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Sesshomaru as a worried husband but it's canon 😭🤧✊ he’s there for her 😭
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Sesskag Week Day Six: ~Fireflies~
A Birthday not Meant to Be Word count: 1130, Goblin: the Lonely and Great God AU
A heart attack near seized his heart when Kagome’s foot slammed on the break again. He clutched the back of her chair, his claws digging into the upholstery. She shot him a sheepish glance before stepping on the gas again, her foot pressing down too much and sending them zooming forward before she braked again.
Sesshomaru tried to control the tone of his voice. “Woman, this Sesshomaru understands the essential need for driving.”
Her eyes flicked to him hesitantly.
“But perhaps it may be better,” he stated slowly, “if I finish the rest of the drive.”
“I can do it old man,” she insisted, tightening her grip on the steering wheel. “Promise I can.”
 “While this one believes you,” he eased, resting his free hand on her shoulder, “this Sesshomaru wishes to be home…on solid ground.”
Reluctantly the young woman obliged. With ever so slow caution, she inched the car over to the curb, the wheels bumping up onto the side walk. The goblin lifted his brow and stared at her sternly, and she laughed sheepishly. Shaking his head, he waited until she put the car in park before he got out of the vehicle and traded places with her. She strapped in to the passenger’s side and pouted. His gold eyes narrowed, never taking their focus off the road in front of him, but he chuckled in amusement.
“Worst birthday, Sessh,” she grouched, her arms crossed as she slumped in the seat.
“Now now, woman,” he mused, fingertips sparking with magic. “You forget that this one is the mighty goblin. No birthday of yours shall be worse.”
“You promised I could drive.”
“And you did.”
“Like ten feet!”
“Ten horrible feet, but none the less this Sesshomaru allowed you to drive his vehicle to which you have no insurance on.”
Huffing, Kagome slouched back into her chair and grumbled.
“For someone turning twenty human years, you are not acting very much like an adult,” he smirked, finally glancing over at her for a brief moment, his fangs flashing as his lips curled back in a laugh.
“You’re not treating me like one,” she insisted in a mumble. “An adult can drive the car.”
“Woman, this one, back five hundred years ago was renowned for being fearless, yes?” His voice was low and his gaze skeptical as he began to turn into his house’s driveway.
           “Yeah,” Kagome nodded as he parked the car next to his others, shutting the engine off as he turned the keys and pulled them from the ignition.
He opened the door.  “Nothing has terrified this Sesshomaru more than your driving.” Then he disappeared, stepping through the car door in a cloud of colored smoke.
“You can’t escape conflict like that Sessh! Sesshomaru!” the miko called after him, rushing out of the car and to the house. “Old man. Old maaan!”
Her fingers quickly typed out the key code for the door, and she entered with a broad, sinister grin. “If you think you can escape me, mister, you’ve got another thing coming.” She could hear him laugh from one of the many rooms of his grand home. That meant Inuyasha wasn’t there. The goblin hardly let himself laugh out loud when the grim reaper was around. She rushed up the stairs, looking around for him. With a playful growl, he pounced on her from behind, picking her up in his arms and carrying her down the hall. She squeaked in protest and squirmed to try and escape, but his grip held her in place.
“You cannot escape one such as myself,” he purred in her ear, opening a bedroom door, and stepping through.
His feet stepped into his field of buckwheat, he kicked the door shut behind him. Setting Kagome down, he gently rested his hands on her sides. The wooded park bench that took residence in his field of flowers was decorated with vines and other flowers. On the seat itself, was a bottle of sake and baked goods from the bakery he knew she enjoyed. For now, this would be just their celebration. He and Inuyasha planned to take her for a real meal later in the evening.
But this moment was just for them.
He rested his chin on the crown of her head, a pleased gasp fluttering from her lips.
“Would you like to greet your hostess?” he murmured.
She nodded. “Yes please.”
He led her through the dancing stalks, his eyes glowing just a moment to allow his power to surge through him. Each step she took released a cloud of fireflies from underneath her foot. She oohed in excitement, jumping at intervals to watch the glowing creatures slip into the sky like dancing stars. Gazing back at him, she beamed happily, heart swelling when he gave her a small wink a warm half-smirk.
He stopped her in front of the small stone shrine, several of the bio-luminescent creatures resting on the rock. They glittered prettily, as if decorating the burial place. Stepping forward, he patted the headstone.
“Rin is here,” he murmured.
Kagome gave him a more solemn glance before she bowed her head in respect. “She’s not buried in Quebec with the others?”
“She thought Kohaku had been killed here,” Sesshomaru whispered. “And the first time this one had died, was here as well. She wanted to be put to rest here. She said since both her husband and myself had been placed in this field, she wanted to turn its memory into something happy.”
“A place where a family could rest together,” the young woman finished for him, her hand on his arm in a comforting gesture. “You had a really sweet daughter, Sesshomaru.”
“This Sesshomaru did,” he agreed, resting his head on hers again. “She would be pleased to see you again. You were held fondly in her regards.”
“She was a sweet little kid when I knew her.”
“That she was.”
Stepping forward, careful not to dispel the sparkling fireflies, Kagome placed her hand on top of the goblin’s. His skin was warm beneath hers and she smiled softly. Kneeling close to the shrine, she began to speak.
“Hey Rin,” she whispered. “Don’t worry about Sesshomaru, okay? At first I had wondered if I got stuck on the wrong side of time, unable to go back to the past. But if I had stayed there, I would never had been able to find this silly old Goblin. So don’t worry. I’m happy here, and I’ll take care of him. That’s my job as the Goblin’s bride. I want him to be happy too.”
Sesshomaru raised his brow. She leaned forward and kissed the stone as a mother would kiss her child’s forehead.
“It’s my birthday wish. So don’t worry about your father, little one.”
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