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no thoughts just this 😵‍💫
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ERIK KILLMONGER in BLACK PANTHER (2018) dir. Ryan Coogler
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Tenoch Huerta on why the idea that “hard work always reaps its rewards” isn’t true. Talent and hard work alone doesn’t guarantee entry into certain spaces (you’ll always be sidelined even when you’re included), but it will determine your longevity once you force your way in.
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Tumblr media
keeps an eye on you. whether it be physically or virtually, shuri always knows where you are. she keeps tabs on your whereabouts; this became a very important thing for her after the passing of her mother. she tries to not be overbearing, but she likes to know where you are in case something happens/emergencies. and, honestly, you don't really mind. you could even say that you like how protective she is—it makes you feel loved and looked after.
is physically verbal. now, i'm not sure this makes sense lmao BUT i think her body language is very readable, and that is what i mean by 'physically verbal.' like, if she wants something, it'll be pretty obvious; she'll either grow clingy or has a very specific expression on her face. going off of that, sometimes she'll look stare at you really fucking intensely. most of the time she doesn't mean to, it just happens (but i know y'all saw how she was staring at riri in wakanda forever!!). PLUS she enjoys the way you can't stand still when she gives you the look.
invites you as her plus one. no matter what it is, if shuri has to attend, chances are she's convinced you to go as well. in addition to liking your company, she's glad that she doesn't have to face whatever event she's going to alone. you keep her grounded and she likes that.
always has an arm around you. assuming that you're shorter than her (for the sake of this post shuri is 5'9 like her comic book counter part), shuri will take any chance that she gets to hold you against her. she's a big fan of the way your body feels pressed against hers. but she also loves when you take the initiative and, for example, back-hug her while she's working in the lab. honestly, she's just a big softy when it comes to physical contact, so you should definitely reciprocate her loving touches.
makes you gadgets. i like to think that one of her love languages is gift-giving, so with that being said, she would be more than happy to make you your own version of kimoyo jewelry and teach you how to properly use the beads. additionally, if you are involved in a more dangerous field of work, she'll see through that your weapons always function to the best of their abilities, with constant tuning and updates that follow.
shares her culture with you. this is probably one of her absolute favorite things. next to teaching you how to make wakandan food, she adores teaching you traditional dances—it's an excuse to have fun with you and let you see a deeper side of her. shuri cherishes the smaller moments where she has your absolute attention as she shows/teaches you something.
stretching after she's been idle for a long period of time. with the way she's constantly hunched over something in her lab, seeing her finally stand and stretch her stiff limbs is one of your favorite things. you love the sliver of toned abdomen that gets exposed and the hint of a hidden adam's apple that flashes in exposure as she rolls her neck.
geeking about science-y things. she is the absolute cutest when she gets all excited about her experiments and projects. sometimes she'll even let you help her and then she gets to guide your hands and do all that cliché couply shit in the lab. BUT the hugs she gives out of excitement are so nice. the minute she sees you after a successful trial her grin will grow probably ten times bigger (if that's even possible) and she'll hug you super tightly. you adore this side of her so so SO much.
Tumblr media
© luvsellie 2022 | do not repost, republish, steal, or translate !!
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Doing Shuri's Hair
Shuri x FEM reader
Tumblr media
•Shuri is definitely tender headed she flinches and kicks
°Loves when you cut her hair however
-"what design are you putting in the back?" She's all giddy trying to use the handheld mirror in her hand to sneak a peak you snatch it away and continue "probably a dick if you don't stay rooted"
•Loves the way braids look on her but hates sitting there for them
-"you're doing this purposely aren't y- ah Bast!" She'd constantly reach her hand up to grab your own mid braid.
°Enjoys wash days with you because you take the time to massage and detangle.
-"you look so good up there" she says while smiling up at you you roll your eyes "I hope you get shampoo in your eyes" you continue massage her hair
-"ah ah that hurts" even though you're gently combing through her curls as they're all soaped up she still flinches "it only hurts because you're moving be still" Shuri being herself she glances up "if I'm rooted enough will I get a reward?" You turn her head and continue combing.
•You would have to entrap her in your legs as if she was a child to keep her rooted to the floor because she's constantly flinching and bitching.
°She's the type of person to be completely feeling herself after getting her hair braided she's posing taking pictures.
-"you did your thing because I look good" you just flex your hands trying to get rid of the constant cramps caused by fighting her to get her to be still.
"Can I kiss the hairstylist?" She asks as she wraps her hands around your waist but you are not having it "do you see the hairstylist's hands? I'm covered in grease and hair oil I smell like a hair shop all I need is to plug up a curling iron to complete." Shuri laughs at you and kisses your forehead "yet you look so good doing it sthandwa I am so grateful to have you."
•Shuri would help you clean up after
°Massage your hands because she'd notice you repeatedly flexing them
-shuri kisses your hands and rubs her thumbs into them "my head hurts" she mumbles you laugh "oh your head hurts? You should feel the pain my hands are feeling right now"
•Would eventually learn on her own one day and come home happily to show you
A/n: not proud of this just needed to post something before cleaning up tonight.
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From Lupita Nyong'o on Instagram
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Feels so Good|Shuri x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You thought you could party without repercussions but sadly, you were mistaken.
Request: can you please write #128(bend over and [email protected] your legs) on the prompt list?
Word Count: 0.9k
Pairing: Shuri x black!reader
A/n: When I saw this request I was a bit hesitant to write it but I think it came out good. If you like this one, request some more prompts from the list.
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT, I MEAN IT'S PURE FILTH, cvm [email protected], dom!Shuri, drinking, light yelling and angst, [email protected], nicknames: princess, daddy; return of the vibranium [email protected], overstim, heavy explicit language, [email protected]!reader, d!rty talk, [email protected] out, I think that's it
It was like a scene out of Euphoria, you were swinging and grinding on your friends while some song was playing in the background. Shuri had invited you to a nightclub and you brought some of your friends and even bought out the bartender to make you free drinks all night. 
What Shuri hadn’t planned for was you dancing on every surface and everyone you knew; your friends hyping you up and dancing with/on you didn’t exactly help Shuri’s case. She was the type to get jealous easily but she’d never show it unless you crossed a line and that you did:
“Heyyy omg it would be so fun to get on a table and dance! C’mon Guys!!!” You shouted, tipsy.
“YESSSS OMG YES” Your friends shouted.
“Not so fast, princess.” Shuri said, grabbing your arm before you could go anywhere.
“Hey let go of me!” You said slightly slurring your words.
“Stop trying to do stupid shit or I’lll take you home and punish you.” Shuri said in your ear.
“What are you going to do?” You said with a smirk.
“Okay that’s it.” Shuri downed the rest of her drink, “lets go” 
Shuri grabbed your arm and ushered you out.
“Hey my friends are back in there.” You whined.
“Griot, call an uber big enough for Y/n’s friends.” Shuri spoke
“Yes, princess.” Griot responded, almost like clockwork
Once Shuri got into the car with you, she gave you a look that could kill you. You gulped and stayed silent for the rest of the ride. 
When you got back to the palace, Shuri cornered you.
“Y/n, what the fuck was that?” She said, angrily. “I mean I invite YOU to a nightclub, not your friends but I let that slide; I let you dance like a slut with your friends that I barely know and I fucking bought you drinks for the entire night and THIS is how you repay me?” Shuri said, leaning in and getting in your face.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know it bothered you so much.” You said, sobering up a bit.
“I’m sorry.” You said. You felt about 2 inches tall right now. You knew you guys had a height difference but now it feels so apparent.
“You’re gonna be sorry in the morning.” Shuri said.
“Wha-” You started.
 “Someone needs to put this pussy in its place. Bend over and spread your legs,” Shuri ordered.
“Yes ma’am.” You complied. You knew you were in no position to argue back.
Shuri smacked your ass.
“You’re walking a thin line Y/n you know that, right?” Shuri asked, kneading your ass.
You were a bit caught off guard.
“Um, yes.” You answered, a bit confused.
Shuri delivered another harsh smack to your ass. You felt your juices pooling but Shuri had discarded your panties when she bent you over.
“You know what to call me and don’t make me have to extend your punishment.” Shuri said
“Sorry, daddy.” You said.
“Good girl. See you’re not just a dumb slut.” Shuri said mockingly.
Even though you knew it wasn’t sincere, it still made you feel happy.
Shuri delivered one last smack before getting on her knees and licking a stripe up your folds. She circled her tongue around your clit before putting it inside your soaked hole.
“Ahhh Shuri, that feels so good.” You said, instantly realizing your mistake.
“That’s it,” She said.
Shuri got up and grabbed her new prototype of a strap. It was huge and looked like it wouldn’t fit. 
“Looks like someone needs a harsher form of punishment.” Shuri said.
“Please daddy, I’ll be good I promise” You pleaded.
“Shut the fuck up and bend over like I told you.” She instructed.
You did as you were told.
“You spoiled little fucking brat. Maybe this will teach you to have some respect.” She said, rubbing the cold metal against your folds and over your clit. You flinched but were quickly shut down by a harsh smack to your ass.
Shuri pushed the strap in and moaned. She programmed it so that it would make her feel the same sensation it was making you feel. You’ve never felt something so big inside of something so small. You moaned as Shuri pushed the strap in and out of you. You felt yourself gripping the strap everytime she pulled out of you.
“You’re so wet and tight, sthandwa.” Shuri said, eyes rolled back in her head and head thrown back.
You moaned and just as the pain seemed to go away, the pleasure came in tenfold. The toy started vibrating inside of you. 
“D-Daddy I’m gonna cum.” You moaned
“Mmmmm cum for daddy, princess.” Shuri said, barely above a whisper.
You came and Shuri followed suit. The waves of pleasure seemed to never stop washing over you. You felt something run down your leg:
“I programmed it so that my juices would come out in you. Shuri explained.
“Mmmmm it feels so good.” You said
You felt Shuri spin you around.
“That was really good.” You said, groggily.
“Yeah it was. I hope you're ready for round two.” Shuri smirked.
Your eyes widened at the comment.
“What?” You said.
“I told you you were getting punished.” Shuri whispered.
Shuri picked you up and whisked you away to the bedroom.
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Oops- (18+)
Shuri x f!reader, smut, overstimulation, squirting, kinda public sex (?), slight degradation kink, size kink
Taglist: @killmongerskeeper @peteparkersb1tch @haechvn @imshurisbabymama @shurisslut @fentibeauty @melodykisses
Tumblr media
Shuri shakily lifts the fork to her mouth before it clatters against the plate with a loud clang. Queen Ramonda looks at her with a disapproving frown from across the table, unsure why her daughter has been acting strange for the past 20 minutes.
If her highness looked under the table though, she would know. As you let two fingers thrust deeper inside your girlfriend, occasionally brushing against her clit, she catches her breath and you catch the tensing of her jaw. You spread your fingers apart inside her, letting the back of your nail move across her inside walls as she clenches around your fingers and cums with a slight gasp all over your fingers. Under the dining table, in a room filled with the most important people in the country, Shuri came. You take your fingers, praying it doesn't make any noise, and put them in your mouth never moving your eyes from her brown ones.
Her tongue touches the roof of her mouth and she leans over to whisper in your ear, "yeah, you've fucked yourself over today princess".
Shuri held your head in place as you ate her out and moved your tongue against her clit watching her back arch off the chair every time you did it. You took her fold between your teeth grazing the soft flesh and she tightened the grip on your hair; the moans getting louder and louder with each passing minute. You moved your tongue inside her while you held her thighs apart, feeling her pulse against you as her walls fluttered around your tongue and she came in your mouth and all over your face with a silent scream, her mouth forming a letter o as the wave of her orgasm crashes over her. Shuri lifts you from under your arms to sit on her lap and runs her fingers over your cheeks to bite down on your ear, "My turn".
You let out a soft moan as she captures your lips in a slow, passionate kiss. Too slow for this moment. Way too slow. You push her mouth off yours and push her lower, "please". Shuri lets out a soft laugh, "you're so needy baby", but she complies untying the sash around your waist to push the silky material off your shoulders and latch her mouth around your nipple moving her fingers around the other. She looks up at you with it in her mouth and smirks when she sees your tortured expression and wet eyes. She's doing this on purpose; taking her time reaching the place you needed her the most.
Your girlfriend moves her hand lower, slowly letting the tips skim over the pane of your stomach eliciting another whine of desperation from you. Shuri rubs circles on your stomach before finally moving lower and dragging a single finger over your soaking panties. She digs the tip in a fraction letting in flick your clit, smiling wider when she sees the tears streaming down your face, "please Shuri, please-".
Shuri drags the thin underwear over your thighs before laughing at the sticky mess pooling around your cunt; "filthy whore" is what she says when she puts the tip of her long fingers inside your throbbing pussy and lifts it up to her tongue, "mm, you taste so sweet. Like pudding".
The tears are pooling at your neck as you watch Shuri continue her assault. You grab her hand, "p-please. I'm sorry mommy, please". She looks at you and tilts her head, "why don't you show me how sorry you are princess?"
You nod frantically and reach over the headstand to put the black strap around her, the nine inches looking every bit as menacing as it will probably feel. You move your own hand lower to stretch yourself out but Shuri slaps your hand away, "no prep". Your brain does a mental cartwheel, how does she expect you to put it inside you? "Shuri."
"Come on princess, or are you not actually sorry?"
You shake your head, "no I am but it's huge..."
Shuri grabs your neck with her hand putting your faces mere inches apart, "put it in...or I will. Okay?" You signal a yes as you move on top of her, letting out a cry as you feel the tip stretch you out. Shuri makes no move to guide you so you slide lower, feeling the thick veins drag against your walls. It's nowhere near halfway in and it's already so painful; your knee slips against the silk of the bedsheets and the entire length is suddenly pushed into you without warning. You feel the knot in your stomach unwinding as you explode all over that ginormous length, painting Shuri's thighs with ✨glitter✨.
The shuddered gasps leaving your swollen lips turn into wrenching sobs and all she does is sit back and laugh at how pitiful you look on top of her. Tears mix with saliva around your lips as you try to adjust to 9 fucking inches inside you; Shuri kisses your cheek "oh, so now you want to cry? Too late baby".
With that, she lifts your thighs until you're halfway off her monster cock before dragging you down agonisingly slow so you can feel the tip as it kisses every inch of your insides. Stretching you out so so so good. Shuri's eyes rake lazily over your exposed body, before settling on the place where you're both connected, "you're so pretty when all you're doing is bouncing on my dick and crying. It's like this hole was made just for me."
Shuri grips your thighs so hard you know tomorrow you'll wake up with half-moons etched across your skin like patchwork and brings you towards her. She moves the back of her palm against your cheek while the other finger flicks your clit. You let out another shout as you feel the waves of pleasure rock over you like a tide; a thick ring of cum pooling around the base of her dick.
You collapse on her chest, your fingernails gripping at the skin on her shoulders drawing blood. "Please no more", you whine, "can't... It's too much mommy. Ahh".
Her muscled arms push you back so your head hits the other side of the mattress, "we're not done until I say we're done cupcake".
You head through the doors towards the hall, squinting in pain when you feel your pussy throb under the dress. Sitting down is even more painful than you thought and you sit on your hand to minimise the impact between you and the hard chair. Shuri brings you a cup of herbal tea at the table, brushing your fingers when you take the hot cup from her.
At the head of the table, Queen Ramonda shoots you a look of concern, worry clouding her features "is everything alright Y/N?" Shuri slips her hand around your waist, "she's fine mother, she just hurt her back".
"Doing what? Is she okay?"
"Don't worry mother, she's fine. She was just riding a little bit too hard yesterday". That last phrase is directed towards you with a smirk and a glint in her eye.
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🌊 squad
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Tumblr media
This scene was so beautiful 💔
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
only the most broken people can be great leaders
hi they made me lose my mind
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Eat Those Words.
Shuri Udaku x Black Fem Reader!!
Light Summary: Shuri pisses her wife off and that doesn’t go well for her.
“Don’t.” You said, feeling as her hands crept up on your waist, long fingers lacing through the loops of your belt. “Still upset, my love?” She piqued, her breath fanning your neck as she spoke. You continued to cut the apple into small slices, ignoring her light pecks on your shoulders, eyes peering up at you with each one she placed. “Baby, come on.” She dragged, seeing that you remained composed throughout her entire little stunt, never straying away from cutting the stupid apple on the cutting board. “I apologized, hun. I meant it, I didn’t know we had a date that night.” She said, warm hands rubbing your sides in circular motions. You would’ve gave into her, but you wanted to keep your resistance strong, you were undoubtedly upset with her for forgetting your date night yesterday especially considering the fact you had reminded her several times the previous day, but still your wife had let it slip her mind and proceeded to work in her lab all day that day.
“Mmh.” You muttered, watching her face slightly drop at your refusal to acknowledge her words. Still, she was going to be persistent in getting you to waver. “So you’re going to do me like that, eh? The silent treatment? It wont last long.” She said, a cocky smile across her face. You raised your eyebrows at your wife’s confidence, did she seriously think that underestimating your ability to hold a grudge was going to help her case? She couldn’t be more wrong, hell, her self assuredness only strengthened your desire to prove her incorrect. You unlatched from her grip on your waist, hearing a groan escape from her lips at the lack of closeness between you both. You went to your shared bedroom, crashing into your comfortable bed, throwing the bedding over your legs meanwhile grabbing your pink laptop, who was already logged into and placed on one of your favorite shows, not acknowledging her presence as she walked into the room, following after you like some lost puppy.
“It is a crime to ignore me, y’know? Being a princess and all.” She plopped her body in between your covered legs, still, a lousy smile laid across that charming face of hers one that absolutely made your blood boil, but also pulled at the strings on your heart. For a second, only one, she could see a smile smile, if you could call it that, appear upon your lips before it was replaced with a scowl, a pretty scowl, but still a scowl nonetheless. You continued to watch your show, which in all honesty, wasn’t that appealing to you, you just needed something to keep you from giving her exactly what she wants. “Mhm, well since you won’t give me your forgiveness and attention.” She said, adding a very unneeded dramatic pause, the look on her face told you all you needed to know, she had something up her sleeve. You didn’t think she saw the way you peered up at her, a warning set in your eyes but she did and somehow that egged her to continue.
You didn’t even know what she was going to say, but you knew whatever it was, she was going to test you. She looked at you with harmless eyes, like someone who could do no wrong, far from Shuri Udaku. “I’ll go find someone else to do it.” Before her feet could even touch the plush carpet to make a exit, she found herself being pulled, no, yanked backwards towards you. You didn’t know how she could blatantly disrespect you and expect to waltz out of your presence freely as if you were going to let her slide by. “That got your attention didn’t it?” She snickered, still running her mouth, digging her grave even more deeper. You were pissed, enraged even. Who did she think she was taking to? She may have been someone you loved but, you had no problem setting her in her place, especially when she needed it. You grabbed her face, nails damn near digging into her skin. “You happy now? The attention you’re about to get will not be anything that you want, but you don’t mind that don’t you? You want me to be upset with you, huh? To hurt you? To fuck you senseless?” You said, still holding her face, your grip getting stronger with every word you spoke.
Shuri had fought everything in her not to provoke you more, the way you looked was beyond attractive. She had you fully worked up, your composure all lost and yet you looked so damn fine bent up like this. “Say something. Isn’t this what you wanted, love?” You questioned, changing your position around, swiftly placing your body on top of hers, pressing her front against yours, coaxing a slight but noticeable groan from her. Shuri could feel her wetness invading her panties completely, being held captive not only under you but your intense stare. She loved this side of you, one that was barely showcased since you rarely ever got like this, unless she had really took you there.
She was aware that she stepped over the line, not only implying that she would cheat on her beloved, which she would never do, you were perfect in her eyes but also hinting that the random she would venture off with was better than you in appeasing her, which you both knew was a bold faced lie. “Yes.” Shuri breathed, teeth clenched together as she pushed her body upwards, satisfying herself from the little friction she was getting from that before you stopped her. Her desperation was very evident, but you found it unpleasing how she was using her body, pleasing herself on her own account as if you didn’t own every inch of her. She must’ve forgotten who was truly in control, but you were here for the very purpose of drilling that fact into her brain.
“Stop acting like that.” You warned, leaning your face down to kiss her neck, lightly sucking on the soft skin. You placed your knee right in between her legs, moving it against her core while you left your marks on her collarbone. The sounds of her moans echoed across your shared bedroom, the sinful sounds that left her lips were almost enough to send you over the edge right then and there, yet you continued marking her up, bruises of all colors coating her upper chest and neck. This was all yours, the woman all disoriented, sprawled out for your use and yours alone. “Your clothes, remove them.” You instructed, your eyes clouded with lustful hunger as you watched her remove every article of clothing she had on. You bit your bottom lip, watching her move in pure adoration.
Here you were, viewing her in one of her most vulnerable forms, one that never failed to leave you in awe, her body was truly a temple, one that left you speechless and breathless all at the same time, you loved every inch of her like this. She started to squirm under your prolonged gazing, how you examined her so carefully, adoration present in your features, yet she found herself nervous although you had saw her like this more times than either of you could count, any worries she had would soon be fully washed away when you looked at her in such ways. “What am I going to do with you? You are just so damn mesmerizing.” You spoke, your words sending small chills up her spine, she had never been basked in like you did to her, something she loved.
“The things you do to me, Shuri. You are so, so lucky I don’t get to have my way, because you would never leave this bed nor would a piece of clothing ever touch your skin again if it were up to me.” You said, connecting your mouth to hers, running a hand down her taunt stomach, fingers lightly grazing over her thighs purposefully missing where she ached for them most. She was getting impatient, wanting you in some form, to relieve her, rather it be by your fingers or your cunt pressed against hers but knowing you, her rushing you would only make you tread slower. “Please.” She begged, hoping her pleading with you would be enough for you to reward her with release. You just smiled crudely at her, your refusal making her groan. You weren’t going to be done with her so easily, you wanted her to suffer, to eat those words she had previously said to you and you could think of a million ways as to how.
“With pleasure takes time, Dove.” You said, trailing kisses between her inner thighs.
A/N: Thank you for those that read my stories, and I hope that my little smuts, fluffs, angst or whatever else there is to write about, brings you fulfillment. I will be writing a part two to this so soon, I hope you enjoyed it. 🫶🏾💗
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