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Ph.: Oliver Minnett
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Ella Grace in boots by Billini Shoes 
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Ella Grace
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Megan's niece, Ella Grace. 🙂😁
So adorable!
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Saved on Spotify "I Wonder" by Ella Grace https://ift.tt/3rAANyn
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During a pandemic, and at a time of great fear and massive unrest, it’s rather poignant that Ella Grace releases a track titled ‘Unfree.’
Finding strength in defying convention, London-based singer is a quietly powerful force, her bluesy lilt transforming into exuberant folk pop as she takes aim at all the ‘cats’ who mistake her for a ‘broken woman on the run.’
As she explains via press release:
‘’Unfree’ is a track about my experience of throwing out the rulebook of what it means to be a woman in society and instead just following my own primal yearning for life and letting it lead me. This has often been met with judgement from people around me, especially in my younger years, no one was really doing things differently, there wasn't anything "cool" about expressing yourself and there was such little support for it.
I've gotten myself to the place I am today by breaking the rules of "should" and trusting my heart's desires above those of anybody else. ‘
‘Unfree’ is from Ella Grace’s upcoming debut album Reverence, which she says represents ‘the end of pretending.’ She adds:  
‘[I]’s a liberation for me, a becoming. Last year I fell in love with a woman and realised I’d been pretending to be someone I wasn’t. In place of that pretending rushed in these very real, raw parts of me. The album tells that story, of falling in love with a woman, discovering myself again, and the surrender that comes with heartbreak.’
Ella Grace’s Reverence is out January 18.
- Bianca B.
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please for the love of god we need to talk about all the movies hugh dancy is in
1. david copperfield (normal)
2. royal twink from my childhood
3. that one horror movie where he had his ass out
4. school teacher during the rwandan genocide
5. grigg
6. love interest for a shopaholic
7. british missionary that gets pegged
8. hot guy who fucks a mom and her kid and leaves within 30 minutes
9. makes vibrator in victorian england
10. the voice of albert in the abominable snow baby
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Tumblr media
< - - - WARNING
Ella Grace Cervetto @tumblergirl233 @instagram-girlz
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"Rainy days"
When the rain threatens to ruin their weekend plans, Jay is willing to break all the rules to avoid a breaking a promise to his little girl.
Read it on AO3 and FFN
A huge and endless thank you to @girlinlotsoffandoms for the support and help through all my dark days! It's so appreciated ♥️
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Ph.: Jesse Tallis
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ella grace in Billini boots 
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Happy one year since @ellakas sent me an ask 💚
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Random Actress icons
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First and last spoken lines of riordanverse characters; Part 2. (Only includes main 21 books)
First: "Well, Seaweed Brain? One of us has to get out of here."
Last: "Great hunter, this one. I knew she would be. We'll get that fox one of these days."
First: "Oh my god! Do you always kill people when they blow they're nose!"
Last: "Hades wouldn't mind you traipsing down to Tartarus?"
First: "It's not so bad, Annabeth. A few more minutes and we would have been in trouble, but the venom hasn't gotten past the shoulder yet. Just lie still. Somebody hand me some nectar."
Last: "Well, it didn't sound good."
First: "No! No, it wasn't! Please!"
Last: "Always. The sun always comes back."
First: "Little sister! What's up. You never call. You never write. I was getting worried!"
Last: "Oh, of course. Take care of yourself, Piper McLean."
First: "Hey! Leave him alone."
Last: "You'll come back?"
First: "It's okay. I like peanut butter."
Last: "Sleep well, you guys. And good luck. I have a feeling I'll see you again before... Yeah."
First: "Stay still. You're too weak to rise."
Last: "I hate you."
First: "I hate those things."
Last: "You better come back and see me. And don't die. I will kick your butt with my new dancing shoes if you die."
First: "Cheese. Ella doesn't like cheese."
Last: "The Tower of Nero. New York, I bet. Yep!"
First: "I... I am a freak?"
Last: "Oh! Oh! I would take a rocket ship!"
First: "Mr. Jackson, did you have a comment?"
Last: "You did well, Apollo. You are always welcome here at camp."
First: "Well! A newbie!"
Last: "All right, all right. Give the kid some space. "
Part 1, Part 3 Part 4
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Octavian POV of the MoA Dining Scene
I ended up being more faithful to canon than I expected. Besides Reyna, everyone basically acts just like they did. Also the dialogue will not be the same since my books are in Portuguese. And in the end there will be a short paragraph of Reyna's pov.
@doctor-rat I hope you also enjoy this prompt! Also thank you so much!!! Writing this prompt was really nice and I wouldn't have done it if you haven't commented in my post!!
@zazzander Maybe now this scene is a little better.
There is 2809 words on this prompt, I deeply hope it is well written.
He was finally back after months. Months that he spent with greeks. Octavian breathed heavily while he tried to put his emotions under control. He missed Jason so much, he was so worried about him and he was so, so happy to know he was coming back. But he was also very preocupied. Have the greeks changed him? Or was him able to stay the same?
Octavian hoped so, even though the greek girl that was near to Jason seemed to be a bad sign.
"Jason Grace, my old friend." Reyna seemed to be very unconfortable "I welcome you. And your friends-"
Reyna was interrupted by a greek girl running to Percy. They made a very dramatic scene, with kisses, cries and hugges. It was ridiculous how overly dramatic they bot were being. Reyna and Octavian also missed Jason immensily but unlike these greeks they were being able to control themselves.
Jason coughed.
"Well... it is nice to be back... this is Piper" Jason pointed to a girl next to him, Octavian didn't like her. There was something weird about her and the other greek boy "and this is Leo."
Leo made a love and peace sign and smiled like there was nothing wrong in the world.
"And that is Annabeth"
Reyna looked to Annabeth with a weird face, Octavian didn't know how to interpret it. But it didn't seem good.
"Well, it seems like we have a lot to discuss. Centurions!"
Some people started moving around Octavian but he wasn't paying attention. He looked to the two greeks next to Jason, a boy and a girl. He suddently felt terrible. Had Jason replaced him and Reyna? Octavian wanted to believe on that, but Jason looked different.
That orange greek shirt under the praetor clothees was bothering him deeply. It reminded him of the Trojan Horse, it looked like a gift but it was all greek and threatening inside.
With those thoughts on mind he looked to the war ship that was almosting invaiding the city. A peaceful conversation, Octavian wanted to laugh. That ship looked like one thing and only one thing a threat, a very deadly threat.
How was Reyna so chill about this situation? He looked to her wanting to know what she was doing.
"Dakota warn the spirtis in the kitchen. Ask them to prepare a welcome feast. And Octavian-"
"Are you gonna let those intruders enter in the camp?" Octavian went where Reyna was “Reyna, the risks to the safety-”
“We are not gonna let them go the camp, Octavian” Reyna looked to him in a weird way “We are gonna eat here, in the forum”
“Oh, that is waybetter” this situation was so wrong, why Reyna was agreeing with this bullshit? “You want us to relax in the shadow of their war ship”
“They are our guests” Reyna almost seemed to be begging “Let’s welcome them and talk. As augur, you should burn an offering to thank the gods for bringing Jason back safely”
“Good idea” Octavian felt like his anger increased immensely upon hearing the voice of the damn graecus “Go burn your bears, Octavian”
Reyna looked annoyed at Percy. Octavian waited her to defend him, but she only sighed.
“You have my orders. Now go”
Before Octavian went to the temple, he starred Percy with hatred in his eyes and he was able to see Aurum and Argentum going to the forum. He calmed down seeing Reyna was took at least some precautions.
He barely paid attention on the offerings, his mind was busy with the Greek matters. The way Percydidn’t respect roman’s culture at all, that war ship, Jason, the boy, and girl with Jason. Something bad was coming from the Greeks.
When he came back to the forum he unfortunately had to seat with the Greeks. He almost threw up when Reyna made a toast to a friendship between the camps.
Jason started telling his story, when he told about how he lost his memory Octavian couldn’t stop himself to wonder if Jason got all his memories back. Until now he hasn’t even glanced him, like they didn’t have a relationship. He tried to remain calm but when they mentioned the absurd story of Juno being in the Wolf House he couldn’t contain himself.
“Impossible!! This is our most sacred place. If giants had imprisoned a goddess there-”
“They would have destroyed her” the girl that was with Jason interrupted him “and the blame on the Greeks. Now, be quiet and let Jason finish”
Octavian opened his mouth, but no sound came. The girl’s face became red as a tomato while the romans around the table started to whisper.
“Pipes…” Jason sounded worried.
Octavian tried to speak again and again, but nothing. The tension increased quickly.
“I’m… I’m sorry… I didn’t- “
“So that’s the plan?” Reyna’s voice was cold as ice “Use charm to convince us, romans, to trust you Greeks?”
“No, I… I didn’t do that on purpose. I promise. I’m just nervous. I’m so, so sorry. You can talk now”
Octavian took a deep breath.
“How do we know if you are not lying?”
“Aurum and Argentum didn’t attack her”
Octavian had completely forgot about the dogs. Jason coughed and continued to tell the story trying to pretend nothing happened. The romans weren’t relaxed anymore.
The fact Jason didn’t ask if he was okay and the loss of control over his voice, his body, made Octavian incapable of concentrating on the conversation. His mind could only focus on the panic he felt when he tried to speak, and nothing came, and the way Jason looked to him like he was a stranger.
Octavian started paying attention again when he heard someone whistle.
“No wonder they chose you as praetor”
That words cut more than the sharpest daggers ever could. Octavian was filled with rage. He breathed deeply and tried to no lose control in front of the legion.
"Which means we now have three praetors! The rules clearly state we can only have two!"
“On the bright side," Percy said, "both Jason and I outrank you, Octavian. So, we can both tell you to shut up.”
And then Jason dared to high-five Percy. Octavian felt like he could explode because of the fury. Jason, his friend, acting like he was nothing but an annoying piece of shit. And then Reyna didn’t defend him again.
“We can discuss the problem of praetor later. Now we have more serious questions to deal”
“I withdraw in favor of Jason. It is no big deal.”
“No big deal?!!” Octavian thought he would die in that moment “The praetoria of Rome is no big deal?!!”
Percy simply ignored him, like he was nothing.
“You are Thalia Grace’s brother, right? Wow. You guys are nothing alike”
“Yeah, I realized that. Anyway, thank you for helping my camp while I was out. You made an incredible job.”
“You too”
Octavian started squeezing stuffed animal.
“We need to talk about the Great prophecy” Percy’s girlfriend interrupted “It seems like the romans also know about it”
Reyna nodded. Again, she was acting weird about that girl.
“We call the Prophecy of Seven. Octavian, do you know it by heart?”
The question surprised the augur.
“Of course, but-”
“Say it, please. But not in Latin”
Don’t lose control in front of the legion. Don’t lose control in front of the legion. Don’t lose control in front of the legion. Don’t lose control in front of the legion.
Octavian sighed.
“Seven half-bloods shall answer the call. To storm or fire, the world must fall-”
“An oath to keep with the final breath, and foes bear arms to the Doors of death.”
What was wrong with the Greeks? Now they were interrupting him?!!
Frank, sat forward, staring at her in fascination, as if she'd grown a third eye. "Is it true you're a child of Min-I mean, Athena?"
"Yes," she said, suddenly feeling defensive. "Why is that such a surprise?"
Octavian scoffed. "If you're truly a child of the wisdom goddess-"
-Why are the Greeks being so stupid and disrespectful in this meeting?
Why Reyna interrupted him?
“Annabeth is who she says she is. She is here in peace”
Why was Reyna acting so weird about this girl? Annabeth. What had the Greeks done to his friends? Especially Reyna, unlike Jason she hadn’t spent any time with them. What was wrong with her?
“Anyway, parts of the prophecy are becoming clear. And foes bear arms to the Doors of death… this means Romans and Greeks. We need to unite to find the doors.”
“My brother, Nico” Hazel’s voice shook a little while talking “went to look for the doors”
“Wait. Nico di Angelo? Is he your brother?”
Octavian was confused. How did that graecus know the ambassador of Pluto?
Hazel nodded.
“He… he disappeared. I’m afraid… I’m not sure, but I think something happened to him.”
“We’re gonna find him” Did Percy also know him from his Greek past? “We need to find the Doors of Death anyway. Thanatos said we would find the two answers in Rome… the original Rome. We pass through it to go to Greece, right?”
Was Nico a spy? How much did he tell the Greeks about Rome? Why didn’t his auguries tell him about it? What kind of game the Greeks were playing?
“You are proposing a trip to Greece in your war ship. Do you realize the old lands… and the entire Mare Nostrum… are a dangerous place?”
“Mary who?”
“Mare Nostrum” Jason answered almost looking like he was the same of months ago “Our Sea. That’s how the Romans called the Mediterranean.”
Reyna nodded, she also seemed to have thought the same as Octavian.
“The territory of the old Roman Empire wasn’t just the place of birth of the gods. It is also the ancestral home of monsters, Titans, giants, and worse things. Demigods take risks traveling here in America, but there the risk is ten times bigger.”
“You said that Alaska would be bad. However, we survived”
Unfortunately, Octavian thought.
“Percy, traveling to the Mediterranean is another level of risks. For centuries it has been forbidden to Roman demigods. No sane hero would go there.”
“Then we are the right people!!” the boy that was with Jason spoke for the first time “We are all crazy, aren’t we? Besides, Argo II is a great war ship. He will take us there”
“We need to hurry” Seeing Jason agreeing with the graecus boy made Octavian blood boil “I don’t know exactly what the giants are planning, but Gaia becomes more conscious every minute. She is invading dreams, appearing in weird places, summoning more and more powerful monsters. We need to defeat the giants before they wake her up for real.”
“Seven half-bloods shall answer the call. We need to unite the camps” Why was that girl Annabeth talking like she was an expert on prophecies? That was Octavian’s job “Jason, Piper, Leo and me. We are four”
“And me, plus Hazel and Frank. Seven”
“What?!!” Octavian couldn’t take it anymore. Without realizing he stood up. “Do you expect us to just accept it? Without a vote in the Senate? Without a debate? Without-”
Octavian was interrupted by the cyclops. He was with the giant underworld dog and the harpy.
“Ella is afraid.”
“No ships” The harpy looked like her mind wasn’t in the moment “Titanic, Lusitania, Pax… ships are no place to harpies.”
“Ella is pretty, and she is afraid”
“No ships” then Ella looked to Annabeth. What did that girl have to make everyone look to her in a weird way? “Wisdom's daughter walks alone; the Mark of Athena burns through Rome. Twins snuff out the angel's breath, who holds the key to endless death. Giants' bane stands gold and pale, won through pain from a woven jail.”
Annabeth was with a scared expression. The entire table was dead silent. Octavian couldn’t believe on what he has just heard. A prophecy. Where did the harpy get it? Could it be… would the gods be that generous with him? Apollo…
“Tyson!!” Percy was excited in a suspicious way “Why don’t you go walk with Ella? You and Mrs. O’Leary-”
Oh no. Octavian wouldn’t let him take the harpy away from him. Not when it could be the Sibylline books.
“Wait a minute” So many years searching about it, and not it could be there “What did she just say? It seemed- “
“Ella reads a lot” Frank interrupted him “We found her on a library”
“Yeah” Hazel agreed with a fake smile “it is probably just something she read on a book”
Something read on a book his ass. Where were Aurum and Argentum? They were obviously lying!! Why didn't the dogs attacked them? Octavian looked around but the dogs had disappeared.
“Books” the harpy acted like she didn’t understand what have just happened “Ella likes books”
“That was a prophecy” Relax Octavian, you might be wrong. Relax. “It sounded like a prophecy”
Then Annabeth laughed at him.
“Really, Octavian? Maybe harpies are different here, on the Roman side. Ours have just enough intelligence to clean cabins and cook lunches. Do yours usually foretell the future? Do you consult them for your auguries?”
“I, uh…”
Octavian dropped his teddy bear.
“No, but-”
“She’s just spouting lines from some book,” Annabeth said, “like Hazel suggested. Besides, we already have a real prophecy to worry about.”
Before he could say anything, Hazel asked Tyson to shadowtravel the harpy away. Octavian looked at Reyna, asking for support. The legion didn’t like him, but they would listen to her.
“That seems good. You can go.”
What? How could she…? The prophecy… Octavian started breathing heavily, he felt like he couldn’t feel anything. Suddenly the big cyclops hugged him and then the harpy was gone. It was his chance and the completely lost it. Why has he acted so stupidly?
“Well, Octavian is right about one thing. We need the Senate’s approval so any camper can go to a mission… especially one so dangerous like that.”
“This whole story is not right. There will be a betrayal” Octavian would explode at any time “That trireme is not a peace ship!!!”
“You can steer the boat, and if you’re really good I’ll give you a little paper captain’s hat to wear.”
Octavian almost screamed.
“How dare you-”
“It is a good idea. Octavian go with him. See the ship. I’ll call a senate meeting in one hour”
“But…” Octavian looked to Reyna that only answered with an expression that meant later. At least he would get some explanations. “Fine.”
(Not in the book from now on)
Octavian didn’t know what to say to Reyna. So many things happened. Jason, Reyna, Percy, the harpy, the attack… Where would he start the conversation? In the end he just started crying. Octavian was surprised that he only did it now if he was honest with himself. He was sobbing, shaking, making weird noises and his nose was running. He felt like he was being destroyed, damaged, broke. Everything hurt so much.
But then Reyna hugged him, and it almost felt like it wasn’t that bad. After some time, he realized she was crying too, nearly as bad as he was. Somehow, he was capable of muttering a word.
“I know”
Reyna hugged him tighter. They spent minutes like that. Just suffering together.
“I’m so sorry” Reyna’s voice was shaking “I know that meeting was terrible for you… everything was terrible. And I’m so sorry I didn’t defend you more, I really wanted to do. But… Tav, we’ve had so many battles in a short time period; I didn’t want another one. I thought that if I ignored some mi- less threatening behavior from the Greeks it would be easier to have peace with them”
Reyna pulled away from him, put her hands on his face and stared at him. “I’m really sorry” For a moment Octavian felt good, relived. Reyna was still his friend. He leaned his forehead against hers.
“It is okay Reyna. Truly. I understand.”
Reyna and Octavian closed their eyes. She sobbed. They stayed in this intimate silent until they calmed down.
Reyna's POV
It broke Reyna’s heart to see Octavian’s face go to pure excitement to disappointment about Ella, but she couldn’t let him get her. The prophecy she said could be from the Sibylline Books, considering Octavian’s excitement it probably was. And what if Octavian was so obsessed with them because it was necessary to his plan with Apollo? What if after getting Ella they would finally put their plan to overthrow Jupiter in action? She couldn’t let them do that.
She knew Octavian would question why she hadn’t supported him about Ella and she didn’t know how to excuse what she did without hurting him even more. What would she do?
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