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geryone · a month ago
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the she said dialogues: flesh memory, Akilah Oliver
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funeral · a month ago
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Akilah Oliver, In Aporia
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lifeinpoetry · a year ago
oh how does this rage find me. i try so hard to disappear into the happy.
— Akilah Oliver, from “she said, meditate on rage,” the she said dialogues: flesh memory
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serratedpens · a year ago
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Akilah Oliver, “gently she tucks her hands under my chin, she says, don’t be afraid, your demons are your friends”
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carmillasboywife · a year ago
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Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu - Carmilla / Hope Gangloff / Richard Siken -  I had a dream about you /  Natalie Wee -  Least of All /  Sir Frederic Leighton - Flaming June /  Rainer Maria Rilke - Ich bin, du Ängstlicher. Hörst du mich nicht; trans.  Anita Barrows & Joanna Macy / Akilah Oliver -  The Absence of the Lover Makes Her Who She Is /  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - In Bed, The Kiss /  Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu - Carmilla
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wintryblight · a year ago
do u know of any poems that are just. rage. just pure unbridled anger.
hi anon, hope you know that your ask made me laugh. this took me a while to put together because i’m an exceedingly calm & subdued person, but here are some poems for you! enjoy reading.
Scherezade Siobhan, “The Mirror I Won’t” | I can tuck the pin / Of a grenade between my teeth like a scared animal picking its blind infant.
April Bernard, “Bloody Mary” | All the waste you see, / that’s what I did, / none of that happened / to me.
April Bernard, “Anger” | I always lie when I always say / I didn’t know the gun was loaded.
Akilah Oliver, “she said, meditate on rage” | i said hello but the jackal spirit / screamed back in scorn that i don’t know its name.
Mary Oliver, “Strawberry Moon” | should anyone be surprised / If sometimes, when the white moon rises, / women want to lash out / with a cutting edge?
Rage Hezekiah, “On Anger” | We / perform rituals on her living room floor. I burn / letters brimming with resentments
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metamorphesque · a year ago
Do you have any poems about grandmother's? My nana raised me and I'd like to offer her some good snippets for her birthday
Love, that's such a sweet idea. Good grandmas are "cups of warm sweet tea" in human form. 🌼
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― Nikita Gill
Tumblr media
― Fredrik Backman
Tumblr media
― Marcel Proust
Tumblr media
— Akilah Oliver
Tumblr media
— Marcy DeMaree
Tumblr media
— Katherine Mansfield
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— Ocean Vuong
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horrorlesbians · a year ago
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Abigail Hobbs + Akilah Oliver
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pjoishilarious · 10 months ago
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son of the earthshaker
denis loebner // and i am still hungry, m.c. // jenny slate // the lightning thief, rick riordan // griefmother // georgii kharchenko // even stars die, l.s. // the she said dialogues: flesh memory, akilah oliver
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theanonymousspiritualist · 22 days ago
Check it out
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eyesinmytears · a month ago
Oh how does this rage find me. I try
so hard to disappear into the happy.
- Akilah Oliver
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geryone · a month ago
Tumblr media
the she said dialogues: flesh memory, Akilah Oliver
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yoboyelisaccount · 3 months ago
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What if this was a Disney movie that existed: Oliver, Walter and Bullseye
The alternate title would be "Oliver, Walter and Bullseye: Featuring Pinocchio and Alice". A film made as about robot toons with a simple story with live action backgrounds. 
(Alice's friends, Noah, Ronald, Nigel, Victoria, Amelia, Akilah & Darika and Pinocchio and Alice pose belong to conthauberger, just to let you know, this is the crossover cartoon universe) Basic plot: Some parts from a factory were built and send to the factory tall building that puts parts together in the robot world by a delivery truck. It was really early in the morning and it was still dark at night. A blue robot built in a factory in a town in the robot world called "Machine-tropolis". The robot's name is Oliverando. The robots that built him told him about Walter and Bullseye and tell him that he looks like them, but blue. He comes down the elevator of the building factory, then the robots that built him speak through the microphone saying "Bullseye and Walter! You have a new brother coming! He looks like you both, but blue". He went walking down the streets, seeing other robots and vehicles with some are alive and some aren't. Oliverando then turned right and walked down to the side of a brick building and then at the end of it, then sat down. He smiled and looked at his slight left side at a tunnel that teleports to the real world (Where cartoons co-exist. And to Hollywood in live action. Machine-tropolis is animated with backgrounds.) Just then, he saw some humans, a puppet and 2 other robots that look like him, walking towards the tunnel, then the red robot looked from his right and saw Oliverando. The red robot saw the blue one and asked the gang if they could speak to him (Bullseye: "Hey, guys!" *Points with his right hand* "That must be our brother that they announced. Can we speak to him please?"), then the girl (Said: "Yes, we sure can") with her cat agreed, as well as the puppet boy and everyone else. They came close to Oliverando, as the blue robot himself began to feel nervous and shy. The puppet boy says "Hello, friend!" cheerfully and waved his right hand, but the blue robot jumped, shooked and whimpered. The puppet boy asked "What's wrong? Did I scare you?", then Oliverando said "No, no. You're okay. I am just very shy". Then, the 2 cats, Figaro and Dinah began to purr and sit on Oliverando's lap, which calmed him down, and the gang smiled. Oliver asked "Who are these two cats?", Pinocchio giggles and said "That's Figaro and Dinah", and Oliver giggled back. Jiminy Cricket jumped off of Pinocchio's hat and went onto Oliver's left side leg. Jiminy said "Hello there.", waving with his right arm and then Oliver waves with his left arm saying "Hi". Alice asked "What's your name, friend?". Jiminy Cricket jumped onto Alice's left shoulder. The blue robot stood up and spoke, "My name is Oliverando Positive the Robot.", then the white and red robots smiled. The white one said "My name's Walter." and the red one said "My name's Byron, but I like to be called Bullseye, because I am red and white like target and when an arrow hits the middle of it, it hits a Bullseye! Walter and I were built just a month and year ago before you". Then, Pinocchio and Alice introduce themselves like Pinocchio says "I'm Pinocchio", then Alice says "I'm Alice", Jiminy says "I'm Jiminy Cricket and these are Alice and Pinocchio's friends". Walter said "Well, I think Oliverando is a long name. How about we call you.... Oliver?", then the blue robot smiled and said "Oliver! Yes! So, Oliver Positive the Robot is here." and then the whole gang laughed. Pinocchio asked Walter "Shall I sing a song to Oliver to get him in the mood?" and Walter said "Go ahead, Pinoke" then looked at Oliver saying "Well, young Ollie. Our little friend is gonna sing you a song", Oliver said "Really? That's awesome!". Pinocchio started to sing and dance like in his respective film. The whole gang watched him and some sung in the group while watching (As listed right below). What Pinocchio sung: Pinocchio: I've got no strings To hold me down To make me fret, or make me frown I had strings But now I'm free There are no strings on me I've got no strings To hold me down To make me fret, or make me frown I had strings But now I'm free There are no strings on me (Oliver started getting excited and then joined in right next to him on his right side) Both Pinocchio and Oliver: Hi-ho the merry-o That's the only way to be (Walter and Bullseye join in too next to Oliver) Walter and Bullseye: I want the world to know Nothing ever worries me All Pinocchio, Alice, Oliver, Bullseye, Walter and Jiminy Cricket (Who Alice and Jiminy were watching while singing when they started singing) together: I've got no strings So I have fun I'm not tied up to anyone They've got strings But you can see There are no strings on me The gang clapped. Oliver claps and says "Wow! That was good! So, where should we go to start our adventure?", then Bullseye said "Let's go meet some friends.", then they went to a big shed house with 2 floors, which is across the road. They went there and saw a purple truck with a pop-out arm. He said "Hello. Bullseye! Walter! Who's the new guy?", then Walter said "That's our new brother, Oliverando Positive the Robot, or Oliver for short". The purple pick-up truck spoke up and said "Nice to meet you, Buddy! My name is Pablo, but you can call me Doctor Purple Truck", then went up the two ramps one side and other side, where on the top, Springy, the grey robot and Carlos, the grey car are, who are treated like a team of Doctor Purple Truck. Doctor Purple Truck showed up and said "Springy, Carlos, we got company.", and then Springy said "Woah! Wonderful! I can't wait to see!", and then Carlos said "Woah. Now, now. Calm down.", then they went down nicely with Springy walking. They went down the ramps and saw Oliver, who introduced himself ("Hi, my name is Oliverando, or Oliver for short") right when the 2 vehicles and one grey robot came down. Springy said "Woooo! Our new friend is here! He's come to Machine-tropolis!", and Oliver said "Yes, I was just built. So I need to learn about things from my two brothers and our friends". Then they left and all said "Goodbye" to each other. Then went through the tunnel and gold magic took them to the real world. Oliver was like "Woah!". Then the gang went for 5 minutes to go the flat grass land with beautiful trees, where Geppetto and Alice's sister are for a picnic. Geppetto gives Pinocchio his magic change watch, and Oliver said "What's that?", then Pinocchio said "Oliver, this is my magic changing watch that changes me into either a puppet or a real boy", then Oliver said "Wonderful!". (Beginning of the movie and the first 28 minutes) Around the end of the movie, Walter says "Well done, Pinocchio! We are so happy for you for how you did things and everything!" and the gang cheers for Pinocchio happily, that touched Pinocchio so much that he started to cry and put his hands on his eyes, which made the gang stop cheering and looked sadly. Alice asked "What's wrong, Pinokie?", Pinocchio answers "I'm alright. I am crying since I am so touched by the cheering and everything." (It goes like this. www.deviantart.com/pixarfan201…), Pinocchio says "Alice, cuddle me, hold me". Alice says "Come here, sweetie" and then hugs him. Alice says "Shhhhh..... Pinocchio, it's okay to cry. It's okay. You'll be alright sweetie. Let the tears out, let them out. Just relax, i'm here for you". Oliver, Walter, Bullseye, Geppetto, Alice's sister and Alice and Pinocchio's friends looked in sadness. Oliver said "Come on, Pinokie. Let's take you home". They all walked to their house where they sleep. (They sleep in the same house for my crossover world for this fanfic, but each have different rooms, except for Pinocchio and Alice, who they have beds next to each other.) They first went to Pinocchio and Alice's room, where the gang went as well. Oliver, Walter and Bullseye were smiling at them and then they went to sleep. Pinocchio says "Goodnight, Alice" then Alice says "Goodnight, Pinocchio". They both went to sleep, then the rest of the gang left the room. They all went to their respective rooms and the 3 robots went to the couch to sleep there. Oliver says "Well, that was a fun adventure we had", Walter says "It sure was. Those people are nice", then Bullseye says "Yes, they are. Goodnight you two" then Oliver says "Goodnight, Bullseye", then the 3 went to sleep, sitting on the couch together. The next morning at the street, Pinocchio uses his magic watch to turn into a real boy, and then Oliver, Bullseye and Walter smile and Walter said "We're proud of you, Buddy", and Pinocchio says "Thanks". Pinocchio and Alice hold hands, and the people leave, wave and say "Goodbye". Bullseye said "Goodbye" emotionally. Oliver says "Come on, Bullseye and Walter. Let's go home", and then they walk all the way home back to Machine-tropolis. Doctor Purple Truck, Carlos and Springy ask how they adventure was, and Oliver answers "It was great!". Just then, a blue car shows up (With headlights as eyes and grill as mouth, like most vehicles in Machine-tropolis) and says "What's up? I am here to take you 3 to places". Bullseye asks "Carlos. Who's he?", then Carlos replies "That is Josh. You, Walter and Oliver's car, so you can drive to places". The 3 robots thank and Oliver gives Doctor Purple Truck a hug, Walter giving Carlos a hug and Bullseye giving Springy a hug. Then, they went to their house and up to their bedroom where 3 beds, one blue, one white and one red. Walter said "We got the blue bed for you right before we met you, since the annoucement", and Oliver said "I love it! Thank you brothers!" and Bullseye says "You're welcome, Ollie". They went to the balcony to look at the afternoon sky and smiled. THE END (The last 13 minutes before the ending credits) ___________________________________________ I'd have the movie run 1 hour and 10 minutes (70 minutes) with the last 7 minutes being the ending credits. The film's main story is showing Oliver the world around him. There are no villain roles in the story. Composer: Alan Menken and David Newman ___________________________________________ Alice in Wonderland (C) Disney and Lewis Carrol Pinocchio (C) Disney and Carlo Collodi Alice's friends belong to conthauberger. Oliver, Walter and Bullseye are created by me.
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lifeinpoetry · a year ago
we try not to drown & close / to floating is the saddest kind of survival
— Akilah Oliver, from “another morning, she says,” the she said dialogues: flesh memory
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serratedpens · a year ago
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Akilah Oliver, “she said,”
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the body
lingering love
unrequited love
intense love
fear of love
doomed love
the mundane
feeling too much
understanding and being understood
the moon
bodies of water
personal favourites
prose poetry
Hanif Abdurraquib
Kim Addonizio
Anna Akhmatova
Rosa Alcalá
Elizabeth Alexander
Hala Alyan
Maya Angelou
Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz
Derrick Austin
Cameron Awkward-Rich
Ellen Bass
April Bernard
Emily Berry
Wendell Berry
John Berryman
Elizabeth Bishop
Anne Boyer
William Brewer
Richard Brostoff
Jericho Brown
Anne Carson
Grace Cavalieri
K-Ming Chang
Jennifer Chang
Tina Chang
Victoria Chang
Hayan Charara
Chen Chen
Inger Christensen
Steven Chung
Christopher Citro
Lucille Clifton
Barbara Cooker
Wendy Cope
Conchitina Cruz
e. e. cummings
Marissa Davis
Meg Day
Lidija Dimkovska
Chelsea Dingman
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Russell Edson
T. S. Eliot
William Fargarson
Megan Fernandes
Nikky Finney
Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
Richard Foerster
Vievee Francis
Clifton Gachagua
Ross Gay
Andrea Gibson
Aracelis Girmay 
Jenn Givhan
Louise Glück
Rodney Gomez
Oscar Gonzalez
torrin a. greathouse  
Linda Gregg
Jennifer Grotz
Jeff Hardin
Joy Harjo
Robert Hass
Rage Hezekiah
Neil Hilborn
Bill Holm
Marie Howe
Cynthia Huntington
A. Van Jordan
June Jordan
Donald Justice
Anna Belle Kaufman
Sarah Kay
Donika Kelly
Patricia Kirkpatrick
Joanna Klink
Nate Klug
Yusef Komunyakaa
Juliet Kono
Fortesa Latifi
D. H. Lawrence
Li-Young Lee
Joseph O. Legaspi
Alex Lemon
Jan Heller Levi
Robin Coste Lewis
Sandra Lim
Ada Limón
Sarah Lindsay
Timothy Liu
Audre Lorde
Dorianne Laux
Sally Wen Mao
William Matthews
Nathan McClain
Marty McConnell
Sjohnna McCray
Dunya Mikhail
Jennifer Militello
Tatsuji Miyoshi
Kamilah Aisha Moon
Tomás Q. Morín  
Robin Morgan
Gina Myers
Maggie Nelson
Pablo Neruda
Hieu Minh Nguyen
Frank O’Hara
Sharon Olds
Akilah Oliver
Mary Oliver
Meghan O'Rourke
Alicia Ostriker
beyza ozer
Shin Yu Pai
Pat Parker
Don Paterson
Octavio Paz
Catherine Pierce
Jon Pineda
Sylvia Plath
Meghan Privitello
Aleida Rodríguez
Claudia Rankine
Paisley Rekdal
Susan Rich
Max Ritvo
Sara Daniele Rivera
Kait Rokowski
Lee Ann Roripaugh
Muriel Rukeyser  
Erika L. Sanchez
Nicole Sealey
Anne Sexton
Richard Siken
Jared Singer
Scherezade Siobhan
Emily Skaja
Carmen Giménez Smith
Danez Smith
Maggie Smith
Tracy K. Smith
Anne Stevenson
Mark Strand
Truong Tran
Wang Ping
Sanna Wani
Valerie Wetlaufer
Walt Whitman
Michael Wasson
Keith S. Wilson
C. D. Wright
James Wright
Diego Valeri
Jeanann Verlee
Laura Villareal
Ocean Vuong
Jenny Xie
Wendy Xu
John Yau
Emily Jungmin Yoon
Adam Zagajewski
Felicia Zamora
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