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high school/college bf ✩ svt bsk
Tumblr media
pairing — Boo Seungkwan x fem!reader
genre — headcanon, fluff
summary — Seungkwan as your high school / college boyfriend.
warning(s) — mentions of period, cramps, food
word count — 0.6k words
author’s note — inspired by the photos he took on Instagram (aka the ones I used hehe)
Tumblr media
I envision Seungkwan as THE best high school/college boyfriend in seventeen
this is not because he’s my bias haha …
no because he’s just so boyfriend material
anyway so he’s literally so IDOCMWOKC
when you guys walk down the hallways — whether it be to your lockers, cafeteria or classroom — he’ll always have an arm around you to let you down that he’s there and no one can hurt you
it’s also a way to assure him that you’re here, you’re safe, and your his
acts as the very protective and dominant one in the relationship when outside but actually wants you to be it
will always ask for a bite of your food when you’re eating in the café (or a sip of your drink)
obviously you don’t care sharing
and when you can’t finish your meal all by yourself, he’ll voluntarily eat your leftovers
will make sure you get sufficient rest when exam week is coming/during exam week
in other words, he’ll force you to cuddle and you end up falling asleep in his arms
you don’t regret it though
his cuddles are <3
he’ll always notice when you’re going to break down when doing homework
will always ask you if you want him to explain the question or take a break first
you’ll usually want to take a break first
but when you’re not that close from breaking down, you’ll get him to explain the question
and now … when you stain your pants/skirt/whatever you’re wearing (due to period)
essentially the only reason why he always has a jacket in his bag or locker
but when he doesn’t have his jacket for some reason, he’ll block the stain by walking behind you whenever you have to walk somewhere
of course he’ll try to get you knew bottoms as soon as possible
and when you’re having cramps, he knows exactly what you need:
a hug under the thousands of covers you two have <3
plus a hot water bag
that’s why you quite literally have never experienced those kinds of cramps that make you feel like you’re dying
because Seungkwan is all you need on a terrible day of period cramps
now, when you’re in class, he doesn’t display too much affection because he knows you don’t like it very much
he does hug you, hold your hand and kiss you, but your kisses are usually short and sweet — nothing too much
tbh that would my favourite part other than the cuddles
especially during the super boring lectures, you’ll fall asleep on his shoulder and he’ll wake you up only because he doesn’t want your neck to be sore later on
now the BEST PART
homecoming/prom/parties/Valentine’s Day/whatever similar events
no matter what, you. will. be. his. date.
there’s just something about the fact that you’re his date to and for all these events
to be very frank, it’s better than the usual dates you go on
because you and him can show off what a perfect significant other you have and what a perfect couple you are
plus the compliments he’ll shower you with !?!?!?!?!?
boy will have me falling for him all over again
I will literally MELT in his embrace during these events
the way he’ll hold you 🥺
he says it’s only because there are a lots of people and he’s scared he’ll lose you in the crowd or something
you can actually find your way back to him easily
so really, he’s only finding a reason to hold you
but who said you were complaining ???
to end it off, you two will become prom king and queen or the couple of the year or whatever other similar title
just because you’re too wholesome not to give the titles to
Tumblr media
taglist — @hyeunfae @piakae
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seventeen x screenshots of despair [1/?]
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crushing + first kiss — svt
Tumblr media
· so into you it’s almost sickening
· he’s so protective over you, always living up to the cliché kdrama lead standards, like tying your shoes, pulling you to the safer side of the sidewalk, scolding you for not taking breaks if you’re stressed
· he cares for you so much and he wants to make sure you’re safe and happy at all times!
· would wait until about your third or fourth date to kiss you, even though you were friends prior to him asking you out
· he’s more nervous than you would expect! my man is SWEATING
· as he’s pulling into your driveway, he takes a deep breath and tries not to lose his mind when he looks over at you and you’re already looking over at him
· puts the car in park and takes both your hands in his, intertwining your fingers and telling you how much fun he had with you
· big goofy smile on his face when you tell him you enjoyed yourself too and you can’t wait for next time
· a silence falls over you as he glances down to your lips and back up to your eyes, as if to ask for consent
· you barely finish nodding before he’s leaning over the centre console, cradling your face in his hands as he presses his lips to yours
· nearly sighs into your mouth when you grip his shirt in your hands, he’s so content in that moment
· walks you to your door and sees you off with a final peck on the lips, hoping you don’t hear the giggle he releases after you close it
· it was obvious to anyone that he has a massive crush on you simply from the way he didn’t tease you at all, not when you spilled drinks or food on yourself, not when you tripped, not when you misspoke
· his first priority was making sure you felt comfortable around him and the last thing he wanted was for you to feel upset or embarrassed because of him when these silly things happened to you
· all the other members were jealous, when will they ever have peace?
· from the moment he laid eyes on you the only thought running through his mind was his lips on yours
· he knows what he wants and is not afraid to go get it, so if you thought he was waiting past your first date you are so very wrong!
· plans the sweetest, most thoughtful day for you both, filled with your favourite foods, activities, and places
· you end the day with him walking you home, your hands laced together and swinging back and forth between you
· once you arrive at your door, you give him a hug and thank him for your date, smiling at the playful roll of his eyes when you mention it’s the best one you’ve ever been on
· you unwrap your arms from his shoulders, your breath catching in your throat when he doesn’t do the same with your waist
· he drags a hand up to your jaw, pressing his forehead against yours before leaning down and connecting your lips
· he can’t help but smile into it when you begin to kiss back, causing you both to break into a fit of giggles
· texts you after he leaves to let you know that there’s definitely more where that came from ;)
· shua would be such a sweetheart
· he’d make his little bracelets for you, always rushing to show you when he bought new beads or figured out how to add new charms
· he’d cook for you and deliver little pastries to you at work/school on special occasions, or even for small things like completing a project you were stressing yourself out over
· he loves telling you his good news, and you’re always the first person he thinks of when he has any to share!
· that’s when he begins to notice the dryness of his throat and the small tremble in his voice whenever he’s around you, how his palms seem to sweat when he holds your hand to slip his newest bracelet onto your wrist
· after consulting jeonghan he decides to tell you how he feels, preparing a small bouquet of flowers and your favourite snacks to surprise you with…. he believes in the power of hallmark clichés
· when you look up after you fish your keys out of your pocket and see him slowly pacing back and forth outside of your doorway and fiddling with the ribbon on the bouquet, you think your heart might burst
· you run over to him and envelope him in a hug, telling him about the awful day you had and how he made it so much better, like he always did
· he’s so overwhelmed with emotion that he just leans in and softly pecks your lips, pulling away to see your reaction
· his blush spreads to the tips of his ears when you lean back in to kiss him again
· he almost drops your presents as his hands fly to your waist, and he cant help the smile that tugs at his lips when you invite him into your home for dinner (and more kisses)
· jun would straight up let you know he likes you far before he even asks you out
· he’d be a little awkward but he’s not at all ashamed about how he feels about you, and he’d treat you like his s/o without you even telling him you liked him too
· when you agree to go on a date with him he’s so excited it’s adorable
· takes you to his favourite places, constantly looking over at you for a reaction because he wants you to like what he likes and vice versa
· always asks for your opinion on things before he plans your dates and remembers every single detail of every single thing you tell him, no matter how big or small
· “how do you feel about the beach. do you hate the ocean. be honest. because we don’t have to go if you hate the ocean.” “i know a really good japanese place, since you said you were craving it a few days ago! their shirley temple sucks though don’t get that.” “i bought you a scarf in the corner store since you said you were cold and i know i gave you my jacket already but i just wanted to make sure you were warm… it’s a really ugly yellow and doesn’t match your outfit but that’s all they had i’m sorry.”
· his favourite dates had to be your sleepovers
· you cook together, and he teaches you how to make his favourite chinese dish for dinner :,)
· you finish eating and sit at the kitchen island drinking some water with him on the other side, when you look up and notice him staring at you and ask why he’s looking at you like that
· he doesn’t answer and only smiles, walking around and inserting himself between your legs, and placing his hands on your shoulders
· he tells you how much you mean to him, and how thankful he is that you choose to spend your time with him, and how he genuinely can’t stop thinking about you, and how he wants to be your person like you’re his person
· you’re at a loss for words, not expecting him to be so open and vulnerable all of a sudden
· you share a glance and then you’re both leaning towards each other, meeting halfway in a soft, slow kiss
· he can’t help but hug you tightly afterwards, rocking you lightly side to side in the swivel chair you sat on
· your relationship is the embodiment of idiots to lovers
· anyone with eyes can see that you’re head over heels for each other, but for some reason neither of you can take a hint, always claiming that you’re besties and nothing more
· he invites you to the practice room to hang out for a bit, as he usually does when he has free time at work
· tries to teach you a little choreography he came up with a few days prior, which ends with you almost sprawled out on the floor, and him standing above you giggling at the difference between his stamina and yours
· as you sit up, he bends down to wipe some sweat off of your forehead with his sleeve, and it’s when he looks into your eyes that he notices the nearly inhumane speed of his heartbeat and it clicks.
· he can’t help but let out all his feelings at once, almost angry at himself for how much time he’s wasted pretending he wanted to be just friends
· as soon as you tell him you reciprocate his feelings, he wastes no time in kissing you as passionately as his lips would allow, hands running over your sides and body moving over yours, smiling slightly into the kiss as you ran your fingers through his hair
· needless to say, when the rest of the boys walk in and find you both blushing messes, they relentlessly tease you both, seungkwan and chan arguing in the corner over who “called it” first
· takes pride in his crush on you, not even the least bit ashamed around the boys
· however he is a little scared of the possibility that you could reject him, so he keeps it to himself around you
· but that does not stop him from inviting you to do anything and everything with him!
· his favourite thing is spending time with you, so he jumps at any opportunity to hang out with you, whether it’s relaxing together at either of your homes or accompanying him to work
· the only time you’ll catch him off guard is physical affection, he can’t help but grin and blush when you grab his hand when you drag him into a store, fix his hair after he gets it wet in the pool, or link arms with him as you walk together
· although he strives for something beyond your friendship, he is completely satisfied with what you have right now, if it means he doesn’t risk losing you after he tells you how he really feels
· you on the other hand can’t stand it any longer, and your feelings come spilling out to him during a late night card game on the living room floor
· he quickly abandons his hand to lean over the cards and gently kiss you, pulling away to tell you that he likes you too. so much.
· the game was left unfinished as you cuddled up against the couch and shared more kisses, telling each other in detail when you began to fall for each other
· can’t go a day without getting absolutely slandered by the rest of the boys over his crush on you
· they mean well, they just find it adorable how nervous he becomes around you
· writes all their love songs with you in mind, always dodging the question when he’s asked who he’s writing about (“i just… watch a lot of movies!” liar liar pants on fire!)
· shows very small changes in behaviour when you so much as look at him; the small smile that tugs at his lips when you laugh at his jokes, the light blush that dusts his cheeks when you sit near him, the awkward laugh he lets out when you compliment him
· and Only You are allowed in the studio while he’s working.
· he regrets that a little when you ask him to explain one of his songs to you, and accidentally tells you that you’re his inspiration
· he doesn’t even realize he’s basically telling you how he feels about you by talking about the song
· you then clue in, place both your hands on his shoulders and ask if you can kiss him
· his face goes completely red, but he nods nevertheless, and as soon as your lips touch his all his coherent thoughts fly out the window and he’s pulling you onto his lap in his desk chair.
· if this was what everybody meant by taking a break while he was in the studio, he could definitely get used to it.
· an absolute mess and probably the most obvious, but thinks he’s being completely inconspicuous
· he giggles constantly, trips over his words, stares at you when he thinks you can’t see him, and has formed a habit of pressing his hand to his chest to calm his heart down whenever you’re within 10 feet of him
· all he wants to be around you, he doesn’t even have the words to describe how infatuated he is with you
· and you and all the boys think it’s nothing short of adorable
· you don’t even give him a chance to apologize for his awkwardness before you’re confessing everything to him
· when you tell him you like him, he actually thinks he might’ve blacked out for a few seconds
· best day of his life [REAL]
· “you meant like… not as a friend right. just to be clear.” “seokmin.”
· you wrap your arms around his neck and attach your lips to his, and he’s immediately kissing you back
· it eventually becomes a clash of teeth because you both can’t stop smiling, but neither of you mind, seokmin only pulling you closer to him and deepening the kiss
· Down Bad. an utter mess. there’s no other words for it.
· squeals and kicks his feet whenever you post a picture, even though he can’t follow you or like it he is constantly stalking your account, rewatching your stories and zooming in on his favourite pictures
· speaking of photos, the amount of candids he has of you is borderline ridiculous
· probably has more pictures of you in his phone than he does of himself, even makes an album named after you with a bunch of heart emojis dedicated to his favourite ones
· the members don’t even have to ask who he’s talking to when he’s texting you, because they can tell from the giant grin spread across his face and the heart eyes he’s looking down at the screen with
· takes you on a big expensive date to confess his feelings to you, i’m talking your favourite fancy restaurant and pays for literally anything you want to eat, desserts included
· and by desserts included i mean he totally paid the chef extra to bring you a slice of cake with his confession note baked into it that you’re trying to tell them to take back because you didn’t order it
· gyu frantically convinces you to eat it, his hands clasped together under the table as you unwrap the paper and read the letter he wrote for you
· your eyes gloss over as you read the words on the paper, putting it down and pouting at him, immediately rushing over to his side of the booth to hug him and tell him how sweet he is
· he wastes no time in pressing his lips to yours, a quick kiss that sends him into a fit of giggles as you agree to be his s/o
· gives you a proper kiss in his car once you leave the restaurant ;)
· he doesn’t necessarily try to hide how he feels about you, but he’s just a little too nervous to directly say it out loud
· he’d compliment you constantly, remember little details like coffee orders and allergies, even share clothes with you, but he couldn’t muster up the courage to tell you he liked you
· so when jun completely outs him to you by accident one day, you want to see if he’s telling the truth, but you’re also too nervous to outright confess your feelings
· so during your weekly movie night, you settle for acting slightly clingier than normal, hoping he’d notice and make the first move
· you brush your hand against his when you reach for popcorn at the same time, snuggle into his side during the scary parts, even play with his hair while you focused on the screen
· it’s only when you giggle when you notice the deep blush that spread across his face that he realizes
· “you’re doing this on purpose!” “well.”
· he stares at you lovingly as you cover your mouth and burst into laughter, mentally scolding himself for not revealing his feelings to you sooner
· he can’t help but pry your hands away from your face and attach his lips to yours, intertwining your fingers as you kiss him back as best as you can, trying to contain your excitement
· you end up falling asleep tangled together on the couch, his hand stroking your hair and your head on his chest
· you almost thought you were in this alone, he’s incredible at hiding his feelings for you
· he treats you the exact same way he treats all his other friends
· you just didn’t look closely enough to see the light blush that adorned his features when he teased you, or notice the gentleness with which he touched you compared to his group members
· he almost gets away with it until the boys start deliberately making it obvious around you
· alternatively they’re sick and tired of waiting for him to make his move
· “seungkwan… you’re awfully red in the face!” “why don’t you be on their team? you clearly want to.” “did you bring that for them? why don’t you ever bring us snacks, huh?”
· he drags you away from them to apologize for them being so pushy, rambling about how he’ll tell them off if you want him to and how the last thing he wants is for you to be uncomfortable
· he’s reduced to silence when you ask him if there’s a reason behind their teasing, raising an eyebrow at him
· he panics and tries to explain how much he likes you and that he should’ve said something beforehand and saved himself the embarrassment
· he’s so surprised when you cup his cheeks and kiss him that he almost pulls away to gasp in shock
· he regains his composure and pulls you closer by the waist, lightly rubbing circles into your skin with his thumb through fabric of your clothes
· pulls you into a hug afterwards and buries his head into your neck so you don’t see him grinning and blushing profusely
· he wouldn’t say anything, but his feelings would be incredibly obvious to everybody else but you
· he would be head over heels for you from the moment you’d met, so you didn’t know anything but the shy and bubbly vernon you’re used to
· but when the other boys see their normally chill, quieter friend giggle like a schoolgirl around you, they immediately know what’s up
· they become your number one supporters, even taking pictures of you two together and sending them to the group chat to show vernon the way you looked at him to encourage him to confess to you
· when he decides to do it, he’d take you to see a movie, one of your usual hangout activities
· he enjoys explaining the characters and backstories when you don’t understand, and glancing over at you to gauge your reactions to his favourite scenes
· he didn’t expect to look over at you during the confession scene between the two main characters and see you already looking at him though.
· his breath would hitch, and he wonders if you can hear his heart pounding in his chest when you lean over the armrest and kiss his cheek to test the waters
· “i really like you.”
· that’s all he needed to hear before his hand was tilting your chin upwards so your lips could meet
· he was obsessed with the feeling of your lips on his, this becoming evident as he barely gave you time to breathe before he was tilting his head to kiss you again
· he forgot about the film for the rest of the night, staring at your intertwined hands with a small smile on his face
· you’re on his mind every second of every hour
· is constantly rambling to the other guys about you, to the point where they have to tell him to shut up before he even starts because they know it’s coming
· chan is often pretty confident, but is reduced to a blushing, stuttering mess around you, and is convinced someone like you would never like him back so he chooses to put distance between you two because he Hates embarrassing himself around you
· you can’t seem to figure out why he won’t talk to you, even in a group setting he’s very quiet when you speak, so you automatically assume he just doesn’t like you!
· so you approach him outside during the game night the boys were having, after he left to get some air (really he was trying to calm his heart rate from being so close to you)
· “chan… i don’t know what i did to make you hate me… you never talk to me and i don’t know what i’m doing wrong…”
· his heart SHATTERS
· because little do you know it’s the exact opposite!
· his words start spewing out immediately, assuring you that what he felt for you was the furthest thing from hate, and that he actually has a giant crush on you and just doesn’t know how to act around you
· so naturally you have to kiss him to stop his rambling!
· he swears his knees almost give out when your lips start to move against his
· almost tips his drink over with how quickly his hands abandon it in favour of cupping your face
· refuses to take his hands off of you for the rest of the night
Tumblr media
feel free to send requests + asks!
© cheolism 2022. do not copy, repost or translate.
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lee chan: professional shit stirrer
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Tumblr media
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min9yu_k: 🤍 pledis_boos: @saythename_17 ❤️🧡💛💚💙 min9yu_k: 🖤 HOSHI: 뿅 !!! 모두 수고 했어요!!! (Bbyong !!! Everyone, you’ve worked hard!!!) pledis_17: [17'S 도겸] 사랑하는 맴버들과 뽀뽀네컷😘 ([17′s Dokyeom] Kiss 4 cut with my beloved members😘) pledis_17: [17'S 승관] 이걸 원했나. ([17′s Seungkwan] Did you want this.) jeonghaniyoo_n: 취하는 과정🍻 (The process of getting drunk🍻)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
seungkwan wearing earrings is something that can be so personal
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them <3
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do it | boo seungkwan
Tumblr media
title: do it pairing: boo seungkwan x fem reader rating: explicit (18+) word count: 4.5k genres: friends to lovers, fluff, smut summary: when you and your crush best friend watch a scary movie together and can't sleep, you have to let him stay over... right? warnings: smut (kissing, dirty talk, oral, fingering, unprotected sex), pet names (baby, sweetie), same bed trope, seungkwan is a tiny bit mean, but he also loves kissing! a/n: this is my first svt fic and i look forward to writing more ;w; thanks for reading!
“Whose idea was this again?”
You jumped at the voice coming from the other side of the couch. Seungkwan had somehow ended up sitting right next to you (hogging the blanket, mind you) so you could hear the slight tremble in his unusually quiet voice. 
Your friend group was very aware of this as they had to deal with the aftermath of hearing half-assed movie reviews from the both of you. This week, Vernon had taken it upon himself to recommend watching Midsommar. “It’s not that scary,” he had said with a slight grin.
You and Seungkwan’s weekly movie nights were usually a great time. Both of you would take turns picking a film to watch. It was possible that you were both using these nights as an opportunity to get tipsy and inhale snacks.
Yeah, either that was a lie or you and Seungkwan were the biggest crybabies on Earth.
“Vernon’s idea,” you whispered back. You could hear the annoyed grumbling of your friend next to you and that made you giggle. 
“Are you laughing at me now?!” Seungkwan gasped and flicked your knee from under the blanket you were sharing. “Like you weren’t almost crying earlier when the movie had barely started.” He went back to pouting and staring at the screen.
You smiled in amusement again and glanced at his side profile. Now, it was just common sense that Seungkwan was attractive. It was most obvious to you on nights like this when you were stuck next to him, his face lit up by the television screen. He had gone blonde recently as well so he looked even more ethereal than usual. You were quick to push back those thoughts and refocus on the movie. 
It was about an hour later and Seungkwan was now clinging to your side in fear. He was so jittery and nervous throughout the whole movie that you almost felt bad - almost. It was hard to focus at the moment with him grabbing your arm and trying to hide behind you.
“Look, it’s over! No more torture!” You poked him in the cheek and he finally moved back a little when he realized how close he was to you.
“That was ridiculous. I don’t know how people willingly watch scary things…” Seungkwan said with a slight frown and you could tell that he was relieved it was over.
“I mean, it’s kind of funny that Vernon was able to prank us so easily,” you said with a shrug and were quickly met with a glare from your friend. 
“We have different definitions of funny.” You laughed out loud at that and Seungkwan smiled along with you. 
“By the way, you have to let me sleep here. I can’t leave in this condition,” he said while avoiding eye contact. He looked extremely bashful for someone who almost always ends up crashing at your place when you two hang out. It seemed as if he read your mind because he quickly straightened up. 
“Since when do you ask? I usually just end up finding you here passed out on the couch,” you replied, hoping this situation wouldn’t escalate for the sake of your own heart.
“Geez, so much for trying to be nice,” Seungkwan playfully rolled his eyes. “I mean that you have to let me sleep in your bed. Otherwise I’m gonna have nightmares…” he pouted toward you.
You let a beat of silence pass as you felt a million thoughts run through your brain. 
Why is he being shy? He’s just being annoying. 
Wait, but when was the last time we slept in the same bed? Maybe a year ago when you got too drunk together at one of Mingyu’s parties?
Luckily you were able to get yourself together when you realized: I’m the one with the unrequited crush here. Not him.
“Ugh, fine. But you’re sleeping on the side against the wall.”
“I think I still have a pair of your shorts, you can look through my closet and change into those!” you yelled from your bathroom as you were washing your face. This was, of course, after Seungkwan had invaded your bathroom and insisted on doing his skincare routine first. You really didn’t like how domestic it felt. Once you finished up you made your way to your bed and got under the covers, ready to get this night over with. 
“These were my favorite shorts, how did I not know you stole them from me?” Seungkwan exclaimed as he walked out of your closet in his shirt and (comfy) navy blue sweat shorts.
“Not my fault you left them here. And they’re comfortable as hell,” you say as you roll over to let him get on the bed. You feel him lift up the sheet and get under it, the mattress dipping slightly. 
“Oh, you sleep without pants on?” Seungkwan said quietly, obviously flustered but trying to sound normal. You snorted out a laugh and rolled over to face him.
“Duh. Did you forget it’s the middle of the summer?” It was pitch black in your room but you can feel him roll over and look at you.
“Most of us don’t sweat as much as you do,” he replies and you punch him in the arm.
“Shut up and go to sleep already, you baby,” you roll back over with a sigh, hoping to finally rest after having such a long day. Being in bed with Seungkwan was the last thing you needed right now. Luckily your exhaustion was overtaking how nervous you were.
After a minute or two of silence Seungkwan spoke up in an uncharacteristically soft voice. 
“Um, hey, are you awake?” 
You grumbled out an mhm and waited for him to reply.
“Can we cuddle? I feel like I won’t be able to fall asleep…” When you didn’t immediately answer, he followed up with “I’m still a bit freaked out. I know you cuddle with stuffed animals, just saying.” Of course he had to add that.
“Whatever. You be the big spoon.”
You tried to calm your heartbeat down as you felt Seungkwan carefully move next to you. For some reason his gentle movement beside you made your insides flush with warmth. It was as if he was scared to accidentally graze you the wrong way even though you’d been best friends for years. The silence in the room was so heavy as Seungkwan wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling himself into your space. He went to rest his head on your shoulder and you thought you were about to spontaneously combust.
“You’re so warm,” Seungkwan whispered right next to your ear. Yeah, you were definitely going to die before this night was over.
“Sorry, I can turn the fan on if you want,” you whispered back and hoped he wouldn’t notice how shaky your voice was. He just exhaled a laugh (that you could feel right on your cheek).
“Mm, no. You’re warm and soft. It feels comfortable. You smell so good too,” Seungkwan replied as he squeezed you a bit tighter and cuddled closer to you. At this point, you figured he knew exactly what he was doing. You’d never experienced this much tension in your life, especially with your friend. You finally gave into your urges and moved your hand down to rest it on top of Seungkwan’s. In turn, he pushed his face even farther into your neck - so much that you could feel his warm breath on your skin and it was driving you crazy. 
“Kwannie…” you accidentally said out loud and it was too late when you realized. This obviously had an effect on Seungkwan because you could hear and feel him take a deep breath. Nothing happened for a few seconds after and you slightly hoped that he would ignore it. The other part of you was becoming more desperate as time passed. Suddenly, you felt Seungkwan’s hand slowly move towards the edge of your shirt and pause.
“Is this okay?” he whispered directly into your ear in a voice you weren’t used to. You were used to outgoing and friendly Seungkwan with his sweet voice. This Seungkwan had a breathy and deep tone that caused a shiver to run through your body.
“Please,” you said louder than you meant to and you almost cringed at how embarrassed you were. How were you already begging when he just barely moved his hand down your body? And what exactly were you asking for?
Apparently Seungkwan didn’t feel the same way because his movements only seemed to grow more confident. He smoothly ran his hand under your shirt and across the warm skin of your stomach. You bit back a gasp and covered his hand with your own. Softly, Seungkwan rolled your body over so that you were laying on your back. He positioned himself above you and he was so close that you could slightly see him in the darkness. The tenderness of each action was making your heart ache even as you found yourself lying beneath him. Suddenly, his hand reached over to turn on your bedside lamp.
Once you were both slightly illuminated Seungkwan looked down at you and smiled.
“You look so beautiful, I wanna see you,” he said with a huge grin and it made you cover your face in embarrassment.
“You’re insane,” you said with a laugh and he grabbed your hands to move them away. 
“Don’t laugh at me, I’m serious!” he added with a pout. After the laughter dispersed, you finally took some initiative and pulled Seungkwan down into a peck on the lips. He hesitated for a moment out of shock but quickly grabbed your face and kissed you deeply. You felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest. Seungkwan was a very careful and passionate kisser, unlike what you expected. You opened your mouth a bit wider to deepen the kiss and let him slip his tongue in, letting out a tiny moan at the feeling. You were getting more and more turned on by the second. After a few minutes of making out, Seungkwan’s hands began roaming your body before he paused.
“Um, I’m not sure how to word this but… how far do you wanna go? I mean, it’s just that we’re friends and I like you and I don’t want to pressure you into-”
You took both of his hands into yours to make him stop rambling.
“Seungkwan, I want you. I’ve wanted this for so long,” you said, hoping that you could get your message across to him. He grinned and nodded, slightly embarrassed that you had to stop him from his nervous ranting. Seungkwan’s obvious jumpiness made your own heart calm down a bit, and he leaned down and pulled you into an even deeper kiss as he interlocked your fingers together. You squeezed his hands and let yourself melt easily beneath his touch. His tongue began to explore your mouth again, which caused you to arch up against Seungkwan’s body. Now it was his turn to let out a moan and grind his hips down against yours. 
“You’re driving me crazy,” he said with a heavy gasp as he pulled back from the kiss to breathe. You looked back up at him in a daze, and your body felt like it was on fire. You could feel how hard Seungkwan was from where he was positioned above you. Suddenly feeling a bit bolder, you wrapped your legs around his waist so you could feel him completely. This caused Seungkwan to groan and move his lips down to your neck. He began to push your oversized shirt up and you immediately took the hint to lift your arms so he could yank the shirt off of you and throw it off the bed. Seungkwan looked over your exposed body with a pleased look on his face, bending down to kiss your cheek and whisper in your ear.
“You’re so gorgeous, and all for me,” he said, his words laced with a tiny bit of possessiveness that you loved.
You swallowed heavily and replied quietly, “Now I want to see you.”
Seungkwan laughed and pulled his own shirt and shorts off, leaving him in his black underwear. You couldn’t help but stare at his body, totally sure that your expression looked like you wanted to eat him whole.
“Nothing you haven’t seen before,” he added with a wink that made you snort. You never understood how Seungkwan was so funny but still so sexy when he wanted to be. Your own friend was an enigma to you sometimes. He crawled back to his position over you and you ran your hands down his (very solid) chest.
“I know, but you’re still hot. And it seems like you’ve been working out,” you emphasized your words with a squeeze at his biceps. He exhaled another laugh and firmly slid his hands up and over your breasts, drawing a gasp out of you. 
“Don’t tease me,” he mumbled before capturing your mouth in a deep kiss as he began to massage your tits and run his thumbs over your hard nipples. You moaned loudly into his mouth and quickly resumed your earlier position with your legs around his waist, grinding up into his erection. Seungkwan kissed his way down your neck and to your breasts, taking one of your nipples into his mouth and sucking harshly on it while squeezing the other. You moaned his name out and twisted both of your hands into his soft blonde hair. He pulled back a bit and looked at you with dark eyes. 
“Your body is so sensitive, huh? Just like I imagined,” Your groan caught in your throat and your brain scrambled at his words. He went back to sucking on your breasts, leaving hickeys on your chest and taking his time kissing all over you. The feeling made you squirm even more. Seungkwan then moved down your stomach and made himself comfortable between your open legs. You lifted your head up a bit to look down at him and as you both made eye contact, he moved his thumb across your underwear in a rubbing motion. You moaned loudly in surprise.
“Do you realize how wet you are? Your cute little panties are all soaked…” Seungkwan said in a teasing voice and you threw your head back down to the pillow with a whine as he placed his tongue over the lacy material. He proceeded to then sloppily lick and suck over your panties, creating a wet mess that you could feel. 
“Kwannie, I want more…” you whined against the pillow and tried to buck your hips up. This obviously didn’t fly with Seungkwan, as he quickly gripped your hips and held them down against the mattress.
“Baby, you need to be patient,” he said, his voice raspy. “Yeah?”
You could feel your pussy twitch at both the pet name and the tone of his voice. The perverted side of your brain had always secretly loved seeing Seungkwan be bossy or mean. You were quickly brought back to reality when you felt a light slap on your inner thigh.
“Y-yes, I’ll be patient, ‘m sorry,” you replied in the loudest voice you could muster.
Seungkwan quirked his eyebrow up at your reaction. He looped his fingers in the waistband of your underwear and pulled it down your legs, your body shivering as he exposed your cunt. 
“So you like being told what to do?” he said, looking down at you again. He was quick to hold your thighs apart so that you couldn’t squeeze them together for relief. You were silent, your reply caught in your throat.
“Mmm, I should’ve known though. All those stories you’ve told me about your shitty hookups,” Seungkwan said with a chuckle. “I would always go home and think about how much better I could treat you than them,” he continued as he ran his index finger through your wetness. “How much better I could make you feel.” His finger slowly ran up and down your center, lightly ghosting over your clit. His confession made your heart clench in your chest. Had Seungkwan always felt like this?
“You’re already so much better…” you replied, moving your head to the side to finally make eye contact with the blonde above you. Seungkwan smiled warmly and moved down to peck you on the lips, adding another finger to rub your clit more strongly. 
“What do you want me to do, baby? You gotta tell me so I can make you feel good,” he whispered in your ear, kissing and nibbling on it. You moved both of your hands to run across the broad area of his back.
“I, um-” you hesitated. “I want you to eat me out, please.” You could hear Seungkwan’s breath hitch in his throat. He quickly kissed you on the cheek in reply and settled between your legs again. Somehow, he still looked angelic like this. His honey blonde hair was fluffy and his bangs were in his face - his cheeks lightly dusted with pink as well. The only new thing was how dark and sharp his eyes looked as he left open mouthed kisses all over your thighs.
“Just don’t move your hips, okay? Let me take care of you,” he added. You nodded dumbly in response, unable to take your eyes off him. Seungkwan started by rubbing circles on your clit with his thumb, his other hand curled around your thigh to keep you in place. He gently licked up your folds, causing you to throw your head back with a gasp. You truly were sensitive, especially after not hooking up with someone for so long. Your hands quickly found themselves grasping for Seungkwan’s hair. He continued, his tongue getting sloppier and more eager. 
“Taste so fucking good, still so wet for me,” he mumbled and the vulgarity of his words made you somehow blush even more. By now both of his hands were firmly holding your legs open for him to have full access to your pussy. You felt his fingers dig even harder into your skin as he licked, kissed and sucked all over your core. Seungkwan groaned as he moved to put his mouth around your clit and suckle on it.
“Oh fuck, Seungkwan,” you whined and gripped his hair even harder. He then inserted two of his fingers into you, making you gasp and clench around him. You were almost embarrassed at how close to the edge you already were. His fingers moved in and out of your wet cunt at a quick pace as Seungkwan continued to lick around your sensitive clit. Once you felt him starting to curl his fingers inside of you, you knew you were almost finished.
“I’m so close, please, Seungkwannie,” you weren’t sure what you were begging for exactly but he seemed to get the hint.
“Oh, my sweet baby,” Seungkwan said from between your wet thighs with a teasing lilt to his voice, his warm breath on your pussy. “You gonna cum already?” 
“Mhm, please make me cum,” you gasped, forcing yourself to keep your hips down like he said - otherwise you would’ve been grinding on Seungkwan’s tongue. He gave you a smirk and harshly moved his fingers in and out of you, sucking on your clit even harder. You could feel your walls fluttering around him, the tension in your body about to break. After a few more curls of Seungkwan’s fingers inside you, you came so hard that you saw stars when you squeezed your eyes shut. All you could hear were your own whines of Seungkwan’s name along with his slurping sounds as he helped you ride out your orgasm. After a minute or so he slowly pulled his digits out of you, leaving your chest heaving in search of air.
Your eyes opened to see his gorgeous face right above yours. You also felt Seungkwan’s fingers pressed lightly against your lips. Wordlessly, you opened your mouth to take his fingers in and taste yourself, moaning softly as you licked him. Seungkwan watched your actions with lidded eyes, pulling his fingers out after a few seconds. He took your face in his hands, kissing you more aggressively than ever, slipping his tongue in and exploring your mouth. You felt his hardness against your leg - he still hadn’t taken his underwear off? As if he read your mind, he pulled back from the kiss, still cradling your head in his hands.
“Do you want more?” he asked, and you would think he was being shy if you hadn’t already experienced his dirty mouth. I guess it’s my time to tease, you thought to yourself.
“Yes, Seungkwan, I need you inside me so badly… don’t you want to be inside me, baby?” you replied with a pout, punctuating your words with a rut against his erection. You could almost feel the shiver that ran down his spine and he moaned in response to your words. 
“You’re evil,” he said with a seriousness that made you giggle and pull his body down against your own.
“Please fuck me now, you know I’m on the pill,” you whispered in his ear. Seungkwan inhaled deeply, pulling back to discard his underwear. You could tell he was a little nervous about being fully naked in front of you, even with his goofy attitude from earlier. However, you quickly realized he had nothing to be shy about - of course a gorgeous man had a pretty cock to match. As he sat on his knees between your open legs, stroking himself, you could see how much precum he was leaking and it made your mouth water. 
“My eyes are up here, jeez,” Seungkwan laughed and it snapped your attention back to him. He positioned himself between your legs, rubbing the tip of his dick against your clit to get a reaction out of you - his cockiness obviously hadn’t subsided. The way he stared you down as you whined and tried to squeeze your legs together made your insides burn with arousal. 
“Do you want my cock, baby?” he teased as he continued to rub the outside of your pussy.
“Yes, I need you,” you whined and hoped that was enough. Seungkwan took the hint and entered you with one swift movement. Your gasp quickly turned into a moan, feeling your walls adjust and clench around him. He stilled for a moment, letting out a grunt of his own as he waited for your approval to keep moving. You moved your hips up against him, already wanting more. 
“M-more, more,” you moaned out as you tried to grind against Seungkwan for any stimulation you could get. He immediately grabbed your hips with both hands and gave you a hard thrust.
“Is my girl already that needy?” he said with a smirk, looking down at you. You could feel your face burning as you nodded quickly. Any brattiness or stubbornness you had easily melted when Seungkwan talked to you like that. He bent down to capture your mouth as he started moving in and out of you at a moderate pace. Pulling back from the kiss, he moaned loudly as he rested his head on your shoulder.
“Fuck, you feel so good for me,” Seungkwan whispered roughly, causing you to clench even harder around his cock. He heard your quiet whimpers and pulled back to look at you. With a devious grin he took both of your hands in his and held them down, changing his angle to fuck you harder and deeper.
“Ah, S-Seungkwan-” you were cut off by your own moan when he sped up. You were so overwhelmed by pleasure that you could feel your eyes starting to tear up.
“My baby likes to be held down and fucked like this, hmm?” Seungkwan grunted out, leaning down to rest his forehead against yours. He reached one hand down between your bodies to slowly rub circles on your clit and slowed down his thrusts. He was quite literally making you cry from pleasure but still looking at you with love and warmth.
“You’re amazing,” you gasped out after catching your breath. You thought you must look like a mess laying there with wet eyes, chest heaving up and down - but you didn’t really care. You were with Seungkwan. He paused for a quick second, looking into your eyes with an expression you couldn’t quite place. For a moment you were scared that you said too much. This feeling was quickly thwarted when Seungkwan pecked you on the lips and sighed.
“You know I’m yours, right?” he said with a smile, bringing his hand to your face to wipe your teary eyes. “I have been since we met.” This was the Seungkwan you knew so well. You mirrored his smile and nodded. He leaned down to peck you on the lips, pulling back to hook your legs over his shoulders.
“Now I’m gonna fuck you the way you deserve,” he said as he pushed deeper into you. “Gonna make you cum all over my cock.” This made you whimper loudly, pussy clenching around him for dear life. Seungkwan immediately started moving at an intense pace that had you grasping at his back to hold on. You tried to move your head to the side but felt his two hands grab your head.
“Look at me, sweetie,” he said with a grunt. You could tell he was close to the edge, and you were too.
“I’m so close, please touch me Seungkwan,” you whined out and felt his cock twitch inside you. His hand instantly moved back to stroke your clit, determined to make you finish for the second time. You wrapped your arms around Seungkwan’s neck and pulled him down into a deep kiss, swallowing each other's moans. After a few more quick movements of his hand, you came with a loud gasp against Seungkwan’s lips. You could feel his length throb even harder against your walls as he continued to fuck you through your orgasm. 
“Inside, c-cum inside me, Kwannie,” you began practically begging, trying to make yourself as coherent as possible. It was difficult when your vision was blurry with tears and your whole body was shaking. Seungkwan nodded against your neck, groaning out curses and praises as he finished inside of you. You let out a soft whine at the flood of warmth in your core. After a few minutes of heavy breathing and recuperating with Seungkwan laying on top of you, he rolled over to lay by your side.
“We should do that more often,” he said before pecking you on the cheek. You rolled your eyes and lightly smacked him on the arm as he giggled. Even though your teary eyes had mostly dried, Seungkwan wiped under your eyes and peppered your face with kisses.
“My cute little crybaby.”
“Hey, you were the one nearly pissing yourself over a scary movie earlier,” you retorted, trying to hold back your smile as he was kissing you. 
“Not true!” he chuckled. “Mm, come on, let’s take a shower and then sleep.” It was surprising how quickly your heart swelled at the thought. You knew that you were done for - you were going to be clinging to Seungkwan until the end of time. 
He found your hands and gently intertwined his fingers with yours, smiling down at you with warm eyes.
And you knew that he felt the same.
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