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I do not do cosplay, but my sims do now馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
One sweet person put this idea into my head, saying Han looks like Seth from Ennead manhwa... And the thing is I'm a fan of this manhwa, but did not even notice, because I made Han waaaay longer ago.
I couldn't sleep untill I found the suitable cc and made some minor recolors.
@madfeary, you asked if I could make Horus, so here he is as well as Seth))
And I can't even express how perfect Seth cc set by @sychik is!!! I'm sorry that I had to recolor it to match other Horus' accessories (by @natalia-auditorets4), the default colors are good too, I swear. Thank you for making it!
And it would be wonderful if you could make Horus head thing as well)) With my meager skills I've just managed to recolor the mask from discover university pack.
Hah, I'm going to have so much fun posing them today 馃槄
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mykinkyyandere 7 months
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karsidio 4 months
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my little meow meow 馃悎 鈥桂潫
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locuas642 7 months
Konshu: Mistreats his avatars. Insults them. Never says Please or Thank You. used Rules Lawyer to keep his contract with Marc and Steven.
Ammit: Treats her Avatar well. Is willing to reduce Harrow's punishment for his sins to simply doing Community Service.
Taweret: Treats her Avatar like the queen she is. She is a sweetheart, she always has nice things to tell Layla, knows her father. She even gives her cool wings as a bonus.
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niilue 4 months
Hello! Congrats on 1k 馃帀馃帀 , I didn't know you do ennead!! Im half blind so i guess i didn't see it.馃樁
Can I have; Male reader with Seth(Ennead). Prompt # 17, ( Bodyworship + Breeding + Hickeys). Pleaseeeee.
鈥р倞藲鈯 sub seth x male top reader
prompt: "spread yourself open for me so i can see you."
cw: drabble, dom reader, male reader, bodyworship, breeding, hickeys words: 609 1k event
when it came to your cute seth you had no self-control at all. all you wanted was to hold him in your arms listening to him moan your name over and over again. and that's how it was now.
"haa! (name), go slower..."
you had the redhead by the waist as you helped him ride you. it was so incredible this position because your whole length was going in so deep. you were both out of breath.
to help him make the experience less painful and let seth focus on the pleasure, you kissed, kissed, mer and sucked on his neck. he was so sensitive in that area, he really couldn't help but moan every time you sucked on that area.
"fuck, you're l-leaving marks on me..." seth would scold you as he kept rocking his hips on you and moaning in pleasure every time you attacked his sensitive skin. there was no one who could understand him.
to you the god was so beautiful that every time you had the chance to be with him and make love he was everything. your hands kept touching, groping and squeezing him. you looked at him with adoration and love.
you wanted him to know how much you loved him and that everything about him was beautiful.聽
you gave his waist a squeeze, loving how soft and small it was, your hand fit so well in it. you gently kissed his lower abdomen until you trailed a line of kisses down to his chest.
"you are so beautiful... so divine, i love you." you commented sincerely looking into the red eyes of your beloved.聽
seth was not so used to flattery of that kind. he was always surprised and his cheeks burned. the god could only shyly approach you and embrace you.聽
it was all too much for him, the way you fucked him, the nice words, the caresses of his body with love. he needed support.
you massaged his hair and increased the rhythm of your hips, continuing to penetrate him. harder and steadier.
in that position you could hear Seth's muffled moans more clearly, right in your ear. you loved it and you couldn't stop grabbing his ass and continuing to join him.
"nhg, (name), i'm... so close." with a couple more thrusts you felt seth's essence spill into your chest followed by a loud gasp.聽
It wasn't long before you came inside him too. you gasped for air and moaned as you continued to cum inside the redhead.
"more, more (name), i want it all."
you were afraid that after this seth would send you to hell since you deliberately didn't ask him if you could come inside him. but the god didn't seem to mind. when you came seth kept asking you for more and more.
you came out of him. and placed seth on his throne. with his breath choked, marks on his neck and filled by you. it was so morbid to see him so gone for you. you wanted to try something.
"seth, spread yourself open for me so i can see you."
and he did so without a word of complaint. seth placed both legs open on each of the armrests of the big throne. he reached back and opened his ass a little with his hands, even though it wasn't necessary, it was already open for you.
you could see your semen slowly trickling out of his hole, staining the big seat. seth's eyes were lost, his hair was a mess, and his clothes were a mess too, leaving everything exposed.
"fuck鈥 this was an image you were never going to forget.
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cynniminni 22 days
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HAPPY HALLOWEENIE CUTIES 馃巸鉁煉 This Halloween will be the ultimate babygirl, Sethtachi 馃檹
Twitter | Carrd
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saumars 28 days
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Twitter: @DeadMudila
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saga-camus 10 months
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Happy family... After's true.
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godsofhumanity 8 months
Ra, to Set: We are not mad. We are just disappointed.
The rest of the Ennead: No, we are mad.
Ra: Yes. We are. We are livid. But we are going to let this one slide.
The rest of the Ennead: No, we鈥檙e not!
Ra: I am not a mind reader, guys!
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jusasama 4 months
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N茫o reposte sem os cr茅ditos/ use a vontade como pfp
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kabuki-toon 8 months
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Ennead- Anubis & Seth
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tomuraxashes 8 months
Horus: You! Get away from my precious uncle or I will kill you!
Foreign god: I will kill you first! See, how his beautiful face is now sad because he looked at your ugly features!
Seth, internally freaking out: Why are those two arguing over me like I were some maiden they are both in love with?
Meanwhile Seth, looking like this:
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I mean, u gorgeous n I love you
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saturvn 9 months
describe beauty...ANUBIS 喃兲抵 藗痰醿
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please look how beautiful it is, i need a second to recover.
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the-bloody-sadist 4 months
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The glowy feather bed had to be used 鉁ㄢ湪鉁 ENNEAD
(full on Twitter)
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niilue 4 months
Happy 1k! I was kinda shy abt requesting for seth but then I saw your post and I was like馃憖 everything for my pretty meow meow
I'll request for a drabble- male reader with seth(ennead)+prompt 11 + (content) degradation
鈥р倞藲鈯 sub seth x male top! reader
prompt: "you鈥檇 better be quiet if you don鈥檛 want to get caught."
cw; drabble, dom reader, male reader, degradation, hard fuck inspired by this video words; 471 1k event
鈥嬧媦ou had been fucking seth for hours and he didn't seem to understand every time you told him to shut up. he screamed like a whore, as if you had never fucked him before.
"fuck seth, "you'd better be quiet if you don't want to get caught."
as you penetrated his ass on all fours you leaned on his hair and shoulder to pull him closer to you so you could go in harder.
"(namenamename!), it's too... so- aaaagh- good."
"i know you're all slutty for my cock, but shut up, you're annoying."
seth whimpered, taking your own hand and directing it to his mouth to quiet his moans.
yes, that's better, you said, increasing the movements. you didn't even know how many times they had already cum. only that seth's penis was licking all over the sheets and his asshole was completely filled with your cum.
you loved watching seth's ass bounce on your cock. it was big and wide enough to take it. you loved stopping penetrating him to watch him all desperate to be the one self-penetrating. taking it all in.
your cock filled with your own cum and seth's fluids was pumping in and out of his asshole, staining the redhead's own back as well as your abdomen. your balls still full of semen kept banging against seth.聽
you felt the warmth of his entrance squeezing you so good. it was driving you crazy. you couldn't hold back and every now and then you were cumming inside him. but you were still so hard and eager to break and abuse seth even more.
and he didn't seem to mind, as you kept silencing his cries with your hand he would look at you from time to time with a face full of desire pushing you more on top of him.聽
such a slut
"y-you're so...so big.... i need you, more more, more." seth gasped, pulling your hand out of his mouth and rolling his eyes excitedly as he smiled sadistically.
you penetrated him again, hard, without pulling out, as you moved closer to his face, making him moan from how deep you were in him.
"you're so dirty seth, you're such a fucking pervert," you said, pulling his hair and watching as the redhead still smiled as strands of saliva ran down his mouth.
"i am, i am, i'm a dirty bitch, just yours," he whimpered, starting to move, looking for friction, he couldn't go a second without you getting him pregnant.
you smiled loving to see this part where seth didn't care how bad you treated him, he gladly took it all and enjoyed the dirty sex they had.聽
鈥渟o you can't live without me fucking you, seth?"
he nodded repeatedly. he was totally into sex, anything you told him he was going to take.
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