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joonies-delights · a month ago
Hi baby! How you're doing? Can I request something?
I'm between a one shot or a ot7 reaction, so I'm gonna let that up to you!
For the one shot something like Jimin going slow but hard on you, in a way to make you just.. completely out of your mind.
Or a ot7 reaction to overstimulating the hell out of you.
Thank you! ❤️
A/n: I'll go with the reaction one since no one had requested for one yet! And i like the idea of it!❤️
BTS Reaction to Overstimulating Reader!
Genre: Reaction
Pairing: Ot7 x Reader
Treats: Overstimulating, Oral (receiving), squirting, degrading, praising
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were a moaning mess. You whined and screamed loudly as you clawed and gripped onto the bedsheets that had your juices stained all over it.
"D-Daddy-AH! Please I can't take it a-anymore!" You begged for Namjoon to pull the vibrating dildo out of your pussy but he strongly refused.
"You've come four times so far. Cmon give me more of your cum. It'll be disappointing if you make me stop now." He scoffed as he continued to fuck the dildo in and out of you hole. "Please. Please. Please. I-Its too much!" You continued to beg. But Namjoon took no pitty. "You wanna be a dissapointment to Daddy? You don't want him to have some fun with you, huh? What a waste~~" He sighed.
"W-What? No D-Daddy I-" Before you could even respond to Namjoon, he took his lips and started sucking and swirling his tongue on your clit. "Ahhhhh fuckkk!~" You moaned and squealed.
"Come for me again you whiny bitch." He growled. Your legs started to shake for him, as you reached your high, and came all over the dildo for the fifth time.
Tumblr media
Jin had his tongue sucking on your wet cunt. Slurping up all of the juices that endlessly leaked from your pussy.
He knew you were sensitive after cumming all over his mouth twice but he couldn't get enough of the taste of your pussy.
"J-Jinnnn ahh it's too much!" You tried squeezing your thighs shut, and pushing his head away with your hand, but Jin would simply stop for a moment to spank your clit with his hand. "I'm not done yet! Stop complaining and cum for me again." He groaned before focusing on your clit.
You felt so sensitive. Your face was heating up, and you were fucked out. But Jin believed you didn't have enough yet.
He gave long licks from your pussy all the way to you clit. Before taking his index and middle fingers and easily sliding them into your wet cunt.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh Jin!~~" You moaned before you reached your high and came all over his fingers.
Jin took his fingers out of your pussy and licked your cum off of them. Before putting his lips on your cunt sucking up the remaining fluids. "Round 4?~" He smirked while looking at your fucked out face.
Tumblr media
"Fuck!Fuck! Fuck!" You moaned as you rode Yoongi's cock for him. "That's it, ride my dick like the slut you are." He moaned while he watched your breast bounce up and down.
"I-Its too much. S-So sensitive!" You whined as your movements got sluggish. You came three times on his dick so far, but Yoongi wanted more of of your juices flowing all over his dick. It made him feel good and he couldn't get enough of it no matter how many times you came for him. Plus he loved seeing how fucked out you looked from cumming all over his cock.
"Ride this dick bitch or I'll make you regret it." Yoongi said as his eyes burned holes through your body. "B-But Yoongi- AH!" You squealed as Yoongi took his hands and help you still by your waist, before thrusting his hips upwards, slamming his dick into your cunt. His cock abused your g-spot, and your eyes rolled back into your head. "Always fucking complaining. Why can't you shut up and ride this dick!" He growled.
"F-Fuck I-Im cummingggg." You moaned loudly as your back arched and you came all over his cock.
Tumblr media
Hoseok pulled on your hair as he fucked you from behind. Your hands tried to push him away, but he'd slap your ass signaling you to stop.
"Stop trying to run away bitch, I'm not done with you yet." He spanked you aas again. "Ho-Hoseok please its enough!" you begged. "Well not enough for me!" He snapped back.
Hoseok let go of your hair before bringing your back closer to his muscular toned chest. He kept his rhythm as he fucked your cunt in and out rapidly.
Hoseok then took one of his hands and wrapped it around your throat before taking his other and rubbing it on your clit.
You were a moaning mess and you could hardly hold yourself up on your knees as Hoseoks cock hit your g-spot mercilessly. "Come for me baby. You can give me more, I know you can. Don't hold back." He started kissing on your neck, as he rubbed your clit faster and fucked your pussy harder.
"Come all over this cock. Fucking wet it with your juices." His grip on your neck tightened. And just like that, he thrusted a few more times before you squirted all over his cock. Hoseok moaned from. The feeling of you coming on his dick and moved his hands from your throat and clit, to watch your exhausted body fall onto the bed.
Tumblr media
You felt the pressure of Jimin's body on you as he wrapped you in your arms. Your legs were wrapped around his lower abdomen allowing him to get his cock deeper in your soaking cunt.
"Oh fuck! You wanna come on this cock again? Hmm? Or are you too tired." Jimin's words purred in your ear. You did nothing hut moan and whine. "I-I can't. I-Its too much please!" You stuttered as his cock abused your sweet spot.
"Well that's too damn bad." He teased before moving his lips to your breast and sucked on them, as he groped the other one with his hand.
You tried pushing him away since you felt overwhelmed from the feeling. "Don't push me away darling I know how badly you wanna come." Jimin's words were right. You wanted to cum but it was too much.
Jimin loved seeing you struggle in his arms. He saw how heavy you were breathing and knew how sensitive you felt. He loved how he felt in so much conteol.
Jimin felt your pussy tighten and you clawed at his back. "I-Im cominggg fuckkk!" You squealed as you let your juices once again coat Jimins dick.
But Jimin didn't stop there. "Fuck that felt good. I want more!~" He giggled.
Tumblr media
"Mmmmm." Taehyung hummed as he was amused from the sight of your fluids smothering all over his fingers.
"T-Taehyung I feel like imma psss out if I c-cum again!" You whined, as you breathed heavily. Your clit was so sensitive, but Taehyung still played around with your pussy like it was nothing. You came 5 times for him, and it wasn't enough for him.
Anytime you tried to push his fingers away, he'd slap your hand, or your titties as payback.
"I don't care if you're tired. Cum again for me. Come till you pass out. That's when I'll know you're realy tired." He teased, as he quickened his pace with his fingers fucking your pussy.
Taehyung wanted to see you struggle. Which is why overstimulating you was pleasing to him. You whined and moaned from the sensitive yet blissful feeling. Taehyung then took his thumb to rub your clit in circles as his long slender fingers pumped inside of you, reaching all of the sweet places inside like it was nothing.
Your toes curled, and your back arched as he did the 'come here' motion with his fingers. "F-Fuck! Taehyung! AHHHH!" You moaned loudly for him, and just like that you easily came all over his fingers. Your eyes rolled back before they closed shut. And you were breathing heavily before passing out.
Taehyung took the fingers out of your pussy and started to suck on the sweet juices that came all over them.
"Well done baby~"
Tumblr media
"Don't move away from me!" Jungkook demanded as he held your thighs down with his arms, to keep your pussy sat on his face.
Jungkook was eating you out as if it were his last meal. You came seven times on his face, and you were practically trying to crawl away from him at this point. But Jungkook didn't want to stop, as he showed no remorse, and had zero plans on letting you escape.
"Fucking cunt tastes so damn good. I want more. Cum all over my face baby. I want every last drop out of this pussy." Jungkook growled as he swirled his tongue over your cunt and clit. Your legs were shaking. His tongue worked wonders on your pussy. It'd go inside your wet hole, and suck on your clit.
Jungkoon loved it when you sat your pussy on his face. Because he could easily hold you down whenever he wants with his muscular arms.
"Ahhhhh Jungkook!" You moaned loudly. "I'm cumminggg!!" You squealed before arching your back, and allowed your juices to cum all over Jungkooks mouth.
Jungkook then slapped you ass and continued to eat you out.
"More!" He demanded in a greedy way as he sucked up all of your juices from your cunt.
A/n: Mmmm that was too good💀
Tumblr media
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eristarot · 3 months ago
I wanted to ask that how will jk's fs feel about him coming to her out of the blue and talking to her like a desperate butterfly to get her number ,in their first meeting ?will she go like "is he ok", coz as per her personality she seems like a person who is not so sweet or soft to strangers or somehow cold and distant toward strangers , so will she give him her number in the first meeting or in the second meeting ? I know you talked about junkook's first impression of his fs but i just wanna know in detail about the whole situation , how he is gonna spot her , how he is gonna think about her after seeing her for the very first time , how will she be in the situation , will she be having fun with her friends or would she be just sitting in a corner? Please answer me , your readings are fantastic tbh
I've gotten this question/request from a lot of different people but I just want to say that I'm not guaranteed to know everything. Tbh JK's meeting in particular is always changing for me although some stuff stays the same. So just keep that in mind.
He will meet this person while he's traveling. During a new chapter in his career where he's still seeing the beginnings of his hard work coming into fruition. He might be here bc of work or a vacation but even if he's working he'll be very relaxed this day. This is not a packed schedule kind of day. He's chilling. He might hear something that draws his attention to a certain spot. Like music or some kind of event where he hears it first and feels drawn to this area.
It definitely feels like the later hours of the day. Likely dark if not sunset. That day will likely be very nice weather wise and at night the vibes are very festive in this spot. Some kind of event is happening. People are dressed up or maybe just his fs is depending on the event/day. Something about Jungkook noticing details of things he sees this day will be important. Almost like the universe giving him clues or hints to keep going a certain way.
It'll almost feel like pure luck that he finds them(maybe it's a big crowd) but it won't be. He'll be drawn to this. Something purple? Not sure if this will be shortly after he leaves a relationship with someone else or a crush that he'll quickly forget about after meeting his fs.
He might see them first and assess them from a distance. Just watching how they act. He'll be afraid to go right up to them. He's not someone who blatantly flirts with strangers.
He'll approach them very very carefully. He won't want to scare them off. They'll come off as very guarded and I can almost see them raising their eyebrows like this emoji 🤨. Which only makes Jungkook more nervous but he'll be determined.
Despite their confusion, I think the fs will be really nice towards him. I don't think this is someone who will just blow him off. They're likely polite to strangers making small talk but maybe they won't be giving Jungkook the response he wants.
Lol he'll want/expect? them to be all giggles and flirtatious jokes and mesmerized by him. He wants them to be charmed and flattered. Who knows maybe they will be but they won't show that to him. To them the fs will likely treat Jungkook as if he's any other guy from the street trying to flirt and that might wound his ego a bit.
He'll be trying his best. He won't stop trying. In fact, the not quite dismissal will likely spur him on. It's not that he's normally like this, it'll be like someone's taken over his mind. He feels it, deep in his soul, that this is the one he has to get to know. He HAS to see them again and know more about them. He has to know their name and what they like in their coffee and it's like he can't help it. He won't take no for an answer bc every fiber of his being will be on alert and he's been waiting too long to let the chance slip through his fingers.
He'll compliment them a lot. He might try to show off. Be cocky and arrogant. Boastful. Show off kind of. It won't earn him brownie points. In fact it might even cause his fs to snap at him. Like a "cut it out" kind of.
His fs will be taking into account how this is a new beginning. A new chapter in their life. It's almost like a kind of acceptance that things are about to change for them very quickly. A cliffhanger almost. Might feel frustrated though because they likely weren't planning on getting into any relationships when he comes along. A lot of focus on their work so when Jungkook shows up it's kind of like a "really? Now? 😐" but they were almost kind of expecting it.
I think when they meet his fs will be really emotionally mature and independent. So although they'll find him frustrating they'll also be quite curious. If Jungkook starts to act arrogant like I said, they'll likely try to leave but I think he'll convince them to stay.
I'm not sure how but he might convince them to hang out or meet up with him later or even somewhere else right then. He might drop the flirting and try to start over again as friends. This change might convince his fs to say yes and perhaps something tells the fs to agree to his offer. Friends sounds good. Little do they know Jungkook is secretly plotting his next move 😈 Lmaooo this is so funny to me. I'm not entirely convinced about this scenario but if it does happen that would be hilarious.
(I can almost imagine someone asking him later "uh do they know it's a date?")
Like I said though I'm not entirely sure about that. I'm also not convinced this is a "let me get your number" kind of deal. Their first initial meeting seems like it has too much energy. It's too intense and there's too many nerves and mistakes and even possible arguing. So I feel like they'd have to meet up at least one more time in a lot more calming environment where maybe he'll either pursue a friendship or immediately purse romantic relations(but this doesn't seem like the best way to do it. I think he'd have to think about approaching them in a way where they don't immediately push him away.)
To answer your initial questions: Again, something exciting will draw him to this area. Maybe there's a commotion of some kind or music and he's drawn to this where he sees them. He'll feel nervous. He'll feel like an idiot(maybe I should've worn something cooler when I went out today). Worried he won't be able to be good enough but his intuition will tug at him to go approach them. He'll kind of call himself stupid/think he's acting stupid but it's only because he doesn't know what to do.
His emotions will be all over the place. He's finally getting what he wanted but he's also going to be overwhelmed with both happiness and stress. Like things are going to change. Like he suddenly has to get his life together right at that very moment in order to even think about being with them. Very attracted to them(slightly horny 😵‍💫 if they had offered Jungkook a hook up he would've said yes way too eagerly but he'll be lucky to get them to even agree to see him again).
I'm not entirely sure the fs will be alone. I think they might initially be at this place waiting for a friend or two. Maybe they went to the bathroom or they couldn't make it or something because I do think they might be a bit lost or need help of some kind. Even if their friend(s) are there initially, I don't think they'll be around when Jungkook approaches the fs. I think it would make him too nervous if there were friends around to watch him embarrass himself.
That's all I got! I again can't promise this is accurate by any means. I feel like his meeting is always changing details here and there but who knows how it'll actually turn out. I made this long because I've been getting a lot of different requests about the same thing so I figured I'd knock them all out right here. Again, tarot is not meant for anything other than entertainment <3
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jjkeverlast · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
❋ a/n: just realized how many fics i read in april, so here are my reads! make sure to show a lot of love to these authors as all credit goes to them <3 have a good read!
❋ +18 mature content fics are marked with (M)
❋ many of my other reads are on my fic rec list!
Tumblr media
⌈ one shots ⌋
friends get married all the time by @hobipost [friends to lovers, fluff] 
enamored with him by @jungkookschin [brother's best friend!jin, fluff]
the stranger by @btssmutgalore (M) [strangers to lovers, inspired by can you keep a secret, angst, romance] 
office toy by @kookiecrumb (M) [ceo!jin, fluff in the end, office au]
⌈ series ⌋
show me yours and i'll show you mine by @ktheist (M) [best friend's brother!jin, ft. best friend!taehyung, university au, fwb au]
Tumblr media
⌈ one shots ⌋
bellow your mouth by @7deadlysinsfics (M) [fuckboy!namjoon, friends with benefits, angst]
Tumblr media
⌈ one shots ⌋
angel by @ggukberries (M) [idol!yoongi, boyfriend au]
Tumblr media
⌈ one shots ⌋
guide me by @sxtaep (M) [best friend!hoseok, best friends!au]
little sunshine by @kookiecrumb [husband!hoseok, established relationship au, fluff]
Tumblr media
⌈ one shots ⌋
track 5 by @kookiecrumb (M) [dance student!jimin, friends to lovers, soulmates au]
sexcapade by @hamsterclaw [non idol!au, neighbor!jimin, crack]
⌈ series ⌋
one last night by @lookingforluna (M) [husband!jimin, non-idol!au, past lovers, infidelity]
Tumblr media
⌈ one shots ⌋
i'll stop tomorrow by @dreamyjoons (M) [fwb!taehyung (?) , unrequited love au]
immersion by @btsqualityy (M) [idol!taehyung, exes au, angst, fluff]
Tumblr media
⌈ one shots ⌋
oh my god, they were (quarantined) roommates by @ot7always (M) [roommate!jk, college au]
give me attention by @namsjunies (M) [sub!jungkook, idol au]
the love bug by @jungkxook (M) [spiderman!jk, fluff]
have a nice day by @lookingforluna (M) [doctor!jk, established relationship, medical au]
between roommates by @kooktrash (M) [roommate!jk, ft. fuckboy!namjoon, fluff]
blush by @jhsbrat (M) [best friend!jk, fake dating au (tatbilb au), humor]
until then by @jeonqkooks [established relationship, mild angst, fluff, mentions of stress]
bodyguard by @sxtaep (M) [bodyguard!jk, unrequited love, bodyguard!au]
17 going on 27 by @hansolmates [photographer!jk, fluff, crack, future enemies to lovers, 13 going on 30 au]
paint me naked by @gimmethatagustd (M) [artist!jk, ft.taehyung, college au, fluff, angst]
lick her right by @bonny-kookoo (M) [coworkers to lovers, barkeeper!jk]
not my fault by @taegularities (M) [classmates to lovers, college au, fluff]
⌈ series ⌋
caught by @parkdatjimin [drabble series, roommate!jk, slow burn au]
incoming: elite chatboy by @kookingtae (M) [sex chat worker!jk, text au] 
fan identity by @tteokggukk [social media influencer!jk, social media au, enemies to lovers, crack, fluff, angst]
gym bunny by @bebejungkook (M) [muscle pig!jk, strangers to lovers, fluff, angst, college au, self hatred to self love au] 
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holdontokpop · 5 months ago
BTS reaction to the two of you hearing a sound in a house, but are completely alone
Anon said: Can u make a bts reaction to you two hearing a sound in a house but two of you are alone?
Jungkook: *gif*
Tumblr media
Jimin: *so fucking scared that he doesn't know what to do* *gif*
Tumblr media
Taehyung: "Did we.... Uh... Heard that right?" *gif*
Tumblr media
Rap Monster: *tries to confront that something and the noise comes up again* "Fuck this." *gif*
Tumblr media
J-Hope: *gif*
Tumblr media
Suga: *gif*
Tumblr media
Jin: "What the hell?" *surprised*
Tumblr media
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thebluesiren · 2 months ago
PAC탄소년단: When your bias gives advice
Tumblr media
@freemindedspirit x @seulboya
Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever collab PAC! Freemindedspirit and I were talking about how there seemed to be a lot of BTS fans interacting with our blogs. In hopes that we could provide some assistance to you all, we decided to have a collab pac. You can go over to their page for RAP LINE members, while you can continue to scroll down for the VOCAL LINE members. We hope that you all will enjoy the PAC, and please provide feedback if you can!
"My, my... what have we got here... kekekekeke >;3" - JIN
Tumblr media
Justice, The Chariot, Judgment. JEEZ! What are you all going through right now?! Or maybe it's just Jin pulling thorugh with big emotions, big words, and big expressions. Either way... you got 3 major arcana cards here for you. We'll start the reading now! "You know what, it's really unfair that you always seem to be the one getting the short end of the stick. Why do you need to be the one who is always understanding? It doesn't matter whether you're old or not- you shouldn't be obliged to always have to give things up and be the big person. It's okay to be mad if things aren't fair for you. It's also ok to ask someone or reach out to someone for help. Don't feel that you shouldn't be feeling that way, you're human. Just BE UGH. You know our song, right? Be ugh. You're allowed to be mad, to express your anger. Don't swallow emotions because that's not fair for you. Instead, take time to learn more about yourself and what you want. Sometimes, we're not allowed to have time to figure out our values, principles, and what we want. Once you figure out what you want, you'll be able to move forward. I know it must feel like you're stuck right now and nothing in life seems to be allowing you to move forward, but trust me- you've got this. Take time to make decisions and think. Have thinking time. Be confident in yourself and focus on what you want because you will be able to move forward. Look at me. I thought I would fail. It was really hard. But I was able to do it, so you can do it as well. Don't be discouraged. If you continue on, I promise that what you want and need will come towards you. There will come a day when you can decide on where you want to go and walk forward. There will come a day when past wrongs have resolved, and you're feeling content with where you are."
"Hello ARMY~ thank you so much for coming! I hope I can help, but please know that you should believe in yourself above all else!" - JIMIN
Tumblr media
Seven of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Judgment. "Hi ARMY~ nice to meet you here~ it's Jimin! I really miss you guys, and I hope that you all are doing well =v= So I don't know if I have the right to give advice, but I hope that those of you who do want advice will be able to receive at least a little of help through what I say or feel that there is someone there supporting you! Thank you for trusting me~ So um, I wanted to say that you know, competition is really hard. I understand it because I mean, that is what I face all the time, you know? It feels like I need to be the best and I need to be the most perfect when I'm really not, and it can get overwhelming. So I can't imagine how hard it would be for you, ARMY, when you are faced with overwhelming situations and you have to be better than everyone else for what you want. It's really hard, I know... I've been there and I'm here for you ARMY. During the times that constant competition and continued endless effort is overwhelming, burdening, and hard for you, I hope you remember that I am supporting you through it even if I'm not physically there :3! It's hard, but you're going to do well in the end, and what you want will come to you. You will get the results that you want- I just know it! Why? Because I believe in you ARMY~ you all are so strong and kind, and I'm sure you all would do so well even when you face hardships. Just continue working hard! If you don't know where to start or how to continue, maybe you can make a schedule for yourself to follow! Maybe you can think of different ways to respond to different situations. What's most important is that you find something that works for you, ARMY! I want ARMY to have a less burdensome and overwhelming time while walking forward. And before walking into something, I think ARMY should take time to look and see different things that ARMY can do before walking into one. That way, ARMY will be able to feel prepared and less stressed! Above all, I hope ARMY knows that ARMY has the power to make decisions above all. No matter how much life seems to be bringing you down, you should know that you have the power to change your reality no matter how impossible it seems! I really hope you remember that, ARMY. I know how amazing you are, so you should see that in yourself as well~ :) I wish you lots of luck going forward~!"
"ARMY, you're good. Very good person. Thank you, bye." - TAEHYUNG
Tumblr media
Seven of Cups, Ten of Wands, Seven of Swords, Ten of Pentacles. "Hi huhu. Long time no see ARMY. How are you? Anyway, I'll just talk, so I hope you'll listen to my advice. Some of you might be having some opportunities right now, but make sure you look carefully to see if this option is good for you and if that option is ACTUALLY good for you because not all of them are good for you. You know what I mean? Like this option might be like the jackpot for example but you might think this option is like a trash can but for that option, it's a trash can but you think it's a jackpot. You should try to look more deep into everything before you choose because regret is a really bad bad feeling. I also know that there some of you ARMY have a lot on your shoulders. I want to say that it's hard, but the end is almost there. You're almost there. In the rabbit and tortoise race, the tortoise won in the end. It might feel slow or you might be slow or be forced to be slow in walking forward, but know that you are almost there. You are by the finish line. Also, it's not good for you to carry things by yourself. You know how mountains are together? That's why people say mountains upon mountains because mountains are together and they support each other and give life to another. It should be the same for you. If it's hard to move forward, then it's okay to ask people for help. You are here because you're human and humans work together and support each other. We're not supposed to be alone. For some of you ARMY, you might be tricked by someone close around you, so please be careful. Like penguins all walk together and stay together but in water they are all individual for food. You might be penguin and people around may be penguin but in the end you have to fight for yourself and not let yourself lose opportunities. No, the mountain thing and the penguin thing are not contradicting. Just trust me, they're different but they're the same. Anyway, please know that you should continue to hold hope because you will be successful in the end. Trust me. You're good and you're good at many different things. I don't think you should worry too much because what you look for will come to you in the end. Believe in yourself ARMY. Peace."
"Hi ARMY! How are you? I'm doing very good. Uh, thank you for asking me. I hope I can help you. Thank you so much, see you later!" - JUNGKOOK
Tumblr media
The Hanged Man, Four of Swords, Ten of Pentacles; "Hi ARMY. Nice to meet you again, it's JK. Life is okay nowadays, I'm just working on some stuff. I think it's actually working out well so I'm happy with how it's going so far. How are you ARMY? Oh yeah, also, I was asked to give some advice today, so I'll give advice hahahahah. I don't know if I can give you the help you might need, but I hope some of it can help. Thanks for asking! You know sometimes, you need to pause. And you might think it's a problem with you, but it's actually meant to happen. You know, there are times when you need to stop moving forward so that you can have a break and also have time to reflect on your decisions and actions and life. I feel like I used to be just running forward hoping that it would take me somewhere, but there were times when I HAD to stop even if I didn't want to. Looking back, I think the stops were necessary. It's like a bus and how buses needed to stop at different bus stations so that people can board and leave the bus. We need time to understand ourselves, but when we're so hyperfocused on something, we may forget to do that and that's when you need to put the brakes on things and let yourself cool down and think. Also, you need to rest ARMY. How can you continue to move forward when your engine is overheating? As I said, you need time to cool down and take time. Nothing bad will happen. All you need is to give yourself that small pocket of time where you can take your breath. Everyone needs those pockets. I know that you think you need to continue running forward in order to be successful, but I disagree. I feel like success comes with good balance between running/walking and stopping. Sometimes, things might just genuinely not work out but you used all of your energy on it. You might have been too focused to realize that it might not have been the best path to take. Let yourself come to a pause and let yourself stop and rest. I promise you, you will have success come towards you in the end, so take time to rest. You really need it and you really deserve it. That was it ARMY! I hope it really helped you all and I love you all so much. Take care, bye bye!"
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btstarotimagines · 28 days ago
Jungkook tarot imagine
Now to the first reading, we'll start with my handsome and most gorgeous boy Jungkook. Look at the three pictures below and choose the one you feel more attracted to. Then read below for the reading of your choosing. Good luck! Warnings: this is an imagined scenario to explore what your relationship with jungkookie would be like. It's obviously a work of fiction (unless you know Jeon Jungkook in person... In that case please introduce him to me!!! I'll be forever grateful ) . Declaration: I don't own BTS they just live rent free in my imagination. These tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and don't reflect the true characters of the people involved. This is just for fun you guys! Pick a pile and let's get it! 
Tumblr media
Pile A
You: 7 of wands. You're a hard working individual, always pushing yourself to be the best you can be. Sometimes you may overwork in the fear of not being good enough. Your are kind and generous in your affections, always giving your best to your relationship with Jungkook, and always making sure that he knows how much you love him, always putting his happiness as your number one priority.
Jungkook: Justice XI. He's a fair and just lover to you, he notices how much you struggle with your self worth and how you always put him first, so he does his very best to shower you with affection and taking care of all of you so that the balance of the relationship is always even between you both.
What helps in your relationship: Page of wands. You are both passionate souls that see life from an innocent child-like innocence where you have the confidence to make all your goals come true. He's the golden maknae for a reason and you match him in his magical confidence of pursuing your passions knowing you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. This quality you both share is very helpful to the relationship because you are not in competition of each other and you both have the same attitude towards life and the pursue of your goals. You feel like members of the same team.
What hinders your relationship: The sun XIX: You both struggle with finding reasons to feel joy on your own. You have attached happiness to bring with the other and this may in the future create co-dependency. Love is neatly tired to freedom. Learn to find happiness by yourself so that when you are together you have the healthy boundaries help you build a healthier relationship.
What is the basis of your relationship :The Tower XVI: Change. You both are each other's agent of personal change, Jungkook will help you love yourself more and recognize your own value, hell push you until you see yourself in the same loving way that he sees you. In turn you will help him in connecting more with his altruistic side and away from selfishness. The continuous effort that he putts in levelling the balance of give and take in your relationship will help him connect with his desire to serve and help others.
Tumblr media
Pile B
You: The Sun XIX: You are a joyful person. A happy virus. Everyone you ever encounter leaves feeling better than when they met you. You are independent and a free spirit always happy to lend a helping hand to those who need it, be it with your actual help on their problems, or by telling them a joke or just making them smile with your beautiful vibes.
Jungkook:9 of Wands. Jungkook is very protective of you. You're good little bundle of joy and he won't let anything or anyone hurt you. He's always alert and in protective move when he's with you and will do his very best to keep you safe. Because of this you feel Jungkook is your refuge, the safe haven to your heart. You know he will never hurt you and you trust him implicitly.
What helps the relationship:5 of Pentacles: You are ready other's Home. Now that you've found each other you will never be homeless or lonely. The fact that you find refuge in each other helps you have a healthier relationship because you both have that sense that you can weather any storm add long as you have each other. No matter what happens you can always find your way back home by looking into each other's eyes.
What hinders the relationship: Knight of Wands: You're both very impulsive, you act first and think second and sometimes you may inadvertently hurt each other. Try to keep the other in mind before taking important actions that may affect the other or the relationship. Slow down. There's no rush. Remember you're both home in each other, there's no need to rush into action alone, work as a team for you'll always have each other's backs.
The basis of the relationship:8 of Wands: Action. Your relationship with jungkook is filled with positive energy and adventure. You have a connection where you feel safe in each other's company and this lead to feeling larger than life, there's no challenge that can slow you both down, the world is your otter and you're all for taking chances and seeing how amazing love can be. Add long as you have each other all is well in the world.
Tumblr media
Pile C
You: Page of wands: you have a child like innocent approach to life where you love openly and trust that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You see love from the eyes of a child, your relationship is a fun and loving game that you play for the joy of being with another and sharing your life with them. You love yourself and Jungkook unconditionally. You are his most loyal playmate and lead your life and relationship from a playful place of enjoying the time you spend together, always coming back to each other for laughter and loving fun.
Jungkook:5 of Pentacles: Jungkook follows your lead and stays with you through thick and thin. You are his home, his safe haven, the point he'll always go back to. Whenever he's in a bad place he knows he can go to you and seek solace in you warm embrace. He can counts on you and your playful nature helps him deal with the difficulties of life. No matter how bad is the storm he can always finds laughter and joy in your presence.
What helps in your relationship: The Hermit IX: As much as it is fun to play together you also respect each other's need for solitude. You and Jungkook are both introverted people that need moments to just be with yourselves to recharge and have more energy to play together once again. You honour this need and that helps the relationship grow because it makes you enjoy even more the time you do spend together. You also enjoy just staying at home and most of your dates are basically vegetating in the sofa or playing videogames. Neither of your are very outdoorsy so staycations are the rule and you love the intimacy that these moments create.
What hinders your relationship: Ace of Swords: You are both very rational and headstrong. You'll need to work on giving in to the other from time to time. You both love winning and are very smart so you need to balance the mind with some emotion, bring more romance and sensuality so that you don't get lost in the world of your minds. Less brain and more heart will do you both good.
The basis of the relationship The Sun: your relationship is based on joy and fun and the happiness of being alive. A lot of play is necessary to weather life's hardship and you both can always find ways to laugh and enjoy life. Together you'll ride to the horizon after winning life's many battles.
Tumblr media
Remember this is just for fun! and please let me know what you think! did you like it? did you identify with any of the piles? 
Love you all and thank you for reading!
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wakeupfreanz · 2 months ago
The end of 2022 for BTS?
방탄서년단 aka BTS
Tumblr media
Pile 1: 8oP, 5oC, Sun, 3oC
Pile 2: 5oC, Fool, AoC
Pile 3: Star, 5oP, 2oW rev, 8oW rev
Overall: 3oC, Justice They're going to be going about their own personal affairs. Dare I call out specific names, Jimin, Yoongi, and possibly Namjoon could be going back to school or learning new skills/trades at this time. Others in the group are going to be spending time with friends/vacationing and having fun. There's someone here who's going to be suffering a loss or going through an issue. But they're going to be leaping out and making some rash-ish decisions. They might have some near misses with having a relationship revealed. This might even lead to someone dropping a pretty bombshell hint about a connection they have. There is one member that we won't be hearing from very much for some reason. They're likely to be preparing some content to release for the world. There is also another member who might be releasing solo music. It might feel very familiar/reminiscent of a certain kind of sound in the past.
Overall, up until the end of the year some members are going to be doing a lot and others not so much. They're going to be all focused on personal affairs, period.
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serenheist · a year ago
What Taehyung is like in a relationship/ Taehyung as a boyfriend Tarot reading
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
How long does it take him to get into a relationship? & Does he prefer long or short term relationships 8 of cups, queen of swords, 10 of pentacles 9 of pentacles reversed, 4 of cups
Ffs the queen of swords always pops up. Anyway yeah I don’t see him getting into anything quickly. He could’ve in the past but I think past relationships left him drained af and feeling alienated. I think he has a shit ton of walls up and is a lot more no nonsense now. It’s probably intimidating and more blunt to others because he wants to get to the heart of why someone is trying to get with him since so many people try to pull the same shit and fuck around with him like he’s dumb. He does not settle for anything other than what he wants. If he can’t find “the one” then he legit just rather be alone. It looks like he’s now more focused on building a Legacy though and something serious and long term so he has no desire to just jump into something with anyone. He basically would wait it out and get to know them long before deciding he trusts them enough and feels comfortable enough to show his emotions and not be so aloof.
I feel like he’d be the type to not show much interest at first because he really needs to scope the person out. So the person probably wouldn’t even know he actually likes them. Actually he could be a little too jaded and bored to the point of turning away everyone even though he does want a relationship. But in his mind there’s too many people being carbon copies and trying to swindle him for his money bruh for real all of bts are having this problem like damn it keeps reoccurring. Idk why it seems like there’s people also trying to use money to get with him like they’re rich and they think he’ll just want someone loaded. Like dude he’s already rich so that doesn’t work and to him them having a ton of money means Jack shit when they have the personality of a damn rock.
Past & present love life 10 of swords, 2 of pentacles present: the hermit, 5 of wands
Past love life: welp. Do I really need to explain the 10 of swords. I think actually that he had all this past trauma and shit from relationships and even other shit he still hasn’t dealt with but there was no time to even process that because he had to get back to work and act like he was fine. I think he’s the type of person that buries himself in his career when he experiences traumatic stuff that he doesn’t want to deal with. And of course it’s easier when you’re busy 24/7 anyway. This relationship betrayed him in every way tbh but maybe it was a catalyst for better things to come though he still might not see this right now. Present: I don’t see him in a relationship now currently cause the hermit but also being a major arcana it’s like he’s really in a life stage right now where he just wants to be alone because there’s so much conflict going on and he’s feeling anxious and having all these negative pessimistic thoughts that he just needs time to himself. I don’t think he very optimistic about his love life right now he’s lost a lot of hope. Things are too chaotic elsewhere to focus on romance.
What is he like in a relationship? the chariot, ace of cup, Unicorn, fae 61, solus 13, vanth, the sun reversed, anger and chains 29, justice, 2 of swords reversed, 3 of cups reversed, avenoir 1, princess of pentacles,ta’om the poet 29, ace of swords, Thanatos
What is he like in a relationship? When he’s in a relationship he really puts all his focus on that person and will go above and beyond for them. There’s a kind of masculine and feminine balance in him in the sense that he’s ready to be the go getter and take charge but there’s also a vulnerable energy and overflowing emotions. He works hard to take care of his person and make the relationship work . The only downside is he could possibly be too smothering to his partner or come on too strongly because of past shit and maybe too clingy for some people since in a relationship he really shows his softer side and he’s not as aloof as he is to others. He loves to have little house parties with his partner and have friends and family over with a ton of food and music.
For date ideas he’s down for anything but especially something “magical” maybe literally some place like Disneyland or pagan festival like beltane? That’s specific af but there’s a medieval type of energy and nature spirits and shit, he wants to do stuff he hasn’t done before and that might even be outside his comfort zone since G. Hobyah card is all about imaginary fears and getting past them. The best qualities he has in a relationship is the ability to help his partner stand on their own 2 feet but also recognizes that you can’t do everything on your own so he’s the type of person who would go above and beyond and connect you to the right people or situations. He’s always there when his partner really needs them and will make sure to put time aside.
His worst quality is that I don’t think he knows how to express his anger in a healthy way. I think with the sun reversed next to anger and chains it’s more like he doesn’t know how to fully show it it’s kinda repressed but his emotions under the exterior are a hot mess and there’s a big need for stability. It’s like being too stubborn to admit when you mess up and petty shit cause it hurts his ego. But I don’t think it’s super bad considering the justice card I used to represent his communication style. I feel that even if he gets mad af he gets over things really quickly and one minute he’s be angry and 10 minutes later he’ll be asking you what you want for dinner like wtf.
When he likes someone he’s not going to jump in and immediately go approach them. I see him instead watching them intently from afar lol he’s very cautious and like gathering everything he can on that person. Dude’s a 1st class stalker. Jk But the thing is the person wont even know he is interested in them because he keeps a serious face as a kind of mask but on the inside he’s like a giddy kid. Ta’om is known for looking serious and thoughtful but is actually very playful and slightly mischievous. I think Taehyung is definitely one to start off as friends and slowly get to know someone rather than just start dating because he really wants to know that person well to see how real they are and if they’re just putting up a front.
He’s not attracted to new shiny things that are perfect he’s able to see the beauty in all things even in difficulty. After he’s been friends with them for awhile and knows if that person like him back, that’s when he’d actually make a move. He finds a lot of satisfaction in doing services for others until they’re completed so it makes me think his love language (giving) is acts of service but with the ace of swords is pretty obvious his Receiving love language is words of affirmation but moreso he appreciates when someone is blunt and honest and not just saying stuff to make him feel better cause then it’s just insincere.
What is his ideal type? the ageless, the star, the singer of healing 10, el shaddai, protection 26, ram, the maestro, fae 41, the sage 19, king of cups reversed, himself 17, danu, death reversed, obsession
His type: this person seems to have had some messed up stuff happen to them in their past. Even when others were horrible to them they still kept their dignity and chose to still give to others instead of give in to bitterness and despair. It’s like the Phoenix where no matter how many times they metaphorically die, they can still rise up even better than before. I think they’re able to help heal others because they’ve been through the trauma themselves but they know how to be honest and blunt without being overly mean about it. They have a kid of tough exterior though I think from years of negativity from people that’s made them strong but also a little distant from people and they need a lot of time to themselves to recharge and get away from peoples bs. Honestly this seems a lot like Taehyung too lol I think he wants someone who’s been through similar traumas.
The ram keeps calling out to me that I think this persons way of showing love is a little aggressive but that’s what Taehyung likes in someone tbh. It’s not like actually showing love it’s hard to explain. It’s more so you know when someone tries to act like sarcastic and shit to hide the fact that they like someone? Idk why it reminds me of toph from avatar the last airbender where she just punches people to show affection it’s kinda like that. Cause they’re not good at being really vulnerable. They put on this brave face and are pretty good at it to the point where you won’t notice that they’re jealous seeing you hang out with someone else. But this person is really independent like I’m not joking lmao and a go getter they don’t rely on anyone really. And don’t give a fuck who you are.
There’s 2 healing cards and honestly why is this person so similar to Taehyung lol this person is great at helping or healing others but again has to realize it’s okay to also get help for yourself. They think maybe that they’re fine on their own and they don’t like relying on others for help because people disappoint you and it’s easier to just do it yourself. But they’re really good at giving advice and are lot nicer than their exterior let’s on. Bruh the star card makes my mind keep playing that I’m gonna be a star song by twice lmao stop. I think this person actually is a star or is working up to it cause they have huge plans. This isn’t someone just wanting a mundane job I think they’re gonna go big.
Especially paired with the ram talking about they go for big dreams and huge successes. This person won’t stop until they accomplish their dreams they really don’t care what others say and will go to the extremes to get there. I see they have a lot of talents anyway but some people were like saying negative shit that their dreams are impossible but they’re learning to set boundaries with other people and it’s more of a just move in silence energy. Also usually I don’t say zodiac signs but since it’s a major arcana it might play some significance but Aquarius might be prominent in their chart (nvm I just remembered Taehyung has venus in Aquarius so duh you dumbass it wouldn’t be that out there to think he’d be drawn to Aquarius qualities).
I wonder if this person is into astrology though given all the glyphs. I think this is someone Taehyung has been trying to manifest and call in too like wishing on a star for a looooong time and maybe thought it wouldn’t come but boy does the universe have a surprise for you. They really are future oriented thinkers and know a lot about spirituality I think that a big part of who they are I really don’t think they’d be completely atheist or not care about spiritual topics. They give a lot without much thought in return and can talk about anything with openness and honesty. With Taehyung they’d teach him everything under the sun. He likes when he can share all this knowledge especially about weirder topics with someone who isn’t going to dismiss him. I see them really encouraging him to try new things and show him things he never knew were possible. They treat him like he finally belongs somewhere in the world.
This shit is kinda spooky because both the maestro guy and illbe the retriever are holding orbs/a little white ball close to them and they speak of the same thing. This person really protects Taehyungs hopes and dreams. Also they themselves obviously represent a dream that Taehyung thought was long gone and impossible. I think it can be taken literally too lol to mean that when Taehyung is being forgetful af. This person is that type of person who has your keys already when you think you lost them. They’re really the more responsible one in the relationship lmao helping him to be more organized and get his life together. The next set of cards I used to represent what his biggest turn ons are. This isn’t in a sexual way though lmao I meant the qualities he likes the most in his ideal type. Already I noticed how all the cards are facing straight ahead and looking right at you so it makes me think this person has some intense ass eye contact and looks intimidating and they got a rbf.
With the king of cups reversed I don’t think they’re actually these heartless cold bitches and that Taehyung is turned on by that because the sage card is upright and talks about the same shit but this is a person definitely who looks colder but is actually kind on the inside. He kinda likes people who look cold like that but are actually sweethearts. This person is not one of those super lovey-dovey people or uses pet names and babytalk like “my sweet baby Taehyung” whatever I think they find it very cringe. They have some trauma from when they were kids where they felt as if they aren’t allowed to act very emotional because people will think they’re weak and take advantage of them (this is just their beliefs about themselves) they instead act very macho or tough again lol like Toph from ATLA idk why I keep thinking of her but there’s like a kinda tomboy energy but they’re really not heartless they just need the right person to feel comfortable around and need to work on opening up emotionally.
There’s so much masculine and yang energy but then at the end you see this motherhood figure so it again really makes me think it’s a front and this person is so nurturing and that’s what really draw Taehyung to them. He loves the most that this person knows so much about the most random things and esoteric topics. They value tradition and stability but they also understand the need for growth and change they’re the perfect balance. Communication is really a big thing for Taehyung it’s a reoccurring theme in this. Someone who is very good at communicating and are action oriented. They say what they mean and mean what they say. It’s very important that they are their own unique individual self and have their own goals and skills and hobbies.
This person is probably a powerful manifester too and sets their intentions and goes after them. They have so much power and confidence also with the himself card they could be a dancer or love dance since he’s a dancer faerie they’re very much into creative shit. They seem very natural and not the type who got work done or wears too much makeup idk there’s like a wild energy lol like this bitch is from the damn forest. If someone attacked Taehyung this person would literally drop kick someone even if the person was bigger than them. Danu card is always protective and nurturing but ferocious if you mess with their person. Like “idc what you do to me but if you touch my guy I’ll end you”.
Now onto what Taehyung’s biggest turn offs in general are: death reversed and obsessed card lol oh god bro I am fucking done. His biggest turn off is when someone makes him the center of their universe. I mean this in the extreme way like “omg you’re my one and only we’re meant to be I think about you 5000 times a day and have an entire closet with all your pictures and I document your entire life” 👀 and he’s like uhh can you get a damn hobby? (That doesn’t involve me) Cause imagine someone’s entire life revolves around you. It’s sweet at first I guess? Lmaoo then it’s just creepy and like they have no life or personality without you. Death reversed is like something is plaguing you and following you around, pestering and annoying you. He must’ve experienced this shit irl lmao if it’s this strong with a major arcana to come up as a turn off. Cause major arcana are big ass life lessons. Like they thought he wouldn’t know they were secretly obsessed with his ass and used other people like his friends to get closer to him but I’m telling you Taehyungs intuition is something else and he always knows when people are some obsessed crazies. This is exactly why he’s so cautious now because of bs like that he can’t trust anyone. Like please stop acting like Jodi Arias and have some self respect.
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tada-lol · 3 months ago
Free readings !
Yes / No readings - Open
Specify if you want cartomancy. Send in an ask
Try giving a feedback
I'll need your initials
No more than 3 questions per ask!
Send another 3 questions only after your first 3 questions are answered !
Exchange readings!
I use my intuition and cartomancy
You can send in an ask but i prefer DM only
K-pop exchange readings - Open.
Regular exchanges - Open.
The regular drill — No questions about death, third-party situations and stuff.
Try matching my length of readings or I'll try my best to match to the length .
Questions about fs , career , everything , nothing 18+ because I'm not an adult yet .
I also do not peep into an Idol's life to catch onto their current energy or try reading for their future spouse or personal life , let's give them their privacy?
I'm fine with any question that doesn't invade an Idol's privacy..
We can also have a fandom exchange reading , like what would you be in that fandom and stuff!
Provide feedback!
Thank you for reading! I hope someone reads this , have a nice day!
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gukguktae · 6 months ago
Any chance you’d be interested in writing a follow up to the rejections? Like what happens after the original obstacle is no longer an obstacle? At the very least I’d love to see where joon and yoongis go. (Romantic) Justice for professor min!
Tumblr media
AN: Holy sh---- thank you for requesting namjoon’s!! I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about that poor guy. Since you only mention yoongi and najoom (thanks btw), here you go. I hope the justice you want is in there somewhere. Enj.
Did I choose to write this over my due paper? Yes.
Did I regret it? No.
Am I failing? Probably
WC: 2.0k
Genre: Fluff
Title: The one where they got the girl (NamGi Part 2)
(part 1)
Namjoon (College AU) Part 2
You watch every person walk inside the theater, titling up a little higher because the person you’re looking for is a walking tower. You fidget on your phone checking if he texted you already, it’s been a week since you talked to him via text and call. Namjoon went to a trip, but he promised he’ll be there in time for your graduation, you tried calling him last night, but his phone still off.
Namjoon continued to help you, but he became busy with his career for the past years, so you see him less. There were times that he was stuck at work, or exhausted from working and barely getting any sleep that he forgot that he has to meet you, but you always understand.
“YN!” You turn around, disappointed that it was only your friend waving you down, “They’re calling the students!”
Nodding to her, “I’ll be there.” You glance at the door way one last time before sighing and biting your lip. You didn’t bother to text him again, and just head inside.
The ceremony started, you should feel happy, well you are, but there’s still this slight disappointment in you. Trying to brush it off and focus on the speaker, you’re giving your very own speech as the class valedictorian after all. “Are you nervous?” One of your classmate asked, “You’ve been sighing.”
“Oh, uhm. I’m fine, don’t worry.”
She smiled and squeezes your arm, “You got this.”
Moments passed and they finally called out your name to give your speech, you shake the nervousness off as you exhale. Namjoon helped you with this speech so you’re pretty much confident about it. With wide smile you said, “Thank you, Professor Park. And thank you to the students, teachers, parents, and staff who made these four years everything that they were. It is an honor to be here today…”
He watches you walk to the podium and he could tell that you’re nervous; Namjoon sat properly as you greet every one. It could be because of the light or his eyes welling up, but his eyes glistens as he stare at you. As always, you keep on taking his breath, making his stomach flutter with those smiles.
A tear slip from his eyes as you finishes your speech, he chuckled as he feels silly for crying, but he’s really proud of you. “Ah, you’re really something else, bubs.” He smiles while clapping.
You walked out of the event’s place with your head down, “Cheer up, baby girl we just graduated!” Your friend place her hand on your waist, you hugged her as you congratulate each other. “Wait, my Mom’s calling.” She pulls out her phone and left.
“Yeah, bubs. Cheer up will you?” As you register the deep voice, you turn around. He’s holding a bouquet of flowers with a grin on his face. “Wait, don’t cry!”
Your chin trembles as tears wells up, “You missed my graduation!”
“I did not.” Namjoon laugh that turns into nervous chuckled, your glare at him made him scratch his nape. “Come here.” He said as he pulls you into a hug.
“You did! Where were you?!” You sob on his chest.
“I was here the whole time. I wouldn’t miss this for the world, YN.” He soothes, placing a kiss on the top of your head. “You know that, I told you before I will always be here for you.”
You sniff, “I called and texted, you never answered.”
“I drop my phone, the ocean has it now.” His chest vibrates as he giggles. “I’m sorry, bubs.”
Looking up to meet his soft eyes, “I love you.” You felt how he held his breath and slowly grin forms on his face, just until his eyes forms a thin line.
“Jesus, YN! You’re going to be the death of me.” He cupped your cheeks, while wiping your tears with his thumbs. “Say it again.”
“I love you, Namjoon.” You said with a smile. Namjoon lets go of you and clutches his chest, “You’re being dramatic, Joonie!”
He sighs before pulling you again, cupping your neck as he leans down to place a soft kiss on your lips. You were the first to move your lips and Namjoon follows, the kiss lingers as he pulls away with a smile on his face.
“I love you, YN.”
Yoongi (Professor AU) Part 2
A week passed since Mr. Min’s confession to you, it wasn’t awkward at all because you avoid him and his gaze inside the class. You’re always thirty minutes early than everyone else and you sat at the very far back sinking in your seat, your friend find it weird that you’re doing all these, but she never questioned you again.
Today wasn’t your day at all, you woke up late and your car decided to have a flat tire when it was perfect last night. You’re just in time for your class, students are settled in their seats and your friend decided to sit in front. “Why are you in here?”
“The back was full when I got in. It’s fine here.” She pulls you to sit.
An older guy walked in confusing everyone, “Good Morning. I will be your professor for today.”
“A sub? Where’s Professor Min?” Your friend whispers
He must have heard her, “Starting today, I will be handling all Professor Min’s classes.”
“What?!” You stood up and slam your hand, “I mean, what– what a nice surprise… that we have you. Sorry.”
Your friend blinks at you, “What was that?” You just shrugged.
All throughout the class, you were only thinking about Mr. Min. Did he quit? Got transferred? Where is he? Is it because of you? You didn’t even notice that the class ended, just when your friend call out your name when she’s half way out the door.
“Are you okay?” she asks.
“Yeah, but I’ll skip the next class, I’m kind of hungry.” You said and waved good-bye.
You went to the cafeteria to get some meal, but for some reason you don’t feel like eating even though you’re hungry, wondering what is wrong with you today? Maybe the universe is playing some joke. You pushed the tray away and just sip on your drink, over hearing the conversation on the next table.
“Mr. Min, resigned? Really, why?” You lean in more because you’re asking the same question.
“I think he got a job offer at HYBE? I don’t know the whole story, but that’s what I heard. He was in his office, clearing his stuff.”
Pushing your chair to sprint your way to the faculty. He’s here, you don’t really know what you’ll say or what you’ll do, but you want to see him. Say good bye maybe or ask him why is he resigning? Your legs feels like they’re about to fall off, but you didn’t care and just keep running and bumping into people.
Yoongi made way for you as you ran past him, he watches you stumble on people. He’s disappointed that he didn’t even said good bye to his class- especially to you. His new job will be on the other side of the city, which means he’ll see you less. Well, he’s been seeing you less this couple of days, when you thought he can’t see you sinking in your seat, you’re wrong. You were always the first person he sees when he walks in his classroom, but he knew you were avoiding him.
To give you space and peace, he finally accepted the job offer that’s been dangling in front of him for the past year. It was his dream job, to create music and producing them, but he put it off and promised that he’ll accept after you graduated. Don’t get him wrong he likes teaching, but when the reason for it started to avoid him it kind of starting to suck.
He unlocks his trunk to place his last box. “Mr. Min!” You were running towards him.
“YN, what–“
You held your hand up, trying to catch your breath. Your chest started to hurt together with your lungs, actually everything hurts. “Give me a… minute… Oh, God! I can’t- can’t breathe.” Clutching your knees as you try to keep yourself alive. “I’m seeing spots.”
“Are you okay? Why are you running?” The look of concern painted Yoongi’s face, but he’s giggling a little.
Once you regain a little of yourself you look up to him, “I… uhmm, just want to say good-bye.”
He smile half-heartedly and look down, nodding his head. He didn’t expect anything else, but he was disappointed still. “Thank you, Ms. YN. You didn’t have to run all over the place like that.”
“This might be the last time I’ll see you, so can’t pass up the opportunity.” You mumbled and focused on your shoes. “Good luck in your new career.”
Yoongi nodded. “Thank you.”
You were about to walk away, but then turning your heels. “And uh… I’ll miss you… sir” shifting your back on him. Did you just run all over the building to say that? You mentally shank yourself for not being able to say your feelings to him. Sure, it started with a crush, but that feeling grew and it blows up in your face, and his confession didn’t help with that at all.
“I’m not your professor anymore, YN.” He waited for you to turn back around, “Just saying, you didn’t actually say no to me, but why are you sorry?”
Balling your hand into a fist before looking back to him, he’s clutching the strap of his bag while the other hand is on his pocket; you also noticed that he’s wearing a pair of glasses today. Why does he always have to look this good? What for, seriously?
“I was sorry because, I felt bad.” Ignoring the pound in your chest. “Because you like me and I like you, but it’s never going to happen.”
You bit the inside of your cheek and look to the side, “I don’t know, you tell me!” You huffed at him. “You can’t just confess to me and then leave! That’s a jerk move, do you know how many nights I’ve spent thinking about it? Thinking about you? I can’t focus, and now that you’re leaving I can’t even eat! I hate that!”
“Are you mad?”
“Yes! I am mad!” Clenching your jaw while your chest huff and puff from frustration. “You can’t leave me, not when you know I like you too!”
Yoongi tried to fight a smile that’s trying to form on his face, “But I didn’t know that you like me too.”
Your body relaxes, fist unfolds and chest drops, “Yeah? Well… I like you, Mr. Min– I mean Professor Min– Yoongi– Ah, whatever!” You turn to walk away again. That’s gotta be the most embarrassing confession there is in history, but Yoongi thinks otherwise, he think it was the cutest thing he ever seen. It was painful to watch, but in a good way- great even.
His gummy smile spread across his face, giggling with his shoulder on what he just witnessed. The girl that he fell in love with is frustratingly like him too, he’s over the moon. He drops his bag to run to you, hugging you from behind.
“You can’t just confess, and then leave. That’s a jerk move.” He whispers.
Turning around to face him, “You think you’re funny huh?”
“Wow, you were a lot nicer when I was your professor.” Your smile is making him smile too, placing his forehead on yours. “Do you want to grab coffee?”
“I have classes.” You pouted, making his heart race again. “How about dinner?”
“How about a kiss?”
You giggle as you push him lightly, “I like this side of you Professor Min.”
“I–” You pull him by his neck and smashes your lips on him, his wide eyes remains, but only for a second. He closes his eyes before reaches on your lower back to perch you, enabling him to deepen the kiss. He bit your lower lip lightly before letting go with a grin on his face.
BTS masterlist
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freemindedspirit · 17 days ago
BTS Main Masterlist
Here, you may find the links to all the BTS readings i have done as of now, or masterlists to reading series I have done!
What each member energy feels like
Who in BTS is a feminist ?
How does Jhope feel about Jack In The Box and Hobipalooza ?
What makes the members happy?
BTS current love reading(10 July 2022)
Jungkook's current energy(19 July 2022)
Namjoon current energy(19 July 2022)
Yoongi and el Capitxn/Yoongi and Tablo
BTS Shufflemancy/Channeled Song
BTS past lives masterlist
JK Solo Album theme
A soulmate of BTS masterlist
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eristarot · 9 months ago
What Jungkook will love about his future spouse
Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only
*Based on current energies. Energies change with choices. *
This is kinda long. Oops.
Via request (although the request was worded a bit different. They asked why he’ll fall in love with them but I figure this is basically the same question. Hope that’s okay anonymous requester!)
While I'm reading this my clock says 11:11! Neat!
Okay, the very first card is our lovely empress. He's going to love their femininity. This is going to be someone he finds so beautiful not just because of their looks but the way they carry themselves. The energy they exude is just pure and cozy. They make him feel safe, loved, and well cared for. I'm not sure if they'll choose to have children but this person is someone who would have very typical "mama bear" qualities both good and bad. Very protective and guiding. Nurturing. Someone he can talk to about anything.
They'll also be very generous with their money and he loves that. Loves that they work hard to earn their living. He might also love that they're indecisive. Could be something he finds cute. They'll really think something through very hard especially when it comes to an emotion based decision and he admires that.
He loves that this person will match him in regards to the effort they put into the relationship. If they want to give crazy gifts, he'll be happy to do the same. If he wants to spoil them with a necklace or something, he's likely to find a gift that they got him shortly afterwards. He'll never feel like he's the one doing all the work in regards to their partnership. If he does the laundry, this person will do the dishes. If he's open about his feelings this person will open up as well and reciprocate. Stuff like that. It feels very balanced and taken care of from both sides.
He'll love how they make him feel at home. Before they get married, he's likely to visit this person often at their house and he could stay there with them for hours if not days and never want to leave. It won't feel like this person's house. It will feel like home because his home is wherever this person is. If this person were to have to move for a job or such, he'd very likely move in with them just to not have to deal with the distance. He's very likely to take the leap and do what it takes to stay with this person. They make him feel normal.
Feels very calm and at peace with them. This person is likely not from Korea so he'll love the aspects of their upbringing. He'll love figuring out how their lives are different and similar and he'll love teaching them about his home and his life. I see him likely teaching this person certain words or phrases in Korean although I'm not sure if they already know the language or not and he's just helping them get better at it.
He'll love their curiosity. Their continuous triumph over adversity. This person has been through a lot and he really admires their life story and how, despite their circumstances, they're still fighting and reaching out for their goals. Finds them really admirable.
He'll love how at peace he feels around them. Like his soul is complete. Conversations with this person will be so easy. He won't feel judged or misheard. This person will listen intently and even if he feels like something is terribly wrong, this person will be the calming presence he's always craved in his life. A steady anchor he can hold on to and rely on; especially during dark times.
Their stubborn nature. Their respect of his boundaries and their firm ground on their own boundaries. He loves that they value boundaries in their relationship. He sees this person as his equal and it's really important for them to have boundaries and respect them.
He loves their taste in music. How powerful they come off as. They're not someone easily intimidated or bullied. This person is sharp-tongued and he loves it. He finds it hot when they snap at him.
Their body. Really loves their body. If this person sings, he loves it when they sing for him. Even if they can't sing he'd love to hear them and tease them about it. Again with power and their body. This person just has a certain way they hold themselves and he finds it very attractive. Loves the way they think and look at the world.
This person is his "golden egg." He never thought such a person could exist or maybe he thought his expectations were too high but this person checks off a lot of his list in ways he never would've expected.
He loves their very childish personality. This is someone who makes him laugh a lot and isn't afraid to do random things to make him laugh. Might remind him of a bee. Cute and fuzzy and a hard worker but will sting if you bother it.
He loves their values and morals. He loves how caring they are with animals. Probably has a few pets. This person will likely take very good care of his own pets(Bam and Gureum looking at you). He'll find it cute when they spoil his pets more than him. Might get a little jealous though.
His partner in crime. Will love how feminine they are but this person isn't afraid to get dirty and act masculine either. They seem very well balanced and he likes that while they are very feminine, they can also have their masculine tendencies and he finds it beautiful.
He loves how fierce and proud this person is but he also loves how soft and gentle they can be. Especially to him. They're going to w-h-i-p-p-e-d for him and it does a lot for Jungkook's self esteem. This person likely has a more sharp personality to outsiders but their very close loved ones, Jungkook included, get to see their soft and sweet nature more often and he loves that he's one of the lucky few who gets to see them with their guard down. Makes him feel special.
He loves how this person teaches him about choices and specifically this person will likely be a good guiding hand in important decisions in his life. They'll still be his decisions but he's happy to have them by his side through them all. Loves how life with this person feels like a fairy tale. A dream come true. It's all he's ever wanted in love.
He'll love their secret rendezvous a lot. They'll likely go on secret dates/adventures often. This person is likely spontaneous and he loves having them all to himself. He's very protective over them.
He'll love dinners with this person. Any excuse to talk with them makes his heart swell. He'll love any excuse to touch them. Little touches like a hand on their waist while they're walking to a restaurant, a light tug on their hair, if they have tattoos he won't stop himself from tracing them. He'll also really love teasing them. All. The. Time.
This person has a small fuse and he loves getting them angry/annoyed because he thinks they're just so darn cute. At least until they're really mad. Then it's not so cute and he's worried. Loves cuddling and watching them sleep. He'll have a hard time getting comfortable if they're not sleeping in his arms or within easy reach.
This person is one of the easiest bts member fs to read lmao I always get a lot when I read them. 
Tumblr media
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ymgwaste · 6 months ago
every month there’s someone complaining about bts tarot. like okay jessica, calm down and put your false moralism aside it’s not like the readers are actually invading their house to get actual solid information. Istg yall are so annoying, ITS NOT THAT DEEP!
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syubub · a year ago
What makes BTS most vulnerable
Woo! A reading! I wanted to do this bc its been on my list for a little while now!
I just got off work and wanted to do this asap! Pls forgive mistakes! I'm not gonna proof read bc im lazy.
Cheeky disclaimer: this is for entertainment purposes and not to be taken as fact! This is my interpretation of the cards!!
So so so so
First off, I did each member and also one for the group! I didn't have a specific plan in mind when I started, so I just went with the flow!
Let's start with the group first
Tumblr media
So. The 5 of pentacles is what makes them most vulnerable. This card talks about isolation, feeling lost, anxiety, not having money or influence. Most of all, a mindset of lack.
All of this to me makes me think that what makes them most vulnerable is the fear of being right back where they started. Feeling exiled from the industry, not having the funds to be sure of a stable future and also not having a strong sense of identity as a group and within the group. It's like their vulnerability comes from something almost like ptsd? Let me try to make that make more sense. I genuinely think that where they started and the uncertainty and constant ridicule really had an impact on them. The vulnerability they have as a group is essentially emotional distress? Like, I wish I had better words to explain. It's the fear that they haven't actually grown or gotten anywhere and that they are insignificant that is their vulnerability. Fear based on where they started?
I really hope that made sense. Moving on though, 7 of swords is how it manifests for them. This card is sneaky. It talks about getting away with something and betrayal but I think this meaning is the most relevant: strategic moves. So how their vulnerability manifests is that the fear that they have causes them (and the company) to make very specific moves to keep their fears from happening. It's like, they take steps to make sure their fears don't get realized. Career wise but also personally. They can sometimes force growth because they fear stagnation. Kinda like rolling something uphill? Once it loses momentum it starts rolling back down.
The other two cards, Wellness and busy times and multitasking, are what they can do to lessen that vulnerability. Keeping healthy in mind body and spirit (also keeping the group bond healthy too) as well as channeling their emotions and fears into productivity. (Think the ly:tear album)
Tumblr media
This is really intresting. So, what makes him most vulnerable is repressed emotion that causes inner turmoil. The moon is all about your insides and the vastness it has. In its reverse it talks about the darker parts of your subconscious. So, him bottling shit up and repressing it becomes a monster that affects him without him even necessarily knowing.
As for how that manifest in his life, it literally affects his judgment. Like, literally. It messes with his decision making.
As a fellow human with a similar problem, I can almost bet that any issue he has with another member will be shoved away and it will fester until he's at his breaking point and he'll absolutely weaponize it but disguise it as "just poking fun" or he might also purposefully create low level chaos. It's really intresting because this could manifest in so many ways. It could be his insecurities, issues with other people, fears ect and they fester in his brain space fucking with his judgment.
What he can do to lessen this vulnerability is deep emotional healing. Istg these cards are too perfect to make up. He needs to do THE WORK and heal it. He probably recognizes this and is working on it. Its not fair to himself to put himself aside in order to put other people first. (I think this probably happened a lot in the early bts days bc he had to be an older brother and a responsible figure to 6 other kids so he prioritized group harmony over his own issues and emotions)
Tumblr media
Um, okay. So what makes yoongi most vulnerable is the dark side of wealth. That's the 10 of pentacles rev. But it gets interesting bc the 10 of swords isn't what makes him vulnerable but it also isn't how it manifests?? So here's my theory time. What makes him most vulnerable is the dark side of wealth. I can only assume that it's the isolation and internal conflict of benefiting off of a system that fucked you over in the first half of your life and also feeling bad for having wealth that most people can never imagine? I really don't know? But with the 10 of swords talking about betrayal and deep wounds, it could be that he's extremely afraid of being taken advantage of? Like, that's another downside of wealth. Maybe people have tried to use him for money or influence? Especially in his personal life. Like, he probably finds it extremely hard to get close to people because he's afraid of betrayal over something that is already hard for him to deal with?
Also loss. He wasn't born rich. He worked his ass off to get what he has and he's probably afraid to lose it. He might "stash" money?
Anyway, knight of swords, how it manifests. This card is about a drive to succeed. So essentially this makes him run and push himself hard and harder and harder to out run what he sees as an inevitable end? Sometimes this can blind him.
As for what he can do to lessen this vulnerability, we have, self confidence through God confidence. This card to me talks about having faith in your actions and skills and trusting in yourself even if you doubt your ability. Essentially, yoongi just needs to trust in himself to land on his feet no matter what happens. Life is always uncertain so he needs to trust that he can weather any storm he might face.
Tumblr media
This was one gave me some thoughts. So, similar to jin, it's the bottling shit up and having you subconscious mind eventually figure shit out because it's been neglected but with the 2 of swords in reverse, talking about confusion and being indecisive, I think this kinda causes him to shut down? He might get apathetic. It's almost like when you work a computer so hard that it crashes.
And how this manifests for him with the 3 of pentacles in reverse is that he gets thrown out of alignment with the group. Kinda like how you shouldn't drive on a flat tire. He withdraws and becomes hard to reach and puts up a wall that causes a lot of problems for him as well as those he is around. It's a defense mechanism. It can also manifest in him preferring to work alone as well instead of group settings.
This exposes him to depression and doubt.
Also similar to jin, for how to lessen this vulnerability we have Bless your heart with talks about reaching out (breaking down that wall) and healing your heart and healing the root issue.
Tumblr media
Okay. This is the one that makes so much sense but also confuses me.
So. What makes him most vulnerable is the magician rev and 10 of cups. Unrealized potential and poor planning as well as love, harmony and alignment.
So.... what? How does love and the happiest happiness make him vulnerable?
Well, I think he's suspicious of it. I think that he can't help but wonder in his big big big brain if THIS is the right happy or if its really happiness at all? Almost like commitment issues but also not? It's like, he's afraid that it won't last? He might have trouble fully allowing himself happiness. Also, what makes him the most vulnerable is love. It opens up every bit of his soul and puts it on a laundry line for everyone to see and I don't think he thinks he's worthy enough to be seen like that?
As for how it manifests in his life, 9 of cups, personal fulfillment and a strive to have everything else in hislife sorted out? Essentially wanting to have a perfect foundation so eventually he can share with all the important people in his life.
As for what he can do. Value your self worth. pretty straight up. He needs to value himself more. He deserve love and he deserves to feel seen even if it's uncomfortable at first.
Tumblr media
Oki. What makes jimin most vulnerable is choice. The 7 of cups talks about focusing on what's best for you and making choices based not on illusion. I think jimin is plagued by unrealistic expectations and confronting the fact that it's not possible is what makes him most vulnerable. He makes choices that are driven by illusion. Usually about self. I think specifically about how he doesn't always see how good he already is so he pushes himself to chase after something that isn't always right for him or even there in the first place. Acknowledging and facing it brings vulnerability that he doesn't always want to face. I think he might equate vulnerability to powerlessness.
How it manifests. 9 of wands rev. Paranoia and being defensive. It's his own fear and insecurities manifesting outside of himself.
As for what he can do, passion and purpose and multifaceted. Focus on what is close to his heart and don't get side tracked. Theres so much more to this situation and there isn't an easy fix. There's a lot of things that need working on in order for him to feel comfortable.
Tumblr media
Oki oki oki. What makes Tae most vulnerable is strength rev. Raw emotion. He doesn't always express his emotions and when he chooses to be more open, his emotions go through a bit of a filter. Showing his unfiltered emotions makes him most vulnerable because it's him as he is. In his truest form. It's all of his wants, joys, fears. Everything.
As for how it manifests, 10 of wands and Hanged man, it becomes a burden that he carries because he feels like he can't just be honest. He pauses and allows himself time to feel on his own but that means possibly being misunderstood and a bit isolated.
Now. What can he do to lessen it? Bless your heart and healthy communication in relationships. TALKING TO PEOPLE AND ALLOWING HIMSELF THAT VULNERABILITY. It's not bad to be vulnerable. Heal that shit bb bc you are worth it.
Tumblr media
So, what makes him most vulnerable? The world in rev. Not having closure and seeking it. The process of seeking closure for himself about things that could have or putting to rest something that has come full circle. It brings vulnerability because he has to face things that he could have done better. He has to face things coming to a close and be okay with is.
How it manifests, the tower, ace of cups, 5 of cups reversed.
The tower is essentially everything crumbling down. I think jk thinks too much? If you follow a ball of yarn all the way to the end then you just unraveled a whole ass ball of yarn.
Him going to close those things cause him to unravel his foundation.
With the ace of cups, creativity and love/ new emotions, I think him taking the time to pursue personal closure helps him to be more open to love as well as giving him creative fuel.
The 5 of cups rev. Means that him doing this closure thing helps him to forgive himself bc he's taking time to move on and tie up loose ends?
For jk this closure thing manifests in every aspect of his like and I almost see it as him shedding? Sounds weird but he's consciously moving on and paying attention to what he needs?
As for what he can do? Deep emotional healing! He runs the risk of feeling more of the tower manifestation so he needs to keep himself emotionally healthy in order for this to be productive instead of destructive!
Tumblr media
I hope y'all like this! I feel like the cards didn't always follow what I was kinda going for with my questions but it all works out in the end I guess?
My next reading will be up later this week (I've already done it and taken all of my notes. I just have to type it all out) so look foward to that as well!
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bo2001 · a year ago
Soulmate/twinflame connections in dreams
This isn't kpop related but I feel a pull to post this by my guides.
This is a list I put together of signs you met one of your soulmate/twinflame in your dreams. I've collected this information by hearing and experiencing these connections myself.
Not everything on this list will be the same for everyone.
Everyone's experiences are different so take this information with a pinch of salt please
Deja Vu
A sense of familiarity
A deep knowing (you feel assured on a soul level)
Or you just know its your soulmate straight up
You dream about them constantly
With my experience, I dreampt of them every night for about a week or so.
For example some may have dreams about their favorite artist/idol and think it means that their soulmates.
Projecting your feelings is very different than a real dream connection. BE CAREFUL
When I first drempt of my soulmate I did not have any connection towards them.
No feelings or ideas about them until later on. (Does this make any sense?)
You Astral project to each other.
For me I could feel, smell, and hear things I couldn't do in my regular dreams
When you Astral project you can sometimes feel very tired when you wake up
Most people can not see the face of their soulmate while dreaming
A few do though
The dream feels realistic
Not a crazy dream with many things going on
Other things that happen but not when dreaming
You go into a transformational phase
Most of the time it is dealing with your shadow self
The connection can be painful
You both are going through an awakening which is a major deal that's why it can be painful.
I've gone through the most painful feelings when it comes to my connection
I've spent many nights crying
All I'm trying to say is everything isn't going to be wonderful and how you expect it to go
Some can contact telepathically
It's hard to tell with this becuase its a soft voice in your head you can mistake as thoughts.
But the voice(soulmate/twinflame) shows up out of nowhere
Telepathic connection is hard to fully understand
Like with many spiritual things you just know and can't explain it fully.
This one is also very important to make sure your not projecting your feelings
You can feel their presents around you sometimes
If they are thinking of you, you can feel their presence and/or if they Astral project to you too
Your connection will only happen when both of you are ready
The universe will not give you things you are not ready for
Self love
You need to know your self to a certain degree to be able to maybe have this connection
The universe will only aline you with things of your same vibration.
As I stated previously, it will not provide you information or gifts you are not ready for
I had to work on myself and self love for a long time before my connection
Maturity is a major sign too
You have to be mature enough to know the difference between real and fake.
Creating a story and using it for the benefit for yourself is not mature
This is a serious gift to be able to experience this connection
By projecting what you want, can mess up the real connection for others
So please do not take these things lightly like it is a fun mind game to play.
I don't want seem or sound scary but these connections are divinely gifted for us, so please respect others connections :)
This was a blast writing! If you have any questions let me know! There are many things I didn't cover
Also If there is anything that I brought up that was interesting and you want a separate post of, let me know!
Tumblr media
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btstarotimagines · 21 days ago
First of all thank you all for showing so much love to my previous post! It was my first one and I was very nervous about it do I'm very happy you liked it!
For this post imagine you're in a romantic relationship with Jimin, and with your heart full of love for him pick a card and go to the pile's letter to read your tarot reading. Good luck! And don't forget to have fun!
Also I don't own BTS they just inspire me and this reading is fiction to have fun imagining what life would be like with our dearest jiminie! This readings do not reflect the true personality of the individual Park Jimin.
Now to the readings!
Tumblr media
Pile A
You: 3 of Pentacles. Jimin is your muse, he just inspires you. Creative expression is very important to you and you are in Jimin an equal partner that enriches your creative life. Artistic partnership is at the center of your life and Jimin cooperates with you on this past of your life.
Jimin: 9 of Cups. Jimin has all the cups! LOL. He just had everything you need and in turn you are everything he wants and needs. There's an abundance of emotions in Jimin's heart, he feels everything and is open to connect with you in a deeper level. Jimin is your wish that came true. When you were lovely he came into your life and filled it with joy, laughter and warm love.
What helps your relationship. 5 of Cups. You've both learned the painful lesson of loss and now find in each other a way to heal your emotional wounds, you are both Rai to do the work in the relationship and with the wisdom from pay relationships you are now ready to build a happy healthy life together.
What hinders your relationship. Page of Swords. You are both ready to act first and think second and this impulsiveness can lead you to hurt eachother. Jimin's and your hot headed nature may arise fights, go back to the wisdom of lessons learned and remember your are both building a new healthy partnership.
The basis of the relationship. 3 of swords. There is still the deep wound of heartbreak living rent free in your hearts. Your relationship with Jimin is based on the desire to heal from past heartbreaks and since both of you are willing you will find in each other the soft warm love that will cute your hearts of the emotional wounds from the past.
Tumblr media
Pile B
You: 4 of Pentacles. You feel very lucky to have Jimin and you know what a treasure of a man he is, that's why you are always afraid of loosing him, be careful not to hold on to tight. You have a need for control which sometimes may get in the way of you being more spontaneous. Relax and enjoy the treasure that is Jimin and his place in your life.
Jimin: Temperance XIV Jimin is the angel of balance that brings a more leveled mind to the relationship. Jimin is naturally inclined to cooperation so you can mean on him instead of trying to control everything. He's a very centered being and you feel grounded around him. His stability makes you feel safe.
What helps in the relationship: Page of swords. Jimin's spontaneity makes him open to impulsive actions in order to get you out of your obsession for control. This brings great balance in the relationship because he allows you to have more fun and loosen up, and in turn you bring your mental power and structure to the basic stuff of everyday life.
What hinders the relationship: 7 of wands. You and Jimin are both prone to overwork which results in having less time to spend together and work on building a strong relationship. You need to work in your need for control that makes you overwork yourself to the bone and Jimin needs to work on his perfectionism that makes him immerse in this work and spend less time with you.
Beats of the relationship. The Star XVII Look at the stars for some inspiration. Your relationship is based in the inner light that's burning inside you both, your hope and child like wonder approach to life makes you both enjoy greatly the time you spend together. Jimin will drag you to his adventures and you'll follow more than willing because when you are with him you feel the freedom from control knowing that all is well as long as you are with him, your personal morning Star.
Tumblr media
Pile C
You: the hanged man XII. You are a person who looks at live from a different perspective. You shy away from conventionalities and are always trying to find a creative solution for any problem that may rise. Some think outside the box, you take it farther reinterpreting the box itself. All this gives you a lot of freedom and makes you very appealing to people. You are definitely a charmer, someone everyone wants to meet and be with.
Jimin: 2 of wands. Jimin is a planner. He likes to make decisions based on a view of the big picture. More than that, Jimin address a future with you. He can't help but plan y life together because he knows in his bones that you're both destined to be together. Everything about you makes him want to build a life with you, your are definitely his present and future and he had no doubt about that.
What helps your relationship: 7 of Pentacles. This is a very down to earth long term serious relationship, you are not just filling around, you both have done the internal work and are now seeing the fruits in you maturity and deeper bond, this is no ordinary casual relationship, you are both in it for the long run and the fact that you're both in the same page about this is what helps more your relationship.
What hinders the relationship: Knight of Cups.
Both you and Jimin are very emotional people, you wear your heart in your sleeves and that makes you vulnerable to getting hurt. Even the wing word at the weekend time can trigger an emotional response that can hurt you both for days to come. You need to keep in this is mind and avoid rash decisions and emotional discussions, instead take some time away from each other to process internally your own emotion before bringing the issue up to the other person.
The basis of the relationship: the lovers VI. At the end of the day you choose each other to walk hand in hand on this Life. You are each other's destiny, and soulmates. Nothing and no one can ever separate you for your are a match made in heaven.
Tumblr media
Hoped you liked your pile and thank you for dreaming with me through these readings! Feedback is always welcome so please drop a comment and let me know what you think! Many blessings and purple love to all of you lovelies!
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wakeupfreanz · 7 months ago
BTS in the middle of 2022
BTS aka 방탄서년단
Tumblr media
Pile 1: 6oC, Hermit, World
Pile 2: 2oW, Tower, Judgement
Pile 3: HM, 10oP, 6oC, HP
Overall: AoW, 10oS
Boy, BTS has a whole lot going on lol, let's unpack. So in the beginning of this portion of the year, you might suddenly see one or some of the members making reference to if not sharing old memories and being really reflective. For example, I could even see Yoongi getting on live like he does a bit rarely and shows a more sentimental side to the public. During this beginning period they may do some traveling or take advantage of some great opportunity. It seems like they're going to be doing another bit collab with a kingpin company in relation to entertainment, but tangible entertainment. It could be some shit like having their music put into a well known franchise or having some sort of bts dlc style thing for something.
In the middle portion, be concerned tbh. It's highly likely that someone else might be getting sick. But nothing deadly it feels. There is the potential for two shitty things to happen. A member who has been very vigilant in their self protection may fall sick and a member or someone in their vicinity may get into some sort of accident and have a bodily injury. I'd go as far to say like a broken leg or fracture that's going to knock them out. Not like the universe is punishing the group, but they may have received warning through signs to stop production on something or slow the hell down, and what comes to pass is not going to be lovely. This portion is likely to be full of unpleasant issues rather than meaningless inconvenience. Like some weird energy is going to be fucking around them during this time.
In the final portion of this time period, they might finally really that they need to sit down and actually chill out or they're going to have to suffer a few more gut/sucker punches. Around this time, they might call back to their older practices and get back to mild content updates like photos/videos and kind of hide themselves away/slow down the kind of work they're doing. If we were to get some sort of or a teaser of a little throwback compilation, not a full documentary maybe, I wouldn't be surprised.
This year is going to be feeling weirdly bittersweet and punchy for them. It's going to be humbling in terms of bringing some if not all of the members back into remembering and readdressing who they were/who they left behind in the beginning of their career. Possibly Namjoon and Taehyung could be feeling something emotional like this. It has lower potential to be a group affair, but if so, all of them are being made to undergo some emotional release that can no longer be delayed. It's occurrence is crucial for them to be able to progress in their life, regardless of disbandment or enlistment.
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