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shizukais · 2 days ago
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Ch. 367
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shih-coulda-had-it · a day ago
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call him atlas
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zibulon01 · 9 hours ago
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Since spook month is coming around the corner, i decided it was the right time to revisit an old idea i had in mind for a pseudo cover thingie based on an old DFO prompt written by @gentrychild. Enjoy! :D
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hoodbnha · a day ago
All I'm saying is Spider-Man would've handled this already
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evilkitten3 · 2 days ago
au where all for one dies suddenly (heart attack???? idk) and kurogiri is left to single parent tomura (but like. evilly)
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itsnothingofinterest · a day ago
You know it’s amusing to me that Spinner is, despite all odds & the opinions of a lot of MHA fans, effectively the most important villain in the current arc. AFO & Skeptic already pointed it out before the new war, but now it’s doubly true by virtue of him being the only one who can upend the heroes plans right now.
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Like, I’ve pointed out before in criticisms for the arc that Dabi, Toga, AFO, & Shigaraiki have no real chance against their current opposition. Each one is effectively solo-ing an army of trained heroes hand-picked to beat them and who have them surrounded. With out any outside interference, none of them have any chance of winning their battles; but they also have no chance of escape and are miles & miles from each other, so they cannot provide this interference for each other.
Spinner’s the only one not facing a force designed to take down him specifically, and he’s in close proximity to Kurogiri. That means he alone has even a chance of winning against the heroes he’s up against, and that if anyone’s going to wreck the heroes plans it’s gonna be him.
So outside of the villain’s redemption arcs; his fight at the hospital against Shoji is basically the only fight that matters. Which is as amazing as it is amusing. Everyone always brushed him aside; but now the course of the war is resting on him.
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rain-coat-killer · 2 days ago
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Someone's having way too much fun.
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psychomurderz · 20 hours ago
I can't help but have a crazy thought related to DFO.
The quirk factor is a section of DNA. Which means there is a lot of this DNA stored in the AFO’s “bag”, and Afo himself uses a few quirks all the time - in the background - which means that some parts of its DNA must be replaced anyway - for example, the same long life span.
And that means that at the time of Izuku's conception, Hisashi's side must have transferred pieces of DNA with his AFO quirk, which also contained other pieces of DNA from other quirks, right? So, purely theoretically, what are the odds that with the naturally inherited AFO quirk, Izuku also got “descendants” of the other quirks that were in his father's AFO?
Just imagine what a surreal situation it would be, that Izuku actually had many quirks from birth, but since they were all part of his AFO, they were just inactive...?
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mcfanely · a day ago
Can you... recommend some dfo fics? 🥹
Im starving for some dfo🫡
only if you want to! I dont want to seem demanding
You could never be demanding, Nonny! I have multiple docs of fics that I keep track of (all tagged and organised, they're my babies)
Being able to provide recs will always be something I love!
Let me go and find some of my favourites in the lists
By Gentrychild
Read it. Just read it. Everyone's wild about it and rightly so. Read it.
By bard_linn
Fuck man I can read this constantly! Paced? Amazingly, DadMight? You know it, DfO? It's only an extremely important aspect of the plot! Read it, it's a series that I adore!
you can't help the things your heart longs for
By LifeOfMystery
Awesome fic! It's like, the perfect execution of "reality quirk" you could think of and I come back to it constantly! So well written, and whilst it may be currently unfinished, entirely worth the read!
Cardiac Arrest
By AMournfulHowlInTheNight
It's technically Dad for One, so I'm putting it here because I say so. Bro it starts out angsty and just INCREASES, it's such a unique idea overall, you just have to check it out! It's close to completion so be there when it concludes!
A Rose by Any Other Name
By katydid
It has white haired Izuku, angst, vault time, THE GOOD KUSH, and it's a lovely length of "you can read this in one sitting and you won't want to put it down, but it won't be so long as to encroach on the sleep I know you're not getting", and tell Kat I said hi!😂
Accumulation into being
By Sakilya
Like sentient quirks? Like Izuku? Like DfO? Like beautiful writing? This fic is the BOMB I LOVE ITTTTT, it's an awesome brainwave and I go back to it a load, plus it's a series so there's more than one fic for it and each one must be read right now immediately (also hey Saki💙 I read this all the time💙💙)
It's a small list! I know for certain I've forgotten some and when I remember them I'll just come back to this and add them on, but for now! This is all I can get off the top of my head at almost 3am shhh
I hope you enjoy these! And that this was helpful! Thank you so much for the ask, it's always fun to get them!💙
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greenhappyseed · a month ago
BnHA Ch.363 leak reactions:
Jeanist seems to be confirming Bakugo is dead BUT he’s also unwinding his clothes like he did in Vigilantes, so he’s stitching/binding something together. He’s gonna end up naked again, isn’t he?
Tumblr media
Dabi fights back! He’s so badly burned you can see his bones. His eyes and hair are still ok though. No word on his white outfit. Quite possible he’s naked.
CONFIRMED NAKED AFO (except he’s missing his left eye!!). I mean, sure, look at his face if you want, but man is showing off his demon goods. Hawks is scared but also kinda intrigued.
Tumblr media
Skeptic is having his moment, mapping out mecha UA’s escape routes (are the civilians ok???) and tagging the locations of every villain. He is not naked and I think that’s a good thing.
Seriously, this chapter ratchets everything up nicely. Izuku, my friend, you have your work cut out for you. [Edit: my full chapter review is now up here!]
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ravelights · a month ago
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Fun chapter this week.
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dookoa · 5 months ago
Child in a desperate need: *exists*
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fayday · a month ago
Mood rn:
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If I see any of y'all calling him hot ISTFG
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squipedmew · a month ago
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i dont have a caption for this
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cemita13 · 6 months ago
"Don't forget properly dispose of garbage f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶!"
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itsnothingofinterest · 7 hours ago
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Oh hey, in other news of interest at least to me; we got (very slight) evidence towards my “All For One took the Shimura family’s quirks and their vestiges are in Tomura now” theory.
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mymhameme · 11 days ago
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That feeling when your five year old adopted son roasts the shit out of your life's work.
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Based on this
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