#At least it was all edible
wilds-ponytail · 11 months ago
Wild: Change is inedible
Hyrule: Don’t you mean inevitable?
Wild, spitting out a rupee: Nope
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battywitch · a month ago
✌️ I'm gonna go make myself a special birthday treat now that it's officially my birthday
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emotionalsupportvape · 24 days ago
idk if it is just the 200mg edible, bong hits, vodka, caffeine pills, or hydros but maybe things WILL be okay??
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nsfwitchy · 29 days ago
You want headcanons?
I give you: neither of the twins (gotham) have their drivers license.
Jerome has drank bleach more then once
Oswald’s hair isn’t actually like that, he just uses so much hair gel. He spends like thousands of dollars on it
Jim doesn’t know what a tampon is
Selina bites her nails
Edward likes to wear dresses
He also wears heels
I know these are like, entirely random headcanons. But the Jerome bleach one is truly getting me exclusively because the way I got into metalocalypse was through @kasyn sending me the bleach scene and going, “This is the J squad”. So all I can think of while reading it is just:
Tumblr media
I do fully second the twins never having their drivers license though, because why would they??? Jerome is not a law abiding man and never has been, and Jeremiah lives underground and has a sexy woman who runs errands for him. They have no reason to have a drivers license.
Also do some of y’all.. think Oswald’s hair is? Just like that??? Do some of you think he DOESNT use hair gel and his hair is just LIKE THAT???? Because I have never once had that thought. He’s not magic he’s just. Some guy. Sorry I’m just baffled by the idea that some of you thought he just popped out of the womb with hair like that- He is not Beyoncé, he did not wake up like that.
IIIIIII. Feel like Jim WOULD know what a tampon is, but I do not feel like he would know how to use one. Like he is a grown man, and while he’s kind of a himbo he’s not like. So stupid that he wouldn’t know what a tampon is. This implies Lee is out here dating a man who doesn’t know what a tampon is and that’s a disservice to Lee. However does Jim know how a tampon WORKS??? Probably not lmao.
Somehow Selina biting her nails makes so much sense but my brain cannot comprehend it because I want her to have sexy cat claws.
Also I have. Very few opinions on Ed so I have very little to contribute to that last one. But he did dress in drag for Zsasz once in canon, and I will never say no to a man in a dress and heels. I know what I’m about, son.
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rachi-roo · a year ago
Tumblr media
No need to thank me ❤️👌
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neon-rope · 23 days ago
I love when I write a really long thing that’s extremely hard to articulate and pour my heart out and tumblr glitches and deletes the whole fucking thing
#now I’m crying for a different reason 😞#ughhh I’m so frustrated#I just wanted some very specific validation and reassurance but I don’t have it in me to attempt to write that a second time 😓#i guess I need to just stick to the notes app and stop seeking external validation in the first place#because I feel wholly inadequate to articulate what it is I even want to hear#I guess I know what my main insecurity is and writing some long convoluted thing to avoid just acknowledging my fear is illogical#but I’m too anxious and self conscious to admit to it now#i just have some vague sense of what I want to be told#it’s stupid I feel self conscious about the whole endeavor now#I’ll just table this here cause it’s pointless and I feel burdensome for being needy lately#but tomorrow will be a good day at least#I’m possibly going to bake weed edibles with the bestie Aaron all day tomorrow#I’m really excited 🥺 he’s been an absolute angel to me I missed him so much#I gave him some of that greek salad I made and he always compliments my food in the nicest way 🥰🥰#and the other day I was stoned and rambling at him and he is always such a good listener even when in#even when I’m literally high af and giving a Ted talk on random subjects a mike a minute#and then he reassures me he likes listening and that I’m smart & he learns things & that my random soapboxes are informative & valuable 🥺#I’m so happy I have y’all and him#he really is the best listener 🥺#and I love him so much
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lobotomylady · a month ago
It sucks that the only drugs that I can do besides weed (on a tbreak still) that don't interact w/my meds are alcohol (poison & makes me act fucking stupid), ketamine (FAVE but fucking impossible to get a reliable plug for it in this country), stims (hate em), benzos (absolutely fucking not) & opioids (will 100% kill me bc theyre all fent these days). I want molly I want 2cb I want shrooms I want acid I want dxm I want to try them all but I cant bc of my stupid ssri uggfh
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big-tees-and-short-skirts · 9 months ago
ughhhh okk guys drug mention here but i really need to know
am i a bitch for asking ppl to not smoke around me? i dont feel like i am, logically that seems like a perfectly fine request even if it may inconvience someone. but. ive got health problems and almost no health care out here. i was told when i signed up to be moved here with my accomodations and everything that i would be living in a smoke free environment. ofc i can report ppl for smoking weed but im not trying to narc on someone for doing drugs, but like!!! its fucking endangering my health.
ofc ppl dont care when you ask them not to do things bc it affects ur health. they just make fun of you for being sensitive and aaaaaa okay now im crying okay ok. can you tell i miss my therapist? or reasonable ppl? i dislike a lot of these entilited kids at this school! theyre fine when you talk to them, but then they whine when ppl tell them to stop having loud parties after midnight in a fucking dorm. or wonder why you dont just bring ur personal dirty dishes downstairs to the dining hall workers to clean when thats not their job.
ive had to deal with sleep loss and asthma flares and other nasty bullshit here and the RAs dont care, and equity/maintanance dont care about accomodations, and jsut dealing with the bullshit of being an overly sensitive creature with years of being ridiculed for being bothered by things I CANT CONTROL!!
i love being myself but i am so tired of this and needed acommodations and having a weak immune system. this is so stupid and it shouldnt be hard. i dont want to report them, bc that would be upgrading me from boring ass square to a snitch (i hate these things i hate it.), but no one listens here and i dont have any money to pay for my non existent health care. this is such bull shit.
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stonerz4sokka · a year ago
both katara and yue share incredible responsibilities as being the last pillars in their respective communities and, by extension, the last hope in surviving the war yet both of the specific roles they hold and how they wield their agency fundamentally differ from one another. in short, katara is a warrior. yue is a princess. katara refuses to back down from a confrontation and actively takes up as much space as possible. she’s fiercely aware of her worth and will make sure that everyone else is as well. yue, on the other hand, constantly sacrifices her own needs and to the point of it being detrimental to her personhood. now yue’s choices are largely informed by her father’s socio-political position as chief as well as the staunchly misogynistic environment that is the nwt whereas katara doesn’t face nearly as many obstacles as a result of her gender. spirit world yue though isn’t burdened with earthly responsibilities and is essentially free to do whatever she pleases for the first time in her life and a post-canon situation where her and katara are able to genuinely bond as sort-of sisters would be so transformative for the both of them, but especially for yue. of course, no one understands yue as well as sokka does and the profoundness of their relationship lies behind their ability to see one another for who they truly are, but yue could learn a lot about being assertive and setting boundaries and taking up space and luckily master katara inspired a generation of girls of color to do precisely that. who else is gonna show yue that she can be messy and mean and say “no” and have fun and enjoy being a kid?? 
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smugraccoon137 · 5 months ago
I tried making scotch eggs and God do they look so bad lol
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nitroish · a year ago
From best to worst how do you rate the link's cooking?
oh boy oh boy here we go
 wild  ;  resident cook? duh? we all know this one.
 twilight  ;  sometimes feeds the kids or at least Helps make food when Family Time(tm). he makes a mean fish fillet tho
 legend  ;  hes been living on his own since he was nine (kinda) so hes gotta fuckin feed himself SOMEHOW - also he learned so he could make ravio breakfast. sh tho dont tell anyone he can cook
 four  ;  same as legend? off on an adventure, needed at least some Basic Skills. the colours are all good at their own dishes n they r so fuckin different from eachother.
 time  ;  time isnt bad at cooking? hes is just clumsy. big tall man not aware of How Big And Tall He Is. also he has a blindside so... thats a bit of a disadvantage? just . clank. there it goes, knocked over.
 wind  ;  kind of? not really? the sea is weird. tons of fish around i guess. they had a lot of rations, prolly. stopped by islands to stock on fresh food.
 warriors  ;  war time rations and barracks food. he can totally cook! (takes takeout food out of box and puts it in serving dish) (heats up food) (makes sandwich)
 hyrule  ;  if he had good ingredients and some moral support he would not be bad at cooking. and some good ingredients that arent just old.
 sky  ;  he lived in the academy which Served Them Food. and he had continuous access to that throughout his adventure as well, so. learning to cook maybe was not on his priority list. 
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a-little-bit-poss · a year ago
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notpikaman · an hour ago
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theradicalace · 12 months ago
yknow, i have to wonder, what type of flower ARE the golden flowers in undertale? they look like buttercups, but the fact that “golden flower tea” exists means they cant be, or at least, they can’t ONLY be buttercups, because buttercups are toxic. i wonder if they might be a few different types of flowers together, and monsters just call them golden flowers as a catchall?
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why-bless-your-heart · a year ago
Me at 1:30 am: I should take up gardening.
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dontfeelwell · 10 months ago
Started adding protein to my diet cuz my hair drying and falling out was spooky. Gonna make sure to get between 30-50 grams per day from now on. I bought salmon, shrimp, cottage cheese, protein powder and some protein bars!
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humandisastersquad · a year ago
nnghfjkgh i hate that most foods that are high in fibre and protein are foods that i absolutely Cannot eat
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notpikaman · an hour ago
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