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lilbeanz · 2 days ago
🍂'Tis Autumn🍂
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Happy Equinox everyone, we're now in one of my favourite seasons🧡🍂🎃✨️
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bluebutter-art · a day ago
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tackytigerfic!!!!
Thank you for being such a bright light and an uplifting presence in fandom!! Your joy and enthusiasm are always inspiring, and your stories always fills me with so much joy. I hope the year will be extra lovely to you, thank you for all that you do!! 💙💞💙💞
(This art is inspired by Tacky’s very lovely fic Take the Moon!! See the tumblr post here and read the fic on AO3 here! )
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harry and draco would always pull each other out of the veil. Inspired by A Little Death Never Hurt Anyone by @tackytigerfic
dear tacky and @the-starryknight, happy birthday(s)! this piece is a gift from me and @sweet-s0rr0w 💗 this is one of my favorite stories ever, and since it was written as a gift for starry, i thought making something for it would be a good co-birthday gift.
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babooshkart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
my night, my whole day long 
-Velimir Khlebnikov, My Darling
happy birthday to the ever-lovely @the-starryknight​ 
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oxydiane · a day ago
harry: my old archenemy, draco malfoy
voldemort: i thought i was your archenemy?
harry: i have a life outside of you, tom
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daddiesdrarryy · 2 days ago
Draco: What are all these students doing in the garden? It’s so crowded. Do they not have any manners at all?
Pansy: Heard Potter’s working out shirtless there
Pansy: ...
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xprettygirllunax · 2 days ago
𝔚𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔰 𝔥𝔲𝔯𝔱 | 𝔇. 𝔐𝔞𝔩𝔣𝔬𝔶
➸ 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐨 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐧𝐚𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐇𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐟𝐟, 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐇𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐟𝐟 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐥 𝐢𝐭 𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬 𝐛𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐢𝐦.
Type : One shot
Word count - 1.7k
Genre - angst to fluff
Warnings - Draco being an asshole as usual.
Everyone knew that Hufflepuffs were sweet, kind and loyal. Always ready to help one in need and wouldn't hesitate to stand up to a bully though they were quite shy when it came to confrontation themselves. Especially when Hufflepuffs had a crush.
It's bad enough when the crush was a Hufflepuff of their own year, worse when it was a year above them but when it's another house? Said Hufflepuff would simply be too shy to look their crush in the eyes when passing them in the hallway.
Which is the dilemma you found yourself in. You, a Hufflepuff with a crush on a Slytherin. Out of all four houses, it had to be Slytherin. The two houses couldn't be more opposite from each other. Slytherins wouldn't even spare a glance towards any house that isn't their own but Hufflepuffs? Do Slytherins even know that they exist?
Gryffindor's are the biggest challengers for them and Ravenclaws are smart strategists but Hufflepuffs are just…there.
However, to make matters worse for you, it wasn't just any Slytherin. It was Draco Malfoy. The Draco Malfoy that you had a crush on. You were pretty appalled with yourself when you came to that realization.
It was an average day for you, sitting in class trying to pay attention to the teacher, it was only then that you noticed that you've been subconsciously staring more and more in his direction.
Of course you shook it off at first, thinking that you were simply getting distracted by something else and just happened to look in his direction…even though he sat at the opposite side of the room. Then you remembered how you would always try to catch his eye and shyly smile at him in the hallway. Then it turned into small waves which went unrequited on his part, it hurt but being the stubborn witch that you are, you persisted.
Draco on the other hand, he breathed for attention. It inflated his ego to know that he could even get innocent little Hufflepuffs to fall for him. He's already got a couple of Gryffindors on his list, next was Ravenclaws but he could settle for Hufflepuffs and make you his first target. Sure it gets annoying some days when girls fawn over him and he tends to snap but on those days, he prefers to stay locked away in his dorm.
Small waves led to Draco finally letting up and giving you just a little taste by coming to you and asking your name before leaving you all hot and bothered from one interaction. Thus, from that day, you were hooked. It turned into greetings when you would see each in the hallway. Small conversations on your way to classes.
Oh how he loved the effect that he had on you. How a single touch would leave you breathless, how he could captivate your attention with every single word that left his lips. How you would stand so daringly still as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ears, teasingly leaning closer before walking away, leaving you begging for more. He made you feel things that you've never experienced before and he knew it. He knew you were innocent, uncorrupted.
You became sickly attached to him.
Yet, for him, things began to change as well. As conversations got longer and teasing turned into jokes and laughter, Draco felt his heart warm everytime he was near you. He felt affection within himself for you. He felt himself falling for an innocent Hufflepuffs and he just didn't know it yet. You would always ask him about his day, bring him an extra cookie at lunch or give him your notes after class.
He wasn't getting the satisfaction from the other girls anymore, he craved your attention. Everytime, someone else would call out his name, he would perk up only to have his face fall in disappointment as he realized that it wasn't you. He had no interest in other girls, he only wanted you.
He needed you.
Unfortunately, all things must balance out. All things hidden must come to light.
It was a bad day for Draco. He had forgotten to turn in an important assignment, got in an argument with his best friend, gotten detention and had lost several house points. Things were not looking good for him and you just happened to be caught up in the middle of it all.
You happily walked into an empty clocktower, a spot where you and Draco would meet up frequently. Your smile dropped however as you saw him standing there, sorrowfully staring out at the view. By your footsteps, a sound he had come to recognise and look forward to daily, he knew it was you.
"What do you want?" Were the first words out of his mouth. They were harsh.
Not the usual, 'Hey there beautiful, how was your there so far?' or, 'Hi darling, how are you?'
You stopped, slightly taken aback by his tone. You were used to it, he spoke like this everyday, just not to you.
"Just wanted to hang out…like we do everyday?" You answer more in a question-like manner, confused at his question before stepping forward concerned, "Draco what's wrong?" You ask softly.
He stiffened at your tone and he almost spilled. Almost. Since when has he become this weak?
"Nothing. Go away. I don't want to deal with you right now" his harsh words yet again made your heart crack painfully but you lightly laughed it off, thinking of it rather as a cruel joke.
You two joke around everyday so it must be one of those…right?
"Draco seriously what's wr-"
He couldn't help it. It's not that your voice annoyed him. He was just extremely frustrated and being urged wasn't helping.
"Can't you get it through your thick skull, I don't want to be bothered, much less by a dumb annoying little Hufflepuff like you. Do me a favor and leave me the bloody hell alone yeah?" He snapped, loud voice echoing and on cue, the clock chimed.
A breeze drifted through as tears slipped down your dejected face. Your shocked expression turned into one of sorrow having realized that he was merely toying with you all along.
On his side, the moment the words left his mouth, he regretted it. When he saw your teary eyes, he felt his heart breaking. He wanted to reach forward, embrace you and take back everything he said but he knew the damage was already done.
You chuckle bitterly, wiping your tears with the back of your cold hand, goosebumps appear along your exposed arms, "I see. Sorry to bother you" you replied before turning around and leaving. Maybe for good.
Right then and there, did Draco Malfoy realize how he felt for you.
Days turned into weeks when he figured that you weren't going to crawl back to him like the usuals he would drop. It had a worse effect on him than many of the bad days combined. He would snap at people more often, he was losing sleep and he hadn't entertained a girl since he met you.
You, on the other hand, were doing just as bad. Losing sleep was once thing but crying over some stupid boy made you feel worse. It made you feel pathetic. You spent most of your free time on a bench in the courtyard reading books about your favorite subject. Care of mythical creatures. Every now and then you would find the pages wet with the salty tears after the crying session that would take place.
Memories of the laughter you two shared while walking the halls would surface causing you to quickly excuse yourself from whatever conversation you were partaking in only to run and hide in a broom closet, trying to compose yourself.
Only this time, he took a chance, desperate to get you back.
You were sitting in the courtyard while your friends chatted away excitedly about Hogsmead while you were zoned out, staring at the pages in front of you. At the same time, unfortunately, Draco and his friends entered the courtyard, laughing among themselves while he just looked out of it faking a laugh every now and again.
You looked up and your eyes met. Both of your froze and time seemed to stop. The world around you disappeared and in that moment it was just the two of you. Your breathing hitched and you felt the familiar anguish return, the same that matched his eyes as he stared at you.
All the memories came rushing back and you felt your eyes tear up. Not again. You won't let him see you like this. You quickly muttered and 'Excuse me' to your friends as you dropped the book and rushed off, ignoring the questioning glances you got.
Draco didn't hesitate, dropping his bag. He took off after you without a second thought. He had to make this right.
"Y/n please wait" he called after you desperately but you ignored him, just continued to run to the familiar broom closet that comforted you in those dark times.
Just before you could reach it however, a hand grabbed your wrist swiftly of opened the door and softly pushed you in before locking it behind him.
"Get out" you tried to sound stern but the voice crack and the tears running down your face gave it away. Draco's pain filled eyes stared into yours as he neared you, backing you up until your back hit the wall softly.
Your heart raced despite your dislike, he still had the same effect on you. To your suprise, his voice cracked as he spoke, eyes glossy, "Y/n, I'm sorry. Please. I didn't mean to say those awful things to you that day, I was having a bad day and-"
"That's not an excuse!" You hissed, crossing your arms over your chest after violently wiping away your tears. You looked to the side avoiding his gaze, knowing that you're bound to get lost in his eyes again.
He shook his head in agreement, "No, no it's not but I can assure you that it won't happen again. Please Y/n, forgive me. I like you-" your head lifted in surprise, "So much and it's driving me crazy. I've been miserable without you" he whispered, hesitantly lifting a hand to cup your cheek.
His thumb softly wiped your tears away and you let yourself surrender, leaning into his touch, a sign of forgiveness and let out a sob before he pulled you into a warm embrace. You cried into his chest and his arms tightened, heart breaking at your state, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Y/n baby" he soothed, closing his eyes.
ᵛᵒᵗᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ʳᵉᵇˡᵒᵍˢ ᵃʳᵉ ᵛᵉʳʸ ᵐᵘᶜʰ ᵃᵖᵖʳᵉᶜⁱᵃᵗᵉᵈ ♡
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sleepparalysisdemon5 · 2 days ago
It's the first year back at Hogwarts after the War. Most students have returned to finish their education, some just forgot that they CAN leave Hogwarts.
The second years are the hardest to watch. They are only 12, still learning basic runes, and yet they can describe how to cast a crucio curse in detail.
They show their scars off like medals of courage to the older students. The Heros that fought in The Battle! Neville simply pulls them into a hug. Seamus avoids them like the plague, so that they don't see him crying. Every one of their scars is proof that he failed.
Ginny- she can't avoid them, not like Seamus, and she's never been the comforting one; that's Neville's job. But she can protect them. She doesn't promise them that He's never going to hurt them-she won't lie to them-but she will always be there when they need a sword or a shield by their side.
The new DA pro-...DADA professor, they still forget sometimes, doesn't know what to think. What can she possibly teach these children. She was naive to think that these soldiers, cause truly what else could they be called, would be able to hide their flinches or the way they shield the younger students from her, but all she can do is TRY to make them feel safe in a classroom again.
Looking at Mr.Finnigan, who can't bring himself to step inside her classroom half the time, she wonders if these halls will ever be home again. Can home and hell be the same place?
Dean doesn't remember.
When is his parents anniversary? Dad's favorite color is blue, or was it yellow? His youngest sister is either 7 or 8. He can't remember. He can draw Seamus from memory. Until he can't. Hogwarts is the first sketch in his sketchbook, but it was burned in the fireplace at Malfoy Manor. Maybe that's why it feels like he's drawing it for the first time.
Luna is floating. Drifting through empty hallways and crowded streets as if they were the same. Skipping class to sit in the cemetery until the sun sets. The professors never scold her. It's ironic how many people come to her to feel grounded when she can't even stomach breakfast most days. Harry, Dean, Neville, Ginny, Dennis, and so many others. Maybe everyone was right. She really is going crazy.
Blaise doesn't understand. Why Theo won't use his last name, Why Draco doesn'tuse his wand, Why Goyle doesn't talk above a whisper. Why that blonde Griffindor, Jasmine? No Lavender, broke down every time she saw the corner of the great hall.
He KNOWS what happened, but he'll never understand.
Filch Can't. Can't yell at them. Can't scold them. Can't look at them. Can't imagine them as the kids that they're supposed to be. Can't remember what those red haired devils looked like smiling.
43. 43 funerals. McGonagall watched as 43 of her students were put to rest. Most in a small cemetery in the forbidden forest. She doesn't cry. Not at Colin Creevy's not at Fred's, not at Remus' or Sirius'. It's been months and she still hasn't cried.
Until she sees Neville pull a first year away from the DADA professor. Ron carrying Hermione to the infirmary after forgetting to eat for days. Pansy shaking at the mere mention of her brothers. Albus always said to not pity the dead, and instead pity the living. She finally understands what he meant.
But the world keeps spinning, maybe a little too fast some days, classes continue, first years are sorted, quidditch is played, and scars fade.
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shiaya21 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Flying Lessons - Drarry
Sorry for the lack of update! Have some cute drarry moment <33 I've been burnout for quite some times and i'm glad i enjoyed drawing again. Also! I've been reading some NottPott too, i quite enjoyed their dynamic so far. If you guys have some fics recomendation feel free to drop in my dm edit: Added the other version of drawing
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phoebe-delia · 2 days ago
crunchy and smooth
For @drarrymicrofic prompt: jam. Fluffy fluff! I even have them MARRIED this time!
Harry spread the thick peanut butter over the bread, careful not to tear it with the knife. He dipped it back into the jar and added another layer, meeting every corner and crevice. He remembered their fierce debate in the supermarket over the superior form of peanut butter. 'The answer is clearly smooth, Potter,' to which Harry had retorted. 'Smooth is fine, but crunchy is just objectively better.'
They'd bickered on like that for a while until Harry finally put a jar of each into the cart and then dropped his arms at his sides. Draco considered them for a moment, shrugged, and then traipsed over toward the cheese section. Harry very nearly used crunchy in this sandwich, just to prove the git wrong, but he'd reached for the smooth instead.
Next, was the jam. Homemade by Molly; they had six jars of the stuff, so Harry figured this was as good a use for it as any. It stuck to the second piece of bread and took a bit of maneuvering, but soon enough Harry was looking at a fairly even, generous coating of jam.
He brought the two halves together, making sure to meet the corners just so, until they stuck together—peanut butter and jam.
He fumbled around in a nearby drawer until he found a plastic bag and slipped the sandwich inside. He put it in the refrigerator, knowing Draco would question him about it tomorrow—'So why not just use a preservation charm?'—but Harry would just shrug and let him discover during his lunch break the wonders of a PB & J that's had time to meld overnight in the fridge.
Harry quietly crept back into bed with Draco a few minutes later. His husband had fallen asleep about an hour ago, exhausted from the day's work, and forgotten to make his lunch. And Harry knew Draco would likely skip the meal altogether if he didn't bring something with him.
Harry pulled Draco into his arms, feeling the way their bodies slotted together perfectly in the embrace. He thought of the look of surprise, relief and gratitude Draco would have tomorrow morning when he saw his pre-made lunch. But best of all, the knowledge that Draco would work the latter half of his day with a full stomach was enough to justify staying up a bit later.
And with that, Harry drifted off to sleep.
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spitefulscreenwriter · 2 days ago
Dying my hair and obsessing over fictional characters are the only things that keep me from losing my mind.
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lepra-art · 20 hours ago
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Manacled by @senlinyu
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ilguna · a day ago
love story (Draco Malfoy)
summary; ' Hey could I get a draco x Hufflepuff reader based of love story by Taylor swift like obviously readers father does not approve like in the song:)) ‘
warnings; swearing, lots of tears, angst w a happy ending
wc; 6.5k
Hannah rests her head on her palm, letting out another dreamy sigh. It’s the third one is the last minute, and it’s beginning to drive you crazy. You’ve been trying to tune her out, but it’s practically impossible. She finds no shame in voicing her affection for a boy that has barely acknowledged her presence this year. Her eyes are following him—the hufflepuff champion—Cedric Diggory.
If it were possible, you’d hide yourself beneath a rock and not come out until the end of this year.
“Look.” Hannah smiles, “Behind you.”
You roll your eyes, but turn your head nonetheless. If you don’t, she’ll take it upon herself to explain every movement of his in detail. You made the mistake, that’s how you know. She spent ten minutes telling you about how soft his hair looked in the candlelight. It was sickening.
You find Cedric coming down the aisle, a smile on the corner of his lips. With each step he takes, a certain curl bounces on the top of his head. There’s a scarf loosely wrapped around his shoulders. He’s looking further down the table, searching for his friends. 
“Isn’t he so cute?”
“You’re as bad as the Viktor girls.” You shake your head at her, “I mean seriously, Hannah, are you going to follow him to class everyday?”
“I might, now that you’ve suggested it.”
As soon as the triwizard tournament champions were announced, you knew you were never going to hear the end of it. She won’t shut up about Cedric, no matter how much you beg and bribe her to. You get it, he’s attractive and he’s got a dazzling smile, but the more you hear about it, the more you begin to dislike him. The shine wears off quickly when that’s all you hear about.
She inhales, clearly going to sigh again. You slam your hand against the table, getting to your feet, “Okay, that’s it. I’m leaving.”
Hannah’s eyes land on you, lifting her head. Her fingers begin to search for her belongings, “Oh, where are we going?”
“No, you stay here and stare at Cedric. I have a headache.” You tell her, stepping over the bench.
As you’re pulling the book bag over your shoulder, two more of your friends are coming over. Ernie and Susan are reasonable to sit with, they could care less about Cedric. In fact, they’re refreshing because they actually like to talk about what will be happening in class next. Hannah could care less. And if you haven’t had enough of her already, you might even consider staying to talk to them for the rest of dinner.
“Where are you going?” Ernie asks, pausing. Susan takes her spot on the bench, but waits to hear what you have to say.
“I need some time alone.”
Susan’s eyebrows twitch, “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, I’m just not ready to hear about the way Cedric eats his sandwich, again. I’ll see you back in the common room.” You nod, going to leave.
“She’s just upset that she won’t get a date to the Yule Ball.” Hannah tries to say quietly.
You grit your teeth, continuing to walk away. Yes, the Yule Ball, yet another reason why Hannah’s become hard to be around. She wants to ask Cedric, but she doesn’t have the gall to do it, so it’s a never-ending merry-go-round about whether or not she’ll go through with it.
Everyone wants to be asked by one of the champions, except for maybe Harry, because he’s got Rita Skeeter in his business. And once she catches wind of what’s going on, the rest of the wizarding world is going to know, too. She’s horrible to be near, you try your best to avoid the camera when it’s pulled out.
The ball has created a frenzy, and it’s only been two weeks since Professor Sprout told the hufflepuff house. Everyone’s trying to find themselves a date before all the good people are gone. If you’re not asked, either you go alone or you don’t go. Those are the two options. With the way Hannah’s acting, you’d rather stay in your room and get some studying done.
This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t mind going. If you asked, of course you’re going to be excited. There’s an issue that comes with it, though. You told your dad about the ball through a letter, hoping that you’ll be able to get some extra allowance to buy a dress if someone comes around. His response was that he’d have to be asked by the boy first.
As in, let’s say that Ernie had asked you to the ball, you’d have to direct him to your dad to get permission, and then he’d get to ask you again. It’s a loop to make sure that the control doesn’t slip through his fingers. He wants to make sure you’re safe and all that, even from the comfort of your home.
It’s annoying, you told him that you don’t want him to do this to you, just let you have the freedom of choosing who you want to go with. Who knows how many proposals you’ll get? If there’s only one and he tells them no, then they’re not going to want to try again. He told you that the only way you’ll be getting the money for the dress is if you follow his rules. Otherwise, you can use whatever you have left from the train ride to Hogwarts, which was months ago. There’s nothing left.
Needless to say, you’ll be listening to him, and crossing your fingers that whoever asks you is patient and understanding when it comes to the whole situation. Although, you’ve got a fairly good idea on who’s going to ask you.
You take a turn down the hall, heading for the library. It’s where you normally go when you’re trying to clear your head. It’s the perfect place to avoid people, too. Madam Pince is strict when it comes to her library. If you’re going, you can’t be loud or distracting, it allows you to study in peace. 
Sometimes, if you’re not going to study, you’ll just stare at a book and occasionally turn the pages to make it look like you’re reading. When in reality, you’re thinking things over and the library’s the only comforting place in this castle. She hasn’t caught onto what you’re doing yet. And if she has, she doesn’t care.
You think you’ve made pretty good friends with Madam Pince. You don’t bother her, you’re always polite. You try to stay out of her way and follow her rules. If she’s feeling moody then you’ll gather everything you need before squaring yourself away in a corner to avoid being a target. 
“(L/n).” A voice behind you says.
You stop walking, looking over your shoulder to see the person first. When you find Draco Malfoy, you smile. You should’ve known, besides the teachers, he’s the only one that’ll address people by last name. You wait for him to catch up with you before resuming your casual walk.
“Hey, Draco.” You glance at him, “How are you?”
The two of you are pretty good friends, you’ve been talking to him since last year. Over the summer you’ve exchanged a few letters to keep in touch. When you start friendships, you don’t like when they fizzle out before the next year starts. The more people you know, the merrier. You love having friends across all houses.
There were a few times the two of you almost met up during the summer, only he had too much going on to let it happen. He’s got his mum and dad to worry about, living up to their expectations and whatnot. While you could hardly convince your own dad to let you talk to Draco. Something about him being a bad influence on you. He wouldn’t buy it when you told him that it wasn’t like that with Draco.
This doesn’t mean you’re naive, though. You know that he’s not a great person, he has his moment with the gryffindors, especially Harry, Ron and Hermione. You try not to interfere as much as possible. You don’t like getting in the middle of a fight that you were never invited to in the first place. If he wants to be hated by almost everyone in the school, then that’s his problem. You want to be able to say that everyone liked you.
You know you’re doing it right when Draco didn’t approach you the same way he does with everyone else. A snide comment, the side-eye, snickering with his friends. He discovered you in the library, catching up on potions, when he approached you and asked you for help. 
He’s one of the only people that knows that if you go missing, you’re likely in the library. 
“I’m well, and you?” He asks.
You huff, “I’d be better if Hannah would shut up about Cedric.”
Draco rolls his eyes, “Diggory, really?”
“He’s handsome and charming and so dreamy, Draco.” You mock Hannah, giving him a deadpan look when you’re done, “She’s out of her bloody mind. You know what she said when I got up to leave?”
“Hmm?” He hums.
“That I’m just upset that I won’t get a date to the Yule Ball.” You spit, grinding your teeth, “It was uncalled for.”
There was no reason for her to say that to you, that’s what has you so angry. Actually, she didn’t even say it to you. She was telling Ernie and Susan that, which makes you wonder what else she tells them when you’re not around. You don’t talk about her like that, ever. You could never bring yourself to, and if you had to, you’d do it to her face so she’d have a chance to defend herself.
You ball your hands into fists, taking a deep breath to calm yourself. 
You hope that she gets the guts to ask Cedric to the ball and he embarasses her in front of a crowd. Either he can tell her that he’s not into her, or he already asked a girl to be his date. That would prove something to her, how out of all the options, he chose someone else.
You hate being nasty.
“Why do you even bother hanging out with Abbott, Macmillan and Bones? You don’t like them, do you?”
“I don’t mind Ernie and Susan.” You brush some hair out of your face, “They’re good to be around. I would’ve stayed for the rest of dinner if Hannah weren’t sitting there.”
“Well, you could always sit at the slytherin table.” He says.
You give him a look, unimpressed. He lets out a laugh, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. You press your lips together, trying not to encourage him. His laughter is contagious though, you have to turn your head away.
“I actually came out here to ask you something.” Draco slows until he stops altogether. You face him, eyebrows raised. “I was wondering if you’d go to the Yule Ball with me?”
Your staring slowly turns to glaring when the debate on if you should kill him here starts. Is he kidding? After you told him about Hannah? Maybe you were wrong about being friends with Draco, he really can be an asshole. It’s a shame too, now you’re going to have to find a new hiding place when you want to get away. The library was nice while it lasted.
You shake your head at him, deciding not to feed into whatever delusion that made him believe this was a good idea. You start down the hallway, maybe Hannah was right, “I can’t believe you.”
“(Y/n).” Draco sighs, “I’m not messing with you, I promise. The timing was poor taste, but my mum was saying that I need to ask you before you can’t find a good dress.”
You stop, biting the inside of your cheek. When you were saying that you know who’s going to ask you to the ball, you were picturing Draco. He’s the only person that would make sense, after all. While you hang out with your friends in hufflepuff, you’re with Draco just as much.
He’s been acting funny, too, but he does that on occasion.
“You’re being honest?” You ask.
Draco nods once, “I was finding a good time to ask you alone.”
This is going to suck, “Draco, you’re going to have to ask my father first.”
The little color in his skin leaves his body when the words leave your lips. He knows how your father feels about him, he’d have a better chance at striking gold. Your eyes find the floor, his polished shoes. There’s no way that this will work out, even if you’d like it to.
When he doesn’t speak, you shrug, “It’s okay if you’d rather go with someone else, save yourself the trouble.”
“No, I don’t.” Draco says, you look at him again. He’s got a crease between his eyebrows, a determined look on his face, “I’ll write to him tonight. It’ll take time to convince him.”
“He’s not going to say yes. And the only way I can get a dress is if he approves of who asks me.” You tell him.
Draco knows better than to bring up the fact that he can buy the dress by himself. He has the money to, and he’d probably prefer to do it that way, anyway. However, if he did buy it for you, you’d have to explain to your dad how you got it when you bring it home in the summer. Besides, word would likely get to him about who brought you. 
“I know.” He says, not caring, “Are you on your way to the library?”
“Mind if I join you?”
The letter should be coming any minute now. Draco wrote to your dad about two days ago, which is plenty of time for him to read it, think of a response, read it again, and then send the response letter. You asked Draco if you could read what he’d written to make sure that there wouldn’t be anything that would make your father mad, but he insisted that he handle it privately.
You pick at your nails, watching the owls come through the windows in the great hall, looking for yours. They’re clutching letters and packages in their talons, dropping them in front of the proper students. You don’t want to look away.
“What are you doing?” Hannah asks, sitting across from you. Ernie and Susan pick their spots beside you.
“Waiting for my owl.” You murmur.
“For what? Your dad sending you something?”
“Obviously.” You snap, giving her a look. She left a bad taste in your mouth ever since that night. You’ve been doing your best to avoid her at mealtimes if it’s possible. You don’t want to start drama, but she’s angering you at every possibility. And she’s brought up the Yule Ball to mess with you several times, too.
You’re not sure why she’s trying to burrow beneath your skin. It’s working, though. It’s not going to end pretty when you’ve grown tired of it. You try to be civil, but you’re not besides throwing the fact that you got a date before her in her face. If she watches what she says, you won’t need to.
“What—” She begins.
The owl comes through the window, “There!”
You stand from where you’re sitting, hands reaching out for the letter. It stoops low enough to allow you to pull it from its claws. It disappears through the window on the far side of the room, going to return to the tower, you bet. Your dad will be wanting an answer, you’re sure.
You sit back down at the table, ignoring the way that Hannah looks at you. Susan and Ernie lean away from you to give you some form of privacy. You twist on the seat, looking for Draco on the other side of the hall. He’s already got his eyes on you, nodding his head when he sees you hold up the letter.
You run your finger beneath the yellow wax seal, heart beating in your chest. You hope he said yes, you can’t wait to go dress shopping with Hermione. She asked if you’d go with her because she can’t stand being around Ron and Harry right now. You agreed, telling her that you need to figure out what your dad’s said first.
Your hands are shaking when you pull out the neatly folded letter. You place the envelope on the table, unfolding the three parts to read over what he’s written to you. It’s a long beginning, telling you that he’s happy that you’ve found yourself a date and you’re following his rules, making it sound like the answer is yes.
It’s not. The moment you read ‘however’, your heart sinks in your chest, settling in your stomach. You press your lips together. He wants you to stay away from Draco, like he’d been advising you all summer. You’re not allowed to ask to go with him again, or you’ll be in trouble when you get home.
You fold the letter back how it was, tucking it in the envelope.
“So? What’s it about?” Hannah asks, picking the crust off her sandwich.
“None of your business, that’s what.” You shove the envelope into your book bag, resuming your lunch. “Do any of you need help with herbology?”
The topic is enough to keep them occupied for the rest of lunch. Sprout had assigned a difficult assignment and wouldn’t repeat the instructions no matter how many times your class begged her to. You felt like you were the only one that understood her perfectly fine the first time around, which meant people kept coming to you.
Hannah’s complaining about how taking notes would be easier than hand-on work. Susan tries to kindly explain to her that everyone learns a different way, and that she finds that being in the moment helps her. She doesn’t want to listen, you don’t argue, just trying to pass time before you meet Draco to tell him the results.
You know that he’s going to persist, he told you that night that he would. He wasn’t wrong when he said that it’ll take your dad time to come around. Only, he didn’t the entirety of summer. Draco only has a few more weeks before the ball, you have a feeling that he’s not going to make the deadline.
He’s got plenty of other girls that he can ask to go with him, you’re sure that they’re waiting for him, too. Neither of you have been telling people about the fact that you’re trying to go with each other. You’re not doing it because you don’t want to get people’s hopes up about the whole thing. Imagine what they’ll say when you can’t because your father disapproves. And Draco’s too caught up in excuses as to why you should be able to. 
When you’re done eating, the four of you leave the great hall, with you walking them to their next class. You’ve got a free period, something you managed to get after taking an extra class last year. It’s paid off, it’s how you’ve made more friends. And it lines up with Draco’s perfectly.
Once they’re all gone, you make your way to the garden, chewing on the inside of your cheek. He probably has some idea by now that your dad had said no. You think you would’ve celebrated in the great hall by going over to him directly and letting him read the letter. It’s not often you get a victory with your father. They’re few and far between.
Draco’s beaten you to the garden, which seems to be pretty empty today. He’s sitting on one of the marble benches, facing the fountain in the middle. You have to duck beneath one of the low hanging branches, wishing that they’d just cut it already. Regardless of the fact that it would make the garden a little ugly.
“Hey,” You smile, stopping in front of him.
“(Y/n).” Draco says, getting to his feet. He’s leaving his bag on the bench, not worried about his belongings, “What’s the verdict?”
You make a face, shaking your head, “He says no, and he doesn’t want to hear about it again.”
He looks off to the side, “I’ll give it a few days before—”
“No, don’t. He’s mad enough as it is, pushing it will only make it worse.” You adjust the bag on your shoulder, “Please?”
Draco finds your eyes, surveying your face for a long moment, “Alright.”
You nod, forcing a smile, “I’m sure you’ll find someone nice to go with. I’ve got to write him back, I’ll see you later?”
You don’t wait for him to say anything back, leaving the garden. This isn’t going to happen, he needs to understand that. If the two of you are lucky, you’ll both be asked by someone else and he’ll forget about the fact that he ever tried to take you. And as much as it hurts to say, it might ruin the friendship you’ve created in the process, giving your dad what he wants.
“You’ve been down lately.” Hermione says. When you don’t respond, she elbows your arm, “Did you hear what I said?”
“Yeah, sorry. I don’t think I’ll be going to the Yule Ball, after all.” You look at her. “I mean, we can still go dress shopping for you, but I won’t be able to get anything.”
“He said no?” She asks, you shrug slightly, “Can I ask who you were trying to go with?”
“I’d tell you but you’re going to go tell Ron and Harry.”
She smiles, tilting her head to go back to writing her notes, “Fair.”
The two of you work in silence, you’re trying to ignore the way that Snape leans over to read what you have to write. It’s distracting, throws you off your rhythm, and each time you get back on track, he comes to read again. You wish you could tell him you work better when professor’s aren’t hovering. Something tells you that he won’t take that too well.
You glance up at the board, squinting to see what else Snape has written. Out of the corner of your right eye, you can see that someone is staring at you. You wait to finish what you’re writing, thinking that they’ll stop by the time you’re done. When they aren’t, you blatantly move your head to look at them dead on.
Draco Malfoy.
He’s styled—or rather, didn’t—his hair differently today. Instead of using gel to keep it uniform and neat, he let it fall to its natural state of gentle waves on his brow. It’s messy, not at all a look that he normally goes for. His grey eyes are burning a hole in yours, lips pursed and turned downward.
You know why.
The last time you spoke to Draco was five days ago in the garden. Ever since, you’ve been successfully dodging him between classes, hiding yourself in the hufflepuff common room to keep him from pestering you. He hasn’t given the Yule Ball up yet, and you know this because you heard that he turned down Pansy Parkinson’s proposal.
You knew that he wouldn’t give it up. He told you that he’d take you to the ball. You didn’t think that he’d be so persistent about it.
You avert your eyes to look at the board again, now you’re going to have to ignore two people in this room.
“Draco’s staring at you.” Hermione says.
“I know, I just caught him.”
“Do you want me to say something?”
You shake your head, “No, let him be.”
She doesn’t speak for a moment, “Aren’t you two friends?”
You begin to chew on the inside of your mouth. You want to say ‘for now’ because you’re hoping that if you ignore him enough, he’ll get over you. Maybe you shouldn’t have been friends with him, “Yes, we’re fairly close.”
“I don’t know how you do it.” She raises her eyebrows, “He’s so…”
“He’s different when you get to know him.” You screw the lid back onto your ink bottle, “Are you done yet?”
“I’ve been waiting for you.” She admits, “I’ll take our notebooks up.”
She scoops them up to bring to Snape, while you close the textbooks and return them to the shelves. You catch Draco getting to his feet, apparently also done with his notes. You know what he’s doing, and he’s lost you every time. The two of you are completely different when it comes to hallways, and that’s what he doesn’t get.
He pushes and shoves, and you become malleable, like water. You walk into a crowd and work with the current instead of against it. It works wonders when trying to hide from someone.
Hermione comes back over, “Will you sit with me at lunch? Harry and Ron won’t be coming today.”
You shrug, “Sounds good to me.”
The walk back to the great hall is full of her asking questions about what type of dress you think would fit her. You go back and forth on colors, trying to figure out what she would prefer. By the time you reach the gryffindor table, you’ve decided that you need to see her in the dresses before making any decisions beforehand.
“What type of dress would you choose if you were going?” She asks, “Would you want to match the person you’re going with?”
“I think I’d want something that’d make me feel like a princess.” You stand, motioning with your hands, “Puffy sleeves, floor-length, soft.” When you sit back down, you cross your arms on the table, “As for whether or not we’re matching in color, it depends if their color looks good on me.”
Green, that’s what you’d be wearing to the Yule Ball if you were going with Draco. A dark color that makes you think of a forest at midnight. He’d wear a similar color on a tie or a handkerchief. You think he’d wear yellow if you asked him to. You’re not sure how his family would feel about it.
Well, his parents like you. He tried to invite you over once, and he told you that if his parents didn’t like you, then it wouldn’t be possible in the first place. Then he got busy and you had to stay home. It sucked, you spent the entire day telling your dad that you’d be safe and Draco was a good person, and then he canceled. It’s probably one of the reasons why your dad won’t say yes. He thinks that Draco’s messing with you.
“A princess dress would look so good on you. Are you sure you won’t go by yourself?” She asks, “You could be with me the entire night.”
You raise your eyebrows at her, “Are you kidding? Who’s your date again?”
“I’m not telling you unless you tell me who asked you.” She says.
Your face twists, “It might work, telling my dad that I’m going to spend the night with my friends, instead. He knows who you are, I’m sure he’ll approve.”
She claps slightly, “I’m so excited!”
The owls begin to come through the top of the great hall, delivering more letters. You ignore them, discussing how Hermione’s going to do her hair for the ball, up or down, curled or not, loose or tight. You’re growing excited for her, just talking about it. You almost miss the red letter that slides its way down the table, stopping where your plate was a few minutes before.
You can feel the blood drain from your face.
“A howler?” Hermione asks, “Is that for you?”
The great hall is fairly busy for once; it might have something to do with the fact that a lot of suits and dresses are being delivered from home by parents, instead of students shopping themselves. You’re not sure if you can bring yourself to open this in here. Maybe not at all.
“It has my name on it.” You twist your wrist to show her the front of the envelope.
She shakes her head, “You have to open it, don’t you?”
You nod, sucking your bottom lip in, carefully pulling the ribbon off the front. It jumps from your hands, falling flat on the table, “(Y/n) (L/n)!” It roars.
The great hall falls silent, heads whipping in your direction. You close your eyes, not wanting to see the looks on their faces. 
“I told you very well what would happen if you asked me again about going with the Malfoy boy!” It starts, screaming inches away from your face, “If I hear one more word about going to the Yule Ball with him, you’re grounded! You’re going to stay away from him, or you’ll be done at Hogwarts permanently! I will take you out!”
You grit your teeth.
“I have written to ensure that you will not be going to the ball anymore. If I catch wind that you’ve disobeyed me again, you will not like what happens.” It calms, you open your eyes, face contorting to control the tears that are in the corner of your eyes, “Focus on your classes.”
The envelope rips itself into tiny pieces to make it impossible to put it back together to read. Despite this, you shakily open your bag and sweep the paper inside, not wanting anything left behind.
“(Y/n).” Hermione says softly.
You shake your head, “I’m going back to the hufflepuff tower, thank you for eating with me.”
You leave, pulling the yellow scarf over your mouth as the warm tears run down your cheeks. Most of the students have returned to what they were doing before, but there’s a few lingering eyes that follow you all the way to the door. You take a sharp turn, heading straight for the tower. 
You’re not sure if you want to go there, though. You have half the mind to wander until you’re lost to spend the rest of the day trying to get back to the castle. It’d give you something else to worry about.
You haven’t written to your dad since telling him that you’ll stay away from Draco, which means that Draco didn’t listen to your plea. He’s been trying to appeal the entire time. That’s why he’s been staring, he probably thought that you had another letter from your dad saying that you could go with him now.
It’s not going to happen.
The sound of rapid footsteps behind you makes you stick close to the wall, trying to get out of the person’s way. They run past you, and then stop in your path. They turn, and that’s when you’re able to see that it’s Draco.
“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I didn’t think—”
“No, you didn’t!” You shout, tears blurring your vision again, “I told you that pushing him would make it worse, why didn’t you listen to me?” You walk around him, “Stay away from me, Draco.”
“I’ll fix this.” He says.
You squeeze your hands into fists, “If you get me expelled, I’ll make your life a living hell. You understand me? I’ll make you wish you never met me.”
It wasn’t easy facing Hermione again, guilt weighing you down. You managed to get a crush on her enemy, and you couldn’t tell her that yourself. It had to be forced on you by a howler you didn’t earn. You weren’t the one writing to your father, and he knows that. You’ve been sending letters back and forth since.
You’ve managed to get him to calm down, apologizing profoundly for Draco’s behavior. You promised that you’ve been staying away from him as instructed, and he was the one following you around. You admitted that you were hoping that you’d be able to go to the Yule Ball with him because you really do like him, and he did ask you respectfully to go with. And you did clear it with your dad first.
He’s got some hard footing, but when you came clean through five pages front to back about how much you like Draco and that he’s not a bad person, he cracked. He apologized for reacting the way he did, and he shouldn’t have sent the howler immediately. You waited a few days before you asked him to allow you to go to the ball with Hermione.
He was on the fence about that one, didn’t give you a straight answer. You figured that it was still too soon to try and change his mind. You think that he’ll come around in a couple more days. Either way, Hermione couldn’t wait any longer to find a dress, so you’ve gone with her today.
You’ve seen her in almost everything the store has to offer. So far you like the color pink on her, because it comes close enough to the gryffindor red without being blatantly obvious. She likes the color too, she’s just not sure on what style she wants to get. She knows for sure she doesn’t like the form-fitting ones, she likes it loose.
While she changes into another dress, you wander around, looking at the ones you’d try on if you could. To keep from constantly putting dresses back on the racks, the store owners don’t want non-buyers to try on anything. It steers away from unnecessary chaos and you can respect it.
What you’d give to put on even one of these deep green dresses so you can stand in the mirror and picture what you’d look like next to Draco. Your hair done all nice and traditional, jewelry sparkling on your skin. You’d be beautiful, and you’d be on Draco’s arm, having fun.
He won’t even look in your direction anymore, much less speak to you. You were assigned to be partners by Snape in potions, where Draco ignored everything you said to him and did the assignment by himself. He wrote both of your names on the top of the paper in neat handwriting, though. Then he turned it in so he could talk to Blaise and Pansy for the rest of the class. 
You were miserable, they must know what you said to Draco in the hall after the howler with the dirty looks they were giving you. You’re not sure why you’re being treated like this whole mess is your fault. He was the one that couldn’t listen to you, and acted like he knew you dad better than you do.
At the cost of a valuable friendship, you got what you wanted.
When you were sitting with Hannah, Ernie and Susan at the hufflepuff table this morning, they were telling you that the latest rumor about Draco is that he’s accepted Pansy’s proposal now. It makes sense. You hope the two of them have fun together at the ball. You always meant that part.
You grind your teeth, letting go of the dress.
Hermione’s coming out of the changing room, wearing a layered pink dress with ruffles. It’s floor-length, the colors start light at the top and as it cascades down, it gets darker. It’s cute, fits her well. She holds her hands out and spins, ruffles changing in the air.
The good part about this dress shop is that each one is uniquely made and there are no repeats. Hermione will be the only girl in this dress.
“I like it, a lot.” You say, “It’s beautiful, Hermione.”
“You think?” She asks, she motions to her hair, “I was thinking of pinning my hair up and having the curls come down over my shoulder.”
You nod, “Do you like it?”
She scrunches her nose happily, “I do.”
Suddenly, the look on her face falls, and she’s staring past you. She crosses her arms, face twisting into anger. You turn to see who’s she’s glaring at, and find that you have the opposite reaction. Butterflies swarm your stomach, choking any nasty words to death.
Draco’s standing at the top of the staircase, a piece of folded paper in his two hands. He must be here with Pansy to check out the dresses together. It’s a good thing that Hermione’s done already, you’re not sure if you’ll be able to watch him and Pansy all cuddled up next to each other.
However, there is no Pansy, and he’s moving out of the way of the staircase, “Can we talk, please?”
You press your lips together, wanting to tell him no.
“It’s important.” He insists, holding up the paper, “It’ll be just a minute.”
You look at Hermione to see she’s shaking her head. You half-shrug, “I’ll be back in a second Hermione, and then we can go, I promise.”
“Hogsmeade, right?” She asks.
“Yes.” You confirm. 
She walks to go back into her changing room, you start down the staircase, Draco’s loosely following behind you. You hold the door open for him until he can touch the handle, which is when you let go and walk around the corner of the building into the alleyway. It’s dark enough, hopefully it’ll hide you from any prying eyes.
“I wrote to your father again.” Draco starts. Your eyes snap from the cobblestone to his, squinting. He can’t be that stupid. “This is his response. I’ve read it already.”
He holds the paper out for you to take. If he’s not smiling, or even remotely excited about what your dad’s had to say to him, then it can only mean more disappointment. So, why bother?
“Take it.” Draco insists.
“I told you to stop.”
“You want to go to the ball with me, (Y/n).” Draco reminds you, as if you don’t know. As if you haven’t been the one paying attention to him lately. It was the opposite way around last week and now… He holds the paper out further, “Read it.”
You slip the paper from his fingers, carefully opening it. It’s your father’s handwriting in neat print across the page. Draco seems to have cleared up some confusion with your dad, too. The further you go down the page, you’re able to see that your theory about Draco canceling on you was right. Your dad was trying to protect you.
At the bottom, it reads, “I give you my permission to take (Y/n) to the Yule Ball.”
You can feel the tears gathering in your eyes. You look up from the letter to see that Draco’s got his eyebrows raised, “I told you that he’d come around.”
“So, one more time.” He straightens, “(Y/n), will you go to the Yule Ball with me?”
You can’t get the words out without crying. You press your hand to your mouth, nodding your head. He smiles, taking the letter to fold it and tuck it into his robes. He comes over, arms open for a hug. You wrap your arms around him, wiping the tears from your eyes.
“Do you want to do green or yellow?” He asks softly, moving hair from your face.
“Green.” You breathe.
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ynandyourdreams · 2 days ago
Vampire draco smut Warning 😈
Overstimulation, breeding kink, unprotected sex Let me know if I missed any
Tumblr media
His thrust was rough and hard, causing the bed to bang against the wall in his mansion. Your nails were deep in the skin on his back clawing at the cold skin begging for him to slow down his abuse to your already sensitive cunt that he had been rocking into the same way for the past hour. His breath could be felt against your neck and every couple minutes his tongue would graze your soft skin. You tried to push him away as the pleasure was starting to get too intense from your many other orgasms that night.
"you can take it, I know can" he said grabbing your hands to put above your head. You started to squirm in protest certain you would pass out. "I love it when you squirm my love" he groaned, and you begin to whine as the knot was forming in your belly. "draco" you whispered as you body started to feel like it was floating, and you sucked in a breath as the intense wave went over your skin. Draco didn't stop and you hissed in his ear. "draco please" he hummed, slowing down, but not stopping.
"anything for you my love, anything" he said and like before his teeth started at your skin. you felt his cock twitch, and his thrust grew sloppy, and his breath picked up. "I'm gonna fill you full of cum, and fuck it into you make you nice and full of my babies" he said, and a red lit his eyes as he made eye contact with you before he painted your walls in the white ropes shooting from his tip, and as promised he thrusted deep making sure it was deep in you before pulling out. His body laid on yours before he moved down biting your nipples on the way, causing you to gasp.
He chuckled before sliding between your thighs; you went to close them but his strong grip stopped you. "ah, ah you will have my children, and I won't have any wasting" he said, bringing his fingers to your entrance pushing in the extra cum that ran out of you. "rest now" he said, kissing your inner thighs. He stood to get a towel to clean you, but you were asleep when he came back.
Request open 💙
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daddiesdrarryy · 2 days ago
Draco: How are you feeling?
Blaise: Well, the Room Of Requirement isn’t there anymore, because I drank it
Pansy: Where’d you get too? We lost you after you opened up all the presents for your birthday
Blaise: Yeah, I ended up in the broom closet, and...not alone
Everyone: Woo hoo!
Blaise *groans*: Ow, no ‘woo-hooing,’ no ‘woo-hooing’
Pansy: Why, what happened?
Blaise: Ah, I fooled around with Ginny’s brother
Everyone: *gasps*
Blaise: Well, that’s not the worst part
Draco: What is the worse part?
Blaise: I can’t remember which brother
Draco: Are you insane? I mean Ginny is going to kill you, she’s actually going to kill you dead
Blaise: Okay! You don’t think I thought of that?
Pansy: How can you not know which one?
Theodore: I mean that’s unbelievable
Draco: I mean, was it Percy?
Theodore: Which one is Percy?
Pansy: Tall, muscular, the one obsessed with dragons
Draco: No, no, that’s not Percy, that’s Charlie
Blaise: You see! You can’t tell which is which either!
Pansy: Well we didn’t fool around with any of them!
Blaise: George. Look, it’s got to be George, the guy in the red sweater. I definitely stuck my tongue down his throat
Theodore: That was me
Blaise: Look, when I’ve been drinking, sometimes I tend to get overly friendly, and I’m sorry
Theodore: That’s okay
Pansy: That’s all right
Draco: That’s okay
Blaise: ...
Ginny *barging in*: Blaise! Can I talk to you for a second?
Pansy: Hey, Ginny!
Draco: Hey
Ginny: Come on! Come here Blaise!
Blaise: Why can’t we talk in here? With witnesses!
Ginny: I just got off the Floo with my brother
Pansy: Ah, which, which one?
Ginny: Ron
Pansy: Ron!!
Ginny: Yeah
Draco: Which one was he again?
Ginny: Why don’t you ask Blaise? Because he’s the one that fooled around with him. Ron told me you said you could really fall for him. Now is that true? Or are you just getting over your ex by groping my brother?
Blaise: ...It’s gotta be the first one
Ginny: ...
Ginny: Really? That’s great! You and my brother, sitting in a tree!
Blaise: ...Yep, I’m in a tree
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fanfictiondramione · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Baby this love, I'll never let it die Can't be touched by no one, I'd like to see them try I'm a mad man for your touch Girl, I've lost control I'm gonna make this last forever Don't tell me it's impossible 'Cause I love you for infinity I love you for infinity And I'll do anything to be your love Or be your sacrifice (Infinity by Jaymes Young)
art credits: Ksenita 
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lionizingheathen · a day ago
Precious- D.D
Draco Malfoy x Fem!Reader
Draco finding release after a day in the office
Smut under the cut, hope you enjoy
Warnings: Smut, Pegging, Anal Fingering, Dom!Reader, Sub!Draco, Praise Kink, Petnames, Begging, Mommy Kink, Strapwarming, Spanking
The only sign you got from Draco that he was home was when he stepped out of the floo, shaking the powder off his arms with a soured expression on his face.  You didn’t pay him much mind, choosing instead to stay focused on your book.  If he was going to be as much of a bitch as his face suggested, you didn’t have the patience for it.“I need you to fuck me.”  You looked up from the book you’d been reading and set it aside, your interest piqued as you watched your boyfriend shrug off his cloak and set down his wand.  He looked stressed… maybe angry.  You could fix that. “Why?”  You asked, and he glared over at you.  Oh.  Angry, that was for sure.  You sat up the rest of the way before raising an eyebrow at him, as if asking him silently if he was sure he wanted to pull that attitude with you.  Last time he had he’d been stuck with a vibrator taped to his cock for two hours.
“Do you ever really need a reason?  It’s enough of an ego boost to you that I permit you to fuck me-.”  You stood up in a heartbeat, gripping under his chin to make him look down at you, pushing him back enough that he bumped up against the door of your flat.  He widened his eyes with surprise, gripping onto your wrist.  He knew better, you’d fucked most of the wanker right out of him when you’d started dating, but today seemed like it was a special case. “Watch your tone.  You’ll regret it if you don’t.”  You warned him, and his gaze softened as he loosened his hand after you dropped yours.  He fell into your arms, tucking his face into his neck as you walked the two of you back to sit down on the couch.  You ran your fingers through his hair, letting him breathe you in.  He lifted his head up for a moment, looking listless. “... Right.  It’s just been a rough day.”  He said, and you cupped his cheek softly, running your thumb over his cheekbone.
“Tell me.”  You said, keeping your tone gentle.  He let out a long sigh and tucked his head onto your shoulder, pulling his knees up to his chest, the same way he’d used to sit when he’d just gotten a bad grade when you two had still been in school.  It made your heart ache a bit, seeing him so distraught. “... They gave my promotion to Zabini.”  That solved that.  He’d been up for that promotion for a month, and it sounded like it was going to him the whole time, that’d be enough to upset anyone.  You sat up and pulled him into your arms, holding his face to your chest. “Oh, Dray… I’m sorry.”  You sighed, and he let out a huff against your chest, balling his hands into the fabric of your shirt. “I don’t want your pity, I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk right.”  He grumbled, and you smirked into the top of his hair.  God, he was always so hot when he got needy. “Really?” You shifted him so that he was facing you and pressed a lingering kiss to his lips, feeling him frantically reach out for your waist.  Angel.  “That’s what you want?” You asked, and he nodded eagerly, digging his fingers into your hips.
“That's all I’ve been thinking about.” He said, and you kissed him deeply, pushing him back on the couch as you tangled your fingers into his hair, tugging hard at the strands.  His moans were sweet against your lips as you felt cold fingers slide into the waistband of your sweatpants and into your panties, making rough circles on your clit.  Draco leaned his head back and groaned, sliding a finger inside you.  You couldn’t help grinding down on his hand when he hooked his finger, making you whimper.
“I can take care of you first… You’re really wet.”  He murmured, and you shook your head, gripping his wrist to pull his hand out.  This wasn’t about you, if he’d asked to fuck you, you would’ve let him, but he asked you to fuck him, and so that was what you were gonna do. “Strip down and go to the bedroom, okay? I’ll be right back.”  You insisted, pushing off of him.  You dug through a drawer in your bathroom cabinet before locating your harness.  It did take a moment, and even longer to switch out the toy on the end, and you knew Draco would be impatient by the time you were back in the room… but that was half the point.  As you were leaving the bathroom, you snagged a towel off the shelf and draped it over your arm.  Sure, you could clean up the bed with a charm, but you preferred to clean Draco off yourself.
“Are you always this slow?  Honestly, I could’ve fucked myself in the time that it took you to-.” “That mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble, Dray.” You chuckled, tying your hair back in front of the mirror.  You watched behind you as he sighed and looked up at the ceiling, looking the farthest thing from apologetic.  That was the problem with dating a trust fund baby, they never learned how to have manners.“... Sorry.”  He said, and you chuckled.  Who would that have convinced?  He sounded less sorry than he ever had. “You’re not, but that’s okay.”  You turned to him, giving him a wicked sort of smile which he returned. “I hope you know that if we’re doing this, you’re taking the whole thing.”  This confused him as he sat up on his elbows, looking at you. “I always take the whole thing-.” You cut him off, shaking your head as you tightened the straps.  He had no idea what he was saying.
“No, babe.  I got a new one.” You said, and you saw his face drop at this, all cockiness he normally exuded gone in a heartbeat as he saw the new toy attached to your harness.  You smirked at him, walking closer… it was going to be a birthday gift, but he seemed like he could really use it right now. “... What?”  He asked quietly, and you hovered over him, kissing him deeply as you ran your hand down his abdomen and gripped his cock, feeling him moan into your mouth as he thrust into your hand… God, he was already so needy.  You pulled back and felt him kissing desperately down your chest to your tits, sucking a nipple between his teeth as he stared up at you.  You chuckled at his attempt to switch your focus and pushed him back down, sitting up. “Gonna stretch you out real nice, honey.”  You flipped him onto his stomach with ease, tapping his hip.  You watched his back flex as he tensed, anticipating.  It was beautiful to see, but not what you needed.  You needed him to work with you.  “Ass up.”  You said, and he got up onto his hands and his knees, the pace of his breathing increasing as he heard you mumble an incantation and felt the lube on his hole. “Wait, I don’t know if I can take that-.”  You cut him off by sliding two fingers into his ass, making him gasp as you scissored them inside of him, stretching him out.  You pressed your body against his back, reaching around with your free hand to grip his cock again, jerking it in time to your thrusts while you listened to him moan. “Shhh, mommy’s getting you all prepped, love.” You murmured, kissing the shell of his ear before biting down on the lobe.  You straightened back up after that, letting go of his cock in favor of increasing the pace of your fingers. “Shit…” He whined, falling from his palms to his forearms.  You looked up and smirked into the mirror at the foot of your bed, smirked at the way that this man, so powerful and prestigious to the outside world, was in your bedroom waiting to take your strap.  It was dizzying. “You’re taking my fingers so fucking well…”  You murmured, and Draco’s head fell onto his forearms, groaning as you slid another finger into his tight ass.  He always took them so well, making it look so easy to be fucked.  You smirked at this thought, smirked at what a whore Draco Lucius Malfoy really was. “More… Please…”  He whined, and you nodded.  He was ready, he could take this whole thing without a problem… and you were looking forward to hearing him scream while he did, that was always the best part.
“So polite.”  You slid your fingers out of him, making him whine with frustration before you lined up your cock with his hole, resting a hand on the small of his back as you guided the tip in, watching his head jerk up.  “You love feeling full, don’t you?”  You asked, and as he was about to answer you thrust the strap in the rest of the way, bottoming out in one movement.  You watched in the mirror as his eyes rolled back and his mouth dropped open as he shuddered against you, pressing back to see if there was anymore… Fuck, he was so good. “Yes mommy, I love your fucking cock!”  He cried, and you let out a laugh.  There was no way your neighbors hadn’t heard him screaming.  They never met your eyes when you went outside, you knew there was a reason behind it, and you were fine with their reactions. “You’re such a whore, Dray…”  Your whore. “The whole neighborhood knows it too.”  They did.  They had to.  He’d never been good at being quiet. “Good… want ‘em to.”  He whimpered, and you practically glowed at this.  God, he was always good at making you feel good… and in turn, you made him feel amazing. “That’s it, babe.”  You leaned down and bit his shoulder.  He looked delicious. “You were made to take mommy’s cock, weren’t you?”  You asked, and he groaned as you bottomed out deep inside of him again, pausing there before pulling all the way out and thrusting in again, probably wiping his mind clean.  Not an excuse to ignore a question that you had so politely asked. “Fuck…” He didn’t answer your question, so you delivered one hard slap on his ass, knocking him forward and causing him to cry out.  Don’t be such a fucking baby.  He could take so much more, he was just always a pussy. “I asked you a question.  Answer it.”  You snapped, and he was apologetic in his answer, frowning slightly as he tried to get the words out.  Cute. “Yes mommy!”
“You love being my cocksleeve, don’t you?”  You asked, and he nodded frantically, fucking his hips back into you.  God, he’s always such a fucking whore. “Yes!” “No one would believe me if I told them you begged for this… My own personal whore, hm?” You groaned, sitting up on your knees as you gripped his hips, slamming into him quicker now, making him whine.  He looked immaculate, his face buried in the blankets and his fingers scratching at any parts of the bed he could find. “Yes mommy.”  You smiled at this, scratching your nails down his back, making him groan.  You wanted to mark him in some way, but you couldn’t leave any more on his neck, his boss had sent a letter home about it… so this would have to do. “Good boy… you love this shit, don’t you?” You ripped his head up, using the back of his hair like a handle.  “I asked you a fucking question, answer me!”  He nodded frantically, biting his lip. “I love it mommy, I love it!  Harder!”  He begged, and you let out a dark laugh, but obliged.  He wasn’t going to be able to walk, but that was what he’d asked for -begged for, more accurately-. “You’re gonna be so fucking sore tomorrow, babe.” You kissed down his spine, biting at his ribs. “You’ll be thinking of me all day.”  You reminded him, and he didn’t respond for a moment, just for a moment. “Already do…” “Look in the mirror.”  You rolled your eyes at the way that he moved.  So lazy.  “I said look.”  He did then, and you saw the hint of a smile in the corners of his mouth.
“You look so pretty…”  God.  
“Mmm, you do too… So good like this, getting all fucked out.”  His whines got higher as you continued to thrust into him, increasing the force behind each one.  You picked his head up by his hair, looking at his face in the mirror.  Honestly, it was almost enough to make you cum untouched, seeing his furrowed brows, dropped open mouth, and flushed cheeks as he moaned your name.  “Close?  Yeah?” You sat up on your knees, bringing him with you as you wrapped one hand tight around his throat and brought the other down, jerking his cock as quickly as you could. You saw his thighs begin to tremble after a few moments of this brutal treatment and dropped him back on the bed, pressing his face into the mattress.  You loved using him like this, something in you sang when you reminded him of his place. “Cum for me then.”  You snapped, and it was almost like flicking a switch, you saw every muscle in his back tense as he gripped hard on the sheets. “‘M cumming mommy!  Fuck!” He cried, shaking as he ground his hips down onto the mattress, no doubt covering your blankets and his stomach with cum as he shook.  You continued to pound into him, holding his face against the mattress until his arms gave out, at which point you carefully shifted to the side and cast a cleaning charm on the bed.  You grabbed the towel from it’s place a little higher on the bed and gently cleaned up Draco’s stomach and cock before laying beside him, pressing soft kisses across the expanse of his shoulders.  Such a sweet boy. “You need to watch your fucking mouth when you do that, baby…”  You murmured into his ear, and he let out a tired chuckle, scooting closer to you.  You placed a hand on his back, wanting to ease the toy out of him before he fell asleep, but he brought a hesitant hand back to your wrist. “Can you… can you keep it in?”  He mumbled, and you raised an eyebrow, but complied, wrapping an arm around his waist before pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Of course, love.  Whatever you want.”
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