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Englishman James Oglethorpe founded Georgia, the 13th colony of the Thirteen Colonies, and its first city at Savannah (known as Georgia Day) on February 12, 1733.
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What’s happening in the parks the week of July 26, 2021
New Post has been published on https://aroundfortwayne.com/news/2021/07/25/whats-happening-in-the-parks-the-week-of-20210726/
What’s happening in the parks the week of July 26, 2021
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What’s happening in Fort Wayne parks the week of July 26, 2021.
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16.563 +/- acres of undeveloped land on Belwood Rd. in Calhoun, GA.
2 parcels located to the new Buc ee's
South of Calhoun Outlet Mall
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Public Bathhouses of Minneapolis
The public bathhouse dates back to ancient times in countries and regions around the world. Public baths in the United States were built starting in the 1890s and were promoted as hygienic, especially for working class populations who often did not have access to private bathing facilities. Bathhouses in Minneapolis grew rapidly and by the 1930s were once scattered all over the city. As private bathing facilities became more commonly available the popularity of these facilities diminished. Many closed, while some were repurposed into beach or swimming pool buildings, or for entirely different functions.
Photos top to bottom: John Deer Webber Baths in 1927, former Riverside Municipal Baths in 1965, Webber Park Baths in the 1960s, Calhoun Baths in the early 1900s, John Ryan Baths aka East Side Baths in 1925.
See more bathhouse photos in the Hennepin County Library Digital Collections.
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Paper Rings
Tumblr media
Rita Calhoun x fem!reader Warnings: language, fluff Covers the “Paper Rings” by Tswift square of storiesofsvuoneyearbingo.
Rita was in the home office, the door wide open since she wasn’t working on anything too important, and it was mid Saturday afternoon, she didn’t want you to feel like she was kicking you out or anything. A phone call had lead to a new light being shed on the case and she just wanted to go over her arguments and questioning quickly. It probably could have waited until later on Sunday evening, but in case she did find something she needed to revamp she wanted to have ample time to form it.
Spring had finally sprung in New York, the warm breeze flowing through the apartment while the flowers were in full bloom, the city alive again with people enjoying the warmth. The two of you had indulged in a lazy morning, breakfast ordered in and eaten in bed, limbs still entangled as you fed each other little bites of bacon and waffles. After a quick shower and finally getting dressed for the day you’d began to make a tentative plan to go enjoy as much of the outdoors as one could get within city limits. Rita had suggested a drive out to the Hamptons but your nose crinkled and asked if you could wait until it was warm enough to actually go in the ocean. She laughed softly, kissing the scrunch out of your nose and agreed, opting for a walk through the park (with extra coffee of course) followed by a late lunch at Papillon.
It appeared her phone call and work interruption was taking a little too long for your liking, she heard you rustle through the outer part of the apartment, clicking on a playlist as you normally did whenever you were cooking. While breakfast had been big, you had a pretty early dinner the previous night (followed by some more than enthusiastic adult times) and you were starting to feel peckish, even if you did have lunch plans. The music floated through the apartment, Rita smiling at your affinity for playful pop songs, knowing there was no doubt you were having a little dance party for one as you put together a snack. A small sizzle from a pan echoed through the air and Rita sighed softly, as much as she wanted to focus on getting the work done, she simply just wanted to be able to spend her weekend with her girl.
“Oh fuck yes!”
She chuckled at your excited mumble as you turned up the volume on the speaker, a song she recognized as Taylor Swift bouncing off the walls, your muted voice singing along to the words. Smiling, she shut her laptop, flipping closed the file and pushed it off to the side to be dealt with later.
She found you exactly as she’d pictured, adorned in cute little cozy romper that you wore so often she’d bought you one in every colour, hips bopping to the tune of the song as you shifted whatever was in the pan. You did a little spin, giggling at the sight of her leaning against the door way, nearly pausing your moments.
“Oh by all means, don’t stop on my accord.” She smiled and you let out a louder laugh, as if her watching eyes had ever made you self conscious before.
“Only if you join me.” You smirked, grabbing at her hand as you tugged her further into the kitchen. Rita let out a soft laugh but wasn’t about to let you dance alone. Right as the chorus started the spatula became your microphone as you openly sang the lyrics out to her, “I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings, uh-hu! That’s right! Darlin’ you’re the one I want.”
Laughing, the gleam in your eye ever evident you wrapped your arms around her shoulders, kissing her gently. She pulled you in for a second one and you gasped, jumping back as you moved the spatula away from her.
“It’s fine, I’m not exactly wearing Prada right now.” She teased and you giggled, stirring at the pan again before dropping the tool on the counter.
“I still don’t wanna risk getting garlic butter in your hair.” You leant forward, kissing her cheek quickly before your hand turned the dial on the speaker down, “sorry.” You winced, “I didn’t mean to interrupt your work.”
“I’m not complaining.” She wrapped an arm around your waist, nuzzling into your side, “besides that’s one of your favourite songs.” She half teased, poking at your ribs, and you swatted at her hand.
“It’s a fucking bop Rita.” You insisted and she laughed.
“I don’t get the paper rings thing.”
“Really?” You glanced up at her, brow furrowed.
“Well I get the sentiment of it, that part I understand.”
“When you were a kid did you never tie paper into a ring? Or like, grass when you were out playing with your friends?” You paused, feigning offence, “your parents did let you play in the park right?”
“I was allowed outside.” She scoffed, swatting at your arm before laying a kiss on your temple, “I can’t say I ever made grass rings for anyone.”
“You’re missin’ out, it’s the symbol of true love.” You mocked, “here…” your hand swiped one of the straws sitting on the counter that had come with the takeout that morning. Swiftly you ripped the package open, dumping the straw out of it before gesturing for Rita’s hand. She chuckled softly but held it up for you, watching as you expertly and carefully wound the paper around her left ring finger, managing to even tie it off into the best resembling gem that you could. After tearing off the excess paper you looked up to her, shrugging, “one of my friends was super good with origami, she learnt how to make super cute rings, we all had matching ones in school until we realized paper was water soluble.”
“Adorable.” Rita chuckled, kissing your cheek gently.
“Sorry.” You kissed her cheek quickly, “I should let you get back to work.”
“On the contrary, work can wait. Whatever you’re making smells delicious and I promised you a day together.”
“Snack and then we’ll head out?” You asked, “try and actually catch some sun before it disappears?”
“Sounds like the greatest way to spend a day.” Rita smiled, kissing you softly before you moved back to the stove.
You’d thrown together the leftover shrimp from the other night with a few varying veggies that you knew wouldn’t take too long to grill up. Knowing Rita might’ve been hungry you’d tossed in enough to share, but it still wasn’t a huge portion. You ate quickly and then left the apartment hand in hand, basking in the sun as you made your way down to the park.
Rita was still insistent on stopping at your usual favourite coffee shop for the mid afternoon pick me up, though you opted for an iced latte today trying the new feature flavour they had, claiming that it was finally warm enough out you wanted to actually indulge. Rita couldn’t help but playfully roll her eyes at you, she was never one for adding sweetness to her coffee, and thought that a lot of the flavourings seemed a bit ridiculous (and don’t even get her started on pumpkin spice) but as long as she wasn’t drinking it, she’d put up with your habits.
Central Park was busy, as you’d expected, families out taking advantage of the big fields, parents playing a variety of sports with their kids, some simply playing tag trying to burn off as much energy from the little ones that they could outside of the apartment for once. You paused slightly watching a Dad playing a makeshift game of kickball while you sucked the last of your coffee through the straw, your eyes nearly lingering before tossing the cup into the trash. You felt the squeeze of Rita’s hand around yours and you glanced up to her face, head tilted in question.
“You sure you don’t want to have kids?” She asked hesitantly and you nodded.
“Yeah. A hundred percent.” You fell back into step beside her, your free hand wrapping around her bicep softly, “while I like the idea of kids, tiny humans who are half you? That you get to experience the world for the first time again through their eyes, watch the succeed in life, yeah that sounds great. But I’m not here for the tantrums, and the exhaustion, the price of raising a kid! Do you have any idea how expensive diapers are? Jesus…” she laughed at your muttering, “I am more than happy and satisfied with being an Aunt.”
“Good.” She mused, kissing your cheek softly as you continued to make your way through the park.
“I wouldn’t say no to a cat though.”
“A cat I can definitely deal with.” She laughed softly, smiling into the soft kiss you laid on her lips.
As planned, you stopped in for an semi early dinner, splitting plates of calamari, shrimp tacos and mushroom risotto croquettes. You practically dragged Rita into a bakery a few doors down, nearly drooling over the pastries as you tried to decide which ones would be coming home with you. Laughing, she kissed you softly, telling you to just get one of everything that you had your eye on. You kissed her nearly breathless in excitement and adoration for the way she spoiled you on a regular basis. (The shop owner couldn’t help but smile, throwing in a few extra tarts on the house because not only were you regulars, but you were too cute not to).
Back at the apartment you laid the treats out on the coffee table while Rita cracked a bottle of wine, bringing it over to you. The windows had a perfect view as the sky turned a swirling combination of pink and yellow, hints of blue clinging onto the season as the sun began to sink in the horizon. Leaning against her shoulder you picked up Rita’s hand in yours, rubbing your thumb across her knuckles before you lifted your head, glancing down at the straw wrapper still wrapped around her finger.
“You’re still wearing that?” You half laughed.
“Guess it just felt natural.” She murmured softly, pressing a kiss into your forehead, “feels kind of unfair that you don’t have one.”
“Well isn’t that how it works?” You playfully shoved at her arm, “if I ask you to marry me you’d be the one with the ring until the wedding, right?”
“I suppose.” She sighed, suddenly pushing up from the couch, “still feels like you deserve one.”
“Well bring me the other straw, I’ll teach you how to make one.” You nestled into the couch, your attention distracted by the t.v, “better yet I can pick up some origami paper tomorrow and we can try to make the fancy ones.” You heard Rita rummaging through one of the drawers in the kitchen and your brow furrowed, though it stayed on the show in front of you, “it’s on the counter babe.”
“I’ve got a better idea.” She called back and you wondered what on earth she was going on about, even more so when she returned to the couch with nothing in her open hand.
“Where’s the straw?”
“You said you liked shiny things.” She half shrugged, revealing the little blue box in her other hand and you gasped.
“Rita…” your hands flew to your mouth as she cracked the box open, you’d had no doubt the diamond was going to be extravagant but you still weren’t prepared. “That certainly is fucking shiny.”
“Darling…you’re the one that I want.” Her free hand cupped at your cheek gently, “believe me, I had something a little more extravagant planned for this weekend but you axed going to the Hamptons.”
“I’m so sorry…”
“Oh don’t be.” She half scoffed, “being with you isn’t about the fancy times, it’s about being together, forever. I want your dreary Monday’s, I want your complications too. In picture frames, in dirty dreams.” You couldn’t help but giggle at that sentiment, “I’ve waited my whole life for someone like you to come around and I’m surprised I even waited this long to ask. Will you marry me?”
“Oh Rita Calhoun of fucking course I’ll marry you.” Your voice was clogged with tears as you lunged toward her, your arms tightly wrapping around her shoulders as hers slid around your waist. You nearly laughed at the heavy sigh of relief she let out, cupping the back of your head softly as she pressed a kiss to your temple. As if you could ever say no to her, much less say no to spending your life with her. “I love you so much you couldn’t even imagine.” You murmured into her shoulder
“Darling I really think I can.” Her own words were thick with emotion by now and you pulled back, your hands trailing down her arms as you saw the happy tears in her eyes. The hand not holding the ring box moved back up to your face, wiping away a stray tear, “I love you more than anything. And another day going by without you knowing that I wanted to be your wife was a waste.”
“Well it’s a good thing I know now.” You teased, watching as she slipped the diamond onto your finger, “I can’t believe I get you as my wife.”
“Likewise sweetheart.” She murmured softly as she leant in, her lips meeting yours in a deep yet soft kiss. Your lips moving with grace against each other’s before a small giggle broke you apart.
“Guess you can take off that silly paper one now.”
“Oh…I’ll take it off but it’s not going anywhere.” Very carefully she raised her hand, slipping the paper off her finger, she shifted forward, dropping into the small dish on the coffee table, “without it I doubt I would have had the courage to ask you today.” She kissed the tip of your nose and you giggled quietly, “technically, you instigated this. We can think of a better place to keep it later.”
“And you’ll let me buy you a shiny one?”
“Of course darling.” Rita kissed you once again, the smile breaking out on her cheeks as she gazed at you in what could only be described as ultimate true love. She’d loved you from the moment she had met you, and now? She got to spend the rest of her life with you and neither of you could be any happier than you were in that moment.
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||𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙱𝚎𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚘𝚛 𝚘𝚏 𝚂𝚑𝚎𝚎𝚙|| (2/20)
Apocalypse! Au (TW! Minor gore and cussing)
Reader x multiple
Chapter 2: The church
Y/n puts the vehicle in gear carefully making a U turn and starts down the road in a westerly direction. Her original plan was find refuge in one of the larger towns along North Florida’s citrus belt such as Lake City or Gainesville- still seems viable despite the fact that the engine continues to ping and complain- something has come loose during the plunge to the woods and she doesn't like the sound of it. They need to find a place to stop soon look under the hood, get their wounds looked at- rest maybe, maybe find some provisions and fuel.
“Hey look!” Nick speaks up from the shadows of the rear seats pointing off to the Southwest at the end of the lot.
Y/n drives another 100 yards or so and then brings the Escalade to a stop at the gravel shoulder. She kills the engine and silence crashes down on the car’s interior, it’s almost deafening. Nobody says anything at first- they just stare at the road sign in the middle of the distance. It's one of those cheap translucent white fiberglass ones, set on wheels with the big removal plastic letters still bearing the words “Calvary Baptist Church all welcome Sunday 9 -&- 11.”
Through the spindly Cypress trees and columns of pine that line the road, she can see the luminous white gravel of a deserted parking lot. The long narrow lot leads to the front of a building, it's broken stained glass windows partially boarded up. Its steeple caved in on one side and scorched as if its seen a bombing raid. She stares at the huge steel cross at the top of the steeple- which is covered with a patina of rust- has come loose from its moorings.
It now lays upside down dangling by the remains of its rotted hardware. She can't help but get very still while gazing up at the ruin upended cross, the symbolism isn't lost on her but it may only be the beginning. She never been one for religion but realizes that this may very well be a sign that they've been left behind and this is the rapture and the world is a purgatory now. They’ll have to deal with what remains like junkyard dogs or vermin stuck in a sinking ship.
“Remind me”she says almost under her breath not taking her eyes off the building in the distance one of the windows in the rear has a dull yellow incandescent glow, behind it the chimney is spewing a thin wisp of smoke into the lightning sky.
“how much ammunition did y'all manage to scavenge before we left Calhoun?” the two young men give each other a quick look
Nick speaks up “I have one of the 33 round mags for the Glock and a box of two dozen .380s for the other pistol and that's it..”
“That's more than I managed.” George grimaces “all I managed to grab ammunition wise is what was in the office which I think it's like 6 rounds, maybe 8?”She picks up her Glock from the seat counting the number of times she's fired since they left Calhoun she's got six rounds left.
“All right gentlemen ... I want you to bring all of it, all the hardware locked and loaded.” she opens the door “and look alive…”
The two men get out of the vehicle and join her in the Golden light of the dawn. Something is wrong, Nick notices His hand are shaking as he injects a fresh magazine into the hilt of his pistol
“Y/n, I don't understand” he says finally.
“what are we loading up for? I doubt there's anything in there but scared church people. What are we doing?”
But she's already started down towards the church- her Glock is gripped tightly in her hands, arms dangling at her side like a calling card.
“It's the end of the world boys there's no such thing as church anymore it's all up for grabs…”
The two young men glanced at each other for a moment before hurrying up to catch up with her. They approached the property from the rear, through the grove of sickly eucalyptus trees that mark the outer edges of the churches lot. She can smell the stench of menthol and ammonia in the air as she creeps across the weed whiskered gravel, careful not to make too much noise when her boots crunch under the stones. The light in the chapel's rear window has dwindled with the morning sun and the roaring of crickets fade now, the silence returns over making her heart throb in her ears.
She pauses behind a tree about 20 feet away from the lighted window ... With a few quick hand signals she rouses the two who are hiding behind a nearby oak. Nick moves out from behind cover carrying the pistol against his solar plexus like a vestigial appendage. George moves behind his friend wide eyed and jumpy flinching at the twinges of pain. These two are not exactly the crème de la crème in the world's new survivor class she realizes but perhaps she should see these young men as they truly are. Loyal partners, and friends- surviving all the same.
She issues another signal stabbing a finger at the rear of the building. One by one the three of them move toward the small woodside annex off the rear of the Chapel- she’s in the lead her pistol now gripped in both hands, now pointed downward. The closer they get the more the sun rises over the horizon the more they realize something isn't right. The windows of the building and rectory of the deacons quarters are lined with aluminum foil. The screen door has been ripped off its hinge and the inner door is nailed shut and crisscrossed with lumber. The stench of the dead permeates the air and gets stronger as they approach. She reaches the building first and she gently stands with her back against the boarded door signaling the others with a the tip of her finger to her lips.
They approach as quietly as possible, stepping lightly over the trash and dead leaves that are skidding across the back of the deck in the morning breeze. George stands just behind her, while Nick keeps to her side, both keeping weapons at the ready. She reaches down to her scuffed boot and pulls out a 12 inch Randall knife from the interlining. She carefully wedges the point under one of the boards near the door latch and Yanks.
The door probes stubborn. She pries at it repeatedly with the knife making more racket than she cares to but she has no choice they would make even more noise if they had tried to break through one of the windows. The nails give slightly the creaking sound amplified and the hushed daylight. She has no idea of what they're about to find inside this building but she fairly certain now that both humans as well as the dead inhabit this place.
Zombies don't build fires and the average survivor with the access to soap and water doesn't usually smell like death. The door finally gives and the two men moving closer to her, guns up now as they enter at the same time. They find themselves in an empty room illuminated by dim yellow light and the smell of stale smoke and Bo smacks them in the face. She crosses the floor, her boots making the floorboards creak. She makes note of the small potbelly stove still radiating the heat of the dying embers, the braided rug stained with blood, a desk littered with teabags, dishes, candy wrappers gossip magazines, a few empty 44 bottles and crumpled cigarette packs…
She goes over to the desk and looks down at the display of playing cards arranged in the classic poker pattern it looks like somebody, likely a hand full of people, were here only a moments ago and left in a hurry. A noise from behind the inner doors suddenly takes her attention. she whips her head around to the source, both men stand across the room gazing sheepishly back at their leader.
Again she puts a four finger to her lips giving them the signal to hush. The two mens eyes are aglow with nervous tension, on the other side of the door shuffling noises build, the telltale sound of dragging feet. There's also the reek of mortified flesh almost as pungent as the methane and it's getting stronger. She recognizes that a number of undead are trapped in an enclosed space. She turns and points to George’s shotgun.
Nick understands that he's supposed to blow the lock off the door and George is supposed to back them both up. Neither young man is very happy about this plan. Nick looks pale and George is drenched in sweat both of them nursing wounds and perhaps even internal bleeding. Neither seem gung ho about fighting off and undetermined number of biters. But she is an irresistible leader and the mere look in her eyes is enough to kill any dissension in the ranks. She holds three fingers up. She begins to countdown. 3, 2-
A loud crack sounds as a rotten hand covered with mold burst through the weak spot in the lumber.
Nothing in reality ever seems to play out the way George imagines it should. He trips on his backward shuffling feet and falls on to the floor. The pain in his ribs explode the injury jostled by the impact and at the same time another pair of hands thrust their way through the busted slats of the door. Looking up he sees she has pulled something from her boot. He watches as a dull gleam of a Buck knife strikes through the air. She drives the blade through the tissue and cartilage sawing through the bone it’s hands flopping to the floor as neatly as tree limbs being pruned.
George watches as he tries to sit up, the back of his throat burns and his body threatens to upchuck the paltry contents of a stomach. Things are moving quickly now, hands are flopping around him like fish on a boat’s deck, slowly growing still as the electrical impulses from the reanimated central nervous system drains out. George’s vision blurs his mind swimming dizziness gripping him as his wounded lungs labor to get air.
She's already scooped the fallen shotgun from the floor pumping shells into its breach with a single jerk of her arms as she turns back to the door George manage to get himself back up into a standing position kicking the ghastly hands out of the way . She slims a boot into the door and it implodes revealing the interior of a dark Chapel. Nick gets a fleeting glimpse of the sanctuary before the 1st blast shatters the tableau.
What was once a quaint little church with stain glass and pine pews now resembles an arbiter from the 9th circle of hell. The dead number in dozens maybe as many as 40 or 50 most of them chained to the pews with heavy chains. They react to the light of the outer room as if she had just turned over her oktan exposed a colony of vermin.
Insensate faces jerk towards the noise, some are decorated with spiked collars and others have large makeshift cage like muzzles. The scene gives a a sense of some sort of demented zoo or kennel for these reanimated cadavers. Stranger still, in that terrible instant before the first flash of the 12 gauge, it seems like somebody apparently tried to administer these beings after they were reanimated.
In front of each are dead birds morsels, pieces of roadkill or unidentified human remains are scattered in the pews next to each being. The candles still burn in the same sanctuary on the advert stands in the front room on the modest little altar. Somewhere the buzz of a live microphone drones. The air smells of modified sewage perfumed with rancid flesh and disinfected.
Nick gets one final glance at her before the air lights up- the look on her face is a mixture of sorrow, rage, loss and regret. It's the look of someone confronting the merciless abyss. Then the shooting starts.
The first blast flashes and takes the closest cadaver down in a puff of carnal tissue, the shell ripping through the skull and taking a chunk out of the wood above the door. Three subsequent shots happen, making their ears ring. Already covered with blowback her anguished face stippled and splattered, she now moves deeper into the Chapel and starts in on the others.
It only takes a few minutes, the air flashing like a fireworks display as she goes from pew to pew, either vaporizing skulls or thrusting her Randall knife through petrified nasal cavities before the things even get a chance to bite at the air. George staggers towards the open door to get a better view and he notices Nick just in the side Chapel entrance.
She has the strangest look on her face now as she finished off the last of the monsters with a hard quick slashes of the knife the gun has been emptied, 8 shells peppering the wall behind the heaps of moldering flesh. Completely slick with blood, her eyes burning with inscrutable emotions, she almost looks beatific as she dispatches with the last re animated corpse .
For one terrible moment watching this all from the doorway Nick thinks of a woman having an orgasm. She lets out a voluptuous sigh of relief as she impales the skull of what seems to be an elderly woman. The Crone sacks against the back of her Pew, she was once somebody's mother, somebody's neighbor. She may have once baked cookies for her grandchildren search for famous bread pudding add ice cream socials and laid to rest her beloved husbands of 47 years in the Cemetery out behind the rectory .
Y/n pauses to catch her breath staring down at the woman, head bowed for a moment, when all at once she abruptly stops and looks up narrowing her eyes. She cocks her head to one side and listens closely to something in another part of the building at last she fixes her gaze on George and so softly whispers
“do you hear that ?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Simmin’ 2021 - 70/100 pics 61 - Bertie & Bobby blowing bubbles 62 - The Calhoun extended-family hay ride 63 - Lydia-Mae McKenzie stargazing 64 - Reese & Avery are married 65 - New coffee joint in Scandalica City 66 - Interior of above Coffee join 67 - Bryce Calhoun and his dad make a sandcastle 68 - Xander Hart does homework 69 - Adagio Hart has some words with his daughter and her ‘friend’ 70 - Alex Calhoun tearing up the half-pipe at the Skate Park
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17 Curious Facts About Cincinnati’s Vine Street
Only Three Streets
According to the 1943 WPA Guide to Cincinnati, old-time thespian Tom Wise claimed there were only three streets worth visiting in America—Broadway in New York, Market Street in San Francisco, and Vine Street in Cincinnati. Mr. Wise was a lifelong comic actor and had appeared in plays across the United States. He trod the boards of Cincinnati theaters from 1890 until just before his death in 1926.
Vine Was West Before It Was Center
Today, Vine Street divides east from west street addresses in Cincinnati. Until 1896, Main Street was the dividing line, so addresses around Vine Street had a “west” prefix. That changed when city council decided to renumber the entire city in 1891. It took years before council backed up the resolution with a budget, but renumbering finally took place. Consequently, post-1896 addresses are often located blocks away from their Pre-1896 locations.
Never Thirsty
According to the WPA Guide, a stretch of Vine Street measuring less than two miles, between McMillan Street and the Ohio River, boasted no fewer than 113 drinking places during the 1890’s. In the block between Twelfth and Thirteenth Streets alone, there were 23 saloons or beer gardens. The roster of celebrated hot spots on Vine Street included the Atlantic Garden, Pacific Gardens, London Concert Hall, Kissel’s Concert Hall, Schickling’s, Schuler’s, Schuman’s, Commodore, Coliseum, Gabriel’s, Weber’s, Wielert’s—a long litany, redolent of amber refreshment.
Exhausting Carrie Nation
It is a matter of legend (the original source has not been identified) that Cincinnati’s Vine Street overcame the anti-booze ardor of temperance firebrand Carrie Nation during her 1901 visit to Cincinnati. Although she spoke to packed houses and toured the local dens of iniquity, she did not smash a single window nor shatter even one barroom mirror. Asked why, Mrs. Nation allegedly replied: "I would have dropped from exhaustion before I had gone a block.”
First Skyscraper
The world’s first concrete skyscraper, the 15-story Ingalls Building, is located on Vine Street. The brick-faced structure was designed by Alfred O. Elzner and George M. Anderson and completed in 1903. Scoffing critics said that any building constructed of concrete poured into molds would topple of its own weight. One Cincinnati editor reportedly stood in front of the building for an entire night, expecting to score a scoop when it collapsed. Engineers agree that this office building can remain standing a long time.
Tumblr media
Changing Horses
Statues of two presidents with tragically abbreviated terms grace Piatt Park, located along a stretch of Eighth Street known as Garfield Place. The statue of assassinated James Garfield looks down on Vine Street today, but that was not always the case. Originally, the equestrian statue of William Henry Harrison trotted eastward at Vine Street, while Garfield overlooked Race Street. As the city spruced up for its Bicentennial in 1988, Garfield took Harrison’s spot on Vine street, and Harrison marched west to the Elm Street end of the park.
Freaks And Geeks
Human oddities such as Jo Jo the Dogfaced Boy, the Wild Man of Afghanistan, Big Winny the Fat Lady, a convention of tattooed men and women and “Plutano” and “Waino” from the forests of Borneo were among the huge draws at the Vine Street Dime Museum. Located at the southeast corner of Sixth and Vine, the Dime Museum was a curious combination of freak show, art gallery, zoo, vaudeville theater and natural history collection.
Not The Longest
Although Vine Street runs from the Ohio River all the way north to the city limits in Hartwell, it is not Cincinnati’s longest street. River Road, at 11.4 miles is the longest street in Cincinnati, followed by Reading Road at 8.1 miles. Vine Street places third at 7.6 miles, followed by Eastern Avenue at 7.2 miles. Although, if you Google “longest street in Cincinnati,” top results somehow claim it’s Vine.
Cradle Of Chili
The progenitors of the Queen City’s distinctive contribution to American regional cuisine, Cincinnati Chili, was first served by the Kiradjieff brothers, John and Tom, at their delicatessen, 814 Vine Street, in 1922. The deli was eventually renamed Empress Chili after the burlesque theater next door.
Why Short Vine?
Today, Vine Street makes an inexplicable jog eastward just north of Calhoun Street. A few blocks farther north, Vine jumps back westward. The intervening stretch, serving as the Main Street of Corryville, is known as “Short Vine.” Until the mid-1960s, Short Vine was connected directly to Vine at both ends, with the thoroughfare angling eastward from Calhoun. The creation of the University Village Shopping Center lopped off a piece of Vine between Calhoun and Corry streets, taking Short Vine off the main drag.
A Haunted House?
Journalist and author Ambrose Bierce, an Ohio native, published in 1888 a short story titled “A Fruitless Assignment.” The story takes place in 1859 in Cincinnati and describes the supernatural experiences of a reporter for the Cincinnati Commercial, assigned to spend the night in a vacant house on Vine Street. No one has identified a house that may have inspired this tale, and it is assumed that Bierce constructed the tale entirely from his imagination.
Tumblr media
The Nasty Corner
Carew Tower occupies a plot of land that was once the most reviled spot in all of Cincinnati. One newspaper claimed pedestrians crossed the street “to avoid its stenches and unwashed loafers.” Owned by heirs of David K. Este, it was known as the “Nasty Corner.” Department store magnate Joseph T. Carew was so disgusted by looking at the squalor from his office window that he bought the corner and built his own skyscraper there.
The Riot Of 1855
Vine Street was the battleground on Election Day in April 1855 as supporters of the anti-immigration Know Nothing party attacked the growing German community in the neighborhood just starting to be known as Over-the-Rhine. A minor tussle between nativists and a German marching band escalated into armed aggression, including cannon fire. The major skirmish centered on barricades the Germans erected on Vine Street at Fourteenth Street. Fighting raged for three days. No accurate count of casualties was ever established.
Sound Familiar?
Folks from Philadelphia claim that Cincinnati stole their scrapple and called it goetta. They have a better claim to our street names. When Israel Ludlow platted the downtown area, Philadelphia was capital of the new country and our largest city, so he named Losantiville’s streets after Philadelphia’s system of “tree” streets crossed by numbered streets. William Penn laid out Philly’s Vine Street in 1682. You will also find Walnut and Race streets in the City of Brotherly Love.
Birth Of The Strip Tease
There is a fair amount of controversy about the origins of that classic burlesque entertainment known as the strip tease. More than one source points to Heuck’s Opera House at the corner of Thirteenth and Vine Streets in Cincinnati as the birthplace of this erotic spectacle, and the birthday sometime in November 1901. Brought to town by Manager James Fennessy to perform the pseudo-Oriental “cooch” dance at Heuck’s, Millie De Leon, known as “The Girl In Blue” discarded her elaborate costume at an after-hours show that shocked the city, but made her career.
Roebling’s Lament
John A. Roebling wanted his suspension bridge to create a grand thoroughfare from Vine Street across the Ohio River to Covington. A powerful lobby of ferry operators stymied his plan. Roebling lamented the lost opportunity until the day he died. “No avenue in any of the large capitals of Europe,” he lamented, “could now compare in beauty of grandeur with that long vista which would be presented by the line of Vine Street on the one side, continued in a straight course by Scott Street on the opposite shore."
Who’s That Old Lady?
When Grady Decamp authored his 1991 history of the Cincinnati Enquirer, he titled it “The Grand Old Lady of Vine Street.” That was a euphemism. Most of the other newspapermen in town (and many of the readers) referred to the graphic-poor, boringly laid-out Enquirer as “The Grey Lady of Vine Street.” Now located on Elm Street, the Enquirer boasted a Vine Street address from 1857 to 1992.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Julie Adams (born Betty May Adams; October 17, 1926 – February 3, 2019) was an American actress, billed as Julia Adams toward the beginning of her career, primarily known for her numerous television guest roles. She starred in a number of films in the 1950s, including Bend of the River (1952) opposite James Stewart and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). She was also known for her small screen role as Paula Denning on the 1980s soap opera Capitol and recurring role of Eve Simpson on Murder, She Wrote.
Julie Adams was born as Betty May Adams on October 17, 1926 in Waterloo, Iowa, the daughter of Arkansas-born parents Esther Gertrude (Beckett) and Ralph Adams, who was a cotton buyer. Her family moved a great deal; the longest she lived in one town was eight years in Blytheville, Arkansas. In 1946, at the age of 19, she was crowned "Miss Little Rock" and then moved to Hollywood, California to pursue her acting career. Adams worked as a part-time secretary and began her film career in B movie westerns.
She used her real name until 1949, when she began working for Universal-International, the same studio where she met future stars such as James Best, Piper Laurie, Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis. She then became "Julia" and eventually "Julie". In 1954, she explained the latter change, "The studio picked Julia, but I never have felt comfortable with it. I just like the name Julie better, and the studio has given me permission to make the change."
Her first movie role was a minor part in Red, Hot and Blue (1949), followed by a leading role in the Lippert western The Dalton Gang (1949). Adams was featured as the bathing beauty Kay Lawrence in the science-fiction film Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).
Adams co-starred in 1950s films opposite some of Hollywood's top leading men, including with James Stewart in 1952's Bend of the River, with Rock Hudson in The Lawless Breed (1953) and One Desire (1955), with Tyrone Power in The Mississippi Gambler (1953), with Glenn Ford in The Man from the Alamo (1953), with Charlton Heston in The Private War of Major Benson (1955), with Dan Duryea in Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (1957) and with Joel McCrea in The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959).
Adams co-starred with Rory Calhoun, known for his role in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953), in the film The Looters (1955), the story of a plane crash in the Rocky Mountains. Part of the picture was filmed about Tarryall Creek at what is now Eleven Mile State Park in Park County in central Colorado. The advertising poster reads: "Five desperate men ... and a girl who didn't care ... trapped on a mountain of gale-lashed rock!"
Adams also starred in 1957's Four Girls in Town, a romantic comedy about four young women competing for the leading role in a new movie, featuring an international cast. She appeared with Elvis Presley in the musical-comedy Tickle Me (1965). Adams thought highly of her co-star, noting: "Despite his status as a superstar singer and stage performer, Elvis took his acting very seriously. He was always prepared, and did a good job in the roles he was given. When he did his musical numbers in Tickle Me, sometimes walking from table to table in a nightclub set, he did them perfectly in one take."
On television, Adams appeared on The Andy Griffith Show portraying Mary Simpson, a county nurse and romantic interest of Sheriff Andy Taylor in a 1962 episode. She also made four guest appearances on Perry Mason, perhaps the most notable being the 1963 episode, "The Case of the Deadly Verdict," when she played Janice Barton, Mason's only convicted client during the show's nine-year run on CBS. In 1963, she starred in "The Case Of Lovers Leap.” In 1964, she played Janice Blake in "The Case of the Missing Button." In 1965, she played the role of defendant Pat Kean in "The Case of the Fatal Fortune." Adams appeared on The Rifleman as a dubious vixen and romantic interest of lead character Chuck Connors. She guest-starred in five episodes of 77 Sunset Strip, three ofAlfred Hitchcock Presents, and two ofMaverick.
More guest-star roles in popular television series followed, including One Step Beyond, McMillan & Wife, Police Woman, The Streets of San Francisco, The Incredible Hulk, Cannon, Quincy, M.E., and Cagney & Lacey. Adams co-starred with James Stewart in The Jimmy Stewart Show on NBC in 1971-1972. Stewart played a professor, and Adams played his wife. She was cast in the recurring role of real estate agent Eve Simpson for ten episodes of CBS's Murder, She Wrote.
Adams, along with her son, Mitchell, authored a book on her life and career, The Lucky Southern Star: Reflections From The Black Lagoon, which was published in 2011. A limited test print run of 100 copies with an interview DVD of the audio book version was completed. Her son served as producer.
Adams joined three other cast members from Creature from the Black Lagoon for a 50th anniversary celebration of the film at Creaturefest in November 2003. The festival was held at Wakulla Springs, just south of Tallahassee, Florida, where underwater scenes were filmed in 1953.
In August 2012, she was a guest of honor at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention held at the Shrine Auditorium. (She attended the same convention in May 2012.) She also appeared at the CineCon Classic Film Festival on August 31, 2012 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. She was a scheduled guest at The Hollywood Show in Chicago from September 7–9, 2012. An additional book signing was held at Century Books in Pasadena, California, on September 20, 2012. On October 13, 2012, she was back in Berwyn, Illinois for a book signing party.
In October 2012, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences selected Creature from the Black Lagoon as one of 13 classic horror films to screen to honor the 100th anniversary of Universal Pictures. The film was shown (in 3D format) on October 16 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California. After the screening, Adams appeared on stage for a Q&A session where she shared personal memories of her role in the film, as well as several other career projects on which she had worked.
Adams was married to screenwriter Leonard B. Stern from 1950/1951 to 1953. She was then married to actor-director Ray Danton from 1954 until their divorce in 1981. They had two sons: Steven Danton (b. 1956), an assistant director, and Mitchell Danton (b. 1962), an editor.
Adams died on February 3, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, aged 92. She is survived by her two sons. Her remains are buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Malvern, Arkansas.
In 1999, Adams received a Golden Boot award for her work in Westerns. She was inducted into the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame in 2000. At CineCon in 2011, Adams was honored with a Film Career Achievement Award. In 2012, she won the Rondo Award for the Monster Kid Hall of Fame at the annual Wonderfest in Louisville, Kentucky.
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What’s happening in the parks: the week of July 19, 2021
New Post has been published on https://aroundfortwayne.com/news/2021/07/19/whats-happening-in-the-parks-the-week-of-20210719/
What’s happening in the parks: the week of July 19, 2021
Tumblr media
The following Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation events and programs are happening the week of July 19, 2021.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ELECT and Construction at the Lake
Zoning is always a contentious issue, and in the late 1980s part of that contention centered around Bde Maka Ska (then Lake Calhoun). High rises were beginning to appear on the lake's north shore. In 1987, a new 24-story addition to the Calhoun Beach Club building was proposed. In response to the proposal, the Emergency Lakes Environmental Coalition Task Force (ELECT) was founded in September 1987.
ELECT opposed the new building and created a coalition of neighborhood groups, environmental organizations, and interested residents to fight the development. For three years, the group lobbied city hall and even joined in a lawsuit to prevent such a tall structure from being built on the lakeshore. Together with another citizen's group (Minneapolis Park LoverS, or MPLS), ELECT succeeded in limiting the height of the new Calhoun Beach Club apartments building. The structure (now part of the Beach Club Residences) was built at a shorter height, and the city's shoreline ordinance was amended to limit the height of other buildings.
Photo of the construction of the Calhoun Beach Club addition (C52781) from the City of Minneapolis Collection in the Hennepin County Library Digital Collections. ELECT flyer and brochure for the Calhoun Beach Club from the E.L.E.C.T. Records archival collection (M/A 0388).
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Hamptons Treat
Tumblr media
*not my image* Rita Calhoun x fem!reader Warnings: language, fluff
A continuation on THIS from the VDay bingo, but can be read as a standalone. Covers the “Memorial Day” square
Rita’s hand tickling across the bare skin of your thigh pulled your attention out of your phone as you glanced across the car to her.
“Thought we agreed no work this weekend.” She teased and you laughed, rolling your eyes as you dropped the device into the cup holder.
“I got sucked into a twitter thread. Sorry.”
“No need to apologize.” She gave you a soft smile before her eyes returned back to the road.
“You sure you don’t wanna swap out?” You offered, then smirked, “I didn’t even think you knew how to drive.” She scoffed, feigning offence as she glanced over to you,
“This is what I get for treating you to a weekend in the Hamptons?” You chuckled softly, pulling her hand up to your lips for a quick kiss.
“How many people are we sharing this house with?”
“Darling…” Rita laughed, “we’ve got the guest house all to ourselves. My parents are taking the main one, my cousin and her family have the one next door.”
“Guesthouse? Multiple Hamptons houses?” You let out a low whistle, “I knew you had money but I thought it was just from working defence.”
“Hate to break it to you, but it’s not all from the salary.” She chuckled, “but work hard enough you’ll make a name for yourself, you’re doing pretty well already.”
She wasn’t wrong. After playing low ball for the first few years after graduating you’d managed to land a spot at her firm and thanks to the quickly discovered friendship you’d managed to snag a few of her spillover clients. Four and a half years later and that friendship had morphed into more when your family was on your case about bringing someone home for Christmas. While it was supposed to be two friends playing pretend, the softness of the evening, followed by a little prompting from some conveniently placed mistletoe led to a sexual exploration.
At first it remained as just that, neither of you delving further into it or ever sitting down to have a conversation about it, not that either of you were awkward or shying away from that, you simply returned to the city, returned to work and everything went back to normal. It was after a week of particularly gruelling trials for both of you sitting at the bar at Beekman that you muttered something about needing to get laid and she simply responded with “all you had to do was ask”. After a few more nights tangled in each other’s bedsheets you started to realize how much you cared about each other, a few months down the road and you were both completely happy and totally in love.
“Thank you for coming this weekend.” Her hand squeezed at your leg again.
“You came to a potentially disastrous Christmas with me pretending to be my date when you weren’t even my girlfriend, I can’t exactly leave ya hanging after that.”
“You better not.” She teased, “but I know meeting parents and family is a little more stressful when you’re actually with someone.”
“Your parents do know you date women, right?”
“Yes.” Rita laughed, her thumb stroking at your thigh, “there’ll be no slander, don’t worry.”
“Good.” You leant over, kissing her cheek softly with a smile before she turned off down a side road. It didn’t take much longer before she was pulling into a driveway, shifting the car into park. “Jesus Christ….you weren’t kidding.” You muttered, stepping out of the car.
The house was much larger than what you expected of a Hamptons house, and the bit of the guest house that was peeking around the corner looked larger than your parent’s house was. The yard was fenced off, but a large gate was open into the backyard beside it, you assumed it was the cousin’s house. The grass dipped over a low slope behind the guest house, opening down onto the beach, waves softly crashing against the sand. Rita passed you your bag, tossing her own over her shoulder before locking the car and linking her hand in yours. You cocked a brow as she moved toward the gate instead of the main house, half wondering if she was trying to sneak in unnoticed or something. She saw your look of confusion and chuckled.
“They’re probably already out in the yard, soaking up as much sun as they can.” You were about to reply as you stepped through the gate when a shout came from around the corner on the patio.
“Is that my favourite daughter I hear?”
Rita laughed, half rolling her eyes as she moved to hug her Mom
“Pretty sure I’m your only daughter.”
“Well you’re still my favourite.” She kissed her cheek chastely before Rita turned back to you, tugging your hand so you were beside her.
“Mom, this is y/n.”
“Mrs Calhoun, it’s so great to meet you.” You shook here extended hand and she ducked in for a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Likewise. And please, call me Lily.” She gave you a gentle smile before turning to Rita, “your Father’s just finishing up the sangria, and if you girls want in the pool I suggest you get changed now, once the kids are back from the pier carnival they’ll be hijacking the thing.” She basically rolled her eyes and Rita laughed, giving her a quick nod before she lead you into the guest house.
You quickly made yourselves at home, dropping bags in the bedroom, while neither of you were actually interested in the pool you still changed, eager to take advantage of the sun and the warmth for once. Before you even had the chance to struggle with the strings of your bikini top Rita was behind you, fingers deftly tying the strings into a bow before she left a soft kiss on your shoulder.
“No complaints so far?” She murmured, her lips trailing up your neck briefly before you turned in her arms, looping yours around her shoulders.
“Nope.” You kissed her quickly, “just confused as to why you need a pool when the ocean’s literally right there.” Rita laughed, kissing you again softly, her hand caressing your cheek as she shot you a look of adoration.
You tugged on a pair of shorts over your suit, grabbing a fuzzy cardigan in case you wanted it later while Rita wrapped a cover up around her, passing you a towel on the off chance you did end up in the pool. She linked her hand in yours once again while you returned to the yard where you were introduced to her father, who, much like her Mom, insisted you call him Robert, there was no need for anything over the top. You eagerly accepted the glass of rose sangria and settled into a lounger beside Rita as the twenty questions started, intermingled with regular small talk and catching up.
Once Rita’s cousin returned with the family, you somehow ended up roped into a game of beach volleyball in the yard. The kids were pretty spaced out in age, the oldest clearly a teenager while you guessed the youngest was around nine. She couldn’t help the way her eyes followed you across the yard, watching the way your muscles flexed as you served the ball over the court.
“She’s awfully young…” her mother cut in and Rita scoffed, rolling her eyes.
“Mother…she’s not that young.”
“I just worry that with you someone might be in it for the wrong reasons.”
Rita cast her a glare,
“She works at my firm, her salary’s nearly as high as mine.” She took a large sip of the sangria, “and she didn’t even know about the family money thing until today. Trust me, she’s here for all the right reasons.”
“Well good.” Lily sucked back some wine, “I can tell you love her, the last thing I’d want to see is you getting hurt again. You know I want to see you settle down, have you thought any more about having kids? She seems to be wonderful with them?” She gestured to the way you’d picked up one of the nephews to help hit the ball over the net and Rita laughed.
“I haven’t because that’s not happening. And Y/n agrees, being the fun aunt is where we want to be, you can stop holding onto any hope, it’s not going to happen. Sorry.” Lily let out a heavy sigh,
It was only a moment after that that the beach ball ended up in the pool, the kids and some of the cousins racing after it, canon balling into the water with shrieks. You laughed, but didn’t follow, retreating back to the patio. You dropped down onto the lounger Rita was on, sucking back a sip of sangria before quickly kissing her.
“Having fun?” She mused and you chuckled.
“Yeah…” you settled into the lounger beside her, not worried about the lack of space as her arm easily wrapped around you, her lips softly hitting the top of your head, “you sure you don’t want to join?” She outwardly laughed at that.
“Yes darling.”
With a gleam in your eye you shifted to kiss her cheek before you curled against her body, thankful for the warmth of the sun and the spring day. There was some sporadic small talk between the two of you and her parents, some of which you sat up for, nearly getting into a debate over some legal chatter before someone mentioned dinner. The bbq was set up quickly, and everyone helped moving things from the main house to the grill for food to be cooked before plating things up. The kids were the first to be fed, being reminded to not dive right back into the pool again.
Eventually they made their way back home to change into warmer clothes as the sun began to sink in the horizon. Rita urged you back to the guest house, suggesting you at least pull on warmer clothes as dusk encased everything. You couldn’t help but kiss her quickly before tugging on a pair of sweatpants and a flannel.
The group of you made your way down to the beach, there was a small fire pit that someone was already setting up for you, the kids more than stoked on s’mores and roasted marshmallows. Rita hadn’t planned on participating but the instant you shot her half a pout she knew she couldn’t resist, carefully roasting the marshmallows for your s’mores so they weren’t burnt, and lovingly kissing the sticky bit of mess off the side of your lips. You easily settled between her legs in the sand, leaning against her body while she nuzzled against you. It wasn’t long before the fireworks started, there were multiple set ups from various places around the beach, the entire thing more then celebratory as the family cheered and yelped over the display.
You nuzzled into Rita’s arms a little deeper, watching the glow of the pyrotechnics, your fingers interlinking with hers, squeezing at her body as you did. Her lips hit your shoulder, a hum leaving her lips as she did so, understanding exactly what you were trying to communicate. When the light show ended, the fire was burnt down to the embers you shifted in the sand slightly, turning to face her.
“Rita?” You asked softly,
“Yes darling?”
“I love you.” You murmured, kissing her gently, “like…..I really, really fucking love you.” Your hand caressed at her cheek softly, “I didn’t realize this was going to turn into what it has but, all I want now is to be with you. You’re everything I could ever have asked for and more.”
“Oh sweetheart…” her hand cupped your softly, kissing you with extreme tenderness, “I know I may suck at expressing things properly, but I feel the absolute same.” She kissed the tip of your nose, “I want nothing more than to be with you for the rest of my life.”
“You mean it?”
“Would I have made you suffer through Memorial Day weekend with my family if I didn’t?” She teased and you laughed, trying to keep it quiet before you kissed her again.
“It would be the greatest honour of my life to spend the rest of it with you.”
“Good.” Rita kissed you again, “cause I don’t plan on letting you go anywhere.”
You couldn’t hold back the snort, but you ducked into her again, your lips meeting in a soft yet heated kiss, the new admission of love and forever taking both of you past where you previously stood. Now, you knew you wanted to spend forever together, but more importantly, that the other person wanted to spend their time with you, which was far more important
But Rita, she wanted absolutely nothing unless it involved you in her future, and she was never going to let that float out of her grasp.
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Aransas Wildlife Refuge – Winter Home of the Whooping Crane
New Post has been published on https://walrusvideo.com/aransas-wildlife-refuge-winter-home-of-the-whooping-crane/
Aransas Wildlife Refuge – Winter Home of the Whooping Crane
Aransas Wildlife Refuge is famous for being the winter home of the Whooping Crane. Aransas County, Texas is one of the hottest birding spots in the country. In fact, USA Today readers recently choice named Aransas National Wildlife Refuge as the number one birding spot in the nation. There you can see 400 different species of birds. Aransas County has long been on the great texas coastal birding trail because of its position on the central flyway path for migratory birds.
On This Page
ANWR What it is, and Where
National Wildlife Refuge System
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
Best trails in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas
Aransas Wildlife Refuge Check List
How often do you visit the ANW Refuge?
ANW Refuge Austwell
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Whooping Crane Survey
Aransas Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
Texas is home to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). This refuge is known for helping to save the whooping crane from extinction. In 1941 there were only 15 whooping cranes left, this refuge was established previously to help to breed them and took the responsibility to save the whooping crane. The refuge offers many activities for visitors. There are many different nature trails and observation places to enjoy the wildlife from.
Tourists flock to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge Austwell during the winter to catch a glimpse of the whooping cranes. This year was special as a nesting pair of bald eagles was also drawing bird lovers in. About halfway down the refuge’s one-way, 9-mile driving loop visitors stop or pull their cars over to watch the iconic birds nesting in the distance.
National Wildlife Refuge System
Aransas Wildlife Refuge, coastal habitat conservation area in Southern Texas, U.S., located about 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Corpus Christi. The refuge, parts of which are jointly administered by state and federal agencies, covers a total of 181 square miles (469 square km) on the Gulf of Mexico , including large tracts of land on Matagorda Island and on a broad peninsula between San Antonio Bay and St. Austwell.
The refuge was established in 1937 to serve as “a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife…” and “…for use as an inviolate sanctuary, or for any other management purpose, for migratory birds…” The wildlife conservation mission of the national wildlife refuge system and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ensures the refuge will continue to conserve, protect and enhance these lands for the benefit of wildlife and the American people.
In 1937 a large effort was needed to protect dwindling populations of migratory birds and other wildlife in the region. Set aside by the executive order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, this unique gulf coast landscape has remained largely natural. It has been able to continue its ongoing legacy of constant and dramatic transformation That’s a process that began when it was first formed roughly 120,000 years ago.
Aransas is considered the “crown jewel” of the national wildlife refuge system. It is the only summering ground for the endangered whooping crane and home to large colonies of birds including pelicans, cranes, herons and egrets. The refuge has a number of small walking trails and also has a scenic 10 mi (16 km) drive through its interior. Wild boar, alligators and armadillos can also be seen at the refuge.
Current weather conditions for Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Tx, are obtained from the closest government-operated station. That is a personal station contributing to the PWSweather. Com network which may have varying degrees of accuracy Or the forecast may be obtained from the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS).
The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is Aransas Wildlife which is approximately 8 miles away and has an elevation of 15 feet (2 feet higher than the refuge trail system).
This refuge is one of over 545 national wildlife refuges spanning the united states and managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The national wildlife refuge system is the only national system of lands dedicated to conserving our wildlife heritage for today and generations yet to come. The Aransas refuge is comprised of over 115,000 acres including the Blackjack Peninsula, Matagorda Island, Myrtle Foester Whitmire, Tatton and Lamar units.
This reserve is a large contiguous complex of wetland, terrestrial, and marine environments named for the two river systems that flow into it. Coastal prairie, oak motte, riparian freshwater, and salt marsh habitats, make up the reserve. The water portion consists of three large, open and shallow bays that support extensive tidal flats, seagrass beds, mangroves, and oyster reefs. The largest wetland habitat (24,400 acres) on the north side of the reserve is part of the refuge and is the winter home to the critically endangered whooping crane.
Just one of five hundred and more national wildlife refuges spanning the US, theses are a national system of lands. Lands that are dedicated to conserving US wildlife heritage not only today but for many generations into the future.
The wildlife refuge is partnering with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to offer hunters the convenience of applying for refuge hunt permits online. Hunters are now able to apply for the refuge’s white-tailed deer and feral hog hunting permits through the texas parks and wildlife department’s online public hunt draw system.
Slowly rebounding from near extinction, this bird’s survival depends on a healthy gulf.
In the classic fine photo of the refuge a whooping crane typically stretches skyward. It remains a vital refuge for at-risk birds. Resilient whooping cranes have been slowly rebounding from near extinction during the past century, but their survival still depends on a delicate coastal ecosystem.
The friends of  the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
The friends of Aransas National Wildlife was founded in October of 1997. They care about the refuge and want to help the US Fish and Wildlife Service with their mission of protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat. With 501 (c) (3) not for profit status, they have grown to approximately 100 members.
It is one of the most popular birding areas in Texas, famous as the best site in the world for the largest wild flock of the endangered whooping crane. In addition, a large number of other birds can be seen there. More than 392 species have been recorded in total, one of the longest bird lists from any of the USA’s network of wildlife refuges.
A park entrance fee is charged per day — $3 per person or $5 per vehicle. Note: various passes are available that permit free access to all national wildlife refuges. For more information, refer to the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service Refuge Passes Dept.
The texas coastal bend has long been a region that whooping cranes migrated to for the winter. This coastal bend includes the deep curved area located along the gulf. One of its largest cities includes Corpus Christi, and other areas include Laguna Madre, North Padre Island, and Mustang Island. In the last few years, a record number of cranes have touched down along the Texas coast.
A recent visitor to the refuge peered through a scope atop an observation deck. She had never seen a whooping crane, and a pair of them towered over other birds foraging on the flats in the distance. “This is a place worth saving,” she said. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced it would spend $26. 9 million making whole again a national wildlife refuge carved up by hurricane Harvey.
Aransas Wildlife Volunteers
I want to take a minute to recognize a few long-time volunteers at Aransas Wildlife Refuge that really do make a difference for our wildlife and wild places. First off, a long-time volunteer at Aransas was awarded as the 2017 Coastal Steward by the coastal bend bays foundation at the Annual Environmental Awards Banquet on 7 December. That guy put a great deal of “sweat equity” into Aransas over the years, from mowing, cutting and spraying invasive species to helping our maintenance staff with all sorts of projects.
Aransas national wildlife refuge is a 115,324-acre (466. 7km2) protected area situated on the southwest side of San Antonio bay along the gulf coast of the U.S. State of Texas. It is located in parts of Aransas, Refugio, and Calhoun counties. It is situated on the southwest side of San Antonio Bay, formed by the mouth of the Guadalupe River. It also includes nearly the entirety of Matagorda Island, a 38-mile barrier island.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the endangered whooping cranes. We offer the chance to witness these birds in their natural habitat! These are winter and springtime trips to the Aransas refuge. The lowest impact way to see these birds is from the water looking onto the refuge, and there is no better way to see them than in the comfort of the wharf cat and scat cat.
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge was originally known as Aransas Migratory Waterfowl Refuge It is located on the Blackjack Peninsula, eight miles southeast of Austwell and midway between Rockport and Port Lavaca, on the gulf coast. The refuge comprises 54,829 acres of scattered blackjack oak woodlands, fresh and saltwater marshes, ponds, and coastal grasslands on the mainland, as well as 56,668 acres on Matagorda island. Karankawa, Lipan, Tonkawa, and Comanche Indians once occupied the area.
Friends of the refuge recently gave out 500 shells they had painted, as well as roseate spoonbill postcards and Aransas NWR pencils, and information about the refuge. One member created a photo album that she had on display at the table, and that got a lot of interest.
The refuge will resume collecting fees to access the refuge beginning on Friday, March 5, 2021. Fees are used to support and enhance visitor facilities, infrastructure (trails and structures), and public programs. The contact station and restrooms will remain closed (portable restrooms are available). All visitors will need to register and pay the daily access fee (cash only) at the information kiosk/iron ranger.
There was plenty of outdoor fun to be had last autumn at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge in Austwell. Activities included archery and BB gun shooting, kids’ fishing, cast netting lessons, crafts, kayaking, junior wildland firefighter events, face painting, casting and fly fishing practice, wildlife games and more.
The bugle of the endangered whooping crane echoes across the far reaches of the marsh. Only at Aransas refuge do North America’s tallest birds find an enduring winter stronghold. Here, too, pelicans, herons, egrets, roseate spoonbills, ducks, and geese dine, in brackish waters and salt marshes teeming with fishes, blue crabs, and clams. Onshore, javelinas, bobcats and deer wander oak woodlands.
The Trails in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas
The refuge is open daily and features a driving trail, walking trails, observation tower, and picnic area. It’s a short drive from Port Aransas and the Aransas Wildlife Refuge is well worth it. You can get up close and personal with whooping cranes and alligators. The time we went there with our dog, they told us to leave the dog in the car because it will look like dinner to the alligators! Additional activities include hiking, birding, picnicking, and fishing. Six leisurely hiking trails totalling 4.
Aransas national wildlife refuge is a 114,657 acre (464 km2) protected area situated on the southwest side of San Antonio bay along the gulf coast of the U.S. State of Texas. It is located in parts of Aransas, Refugio, and Calhoun counties.
My husband and I have been to that refuge several times over the past 20 years. It is a huge refuge at 115,324 acres. We spent about 4 hours at the refuge on this visit. We found 7 alligators on the rail trail ( 0. 3 miles) and heron trail ( 1. 4 miles ). Part of the heron trail was closed due to a damaged footbridge. We had gone to the wildlife refuge in the spring for the first time to photograph the whooping cranes at the refuge. However, the morning of our trip was so foggy all of the photos were pretty disappointing. At that time we decided we had to go back in November and indeed we did return. We found out about Kevin Sim’s charter boats, Aransas Bay Birding Charters, and booked a trip on the jack flash.
Barn owls are still quite common in the refuge, and I took a wonderful photo of a fox squirrel standing on top knotted bark of a tree. Another great shot was of an alligator hiding in the brush. So for my money, Aransas County, Texas is indeed one of the hottest birding spots in the country.
Aransas refuge is displayed on the “Mesquite Bay” USGS quadrangle of their topo map. Anyone who is interested in visiting Aransas National Wildlife Refuge can print the free topographic map and other maps using the link above. The location, topography, and nearby roads and trails around the refuge (park) can be seen in the map layers.
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) offers a variety of draw hunts. I usually put my name in the hat for a couple of them every year, but I never had any luck getting drawn. That all changed this past December when I received an email from TPWD informing me that I had been drawn for a hunt in the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. The quarry was whitetail deer and feral pigs.
Wildlife Refuge Check List
You have a vacation wish list a mile long, but there’s one spot that needs to be checked off now. You’re not about to be the only person who hasn’t seen that national wildlife refuge, so it’s high time you see it your way. We found an absurdly cheap deal on a hotel near the refuge. What’s a vacation anyway if you can’t treat yourself?
For bird-watchers, the 115,000-acre ANWR is the premier site on the Texas coast, with more than 400 species having been documented here. Even people who don’t carry binoculars and ornithological checklists can get caught up in the bird-spotting frenzy. It peaks here every March and November but is still great throughout the year. None are more famous, more followed or more watched than the whooping-cranes – among the rarest creatures in North America.
Situated on the Texas Gulf Coast along San Antonio Bay, the 70,504 acres of the ANWR are host to an exotic array of wildlife, including alligators, javelina (collared peccary), snakes, bobcats and whooping cranes. A 16-mile one-way driving tour takes visitors through the refuge’s grassland, oak thicket, freshwater pond, and marshland habitats, providing excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.
How often do you visit the Aransas Wildlife Refuge?
Bird watching enthusiasts will want to take a short 45-minute drive to the refuge located on the San Antonio Bay near Austwell. This remarkable place is home each season to thousands of migratory birds including pelicans, herons, egrets, spoonbills, shorebirds, ducks, and geese.
The white prickly poppies are in full bloom in early May. Against a clear blue sky, the temperature is rising, but the spring flowers bring relief, at least in a visual sense. This was my first visit to this particular refuge, yet it feels familiar. In my experience, the refuges share a stillness that sets them apart from the world we come from.
All the information you need to know about ANWR Airport is available online. While vacationing in Rockport, Texas, we visited the ANWR and Mustang Island State Park. They were both about a 30-minute scenic drive from our spot at Bay View RV Park. We took many pictures, shot a few videos, and got sweaty in the hot and humid Southern Texas weather.
Aransas Rail Trail in the Wildlife Refuge Austwell
Aransas national wildlife refuge rail trail is a 1. 2 miles moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Austwell, Texas that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on a leash.
The youth conservation corps workers spent 8 weeks working in different areas of the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. The students spent one day working in the pollinator garden. They did an amazing job and accomplished more in one day than we ever imagined possible.
Refuge Whooping Crane Survey
The refuge begins posting updates once the birds begin arriving (around mid-October) and posts information frequently until the birds leave for their summer home in Canada (near the end of March). Once the birds have left their wintering grounds and the data has been fully analyzed, the refuge prepares the Aransas-wood buffalo whooping crane abundance survey, a full report on the season. This information will also be made available to the public.
The ANWR completed the annual whooping crane abundance survey 2021 in the last week of February and were able to fly three primary surveys and two secondary surveys. Areas surveyed stretch along the Texas coast from Matagorda to Port Aransas. The pilot with the USFWS migratory birds program, flew the survey crew in a wheeled Kodiak again this year. In addition to an overall estimate of the winter population size, the survey provides the ANWR with an estimate of how many juveniles were “recruited” into the population last summer.
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Tumblr media
Character Actor
Addison Whittaker Richards, Jr. (October 20, 1902 – March 22, 1964) Character actor of film and television. Richards appeared in more than three hundred films between 1933 and his death.
Richards was cast in many television series, including the syndicated 1950s crime drama, Sheriff of Cochise, starring John Bromfield. From 1955 to 1961, he appeared in six episodes in different roles on the NBC anthology series, The Loretta Young Show.
From 1957-1958, he appeared in the recurring role of  J.B. Barker in nine episodes of Jackie Cooper's NBC sitcom, The People's Choice. In 1958, he was cast as Warden Johnson in the episode "Dead Reckoning" on the ABC/Warner Brothers western series, Colt .45.
In 1957, in the first of three appearances on Dale Robertson's NBC western series, Tales of Wells Fargo, Richards played Governor Lew Wallace in the episode entitled, "Billy the Kid", with Robert Vaughn cast as the frontier outlaw Billy the Kid. Richards played the role of Evanson in the 1957 episode "Venus of Park Avenue" on the CBS crime drama, Richard Diamond, Private Detective, starring David Janssen.
In 1958 and 1959, Richards was cast as Doc Jay Calhoun in seven episodes, one uncredited, of the CBS western series, Trackdown, starring Robert Culp as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman, with Ellen Corby in a secondary role as newspaper publisher Henrietta Porter.
In 1959, Richards portrayed Mayor Thurston in the episode "Traildust" of CBS's western series, The Texan, starring Rory Calhoun. He was cast that same year as Martin Kingsley in two episodes of the NBC western series, Cimarron City. He appeared as Doc Gamble in three episodes of the radio series made briefly into a 1959 NBC sitcom, Fibber McGee and Molly. From 1960 to 1961, he appeared as Doc Landy in eight episodes of the NBC western series, the Deputy, with Henry Fonda and Allen Case.
Richards portrayed Mark Stacy in the 1960 episode "Dennis and the Bees" of the CBS sitcom, Dennis the Menace, starring Jay North. He guest starred as Judge Danby in the 1961 episode "The Best Policy" of another NBC western series, The Tall Man, starring Barry Sullivan and Clu Gulager. Also, in 1961, in the TV series Rawhide, he played Frank Miller in the episode "Incident of the Running Iron".
Richards was cast in two episodes of the ABC sitcom, The Real McCoys: as R.T. Overland in "Weekend in Los Angeles" (1960) and as Colonel Martin in "You Can't Beat the Army" (1961). In 1961, he appeared in different roles in two episodes of the CBS crime drama, Checkmate. He was  cast as an immigration officer in the 1962 episode "Mi's Citizenship" of the NBC family drama, National Velvet.
Richards appeared on the CBS sitcoms, Pete and Gladys and in 1963 as Dean Hollister in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, starring Dwayne Hickman. He was cast as Frank Newton on an episode of Petticoat Junction in October 1963. He was cast twice in 1964 on CBS's The Beverly Hillbillies, with Buddy Ebsen. His last television role was as Colonel Saunders in the 1964 episode "The Permanent Recruit" of ABC's No Time for Sergeants, loosely based on the Andy Griffith film of the same name. (Wikipedia)
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Tumblr media
An asterisk (*) denotes a family that someone has already shown interest in or created a character for. If you find yourself invested in any of the families, starred or otherwise, please feel free to send us a message here to discuss. Most of the families, save for the Montgomerys, have multiple slots available, so even if they are marked with an asterisk, there is still plenty of room. The Bradshaw and Buchanan families remain the largest/most focal, and will not be marked. 
The Bradshaw family have lived in Reckoning since the town’s founding in the early 1800s. Each generation has taken up the same line of work as the previous: ranchers and, eventually, rodeo. They have had their grips in Reckoning politics for ages, some of them serving on the town council, in law enforcement, in the courthouse and beyond. What they own the most of in the town, however, is land, and a pretty penny has gone into Bradshaw pockets from people looking to purchase parts of it for business and homes alike. This has given them the upper hand for decades, as they have refused to sell anything to a Buchanan (or anyone who sides with them) since the beginning of the feud in 1899. They tend to steer clear of the violence brought on by the Buchanan family as much as they can, but sometimes, it’s damn near impossible. 
The Montgomery* family is proudly aligned with the Bradshaw clan, the alliance formed when the youngest daughter of a Bradshaw line married the hired farmhand who had rolled into town from Montana. A small family of only two generations, they still hold quite a bit of power in Reckoning and Greene County given the patriarch holds the office of Sheriff and keeps his grip tight on the position. The Montgomerys are sly and smart about revenge and very picky about who they exact it on. A proud bunch who are loyal to the grave, one cannot mess with a Bradshaw and avoid catching the hands of the Sheriff. 
The Abernathys* have been sided with the Bradshaws by default ever since they married into the family in 1919. Mostly known for their amicable dispositions, their most notable mark on the town is Aunt Peachie’s, a small boutique run by Peachie Abernathy, selling a little bit of everything. They are fortunately so genial that they give even the meanest Buchanan pause whenever it comes to deliberate menacing and petty crimes. Famously, in 1948, a tractor crashed through the roof of Francine Abernathy’s house, and legend has it, she merely went on with her knitting. 
The Calhoun* family married into the Bradshaw alignment in 1938 and Roscoe Calhoun was the founding member of it. They are an intelligent bunch, typically holding political office outside of the first responder sector. Though the family never holds the office of Mayor – that’s too public for them – the City Administrator position has been typically held by a Calhoun to keep the Bradshaw family’s hold on power. After being more recently targeted during the feud, some of them can be seen in and out of the Sheriff’s office asking for special assistance.
The Hunnicutt* family were once framed for shooting Old Man Elder’s horse, though it was later proven that he’d shot the horse himself. Since then, they’ve gained a reputation for being loose cannons, known for their propensity towards bar fights and aggressively rolling down their truck windows just to flip an Elder off. In modern language, they’d be called a family of ‘trolls’, with shit-eating grins characteristic to their faces, like they always know what’s up – always a few steps ahead of the game. 
The Casarrubias* family are the latest installation of Bradshaw loyalists, hailing from Mexico. They found their place in Reckoning two generations ago. Like many other newcomers, they were made privy to the blood-feud that paints Reckoning’s sunsets and sunrises. They were desperate to remain indifferent, to keep their heads down and keep themselves out of the fray. A message Reckoning interpreted as: Loyal to no one. They remained steadfast in their indifference, determined to turn a blind eye until the unfortunate day they were caught in the crosshairs. They were picked off one by one because of a perceived familiarity with the Bradshaws, so their hatred of the Buchanan family has carved itself into every bone and every vein. They’ve ingratiated themselves to the community as a whole, most taking on roles as civil servants. Though, many can’t help but wonder if their positions are merely just another Bradshaw play for power.
The Buchanan family are unpredictable, wild and hotheaded. Each member of the family has been mad at a Bradshaw for as long as anyone can remember, for reasons as heavy as the land dispute, all the way to something as petty as a bad parking job at the dive bar, Juniper’s. Though they’ll swear up and down they were framed for the murder of Timothy Bradshaw in 1899, they know what’s on record – they just refuse to admit it. “Never admit to nothin’, because someone’ll hold it against ya,” is the Buchanan credo. They hold their ground and bare their teeth at their enemies, and those newcomers who refuse to choose their sides are bound to have a Buchanan-made molotov cocktail hurtled into their shrubs. 
The Jackson* family has been aligned with the Buchanan family as long as anybody can remember. The Jackson’s are all muscle and have been called the “Reckoning Mafia” on more than one occasion. They are at the beck and call of the Buchanan family for any physical solution to an issue. Since the death of Anthony Jackson and the lack of investigation by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, the Jackson’s have taken up more violent actions without the consent of the Buchanan’s.
The Musselwhites* began their lives in Reckoning modestly, the weight and muscle behind the waves of Buchanan wrath. They became the peace keepers, generations of law-keepers and police officers that stretch back as far as anyone can recall. The most esteemed of the clan hold quite a few positions of power within the city, ranging from judge to deputy. Steadfast in their loyalty, they prize the silent influence they hold over town.
Notorious for their cruelty, the Pickens* clan isn’t one to trifle with. Their reputation is paved in bloody lips and wrong-doings. “Not too far from the tree,” they say, but their tree is rotten. No good comes out of the Pickens family. Born in Reckoning and to her soil they’ll all return. They’ve no aspirations to grow beyond their station. They’ve been called Buchanans’s lap dogs – but only behind the local’s hands, for fear of discovering how black their temper is. Those who are employed can be found in taverns and bars. Some pad their pockets by hunting and fishing. But near all are petty criminals.
The Elder* family will likely never live down the embarrassment of their great grandfather Larry Elder attempting to frame a Hunnicutt for the murder he commited to his own horse. Simple peach farmers, they attempt to keep themselves out of the chaos for the most part, though they are often targets for crimes such as burglary and vandalism. The biggest shock of the past ten years was when one of the current patriarch’s young daughters was kidnapped by a passer-through, prompting the famously Bradshaw-aligned sheriff’s office to help locate her. The Elders now lowkey consider themselves in debt to the Montgomerys, though they will never utter this to a Buchanan, and they are too scared to switch sides. 
The Brackish* family holds onto their indifference with white-knuckles. They’ve managed to keep themselves out of the dueling families crosshairs, but  not out of the fray. They fall in and out of favor, forever swinging the pendulum from usurpers to allies with the Buchanans and Bradshaws. The Brackish family has always kept their eye set on pastures new, reaching far beyond Reckoning. Their wealth and illicit connections make them the unseen powder keg, primed to blow beneath the floorboards. They’ll never bend, nor take a knee. Their loyalty is to their own.
The McCoys* have been serving the town of Reckoning as mayor-or-something-like-it since the town’s inception. They are old money, having had stocks in oil for decades. The McCoy family avoided being forced to pick sides as they were already holding the position of mayor at the time of the first mruder, and have kept themselves there, occasionally sliding money into the hands of a Bradshaw or a Buchanan to keep their shit to their own side of the road. 
Medical family Nash* runs the only doctor’s office in town, which is a family-oriented clinic of mostly general practitioners, though they have a few specialists such as a gynecologist, pulmonologist and a cardiologist. They are unfortunately not equipped with the means to perform surgeries or deliver babies, however, so they refer many patients to the larger hospital in Clemency, which is a 30-minute drive away. The Nash family have kept their irons out of the fire since they moved from Greeneville to Reckoning in the early 1930s, having convinced the people of the town that a doctor should always remain neutral. 
What keeps the Redwines* from being dragged into the chaos is the very fact that they are the town undertakers, and have been forever. Superstitions seem to abound on the Buchanan side that messing with a mortician will dredge up bad luck, while the Bradshaws merely understand the need for neutrality in such a position. They have seen more oddly murdered cadavers than they care for, but the Redwine family is the only one that can testify in court without the fear of coming home to a dead raccoon on their porch. They make a potent, blackberry cobbler flavored moonshine they call Embalming Fluid, that everyone is afraid to drink.
The Lawtons* are old money, much like the McCoys, though their wealth comes from the tourism that Reckoning sees. They own both Norma’s Nook Bed & Breakfast and Motel Reckoning, along with a few of the shops in the quaint town square. The entire town knows that a Lawton party is the ritziest kind of party one could possibly be invited to, and while the guest list is usually limited to those who they know aren’t going to roll a keg in and cause a ruckus, somehow that still manages to happen each time. 
The Turquiz* family has been in Reckoning for quite a long time now, joining the small town from Venezuela. They tend to hold small but important jobs in town, ranging from mechanic to city council, and everything in between. A few members of the family have been known to assist in shady deals with the Brackish family to ensure protection from the on-going feud.
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