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Cookie Butter Hot Chocolate
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Juli Borrell i Pla (Spanish, 1877 - 1957) Epiphany, 1896 Museu Nacional D'art de Catalunya
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Topeka Daily Capital, Kansas, December 26, 1905
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Me and my family went to some old dilapidated houses, one of which was full of Christmas decorations. We went inside and left my dog on the elf train ride and went home.
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Kraków, Poland by Marcin Woźniak
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Royal winter elegance 
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cozy winter 🎄 for my pal qhostbyrd!
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Idk where all this ass came from but I’m grateful
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Von Haunt Christmas
My Von Haunt build I made last year all decorated to be like a stately home at Christmas!
You can download the original build here
MOO and debug used World: Windenburg Type: Chalet Gardens
Full List of packs used on the Gallery
No CC used in this build Origin ID is TheSeptemberSim
If you would like to download this build please use the links below. Although all my builds are no CC, I use a custom thumbnail so make sure 'modded' is checked to see this in your game.
If you would like to support me, consider buying me a coffee ❤️
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Operation Christmas Couple: Decorating Day Timestamp
Tumblr media
Pairing- Jensen, x Female!Reader
Word count- 1,788
Warnings- Some language
A/N-   I signed up for Christmas Bingo in hopes of getting the writing flowing.   Other obstacles worked against me, and this is the only square that will be filled.  This isn’t beta’d, all mistakes are mine, and it was just written today.  @spnchristmasbingo​ square filled Listening to Christmas Music
Summary- It’s season 8 now, but for the purpose of this fic some of the characters made earlier season appearances than they actually did on the show. This is the second Timestamp for Operation Christmas Couple.  This one takes place a little over a month after the Weekend in Dallas Timestamp.  
Series Masterlist
Jensen walks in the door of your shared apartment after a long day on set, and groans as he hears the “12 Days of Christmas,” coming from somewhere in the apartment. He’s thankful when he hears something about the 8th day, at least it doesn’t have that much longer to go.
“Hey Babe, I’m home,” he calls out while setting his bag down on the counter and taking his phone out of his coat pocket.
“Welcome home, I’m in the living room.”
He follows the sound of you singing along to the music and finds you decorating the Christmas tree in the corner of the room.
“I thought you wanted to get a bigger tree this year?” he asks.
“We can use this little guy here, and get a bigger one at the house in Texas.”
“Two trees to put up and two to take down, great,” he mutters to himself.
“What was that?  I didn’t catch it.”
“Nothing, nothing.  Tree looks…” he pauses to actually look at the little white tree now.  “Why are those things sticking out of it?”
“The picks?” you ask, holding one up.
Tumblr media
“Yeah, those.”
“Requirements for a Whoville themed tree.  How was set today?”
“Fine, everything was in the bunker today.”
You weren’t working as much this week, Ali, was supposed to be up visiting Donna and Jody.  This current episode was more focused on the brothers.  You were okay with that, it gave you time to work on decorating the apartment for Christmas. 
“Isn’t it a little early to be putting up Christmas decorations?”
“No.  If it had my way they would have gone up Sunday when we were home,” you respond before going back to singing along with the Grinch song.
“Monday was Halloween.  I thought we should get past that first,” your boyfriend replies with a shake of his head. “I’m going to go take a shower while you play with the tree.”
“Okay.  Have fun!”
He hears you chuckle as he walks away, what was that about?”
He strips in the bedroom, and walks into the ensuite bathroom and freezes.  That’s what your laugh was about.  With a shake of his head he pulls back the shower curtain to turn on the water.  Taking another look around while he waits for the water to heat up.  He can still hear you singing along to the Grinch song in the other room and smirks when he thinks about how fitting it is.  When the water has warmed up, Jensen steps on the new mat, and pulls the new shower curtain back before stepping in.
Tumblr media
Dried off and dressed in sweats, the first thing your boyfriend notices when he steps out the bedroom is that the “12 Days of Christmas” is playing again.  Great, you must have restarted the playlist on your Ipod.  He bypasses the living room and heads to the kitchen.  
“What do you want to do for dinner?” he calls out.
“I made stew, it shouldn’t be much longer.  Will you turn on the oven for the biscuits?”
He turns on the oven, then moves to the sink to wash his hands before opening the package of biscuits sitting on the counter. He stops when he notices the items next to the sink. With a sigh he regrets ever bringing up you turning the apartment into Whoville last year.  He leaves the drying items alone and continues on.  After the tray of biscuits is set in the oven, he turns back to you in the living room.  
Tumblr media
You’ve left the tree itself alone and seem to be placing items around the tree now.  He has to wonder just how crazy you are going to go when you start decorating the house in Austin.   Unfortunately, he is aware of the numerous deliveries that have been dropped off from Hobby Lobby already and he is slightly worried. 
Jensen makes his way over to the couch, but finds it covered in full shopping bags, and empty delivery boxes. 
“Please tell me these bags are ones you already had, not something new you bought.”
He turns, catching you biting your bottom lip.
“Um, yeah.  Bought that stuff ages ago,” you reply without looking at him.
Turning around he sees the guilty look on your face. “I may have met Bri and Kim for lunch today.”
“Is your lunch in one of these bags?”
“Lunch may have led to some shopping.”
“Do I want to know?”
“Eh, probably not.”
Shaking his head, Jensen clears a spot on the couch and sits down. Against his better judgment he starts to open a bag.  He stops when he realizes what it is you’re singing.
“Why does this song keep repeating?  Is your Ipod broken?”
“No, there are only 2 songs on this playlist, and I have it on repeat.”
“Yeah, no.  I can’t handle these two over and over again.”  
Tumblr media
With another groan Jensen gets back up and heads over to the speaker to turn the other Christmas playlist he knows you have on instead.  He hits shuffle and starts to walk away as “On the first day of Christmas,” comes over the speaker. 
“You’ve got to be kidding me.”  Turning around he moves to switch it to the next song.
Next to the tree, you are doing your best not to laugh.  When “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” begins to play, your boyfriend moves back to the couch.  Grabbing a bag he pulls out the first item.  Max’s head and parts of the Grinch are the first things he notices.  But he’s not sure what exactly it’s supposed to be.
“What are you doing with this thing?”
You have to turn around to look at him, “oh!  That’s a lifesize Grinch and Max.”
“Great.  Are you sure we need it?”
“I had to order it.  It’s non-returnable.  I thought we could put it on the outside of the apartment door.”
“How ‘bout we don’t?”
“Why not?”
“We don’t need to decorate out in the hallway.  Let’s keep the crazy inside.  I mean decorations.”
“It’s either them or the Grinch wreath.”
He starts looking around to see how bad that looks.
“It’s in one of the bags,” you tell him.
“Do we really need all this stuff?  Can some of it go back?”
“I can’t return the decorations,” you tell him.  Even if that isn’t the truth.  “But I can return the bag from Victoria Secret’s that’s around here somewhere.”
“No, no, that bag doesn’t have to go back.  What else do we have here?”  He pulls out a picture of the Grinch in a wreath that says, ‘Merry Grinchmas.’  “This thing?”
“No, that’s a picture.  I thought we could hang that on the wall over there.” Vaguely pointing behind you, you finish arranging around the tree.  “Okay, I’m done.  What do you think?”  You move away so Jensen has a clear view of the tree and surrounding area.
Tumblr media
He knows better than to say what he really wants to, so he puts on a smile and tells you, “looks great babe.  Just like Whoville.”
“Thanks, I thought so too.  And these boxes turn.  Each side has something different on it.”
“Amazing.”  He takes a closer look, “Did you really find a Grinch tree skirt?”
Tumblr media
“I couldn’t find one I liked.  So I bought a tablecloth with the Grinch characters on it and folded it up for a tree skirt.”  You seem so proud of yourself for that, he just nods and smiles at you.
“I think I forgot to set the oven timer.  I’m going to check the biscuits and grab a drink.  Or two.”
Grabbing a bottle of his favorite liquor, he pours himself a shot before checking on the oven.  Pulling out the tray, he shuts the oven off before going back over to you.  By now you have the bag emptied and he sees the wreath you must have been talking about, another small picture, a stuffed Grinch and Max sitting in a bowl, and a table sign.
Tumblr media
“And this is only the apartment,” he sighs. 
He takes another look at the tree, and does have to smile, it is definitely unique.  Turning around, Jensen watches you taking things off of the corner shelf in the kitchen now.  He waits for you to come back to grab something from the living room, but you never do.  Listening to “Jingle Bells” play in the background he sits back down.  A few minutes later you tell him that dinner is ready and he comes back out to the kitchen.   Expecting to see an empty shelf where you had been working, he’s surprised to see it filled with other items you must have been hiding somewhere else. 
Tumblr media
He pours the two of you drinks, while you dish up the stew and talk about your plans for the rest of the place.  Honestly, he would rather not know, so he pretends to listen and just nods along.  When you are finished talking, he just says it sounds great.
“What do you want to do for the rest of the evening?” you inquire.
“I didn’t have any plans.  Is there something you would like to do?”
“How about a movie?”
 “Sure, sounds good.”
“Great, I’m in the mood to watch the Grinch after all this.”
He should have seen that coming, Jensen thinks to himself.  “Uh, yeah, sure.”  
“Awesome, I just have a few things left to hang, then we can start it.”
Leaving your boyfriend to clean up the kitchen, you get back to decorating.  Since Jensen didn’t want the lifesize cutouts on the hallway door, you decide to put them on the glass balcony door.  At least this way you can enjoy them more.  The felt Grinch wreath goes on the apartment door.
Cleaning up the bags, Jensen is sitting on the couch pulling up the DVR.  “Babe, I don’t see the movie on here anywhere,” he calls out to you, knowing fully well that he deleted it a few months back.
“No, I looked for it the other day and couldn’t find it either.  It must have been deleted,” you call back.
If you know, is this a trap to get him to admit he deleted it?  “So, do you want to watch something else?”
He checks for the movie on demand and he can’t find it, he passes that information on to you.  “Might need to pick a different movie.”  
“No need.  I bought it while I was out with the girls today.  Now I can take it to work and watch it in the trailer, too.”
“Oh good,” he says outloud.  In his head Dean is screaming, “son of a bitch,” and stomping his foot. 
Thanks for reading!!
@deanwanddamons @amyzombie1013 @maralisa124  @nancymcl @siospins2  @deanwithscissors @sexyvixen7 @kobe-mitchell @treat-winchesterswith-kindness @chlodavids @deans-baby-momma​ @samsgirl93 @hearteyes-j2​ @440mxs-wife​ @leigh70​ @stinawrites88 @bubblyyz​ @casdeservedmore​ @foxyjwls007​ @xlynnbbyx​ @akshi8278​ @jawritter​
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Small Batch Red Velvet Cupcakes
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Sometimes Reddit is hilarious:
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#Merry crisis
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