#Chris Redfield
All Tied Up [Kinktober Day 1: Bondage]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Redfield x GN Reader
Genre: Smut. Adult content, minors DNI.
Warnings: ropes, Chris getting pegged/anal, masturbation, spanking, a moment of oral. Sorry, I just really want to fuck the big guy.
Summary: Chris wanted to know what it felt like to be filled up too.
Kinktober List Here
“You like that?”
Chris was bent over on the bed, face in between the pillows and muffled moans escaping from him as you grind your hips into ass with long and slow strokes. When he told you that he wanted you to fuck him like this, you had to be honest, you were taken aback by it. He’d never mentioned it before, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t time for some new fun for you two. And by the sound of it, he was enjoying himself.
You ran your hands down his back, fingertips gliding over the olive green rope that was draped around his body, keeping him tied down and in his place just like the good boy he was. His muscles twitched in reaction to you, feeling your hands move closer to his neck and entangling into his hair - all while you were pushing deeper into him.
You gripped onto his hair, pulling his head over to the side, seeing just how red his face was as his brows were furrowed, knitted together.
“You alright babe? Use your words.”
The two of you had already discussed the safety precautions, safe words, etc., so you know if something was wrong - he would say it. But you still couldn’t help but be worried.
“Babe, come on, talk to me.”
“Fuck, yeah I’m good.” He choked out, “p-please, keep going.”
You let out a slight chuckle and placed a kiss on his shoulder, moving back to your position.
“Yes, sir.”
You held onto the ropes around his hips and continued to slide in and out of him, faster now as your own hips slammed into his ass. The noises he made growing louder, cursed moans slipping past his lips. You knew he felt amazing and were proud that you were the one making him fall apart like this. He was becoming a mess at your touch.
Chris balled up his fist, leaving enough room for a hole. Even though he was restrained, the way he was positioned gave him just enough room to insert the tip into his hand, allowing him to pleasure himself in tune to your thrust.
It felt so good to him, almost too good. If this is what it felt for you when he had you bent over with your ass in the air, then fuck he was never going to stop that position - not like he had plans to anyway.
His breath grew more labored as he felt himself coming closer to his orgasm. He heard you chuckle from behind him.
“So soon, big guy? I’m only just getting started.”
You started to go faster, pulling his ass onto you with the ropes. A good time to give him a taste of his own medicine and how he liked to man handle you.
“Oh fuck! Babe, fuck ~” he whimpered
God damn it, hearing him whimper for you egged you on, wanting to make him do it even more. You slapped his ass a few times, getting it all nice a red before rubbing the area, kneading into the muscle a bit. He let out a groan of relief as moaned out a curse, muscles rippling, body struggling against the restraints as he came in his hand. You continued to fuck him until you knew he was done before slowly riding it out and pulling out of him.
You gently flipped him over onto the pillows, the cum now dripping out of his hand and onto his stomach. He was panting hard after cumming, but you weren’t done with him just yet.
You took his cock into your hand and wrapped your mouth around it, sliding your tongue around and slurping up what was left of the cum. You waited until you watched him begin to twitch against his restraints again, hearing another whimper escape him. You finally released him from your pleasure filled torture, releasing him with a pop. You crawled up over him, looking into his eyes as you licked your lips, smirking at him.
“Time to get you cleaned up.”
Day 2: Wax Play
Shibari Chris - Courtesy of the lovely @momma-vi
Tumblr media
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Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Vendetta #3 RED
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It's Over... Finally
Tumblr media
These two are just everything to each other
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w orm
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ask-rebeccachambers-dbd · 2 days ago
How do you feel about being with your team again and everyone else from your world?
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╰𝑹𝒆𝒔𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝑬𝒗𝒊𝒍 𝒙 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑩𝒐𝒚𝒔╮
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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Characters
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You will give me an egg 🥚
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My resident evil plush preorder is ready!!! Discounted until October 31!
USA/INTL: https://pliskin.art
UK/EU: Etsy linked in bio
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I guess I'm starting a collection of these or smth
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Light It Up [Kinktober Day 2: Wax Play]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Redfield x GN Reader
Genre: Smut. Adult content, Minors DNI.
Warnings: burning, fire, toys, bondage, blind fold, overstimulation.
Summary: Patience is a virtue - especially for that dick.
Kinktober List Here
“Chris, please ~”
You were strapped down to the chair, blindfolded and unable to see if he was in the room. But you could sense him there, watching you struggle in your binds. And he was enjoying every bit of it.
You felt the hot wax slowly dripping down your body, knowing the flames of the candles were burning close to your neck, feeling the heat of it flickering against you. It felt dangerous - hell it was dangerous - but you did get off on that, it added to the thrill of it all.
“What do you need sweetheart?” He asked
“Please, move it a bit.” You begged
To make matters more intense for you he had your legs tied together with a toy strapped to it, sending vibrations to your most sensitive area. It felt amazing, but it just needed to be moved a little bit to be perfect.
He walked over to you, doing as you asked, but not before he got to sneak in a bit of his own pleasure. He lifted your chin up to meet his face, lips latching onto yours for a moment, feeling you melt into the kiss like the wax against your skin. He felt you moan as his hand went down to your chest, thumbing your hard nipples, coaxing more of a reaction from you - and fuck was he successful. He had you whimpering into his lips, feeling more sensitive as the toy between your legs did its work along with the heat of the wax running down your skin. You two got that special kind that turns into oil and Chris’ mind was running like crazy with thoughts of rubbing it all down your body, unsure if he was going to keep his composure when he got to that point. But he didn't think you’d mind if he did lose himself in you.
Or rather inside of you.
Your breathing became more labored as you felt the sensitivity get to you, cumming and moaning into his kiss. He pulled away from it, receiving an annoyed whimper from you as he did so. He wanted to watch you come undone before him.
Your skin was glistening in areas where the candles had already turned into oil, and it was almost completely burnt out now. He removed them from your shoulders and let you continue to suffer with the toy that was now overstimulating you. You begged him ‘please’, but he knew not to touch you yet - you hadn’t said the safe word to tell him you had enough.
You continued to spew out various forms of pleading and curses mixed together until you came again, body shaking as your moans intensified. He had to be honest, he was impressed with just how well you could take this. He wondered just how much you’d be moaning after this when you were underneath him.
He had plans for you that night. He was going to take care of you in the best ways.
“Fuck - Red!”
Red was your safe word - that you’d had enough he quickly turned off the toy and moved the blind fold off of your eyes, making concerned eye contact with you.
“You okay?” He asked
“Y-yeah, it just started to hurt more than I liked.”
He undid your binds from the chair and removed the toy from between your legs before gently picking you up and moving you over to the bed. You winced at the cold sensation of the comforter against your back, but Chris' warm hands met your skin again and slowly began to massage the oil into your skin, heating you back up again. He chuckled at you when you gasped at the feeling of him moving down your chest, massaging the oil into it. He couldn’t help but lean down and place a kiss on your lips before whispering.
“I’m going to take care of you tonight, just how you like.”
Day 1: Bondage
Day 3: Knife Play (coming soon)
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Tumblr media
We are happy to see you captain!
Wesker: oO
Jill and Chris: aww ;3
Rebecca: But he is going to kill us!
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a fictional man: *is kinda fucked up*
me: i want him so bad
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Tumblr media
something about reuniting in dead by daylight (on Instagram @/ashashash.ash)
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Wesker the second he sees Chris’ aura with Lethal Pursuer
Tumblr media
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[The dark impulses become more frequent over time: it is more difficult to forgive, and more difficult to bring villains to justice. "Cut off the snake's head, and it will not bite anyone else." These thoughts are like poison themselves. Chris feels like decomposing from the inside. He does not remember at what moment he gave the darkness the face and the voice of his enemy, but he remembers why. To make it easier to resist, easier to refuse. He fought Wesker his entire life, and he can do it now. Only... Chris loses his ground, and gives up his positions one by one. The old enemy defeats him straight from the grave. The Wesker in Chris' head laughs almost warmly]
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╰Resident Evil x DC╮
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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