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usa v. england
Tumblr media
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Pink night.
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Blindmoor, Somerset
Photographed by Freddie Ardley
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Triumph Custom T100 Black
© Jody Millhouse
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matchday matchday | a. russo
in which; you surprise alessia with a last minute visit from across the country just before her match against arsenal starts.
playlist: come over - jorja smith
Tumblr media
"okay, and you're sure she doesn't know?"
you asked cautiously through the phone, tooney sighing at the sound of the question you'd now asked about a million times.
"yes, y/n/n, she doesn't know! now hurry up before the game starts. you've got half an hour to be all loved up together before she has to warmup with us."
you hummed into the phone in approval, nervously hanging up on ella after saying goodbye to her.
you got out of your car before locking it, noticing it was parked next to alessias in her reserved spot.
you smiled at the sight of her range rover, remembering all the times you and alessia have had in it.
driving across town for the fun of it, making use of the extra space in the back seats, sitting in the boot and watching the stars together, screaming songs at 3am and so much more.
you knocked yourself out of your trance, walking towards the entrance of the emirates stadium and showing your pass, the ticket lady immediately recognising you and starting small talk.
"y/n! so nice to see you again, i didn't know you were coming?"
she said as she guided you to the tunnel as tooney had told her to where she was apparently waiting for you.
"yeah, i've come home early from camp to surprise alessia. tooney is waiting in the locker rooms for me, couldn't have done it without her."
the two of you continued to speak along the tunnels and inside of the stadium, eventually reaching the locker rooms and spotting ella.
"well, i gotta go now. good luck with your surprise, sweetheart!"
you thanked the woman as you hugged her, waving goodbye before running up to tooney with a wide grin on your face, the smaller girl matching your smile before jumping into your arms.
"i've missed you!"
you spoke at the same time, making you laugh together before you placed her down and ella gave you a manchester jersey she'd stolen from alessia the day before just to make the surprise a bit more special.
from the way she reacted last time, it's safe to say alessia loves seeing you with her surname and team number sprawled across your back.
ella walked with you onto the pitch and pointed subtly towards the manchester united team, making small talk on the very long walk to the other side of the pitch.
"okay, you stay here, i'll go over there and tell millie to keep quiet."
you nodded your head in response, knowing alessia would hear your voice somehow and recognise it.
tooney ran off to her team and spoke to millie indistinctly before her roommate nodded, looking your way and smiling as you smiled back, standing awkwardly.
alessia came up from behind her, too busy laughing with her team to notice you were there.
once it took too long for her to notice you, millie grabbed her face and turned it towards you, yourself waving awkwardly as alessia pointed to you with a smile.
she turned to millie, the blonde pushing her over to you before ella could and your girlfriend came speeding over like the striker she was.
she yelled, picking you up and spinning you around as you squealed, wrapping your arms around her whilst smiling into her neck.
"what are you doing here?!"
alessia asked between kisses, placing you down and looking at you lovingly, clearly cheered up by the sight of you.
"i managed to get out of camp early to surprise you. surprise!"
your girlfriend shook her head at you teasingly, smothering your face with kisses as you chuckled in response to her antics.
"i'm gonna win this game for you."
alessia spoke whilst kissing your cheek, placing her forehead against yours as you smiled at each other.
"well we both know you're gonna keep that promise so that better mean we get to celebrate properly tonight."
you teased, alessia blushing at your words before starting to walk with you towards her teammates.
"baby, i haven't seen you in a month and you're in my jersey right now. we were gonna celebrate anyways."
the forward teased back, making you blush in return before you both got ahold of yourselves and continued speaking with her teammates.
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After de goal that viv Made yesterday she Said to Katie for Beth! Thats to cute!!🥹
Tumblr media
We love Viv being soft for Beth. 🥹
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Turmoil | Mason Mount x Reader
TW: domestic violence.
There will be a part two to this!
Tumblr media
y/n watched him as he slept, her heart saddened. He looked so peaceful, so happy, and she was about to stamp on all of that.
Their situation was terrible; they were so in love, but they just couldn’t be together. Mason so wanted to be with her, to have her stay forever and never leave, but the sad truth was that y/n was trapped. Trapped in a vile relationship and somehow thinking the man she was with would turn it all around.
He stirred, causing y/n to smile, excited for him to wake up, but it would be the last time they would wake up together. She sighed, turning from him as she felt the tears begin to well, trying her best to get it together. In her heart she knew that she should be with Mason, but the fear that entangled her heart and being was too great to do it. She was afraid of him, terrified, it wasn’t just the physical but the mental games and abuse Darren would play; he was a master of control. So much so that there had been times where y/n had refused to see Mason because of what the man had been doing to her mind.
Mason finally started to wake up, and within seconds she felt small kisses being pressed to her back gently. “Good morning baby,” he whispered, trailing kisses up to her neck.
“Hi my love,” she mumbled turning to him and a smile coming to her lips. A feigned smile.
“You look angelic,” he said, kissing her forehead. Their love was beautiful, their love was rare, their love was priceless; but y/n just couldn’t get over that fear.
“Mase,” y/n murmured, she knew that she had to tell him, her heart pounding in her chest. Mason read the worries look on her face immediately, watching as she sat up, pulling the sheets with her.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” He asked, but he was responded to with silence. Mason knew what was wrong. “This day was always going to come,” he said morosely.
y/n felt the tears come to her eyes, the pain fill her chest, her stomach drop. She wanted to reach out for Mason but something made her stay stuck, almost like she didn’t let herself, like she didn’t deserve to.
“I can’t be here when you leave my love,” he managed to say. y/n gave him a look of urgency, but he wasn’t looking her way. “It’s already killing me, I can’t watch you go.” He said, tears spilling down his cheeks. “I’ve made so many opportunities for us to get you to leave him, and for all that I try and understand the fear and understand how difficult and terrifying this is for you, I can’t do it anymore y/n. Because every time you leave again it breaks my heart a little bit more.”
y/n couldn’t control her silent tears as she listened to his broken voice. It was killing her.
“So I’m going to give you one last goodbye, treat you like you should’ve been treated from the start, and I want you to know that I’m here, always. If something happens I’m here, day or night.“
y/n screamed as she heard the smashing of the bottle, her heart pounding. All she needed to do was get to the keys, the keys!
And get to the keys she did, and she thought about one man in the process, Mason. She needed to get back to him.
Mason looked totally confused when he heard the gate open, rushing downstairs to figure out who jay have been robbing him, but his heart started pounding when he saw who it was. He knew that very specific car, he’d taken y/n to buy it.
He sprinted to the door, flung it open, and looked through her windscreen to see her sobbing into her steering wheel. It had been eight months. Eight months of hell, she hadn’t come back once.
Mason rushed to the drivers side and opened the door, y/n didn’t even acknowledge him as she sobbed. Mason lifted her hair from her face and his mouth hung agape, a scatter of dark bruises across her face
“y/n/n,” he said urgently, placing a hand on her thigh, her whole body was shaking, she couldn’t even look at him. He leant over her and undid the seatbelt, scooped her from the seat and walked her into the house, bringing her to the living room she knew all too well.
She managed to calm down but Mason was definitely not calm; he was raging, anger dominating him. But he knew it wasn’t what she needed in that moment, in that moment she needed to be safe, not subjected to more hell.
He sat down on the sofa, still not having quite processed that she was in front of her, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her frail body into his chest, kissing her temple gently, whispering “you’re safe now,” into her ear as she held onto him tighter and tighter.
Mason looked over at y/n as she lay asleep on his bed, she still hadn’t managed to get a word out, but he watched her stir before shooting up in her sleep.
“Hey, hey, hey.” He said softly as she began to hyperventilate. “I’m here, you’re safe, you’re with me,” he murmured. y/n lay back in the bed and put her hands to her head, feeling tears fall again.
“Thank you,” she managed to say, the first thing she had said since he’d taken her out of the car.
“You don’t need to thank me for anything my love,” Mason said as he ran a hand through her hair.
“It got so fucking bad Mase,” she cried, burying her face into the pillow. He placed a kiss on her shoulder.
“What did he do to you y/n?” He rasped
y/n looked up from the pillow, shaking her head, Mason just kissed her forehead before getting up and going to the kitchen. Whilst he was gone she quickly fumbled in her pocket, looking for the pills that she relied on, knowing that Mason would be so unhappy with her if he ever found out.
She swallowed two, feeling the relief of her anxiety being reduced, and shoved them back her leggings pocket. Mason emerged again with a glass of water for her and she sat up in the bed, a small smile on her face.
Mason sat next to her.
“I’m sorry I didn’t come back,” she murmured after they had sat in silence for some time, his arm around her.
“I’m just glad you’re back now, and you’re safe here y/n.” Mason said, cupping her cheek. “I wish it was under different fucking circumstances though,”
“I know Mase, and I don’t want you to think I’m using you, I just didn’t know where to go and I reached my breaking point. I was so afraid to leave but I was so afraid to be there.”
“I know baby, I can’t imagine it.” He muttered, his jaw clenching.
“Mase,” she murmured, noticing immediately.
“I’m gonna kill him,” he grunted
Y/n stayed silent, her eyes closing as she thought of all the ways that Mason had tried to get her to stay, and it had to come to rock bottom for her to go.
“My love,” y/n whispered, pulling him out of his angered trance, “we’ve got each other again, that’s what matters right now.”
Mason looked into her eyes, they were desperate, concerned, frantic. He place a hand behind her neck, kissed her forehead, and then her cheek, and then trailed to her lips. They married each other in the kiss, feeling each other once more after so long, feeling the love they had been missing out on for what felt like years.
“I’ll keep you safe y/n, always will.” He murmured against her lips.
“You can’t guarantee that Mason,” she breathed shakily
“I can,” he grunted, moving away.
“How?” y/n said, shaking her head.
They looked into each other’s eyes, and y/n could read them like she’d seen that look a million time, when in reality she had never seen Mason this angry and virulent. y/n gulped slightly.
“I don’t want you involved,”
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Peak District, England // Chris Dale
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England v USA tomorrow it’s gonna b an interesting game init
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this duo is so underrated
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Mews houses through an arch, Kynance Mews, Kensington
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Tumblr media
‘Before the Harvest,’ Hertfordshire, England,
Credit: Peter North via 2022 Landscape Photographer of the Year
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Jaguar E Convertible
© Jagmaniacs
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