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bruciemilf · a day ago
Doing a JL fancast cause WHY NOTTTT
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne// Batman
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent//Superman
Tumblr media
Emeraude Toubia as Diana Prince// Wonder Woman
Tumblr media
Pedro Pascal as Hal Jordan//Green Lantern
Tumblr media
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Oliver Queen//Green Arrow
Tumblr media
Michael B Jordan as Barry Allen// The Flash
Tumblr media
Adam Driver & Finn Wolfhard as Billy Batson//Shazam
Tumblr media
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0ellllllf · a day ago
Billy Batson (before joining the Justice League as Shazam), prepares to jump off a roof to then transform himself (as one does), but gets interrupted by some hero or villain (whoever that would be) right before he takes the leap.
He then gets lectured... But also maybe he gets a new friend?
Later, they meet again on the same roof.
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supercap2319 · 2 days ago
Iris: “I’m Barry’s lightning rod, Y/N.”
Y/N: *Smirks* “Yeah? Well, Barry, stuck his lighting rod in me last night. Over and over again.”
Iris: *Shocked* “What?!”
Tumblr media
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antrunner · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
What are they looking up at? Wrong answers only
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shanetem · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
When supervillain decides to rob a bank (or blow up a planet) while you're sleeping
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dailydccomics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dear Wally.... The Flash vol 2 #214-215
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jamesesnameses · a day ago
I've had an excellent idea of how they could bring back Wally West in Young justice. They should "Kill" current Kid Flash by having him fade out of existence like Wally did, but have a couple of yellow sparkles appear on his trail as he does. Bart's dead. Only for a few episodes though. After 3-6 episodes, the team with Bart's death...
On a clear night, he and Wally appear out of a lightning strike on the crater of Mount Justice. Wally is in a torn costume, as is Bart. They exchange some words, Wally is impatient to get back to Artemis and runs away. This time there's something different. Wally's speed mirage trail...is blue sparks.
Wally meets with Artemis, who is incredibly happy to see him. Not believing it at first, she tries to shoot him. He dodges out of the way, and we see blue sparks explode out of him as he does. The two spend some time together, and Artemis tells Wally he should go to the Watchtower; he goes. The watchtower says "Recognized, Kid Flash, B-02" and he sees that only Dick is there. Dick says "Hey Bart" and Wally replies "So Bart's me now? Way to move on, Dick." (in a tone that's clearly meant to not being saying Dick's name) Dick turns around and is incredulous at the sight of his best friend standing there like it was only yesterday they saw each other. He runs over, gives Wally a hug and asks him what he's doing there, how he's alive, "I thought you died" that sorta thing.(Time skip: 7 days)
Of course, being concerned for Wally's well ring, Dick placed him on probation from the team for a temporary time, and Wally is oddly okay with this. He now spends his time experimenting, trying to figure out what happened to him and why he's so much faster now. Dick asks him how he's feeling, he replies "I'm faster. So much faster. It's like I'm a living battery. There's this kind of....force that's giving me a huge boost in speed."
Wally's been spending time training, trying to learn more about himself because he feels different now. Not bad, but different.
(time skip: 2 days)
Wally's helping Barry and KF fight off an enemy, (could be anything) and Wally is almost 3x faster than Flash and Kid Flash combined. Lapping them, Wally's going faster than he ever has, and pushes himself so far that sparks start to fly off of him, and eventually...lightning. Episode ends. No climactic end to the villains fight. Just lightning.
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batfamfucker · a year ago
We don't appreciate the fact that Bruce Wayne is a Kardasian level celebrity enough. Everyone knows him. I want more one shots and crack fic moments where the League (Pre identity reveals) just openly talk about Bruce Wayne in front of Batman.
Just imagine them playing fuck, marry, kill with famous actors and such and throwing Bruce into the mix. And Batman just sits there, silently suffering as he listens to the reasons why Flash and Lantern would marry, fuck, or kill him. He prays they choose kill. They don't.
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jetslay · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DC Super-Heroes by Andrew Day.
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foeofcolor · 3 months ago
Metropolis, on average, is likely to have much higher than average rent than Gotham. Reporters, non tv ones esp., don’t get paid that much these days with the gradual decline of print media. Probably lower than average for someone aiming to keep a low profile.
My point is, that rent in metropolis sucks ass and Clark just starting at the daily planet and running off to be superman all the time, is just. having an awful fucking time, because to be superman he can’t have roommates. He probably ends up doing some part time jobs with odd hours to keep his secret.
And most people also don’t know that superman HAS a secret identity in the early days and think he just. full time lives at the north pole.
So when the jla starts, no one KNOWS he has secret identity and Clark isn’t particularly keen on exposing it so he just. keeps coming up with bullshit ass excuses why he is randomly offline sometimes.
FLASH : Hey supes, why weren’t you at the meeting yesterday-
GREEN LANTERN : Got a hot date?
CLARK : I was, uh. Preparing for my hibernation.
 AQUAMAN : Your fucking WHAT
FLASH : Alien species??
WONDER WOMAN, ASLO AWARE THAT HE’S LYING : Flash, Kal is also an alien, no matter how similar to humans he may look.
WONDER WOMAN : Kal, If there is anything we can do to assist-
CLARK : No, No, No it’s, it’s fine, it’s not a big deal-
BATMAN, AWARE OF HIS SECRET IDENTITY : It IS a big deal, superman. If one of our strongest is to be out of commission for an extended period of time-
CLARK : Oh, I won’t- We, we do it in shifts.
WONDER WOMAN : Is that so, Kal?
CLARK : Yeah, h. haha. 
Smash cut to a few years later-
Diana and Bruce never let him live this down btw.
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thwackk · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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stealingyourbones · 2 months ago
So what if the “No metas in Gotham” thing scared Danny Fenton away from Gotham City?
What if Danny gets a grant or scholarship at Central City University?
What if Danny gets an internship job as an assistant Forensic Scientist at the Central City Police Department?
Ok so hear me out:
The Rouges in Central City are much more chill and jokey than most superhero protected cities and have a good relationship with The Flash and would remind Danny of Amnity in that sense.
Danny’s entire obsession with protection and also a likely mentality of “Police and law enforcement have been horrible to me in the past so I will do everything I can to make sure what happens to me happens to no one else” would make him strive to be an honest protector of the people. He could be a cop and Barry Allen works with him because he knows that Danny isn’t corrupt. A reverse Batman and Jim Gordon if you will. He could also be a Forensic Scientist that recently joined CCPD and Barry Allen is assigned to be his mentor to show him the ropes. Either way The Flash grows to respect and care for this really strange kid who’s eyes sometimes look green as a trick of the light.
Danny using his powers to help solve murders, crimes, and ghostly shenanigans in Central City by talking to the local paranormal entities and recently deceased and pretending that he just is really really good at his job (well he is, but he has a bit of ghostly help.)
The Flash and Kid Flash notice this strange white haired meta zipping around and go to meet him and find out that he’s roughly Wally’s age. The speed force feels a bit strange around this kid, Like he’s been a part of multiple time altering changes. He doesn’t seem malicious though and the kid is really funny so Barry is going to let this ghostly meta do his own thing.
Phantom and The Flash start teaming up. Having an extra person in a battle is always nice. The Flash also notices that this Phantom kid is always DELIGHTED to fight Captain Cold. What The Flash expected to be a long battle that would end in almost frostbite and a long night with little to no sleep ended up being a five minute excursion. The Phantom reveling in the low temperatures and freezing Captain Cold’s cold gun and feet with a more crystalline and shinier type of ice. Instantly ending the battle.
Phantom fights Abra Kadabra and loudly complains to Abra while fighting how stupid Abra’s gimmick is and that it doesn’t look like real magic.
Phantom helps dismantle Weather Wizards plan to blot out the sun by simply turning the giant storm clouds that the Wizard summoned into snow.
The Flash is completely dumbfounded when the Reverse Flash shows up at his work, taunts Barry Allen, when Phantom comes out of nowhere, possesses The Reverse Flash, who then asks the location of the nearest containment facility that’ll house a speedster. Danny/Reverse Flash proceeds to run himself to the location, lock himself in, and exit Thawne’s body. The amount of awe Barry feels can’t even be put to words. Barry Allen’s arch nemesis. Defeated by a ghostly kid who has bi weekly hangouts with his nephew to binge watch D-list horror movies. What the fuck.
Danny has a great relationship with Barry. The two quickly bond over being quippy and aren’t annoyed when the other is consistently late to every possible meet up. Danny is incredibly dexterous and knows his way around the lab and Barry is happy to chat with someone who happily will talk back and ramble on about their life and has a genuine want to help others.
If Barry asks Batman on tips with how to take care of an overworked and constantly exhausted kid that’s between him and the Bat.
Barry mentally adopts this strange coworker and if he spotted the kid behind the CCPD building turning into Phantom? That’s none of his business and for Danny to reveal to him on his own time.
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Superman: Space Age #2 (2022)
written by Mark Russell art by Mike Allred & Laura Allred
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vinnybox · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Wally befriends an angel with concerning amount of explosives
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antrunner · 2 days ago
halbarry but furry
Tumblr media
Ok......... ok this is all you're getting because I'm not a furry artist. Props to people who can draw furries tho
Tumblr media
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batman-katflap · a month ago
Barry: "Must be hard dealing with meetings now that Bruce and Clark are a couple, huh J'onn?"
J'onn: "It's not so--"
*Clark's mind* I think I would still love Bruce, even if he were a worm. I'd just carry him around in my pocket... maybe get him an apple to live in. Would he prefer granny smith or honeycrisp? I should ask him... no, then he'd know I'm still thinking about it. Well, he shouldn't have asked me in the first place then! The real question is if I would still love him if he were a moth. I hate moths...
J'onn, grimacing: "Never mind."
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blorbofrommylazaruspit · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now this this is peak justice league
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