santapau · 2 days
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Repost of a comic I made some time ago with a checklist about my cats, updated with actual pictures.
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yugiohdilf · 3 days
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yourlocalviking · 10 months
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Was nobody gonna tell me they had a storyboard of Dolores reenacting the velociraptor kitchen scene with Bruno and Mirabel?!
I mean look at this
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wilwheaton · 10 days
favorite goncharov character
Goncharov! Holy shit I haven't thought about Goncharov in YEARS!
I remember seeing it at the Vista theatre downtown in ... I want to say 1983? It was either 82 and I was 10, or 83 and I was 11. Now that I think about it, it must have been Spring of 83. I remember that Kimmy Mendini was my babysitter, and she drove my friend Ahmed and me all the way downtown to see Goncharov. She would have been at least 16, but I feel like she was a little older. I remember that she LOVED movies and just never stopped talking about European cinema.
Ha! I can still her her sort of roll "Cinema" out of her mouth. Movies were for the masses to watch, while sophisticated adults experienced Cinema. I'm just realizing now that she absolutely pronounced it with a capital C. She was like "you are so lucky to see a clean print of Goncharov!"
I had no idea what a clean print was, but I understood it was important and impressive.
She had read about this screening in the LA Weekly, which I didn't know at the time was TREMENDOUSLY subversive in our suburban part of Los Angeles County, and we were going to an old theatre in maybe not the greatest part of town, but Kimmy had been watching me since I was in second grade and was like my big sister. I knew we'd be safe with her.
That old theatre (which is now a fucking swap meet) was just so beautiful inside. 100 foot ceilings, box seats, gold paint and murals. It felt like a place you went to experience Cinema, but, like ... it had absolutely seen better days. I remember that I felt kind of bad for the place, a little embarrassed, like when I got a good grade and accidentally made eye contact with a friend who got a D.
Okay. This clearly hit a memory artery, and I appreciate you staying with me this far, when we finally get to the fireworks factory. We're walking up to the box office, and she tells Ahmed and me that we have to wait on the sidewalk, because *technically* it's rated R, and she's not our legal guardian, but what does this guy making two bucks an hour know about art anyway?
So we wait. She buys the tickets, and then we all walk in as casually as we can.
I remember how scared I was that we were going to get caught and they'd call the cops (that's how it worked in my anxiety-ridden brain), but literally nobody cared. The theatre wasn't even half full, and everyone there was a dude at least as old as my parents.
You know the story, so I don't have to recount all of it, but I can at this very moment remember how shocked I was when Bruno was shot. This was the first time, ever, I had felt an emotional connection to a character. I didn't cry when Bambi's mother was shot, I didn't cry when ET died, I didn't cry E V E R.
But when Bruno died? I didn't make a sound. I just silently wept. Tears just poured down my face and I wanted to roll back time, rewrite the movie, and get him out of that room.
I obviously understand now, all these years later why I connected to him and why his story meant and means so much to me, but at the time I had no idea. I just thought the actors were that good.
I can't believe that guy who played him died so young. I think he was like 40? I remember thinking that was old. Now I know different.
When the movie was over, Kimmy asked us how we liked it. Ahmed was obsessed with the photography (he grew up to be an illustrator), and I obviously had my Bruno Moment.
We got Thrifty ice cream on the way home and listened to Donna Summer in her Datsun.
I haven't thought about Goncharov or Cinema or Kimmy in FOREVER. Leave it to Tumblr to boost my nostalgia check to a natural 20.
tl;dr: Bruno. I know he's supposed to be that character we all hate, and there are so many valid reasons for that. But when I was 12 ... well, I was a different person.
Oh! And now that I know what a "clean print" is, having seen so many "dirty prints" in revival houses before they all turned into swap meets or churches (hey, two places where people sell you stuff and take your money!), I retroactively appreciate it in a way that would make Kimmy happy.
Thanks for the trip into the crumbling mall that is my childhood memories. I haven't been here in awhile and it was nice to visit.
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peppermint-joys · 11 months
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I said what I said.
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grand-theft-grotto · 11 months
Broke: Encanto isn't really set in a narrow time range but it must after the invention of telenovelas because Bruno references them
Woke: It's not recent at all and Bruno literally watches Telenovelas from the future.
Streams that shit like HBO Max. Frickin eyes glowing green and shit, in his room back there in the walls, meanwhile no one else knows what a TV is.
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briarquartz · 11 months
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Bruno + tweets (1/?)
Image descriptions under the cut
1. Bruno doing finger quotes, smiling and looking up. internetanja’s tweet reads “my whole vibes is that i am just kidding”
2. Bruno carrying a rat, smiling at it. strawberrybebbes’s tweet reads “yes i’m a dilf (disgusting insane little freak)
3. Jorge standing next to Mirabel, doing a thumbs up to a man on a ladder. jzux's tweet says (me, still acting really weird) sorry i acted so weird the other day
4. Bruno staring at Mirabel in front of him during their first meeting. another tweet from jzux reads "well well well, if it isn't the bridge i said i'd cross when i came to it
5. Close up of Bruno’s face, looking tired. coltondoe’s tweet says “”you look sad today” bro im sad everyday i just didn’t have the energy to hide it today
6. Bruno having a vision, pointing at something off-screen. acorny_belle's tweet reads "things may suck now. but at least it's not as bad as it will be soon"
7. Bruno is hiding among potted plants, behind a railing on Casita’s mezzanine. He is peeking over the railing and looking to the side. misterpostsman’s tweet reads “That one guy who’s meek as fuck but lowkey inheriting the earth”
8. Bruno standing in front of his sisters, hands spread, from the scene in the movie where he says “I’ll go fist. briantheruler’s tweet reads “how everyone doing. i’ll go first i’m doing bad”
9. Bruno in front of his door, holding a rat on his palm, gesturing to it with the other while looking at the viewer. IwriteOK’s tweet says “why yes i would like to adopt a tiny, semi-feral animal with a lifespan just a fraction of my own and then make its continued survival the lynchpin of my mental health”
10. Jorge with a bucket on his head, holding a knife spatula. a reddit post by 12jonboy12 reads "can i advertise my house as being "made with real cheese" if i mixed a tablespoon of parmesan into over the cement for the foundation? or does it have to be a certain percentage before i can say that"
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nodos-still-breathing · 11 months
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alspacedout · 10 months
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they probably need to talk
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inkedrings · 10 months
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Only one of them is widely feared for being a monstrous, horrifying harbinger of doom. Loving which one it is.
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ian-rumpel · 11 months
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d-june-y · 11 months
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why-hell-no-there · 11 months
Bruno making another soap opera with his rats: And they were roommates
Dolores listening to it at 3 am: Oh my god they were roommates
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Dolores: it was hard for Bruno with such a humbling gift and he was misunderstood because of his prophecies yk :(
Camilo: that man was TALL. AND HE HAD RATS. RATS. SCARY RAT MAN.
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krossan · 11 months
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