evangelinesbible · 15 hours
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Specifically talking about romantic relationships but this could technically count for friendships as well. Of course any one can get their heart broken but I’m specifically looking at placements that’ll experience it the most/ why they experience heartbreak a lot.
The house of relationships is also the house of open enemies and sadly most people with this placement will experience betrayal/ heart break form people they consider friends or lovers. They tend to attract people who use their selflessness against them.
Their love lives sometimes feels stagnant. They sometimes seem to go no where when it comes to relationships. They may be mature in relationships but it takes a big push for them to want to settle down. They might feel lonely a lot and might have major trust insides because 7H still rules over open enemies.
Beautiful beautiful sweethearts who deserve so much more. Tend to self sabotage because they are often afraid to take a risk in love. Having secret crushes but never feeling brave enough to ask them out. Not all are like this, but I know for a fact that a lot are. They fantasize about love and are true romantics but tend to believe that they’ll be nothing but fantasies.
The planet of love meeting with the planet of limitations and restriction. These people may be blessed with ageless beauty but are constantly fighting in their head. They don’t know if they want full independence or devoted love. The view of love is conflicting and they often self sabotage or restrain themselves from love.
Having such a strict/stubborn view of love or dating can stifle them. They can be too serious when it comes to flings or a have such high standards when it comes to love so they’re often disappointed.
They’re obsessiveness over the people they care about can tend to fuck them over. Especially when other people have planets in their house. 5th house usually rules over short term relationships/flings but Scorpio ruling over the 8H can tend to be the opposite of that so these people can become obsessive and get really heart broken when it isn’t long lasting.
The wounded healer in these houses can mean that these people learn hurtful but valuable lessons in love/relationships. They strive for that perfect fairytale love but tend to choose the wrong people, most likely because of childhood traumas that relate to love and being desired. They need to learn through heartbreak what they truly want AND need from love
Pisces rules over Neptune and Neptune can rule over dreams/delusion. Pisces are known for wild imaginations and creativity. They tend to ignore reality, especially when it comes to their relationship. They might have created a version of their partner in their head that isn’t true to reality. And that fantasy is often shattered when their parents push them to that final edge to where they can’t deny reality anymore.
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What do you think? Do you agree? Do you know anymore placements that might experience heartbreak a lot? 💋
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godsofhumanity · 1 day
Chiron, half-horse: what does it matter? i'm adopted. Apollo, 0% horse, nothing horse-like about him: WHAT?! WHO TOLD YOU
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reneemillertattoo · 3 days
Tumblr media
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the-color-grey · 2 days
pjo characters as things my friends have said:
(in celebration/preparation for the tv series)
percy: "i've been a problem since the day i was born."
annabeth: "it's 60 times 18 inches and then you gotta divide by 12 to put it into and feet and therefore, my dad is is an engineer and i have problems in my life."
grover: "unfortunately i am never at peace."
nico: "i would let chick-fila-a hate me for a 12 count."
luke: "there's no technique in what i do, only desperation."
thalia: "i will shoot the messenger. stay toxic."
chiron: "i think that's part of life, crashing and burning."
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Tumblr media
Camp Half-Blood Canonically Has A Halloween Party.
10 years have been added to my life thanks to this infos
And Mr. D. told everyone to dress up as Chiron im WHEEZING.
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pjotvshownews · 6 months
Percy Jackson Casting Announcements:
Sally Jackson: Virginia Kull
Tumblr media
Mr. D / Dionysus: Jason Mantzoukas
Tumblr media
Mrs. Dodds / Alecto: Megan Mullally
Tumblr media
Mr. Brunner / Chiron: Glynn Turman
Tumblr media
Gabe Ugliano: Timm Sharp
Tumblr media
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whimsicalpoet44 · 1 month
Placements that I think are tough to have & why.
Here's more astrology observations.
**These aren't bad placements. Every placement has positives/negatives to them. I just find these placements to be quite challenging and can take more effort or intentionality than others to work through**
4th House Aries (Especially in the IC): The fourth house is the house of family/home. Aries in the fourth can indicate a really difficult childhood, particularly when it's related to the mother. They may have had a parent that was really impulsive or aggressive that made them responsible for their emotions. As a result, emotional regulation may be something they struggle with and expressing their emotions can make them feel vulnerable. Aries IC can indicate that there's a lot of generational trauma left over from their ancestors that they're having to undo. Positives? They can make quick decisions when necessary and can take charge of family matters with ease.
8th House Placements: The 8th house rules death, re-birth, long term investments, and transformation. That's a lot of heavy themes in one house. They may struggle with loss/grief in more than one area of your life. They say 8th house placements are like a Phoenix - constantly burning themselves down to emerge anew. That can be quite exhausting. I also find that 8th house placements cause an unbalance in personal power. They may spend a majority of their life figuring out how to balance energies. Positives? They make great psychologists, they're super analytical, and they aren't afraid to broach topics others may stray from.
Capricorn/Aquarius Rising: Two words: Saturn ruled. Self reliance can be a good thing, but these placements are often forced to take care of themselves from a young age. Saturn is the planet of restrictions, self-discipline, and self-sufficiency. Often times, our lessons in Saturn are things we must learn alone. Saturn ruled charts have this energy times ten. They face a lot of lessons throughout life. The positives? Natural leaders, persistent, and capable of achieving just about anything they set their mind too, because Saturn has shown them that they can do it alone.
Scorpio Rising: They're ruled by Pluto - the planet of death/re-birth/transformation (much like the 8th house). Saturn ruled charts and Pluto ruled charts have a lot in common. Scorpio Risings are often used to bring about change in different settings. The theme of their life is often growth and transformation - at any expense. They're very private and they trigger others very easily. They may find it difficult to open up to others and may feel a general distrust of others as a whole. They can feel chronically misunderstood. The positives? Literal human lie detector and extremely intuitive.
5th House Chiron: Chiron is the thing we have trouble healing in ourselves, but what we can do a great job healing in others. The fifth house is the house of the inner child/creativity/hobbies/joy. They can be insecure about their creative ability and have a huge lack of joy. This can be traced back to childhood. Someone could have told them they couldn't do something or that they were bad at a particular skill. They second guess themselves a lot as a result. They can also experience a ton of guilt and shame for being happy or having fun. The positive? They can inspire others to be creative when they heal.
Moon Conjunct Saturn: Saturn wants to discipline. The moon wants to nurture. They can feel intense feelings of shame/guilt from reflecting on ways they behaved in the past. It's also an indictor of a harsh childhood and they can internalize their parents wishes/dreams as their own (Saturn = Father | Moon = Mother). There's a constant fear of never reaching their full potential and they can often avoid rest because they don't feel like they're being productive. They also take life really seriously and they're super sensitive. (Remember that sensitivity isn't always bad thing.) The positives? They have a lot of discipline surrounding their emotions and they have a great sense of humor (probably from the trauma).
Aquarius Sun: They don't like being told what to do or think (which can be good), but they can often stay rooted in their old beliefs if they feel someone is pushing their opinions onto them (even though they insist that they're open minded). They can also sometimes end up stuck in a harmful belief system if they feel it's not the norm so they can retain their "unique" persona, rather than actually ask themselves what they believe. (Literally every Aquarius man I've encountered, but this can manifest in anyone with an Aquarius sun). They love people as a whole, but struggle with people on an individual level. They think more in a big picture way, but struggle with the small picture. They can also see everything that needs to be fixed in society, but struggle with the fact that they cannot fix it (leaving them feeling powerless.) The positives? They're unique. They're comfortable with the unusual. They stay true to themselves and who they are.
Gemini Anything: GEMINIS: you are only on this list because of the stigma that follows Gemini's. If you google the most hated sign, you'll get Gemini. Being a Sagittarius, I freaking love Geminis. But they have such a stigma. They can sometimes be impulsive, inconsistent, or indecisive. They also hate routine. I think this is how they get the stigma, because most people have a narrow minded view of how these can present. The positives? They have great charisma and they're usually artistic. They're witty, curious, funny, and passionate. (This is a Gemini love post, let's be honest.) Do some Gemini's present in the stereotypical way? Sure. But I find that many write off all Gemini's and develop a fulfilling prophecy about their intentions.
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daysofswift · 6 months
Me watching black Chiron and black annabeth have father/daughter moments
Tumblr media
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plutonian-moon · 1 month
astro aspects observations p1 🖤 ☆°
Tumblr media Tumblr media
take what resonates leave what doesn't!!
moon-neptune (hard aspects) peoples can have hard time understanding their emotions or cant put their emotions in words ☆°
moon-pluto (hard aspects) can have a mother that is controlling or very intense sometimes even toxic also feeling very intense emotions with this aspects is very common ☆°
sun-asc (hard aspects) when it comes to a personality or just vibe that they gives to others is very different from their real personality and they can feel that they never are seeing by others from their true self :(( ☆°
moon-uranus peoples are prone to doing impulsive decisions and not thinking abou't what they are doing bc their chaotic emotions can affect how they acts ☆°
moon-jupiter/moon-venus/mars-neptune aspects peoples can make someone very lazy unless others placements/aspects etc says opposition of this ☆°
sun-moon (hard aspects) peoples can have a parents that are not together or are always in conflict with eachother..and they just dont get along together ☆°
moon-venus/moon-neptune aspects can make a person very creative/artistic!! ☆°
asc-venus (hard aspects) peoples are not any less prettier than asc-venus (easy aspects)!! ☆°
asc-neptune/asc-venus aspects can make a person that have a very soft features and with asc-mercury aspect u can even look younger but with asc-saturn u can look older and more mature !! ☆°
mars-pluto/mars-uranus/mars-jupiter (hard aspects) peoples can be very explosive and more impulsive when they are anger ☆°
venus-uranus/mars-uranus peoples can be more open to queer relationships or can even be open to relationships with more than one person (polyamorous) ☆°
mars-neptune peoples can more daydreaming abou't doing something 😭😭 ☆°
mercury-saturn peoples can be more quiet and not very talktive ..or can dont know how to respond to others so they can stay quiet and with hard aspects they can struggling with communication even worse unless others things suggest in birth chart that person is more open ☆°
mercury-uranus peoples can have a very short attention span ☆°
jupiter-saturn (hard aspects) peoples can feel very unworthy and can struggling with self-worth,self-esteem,thinking in a positive way and with getting attention from others ☆°
sun-chiron (hard aspects) peoples can have a very hard/painful relationship with their father and with moon-chiron with mother but they also have a strong potential to heal themself and others!!! ☆°
peoples easly come to someone with moon-mercury aspects when its comes to vent or advice !! also others can easly trust u lollll ☆°
mercury-neptune (esp. hard aspects) can lie alot abou't random stuffs 😭 ☆°
venus-pluto easly attract peoples with jealousy issues, trust issues or someone who is very possesive/obsessive could be both ☆°
moon-mars peoples motivations can depends of their mood !! (same goes to cancer mars/4h mars) ☆
mercury-venus peoples can have a nice hands tbh (gemini/3H placements too) also their handwriting is pretty ☆°
asc-uranus peoples have such a unique face or features just something abou't them is rlly unique when it comes to look ! ☆°
venus-uranus peoples can like doing unique makeup or can have also drawing in unique style !! also this can means that u can have more long-distance relationships ☆°
venus-neptune peoples are delusionals in love they will be ignoring all the red flags (same goes to pisces venus/12H venus and 7H neptune lol) ☆°
mercury-uranus peoples are so random with their words 😭 they can tell the most random things that comes to their minds they use sarcasm also alot ☆°
moon conjunction asc wear their emotions on face u can tell when something is wrong (same goes to 1H moons/cancer risings) ☆°
u cant lie to someone with mercury-pluto aspect bc they will find everything!!! ☆°
venus-neptune/asc-neptune/sun-neptune peoples looks so angelic istg (pisces risings/1H neptune too) ☆°
mars-uranus peoples in one minutes can have so many energy and in another they will have zero energy to do anything ☆°
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alibonbonn · 7 months
Tumblr media
Medic in training with the centaur of disease control 🩹
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occultic-luna · 4 months
Welcome everyone to my second Astro observations. Thank you for all the love on my first one : )
Here we go : )
✨🌙 Why aren’t inconjunctions talked about enough? They are seen as minor placements but in my opinion can be so intense. If your inconjunctions also known as quincunxes are around 2/3 degrees they really do play a visible part in your life.
✨🌙 Scorpio Mercury and being friends or socialising with shady people. I know someone with this placement and they can literally give me a list of people involved in shady business. How do y’all know these people? 😭
✨🌙 Sag placements and thighs 🥵 it’s a stereotype I know but boi it’s true. Doesn’t help that sag rules the thighs and the legs lol.
✨🌙 Why does every Capricorn dom man give such daddy vibes pls. Oh wait the Saturn influence lol.
✨🌙 A yod in a birth chart is very intense, Princess Diana had one. These individuals have and feel like they have a very specific purpose in life and are usually remembered and known for years and years after their death.
✨🌙 Chiron in cardinal signs especially Capricorn may have had to mature quicker than normal for their age to handle all the responsibilities that were forced on them.
✨🌙 Saturn in 2nd house, how’s your bank account doing? Or exactly how restricted are your finances?
✨🌙 Pluto in 8th house are very mysterious people, their life experiences have made them closed off and they never really reveal their true selves. These people also take an interest in the occult and even psychology from a pretty young age.
✨🌙 Neptune or Jupiter even Moon in the 12th house can give the native prophetic dreams.
✨🌙 Moon in the 1st house always look like they’re seemingly lost in a world beyond the physical. They also have prominent eyes majority of the time.
✨🌙 Neptune in angular (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) house individuals never truly feel understood by the type of people that house is ruling. For example Neptune in 10th house can be projected onto a lot by the people at work, this includes positive and negative projections. They are also likely to end up in careers involving healing and the arts since it involves the 10th house. Neptune in 1st can be projected onto a lot because of their looks and the persona they show to the public. Neptune in 7th can never truly feel understood by their romantic partners. Neptune in 4th can be projected onto by their relatives.
✨🌙 Saturn conjunct Mercury… How many times have you been made to feel like your opinion on things were invalid? Even by authoritative figures in public and/or family?
✨🌙 The aspects made by from Saturn and North Node really show what it is you need to learn in this lifetime. For example Saturn aspecting Venus, learning to appreciate the finer things in life and finding out what exactly makes you the happiest etc
✨🌙 Scorpio moon really do feel a lot, but if they have earth placements especially sun they learn to mask their emotions and bring out a cold exterior.
✨🌙 People tend to take advantage of the calm nature of a Taurus moon, it takes a lot to get these people triggered but once you do…. You must have really not treated them well. These people can be one of the most loyal individuals and it takes a lot to make them leave you.
✨🌙 Another note, there’s a stereotype surrounding Taurus moons that they have it easy and were provided with the material comfort etc…. It really depends on other placements and degrees and houses matter a whole lot. A lot of Taurus moons I know suffer from eating disorders because they were made to feel like they were bad for eating “a lot” or “not enough.”
✨🌙 Sun and mercury in 3rd house, how boastful are your sibling(s) especially your younger one(s)?
✨🌙 Neptune aspecting ascendent, literally every Neptune person I’ve met has such an ethereal and otherworldly aura surrounding them.
✨🌙 You can never really fully hide anything from a Scorpio. They’ll dig deep till they find what it is they’re looking for.
✨🌙 Virgo sun Cancer moon, these people are really intuitive lie at your own expense.
✨🌙 Why are all Aquarius mars men that I know shorter than the average height? Someone explain please. Like it’s not fair on them.
✨🌙 Water sign in the 3rd house can make for a great singer. Their voice can bring out a lot of emotions from people and strong emotions too.
✨🌙 Some people think Libras aren’t go getters and just use their charm all the time. From what I’ve seen y’all need to remember Libras too are a cardinal sign. Yes they are ruled by Venus and can be very charming individuals but they are also go getters, compared to the other cardinal signs though it’s more subtle. People don’t usually see it coming.
✨🌙 Saturn in 11th house could indicate being bullied and feeling alienated. Even Uranus, although Uranus is at home here it still is a planet that has the same connotations as the 11th house, so this can manifest as someone who feels like they’ve always been left out by society. Extra points if it’s in Aquarius.
✨🌙 Neptune aspecting Mercury, either the handwriting can be so sophisticated or all over the place depending on the type of aspect. These people can also be naturally great at art.
✨🌙 Mars in the 6th house… How obsessed are you guys with working out? I know people in Mars 6th that are totally obsessed with it.
✨🌙 Chiron in 9th house could indicate being bullied for expressing your culture. I know people with this placement and they were literally bullied for bringing home made food into school, and by their own people too. At one point they even stopped eating at lunch, they even hid it from their parents 😭. But they eventually learn that there is no shame in expressing your culture and heritage.
✨🌙 Chiron is the wounded healer, it is where we hurt the most but eventually we grow from it and we help ourselves and others.
This is it for now thank you for reading! I’m always open to feedback! See ya ✌️
Love Luna ✨🌙
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elysiansparadise · 3 months
🌸Elysian 🌸What aspects show soothing, healing vibes from the natal chart?
My love, I absolutely love this ask!🌹🤎
Healing vibes in the chart
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🟫When it comes to vibes in a person we have to check mainly two specific points, these being the Rising and Midheaven. Let us remember that the Rising tells us about the way in which we consciously project ourselves into the world, the impressions we give and want to give. While the Midheaven tells us about the first impression we leave on other people. Moon, Chiron and Neptune are points to take a look at in this topic.
🟤The one who seems to be a protector fallen from the sky receives the label of Cancer Rising, an understanding and loving person with those whom he esteems the most, they are people who stand out for their sweet and comforting vibes. That sweet way they have of caring for those they love the most and the healing and comforting quality of something as simple as their touch, their hugs are the sweetest and take you back to that feeling of being at home, at home most comfortable and safe in which you have ever been. In addition to understanding your problems and doing something to make you feel better, they give you stability.
🟤Being with someone that has a Cancer Midheaven seems to be taken to heaven itself, they treat the people around them with love and kindness and everyone seems to feel really safe when this person enters the scene. They are the stranger who smiles back from the other side of the sidewalk, or if you drop something in the supermarket they will pick it up and give it to you personally. Their appearance is soothing and once you take the time to live with them you will realize that it goes beyond an impression, it is but the core of that being with bright and angelic eyes.
🟤There is something mystical and peaceful in natives with a Pisces Rising, they seem to treat people with grace and delicacy, but don't let their sensitive appearance make you forget their enormous emotional intelligence, the one that allows them to read and get to the bottom of the emotional world. of anyone no matter how complex it is. They are naturally empathetic and sensitive people towards other people and have a divine touch in their vibes that make people feel very drawn to them, because the levels of comfort they give you are incredible. They actively seek to help those they love, especially in those difficult times.
🟤Moon in the 1st house are people who seem to have a great knowledge and understanding of emotions, not only their own, but also those of other people. They are not as overly emotional as they are painted, but they do take into account the emotional side, without repressing it or denigrating it for "being able to appear weak". The strength of these natives lies in the vision and correct use of their own emotions, which allows them to connect in unique ways with their environment and be seen as people with whom a person can open up and feel better.
🟤Those natives with the Moon in the 10th house tend to easily evoke the sympathy and affection of other people, as they give the impression of being delicate, loving and very considerate of other people. Reserved and cautious in nature, but attentive and understanding with other people, they can have a healing quality in public. It should not surprise us to see in these natives people whom strangers approach to chat or with whom they even share their problems, there is something very charming and pleasant in their aura.
🟤Neptune in the 1st house. These people project themselves as understanding, they never want to hurt, harm or offend the people around them, on the contrary, they want to be of help and connect on a deep level. Many people see them as fascinating and not only because of their looks, but because of the way they make others feel, who are delighted with the delicate and empathic nature of these people.
🟤The presence of Neptune in the 10th house makes the native a bit idealized, because feeling so comfortable seems to be too good to be true, it feels like being in a warm dream in which you feel safe and very fascinated. These people have a natural disposition to help and heal other people, with this placement he would be showing us that it is very likely that they will do so. They advise and help regardless of whether they know you or not, they will give you warmth and be polite.
🟤Chiron in the 1st house/aspecting the Rising. Their aura is simply sublime and warm, they will not judge you for who you are, they will not challenge you in any way or make you feel like you have to prove yourself to anyone or them, they will accept you as you are and even help you to love yourself more and more. These natives show themselves as people who know perfectly how your pain is, and even knowing it from their own experience, they give you color, joy and seem to heal you with just a few words.
🟤Chiron in the 10th house/aspecting the Midheaven. They give the impression of being very strong people who have gone through a lot in life, of being people who despite this always seek to help others who share their experiences and pain. They show themselves as empathetic and wise people, people who have a unique talent to make people feel better in a matter of minutes, from being a stable support and being more than a person who only listens to you, they become a person who understands your pain like no one and helps you get out of it with patience and dedication.
🟤Capricorn Risings. We all have this strong image of a Rising Capricorn, someone who is much more reserved and not as euphoric with their concern for someone, but these natives happen to have a Cancer in the 7th house. What happens with them is that they are perceived by the people around them as very attentive and considerate people with some details about them. They have a unique way of treating the emotions of those they love, they can be very comforting for others, as they will respect boundaries and take the time to understand why you feel that way. They can be very delicate people with the heart and feelings of those they consider important to them. Many people, in addition to having the impression that they are somewhat healing, also think that it is safe to open up with them, since they also give off a vibe of being very stable and having everything in order.
🟤Something similar happens with those with a Virgo Rising, who do not see themselves as "too invested in other's issues", but the reality is that they do seek to be of help and support you unconditionally once you enter their heart. They are people who give the impression of being very understanding with the pain of others, very prudent with their comments and with a great heart, because they have that willingness to support and support whoever needs it. They are very patient with those who have a moment of crisis, they have a unique way of calming people down and making them feel comfortable. Although these vibes are not immediately visible, as they seem a bit intimidating to some, these natives are seen in this way by others who know them a little more than the rest. They can become very concerned about those they love and the problems of their beings are something that they will take the time to help them solve, all this not only because of the devoted nature of Virgo, but because of the natural healing quality of Pisces in the 7th house. [This applies to Neptune in the 7th house too].
🟤Chiron in the 7th house. Here we have a person who does not see themselves in this way, but others perceive them as a healing person always with wise advice to give. It is not surprising that these natives are the advisors of their group of friends, family or acquaintances. They are people who relax you in a simple way, because their vibes are light and reliable, being able to easily win the sympathy of others. They seem to understand perfectly what you are going through, they make you feel that you need a few words to be understood, and on many occasions they seem to say what is necessary to open your eyes and/or make you feel better.
🟤Ceres in the 1st or 10th house. This dwarf planet in one of these houses tells us about a person with a caring nature who is very easily perceived in that way by other people. Being the 1st and 10th angles in the chart, people perceive them as very attentive to the needs of the other, they may perceive them as very reliable and sweet people, and some may even be seen as "the mom friend" or the adviser in the group. They bring a lot of comfort to others because of their accepting and giving nature.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🟫The healing axis has always been Virgo/Pisces and 6th/12th house. So having placements in these signs or houses makes the person naturally be seen this way.
🟤Virgo Placements. Their calm, patient, and logical nature is what garners the attention of those in search of the most loyal and devoted confidant of all, a label of which these natives are the epitome. These people have something about them that brings not only comfort, but joy to those around them. They have a simple, beautiful and very remarkable way to fade the pain away, their look is soothing and not judgmental, especially if you have a space in their glowing heart. They are not very open with this nature of theirs, and leave it only for some, but their vibes are not bad at all.
🟤Pisces Placements. Beyond their sweetness and constant displays of affection, these placements have the quality of softening the bad experience, they show you with words and actions that they are there. They empathize with your pain, and in some cases it can become their own. They help you get ahead and with their support, friendship and emotions they help you get out of the most confusing emotional or mental labyrinth.
🟤Some astrologers mention that Mercury in Virgo is both in domicile and in exaltation [in fact you can even see it on astro.com] and this placement of Virgo is one of the main ones that can show this. These natives seem to give you solutions very quickly, they know how to listen carefully and give you both attention and comforting words, since they give advice from experience and listen both with the mind and with the heart. Their way of speaking has calming qualities and many people may think that it is optimal and a good decision to open up with them, as they really give their time and attention to the person.
🟤Similarly, Pisces Venus usually has this quality well developed. Their way of approaching others is warm and very attentive, they gain trust easily [even if they don't mean it], as they are compassionate and empathic. Something that is also necessary to mention is that there is something in them that is healing for those who are interested in them, for their partners or people with whom they open their hearts. Their love is a soft blanket that gives you warmth every time the coldness of the world hits you.
🟤Sun in the 6th house or in the 12th house. Being houses with the theme of serving, healing and helping, the presence of Sun in both causes the natives to actively seek to do this with other people. They can stand out or gain fame for being very giving people, altruistic and very understanding with other people. These natives do not judge in any way for the differences they may have with someone, even if they see that the other person sees something as a problem that they do not, they will show empathy and understand their point of view, without judging or belittling their pain. Their aura is very comforting, regardless of whether they consider themselves to be very active or restless people.
🟤Moon in the 6th house. The sensitivity of these natives as well as the enormous respect they have for the idea of ​​caring for, seeking and understanding the emotions of the rest are remarkable things about them. They do not seek to compare their pain, they seek to relieve it in less direct ways, rather by doing little things for you that give you comfort and make life happy. They are considerate and detailed with people, as well as very careful with the way they treat the emotions of others, although they do not like to seem vulnerable or too emotional in any way, they will know how to love in a unique way and show interest in others. objective and constant forms. They give you a sense of peace that you would hardly find with other people and make you feel cared for and protected.
🟤People who have Moon in the 12th house have a very special and complex way of seeing emotions, although you see them relaxed on the outside and give you the impression of being very rational, they understand the emotional world of others on a complete level, perhaps much more than their own. These natives have something healing, they are born with it and can help many since they are young. People see them as people with honest and beautiful feelings, they give them the impression that they can be genuine and fully understood by them, because they will never judge them for feeling what they feel and rather help them understand their own emotions and sometimes reconcile with the same.
🟤Neptune in the 6th or 12th house. Here we have two cases of Neptune. The first and the most obvious since it is its house of domicile is its position in the 12th house. This position of Neptune makes the native have the hidden ability [on some occasions] to heal others, to help them and in general to heal wounds from the past. While its position in the 6th house makes help a habit for the native, they may seek to advise those in need and protect those who are weaker or in a more vulnerable state. However, the position of Neptune in any of these houses makes people who have them have an altruistic disposition towards people, which earns them the reputation of being very empathetic people who love to help make others feel good. Their healing vibes are easily spotted especially because of their relationship with animals, with whom they are gentle, caring, not to mention how comfy animals are with them. 
🟤South Node in the 6th house. Remembering that the South Node tells us about everything that is easy for us or that we do without any problem, having it in the 6th house makes helping others, being selfless and not at all selfish something that we are very good at naturally. These natives can help and heal in a more practical way, such as making sure you are okay, talking to you and being there in a difficult time, advising you or being that firm shoulder to cry on. Their simple presence is something that many find endearingly comforting.
🟤South Node in the 12th house. Meanwhile, the position of the South Node in this house tells us of a much more spiritual and emotional comfort. These natives seem to have a subconscious way of understanding the problems of others and reading behind their superficial emotions, the way they listen to you, their heart to heart words are some of the things that make them earn their place on this list.
🟤Having the Ruler of the 12th in the 6th or vice versa. This seems to give people the gift to comfort, empathize easily and understand every nuance of pain behind a person. They unconsciously seek to help those close to them feel better, and outsiders can perceive that their intentions are good and genuine.
🟤Other placements that I have found to be incredibly comforting are the Cancer Placements, especially Moon and Mercury. These natives have a great understanding of emotions and know how to analyze them from the other person's point of view. They are people who seem to easily understand whoever is by their side, regardless of whether they are close or not. They can become very popular due to their polite, kind and tender nature.
🟤Something that may come as a surprise to many is to see Scorpio on this list, but yes, as they read it, they are very healing people. Perhaps their imposing presence, reserve nature and the way some people talk about them overshadows this, but many of them have that healing and transforming quality in the lives of others, let’s remember that at the end of the day Scorpio is a water sign, an element par excellence linked to healing. Same goes to its ruler, Pluto. 
🟤When Pluto is in water houses [4th, 8th or 12th houses] it not only gives you an intense and complex emotional world, but it gives you the courage to delve into the deepest emotions, the most painful wounds and bring out that powerful potential healer. You have faced your own demons, having to spend a long time exploring those feelings that can be "a lot" for many, there is nothing that scares you, you understand how much a person can face and you know on your own that they can get ahead. Pluto in one of these houses makes you experience a Chiron effect in some way, managing to see the bright and positive in someone's darkness and pushing them out of that dark place that you have passed through many times. Many people appreciate this gesture of these natives and find them comforting and a safe place in some way, because they did not back up and decided to support them in difficult times.
🟫Honorable mention to: Moon in the 11th house. Chiron-MC ruler conjunction/trine. Pisces Mercury. Chiron-Sun conjunction/trine. South Node in Scorpio or Cancer. Chiron in the 11th house. Pallas in the 4th house or in Cancer. Ceres in the 11th house. Ceres in Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces.
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skullsandcorals · 4 months
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tomura-nii 🥳🎉🎉✨✨✨ I love you so much 💜💞💜
I hope you enjoy whatever I managed to put together ✌️💀
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astroismypassion · 6 months
Astrology observations 🫂🫂🫂
Tumblr media
Credit goes to @astroismypassion
Mentions of s*x
🫂 Sagittarius Mars is truly the definition of catching flights and not feelings. If you have this placement, you care more about adventures, having genuine fun and being content than a long-term partner. You might leave a partner just because you are not content and happy with them since you value happiness so much.
🫂 With Libra Chiron or Chiron in the 7th house you might not have unhealthy marriage per se, but you might fall into pattern of parent-child dynamic with your partner.
🫂 So we all heard the narrative that your crush, fling, short-term partner is shown by 5th house, long-term/committed partner by 7th house and your marriage spouse by 8th house. But we don’t always connect with Sun sign that fall in one of these three houses. It could be just traits or personality of that person. But when it comes to 8th house and future spouse, I disagree. I noticed the most people marry their Saturn sign or the sign of the house Saturn is in. So if you have Saturn in the 2nd house, you might most likely marry a Libra or Taurus Sun. If you have Saturn in the 4th house, your partner can be Cancer Sun. I think this is due to how stable and consistent your relationship with them is and you also have the willingness to work through challenges.
🫂 Man, my sympathy goes for Scorpio Venus women. You might have often not felt like “a real woman” or how you think women are perceived in the society, is not something you can engage with. Like Scorpio Venus might feel insecure or even have lack of self-esteem due to not having “enough feminine” traits, like small chest for example. Or “my legs are too chunky”, “my arms are too masculine”. You might tell them that it’s alright, but they are usually so self-conscious about it that they end up bullying themselves because of it. 🙁
🫂 If not that, Scorpio Venus women might reject the idea that worth of a woman is largely attached to her looks and beauty and always staying youthful or not show signs of ageing (like grey hair or having wrinkles, experience hair loss).
🫂 Venus in the 6th house can be a tricky house position, even when in the sign of Taurus or Libra. You might only be intimate and vulnerable with a partner for shorter period of time. I noticed an average person with this house position usually can be in a partnership for 2-3 years and hardly more, because they lack patience for it due to how unstable they are.
🫂 When you are studying your natal chart, look at aspects to your Sun sign. So if you are Taurus Sun, study closely aspects to your Sun, which planets you have over your 2nd house and the sign that is over the 2nd house. For example if you are Cancer Sun, but you have Taurus Moon in the 2nd house at 12 (Pisces) degree, you feel more like Taurus and Pisces Sun almost. Or you could resonate with those traits better.
🫂 I dare to say that Venus in the 11th house, Libra or Taurus over the 11th house, Aquarius Venus and Venus at 11 (Aquarius) degrees etc. are somewhat similar. In the fact that they like to shock or surprise those around them with their choice of lover. They might choose the odd one, to prove that what they value the most is INCLUSIVITY. They often felt rejected by the community or friends when they are younger, so when dating they pick someone to prove that they can accept anyone in their circle.
🫂 This might be controversial, but I think the real Capricorn Venus with the typical traits you might think of, is in reality a Cancer Venus. Those people will have a crush on their childhood crush for 15 years and after that time STILL say they are in love. They cling to the love of god to that childhood crush partner even years later and it’s hard for them to let go.
🫂 Capricorn Venus or Venus aspect Saturn, Venus at 22 degree women can often step in the “traditional” male role in the relationship (bringing flowers, paying for meals, providing for partner) sometimes almost unknowingly and it might become more apparent with years.
🫂 However, Capricorn Venus men can sometimes use women (Venus) or even their friends to get what they desire. However, this is mostly with young Capricorns.
🫂 Pisces Venus women always seem to attract people, especially men when dating, that they need to pay for them on dates. 👀 This may or may not apply for Venus Neptune aspects too.
🫂 People with major Libra or Cancer placements might orgasm in the post sex cuddling since that is the time the hormone for bonding releases for them. They really value bonding time more than actual physical act no matter how good it is.
🫂 Capricorn Venus people similarly to Libra Venus look for the “upgrade”. They will leave you if they see something that they deem is better. They are secure that the other person will accept them. Or even people that make them look good “by association”. Capricorn Venus man often loves a career-oriented woman and Capricorn Venus woman loves being the career woman herself. Also, these people will go for someone that SOCIETY respects. Pretty looks might be just fine for a while, but they want that lawyer, that professional in their field that the society respects in the long run. Because for them it’s all about what makes them look respectable in the eyes of society. There Capricorn Venus can often be found in relationships where both people are lawyers or lawyer doctor relationship.
🫂 So you know how Libra and Taurus Sun get a reputation for being good at partnerships and romantic relationships? Um, I beg to differ. Their Sun literally “burns” their romantic partnerships, that’s why they might have a hard time keeping one without losing themselves, end up in toxic dynamic. To me this is definitely not a good sign. Because Sun shines so bright it “burns” everything it touches (Taurus/Libra rules by Venus so it “burns” your relationships). So you might actually struggle to maintain your romantic partnerships or have less long-lasting ones or change them often. And I would dare to say that Leo Venuses can experience the same.
🫂 I’m gonna say it once again, if you are Aries Moon you might work really well emotionally with the person that has the same Sun sign as you. For example: if you are Cancer Sun, Aries Moon you might click well with another Cancer Sun. If you are Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, you would choose Taurus Sun person. Basically you need someone that has the same personality traits, identity and ego as you, so another Sun sign like yours.
🫂 Those with Pisces Ceres really give A LOT in the early stages of a relationship they keep nurturing and nurturing their partner. You might even take pride in it. You guys really need to figure it out that you require, not actually NEED that same nurturing BACK. Don’t let it get one-side with you always nurturing, healing and helping others. Really learn that EARLY, otherwise you might attract more abusive types.
🫂 You might lose virginity to the person that has Vesta in the same sign as you. Or there will be a conjunction of the house or even you two share a very close degree.
🫂 The same goes for the sign your Vesta is in. If your Vesta is Cancer, you might lose your virginity with a Cancer Sun. Vesta, an asteroid, in astrology represents the “sacred fire” so those might also be people that hold a special value for you in one way or another. But Vesta was also considered “a sacred “wh**e”, the one that used sexual practices for healing, transformational and spiritual purposes.
🫂 With that being said if you have Sun or Rising aspects to Vesta, you might have a lot of firsts😂. Like you would be more prone to be someone’s “first time” person. People might often lose their virginity with you. 👀
🫂 With Ascendant Ceres aspects (especially square and opposition) you might very firmly believe that there is not such thing as unconditional love. You will have troubles feeling unconditional love and have even more difficulties expressing it.
🫂 Libra Sun men are quite something in a way that they might use instant gratification (read: sexual gratification) and focusing on giving you pleasure to feed their own ego. They only do it “for you”, because it makes them feel like they are the absolute best. It’s Sun combined with Venus here. Their ego lies in pleasurable, sexual activities. I would argue the same goes for Libra Mars men. 😅
🫂 Ceres conjunct Ascendant or Ceres in the 1st house women are look mother-like. Like with a lot of feminine curves.
🫂 With that being said, if you have both Ceres and LILITH aspecting Ascendant or 1st house, others will see you as a MILF/DILF if you decide to have children (which with Lilith in the 1st house is not always the case).
🫂 Venus Pluto aspects attract powerful people with lots of money, however you will learn to separate treasure from trash since this aspect on the other side can also mean this person can leave you penniless. You will need to navigate through that in life.
🫂 I find interesting that Beyonce has Venus Pluto conjunction in LIBRA, so it’s like we can’t even imagine her without Jay-Z too. Libra theme they represent a team.
🫂 I noticed one odd thing with Pluto in the 4th house. If you have this placement there is a small chance, that you attract a flirty partner that would hit on your sibling. Or they might have even tried to date your sibling before you.
🫂 If you’re a Cancer Sun, you father was really concerned with his own insecurities that he created yours in the process.
🫂 If you have Aries over your 5th house or Mars in the 5th house you aggressively pursue pleasure and entertainment. You really need to balance the fun with hard work too to make it work for you. Balance is really important for these placements.
🫂 If you have Mars in the 4th house, Aries IC you might believe family is EARNED. Also with this you don’t see your father often, but when you do it might always be a bit stressful or resulting in you being on edge. You might also work from home often.
🫂 If you have Pisces Mars you might have suffered from anemia at some point.
🫂 If you have Mars in the 7th house or Leo Mars you might often have the upper hand in your relationship or you are the one that “wears the pants”.
Credit goes to @astroismypassion
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silver-peel · 10 months
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❄️ Winter day at Pelion
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achillea-astro · 5 months
Chiron Observations: Chiron in the Houses 🍄
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chiron is an asteroid named after the Centaur who taught Achilles, who used his own traumas to become a great teacher. Chiron is not the only place traumas can show up in a chart, but it does show up in places where trauma can be your biggest teacher if your work through it properly— those instances in your past that hurt you greatly that you can turn into your greatest strength. These traumas usually happen in early life.
Chiron in the Houses show us where your trauma shows up, more than exactly what the cause was or how it happened.
Note: you might also relate to the experiences of the house where the ruler of Chiron’s sign is. Ex. if you have Chiron in Aquarius, you will relate to whatever house Saturn is in.
1st: Being made to question who you are or who you want to be. Feeling uncomfortable or out of place physically. Feeling unwelcome in the world. The source of your basic physical needs being uncertain (food, shelter, water).
2nd: Trauma around revoking agency. Having possessions lost, stolen or broken. Issues with self-esteem. A lack of security, possible feelings of helplessness. Things challenging personal values.
3rd: Trauma surrounding miscommunication or being misunderstood. From community or siblings, or childhood traditions. Issues in grade school and with learning.
4th: Trauma from homelife, things that happen “behind closed doors”. Involving parents or ancestors, possibly generational trauma. Feeling unstable, unsafe, like you have no home to return to if things get rough, lacking stable support systems. Issues with the environment you grew up in (including home changes, political shifts where you lived that made things uncertain, etc)
5th: Issues surrounding forming a family or ability to marry. Parental disapproval of marriages. Trauma surrounding childbirth. Trauma around limiting self-expression and creativity. Restriction of fun or over-promotion of seriousness. Sexual performance issues.
6th: A sense of duty that denies the self (self care, identity, etc). Chronic health issues in the self or others. Longterm mental health issues that manifest physically. Trauma from the demands of work or school, or from the school/workplace peers.
7th: Issues with relating to people and forming relationships. Possibly a loner. Getting into relationships that repeatedly don’t work out. A sense of guilt or shame regarding how you perceive others vs yourself— dissonance between yourself and others.
8th: Trauma involving power dynamics and people exerting power over you. Being in debt. Possibility of depression or substance abuse.
9th: Trauma involving relocation and moving far from your childhood home (often to follow a career or education). Difference in belief systems, forced belief systems. Philosophical uncertainty and obsession over it. Trauma that causes interest in bigger pictures than most people at a young age. Feeling too perceptive, a wider world you’re trying to make sense of.
10th: Having an early start to your career, a career starting in childhood. Traumas that result in issues with authority and rebellions. Trauma that arises from early recognition of talents or lack thereof. Traumas that result in the desire to “make a name” for oneself and high ambition; to be the top or in charge.
11th: Being half-way in and half-way out of social groups. Difficulty finding or maintaining a community identity. Exclusion from a community, causing trauma, or vice versa. Having a community identity that raises conflict, controversy, or harm to the native.
12th: Issues that don’t feel like they were caused by a single traumatic instance, but instead feel like they’ve always been a part of you. Consistent depression, anxiety, and other mental issues that make the day-to-day difficult. The need to be secret about your life, or be secret about the struggles you’re facing. Trauma caused by reoccurring or consistent mental illness. Traumatizing hospitalizations. Trauma caused by institutes.
— 🍄
If you have any questions, please use the ask box! It’s easier for me to keep track of ✨ Notes made by using theory in combination with celebrity charts.
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Art credit (left): Fletcher Sidthorp
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