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drabbles-mc · a month ago
Rinsing Off
Jax Teller x F!Reader
Inspired by Day 31 of the August Prompts: water park
Warnings: 18+, smut, language
Word Count: 2.6k
A/N: I don’t usually get like this about Jax but here we are. Ending the August Prompts marathon with a bang! I like to think that this is a good balance of steamy and sweet. Hope y’all enjoy, and thank you for joining me on the ride of getting a fic out every day! The fact that I only missed one day and ended up catching up almost immediately had me impressed with myself lmao
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Tumblr media
The car ride home had been almost completely silent. Jax had the radio on, but made sure to keep the volume extremely low so as to not wake the two boys who were passed out in their car seats in the back. Truth be told, you were on the brink of falling asleep yourself. If it had been a little later, the sky a little darker, Jax would’ve been the only one in the car who was awake after the busy day the four of you had had.
You were on the brink of letting your eyes drift shut when you felt Jax’s hand land on your thigh. You hummed in contentment at the feeling of his finger tracing back and forth along the exposed skin of your leg. Jax chuckled, eyes still fixed on the road as he shook his head at you.
“What’re you laughin’ about over there?” you turned and looked at him, still leaned against the headrest behind you.
“Nothin’, babe,” he still had a hint of laughter in his voice.
“That’s not convincing,” you chuckled as you reached and rested your hand on his shoulder.
He looked over at you for a moment, smiling before returning his attention to the road, “It’s just funny, y’know?”
“What is?”
The smile on his face grew, “You used to be up all night partying and still go to work the next day. Now? One day out with the boys and you’re about to be asleep before nine.”
You chuckled, giving his shoulder a squeeze, “Yea, but partying wasn’t nearly as tiring as chasing those two around all day.”
“Water park was your idea, remember.”
You laughed, shaking your head, “Yea, I know. Must’ve forgotten how old I am now. Old lady is more than just a title these days.”
He shook his head at you, rolling his eyes, “Stop, don’t do that.”
You laughed softly before the two of you fell silent again, letting the static-riddled radio station filter classic rock through the speakers. You were a little more awake now, but not much. You shifted around, propping your feet up on the dash and purposely ignoring Jax’s scoff at the action. No matter how many times you did it, and reminded him that even if he was driving it was still your car and you could put your feet up on the dash if you pleased.
Before you knew it, Jax was rolling into the driveway at the house. Undoing your seatbelt, you looked over your shoulder at the boys again, their heads lolled off to the side as they slept. You smiled before diverting your gaze to Jax, who was already looking at you.
“Wanna carry me in after you carry them in?” you asked with a laugh.
“C’mon,” he pushed the door open with the ball of his foot, “let’s get all three of you party animals inside.”
Jax got Abel out of his car seat while you carried Thomas inside. It took no real effort at all to get the two of them to bed. Thomas stayed asleep the entire time you changed him into his pajamas, and Abel woke up for a minute or so to shimmy into his dinosaur pj’s but then he was out like a light again as soon as his head hit the pillow. Jax was pulling the blanket back up over him and the little boy’s eyes were already shut.
Jax kissed the top of his head, ruffling his hair lightly before stepping back and heading for the door, smiling when he saw you lingering in the doorway waiting for him. The light from the hallway almost turned you into a silhouette, but he could still see the smile on your face.
“Thomas all set?” he draped his arm around you as he pulled the door shut with his other hand.
You nodded, leaning into him, “Yea, didn’t even wake up at all. I think he’s gonna sleep right through till morning.”
“He’s not the only one,” you could hear the smile in his voice as he kissed your temple, “You ready for bed?”
As much as you wanted to say yes, you shook your head, “I gotta shower, Jax. I can’t sleep smelling like chlorine.”
He nodded, “I get it.”
The two of you continued down the hall. When you got to the doorway of your bedroom, you thought that Jax was going to veer off and head right to bed, but he stayed right with you. You laughed quietly as he pulled you so that you were walking in front of him, his chest pressed up against your back as he snaked his arms around your waist. You fought the urge to raise your shoulders as he peppered the side of your neck with kisses, his facial hair tickling the sensitive skin there. You could feel the vibration of his laughter against you, and you wished that you could just completely melt back into him.
You shut the bathroom door almost all the way before walking over and turning the water on. Steam instantly started to fog up the glass panels encasing the shower, and even though you weren’t even under the showerhead yet, you already felt better.
Turning around, you saw Jax was already stripped down to his boxers, sliding the rings off his fingers to discard on the sink counter, all of them except one. You smiled as you instinctively traced your thumb along the inside of your wedding band. Shaking your head at yourself, you started peeling over your clothes as well, starting with your shirt.
You reached back to undo the tie on the neck of your bikini, but before you could, Jax was already working to undo the knot. You smiled, allowing him to undo both that knot, and the one at the center of your back, causing the top to fall to the ground.
He stepped in closer to you, reaching around to undo the button and zipper of your shorts, and you couldn’t help but to laugh, “I can do this part myself, you know.”
“You’re the one who said you were tired,” you could hear the smirk in his voice as he kissed your bare shoulder, “I’m just tryin’ to help.”
You laughed and rolled your eyes even though he couldn’t see it, “Such a gentleman.”
Both your sets of clothes were in a pile on the floor as you finally stepped underneath the stream of water coming from the showerhead. You shut your eyes, letting it wash over you, your muscles instantly relaxing at the end of a good, but still long and tiring, day. You ran your hands over your face and back over your head, fingers raking lightly along your scalp.
A few seconds later, you felt Jax’s hands rest on your shoulders, and you immediately let out a hum of approval as you leaned back against him. His thumbs massaged little circles into your muscles and you were almost convinced that you were going to turn to jello and wash down the drain with the hot water.
Sliding his hands down so that they were resting on your hips, he kissed your shoulder, “I love you.”
You turned around to face him, water running down your back and his chest before pulling yourself up against him. You kissed him on the lips, “I love you too.”
Unable to fight the urge, you reached up and ran your fingers through his now-dripping hair, slicking it back out of his face. You repeated the motion a few times, smiling at the way his eyes shut as he soaked up the tender gesture. You couldn’t stop yourself from kissing him again, hands sliding down so that you were cupping his face.
He smiled against your lips, wrapping his arms tighter around you as his lips worked against yours. His hands slid down from your hips onto your ass, squeezing you as he carefully moved you so that you were pinned between him and the cool glass panel of the shower. The hot water continued to trickle down each of your bodies, the original reason for the shower becoming an afterthought as he hiked your legs up around his waist, wasting no time as he easily slid into you.
You moaned quietly into his mouth at the sensation, gripping onto his shoulders, nails leaving crescent-shaped indents in his skin. His tongue slipped into your mouth, gliding over and under yours as he set a slow, almost gentle pace. If he hadn’t kept you pinned so snug between him and the glass, you knew that you would’ve crumpled right to the floor from the pleasure of it all.
He pulled his lips away from yours, latching them onto your neck right in the space where it met your shoulder, sucking just hard enough to leave a mark. One of your hands stayed braced against his shoulder, the other finding its way to the back of his head, not wanting to give up on all the sensations he was pulling from you.
The soft grunts that fell from his lips were like music to your ears. His grip on you was tight, strong, but not brutal the way that it sometimes got. No matter what, you could always feel how much he loved you, but moments like that, when he was almost loving you softly, it always felt like the two of you were on an entirely different level.
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you buried yourself against him as you gasped, each long, slow stroke bringing you closer to the edge. Jax could feel it, too. He huffed out something reminiscent of a laugh as he kissed your shoulder, prompting you to pull your face from the crook of his neck so you could look at him. Water was dripping off the ends of his eyelashes and onto his face, and that was the visual that was burned into your brain as he leaned in, pressing a searing kiss against your lips as his pace picked up.
You moaned softly, his name falling from your lips as he sent you over the edge. You did your best to cling to him through your high, your nails clawing at his back. Even with his lips pressed against yours, you felt him suck in a gasp as his hips stuttered. The quiet curses that he mumbled against your skin as he came inside you got your lips to curl into a smile. Then it was his turn to fight to catch his breath and keep his balance.
He leaned against you, not only keeping you braced between him and the shower wall, but also giving him something to lean into to keep his balance. You knew it, too, and you couldn’t help but to laugh as you kissed him softly on the lips.
You traced your fingers down the side of his face, “I love you.”
He smiled, resting his forehead against yours, “I love you too.”
He slid his hands so that they were braced against the backs of your thighs. He carefully pulled back sliding out of you before letting your feet drop back to the floor. He kept a tight hold on your waist, making sure that your legs weren’t going to give out on you. Even though your forehead was resting against his shoulder, you could still sense the smirk that was on his face.
“Yea, babe?” he kissed the side of your head.
“I still need to wash all the chlorine off,” you chuckled.
He laughed, pulling away from you so that he could grab the bottle of body wash, “C’mon, then, we’ll do what you came here for.”
“Now that we did what you came here for?” you joked.
He shot you a wink as he handed the bottle over to you, “Exactly.”
You playfully rolled your eyes at him but you did set about scrubbing yourself down and washing the pool water and chemicals out of your hair. You knew it was an exaggeration, but you could’ve sworn that you felt it all glide down off your body with the soap suds. Jax did the same, each of you taking turns rinsing off underneath the stream of water. Neither of you said much, just sharing little looks and laughs and light touches as you maneuvered around each other with the ease and comfort of two people who had done this song and dance countless times before.
Every now and then his hands would stray a little too low, and you knew that if you hadn’t been so tired from the day, he might’ve gotten a little more out of you. He knew it, too, which was why he laughed when you playfully swatted his hands away.
When you were both done, you reached and shut the water off. Jax pushed the shower door open, steam immediately spilling out of the small enclosed space into the expanse of the bathroom. Reaching out, you grabbed towels for each of you before stepping out to give yourself some room to dry off without accidentally smacking him in the face with the towel.
You were just finishing tying the towel around you like the world’s shortest dress when Jax lifted you up off the ground. You yelped, trying to tone it back down into quiet laughter so you wouldn’t wake the boys who were asleep just down the hall. Jax laughed, kissing you on the lips as he pushed the bathroom door all the way open and started making his way towards your bedroom, towel wrapped low on his hips.
“What?” he smirked at you, “You’re the one who was asking if I could carry you.”
You rolled your eyes, smiling, “That’s true.”
Walking into the room, he gently set you down on the edge of the bed. Leaning down, he kissed you slowly, softly on the lips, one hand cupping the side of your face. You leaned into him, bringing one hand to rest over his while the other drifted down to his waist. Before he could try and stop you, you tugged the towel, making it pool into a pile of fabric at his feet. Pulling out of the kiss both of you broke into quiet laughter.
“You’re somethin’ else,” he shook his head as he went and grabbed a pair of boxers from his dresser.
“But you love me,” you said grabbing the shirt you’d slept in the night before from the foot of the bed.
“Yea,” he conceded with a grin as he walked back over, grabbing your towel so he could hang them both on the hooks on the back of the door, “I do.”
You watched him as you crawled over to your side of the bed, shimmying down underneath the covers. He turned back around to you, a soft smile on his face as he turned the lights off and made his way towards the bed, crawling in beside you.
You got as close as you could to him, letting your legs entwine with his as he rested his hand on your waist, slipping it underneath the oversized shirt that you always slept in. Your heads each rested on your own pillows, but barely, your noses brushing against each other’s. Even though it was dark, you could still make out the smile on his face.
“You know,” your voice was a whisper, “being in bed before ten really isn’t that bad.”
He chuckled, “No?”
“No,” you trailed your fingers through his short beard, “Might not be able to party like I used to,” you gave him a soft peck on the lips, “but I think I like this a whole lot more.”
“Yea,” he kissed you again, “me too.”
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August Prompts 🍋
Word prompts to use for doodling or writing
garden party
swimming pool
spicy food
palm tree
string lights
homemade lemonade
polaroid photos
childhood friends
summer reading
water park
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nocturna-iv · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
August Prompts
Word prompts to use.
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lavenderotpprompts · a year ago
August OTP prompt challenge
1. Rainstorm
2. Boat
3. Fire pit
4. A handmade gift
5. Second date
6. Crying
7. Picnic and an outdoor movie
8. Food truck
9. Sprinkler
10. Hot cup of tea
11. Late night
12. Baking
13. Good luck
14. Night under the stars
15. “Umm…What is that?”
16. Poetry
17. Wind chimes
18. The ocean
19. Embarrassment
20. Important announcement
21. Milkshake
22. Sidewalk chalk
23. Distracted
24. Fight
25. Oversized hoodie
26. Rooftop
27. Dried flowers
28. Cinnamon
29. Soft kisses
30. Sunrise
31. First time holding hands
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ix. saltwater skin - 8.9.22 @nosebleedclub
These mountains are older than bones. You have to go back over four hundred and fifty million years before you find a deep time when they were underwater. Even then, the ridges were still there, beneath the surface. They remember being the rocky shoreline, remember an ocean that gave birth to the Atlantic. They remember the first fish, that saltwater flash of light through the waves, darting and seeking and learning how to dream. Now they sit far from the sea, swayback beneath the weight of their age beneath the sky, but they have not forgotten. They are water hags, leaving their mark and moniker on their unchanging children and kin—fish and stone and the dreams that hold you down in the deep of night. Water is a powerful magic and they call it back in downpours to remember when they were a great spine of stone splitting the seas.
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blackrosesandwhump · a month ago
August "A" Whump Tropes
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heart-songs · a month ago
ix. saltwater skin
We were there. Together. You, a sacred beauty, fresh from the sea, all damp messy hair and sun-kissed saltwater skin, with those ocean blue eyes and high hopes and big dreams. And me, in awe – of your brilliance, of the peace we found in that place and the honeyed taste of you still clinging to my lips, of the boundless expanse of time that stretched before us, just waiting to be filled with our love in all its shapes and forms, of everything you inspired in me with the weight of your stare and the sound of your voice and the touch of your hands.
Now, we are here. Together…but apart. Me, in unholy disarray, all wild waves and grief-stained cheeks, my saltwater skin the byproduct of tears. With shaking hands, I flail… searching for something to hold on to, befuddled by a heart that fails to grasp the reason your icy blue gaze refuses to meet mine. You take your high hopes and your big dreams with you when you go, leave me stunned – by the cruelty of your indifference, by the bleakness of this place I had so openly loved, by the bitter taste of heartbreak and the hollow tick of time, by everything that died inside me when you said, I think it’s over.
August prompt @nosebleedclub
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curlyy-hair-dont-care · a year ago
"And would you like whipped cream with that?"
"Yes." His eyes lit up.
"Name please?"
"Draco," he replied and proceeded to spell it out. "That's D-R-A-C-O. D for... Dragon; R for Ravenc- Raven; A for Alpha; C for Cup and O for... Obliviate?" he finished lamely.
"Drinks ready for Diego," the barista called out.
Draco clenched his teeth as Harry shook with laughter.
"It's like they purposely do this!" Draco huffed and went to collect their coffees.
August Prompt #3 - @drarrymicrofic | Prompt: Alpha
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alysiswriting · a month ago
Tumblr media
David Rose is staring at the man on the park bench. He can't help it, the man is beautiful. And David has to take his photograph, if he can just work up the courage to ask.
A fic inspired by one my August prompts - falling. I love how these soft boys find each other in every universe. My WIP from Wednesday is complete!
Read it here.
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renee-writer · a year ago
Tumblr media
For the August prompt, endurance
I have learned patience from trials,
hope from answered prayers.
I have learned to leave tomorrow in the past,
and that the future is out of my hands.
That the present is a present.
Did I always live this way?
There was I time when endurance was just a word.
When patience was impossible,
prayers were said by rote, without faith.
The future was filled with insecurities.
It takes a lot to rise.
To rise from the type of pain that comes from betrayal.
It isn’t fixed in a day, a week, a month, a year.
A decade.
But slowly, as I realized prayers were answered,
that hope was real, that healing was possible,
that the future could be better then the past.
When I understood that,
I found the endurance that had always been there,
to rise,
to hope,
to have faith,
to believe,
to plan for the future.
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rosalba-robi · a month ago
There's been Joel/Olli mood in fandom lately, so how about them and... let's say watermelon
"God, I've been craving for it the whole year!" Olli bites into the piece of watermelon and makes a sound that reminds moaning.
Joel is staring at him, bemused.
"You know watermelons can be bought all year round, right?" And they also sell them cut in neat cubes, eating which is not as messy as whatever Olli made of the kitchen counter.
"It's not the same, now is the season," protests Olli and takes another bite, and another. Juice runs down his chin, pink pulp frames his mouth like a matte lipstick, and this is... quite a look if Joel can say.
"If it's as tasty as you make it sound, I must try some too," decides Joel. Maybe he doesn't mind messy after all.
"Great! That piece must be–" Olli picks a bright-red one but falls silent as Joel's face suddenly appears too close to his own.
"I think I found the sweetest part," says Joel and connects their lips.
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drabbles-mc · a month ago
Feeling Brave
JJ Maybank x F!Reader
Inspired by Day 27 of the August Prompts: surfboard
Warnings: language, smoking/drinking
Word Count: 1.9k
A/N: The JJ Maybank Brain Rot continues. Hope y’all enjoy some pining!
Outer Banks Taglist: @garbinge​​ (If you want to be added to any of my taglists, please let me know!)
Tumblr media
“Ah,” you winced, fingers wrapping tighter around the pillow that was resting beneath your chin as you laid on your stomach on the couch, “You sure you’re doing this right?”
JJ looked over at you, and even though you couldn’t see him, you could easily picture the face that he was making just from the fact that all of his movements ceased, “Were you under the impression that this was going to feel good?”
You chuckled, propping yourself up enough so that you could turn around and see him, focus still etched into his features as your legs laid draped across his lap, “No, but I am starting to wonder if you know what you’re doing like you said you did. You sure you’ve done this before?” you cocked an eyebrow.
He rolled his eyes, trying his hardest not to take the bait, “You know better than anyone that I have.”
You chuckled, trying your hardest to make sure that your leg didn’t twitch, “Yea, because I had to clean up the mess afterwards.”
“There wasn’t a mess,” he huffed as he readjusted your legs, “Now hold still—I’m almost done.”
You sighed dramatically as your chin fell back onto the pillow. You let your eyes shut, not having much else to do since it wasn’t like you could look at him and talk to him. You felt so restless and you hadn’t even been lying still for that long.
JJ was working overtime trying to make sure that he focused just on the task at hand. You’d been after him for weeks about giving you a tattoo—after all, he’d given himself plenty. You also knew that he’d given John B at least one before because you stopped by the chateau one day and saw them in the middle of it. They both probably weren’t sober enough to be making decisions like that, but it was too late to stop them so you simply just encouraged them.
He still hesitated when you’d asked him, though. It wasn’t like you were asking for anything crazy—just a little surfboard and wave along the bottom of your calf. You knew that it wasn’t like JJ had an actual tattoo machine, or that he was anywhere close to being a legitimate tattoo artist, but this you felt like you could trust him with. Problem was, he didn’t exactly trust himself. Not that he wanted to tell you that. After a good amount of pestering and puppy-dog eyes, though, he caved. And now here you were, sprawled across his lap as he tried to meticulously create what you wanted while also not getting distracted by the fact that you were, in fact, sprawled across his lap.
Every now and then his hand would grip your leg a little tighter as he moved you, or tried to get you to keep still, and it always made you tense up just the slightest bit. You wondered if he noticed, and if he did notice, you wonder if he just thought it was because of the current situation, not actually just because of the fact that he was touching you.
Lucky for you, he didn’t have too much time to think about your reactions to him touching you, because he was too busy worrying about his reactions to him touching you. The two of you had always been close, comfortable. It wasn’t like you never hugged or found yourselves in the same hammock or sandwiched together at bonfires. But this was different. He knew that. Part of him wanted to get it over with so he didn’t have to be overthinking anymore, but the other part of him wanted to drag this out for as long as possible.
Clearing his throat, he carefully wiped at the space along the bottom of your calf muscle, “Alright. Damage is done.”
You chuckled as you propped yourself up again, bending your leg in an attempt to check out his work, “I wanna see.”
He chuckled, gently wrapping his hand around your leg and pulling it back down again as his other hand reached into his pocket for his phone, “I’ll take a picture for you. Hold still.”
“Now that you’re not jamming a needle into me anymore, that should be easy.”
He laughed as he opened the camera, “What did you think I was gonna to do give you the tattoo? Draw it on there with a sharpie?”
“Is that an option?”
“No,” he said with a laugh as his hands rested against the backs of your calves.
You waited for a moment, both of you just silently looking at each other, “JJ?”
His eyes widened slightly, heart beating a little faster, “Yea?”
You paused, laughing softly, “Can I see the picture?”
“Oh,” he tried to play off his nerves, the blush in his cheeks undoing any attempt to seem cool, “yea. Right. Sorry,” he grabbed his phone.
You pulled your legs off of him, swinging them so that they were off the edge of the couch and you could sit up and scoot closer to him. You situated yourself right next to him, leaning so that you could rest your chin on his shoulder as he went to the photo. JJ felt the warmth soaking from your body into his and he tried not to think about it too much and get distracted from the very simple task of going into his phone’s picture gallery.
He tilted the phone in your direction when he got to the photo, and your face instantly lit up, “It looks so good!” you wrapped your arms around him, pinning his arms to his sides as you hugged him, “Thank you!”
He chuckled, letting his phone drop to his lap before moving his arms as best he could so that he could rest his hands on your forearms that were crossed over the front of him, “No problem.”
“When do I get to give you one?” you joked.
“Oh!” he laughed, “Never.”
You loosened your hold on him, still keeping yourself draped over his shoulders, “Not feeling brave enough for that?”
He smirked at you, trying to bite back another laugh, “I don’t think that brave is the right word.”
“Sounds like something someone who isn’t feeling brave would say.”
He chuckled, shaking his head, “I was brave enough to tattoo you, wasn’t I? Even though you kicked me in the chest.”
“I did not kick you. I twitched because you were stabbing directly into a nerve in my leg. Don’t be dramatic,” you laughed.
He playfully shrugged you off of him, laughing as he said, “I don’t need to sit here and take this.”
He stood up off the couch and was about to start walking away when you reached out and grabbed his hand. Before he even had the chance to turn around or try and say something in protest, you pulled him back down onto the couch with you, causing you both to tumble backwards.
You were laughing, trying to catch your breath when you realized the position you were in, how close to him you were. He was hovering over you as you laid on your back on the couch, close enough so that you could feel his breath against your skin as he tried to get his laughter and breathing under control as well. You could see it on his face the moment that he realized it too, how close he was to you. You felt the way his body tensed up for a moment as he tried to figure out his next move. His eyes flickered down to your lips for half of a second but you still clocked it, and you still held your breath in hopes that maybe he was actually going to make the first move.
But then he didn’t.
Clearing his throat, trying to ignore how his face felt like it was on fire, he carefully got up off the couch. Completely changing the subject, he pushed his hair back out of his face and said, “You hanging out for the fire later?”
Your heart sank, but you tried not to let it show on your face as you nodded, “Yea, I’ll be around.”
He smiled, but he couldn’t hide that he was just as disappointed in himself as you were, “Cool.”
The rest of the afternoon passed without incident. The rest of the crew came rolling into the chateau, talking about whatever they’d gotten up to that day. You didn’t mention JJ giving you the tattoo, and neither did he. You didn’t know why you kept it to yourself, but you did. Whatever feelings or tension existed between you and JJ before, now felt like it was multiplied ten-fold.
The fire was crackling, giving off the only light in the yard besides the dim string of lights that were somehow still functioning despite what they’d been through over the last few months. Everyone was sitting around the fire while you laid in the hammock, listening and laughing as Pope and John B bantered back and forth.
Your mind was wandering back to what had happened earlier in the day. It must’ve been more visible on your face than you thought because Kiara reached into the hammock and gave you a playful shove. When you snapped back to the conversation at hand, she held her joint out to you.
With nothing but an embarrassed smile and a nod, you took it from her, bringing it to your lips and inhaling deeply. After a few moments, you slowly exhaled a stream of smoke. You were about to bring it back for another hit when JJ reached over from the other side of the hammock and snatched it out of your hand.
“Mine,” he laughed as he set it between his lips. He saw the look on your face and held one of the two cans of beer out to you, “Trade?”
You rolled your eyes, taking the can, “Fine.”
Before you even knew what was happening, JJ hopped into the hammock with ease, laying on the opposite end so that your legs tangled in the middle. You laughed as he somehow managed to do all of this without dropping the joint or spilling his beer. But, if someone was going to be capable of that, it was JJ. For the first time all night the two of you really looked at each other, and it was silent between you for a moment before you both burst out laughing. He took another hit off the joint before passing it off to Kiara, who was looking back and forth between the two of you curiously but didn’t say anything.
Even though the two of you weren’t saying anything to each other, neither of you were paying attention to the conversation that was going on next to you either. You bit lightly at your bottom lip as you watched JJ at the other end of the hammock, the way that the light and shadows cast from the fire danced across his face and the smirk he was wearing. You raised your eyebrows, silently asking him what the look was for, and he simply just shook his head at you.
You rolled your eyes, taking a sip from the can in your hand. You were caught off-guard when you felt JJ’s fingers wrap gently around your ankle. He carefully shifted your legs so that one was bent slightly at the knee. You wondered why he was doing it, but then you felt the pad of his thumb softly running over where your new tattoo was, a satisfied smile on his face as his fingertips grazed over the slightly-raised skin. You let out a soft laugh as you reached, letting your hand rest on his shin, your own fingers tracing along his leg too, both of you wondering when the other was going to be brave enough to do something about all of it.
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August Prompts
i. names ii. scooters iii. ex iv. festival / county fair v. succession vi. internal screaming vii. cocoa viii. hens ix. polo x. bible verse xi. actors xii. masked xiii. railway xiv. brook xv. open up xvi. abbey xvii. venetian xviii. whole milk xix. on the tip of one’s tongue xx. folio xxi. angry children xxii. sturgeon moon xxiii. late summer confession xxiv. dauphin xxv. exploit xxvi. romanticized colonialism xxvii. cumulonimbus xxviii. what we learned this year xxix. do you still love them xxx. porpoise xxxi. darker days
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Repeat For Best Results
Why am I cursed?
I do this to myself every time
Feel too much, think too much
Timing off so far the clock is broke
Can't help it really
When something comes along
And touches me like this
I get a flash flood of emotions
And part of my heart runs away
I never get these pieces back
And if I did they wouldn't work
I give what I give freely
And I'd do it all over again
Even knowing the pain it brings
It can suck being a dreamer
Believing in fantasies
Believing there could actually be someone
Out there, someone who fits me
Like a comfy blanket
On a chilly day
Wrap up in it on the couch
But I sit here broken and naked
Chilled to the bone in loneliness
Frozen pieces of my heart
Breaking off and clotting my brain
I will forever be in love
I will forever be in pain
Aren't they both the same thing?
August Prompts - “flash flood”
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aestronautics · 2 months ago
after hours i've been thinking, 'bout the real-life monster that rose deadly in the doorway of our old house, the white one out by the vineyard now abandoned and left a feast for the heat of the day, and the green sky. remember when we lived there? and nothing ever reached us.
we don't talk much of that place or the places we've never been. the book of redacted names, still tender on our tongues. we feel them sticky like saltwater skin, hear them like a strings of a siren song. falling cries, a flash-flood of meteors, all of our dead-end memories hitting water and fizzling out. there are no fires in these nights anymore. the flames we left behind, for this new life on the sleeve of the riverbank, slithering belly-to-the-ground, hidden safe among cattails.
but i've been thinking, what if we go back? follow the swallowtails over the barbed fence, into the deep field, Derecho! we go to her, our mother-house, and maybe we'll see it, the monster shadowed in the doorway, looming large, a mountain unmatched and this time, this time, we bite back. and this time, this time we kill it.
and the house will be ours once more.
ALL 30 AUGUST PROMPTS (or adaptions of them) in one @nosebleedclub​
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vi. deep field - 8.6.22 @nosebleedclub
This is for the lost. For those that set out and whose radio signal only sends back static. (If you listen hard, will you hear something like a whisper on the other side?) For those who trusted their compasses would always tell them the truth. (If you stand real still, will you feel like someone is looking right over your shoulder?) For those convinced their map would last. (If you search, will you find torn shreds of paper with the edges charred?) For those who thought they were alone. (If you stare deep into the grasses, will you see what stares back?)
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Fandom: Helluva Boss (Web Series) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Relationships: Blitzo/Stolas Goetia Summary:
It took Stolas one step in Blitzo's direction to fall in love. It was fast, it was innocent, and it was intense.
Blitzo missed the number of steps he had to take to realize that he was running away from what he felt for Stolas. It was hard, it was deadly, and it was terrifying.
August Prompts
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