, before suddenly Logan's being nudged. He glances Remus's direction, and sees Remus cutting off a piece of his steak, before he holds his fork out to Logan, with a piece of steak stabbed on the end of it.
Logan stares at it for a minute, before glancing up at Remus with a raised eyebrow.
"I don't understand," he states, and watches as Remus rolls his eyes, before hurriedly chewing and swallowing the food in his mouth.
He clears his throat after it's down, before stating "eat it."
"What?" Logan asks, hoping for a bit more clarification. Without hesitation, Remus jabs Logan in the face with the piece of steak, smearing juice over his cheek and making Logan recoil with surprise.
"Eat it," Remus repeats, tilting his head to the side slightly, as he wiggles his fork in a potential attempt to seduce Logan into eating the piece of meat. "I bought two whole meals for myself, and there's no way that small bowl of chili filled your cute little body up. Eat some of mine."
"But- but you bought it for yourself," Logan counters, puzzled as to why Remus would want to share his food - the food that he bought for himself and has been eating.
"Then I can share it with whoever I want," comes Remus's confident reply. "And I want to share it with you. You'll be a good boy and eat it for me, won't you?"
Will he? A blush rises to Logan's cheeks at Remus's words, and it was a silly thing to get overly flustered by, especially since Remus was using the affectionate term to try and persuade Logan to eat some of the steak he'd bought for himself, but he couldn't help the way his body reacted.
Swallowing the spit in his mouth, Logan leans forward and bites the steak, sliding it off the fork and into his mouth, before he looks down and chews it, his face getting hotter by the second.
By the time he swallows it, another piece jabs at his cheek, and it becomes increasingly clear that Remus plans to feed quite a bit of this to Logan.
Piece after piece, Logan's fed steak, fries, and even some of the vegetables that Remus has, and once Remus gets bored of that, he opens his container containing the filet mignon, and cuts into that next, before offering the first piece to Logan.
The food is unlike anything Logan can recall eating throughout his entire life. The last time he had a home-cooked meal already seemed so distant, but high-quality restaurant food was something he'd hardly experienced throughout his life at all.
He was never given the luxury of eating juicy steaks and drinking fancy wine; his parents worked a lot so often Logan was left to scrounge up whatever he could around the house.
The money they made was spent on giving him a good education through private schools, for fixing up the house they lived in, and for the ever persistent bills.
He momentarily wonders how they were doing now that they stopped paying for his schooling. Has their financial situation gotten better? Logan could only hope so; he was reminded that it'd been forever since he'd even last spoken to them. Maybe he'd consider giving them a call sometime soon.
He's pulled out of his thoughts as he hears Remus snicker and say "that's the last of it. We sure finished those up quick." His intonation is playful, but as Logan's eyes flicker over the now-empty containers, he's surprised by how much he and Remus have eaten.
More specifically, him, considering he'd ingested his entire bowl of chili, and was probably also fed half of the food Remus had originally gotten for himself.
And yet, he feels weirdly good. Satiated.
"I'm glad you were here to help me eat the rest," Remus continues, as he grabs Logan and pulls the man into his lap. "Truth be told, I got two meals on purpose. I was looking for an excuse to get you to eat more," he then admits, hands groping over Logan's upper thighs and hips. Logan knows there isn't much fat to squeeze, and Remus almost seems to be pouting over that fact, but he's not surprised that this was Remus's true intention the whole time.
Surprisingly, Logan actually finds it kind of amusing.
"Plus, now we've finished just in time for me to take you to the lame second job you still have because you like to deprive me," Remus adds, with his bottom lip jutted out. He sounded like he was whining.
Logan eyes snap open though, and he hurries to grab his phone so he can check the time. "Oh, God," he mutters under his breath, sighing as he rubs his eyes beneath his glasses. "I forgot about work."
Luckily, he wasn't late, but they needed to leave now.
"We have to go," Logan states, standing up. "Apologies for leaving this mess behind." He brushes himself off as he stares at the containers left on Remus's coffee table.
Remus just waves his hand dismissively, however, stating "it's fine; the maids will take care of it." He seems casual about leaving messes, and Logan supposes it's because he'd never had to pick up after himself before.
Remus stands up after him, and wraps an arm around Logan's waist, leading him to the front door. He asks Logan for the address, as he waves over a man outside, who Logan believes to be the chauffeur. Remus then relays the information Logan gave to him to the man, and then he opens one of the limo doors near the back.
Logan climbs in, thanking Remus as he does so, and Remus enters after him, shutting the door behind him.
Just like on the way to Remus's.... mansion, Remus pulls Logan into his lap, seemingly determining himself to be a safer seat than the actual seats. That, or he really liked holding Logan for some reason. Logan honestly couldn't guess why Remus would enjoy doing such a thing, so he assumed the former, even if that was illogical.
"I still don't understand why you haven't quit yet," Remus says, as he brings his mouth to Logan's neck, placing kisses over the expanse of skin he could reach, before huffing through his nose and pulling Logan's turtleneck down a bit, in order to expose more. "Most babies quit the moment they get a daddy."
The word 'daddy' makes Logan shiver uncomfortably, but he shakes it off, instead saying "I guess I just don't want to quit." He doesn't; he still needs the income. He doesn't know how reliable a service being a sugar baby is yet, either.
Sure, he'd made quite a bit from the couple instances he and Remus had been sexual together, and maybe Remus had splurged on food for him tonight, but Logan was still reasonably worried that that money wouldn't last him forever.
Bills were constant, materials for school were always needed, and he knew that if he let himself get lazy and comfortable, he'd be metaphorically smacked in the face with debt and hunger sooner than he could even predict.
And if he quit, he wasn't sure he could land another job that was close enough to his apartment after Remus ultimately decided to get rid of him. That's what usually happens to sugar babies, right? Logan should honestly do more research on them; he did basically jump into this headfirst.
He can feel Remus's pout against his skin, right before Remus starts mindlessly sucking marks into the already purple area.
He makes a few, teeth lightly grazing the skin as he does so, before he pulls away again.
"I don't understand you," Remus says, sounding completely serious, although his mouth is quirked up in a grin that reads the exact opposite. "Everyone else I've been with quit almost on the spot. Everyone Roman's ever been with, too."
"How many people have you guys been with?" Logan asks, shifting nervously on Remus's lap. He doesn't know why that question makes his stomach churn uneasily. Of course he couldn't expect Remus to have never been with other clients before, but it still feels like something Logan is scared to know the answer to.
Remus shrugs. "I can't speak on behalf of my brother, but I've only been with three. One fresh out of high school, who was less of a sugar baby and more of a boyfriend that I tended to spoil. Another that came right after I started being a sugar daddy; they were around for a couple months before they ended up leaving for a different sugar daddy, and then the one before you stayed around for about half a year. He was pretty chill, but he ended up doing the same thing as the last one."
"Why would clients just... move on like that?"
Remus is silent for a few moments, before he answers "some will pay more with you having to do less, and others just see better opportunities. Or hotter men. The two actual clients I've been with have liked me because I'm young, but once I start wanting to do more, they usually move on."
Logan purses his lips, going silent himself, before he quietly says "do you force them to do more?"
His question earns a pained look in Remus's eyes, but physically, Remus just shakes his head. "Of course I don't. I told you from the beginning that I value your consent. I won't make anyone do things they don't want to." Remus proceeds to awkwardly scratch the back of his neck as he snickers slightly, adding "I think it was just the nature of the ideas I proposed that scared them off. People accept this job thinking it'll be all vanilla, but I propose a collar and a leash once and suddenly they're out the door."
Logan can't respond with much else than that, instead distracted by Remus's words. He was reassured by the truthful tone of Remus's statements, and the actions Remus had exhibited previously that backs up those words, but... a collar and a leash? Logan's hand involuntarily comes up to his neck, and he hears Remus chuckle quietly.
It draws Logan's attention back to him, and he sees Remus grinning at him with half-lidded eyes that let Logan know Remus can tell what he's thinking.
"Don't tell me you're into that," Remus says, voice low, and Logan swallows the spit in his mouth.
"I wouldn't know," the younger man responds, avoiding Remus's eyes. "Obviously."
He was a virgin until he met Remus, and he doesn't have any other sexual partner, so if Remus hasn't tried it out on him, then obviously Logan wouldn't know.
The thought of wearing a collar, however, flustered him for a reason Logan couldn't comprehend.
"I guess we'll have to find out, then," Remus says, moving away from Logan's neck, as one of his hands slides up Logan's shirt, and the other runs over Logan's clothed legs, squeezing and groping his upper thighs. "I'll get you a high-quality collar that'll choke your pretty neck just right."
Sliding his hand out from Logan's shirt, he instead brings it up to Logan's neck, very lightly grabbing it.
"Logan, be serious with me real quick," Remus then states, his change in tone drawing Logan's attention back towards him. Confirming he has Logan's full attention, Remus continues. "Can I choke you?"
"I- I don't know," Logan stammers out. He doesn't know how that would feel, or if he'd like it. Remus doesn't look too pleased with that answer, though.
"Logan," he begins, voice soft, but stern. "I need a clear yes, or a clear no, okay?"
Logan nods, his own hand coming to rest atop Remus's around his throat. He had to think about this; did he trust Remus with so much power? With the ability to cut off Logan's ability to breathe indefinitely?
Unfortunately, yes. He does.
"Yeah," Logan answers, after a moment. "Yeah, you can." He still seems somewhat unsure, so Remus leans up slightly in order to kiss him, which Logan can't help leaning into.
"Okay," Remus breathes, when he pulls away. "If you're uncomfortable, don't like it, or want to back out, tap my hand three times, okay?"
Logan nods again, verbally repeating "okay," before he watches Remus relax, and a smirk reappear on his face. Remus's confidence reassures Logan, and he relaxes moments later. Seeing the anxiety melt from Logan's shoulders, Remus pulls Logan in for another kiss, this time pulling him in by his throat, and as they kiss, Remus's hand slowly tightens around Logan's throat.
Logan can't help gasping as Remus's fingers squeeze his throat, and Remus takes the opportunity to slide his tongue into Logan's mouth.
As Logan attempts to rock his hips against Remus's thigh, his eyes basically roll back into his head. Arousal is practically coursing through his veins at the power Remus holds with his hand on his throat, and Logan adores it.
Remus eases up the pressure all too soon, and when he pulls away from the kiss, he grins at Logan's flushed face and spit-soaked lips.
"Imagine-" Remus starts, allowing Logan to take a few deep breaths before his hand is squeezing Logan's throat again, Logan's head falling back in a choked off moan, and Remus can only stare with half lidded eyes as he continues, "-a collar wrapped around your neck like this. Choking you constantly."
And a constant reminder that Logan was owned, just like a dog is owned. The thought sends blood straight to his cock, and he tries to grind against Remus's leg again, this time Remus noticing the action.
"You like that thought? What about a leash hooked to it, and me dragging you around like my cute little pet. I'd make you crawl, and if you hesitated, you'd get pulled along anyway."
Remus's hand grasps tighter around his throat, and drool is actively dripping down Logan's chin. His free hand works quickly to undo Logan's pants, wanting to play with him before they arrive at Logan's work.
In Logan's mind, work had already been discarded in favor of sex, and as soon as Remus frees his cock he's choking out incoherent begs. Remus eases up on his throat just enough for Logan to suck in another breath, before he's working to get his own cock out.
He pulls Logan closer, before he grabs both their cocks with one hand. He doesn't hesitate to start stroking them together, Logan's hands finding his shoulders as Remus's hand tightens on his throat yet again. Pathetic moans spill from his mouth, sounding gargled as he chokes on his spit, and he loves it.
He's figuratively stuck between reality and fantasy - a new place for him to be - feeling the very real touches of Remus's hands around his throat, choking him expertly and stroking him all the same, and he doesn't hold back from rutting his cock against Remus's which earns low moans from the man. But on the other hand, he can't help but do exactly what Remus said to, and imagine a collar choking him as he's dragged around Remus's mansion, stared at by his staff, and forced to crawl all the while.
"Re- Rem-" Logan stutters out, raspy due to the little air he could suck in, and Remus eases up pressure again allowing Logan another breath of air. "Remus- close, please," he then whines, rocking his hips again, desperate for any sort of release. His body was still sensitive from earlier, and Remus laughs lightly at how quickly he got close.
"Already, baby?" Remus coos, teasing as ever. He pulls Logan in by his throat for yet another kiss, rougher this time, biting at Logan's lips as Logan gasps and lets out short pants and whines against Remus's.
The car pulls to a stop, and Remus pulls away with a curse. He lets go of Logan's throat, and Logan in turn bends over fully, resting his head against Remus's shoulder as Remus strokes them both faster.
"Please, please," Logan cries, nails digging into Remus's back as he continues to rock his cock against Remus's, almost pleading with the pleasure he's providing in hopes Remus will let him come.
He doesn't know why he's asking, or why he wants Remus's approval before doing so, but when Remus eventually grits out "come, now," Logan can't help but obey.
Luckily, his come splatters over Remus's hand and his clothes, and manages to miss dirtying Logan up at all, and after he comes Remus pushes him back slightly so he can quickly finish himself off, making himself into more of a mess.
Logan's panting heavily, and Remus is drawing in deep breaths of his own, before there comes a knock on the car door from the outside.
Remus snickers, as Logan flushes, and works to quickly get his cock back into his pants. "At least he knocked," Remus jokes, before pressing a kiss to the underside of Logan's jaw. "You can open it!" he then shouts, presumably to the chauffeur. The door cracks open, despite the fact Remus is very much covered in their come and his limp cock is still out, seemingly having no shame whatsoever regarding the sexual nature of the situation.
He uses his clean hand to guide Logan's turned head back towards him, so he can pull him in for one last final kiss. "You don't have to go," Remus reminds him, voice quiet, as he pulls his wallet out of his pants. With one hand, he maneuvers it open, and pulls out a wad of cash, hardly caring about the amount. Logan gulps as he takes it, before he splits up the cash, folds it, and stuffs each half into each of his back pockets, not having any other suitable place to put it.
He feels a ball of anxiety knotting in his gut as Remus speaks. "You can skip," Remus says, almost as if he's pleading.
"Remus-" Logan attempts to interject, sliding fully off Remus's lap and shuffling while bent over towards the open door.
"Maybe they won't even fire you!" Remus continues, sounding increasingly desperate, and Logan sighs as he steps fully out of the car.
Awkwardly glancing away, Logan folds his arms over his chest. After a few seconds, he takes a breath, and looks back at Remus. "You have my number," he states, taking a step backwards, and one step closer to his workplace. "Bye, Remus."
And with that, the chauffeur closes the door, and Logan gulps as he stares at the ground, watching as the wheels slowly roll along the road, and the limo speeds away.
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kingexpl0sionmurder · a year ago
What Happens When You Dream? - Bakugou Katsuki - Smut
Tumblr media
Author: @kingexpl0sionmurder​ Rating: NSFW 18+ Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki/F!Reader (Implied Kaminari Denki/Shinsou Hitoshi), Aged up (College), Quirkless AU. Words: 8,624 Warnings: swearing, oral (male receiving), ghosts, hauntings, brief mention of violence, horror movie references, witchy things, Bakugou bad mouths the occult and witches but I do not share his views on the matter. This is probably unnecessary but it should go without saying that seances are no joke and you shouldn’t preform one unless you know what you’re doing (which I certainly do NOT). I pulled what is said off of a damn WikiHow so don’t try this at home. AN: Another collab piece for the BNHarem server! Have some Halloween Bakugou! This came out softer than I imagined it would but I just enjoy writing him as a sarcastic grump. Also, I didn’t mean to put in the Shinkami but it happened so we’re rolling with it.  I honestly don’t know what this is but I hope you enjoy it! Please check out the Masterlist for this collab HERE My Masterlist is HERE Buy me a KoFi HERE --
Every night, you dream at least ten dreams a night Do you remember the dreams? If you do, you're well on your way To having some fantastic times when you close your eyes. - Bring Me The Horizon - Steal Something
Bakugou lugged the last box up the porch steps and into the house, bypassing the living area and depositing it on the kitchen counter. Wiping his brow with the back of his hand, he surveyed the mess around him.
God, he hated moving.
“That’s the last of it?” Kirishima asked as he entered the kitchen behind him. “I’m so tired already.”
Bakugou just grunted in response, turning around to walk back outside and close up the moving truck. It was still early in the day, so they had plenty of time to start unpacking and get the house into some sense of livability before they needed to return the vehicle, and he wanted to get as much done as he could while he still had the energy.
Kirishima was on the phone when he came back inside, chattering happily as he leaned against the counter. When he hung up, he grinned. “The squad is going to come by and help!”
Ignoring the stupid nickname they’d adopted for their friend group, Bakugou shot the redhead a look. “You mean they’re going to come here and fucking distract you.”
“No! Mina hasn’t seen the place yet, and Denki promised to bring food. They want to help us unpack!”
Bakugou snorted. “Sure. Whatever. Just tell them to stay out of my way.” He walked over to a box labeled “dishes” and got to work, unwrapping the newspaper from around them and placing them on the counter.
Kirishima left him alone to move the furniture around in the living room and, presumably, hook up the TV. He let his mind wander, thinking about how they’d ended up finding this place. It was in a little suburban neighborhood, a park across the street with an excellent path for his morning runs, a convenience store around the corner for Kirishima’s late-night beef jerky cravings, a short walk to the train station, and three stops away from their university. 
Rooming with Kirishima was a given, too. He was the only one Bakugou could tolerate for long periods, and he knew how to handle Bakugou’s erratic moods. He didn’t push too hard, gave him space when he needed it, and was moderately neat. Bakugou knew if he’d roomed with someone like Kaminari, he’d spend the rest of his life in a jail cell, so Kirishima was the safe option.
It helped that they were going to the same school, even though they had completely opposite majors. Bakugou was studying physics, and Kirishima was going for sports education. Sometimes he pictured Kirishima as a school gym teacher, and it made him roll his eyes. He’d be perfect for something like that. 
One day Bakugou would be a nuclear physicist and win a Nobel prize. That was the goal, anyway. Number one in his field, his face on the cover of Time magazine, everyone would know his name some day. Nothing was going to stop him from reaching the top.
He had nearly finished unpacking the dishes when Sero walked into the kitchen carrying bags of snacks and soda. Kaminari followed behind him and dropped three pizza boxes on the island in the middle of the room and shot Bakugou a funny look. “Mina is scared to come inside.”
Snorting, he raised his eyebrow. “What?”
“She says she’s got a bad vibe, dude. I don’t know.” Sero shrugged. “You’re the most logical one, maybe you can get her to come in. Kiri’s trying and failing, man.”
Grumbling under his breath, wondering why he even bothered with these idiots, Bakugou stomped out of the room to see Kirishima leaning in the frame of the front door and talking to someone out on the porch.
“...been here all day, Mina. Nothing weird has happened.” 
“Oi, Raccoon Eyes, what’s your problem?” He shoved Kirishima out of the way to get a look at the girl, his eyebrows furrowed.
She looked nervous, her eyes flitting to the windows up on the second floor, her hands clasped in front of her. “I don’t know, Bakugou. Something just doesn’t feel right. I can’t explain it.”
“Don’t be ridiculous.” He crossed his arms over his chest and stared her down. “What are you even talking about?”
“Mina’s always been sensitive to energies and stuff, Bakubro,” Sero said from somewhere behind him. “She burned sage at my apartment when I moved in because she said something felt off.”
He vaguely remembered that Ashido had always been into some weird shit; Ouiji boards and hypnosis, tarot cards and reading people’s auras. Bakugou didn’t believe in that hippy dippy shit, especially being a man of science, but if it ended this dumb standoff on his front porch, he’d let her do whatever. 
Wrinkling his nose, he sighed. “If I let you burn that nasty shit in here, will you come inside?” 
“It might help…” trailing off, she stepped back. “I can just tell that something bad happened here. You don’t feel anything?”
“Fuck no.” 
“It just feels...sad.” Mina shivered, frowning.
“That’s because I haven’t hung up my Crimson Riot posters yet.” Kiri gave Mina a placating smile, stepping forward and placing his hand on her shoulder. “Let me take you to the store to get what you need, huh? We can talk about it in the car.”
Mina looked like she wanted to get as far away from the house as possible as quickly as possible, so she nodded.
Sero handed Kirishima his keys, since he was parked behind Kiri’s dumb ass truck, and the two of them headed out. Bakugou went back inside to finish the rest of his unpacking, slightly annoyed by the whole situation.
“What do you think it is?” Kaminari asked, opening the top pizza box and grabbing a slice. “I’ve never seen her like that before.”
“Maybe there’s a ghost here or something.” Sero chuckled. “Maybe you’ll open up a closet door somewhere upstairs and there will be a portal to the other side.” He wiggled his fingers at Kaminari, laughing. “Carol Ann, go into the light!”
“Idiots. There’s no such thing as ghosts.” Bakugou slammed the cabinet shut after he’d loaded in the last of the glasses. “She’s just being weird, as usual.”
“Hey, man. Don’t be like that.” Licking grease off his thumb (like a heathen, Bakugou thought), Kaminari fixed him with a look. “She looked genuinely terrified. It’s nice of you to let her burn the sage though. It’ll give her peace of mind.”
“Smells awful, though. But she says it worked at my place.” Sero added.
Bakugou had had enough of the conversation, so he just grunted in response, turning and leaving the room. 
He figured it was time to set up his bedroom, that way he didn’t have to worry about it later that night. Plus, it would get him away from dumb and dumber and Kaminari’s inability to use a napkin like a normal human being.
Later on, after Mina made the entire house smell like burnt ass, Kirishima took Kaminari with him to return the moving truck, Sero following behind him in his car. Mina stayed with Bakugou in his room as he put together his bookshelf, sitting quietly and making herself useful by unpacking his books and stacking them by author so he could arrange them when he was done. He wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but her silence was irking him. She was never this quiet.
“What’s your problem?” He asked gruffly, frowning at the allen key in his hand as he twisted a screw into the base of the bookshelf.
He glanced up when she sighed, her body moving to lean against the bed, her head falling back so her gaze was fixed on the ceiling. “Nothing. I just feel like the sage didn’t work.” 
Bakugou clicked his tongue. “Why should it? That stuff isn’t real anyway.”
“It is so!” He saw her glare at him from his peripheral. “You shouldn’t dismiss it so quickly.”
“I’m a science major, idiot.” He didn’t feel the need to elaborate further.
“So, what? Science can explain away all of the so called phenomena that people like to believe are ghosts. There is no scientific proof that ghosts exist. All of the things that people attribute to hauntings are hallucinations are tricks that your mind plays on you. It’s all in your head.” He stood up, lifting the finished bookshelf to stand beside him. “Besides, you’ve been here all day and nothing bad has happened, has it?”
Crossing her arms over her chest, Mina bit her bottom lip. “Well, no. It’s just...it feels anxious and sad in here? So it’s not that I expect anything bad to happen, really. It’s just uncomfortable.” 
Choosing not to comment further, Bakugou pushed the bookcase up against the wall, picking up the drill nearby so he could anchor it into the sheetrock.
When he was done drilling, she continued. “You shouldn’t shit all over my beliefs, either. It’s not nice.”
“Since when have you ever known me to be nice?” He pointed at one of her stacks. “Give me the A’s.”
“Fair point.” Mina stood, picking up a few books from the first stack and handing them to him. “Just do me a favor and be careful. If anything weird happens, let me know, okay?”
Bakugou bit back a groan. “Will it shut you up about it if I agree?” She nodded. “Fine. I’ll let you know if you need to call an old priest and a young priest to perform an exorcism, okay?”
Mina snorted at that, handing him another set of books. “Okay, good.”
Bakugou blinked sleepy, pressing his face into his pillow and breathing deeply. Waking up in a new room was disorienting, the light from the window hitting his face in a way he wasn’t used to. He sighed, closing his eyes again, annoyed that he’d woken before his alarm went off. 
He was just convincing himself to go back to sleep until it was time to get up when a soft groan from beside him made him pause, his eyes flying open at the sound. Turning his head, his mouth went dry at the sight of you laying beside him, your hair strewn over the pillow next to his, bare shoulders peeking out from underneath the covers.
Mind racing, he tried to remember who you were and what had led to you sleeping in his bed beside him. The last thing he could recall was shuffling off to bed early as usual, leaving his friends in the living room, the group of them laying haphazardly across the couches as they watched a movie. 
He hadn’t gone out or drank anything, so there was no way he could have met you at a bar. It’d be easier to explain that way, because he was no stranger to drunken one night stands. 
Opening his mouth to ask you what the fuck you were doing in his bed, the words were stuck in his throat when you turned around to gaze sleepily at him.
You were pretty, even with the sleep in your eyes and your unruly bedhead. Your smile was what made him pause, heart stopping and beautiful.
“Morning, Katsu.” You sighed, burrowing your face into his chest.
“What the fuck?” He managed, scooting away and frowning. “Who are you?”
“Ah, the million dollar question.” Giggling, you sat up, one arm moving to keep the sheet covering your obviously bare chest. “Normally I’d be offended that you don’t know it, but, it’s par for the course.” 
“How did you-”
“Get here? Through the front door, just like anyone else.” Shaking your head, you used your free hand to rub at your eyes. “I’m not really sure how this works, honestly. Maybe we just need to try again later.” You frowned, shrugging your shoulders and changing the subject. “You’re very warm, you know that?”
Frustration bubbled up in his chest. Why couldn’t you just answer his questions the way he meant them?
Before he could press further, you yawned, turning and shuffling to the edge of the bed. He watched in silence as you stood, his gaze lingering on your naked backside as you pulled on a pair of panties. He was quiet as you dressed, watching your movements and racking his brain, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Turning to look over at him again, you smiled. “Well, guess I should get out of your hair.”
Your cryptic words left him floundering, his eyes widening as you headed for the bedroom door. “Where the fuck are you going?”
Pausing, you turned to speak to him over your shoulder. “Time’s up. Your alarm is about to go off.”
Eyebrows furrowed, he watched as you opened the door and walked over the threshold. 
The blaring of his alarm startled him into a sitting position, his chest tight as he gasped for breath. What the fuck?
“A dream.” He grumbled, lying back down, his arm reaching out to smack the snooze button on the top of his clock. 
Rubbing his face tiredly, he groaned. It was very rare that he dreamt anything at all, so the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind. He had no idea who you were, he couldn’t remember ever seeing your face before, so he wasn’t sure why his mind had conjured you up to be the one in his bed.
He remembered reading an article once about dreams, and how it was impossible for your brain to make up people’s faces. It was believed that faces you have seen in passing in a crowd, even those you didn’t consciously look at, were stored somewhere in your memory, and could be brought forth in your mind in a dream. Maybe that’s where you’d come from.
He sighed, shifting in bed until his feet were on the floor, turning off his alarm for good and standing up. Stretching, he decided to forget all about you, focusing on the day ahead. He didn’t have time to dwell on dumb shit like dreams. He blamed it on his mind trying to get used to being in a new place, and left it behind him. 
“We really have to stop meeting like this, handsome.”
Bakugou opened his eyes, squinting over at you as you lay beside him, your head propped up on your hand. This was the fourth day in a row, and he was getting tired of it already.
“Again? What the fuck.” He slumped back onto the pillow below him. “Why the hell do I keep dreaming about you? I don’t even know you.”
You giggled, shrugging. “Kirishima sleeps like the dead, so you were my only option.”
“What does that mean? I’m getting tired of your cryptic bullshit, shitty woman.”
“Hey, you don’t need to call me names, Katsu.”
Growling, he sat up. “Well, you won’t tell me your real one, so I have to be creative.” He paused. “And how do you know my name? I don’t even let my hair for brains roommate call me that, and we’ve known each other since we were 16.”
“I figured you wouldn’t mind. I can just call you Bakugou if it makes you more comfortable.” 
“None of this makes me comfortable, you idiot. I don’t even understand what’s going on here.” He was tired. Ever since he’d started dreaming of you he woke up feeling like he’d barely gotten any rest, and it was grating on his nerves. “Why can’t you ever just be straight with me?”
Shrugging, you made yourself more comfortable in his blankets. He jolted when he felt your cold toes press against his calf. “It’s more fun this way, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, maybe for you.” He let himself lay back beside you, folding his arms behind his head and staring at the ceiling. “Have we met before?”
Humming thoughtfully, you snuggled up against him again, your fingers ghosting patterns across his bare chest. “Nope. Kind of wish we had though. You’re pretty cute.”
Huffing through his nose, he ignored the fact that he didn’t shy away from your touch like he usually did. “I’m not fucking cute.” Secretly, he liked the praise.
“Would you rather me tell you that you’re hot?” You peered up at him, smirking. 
“Fuck you.”
You snorted, rolling your eyes. “Hm. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
The thought had crossed his mind once or twice. The fact that he always woke up in these dreams naked next to you wasn’t helping the matter. “You wish.”
The grin you shot him was almost sinister, and he felt his cock stir beneath the blankets.
What the ever loving fuck.
Almost as if you knew what he was thinking, you pressed against him, your lips brushing against his ear. “Wish we had more time, Katsuki, but your alarm is about to go off again.”
Bakugou shot up in bed, his heart racing and skin damp with sweat, a shiver racing down his spine. He could still feel your warm breath on his ear, like you’d just pulled away. 
When he looked over, he was alone. 
“You been sleeping okay, Bakubro?” Kirishima asked him from the doorway to the kitchen, his ridiculously bulky arms crossed over his equally ridiculous chest. 
Bakugou looked up from his toast, his head aching. “Like fuck I have.” 
His friend raised an eyebrow at him. “You look like hell, dude. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.”
“Fuck you.” Sighing, he dropped his toast on his plate, wiping his hand on his napkin and hunching over. “I keep having these weird dreams.” He paused, turning to look at the redhead. “What about you?”
“Me?” Kirishima pushed off the door and walked to the fridge, wrenching open the door and pulling out a carton of orange juice. “I’ve been sleeping fine. Best sleep I’ve had in a while actually. It’s nice not having all the campus noises around and stuff, you know?”
“Kirishima sleeps like the dead, so you were my only option.” Your words rattled around in his brain, and he frowned. 
“I don’t know, dude. I think you’re overworking yourself.”
Bakugou growled. “I’m trying to land that internship. I don’t have time to be a lazy asshole.”
“Hey, I’m not lazy!”
“I didn’t say you were. Guilty conscience?” He couldn’t help the smirk that curled onto his face.
Kirishima took a sip of juice straight from the carton, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand when he was done. “Shut up.” He grinned, his shark teeth on display. “You should take a day off, maybe. Or just, don’t study all day on Saturday and hang out with me! The squad is coming by for a barbeque. Maybe it’ll help if you just relax.”
He made a disgusted face when Kirishima put the carton of orange juice back in the fridge, making a mental note to buy a new one. Gross. “Being around you idiots will just stress me out some more.” He finished his toast, standing up to put his dish in the sink. “I’ve got a late lab tonight, so order some takeout.”
“You got it, man.” Kirishima grabbed his shoulder as he passed him. “Hey, think about Saturday, okay? I’m kinda worried about you.”
Shrugging him off, Bakugou nodded. “Yeah, whatever. I’ll think about it.”
Things progressed in mostly the same way for the remainder of the week. He got up, went to school, stayed late in the lab working on his project for the internship interview, and collapsed into bed when he got home. 
When he closed his eyes, he was back in that dream with you by his side. 
He liked to make you laugh, and it didn’t seem hard to do. You got a kick out of his shitty attitude for some reason, and you liked to listen to stories about his dumb friends. You seemed particularly fond of Kaminari, mentioning you knew someone that would probably like him. You seemed more morose than usual when you talked about your friend, and when he asked why, you just shrugged and said you hadn’t seen him in a while.
“So you aren’t just a figment of my imagination?” Bakugou asked, folding his arms behind his head.
You shook your head, your hair brushing his chin as you laid on his chest. He’d gotten used to the cuddling, and though he enjoyed it, he’d never mention that out loud.
“Of course I’m not, Katsu.” Sighing, you tilted your head to look up at him. “Man, you’re taking way too long to figure this out.”
“You’re not very forthcoming with information about yourself, idiot.” He grumbled, annoyed. “What’s your friend’s name, anyway?”
“Shinsou Hitoshi.” You grinned, a faraway look in your eyes. “He’s my best friend. I kind of miss him.”
“Why don’t you call him?”
“Can’t. It’s fine though.” You sat up further, hovering over him. “Maybe you could get him to meet Kaminari. He needs a little sunshine in his life. He used to work at that cat café over by the university. Bet he’s still there.”
“Cat café?” Bakugou wracked his brain. “Next to that udon place?”
“That’s the one. He’s got purple hair, you literally can’t miss him.” 
Bakugou snorted. He didn’t give two shits about his blonde friend and his love life. But if this Shinsou guy knew you, maybe he could get some answers. 
“Since when do you like cats?” Kaminari asked, falling into step beside him.
Bakugou was regretting his entire existence as he walked, wishing he didn’t give enough of a shit to find out more about you. Kaminari had been chattering beside him non-stop the entire train ride over, wondering why Bakugou was insisting on visiting the café and why he had to be the one to accompany him.
“I’ve always liked cats. Just shut up, dunceface.” Huffing, he shoved his hands in his pockets. He was unsure how he was even going to talk to this Shinsou guy, what he was going to say. “Hi, you don’t know me but I think I’m having dreams about your friend?”
“Mauhaus Cat Café?” Kaminari giggled, breaking Bakugou out of his thoughts. “If this place isn’t full of hot goth boys I don’t want any part of it.”
Rolling his eyes, Bakugou opened the door and let Kaminari walk in first. Standing behind the counter looking half asleep and thoroughly done with life stood a man with purple hair. 
“Oh, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” Kaminari stopped and stared, and Bakugou nearly walked into his back.
“Oi, idiot, come on.” Grumbling about his friend under his breath, he pushed him further inside, neck craning back to read the neat chalkboard menu over the coffee machines. 
Kaminari, on the other hand, shook his head and waltzed up to the counter, a bright smile on his face. “Hey there, tall, dark, and handsome.”
Amethyst eyes gazed at Kaminari, his facial expression flat. “Oh joy, a loud blonde.”
Bakugou snorted. “Are you Shinsou Hitoshi?”
The man stood up straighter and covered his nametag with his hand. “That depends on who’s asking.”
Kaminari, being Kaminari, grinned a little wider. “I’m Kaminari Denki, and I think I love you.”
Shinsou blinked at him, his eyes alight with amusement. “Oh yeah?” Bakugou saw him glance down at the leather choker on Kaminari’s neck, before his eyes flicked back up to his face.
They’d known each other for two seconds and they were already eye fucking. Wonderful.
“Trust me on this, dude. You and I are going to get along great.” Kaminari turned to Bakugou. “Why have you been hiding this gorgeous boy from me, Bakugou? I thought we were friends.”
“We’re not. Now go away.” He pointed to a brindle colored cat sitting on a table on the far side of the room. “Go pet a cat or something.”
“Oh! Look how pretty!” Kaminari wandered away, not before throwing Shinsou a wink over his shoulder and biting his lip in a way he probably thought was sultry.
Shinsou seemed to be eating it up, but he was a bit more subtle. Bakugou almost felt bad for the guy, before he remembered that he didn’t care.
“How do you know my name?” Shinsou asked, tearing his eyes away from Kaminari. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before.”
Nodding, he shoved his hands deeper in his pockets. “No, we’ve never met. A friend of yours told me about you, and I just...I wanted to ask you something.” Frowning, he pushed on, knowing how weird he was about to sound. “She said you were her best friend.”
Shinsou snorted. “I don’t really have any friends, man. Who was it?”
“That’s just it...I don’t know her name.”
“Okay, but she told you mine? That doesn’t really add up.” Shinsou’s eyes narrowed. “What does she look like?”
Bakugou described you, cutting himself off when he noticed how pale Shinsou suddenly looked. The slight look of horror on his face turned to anger so fast that Bakugou got whiplash.
“Do you think this is funny or something, asshole?” Shinsou’s voice was low and dangerous. “Get the fuck out of my shop before I kick the shit out of you.”
“What? What the fuck is your problem?” Bakugou was always quick to anger, but he especially didn’t like being threatened. 
Kaminari must have sensed that things were about to go south, because he appeared at Bakugou’s side a moment later. “Is everything okay?”
“You think this is some kind of joke? Like I don’t miss her and think about her every day? Like I don’t blame myself for what happened?” Shinsou’s deep voice cracked slightly at the end of his question, and Bakugou was horrified to see tears starting to gather in his eyes.
“What are you even talking about? Who is she?” He was starting to get really frustrated.
Shinsou moved to round the counter. “Fuck you, man. Get the fuck-” 
“Bakugou, who are you talking about?” Kaminari turned to Shinsou, his palm pressing gently to his chest to stop him from reaching Bakugou. “What’s going on?”
“Your friend here thinks it’s funny to come into my shop and rub my best friend’s death in my face.”
Bakugou choked on his own spit. “Death?”
Kaminari looked between the two of them in confusion. “Bakugou?”
He didn’t want to do this in front of Kaminari, but he had no choice. “I’ve been having dreams! Ever since we moved into the house…” Trailing off, he stared at Shinsou. “I didn’t know she - how is this even possible?”
“So, Shinsou’s best friend has been visiting your dreams, and she’s...no longer with us. She told you about Shinsou, so you came here to find out more?” Kaminari summarized, letting his hand drop from Shinsou’s chest when he noticed he wasn’t struggling anymore.
Bakugou just nodded, his fists clenched at his sides. 
“What house?” Shinsou asked. “Is she…”
Bakugou told him the address and Shinsou practically crumpled in on himself, his breath coming out in short pants. Kaminari had enough sense to guide him over to a nearby table and sit him down on a chair. Bakugou was glad the shop was empty.
Somehow completely level headed in this brief moment of crisis, Kaminari went around the shop counter and came back with a cup of water for Shinsou. He then pushed Bakugou, who was still standing frozen in front of the register, into the chair across from Shinsou, and then pulled up his own chair. “Shinsou, hey. Can you tell us about her?”
Heart pounding, Bakugou woke up in a dream. 
This was different.
Instead of waking up to you lying beside him, looking disheveled but beautiful as you teased him and held the blankets over your naked chest…
He was sweating, breath coming in short pants, his fingers tangled in someone’s hair, wet heat surrounding his cock.
Bakugou’s eyes flew open, taking in the white ceiling of his bedroom. He let his gaze travel down, the dark comforter on his bed hiding the identity of the person between his legs.
He didn’t need to see them to know who it was.
You hummed around him and his toes curled. He should definitely be freaking out right now, kicking you off of him and flying from the bed to the other side of the room, hiding his modesty as he screeched at you.
But then you did this thing with your tongue that he couldn’t even begin to describe and his eyes rolled back. It had been a while, he reasoned. He was too preoccupied with school and moving and not sleeping right to take care of it himself. 
Letting his fingers card through your hair, he tugged, reveling in the groan that left your throat and shot right through him. He rocked his hips in time with your bobbing mouth, biting down on his bottom lip to hold back his moans.
He felt himself getting close, eyes fluttering shut again as he let himself get lost in the moment. Later, he would contemplate how easily he accepted what you were doing, but for now, he was going to enjoy every second of it.
“Y/N…” He groaned, pushing his head back into the pillows. 
All at once, your mouth was off of him, and he felt the blanket fly off of his body, exposing his hard and aching cock to the cool air.
“What!?” Your voice was wrecked, but he was too keyed up to pay much attention.
Popping his eyes open, he groaned and sat up on his elbows. “What the fuck, shitty woman? I was about to come.”
“How do you know my name?”
Suddenly, everything came rushing back to him. He remembered where he was, who you were, what you were. “Fuck. What the fuck?”
“Learn another word, Katsuki. Jesus Christ.” You were still kneeling between his legs, your hand resting on his thigh. “How did you find out my name?”
Flopping back against the pillow again, he rubbed his hands tiredly over his face. “I met Shinsou today.” His dick was still so hard that it hurt, but he had a feeling you wouldn’t be helping him take care of the problem anymore.
You were quiet, so he peeked through his fingers, frowning. You were crying silently, tears sliding down your cheeks. “He told you?”
“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” He said finally, letting his hands drop from his face. He didn’t know why he was being so nice. Usually he’d tell someone who cried in front of him to suck it up, but it felt wrong to give you a hard time. Sighing, he threw his arm out to the side. “Come here.”
You sniffled again, climbing over his leg and settling on the bed beside him, your head resting on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around you. “I’m sorry, Katsuki.”
“For what? Don’t apologize.” He grunted. “But later we’re going to have a conversation about what was going on when I got here.”
“That’s the first time you were you during it, I think.” Your voice was rough, and you sniffled loudly when you were done speaking.
“What does that even mean?” His brow furrowed in confusion. “Wait, that’s happened more than once? What the hell?”
Giggling, you nodded. “What, do you think I just get naked and climb into bed with you every time?” He huffed, and you continued. “It’s like...it’s you of course, but it’s like all of a sudden something clicks.” You snapped your fingers. “I’m not sure if I’m just tapping into your fantasies or what…”
He could feel the blush heating up his cheeks and he hated it, so he chose not to comment. 
“Usually I come in and you’re waiting for me, we get naked, then we fuck, then we cuddle, and that’s when you get here.”
“Tch. No way. I don’t cuddle.” Scoffing, he tightened his grip around you. 
This time you snorted a laugh, your hand sliding over his stomach as you got more comfortable. “Oh? You do with me, teddy bear.”
“Shut the fuck up! Don’t call me that.” He shivered. “That’s the worst pet name I’ve ever heard.”
“I’ll try to be more creative next time.” You shifted again, pulling the blanket over both of your legs. “And, if you don’t cuddle, then what are we doing right now?”
“Having a conversation.” 
“About?” You moved to look at him, raising your eyebrow.
Fighting hard not to smirk, he rolled his eyes. “Not cuddling.”
“You’re impossible.”
“You’re annoying.”  He hissed when you pinched his side. “Ow! What the hell?”
“Shut up and go back to sleep, Katsu.”
Bakugou Katsuki did NOT ask for help. The word help was not in his vocabulary. He could do everything and figure everything out on his own, thank you. However, he thought maybe, just this once, he was in over his head. 
He didn’t know shit about ghosts or spirits or hauntings or whatever the fuck this was. Mina, as Kaminari had pointed out to him after they’d left Mauhaus, was practically an expert. He was dreading the moment when she rubbed it in his face that she had been right about the house all along, but his annoyance over it paled in comparison to the need he had for a night of uninterrupted sleep.
Not that he minded, really, because he got to spend time with you.
The sudden affection that he had for you was unnerving. Because, besides the whole not asking for help thing, the other constant in his life was that Bakugou Katsuki did not catch feelings. Feelings were unnecessary. He hated them. He hated being fond of people, the weird ache in his chest made him want to puke. The only person he felt any kind of warmth for was Kirishima, and that was because he was his best friend. He tolerated everyone else to a degree, but he didn’t feel anything for them.
But then there was you, who he’d known for an entire two weeks. (He wasn’t even going to unpack the fact that you were literally haunting his dreams in which he was apparently fucking you.) Somehow, through the brief interactions you’d had, whether they were real or not, he’d managed to care about you. You were funny, and you didn’t put up with his shit.
It would figure that the only girl he’d ever had feelings for was dead.
He had come to terms with that fact now. His next course of action was to find out why you were coming to him. Mina was the only one he knew who could help him find some answers. (He didn’t really trust the internet.) The problem was getting her alone without the rest of the idiot brigade around. Kaminari knew, obviously, but he just wanted to talk to Mina.
His chance came on Saturday, when everyone came to his and Kirishima’s house for the barbeque. 
Bakugou was slicing vegetables in the kitchen when Mina came inside, offering to help. He grunted, pointing at a bowl of spinach. “Finish making the salad, raccoon eyes.” 
Mina rolled her eyes and stood beside him, taking the tomatoes he’d chopped and adding them to the bowl. “So, how’s the house-”
“What do you know about ghosts?” He blurted. Well, that was one way to ask.
She stiffened beside him. “Did you see something?”
Huffing through his nose, he picked up a cucumber and began slicing it a little harder than necessary to mask his discomfort. “Maybe.”
“Bakugou, what happened?” She grabbed his shirt sleeve, tugging on it. “Is it bad? Do we have to set up surveillance cameras or something?”
He snorted. “No, this isn’t a dumb horror movie.” Shrugging her off of his arm, he pushed the cucumbers towards her. “I’ve been having dreams-“
“How do you know it’s a ghost?” She interrupted, turning back to the salad.
Bakugou decided to be as vague as possible. “It’s the same dream every night, the same person. She never told me her name, but I was able to figure out who she is. She used to live here...” Swallowing thickly, he turned to look at her. “I just don’t know why she’s visiting me.”
“Well, most of the time ghosts are spirits that are still tied to this world in some way. People believe they have unfinished business, something they need to do before they can pass on.” Mina looked thoughtful for a moment. “Maybe she has regrets?”
Grunting, he went back to chopping. “I don’t know, it’s weird. She said she picked me because she tried Kirishima and she couldn’t reach him or whatever.”
“Maybe she thinks you're cute, Bakubabe.” Mina teased him.
“Fuck you.”
“Okay, alright, sorry!” Mina held up her hands in surrender. “So, she’s here somewhere, huh? I wonder why she hasn’t appeared to you outside of your dreams.”
“No idea. I wish she would though, I haven’t slept right since we moved in.”
“Do you know what happened to her?” 
Bakugou stopped chopping, thinking back to the other day at the cat cafe.
“I was working the late shift that night, and Y/N was home alone.” Shinsou rubbed his face, leaning back in his chair. “There had been a bunch of break ins in the area, so I told her to lock the door and leave the light and the TV on in the living room, that way it looked like someone was up. They must have been watching the house though, because it didn’t deter them.”
Bakugou swallowed thickly, his eyes glued to Shinsou as he stared down at the cup of water Kaminari had gotten him. He felt rage bubbling up in his chest, and he had to talk himself out of going to find whoever did this to you and making them pay. 
“Oh no, Shinsou, I’m so sorry.” Kaminari put his hand on his shoulder. “Did they catch who did it?”
Nodding, Shinsou finally looked up, eyes meeting Bakugou’s. “It was two guys. One of them turned themselves in, and the police were able to catch the other that way. They apparently had never agreed on killing anyone, they were just supposed to be looting. Not like they would have gotten a lot from us anyway, unless they had a thing for Siouxsie and the Banshees records and Funko Pops.”
“How-” Bakugou said suddenly, before closing his mouth and shaking his head. He didn’t really want to know.
“Shot her.” Shinsou said stiffly. 
“Fuck.” Kaminari breathed. 
“What does she say to you.” Bakugou blinked at the purple-haired man, realizing he was speaking to him. 
“Mostly she makes fun of me.” Crossing his arms over his chest, he sat back in the chair. “She was telling me how she missed you, wanted me to introduce you to Pikachu over here.” He nodded his chin at Kaminari. “Said you needed some sunshine or some shit.”
Snorting, Shinsou’s lip curled into a half smile. “Sounds like her.”
“So what now?” Kaminari asked. “Why is she visiting you?”
“Hell if I know. She mentioned this place and you and I kind of just wanted to see if I was making it all up in my head or something.”
“It’s kind of hard to believe. I don’t really know what to make of it.” Rubbing his eyes tiredly, Shinsou sighed. “I know you’re telling me the truth, though. Sorry for yelling at you.”
“Tch. It’s fine.” Bakugou didn’t blame the guy, honestly. 
“I think you should talk to Mina,” Kaminari said suddenly. “She knows a lot about this kind of stuff for some reason. She tried burning that sage, remember?”
“She told me she didn’t think it worked.”
“Sage is used for cleansing. It’s supposed to ward off evil. I don’t think Y/N fits the description.” Shinsou hummed. “She’s a soft hearted nerd.”
Mina gasped, eyes wide. “That’s so awful. That’s why this place feels so sad.” She turned back to the salad in front of her. “We should have a séance.”
Bakugou made a face, picturing that scene from Beetlejuice. “No one is going to be singing that god damn Banana Boat song at my kitchen table, fuck that.”
Snorting, Mina rolled her eyes. “You watch too many movies.” 
When the vegetables were chopped, he moved to the sink to wash his hands. “What will that do?”
“A séance? It’s a way to communicate with the dead. Maybe we can get her to come forward and speak to us, we can try to find out what she wants.”
Bakugou couldn’t explain the flash of panic that he felt suddenly. “Is that...going to get rid of her?”
His pink-haired friend blinked at him owlishly. “You don’t want her to go, do you?” 
He didn’t really have an answer to that, his ears burning hot. He shifted uncomfortably and snapped his mouth closed.
“You like her.” 
It was just a statement, and he couldn’t form the words to deny it. His embarrassment turned quickly to fury when he saw the look of pity in her eyes. “Don’t you dare.”
“Oh, Katsuki.” She reached out to touch his shoulder and he jerked away. “You can’t-”
“Don’t tell me what I can and can’t fucking do.” He seethed. “And don’t call me that.”
“She’s dead, Bakugou.”
“You think I don’t know that already? Do I look stupid?” He was trying to keep from lashing out, his hands forming into fists at his side. He could feel himself shaking.
“What is going on here?” Kirishima asked from the doorway, brows furrowed. He looked between his two friends, arms crossed across his chest.
Bakugou shot Mina a pleading look. She quirked her brow in confusion, until she finally caught on. “You didn’t tell him? Bakugou, he lives here too, he has a right to know.”
“Shut up! I know that! I just...haven’t gotten around to it.”
“Tell me what?” Kirishima looked even more confused.
Kaminari chose that moment to waltz into the kitchen, bypassing everyone and plucking a piece of cucumber from the salad on the counter. He shoved it in his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. Everyone watched him, Bakugou more wary than the rest, until he spun around and shot finger guns at Kirishima. “Your house is haunted, my friend.”
Bakugou opened the front door to see Shinsou standing on his front porch, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.
The ash blonde shared the sentiment.
Mina was in the dining area, draping a black tablecloth over the table and setting up candles. Kaminari was bouncing nervously on the balls of his feet, relaxing infinitesimally when Shinsou walked in the room behind Bakugou.
“Hey, Hitoshi.”
Oh, they were on a first name basis already.
It had been a week since the barbeque, and his forced confession to Kirishima about what had been going on since they’d moved into the house.
Kirishima had taken the news way better than he’d expected.
“Oh, you’ve seen her too?”
“What?” Bakugou froze, his eyebrows disappearing into his hair.
“I mean, I keep seeing shit out of the corner of my eye, and I thought I was going crazy or something.” He shrugged, helping Sero set the plates on the table. “I’d blink and she’d be gone. I guess I kind of got used to it after a while. I never felt scared or anything like that, and she never bothered me. It was like she was just watching.”
“She thinks you’re nice,” Bakugou mumbled, slumping into a chair.
Kirishima chuckled. “I am nice, bro.���
The rest of the evening had consisted of everyone bothering him with questions, and Mina preparing everyone for tonight’s séance. Kaminari had insisted that Shinsou should participate, and Mina had agreed, saying it would help to have someone close to her in the room. She had decided to drop the subject of Bakugou’s other admission, the one only she had heard.
He was kind of in love with you. 
It was selfish, wasn’t it? You didn’t belong here anymore, and he couldn’t have a relationship with you. He would drive himself crazy if he tried to keep going the way he had been, running on little to no sleep and burying himself in his textbooks, spending his free time researching the paranormal and diving into the dark recesses of the web. When he caught himself on a questionable website that talked about resurrection and spells he knew he’d taken a turn down a road he didn’t want to travel. 
He wanted to go back in time, to meet you before your death. Maybe you would have dated him, and you wouldn’t have lived in this house with Shinsou. You wouldn’t have been here when those assholes broke in. You’d still be alive.
Kirishima’s warm hand resting on his shoulder shook him from his thoughts. “You alright, man?”
He shrugged his friend’s hand away. “Peachy. Can we get this over with?”
Shinsou hummed in agreement. “It feels really weird to be in this house with other people’s stuff.” He didn’t need to mention how uncomfortable it felt to be in this place with everything that happened, but he didn’t have to. It was written all over his face.
Mina was lighting candles and calling everyone to the table, her normally bright and cheery expression gone, replaced with a serious and forlorn look. Kaminari introduced Shinsou to all their friends as they all took their seats, Mina at one end of the table and Bakugou at the other.
“Did you bring something of hers?” Mina asked Shinsou.
The purple-haired man nodded, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small battered book. “Her notebook. She carried it around with her and wrote down things to remember, stupid poems, little doodles.” He handed it to Kaminari, who passed it to Mina. “Also, I have this photo, I don’t know if it helps.”
He turned it to show it to Bakugou, and he felt his chest ache. You were smiling, wearing a ridiculous maid’s outfit, your hair frizzed out with a little white bonnet pinned to it. Shinsou stood beside you, wearing a plague doctor’s mask and a button up coat. 
“Halloween a few years ago. She was Magenta from Rocky Horror, and I refused to wear fishnets and heels to be her Dr. Frank-N-Furter.” A small smile appeared on his face. “She was a riot.” He leaned forward and placed the photo next to the notebook in the center of the table.
“That’s perfect, Shinsou, thank you.” Mina said quietly. “Okay everyone, phones off. When you’re ready, take the hand of the person next to you. It’s very important that we keep the circle closed until we’re done, so don’t let go.”
Bakugou grumbled, switching his phone off. He rubbed his sweaty palms on the leg of his pants, and then held his hands out. Shinsou took his hand on his right, Kirishima on his left.
Mina situated the Ouija board in front of herself, and then took Sero and Kaminari’s hands in hers. “Close your eyes and clear your minds. We want to think about our purpose, of contacting Y/N. I’ll say an opening prayer and we’ll wait. I’ll repeat it until we get an answer. Make sure you remember your questions for her.”
Trying to clear his mind and ignore how stupid he felt at that moment, Bakugou let out a breath and closed his eyes. He thought about contacting you this way, wondered if he’d be able to see you.
“Together we ask the spirits this night, to send us only the blessed and bright, we claim protection for everyone here, and no evil beings can come near.” She took a deep breath and continued. “We are reaching out to Y/N. Please join us in our circle tonight when you’re ready.”
Nothing happened for several minutes, so Mina repeated her greeting. 
And that’s when Bakugou felt it. It was like fingers on the back of his neck, blunt nails scraping over his skin and tickling him, warm breath on his ear. “Y/N?”
He felt Kirishima tense beside him, a soft laugh leaving him. “Is that her?”
“What’s she doing?” Mina asked quietly.
“Playing with my hair.” he audibly swallowed. “It’s kind of nice.”
On his other side, Shinsou jerked his arm. “She just pinched me. Typical.” He snorted, chuckling fondly.
Kaminari squeaked, saying it felt like she kissed his cheek. Mina felt her squeeze her shoulder. Sero felt her tug on the ends of his hair.
Shinsou hummed. “She probably thinks you need a haircut. She used to do that to me a lot, too.”
“Y/N, are you with us?” Mina’s voice rang out into the room.
Bakugou opened his eyes, watching as Mina leaned over the board in front of her, a surprised expression on her face as the planchette began to wiggle. 
“She says yes.” Her head snapped up, smiling at all of them. “Okay, who has the first question?”
“I’ll go!” Kirishima said cheerfully. Clearing his throat nervously, he smiled that shark toothed grin of his. “Hey, Y/N. Uh, have you been hanging around and watching me work out?”
Scoffing, Bakugou turned his attention back to Mina. She watched the planchette move, snorting when it stopped moving. “She said ‘sick gains’.” 
Kirishima blushed the color of his hair. “She noticed!”
“Shut up, shitty hair. Who’s next?” Bakugou tried to tamp down the spike of jealousy he felt knowing you had been spying on his best friend.
“My turn!” Kaminari grinned. “I was going to just feed you a pickup line, but Shinsou said no, so I just wanted to thank you for helping me find him. He’s pretty great.”
The planchette wiggled again. “She said ‘notebook’.”
Shinsou sighed. “She wrote down pickup lines in it all the time. I think she wants you to look at them.”
“Yes! Oh man, so cool. Thank you Y/N!”
“She said ‘be happy’. Aw, that’s so nice!” Mina looked at Shinsou. “You want to go?”
Nodding, Shinsou closed his eyes. “Do you forgive me?”
“‘Not your fault.’” Mina read.
“But it is! If I would have been home-” He stopped when the table shook slightly. 
“She moved it to the ‘no’, Shinsou. She doesn’t blame you. I think that’s a good sign you should stop blaming yourself.”
The purple-haired man’s shoulders slumped in defeat. He seemed to look a little less haunted, like he was finally going to accept it.
Sero cleared his throat. “Hi Y/N, we don’t know each other, but I wanted to say I’m sorry for what happened to you. I’ve heard some nice things, I think you would have been a great addition to the squad.”
“It says…” Mina took a minute to follow the rapidly moving heart shaped piece of wood. “‘Beat you at Mario Kart’.”
The whole table laughed, except for Bakugou. He was too busy thinking about his question, his gut wrenching and heart squeezing in his chest. 
Clearing his throat, he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing would come out. He felt the hairs stand up on the back of his neck, and he knew it was because you were near. “Why are you still here? Don’t you want to move on?” He hated asking. He didn’t want the answer.
He felt you move away, his body relaxing slightly, his eyes trained on the board. He couldn’t read it from here, but he could see the planchette move. 
“‘I’m not ready.’”
“Why?” Bakugou heard himself asking.
The entire room was quiet, everyone waiting with bated breath. 
“‘I’m waiting for you, Katsu.’”
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