#Angel Tattoos For Shoulder
Elegant Angel Tattoos For Shoulder –  Fortunately, because there are so many cool shoulder tattoo ideas, guys have a number of unique tattoo designs and styles to choose from.
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aapnamohali · 2 years
Shoulder tattoos are one of the most popular Elegant Angel Tattoos For Shoulder ideas for men & women. Even though it doesn't appear that way, shoulders are actually small areas in which you can get a tattoo.
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bc-sideblog · 3 months
The Blind Channel fandom is a simple fandom: We see a nice pair of arms with pretty tattoos and slightly more skin than usual, we go ahdhsjdjasjakhs 😳👀🥺
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0fficelady · 9 months
Tumblr media
by dumok.tt
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b1nc4tt · 5 months
oh im getting another tattoo (or maybe a few??) next week ig??? but idk what im getting yet
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skatimememories · 2 years
Thick and wide. My favorite. 😍🤤🥴
Tumblr media
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rae-gar-targaryen · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
>> Frida makes Angel her insta-muse part 1/??
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it’s the third man (spn 6x03) and cas is back. and he’s accidentally revealed some important angel information. about souls. about claims. about dean.
cas says, when a claim is laid on a living soul, it leaves a mark, a brand. and dean does this thing. an almost imperceptable shift of his left arm. where up until a year ago, he had a handprint burned into his skin. cas’ hand print.
factor in cas’ recent comment about sharing a more profound bond with dean (as compared to sam) and we can interpret that to mean cas laid a claim to dean’s soul when he held him tight and raised him from perdition in lazarus rising (spn 4x01).
only, it seems as tho that claim is written on the soul. not on the body. which also means cas went a little overboard. gripped dean’s soul a bit too tight. left a mark on his physical self. because when dean winchester was saved, castiel angel of the lord wasl also saved—because he started to fall.
and it also means that the claim is still there. according to TPTB dean was healed of the handprint in swan song (spn 5x22) because it’s notably missing in later eps. but since it’s actually a soul mark. and a soul mark will tell you the name of angel who made the claim...
well then. cas wrote his name on dean’s soul.
probably in enochian. so even tho the handprint is gone, the claim isn’t. but also. what if the claim. the signature. is a handprint? soul’s are bright white orb-like lights. and maybe dean’s has a small blue spot of grace on his. in the shape of a hand. always facing to the left.
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veenxys · 19 days
「Intimate moments with BNHA Boys」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
kissing skin imperfections and calling them angel kisses. learning new things together. playing some sport like volleyball or basket just for fun (he takes it easy on you every time, he gets too distracted). arts and crafts dates where you make horrendous gifts for each other and for your mutual friends. endless inside jokes. gaming dates where you can only apologize for winning by kissing his pout away. being his biggest fan and admiring the way he blushes.
⤷ Deku
drawing fake tattoos on each other’s skin; playing a little game so that the other person can guess what the drawing is. being each other’s personal photographer, mostly candid and random pics. writing cute, cheesy letters and notes to you when he’s too embarrassed to say it. teaching him to cook. learning to play the guitar with his arms around your waist and his chin on your shoulder. kisses on your spots and blemishes and insecurities. grocery shopping together and rock paper scissors to decide who will ride on the cart.
⤷ Kirishima
showering together and helping each other wash their hair; and him getting a little pout when you ask him to hold your shampoo while you wet your hair. it’s singing softly in the kitchen only for the other to come in and start some off-key, funny karaoke. riding in a car at dusk while you eat french fries and listen to your favorite music while the wind ruffles your hair; he’s wearing sunglasses, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on your thigh as you lets the music flow with your voices. playing on the playground and having fun like kids. taking polaroid pictures and putting them in your wallet or cell phone cases or in random places around the house like next to your computer or next to your television.
⤷ Todoroki
doing wholesome dates at home together in comfortable silence while you listen to your relaxing playlist. sending and receiving music and videos that remind you of each other. memorizing each other’s favorite things and having a competition of who knows who best. stroking your hair gently to help you fall asleep. pouting and pretending to be upset when he can’t give you attention only for him to kiss and hug you. bright and passionate looks exchanged in the silence of the night or in the lull of the morning. kisses on your birthmark to help you love it.
⤷ Denki
knowing everything about each other, even hidden spots. hiding your coffee and giving it back just for a kiss. being his muse for anything. cheesy compliment and pickup line battles. cooking together, and laughing in the process but mumbling when you need to clean up the excessive mess you’ve made. taking classes together like; theatre, photography, crochet and unforgettable trips together. endless pda and being taken on all kinds of encounters
⤷ Tamaki
being his comfort whenever he needs to rest, vent or cry. him wearing your clothes and you wearing his. listening to each other’s opinions on the most diverse subjects when you don’t know what to say, but still want to hear each other’s voice. sleeping sharing headphones and listening to soft music. knowing what the other is feeling with just a look. accidentally completing each other’s sentences and smiling like children when this happens. falling more in love with each other every day, feeling completely happy and at home in each other’s arms.
⤷ Shinsou
being his best friend ever. sleepy love confessions when he loses his filter. making ramen together and praising him for being such a great chef. piggyback rides and overdramatic whines when you climb on. fixing his sleep schedule by bribing him with snuggles. being the only person he’ll be clingy with.
⤷ Hawks
slow dances that end up becoming rhythmless and happy in the kitchen, especially when he realizes you’re sad and he wants to try to cheer you up. being the only person who can see him cry. having him ask for kisses and hugs during the day. sloppy kisses on your cheeks, pouting as you wipe them. random stories from his past or even dreams he had and songs to help you sleep. listening to you ramble on about the things you love with a smile all the time.
⤷ Dabi
getting drunk together after a date; eating chips at dawn and laughing as if you had the world in your hands. his little smiles that mean the world to you. declarations of love whispered in the middle of the night after talking about dreams, fears, past and future. him trying his best to get you out of your comfort zone to live adventures with him; but still protecting you more than anything else in the world. being his comfort person. being everything he loves, feels or thinks. being his best friend and lover, his home and true and only love.
⤷ Shigaraki
being the only person he hugs or shows any kind of affection. working together to make him less hard on himself. doing your chores for you when you are tired. hearing about his passion projects and deeper emotions that he shares with no one else. saying “i love you” at random times but in subtle ways like; him making you breakfast, putting a blanket on your lap when it’s cold, buying you your favorite things, etc. getting to see the warm and beautiful side of him; his genuine smile and sincere look.
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munsonsins · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌕ CHARACTERS: ran, mikey, draken, sanzu, rindo.
cw: gn! reader, pet names (angel, baby, princess), kisses, clingy boys, fluff (^o^)/
note: I've no excuse expect the fact that I want soft moments with them
Tumblr media
☰ 𝐑𝐀𝐍 always wakes up early but he chooses to stay in bed, “you're starin'," You drawl when your eyes open to see him looking at you with a gaze filled with adoration, “am I now?” his large hand came up to move away the stray strands of hair falling on your face. Closing your eyes, you leaned into his warm touch, snuggling closer into his body, “mmm, you still are,” 
“hm, maybe I am.” he mused, thumb tracing your jawline, "it's 'cause you're beautiful.” he leaned forward, pressing his lips chastely against yours, “mhm! Ran!” you push at his shoulders, “not now! We both have morning breath bad 'nough to kill!” falling on his back on the mattress, ran laughed heartily as he stared up at the ceiling.
With your head resting on his bicep, you brought your hand up to his bare chest, fingertips tracing along the patterns of the tattoos, “shut up, dummy.” you whispered, “'m not wrong, it's a valid reason.” 
Another fit of chuckle bubbled up ran's chest, “yeah, sure.” soon his hand grabbed your chin, tilting your face up and pecking your cheek, “ah, I'm such a lucky bastard.” he breathed into your skin, “to wake up next to you every morning, god, I fuckin' love you, princess.” his words had your heart skipping beats. Grabbing his hand, you interlaced your fingers, “I love you even if you're a dumbass.” 
Tumblr media
☰ 𝐌𝐈𝐊𝐄𝐘 woke up to you shuffling around beside him. With a small groan, he threw his arm over your waist, “stop movin’," Hot breath tickled your neck as he grumbled, “g'morn,” you managed to get out after a long yawn, “morning.” he whispers back, eyes closed as he refused to let his sleep wear off so soon, “your hair looks like a birb's nest.”
pressing your nose against his, you whisper softly, “birb.” mikey smiles at that, opening his eyes to stare at you, “yours isn't any better, angel.” he tried to run his fingers through your tangled hair and chuckled when they got stuck in the tangles, “looks like we both got a bad case of bed hair, hm?”
you giggle, playing with the soft strands of his hair. Mikey hummed in response, tucking his head away in your chest and tightening his arms around you. If he had it his way, he'd stay in this moment forever. Just you and him, away from all the worries of the world. 
“we need to get up,” you reminded half heartedly, a soft smile tugging at the corners of your lips when he whined, looking up at you with a pout till you gave with a sigh, secretly grateful that he convinced you, “fine. a few more minutes,”
“I love you!” mikey chirped, eyes fluttering shut as he relished the fleeting moment.
Tumblr media
☰ 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐊𝐄𝐍 is usually up by dawn but you always insisted he stay with you in bed till you wake up. His fingers traced small circles on your skin softly, smiling wide when you stirred with a groan, “up already?” he pressed a soft kiss on the tip of your nose, “welcome to the world of living.” he snorted at his own words. 
“kennnn,” whining his name, you look up at him with a pout, “why are you up s'earlyyy,” chuckling at your reaction, draken shifted to turn on his side, facing you, “gotta do some work, baby.” a grin slips onto his face when you frown at his words, “work ugh,” your hands grab onto his wrist, tugging him closer, “stay.” 
“will be right back,” he tried to reason, biting back the laugh tickling in his lungs, “promise.” scowling, turn around, back to him now, “no!” bringing his hands around your torso, you cuddle up to his bigger frame, cheek pressed against the soft pillow, “c'mon, baby. I'll even make your favorite breakfast,” and then he'd usher you to go on a morning jog with him.
You shuddered at the thought of running right after waking up, “won't ask ya' to go jogging with me today, don't worry.” draken's chuckle warms up your heart, “just let me go n' I'll finish the work real quick,” you let go of his wrist with a sigh, “good morning, baby.” pressing a kiss to your forehead, he got up from the bed, “gonna come back to ya' soon.”
Tumblr media
☰ 𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐙𝐔 is a late riser. Even if you wake up early, you'd always find yourself tangled in his tight hold that you just can't seem to shake off, “haru,” you start groggily, “mhm?” his leg thrown over yours keeps you from turning around to get comfortable, “heavy,” you sputter, trying to shove away his knee but he only snuggles closer, “shh, jus' go back to sleep, princess.”
he groans without opening his eyes, pink hair sprawled across the pillow. You're actually jealous if you're being honest, why doesn't he have tangles, “gotta get up now,” as much as you hated it, you had classes to attend, “nuh,” his grip tightened on you, holding you still as you tried to squirm out of his hold,
“just skip class today.” his pretty lashes lifted to bare his beautiful blue eyes to you and you felt yourself melt, “would love to,” but you sat up, contradicting your words, “but I can't, sorry haru, I love you!” before you could get up, he grabbed your arm, reeling you back into the warmth of his bed and tempting you with his sweet whispers,
“then stay with me, princess. Fuck class.” twisting around, you kissed his lips, catching him off guard. As soon as his hand left your arm to cup your face, you pulled away, strutting towards the bathroom before whispering a small, “g'morning!” while your boyfriend sat there with a pout, “see ya' later, sleepy head, mwah!”
Tumblr media
☰ 𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐎 was greeted with the sight of you staring down at him, propped up on your elbow and resting your chin on your palm with a smile adorning your face, “good morn,” he rasped with a yawn, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes, “morning,” tilting your head to the side, you greeted, “sleep well, princess?” you teased, watching him grin lazily up at you,
“with you beside me? obviously.” you giggle at his cheesy response, “careful haitani, or I'd assume you're going soft for lil ol' me.” with a chuckle, his hand cupped your cheek, thumb stroking softly on your skin, “how long ya' been awake?” you hummed at his question, faking as if you were in deep thought, “about i-dont-know minutes.”
tugging you forward till your forehead rested on his, he whispered, “feelin' sassy right in the morning, huh?” pecking his lips shortly, you giggle, “and yet,” your finger drags down the tattoos on his chest, “you like that.” grabbing your waist in his large hands, he pulled you on top of him, “you're right, I love that shit.” raising his chin, he stole another kiss from your lips,
“cause I love you.” you gasp at that with a tone of tease, “how sappy of you to say that, rin.” his hands slipped up inside your shirt with a small chuckle, “say it back now,” fingers threatening to tickle, “aight! I love you, love you, rin—” he laughed at your rushed words, “I know you do.” you hit his chest lightly making him laugh even more, “jerk!”
Tumblr media
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starshapedkookie · 6 months
At the End of the Day
Tumblr media
summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for 8 years, going through absolute hell and back together. After senior year of high school, you and Jungkook began a tradition of taking annual vacations together during the summer months. This summer is no different, with you and Jungkook celebrating graduating college just a couple months prior. You're set to move to NYC after the summer, with you and Jungkook soaking in the sun and as many moments as you can together. You'd think nothing could ever tear your friendship apart with him, but when you've sat on the beach for too many days in a row watching him surf, you can't help but wonder - when did your best friend get so hot?
➢ pairing: jungkook x female reader
➢ genre: high school friends to lovers, ex-baseball player jungkook, beach/vacation au, fluff, smut, a little angst
➢ warnings: language, angst, use of edibles, drinking, graphic depictions of smut (fingering, fem. receiving oral, light choking, dom-ish(?) jungkook, protected sex, obscene use of term baby) also i know that in the little mood board i created, the girl is a teeny white girl & i don't want to alienate any of my poc readers at all - i just thought these pics fit the vibe so take them with a grain of salt 😊
➢ word count: 13.3 k
➢ mini playlist: at the end of the day by wallows, satellite, late night talking, carolina by harry styles, no angel by beyonce, ICE (we should do drugs) by labrinth, unusual you by britney spears
posting this in honor of BTS' 9th anniversary. i think i will be sad about their hiatus for the next few days, but i know amazing things are coming for them. bts has saved me more than anyone could imagine - and this story feels like a love letter to jungkook. i hope you all enjoy.
You’re secretly watching him through your sunglasses, bottom lip tucked between your teeth in your observation. The sun’s rays are hot and you should probably reapply your sunscreen, but you can’t budge in your chair. From this distance, he probably thinks your eyes are still focused on the open book in your lap but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
You’re not exactly sure when Jeon Jungkook became so sexy. It was definitely a slow burn of growth and puberty overtime, still shocked that your best friend of 8 years looked like this now. Muscles covering his body; leaned out and defined just enough. His hair cut immaculately after a few rough stints of trying to grow it long the last two years of college. Multiple piercings in his ears and you can’t even get started on the eyebrow and lip piercing he’s gotten in the last six months. Tattoos—god his fucking tattoos—covering the entirety of his right arm; shoulder to hand. The only thing that remained the same about him was his goofy personality and lame attempts he called jokes. 
When you had first met Jungkook, he was 15 and you were 14, only a few months younger than him. High school orientation is where you met to be exact. Perhaps out of privilege, both of you ended up at the same private high school—nationally ranked for its academics and sports. It’s not hard to guess what you were there for and what he was there. Jungkook was one of the shyest people you had ever met at the time. You’d later find out that he was scouted by the high school’s baseball coaches to join the program. He was skinny like a tree branch, had a black bowl cut, and a nose too big for his face. You don’t know exactly why the two of you ended up becoming best friends but either way, you were grateful that he was in your life. 
It’s just now, your friend just happens to be insanely hot and more confident than ever. Like you’ve said, you’re not sure when this transformation happened or how you were able to ignore it for so long, but goddamn—
You quickly shift your gaze away from Jungkook as he begins to make his way back to your chairs from the water. Your focus goes back to the pages of your book—a contemporary beach romance—very fitting for your vacation to the beach this year. Jungkook makes his appearance as you’re adjusting your sunglasses, setting down his surfboard on the sand with a thump—a hobby he’s picked up in the last couple years. 
You bring a hand up to further block the sun as you smile up at him, “How’s the water?” You ask. 
A playful smirk slowly spreads across his face and you soon regret your words when he leans over you, shaking his head of hair like a dog. 
“Jungkook! Quit it!” You yelp at him when the cold water its your skin, holding your book out to protect its precious pages. He laughs, clearly proud of himself—you having to make a conscious effort to ignore how his abdominals contract with each suck in of his breath. 
“It’s alright, waves are pretty easy today,” he says running a hand through his wet hair to get his bangs out of his face.
“Just be careful out there, please,” you tell him like it’s a warning. 
“Yeah yeah, I know,” he pauses as he takes a long drink of water. “How’s the book?” He asks as he sits down in the chair beside you, throwing on his pair of sunglasses. 
You gulp, almost not even hearing his question. 
“It’s cute,” you say, book marking your page and setting it down on the towel that’s between you two, “Kind of repetitive though.” 
He nods once before looking away from you, outstretched beneath the sun, “All the books you read are the same,” he chuckles, shoving his feet into the sand. 
You narrow your eyes at him even though he can’t see you behind your shades, “I’d beg to differ,” you tell him, “Just because I like romances with happy endings doesn’t mean they’re all the same,” you defend yourself. 
He glances at you, a smile playing on his lips, “Sure.” 
“Fuck you Jeon, when’s the last time you’ve even read a book?” You challenge, “The last textbook you ever had to read in college?” 
He makes a hum in not-so deep thought, “Probably,” he shrugs and you roll your eyes with a laugh escaping your lips. Though Jungkook doesn’t voice it, he likes hearing you laugh. “This reminds me of the first trip we took,” he adds in. 
You hum in agreement, a small smile forming across your face. 
Both of you then lay in silence as you pick up your book again, soaking up the sun and sound of waves crashing a few hundred yards away from you. Silence is never awkward between you two. It hasn’t been for years at this point. You enjoy his company enough that there’s no need to talk to each other constantly. You know everything about him and he knows everything about you—minus the minuscule crush you’ve developed for him overtime. It’s innocent really; Jungkook was your best friend, funny, attractive, and you talk to him nearly everyday. It would be abnormal if you didn’t feel a twinge of something beyond friendship with him occasionally. 
At least, if you tell yourself that enough; you’d hope it would be true. 
As you peak at him again over your sunglasses, he’s closed his eyes in relaxation, and you begin to think about the journey that’s led you to this very moment. 
After you and Jungkook made it through high school, both of you happened to receive scholarships to the same university in the city. You on a nearly full-ride academic scholarship and him on baseball scholarship. Though right before both of you shipped yourselves off to university, you two decided to take an unplanned long, beach weekend trip back to his home in Busan. It took quite a bit of convincing for your parents to ultimately let you go on a trip with just Jungkook alone. Though after Mr. and Mrs. Jeon explained that they had two extra bedrooms in their beach house and you two were ensured you had to check in with whatever you decided to do, your parents caved. You’re not even sure you and Jungkook would call it a vacation now, but at the time, it was so fun. So fun in fact that both of you decided after that trip, you two would continue to take summer trips together after the school year ended. 
Throughout your semesters at university, both of you worked part-time jobs despite your busy schedules to save up for your trips. Jungkook usually worked more hours in the Fall, given his baseball schedule in the Spring was more demanding. Yet you two somehow always made it work. The year after freshman year, the two of you went to Seoraken National Park for five days, hiking and taking multiple dips in the hot springs. After sophomore year, you both decided to save a little more and fly to Tokyo, though staying in the absolute most-dirt cheap hotel you could possibly find. 
It’s after this summer where Jungkook’s life completely fell apart—every time you look at the scar on his knee, a chill is still sent down your spine. You remember the day so vividly—an open scrimmage in the Fall with the rival university in the city. Of course, you went to support Jungkook with your roommate Lisa, excited to see Jungkook officially play as captain—an unheard of accomplishment for a junior on the team. You’ll never forget the scream he yelled out as soon as he slid into the home plate, the opposing catchers cleat getting twisted up under Jungkook’s knee. He rolled onto his side, clutching his leg in agonizing pain as the crowd watched in shock. 
Jungkook had torn his ACL and MCL, as well as multiple smaller ligaments and muscles in the surrounding area of his right knee. In a fucking scrimmage, he would say through anger, frustration, and tears. The injury was career ending and that was the only time you’d ever seen Jungkook cry in your years of friendship. Jungkook had gone from someone who was expecting to be drafted in the first or second round, to someone who had lost their baseball scholarship and a fucked up knee for the rest of his life. Jungkook almost didn’t even finish school after that, though through the pressure of his parents and you, he walked across the graduation stage with you less than two months ago. You were proud him, star baseball player or not, though you know it’s something he still struggles with to this day even if he doesn’t voice it. 
After Jungkook’s knee had healed through physical therapy and other treatments, he ended up working more hours and working with little league teams in the city for extra money. By the end of the Spring semester, both of you had saved up enough money to where it was feasible to pretty much go wherever you wanted. You settled on flying to Europe, doing a two week excursion that was exhausting—but worth every penny you spent. There had been some squabble on that trip between the two of you and a third party, but the last thing you wanted was to think about that. 
Now you’re sat on Jeju Island with him, enjoying every moment you can get with your best friend before your life changes forever. Through countless hours of working, volunteering, and two internships, you had landed a dream job of being an editor in New York City. You weren’t due to move until the Fall, but the prospect of not seeing your friends and family made you extremely sad. It’s also why you’ve realized that whatever feelings you’ve harbored for Jungkook, must be kept secret deep within your body. It wasn’t reasonable to act upon them when you would be leaving—you wouldn’t ruin your friendship and leave Jungkook here in that way. 
“Earth to Y/N?” Jungkook’s voice knocks you out of your long reverie. You hadn’t even read a full page of your book as it’s still on the page you folded in the corner earlier. 
“W-what? Sorry,” you snap out of it, turning to him as you put your sunglasses on your head. 
“I said do you wanna head up soon? Make some dinner? Watch a movie tonight or something?” He asks. Your heart strings pull at the domesticity and you’re nodding before you even speak. 
“Yeah,” your expression is soft, “Though you’re in charge of the cooking tonight. I’ve done it the past two nights,” you warn him. 
He smirks, digging around his beach bag for his t-shirt to pull on, “Fine. Only if I get to pick the movie we watch.”
“Hey! That’s not fair!” You pout. After he pulls his shirt on—which you’re thankful for—he reaches over to pinch your thigh in retaliation. You jerk in reaction, “Asshole.” 
He laughs again, both of you beginning to pack up your things. Though you don’t voice it, you love hearing his laugh. 
Jungkook prepares a small array of yummy dishes—tteokbokki, a chicken stir fry, cucumber salad, and of course a side of kimchi. Neither one of you had been to the store since you two arrived to the island on Sunday, so there wasn’t much else to work with now on Friday. You make a mental note to create a new list and go again tomorrow, still having another week of your two week trip. The cottage AirBnB was small but had everything you two needed for the vacation. A kitchen, dining room, living room with a pullout couch (that wasn’t being utilized), a bedroom with a king bed which even had a small balcony that overlooked the beach. You definitely lucked out in terms of booking the AirBnB on the quieter side of the island, having most of the beach to yourselves the last few days. 
“Excuse me?” You’re laughing as you look at Jungkook dumbfounded from his words. 
His mouth turns up in the right corner as he smiles, “You heard me,” he remarks, “We should do drugs.” 
He carries on his task of drying the pan he used for the stir fry, looking at you with a kink in his pierced eyebrow. You narrow your eyes at him, leaning against the counter as you watch him, fighting your own smile. 
“And where are you going to find drugs on this island?” You say pointedly. 
“Sweetheart, you know I have connections,” he retorts back, putting the pan back into his respectful cabinet. If there was another thing that Jungkook did to turn you on; his cleanliness. He was the most organized man you had ever met—unsure if he was actually part of the male species given the track record of your other guy friends. He was cleaner and more organized than you most of the time. 
“You’re ridiculous Jeon,” your roll your eyes, “Can I trust said drugs?” 
His smirk spreads even wider, knowing that he’s got you now. 
“Of course, Yoongi wouldn’t sell me anything sketchy,” he says quickly leaving the kitchen. You have no idea who this Yoongi guy is, but you go along with it. You cross your arms as you lean against the counter, your eyes drifting off to the beautiful sunset over the water. You felt lucky to spend your time like this with Jungkook. He quickly comes back, a plastic bag in hand. 
“What is it?” You ask him curiously. 
“It’s a chocolate chip cookie edible,” he pauses, holding up the bag as he observes it, “Think of it as a two for one; dessert and a high.” 
You let out a laugh through your nose, grabbing the bag from him as you inspect it from the outside. As with any edible, it looks just like a normal cookie. You purse your lips, thinking about it for a moment. You hadn’t got high in awhile—since right before graduation actually. You and your roommates shared a nasty bong, with Lisa ultimately keeping it after you all moved out. You and Jungkook had your fair share of getting high together, whether it be at parties at the baseball house or his apartment on Sundays with his roommate Taehyung. 
You open the bag, sniffing it as Jungkook watches you, clearly amused. You break off a small piece of the cookie, plopping it into your mouth knowing it will take at least an hour for you to start to feel the effects of it. It tastes good, although there’s still that tinge of THC that never goes away fully with baked edibles. 
You walk up to Jungkook, shoving the bag into his chest, “I’m going to shower,” you announce. He nods, biting his lip as you walk away from him, his throat feeling slightly clogged. He watches your frame as you disappear into the bathroom, calling after you quickly. 
“Don’t use all the hot water!” He says from the kitchen, digging in the bag to take out his own piece of the cookie. Maybe this would help him clear his head from you. 
You’re giggling uncontrollably as you scroll through your phone, small cackles coming from you lips occasionally. 
“Y/N stop! Give me that!” Jungkook reaches over, attempting to take your phone away from you, but his own laughter taking control. 
You and Jungkook had decided to forgo the movie, opting to enjoy the balcony attached to the bedroom. It was well past 10 PM now, the sun fully set and a couple small candles and the lamps from the bedroom the only light sources. For whatever reason, both of you had been on a path of looking at old pictures of each other, you hysterically laughing at one of them from high school when both of you decided to go to the school dance together as friends. You were mainly laughing at the way he styled his hair, even then at 16 you thought it was ridiculous. 
“I don’t even know why you still have that picture,” he mutters in defeat on his side of the couch. 
You furrow your eyebrows at him as you push his leg with your foot. He’s sat up, right leg underneath him, head resting on his hand as he looks at you. You’re laying on your back, legs outstretched over his lap. 
“Why wouldn’t I?” You push, “I think I have every known picture of you thanks to your brother.” 
It’s the truth—you had more baby pictures of Jungkook on your phone than you did of yourself. He was just too damn cute and awkward. You and Jungkook’s older brother had a good relationship throughout the years, Junghyun, always making sure to send you gems of your best friend when he found them. They looked similar, though Jungkook pulled more features from his dad, including the big eyes and big nose, whereas Junghyun looked more like their mother. 
“God I can’t stand him,” he groans running a hand through his freshly dried and showered hair. He’s wearing a pair of sweatshorts and a t-shirt, his tattoos disappearing in the darkness. You’re wearing a tank top and sweatpants, feeling much better since your shower, even better since your high has kicked in. 
“This was a good idea,” you completely change the subject, not even really sure of your own words. 
He smiles at you, “I’m full of good ideas Y/N.” 
His smile make your heart thump, unable to keep your mind from going there. Your intrusive thoughts only took over when you were intoxicated. You stare at his lips a little too long before you look at your phone to change the song playing lowly from Jungkook’s bluetooth speaker. 
The thing about being friends with someone of the opposite species for so long—it’s that your friends could barely hold themselves from being shitheads sometimes. It was sophomore year—right before Jungkook’s accident—when you were at one of the many baseball parties you attended throughout college. While you were drunk, you knew that succumbing to truth or dare was your own doing. You should have seen it coming from a mile away when a mutual friend and teammate of Jungkook’s—Park Jimin—dared you to kiss him. If you had been more sober, you probably would have just taken the bitch cup and moved on with your life. Though being drunk and a little too curious after your years of friendship with Jungkook, you turned to him and pressed your lips against his. He—along with the entire group seemed taken aback at your actions—hearing whoops and ooo’s during the kiss.
Neither you nor Jungkook spoke about that after the party. It was almost as if it had never happened. It didn’t bother you too much given you were drunk and being silly. It was a brief kiss, no tongue, but enough to satiate your curiosity. At least at that point in time. Now, your curiosity was getting the best of you in other feats—though you’ve sworn to yourself you wouldn’t ever cross that line. 
“Do you ever think about life in like, ten years?” Jungkook suddenly asks, his gaze off to the distance over the balcony. From the cottage, you could faintly hear waves still crashing. 
“Hm,” you mumble, “I guess? I don’t know…” 
He looks over at you, “I do,” he says simply. 
“What does the Jeon Jungkook think about then?” You press, deciding to sit up some on the couch. You grab a pillow to support your back as you settle against the armrest of the couch. 
“I think about being married, having kids, that sorta thing,” his voice is low, yet serious. Through your hazy gaze, you bite your lip nervously.
“That’s very adult of you,” you try to lighten the mood with a giggle. He doesn’t laugh, only returning a fainted smile. 
“Do you not?” He looks away from you sounding rushed and little nervous, picking at loose skin along his cuticles. 
You suddenly feel a lump form in your throat, pulse uneasy, anxiety rises in your veins. Of course you did. 
“I mean yeah,” you offer weakly, “I guess I’ve just always been more concerned with the present,” you tell him honestly. 
He nods, fully understanding—it’s how he used to think too until his accident. He never truly had to put much thought into his future until that day on the field changed his entire life. His future was set and then suddenly it wasn’t. Now, he worries about his future everyday and where life is going to take him. He thought he was going to play professional ball until his thirties, making enough money that he’d never have to worry about a real job. Turns out, life had other things in store for Jungkook. And with you leaving thousands of miles away; his life really wasn’t panning out how he thought. 
“I like the idea of marriage you know?” He says with a hidden adoration in his tone. You find yourself softly smiling at him. “Like just having that one person for you, sharing a life together, does that sound stupid?” he exhales heavily after his question. 
You quickly shake your head, “Not at all,” you say pulling your legs to sit criss-cross, “We’ll all get there one day.. I feel like our paths are set for us.” 
He shrugs, feeling a little pessimistic, “I don’t know,” he breathes heavily, “I thought everything was going to work out a certain way… but I don’t know anymore,” he sounds defeated and sad. You look at him concerned, though you’re sure he’s just spitting high word vomit. You know a lot about Jungkook, but you’ve never heard him speak of such things—except during his relationship with Park Chaeyoung. 
Chaeyoung was Jungkook’s first serious relationship in the time span you’d known him. They met at the end of sophomore year, but only officially began dating at the beginning of junior year. While Chaeyoung was beautiful and smart enough to make you feel insecure, you weren’t her biggest fan. She kept her distance from you and you don’t know if you could exactly blame her. You were Jungkook’s best friend who happened to be a female. You want to say if you were in her shoes that you wouldn’t care who was Jungkook’s best friend, but you’re not sure could 100% say that. 
You first realized that Chaeyoung wasn’t particularly fond of you when you met Jungkook at the hospital after his accident; waiting to confirm his surgery date and time. Even though Jungkook didn’t want you to go, you were the one that actually ended up leaving to not make Chaeyoung uncomfortable. Throughout the rest of junior year, tension built between you and Chaeyoung, and some distance grew between you and Jungkook. You’re sure that she never knew about the kiss you two had shared the year before; she would have freaked the hell out. 
Jungkook was in love with Chaeyoung though. He fell hard and he fell fast—giving all of his love and extra time to her. You can vividly remember him talking about how he thought she could be the one. He was a hopeless romantic at heart but it’s when Chaeyoung told him he couldn’t go on the Europe trip you two had been planning for months that he finally stood up to her. It didn’t go over well, with her jealously taking over to the point where he broke it off with her a couple weeks before you two departed. 
You thought that the trip was going to be good for him to get his mind off her but when they were consistently communicating behind your back, that’s when arguments throughout the two week trip conspired between you and Jungkook. Finally, with four days left of your trip, he decided to stop contact with her and everything between you two only went up again from there. 
Though right here, right now; you can’t help but think his words are about Chaeyoung. You knew that they were acquaintances this past school year and always cordial when they saw each other. You suddenly feel insecure in the dim light, but you plaster a fake smile on your face to rid your mind of Jungkook and his ex.
“Don’t sound so doom and gloom Jungkookie,” you push yourself up and over to him, trying to make him feel better. You sit on your knees up next to him, pinching his left cheek between your fingers. He giggles but you don’t stop, pinching from his cheek to his chin, to his ear. 
“Y/N I swear to god—“ are his last threatening words that you should have taken seriously because it’s not long until you find yourself being tickled to death by him. 
“Jungkook! Stop!” You laugh, trying to fight yourself away from him, but his grip is too strong as he keeps you in place against the couch. You’re kicking your legs to try to get away from him as he attacks your side with his own chuckles filling up the space. To any outsider listening in, it probably sounds like a fucked up murderer situation.
You don’t even realize what’s happened until you open your eyes fully, Jungkook pinning your wrists down, his body hovering on top of yours. He’s stood with one leg on the ground, his bad knee resting between your legs on the couch. It feels like the world has stopped as you stare into each other’s eyes, your breath hitching in your throat. Jungkook has to make a conscious effort to not stare at your cleavage rising up and down as you breath in and out heavily. 
“I-I might go to bed soon,” you say nervously, breaking eye contact with him to unraveling yourself from his grip. He rises as you do to give you space, wiping his hands on his shorts. 
He nods, “Me too,” is all he says. 
You leave the balcony to go brush your teeth and change into your pajamas. Jungkook stays behind to blow out the candles and turn off his speaker, feeling a heaviness between you two now. As he turns the bed down, his own hands are clammy, his high waring off faster than he would like. Both of you had no issue sharing the king bed when you booked the AirBnB a couple months ago, but now he’s fully regretting that decision. When Jungkook comes back from the kitchen with two glasses of water for you both, he finds you already climbing into bed in your cute matching, purple PJ set. 
“Thank you,” you smile at him as he hands you the glass. You take a sip, feeling cotton mouth arise from the edible. 
He climbs into bed soon after, turning off the lamp on his side of the bed encasing both of you in pure darkness. 
“Goodnight Y/N,” are his last words that evening. 
“Night Jungkook,” you say weakly as you’re facing away from him on your side. While you two have already made invisible boundaries when sharing the bed this past week, you make more of a conscious effort than ever to keep space between you two as you both drift off into sleep. 
It’s been a few days since your edible escapades with Jungkook. Both of you have seemingly moved on from the conversations had, the tension that had built up subsiding over the next few days. Now you two are back again at the beach in your normal routine. Jungkook’s just go out in the water from surfing and you’re laying on your tummy, starting the second book of your vacation. You decided to go with something different for you—a thriller about a writer brought in by another author’s husband to finish her books for her as she lies in a coma. Weird. 
You know Jungkook’s back from the water when you feel water droplets scatter across your back. You look up from your book to find Jungkook sat down on his towel beside you, rubbing his right knee. 
“You okay?” You ask him with concern. His major surgery scar is still less than two years old, therefore it’s still quite white and reflective in the sunlight. 
He glances over to you before nodding, “Yeah I’m good, it’s just kind of stiff from surfing on it so much.” 
You can’t help but feel an extreme amount of sadness when you watch him massage his skin. Your resting your chin on your hand as you study him carefully. From the moment you met Jungkook, baseball was his complete identity. It’s why people came up to him even if he didn’t want the attention. It’s what taught him discipline and hard work ethic. It’s what made him happy. The fact it was taken away from him so quickly terrifies you. You can’t even imagine the internal battles he’s had ever since that fateful day. 
“Swim with me?” He suddenly asks. 
Through the top of your sunglasses you glare at him, a groan leaving your mouth, “Jungkook you know how much I hate swimming in the ocean.” 
He rolls his eyes at the dramatics, “Y/N there aren’t sharks in this part of the ocean,” he laughs. 
You close your book not wanting to lose your place, “You don’t know that!” You retort. 
He laughs again, this time ruffling your hair slightly, “I’ll protect you…” he trails off, a small pout crossing his features, “Plus it’ll make this feel better,” he’s referring to his knee. 
Ugh, he really knew how to convince you. 
You then agree, both getting up at the same time. You adjust your bikini to which Jungkook stares shamelessly. Your skin goes hot and you pretend you don’t see him doing so. You walk side by side to the water, a yelp leaving your lips when you feel how cold it is. 
“Fuck Jungkook! It’s cold!” You whine as he continues his descent deeper. You’ve stopped at where the water hits your ankles, he’s at his knees. 
“C’mon princess,” he whines back and the nickname gives you butterflies, “I’ll drag your ass in here if you don’t move woman!” 
“Ugh,” you spit, “I’m coming,” you slowly walk towards him as he continues to walk deeper until he’s about to his chest, finally letting himself float against the waves after he gets over where they break. 
“Y/N,” he says threateningly as you’ve stopped where the water hits your waist.
“Jungkook,” you respond but suddenly your heart sinks when he dips his body below water, disappearing beneath the surface. Your eyes widen as you look around paranoid. You know exactly what he’s up to. Though you’re expecting it, you have no time to brace yourself when Jungkook has suddenly grabbed your leg, pulling you beneath the water. You’re screaming, bubbles escaping your mouth until you reach the surface. 
Jungkook has broken the water only a few inches from you as he laughs loudly, tipping his head bad. You push water towards his face, anger filling your body. 
“Fuck you Jungkook!” You yell, his continuous laughter pissing you off even more. 
You launch at him in the water, hiking yourself up onto his back as punishment. You wrap your legs around his torso and he adjusts you comfortably. If he was going to protect you, he really was going to protect you. 
“I really hate you sometimes,” you mutter into his ear, his back rumbling against your chest as he chuckles. 
“You love me,” he retorts. 
You really do. 
“See this isn’t too bad,” he then says looking over his shoulder to meet your gaze. 
“We’re sitting ducks Jungkook,” you mumble, eyes looking around the water, still slightly paranoid. There’s a few other people in the water and a couple surfers which makes you feel a little better. 
“It’s okay to get out of your comfort zone you know,” he raises a brow when you climb off his back, deciding to swim close in front of him. Both of you float with only a few inches between you two, water at your chests. 
“Mhm,” you say sarcastically, “That’s what they all say before they’ve gotten their leg bit off,” you move your arms around to keep you wading. Thankfully it didn’t take long to get used to the chilly water. 
He bites his lip as he watches you with an amused expression. You push away the way it makes you feel. 
“You know that’s why I wanted to be your friend right?” 
You furrow your eyebrows, moving to float on your back. Jungkook being the gentlemen he is, he ends up beside you, his arms giving your back some support in the water as you float. 
“What do you mean?” You ask him. 
You can’t see his expression as you’ve closed your eyes, the sun too bright to keep them open. His fingertips graze your skin every few seconds and you swear it feels like electricity running through your spine. 
“You’ve always been the one to get me out of my comfort zone,” he points out like it’s obvious—though you’ve never had an inkling of this. 
You open one eye at him in a squint, his face a lot closer to yours than you expected, “I don’t think so,” you laugh a little awkwardly as you give up on floating, settling back to your normal swimming position with him in front of you. 
“I wouldn’t lie Y/N,” he laughs in return, “You’ve known me for a long time, you know how fucking weird I used to be.” 
“Hey you weren’t weird,” you defend him, “Just a little awkward and going through puberty.” 
He rolls his eyes, “Fucking weird,” he repeats, “I just mean I’ve never had a friend that’s always pushed me to do things I normally wouldn’t do. Hell just the vacations we’ve taken together is just one example,” he pauses, his next words cutting him a little deep, “I feel like you’re the reason I ever had a life outside of baseball.” 
You bite your lip under the water as you don’t break his heavy eye contact. You’d never realize Jungkook thought that highly of you. It makes you feel giddy on the inside, but also a little sad that you were never that confident in your abilities as a friend. If anything, you thought Jungkook brought you out of your shell more. 
“I’m just a small part of your life Jungkook,” is what you settle on. 
They way his face falls doesn’t go unnoticed, “Trust me,” he pauses beginning a swim back to shore for you to follow him, “You’re a pretty big part Y/N.” 
It’s now Friday, which means you and Jungkook only have one and a half days left of your trip. The thought makes you sad, though you know that it’s not like you wouldn’t be seeing Jungkook afterwards. He lives in the same neighborhood as you for chrissakes. But given the loom of your impending move in a couple months, you couldn’t help but feel a finality of your life here coming soon. 
You and Jungkook had gone out a couple times since being here, though neither of you had fully committed to getting too drunk. You had a feeling though that tonight you were ready to full let loose. Jungkook complimented you as soon as you were ready to leave, sending heat through your body. You were wearing a white two piece set—a small bralette type top with a matching mini-skirt that wrapped around your waist nicely. Your strappy heels gave you some height to Jungkook and you’re sure to any other tourist, you two looked like a couple. 
Jungkook looked absolutely ravishing, the familiar lump of the past couple weeks forming when you laid eyes on him. He was dressed in an extravagant short sleeve button that was a yellow and white along with white pants to tie everything in. You almost laughed one, being you’re 99% sure the shirt is Fendi—how the hell did he afford that?—and two, you’re not sure you’d seen him in anything in sweatpants and t-shirts since graduation. Even then, it took you and Taehyung a lot of convincing for Jungkook to wear dress pants under his cap and gown. 
You and Jungkook had ate dinner at a local sushi bar, getting a couple drinks there to pregame your evening. You don’t know how Jungkook ate and drank so much and keep the figure he had. It had to be genetics; there’s no other way. 
It was now a little past 9 and both of you were feeling drunk—a good drunk—a happy drunk. The bar you two were at was partially outside, with a dance floor and good drinks. You and Jungkook are talking to a couple who also happen to be on vacation. 
“Honeymooning is fun for sure,” the woman says, her words a little slurred, “Are you two honeymooning too?” 
Both you and Jungkook begin to stutter, shaking your heads awkwardly, mumbling your words together. 
“We’re not together,” you manage to get out as you lean against the bar for stability. Jungkook’s stood behind you, his chest touching your shoulder as his arm sits behind your frame protectively. 
The new husband’s eyes widen, “Could’ve fooled me,” he says, “Right honey?” 
“I agree Joon,” she eyes you up and down, clearly shameless as she does so. “Let’s go dance baby!” She suddenly exclaims. The couple—Namjoon and Camille—bid their farewells to you and Jungkook, leaving you two alone again at the bar. 
You suddenly feel a little awkward under the strangers gaze, looking up and over at Jungkook. He’s giving them a straight smile before his eyes watch them walk away, an amused expression filling his eyes as he begins to laugh. 
“You want another drink, honey?” He suddenly asks through a joke and you crack a smile, turning around to playfully push him. You catch a whiff of his scent as you stare at him intently, trying to ignore the deep stir of heat in your tummy. His gaze his vibrant as you take his sunglasses tucked from his shirt and place them over your eyes. 
“If you’re paying Jeon,” you smile at him wickedly. 
Jungkook orders both of you tequila shots, both of your faces scrunching up when you bite the lime for some relief. You have chills running down your spine, trying your best to keep the contents down. 
“We’re going to be hurting tomorrow,” you say, sliding the shot glass back towards the bartender. 
“I don’t even want to think about it,” he groans, suddenly reaching out to grab his phone. It’s buzzing in his hand, “It’s Junghyun,” he looks at you, “I’ll be right back?” 
You nod, telling him you’d be right here. You watch as he walks away from you, a deep exhale escaping you. You’re intoxicated again—intrusive thoughts taking over your brain. You reminiscence over the last two weeks with Jungkook here. He makes you so incredibly happy and you’re sure that if you let yourself, you’d fall deeply in love with him—more than you already are. You’ve been through thick and thin together. You can’t let yourself go there though—it couldn’t happen. The friendship you two had between each other was too important to you. You’re not even sure Jungkook could even feel these feelings towards you. For all you know, he was just talking about his shitty ex the other day. 
Your thoughts are interrupted when suddenly a man appears in front of you. A man that’s not Jungkook. He’s leaning his elbows on the bar as he waits for the bartender to take his order. He gives you a glance and you stare shamelessly. He’s quite attractive, that’s for damn sure. 
“You want a drink sweetheart?” He suddenly asks, the pet name not sounding as good as it does coming from your best friend. 
You find your voice over the music, “I’m good, thank you,” you smile at him knowing if you drink anymore, you’d be crossing the line of fun drunk to a miserable blackout. 
He nods respecting what you’ve said, ordering two shots of whiskey for himself. You look around the bar trying to find Jungkook. It’s loud and crowded, but you haven’t been able to spot him in that ridiculous yellow shirt. You wonder what Junghyun needed that’s taking so long. 
“What’s your name?” The strangers asks you as he turns his body to face yours completely. 
You lean towards him some to save your voice, “Y/N,” you tell him. 
A charming smile spreads across his face, “Well miss Y/N, why is a beautiful girl at this bar alone?” 
You’ve dealt with many men of this caliber, so his words don’t creep you out much. Internally you applaud him for using the term beautiful, and not the typical hot or pretty. 
“I’m not alone,” you tell him. He looks around the area you both are, your point not withstanding, “What’s your name?” You change the subject. 
He downs his second shot of whiskey, “Jackson. It’s nice to meet you,” he offers his hand graciously and you shake it in return. 
“Well Jackson,” you pause, feeling that tequila shot getting to you, “Why are you here at this bar alone?” 
He laughs, raising an eyebrow at you, “I’m not alone either,” he retorts. 
You nod slowly, a small smile spreading across your lips. Again, your eyes do another dance around the bar to spot Jungkook to no avail. 
“Do you want to dance with me Miss Y/N?” He suddenly asks taking you completely off guard. You open your mouth then close it, only to open it again to say nothing. You should say no. You know in your heart you should say no. However with no sign of Jungkook and this Jackson guy seeming like a normal guy, you felt no guilt when you take his hand for him to take you to the dance floor. 
The bar has great club and house music playing, making dancing an easy feat. Jackson is a great dancer, finding the rhythm to the songs easily as the DJ switches them rapidly. You find yourself comfortable with him, resting your hands lazily on his shoulders as he guides you through the motions. Maybe you’re too drunk, or you’re just relaxed, but you feel good in this moment. It reminds you of being a college freshman with Lisa, when you two would go to sweaty frat and baseball parties, dancing the night away with water bottles filled with cheap vodka. 
The tide between you and Jackson folds when you turn around, unknowingly pressing your back to his chest. You both are swaying in the changing lights, his arms resting on your waist protectively, his head resting on your left shoulder. You’ve always been a decent dancer too, Jackson finding it impressive as you keep up with each other. When you find a hand gripping at Jackson’s hair pulling him closer to you, it’s when reality hits, time freezing in that very moment. You’ve opened your eyes after sometime, across the bar Jungkook walks in, his eyes finding yours instantaneously. His lips part, a painful expression crossing his features. He watches you only for a moment, his heels turning himself around to leave you be, heart feeling like someone’s crucifying it. 
You suddenly panic, creating immediate space between you and Jackson. You turn around and lean up to his ear. 
“I’m sorry, I really have to go—“ you tell him in a rush. He’s clearly confused but before you can listen to whatever he has to say, your feet pick you up to the path Jungkook must have taken to get out of here. It’s difficult to get through the crowd of people, especially in your heels and drunkenly, but you manage. 
When you go to the outsider area of the bar, you don’t spot him. Shit, you think, where did he go? You start to panic, reaching for your phone out of your purse. You quickly scroll to his name, hitting the call button. You groan with an eye-roll—of course he isn’t going to fucking answer you. 
You’re not completely sure he’s not in the bar anymore, but you chance it, leaving the bar alone. Thankfully the streets are well lit and there are plenty of people around to make you feel safe. You’re typing him a mean text as you walk back towards your cottage, ready to curse him out when you see him. That is, until you actually see him—then your mind goes blank. 
Jungkook’s sat on the curb of a small, local convenient store eating what seems to be an ice cream sandwich. You’ve got to be fucking kidding. 
“Jungkook!” You nearly exclaim, “What the hell are you doing?” You approach him, stumbling slightly in your heels. 
He quickly notices how unstable you are, standing up to steady you, “You okay Y/N?” 
You push him off you, “No the fuck I’m not okay,” you spit at him, “You just left me there?” You’re drunk and frustrated, that’s all you know. 
“Here,” he offers the rest of his ice cream sandwich. You can’t resist him and you take it, eating it in two bites. He watches you carefully before saying, “Sorry, I just thought you were preoccupied.” 
You throw away the paper wrapper, looking at him like he’s crazy. 
“Are you for real Jungkook?” You press, not caring if you’re bringing attention to the two of you as people pass by. He shoves his hands into his pockets, exhaling heavily. 
“You want to go home?” He asks with straight lips. You cross your arms over your chest angrily, what the hell was his problem? 
“Do you want to go home?” You ask him in retaliation. 
He only looks a you a brief moment before nodded slowly. This conversation is seriously sobering you up faster than anything has ever before and nothing productive has even be said. 
He turns around, “C’mon,” he says. 
“What do you mean?” You ask him confused as he’s widened his stance, as if he’s ready for you to plow over him. 
“Hop on Y/N,” he says, “And don’t even try to fight me on this. I know your feet are killing you.” 
He wants to piggy back you home. You stay put, hands playing with each other awkwardly staring at his back. He glances over his shoulder and says your name again. 
“B-but your k-knee Jungkook,” you say hesitantly. You knew Jungkook weight lifted and did enough cardio for him to live until he was 105, but the last thing you wanted was for him to injure himself again, especially because of you.
“It’s fine Y/N, I promise,” he says, “I just want to get you home.” 
As you brace yourself on his shoulders, you try to jump as light as possible to lessen the blow to his body. He catches you gracefully, adjusting your knees in his hands. And home is where you two go. 
After you two walk into the threshold of the cottage—you insisting on walking the last little bit of the way—a parable tension that could be cut with a knife has settled between you two. You tried your best to talk to him on the way back, but his answers were short and uninterested. You only had remnants of your drunkenness left inside you and if anything, you were tightening back up, even angrier than when you left the bar. 
Jungkook’s about to walk into your shared bedroom before you call after him. 
“Wait Jungkook!” You say. He stops in his tracks, turning to look at you. His face is unreadable in the dim lights of the cottage. “What the fuck happened back there?” You ask him as you take off your heels, leaving them by the couch. 
“It’s nothing Y/N,” he brushes you off, turning around to continue his path to the bedroom. Of course you follow him; he expected it. 
“Jungkook, come onnn,” you press, “Are you that pissed that I was dancing with someone else?” You can’t hide your anger and frustration if you tried. This wasn’t fair to you. He had paraded girls throughout college— parading Chaeyoung for a year and a half in front of you—and you never said anything about it no matter how much it bothered you. 
“Y/N it’s fine, can we just,” he pauses as he looks over at you, “Just drop it?” He’s taking off his rings and bracelets, your lip tucked between your teeth. 
You make an unsatisfied noise, stepping closer to him, “No we fucking can’t. What’s your problem Jungkook?” 
He leans on the dresser with both hands, his muscle definition showing through his shirt as he tenses up. His jaw clenches as he closes his eyes in deep reverie. You watch him carefully, knowing you probably should tread lightly given he’s pissed. But you know what? You’re pissed too. He can’t act like that with no explanation—that’s not fair to you. 
“Junghyun called me about you, you know,” are his first words as he looks over to you. 
“M-me?” You stutter, confusion lacing your tone. 
He pushes himself off the dresser, though he keeps distance between you two. He suddenly runs a frustrated grip through his hair, messing it up slightly. 
“You know, since you’re moving halfway across the fucking globe,” he sounds bitter, though deep dejection is mainly what you hear. You moving had been a sensitive topic with him ever since the interview stage happened with you months ago. It hurt you to speak about it with Jungkook the most. The thought of leaving him crushed both of you which is why neither of you had brought it up these past two weeks. 
“He was asking me if I had done it yet,” he laughs sarcastically, “Of fucking course he was.” 
You’re more confused than ever and you say his name in a whisper, but he continues. 
“You know the other day when you said that you were only a small part of my life, that’s when it really hit me,” he pauses, “You really don’t know how much you fucking mean to me Y/N. You’ve been my best friend for so long, been there with me through so much of my bullshit—my accident, losing my scholarship, losing my fucking life—“ he inhales deeply and you suddenly feel dizzy, unsure of where this conversation has turned.
“—And now I’m fucking losing you and I can’t even be honest with you because it doesn’t matter,” his voice breaks off as he looks at his feet. You start to panic, a roller coaster of emotions pulsing through you. 
You step towards him hesitantly, “Jungkook you can always be honest with me,” you grab his forearm, “I’m your best friend for fucksakes—stop with the hysterics and just tell me what’s wrong,” you plead with him. If your words weren’t enough, your eyes were giving a show. 
His bottom lip trembles as he meets your gaze. You have adrenaline running through you as he moves to rest his hands on your waist, gripping the skin tight. 
“I love you Y/N,” he says letting out a deep breath before he can second guess himself. 
“I know,” you tell him, “Jungkook you know I love you too.. you’re scaring me—“
“No Y/N,” he shakes his head, “I’m in love with you—like fucking crazy about you Y/N.” 
His words take your breath away, stumbling slightly as you can’t believe the words he’s saying. He’s what? Jungkook’s in love with you? You part your lips, unable to form sentences, shaking your head stunned 
“You don’t have to say anything,” he looks down, his forehead brushing yours, “But I couldn’t let you move without telling you—I don’t know how long it’s been but it just happened one day and I haven’t stopped since.” 
“Jungkook,” you finally whisper after some silence, your palms finding solace on his broad chest, “I-I don’t know what to say,” you pause looking up through your lashes. You feel like you could cry from the up and down of your emotions. 
You both stare at each other, unsure of who is going to make the next move. You decide that it will be you. 
“B-but when we talked the other night about the future and stuff… I thought you were talking about Chaeyoung,” you admit, feeling a little dumb now that this secret has been spilled. 
Jungkook lets out a laugh, unsure he heard you correctly, “Y/N—what, no, I haven’t spoken to Chaeyoung in months at this point,” he pauses, his strong hands gripping your forearms gently, “I was talking about you.. it’s always been you.”
There’s a silence that falls; a war raging in your head as you go through as many memories as you can with Jungkook. He’s been there for you at any moment you’ve needed him and vice versa. You couldn’t imagine a life without him and right now—you’ve finally decided in allowing yourself to be honest. 
“Y/N I know this is unfair since you’re leaving but—“
“I love you too Jungkook,” you interrupt him to which he responds with a mellow what, “I know that I’m in love with you Jungkook—I have for some time now, I just didn’t want to admit it.. I-I was scared and I didn’t know how to bring it up, fuck I’m sorry—“
You’re suddenly cut off with Jungkook’s lips covering yours. You instantly melt into his lips as your eyes close, your hands finding their way around his neck to pull him down to you. After a few moments, he pulls away from you, rubbing his nose against yours. 
“Is this real?” He asks, a small smile playing on his lips; all anxiousness leaving your body at once. You return a small smile, nodding in his delicate hold. 
“Real,” you whisper back, chasing after his lips once again. 
This time when your lips meet his, it’s more aggressive from each side, pouring out all frustration and built up pining over the years into it. His tongue opens your mouth wider and you sigh into him, tangling your fingers into his soft hair. His hands slither down from your waist to over your ass, pressing your hips into his. 
You’d never thought kissing someone could feel this good. Your entire body feels aflame as you both discover each others mouths piece by piece. Jungkook’s walked you backwards against the wall, holding you up against it firmly as you both continue to kiss each other feverishly. You rest your head against the wall as his lips move from yours to your neck, your breathing intensifying as he kisses and nips gently. 
“Jungkook,” you breathe heavily, as he places a kiss on your exposed shoulder, moving the flimsily strap to your top down. You get bolder with your own actions, maneuvering your hands underneath his shirt feeling his muscles tense under your touch. 
His lips find yours again, “I wanted this for so long Y/N,” he mumbles against your skin as you pull him taut to you. “Remember sophomore year? When you kissed me for that dare?” 
“Mhm,” you murmur in response as his hand experimentally trails its way up to cup your left breast, “How could I forget?” You tell him through a slight whine when he squeezes you through the thin material of your top. 
He smirks against your lips, tugging on your bottom lip ever so slightly, “I was so happy when you didn’t drink that bitch cup,” he admits. You can’t help but giggle at his words, one of your hands resting on the back of his neck to hold him close to you, “And this is much better than that.” 
You nip at his mouth again, “I agree,” you pause, your other hand playing with the buttons on his shirt, “Can I take this off?” You ask through your lashes; your voice soft and patient. 
Jungkook emits deep groan from his throat, “Is this okay with you?” He suddenly asks. 
You immediately nod, “Yes, yes, of course,” you begin your slow assault at his shirt buttons, undoing them one at a time. 
He kisses your forehead, “Okay… I just,” he pauses, “I’m just a little nervous,” he admits as he grapples at your waist again, pulling you flush against him. He’s got a growing bulge in his pants, making your squeeze your thighs together. 
“Why are you nervous?” You gaze at him with stars in your eyes, finding everything about him endearing and so lovable. 
He rests his forehead against yours, “I don’t know I’ve just thought about this for forever,” he pauses, “I want you to feel safe.” 
You smile sweetly at him, “I always feel safe with you Jungkook,” you tell him reassuringly. You lean forward, placing a kiss on his exposed chest when you finally undo the last button. You waste no time pushing the fabric off his golden skin, tattoos and all on fully display. 
“When did you get so hot?” You pout in between his kisses along your neck and collarbone. He chuckles into your skin, his hands now exploring both of your breasts through the fabric. 
“I’ve been wondering the same with you,” he kisses right between your cleavage, his fingers finding the zipper at the back of your top. 
“Please—“ your breath hitches when the cold air makes your nipples taut as he drags your shirt away, “Have you seen yourself?” You’ve barely finish your sentence until Jungkook’s lips are wrapping around your right nipple, sucking and teething at the sensitive. 
“Have you seen yourself Y/N?” He mumbles into your skin, paying attention to your left nipple now. “My pretty girl,” he breathes out pulling away from you, sending a fire through your veins. He grabs your hands and pulls you towards the bed not too far from the wall. 
You straddle him as you reconnect your lips together, rutting against him as your hips grind down. A shiver of pleasure runs through you, a subtle moan vanishing in his mouth. 
“Fuck,” he says, “Do that again, I like hearing you.” 
You chuckle, kissing near his ear, “Make me,” you challenge. Jungkook bites his lip, the grip on your hips tightening. 
Being as competitive as he is—it’s a challenge he’s willing to accept. 
Jungkook is suddenly flipping you two over, settling between your thighs, tits shaking as you readjust yourself. You spread your legs a little so he can sit comfortably on his knees between you, his bulge more prominent than ever, straining in his white pants. Your mouth literally waters as his hands push up your skirt, exposing your skimpy little lace thong that’s barely covering your cunt at this point. 
“Goddamn,” he gulps at the sight, his eyes flicking to yours quickly as your chest rises up and down in anticipation. You’re already so turned on—so wet just for him. If it was any other guy, you’d probably feel embarrassed but you were telling them truth when you said you felt safe with him. 
His tattooed hand slides down to your inner thigh, a couple of his fingers running over your clothed heat. Your hips cant outwards as he does this a couple times before he decides to ultimately pull your panties off, leaving them strung across the room somewhere. 
You hold his gaze as he spits onto his fingertips, now finding your bare pussy exposed for him in all its glory. He doesn’t waste time in dipping a finger inside you to test the waters. When your mouth falls open, he takes it as a good sign when you start to beg him for more. 
“Jungkook please,” you push out your hips, trying to get the most of one finger though it’s no use. “I need more,” you whine. 
He leans down, placing a kiss to your lips, “I know baby, I know,” you gasp when he adds in another finger, a steady strong of moans escaping you when he begins a gentle rhythm in and out of you. It’s torture the way it feels so so good, yet it’s still leaving you wanting more. 
He gets a hold of your right leg, holding it up slightly so he can penetrate deeper inside with his fingers, his thumb rubbing up against the hood of your clit. 
“Hold yourself open for me baby,” he says to which you obey, holding onto the side of your leg just as he was, “Good girl,” he praises you, which creates even more slick arousal. 
From here, he takes one of his hands to pull your clitoral hood open, using his other to circle your bud and enter your pussy in alternating motions. 
“Ah, shit—“ your hips jerk against him when you begin to feel yourself start to climb that hill to an orgasm. Your continuously moaning was sending him mad and your glistening cunt was a full invitation for him. 
He shifts his weight, his lips meeting your center to which your back arches off the mattress, a strained whine from you as he flicks his tongue over your clit. It’s obscene the way he gives you head—it’s hot and messy, little to no friction as he goes from focus on your hole with both his fingers and mouth, to sucking heavily on your clit. You could feel yourself dripping on the sheets underneath you, the wetness making Jungkook involuntarily push his cock into the mattress. 
“Jungkook—I’m gonna come,” you manage through your tight breaths. 
“Yeah baby?” He muses against you, the vibration of his voice sending a shockwave through your already swollen clit. You nod desperately into the bed, holding his head down with your left hand as your hips chase to meet his movements. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” chants fall from your lips when you feel yourself tip over the edge, falling heavily into an orgasm that overtakes your entire body. You don’t even care if you’re loud as you moan and rile beneath him, your pussy clenching around his fingers before he pulls them out to watch your cunt clench around nothing. 
“God, you’re so fucking sexy,” he marvels as you come down from your high, your body clearly relaxed now as you find time to catch your breath. You lean up on your elbows as he meets you halfway to kiss you again. He tastes like you as he tongues the inside of your mouth carefully. 
You scoot your body down some, hands finding the front of his pants. You can tell he’s big just by running your hand over his cock through the clothes. He inhales a sharp intake of breath when you squeeze him a little. You break your kiss to focus on getting him out of the fabric, unzipping and unbuttoning his pants quickly. You take notice of his white Calvin Kleins as he helps you push them down past his ankles. 
In a rush, you tug down the front of his boxers—breath hitching in the back of your throat. He was big—the biggest you’ve ever seen—thick and long between his muscular set of thighs. 
You whine when you take him in, never experiencing a want for someone so badly in your entire life. 
“Can I please suck it?” You whisper, your words sounding like sweet saccharine to his ears. As tempting as that sounds for him, he wasn’t sure how long he would last with you, and he needed to be inside of your pussy when he came.
“Not right now baby,” he says firm in his tone, “I want to be inside you so bad,” he sounds just as desperate as you feel. 
You nod quickly as you begin to take your skirt off since it’s still the last piece of clothing on you. Jungkook’s hands stop you quickly.
“No, no,” he chuckles, “Gonna fuck you in this pretty skirt,” he places a zealous kiss on your lips one more time before he suddenly gets up hurrying over to one of his duffle bags. He returns quickly and you watch carefully as you notice him tearing open a condom packet, his abs visible each time he breathes. 
“You brought condoms?” You ask him curiously. 
He smirks as he begins to roll it down over his fully hardened cock, “I’ve been bringing them with us everywhere since we went to Europe,” he explains as he instructs you to scoot back some. The thought makes you feel bubbly on the inside, laughing at him some. 
“So you’ve just assumed that we’re gonna fuck one day then?” You ask him as he settles between you, rubbing his tip against your folds. 
He closes his eyes briefly, before smirking again, “Never assumed, just hoped,” he lines himself up with your entrance, having to fight not to just slam right into you, “I’ll start slow okay?” 
You nod as you grip behind his neck and shoulder with each hand. Once Jungkook begins to push into you, you literally forget how to breathe. Jungkook groans as he bites his lip in full concentration, pushing a little farther. 
“It’s okay, breathe baby,” he encourages, “I know you can take it. My baby can take it, right?” 
He knows very well you can—he just wants to hear you say it in your voice that’s laced in honey and arousal for him. 
You nod faster that you ever had, “God, yes Jungkook I can, yes I can,” you finally find your oxygen as he pushes in slowly to the hilt. Your jaw was slack as his forehead rests against your own, a burning between your legs but pleasurable enough that you begin to involuntarily clench around him. 
“Shit baby, don’t do that,” he warns, “This tight little pussy is all mine, right?” 
“Of course Jungkook—“ he pulls back, then pushing back in, your hips canting upward to help him fulfill every inch inside you. “Oh my god—“ you whimper as he slowly begins to find his pace. 
“Are you okay?” He asks. 
“Yes, fuck yes, Jungkook just please don’t stop,” you beg, “Go faster, please.” 
One of his hands grip your right hip, the other fisting the sheets by your head as he does as he’s told, picking his pace up slowly but surely as the seconds pass. Its blissful heaven having him fill you up so good. You’d never thought you’d be in this position with Jungkook, but as time passes you wish that you two had got around to it a lot sooner. 
With each snap of his hips, your body moves upwards given force. A mantra of noises come from you as you watch his brows furrow from above you, strained groans and breathes escaping his lips. You could feel the simmering of another orgasm approaching you as his perfect stroke hits your g-spot. You grab at his face to steady him; his pace thrown off a bit when you lean up to kiss his lips gently. 
“Let me get on top,” you whisper to him. He tugs on your lip, unsure if he wants to give up control but with you, he’d relinquish any day. He pulls out, leaving you hallow with you quickly pushing him off of you and down to the mattress. His back is rested against the pillows and headboard to which you grab with one hand, using your another hand to line yourself back up with him. 
After you sink down, your arousal making it easy this time—you begin to find a pace against him that’s calculated to hit your insides in all the right areas. Jungkook grips your hips, pushing your skirt up slightly as he marvels up at you, drunk in a haze of you and you only. With uneven breaths, you can tell you’re on the verge of coming again, so he licks his thumb before he places it on your clit. Each touch of your hips presses firmly against his finger, explicative falling from your lips in a rush. 
“God—Jungkook, I-I can’t,” you choke out, squeezing around him tightly as he begins to push his own hips up to meet yours. 
One of his hands makes it way to your throat, pulling your forehead down to his as he takes the oxygen away from you. It’s too much—it’s all too much. 
“Yes baby, you can,” he encourages, “My pretty girl, come with me,” he adds after he begins to hold you in place some, shoving his hips up in a brutal pace to chase his own climax. 
It doesn’t take long for your second orgasm to hit, hit tipping backwards as you let out a half-scream of his name, jumbled together with high pitched moans. It goes on longer than your last one, convulsing around his cock as you lean forward in a daze. 
Jungkook’s close—his lip tucked into his teeth, brows deeply furrowed as he continues his pace up inside you. With a bated breath, he announces he’s going to come and you encourage him just as he did you. He spills into the condom with a whiney groan in submission to you, his movements coming to end an end shortly after he rides his climax out. 
He’s got his arms wrapped around your torso and you cradle him to your chest as you both try to catch your breaths. He lifts your hips slightly to let himself fall out of you, though he keeps you close to him after, looking up at you through a lazy smile. 
You return one to him, meeting your lips to his. The kiss is gentle and love worthy as your heart swells so much it feels like it could burst for the man beneath you. 
You pull away from him, “Can I take this skirt off now?” 
He chuckles before nodding, placing a kiss on your shoulder before you move off of him to discard the final article of clothing on your frame. You climb back into bed after you throw on a slinky tank top and use the bathroom—a UTI was not going to plague you. Jungkook pulls on a pair of briefs, opening his arms up to you once he climbs back in. You cuddle up right next to him, an arm slung around his bare chest, leg over his as he pulls you closer with one arm. The two you mindlessly talk about nothing before you feel yourself drifting off to sleep. The last thing you recall is Jungkook placing a kiss on your head, telling you that he loves you again, leaving little to no space between each other this time on the bed. 
The bright sun is what wakes you up the next morning, a strained mumble coming from you as you stretch out on the bed. You’re halfway on your back, halfway on your side when you open your eyes. You rub them with your knuckles to clear them of any matter. When the room fully focuses, you freeze in your position, stomach dropping a little bit. Your head hurts from the alcohol but it wasn’t enough alcohol to make you forget what happened. 
You and Jungkook had had sex and professed pining love to each other. 
You quickly turn over to find yourself alone in the bed, your anxiety and cortisol levels skyrocketing. You also take notice that Jungkook’s not out on the balcony that connects to the room. You sit up a little too quickly for your headache, taking a moment to steady yourself. 
You grab your phone off the nightstand, checking the time and any messages you have. There’s only a few that you decide you’ll answer later. Nothing from Jungkook. 
You push the sheets and duvet off your frame, hurrying over to your suitcase to pull on a pair of shorts. You quickly make your way out of the bedroom, finding the living and kitchen space empty. Maybe he was in the bathroom? 
“Jungkook?” You call out. No answer. 
You suddenly feel like you’re going to get sick. Insecurity and all other horrifying thoughts cross your brain. Did he leave you here? Did he get scared and go home? Did he really fuck you only to leave you? 
You feel like you could cry as you lean onto the couch for support. You hold back your tears, breathing heavily in and out to keep yourself calm. 
Where the fuck—
The door to the cottage is suddenly unlocked, pushing open to reveal your best friend in all his glory. He’s dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, carrying a brown bag in one hand, balancing two coffees on his arm. 
“Oh, good morning!” He flashes his million dollar smile at you as he sets down all of his belongings on the kitchen island. 
You stand there with a pout, not saying anything to him. He looks at you slightly confused, walking over to see what’s wrong. 
“Are you okay?” He asks with concern, grabbing gently behind your elbows. 
You push at his chest with flat palms, “I thought you left me,” you whine. A smile cracks open as he laughs some. 
“Why would I have left you?” He questions you, “I just went and got us some breakfast while you were still sleeping,” he explains. 
“Well I can see that now,” you push back, “I just thought.. maybe you got scared and left,” you trail off, looking away from him now that you feel a little dumb for jumping to such horrible conclusions. 
Jungkook pulls you in for a hug to which you return it like a kid grabbing onto their teddy bear tightly. 
“I would never do that Y/N,” he says placing a kiss to your head, squeezing you playfully as he sways you dramatically, “I’m kind of offended that you think I would,” he then says with a pinch to your ass cheek. 
“Ow!” You push yourself off of him with a laugh, “Sorry, it’s just,” you chew on your lip when you meet his gaze, “I don’t really know how to go about this whole friends to lovers thing.” 
He pulls you to the kitchen so you two can begin to eat your breakfast. The coffee is great; just what you needed to cure your headache. 
“It’s simple,” he says as he sits down beside you after he’s placed your breakfast sandwiches out. 
“Is it really?” You push through a mouthful of food—gross you know, but Jungkook was the last person to care. 
He quirks that pierced eyebrow at you that just drives you absolutely mad, “Hell yeah. We’re still best friends we’re just gonna have lots of sex now.” 
You look at him stunned before you both are laughing hysterically together. Maybe he is right. Simple. As the two of you eat your breakfast, you can’t help but feel so very happy but also so very sad. The two of you have created a bubble of paradise and it’s going to burst as soon as you get back on the plane to head back home. 
“Jungkook,” you say, turning the conversation serious after you both have finished your meals. He responds with a hm? “I’m still moving after the summer,” you bring it up hesitantly given how touchy it is; but there was no escaping and hiding from the truth. You were leaving; Jungkook was staying here. 
He tenses up in his seat, pursing his lips as he glances over at you, “That’s another reason Junghyun called me last night,” he begins. You look at him confused, asking what he means, “I’ve been thinking about telling you about my feelings for so long Y/N, and I clearly have shit timing,” he laughs ironically, “But Junghyun has known for awhile now—I think before I even knew it but um,” he pauses, “He made me promise to him that by the end of this trip that I would tell you, so he was on my ass about it last night.” 
You smile at him sweetly, resting your hand over his, “Well now you can tell him you kept that promise,” you offer. 
His gaze doesn’t quite meet yours, “Yeah, but that’s not all,” he pauses as you listen to him, “I’ve been applying to jobs in New York,” he admits. 
Your lips part as your eyes widen, “What?” You’re nearly breathless as you ask the question—feeling like Jungkook took a baseball bat to your chest. “Why would you do that?” You press. 
He swallows heavily, “I just, I knew whenever you said you were going there that I just couldn’t not try with you,” he pauses, his gaze looking almost apologetic, “I didn’t want to be four thousand miles away from you so I panicked and started applying for jobs there,” he explains, “I don’t want you to be mad, and I’ve already talked to my family about it and they’re all okay with it,” he says in a rush, “I just didn’t want you to be alone there, whether I confessed my feelings to you or not.” 
He’s chewing on his lip and you can tell he’s nervous. You turn over his palm so you can intertwine your fingers together, giving him a soft gaze. 
“While this has completely caught me off guard,” you say honestly, “I would never be mad at you over this,” you squeeze his hand for reassurance, “Did you really apply to jobs there because of me?” 
He nods a few times before he hangs his head low. You take your other hand and push his shorter fringe away from his face. While you’re positive many more details have to be worked out, that fact Jungkook made this decision makes you feel an amount of butterflies and love you’ve never experienced before. 
“And you’d for sure want to be in New York?” 
He looks up at you with those big doe-eyes that haven’t changed from the day you met him, “I’d go wherever you were Y/N. It could be the worst fucking place in world and I’d go there with you.” 
You lean over, pressing your lips to his gently. 
“I love you.” 
He smiles in return, “I love you more.” 
You pout some, “That’s not fair—no one is allowed to ‘love more’.” 
He kisses you again gently as he pulls you from the bar stool to stand between his legs. His hands squeeze your ass playfully as you try to pull away. 
“Well I can be the exception,” he leans into you, his arms wrapping around you protectively. You roll your eyes, a short laugh escaping your lips.
“You know what this means?” You ask inquisitively. 
“Lots of sex to be had,” you emphasis, “And even more of blowjobs.” 
His eyes widen, his jaw slightly clenching and you swear he whines as he looks up at you, pressing your front to his crotch, “Can we start that sooner than later?” 
You give him your answer through another kiss and moving your hands at the waistband of his pants. God, you think as you take in the already domesticated environment you two have made together, you could really get used to this. Jeon Jungkook was your best friend and at the end of the day—all you two needed was each other and somewhere to go.
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Superb Angel Tattoos For Shoulder - Never the head or body. Getting angel wings tattooed on your back was a hugely popular tattoo concept at one point.
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msgexymunson · 2 months
Overwhelmed Pt 2
Soft!Dom!Eddie x Sensitive!Virgin!Fem!Reader
Description: your relationship with Eddie is fresh, but when you find out he will take care of you and make you feel safe, you feel like you can take the next step with him.
Part 2 of Overwhelmed. part 1 here
Warnings: NSFW, (minors DNI or I'll poke you with my pitchfork) Hella fluff, touch of angst, loads of smut, reader uses she/her pronouns, pet names (sweetheart, princess etc) slight panic attack/over stimulation, 1 use of y/n, f!fingering, m!handjob, slight spit play, p in v protected sex, loss of reader virginity.
A/N: ahhh this is so cute! it was hard to write but I hope it came out as good as it is in my head, really want it to stand up to the original fic. As usual I'm English so soz for any weird American stuff, I try! Comments and reblogs are very much appreciated.
5.2k words
Sunlight streams into the room through the makeshift red curtains casting an orange glow. A yellow ray pierces the centre, a travelling shaft of light highlighting the swirling dust in the air. This sliver of sun appears to be your reason for waking, shining into your eyes.
Scrunching your face at the invading brightness, you take in your surroundings. Still in the messy, boyish bedroom, posters adorning every available wall space. Bed covers sprawled haphazardly over the both of you. You remain where you went to sleep, head on Eddie's chest, arm draped across him. You can feel the peaceful, up and down, gentle movement of his breathing. Both of his arms were wrapped around you tightly, as if he was afraid you'd flee in the dead of night.
His face looks so serene and untroubled. You trace the line of his jaw with your eyes, looking at his cheekbones, the slope of his nose, how his messy hair falls around his face, framing it. He looks like an angel.
Pressing kisses to his chest, on top of his tattoo, you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Eddie's nose wrinkles adorably at your attention, and finally his eyes open.
"Mornin' beautiful." His voice was cracked, deep and groggy from sleep.
"Hey handsome." You smile up at him.
Kissing you on the forehead and grinning against you, he can't seem to help saying, "you stayed."
"You asked me to." You poke him teasingly.
"Well I'm glad you did' he said, pulling you in for an even tighter embrace.
"I can't stay much longer. If my parents get home and I'm not there they'll freak."
Eddie pouts, stroking your arm. "Can you stay long enough for me to make you breakfast?"
"Are you offering to cook for me Eddie Munson?" You stare at him incredulously.
"Does heating frozen waffles count?"
"Sounds great," you giggle, pulling him in for a kiss.
Pretty soon you were both sitting at the table, eating waffles and maple syrup. Eddie wearing sweats, you in your skirt and flannel shirt (and no underwear since he still refused to give them back.)
You had been worried that after last night something would change between you. Maybe he wouldn't like you as much, or it would be awkward. Seems like you were right; something had changed. You both couldn't stop stealing glances at each other and smiling. God, you were smiling so much your face hurt. Everything seemed natural, easy.
The front door flew open, startling you.
"Oh hey Wayne, this is y/n. My girlfriend." He beamed, clearly pleased as punch at being able to say that "Sweetheart, this my uncle Wayne."
"Oh," he said, "good morning miss, feel like I know you already, Eddie won't shut up about you."
You blush and hold out your hand. "Pleasure to meet you Mr Munson."
Wayne looks over your shoulder at Eddie "you could teach my nephew some manners." He grabs your hand. "Pleasure to meet you too." Giving you a firm hand shake.
"No, if y'all'd excuse me, imma take a shower and head to bed. Long night." And he heads off to the bathroom.
You turn to face Eddie. "So, been talking about me, huh?"
Eddie flushes, managing to say "well, what can I say? You're my dream girl."
"Who would have guessed? Eddie Munson is a cheese ball." You stand up, finished with your breakfast, and poke your tongue out at him.
Pulling you into his lap suddenly, you squeal. "Sweetheart, if I'm cheesy it's your fault." Pressing kisses to your neck.
You whimper, the unexpected attention sending shivers down your torso. "Eddie, fuck."
"That's never gonna get old." He smiles, stroking your back. "Let me grab a t shirt and I'll take you home." You smile back and kiss the tip of his nose.
The next day at lunch, Eddie and the rest of Hellfire are already seated in the cafeteria when you enter.
"Hey boys" you smile, moving toward your usual spot. A chorus of 'heys' greets you. No different from any other day.
"Hey sweetheart." Eddie winks at you. He's not told them. You could tell by the maniacal grin on his face. He probably wants this to be dramatic. Of course he does, it's Eddie.
Well, here goes nothing.
Instead of sitting in your usual seat, next to Eddie, you flop down straight into his lap.
You kiss him, hard. Eddie's eyebrows raise as high as they can go, hands hovering in shock for a moment, before they come to rest at your waist. Your hands move into his hair as you deepen the kiss. You're pretty sure you can hear gasps around you, or something very much like it. It all sounds like it's underwater, unimportant. Breaking the kiss, you gaze at Eddie's face.
Eddie looks back at you with glassy eyes and chuckles. "Wasn't sure how you wanted to handle it."
"Oh you're mine. Everyone needs to know." You smirk at him, hand possessively held to his chest.
Finally breaking eye contact, you look at the other members of your party.
"Holy shit!" Mike's jaw drops.
"I fuckin' knew it" Gareth says to Jeff, pointing an accusing finger at you both. Jeff shakes his head in shock.
Dustin, on the other hand, just looks pleased. "About time" he grinned.
"How did you know?" You say to Dustin, puzzled. When your eyes flick back to Eddie he looks just as surprised as you.
"Duh, it's like Steve says, you can feel it. The electricity. It's like, super obvious."
Eddie smirks, "electricity, eh?" And runs his hand up the back of your t shirt, stroking softly at your skin. His other hand rubs up your thigh. You shiver, feeling his delicate touches send bolts of arousal through you, face flushing. Thinking of reprimanding him for being so forward at school, you turn your head to face him. His eyes are dark, smile almost villainous. You can't risk telling him off lest a wanton moan escape your lips, especially when he looks that hot.
Getting out of Eddie's lap, you pull him by the wrist out of the cafeteria, eliciting cat calls and wolf whistles from your friends. Yanking him outside, you pout at him.
"Eddie you can't do that to me at school."
"I'm sorry." He kisses your cheek, then your jaw, then your throat. "I missed you."
You laugh at that. "It's been like 24 hours!"
He keeps pressing kisses to your neck, hand stroking at your waist. "Actually," in between kisses, "its more like 30. Torture."
"Eddie, Jesus." Just the small amount of attention to your neck and side has your body buzzing with warmth.
Eddie pulls away, hands in the air.
"Sorry sorry sorry, you're just, you're perfect. You, do things to me. I just want to eat you up or something, I don't know." He laughs, hand stroking the back of his neck.
You smile shyly at him, "you already did."
Eddie's face turns pink, but he flashes a devilish grin all the same.
"Can I take you out? We could go grab some burgers on Friday or something? Maybe go back to mine afterwards?"
"That sounds real nice Eddie." You peck him on the cheek.
"So, ready to go back inside and face the hoard?"
"Sure." He takes your hand in his and you both walk back inside, lovesick smiles plastered on your faces.
When Friday night rolls around, Eddie comes to yours to pick you up. When you open the door he's practically vibrating with excitement.
"Hey sweetheart!" He goes to kiss you full on the mouth; you turn your head so he only manages to graze your cheek with his lips. Looking confused, you nod your head over your shoulder. As if on cue, your mom pops her head out of the kitchen.
"Ah, this is must be Eddie, pleasure to meet you."
"Pleasures all mine Mrs y/l/n." He holds his arm out, and your mom shakes his hand.
"Ok, ok," you say, slinging your bag on your shoulder, "you met him, he's not an axe murderer, we're leaving now." And you push Eddie through the door.
"Ok bye sweetie have fun!"
You grab Eddie by the arm and pull him towards his van.
"Woah sweetheart no need to rip my arm out the socket!"
"There is unless you want to deal with my Dad."
"Oh ok shit lets move" and he sprints dramatically to his van. You shake your head and jog after him, your skirt flapping at your knees.
Once he starts driving, he only moves about 50 feet then stops.
"What are you-"
"Shhh" he whispers, putting his finger to your lips. Eyes darting around, he looks like a mad man.
"I think the coast is clear." Grabbing your face he kisses you full on the lips. It's sloppy and loud, a caricature of a kiss. You laugh into him, pulling away from his antics.
"You're an idiot Eddie."
"Yeah, and you like me." He says right back in a sing song voice. He sticks his tongue out at you then starts driving again. Eventually, you pull to a stop at a local diner.
"I hope this is okay, I mean its nothing fancy, but the food is-"
"It's great Eddie." Patting his hand, reassuring him.
Gesturing to your bag you ask, "can I leave this in the back?"
"Sure. Erm, why'd bring it if you don't need it?" Tilting his head toward you with the question.
"It's just my overnight bag."
Eddie's hands fly to his face and his eyes practically roll to the back of his head.
"Holy shit sweetheart you gonna stay?"
"Yeah, I mean, I thought that's what you meant when you said we'll go back to yours? I mean if it's okay, I already asked my mom."
"Let me think... Er, hell yeah?" Reaching to hold the back of your head he plants another kiss to your mouth. This time it's sensual, all soft lips and softer tongue. His other hand holds your jaw, stroking your chin with his thumb. A wave of silken pleasure glides through you as you moan into him, your hands grabbing onto his t shirt to anchor you to this realm. Without it you fear you could float away, lost in his kiss.
He pulls away whilst you stare at him glassy eyed, utterly smitten.
"So, back to mine yeah?" You giggle at his eagerness, sparking you out of your dreamlike state.
"Eddie, I think we need to at least eat something."
"Okay okay, you win let's go."
When you walk into the diner you fear you may already have a problem. There's a jukebox playing tinny music in the corner, plates are rattling, a couple are bickering at the counter, the lights are too bright. It's a lot to take in all at once. You feel your breath hitch, mild panic tensing your muscles.
Eddie moves you to a booth, which helps but not entirely. He's chatting, talking about what happened a couple of nights ago in the D&D campaign. Giving clipped answers in return, you try to calm and centre yourself but it doesn't seem to be working.
A glass breaks somewhere, the shattering noise making you flinch. Staring at Eddie with wide eyes, he frowns and strokes your hand. Without meaning to, you recoil at the touch.
"Are you ok? What's wrong?" He asks, concern coating his words thickly.
You want to say a hundred things, a thousand things. You want to tell him the lights are too bright and the noise is too much and you can't think clearly. That you can't focus on his touch when there's so much going on. You want to say you're not a freak for feeling like this even if you believe that you are. You want to tell him not to run away, not to leave you, because you do want him to touch you, it's just all too much.
Nothing of the sort can make it past the lump in your throat. Staring at him, eyes pleading for mercy, for understanding, all you struggle out is "I- I can't..."
Frustrated tears form in the creases of your eyes and you wipe them away angrily.
"Hey, woah don't cry sweetheart! What can I do? Do you want to leave?" He reaches over to touch you again but stops himself in time.
You nod pathetically, more tears forming.
You're ruining everything.
Eddie gets up and leads you out the diner, arms herding you, wanting to provide comfort but desperately attempting not to touch you.
He opens the door for you and you make your way into his van, feeling a little better now you're somewhere safe. Taking deep breaths, you try to calm down.
"Was it too much?" Eddie's voice is soft, quiet, as if he's afraid to break you with it. You can't risk looking at him, you'll cry again, so you simply nod.
"Are you still hungry?" Another nod.
"You know what you want?" This time you do turn to look at him, eyes a bit wild, trying to tell him telepathically that there's no way in hell your brain can make a decision right now.
Eddie understands.
"Tell you what sweetheart, their cheeseburgers are amazing, I'll get us some, and a milkshake. I'll be right back. You okay waiting here?"
Smiling weakly, you reach over and squeeze his hand. He squeezes right back, looking at you with the softest eyes.
While you wait for his return, you take your time looking around the inside of the van. You touch the pile of tapes he has, looking at them one by one. Fingers trail across the dashboard, moving a small amount of dust, feeling the bumpy surface beneath your fingertips. The smell helps. There's an ancient air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror but it must be dead, because all you can smell is cigarettes, weed and Eddie. The fragrance engulfs you, tells you you're safe. Grounds you.
Upon his return, he hands you the food and the biggest milkshake you think you've ever seen in your life.
"Jesus Eddie that's huge."
He looks over and sees you holding the milkshake.
"Impressive isn't it?" He smirks and winks at you. Blushing you turn away, trying not to think of what he's implying.
Eddie drives for around ten minutes or so, until he finds a dirt track hidden by trees. Reversing into it and stopping, he helps you out the front of the van and opens the back doors. After putting a musty blanket down for you both to sit on, you take a seat, food and milkshake between you.
You sit relatively quietly, though there's some hushed conversation between you. Staring out at the trees and the sunlight dappled through them, it's beautiful.
The burger is surprisingly good, though the fries are a little cold now. The milkshake is delicious, chocolate flavoured with milk and ice cream, and you share it between you.
You pass him the last of the milkshake.
"I cant have any more of that, I'll explode." He says.
"Just take it away from me, save me from myself."
He chuckles and takes it away, putting it in a bag with the rest of the trash.
"You feeling better now sweetheart?"
"Yeah, tons." Pausing for a second, you blurt out "I'm really sorry!"
"Hey, it's okay." He leans forward, and stops. "er, can I touch you now?"
You climb into his lap, arms around his neck.
"Okay I'll take that as a yes." He holds you close as you try and explain.
"It's just too much, I couldn't deal with it, and when that happens it's hard to speak. I'm awful at making decisions when I'm like that. I didn't want to ruin our date."
"Hey, nothings ruined." He strokes your back. "I think you improved it, this is nicer than some diner!" Kissing you on the forehead he says "thank you."
"For what?"
"Letting me take care of you."
You stare back into his calming eyes, still laced with concern. You've never wanted to say 'I love you' more than in this moment. Knowing it's too soon, and you don't want to frighten him away, you settle for planting a soft kiss to his lips.
An hour later you're both in Eddie's room, listening to music, your legs draped over his. You're passing a joint back and forth, enjoying each other's company. He hasn't stopped touching you the entire time.
Eddie's stroking you, fingers whispering across your skin, tracing your bare leg, over and over. You feel peaceful, even though every movement was making you hum with desire.
"You really can't help it can you?" You smile kindly at Eddie.
"Help what sweetheart?"
"Touching me." Your smile growing wider.
"Oh I'm sorry, I suppose I can't-" he moves to shift position away from you, but you grab his hand.
"Please don't stop."
The smile that creeps across his face is simply diabolical.
His hands make their way back to your thighs, stroking gently, higher and higher. Your skirt gets bunched up almost to your waist as he continues to move up your leg.
You wiggle in place, carnal desire building up in you. Surely he could feel the heat that was pouring from between your thighs?
Eddie gets up and kneels between your legs. You look at him, biting your lip, unable to stop the feeling of nerves and excitement bubbling in your stomach. He strokes your knees, head tilted to the side.
"You okay princess?"
You flush, nodding at him.
"Are you sure? I mean, I don't want to rush you-"
You look him in the eye and pull your tank top over your head. Laying there in front of him, skirt hiked up displaying your black panties, matching bra barely covering your breasts. You unbutton your skirt, slip it off and toss it to the floor.
"Holy hell." Eddie stares at you for a while, hands compulsively stroking your knee.
Eddie slowly pulls his t shirt over his head. You'd seen him shirtless, less than a week ago, but this seems different. Serious. His lithe, pale body, such a stark contrast to his tattoos, was kneeling right before you. Bare chested apart from his guitar pick necklace.
"You're really hot." The words come unbidden, spill words falling from your mouth.
Eddie laughs "you're kidding right? Have you seen you? You're fucking perfect sweetheart."
He leans over you and kisses you on the lips, so so softly. His lips are velvety smooth, crushing into yours. You both open your mouths to each other. Tongues pressing heat into each other, your bodies mimicking that action, skin rushing against skin.
Eddie's hand moves to palm your breast over your bra and you gasp loudly at the sensation. You can feel him smiling into the kiss when he pulls the cup of your bra down and runs his finger across your nipple.
You flounder, moving your hand shakily behind you to unclip your bra, letting it fall.
Eddie's face is glowing, blush reaching the tips of his ears. He bends down and takes your nipple into his mouth, running his tongue around in circles. He releases your nipple with a wet noise.
"Oh God, Eddie."
Smug smile spreading across his face, he takes your nipple back into his mouth and sucks, teasing the other in his rough fingertips. The feeling makes you moan audibly. There's a heavy, tight feeling of arousal sitting deep in your chest. You want to touch him. You need to touch him. There's no way you can show him how good he makes you feel but you damn well want to try.
"Eddie." Hands shakily drifting to his belt, "can I? Touch you?"
"Holy shit yes please." You giggle as he lays down next to you, fumbling with his belt. He pulls his jeans and boxers off in one go erratically, flinging them across the room.
Fucking hell.
You're staring, you can't help it. Never having seen one in real life, it's kind of intimidating. It almost looks painful, rock hard and throbbing, nearing purple at the tip.
You scoot right next to him, bare skin touching, laying on your side, fingers ghosting down Eddie's chest, leaving goose bumps in their wake.
What if he doesn't like it? What if it's obvious I don't know what I'm doing?
"Sweetheart you good?" He holds your nerve stricken hand in his, stilling your movements.
"Yeah, I mean, I've never, done this before" you mumble shyly into his chest.
"Hey, don't worry about it," he kisses you on the forehead, cupping your hand in his and brings it down, down, over the course hair on his lower stomach and onto his pulsing cock.
Eddie hisses as his guides your hand into a fist, moving it gently up and down. The skin is so soft, warm silk, moving with your hand against his hardness. You stroke him tentatively, getting used to the thought of it in your hands.
He moves your hand away and you pout for a second thinking you did something wrong, until he brings it up to his mouth and licks a long, wet stripe with his tongue over your palm and fingers. Your thighs clench, the lewd gesture taking your breath away. You look up at him and he is grinning wickedly. He holds your own hand out to you.
You raise your eyebrows but do as he asks. When it lands in your hand you look at him to see if that was alright, but judging by his face it was more than okay. Eddie's eyes are hooded, biting his bottom lip, cheeks flushed.
He brings your hand back down to his hard member and you form a fist, beginning to move it up and down, slick spit letting you glide easily over him.
"Fuck, baby just like that."
Spurred on by his words, you grip a little tighter, move a little faster. Eddie makes the prettiest sounds, moaning, bucking into your hand.
"Shit that's, that's really good, fuck."
His other arm is around you, hand snaking into the back of your underwear to cup your ass. You keep fisting him, looking at the way your hand bounces up and down his dick, watching pre cum dribble out the top and onto your fingers. You're drenched in your own spit and his, droplets are flicking onto his lower stomach.
"Baby, you're gonna, Jesus, you have to stop, you're gonna make me cum."
You speed up at that, turning your head to look at his face. He's so gorgeous like this, red faced and desperate.
"Please Eddie I want you to, please, I want to make you cum."
Your arm burning with exertion, you squeeze his length and fuck him with your hand, faster, squeezing your thighs together, impossibly turned on by him crumbling to your touch. Suddenly you can feel him twitching, dick incredibly hard. He's grabbing your ass firmly with his hand; you watch as his abs contract and he releases over his stomach with a high pitched moan, nearly convulsing.
"Jesus H. Christ. Princess, that was. Fuck."
Eddie's panting, longing to catch his breath. He presses wet kisses into your forehead.
"I take it that was good then?" You ask coyly.
Eddie hums in response.
"Could you, er, help me out princess?" Gesturing to the mess you helped to make on his stomach.
You look around, finding a box of tissues and handing it to him. The second he's cleaned up he grabs you by the ankles and pulls you bodily towards him making you squeal in surprise.
"Your turn." Then he's assaulting your neck with kisses. You giggle, until he slows down, actions becoming less comical, more loving. His teeth graze your neck and the sudden feeling makes you moan, sending a shiver down your side.
His mouths descends to your chest, taking your nipple in your mouth whilst his hands find their way to your underwear, stroking your clothed clit. You cry out at the dual sensation.
He pings the hem of your panties against your skin lightly. "Can I take these off?"
"Yeah," you manage to say, voice smaller than you meant it to be.
He slowly peels them down your legs and off. Sitting back on his knees between your legs he runs rough hands over the tops of your thighs, causing you to quiver.
Bending down, he presses kisses to the insides of your thighs, sprinkling slivers of sensation over you. Whining, your back arches, the light kisses stirring your stomach. You can feel Eddie's breath on your clit.
"Hey sweetheart, you miss me? I missed you."
"Eddie are you seriously taking to-"
Eddie interrupts you, "darling I'm tryin' to have a conversation here."
"Eddie!" You look down at him, laughing at his bare faced cheek.
He smiles and licks a long, languid stripe up the length of your pussy, never breaking eye contact. The noise you make is barely human. He wraps his lips around your clit and sucks softly.
"Fucking Hell, Eddie!"
You moan at the contact, it sends volts through your core. He pushes a finger deep into your cunt. It's like nothing you'd felt before; you'd pleasured yourself by your own hands before but it felt nothing like this. His movements were so sure, his finger so thick. He slipped another finger in and curled them and you swore you were about to black out. It was just so intense. You felt your cunt clench around him.
"Eddie, oh my God."
"Shit baby you gonna cum? Please, cum for me."
A low, throaty moan breaks from your mouth as you feel your orgasm being yanked from you, pulled by his fingertips. The feeling keeps coming, waves upon waves of pleasure. He's pulling everything you have from you until your quivering and writhing beneath him begging him to stop.
You're sure you must have fainted, because the next thing you know Eddie's hovering over you, peppering delicate kisses to your cheeks, lips, forehead, nose.
"Hey." You smile shyly at him.
"She's back! You okay baby?"
"Hmmm I'll say." You pull him close so he falls on top of you, kissing him full on the lips, tongue exploring.
Both your naked bodies are pressed tight against each other, you feel the heat radiating off of him. His firm member, already hard again, was pressing against your heat. Stroking his back with your palm you pull him closer, closer, wanting to feel nothing but Eddie.
He breaks the kiss, nudging his nose with yours, his hair tickling your face.
'Sweetheart, do you... are you ready?"
It doesn't take a genius to work out what he's asking. Honestly, you were ready. You had been ready ever since those deep brown eyes had sought yours. 
"I'm ready. I want you Eddie." You share another long, lazy kiss. He grins at you, flashing that brilliant smile. Tears threatened to spill from your eyes at the sheer joy on his face, mirroring the joy in your heart.
Eddie gets up to reach his bedside table and grabs a rubber, pulling it from its packet and rolling it down his length. He strokes himself a couple of times, hissing at the touch, and turns back to face you, climbing between your open legs.
Biting your lip, you look at him. Pale skin glowing in the light, firm beautiful body glistening, a slight sheen of sweat to his skin. His hair looks wilder than normal, face breaking out in an incessant grin. He looks like an angel. He looks like a demon. He was either your saviour, or your damnation. You didn't care, you wanted him, only him.
He pushes his hardened cock against your pussy; it grazes your clit making you groan.
"Sweetheart, if it's too much, just tell me and I'll stop, okay?"
His hand strokes your jaw as you stare into his eyes, lost in them.
"I'm ready, Eddie please-" the rest of your sentence turns into a cry of pain and pleasure. Eddie pushes his full length into you, stretching you. The pain is sharp to begin with, but it quickly dulls. He lays fully on top of you and you wrap your arms and legs around him tightly. Throbbing pulse between your legs, your heat reminding you of the burning desire there, that he's caused. You move your hand into his hair, the other planting firm strokes over the expanse of his bare back. The skin to skin contact is incredible, it's decadent; nothing you've ever felt before.
Eddie lifts his head enough so his forehead is touching yours; burning eyes meet. You stare, transfixed by his gaze, when he starts slowly pumping in and out of you.
Your forms are twisting together until you don't know where you end and he begins. He picks up his idle pace, hand running down your side to weave between your back and the mattress, the other holding your shoulder in a tight grip. You swear you can feel every bump and vein on his impressive length, every drag of his cock sending a ripple of yearning through your nerves.
You push against him, hips rolling to meet his thrusts. Moans are streaming out of your mouth, like a dam had burst and there was nothing to stop them any more. You had no filter, there was only this incredible fullness, this feeling of Eddie in every pore of your skin.
Locking lips with yours, Eddie pushes into you harder, you both moan wantonly into each other mouths, passion unconfined, chasing ecstasy. You break away, wanting to tell him he's making you cum but all that comes out is a broken near scream of his name. The feeling is immense, all encompassing, like Eddie's arms around you. It ebbs and flows through you; tingling warmth flowing out of your core, rivulets of pleasure wash over your skin as the throb of your own heartbeat takes over your contracting heat.
Eddie whimpers, high pitched and long, thrusts stammering until he releases. 
You kiss, and kiss, and kiss again. You don't know who started giggling first, but pretty soon you are both laughing, the joy of the moment spilling out. He leans up on his elbow, free hand coming to cradle yours.
"You okay sweetheart?" Kissing the tip of your nose.
"Yeah, that was, wow." You squeeze his hand.
Nerves suddenly take over you. "Was that, okay for you?"
Eddie's grin lights up his whole face.
"Princess, that was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me."
When he pulls out you whine, over stimulated. When he's pulling the condom off and tying it you grab the comforter and wiggle under it.
Eddie joins you, arms and legs tangling, your face pressed to his chest.
"You wanna smoke sweetheart?"
"In a bit. I just want you."
"Give me twenty minutes and you can have round two."
Laughing at him you push him playfully.
"Eddie we've got all night." Grinning into his chest, being held in his arms, it was the most loved you think you've ever felt. 
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the-travelling-witch · 2 months
Pulling them in for a kiss by their belt/ tie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: you pull them in for a kiss by their belt/ tie, how do they react?
pairings: post-timekip!rindou x gn!reader; ran x reader; inui x reader; kokonoi x reader; hanma x reader
warnings: suggestive [not nsfw but still a little spicy]; mentions of alcohol consumption in inui’s; use of princess/ doll in ran´s, use of doll in hanma´s but gn pronouns in both; kinda implied that hanma and ran are taller than the reader; reader is a teasing menace
a/n: finally, a tokyo revengers post again!! i´ve been down bad for seishu ever since @virtue-and-beneviolence shipped me with him and it shows; if you enjoy the fic, i´d be so grateful if you´d share your thoughts with me through reblogs, comments or asks!! ♡
tokyo revengers masterlist
Tumblr media
Humming to yourself, you made your way to your bedroom. Leaning against the doorway, you studied the sight before you. Your boyfriend was currently getting ready for a work event he had been complaining about all week. And since it was strictly gang business, outsiders weren´t allowed to attend.
With avid interest you watched Rindou´s back muscles flex as he pulled the white dress shirt on. If you looked closely enough you could still see the black lines of his tattoo through the material. You sighed as he rolled up the sleeves, revealing the black ink on his right forearm completely.
Your boyfriend´s formerly blank expression softened the slightest bit as he turned around and came closer to where you were standing, extending a hand to cup your cheek. “I´m sorry, angel, I know I´ve been busy with work lately. But I really can´t miss tonight. I´d rather stay here as well.”
“It's okay, Rin, I´m not upset or anything. Work´s work, after all.” You didn´t have it in you to correct his interpretation when he was being so cute about it. “Anything I can help with?”
“Well, if you´re already offering, mind buttoning up the shirt?” Again, you doubted your boyfriend had any ulterior motives when asking but you sure had when agreeing to. Straightening up, your hand reached for his hip as you hooked one finger in his belt loop and pulled him flush to your chest. “Y/n?!”
“Well, I need you to come a little closer to properly do it, wouldn´t you agree?” There was a mischievous lilt in your voice but if he thought you were going to stop with just this, he was sorely mistaken. 
Your boyfriend was already looking so handsome tonight, surely nobody could fault you for the way you ran your palms over the planes of his defined abs, which twitched at your touch. The fingers of your left hand slowly traced his tattoo, leaving goosebumps in their wake and sent a shiver down his spine.
“Y/n.” Your name came out more sternly this time, something which didn´t deter you from your ministrations but only encouraged you to keep going. Through hooded eyes, you held his gaze as your fingertips non-chalantly dipped beneath his waistband. A small smirk tugged on your lips at the way his breath hitched at the contact. But before they could venture any further, Rindou firmly grabbed your wrists and held them up to his chest. “I swear to god, you can be such a menace.”
“Sorry,” you giggled. “But you´re right. We don´t want to you to get too excited before the night even started.”
“Remind me again why I asked to date you?” He groaned as he fixed you with the most deadpan expression you'd seen in a while. 
“Because you love me, of course~”
“Highly debatable.”
“Oh come on,” you cooed as you twisted your wrists out of his grip just to press them against his pecs and slide them over his shoulders. Gently scraping your nails down his nape, you leant in close to his ear and whispered “We both know you wanna kiss me so badly. Denying it only makes you look stupid and, I assure you, it´s not a good look on you.” 
When you leant back again, Rindou seemed to still process your words as his lips were left slightly parted. But then, they pressed into a tight line as he fixed you with a mean glare that normally meant pain for the person at the receiving end. Seizing your chin in one hand, he tilted it so you were staring at each other head on.
“So that´s how you wanna play, brat?” 
“Sure is,” you hummed with a grin just to see his jaw lock.
Apparently, “please” wasn´t the only magic word to get what you wanted because after your reply left your mouth, the only thing on your lips were Rindou´s. The kiss started out fast and powerful, the hand on your chin cupping the back of your neck instead to angle your head however he wanted while the hand on the small of your back kept you pressed against him. You kissed back with just as much fervour, palms pressing against his chest and occasionally lightly digging your nails into the muscle there.
But before long, it mellowed out into soft traces on each other´s skin and slower rhythms. You concentrated on the beating of his heart under your fingertips as you parted without any haste to catch your breath. Instead of creating any physical distance you simply pressed your foreheads together. 
“I won´t forget this, you hear?” It was probably meant as somewhat of a threat, yet in your ears it was merely an enticing promise.
“You´d better not,” you laughed breathlessly.
[“Are you done pushing my buttons now?”
“Mhm, I still need to button up the ones on your shirt though”]
Turning in front of your floor-length mirror, you ran your hands down the sides of your evening attire, hoping to smooth out whatever wrinkles and creases might have formed while getting dressed. When you were satisfied with your handiwork, you started putting on every accessory you had chosen for tonight.
A few hours prior, you had received a cryptic text from your boyfriend to “not make any plans for tonight and put on something nice”. While it might have been a surprise to somebody else, you hardly batted an eye, thoroughly used to Ran´s antics by now. 
You were fiddling with the clasp of your necklace when a low whistle rang through the room. Through the mirror you saw the man of the hour leaning against the doorframe, clad in a fitted suit and his hair styled to perfection, his lilac gaze running from your head to toe and back up as he studied the view in front of him. With an amused grin and his eyes never leaving yours in the reflection, he slowly approached you before taking the two ends of the jewellery and clasping them together for you, the tips of his fingers lightly trailing the skin of your neck as they lingered longer than necessary.
“My, my,” he mused, “I know I said to wear something nice but look at you…Trying to seduce me all over again, doll?”
Leaning back into his chest and pulling his hands in front of you, you hummed as if deep in thought while running your fingers along his slender ones. “And what if I said yes?”
“Then I'd have to admit it's working.” One of his arms wrapped around your waist to pull you closer to him as the other brought your hand, which still held his, up to his lips to press fleeting pecks to your knuckles. “Hmm, just what did I do to get so lucky?”
“Considering what you do for a living,” you couldn´t  help but tease, “it's probably something you didn´t do.”
You felt your boyfriend´s chuckle just as much as you heard it, the fingers on your hip playfully pinching the skin there. “Careful now, Princess.”
“Or what else?” You cocked an eyebrow as you mirrored his smirk. “Hate to break it to you but I´m not really scared of someone who can´t even give their significant other a proper kiss.”
“Oh, is that so?” The skin around his eyes crinkled as he narrowed them in mirth. “And what, pray tell, would be ‘a proper kiss‘ in your eyes?”
Turning to face your lover, you swiftly latched onto the tie that sat so nicely over his chest and gave it a firm tug. Your sudden action caused Ran to let out a surprised noise not many got to hear before, his usually cocky smirk replaced by wide eyes for once as you brought his face level with yours. Eyes flitting between lilac ones and a pair of very kissable lips, you took another moment to relish in the fact you caught the Ran Haitani off guard before finally closing the gap between you. 
Your boyfriend caught on quickly enough, though, once your lips moved with his, hands coming alive against your hips again to pull you flush to his chest once more. In return, your palms slid over his pecs to his collarbones and to his nape; one slipping under the collar of  his crisp white button-up, the other settling in his hair with every intent to ruin the meticulously styled strands.
When a muffled moan left you as he grabbed the underside of your thigh to wrap it around his waist, Ran wasted no time tangling his tongue with yours, hoping to pull a few more noises from you. Sure, you might have surprised him but it only further encouraged him to get you back for it. Even as you pulled away from him for some much needed air, he simply moved on to your jaw and down your neck, mouth never once leaving your skin. With your head tilted to the side, your gaze fell onto the clock on the wall.
“Ran,” you panted, slightly tugging at his hair again, to detach him from the curve of your neck. “Dinner…We really need to go soon…”
“So, I can´t even finish what you started, doll?” His typical grin had returned as he tucked your clothes back into place. It was his fault they were dishevelled in the first place, after all. “But you´re right, we should get going. The earlier we leave, the earlier we´ll be back.”
“A proper kiss needs to be properly followed up, don´t you agree?” Licking his lips and shooting you a cheeky wink, you realised you might have dug your own grave with your little stunt. “Mmh, I think I´ll really enjoy the dessert tonight.”
The bass was pulsing in your ears and your blood felt like it was on fire, whether it was the music or the shots you did with your friends you didn´t know. All you knew was that you felt good.
Swaying your body to the music, you sang your heart out as your friend pulled you into her, moving you in time with her, your other friends eagerly cheering you on. When the song ended, you both parted as everyone raised their glasses, laughing. 
Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw the lounge the rest of your group was occupying and you gestured to your friends you´d be taking a quick breather. Shoving your way through the masses on the dance floor, you headed straight to where your boyfriend was sitting. As you approached, you noticed he had his eyes already on you. Grinning, you came to stand behind the back of the velvety couch, hugging him as you bent down. 
“Hello there, beautiful,” you sing-songed with your lips next to his ear, all the while letting your fingers explore his front. “You alone here?”
“Seems like I won´t be for much longer,” he chuckled. Taking hold of one of your wandering hands, he placed feathery kisses from your knuckles to your wrist before turning his head to meet your eyes with lidded ones. “That is, if a pretty thing like you would like to keep me company?”
“How could I possibly say no to such a charming man?” you giggled. 
Rounding the couch, you made sure to take your sweet time as Inui watched you with amusement playing around his lips. When you finally made your way over to him and came to a halt between his spread legs, you couldn´t suppress your own grin anymore. Just as you tenderly placed a hand on his cheek you felt his hands rest where your hips met your thighs, trailing them higher agonisingly slow.
It was as if his touch ignited a fever in you, electricity seemingly sparking from under his fingertips and running up your spine as you sighed his name. Leaning forward and placing your knee between his, you raked your fingers over his scalp, pushing his hair back as his bright eyes met yours. 
“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked, tone genuine as he studied your expression.
You hummed as you traced your thumb over his cupid's bow. “Very much so. But it's even better now that I'm with you.”
“That's good to hear.” With one fluid motion causing you to yelp in surprise, Inui had pulled you flush into his lap, your knees framing both sides of his hips as your hands found purchase on his shoulder to balance yourself. “I, too, am enjoying having you finally to myself.”
“Sheishu!” You dug your nails into his back as he attached his lips to your pulse point after pushing your top to the side. “We´re in public!”
“So? Nobody cares anyway. Besides,” It was his time to low whisper in your ear, “if they wanna watch, might as well give them something to stare at, right?”
One of his hands moved to massage the back of your head as he resurfaced from the crook of your neck to check your expression for any discomfort. Meanwhile one of your hands had come to rest against his chest and was fiddling with his tie as the other was still slung over his shoulder.
“Unless you wanna stop?”
That was what cemented the answer you had already known deep inside.
“Hell no.” In a fit of impulsiveness, your fingers tightened around the fabric between them as you simultaneously leaned in. Apparently, Inui had expected your sudden burst of courage and turned his head in time to cushion the way your lips crashed onto his. Using the hand on the back of your head to angle your head to his liking, he quickly took control of the kiss as you pressed your chest deeper into his. 
His hand squeezed the fat of your thigh causing you to moan his name but before you could pull back and cover your mouth, your boyfriend had already taken the opportunity to tangle his tongue with yours as you pointlessly fought for dominance, making you grab onto fistfuls of his dress shirt.
When you had to pull away to gasp for air, you didn´t get far before a hand on your jaw kept you in place. Inui carefully traced the features of your face in a stark contrast to his previous actions. His thumb finally settled on lightly pulling on your kiss swollen bottom lip, seemingly lost in thought as he ran the digit back and forth.
“Have I told you how absolutely gorgeous you look tonight?” The only answer you could manage was a dazed hum, as you watched the coloured lights reflect in his eyes with rapt attention. 
“What do you say we take this home, pretty? Some things should stay between just the two of us after all.”
Relaxing against the plush cushions of the couch you were seated on, you took the moment to rest your aching feet. All the walking you had done today would certainly come back to bite you in the ass tomorrow. You loved your boyfriend, you really did, but when it came to shopping trips, Koko could be absolutely ruthless.
But this would be the last store, he promised, so you sat back and let him do his thing. You were already aware that his standard for basically everything was pretty high, that was why it didn´t really faze you to see him try on fifty different jackets, trousers, shirt, shoes, you name it until everything went together the way he wanted it to. Looking put together was what put his mind at ease and made him feel comfortable, making these trips worth the sore feet.  Besides, you got to see Koko in so many different outfits in one day alone, so in your mind you were very much winning.
The last missing puzzle piece was a belt. You watched the shop assistant pull out the whole register before leaving the two of you to your own devices. To be quite frank, you were mostly there for moral support, listening to Koko´s thoughts and every now and then quipping in a “I think it looks good on you” because everything did look good on him, no lie found here.
Little by little, belts were ruled out until he was only switching between two different ones. As you studied him turning in front of the mirror, a knowing smile made its way onto your face. You were pretty sure, he had already decided on one in his head and just kept questioning his decision. Time for you to shine.
“Babe, do you want to share your thoughts with me?” With an exhausted sigh, your boyfriend turned towards you and pinched the bridge of his nose. 
“It´s just… I like this one but I´m not sure if it´s the right choice for the outfit.” He fiddled with the strap of the chain belt currently decorating his waist and hips. “Maybe a bolder statement piece would look better…”
“Hmm, I actually think it works quite well together,” you hummed. “Especially, if you want to wear other jewellery with it. It could be too much with a statement piece, you know? Besides, I think this one goes better with your other clothes too.”
“You´re right. Thanks, love.” With a soft smile he moved to where you sat and pressed a quick peck to your temple. “I guess that means, you prefer this one then?”
“I do.” Your reply came out rather absent-minded though, as you ran your fingers up his thighs. In the back of your head you wondered where this was suddenly coming from but truthfully, you didn´t really care. And as your eyes met normally narrowed ones now blown wide in shock, it was already too late.
The belt´s first stress test was you yanking on the golden chain hanging from Koko´s hip, causing him to stumble forward, bracing himself on the back of the couch with one hand as one knee came down on your side.
“Y/n, what are you doing?!” Koko´s yell came out hushed as he tried not to alert the shop clerk. 
“What? I have to make sure it´s a quality belt, right?” Your boyfriend did not like the way your eyes lit up with mirth and started to form little crescents at your next words. “And for that, I think I need to take a closer look.”
With your fingers now hooked under the main strap of the chain, Koko was promptly pulled all the way down and onto your lap. The position caused him to bury his face in the crook of your neck as you laughed, able to feel the heat radiate from his glowing cheeks. 
“Something wrong, babe?” you cooed as you ran a comforting hand up and down the expanse of his spine. 
“Nothing in my life has brought me closer to death than you and that says a lot,” he grumbled into your neck, which caused you to let out another burst of gleeful laughter. Then you gently tugged him back so you could cup his face between your hands.
“I didn´t mean to fluster you this much, you know. But I´ll remember it for the future.” You gave him your cheekiest wink which made him groan again but this time he couldn´t hide his red-dusted face. In a soft whisper you called for his attention. “Hajime, look at me.”
With tender care, you connected your lips as you felt him shift his weight on top of you, with one hand still balancing himself on the headrest. There was no need to rush the way your heads turned and angled in unison or the way your thumbs caressed the planes of his cheekbones. Soft strands of hair tickled the left side of your face and you gently pushed the tresses back, noting the small sigh that escaped your boyfriend as your fingers worked over his scalp.
Although you´d do nothing rather than stay in this moment forever, you were still in public. Begrudgingly, you parted from one another but the hand in his hair continued playing his velvety locks as both of you just lovingly gazed at the other. You were the first one who broke the silence and just couldn´t help yourself but tease him just a little more.
“Yeah, this one's good.” For emphasis, you tugged on the belt strap again. “Can´t wait to see what other outfits this would go with. Maybe we should try it out once we get home.”
“I don´t wanna go.”
“Shuji, you have to.”
“But meetings are always so booooring,” he yawned. “Nothing fun ever happens.”
The sheets rustled as you rolled over to come face to face with your boyfriend, his amber eyes still droopy with sleep and his black and blond locks tussled into a fashionable bedhead. 
A few minutes ago, both of you had been woken up and robbed of your chance to sleep in by the sound of his phone ringing. Hanma´s presence was required for an unscheduled Toman meeting and Kisaki made it clear that not attending was not an option. A reality the man next to you refused to subscribe to.
“Seriously, Shuji,” you said as you leaned on your elbows to give him a stern look “you´ll be late if you don´t start getting ready soon.”
Moving faster than a half-asleep person should, he wrapped his arms around your middle and pulled you close enough to bury his head in the crook of your neck. “Already told ya, I don´t care ´bout that stupid meeting.”
“Well, I do,” you warned “because we both know Kisaki´s going to be on my ass just as much as yours if you miss it and that´s no fun either. So, get dressed.”
“Babe´s such a kill-joy today.” His voice was muffled against the skin of your neck but you could still make out his words well enough to pinch him in the ribs for it. “Alright, alright, I´m going. Jeez, can´t even have a chill morning around here anymore.”
And with that, your boyfriend dramatically slid his lanky frame out of bed and towards the bathroom, all the while grumbling to himself. Resigning yourself to the fact you wouldn´t be able to go back to sleep anyway, you left the comfort of your bed as well and threw on one of Hanma´s shirts on the way to the kitchen. Obviously, you weren´t happy either your precious morning together with your boyfriends was cut short so unceremoniously but you really didn´t want to deal with Kisaki´s nagging.
While waiting for your coffee to brew, you pulled out some bread and scoured the fridge for something to make breakfast with. As you finished the first sandwich and placed it in a lunch box, Hanma appeared in the kitchen door, basically unrecognisable from the man who had not too long ago laid in bed with you. His hair was styled with no trace of bed head left, an ear thread was dangling from his left earlobe and round glasses were framing his almond eyes perfectly. But most importantly, the pinstripe suit he was sporting was tailored perfectly to enhance his lean physique, his muscles visible as he fiddled with the cuffs.
“Here.” Holding out the box to him, you watched as his attention drifted to you as his expression shifted from surprised to grinning in a split second before stepping closer. “Thought you might get even more cranky without breakfast.”
“Aren´t I lucky?” he chuckled. “Yer the best, doll.” 
“Are you only realising that now or…?” you teased despite Hanma slowly crowding you against the kitchen counter. And before you could react– “Hey!”
Smiling down at you after setting your mug back down, you almost regretted being so generous with breakfast. “Even made coffee for me, I really landed the jackpot here, don´t cha think?~”
“Oh shut up, will you?” You crossed your arms, looking to the side and pretending to be upset, you paid no mind to the way Hanma´s arms came to cage you between him and the edge of the counter, no doubt wearing that infuriating grin you just wanted to wipe off. And you might just have an idea on how to.
“Make me~” 
Just the answer you were expecting.
One hand flying to his tie, the other finding purchase on the back of his neck, you pulled him down even further than he had already leant down and crashed your lips together. Taken aback by your sudden action, you swallowed the surprised noise that escaped him before he regained awareness of what was happening. 
As the movement of his lips fell into rhythm with yours, two strong hands hoisted you up on the counter before sliding to your thighs to spread them just enough so your boyfriend could slot himself between them. With you sitting pressed tightly against him on the edge of the counter, his now free hands started to wander again, never staying in one place for too long, groping here and there as he pleased.
“Weren´t ya the one who wanted me to go so badly? And now you pull a stunt like this?” His low voice rang out close to your ear as his hot breath fanned your cheek. “So what´s it gonna be, sweetcheeks? Ya want me to stay, don´t cha?”
“Obviously, I want you to stay, I´m not mental. But–”
“Yeah, yeah, I get it. Responsibilities and all that crap.” The way he rolled his eyes and grimaced would have been enough to convey his clear distaste for all that crap but just for good measure, he laced his voice with a distinguished air of disinterest, yet his next words were nothing but seriousness.
“Don´t think that just because I´m leaving it means I´m done with ya, sweetheart. Ya better be ready for when I´ll come back to continue this.”
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 4 months
Sealed with a kiss
Summary: You make an interesting agreement with the demon and he has even more interesting method of sealing the deal.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Oral (m rec.), smut.
A/n: Sinday Fic #3. Based on ask @beach-daydreaming sent me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's not often that someone as pretty as you willingly offers herself to the demon.
Bucky is intrigued, sauntering around your kneeling body, his fingers trailing across your shoulders. There's a darkness in you. One he recognizes because it lives inside him as well. Hurt and pain and anger flow through your veins like a broken dam, wild and destructive. He likes the taste of it on your soul. Makes you that much sweeter.
"Eyes on me." His tail curls around your ankle, adjusting your position. Gazing down at your face, he's pleased with your quick obedience, a smile curls at the edges of his lips. The gesture could be mistaken for genuine mirth if it weren't for his cold blue eyes blazing across your body, igniting you from the inside out, warmth swirling in the depths of your belly, sinking slowly into your clit. "Such a good girl."
His tail flickers, skating up your thigh. "Always doing the right thing. Always so kind. So good." He inches closer to your cunt with every word. Reaching down, he cradles your chin, his thumb sweeps over your bottom lip. "You deserved only good things in return but you got pain instead didn’t you angel? And that’s why you're here. On your knees for me. Show me what you want.” 
Fear and trepidation clog your throat but something else, something baser, more primal, coated with hazy lust and desire and rage cuts through it. You want this. You need this, need him and you’re willing to sacrifice everything to have him. “I want-” the words burn the tip of your tongue,
Bucky waits patiently, his tail dips under the band of your panties as you think of all the hell you want to rain down on those who’ve hurt you. 
He chuckles, pulling your lip down with his thumb before sliding it into your mouth. “You are very creative Angel. Your mind is as beautiful as you are. I can do all of that for you and more if you want me to.” 
The blunt end of his tail brushes over your swollen clit, tapping it twice, the unexpected sensations rushes through you causing you to bite down on his finger. Bucky lets out a soft moan, his smirk widening. Pushing down on your tongue, his fingers curl under your chin and bring your face up. More sensations, inexplicably hot and intense spiral up your spine as he rolls over your clit. 
 He takes a step closer, his clothes-and yours- falling away with a flick of his large hand. You gasp, exhaling harshly through your nose, the sight of his thick pierced cock rendering you speechless. It won’t fit, you think, your heart bursts into a rapid tattoo the longer you stare, it can’t fit. 
It can. His voice echoes in your head. I’ll make it fit.
“But first, before I agree to burn the world down foe you, Angel, you have to agree to my terms.” Golden laced carmine words appear across his lower abs, moving across the ridged muscles. He grips the base of his cock and brushes his swollen head over your lips. “And you’ll sign here with your pretty mouth.” 
Again he waits patiently. 
You study the words on his skin for a minute. You struggle to keep your eyes open, the urge to drop your head back and give in to the pleasure pulsating through you is overwhelming but so is he. Your lips part instinctively. His thick, heavy cock glides along your tongue, swallowing his salty taste you inhale him until he reaches the back of your throat, you pull back with a low, wet gag. Fuck he wasn’t even halfway in. He won't fit but know that you've had a taste, you want him too.  
“Good girl,” he praises, steadying your head with his hands, his tail rubbing small, intricate circles over your clit. “One day you’ll be able to take every inch down your little throat. But for now, focus on your contract while I fuck your mouth.” 
He barely rocks his hips, sending his large cock back down your throat, pulling out inch by inch as the words flash before your eyes. Your nails dig into his thighs and you moan and sob and keen wildly around him.
The way he’s using your body, taking and giving pleasure in equal measures, making you feel so good that you’d agree to anything, any.fucking.thing. he wants. 
His pace increases, his praise floating down around you. Slamming in and out of you while his tail rolls over clit in steady waves. The words become a blur as tears fill your eyes and you lose yourself in the sensations burning through every part of you.
Something inside you snaps, your orgasm unfurling as something shifts inside you, power cresting in your veins. Your back arches and your scream vibrates around his cock. The last of the agreement appears on his skin and he spills down your throat, tethering himself to you. 
“Eyes on me,” he instructs breathlessly, pulling out of your warm mouth slowly. Your heavy lids flutter open and he dominates your vision.  “Now I’ll give you everything they should have given you, sweet angel. Anything you want is yours. All you have to do is ask.”
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jeonjcngkook · 1 month
danger zone | jjk (m) 1.0
Tumblr media Tumblr media
・❥・pairing: boxer jungkook x female reader ・❥・genre(s)&au(s): boxer au | fluff | smut | angst | est rel ・❥・w/c: 6.6k ・❥・rating: 18+ ・❥・summary: jung hoseok, an underdog boxer new to the sport calls out current middleweight champion jeon jungkook in a string of twitter videos, taunting him in means for a match for the championship belt. with a neverending run of his mouth, you and jungkook decide that now is the time to shut the newbie up once and for all.. afterall, it is about time jungkook sheds blood, sweat and tears into the gold around his waist. but to the dismay of both of you and jungkook, the sacrifice of holding gold has you both eying another prize at the end of the four weeks.   ・❥・chapter warnings & smut warnings: strong language, jungkook has a fuckin thigh tattoo 🫦 i wanna box hoseok and his mouth myself 🥊 body worshipping (m rec), kissing, fingering, lazy oral sex (f rec), handjob, unprotected sex, shower sex, sex standing up, tummy pressing, creampie, overstimulation, multiple orgasms (f rec), lil spitting.
⁀➷ extras: main masterlist | mail box | playlist | tag list form
⁀➷ tracking tags: #jords asks - asks | #fic feedback - feedback | #fic : danger zone (updates&reviews&asks)
・❥・author’s note: sorry we’re late but we’re here nonetheless! ive been through writers block, an enlistment announcement and then the winter flu on top but ive made it in the end. thank you to @caelesjjk & @baljinciaga for betaing & as usual lil magwai @kth1 for the sexiest banner <33 honorary mentions to @mercurygguk @jkeuphoria1997 @jjkeverlast @jikooknoona @here4btsfics & @jjungkookislife — this is for u <33
Tumblr media
Jungkook is a man of many talents. A black belt in multiple martial arts and a vigorous fitness routine that he never seems to falter from. It pays off as he sits in front of you right now shirtless. Your eyes catch the mirror that is hung on the wall opposite the living room, showcasing the way his shoulder muscles in his back tighten and strain against his soft, golden skin. His shoulders are wide and built strong, a small build up of sweat coating his skin and gives it a glistening sheen under the warmth light of the lamp on the side table. You can’t help but to lick your lips, biting onto the skin of the lower to keep you from moaning out.
He has trained with some of the greatest chefs in the world, taking his cooking abilities from excellent to world class in just a few lessons. Unsurprisingly too, he has the voice of an angel which he never lets go to waste by singing anywhere he possibly can. In the shower, in the car, around the house while doing mundane tasks, you name it. Not that you would ever complain. His voice is one of the many things about him that keep you calm and relaxed, especially at night after long gruelling work days.
And as a professional boxer, he is in a whole league of his own. As the current, longest reigning, undefeated champion in his weight category — going against men who have all wanted a taste of both the Korean fighter and the prize wrapped around his waist — only to have left empty handed, except for the bruises they obtain from their merciless rounds of scrapping with each other, Jungkook is certainly at the top of the food chain in the ring.
Jungkook is a simple man with simple goals in mind. His drive to achieve gold, crossing boundaries and mauling anybody and everything in his way to get there is certainly ranked as one of his highest. The knowledge that he reigns as the youngest champion in his weight division, tearing apart opponents and opinions — both of which always doubted him and his abilities to get where he is now.
As a boxer, he is relentless. With immense strength, stamina, speed and power, Jungkook certainly outweighs most in his division. But it isn’t just the physical attributes that got him where he is now. His body is built beautifully too. Not overdone like some athletes, but he keeps his body lean and defined and the way he uses this to his advantage in and out of the fighting ring is nothing short of mesmerising. It allows for his movements in the ring to be smooth and calculated. One punch after another to his punching bag in one-twos, one-two-threes reps, watching the equipment hypnotically rock forward and backways over and over like the pin of a metronome.
Jungkook is clever. His intelligence is higher than the average, which in turn means he is able to outsmart his opponents. He usually knows they’re next move before they know themselves, giving him ample opportunity to pick at their weaknesses easily, manoeuvring himself quickly to avoid blows. His intelligence in the ring allows his accuracy in landing punches on a moving target is no hard feat.
He certainly does have a calibre of skills to be envious of.
As the late morning sunlight begins to filter through the cracks of the blinds, the rays of warmth against your skin causes you to hum in appreciation. The raindrops on from the autumn drizzle pitter patters against the glazing of your window, paired with the downtempo, chilled out, hip-hop sampled lofi music in the background, brings in a serene atmosphere.
After what seems like hours, Jungkook finally emerges into the lounge. Shirtless,  he uses the training vest to dab against his damp forehead, soaking up the sweat that accumulated during his usual daily session with the heavy boxing bag he has hanging in the home gym in the garage.
You had both recently had the gym installed. Even as a compact space, you were both able to design it perfectly to allow Jungkook to have a workstation at his feet for whenever he pleased. 
A category of cardio equipment, including a treadmill with optimal pulse rate straps to wear to manage his heart rate as he works, an elliptical cross trainer, and rowing machines. Muscle toning stations are fitted to the ceiling and walls with handlebars, barbell stations, resistance bands, as well as free weights, were the most recent instalment to the facility. And of course, he keeps his boxing gear with jump ropes, hand wraps, gloves, headgear - you name it - neatly kept on the hanging shelf.
Clearly installing the gym had many benefits for everyone. For Jungkook, he can now achieve his goals without the hassle of leaving your apartment. For yourself, you get every opportunity to take in his gorgeous physique after he’s done training.
Jungkook throws his head back as he squeezes his favourite grapefruit flavoured sports drink down his throat, quenching his thirst. You use the time to gawk at your boyfriend. The sheer size of him was enough to leave your mouth watering. Standing tall, broad and lean, Jungkook is an accurate representation of an ancient Greek God — a fantasy if you will. A figure of immense strength that shows all over his body as the muscles in his arms, shoulders and back ripple under his skin with his movements.
You watch as he runs his hands through his hair. A web of tattoos with intricate detailing from his shoulder snakes down to his hands, only to be covered in more ink. The skin of his abs stretches with the lift of his arms and you softly moan as the grooves and cuts of his muscle tightens right in front of you, glittering with residue sweat in the sunlight and you watch as the drops continue their journey until they are met with the band of his training shorts which hang low on his hips, his taut abdominal muscles hiding behind the fabric. Your eyes reach the bottom of his shorts to find his newest tattoo peaking from underneath the fabric. It’s definitely your favourite. A traditional Chinese dragon is fresh on the skin of his thigh, the ink looking vibrant in its onyx state. There are  chrysanthemums filling in gaps, along with well structured dotwork and deep dark intense shading surrounding the dragon. It truly represents the attributes that Jungkook carries.
Positivity, wisdom, strength and courage.
“Don’t mind me baby,” Jungkook smirks, knowing you’re fully ogling at him. A smile breaks out as he looks upon you comfortably sitting on the couch in nothing but your favourite set of loungewear. “I’m away to jump into the shower, wanna join?” He asks with a teasing raise of his brow and bottom lip caught between his teeth.
The phone in your hand is tossed to the side as you grin in response, jumping up immediately and racing towards the bathroom with your boyfriend.
The both of you are quick to pull off what little clothing you both have on. Jungkook’s hands are gentle as he lifts your shirt past your breasts and up over your head. You slowly undo the drawstrings of your own shorts, sliding them down with ease.
Jungkook turns his back to you, turning on the showering system to allow the water to heat up for you both. You use the opportunity of his back to you to place your hands on his waist, moving your nimble fingers to the centre of his stomach and tracing your fingers down the contours of firm abdomen muscles that harden under your touch before trailing them down the prominent v-line that decorates his lower body.
“You're so beautiful,” you accentuate your words by digging your nails into his skin and slithering them underneath the band of his training shorts and boxers, pulling them down and letting them pool at his feet on the floor. Slow, shallow breaths are heard from in front of you.
The mirror in front of you is clouded by the steam of the water as you peer your head around Jungkook’s broad frame, but nonetheless you manage to see the corners of Jungkook’s mouth curl into a wide smile at your words and it fills your body with warmth knowing that still after several years that your words still affect him.
Jungkook’s hand stretches out to test the temperature for you both before submerging himself underneath the showerhead. Jets of water continue to fill the porcelain as Jungkook reaches his hands for you and helps you in and swaps places with you to place you right underneath the water.
Everything about this moment is perfect. The sound of rushing water making contact with your skin is invigorating. The first minute or so, the water is scolding as you adjust to the change in temperature, but quickly you become warmed to the new climate and soon enough steam fills the room. Condensation taking to the glass screen and moistening your skin all over, your body absorbs the heat in like a sponge. For those few minutes, your mind is clear. The shower does its job to alleviate the tight pressure in your shoulders and neck. It’s bliss.
If it wasn’t for the pair of hands giving your hips a tight squeeze, you would have absolutely forgotten that there is someone else in here with you. You bask in Jungkook’s touch, lacing your own fingers with his and moving your head to rest against the hard planes of his chest.
“Mm, I’m so proud of you for last night,” you tell him.
Last night, Jungkook held his championship belt on the line against fellow Korean boxer Doh Kyung-soo, who, before last night, was undefeated in his competitions. This rightfully earned him the opportunity to go one on one with Jungkook for the Middleweight Belt.
Both of them put up a great fight, earning more views for the pay-per view event than anybody could have predicted. The event was thrilling and adrenaline fuelled with literal blood shed, sweat pouring and some light tears from your side at the moment Jungkook’s fist was raised in the air as victorious and still the undefeated champion.
Of course, round after round of fists flying means bruises, swollen skin and searing scars. Battle scars are what Jungkook likes to call them. They litter his skin all over. Some scars find home within the ink on his body and others are displayed proudly on their own, where Jungkook can proudly tell the tales of his tournaments.
He looks down at you with fondness, water pouring down you both as he plants a barrage of kisses on your forehead. You raise your head towards his so he can press a proper kiss onto your lips.
“I’d never be where I am without you, you know that?”
The kiss itself is nothing short of spectacular. Jungkook’s lips are soft with your favourite flavoured lip balm, just for your own taste. Jungkook kisses you softly and languidly, taking his time to feel the warmth of your own mouth on his. His tongue licks at your lips as his teeth gently pull on the skin. Responsively, you part your lips and tangle your tongue with Jungkook’s, slowly teasing him for more access, but as quick as the kiss had come, it stops.
Leaning down to your ear, Jungkook presses your back into his chest as his head dips to the shell of your ear before grazing at the flesh with his teeth. Your body erupts with goosebumps at the ministrations, head lolling back as you release a moan, only heard due to the proximity of you both.
You manage to switch positions in the tub, the water now cascading down Jungkook’s back as you turn to face the other direction. He tips his head back into the oncoming stream and runs his hand through his hair, feeling the strands get longer as they soak up the water from the shower and start to stick to his neck.
Jungkook picks up your shampoo and starts squeezing the citrus scented liquid into his hand and you tip your head back to allow him to lather the liquid into your hair.
As he does, you pick up your green loofah and squeeze an ample amount of soap onto the nylon ball, ready to massage it into Jungkook’s skin. The cranberry fragrance of the body wash mingles with the citrus scent of the shampoo to create a fruity concoction.
You turn around and observe Jungkook as his fingers rub into your scalp in the most relaxing manner. You observe the way his muscles ripple and shift as his hands move back and forth. Pressing your soapy loofah over his chest, you take your time working over his collarbones and pecs before moving down over his abdomen. Casting a quick glance down, you feel heat rising to your cheeks when you notice his cock semi-hard, twitching ever so slightly. 
Your hand trails down as you squeeze the loofah and watch as the soap subs release from the cloth and run down his body with the water. The sight is stunning as you watch his abs tighten, glistening in the light, as the soapy concoction makes way to his cock. Your mouth waters as the soap covers his dick, the suds disappearing with the water.
“Tilt your head back, baby.”
Doing as you’re told, you walk back into the water and let it soak into your hair, washing away the products Jungkook had expertly lathered.
Once the water has filled its intended purpose, Jungkook takes the loofah from your hands and turns you around so you’re facing the shower head.
“Hands up,” he instructs.
You wrap your hands around his neck and let Jungkook squeeze the loofah into your own skin. He manages to keep one hand on your waist, giving it a gentle squeeze now and then.
He starts with an arm and follows it down to your chest and then swapping to the other to drag it down your second. Your lashes flutter as he rubs relaxing circles into your skin and you can’t help but let a moan leave your lips.
Without hesitation, Jungkook’s hand makes way to the top of your right boob and gives the loofah a squeeze once again to release more suds. From above you, his towering frame watches your nipples harden underneath the soap. His hand follows it down and grips your flesh in his hands, squeezing again and watching as your skin shows through the spaces of his hands.
This time you moan out loud, the water drowning it out but Jungkook hears you perfectly fine. His free hand comes up to the other at your chest as he swaps the loofah into his other hand and repeats his action and watches as your left nipple hardens in the same fashion as the first. His fingers find your right nipple and roll it in between his thumb and forefinger in a forwards and backwards motion under the water.
Jungkook moves forward and you feel his cock press against the swell of your ass, the tip resting at the base of your spine. You can feel him thick and heavy, twitching at the contact of your soft skin. You take that as encouragement to drop your hand from his neck and wrap it around his dick and stroke him, marvelling at the feeling of his lips meeting your neck, the graze of his teeth on your skin. Your hand gently pumps him in a steady rhythm as you pay attention to running your thumb along the vein with every stroke and squeezing at the tip.
“I want to be inside you,” Jungkook whispers into the crook of your neck and you bite your lip at his words.
You nod your confirmation and Jungkook spreads his legs to balance himself as the water continues to pour from the showerhead. Reaching down, he grabs one of your legs and holds it behind your knee with his forearm to open your legs for him, your pussy opening for his hard cock.
“You have no idea how fucking hot you are,” you mewl into his ear, before nipping it, your fingers tracing the long wet strands of black hair that are sticking to his cheek, strands ending under his jaw due to the grown out length.
With your words, Jungkook tilts his head and presses a searing hot kiss to your lips. It’s immediately passionate and filled with desire for each other as you reciprocate. You let your lips part and slide your tongue with his as his lips smack against yours. He still tastes like your favourite lip balm and it makes you smile into the kiss. The kiss is broken as your leg is lifted higher and you feel the tip of his leaking cock pressing against your slick entrance.
He presses into you slowly but with enough vigour that there is no resistance. The girth of his cock stretches you wide deliciously and you swallow hard, your body warms with desire and your thighs quiver in pleasure.
Another slow thrust is delivered from behind you and Jungkook is fully inside you, his tip pressing enticingly against your cervix. The feeling of being so full of Jungkook intensifies with every inch that he sheathes inside of you.
“You’re such a good girl for me, baby,” Jungkook babbles,caught in his own pleasure. You can feel his breathing become ragged and trembles as he tries to steady his breath.
“You always feel so good when I fuck you.”
One of your hands wraps around his neck once more as the other finds home on the cold titled wall in front of you, helping you keep your balance steady as Jungkook finally picks up his speed.
“Just want to take care of you J-Jungkook. You always make me feel so good,” you mewl through gritted teeth as Jungkook continues to thrust into you. His fingers tangle in your hair to pull your neck back so he can press a bruising open mouth kiss onto your lips.
His thrusts are vigorous and your body shivers as his pace becomes rampant. The sounds of skin slapping together drowns out the sound of the water jetting against the porcelain floor. It is a tell-tale sign that Jungkook is chasing his orgasm and you can’t help but clench around him to assist him reaching his high.
“Fuck, baby, you’ve got the tighest cunt, gonna make me come so much, f-fuck!” You lean into him and let him kiss the side of your neck tenderly, moving pieces of your own hair out of the way. You peer down and watch as he drags his cock in and out and back in again, the sounds of your wet pussy squelching with every thrust is obscene and draws Jungkook closer to his orgasm.
You can’t help but clench again and again, your body feels full, your breathing hitches in your throat and your body is electrified.
“M-more,” he punctuates the word with a thrust, “nearly,” and another thrust, “there,” and another.
Jungkook becomes desperate to come. He places a hand at the bottom stomach and presses down, feeling the way your skin protrudes as his length enters you and presses through your cervix. The other hand finds your clit and rubs it in generous circles, causing you to clench around him harder. Your own slick builds at the assault from Jungkook’s fingers on your clit and you scream as your body becomes sensitive to his touch. He ruts into you once more, his hand on your tummy pressing for the last time as he finally stills against you. His cock twitches once, twice and his head rolls back as he finally comes, shooting ropes of sticky white into your swollen pussy.
In his state of euphoria, Jungkook’s head plants itself on top of your shoulder, his hair falling forward and sticking to your skin as well as his own. You both bask in the feeling of being both filled and spent. He tightens his grip around your waist and squeezes you lovingly and kisses your shoulder, peppering wet licks up to your jaw. His cock softens gradually albeit still twitching inside of your cunt as the last remaining droplets drip from his slit.
Happy that he isn’t leaking any further, Jungkook places your shaking leg back down and pulls himself out of your pussy slowly, carefully knowing you’ll be sensitive..
Jungkook helps you clean you both off once more before turning the water off. Stepping out first, he grabs a towel and wraps it around his hips, securing it together and then reaching for another for you. Gently, he helps you out of the shower and wraps your own towel around your body.
“Thank you,” you place a kiss on his cheek.
Tumblr media
The shower did its job by allowing you a moment to relax and spend time with your boyfriend. It was now mid afternoon and the rain outside had picked up exponentially. The sounds of soft pitter patters now thundering against the double glazed windows, yet somehow it still remained warm indoors with your own ray of sun entering the room as you relaxed into the couch.
With your phone in your hand, you don’t pay any attention to Jungkook as he falls to his knees in front of you, his hands placed on both of your thighs and trailing down towards you as he continues to lower himself on the ground. His head tilts to the side, lips peppering little kisses on your left leg from your knee, down to your calf until he reaches your ankle and placing a final kiss on the bone.
You moan at the attention Jungkook is bestowing onto your lower body. His hands apply a little more pressure on your ankle as he pulls them apart from each other, effective in widening your legs for his viewing pleasure.
“Hm, baby,” you hear him say with a low, quiet voice; feeling his lips ghosting themselves back on your leg. This time though, they’re parted and you can feel the moisture from his hot breath against your skin and you shiver in response.
Your free hand reaches in between your legs in search of Jungkook, in search of any part of him you can get a hold of and pull. You continue to scroll through your socials on your phone when you decide to open Twitter.
Scrolling through social media can be a mundane pastime. Something neither of you do regularly as you try your hardest to keep away from negativity and false headlines. But on the odd occasion, you do like to suck yourself in and dive into the world of current events through the glorious app.
You see Jungkook from the top of your phone, watching as his tongue darts past his lips and flattens it on your skin before sealing it with a wet kiss. You smile behind the screen of your phone and go back to scrolling through your phone, finding some delight in the trending topic section. 
Jungkook eagerly forwards himself towards your crotch, close enough to feel the warmth radiate from your core. You flatten your thighs and sink yourself further into the fabric of the couch below you. You feign attention on the mobile device and bask in the pleasure that comes from the tip of Jungkook’s tongue pressing the smallest amount of pressure onto your clit from across the lace of your panties. Your tummy tightens and you moan lightly as you feel your boyfriend taking a generous sniff of your honeyed scent, knowing that below the useless and now wet fabric that there is sweet ambrosia awaiting just for him and in response to that knowledge, you hear him release a deep throaty groan against your clothed pussy, the sound vibrating through you, causing your hips to arch to chase the feeling of your boyfriends tongue
As he continues the assault on your pussy, something on your screen catches your eye and your attention shifts from Jungkook’s tongue to the glare of your phone. Holding it in front of your face, you can see a thread of videos from a name you had never heard of. The start of the thread had Jungkook’s name written in the title, along with a string of words as a means to call him out.
You take slight interest in this and click on the beginning of the thread. Usually these things are home made videos by young men calling on Jungkook to take them on. Most of them aren’t fighters but just people behind a screen, trolling, pretending to be tough enough to take him on. If you ever come across this type of content, you just laugh it off and continue on scrolling.
However based off of the video thumbnail, the first video in the sequence looks like it’s taken from a professional boxing ring. There is a crowd around this boxer as he stands in the ring, one foot on either side of his opponent who you presume has just been taken down by the unknown man in the Twitter videos.
Curiosity takes over you as you click on the first video. The sound starts up to a blank screen, the sound of punches being thrown and connecting to something, or from the sound of the grunts, someone. As the screen lights up, this is when you are introduced to the crowd surrounding the man in the ring.
“What are you watching?” Jungkook murmurs as he takes two fingers and ghosts them up and down your pussy. He presses them lightly against the centre of your panties and presses, feeling the wet slick that has gathered from his teasing touches wet the pads of his fingers through the material.
The sound of the video continues, as you listen to this person talk about his victory over the opponent who is stirring back to consciousness below him.
“Hoseok, people are calling you the ultimate underdog, what are your thoughts and response on this claim?” The man interviewing him asks.
You watch on as the guy who you now know as Jung Hoseok pulls out his mouthguard, a trail of saliva following before he begins answering the question.
You lose your focus on the video as the pressure of Jungkook’s fingers causes your eyelids to flutter. You try to concentrate on the video playing as much as you can, trying to take in every word Jung Hoseok says as your want to know grows. 
What you can gather is this man’s media training is spot on from what you have listened too, with poised and professional responses. But you’re once again torn from the screen as both of Jungkook’s hands move to your sides slowly and slips his fingers between your hips and your underwear.
The warmth of his skin feels blissful against your own as he begins to pull them both garments down, pulling his lower lip in between his teeth as he grins up at you when he watches as your slick coats the lace and your inner thighs.
“Jungkook,” you moan out loud, “d-do you know him?” Your words stutter as they fall from your lips as the cool air makes contact with your cunt.
Jungkook doesn’t register your words as he watches as your string of arousal snaps and coats your thigh in thick arousal, causing him to grunt once more and press a kiss to your lower thigh, right above your knee.
“J-Jungkook?” You try again.
“What is it babe?”
Gathering your words once more, you reask your question about the unknown man in the videos. You turn your phone around to show who it is you’re asking about.
He raises his head and looks at your phone. Barely a few seconds go by and Jungkook goes back to wrapping his arms around your thighs, palms resting against your legs to pull you further towards your mouth.
“Jungkook!” You giggle, surprise in your voice as he places each leg over his shoulders.
He shrugs in response. “Yeah, I know him briefly,” he starts, lowering his head back towards your cunt. He points his tongue, closes his eyes and runs the wet muscle along your slit from your ass to your clit. You can’t help but lift your hips to chase his mouth. Your grip on your phone tightens as your knuckles turn white. “Don’t know him that well. He isn’t on my level babe,” he finishes with a wink.
Jungkook flattens his tongue this time dives straight in for your clit, watching as a trail of his saliva drags across your clenching pussy. Your instant reaction is to close your thighs around his head and you can’t help but giggle when Jungkook groans from the pressure on either side of his head.
“What are you thinking about?” You ask, wondering if he had seen this thread before or at least heard what you are playing. As you finish your sentence,  Jungkook releases your legs from clenching around him, the cold air once again making you shiver and temporarily forget what you asked.
He spreads your legs and noses at the apex of your thighs, taking in the scent of your arousal in between your legs. You moan quietly and tug his head closer to your sweet cunt. “I’m thinking about eating your pussy right here.”
Jungkook licks over your wet folds teasingly. And again. Taking your clit into his mouth, he sucks harshly, causing a multitude of whines and whimpers to greet the open air.
You whine, something missing. “Please, fingers, please.”
You pick up your phone once more and unlock the screen. Opening up the Twitter page and scrolling until you find the most recent video posted from sixteen hours ago attached to the thread. You play the video, waiting with small anticipation to hear exactly what is being said from this Hoseok person.
Jungkook leans back in and dives straight back into your pussy, his fingers part your lips as he drops his head and slurps at your juices. Sticking his tongue in your hole, he laps up every drop of precum leaking from your pussy. 
Following your demand, Jungkook brings his thumb up and presses into your clit as he eases his forefinger inside you. He works his finger in and out of you for a moment, watching as your hand comes down and fists into his hair as you open your legs further for him. The deep breathing of Hoseok and gravelly sound of his voice seeps out of your speakers once more as Jungkook’s attention is half on the video. You pull at his hair hard as your focus is split between Jungkook making out with your cunt and the video of your boyfriend being trash talked.
“He’s never fought anyone with an ounce of skill. He’s picked at the easiest lot, giving him a false power trip when he beats them,” Hoseok hypes. “Take Kyung-soo for example… the kid is a novice. Beating someone like Kyung-soo is not an occasion where nearly half that hype was deserved…”
You arch your back in pleasure as his tongue sucks and laps inside you, rubbing along your inner walls, back and forth deliciously. The contrast of the cold air and his hot mouth on you have you lifting your hips for him to take more of you.
You exit out of the video and hear Jungkook let out a bitter laugh at the words from Jung Hoseok. The vibrations from his laugh causes you to shiver. His tongue kisses his teeth and then proceeds to probe against his cheek the same way he does when he becomes irritable. Looking up from between your legs, Jungkook watches you lazily scroll through your phone. His 
The next video beneath it reads:
“Jung Hoseok CALLS OUT Undefeated Reigning World Middleweight Champion Jeon Jungkook To Fight On The Grandest Stage in Las Vegas.”
Clicking on the new thumbnail, you feel Jungkook's pace subconsciously pick up as the words from Hoseok seem to be making some effect over him and he is taking it out on your messy cunt. In this video, you can see that Jung Hoseok has set his camera up in the corner of the boxing ring in what looks like a dark training centre. There is a free standing heavy duty boxing bag set up in the middle with targets spread across the synthetic vinyl.
“...This is what real boxers do. Jeon is not a real boxer. I have been prompting him and his team to fight me for several weeks now and we’ve had NOTHING!! No responses, no correspondence, nothing!” Hoseok stops talking momentarily as he opts for showboating to the camera, throwing fists into the bag in front of him. Impressively, he hits the marks on the targets one after another in a perfect sequence, something both you and Jungkook don’t want to admit. After a minute of punching, he stops and turns to the camera once again. “Real fighters make fights fucking happen. You’re scared. You’re scared of me. And if you aren’t, then fucking prove it. Put your title on the line against me and I promise I’ll make it worth your time…”
Looking down at Jungkook, you can see his brow is furrowed, the words of Hoseok clearly affecting him more than he wants to let on. “Babe, are you okay?” You ask breathlessly.
Jungkook adds a second finger into the mix and fucks them into you harder, feeling you open up further. Your eyes tighten in pleasure as he sinks in knuckle deep and curls them at the very last moment, caressing every inch of your walls and scissoring you at a rapid pace. The sounds of your juices squelching obscenely is all Jungkook wants to focus on. “You’re so fucking hot like this. But if you’re going to use your phone, at least be useful and record me fucking you with my tongue” he mouths into your pussy and the coil in your stomach tightens with his words of what’s away to happen.
Your clit is beyond overstimulated and your muscles tighten as he is  two knuckles deep inside of you; it’s all exactly what you need to drive you over the edge with a pathetic squeal.
Your body tenses and your thighs tighten around his head once again, trapping him there while your mouth opens and your eyes roll back as an inaudible scream takes over you. You ride out your intense orgasm and while your body is falling apart, Jungkook doesn't stop, roughly finger fucking you through your high, overstimulating you and causing a second orgasm to rip through you. 
Minutes go by and by the time your orgasm has subsided, your body feels light and overall drained of every possible feeling. You’re able to settle your breathing eventually. You press the back of your hand on your forehead and dab away at the built up perspiration that had gathered. Your legs continue to tremble from your orgasm as Jungkook moves your legs from his shoulders one by one and places a kiss on each of your thighs.
In your moment of lust, you had totally forgotten about the video you had playing. Picking up your phone once more, putting in your passcode and watching as the video plays automatically where it left off.
Hoseok continues. “You claim you’re the best, you claim you’re the greatest boxer of our generation but so far you haven’t given me or anybody else any proof of that. Holding a title belt proves nothing if you can’t own it correctly.” You both stay silent, the room feeling smaller as you listen. “You’re nothing Jeon if you can’t prove it. I could spark you. You nickname yourself ‘Lights Out’, but I’ll be the one to shut your lights out in minutes. I am giving you the biggest opportunity of your fighting career, at least be man enough to take me on…”
When it looks like Hoseok is coming towards the camera to eventually turn it off, he stops right in front of the lens and shows a tauntingly sinister smile. Lifting a boxing glove up to his mouth, he undoes the velcro strap around his wrist with his teeth and shimmies the glove from his hand, freeing it to eventually take off the other. He spits out towards the ring mat and looks one final time into the camera lens. This is a much different man to the one who had primed and composed responses in the first video.
“And bring your girl with you — if we’re not going to bet money and title belts then I’d absolutely bet on her ass.”
Those are the last words before the camera is cut off.
Both your body and Jungkook’s seize at the mention of you. Bringing you into his call out is a low jab to Jungkook and causes a tense clouded atmosphere to fill the room. Normally when someone is trying to catch Jungkook’s attention, they take hits at his fighting skills but nobody has gone far enough as to mention his relationship.
Hoseok seems to have found Jungkook’s one weak spot and is pressing his fists into it, attempting to rile and wake up the bear. It’s clever but insanely stupid on Hoseok’s part. But if he wants a reaction, he is certainly getting it.
“Jungkook, what are you going to do?” You ask weakly, almost like you are the one that has overstepped a boundary.
He moves his arm from your grip, stands up and you drop the phone onto the fabric of the couch. Jungkook begins pacing back and forth around the room in front of you,  a look of seriousness and concentration laced with anger is etched onto his features.
Turning around to make his way out of the room, he snatches his own phone from the dining table and leaves the room.
You pick up your phone and scroll through the comment section of the video to find it filled with peoplefrom all around the world who are eager to see this fight happen. There are remarks around you thrown in there and you can only hope that Jungkook doesn’t see them. But you know that won’t be the case as this is now all plastered on social media. News outlets are bound to pick this up.
Five minutes pass and Jungkook ventures back into the living room. He doesn’t look quite as antagonised as he did when he finished the video and left the room, but you know to allow him a moment to think and calculate his next move. Jungkook looks at you sympathetically and bends down to pick you up. You’re quick to wrap your legs around his lithe waist as his hands secure you from your ass.
Jungkook kisses your lips with vigour, a little harder than earlier as he pushes his tongue against your lips and tangles with your own. It’s a little messy but filled with hunger.
“What are you going to do, baby?” You whisper against his lips, reattaching your mouth to his once more as he tightens his grip on your ass and pulls you impossibly closer.
Breaking the kiss once more, Jungkook looks into your eyes and smiles. “He wants a fight? Then he’s getting a fucking fight.”
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